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Lancaster Irntelbgencec.
Belter Ask Ike Jadge.
Messrs. Kidder, Peabody & Ce., of
New Yerk, give public notice that they
held the proxies of Messrs. McCal McCal
ment Brethers & Ce., and ether large
holders of Beading stock, and they re
quest such stockholders as desire te co
operate with them in securing a change
of management te send them authority
te" vote for them at the coming elec
tion. It is reliably stated that Mr.
Frank S. Bend, new vice president of
the Texiis Pacific railroad, is the candi
date of this party te take Mr. Gewen's
place. The latter telegraphs his friends
from Louden net te be uneasy for the re
sult of the contest, as he expects fully
three-fifths of all the votes that will be
cast. Evidently there is going te be a
very animated conflict, and a great deal
of hard work done and hard feeling en
gendered. The funeral that is evidently
in prospect is none of ours, as we are net
among the noble army of donkeys who
propose te have this lively kicking match
about se sltadewy and unsubstantial
thing sis the Reading presidency at pres
ent is. It would, perhaps, be a pleasant
thing, in this extremely cold weather,
te Ikj a Heading stockholder and
b3 afforded the excellent opportunity
of warm excitement which is being pre
pared for them. "We de net see that it
Gin hurt them very much. Thejr prop
erty is in such dilapidated condition that
if the result should lie te hand the frag
ments of it ever te Bend and Jay Gould
and Tem Scott and the ether Texas Pa
cific wreckers appointed for it, perhaps
the most of them would feel relief rather
than otherwise in the total disappear
ance that would surely fellow such adop
tion of the wretched creature. These
stockholders of Beading who want te
make an end of it and get rid of it and
hi no mere bothered by hopes or disap
pointments about it, had letter vote te
hand it ever te Mr. Bend. If he gets it
they will never see it mere.
Bul,as we have hinted, we de net con
sider that there is any great probability
of its being entrusted te'his care even if
the .stockholders should vote him into the
presidency. Their present bother ever
tlys election seems te us te be effort very
much wasted. The man who controls
the fortunes of Beading happens te be
Judge McKcnnan. Until he says se,
there is no great probability that the
property of the corporation will pass out
of the hands of the receivers; nor will
they be changed unless he wills it. Se
that it would seem te be very sensible, in
the people who propose te change the
management he has put in power, te :isk
him what he intends te de about it if
they change the occupant of the para
lyzed presidency. Will he piitoutGeweu
and put in Bend as receiver ?
Perhaps, se ; perhaps, net. We rather
think net, en the case they will have te
present. Judge McKcnnan having ex
pressed his confidence in Mr. Gewen,
will net change his opinion without rea
son. What will have happened since
his appointment as receiver te make
him less acceptable te Judge McKcnnan ?
His removal from the piesidency by
the stesklnlders, you will say. But by
what stockholders? And when the reply
is that a linn of Englishmen, owning
one-third of the stock, who have kept
Mr. Gewen in the presidency of the
Beading te its undoing, new propose te
chuck him out te its undoing, is it net
roisenablo te suppose that Judge Mc-Kenna-i
will hesitate te be the ready
instrument of thesa stupid foreigners,
especially if a majority of the American
owners of the read disagree with them ?
It seems quite plain that Judge Mc
Keiiiiau will use the power in his hands
se as tesecure what are, in his judgment,
the best interests of Beading ; and that
his judgment will be inlhieuced quite as
much by the intelligent opinion of the
native owners as by the weight of stock
of the foreigners. If Mr. Gewen secures
the voice of the majority in number of
the stockholders in favor of his contin
uance in his ellice of presi
dent, he will net feel called upon
by any delicacy of sentiment te renounce
the receivership. It will rather be a de
mand iqien him te continue in his eliiee
of power while the McCalments' man
occupies the empty presidency. The
CJining election will net displace hiuii
since he can only go out by his own will
e: Judge McKennan's.
might as well postpone
The mountain
its labor, since
such au insignificant result is premised ;
or at least ask the judge whether it is
worth while for it te fret.
