Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 07, 1914, Night Extra, Page 2, Image 2

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MK- - M fe litli ffilifi-Tj
( Secretary McAdoo's Esti-
fr1ates Show Economy in
VAU Branches of Service.
$1,500,000 for Delaware.
WASHINGTON. Dee. 7. Ifa another
-'ii'i'TjIlllbn dollar Contrui.'1 This U ahntvn
l-lby Che annual estimates of appropria
tes aent to the house today by Secre
tary of the Treasury McAdoo. However,
the Administration hu determined upon
policy of economy following the record
breaking appropriation of- the 1ft t ses
sion. "This la evidenced fay the faot few sal-
KjSJW'; increases are recommended, and the
W. 'tilmktta are approximately 125,000,000
less than the estimates aubmltted a year
ago. The Treasury Department estl
mates for the operations of the entire
Government for next fiscal year call for
appropriations of tt.090,775,131.23, which Is
Inclusive of the $397,000,000 for the postal
service. Postal service appropriations are
approximately ro-pald from the postal
The total estimates last year, Including
supplemental requests, which followed
the original communication Of the Secre
tary of the Treasury, amounted to 11,119,
S2t.723.62, The appropriation made last
session reached the enormous total of
Although the Treasury Department ap
pears to have sliced the tequests of the
various branches of the Government serv
ice. Congress Is expected fo make still
further reductions, and an effort will be
made to hold the current appropriations
within 11.060,000,000.
Because of tho agitation regarding the
alleged unpreparedness of the nation for
war, chief Interest In tho estimates' at
taches to the program for the naval and
'..military establishment.
'vJEhe building program of tho navy
'. ,Twa battleships, six torpedoboat de
stroyers, one; oiler, one gunboat and eight
or more submarines, one of the latter
to be of a sea-going type, tho others to be
o'f coast-defense type. To begin cdil
str.uctlon on these vessels the sum
of flo,t:i,0O3 Is asked, nnd an nddl
tlona.1 $3,600,000 Is recommended for
armor and armament for vessels hereto
fore authorised, and approximately $!?,
000,000 an account of the hulls and outfits
of vessels heretofore authorized.
The total naval estimate is 1H3,0M,819.SV
which Is only slightly in excess of the
amount carried In the lost naval appro
priation bill.
"Tho estimates for the army call' for
Ian appropriation of $101,121. 511.93. approxi
mately $3,000,000 more than the Inst army
A river and harbor bill of $53,000,000 In
cludes $1,600,000 for the Delaware River
and' $130,000 for the development of an
inland waterway from. Reh'oboth. Del.,
to the bay.
'Aiuni efte Important new projects of
general Interest aubmltted for the various
W departments, are the following:
Federal trade commission $530,000; Board '
of Mediation and Conciliation, $50,000;
Commission on- Industrial Relations, S10".
000; for experimenting' In delivery of mails
by aeroplane, $50,000. An Increase' of
$15,000, melting a total of $100,000, for pro
motion of the commerce of the United
State's-hnd a $25,000 increase' In the ap
propriation for Investigating cost of
production under the Department of Com-'
Si merce; for purchase of submarine mines
Ik for closing channel about insular pos-
J-sesstoo, $50,000; for regulating Immigra
tion. J2.02S.000. an Increase of $278,500; Im
provements to Ellis Island Immigrant
Station, $316,000; constructing light 'ves
sels for general service on Atlantic coast''
and Great Lakes in light houae service,
The detailed estimates by departments
for expenses of the next fiscal year
' Legislative, tU6S0,562.52; executive; SG68.
t50: State Department, $5,171,762; Treasury
Department, $139,833,740; territorial govern
ment. $1S0,600; Independent offices, 13,866,
03); District of Columbia, $13,608,734.23; War
Department, $186,675,37181; Panama Canal,
$13:931,863.58; Navy Department, $117,764,
0S6.88; Insurance Department. $206,SI2,343.2U;
Po8tofflce Department proper, $1,820,695;
Poatal Service, payable from postal reve
nues, $237,355,164; Department of Agricul
ture, $25,800,413; Department of Commerce,
$1,T74.0M; Department of Labor. $4,413,210;
Department of Justice. $10,867,918.-50.
' Against Gardner's Plan, But Not .Op
posed to Congressional Frobe.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 7.-"-Presldent Wil
son today told Representative Gardner,
of Massachusetts, that he was opposed
tlla preparraness or tlie united i.utaa
trr ar, !'i ." .ft n- oh,.(1 iroper
Inquiry by Congressional committees.
