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mmw BY WAR,
Coding Over Thousands
Slain in Europe Drives
Mother to Insane Act.
Two Children Dying
SKBX&VOnKi Mee. 30.-Mrs. Ida HoRcrs,
TW'Sf Loyal nosers; a lawyer, frenzied
by constant fcroodlne dvef the thousands
killed In the European war, dissolved
sevcrM tlehlorld of mercury tablets- In a
Stag of water last nlRht. and, after elv
Ins h. part of tho solution to her little
hoy, Johtv 2 years old, and her S-hiontha-old
babj Loreltn, drank the remainder,
TrJo" Jiours later Mrs. Catherine Burns,
who waa on the first floor of the cot
tage In Which tho couple lived, 221 V.
lS7th street, heard groans and on Investi
gation found tho two children wrlthliitf In
neony nnd .Mrs. Uogers lying on the.
bod In n sVihl-conscIous condition.
"Tho babies aro poisoned," moaned tho
mother. "I havo given thorn bichloride.
It 1a awful 'to see them suffer so. I
thought It would work mdre quickly."
Mrs. Burns rushed to the street and
found two llttlo boys, whom sho sent for
medical, aid. Dr. W. O. Hague Immediate
ly sent the mother and children to a
hospital, whero they nro In a critical
state. Tho mother may recover, but It
Is said that the children will dlo.
It Is believed that after administering
tho poison Mrs, Rogers tried to Have li9k
little girl. Doctor Hague found u book
on the table entitled "The Eugenic Mother
and Her Children,' which was opened at
tho "chapter headed "Cleansing Hnby's
After reaching tho hospital, the un
fortunate woman mado a statement to
Coroner Hrnly, In which she said:
"My head' has ached 'and I hnve had
a. cough. I thought mnybr I w otlltl dlo
and 1 fllcl m?t want to leave my babies
behind mo If I had to go. It was n crazy
thing to do, I know, but t havo been
morbid, and melancholy thinking-about
tho .thousands killed In tho war."
Mr. Itogcrs confirmed this ami Bald
that his wife, hnd wprrlcd a great deal
over the loss of some of hlo practice)
due to tho war. But he said he una not
financially cmbarasscd nnd hud no' Idoa
that his wife contemplated sutcldo.
Harje Puts End to Loose
Practiced in Philadelphia
Hospital Fallowing Scald
ing of Girl.
EE S0.JJ!il
ua . an ' '
Director Martc Issued orders today to
the offlcTsIs and attendants at the Philadelphia-dcnornl
Hospital that henceforth
np Irresponsible person nt tho Institution
bo permitted to take charge of any 'pit -tlents
lit the hospital, old or young. In
tho absence of nurses or regular attaches.
The Director also Issued orders which will
roouit In reforms at the Institution,
Dlrertor Hnrte's order followed nn In
vestigation made by him Into the case
of 10-s ear-old Clara Baltxberg, ah Im
becile, who died nt the hospital on De
cember 2i! nfter having been' scalded
Christmas Day while being given a bath
by Ileatrlco Qullberti an Imbecile negro
The child, the hospital authorities main
tain, died aB a result of pneumonia, which,
she contracted Immediately after the
A post card notice of tho death waR re
ceived Tuesday morning by Mrs. F,
L Snltaburg,. of 329 South 6th street, ihothcr
of tho little girl It read as follows:
"Dear sir or madam: t beg to In
form you that Clara Snltzlnirg died nt
10:20 a. m., December 26, at the Phila
delphia General Hospital."
ammsmmm fill mm mBmMM wmtmrjmJ.
a.' " ii ii 'ii Wi I'll I
B&7 ' mmSmWRmWmmMlm maII-8iK .llfiffill
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The photograph shows the Wayne Opera House, in which the pistoffice and a hardware store were
situated, after being gutted by the $100,000 blaze in the business centre today.
Oblivious to Surroundings and End
Seems Close nt Hand.
TAMrA, Flo., Dec. SO. State Senator J.
K. P. Hall, of Itldgway, Pa., Is critically
111 In this city. He has been oblivious
to surroundings since Christmas Kvo
With brief Interval of consciousness Inst
Saturday, lie has been nourished entirely
by absorption.
Physicians gvo no hope, and bcllevo to
day that"hl3 end Is but matter of hours.
Official Forecast
For eastern Pennsylvania and New
Jersey Fair nnd colder tonight and
Thursday; strong west winds.
The disturbance that wns centrarover
Illinois yesterday morning has. moved
rapidly northeastward1 to the lower St."
Lawrence Vulley. It cnuscd general pre
cipitation from the Mississippi Illver
eastward and has been followed by
clearing ant' much colder throughout the
great central valleys and tho Upper Lake
regions. Conditions aro clearing over tho
vAttutitlu Slntcc this morning nnd tho
colder area will spread eastward to tho
coanc this afternoon and tonl.rht. probably
causing uiodurntc fieczlng tcmpcintuirH
along the const line, while more severe
conditions will prevail In the muuntulns
and along their western slope.
