Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 23, 1914, Postscript Edition, Page 2, Image 2

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frialea thai the Germans loii 7000 men
British troops nre now supporting tho
1'rench centre nncl n large foice of
British Is reported on the Allies' line
at Rhelms.
The Germans nre making violent ef
forts along the French lines around
"Verdun In order to offset the progress
in the region of Argonne Still farther
east, to the right of the Mouse, In tho
Woevro district, the Hermans nre
struggling against the French forces
which are trying to push northward In
tho direction of -Melz.
It Is estimated that tho French have
at least "Ofl.ooo men In the battle lino
from llhelms to the Vosgcs, and proh
uMv 200.000 more In reserve.
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decf 4
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ItalS ;
LONDON. Sept. 23.
Nlnd miles of trenches filled with tin
burled dead uere the fruits ot yester
day's fighting by the Urlilsh troops
now winking up the allied loft wind
They were taken, according to reports
received from several sources, unoilt
clal but well authenticated, lit a suc
cessful turning movement between the
district Just south of St. Quentln ntid
For hours before the British charged
the lino, the British artillery shelled
the German position. Tho range was
deadly. From aeroplanes that flew
low, defying the hail of German bul
lets, tho range was given and the shells
burst like deadly hail directly over the
tops . of the great lino of parallel
trenches, Jammed with German troops
waiting for orders to charge the Brit
ish line. Twice they essayed to do so,
but the British tiro was so accurate,
bo deadly, that all finally had to erawl
back to the frail shelter of the earth
works. When the British finally ohnrged
German left In the lines. Thousands
were dead. The wounded and the dead
were so mixed that It was hard to
leseue those who yet had ft chance to
recover. But the movement had ben
a complete success from tho British
viewpoint, and the position marks the
first real ground galnrd against the
From those trenches It will be pos
sible to cheek any fit filter attempt to
push southwest, and it gives tha Brit
ish a strategic position on the hills that
command the roads from t'eronne to
Gonaeneourt and on to Cambral, where
the British suffered so severely three
weeks ago, and from Beronue to St.
Quentln north toward Bolllcourt. and
north by cast toward Guise.
It Is believed tlltt as a result of this
latest success tho British will now be
able to push tho Germans entirely from
the neighborhood of St. Quentln and
reoccitpy that village, tt Is consldoiol
certain thnt the main German forces
have already left It, as the tinulllcial
reports place the British advance guard
there was" hardly a single unwounded I In that city's suburbs.
iihe4 I
sBt. s
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K that
SK.VL oh.
BOBDEAL'X, Sept. 23.
The positive declaration that the
flank of the German right wing has
been turned and that Von Klttk's nrmy
Is in danger of being cut off, was made
by the War Otllce today. It was stated
that while reinforcements are being
rushed to his rescue from Belgium, they
will not be able to alter tho situation.
They will not be able to prevent the
German right being encircled and
forced either to retreat In haste to
ward Belgium or meet an attack from
all sides by an army of vastly superior
Tho British and Frencli columns now
outnumber tho Germans two to one in
the western section of the lino. Thero
ore more than 1,000,000 Frencli and
British engaged In the battle along the
entire front, and nearly half that num
ber h,eld In reserve should they be
Although tho fighting In the neigh
borhood of Rhelms continues without
interruption, It Is stated the French are
now occupying" a much better position
They resisted a German assault in
force last night, driving the enemy
back In great disorder. Tho bombard
ment of tho French position continue
with the Germans using their heaviest
artillery. It is believed that under
cover of this lire they arc already with
drawing the major portion of their
The Germans nre making a desperat;
effort against Verdun and tho lower
lines of the forts In nn effort to reduce
them, but the olllcial reports reaching
here s-ay that all are still Intact.
Summing up the entlie situation, it
was slated at the War Olllce today that
it has never looked so promising slnco
the commencement of the war.
For the first time slnco the begin
ning of the war olllcial and authentic
information as to tho Identity of tho
commanding otllcers of the Allies hns
been given out. The right wing in Lor
raine is commanded by General Pau;
the centre Is directed by Generals
Maunary and Diivnil: the left by Sir
John French, and the extreme loft by
Generals Dtcurlers and Decastelnau.
