Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 14, 1914, Image 11

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Isolated in Breton Village,
They Are Held Eighteen
Days, Then Make Their
Way to Paris.
t h strnmlecl In a seaport town eight
hours from Paris, and cut off from com
munication with tno ouwiae wu..
eighteen days during the mobilization of
tho French army, was tlio experience of
two Philadelphia girls, Miss Hortenso
Levy, UU North Fifteenth street, and Miss
Helen Abrahams, 3119 Diamond street,
who returned to this city yesterday after
, oerles of exciting experiences within the
war zone. They were at a small senport
town named St. Jean du Dolgt, In Hrlt-
"We were no worse off than tho rest of
the women of Europo and a great deal
more fortmmto than tho majority," said
Miss Levy yesterday In speaking of her
xperlenco3. "Everywhere tho men havo
deserted the villages and the women are
taking over their labors.
"On August 1 I was attracted to tho
window of my room by tho pitiful crying
at a funeral which was being held in a
picturesque comotory across the street.
It was while In tho midst of this dismal
scene that tho tones of the tocsin bell
broke In, telling that war had beon de
clared. Tho proclamation catling for mo
bilization, which was pasted before tho
mayor's office, wai several yards long. It
was received at D o'clock Sunday evening
and at the 6 o'clock church services the
nnxt morning no men wero present, all
wore In tho fields hastily harvesting their
crops or were on their way to the front.
"During tho period of mobilization wo
were not allowed to leavo Ins town. Wo
wore with llttlo money and were cut off
from news and friends It: tho xutsldo
"The French wero very courteous to
os. Prices were not raised. In fact, ho
prices on butter nnd eggs came down.
Butter could be bought for 10 cents a
pound, because tho usual sources of Its
outlet wore cut off. Notices were Posted
notifying tho public that It was a penal
ffense to raise prices.
"While wo were stranded we knew but
little of what was going on on tho out
side. Tlio men had all left, and nil the
activity of the town was carried on by
the women. We spent considerable of
our tlmo sewing for the Red Cross.
"On August 18 wo woro able to roach
Paris, after many passports and papers
had been signed. The trip took 25 hours,
while It usually takes but eight. On tho
trip to Paris we stopped at La Mons,
where the first tralnloads of wounded
were being brought in. .
"At Amiens wo saw the arrlvnl of thn
75,000 English troops. They displayed tho
greatest good humor and were singing a
popular song, 'Tlpperary.' which the na
tives believed to be their national ulr.
The postage Btamps of France, which
formerly cost two cents, are now selling
for three, tho extra cent being used for
tho Red Cross relief work.
"Everywhere we found the wildest ex
citement. The soldiers go on their way
singing, the women hang flowers from
their windows and even the wounded do
not lose their good humor."
JIlss Levy and Miss Abrahams arrived
on the steamship Finland at New York
yesterday. They say that tho congestion
of tourists at London has been relieved
and praise the work of the Americun
committee. They hnd to work their own
way from the coast of Brittany to Paris,
but In the French capital they met
friends, who assisted them to reach Lon
don, Trains from Now Tork yesterday
brought home two Philadelphia families
who ha, come over on tho steamship
Campania, landing at New York. Mr.
and Mrs. C Hartman Kuhn arrived yes
terday evening and are registered for a
few days at the Dellevue-Stratford. The
other couple were Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Dannenhaum, of loot Spring Garden
An interesting account of tho war con
ditions In Antwerp nnd the attack of
the German Zeppelins on the city Is con
tained In a Utter received by M'x Hess,
o' -u-j Arch street, from his brother
Philippe, who has been attending school
In that city
"Schools, theatres and cafes have been
closed." the letter sa3, "and have been
turned Into hospitals. Automobiles nnd
motorcjcles boar tho Insignia of the
army. Soldiers patrol the streets and all
business 3 suspended. All the soldiers
.starting f0r the front are loaded with
flowers, cigars, candy and luxuiJcs. The
English allies receive ovations whenever
they appear on the streets."
Tho attack of the Zeppelins occurred at
lo clock at night, according to the letter.
mo all had retired."' he writes, "nnd
. the people had heard no rumors of an
enemy for some tlmo, when suddenly the
Uy was shaken as If by an earthquake.
A series of explosions followed at short
lnlarvaU -j
......,.., BIlq people rushed Into tho
tets. ,10t knowing where the next
tomb would fall.