Official Forecast
For Eastern Pennsylvania: Snow or
ram tonight; Tunday cloudy; northeast
gales shitting to wonhwem and dlmlnUh
li)i. for New Jersey: itain tonight; Tues
day cloudy; north rales.
The Atlantic coast Btorm Is central oft
y. .' i 1, u 1 i -'i. murnlng and Is
moving slowly northeastward. It has
Ut4 high northtaaterly winds from
llatttiras iu Boston aurliu- the laat 31
Jioursi. Btomi-wuinlnifii. which have been
displayed alouif the north Atlantic coast
sinii Saturday morning, are continued,
with the Information that the winds will
shift to northwest and decrease tonight
Preolpltatlpn haa covered mest of the
116. I rum ilia itocby Mountains east
ward, the exceptions being portions of the
-tittlf States and the northern parts of
Wevy York and Nw England. The ttm-
rijfafyJiiiirw are mostly seasonable.
J, 5. Weather Oureau DuJIettn
yttistn uutue ut 8 a. m. tantro time.
tl.t JUlR- ViKW.
JtLflL u k. iitlL Wind. LCV.WeJLlhdr
w SGSt
4 ltw
t 5jH4
I i Sfl;.:::lllil
iH - f e . "" ts ii NB f
SK t' A H. . 6- H ifi S, I" i1
.7.i WbL WL- .StiVifc '' . .. S W .. W ltt Suuw
SH&?, -m 9FK JWm.' bit ft . fije 4 SV
Hft-r if sffil " i-ii. M 4 Jfi fi ' J jtMi
Rf : - fl:!; h- l'ui- ft 2 '" ai x l't,r
H3 . riy g m 4f jjm i fig'
CenlMned frem TsiriOOne
the faces of pedestrUhs at virtually every
city along tho coast, made the streets
almost Impassable this morning;.
A despatch from Beabrlght, N. J., says
the Bale thero Is blowing M miles an
hour, and Is hurling great waves over the
sea wall. The neck of land between
the ocean front and tho Shrewsbury
Illver Is under two feet of water. Cel
lars are flooded And many houses are
being undermined. Train service Is
paralysed, the railroads tracks being.
Under, water. I
A two-masted schooner was torn from '
her anchor chains In the Point JUdlth
Harbor of refuge by the gale today and
tossed on the breakwater, on top of
which five members of her crew sought
refuge, according to a dispatch from
Point Judith, It. I. Llfesavers Imme
diately started for th breakwater.
Sea lete, N, J is Isolated as the result
of Inundation of the seotlon surrounding
the railroad station. Few trains are leav
ing the city. Tassengers arriving this
morning are marooned In' the station and
rowboAts are belnar used to trannnnrt
them to the hotel.
Approaches to the Clvlo Ctub, the Surf
House nnd tho Stevens Hotel were swept
away this morning by the water. Bath
houses are being battered Into kindling
wood. Nearly every cellar In the main
part of the resort Is flooded. The rail
road tracks between here and Ocean City
are under two feet of water and trafTlo
Is at a standstill.
The Pennsylvania Railroad today
stopped selling tickets over the Beach
Haven branch, owing to inundation of
the tracks.
Officials of the Weather Bureau nt
AVashlngton say that the rnln will nnt .
abate Its fury along the middle portion !
of the coast until tomorrow as tho storm !
passes northward.
Damage that will cost many thousands
of dollars to repair was done by the
storm In this city nnd vicinity. Wires Are
down In many sections of Philadelphia,
Atlantic City suffered most of the coast
resorts, but all report destruction. Wires
are down all along the Atlantlo Coast
Six persons hfivn lost their lives as a
result of the storms. At least four men
ore missing and scores are endangered
on stranded ships
Threo of the dead were killed In or near
this city, two went down with the bay
schooner William .Donnelly Saturday near
Thimble shoals lightship, and the other
was blinded by tho storm at Atlantlo City
nnd walked directly In the path of a
switch engine, under whloh he was ground
to death. '
Three men from the schooner Henrietta
C, who pulled away from the ship when
she caught fire and burned to the water's
edge ft New Castle, Del., have not yet
been reported and are believed either to
be adrift In their small boat or drowned,
The other missing man Is a PlensAnt
vllle. N. J business man. He left Atlan
tis City Saturday In an open motorboat,
Revenue, cutters sent out to aid the ves
sels In distress are racing with tho storm
today. A ship believed to be the Cads
Charles lltthtshlp Is adrift and In danger
of 'Stranding off Virginia Beach, accord
ing to dispatches from Norfolk. Life
savers first sighted her about 800 yards
off shore, but could not go to her assist
ance. The radio station at Newport reported
that the Nantucket Shoals Lightship No.
