Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 07, 1914, Night Extra, Page 6, Image 6

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tmllnntA from Turn On
ilfAtA teliLr tha Cnstnlln nlun hiM.
IfgffntwJ ask why ho w-nlUwl until Director
jjgSjIdr slArted the movement before com
Hair In At tho last mlnntn with hi "nni.
imntti" railway.
ryrjfer assert tha Costello plan, which
ovild eonnot only Frnnkford and Front
nd Market streets, would Prevent fur
ther development for jeurs, whllo the
ayloj1 plan, which1 connect every oul-
pTink section of tho ettj with (he bust
jiess district and binds Fhlladilphla to
gether, would bring comfort, convenience
gnM'prbflt to the people of every locality,
It In, rery bvldeirt from the attitude of
!the eillxens of Frnnkford that they will
Jnot bo misled by tho hackneyed political
srubteffugre of Costello that he Introduced
the bill "for the benefit of tho good pec
ans oi xrnnKiora
i'feJ!' was pointed out by several residents
jof Frankfort! that should tho Costello
Man so Lliroldrli. the nnanln of h Nrflth.
Sftt would be enabled in ridn ta TTrnnt
Wni Market t-trcets only by the elevated,
Jthen pay an extra fare to Broad street,
Rind, If they worked at the licnguo Island
l INavy Yard, buy an exchange to reach
jthere. In other -worda, pay 26 cento tare
for the round trip.
f' Nothing Indicates the wave of Indigna
tion against the Costello bill more than
fhft follnwlnf? IaHai frflm h tTnl.n, Tlt.at.
jness Men's" Association to tho organiza
tions In tho Northeast:
Jf("The United Business Men's Assocta-
tlon has placed Itiolf oh record In favor
Of Director Taylot'A plana for rapid
transit development In thai city of Phil
tkdclphla, and will oppose the pnssnge of
Ftho ordinance recently Introduced In
Councils by Mr. Costclto which scemd to
provide for the erection of a single ele
evated lino In your district, without re
nard or provision for free transfers or
for any other essential of a compre
rhenslvo betterment of transit facilities
an the city.
5 "lou ae requested, therofore, to p)aco
tyotir association also on record asralnst
the ordinance In question, and to co
operate In the public meetings that are
So be held shortly In Frankford nnd
Censtngton to protest ntroJnst the tas-
sage of tho ordinance. The United Busi
ness Mens Association will Indorse jour
wsmon in tnis matter to me uttermost.'
Tm fiffrtttfnr. Irt tlin nrni.at vm.h.1,,..
Biiheduled for tonight. Director Taylor
ihvlll address a transit meeting of the 14th
ward Civic Association at the Central
North Broad Street Fresbjterlan Church,
Broad and Green streets.
. Following ar6 the views of some of the
gclty's business organizations' on the Cos
ttello and Taylor plans. ,
II tenting a membership of 200 business
ii men of Reprcscntatlve-elect Costcllo's
J'llstrlet, Samuel T. Woods, president:
r I strongly protest against Costello's
s ordinance. I do not favor benefiting
any one section ot Philadelphia and
reelecting tho other sections. I am
(very strongly In favor of Director
' Taylor's plan, because It Is compre
' honslve and would benefit the entire
Ji city, while Costello's ordinance would
Mrtoclc rapid transit for Philadelphia,
"ascept In Kensington and Frankford.
t Under Director Taylor's plan, as I
(Understand It, tho elevated to Frank'
If ford Would bo built first, so that this
I'seotlon will got iapld transit under
his plan as quickly as under Cos-3-tello's
plan. It Is probable that the
. association as a body will protest
g against tho Costello ordinance.
I CtATION. representing a membership
if otJlW, E. J. Bcrlet, president:
M I am In complete and entire har
ftmony with tho plans ot Director Tay
Ij lor. I have been over the plans and
i believe they are thoroughly prac
5 flcable I believe there should be a
3' union of effort for tla best resulta.
KC. 'William Snleas. secretary:
h I am for the TaIor plan In every
way, and, judging from the attitude
f; of our members, I believe tho organl-
fzatlon will stand as a unit lor ui
4 rector Taylor'p plan. It Is very prob
i able that the association will take
? some definite action to show its sontl
I mertl on the subject.