"The Kins, who had moved with his
mlly to Antwerp, Is said to have rushed
into the street ooatlcas and hatless. Ten
were kinTY 1roppcci and eBht people
the wm ? unded. The whirr of
heard an t'S : ,h" dcfyrs could he
-b"nBdronHtln'e. that the b01nl,s wcr
People had of' X? th ,m,y eVlUe,lce the
clos. ,h..f he Preset- t an enemy
Of th, r,rnMlntta;,thC l0W dronl"8 """
the ArJZ, ' eller blailf- which preceded
Mot Mnt'?h.f a ,b1mb' a,lep w"eh "
.cloclkb"8l,n!ff..mue' suspended at 8
Wght n . Hms must be covered at
the air I. " PreVent ,utllre l'
a i
Catholic Total Abstlnenca Union
Thruiltrt Representative for Aid.
In recognition of Congressman Ldkiip's
efforts on bchnlf of the temperance so
cieties, tho Cnthollc Total Abstinence
Union presented him with a copy r reso
lutions nt tho opening of tho fall cam
paign of the tfnlon In tho Cathedral Hall,
Sixteenth and Vino streets, yesterday
Tho resolution'? thanked him for IiIr uiv
tiring work during the Inst twenty years
and wero presented by James Dougherty,
chairman of tho commltteo nppolnted at
m : Lonvcniion ot tno union in Niagara
I-nils Inst month.
Two Victims of Poison, Taken Several
Days Ago, Die in Hospitals.
One man committed suicide yesterday
nnd two women who swallowed poison tab
lets several days previous died In hospi
tals. A woman made an unsuccessful at
tempt at suicide.
Despondent because he wns unnble to
obtain work nt his trade ns a catpenter,
owing to falling eynslght, Charlos Tron:.
07 oars old, 1S48 North Opal sheet,
committed suicide at his homo yesterday
by Inhaling Illuminating gas. Hevernt
months ngo, according to tho man's wife,
Cong.essnmn Logue brienv ronllr.1 l IIP. IDSt..,1,s wm c H'cutiso or poor eyesight.
snaecli nvtntlltiir n,n tt.,i.. .it mure men no nan Decomo partial y nuna
p5" ?!0Il.1.l,.1,,e. vninn for the prog- n,i trnrp, ,. i, wrmM in t,i ivif
Kiuim mnuo in tno last forty years nnd
complimented It on Us vigorous activity.
Frequency of Disorders at Homo
Causes Alarm Consoquences
of War, Heavy on Budget.
and feared that he would loso his sight
entirely. Ho brooded over the matter and
yesterday was found with n. gas tube fast
ened In his mouth.
Catharine Orr, ID years old, 1321 fioutti
Thliteenth street, died In St. Agnes' Hos
Select Councilman Long Had Been
Identified With Politics.
William If. Cooper, Sele-t Councilman
fiom thn 12th Ward, died of heart disease
nt his home, 712 North Third street, yes
terday. Ho wns stricken suddenly while
talking with friends nt Third street nnd
f-'ilrmount nvenuc and died nt his home.
Mr. Conner had born Identified with 12th
Ward politics for many yenrs. He served
two terms In Common Council. He wns
elected to .Select Council last Decemlicr.
He wnp a member of the RIUs and of the
12th Ward Republican Kxeeirtlvo Commit
tee. He Is survived by a widow, two sons
nnd ti daughter.
John II. Campbell, a mining engineer
nnd rhnnilst. of 4111 Bnnsom street, who
wiiu atitii-liiffiii1nt1i of xnvprnt hlc mines
pltnl from the effects of a number tif Arizona, Nevada nnd other Western
poison tablets she had swallowed on Au- Htnles, and owned largo mines In Mexico,
gust 28, mistaking them for headache , died Saturday. He had returned to I'hlla
PlI'S' . . dniphla Bhort'ly after the trouhlu In Mexico
Mrs. Madge Tolbert. 30 years old. 1733 I i.n. Mr Pnmntinll nttonded thn
Kllsworth street, died at tho Polyclinic i ."'rpniN' School, nt Fifteenth nnd Race
A strong light Is thrown upon the
present condition of affairs In Italy,
and upon tho decision of the Italian
Government to maintain neutrality, In
a letter to tho Now York Evening Post
from Its Naples correspondent, of
which tho following Is part:
Cerlgnola Is a llttlo city In Apulia, In
the south of Italy, between tho Appe
nines nnd tho Adriatic, yesterday, as
certain orators of the Liberal party
were speaking In tho public square, n
bomb burst under the platform of tho
orators. Tho news of tho event Is not
as yet precise, but It appears that n
poor young man was killed, It Is hardly
known how. We rend already that
Cerlgnola Is a "nest of anarchists": tho
Intervention of the Government Is al
ready Invoked for making arrests In
mass, or, If necessary, setting up Bomo
now kind of gallows tti tho public square.