83 was located nt 0.30 o'clock this morn
ing 36 miles west-northwest of Nantucket
Shoals station. The vessel had been torn
from Its anchorage.
A alvmaafod schooner, the Alice M,
Lawrence, bound light from Portland for
Norfolk, 'went ashore on Tuckernuck
Shoal, In Nantucket Sound. A wrecking
tug Is risking destruction by remaining
alongside the schooner. ;
Fears are being expressed In maritime
circles for many coastwise vessels and
tramps; Many ships are known to be
lighting their way to port
Whnt remains of the Henrietta C. Is
still at anchor, upside down, off New
Castle. Tlin schooner turned turtle after
burning to the waterllne and the anchor
chains did not break. The vessel was
bound to this city from Smyrna with
a cargo of salt hay, and owing to weath
er conditions anchored' off New Castle.
While the gale was blowing 60 miles
an hour a lamp In the cabin was over
turned and the Interior filled with burn
ing oil, Before the men could do any
thing the names shot up Into the deck
load dnd In a few minutes the ship was
an Inferno. The crew got off In small
boats, two of them, Bert Klser and John
Hawkins, reaching New Castle.
The greater part of the damage In this
city Was confined to the outlying sections,
although the storm left Its mark In the
more crowded sections. Trolley, electric
light and telegraph wires are down,
branches have been torn from trees In
many places, signs have been blown away
and numerous accidents were caused by
the slippery condition of the streets and
the high wind,
Property damage and Injury to cltlxens
are reporUd from Frankford, Tacdn),
Richmond Kensington arid Germantown.
In Germantown' the police telephone sys
tem was tied .Up, wires giving way under
the load of sleet.
Scaffolding, branches and building signs
were torn down and littered the streets.
Pedestrians were constantly endangered
by live wires.
The now storm Is expected to complete
the work of destruction at the music hall
at the end of the Steel Pier,' Atlantic
All hope of savins the wrecked muslo
hall at the extreme end of the Steel Pier
ha been abandoned. Rolling like a ship
in the grip of the turbulent ocean, the
greater part of the dance floor cone and
the steel frame twisted out of shape,
the big structure may drop Into the
breakers at any moment.
Fear prevails along the whole lower
beaoh front that wreckage will play
havoc with the Boardwalk and the big
Million Dollar Pier If th music hall goes
overboard. Already many approaahes to
the Boardwalk have been carried away,
together with the foundations of the
beach hospital tents at South Carolina
and- Keqtueky avenues.
Indiana, Ohio and other hotel avenues
are similarly flooded, and great waves
are breaking over the bulkheads In front
of the city park. Sjgns have been swept
from the Ocean IHar ad eity firemen
and other employe were snt to the
beach front to p4)$ up wreckage,
The nlwliW wU is flooded, and
ear serviaa fcW&aiMi fmf ended at Mad(
o rHHH '4Usirse. avenue, a block
ftjrtfc IaiUv tw&f are two feet under
w4 4 ' of fcueieu jiyt
Ipspiwt, tM4t saevtwg ta upper 44rs.
BltU ot th flooded e4Uo wtjuf ?
4fte nearest gteowriM atofg MedMsiv
Maeaa aa pwaato,
Th Atlanta od Sobtttban tfMka
qrsMlog te adw ar bvrieel T
iMAtfc a oiMsuure , flood tor t&e
nwnh aod aloWr the bach from Vt
aor to Margate wv are ferakis
tk Atlantic aveoud Usui to LoagpaM.
SMLS broke tbrouafc Ut otg iMtUtftaM
&s Dsite Place Vuumi,
hwnts at Ml4ews. Tt
Him re) w IV titer pri t 3tem Um
, , 1 . nm, L , , ,i,, FOR WAR SUFFERERS
I ' tHih'jiiiitMt itmmi&&m&ms2iaa&ii!4:j, -. , &'.a, :.K' iv .j&4 '.., ,- is;j
Burglars entered the store at 1210 Market street early today by cutting a hole through the second
floor. The safe door was broken open with a crowbar, no explosives apparently being used, About
$1600 in cash was taken and the contents of the safe ransacked. The police say it was an expert job,
as no clues were discoverable.
suffered severely, the structure being
badly twisted and divested of planking
In many places.
