Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 16, 1914, Night Extra, Page 6, Image 8

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SOJDcning of Federal Reserve
Banks, Cotton Exchanges
and New York Curb Held
Thfe were many thlnss which nt
trutittd Interest In the financial com
rMinlty today. Chief of theso wan the
opening of tho new Federal reserve
banks, while much attention was Blven
o tho official opening of tho Now York
curb and the Cotton Exchanges In New
York and New Orleans. Prices on the
curb wcra cenernllv firm Tmdinn-
In ContrvMfiht on the New York Cotton Exchange
Jlfee'jid prices were far below thoso pre-
bioni """"" v e cioso on July 31,
WHEAT. Receipts, 3A.082 bush There
w a fair export Inquiry and prices were
Mt higher, Quotations: Car lots In export
elevator. No. 2, rert, spot and November,
fl.l-t!fH.10!4; No 2, red Western, 1 1AIM
1 2H4; No. 1, Northern Dululh, L2!fh.28.
CORN. Receipts. JOOO hush. Supplier
were small and the market ruled nrm though
o.ulet quotations: Car lots for loeel trade, aa
to location. -No. 2, ycllotr, old, 84fl8H4c.i
steamer yellow, old, 834flic.
OATS Receipts, 14.709 bush. Trade oulet
and prlcea steady. Quotation: No. 2, white,
HOMSc. standard white. 33J(ei'4c.i No. 3,
white, S2eB2;io.
ILOUK. Receipts, 2.10.1 bhts. and I.Ml.MH
lbs. In rack a. The market nulet, with mod
ST"? ..m" "'Pie offerings at former rniea.
i. TiiJi;! J '' Ji !" in wwiu. lyinipr. near,
i KSi?." ?," trrtht. Ml5.2."lj do . pnbm,
;VOiS.73i Kanaaa, straight, jute Sacks. 3 20
I3.4U; do., patent, Jute sacks. J3 inn 3.03;
1803 1WV King.
!CrJ!!f. tlrtt. clear,
do, straight.
time an
I'rlees on tho Now street curb reflected
the Influence of the Increased demand
and doploled supply, 8ome of tho quo
tations were: Unlttd States Steel com
mon. ; New York Central, 80; Amalga
mated, 8j Southern Hallway preferred,
tt; Baltimore and Ohio, 67; Heading, 133,
nnu i-ennsyivania, 10114.
The crowd has diminished to a hand
iul of brokers, ns buyers can now do
3ubI as well In pulling their orders
through the Stock Exchange Clearing
Jlotlec, as no many stocks are up to tho
minimum prices fixed by tho committee
of five.
Sterling oxchange quiet, with demand
.8Sla and cables i.m',. rtcldhsmarks
cables were quoted 87.
Organization of tho New York Federal
Kcsorvo Bank kept many bank ofllclnla
nnd employes busy, and special arrange
ments were mado at the Subtreasury nnd
Clearing House to fncllltnto this work.
Tho coin rooms of tho Subtreasury wero
taken up to extend to tho hall doors on
each aide of the Pine street entrance, and
eoelvtng windows were placed In tho old
doorways. While cold was being received
In these rooms, the rotunda was busy with
deposits of national bank bills, which
"were stacked up In high piles In the
fwork of retiring emergency currency.
These arrangements, however, did not
disturb tho money market on the lending
Hide, plentiful oilers to loan time nnd call
money at 614 per cent, being mndc, but
borrowers were disposed to hold off for n,
lew days because of a belief that with
tho Federal banking machinery In work
ing order tho rate will quickly drop below-5
per cent.
CHICAGO, Nov. If). HOas. Receipts.
lxi; market -iuc. higher: mixed and butcher!
ST.W8.?.-: gi-od heavy. fT.6nfiN.2.i;, rousli
heavy,. T.50e7.73: light. 7.i;0flS.20 pig,"
S3.1Jlf7.': bulk. tt.NiaS.10. CATTL,E.-lV:
celpta, TOCO; market strong; beeves, to.rjOfill
rows and heifers. f.'t.T.'.irilt: atockera and feed
ers, IJKarT.HO: Texans. 7.4(if(8.M. calves, M.50
1 10.23. SilnKl'.-llecelpts, l.s.ono; market
strong: native and Western, J-T.M'Jl 10: lambs,
Bank clearings todaj compared with corre
sponding day laat two years:
10W. lOW. 1912.
1-hilad.elphla J23..10T.B11 J23.012.SM 27.1T7,SiM
inoston 20,004,813 28,843,107 21,031,039
Massachuaetts Mills In Georgia, regular semi
annual 214 per cent., puyablo December 1 to
etok of record November 14.