My personal opinion Is that the Cos
, tello plan Is an obstacle for the pur--8
pose of delaying progress of the Dl-
5 rfrrrm m1it
ASSOCIATION, representing a mem-
' berahlp of 600r Ernktne Bains, president:
As president t)f the Chestnut Street
2 business men'a organization I have
S already Indorsed Director Tayfor's i
f plan. The association took tho matter
up at a meeting some 'time ago and
r wrote to Director Tuylor, Indorsing
his plans, I heartily favor Director
Taylor's plan and think that It Is the
rirht one
ASSOCIATION, Frank I. Reiszner,
Wo are nil against anything that
tits up Director Taylor's cpmprehen
elvo plans for rapid transit and bene
fits oWy ona section of the city. I
hu'artllv approve of tho Taylor plan
and can see noth.ng against It. while
Ih ordinance Introduied by Councll
jfiail Cpetellol apparently Is a draw
Tajk; to the whole UanMt development
IfJiOCUATION, composed of W asjocla
p'lten in every section jf Mie olty and
renftwnting a memoeirsnip of uo.um
huelpeusg men, William Hanoock, presi-
If the Costetla plan Is accepted It
will mean the undoing of Director
Taylor's plan and the bringing to a
standstill of the good work already
accomplished Th United Buslnees
-Sj,ffPi! Jtssoclatluu Iui Indorsed the
';ilimr (.Ian anu, mersiurv, yiu pro-
ItAKlBOatlcauv against nay iaH.o-
tiDetttUtv sucn as ims ueiieno
prevldesi. -
Pv Martin, c-r airman of Trans-
iltarl ILiffinoa tuM JLiMAssllLm
-isdarsed Director Tim tor's atan
fetf SfMrfns We opdom tae Costjtfte
i,iM ha.-atia It im DlMma&L It
CMqjuX. benertt ir'raalcford or any otttar
Mrt f M c,ty fr on f""1 K
ttosMM't txvvtda fr transfers. wfWMS
-1.& 4ouIa nljn ?,u.a U fed ft. -"--
M-V .w.. ,.. . w....
jMNttye. uevrs the etHtre city and
an mem "nw-
cn Mr. rotnp. who no shim
K try " jarovuu tor nun
iMBInfii ot tka eMv ue in mat
IMBttMt iwprwvwnent' Wlus
.fp SfW www- -..- -. vifgj
HOUta Be unoenaiwr! ui a lomiiieiwo
jBjite m4Wir, a provtdeu (or by Di-tt.-tvt
Fa tor t iilfcj)
Mrtcto Tavlor i ' m is tbj out
Mtujf rf ftse Utmur, i , mie igeiin
f&ii (i avklMttMuc sin evi i aided
S4 ftrf:UU4 ti , , ppiaprl.
0 th ctljr a Utarliuapt of
t'lj iitafit W n ed ejjrl!
r : ...!$. vf u-rlsia ItHOMli.
net th result of any special preparat
ion Or expert -work, but It comet so
suddenly and to Unexplained that its
appearance must be regarded a
sinister I am net speaking .entirely
for, myself, butv6tce,lhe sentiments
of people In every corner of the clU.
NtJSd MfcN'S AB80CUTION, repre
senttng a Membership of SCO, &.,& ZleT
ler, president! J
The GoAtello plan la clearly a sub-1
terfuge thrown out by the politicians
to hoodwink the cltltehs of Philadel
phia, I am absolutely oouotoed to it
and our organisation Is on record as
ft Rain U anv lldltwav! mi-Anuum nr nv
changes h Director Taylor' plan. To
nnd just where Philadelphia aUAds In
regard to rapid transit, f wduld, sug
gest that every buslnees organisation
In the City call meetings, Invite the
Couhcllmen of tho ward In.wliloh the
' organisation Is located, and nnd out
how eacH and every one of them
stands mi the plan of Director Taylor.
It Is absolutely csientlnl that wo get
our toooncllmen on record on this
question. Our organization will hold
a meeting tonight and I shall suggest
, that wo take these step.
CIATION, representing a' membership of
fl0, Walter A. Bertoiet, presldont.
We wlllnot stand for any acheme
other (linn the Taylor plan. We are
for It from start to finish. In conjunc
tion with the United Business Men's
Aftioclatlon wo wilt hold pretest meet-
Ings It the plan Is not promptly car
ried throUtth. We'havo not yet asked
our Councilman what stand they are
taking dn the transit matter, but we
ate planning to have tvom commit
themselves cm tho matter. They are
for the Taylor ldoa, I'am 'assured.
Edward B. Martin, recording secretary:
No Frnnkford sohemo for us. The
Taylor plan Is regarded by our organi
zation as the best that could be
evolved, nnd wa are propa'red to con
tinue tho support we are giving it to
the ond.