U. S. Weather Bureatt Bulletin
Obaervatlnna mado at H u, ni. Kaateni thru-
Abllone. Tux ... :io Its
Atlantic I'lty.... :m :tu
Slatnurclr. N. U.'ll "III
last Itatn- Vcloo
S "?,!: ".Ii1 f"ll-Wlnd. Uj.Wratlinr
XlOhton. Mass
Butlaln, .N. V,.
Chitato, III....
Cleieland. O....
Denver. Col....
Den Maine. Is,
Detroit. Mich..
Dutuiiir Minn;.
Ualvnston, Tx.
llatterss, N. C.
Jtcltna. Mont..
Huron. 8, D...
.Inqkinnvlllo. Kla,
. 82 :
III 14
. 28 28
, -' K
, m so ,
. :il 2Z
v. I 1.
.2S XV
,u ew
.01 NV
.12 W
.111 HV
Brnnmii CUy; Mo, n it
I.oulavlMe, Ky... 2s 2s
Imphl. Tenn.. :) :
New Orleans, Iji. 12 42
Naw York....... 32 32
n riutto, .nvii., 4 t
Oklahoma. Okln. 22 22
PhllaiktpS'Ia .... :il J2
Phoenix, Aria... 42 I"
.pltuburnli. Pa.. :u .11
Portlanil. Mo. ,, :i4 :)
roiiland. Urr..t -12 M
Quebe, Can ... aj "4
kit. Ijjula, Mo.., 14 11
Ht. J'aul. Mlnri..12 12
n.tt )Jke. Vlah 1'n V'l
fiir. Francisco.. 41 42
Kcrunton, fn..
WushlliBtoa .,
Jlelow xro.
.:ki w
.10 KW
.01 X,
.. W
.. NW
.. N'K
40 ,1 .22 HW
ll IVI 1,'Jll W
32 .12 ,S2 W
U Ml ., W
II Clear
30 Cloudy
I Clear
II Clear
2H .Snow
4 Clear
A Christmas entertainment for Imnntes
of the hospital was under way while tho
child wns being scnldcd, according to her
mother. The latter says Clara hnd been
In the hospital four months and had
gained perceptibly In wolght nnd
Mrs. S.iltjsburg wns not permitted to
see her daughter Christmas Day, Thurs
day being the day for visitors nt the hos
pital. The body of, tho child was token
home yesterday, and tho Coroner's In
quest was hold today. No one was pres
ent when tho child died, It Is snld, but
the wntil nurse.
Ttoforrlng to the result of his Investiga
tion of the case, Director Harto said to
"The facts In tho case nre that these
two patients became attached and devoted
to each other, ond the negro girl had
been In the habit of feeding Clara and
taking care of her for some time past.
"On the occasion In question, tho negro
sill nicked Clura up nnd carried her Into
the bathroom nnd placed her In the tub,
while the nurse waH engaged at tho other
end of the ward.
"Beatrlco evidently then turned on tho
water with a key, which has always been
kept In tho nurse's desk, hut on the day
In question hnd dlsnppenrcd nnd was
only found after the n,ccldcnt. The key
N never kept In tho bathtub, but on this
occasion apparently hnd been mislaid, so
that Bentrlcp could turn on tho water,
which sho did In n bathtub with an Inlet
from tho bottom.
"Evidently there was a Btidden gush of
hot wnter. which caused tho child to
scream, whereupon Bentrlce apparently
hnd a convulsion, nnd when the nurse
rushed to the bathroom to find out tho
cause of tho child's creams, she found
Clura sitting In a dry bathtub nnd
Beatrice recovering from nn epileptic
"Tho child wns tnken Into the ward and
the burns dressed, which were of tho
second degree of Dupuytren's classln-ti-tlon.
In 21 hours sho developed pneu
monia, and succumbed to tho dlcsasc In
about six hours.
"Atf effort was made to notify tho
friends! but It was found that tills being,
a Juvenile Court .case, the records were
in the hands of the Social Service Divi
sion, nnd consequently there was con
siderable delay In obtaining tho child's
"I havo given orders that all cases, no
matter of what character, must have the
names, address nnd history, entered ns
soon as admitted, so that the relatives
can bo notified Immediately In ease of
Impending dissolution or sudden death.
"After a careful personal Investigation,
I tee no r'iiHou to cepmiit' um body lor
this unfortunate accident, other than
the ability to carefully gunid the koy,
so that It shall not fall Into the hands
uf Inospunslblo persons, which It evl
dently did on this occasion."
Patrick Loftus, a reserve pollcemnn
was Htruck by a westbound Market street
car nt 6th and Market streets today and
knocked to tho pavement. He Is In the
Jefferson .Hospital In a serious condition.
The Injured man is 34 years old and lives
at 2610 North Chadwlck street.
Pneumonia Fatal to One of Five
WEST UHKSTBn. Pa., Dec. S0.-Mrs.