. ysolar Rennlng Conpany, regular aoml-annutl
(3 a-share.
VoV2. . H vicar, ...iirnv,.'; no, sirnignt,
f.33tift.ptij do., patent, .7313 0(l: do.. faor.
He brands. 0l.,-,0; rliy mllla. choice anil
LVJSy W.,.nt' ""' so- tltr "i"1'- regular
jrjdea--vinier, clear, f 1.7MN 00; do., straight,
3S.2.ti do.. tfltent, ??, 30113 73,
IIYB l'I.Ot;tl. Trade ri'ilet nnd offerings
moderate, but anirde. Prices iinriiAmrisi 'n
juoto nearby and Wcitern, In wood, at Jiff
The market quiet and without Important
change. Uuotatlonsl City beef. In seta,
smoked and alr-drlnl. aitJ.tOc.i Western beef.
In aela. emoked. 2li30c : city lef. knuckcl
and tenders, smoked and alr-drlcd, 301T31c.:
western beef, knuckles and tenders, smoked,
'WII0.1 beef hams. S3H8lSi pork, family, 5
H5flj ham, H, l cured, loose. HffH'kc : do,,
skinned, loose. ltfrllHc. ; do., do., smoked.
l.MrlBVic : other linms, smoked, clt cured as
to brand nnd nerage. ir.fciridc , hams,
rmoked, western rurrd. I3'5lric,: do., boned
bonders, 20tr2lc.: plcnle shoulders, H p
cured, loose, 1IM1 12c i do., smoknl, 13i;i.,e.'
bellies. In Pickle, according to at erase, loosed
lllfriil'sC.;, breakfast Imcon. as to brand and
average, city cured. lllS0c : breakfast bacon.
Western cured. l:i2tic.; lard. Western, re
flnel. tierces, ln-i,illc.; do. do., do., tuhs
10llc ; ard. pure city, kettlo rendered. In
tiercea, 10;Hlc: lard, pure city, kettle rcn-
utim, ill luun, aitiia)1i;,
The market firmly held, but trade unlet, rie
nnera list of prices- Standard granulated.
.i.lSc.i nne granulated, 3.10c. ; powdered, S20c.;
confectioners' A, 3c; toft Rrades, 4.23B4.83C.
IltJTTKlt. l.nncy stock sold fnlrly and
ruled firm under scirclty, tjuotnllnns: West
ern, fresh, solld'pnckcd creamery, fancy
specials, 37c; exceptional lots higher: extra,
33c.; extra firsts. 33iS3lc; firsts. 30ff;ile.; sec
onds, 282Sc.i ladle-packed, 2Hj2.:c. as to
quality; nearby prints, fancy, B8t: do., aver
age extra, 3na"17c.; do., firsts, 32ntlBc.; do.,
aecemts, 3031r. Special fancy branda of
prints jobbing at I.1I3e.
K(!(1N. Supplies of line new-lnlil eggi
.,,..,. n,. iuia in in iinucr n gooo uemami.
quotations: in rrco cases, nearby, extra, 3Sc.
per dos.; nearby firsts, lln.RO per atandnnl
case; nearby current receipts. $0.00010 20 per
......u...,. - ",vi uiiu nuuinwesicrn, ex-
bbl Jonathan.
WI0M1. IJ..02JW.23; Ttaldwln, U.75ffl2.80
dreenlnr. Sl.i3fl2.fi0: Tlrmtvnn ; tW,iX
rippln, l 759.M; Tork Imperial. . il.T3a
other xorjl eating vorletlea, t.TBQ2.TiU
medium. il no crab. 44.5o: crab apples,
per bushel basket. 1 B0l 73; apples, Westi
ern, per box, lim.lio, apples. Delaware and
Penniytvanla, per hamper, eofldOo.i aulnces.
Ser bbl., Man BO. Lemons, per box, l.lff ,
ranges, Florida, per box, tl.eoaa n. Grape
fruit, Florida, per box, ll.Wsi.ai. IMneapptes,
per crate-Porto nico. M.Snfl'S 23; Florida, 11 w
t-Jr- Cranberries, tape Cod, early, black, pei
bbl., J3.;OJt4 : Cape Cod, early, black, per
1.23. Pears. New Tork, per bbl Seckel,
No. 2, f2.30.1; lleurre Ilosc, $lif3.M); Sheldon,
sieS: lleurre Clalrgeau. 2 nftfia.m; lleurre
d' Anjou. J.231.tfi Utieness, 2 2SSI.T21;
Howell. ?2ti2W). other arletles, I2fin. l'ears,
Uartlett or Meckel, per bushel basket, ft 2.1n2.