Imperiled houses on the sea front at
Longpbrt aro still standing, and scores1 of
men are fighting to save them.
Cottages and boathouses at Atlantic
City and the smaller resorts adjoining It
were swept away bodily or smashed like
houses of cards. Heavy bulkheads at
Longport and Ventnor, constructed after
the storm that Inundated the sections and
washed away cottages laBt January,
thought sufficiently "strong to withstand
any disturbance of wind and waves, caved
In under the smash of the gale-driven
The destruction was hastened by the
planks of the boatdwalk torn loose by tho
sea. These were thrown llko nattering
rams against tho bulkheads.
Oak and stono retaining walls protect
ing Longport, which run otjt from Mar
gate City, gave way while tho storm was
at Its worst. Workmen nre fighting to
day to save tho handsome cottage of Pro-,
fessor J. P. Remington,, of the Philadel
phia College of Pharmacy at Brlgantlne,
and those of William Dlsston and Arvine
II. Phillips.
The $10,000 cottage belonging to the
estate -ql Mary K. Asb.ury is,a total
loss At the same point. E. S. DIck-
Irison, of this city, personally directed the
work of saving his summer home, "Log
Cabin," by log buttresses.
At Cape May tho waves washed out 2300
feet along the tracks of the Cape May,
Delaware Bay and Sewcll's Point Rail
road, and halted all trolley service to
Cape May Point. The city lighting serv
ice was Interrupted nnd numerous boat
houses and other small buildings were
blown down and. In some Instances, wash
ed away.
The meadows of Five Mile Beach at
Wlldwood were Inundated to a depth of
several feet for the first time In many
years, and a section of the ocean pier
was carried away.
Fire destroyod the Casino, dance hall,
bowling alleys and smalt outhouses of the
Hotel Normandle, at Seabrlght. The
flames were fanned by the high wind that
made the work of firemen futile. It Is
believed the 'Octagon pier, which la IS
years old, will give way before the new
storm. The pilings were swaying with
every rush of the surf, according- to
A bulkhead built to protect Surf avenue,
at Rehoboth Beach, near Wilmington, was
not strong enough am) the avenue was
Virtually destroyed. Part of Horn's pa
vilion, Including a store room, was car
ried away by gale and waves.
Damago estimated at 3100.000 was done
to Highlands and Normandle, according
to reports from Red Bank, N. J. The
water crept close to the summer home
of Secretary of War Garrison and this,
with other cottages nearby, is still threat
ened. The boardwalk at Highlands was
carried out to sea while the storm was at
Its height. Electric lights are out of serv
ice as the result of the wires being torn
down by the wind and sleet.
Retired lawyer In Serious Condition
Following Accident,
Sparks from a pipe he was smoking
when he fell asleep in a ' chair In his
apartment, 1638 Arch street) set Are to
the bathrobe of TS-year-oId J. Morgan
Jennlson. a retired lawyer. He Is now
In Hahnemann Hospital In a critical con
dition. The police are searching for his
-relatives, whose address ts not known,
Mr. Jennlson was a familiar figure In
the local coutta until a. few years ago,
when he ratlred. Other occupants of
the house heard his cries fpr help and
found him ablaze from head to foot, lie
may not recover.
Fifteen more shopping days before
Do your Chrutmas shopping early,
but da it wisely as well,
Don't buy a Cigarette ease or a t
baeoo pouch for tho ma fcfbo doess't
Don't buy pfrilowphy of poyebologx
for the woaian who can't lake In any
thing heavier thin iKmuer ftetkw
.Dop'l buy a ioirgsMte fo Um woioas
who la s4Uv about her bdltaa; f
tjght, r a fcuU cap for Us mas woo
would rather not hv bis aid h4
H wt. rBnfcr uii an tota-
gtn UMUiriUJy MAM 3
4kit a msftg
Burglars Jimmy Through
Entrance Into Riker
Hageman Establishment
and Get Away With Rich
Cracksmen who followed floor plans,
obtained earlier by an accomplice, cut
through tho colling of the Rlker & Hege
man Company drugstore, 1T10 Market
street, early today and escaped with
1M0 In cash after they had pried tho
door from a safe In tho front of tho store.