Klslo Longshore Garrett, wife of Hon-ard
Mntlack Garrett, or West Coshen, died
today from pnciirngnla. She was 33 years
old. Special Interest centred In the case
for the reason that live membora of the
household were ill nt tho same time and
all from the same trouble.
Woman nnd Child in Hospital With
Terrible Burns.
A "--.''nr-old girl and her mother are at
Mt. Slnnl Hospital todny In a critical
condition with terrlblo burns. Physlclnns
fear the child will die. She Is 8lvln Ne
metz, of (V1 Jackson street.
Mrs. Nemetz wns shopping and Sylvia
tried to prepare her own luncheon. She
hnd to stand on a chnlr to light tho gas
stove. As sho wns getting down her
dress beenme Ignited and she ran scream
ing to the front door Just us her mother
The child threw her arms about her
mother's neck and In n moment the cloth
ing of both was nblnsic. Joseph Nemrtz,
the girl's 18-year-old brother, threw a rug
about his mother, but the child ran up
the street, her clothing nbliize. Klnally
he caught her and rolled her In n blanket.
All her clothing hnd been burned away.
Says Ho "Fixed" Things to Get
Share in Estate.
.Martha I.owe, ft trained nurse, wns one
of the chief witnesses at tho resumption
of the contest over the, will or the Into
Franr-ls Way Smith .beforo Judgo Dallptt
In the OrnhiiiiH' Conn toilnv. Tim hnV..
testltied that Sahiucl W. W. Brlggs, man
nger of the Colonnade Hotel at Atlantic
City, who receives J100.O0O by the will, told
her he wns "working" Mr. Smith, nnd
that nil was "fixed" so that ho nlioulil
Inherit part of tha estate.
Brlggs told her, the nureo said, Smith
did. not possess nil tho attributes. of a
normal man. Upon cross-examination
the nurse dented s(le And been" arrested
In T'lorlria, but admitted thn. proprietress
of a house. In which she lived hud been
taken Into custody. She said Brlggs ro
fuscd n request to send her 30O.
The nev. Charles Martin Nlles, pastor
of the Ascension Episcopal Church, At
lantic City, testified Smith was ono of
the most faithful and devoted members
of tho congregation. No mental Intlrmltlcs
In Smith were visible to tho clergyman.
Several doctors testified Unit Smith, tho
last two years of his life, was suffering
frbm senile dementia.
Dashes Into Burning Post
office to Save Stamps-and
Is Struck by Part of Fall
ing Cornice.
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No,,.... , Street
City and State
money by shtefc, k
ny orJr
Become Bride of William
Inwood, of Canada.
A marriage license was Issued this aft
ernoon to William It. Inwood, 21 cata
old. n hulcsmiin, Toronto, Cnnndn, to wed
lreno M. ejeott, ;i yenrn old,1 621S JelTerson
street, daughter of David 8. Scott. They
will be married tonlsht.
The couple will bo married by the rtcv.
William It, Turner, rector of St. Paul's
Memorial Episcopal Church, Ovcrbrook,
at 7:50 o'clock. The bride, who met Mr.
Jnwood whllo on a visit to Toronto, will
oe attended by Miss Ida Robertson as
matron of honor, while Florence Trlcker
And Edith Gehrlnsr will be tho brides
maids. Alma Walls will bu the flower
girl. '
Gordon Muhaffy, of Toronto, will be the
best man and Everett und Harold II Id die
will be the ushers. A reception will be
held nt the home of the bride following
me wuiuins. Alter a Honeymoon through
the Western States, Mr. Inwood and his
bride have planned to live In Toronto.
Ku.i'itiV.ar.. " nj
A.uhrU,i;isAh:hi;.t.?415?-.,3'n ""
OeorgB H. IJetMl, tj.- IUrVcy at., and Helen
Harry II. Vormund, J(tW Juniata st and
Murlo O. Wolfe, ltti8 Juniata U
'"; nothOlenslde, p ani Lorelu jjurns,
Francli McCurthy. WIS lUnock t and An,
tolnotte K. Vnlgts. K HanrSck it.
Vinetnto Arnonj, Iloiner City, Pu., and Maria
t'otonnno, xul.l 8. Caroao at. '
Kjbertn. Jden, 1UM Duntunnon St., and Sara
. Hamlin, 1108 Duneannon it,
LchU C. Oldham. 801 fiilth a(e Oak Lane,
and Mary B. Mors, wn twth a.. Oak I.ane
Talman. -Ifm PpntrldEo St. .
Le nor nicim-. 8M N. nambrey t and
Mary II. llurk, .1124 N. 23th at,
't? S flurkfrt. inoT Rlranl av and Huaanna
M. Hamptnor. iw w. wyominW avi.
U'l'.R- folwsll, 4l A t.. and I ElVanor J.
JiacJiiuan. mm n. KlrMHit.