MEN'S ASSOCIATION, representing a
membership of ICO, John J, Pedlow,
Director Taylor nddrcssed members
of our association only a' short time
ago. He outlined tho proposed plan,
nnd I assure you he was, given a rous
ing reception. I think our members
will back him to a man. Tou can say
for me wo will not .accept any substi
tute for Director Taylor's plan, that Is,
If there Is any .nay we can prevent the
Mr. Costello's plan? I think, Is very
partial. Wo have-not-held mass meet
ings as yet, but you can rest assured
we Shall. The proposed plan. If car
ried 6ut, will bo a great, thing. As for
the councilman In this section assert
ing themselves In' regard to Director
Tajlor'n plan, they have already gone
on record as supporting It.
resenting a membership of 100, John A
Moore, ..secretary:
If you ask me candidly, I think we
are gottlng a lot of "hot air" In re
gard to .proposed raojd transit service.
The members ot our association are
naturally interested, but I think after
all It is a question of politics. Then,
again. In speaking of councilman, how
many councllmcn own themselves?
It Is true, ih Philadelphia wc aro not
getting the right kind of transit serv
ice. I was talking with a man from
St. Louis the other day, and he said
this waB the poorest laid out laTge city
he had over been In. Ot ooUrse, he
was referring to the transit svstem.
He said he was surprised at the poor
-service, the endless strap hanging, and
for It nil, hd said, he had to pay S
cents. He also said there was surely
enough travel In h. city like this to
do away with the'8-cent fare. There
is no doubt ot It, we are not getting
tho service.
TION, representing n. membership of
100, Wilbur H, ZlrWmerman, president:
Our organisation Is In favor of the
comprehensive plans of Director Tay
lor with the single exception that we
believe the Broad street subway should
bo extended to Olnoy avenue rather
than to Plkn street, At a meeting
on Thursday night we placed ourselves
on record to that effect.
We cannot approve the ordinance
Introduced In Councils by Mr. .Cos
tello providing for th Construction" of
tho Frankford elevated line before
other sections of the city arc cared
for. Until adequate transit facilities
have been provided to all of Phila
delphia H Is not fair that any par
ticular locality should be favored. It
only seems logical that the expenditure
of such large sums of money should
be for the benefit, of the entire mu
SOCIATION, representing a member
ship of 400. pllver Stout;
I strongly fayor Director Taylor's
plan. It la the only plan which should
be considered. I think, however, that
Director Taylor should extend the
Tranktord eevuted In his plans to
Rhawn street. The Costello ordinance
was Introduced to throw down Director
Taylor's plan, and for that reason will
not have the support of the Frankford
business men."
Charles H. Button' ,
I have no faith In Costeltp and would
not favor anything he Introduced in
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Councils. Director Taylor' plan as
it stands now Is the tight plan.
. ASSOCIATION, o.f Frankford. Wil
liam R. lrornct-ettdent1
'It tan lnfavor of the JTfylor plan.
npeaKing lor tne amociauon oi wnicn,
I am president, I cah safely 'say the
( jinsuiucrv nn; nvroiiKiy ill luvur ui ttio
" Taylor prAgram for, although there
naa been no meeting caned since sir.
. Costellb proposed' the Frankford ele
vated Una. our association had
previously expressed Itself so forcibly
In favor ot the Tajior program that
I nm sure'thero Is not the ellghtest
question as to whohi'they will back.
ASSOCIATION, repreiinUrtg a mem
bership of 150, Fred It. Ktantz, presi
dent! I can see nothing 'in this Cos'tello
plan except a disrupting. If It Is uc
cessful, of the plan its outlined by
DWfcfor Tailor. It ' Is a einsh
scheme We have adopted resolu
tions Indorsing tho Taylor plan, and
and' Joined In 'the resolution It Is to.
Ur preeumeil they 'will oppose' the
Costello measure. , 4
"The. Fox Cllaae Improvement As
sociation Is not selfish In Its leslreV
for rapid transit. We want rapid
transit to all points of the city and
do not like the favoring of any par
ticular section. Citizens as n whole
demand rapid transit oVer nil Phil
adelphia. The city ttn jpent so much
money on the Tayldr plan It would
bo foolish to change. Our associa
tion 'will meet Trlday night and con
sider ,tho JbesJ action to bo taken,
MEN'S ASSOCIATION, representing a
membertlrtp of,97,"Cspar Werner, presi
dent: Our organization has Indorsed the
transit system as suggested by Di
rector Taylor. , Wn ttjok. this action
several months ago, nnd nil I can say
Is that wo arc doing our utmost to
support the Taylor plan aa oppor.ed to
the Costello scheme The matter will
be brought up at our meeting tonight
nnd resolutions will probably be passed
on the matter.