The men entered the store through a side
stairway with a master kely and directed
their operations from tha wnrerooms
above, the police believe. The robbery
was carefully planned nnd was tho work
of professionals, detectives say.
John S. Dettcry, an assistant manager,
discovered tho robbery when ho opened
the store this morning, The safe, which
stood near tho cashier's desk, had been
knocked off Its base and tho door hung
open Books and papers were scattered
around It. At the rear of the store and
nbovo the prescription balcony was a hole
In tho corrugated tin celling. The hole
led into tho storeroom of the second
floor. A stairway beside the store gives
entrance to tho second floor, occupied nt
the tront by a dentist s offices andware-
.inn... n ,k .!. .'. I .- .. '
iuwiih w, it,,? ums aiuio in mo rvur.
The men climbed the atalrs, accord
ing to the police, and then forced open
a door on the second floor hall leading
Into the Btoreroom. Inside there was
evidence that they had tried two borings
before they located the position above
the balcony. The final cutting was about
two feet square. After boring tho holes
and knocking out the flooring the men
let themselves down to the balcony and
walked to the front of the store, where
they pulled down shades' to shield them
selves from outside, the police believe.
The safe, a light one, had been pried open
with a heavy crowbar-Jimmy. Then the
men climbed back Into the storeroom,
opened the tin cash box and threw away
a number of checks Inside of It. They
left a Jimmy, a bag, a partly burned
candle and two cigar ends and went out
by the stairway,
During tho afternoon R H. Brown, the
store manager, had seen a middle-aged
man loafing 'about near the cashier's
cage and. the prescription balcony. He
seemed Intoxicated, and as It was storm
ing outside Brown permitted him to re
main. This was the, man, the police be
lieve, who learned the location of the
balcony and gave his companions a
diagram where to cut through the floor.
There Is no watchman in the build
ing, detectives learned, but a, man tries
doors on the store block every two hours
during the night. Detectives have finger
print clues which they say may be valu
able In apprehending the burglars.
II I " ' mm
Kandel, Arrested at Wife's Bedside,
Telia of Miseries,
"My wife Is sick, my s-montbs-old baby
I hungry and I have no money for either
god or taedloine. as I have beep, unable
to gt work for three months, ".-
With these words George Kandel, or
Ms Walton avaoua. sobbed pitifully as
be was arrested last night at bis wife's
bedside aaoiised of having stolen 1150
wortb of etathlpg and- Jewelry from the
uoute of bis former employer, Jesepfe
Crawford, on Pin oad above Fox Phase,
early yesterday morning.
AoeerdlPS to the police. Kapdel ooa
td after bU arrest, but saLl that he
bad sever been dishonest before, but was
made dwt by the tneugbt that hta
family was, in want. Hi strut was due
to the fact that he was rsoec&ized by
Policeman Benser, of the Tnjoay sta
tion, as he was walking down 4 street
pike with a bvadlc under hte 4MB.
VbB M. Crawford reported. ih roto
Mry Ssiwsr was called and aJjd If bo
bd aa aoy oo MUax; stsiekMUly
diuiaz th tutr hown of to MoraUur
oo mi a. It. rwtJ fcevfec
VuriNk i
Mr. Crawford'
was ftirajpia today
"Warnlner Fails to Dissuade Coroner
Sellers From Opening Suicide's
A battered steamer trunk, formerly
the property of a man who blew out his
brains because ho waB tired of life, fur
nished more excitement nt tho Coroner's
ofllce today than City Hall has seen for
a long time.
Tho trunk, until yesterday, belonged to
Ira Freeze, 21S7 North 6th street. Tho
man committed suicide because ho could
no longer stand the pain of an Incur
nble ailment from which ho suffered.
His trunk was taken to the Coroner's
A policeman who brought the chest
to City Hall said the sulcido had left
a message saying the person who opened
his trunk would never open another.
Until the arrival of Deputy Coroner Sel
lers persons In the ofllce gavo the trunk
a wide berth. Several men said they
heard something- ticking. Later this
proved to be n clock on tho wnll.
"This business Is nil nonsense," said
Mr. Sellers. "I am going to open the
trunk." Four clerks Immediately left
the room. Joseph Mnhnn, chief clerk In
the Coroner's office, re'malned with thq
deputy. They approached tho effects of
tho lato Mr. Freeze.