It has been generally suspected that
our government was badly cheated in the
award of the Canadian lish commission
by which we were mulcted for. the pay
ment of five million dollars for damages
never committed and privileges compar
atively worthless. But it has net been
suspected that we were swindled by such
base means as Prof. Hinds reports and
it would be very hard te believe what he
says if we could discern any motive for
his net telling the truth. The blame
has been put, heretofore, en the impru
dent selection of an arbitrator commit
ted in advance against our case and, in
part,te the incempetency of our counsel.
If what Hinds says is true we were
outwitted by devices that could net
have been reasonably expected in honor
able negotiation and against which only
an acute suspicion of basest fraud could
protect the American cause. Our gov
ernment ewes it te itself te investigate
the charges made against the Canadian
authorities; but they are under a far
greater obligation te relieve themselves
of the imputation cast upon them. If
subordinates are responsible for the al
leged fraud the Dominion government
ought te relieve itself of all advantages
derived from their trick ; if the duplicity
lias been practiced by higher authorities
the greater necessity is there for Canada
te wipe out a stain from which it must
suffer mere than the United States can.
Vknxeu keeps sending us the coldest
weather we have had for many a day,
with no prospect of any immediate abatc-
nent nnnnU 1-.n ... !. I
U.V...V. .......... "l"" "ssji wuiui mu i
ly as at i resent, and these whose vocation
compels them te expose themselves get
in as quickly, as possible. Persons who
are required te go out may f reese new
before they knew it, and no amount of
caution for self or consideration for
ethers is superabundant these days and
Mr. Cexklixg's friends give it out
that he is dissatisfied "with the explana
tion given by Mr. Bayard, and, as a nec
essary result it is intimated that in fu
ture he will be unable te maintain social
or personal gelatiens with the gentleman
from Delaware." This is very severe
indeed. What will become of Mr. Bay
ard if this great man's favor is with
drawn from him ?
Professer E. D. Pouter has givcu up
his chair in Delaware college, at Newark,
and has gene te Minneapolis, where he will
become professor of practical agriculture
in the University of Minnesota.
Mrs. Maiit L. Lam-bertex, of Carlisle,
mother of Hen. Bebert A.. atuLCharles
L. Lambcrten, died at that place Tuesday
morning, after an illness of only two days,
aged about ninety years.
The Chicago Timet is base enough te de
clare that that "as General O. O. Hewakd
is about te take charge of West Point it
will net be long probably before the mili
tary academy will be in the hands of a re
ceiver." Uncle'IlAKidhui. Hamlix, of Maine, is
net altogether without hope that in the
close and bitter contest for the s'ciiatot s'ciiatet
ship in his state between Congressman
Frye and Zach. Chandlsr's seu-in law,
Hale, he may become a necessity as a com
promise candidate.
William Wait, the great law-writer in
Johnstown, N. J., died yesterday of con
sumption. He was author of Wait's Prac Prac
tice and ether works, making tweuty-eue
volumes in all. His books had an exten
sive sale, and his estate is estimated at
ever $100,000.
Geouee II. Adams, the popular clown,
received a Christmas present from Teney
Denier, in the) shape of a beautiful cigar
holder en which is the head of Geerge L.
Fex, the clown, with his famous smile en
his countenance. In his letter te JMr.
Adams, Mr. Denier says : " In memory of
our great prototype, Geerge L. Fex.
Emulates his virtues, wear his mantle,
which you have wen, and use his features
as a study while enjoying your after din
ner cigar."
I Secret Anv Evaiits : "The peasant of
Ireland or Germany says, "carrying a
soldier en his back, cannot compete with
the American peasant, who has no soldier
te carry."
Frem statistics of the population new
published, and ether data, it may be pre
dicted, ' with a geed degrce of certainty,
that the total population of the country
will be found te be in the immediate neigh
borhood of 50,000,000, probably a few
thousand in excess.