Orares, New Votk-Concord. Per 8.1b. basket,
Mnl3c.. do., per 4-1 Imstcet. Innlle.: vinrm
per l-lb. basket, 8flllc; Delawares. per 4-ln.
basket, 12tlc.i Concord, per 2Mi. basket.
TI10 general market quiet and without Im
portant change. Quotations: White potatoes,
per bush.-Pennsylvnnln, uonfl3e,i New Tork,
IJfrftic.! whlto potatoee, Jersey, per baaket,
SI.I sweet potatoes. Kaatem Hhore, per
bbl, No. I. Jl.S3ifl.T3; No. 2, Jl! sweets, Jer-
,14 "5r ui. p,n. 1, x-j.outf.l; o. x, lI.fHiy
l.i.i; aneets. Jersey, ler liasket, JtSOO",
onions, per bush., 4030c.i do., choice, per
I0 .b. bag, Slfil 10; do., medium, per loo-lb.
bag. sfWjtMic,, do. seconds, fiOflfiilf, Cabbage,
domestic, per ton, J7flS: do., Danish, per ton,
P10 Cauliflower. New Tork, rer crate. 83f
'sic. Lettuce, Florida, per basket, JtOI.no;
ib .. North Carolina, per basket, JlOl.39.
Ilcans, Florida, per basket, J1.7nci2.23; do..
North, Carolina, per basket. Jl.7302.30. Celery,
New York, per hunch, 1 ."J.l.'c. Mushrooms,
per l-lb. biskel, JIR1.40.
smalt. Shipments from North America
for the week were 1M.OOO bushels.
Provisions were a little easier.
Leading futures ranged aa follows:
, Noon. Sat.
TVhest Open. High. Low. close.
December l.tfCH 1.13 l,144 MRU
May 1.21H 1,21 H 1.21 alJ21i
Loni'inew aeuveryj
December ,..,
May ,,
November . . . ,
January ,.
Did, TAaked,
7 Hi
TOtS 7lft
....10.20 10.27
....10.30 110.33
10.43 10.12 110.47
10.00 110.52 10.57
10.20 10.22
10.30 1 10.3.1
10.12 10.10
10.33 tlO.OU
urday, while In Bro6Wyn, N. T after n
brief Illness. For many years Mrs. Colt
was evangelistic superintendent of the
Women's Christian Temperance Union, of
this city. She Is survived by her husband
and four sons. Funeral services will bo
held at Bloomricld, N. J., tomorrow afternoon.
tssisi 3 fssin-f .'i T- tlVATTTll
Steadiness Partly Due to
Fact That War News Does
Not Confirm Rumors of
WASHINGTON. Nov. 16,-nallroads op
erating In trunk line territory (lied with
the Interstate Commerce Commission to
day proposed Incrcnses In passenger
fares In this section. A definite estimate
of the Increases has hot yet been fixed
by tho commission, but tnrlff experts of
the Commission said the advances would
average approximately 6 per cent. In
some Instances the rates affect part of
tho Ccntrnl Freight Association territory.
up to the present tlmo no tnrirrs pro
posing Increases In passenger rnes ef
fective on Western roads have been filed
with the Commission.
!jaAnr"' M0.S0 per case: do., firsts, J1.00
10.20 per case; do., seconds. J7.20J17.SO per
case: Southern, J8.4OS0 per caso, refrigerator
eggs. 21027c. per doz as to quality. F"ancy
tl,.cd..cnndlci1. trC8h ' "cro Jobbed out
at 4.1(rl3c. per dm.
CUKES!:. The market steady under amall
supplies, but trade quiet. Quotatlona: New
Tork. full-cream, choice, l.lHc; do., do. fair
to good, llMVlSc; do., pnrt skims, 813c
...F'IVET"TJJ8 .n,r,et I"'', with modernto
but ample offerings at unchanged prizes, yuu
tatloni: Fowls, 12I4c: old roosters, lOflllc.;
spring chickens, according to quality. Ilftuc :
turkeys. 18i20c.; ducks. i:ini4e.; geese, "&
14c; guineas, joung. weighing 2 lbs. and
?.v,c.r WJ00' .t palr" ",0'i ll- weighing 114
1 lbs? npleco, por pair, fi.1i(f70c.: weighlnl
1 lb. npleco. per pair. .Mw., old, per pair. 30c
pigeons, per pair. 35t18a.