While persons neered cautiously In nt
the open door, Mr. Sellers and Mnhan
carefully unlocked tha trunk lock and
lifted the lid. A pair of soiled overalls
on tho first tray was the only thing to be
seen. The tray wns taken out, nnd In
tho middle compartment, resting on a
piece of soft material, was a curiously
shaped black tin box. It was not round,
It wns not nquare. "It's an odd-looking
thing," said Mnhan, "Yes, It Is." agreed
Deputy Sellers, hacking off Into a cor
ner. Several persons at the door walked
Into the rodm, took a look at the box
nnd walked out ngaln.
Finally Mr. Sellers said he did not In
tend to "waste any more time." He ap
proached the trunk, lifted out the curi
ously! shaped box and while those about
him held their breath, removed the lid.
Tho Deputy Coroner laughed ns he drew
forth n collapsible marine gluts. "Here
Is your dynamite bomb," he said.
Then the Coroner's office settled into
Its customary calm. Later a man re
moved the trunk.
Mohican, From Norfolk, Lashed 08
Hours by Storm,
The weather-beaten Clyde steamship
Mohican, 43. hours late, docked at the
foot of Market street at noon today.
She had been lashed by the fury of the
etory for M hours after leaving Norfolk
Friday afternoon.
Cantaln James O'Neill, who said the
weather was the worst he had encoun
tered In his W years as a seafarer, re
ported that he sighted an Old Dpmlnlon
Line steamer off. Cape Charles during
the height of the storm.' She was headed
In a southerly direction when first ob.
served, but soon changed her course and
proceeded northward.
The Mohican waited for distress stg
rials, but the ship sent none. Captain
O'Neill said he thought It was the Jef
ferson, bound from Norfolk to New York.
Young People United at Elkton, Md.,
ELKTON. Md, Dec. 7. Juan A. Root
and Miss Marian Zellers, of Phlladelnhla,
and Arnold M- Bauer and Miss Emma
S. Fletcher, of Brldgeton, N. J., rlnoad
to Elkton and were united In marriage
hero shortly after midnight this morn
ing. Thoy came here In the evening and
when the hour qf mldnliht arrived Major
William 0. Purnell, douty clerk of the
county court, was hurried to the clerk's
Office In an automobile provided hv the
contracting parties, and Issued the neces
sary 'licenses. Other licenses issued this
morning were to Raymond 3. Fltivrerald
and Frances ' M. Ferry, both (of Phila
delphia. A Strap or a Seat?
This the question which is agl
tatleg Philadelphia. Sane, authori
tative statement el the whijle. tran
sit situation Is contained in an at
tractive booklet, reprinted from the
cebtBins of
and now being- distributed, free of
charge, to the citizen of. Phila
delphia. It iwav be obtained at the
mam publication office of the
Evening Ledger, 6th aud Chest
nut streets, at Ledger Central, or
at any of the Ledger branch offcees.
This rtmarlcaSle pamphlet Is
also being; diitributed tree of
charge at alt of the transit meet
ing how beiajjf M4 various
8trt ef ilye city.
Garments to Be Made) by Clftssas
"Alter Hours."
Several thousand schoolgirls In the
publla sohoot sewing classes throughout
tho city today begAn work on garments
for soldiers anot war sufferers A minimum
of 1100 garments has been set by tho
girts as tho goal of their work nnd as1
soon as theso are completed they will be
turned over to the Red Cross Division
of tho Emergency Aid Committee for dis
tribution. The ctoth for the garments Is being
supplied by Individuals, And the school
girls have offered to do the work out"
side of clasa hours. Most of the gar
ments will be used In the hospitals on
the battlefields. Tho work Is being done
under the) direction of Miss Alice L.
Keech, supervisor of sewing in the public
The schools In which .the girls have vol
unteered their services are General Philip
Kearney, Falrmc'iint and 6th; James
Martin, Richmond and Ontario; Powers,
Frankford and Somerset! Pistorlus,
Woodhiwn nnd Sprsgue, BrldesbtirgJ Gil
bert, Chestnut JiJtl: Alexander Henry,
Frankford; BrowniChrlsten, Holmesburg;
Dlsston, Tocony; JamcB Wilson, 13th and
Wharton; Tllghman, 13th nnd Susque
hanna; Harmer, 18th and' East Haines;
E. Spencer Miller, 43d nnd Ogden! Mo
Mlchacl, 35th and Falrmount.
$23,111074.20 Asked for
1 9 1 5 Organization Fi
nance Committee
Down Iron-clad
Against New Items.