Itohcrj H KUlier, Mneoln Unliertlty. Pa., and
Myrtle Verkri, Irfila,ll,, ra. "' " "na
iimiti it Melro" " nn,l Amelia Jab.
William B. aiifjn. 1,111 Catharine at., and
Ilhrln, M. McO, W11 Catharine rt.
wTt, iirS m ,t " ' "r"1 "" aibel0'
M.'tT'SSh.teiS, S""1- anJ
Jew Bijjll, in.1 Annln t.. and Sallls Blm,
mona. 1SW Annln at.
rtindftlph n. M win. Wood nnt. Pa and Ma
ria IJ. Bu. r)I tf. Falrhlll at.
Jacob Il,rbrtan, MM Uinrattfr a,ve. and
Clara Hralln. N4 N. ISth at. '
Pr. Chirk W HkJ"an. tK K. Thoniiwon
t . and ;anntt W. Oarrlrr i.iu jt, htfi
Knalmrr Itordi'nkl Ttfntnn. N. J., and Sofia
HiMwk JT.M Plum t. "
Poiaanlm Oppuwl. 10T Annln it., and Giro
l,m npaetmt. UM 1'a.isnink ar
K'rhralni Ilclln. Mlddktown. Dl., nJ Mary
J. Upninrott. Mlddleiown. Del. '
Frank Fcldyian, Jiwlih HoiplUI. and Sziran
Vlthtr, MJ N Kill at .
WJUlara 8 Krtaiatr. CUd. K. T.. and TJI
U .Veal 1T1T 8. Hkk it. w""
tVIIUim If. RoblDHn 1421 Ralubrldr , ...I
i Mary pownay, prbv. 1".
I William' HehmWt. 1031 Vim it., and Anna
uenry iii vins at.
M Z' .. ' "yi ' " ,. at.
A woman clerk In the Wnyno postotHco
may lose her life us the result of n cour
ageous attempt to save stamps and pa
pers early this mornliiK when fire de
strojed thieo buildings of a business
block at Wayne nnd threatened tho Pres
byterian Church building.
Six firemen of tho AVnyne company,
trapped tjn the roof of the burning opera
house, were In danger for 15 minutes until
members of the Radnor company risked
their lives to get ladders to their fellow
workers. The llromcn, under tho lender
ship of Captain Supplce, got to the roof
tluough tho Interior, which becamo
Ignited a moment later.
None of the several companies fighting
the blaze had laddeis long conugh to
reach the roof. Members of tho Hndnor
company finally dragged ladders up a
fire escape and held them in-posltlon at
the top of It until the Wayne fire fighters
could get down.
The woman Is Mrs. Ada Datcrline. She
wns aroused by the noise of engine com
panies arriving from Bryn Mawr, Aril
moro and Narberth shortly after 2 o'clock
this morning and Joined tha crowd that
went to watch the (ire.
Mrs. Daterllne ran Into tho, postofllce,
In the Opera Houso Uulldlng, and wan
coming out with her arms filled with
stamps and papers when part of the cor
nlco fell and struck her. She was ex
tricated by Policemen Rnhlll and Haley
and Captain Mulhall, of tho Wayne flro
company, nnd taken to a house nearby.
Her condition Is so serious that physi
cians attending her fear to movo her to
u hospital.
The buildings destroyed were those of
the County Oas und Electric Light Com
pany, tho Wayne Plumbing and Heating
Company arid the Wuyno Opera House;
Kirunifii Irom Hryn M.iwr, Ardmorcnnd
.Varberth, with a bucket brigade of
citizens, ajded tho Wayne firemen, mid
battled with the flames for houru beforo
the fire was under control. A strong wind
from the eas.t swept tho flames beyond
the control of tho llromcn und sparks
endangered 'nearby residences,
Despite valiant work by tho firemen
Uin (lames swept on to the building of
tho plumbing and heating company," and
at the samo time spread to tho opera
houso on thn corner. In the opera house
building were the posfolUce and a hard
ware store conducted by the Welsh &
rnrlt Company.
Tho gas and electric and plumbing
buildings burned quickly. The ' opera
house, being of stone construction, saved
the entire business block known as
Wayne avenue from destruction.
Explosion Sets Flro to Room and
Xncc Curtains Aro Ignited.
A woman nnd n child were Mlghtly
burned In two llres In the northwestern
part of tho city todny, but neither was
taken to a hospital.
The -explosion of an oil lamp In tho
thlrd-stoiy back room of the home of
Mrs. II. !,. Uomicr, 1S61 Wllllngton Btrcet,
set lire to the room, damaging It tq, the
extent of t'SK). and Miss Hannah Pcarcc,
an aunt uf Mrs. IJouucr, was slightly
burned when sho tried to smother the
Following the explosion both women
picked up rugs and tried to extinguish
the blaze, and when Mrs. Bonner ran to
the door to cull for help her mint was
slightly burned. Firemen responded to
an alarm sent In by Policeman Onbrlcl,
of tho 19th and Oxford streets station,
Thlrtcen-yenr-old Reglna Delone, of
Front street and Wyoming avenue, Olnoy,
was slightly burned about tho face this
morning H'nllo visiting at the home of
her aunt, .Miss Catherine Vlertholer, S0I8
Clifford street.' When shO' nrose this
morning the girl pushed a lighted gas Jet
against re laco curtain nnd her hair was
singed and sho was slightly burned on tho
shoulders. Her screams attracted the at
tention of Miss Vlertholer, who ran Into
the room and threw the blazing curtains
out of the window.