In large proportions tho snmo
thing occurred In the tumults of Ro
mngna and during the days of the gen
eral strike and of the threatened rail
way Btrlko a month ngo.
I was not In Italy when there took
place, on the 7th of lost June, the dis
orders of Anconn, which have been dis
cussed largely by tho national and Inter
national press. After a private political
meeting, about 200 persons, Socialists and
Republicans together, In small groups,
directed themselves toward one of the
city squares, the Piazza Roma. A cor
don of police had been already placed
to bar tho way to tho ciowd. A conflict
ensued between tho crowd and the po
lice. Tho policemen say they were hit
by stones and by a few shots fired,
which last they havo not been able to
prove; tho demonstrators deny It. It Is
easy to believe that the carabineers wero
maltreated by the crowd. Just as It Is also
believable that nothing terrible would
have happened If 200 or more persons
hnd been allowed to walk ubout freely
In Piazza Roma, In Ancona, nnd to ahout
a few hurrahs and the reverse.
I came back to Italy from a long Jour
ney In Greece, nnd first to Rome, where
.ho general strike had already begun,
and the most varied and sensational
events wero In progress. The Conserva
tive nnd Liberal papers wero full of
catastrophic accounts; thoy spoke openly
of untl-moiinrchic.il plots nnd of organ
ized revolution. Thus a great panic
spread tlirough all Italy.
Italy can be ruled only by cither a
tyrannical Government, llko that of tho
Popes or of tho medieval nobles, or by
it strong nnd laborious demoracy, con
scious that faith In Ideas and In the men
that represent It Is to Southern peoples
not less necessary than tho perfect or
ganization of the administration and of
the Government.
Certainly, this crisis of growth nnd tills
Initial dl3tmst In a form of government
Insufficiently active nnd operutlvo . ac
cording to wl(at most peoplo believe to
be the material and spiritual necessities
of Italian life, bave had their share in
tho recent dlborders.
They here continued to consider nnd to
treat the peasant as they did CO years
ago; they have dominated the local ad
ministrations, nnd have hnd tho Govern
ment at their service; law and Justice
have been almost entirely on their side.
Thus, between proprietors and laborers
there has risen a barrier over which is
sometimes stretched the hand of a mad
man, armed by a criminal, to fire the
fuso of a bomb.
Tho consequences of the war weigh and
must continue to weigh heavily on our
budget. Italy, having shown herself
stintig nnd great In the piesenco of tho
whole world, has created new difficulties
for herself abroad, and this Is another
leason for not llluding ourselves about
her Internal conditions and for not falsi
fying their origin and cause.
The Italian Government hns chosen
tho direct road of neutrality In tho x
ploslon of this homicidal madness of con
quest. It Is not enough to say that tho
road chosen Is the most loyal, by reason
of the honest Interpretation of tho treaty
which binds Italy to Germany and Aus
trlu. It must bo recognized that this Is
a duty toward the nation at this mnmimt
Hospital as tho result of taking poison
with suicidal Intent. Sbo swallowed tho
lotion on September 8, nnd had been In
the hospital slnro then.
Lena Hicks, 3f yenrs old, 431 Gnlloway
street, Jumped from the root of her homo
In an unsuccessful nttempt to end her life.
According to the police, the woman wor
ried because she was ordered to bo sent
to tho Philadelphia Hospital on account
of being partly demontcd. Her Injuries
will probably provo serious.
Skating IUnk at Park Also Falls
Victim to Flames.
WILMINGTON. Del., Kept. U-FIro
early this morning destroyed tho skating
rink owned by W. W. McCool, nt Drandy
wlno Springs Park, and tho auxiliary
Powerhouse of the People's Hallway Com
pany. A number of houses In tho suburb
known ns tho Cedars, wero threatened. A
call was sent to Wilmington, and several
Wilmington fire compnnles responded, but
tho rink and powerhouse were gone when
thev arrived.
Tho skating rink has been out of service
for somo time and the powerhouse wns
kept ns nn emergency plant. The cur
rent for tho amusement park In the sum
mer season Is furnished by an electric
company In Wilmington, but the other
plnnt which wns formerly used was kept
to bo put Into scrvlco in case of an
emergency. The loss on the skutlng rink
Is estimated at $4000. Tho loss on tho
Power plant will run closo to $20,000.
Tho skntlng rink building was a por.
tlnn of tho water exhibit booths which
formerly stood In the court of City Hall,
In Philadelphia.
struts, and wns graduated from the ITnl
vnraltv nf rVntisvlvnuta In 157(5. His 111
ness, due to a stroke of apoplexy, lasted
about four months, lie Is survived by a
widow nnd four children.