Mr. Auram S. Hewitt thinks that the
"machine" in politics is ncccsary. The
people, he isays, cau only veto the acts of
.the machine, but that veto is all-power
ful. Without party absolutism is the in
evitable result; paity can only express
itself through organization anil the or
ganization becomes "machine." The
people can break the machine and make a
new one.
A coon Methodist asked Jehn Wesley
what he thought as te his marrying a cer
tain woman well-known te both. Wesley
advised him net te think of it, "Why,"
said the ether, "she is a member of your
church. Isn't she ?" "Yes," was the
reply. " And de you think she is truly a
Christian woman ;" "Yes." said Wesley,
"I believe she is." "Well, then, why net
marry her"."' "Because," replied Wesley,
"because, my friend, the Lei d cau live
with a great many people that you and I
can't! "
"Landlords are te Ireland what the
carpet-baggers were te the Seuth," said
Father Byan, the " poet-priest," in an ad
dres: in Baltimore en Tuesday night ;
"and the Irish people will rid themselves
of their oppressors as the Seuth rid itself
of the carpet-baggers." In conclusion
Father Byan said (peinting: te his head) :
"Agitation here must be clear;" (te his
mouth), "here it must be prudent," (te
hia heart), "and here tender and iinpul iinpul
sive, which, if followed, will crown your
efforts with success."
It is expected that prominent Republi
can leaders from different parte of the
country will come te Menter within the
next two or three weeks, en General Gar
field's invitation, te consult with him in
regard te the formation of his cabinet.
Senater Cameren, of Pennsylvania, and
Hen. Jehn C. Xew, of Indiana, arrived
yesterday en a special train, and, with
Ames Tewnscnd and William McKinley,
jr., spent the afternoon in a private con cen con
fcrencewith General Garfield.
Ella Higgins aged eighteen years, of
Spert Hill, near Scrauten, hanged herself is supposed, she had been threat
ened with arrest for obtaining goods by
false pretences.
General J. D. Gihneur, proprietor of
the Grand hotel, in Cincinnati, died yes-
dcrdpy in Savannah, no was formerly
proprietor of the Eutaw Heuse in. Balti
more. Among the wealthy citizens of Philadel
phia, who have died during the present
year, eight left personal estates each val
ued at ever half a million dollars, as fol fel
lows : William Adamsen, $308,471.9!) ;
Adelph E. Berie, $1,140,501.93 ; Geerge
W. J. DeBennc, $577,230.9:3 ; William
KHiett, 8875,409.50 ; Jehn E. Fex. $C3&
092.47 jMaryJShislds, $934,930.23 ; Samuel
S. White, $897,054.73 ; Jeshua Jeanes.
William C. Simmons, 55 years old, died
yesterday at the Pennsylvania hospital
from the effects of a fall the night before
from a second-story window at the WeikrI
& Smith spice mills en Frent street, Phila
delphia. There is a draw-bridge connect
ing the building, and Simmons, unaware
that this had been raised, stcpiied out of
the window, which was unguarded, and'fell
iracturmg his pelvis and receiving internal
3Irs. Dorcas Birchficld, a widow, living
at San Francisce, shot and killed Themas
Birchfield, her brother-in-law. They had
quarreled at her house during the day.
qUarreiOU 3
rph - efinnMnrr itrec r1n .. !...,. .!....:.
o'clock at night. Mrs. Birchficld is in
j ill.
A fire at Mystic River, Conn., destroyed
the Merchants' block and adjoining prop
erty. Less $30,000.
Prince Christephc Ulrich, son of the
heir presumptive te the crown of Wurtcm
burg, died en Tuesday.
Fifty-five lives were lest in the fisheries
from Gloucester, Mass., during the past
State Treasurer Vincent has forwarded
money te National Park bank of Xew
Yerk, te meet the interest due January 1
en Alabama bends.