"We Must Crush Our En
emies," He Tells Clergy
man Visits Wounded
and Lavishly Distributes
Iron Crosses.
(by way of
Bept. 23.
"The situation on the front in France
has undergone but slight change," says
an official statement. "We ore making
progress at points where w have un
dertaken the offensive, but there has
been no Important change in tha rela
tive positions of the opposing forces."
msterd.im), j Rhelms. it is stated, the Germans have
driven the French from their outlying
trenches, which are now held by the
The German armies, which tiavo boon
operating with iletz as a Hold base,
have drivpn the French far insldo tholr
own frontier and are now attacking all
of the southern Itne of forts with sue-
pluming tho fiUiitnl effect of the I
li in Kim". Though I'rz-msl Is
sti'iru':- th n .1.. m.i . . it : huill"
l'iigi)Ii Unit tlmt fmtirs- wl I be
iilili- to bold out long.
An nfllrinl statement Ixsiii'l tmi'iy says '
Hint the Iliiitilar.ii are slnwlv inlllng b.ick
from I-ust Prussia befoie ovei whelming
German troops, but me bringing with
them their stores and hospitals. ,
. Most nf the vast number of prisoners I
taken by the ltu-ians Ime been di-j-.
, li-1 - l ' tailed to the construction of canals and
Keduced rortress Controls otnor puwic works These work.! aiier-
ttlse would Iihw to be left undone dur
ing the uai.
Railway Lines to Galician
Stronghold Przemysl , AGENTS ORDER U. S. RIFLES.
Bombardment Continues.
News from the front in France is still ' cess,
of the most mengre description. It is . Geneva says It ts reported thoro that
emphatically denied, however, that th General Pau has Bono to tho south of
Germans have been forced to give way France to form auxiliary corps for tho
at any single point, in the vicinity ot French armies
'lug I
Fearful losses have been inflicted on
the French by the German guns, and
the French centre on the long battle
line In northern France appears to be
weakening. This was the stst ot a dls.
patch received at the German Eajbwwy
today from Berlin. Tho dinpauh tuU
The French offensive is weaken
Jng In spirit. The French tosses
are enormous. Their centre la re
treating. Verdun has been Miec-Mrfuily
bombarded; the effect of the Qor.
man mortars again was tremendous.
Struggle Near Amiens of Vital Im
portance to Both Sides.
I.OXHO.S, Sept. S3
Severe fighting Is taking place a short
dlitance southeast if Amliu, according
to 3 dUpatch reccnt-U by tht Tim. It
"It Is the beginning of a decisive battle
. i,r,l.n. I -Don tht Ukue of thin tlght-
fn dopenda tt" conunu.d ociupatb.n i
r .. ,-!. .nil n the (ieniidii nuaders
.r of their rtrat f siring entrenchpd
It pojitlona whi i"i-e ben preparvu it
I 1. rm. on. Uie sambr:.
Tho I'ari.s papers show a down
cast spirit t'olunel Itciussot com
ments In Ua Liberie on tho strength
and actual position of tho German
army as bring quite unique tn his
tory and warfare.
Tha English cruiaer Pegasus de
stroyed tha fierman survey vessel
Maese, but una attacked and sunk
aubaequently by the Ucrman cruiser
The Colonel Rouaset referred to in
the dispau h la aaid to ba the military
expert of J,a l,lbrte's atoff. The naval
battle was said to have taken place off
the African coast.
The FranconJa, Reaching New York,
Ordered to Quebec.
BOSTON, Sept 3.The Cunaril steam
ship Kraruonia. ihnh airived from
Liverpool Ihln aioj-nln with a large list
of American, has b&tn reqmaitionwl by
tbe flrillsb Admiralty for transport duty
The vpsmI i pr.x r. l to tui-bec as
soon a r..MiMi n I miiH t'anurtian
Ifunpa ti Ft.ldnl Ine trai, ,vn a naa
t'i t"ve (iMmni irwm itosi.n nAt
pirntiMjuAD, sua. :!.