Kllzabeth Darry Hepburn, wife ot W.
Horaco Hepburn, an nttornoy, of 1728
Pino street, died yesterday at her sum
mer homo In Atlantic City after a short
Illness. Mrs. Hepburn was a great grand
niece of Commodore John Harry, nnd a
granddaughter of Commodore Halnbrldge.
Sho wns a member of tho board of man
agers of tho Infants' Hospital, nnd of tho
parish of St. Stephen's Protestant Epis
copal Church. Sho is atirvlvcil by her
husband, a daughter and six sons.
EDWAllD F. roi.IC, nf IMIi South IKd
Htrect. for many yenrs with tho commercial
department ot the Dell Ti-lcphono Companv,
died nt his dime yc'lerday aft;r a short
Ulnens. Tho funeral will he held from liH
home on Wodnemlny nfternoon. at 2 o clock,
interment will ho lnt '' Cemetery.
MIIS. JANE It. HOWniil,. widow of Joneph
P.. Unwell, nn nrtlat. tiled yesterday. The
funeral will he held nt two o'clock Wednes
day nfternoon from tho home of her son-ln-Inw,
II. !. Seyhcrt, 1007 Christian Street.
AIIIH. MAHV PATtKllIl Kni.LY, wlf of
Wllllnm Keller, an attorney, died at her home
ar.117 Arch Street, yesterday, In her seventieth
AYLMEIt. On September 12, 1014. MAIIY
AYI,MI31t. Duo notlco of tho funernl will ho
given from her late residence, 1015 WarrMi
st., West rhllidolphla.
IiAI.lVIN. At his residence. 211 North Ma
nic nve.. iJinsdowne. Pa . on September '3,
1U14, JOHN C. BALDWIN, iiKCil 72 yeari.
Maxwell & Berlet
Walnut Street at Sixteenth
congratulate the
on its enterprise in giving Philadelphia a
new evening newspaper the Evening Ledger.
The European war has occasioned NO increase
in the price of Tecla Pearls
'The greatest photographic advance in twenty years'
Funeral services and Interment priiftta.
Provldenco (It. I.) papors please copy.
DAYM:. On Beptemher 11, IBM. .tOHN
HAYIjB. netntlves and friends Rrn Invited to
nttend tho funernl services, on Wednesday,
September IS, at 2 o'clock precisely, at tho
funeral parlors of Harry O. F. Carson, 1213
South Hrnnd st Interment private.
IlOVn.--On September 11, 1M I, DANIEL.
HO VI). ItelntheR nnd friends are Invited to
attend the funeral services, on Tuesday nft
ernoon. nt 2 o'clnck, nt tho apartments of
Oliver H. Hair. 1820 fheitnut St. Interment
nt Mount Morlnh Cemetery.
MOVI.i:.- On September 12. 10H, MICHAnfj
HOVl.tt, nged UU yeari. Funeral on Tuesday,
nt 8 ft. m.. from 1312 South Onpltol St. Sol
emn He'iulem Mass nt tho Uhureh of Ht.
Thomas Auulnss, nt tl to n m.
ttllADI.ISY. At Ocean flrnvo, N. .t., on Sep.
temher 10, 101 1. JOHN HARDY MIADI.IJY,
Imshnnd of Melllc V. Ilrndler incv Fii
nnd son of Martha nnd Into John II. Hradley,
Rcerl ,"t years. Relatives and friends, nnd
Orient Lodpe, No. ,1r,. F. and A. M. ; Mellta
Chapter, Nn 2s. Mary Commnnderv. No.
.'Ill; Philadelphia Conlstory nnd I.il I.u Tem
ple, A A O. M. S., Keystone. Assembly. No.
2, A. O. M. V and emplnes nf the lluuhes
Hradley Co., nre Invited to nttend funernl,
nn Monday, nt 1 ..10 p. m.. from late resi
dence. 1710 Cedar nvc. Services In Wharton
Street Memorial M. H. Church, filth nnd
Cnthnrlne sts,. nt 2:30 o'clotk. Interment Mt.
Mnrlnh Cemetery.
HltAVItON On September 12. 1011. F.MMA
.1. HtlAYHO.V. widow of Arthur Uraybrn
Funeral services, on Tuesday, nt 2 p. m., at
2I.-.H N. Colorado st Interment Fernwnd
1HUHIAN. On September 12. 1014. FIIANK
W UltnilA.V. husband of Klln Hrnn Fu
nernl services, Tuesday, at R p. m., at fOB
N. Front st., Cnmden, N. J. Interment Hai.
tlt Cemetery. Woodstonn, N. J., on Wednc.
