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    I" 1"1 1 Tl III- 1M Jf
ahgelist Finds Gentler Sex
Repellent Except When
Saving Souls A Word
picture of Ma.
o nn onrth Hint "nillu"
he one wui"" V
haay rcs ni'" .,.... . o.
L Sunday. She 1b at onco ills com-
It, his Inspiration, hie guiding Blar. As
I th rest, ll,e ""e1"- """ "" """ uu
L,(.inl. as far afl lio Is concerned.
Ient when ho Is saving their souls,
men a repellent ;to him. Ho doesn't
to talk to thorn; no uoesni care
listen to them, in. iaci, no aoesn t
7 .4.i. ... nfl nlmut fhnm. And.
te anyimnti v - - -
after a particularly successiui revival,
ny of the fair Bex, in an execos oi
alien, confuse the man with his mis-
ana try io "i -
nlaced between himself una them,
iWnulsos them. No matlneo Idol stuff
him. bb .m , ". rj-u r.,r ....
If VOU OOni UCI1UVU lino, oi llltj
Bantly nappy "" """.""" l"
m. wifo-tho one who travels from
!. ik. nrpn lust to bo with him 'when,
.... hr own eXDrcsslon she's "such a
...Muini? rouI" she who hus come to
(Udetplila to listen to his lectures for
. 'ijieavcnB knows how oftcnth" tlmo
1 doesn't expect to be the least bit
We have been married for 27 years,"
-will tell jou, "and in all tnat tlmo
ie never known him to talk privately
h a woman, or call to bco one. If,
the course of his work thoy make nd-
ices to hlra, ho repels them, keeps
r nt nn B.rm'B length. It Isn't that ho
afraid, but ho Just Isn't going to give
devil a chanco."
& 'women In general aro synonymous
b temptation ana me evu spirit, its
In to see that "Ma," at least. Is rc
AtH In tho llsht of an angel, but a
y Industrious angel, at that.
Injr Oaiden street overy thing revolves
und "Ma." She Is tho buffer between
lamorlng city ana tno evangelist who
i come to save Us soul.
Mrs. Sunday, the newspapers aro call
t to know what Mr. Sunday's next
turo. will be."
Mrs. Sunday, tno trunK man is Here,
ere do?s Mr. Sunday want his trunk?"
rnL Sunday, a man wants to know if
. Sunday wlU sit for his photograph?"
nd with smiling countenance and tho
rgetlc vivacious manner that Is never
ent from her, "Ma" sees to everything.
:' Is the medium through which all
imunlcatloris go to "Billy" Sunday and
ugh the members of the household
oy him to be a man of lightning tcm-
yet no lias never been Known to
tfly" at her, no matter how often she
errunts him, or how raw his tired
ryes may be.
ie smallest detail In tho dally round of
life, from the orango Juice which he
s at-nlght after an exhausting day, to
i rjoiiea eggs mat aro a part of his
mlng meal, are subject to her
UtnlZlniT GVe. Kvon'.hlnr- mimt l.
sbrlght "Ma" sees to that.
I prayer meeting romance was theirs.
had Its Inception back in SG in Chl
o at the Jefferson Park Presbyterian
4rch. and though that Is almost 3d
ira ago, the first blush armr,i.,i v
inday his never been removed.
u lunny how things happen," bald
wleaninir her dlm-u-a fi, .i,i
&Mff dining room of their temporary
une'here. fapr hmwn n..Mn i.
flUnlscent loot. "When I first ,n,t Mr
inaay he hod come to Chicago to play
UCthouih he was a Chrlstran then.
CT 7?iJn cl,urc. not on tho ball
OUnd. I dldn t tarn ii thlnr. oV.m t.lm
it I used to Invlta him to ., ,n
vamt i my chum was wild over him.
My thought there was no bliss like
penaing an evening with Mr. Sunday.
m bo as not to be out In tho cold I used
I'.i ... "" "c" lone aaiu
iewords with a funny little smile) over
si3ut semehow or other we got mixed,
Hb' 5 'J. n knw how Ltbby liked
'1119 it Drettv wbII lir . .