IKK8.SIjn. Demand fairly nctlvo for One
dcslrnble-alied stock, and inluea of this de
scription firmly maintained, with fowls le
higher. Quotations: Turkevs fine, l.irife'
spring. 22fi23c.; No. 1, old. 20ff21c: ordinary:
is2uc: rowis, per lb., selected heniy. Hi,
do., weighing. 4l4."i lbs. apiece, 18c; do.. 4
lbs. apiece. ItlfllTc.; do.. 3'i lbs. npleco, iiu
13C: lIO.. 3 IbS. anleCe. 13c. ntit rnostnra .1-.-'
nl.ti&l I'ME. . KKIlln. -t.,.1 '.''
l'".ni. .VrZ'A ".win,, k tliilKtrns.
ueigning mti. ids. apiece, i'OflIc; broiling
chickens, nenrby, fair to good, HMflSc: chick
ens, Western, 4 lbs. nnd over apiece, 17c : do
:i;u, ihi, 10c; O.O., no,, IVSIf.
4c; broiling chickens, West,
piece, 17c: broiling chickens.
1 good, 12J?14c; squabs, pet
thnig 11 to 12 lbs per dos.
do., 3V4 lbs. apleco, fat. 13c. j do., do., 2U';
era. 1M02 lbs. apiece, 17c: broiling chickens,
Western, fair to good. 12flV4c; equabs, per
dcis.. white, weighing 11 to 12 lbs per dos.,
J3.PO1T4.S0; white, weighing 0 to 10 lbs. per
dos., S3. 1007:1 73, white, weighing 8 lbs. per
dox . S2.30CT2.TS- dn . Ho . T lbs. per dm. J2ff
2.28; do., do., OflntS Ida ner doz.. J1.23S11.G5.
dark and No. 2. 30c.RJ1.10.
Trade fair and prlcea generally steady under
.,,..c,.o wcNiiRs, uuimiuns; rtppiPB, per
CHICAGO. Nov. 1C. Wheat opened
firmer this morning. There was good
buying on the belief that last week's
selling movement had relieved the tech
nical position and on the fact that tho
war news In no way confirms tho rumors
of peace that havo proved an obstacle
to bullish developments recently.
Shipments from North America for tho
week were 0,237,000 bushels, of which
Canada sent out 2,27C,O0O bushels. The
market at Liverpool was quiet nnd steady.
There was quite a decrcaso In stocks at
that port for the week, but spot prices
there wore unchanged. There wore some
disturbing reports from Argentina. Broom
hull places tho world's whent crop for
this 'season at 3,613,000,00) bushels, agalnBt
3,S18,rIS,0O0 bushels In the preceding year.
Italy has icduced the custom duty on
wheat from 12s. 71. to 5s. 2d. nnd It Is
now possible to Import American wheat.
Banks In that country aro assisting pur
chasers. It Is reported that heavy sales
have been consummated. The Argentine
ciop Is estimated at 192,000.000 bushels.
Fnll plowing has been completed In
Manitoba, according to reports rccolved
by the Canadian Pacific. In Saskatche
wan 5 to 10 per cent, remains to be dona
In some places. In Alberta ptowlng was
practically all finished before snow
stopped operations.
Corn was easier because, of ideal weath
er for grading and marketing the new
crop. The selling was scattered. Largo
receipts aro expected. 'The market, at
Liverpool was off Hd. Shipments of corn
from North America for the week wore
230,000 bushclH l.nr-or exports from Ar
gentine aro expected.
Oats also were lower, but trade waB
N1!W YnilFt. Nov Id. - 1IUTTF:II. Market
weaker. Ilecelpts. 4'snt packages; crenmcry, ex
tra, 33c; higher scoring, 3.V,53tlc. state
dairy, .Ufl33',c; Imitation creamery, 33tiff
KOGS. Market Irregular. Ilecelpts, 3401
oases; fresh, extra, firsts, 371038c ; fresh, nrsts,
34J3cic. ; nearby whiles, SfiJ37c; nearby mixed,
8C!?41c. ; special marks, 23lif?20c.
Afro-American Bibliophile Was Ad
mired by Rn.cc
The funeral of William C. Bollvnr. one
of the best known Afro-American Biblio
philes In the United States, who died
Thursday, was held this morning from
his home, 761 South 15th street. Mr. Boli
var, who wna 70 yeara old, was admired
by his race throughout tho country.
Ho received his early education at tho
Institute for Colored Youth, then located
In South Philadelphia. At the close of
the Civil Wnr he received an appointment
In the Wnr Department at Washington.