Floods in the north and northwest of
France continue. Seme lives have been
lest and great damage has been done te
Mayer Adams's foundry and machine
shop at Marshall, Mich., were destroyed bv
fire en Tuesday night. Less, $13,0DD ; in
sured for $4000.
Mrs. Hart, 80 years of age, was mur
dered by her son, at North Augusta, On
tario, en Saturday last. Her body, horri
bly mangled, was discovered en Wednes
day in a barn.
The feet and mouth disease is seriously
spieading amongst the cattle in all the
large counties of England. Theic are
0754 cases of the disease repotted in Nor
folk and 2370 in Londen.
Geerge Crumpsten, of Rising Sun, Del.,
fell into a hole and remained there uncon
scious until he was found by some work
men. His legs were se badly frozen that
they may have te be amputated.
Revenue officers seized a crooked cigar
factory of A. II. Dank,
New . Yerk and found
cigats en which tax had
Dank was arrested and
105 Park street
tliecin 20,000
net been paid.
held for cxami-
The body of a woman about 30 years of
age, neatly clothed, was feiTnd in the snow
near Elizabethport, Mew Jersey, yesterday
morning. An empty medicine bottle, un
labclled, was found in ena of her pockets,
and suicide is suspected.
Mrs. Sephia Trechen, wife of Frederick
Trechen. a wholesale tobacco dealer of
New Yerk committed suicide by hanging,
at her residence in Hoboken, New Jersey,
yesterday. Her husband had beguu pre
ceedings for a divorce.
News has been received of the massacre
of Capt. Benier and four of the crew of the
Sand Fly in the Seuth Sea islauds. The
natives of Bite surprised the crew while
in bathing and pursued them into the
weeds or killed them into the weeds or
killed them in the water, mutilating the
bodies of the slain and torturing these
captured alive by roasting them at the
Near Petersburg en the P. It. R., while
extta brakeman J. F. Kauffmau was at
tempting te climb ever the deck of the
train of engine 403, going wcst,hc slipped,
fell te the track below, and was instantly
killed. The head of the unferuuatc young
man was crushed beyond recognition
poitiens of the brains being scattered along
the track. The remaining portion of the
body was cut up and otherwise mutilated.
Deceased had been in the employ, of the
Pennsylvania railroad company but a short
time, this being only his fifth trip ever the
Gall, one of the chiefs under Sitting
Bull, who has been occupying a defiant
position, after reaching the Poplar creek
agency with twenty-six ledges, surrender
ed unconditionally te Majer Ilgcs. Netice
had been given him en that'day te surren
der within two days or fight. He respond
ed by marchim; into the agency with all
his ledges. A guard has been placed ever
his band, and the date of his removal te
Ferd Buferd depends en advices from de
partment headquarters. The savages
surrendering arc poorly clad, have few
guns and ponies and arc in no condition
for an engagement with troops at this sea
son of the yca
m -
Higher Education ler Women.
The Higher Education of Women lm.?
been the subject of several important
memorials one originating among resi
dent members of the university which
were submitted te a syndicate appointed at
Cambridge, England. This body of ex
aminers reported that they shat a lite de
sire of the memerialists that the advan
tages of academic training may be secured
te women, and that, the results of stu-h
training may be authoritatively tested
and certified. Fer various reasons, how
ever, they arc net prepared te recommend
that women should be admitted cither te
thedegtecs of the university generally, ot et ot
eo B. A. degree alone. They believe that
the objects may in a large measure be at
tained, and great encouragement be given
te the higher education of women by the
formal admission of female students te the
higher examinations of the University,
together with an authoritative record of
the results of their examination in pub
lished class lists. The advantages allow
ittg women te enter the special examina
tions for the ordinary 15. A. degree are
(the syndicate say) less obvious ; and the
syndicate abstain from making any rec
ommendation en this head. They think that
women admitted te the honor examina
tiens siiettiu cither nave given the same
evidence of preliminary training by pass
ing the previous examination or one of the
various substitutes already accepted for it
ere?S3 should have obtained an honor cer
tificate in the higher local examination,
with the condition of passing in certain
specified groups. Thcy(the syndicate)
propose that the University should grant
te each succcsful candidate a certifieats
setting forth the conditions under which
she has been admitted te the examination,
and the standard te which she has attained
They recemmetid that residence be kept
at Git ten college or Newnham college, or
in similar institutions within the precincts
of the University.