IffiW' i.at Prayer meeting, and.
KsSiii Ued dlrestly across the street
S.iSS!!?' l0?t wy round
ewY.n. t -.iiivu in on
ff.i,. . ''' years ago.
4to four children now. Oeonre and
K 5 W,IWried' nnd B1"'' Jr"
EsttB h?hy ea 7- ho Id in the
tfttBM7 l ex.Pect 1 havo to leave
BSL,br f UtUo wn,le e end
JBti&k n ?v. l" "adelphla and
iqdws t0 Wlnonn. T.nlrn in. . ,
sitiilUr. . uono m ueo jiotv
Wen are doing, and incidentally
ffljfn a taw buttpns.
SJI.LV" HAnn nw tt, "
lii? never oult ih. .u.
SM said. Hmiu humorously.
- we two growing boy3 or Mr.
Sfe S th mt buttons, but
ifbuly threa f them r
iwr-everv m.ti i iL. .
MTcomea .nr"6.1"' ,no Drnacie
NeT,f ??,iumpa ,nt a warm bath,
WW twt1 that l d0 ls ok i0
SKS J hem. too?'' PreUy "ear,y
wtrfmaeVtatfnl1one oint oi vltw
bMi 'lO'T attractive wnmnn ul,n lin.
Jthout ini?"1 ll,e ,nto her husbanda
felo i?,Mt, PTnlttins her own
Mftto become swamped.
BK & .hi6 -a!S..rLh5! " ?-
HBlthft fle . ...w., ilium LM301UCS.
If wom, p!a?' flh9 a smartly
SS, woman. Billy hlmif iu riC
f for this, lie lust hate, her
L!l.Hd eMrtB- eho Bays, and
i V r,e0 lroHs- Moreover, In
im.. . - --.. rn.uuii.uGt4 ill a.
sS? Isri oxpect ot a person
fWO, -Alfa Stll-llinW Io nn ovlol A
iun?i,5d' decIa. and the walls
SruLUns8l0v ftt Winona Iako
-.""' m paintings for whose
- i responsible.
'nermore. aha u a .!. i,,,n,ur.
no(f510ly Interested in 'the big
:"i 'a doing, with hlra.
soul in it and; ready to make
1 sacrlfle
iff1"?1!;'.' aha wm ten v '
. Uods work, not ours, that
war on. Our time la really
&y Not Blunt Extradition
P. N H Jan 5.-It Is reliably
f inat arry Thaw will make
E lesal flzht in i. iu ui.jfa inimt
t KeW York T In ununlnn
B' UyeJ advisers haya Informed
w acuojtt mat could be brousht
iuuaiiy prove, of no a, vail
it puis in an unnecessary
M"i Vmk state AooordSnK ta
' iruiltw It ia fbaifii hntiMll
' in io Ntt Yolk without
Miss Saxo Will Organizes Clty-wldo
Prayer Meetings.
Plans for tho organization of the 10,000
women who have volunteered their Bet-vices
nnd homes in the Interest of neigh
borhood prayer meetings to be conducted
throughout the Sunday campaign will
bo discussed by Miss Grace Soxo, who Is
In charge of the work, at a series of
four conferences. Tho tlrst of these will
tako place thli afternoon In tho tabcr
naclo at 19th and Vino streets, immediate
ly after "Billy" Sunday preaches.
Tho city has been divided Into 20 re
llglous'districts and members from B dis
tricts will attend each conference. It
is cNpccted that more than 2000 women
will be present this afternoon.
"When tho machinery of tho prayer
meetings Is set in motion, it is hoped
that no less than 20,000 homes will be
turned into llttlo neighborhood taber
nacles, which, after tho campaign Is con
cluded, will becomo permanent Bible
At this afternoon's conference. Miss
Saxe will explain how to overcome the
difficulties of conducting these gather
ings and will answer questions in regard
to them from tho platform.
Beaten and Bleeding, Alleged Thief
Is Caught by Policemen.