Mrs. Julia Hutlcr Mead, wife of Hear Ad
miral William W. Mend, retired, died at her
homo at St David's late last night. Heal
Admiral Mead directed several Important
maneuvers during 1110 Spanish-American
War, being then In command of the
V. S. 8. Brooklyn. He later was placed In
command of the V. S. S. Machlas and
was ni'tlve until his retirement from the
navy, in liw. Mrs. Mead was a. daugh
ter of a. prominent Kentucky family. In
terment will be mndc nt Arlington Ceme
tery, Washington, D. C., on Wednesday.
1 1
Mrs. Knthryn Hoscbcry, wife of Hev.
mour II. Hoscbery, who Is ercrctnry of
Kuemmerlo & Co!, bond brokers, died
yostcrdny nt her home In Hnmmonton,
N, J. Sho wns In her 43d year.
Francis Cndwalader Dade, for many
yenrs In the real estate business, and a
familiar figuro In social and club circles
died Friday at the Pennsylvania Hospltnl
for the Insane, where ho has been an In
mote for soveral months. He n rr r,i
nervous breakdown, from which he Dover
recovered. Mr. Dade, who wns graduated
from the University of Pennsylvania, wan
the son of the- late Captain Francis Cad
wnlnder Dade, of the United States nnvy.
Ho leaves a widow and daughter. Tho
funeral services, the arrangement of
which Is not yet completed," wilt tnke
place from his late residence, 412 South
15th street.
friends of the family re lajjled to W
the funeral setiees on WHnesdsjr siiejf
noon, at 1 o-eloek, st e residence h
son-in-law. Augustus E-"5iMte it West
33d st. Interment strictly pmt- al
Laurel Hill Cemetery. .,.,,.
So,nfHh'uTm J gfe
Church, at 10 a. m. Interment lioiy ww
Cemetery. , ,. ..,
rm.!KIMl.l. On NyVh.'f1ali nrMgtt
MtrilAIST husband ol JM lft "."."ifl
d-,gmh..r JeWc S .whan 210 South
Old Cathedral Cemetery. ., v
GEtOKIl. FUEDnilICK Oi:iOnn,3711 Tor
OmnV-MAnr OinHS.R02 South 7th st,
tllOIIIlANO. ANTONIO 0!OnBA:,rj. g27
Ouenlher at, .... 1011 MATIT
IMNNA.-On. November U.VBU. MART
ii.im-n. it nannn nnd daughter or tne
j.-MAnr ownNS, SIOS raltmount
PArtnERAt lrammonton N. Jr
PKVniCK. On November 14. 3 " V .H? AJ;:
PaCif Bdward Penrlck. Puneifl en Tom
day, at 8:30 a. m-, irom ,,....- - B
son-in-law, James T. l"g", 'g, rrancU'
inh nenulem Mass hi .clj... ....
lion William II. Hanna and W'.jj, 'hr
late Samuel, M. and Ueborah I, llgJ-
Funeral sen ices i nn " .,;, 1711,
110 South 3Sth st.. on Tuesday, the nth
Inst., at 2:30 p. m. Interment prhate.
HKLLINGS-Al her late residence, 1013
rnlumbta ave.. on November 13, v
of the late Jamea W. nn.l S arv A. Francis.
IMe notice of the funeral JU' "'"...h
ItlinTEIt, GUOItGll HOIlTEll, 2000 North
JKNK1NSON. On November 14, lOJiJANC.
. , . ....-. T..I, nin. nffsn 00 years.
whww oiuroiKc "2i""""' . MJS1
day" at 8:30 m., from tne-re-.u-" --
llliem iiino-' "'.-;,.,- rA
Church at 10 a. m. Interment ai x,u.,
High nequFsm Mass
The funeral of Edward Znno Colllngs,
one of the oldest cranberry cultlvatora In
New Jersey, who tiled Friday, will tnke
plnco tomorrow afternoon from his lato
residence nt Laurel Springs, N. J. He
wns 77 ypnrs old. Mr. Colllngs received
his education nt the West Jersey Acad
emy, nt Brldgeton. When the Civil War
started he was appointed military store
keeper. Ho Is survived by n. widow and
several children.
Albert M. Itcnouf, head of the Henouf
Design Company, died yesterday nt his
home, 330R North Broad Btrcct. following
nn Illness of several years. Ho was 31
years old. Mr. Honour, though born In
Brooklyn, received his enrly training In
the public schools of this city. He was
graduated from tho Pennsylvania In
dustrial School of Art and tho Drexcl In
stitute. His widow, Mrs. Anna Henouf,
a mother and brother survive. The
funeral services will bo held Wednesday
afternoon, nt 2 o'clock, from his lato
Mrs. Emma Stltzer Colt, wife of Dr.