CVJIi'IlKI.I, On September 12. 1014. JOHN
11 t.'AMPIIF.t.I., ftKcd r,0 eirs Itelatlvei
nnd frlndi are Invited In nttend ths funeral
services on Tuesday, nt lo n m , nt his Into
residence, 4414 Pansntn st Interment private
CAIISflN. On September 12. 1014, MAIIY rj..
vldow of Jacob Carson. In her 73d year,
Funernl services on Tuesday, nt nmlllo road,
nenr Ilrlstol, nt 2-.10 p m. Interment a'
lleechvvood Cemotory.
COI.I.INN. At Moorestnwn, N. J., on Ninth
Month 12th. 1011, IIACHKL A., wife of John
S. Collins, In her 74th yenr rtelntlves and
friends nre Invito! to nttend tho funeral, from
her Into residence, 33 Ilast Central nve.,
Moorestnwn, on Third-day, Ninth Month lBth,
nt 12 m. Interment at Colcstoun Cemetery.
Cnrrlnnos will meet 11-08 trolley from Mnr
ket st. ferry, Camden, nt Chester ave.,
COOI'i:it. On September 13, 1014.WII.MAM
H. ctit)IM:il, husband of Hannah M. Cuop-r.
Residence, 712 North .Id st. Uitc nutli'e nf
the funeral will be xlven.
CICANi:. On September 13, 1014, nt Wood
lvnno, ,. j., MAIIY D. I, wife of Frnncls
A. C'rnnc. Funernl services on Thursday, at
1 p. m.. nt tho resldenco of her sister, Mrs.
liny W. Cnr. 002 Cooper St., Camden, N. J.
Interment Ilethel, N. J,
CltOMI.HY. Suddenly, at I.lndenwold. N. J.,
September 13, 1H1(, JOHN H., Iiuauuii m
Mnry J. Crumley, In his 46th yenr. Funernl
servh ei on Wednesday, nt 2 p. m . at his
late residence, IJndenwold, N. J. Interment
nt llerlln Cemetery.
DAItNIH.I. At Mt. Laurel. N. J., on Ninth
Month. 11th. lull. AIjFHKD IMHNKL,!,,
nued XI veurs. Relatives and friends nro
Invited to nttend tho funeral, from his Into
residence, Mt. Laurel, on Third-day, Ninth
Month, loth, nt 2 p. m. Cnrrlaces will meet
12 ) p. m. train from Mnrket Street Ferry,
Phllndelnhln. at Moorestnwn.
IMH.SKM. On September 13, 1014, EMMA L.
nniSHM, widow of John K. Delscm. Funeral
serviced nn Thursday, nt 2 p. m., at her late
residence, 723 North 3Sth st. Interment nt
West Laurel Hill Cemetery.
II A I.I.II IVIM.I.. On September 12, 1014, WIL
LIAM, husband of the late Catharine N.
Hnllowell, need 71 yenra. Due notice of the
funernl will he Riven, from the residence of
his daiiKhter, 184S Van Pelt nt.
IIIirill'IIN. At her residence. Atlantic City.
N. J . at 1 a. m. on September 13, 111 ),
HLiZAiiirnr harry, wire .1 u itnn .
Hepburn. Tho relatives and friends arc In
vited to attend tho funeral services, on 'W''
nesdny afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at her clv
home. 172S Pine St., I'hlludelphln. Int. .
rncnt private.
HINKI.i:. On September 13, 1011, OHOROE
L.. ron or Cicorse C and llllzulieth Ulnn,.
nnd Krnndsun of John nn 1 Mary Hlnkle an'
riuard and Mary Lvnch. aged 3 weeks
funeral on Monday, at 2 p. m.. from 2tu
Dickinson st Interment at Huly Cross Ceim
'iJlOS.On September 12. 1014. ANNA
HEMS, wife nf J. Howell Johnson. Relatives
are Invited to nttend funeral services, on
Wednesday, nt 2 p. m. precisely, at her lato
residence, 24 11 Columbia nve.
I.HHIIO.M. On Ninth Month 12th. 1014. JO
hCI'II LEEDOM. Relatives are Invited to nt
tend the funeral, from O.ikmont. Delawaro
Countv, Pn on Ninth Month 15th. at 3 P. m.
KKI.I.HY. On September 13. 1014. MARY
J. I'AIIKDR, wife of William Kclloy. Duo
notlcu of tho funeral will be given, from hei
late resldenco, 3307 Arch st.