Charlrt Ktllv inm Thnmpipo it , and Miry
r. DvU, 1T10 Mt Varnon t
rinur ,1, ,wa(r w.,.,-,nu"l,,1o
Mlrturi Connor 1 H
HAsm M
ll4t jnitjPtmfs
jMRfilaw Utlif,
Jftl K. lath m
c pi . ma
Wife Accuses Bums-Good of Having
a Second Family.
The habit of advertising Ills art on
everything he painted lid to tha arrest
of James Burns, sign painter, today on
the charge of bigamy. According to tho
police, Burns la known under the alias
of Good.
Tho woman wljo says she is the second
Mrs, Burns gave her maiden name as
Margaret Irene Moreford, of 53U North
6th street, when she appeared before
Burns-Good at the Central Police Court,
She said they were married b.y Magla,
trate CJlerin.
According to her, Burns Wis another
wife and . four children somewhere In
this city, She foiind him through a
ilgn which he painted for the proprietor
of a cafe. Burns placet) his name n
email letters At the bottom of fhe sign.
The proprietor thought the painter's name
Was flood, and he spoke to Burns. Then
the cafe proprietor remembered a man
named Burns, who was also x sign
painter end had deserted his wife and
children, Burn arrest soon fallowed.
He, was held In W0 ball for a further
hearing by Magistrate Itenthaw
Sent from East Coast In Fear of Ger
man Raids.
More than 20 children from the east
coast of England sent to this country
by their parents In the fear of more
German raids urrlved today on the Amer
ican line steamship Hnverford. The pas
sengers had an exciting -voyage, twice
meeting vessels in distress, nnd on Christ
mas day witnessing a rescue on the high
sens of the crew of the French barge
Tho Haverford was 13 days making the
voyage from Liverpool. On Christmas
day the Amede was sighted In distress
and the big liner Was swung around pre
paratory to taking off the crow. Tho
Weather at tho time wns bad nnd the sea
wus rough. Beforo tho Haverford could
get Into position another liner came along
una rescuea tin- crow or tlie barge.
The other vessel In distress was tho
liner Koesdyk, of the Holland-Amerlca
Line. The Haverford stood by this ship,
which had three blades of her Drooeller
missing, until the officers said they could
get to Boston unaided. This wa8 on De
cember 21.
Among the English children sent to this
country to escape the possible effects
of German raids is Miss Teresa Bruce,
16 years old. She Is going to' the home
of hor aunt. Mrs. Margaret Tookcroft,
21 Oakland street, Frankford, Her
father Is an English soldier and she has
heard nothing of him since tho start of
tho war.
Woman Cartoonist Urges Co-operation
in "Cause."
Women who vote or who desire to vote
should be "all for one, one for all" ac
cording to a statement made this after
noon by Mrs. Nina E. Allender, r,t Wash
ington, who was in this city for a few
hours, Mrs. Allender Is an ardent
suffragist worker and cartoonist of the
Suffragist, '
Speaking of tho suffrage movement,
Mrs. Allender said:
"Women should be for each other and
light hard not only for their own benoflt,
but also to help others of their sex. This
applies to the question of equa) suffrage.
Women In the West who hnv nhiii.i
i. tho vpte should not be satisfied with this.
j ney niouu, ana win, rise up and help
those of Us who, live In the East and
who have not yet been enfranchised.
They will help us force It on the Btates
In this part of the country. anA tn .,
this they will fight with us In Washing.
lun uuiini wo nest icw weens wiien tho
question of equal suffrage comes before
A4api MeConnell. alia. Bancroft at taj Oct-
Carolyn, Carrying- $1,000,000 Cot
t$i Cargo, Convoyed to Falmouth,
Tf J3W YORK, Dec. 80.-Niw of another
seiiure by a British war vessel of an
American merchant liner waj reported
here today. The Gaiu Una. got a. cab,
from Captain Mitchell, of trie steamship
'"rutin iwmcn iuea irom tsosion tor
Bremen on December n. wlUi a cargo
jOf potion end wool valued, at ti.vjaooo), to
the effect that the voel Ivi-d bain taken
juy.r Wanda 1 Tn BngHih guaboat and was being
Hother of Slayer Here to Aid Son In
' Controversy.
Wr. William Thaw, mother of Harry
IC Thaw whose escapades have made
him notorious, had a conference today
In the Bellevue-Stratford with Philander
O. Knos regarding the legal steps to be
taken In her sqn's controversy with the
New York authorities.