Olln B. Colt, of Now Ilnvcn, Conn., and
formerly resident of this city, died Sat-
field ne.
IIOVD. At Uurllngion, N. .!., November 13.
1014, WILLIAM If. HOVD. In his 77th earl
Kunernl from 20 Fdernl st.. Uurllngion. on
Wednesday, November IS, nt 2 p. m, Inter
ment Odd Fellows' Cemetery.
IIUAIII.KY. On Not ember 12, 1014. WILL
IAM J. 11HADLKV. Funeral on Wednesday.
nt S:30 a, m from 2321 Mast Somcrsut st.
Solemn Ilequlem Mass at St. Anne's Church,
at 10 a. m. Interment New Cathedral Ceme
tery. 1101)1). Suddenly, on November 14. 1014.
JOHN WKSLHT 11UDD, husband of Mamie
Iludd (nee Moss), nnd son of Isaac W. nnd
Jennie Iludd (nee Scudder). Funeral services
on Tuesday, nt 2 p. m , at ills parents' resi
dence, 1401 llalrd avo., Cnmdcn, N. J. In
terment private. Heddlng Cemetery.
Wartteld st.
CLAKKE. On November 13, 1014. MAR
THA J., daughter of Samuel and Anno E.
Clarke. FMnernl on Tuesday, at 1 p. m..
from 3300 Modla t. gervicos In St. Jamea'
Episcopal Church. 32d nnd Kershaw ne,, at
2 pm. Interment at Mnntroso Cemetery.
COIT. Mrs. EM.MA 8TITZER COIT. wife of
Dr. Olln II Colt nnd sister of Dr. Laura
Stltzer Chapln, of this city, died In Hrooklyn
Kovemner i-, jiu-i. unerai services xuea
day, 2:30 p. m.. In the Methodist Church,
llloomlicld, N. J
bridge at.
CO.MHKIt. ELLA COMBER, 1303 Summer
ClinsO. ROSA CROSO. OOd Annin st.
HAIIi:. On November 13, 1014, FRANCIS
CADWALADER DADE. Duo notice of the.
funeral will be given.
DEIHINGKK. November 13. 1014, GEORGE,
husband of Anna C. DeWnger (neo Burk
hardt). Funeral services Tuesday, nt 2 p. m.,
nt his late residence, 174S North Hodlna st.
Interment at Nortnwooo; ucmctery.
DILLON. On November 14, 1014, MART 13..
wife of Patrick C. Dillon. Due notice ot tha
funeral will be given, from her lata resi
dence, 3202 Hartvllle st.
DIVKIl. On November 14. 1014, MARGA
RET C wife of Harry Diver. Funeral on
Tuesday, nt 7:30 a. m from 1432 North
Feltnn at.. West Philadelphia. Interment at
St. Denis' Cemetery.
DOLAN. MART DOLAN, 1S74 South Amer
ican at.
DUNN. On tho 14th Inst.. ELIZA P.. widow
of Jamea Dunn, aged 82 yeara. Itelatlvea and
nstM af T,W,v. nt 1:30 n. m.
Queen lane. F'nlis of Schuylkill.
West Laurel Hill Cemetery. .-.tiPTlt
HELM. On November 14.1014. E''IBAfTII
O., wife of Charles Kelm and daughter or
the late John and Elliaboth Quinn. Iunfl'
Tuesday, nt 8:30 n. m.. from 333 North 1 lstn
St. Solemn Requiem Mass at the Cathedral,
at 10 a. m. Interment Holy Sepulchre Ceme-
KLMltHL.- On November IS, 1014. JffTA1,
AIIINK A, widow of On en K. Klmbel.
Funeral on Thursday. November 10, , at 1
p. m., rrom the residence of her son-in-law,
Amoa It Allen, near Hatboro, l"a. Inter
num Hatboro Cemetery. ,nr
KLEIN. On November 13. 1014, JOSEPH,
husbnnd ot the late Wllhelmlna Klein (neo
Ilartle). aged 73 ars. Relatives and friends,
also Sanitary Improvement Assn., Coach and
Wngon nullders' Hen. Poc, directors of Ken
sington llldg. Assn.. Constatter nnd Pchttet
xen Verelns, Ravarlan Society, Maennerchor,
Columbia. Allemnnla nnd Pfnelzer-Caslno
flesang Verelns, nnd all otber societies of
which he was a member, are Invited to attend
funeral, Tuesdiy, at 2 o'clock, from his late
residence, 2107 North 10th st. Interment
rienanmnllnl fmBtfV.