KI.AI'IIKII. On September 11. 1014, 5CATH
HRINH M., beloved wife nf the Into Charles
Klnuder fneo Fox). In her ."8th year. Rel.i
tlves nnd friends. nlo members of the Ladles'
Aid Society of St. Vlnr.-nt's orphin A'vlum
Tacony: St. Mary's Society of tho Catholic
Mnthr. nre Invited to nttend the funernl, on
Tuewlny mornlnK. at 0.30 o'clock, from her
i.iie resiqence. ;i,ijs .Norm IJroad st. Solemn
Requiem Mass at St. Stephen's Church, at
11 o'clock. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cems
tery. MAlInRK. Suddenly, nn September 12. 1014,
OTTIL1B N. M. MAUHER, daughter of th
late J. J. and Pnullne Mnurer, nued 13 years.,
Asst. Hupt of the Lutheran Orphan' Horn
OO.'O Oermantown nve., Mt. Airy. Relatives
and friends are Invited to attend the funeral
services, on Wednesday nfternoon, at 2
o'clock, In the chapel of tha Home Interment
private. a.t Herman Ltilhernti 'emeierv
MrllAI.K.-On September 13, I0t4, FRANCIS
J., son nf the late Peter nnd Klbnbeth Mc
Hale. Funeral on Wednesday, at H 30 a m.,
from (311.1 Thompson st.. West 1'hllndejphla.
High Mass nt Church of Our Mother of Sor
rows, at ID a. m. Interment at Cathedral
Mil, LICK On September 12, 1011, I1D
WARD F, husband of the Into Demarls n.
Mlllhk, nucd 7R venrs. Funeral nn Tuesday,
at 2 p. m., from West Chester road, Upper
Darby, Delnwa'a County,
Monillll.i:. On September 12, 1014 PHILIP,
husband of Mnry Inellrle, ron of Francis a'id
the latu I'hlllp Mohrle. Duo notlco of fu
neral will In Riven, from his mother's res!-ilenn-,
2il N 2th St.
MOKKIin.MI. -In l.ansdowne, Delnwnre Co..
Pa.. September 13, lfil I, MARCCLLA A,
widow nf ilustavus K. Monrhtiid. Funeral
from N 15. Cor. Owen and Drexel nvei ,
I-nmdowne, I'a , on Wednesday nt I p m.
Interment prlvnte. ni Ml. Pence Cemetery
MOIUIAN.On September 13. 1011. JAMKS
MOROAN, husbnnd nf Hie late Jennie M..r
Kan and snn nf tho Ule John nnd Ann Mm
Kan. Funeral nn Thursday, at R 30 a. m ,
from hl late residence. 1323 S. 17lh i.
High Mass at St. Rita's church nt 10 a. n.
Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.
Ml I.IIIII.I.AM). on September 12. 1011. at
St. Joseph's Hoapllnl. ROKF, MFLIIOL
LAND. Rolnllies nre Invited to nttend fu
neral, vveilnesfinv. nt n smf a. m.. I mm -.iw , ?.
Ureen st Solemn Hleh Requiem Mnss at St. fy
a vi
b?r 12 .... A-ifl
fltttVlinriR On Rmllnhi
BAUNDF.RS, husband of EmSf to T
Funeral on Tuesday, from 2710 t,- Infjteat f
Cnmden, N. J. Interment Arllfjr,,!). xm If
BWMJI.r.KII. At r.lklon, Mil., on L
10. 1011. Dr. GERALD r.. son of Tkhman av
c. and Mary F. Sconller. HelAfl). In h
Ices, on Monday afternoon, at 2 oeV,."?0?.
the apartments of Oliver I! IMIr, lfKoWat tn
nut st. . wUeoald
SDIJIllir.LR. September 1.1. 1014, ClEilSU" '
7t., nusoano or .viary j. nnurnfr, hri'
years. Funeral services on Tuesday, at xj
nt his late residence, i3.ii Morin.ei mth
st. interment at HarrlsburB Cemetery, J!
risbiirR, ra.
TIKJIANN.-On September 13, 1014. KATI of
If.. wife of Joseph T. Tlemann, BRed 31 year y
Funernl services on Thursday, at 2 p. m., at
her Into residence 2121 Hast Host m av
Interment private, Hast Cedar Hill Cemetery.
i;TTI',Iit.i:iN.--On Kepteml-er II. 1014. JO
tives nnd friends nre Invited to nttend th
funernl rervlces. on Monday afternoon, at 2
o'clock, at his Into residence, 1212 Spruce st.
Interment private. , ..
()lli:r. On September 12. 1014. SADIH
VrxiDL, BRed II years Relatives nnd friend
arc Invited to attend the fnneril fcrvlrf on
Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock precisely, at
her late residence, 721 Nrth "tb at. irearl,
Interment private, at Adath Jeshurun Ceme
tery. WOOLI'.KY. On September 13.1014, F.LI.nN,
widow of Nlmrod Woolery. Funeral services
nn Wednesday, at 11a. m nt the chapel of
Andrew J. Hnlr A Son, 10th and Arch its.