Throdrfre Cook, secretary:
This org&nltatlon Is not as vitally
interested In transit an are some
others, but we are favorably disposed
"to tho plan of new facilities As. Out
lined by Director Taylor, Wo have in
dorsed the plan suggested by him and
are working for Its adoption.
MENT ASSOCIATION, representing n
Membership ' of 70, the Rev. J. Cray
Boltqn, president:
I think that after all whv should
the 'public attempt,to solvo a problem
vVhlch can only be solved to the best
advantage ot all concerned except on
scleritlftodria business principles. I
belleye thdse. who have all the facts
in hand should be allowed to settle
the a utis tlon. I might say. It a 'man
came to my churoh nnd told me wherq
I ought to. make extensions, I would
simply tell him that I know mote
about my own fchurch than any man
In Philadelphia
ing a, membership of HO, William Gib
bons, president
. Personally, I am In favor of Director
Taylor's plan, absolutely and without
change. The iOlh and Market Streets
Business- Association will take up tha
matter of this Costello plan at Its
meeting Wednesday night.
U L. McCaffrey, secretary:
' Our association' has emphatically In
dorsed Director Taylor's -plan.fqBiapld
transit nnd has so notified him. We
shall thereforo regard this other plan
an obstructive to the best interests
of the city. At our monthly meeting
we shalltnke. action to And what our
pbuncllmjn think of it ' '
NESS ASSOCIATION, representing a
membership 'of 200, A. M Hewett.
president: ' t
You can say for me and the as
sociation we are heart and soul with
Director Tayiori-and his plan fpr
rapid transit. At the time Director
Taylor outlined his plan I agreed in
every particular. The association
realizes that It. Is for tho benefit of
the city1 of Philadelphia to oppose
the Costello ordinance
H a s -Boyn e, se ere tary :
The Coqtello ordinance Is a, "butt
In " It was Introduced for 'a pei
soual political purpose. There Is no
doubt that Mr. Cpstollo has been op
posing Director Taj lor cpntlnually
and that the object of this ordinance
Is to break up the Taylor p)an com
pletely. Director Taj lor has dono
the best he could with the situation,
Our association will not hold a meet
ing until January, but I mink that
will be- In time fpr us to take action
to oppose the passage of the ordi
ASSOCIATION, -representing a mem
bership of 100, William J. Wahf. presi
dent: Our association Is decidedly In
favor of 'Director Tailor's transit
plan, and with several other organizations-
at .1 meeting last Monday,
went on record to stand by Mr.
Taylor In his efforts for 'an up-to-date
transit system.
At least 1500 business men vvere
represented at the mettthg, and It
was Unanimously decided to demon
strate. If necessary, that the people of
the northwest wanted the high-speed
ftysttm as outlined by Mr. Taylor,
From the sentiment of the people In
this community I nm Aura they will
not stand for any transit ordinance
designed to delay matters, nnd It I
the general opinion here that the
Taylor plan should go through Just
as it In without any change,
ASSOCIATION, representing a member
ship or ire, Thomo o. PArrls, ex-prtsl
When Philadelphia gets rapid tran
sit tha whole program should be put
through at one time, as provided by
Director Taylor's plan. We should not
endeavor to serve one particular sec
tion and neglect the rest of the olty.
I nm heartily In favor ot Dlreotor
Taylor's plan.
representing a membership of 220, Wil
liam Hancock, president!
The Cohookdnk Association realizes
the Imcotrtahce of success to Director
Taylor's plan for rapid -transit, and
therefore to help the other sections of
the city we shell 1 old a meeting to
morrow night to protest against the
Costello ordinance.
sentlng a membership ot 1000,. Ollvor
Stout, Jr., treasurer:
Director Taylor's proposal has al
ways looked good to me. As for the
plan ot Mr. Costello, I know but little
of what It embodies. While I am only
speaking for ml self, I feet ne should
udhere to something wo know Is good
rather than Jump about everywhere.
Unlets we flgnt hard for one thing It
may1 1e that ne will get nothing.
Louis J. Sucss, president!