LEAHV On November 14. 1011. JOHANNA,
wife of I)nbl Leahy. Funeral Wednesday, at
H:30 a. m.. from I3rt Harrison ave., Glenside,
Pn. Solemn High Ilequlem Mass at St. Luke's
Church nt 10 n. m. Interment nt New Cnlhe
dial Cemetorv.
I.n.VTIinitlinitltV. On November 15. 1014,
EDWARD M.i husband of Louisa I.rather
berry. at his late residence, 1311 West
Seltzer st. Duo notice of the funeral wilt bo
T.ITAM. On November 13, 1014, MARTHA
Ll'CAS. Dub notlco of funeral will bo
MTArKItKY. On November 13, 1014, nt
her Into residence, MART, widow of Owen
McCaffrey. Duo notlco of funeral will bo
MiGOVl'.IlN On November 13. 1014, JOHN
P husband uf Emma McGovern (neo Pow
ers!, nnd son of tho late Tatrick and Mary
McGovern (nee Winn). Funeral on Thursday,
nt 8:30 a. m., from 2710 East Thompson st.
Solemn Requiem Mass nt St. Ann's Church,
at 10 a. m. Interment Holy Sepulchro Ceme
tery. M'tltTADE. On November 13. 1014, WIN-
fieijD kccjtt, nusDnni or uiara a. aic
Quadc. In his Olth year. Funeral services
on Wednesday, nt 2 p. m., at his lato resi
dence, 311 North Fclton st. Interment pri
vate F'ormvood Cemetery.
MIFFLIN. On November 14, 1014, CORA E..
wife of Thomas Mifflin. Funeral services on
Ttvsday, at 2 p. m., nt her late residence.
3204 North Carllslo st. Interment at West
minster Cemetery.
OAT. On November 14, 1014, at her lata
residence, S2: Greene St., Germantown,
MARY ANN, widow of Charles Oat. Duo no
tlco of funeral will be given.
O'KEEl'E. At the Harrison Memorial Home
on November 14. 11)14, HENRY O'KEEFE.
Tunernl services on Tuesday, nt 2 p m., at
the npartments of Oliver H.IIalr, 1820 Chest
nut st. Interment nt Ml. Morlnh Cemetery.
O'NEILL. On November IS, 1014. SUSAN,
wife of Frank O'Neill. Funeral Thursday,
at R:30 a. m., from 3320 llrnndyvvlne St..
West Philadelphia. Solemn Ilequlem Mass
nt Rt. Aeatha'a Church, at 10 n. m. Inter
ment Now Cathedral Cemetery.
OSLER. On November 13, 11)14. VIRGINIA
M., wife of Jehu Osier, aged 83 years.
Funeral services on Wednesday, November
2114 Toronto st. , - inii rA
rETERMANi-qn N"meJ1Sc retermsn.
LINDA M., widow of Lewis y. eierm.i.
Funeral services on Tuesday, , at : J P- ";,,
1180 Bast Tioga st. Interment norm
Hill Cemetery. ,, 1ai, . j,er
rnoi.EV. Oft November 12, lwi'i fiA J
ate residence. 1337 Euclid .. Mrs. IDA L.
POOLET. Funeral sendees at OnetBVUn
Church, nroad and Ilerks sts., on Tuesday,
at V P. m. Intefment P"TIJ'e'ioii AT.TIERT
ni:NHUP. On November IS, ip14'AJini".i
mciit West laurel Hill Cemetery. .-
ItlltlM'.r. -On November 13, 1014, ";;
st Requiem Mass at the churen 01 ins
Visitation, at 10 a. m. Interment New
Cathedral Cemetery. .,, KTj.
HOSnilKKY-On November In, W l,?..h.i.
VlYN btloved wife of Seymour II. Rosebery.
Notice of funeral inter. nonPNTlERG.
2040 N, Front at. ,. .PMNTW
IIOTAN. On November 14, 101i Jf1lS
C.vflfe of Martin II. Kotan, 8r., f B
years. FMnernl Tuesday, at 2:30 p, m., from
Residence. Sewell, N. J. Services at tho horns.
Interment at Rlackwood, N. J.
SAcV-On No'kmber 14, 1014, MAnTHA J.
widow of Amos S. Sack. Funeral services on
Wednesday, at 2 p. m., at her late j-esIJenoe,
1012 East Moyamenalng ave. Interment pn-
SHORT. On November 13. pH, ;
ERICK M. SHORT, husband of Hannah
Short and son of James "" A An7
drews Funeral services on 1 ednesday. at
2 p m , at his late residence. 202S Ivorth
lionsnll it. Interment private. ,.