Mrs, Thaw would not discuss the eub
Jept and said she knew nothing about a
petition Which lajieln circulated to pass
a lay. which would enable Harry' to re
turn to this StatS r
Mr. Knox wai equally reticent, -if
there la anything to be jiaid," he der
dared, "it must come from Mr Thaw"
" ' 'i -
. Rite
"W. Ward,
fOM- wuaat a.
. ?. en
am sm u
!'.'&-Htt. S?
, F" 1U
Professor Conway Says
Enormous Losses Are Suf
fered Through Sale of
Worthless Paper.
Wildcat mid worthies securities wl"
be,P riant factors In future bank ng
Proems in tj.. United States declared
Thomas Conway. Jr.. rrofMsor of
... Tttv.rltv of rennsylvanla, to-
; "speaking before the convention of
,ho American Association for tho Ad
vancement of Science.
Financial esperls who aro ai..i. "
banking Institutions In various parts
the country attended tho first of the
third day's sessions.
Professor Conway snld no person could
tell tho enormous aggregate of capital
which Is lost yea.ly by the public through
the sale of securities which never return
the promised profits.
The problem of tho security market.
I'rofcssur Conway said, consists largely
ill the weeding out of undeslrablo securi
ties and men who foist them upon tho
Ignorant investor.
In regard to futuro banking problems of
the United States, with reference to the
war, Professor Conway Bald. In part.
"Tho United States should net over Its
fear of disastrous nnd uncontrollable
liquidation of foreign-held American
securities. Tho liquidation in the last few
dos of July, preceding the closing of trio
Stock Kxchange, was tho result of a
frantic but belated attempt to make every
possible provision for the prosecution of
the war. . .
"The clicumsUncas have so changer!
that a repetition of this movement Is un
likely. The Stock Uxchango could not be
opened until our current Indebtedness had
been cleured up. When' this was ad
justed, the exchango was opened. In tlio
meantime, the balance of trade was run
ning stiongly In our favor, and if present
conditions continue, I am conlldent that
our normal trade operations will enable
us to pay Interest and dividends on
foielgn security holdings of from 200.
000,000 to J30O.00O.0O0i the expenditures of
our tourists abroad, estimated at 1160,000,
000 to J20O,000,0OO; the remittances by
Americans to friends nnd relatives In
Kuropean countries, estimated at JIOO.OOO,
000 to 150,000,000; and payments to foreign
ship owners for freight, estimated at 20,
010,000 to W,000.000.
"With our merchandise exports running
above normal and our Imports running
considerably below normal; with a like
lihood that tourists' expenditures during
the coming year will practically disap
pear, and with the encouraging nowB mat
remittances In tho past few months by
persons In this country to friends and
relatives abroad have materially de
creased, It seems altogether probable that
wo will have a real excess balance In tho
neighborhood of $300,000,000 a year which
can be used for tho repurchase of Ameri
can securities."
Keeping the City Hnll of Philadelphia
clean and in a sanitary condition Is a
diplomatic task, according to William II.
Ball, chief of the Bureau of City Prop
erty. Mr. Ball told the- out-of-town vis
itors how the municipal bulldlng3 were
kept clean.
For every squaro foot of the offices of
the Board of Viewers, Mr. Ball said, tho
city spent E3 cents yearly on cleaning.
Tho nverage cost for keeping the whole
City Hall clean Is 16 cents per square
Under existing conditions, Mr. Ball ex
plained, it coBt Philadelphia three times
as much to' keep that place spotless as
an ofnee building of. equal sue.
"It Is from a diplomatic point of view
that we must Btudy the real problem of
cleaning public buildings," said Mr. Ball.
"By an ordinance wo pay cleaners 12 u
day and wo must bo generous in the
matter of holidays."
Greater efficiency on tho part of em
ployes In the Bureau of Water of Phila
delphia has been obtained through a sys
tem of keeping records, according to
Carlton E. Davis, chief of that bureau.
"The head of each branch," said Mr.
Davis, "has been mado to feel that every
report he submits Ib carefully scrutinized
and gone over. Various records have been
established nnd nt n minute's notice a
contrast can be secured relating to water
conditions In Philadelphia for years way
The meeting of the scientists today was
the biggest since the opening of the con
vention here on Monday. The scientists
held meetings In nearly every part of the
University and at the Academy of Nat
ural Science for tha discussion of their
findings In the world of research during
the last year.
A publlo lecture will bo given tonight
in the Asbury Methodist Episcopal
Church, S3d and Chestnut streets, by Dr.
William IT X7II.1- - M. -....
, .., ... ,,.i.iiwio, ul .low iorit, on
"The War and tho Cliomtca! Industry."
Twenty-nine Others Receive Black
Habit at Services.