With tho Hunting Park Avenue As
sociation and the Logan Association,
our organization has been militant for
tho Taylor plan of trahslt for several
months. Wo have Indorsed the Idea
pml our Councilman have also declared
themselves for It. We aro working
hard for Us adoption.
ASSOCIATION, representing a member
ship of DO, D. V. Brown, president: t
The transit plan proposed by Coun
cilman Costello looki to me like a po
litical trick to confuse and delay tho
transit plans already before tho people.
I would like to see rapid transit here
and want to see It during the present
generation For that reason I am In
favor of plans that purpose to give us
tho high-speed sjstem as soon as pos
sible. There aro many features ot the Taj--lor
pfi-n that I consider good, but If a
responsible privnto corporation vveco to
guarantee n high-speed transit sooner
than tho Taylor plan, with the Bams"1
advnntngeS, I should probably favor
the private corporation. We need high
speed transit and the Sansom ptreet
Business Men's Association will do all
In Its power to get It.
J. r Neltl, secretarj-;
It Is evident to the members of the
Sansom Street Business Men's Asso
ciation that we are In need Of some
method to get people to and from tho
centre ot the city quickly. Since the
Tailor plan purposes to get the high
speed service nnd to Improve transit
conditions generalli sooner thai) any
other plan and ta do this under condi
tions that are apparentlj advantageous
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to the city, I am in favor of the Taylor
CIATION, Philip Cdnway, president:
You can say I am emphatically for
the Taylor plans forhlih-speea transit
and against Costello's fsohehie to dis
rupt uie transit situation.
WON, 3, Fred Burkart, presld-Jnl:
Our Association Is, and always has
been, for Director Taylor's plan for
logical rapid trahslt, and I may safefy
say we are one and all Against any.
nun mm Denents on section oniy
and hinders, the development of the
transit to every section of the city, as
the ordinance Introduced by Council
man Costello certainly does.
The only thing that can and ought to
be done Is the construction of lines to
nil parts of tho city practically simul
taneously, (is provided for In the plan
ot Director Taylor Costello's plan
would neglect, our section, nnd I f set
sure that Cotinollmen from this dis
trict will not support suoh a measure.
SOCIATION, representing a member
ship qf 2J0, Thomas M. Beott, secretary:
Of course, we are all Interested In
My Improvement of our city. I think
also tlia,t no doubt many men feel that
If n man of .Director Taylor's caltbro
is nack or a movement there must be
something In It. '
belmont Improvb'mbNt associa
tion, representing a membership ot
100, T. H. McCaffrey, president!
A comprehensive plan that Would
provide rapid transit for the entire
city nnd not one section, should bo
oarrled out. The BelmOnt Improve
ment Association favors Dlreotor Tay
Idi's plan, because It provides for free
NE8S MtfN'S ASSOCIATION,, represent
ing a mfcmbcrshlp of 110, Morris Finer,
I and tho members of our associa
tion are In favor of Director Tnjlor's
plan for high-speed transit, which will
give Us1 high-speed transit Tight away
instead of tho Costello plan purppslng
to give the service wnicn we need so
badly not until the Rapid Transit Com
pany gets rendy. Everybody should
favor the Taylor plan.
Our organization will not stand for
any substitute for this plan. We shall
held a meeting pext woek for tho pur
poso of having our C6uncllmon de
clare themselves for the Taylor plan.
SOCIATION, representing n membership
of 110, Charlton V. Howo, president:
1 nm In favor of the Taylor plan for
high-speed transit becaUae under this
pan the city Is to build the lines. It
docs not seem fair to jmo that the
peoplo In one section of. the city
.should have the advantage's of rapid
ttanslt while tho other 'sections 'con
tinue to bear tho Inadequacies Of
the nresent system After comparing
tho Taylor plan 'with tthat offered by
Mr. Costello I do not favor tho Cos
tello plan. Wo should certainly ac
cept no plan that will not be as bene
flclal to tho city as the plan that Mr.
Taylor has 'proposed.
representing a membership of more than
SOO, Edwin J. Lafferty, president:
I am opposed to any plan whloh In
terferes with the general transit de
velopment of the city as advocated by
Director Taylor. The Lbgan Improve
ment League Is not In fdvor of the
tne i
Frankford elevated proposod by Mr.
Costello, I have not hod enounh In
formation on the subject to venture
.,' ... .J
V 'rv ''
608 Chestnut Street
.oign a unecK, puya Mfum, lpysj uotnmg,,
Food, Anything!-
Everybody Help
an opinion M to the motives behind
the ordinance The next meeting ot
our organization win be held Thursday
hlght, wtteri the matter will be brought
up for discussion
At a mass-meeting on December IT
the Costello ordinance will undoubted
ly be aetea urion by the league. I
clearly tee thnt Director Taylor's
general plan for transit development
Is the mtst eortiprehenslve e lidve.