,An exciting chaso through tho train shed
at the Heading Terminal and through a
platcglass window of one of tho exit
doors this morning ended in .the capture
of Harry Burke. 28 years old, of 320
Marcy avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y who, the
police say. Is one of the pickpockets who
has been busy operating in Philadelphia
for the last few days. During the chase
IJurko threw away hls overcoat, and In
one of the pockets of this were found
two pocketbooks containing a total of
JtrXJ and steamship tickets to Italy,
Burke was first noticed nctlng suspi
ciously among a group of Italians stand
ing In the station, and the police believe
the pocket books bolong to them. An
gelo Tutelo, of 460 Collins street, German
town, an employo of tho Beading Hall
way, saw Burke standing near the Ital
ians, and, convinced that he was trying
to, rob them, he walked up to Burke and
asked him what he was doing. Burke
was too quick for him. He knocked him
down, dashed through the crowd and,
finding the exit door at the eastern end
of the platform fastened, Jumped through
the glass.
Sergeant Cleaver and Reserve Police
man John P. Ityan,. who were standing at
the foot of the stairway, heard the crash
of glass and ran up tho steps. Burke,
In an effort to disconcert the policemen,
ipulled off his overcoat and throw it in
their faces as he ran down the stcpa
toward them. The officers seized him,
but were able to hold him only after a
severe fight.
When the pocket books were found In
the pocket of the overcoat, Burke de
clared that Uio coat did not belong to
htm. He was badly cut from the glass
In the exit door. He was treated by the
police. surgeon at City Hall, He will be
tdven a hearing In the Central Station
this afternoon.
TJnabla to Otve Address of Friends
She Is Visiting.
A little girl wDio says she is Sarah
Reynolds, 8 years old. and lives h At
lantic City, is seriously Injured In St.
lake's Hospital. She was struck by n
trolley car on dermantown avenue, be
tweT TOngohocklng street
avenue, this morning. She murmured
something to the doctors about y"
nlth friends In Philadelphia, but she
could not tell their .address.
Tho child was crossing the tracks, when
ahe saw the car coming and becamo con
fused? She fell undtr the fender and
ww unconscious when picked up by
F&eriek Fox, 19 Fontaln street, and
taken to Ht. Luke's Hospital.
Vehicle and Implement Dealers Meet
More than 100 delegates to the annual
" i. . u waBtern Retail Impie-
S'nd Vehicle SValV .-octa";
attended the opening session today at the
Hotel Walton. Sessions will be held this
evenlnsandtomorrow morning ". after-
""vaudeville entertainment wjll ollow
s Si aa.rarifflp
will be held In the ballroom of the hotel.
'ivB'wm. BJ.ya kaiber
timliN. Jan. 5. Emperor Wl
mmhSW reply
"CW vrfc$ S0.1
K7r? ;s. BSKspv iV ik ' iwr ar-PatfiS5aBgi
Extra Corps of Blblo Teachers Picked
by Evangelist and "Mn."
Realizing tho big task before him lit
Philadelphia, "Billy" Sunday, with the
aid of "Ma" Sunday, picked nn able
corps of extra workers for tho local cam
paign. Every one of these workers Is In
tho city nnd busy In preparation for the
long siege against tho doll.
AH of the new helpers nro men and
women of long experience In church or
evangelistic work, and every one of them
Is a strong iBible teachor. Their work
will largely be supplementary to that of
tho Tegular workers, tho usual system of
organization und concentration being ad
hered to horc that (Mr. Sunday has fol
lowed for years.
Miss Marlon Oamlln, ho will havo
charge of the work among tho children,
was for a long time superintendent of
primary work for tho New York State
Sunday School Association. She will hold
meetings among the children In the out
skirts of the city and conduct tho Satur
day afternoon meetings in tho tabernacle
for tho young people.
Miss Gene La Mont, another member of
the party for tho Philadelphia campaign,
has been in charge of tho Bible class
work for I. E. Honeywell's evangelistic
party. Mr. Honeywell was formerly nn
assistant to Mr. Sunday. Miss La Mont
will have charge of the Blblo class work
in the outlying sections of Philadelphia.
Miss Rose Federolf has been selected to
have chargo of tho work among the High
School girls. Formerly sho -was In chargo
of drawing for the Pennsylvania State
Department of Public Instruction.