With Jaroslnw in thrir huiids as. 11 it
bult of a boitihnrdnii'nt lusting onl l
days, the ilUHsiun unities e.pect simhi to
capture PrxumKl, This fortrehs is the
last obstacle to a direct mureh upon
Tarnow and Craiow. Austria's most im
portant base In 'ialnia. Its cuptuic w
not essential to the plan of the Russian
General Htulf. but If its reduction can be
accomplished a large force of inon that
would otherwise be held back by its in
vestment would be freed for field service.
According to a report received at tho
War olllce today from (jonerul Ituzsky
tho capture of Jaioslaw was made with
out heavy loss to the Russians who be
sieged it, but the Austrian garrisons of
tho -'3 forts there suffered terribly. More
thun 6&00 wire killed or wounded by tho
fire of the Russian siege guns.
It is reported at heudquarteis that the
Russians took more than 3. prisoners,
large quantities of ammunition and sup
plies and 61 guns, besides many rapid
fireis. Some of the Austrian troops at
tempted to retreat to Przemysl as tho
forts were being battered to pieces, but
they were cut off by the Cossacks, who
had crossed the San River at Radons
The LOpture of Jarosluvv will be of ereat
help to the Russian armies, as It controls
the lailroad leading from U-mbeig to
Cracow. This is now held b CJenerul
Ruxsky's troops ua far west as Jtzeszojv,
3ti niilos from .laioalau. Apparently be
lieving that Jarosluw would be ublo to
hld out, the Austriaua failed to tear up
the railroad west of thero and it is in
munition fpr the transportation of tioops
without any repairs being necessary
The coi respondent of the -S'evoo Vroina
sends u brit-f but graphic account of tho
full of Jaroslaw.
The bombardmnnt iiegan Sunday
night and continued for 1 hours, ho
aaa. ii tioun Monduy live forts had
been smashed and the guns in several
others had betn put out of commis
sion Th aim or the Austrians wad
od and they seemed unable to locate
our big guns.
tn the contrary, our gunners made
every shot tell. All through Mon
day, that night and Tuesday the ter
rifle hail of shells rained upon Jaros
law l.at Tuesduv afternoon the Aus
trian fire slackeni-d and the uider to
take tbe fuit In storm was given
We nu-t with sharp opposition, but
thf u;ti mi..-, ui r, uii.ifiU lo witb
st.ir.i th I ii'iun Im "iii-tif and tbe
iti. an lliB - o .i hcisnd
Son,.- i',. i hi- ,,rr oiil v.ecks,
100,000 Guns Sought in New York
by Secretive Bidders.
XniV YORK. Sept. a.
Somebody is In the Now York gun mnr
kt with an order for HAOOO rllles nnd
SO.000,000 rounds of ammunition for ship
ment abroad, laical gun dealers havo
been opproachod by commlHsiun agents
during the last week nnd asked If they
could till u substantial part of tho order.
Tho agents failed to state who their prin
cipal was.
Tho ngcuts were authorized to buy
lUO.Offl guns and aufllclent ammunition.
This is taken to mean 000 inunds for
earh rllle. Tho agents want as modorn
ilttea as they can get. but are willing to
take fairly old-fashioned arms.
They would havo to pay from J3 to $10
for an old rllle, nnd up to f:o for an up-to-date
arm. They aio willing to pay tho
higher price. If they get all the guns
ut the higher price tho cost will be J'
C.0,i00. It Is doubtful If there me lon.Oufi rifles
In the country for sale. Moxtro, during
the troubles down there, took all the arms
the American manufacturers could turn
out. The manufacturers thero nre onlv
two in the country who could nil tho
order nave not nearly that mun rllles
! In stock.
j It is piobable thnt these agents have
i men scouring the i-oumiy, buying half a
i duzrii here, twenty theie, and eventually.
i ad'oidiiig to oiiH fnmillur with tbe gun
situation, thoy m.iv get together 15.0CKJ
or 2,li rifles to ship ahioad.
Servian War Office Contra
dicts Austrian Claims to
Victory and Reports Win
ning Nine Days' Battle at
VIUNTs'A, by way of Rome. Sept. -1.