Dissection of tho budgets of the esti
mated expenses of the city departments
for 1315 was begun today by the Finance
Committee of Councils In' open session
at City Hall.
Mayor Blankenburg and tho Directors
of the dopnrtmenls with tho bureau
chiefs were Invited to attend the ses
sion to explain the various Items In
cluded In tho estimated cost sheetB.
Tho Organization Councllmen, compos
ing the Finance Committee, usually re
gard tho sessions at which the budgets
of the administration departments are
considered as an annual heckling frolic.
Tha Directors who have opposed Coun
cils and the bureau chiefs who have
come Into disfavor with tho Organiza
tion's representatives aro customarily
subjected to a system of questioning that
usually Is protracted and of doubtful
value from a standpoint of eliciting real
information on the financial needs of the
city branches.
The total amount asked by the city
department heads for 1915 is 23,lll,m.20.
Tho amount appropriated this year for
the departments was, Il9,92O,0M.lS. '. -"
The Increase for next year Includes pay
for many now employees deemed needed
as additional police, firemen and employes
In departments .which .are expanding to
meet Increased demands of the growing
city. Snlary Increases are Included with
other new expenses.
The Division of Housing and Sanitation,
made mandatory by an act of Legisla
ture that Councils have dtsreeardet). is
Included In tho budget estimate of Di
rector Harte, of tho Department of Health
and Charities.
Chairman Connelly, of the Finance Com
mittee, delivered his annual address on
economy, by way of opening tho delibera
tions of the committee, when the coiinty
oliices' budgets were taken up last week.
He then said that no salary Increases
would bo allowed In 1916, that no new
Places would be created and that no ad
justment of existing places would be
allowed excepting where absolutely
deemed Imperative.
Those statements are regarded aa Iron
clad so far as the city departments are
concerned. The epitaph of the Housing
and Sanitation Division that wouia bet
ter the living conditions In crowded
tonement sections- la also included In
the declaration of Connelly,
In tho face of Connelly's economic as
sertions, however, the Municipal Court
has created new places at unusually
high salaries. The word further has
been passed among county offices that
the budgets are to be kept down for ap
pearance purposes and requests for ad
ditional expenditures are to be submitted
to Councils after the first of the year
Jn a less ostentatious manner.
Fourteen of tlr county offices' budgets
have been reported to Councils for pas
sage by the Finance Committee. The
three budgets still before the Subcom
mittee on Appropriations, a subdivision of
the Finance Committee and the real
body on making the financial allowances,
are the estimates of tha City Commis
sioners, City Treasurer and Park Com
mission. The other tl bills aro on Coun
cils', calendar for passage at the next
session. One or perhaps two all-day ses
sions of both branches of Councils prob
ably will be necessary, to consider all
appropriation bills and submit them to
the Mayor,
The amount asked by 'each city depart
ment for 1915 and- the sum appropriated
this year are as follows! -
, Amount Amount
DDrlment. for lam .i.MiS, i
Jf ...... .j.tf.... ,. 4iu;o4u
rrjuiio cuicty , o.uoifuj
fauie Works UH
uio ivorw T.STi,
Health ana CharuiM..
IS. ... . 1.7W,
whM,' DeelM ft Ferris aS9,,
W1U 3.i;M
High Winda Euts Hundreds of Qer
jaantown Phone Out of Order.
Scores of boys and girls, ppU or the
Pastsrtui Public School. WcjOdtawn and
Sprsgue streets, Germajifown, sarrowly
escaped Injury this morning as they were
fltarlng the bulMlHs when a tree at
the edge ef tlie sidewalk was blown
down. Tha trie struek and broke a auav
var ef telegraph wtcea,
Buadreds of telapkeaet wj Qrmu
tows are still out, at order today as the
rute of tha wire being broken by tha
weight ef siett and tho tore of the wlitd.
4 aujabw of old it to Chluoi udi
and Qemajitewti that had b laiiU
markja for year war deMroKgaTW 'tha
aih wtad. wai)a dawn u4to ttift
BS 0,SlT,j7S
7 r
Emergency Committee Mem
ber Calls Attention to Con-
ditions, While Destitute
Stand in Rain Seeking
"While Councils nre delaying the 150,000
appropriation to relievo the unemployed
situation, hundreds and thousands of
needy workmen and their families are
left In straits."
This was tho statement made today by
a member of the Emergency Aid Commit
tee. "I would llko to know." continued this,
member, "whether Councils are trying to
serve tho peoplo or something smaller
than the people."