Miss Florence Kinney comes from
Springfield, Ohio, where she has a wldo
reputation ns a choir leader and Bible
teacher. Sho will help Miss Miller In tho
work among business girls and women.
Mr. and Mrs. William Stover carao here
from Lincoln McConnell's evangelistic
party, which works In the South. Mr.
Stover Is an exceptionally line choir di
rector, while Mrs. Stoer Is a strong wom
en's worker. She will help Mrs. William
Asher In the work among the factory and
mill girls nnd women, and (Mr. Stover will
assist In the direction of the music. Both
of these workers are cornetlsts of note.
and will play solos from tlmo to tlmo dur
ing the campaign.
All the new workers will also assist In
the district prayer meetings.
Seventy Japanese Girls Await Hus-
bands at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5. Seventy
picture brides from Japan have arrived
here on the Jiner Shlnyo Moru to meet
bridegrooms they have never seen. Fifty
mora arrived within the last week on
other steamships.
Until the husbands claim them the
brides are housed on Angel Island, the
United States detention station.
In the eyes of the Japanese law and
for the purposes of the Immigration offl
n.r,, th, hriiies have been married. There
have been exchanges pf photographs, ap
proval by the heada of the families and a
formal declaration of intention. In writing,
befoie a Japanese official.
The brides come tagged and numbered,
are correctly awarded to the right hus
bands and then usually are taken In hand
by the Japanese Association, wnicn es
corts thorn to the marriage license bu
reau, after which a religious service Is
held, J
Crazed Mother and Baby Fatally
Crushed at Small Fire.
NEW YORK. Jan. 6.-A half-crazed
woman, who believed that a, small lira
had cut Off escape and doomed her fam
ily, yesterday afternoon threw her four
small children, one after the other, from
the third flopr of her home, W8 Hendrlx
street, Eaat New York, and then flung
herself to the pavement.
The youngest child, aged 5. and be
woman will die.
Chauffeur Injured When Auto Bursa
When Charles Clifford, a chauffeur, em
ployed by Arthur Block, 2W1 North Broad
street, cnnkd hU employer's limousine
In the garage at 2210 North Park avenue
tiiia morning, the engine backfired and
the machine, quickly was ablaa Clifford
a as huo4 aUsrapUag to asttnguUb tn
tUrn- He wm tkn to tue Woman
HuwwspAtbio KwpUiO. The car ww
- - - '
tSHmsrsT. - ' r "-' - ...
i; iaa.' .' s? - w
Above are Mrs. W. A. Sunday and
her two boys. Just below is
"Billy" Sunday, Jr., aged 13. The
other is Paul, aged 7. The sofa
is the "courting sofa" on which
the evangelist won his wife in her
Chicago home.
He preaches In the tabernacle at
S o'clock and 7:30 ji. m.
Ills topic this afternoon Is to be:
"O Lord, Revive Thy Work."
Tonight tho subject 11.III be:
"Scoring Itevti'al Opponents."
At 3 o'clock this afternoon Miss
Saxc meets the Bible workers on the
platform in the tabernacle.
At 5 o'clock this afternoon "1'a"
and "Ma" Sunday give a reception
to the clergymen of Philadelphia
and their iclves in the Central
Ilranch Y. SI. C. A.
Tomorrow afternoon Mr. Sunday
tolll preach an "Rlgmaiolc Prayers,"
and in the evening his topic is to bo
"Jacob's Confession."
William Mellon Already Has 13 for
Perfect Sunday School Record.
Fourteen years without having missed
a single session or lesson In Sunday
Bchool Is the unusual record of William
Mellon. 21 years old, of 2127 South 07th
street, a member of the St James
Protestant Episcopal Church, 68th street
and Woodland avenue. Shy und modest
In uppearnncc. Mellon was commended
at the afternoon session yesterday and
presented with u Bllvcr star as a reward
for his perfect attendance of laBt year.
He Is the proud possessor of 13 other
nllvAr Htnra.
The Rev, H. Lord Gllbcrson, pastor of
tho church, b.-ib that Mellon Is a model
pupil and stands very high In his studies.