The Wiir Ofllco today denied positively
the Servian-Montenegrin claims of the
taking of Sarajevo and of a disaster to
the Austrian anny ncur I.oznltza. Tho
olllclul statement sas:
"' are Invading Servia successfully.
Sarajevo not only hns not been taken
by the enemy, but the enemy's forces
who have attempted tho Invasion of
Bosnia have been repulsed with heavy
loss and are now retiring before our vic
torious troops.
"There have been a number of cases of
cholera and dysenteiy at the fiont,
necessitating the (solution of the suf
fereis, but conditions aio not alarming."
Famous Glnss Windows Ruined nnd
Walls Threatened.
I.o.vuo.v, stpt. ;.i
Nearly all of the thirteenth century
stained glass, and more especially thi'
amber glass of tbe lose window In tlm
main facade of tho Cathedral at Rhelms
Is irroparably ruined, according to the
Paris corifpondent of the Mall. The
trcamucs of the Cathedral weie saved,
however. Wiring under csterday's date,
he says:
"The shelling of Rhelms nnd the smnk-
j ing of the ruins continue. Paits ol tin-
nails and towern of the Cathedral an-
.-, .. ,. ,, ,..,, , falling I'ontimially, and tho littlf liopn
PEACE TREATY WITH RUSSIA entertained yesterday that the main
in uric itseu iniKlit romain is rapidly van-
Thu Knlser wan tcvlctvlng a regiment
of the Imperial Orenadlers, commanded
by his son, Prince Oscal, after the battle
of Vliton.
"I salute you," ho said, addressing the
men, Jut after embracing the Prince. "I
have often si on your gallant regiment nt
maneuver, It Is a gient pleasure for
me to meet you again on conducted
ground. The hciolc deeds ot Virion hnvo
been engraved on the history of war
forever In golden letters. Your regiment
has upheld tho glorious traditions of
your forefathers In 1870 and 1571.
"The armies ot the Crown Prince nnd
Duke Albrrcht of W'urttcmberg have ad
vanced victoriously. Our Kaatcrn army
hns thrown thrco ttusslnn nrmy corps
ovel the frontier nnd two more Russian
army corps have been captured In the
Held. I'Vir nil these, vlctoilcs we hdvo
One to thank, nnd He Is our ancient
God, who Is over us,"
The Kaiser again kissed his son nnd
then drove off In his motor. The fog of
German wurfoio docs not obscuro the
War I.oid's movements, and It is pos
sible to follow him from place to place
bv means of Inspired nits oi news that
deep occasionally Into the German newspapers.
The other day the Kaiser visited the es
tablishment ot a Protestant religious or
diT which bad been turned Into u military
hospital. Ho walked through tbe lows of
wounded soldiers, spoke to the men and
grasped the outstretched bands of those
unable to salute or lise fiom their beds.
He afterward sent a rose to every
wounded soldier who did not have the
honor of a personal chat. Incidentally he
distributed Iron crosses right nnd left.
The clergyman who had the care of these
wounded soldiers seems to have addressed
the Kaiser with too heavy a heart.
"We have to make sacrifices In these
limes," said the Kmpcror, and he remind
ed the clergyman that he had six sons
lighting In the war.
"Ye, your Majesty, that Is our pride
nnd bopplnesi," responded the chaplain.
"l did all in my power to keep peace,"
proceeded the Kaiser, "but our enemies
would not have peace. Now we .will have
to crush them to tho ground. Ilon't you
The meek clergyman. In relating this
convel nation attirward, said he had noth
ing to do but to ngree with the Kmperor
and assure him bo was prepared to inaku
everj sacrlllre for the fnthcilaud.
Copenhagen JiiRt now Is Hooded with
German news. It can only bo relied on
when sent by Danish correspondents In
Horlln. 1'Vom photographic prints ex
hibited in the uewspapei windows, from
thrilling movies shown in the Copenhagen
picture theatres and occasionally from
reliable German newspapers, it Is possi
ble to get n gllmphe of the German army
In its true light and the iron hand thnt
rales It.