WEST CHBBTEIV. Pa.. Dec. SO.-At the
Villa Maria Convent of the Immaculate
Heart today 28 young women were ac
cepted as novices and 23 received the
black habit of the order. Services were
conducted by Bishop John J. McCort.
assisted by the Rev. 8. B. Spalding, rector
of St. Agnes' Church, and the" Rev. James
u. Brett.
Mbb was celebrated by the Bev. George
T. Montogue. The Rev. John Flood, as
slstant superintendent of the parochial
schools of Philadelphia, preached the ser
mon. The novices who received the white
habit were mostly residents of Philadel
phia, and their worldly names and those
they have adopted In the order are as
Miss Mary Qrlfnn. Sister M. Gertrude
Aloyse; Miss Teresa Meagher. Sister
Joseph Merle! Miss, Florence McDermott.
Sister M. deorglne; Mils Roberta
Wunder. Sister M. St. -Ferdinand; j,lss
Bessie Carroll. Sister M. Anna Bernard;
Angela; Miss Catherine McLaughlin. Bis!
l?Sl-u Artnu',s Ml" Florence Grant
Sister M Anna Charles; Miss Margare
Casper. Bister M. Hortenie; Miss Cathrlne
Moore. Bister M. Reginald; Miss Maw
Slavin Sister M. at. Clair; Mi Marcel
O'Rourke. Sister Miriam Te'e.,, Us"
Grace Dunn enter M. Greta, Miss Ann"
Hasoo, Sister M. Agnes Lorelto- mi..
Margaret O'Neill. Sliter nowta Marie'
Miss Catherine Lavln, Slater " ?Ine
Miss Clara Keiln. SUter M. Oair Im?'
Must Miss ifelen Duff. Slater M jiiTah
Aloyse; Mlsa Helen McCarthy Bister?
Baptlstlne; Miss FraWnughelu,
Alma Frances; Miss Catharine Bvr.
Sister M. SL Kevin; ML TjoVephlne Cur'
ran. Slater M. Anna TereaV; MU HWm"
Bowden. Sitter M St. Magdalene- iti
Margaret Bjnlth, 8l,t,r AnemV M.r
Miss Mary Sheridan, sister M Itiu '
ward: Mlsa-Wear Bhihj,. si"tr M
Long bhot Captures Secoiirjj
Race Northerner Land!
Opening Even t BarJ
irnrlr I allcnc Qt.l i
1 iu.n vuw J-lUlCnfJ
CHARLESTON, H. C Deo. !0.-.vorjj
UJlit, ai o to i, waaca nomo tbroueh 11,
tnud In the second race hero today, btat
Ing.out JJatwa nnd Francis, who nntshta
second aim mini, respectively. Scratch"
were numerous iraaji owing io the
vendition of tho track.
Northerner, with Chappel up, won
first race, showlnjr his heels to HeaMJi
stone, who iiiiinnvu eccunu. Yeneti
BirDinq wan num.
S Slops yf
Hhll Intr. 4 to la S lO 0. 7
..,......., - - . . - , -...lu um
HID l-o. uisewnero, am a wan, rrth
i. unirnr. or i;npnn man onn i
& I f.nt
td.XO. third' tiH
Water lAdi Knlitht of Uncas also ran.
Second race, soiling. O.ycar-old.i nnri ...
Mrlonss-AVolfs llath, lOil, Hlillllnir. a Vl'.
2 to 1. 4 to 3, won; Ilatna, III, Peak, 5 ft
1. 0 to B. 3 to B, cond! Francis, ion rwl."
8 to C, .1 to 0, 1 to .1, third, Time, UuisV&fl
lnd Levlna, So Manager, Opcral WarnnVl
UfWIM., -..-., -...w..-. .. .. l.ll, ,.
Tlilrd race, selling, ror soear-Mda. S fn,.l
lonia-Rlver King, im, Dryer, n to i (," ,-n
n, il to S, on; Kopje, 103 rtnblnson, B ti id
4 to S, 2 to R, eecoml; Harlequin, 101. PmI-.TI
to 1, a to l, oven, third. Time, HOn-B-s. ijlj
May, Endurance, Jack Harlow, TYancIa CIsJriLS
Tho Lark, Electrician, Etelus, Pago 'tytjSij
also ran. .' g
Fourth race, aelllnir, for all rages, 0 lurloui!
-ntty-flve. 110. Connor, 0 to 1, 8 to 1, ml
non; Ilrandywlne. 10,, Bhllllng, 8 to 8. d t?S
1 m 4. aeonnd! Hilda's Itrother. DO. ltril ,U
in r, 0 to l, 1 to 2, third. Time. l!lT. Catta
Iiock, ivjipa iniwuvi, vjautiv, jiru lariAAUJ
alio ran.