Mellon, besides nttendlng Sunday school
regularly, has not missed the morning
services at the church for many jcars.
He also Is seen frequently at tho even
ing services.
Examinations for Positions in Gov
ernment Service Held Here.
Civil service examinations for band
leader, oook. gas engineer and toolmaker
were held today In the Postofflca Building.
Successful candidates will be assigned In
Government Bervlce in different parts of
the country. . J . , ,
The position of band leader and musical
Instructor Is open to men only. One of
the vaoanclea for band leader ls at the
Pnrllsle Indian School. Carlisle, Pa. The
position pays $SW a year.
Little Hope for Recovery of Poisoned
NEW YORK. Jan. 5. Mme. Gervllle
Reache. formerly a leading contralto at
the Metropolitan Opera House and wife
of Dr. Qeqrge G. nambaudt of the Pas
teur Institute, who has been seriously 111
in Roosevelt Hospital wljh blood, poison
ing, la not expected to live. She had been
unconscious most of yesterday, and her
husband and members of her family were
constantly at tho bedside.
Although herola measures have been
resorted to tq save Mme. Gervllla
Reache's life, her husband having twice
given of his blood by transfusion, she has
steadily grown weaker.
The poisoning from which Mme. Ger-ViHe-Reache
Is suffering Is of a mysteri
ous origin None of the physicians who
have attended her has been able to dlag
note U.
Tftmserai TAlkTOC
"""" nrvgrtai
B10 WfAntctStreet
Youth Holds Mnn at Revolver's
Point Until Police Anlvc.
Caught ,wlth stolen valuables on him.
James Kclch, who gavo his address as
1313 South Philip street, was held nt
tho point of a revolver last night by
Thomas Murphy, Jr., IS jcars old, 430O
Westminster avenue, until tho police nr
rl ed
ICclch was seen breaking Into tho homo
of Sirs. Francis B. Williams, 861 North
43d street, lie was held by Magistrate
Boyle In tho 39th and Lancaster avenuo
station after Jewels valued at $200 found
on him had been Identified by Mrs. Wil
liams. Sllvcrwnro and clothing also were found
on ICclch. The pollco say ho admitted
having entered the Williams residence
nnd acknowledged he hud an accomplice,
but lefused to disclose his whereabouts.
Pollco now nio searching for the second
Young Murphy was attracted by tho
suspicious actions of Kelch. Ho followed
the man until ho saw him breaking Into
the Williams homo by way of a back
window. Murphy ran to a nearby store,
borrowed a rovolver and started back.
On tho way he obtained tho assistance of
James E. Ward, 835 North Taylor street.
Thoy eaw Kelch leave the window and
run across tho streot. Murphy llred two
shots and Kelch surrendered. Police wero
culled from tho 39th street and Lancaster
avenue station.
It Is believed Kolch Is the same man
who has been robbing a number of homes
In tho vicinity of tho Williams residence.
Tho other articles found on him aro
being kept nt the station house for identi
Equal Franchise Society Will Also
Sell Articles at Booth.
Tho unnual luncheon of tho Equal
Franchise Society of this city will be
held In the Clover Room of the Bellevue
Htratford on Thursday, January 14, at 1
o'clock. It was announced today. Plans
aro under way to make It an elaborate
attalr. Tho runda raised will be used In
promoting the equal suffrago campaign
In this State. In order that a greater
amount may be realized, a booth for the
sale of various articles will bo conducted
and young Iadle3 Interested In tho suf
frago cause will act as vendors.
Miss Harriet W. Dulles. Miss Martha
Davis, Mrs. E. Lewis Buniham, Miss F.
T. Cochran, Miss Florence Sanvllle, Miss
Sarah G. Tomklns, Miss Eleanor Goepp,
Miss Caroline Katzensteln, Mrs. Anna
Lowenburg and Miss Marie Emst Ken
nedy will bn among thoso who will act as
sellers at tho booth.
An explosion of Illuminating gas, fol
lowing a search for a leak with a lighted
candle, hurled Harold Cross, of Rydal,
against a cellar wall at the home of E. L.