A Lively Fight Ter the Corpse.
Eugene McCarthy was run ever by the
cars near Cincinnati, anil deceased'? wife
applied te the police for assistance in se
curing the body upon its arrival at the
depot, fearing that the relatives intended
taking charge of the remains. The body
arrived about 9 o'clock, and undertaker
Blake, who had been instructed by Mr.
Morgan, father of the widow, te remove
the body te his rooms, was in readiness,
and placed the remains en his wagon. Tne
McCarthys were present, and en seemir
this made several unsuccessful attempts te
train possession of the corpse. Officers Neble
and Uillwerth appeared upon the scene,
and at once commenced dispersing the
large crowd that blockaded the street and
made a passage way impossible. Finally
an attempt was made by the McCarthys te
remove the rough box from the waseu.
while several persons held the horses, but
Officer Neble seated himself en the box,
and while Patrolman Dillworth cleared a
passage tureugu tne crewti, the remains
were conveyed te Blake's 'mid cries and
yells from the bystanders. The scene at
the depot was a most disgraceful one
'm e t
Celd as Blazes."
The cold weather continues in the West
aud Northwest, and has extended East
and Seuth, the temperature being below
the freezing point everywhere except in
Southern Flerida. In Ohie, Missouri, In
diana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan
and Wisconsin temperatures were reported
rangimr from -i te 23 decrees below zero.
The cold was unusually severe in the Seuth,
the temperature at New Orleans being six
dagrees below the freezing point. Heavy
snow fell in Texas, the northern portions
of the Gulf states, and the Seuth and
Middle Atlantic states. There was a slight
rise in temperature in the Northwest last
night, but the markings were still consid
erably below zero.
I'rer. Hind's Letter te the Canadian Premier
Concerning the fishery Statistics.
The following is the fall text of the let
ter from Prof. Hind, mentioned in dis
patches from Halifax yesterday. It is ad
dressed te the Bt. Hen. Sir Jehn A. Mac Mac
denald, premier of Canada :
Sin: .A telegraphic report of your
speech in the Heuse, en the 21st instant,
imputes te me a disreputable attempt te
levy blackmail in relation te certain gross
falsifications iu the fishery statistics pre
sented te the Halifax commissioners in
1877, and certain forgeries in the trade and
j navagatien returns of the Dominien.togcth-
er with the use or these forgeries ana Jalse
statistics for state purposes. Yeu are also
leperted te refer te my character iu terms
which demand instant reply, mere especial
ly because you defame an hottest man. fir
distant from the scene of your unmanly
Yeu are aware that I have persistently
and most earnestly sought an open inquiry
into the whole matter since the summer of
1878 ; also that such inquiry has been in
variably shunned. Hence, I may safely
leave the question of blackmail for future
consideration. Meanwhile, since you dis
honorably refer te my character where I
had no opportunity te reply, will you per
mit me te ask you two or three questions,
which otherwise I would gladly have
avoided ?
First. What relation did the govern
ment ever which you presided in 1873 beat beat
te the subjoined official statement in rela
tion te the British case which is recorded
en page 74 of the commissioner of fisheries'
repert for 1873 ? The case and its sup
ports had been arranged by the undersign
ed in accordance with official instructions,
and were submitted for the information of
the present government ( the Hen. Mr.
Second The lish trade tables in the se
ctet appendix, referred te in my Iettets te
the governor general of the 11th and 18th
of December, 1SS0, cover a period of twen
ty-six years. Were these fish trade tables
from 1854 te 1870 used by you during
your prolonged stay in Washington when
negotiating the fishery clauses of the
treaty of Washington ?