Fifth raco. selllnir. .l-year-olds and im.
furlongs-Joe Knight, 114, Dfyer. 9lI, yti
1, even, won. Amoral. 114, Trexlor, 3 toj.-S
even, i a , pcvuuu, i.mu.mvi ..v, innQvir,
11 to S. 7 ! 10, 7 to 20, third. Tlmo, HU'l-sM
fiurcrme, Toddllnr, Blue Mouse, Sackcloth, alHJ
run, . jj
Sixth race, eelling, .l-ytr-olls and' Up, onju
ir.llc lioiion, uu, Dmyuir u lull, i. io 1101
. ilHn.,.n.. Ill U'nt.lanltAlm t . u
7 to C, 7 to io! second; Pont, 113, TtMler.'S
iniru. lime, l:(Vd
10 to 1. 4 to 1. 2 to 1,
lrllrhen.t. YA Iltod. Frea
Milton B., The Monk, Itulsieau, also ran?
SAYS newspaper!
Presents Give Noted .Olyrri
pic Athlete by ring of
Sweden Have BeerC
Pawned, Is Big Charge
NKV YOItK, Dec. U0.-A Now York'ieve?
ning newspaper todny printed several am
davits with Intent t show that flatt;
Adams, of New York, one of the fjreate4t!
all-around amatour athletes In America
and winner of the broad jump In theUUI
Olympic games. Is u professional becauiej
ho has pawned some of his trophies hej
won in the contests. Adams, according!
to the affidavits, pawned two trophies th&tfjTj
were grlven to him by the KinK at SwedenS
UltC 1113 Ul lll.'li: JICl AUI IIIUIIVl'. It 13
further charged that Adams sold a dl
mono rinc tnat ne boi tor winmnff an;i
amateur contest. Pawnlnp or selllnj-i
prizes won In amateur contests constitute .
professionalism, accordins to the rules.
of the amateur union. ,
Society Matrons nnd Misses Will Ex
hlbit Curly Pets.
The autocrats of the dofj world, the i
llttlo curly white toy poodles, will -vlel
with one another for hlch honors this1
eveiilner in tho bin- sni'clnltv show to bel-l
held In the Hotol Mnjestlc by the Inter-7J
national Toy i'oodle Club of tills city.
These little mites will huvc n show of
their own. and, lookliiK oqt fiom uuderj
ineir mistress- arm,' will bark deilanco to
nny and even body, other docs Included.
For the white toy Is a saucy little chaprj;
nucu nu leeis tuny protectee.
Local folk Interested in docH have slE-'
nlflcd their Intention of nttondlne tlila
"', aB nave also many society ma,-,
trons. The exhibit promises to be a ban
ner one in local "tov" docrdom. unions !
the many features listed for this ovenlnfl
Deine mo JudglnB ring of purple plusn,
somethlnB that has never before been"
seen in this locality, DanclnB will also
be On the nrnsmm nffnr tiA lntrfitir is
flnl.h.rf 'I
It Is announced by Secretary that be-
tween CO and 60 entries have been re
ceived and about thata many specials are
on the prlie list. This Indicates a nuo
ceesful show In every way. Mrs. William
Heed, well known around this city as n.
.uuiiiiciii iqncier oi ine toy pooaie, nus
the honor of passing out the awards.
This exhibit belnp under A, K. C. Juris
diction, the winners in the respective
sexes will receive four points toward their
championship. At least one dog could
complete Its championship by galnlnS
winner's ribbon tonight, this being Mrs.
TV. "Ward MacLeod's "Poodle," who IS
but one point shy of tho needed 15.
' M in
Each Gets Three Points In Triangular
Chess Tourney.
NEW YORK, Dec 30,-Cprnell and
Pennsylvania each scored three points to
day in the first f the four days' play (n
the triangular cheu iniirimm.ni in which
Cornell, Pennsylvania and Brown are en-
tat mi. urawn aid not, score a point.
The results of today's matches:
i-ermns, .uorneii, teat Kline, Pennyi
vanla; Jokel, Cornell, lost to Levlne.
Brown: qraemann. Cornell, won from
Lucas, Brown, by forfeit; Bart, Pennsyl
vania, beat Cohen, Brown; Wlnkelmsn,
Pennsylvania, beat Chalmer, Brown;
Davis, Pennsylvania, beat Grossman, Cornell,
p. m. rs
Hiiv-fJS South 16th ,t,eti store auJ
dwelling ownKt hy tnt Ouardlan
A M '""' Cempany .. Trlflln
12.-S1J fjrtm trti Wflennld'i Jt
3 31-8312 Eaafwtck avtnun twi.tory ,
brtds dw.illm "t Abraham ieu-
aln ...,..,.' .... unkaowo
S.J7-82J OlrajJ atnuti habardanhery of
.- Jyl Ward .. .Trlflli'r
6 19-3W0 Clifford atreat, 4wllhur r
Itatturlni BaathUr .. TrtUlo
TAe Matter Car
n B5 If . F. I.JMOUSI.V: SMt
Construated by espart jtrtlftoers Ktth
wonderful mechantcal resources,
la cifvc(,
-.- h.
..ArflW, !,Z)JL,JMia r .Ji mAi
"'ms 'cmm,