A. C, OehHe, secretary:
The ordinance of Councilman Cos
tello Is a political movement actuated
by a purely selfish mbtlve. Either
lr. Costello Is playing for th6 favor
. of the trrnnttfi-h taalrfAntfi or the
PMlAdetphla Rapid Transit ConlpAhy
Is behind tho brdlnance, with profit Ih
view. Te tratislty oompAny Is not
laboring to accommodate tho public.
The Frankford elevated line would
prove very prontable In Itself Mid at
tha same, time obstruct tho compre
hensive plan of Dlraelbr TAylor,
I hAVe not the aulhbrllj to express
theso opinions as representing those
of th Logan Improvement League,
but I db know that wo aro opposed
to anything that Interferes with Di
rector Taylor's work as this Costello
Ordinance does,
president! '
AVo are for Director Taylor's plan
' nnd have Instructed our representa
tives In Councils to favor It. William
J, Banham and Jqhn E. Smithies,
Common Councllmcn, nnd Albert M.
Do iPrefontaln, Select Councilman,
have told me they favor Director
Tayldr's plan.
Wo are opposed to Mr. Costcllo's
plan or any other that purposes to
give one section ot Uho city transit
facilities nnd neglects the needs of tha
other sections. Wo believe thnt tho
plane proposed by Director Taj lor to
glvo the whole city high-speed transit
aro the best for all, nnd our desire
Is to go on record as Indorsing them.
Business Hen Prepare to Petition
Publlo Service Commission for Order.
The Publlo Service Commission will be
appealed to by residents ot West Phila
Diamonds and
;Rings x
La Vallieres
Bar Pins
Van Dusen & Stokes Co.
- 1123 Chestnut Street
t -
'. t
vt?w?.-. rw-y&m
'Melpto Fill This Big.oo&t
delphia to order the Philadelphia Rapid
Transit Compnny to give free transfers
to eaatbbHmd passengers at 40th and Mar
ket streets, If the P. R T Company re
fusts to grant A demand mudo upon It
I present free transfers are given at
40th add Market streets only to west
bound passengers on the Market Street
Elevated The Belmont Improvement
Association has made a formal demand
upon the company to grant freo transfers
to easiuounn passengers niso.l and In
preparing, In conjunction With othef West
Philadelphia orgftnlzatldn. td petition tho
Public Servleo Commission unless the
company grants the demand by January
1. Discrimination will bo chhtgod In the
A request for freo transfers to easU
bound pnssengcrs at 40th nnd Market
uticet-! was nrst made upon the company
a j ear and n hAtt ngo At that time a
committee representing the Belmont Im
provement Association waited upon otTI
clabj of tho P R. T. And presented a
formal request for the abolition of ex
change tlokots nt that transfer point
"A Mr. Hamilton, In the. ofllco cf the
P. R T , met us," sold T. H. McCaffrey,
president of the Belmont Improvement
Association, todaj-, ."Wo did nolfget Irt Jo
see Mr. Mitten, so wo presented our re
quest to Mr. Hamilton. He could give us
ho sufficient reason why free transfers
should not be grahted. That wns the
only nnsvver wo got."
The Belmont Improvement Association .
recently sent a Utter; to Thomas E. Mtt-
leh. chairman of the Executlvq Commit
tee of the Rapid Transit Compartj-, for
mally demanding that tho freo transfers
be grunted.
"If tho P. R, T. Company docs not
graht thu demand by January I," said
Mr. McCaffrey todaj', "tho Public Service
Commission will be' asked to order the
abolition of exchange tickets at 40th and
Market streets, tho ueimont improve
ment Association will claim discrimina
tion, as free transfers are now granted to
both cast nnd westbound passengers at
GOtli nnd Market streets and at 62d nnd
Market streets, while the transit com
pnny at present grants free transfers at
40th nnd Market sttcets only tc west
bound passengers."
Tho compnnj', he said, contends that
tho 40th street line Is not a crosstown
line. The Lombard and South streets jlne
runs on 40th street, and tho company
bases lis claim, ho said, on the fact that
tho line runs over east nnd west tracks
for a greater dhtfnnco than it runs on 40th
Black Onyx
Scarf Pins
5 1 "'
3 a. Jf