Broutlgan, of Clovorley lane, Rydal, last
night. Firemen from the Jenklntown de
partment extinguished the flames that
followed. The fire was confined to the
cellar. Cross escaped with slight bums
and bruises.
To prepare for entirely new stocks for our Easter business (Easter
Sunday, April 4th) we will hold from January 4th to 12th, a Genuine
Clearance Sale of all broken assortments of perfect gloves the
incomplete lines in our Wholesale Department after filling Christmas
orders. The range of colors and sizes is complete, with seasonable
patterns of embroidery.
Standard Qualities listed in our latest catalogue under such well
established brands as Florine,Elsinore, Walton and here. In Kid,
Cape, Mocha, Suede and Dpeskin. Qualities regularly selling at
1.50-,2.00 and 2.25, HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO
16. Button Length Kid
GUce and Suede, la Lavender, Tip
quoiie, Sky, ?" vonl aa tint.
SoldreguUrfyovcrourcpun- -j AH
tert4.t. REDUCED TQ lVO
1223 Chestnut Street eHiwXS.
ii.i.Ti i lABir3"
g; 101S.
in ii -
ELIZABETH, N. i Jan. 6.New
rfrtnee rulej onttotinccft today by
PubMo Dance Matl Inspector JD
ite and Bchmttt ate gummed up in
"five dont't." Here thev ore:
Don't hop.
Don't dip.
Don't breathe (n the Jndj' face.
Don't hold Indu too close.
Don't ioave the arms up and down
All forma of dlpplno and "rolling
of the shonldcra" oro forbidden by
the dance censors as vulgar.
Fund to Bo Distributed Among Thoso
Who Work for Committee
Announcement of the method of dis
tributing tho JjO.OOO fund Appropriated by
Councils to rellovo destitution In Philadel
phia was mado today by Director Hartc,
of the Department of Publlo Health and
That the monoy would bo spent through
the Emergency Aid Commltteo'a Homo
Relief Division wns tho announcement
Saturday after plans for employing desti
tute men In city departments and paying
I them from the fund had been discarded
by Doctor Harte and members of the
Relief Committee.
No money from tho fund will go to
tho Home Relief Division, however, until
vouchers showing tho committee's expen
ditures havo been presented. These bills
will be paid from tho fund after they
havo been passed upon by Director Harto,
It was explained today. Thero will bo
no money for unemployed or destltuto
1 The committee probably will render
accountings weekly, receiving tho money
for expenditures, nnd continuing from
week to week until tho money Is ex
hausted. This Is tho plan decided upon
by Director Harte and members of tho
Emergency Aid Committee
According to the plans dovlsed by tho
committee, tho purposes for which tho
city fund can be used will be limited. The
greater part of tho monoy will go to pay
for unfinished material for clothing and
work In completing tho garments done by
nomen who apply for It at tho committee
headquarters in tho Lincoln Building. An
mueh as $M0 a day ls paid to women
who bring In completed garments, It was
Four workrooms hove been opened, nnd
in these neighborhood workers may finish
tho incompleted garments. Luncheon Is
served them nt cost prices and tho work
is paid for nt a higher price, than tho
prevailing rate for tailors' finishers, ac
cording to a member of tho committee.
Soino of tho monoy will go to relievo
destitute families. Needy cases nro In
vestigated by tho Society for Organizing
Charity and othor charity organizations,
nnd within a few houre aid ls given in
tho average case, It was explained.
Estnte of M. G. Condon $97,000?
Personal Property Appraised.
Letltla H. Harrison, who died Decem
ber 23 nt her homo on School laue, Gcr
mantown, bequeathed $10,000 to the Home;
of tho Merciful Saviour for Crippled
Children, to maintain a bed In memory
of Mrs. James Do Wolf Perry; $5000 to the
Gcorgo ti. Harrison Houso at tho Episco
pal Hospital, and $3000 to tho Harrison
Dav Nursery, Tho value of the estate
Is (30,000.
Mrs. Harrison wns tho widow of George
L. Harrison. Her will, admitted to pro
bate today, bequeathed tho residue of
tho property to n son, nephew, niece and
other relatives.