Interment private
Francis Xnvler's church, nt Hi n. m. & TTrr O 1
Ml'1,1,. -On September 13, lfll L at her lat- 1 A fX r11VTf
residence, V12() Overbronk ave.. RrSAN JANE f, T T V J X VJ VJ X J
MDLL, In her 87th yenr. Due notlco of fu 'A
The Union League
Manufacturers' Club
St. James
with fruits and vegetables
nerai win be Riven.
MClll'lir. On September IS, 1911. SARAH
FRANi Efl Ml'ltrllV, wife of Thomas A.
Murphy. Funernl services on Wednesday, nt
2.30 p. m, at the residence of her husban I.
Jefferson St., West Mnnayunk. Interment
private, nt Westminster Ccmeterv.
NOLAN. On September 13, 1014, WILLIAM
J. NOLAN. In his 7ith ear. Services ut tlv
residence of Ills son, William C Nolan. 2l
Albert ave., Aldan, Deluwam County, o:i
Wednesday, September 10, at 2 p, m. Inter
ment HI rjinHl',ll ' riiiV' yt C uil'J,,,, r,- - i'- . , -l ,
Ices and interment prlvite ' ? p yeai 'rOUnti. WhV ttOt
O'DONNHI.L. On September 12. 1014. NORA & LI .? -i .. '.m nj ..
o., wiro or .innn u iionneu. tunerai vvcines
day, at i 10 a. m , frcin 2112 N.rtih li m , c
st. Solemn Requiem HlRh Mass nt the Church
of tho Visitation, at in .i m.
ORR. At his home. 172 Central nve.. East
OraiiRe, N. J., on September 13. llil I.
CHARLES W. ORR, formerly of this i Ity.
Funeral ervlces will be held at the homo of
his mother, Mrs. Joseph Orr, 220 H. Mllllck
st , West Philadelphia, on Tuesday, Septem
ber 1T. nt 2 p. in.
OI.'LTON. On September ln.1914. CHARLES
HARVEY OL'I.TON. Funeral sirvlces Mon
day, at 0 a rn . ut his Intn residence. 2130
Arch st. Interment strictly private.
I'OHLKl. On September 12. 1014, EDWARD
you l xou win nnu our
wholesale and retail prices
as reasonable as possible,
quality of goods considered. 4
r.. beloved husband of. Anna I'ihn RUi-
tlves and friends, also members of Iii!',n
News Relief Association, I'rnressle Asi,eni
bly. No. 4, A. O. M. 1'.. and fommeri ml
Department of the Hell Telrphonr C'linwitii
of I'ennylvnnla. are Inv U-.l to ntten 1 tn.
funeral services, on Wednsdn nft'Tno'in i
2 o'clock, nt hlj late resll'nf. 21 s r
H2d st Interment at Mount I'nu e ivme'-r.
Remains mav be viewed Tuesdav c enlnc
We Deliver Anywhere
Felix Spatola & Sons
Rcndiiip; Terminnl Market
' Kevstone Phone Race 2308-2300 J
';, Hell Phone Filbert 045O-S4B1 j
'f Importers of the Spatola Iirntu
i Pure Italian Olivo Oil. .!
The Second
. Kodaks
i. aljlffjJijJlfiiSy:'' , li!!''
You can now date and title your negatives, permanently
and almost Instantly at the lime you make them.
No. In Autographic Kodak, pictures 2x4 in., $17.50
No. 3 Autographic Kodak, pictures 3x4J4 in., $20.00
No. 3a Autographic Kodak, pictures 3y4x5K- in., $22.50
SSW'e can supply separate "AUTOGRAPHIC BACKS"
for your Kodak in the following sizes: No. la, No. 3, No. 3a.
I'arK cover. IKS are
treeli in . S s nni1 ""''"era patrol the
TheiJ,?.?r.ouP8.toardoff any atta-lt."
t ou. bv h " "art ,arKe Portions of It
ie SestrnM"8.0' n h-ul " map of
ore belnB pM(j
The result of 22
years' ucceiful
experience in
building motor
S3 fefnllrfi?
The name plate on the
radiator Is not the only
reason it's a Haynes,
America's Greatest "Light Six"
I t?