With about 60 destitute women and
men, waiting In tho rain on tho .front
pavemont from the early morning hours,
tho Home 'Relief Division of the. Emer
gency Aid Committee opened lta now
headquarters In the basement of tho Lin
coln Building today.
Many more applicants sought work of
any sort In the basement room during
tho day, keeping a ialf-dosen clerks tak
ing down names And addresses. It wns
explained to eaoli applicant that tha
matter of giving them relief depended
upon the contributions tq tho Homo Re
lief Fund. As fast as contributions are
recelvod the money la apportioned
toward helping destitute wanton. Tho
applications of men, who nre "down n
the world" nre not being considered at
prosant, and will hot be until some
thing larger than th6 flow of mere con.
trlbutlons Is recelvod by ,thd division.
A largo packing caae, filled with a mis
cellaneous assortment of clothing for 'the
"Belgian sufferers," was received at tits
Belgian Relief Committee headquarters
In the basement of the Lincoln Building
today us the forerunner of a week at an
ticipated hard work In tho shipping of
vast consignments of needful cloth and
materials abroad.
Other committees of tho Immediate AI'd
Division woro also busy with the receipt
of six packages of clothing for the French
Relief Committee and four packages for
tho German Relief Committee.
Until Councils rcloase the proposed
$50,000 appropriation, conditions cannot be
remedied, according to Mrs. John' C.
QroOme, chairman of tha Home Relief
Commltteo. The ordinance for tho ap
propriation will be Introduced Thursday..
The cold weather caused great suffering
In the tenement districts yesterday. So
cial service workers who visited these
places told of misery, disease and hunger.
In many homos there was no lira and tle
wind whistled through broken window
panes with relentless' fury. Several, fami
lies kindled fires with broken furniture.
Plans for the Made In America Fete,
which will be held In Horticultural Hall,
December 11, 15 and 16, are nearing.com-:
pletlon. The doctor's booth will have, three
distinct means of raising money. One
of these will be an old-fashioned well
filled with clothing for the poor. These
nrttcles will bo sent to any address the
purchaser may name.
Tho proceeds of the American Ambu
lance Ball, one of the distinctive features
of tlie fete, which will be held on Tues
day evening, December 15. will be used
to establish beds In th recently planned'
FMiadeiphla -vnmr or tmr-Atiwioan Am
bulance In Paris.
Three Members Sworn In Bills for
Postoffices and for Delaware River.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. Speaker
Champ Clark received a great ovation
before: the business of the House was
begun and Minority Leader Mann when
ho first arose In his place was applauded
from both4 sides of the chamber.
Three new members of the House were
sworn In as the first oinclal act in thatt.
body. Following the prayer and B
proval of the Journal, Richard Way'nJJ
Parker, of New Jersey, a Republicans
J. D. Price, of Maryland, and Carl Y'5q
son, of Georgia, Democrats, took tSj
oath of ofllce. 'r2flja
Parker succeeds Representative M3&
Coy, recently appointed to the Dlitrjup
of Columbia bench; Price. iucceeds;Kj-J
resentatrve uovingion, aiso appoinicuvM
the Dlstrlot Court, and Vinson auceteuj
Herjresentatlva Hardwlck. who went to!
the Senate.
Thn chs.n1a.ln mail rf.rnca In hU
prayer to the death of Representation
Morritt. of New York, and adjournment!
will be taken later In honor of Mr. Hujl
rltt'a mimorv.
Bills for new postofrVoo buildings fttl
'Boston. Mass.. and Kansas City, M.,
were among the first Introduced, iteprj
resentatlve. Galllvan. of Massachusetts.
asked (3 000.000 for the wosion posioros -and
Representative. ,Borland, of Missouri. "?y
proposed an AppruvriMu ui f,wvw
for a postofTlca at Kansas City.
Representative Drowning, of New Jerry
sy. Introduced a. bill for 171,000 to Im
prove the Delaware. River at Camden, .
Ilobert Qoelet Has Doctor Arrested;
MEW YORK, Dec. IT. A man who said
he is Dr. nobert E, Moore, M years otd,
a masseur, was arrested yesterday on a
charge of grand larceny. Dr. Moore has
been giving treatment to Robert Walton
Qoelet 'for several months In that time,
Mr. Qoelet charges, he has missed a con.
eldesrable sum of money, each time Jn
comparatively small sums. Last week
(600 was missing and on Saturday fSO dis
appeared. ' . . ' '
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