SINGLE, On November 11. 1DH, IlfflBECOA
"j.. life of, Gu.tav Single (nee FoItiV at
her son-n-law's .residence, . IMT Eyrt
it. (Palmer and Rolgraae sn.j. uue miuc.
of the funeral will be given.
STEEL. November 14. 1014. at New Tork
city. WILLIAM W. STEEL, of Philadelphia,
nged 84 yenra. Funeral aervlces at the resi
dence of James S. Studdeford, Lambertvtile,
N. J., at 3 p. m.. Tuesday, November 17.
STILIAVELL. On November 14, 1014, Dr.
Ylies and friends are Invited to attend the
funeral eervlccs. on Tuesday rnomlng. at 11
o'clock, at his late residence, 1218 B. Broad
st. Interment private. .,..-
Tl'RNEIt. On November IB, 1014. MART
C TURNER, wife of nobcrt E, Turner, Sr.
Funeral on Thursday! at 8:30 a. m., from
her lato residence, 1717 South 10th St. High
Mass, at St. Thomas Aquinas' Church, at 10
VOI.LRAT1L On November IB. Ifl., ?
L1LLIE, daughter of Christina and the lato
Robert Vollratb. aged 20 years. Funeral on
Wednesday, nt 2 P. m.. from the residence
of her mother, 31)13 North 8th st. Interment
American Mechanics' Cemetery. ,..
WAGNER. On November 14, 1BI4. JOHN
O.. son of John J. nnd Mary O. Wagner,
need 2 years and 4 months. Tha relatives and
friends are Invited to attend the funeral, on
Tuesday afternoon, nt 2 o'clock, from his
parents' residence. 3340 Aspen st. Interment
W1I.KINS. On November IB. 1014. SALLIE
11. WILKINS, matron of the Julia White
I'rlrcllla Homo, at La Mott. Funeral serv
ices at tho home. Monday, at 8 p. m. Inter
ment ut Merlon Cemetery.
111 Ilrnadtviiy
Nevv York
1338 Chestnut St.,
With the opening of the New
York Cotton Exchange, we aro
prepared to offer every facility for
trading in that commodity.
Private wires to nil financial centres
.Members of ,
New York Stock Exchange
New York Cotton Kirhnnge
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
Chlrngo Stock Exchange
Chicago Hoard of Trade
for th,
will b
I 11 Tt J
I Wnal
Iff ' 11 n
3 1
1 m
an you ouv lor a im
ore Precious Than a Human Lif
Yet five cents will pay for a. meal for a
starving- woman or child in Belgium.
Hundreds of thousands of Philadelphians have
not yet contributed to the food fund for Flanders.
Think what it would mean if each one of them
would contribute only five cents!
You all can do it. Won't you please?
Will You Help Fill a
Thanksgiving Ship?
Never before have Americans had so much
cause for giving thanks that they are Americans.
If today were Thanksgiving Day, a million
Philadelphians would sit down to groaning tables
without having given one penny to help feed a
starving nation.
:'' .::.H
"There are hungry people at home," you say.
There are. But if the wants of our people were
multiplied a thousand times, the NEEDS of the
Belgians would overshadow them.
It is not a matter of making people more com
fortable. It is a matter of saving their lives.
"Only Let Us Live !"
is the Belgian Cry , ,
Suppose you came to the edge of a pool on
which two strangers were fighting; suppose the
stranger pushed the other into the water; suppose
the man in the water was drowning and reached -up
his hands for help. . Would you help, or would
you let him drown because you had not, pushed,
him in? A
Telephones: Filbert 2456 and Filbert 2457 '
Lend a Hand Here,
Belgium is Dying !
The "Thelma" is well on her way to the other
side, but that one shipload of food will be gone in
a flash.
One ship is not enough fromPhiladelphia.
The response to that first appeal was so
generous, so prompt, so whole-hearted, that it
should not take long to fill another ship a Thanks
giving Ship and speed her after the first.
If you have already given to the fund, give
more if you can spare it.
If you have not yet given anything
Give Now! Give Now! Give
Now! in Pity's Name
n ., J.he headquarters remain open in the Lincoln
Building, Broad Street and South Penn Square
Gyrtts H. IC Curtis , .
Cyrus H. K Curtis ,
Benjamin G. Wells
John I Collier ,
Public Ledger
Evening Ledger
Philadelphia Press
. Evening Telegraph
M.F.Hanson. , ,, Philadelphia Record
James Elverson Jr.. Philadelphia Inquirer
E A. Van Valkeriburg . North American
W. I, McLean , . Evening Bulletin
fi'l I
r "-y
f.W 3ifefa . 4
-"! "
i ftr&fii
J 3S feS -fl sCfe