$1485 1
Under the auspices of
the Reading Terminal
Market Business Men's
Association will be held
in the
Reading Terminal
December 2d to 12th, 1914
Applications for demon
strating stands should
be made to the superin-1
tendent. j
Has caused an increase in the prices
of certain commodities; and coal is in
"the line of advance." For the present
May be had at the following prices:
Egg - - $7.00 Nut - - $7.50
Stove - - $7.25 Pea - - $5.50
25c extra if carried
spiiucn oioo
RACE 300
Grand Opera Doubtful This
Season Because of the War!
TJJTnn the world's fjrentest g-and opera
J-3 U JL singers will nny time provide an
evening of entertaining music for yourself and
friends upon the
Victrolas $15 to $200
Complete your se
lection of grand
opera records now,
if you own a ma
chine: if not, become
a Victrola enthusi
ast today. You'll
enjoy the voices of
these grand opera
Penn Phonograph Co.
17 South 9th Street
UpMklt l'lntniltrw
1 mm? ,v)
1 HHMMtftf'11
------ -
3 y 1
Appreciate that a factory
built car is always super
ior to an assembled car.
Unit poi
plant, 8 -point uapniloa, 6-
ward V ,an, rtbve'1 as war """ 'V EJ
liughUr Mi'xnh. re,,,npi with his
the Camnani 1 ?"rJam r,ar' ane- on
K.ne m hi 'h!6 SaturJ'V evenlmr. Mr.
durlnB tho .nobliuat onU,?,.,."n'1 I'n,lon
Uvcrj where . . r ,Jof ,h" ur,I-
. iry rttopuu M,mwl to '
JittSS n ACctar,n 'oV ihJ wBr aid Iti . W..hl. comp..t.r QU.PP. 2650 lb...
3"tlce. Mr K " w ur ami lis ,mf more thn oo borpow.r to
PJnU made the t,ln .th.at tho Cam" I "' 65. "" Qt ,'lht ..
numuer of ... r twice ner usuai itc.vmi .." tif.
HMmi.,,. v , I'"nifn-g and ,h, iarca ' iijhtlni jrtm.
r.HtaJ-?;..AW.Wloin,,,ian,.l S I BcAomlcl n c4rtU,.tor.
keS. wer'"" .P'PorUtUn All rt ' , -. .
trn:i JOHNSO'W fflUTUK CAK CU. w. Kroad St., Phila.
SfOM ''UQJX, LOCl'SI 131
cjllnder cn-Uoc motor, actuallr ilarelop-
inn pv ui iiw,wjwwi
Inch whlbi.
bind drlv centre, control.
Ignition from tora btltirr through
Htmy dUtrlbutor nd coll.
V.'-uum (Btolln Dutera v.iS in tank at
reir of chassU
EpUth and rare (d lubrication.
Forced water circulation.
Clutch, thrce-i'Utu do duo trp Ilnd
vlth Haybcato.
TranamUalon, telectlrt alldlor ar trp.
three apetda forward. on revtrx.
myiH run noait0 raar tut.
Crowned (ender.
ExcliMlue arch (rams conmuctlon
body'ui.! f ,r,U "na '""J "'
3x-t' tlree. Ftrtatone dvmouniabl rlmj
Motor driven tire pump
Stunart WarQr iipocdomtter.
Improved One-man top Colilm curtalru
hl'ld rlo-1lon ventUatlaf wind-
Tlrr currier at rear of chaaili.
Clear runntnf boards EluctrUa
under hood
If You Are to Understand the
European War You Must Know
Something of the Warring Nations
This knowledge is best acquired from reading our hooks
The Belgians at Home
l.i ml $3 50 net.
Russian Empire of
Yesterday Ncvin
$3 00 net.
The Spell of France Carol?
water Mason. ?2.oO net.
Poland of Today and Yesterday
Xcviu O. Winter. $3 00 net.
France of the French By Edw.
Harrison Barker. $1.50 net.
Cli 'a Hoi-
Todl and
O. vJjiitcr.
Belgium of the Belgians By De-
metritis C. Bouluer. 1.50 net.
Italy of tlA Italians By Helen
tmmern. m,50 net.
War Manual f the Great 1914
European Conflict 100 illu .
maps and full Reference Iiulcs.
Paper, 25c; cloth, 50c; leather,
Pocket War Map of Europe
Showing the war strenytlt of
the armies ami navies of the
nations in conflict, also area,
population, rcsourtes, public
debt. 15c.
Atlas of the European Conflict
Petailed maps of the nations
and analysis of comlittons lead
ing HP to the present struggle.
Price 35c.
Atlas Map of Europe Size 21x28
inches. 5c.
New Commercial Map : Europe
3Sx47 in Tin-, map is complete
in everv oetau Alphabetical in-
k of map. giving chief
ation, etc $ i.50 net.
dex oi,
1701 Chestnut Street
CK. 5