Morris O. Condon, president of tho Un
derwood Machine Company, who died at
tho Jefferson Hospital Dpcember 3, as a
result of revolver wounds received during
an encounter with a robber in tho Adel
phla Hotel, left an estate of $37,000, of
which $70,000 ls personal property, The
will bequeaths the cstato to the widow,
Kathcrlno L. Condon, who Is named with
the Commonwealth Title Insurance and
Trust Company as executor.
Other wills probated aro those of Rosa
Burs, late of 1109 South Sth streot, whoso
estatQ amounts to $3900; August Hengst,
G38 North Uh street, $3000; Mary Jagger,
MS3 Robinson street, $2200.
Personal property of Sarah M. Evans
has been appraised at $10,130.25.
Busch Robbed of $14,000 Gems
ST. LOUIS, Jan. E Jen els valued at
$14,000 havo been stolen from the country
home of Adolphus Busch, 3d, Grand View
Farm. Tho Jewels Include a diamond en
gagement ring given to Mrs. Busch by
her husband.
tlt'mtfi frnii&irjri&tt4i.;
Be J eve Me
tyki,6&fjl 7&T
A New Year! Brighten up your
homes and offices with clean, pure,
fresh paint I Talk it over today with
Fainting and Decorating
at Our Edlmat First
Both Phones 28 S. 16th St
Clearance Sale of
Men's High Grade Gloves.
broken Iota, Cape and Mo$h lined
and unlined Tan, Grey, White
and Black. Formerly 1.7 iXt
"-" i1-11--'
UUiUUU U flllJQ , i
Miss Miller Interested in thr
Unregenerate Who Placid
Money and Fashion AboVfcf
Higher Ideals.
If you Rre an unregenerate bualnczs
woman, spending more time on thoughts
Of tho almighty dollar and ways of earn
ing It thnn on your soul, watch out for?
Miss Frances Miller. Watch out for lief
or she'll got you If you don't, ilut tho
probabilities nro that she'll get you any
way. Sho It is to whom "Billy" Sunday has.
Intrusted the big work of looking after
tho vast nrmy of women employed down
town, nnd If her present plan of cam
pulgn Is carried out no stone will be left
unturned to stir their souls to the Tory
"Tho nudity that one sees on the main
streets of largo cities," Bald the little
woman who Is going to start hor cam
paign in a few days, "is nothing short
of shocking, and painted faces aro "bo
coming overy day moro and more com
mon. "Why do women do tills, I wonder. No
man ever liked a palntod face, and no
woman wns ever artist enough to Improve
on nature. Understand, though, I do not
think tho business woman Ii one xvhlt
worse or even ns bad. for that mater
than her sister, tho society woman, whom
shn npes, vory often.
"Tho society wpmon Is responsible for
a great deali When sho comes downtown
shopping in a half-undress attire, the little
girl In tho shop naturally thinks It's.
all right Her moral outlook becomes
confused by tho example set her. and
something Is needed to bring her arouhd
to sco me UEnt.
"Tho confined hours which the business
girl must necessarily keep, her propin
quity to mnny mon, the small sum of
money, If any, which she has loft for
pleasure after tho week's expenses aro
paid, the pressuro under which she oftea
works-all thcBo things might bo respon
sible for her succumbing to many tempta-.
tlons that nro offered. She's got to have
some pleasure, nnd if she takes the first
that presents Itself, who's to blame herT
Perhaps Its because tho finer things of
life have not bcon shown her.
"Tho business woman of high standing
wields a tremendous influence over her
BlBter In a loss fortunate circumstance,
and I always feel that If I reach her
much has been done, bocauso sho Ie, by
hor very example, able to do an Incalcula
ble amount of good work."
Miss Miller Is one of tho pioneer mem
bers In Billy Bundny's Old Guard. Sho
has been with tho revivalist for ten years.
Born In Minnesota, sho grew up In North
Dakota, went to school In Iowa and lived
in California, and because of her brisk,
nlcrt manner Is always mlstakon for a,
Now Knglander.
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