Coarse Jests at the expense of the Brit
ish soldier aro to be seen In some shop
windows hoie. They aio reminiscent of
Ihfi plctnihil biutulltlcs hurled at the
British army during the South African
I.ANCASTRR, Pa.. Sept. -o.-Tbe resi
dence of Henry Wolgemuth, near Kllza
nethtown, was destioyed last night by
(ire. Mrs. Wolgemuth, suffering fiom
henrt disease, was so prostrated by fright
that she could not leave her bod and
wlille her husband and daughter were
earning her from the house she died.
I.ANCASTKR, Pa., Sept. 1. Hautcred
tn catch n young mule, .leiomc Rhoads, a
young farmer, of C'oleralno township,
mode the attempt and was kicked on tho
head. Physicians hay his Injuries aro
Office Outfitters and
Commercial Stationers
Secretary Bryan Hopes Other Bellig
erents Albo Will Agree to Sign.
WASHINGTON. Sj.,lt. :'J.
herrfltorv of State Bryan announeed
this afternoon that Russia hns agreed to
sign iin or his peace treaties, and that
he is hopeful that all the other belli,
gerenu will do llkowlto.
Milng. TIih mw u ball, museum and other
histoilc buildings are sharing the fat.' of
the Cathtdral."
I .O.N' DON. S-pt. 3. John Kipling, son
of Rudyard Kipling, has rerched i
commission as second lieutenant in the
IrUh Guards.
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General Staff, in Many
Skirmishes, Co-operates
With Allies by Checking
Westward Moving Rein
forcements. ANTWERP, Sept. 21.
Sharp dKhtltiR; Is Bolng on lit North
cnslorn Ilclglum between King Albert's
army and tho Germans,
Tho Ifclglnns nnd Ocrnmns nre reported
to bo In' contact iicui- Mechlin, nrounJ
Tei'monde, nnd in tho vicinity ot Auder
tnarde, some IS miles west of Ghent.
Tho obvious Intention of tho Belgian
army is to co-operate with the Allies Iri
Franco by engaging tho Hermans over
ns Inrgo an area n? possible ih tJalglnm,
so ns to prevent reinforcements from
bclnc sent west.
King Albert's fJl-ccs are also working
southward toward Brussels to menace
tho Gorman linos ot communication. U
Is reported that tho advance guard of
one Helglan force engaged tho German
outposts onl 13 miles from Brussels.
Another report describes a lively skir
mish between Uclgluu civic guards and
Germans near Audormarde, about IS
miles southwest of Ghent, on Tuesday,
The Uolglnns captured nn automobile nnd
live prisoners, without any losses, The
Germans hud three men hilled nnd two
wounded. South of Mechlin tho Belgians
advanced nnd gave buttle to a German
Tbe Belgian forces nre composed of In
fan try, cuval ty nnd light artillery, and
nro fighting vigorously to prevent the
Germniis from establishing lines south
west of Antwerp.
Hefugees fiom about tbe district of St.
Glles-Wocs. who havo Just come Into Ant
werp, report the presence of Uhlans In
that locality.
Information given by the Belgian War
Ofllca gives tho impression that the Ger
mans mo being forced back fiom their
advanced positions south nnd west of
Antwerp. "
Tho Information brought by the refu
gees from St. Gllcs-Wnes, however, puts
a dlffeient face on tho situation, ns St
Ulle.s-Waes Is only about 12 miles west
of Antwerp.
In their panicky state the fugitive"
may havo mistaken other troops for
Uhlans, but If they are correct It would
indicate that tho advance guard of tha
Germans Is pressing close to the tem
porary Belgian cnpltnl.
It is nppnrent that the small detach
ments of Belgian troops are acting In
dependent of King Albert's main com
mand. This would explain tho Bklr
mlshes between members of the Belgian
civic guards and Germans at scattered
points In Northeastern Belgium. It Is
undoubtedly the policy of the Belgian
General Staff to harass the German ad
vnnco to the fullest extent with flying
squadrons which can move quickly over
tho country, attacking then with
drawing. The main Belgian nrmy evidently la
not fnr from Antwerp..
A. M. t,o31.
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