If you cannot answer both of these
questions without salf-cniidenmatieu, what
a fearful motive you must have for burk
ittg inquiry and showering aspersions,
apart from the fact that you kuew that
my allegations arc true, and that you are
afraid te have an open aud impartial par
liamentary investigation, aud te put me tu
the witness-box in a fair and open court.
Allew me further te ask : Docs the false
cry of blackmail shelter you from the re
sponsibility of a thorough aud public in
vestigation into the extent and ramifica
tiens of the grossest corruption among the
subordinates in the several departmental
offices of the government, te wit: In the
forgery aud falsification of the fishery sta
tistics ; in the presentation of these forged
statistics te a judicial tribunal upon oath ;
iu reproducing these forged statistics once
again in lbbO, under your own eye aud for
a special purpose ? These are facts which
shake the honor aud the credit of the
country until atoned for ; facts which can
net be lcfutcd, which are vastly injurious
te the maritime powers, and which, if
passed ever, mock at all honor in the gev
ernment and all faith in law.
Will you new afford jue at once a fair
aud open opportunity ler proving my
statements before a parliamentary com
mittee, where you can dissect my charac
ter and examine my motives te any extent
you cheese. The first consequence of your
unmanly wet ds is the immediate publica
tion of my letters te the governor general,
and the public announcement of the exist
ence of a secret appendix, with all of its
weight of shame. I held you responsible
for the nerveless character of Captain
Kidd's reply. His excellency, we knew, is
a matt et honor. 1 shall ceme carlv in
January te Ottawa, and invite manly
critics te measure your case of blackmail
with the rivers of black dishonor and
crime which my papers aud printed decu
ments reveal. 1 have the honor te be
your obedient servant,
Hkxky Youle Hind,
Compiler of the Analytical Index te the
Documents of the Halifax Commission.
Windser. Neva Scotia, Dec. 22, 1880.
Hunt the Uuscallty lleivn.
Philadelphia Kvcning Utilletiu.
In a letter published elsewhere from
Professer II hide, of Neva Scotia, te Sir
Jehn A. Macdonald, the Canadian prime
minister, the professor gives Macdonald a
very tart reply te Ins accusation that
llindc has attempted te levy blackmail
upon him. It is certain that nobody who
understands the question at issus will be
lieve any such charge. Professer llindc
was employed by the Dominion govern
ment and by the government of the United
States te examine and arrange the docu
ments offered in evidence before the Hal
ifax fishery committee. While he was
performing this work he discevcccd that
the fishery statistics of Canada had been
systematically falsified in order te swell
the claim of Canada te damages under the
Washington treaty. As was his duty,
Professer Hindc at ence directed the at
tention of this man Macdonald te the
truth, but he was rebuffed. He then sent
the facts te the British government,
but he was refused a hearing from it.
Then he made a public statement, and
..uacdenald, unable te answer the damning
allegations, retorts with a charge that
Mr. llindc is trying te levy blackmail
upon him. Mr. Iliude's response te this
is worth reading. It clearly intimates that
falsified tables of statistics were used net
only in Halifax by the Dominion attorneys
but at Washington by Macdonald himself,
at the time of the negotiation of the
Washington treaty. This matter demands
the immediate attention of our govern
ment. Professer Hinde is employed by
our government, as well as by that
of Canada ; we have a right te the infor
mation procured by htm, and that infor
mation, se Air as it has been made public,
clearly indicates that the Canadian govern
ment obtained the Halifax award through
the instrumentality Of otte the most shame
less frauds in history. AYe all kucw.
when we were called upon te pay fi
half million dollars for the fishery
five and
eges, that we were being swim fled ; but
the method by which the swindle was per
petrated could net be detected. Professer
Hinde appears te have detected it, and
new our duty is te demand restitution and
full exposure of the crime.
ikunri;n u::es.
A Wife Slioets Her llusbam! In Selt
Defcnce. A mttider was committed in the Caledo
nia house, a cheap lodging house and sa
loon of bad character, in Detroit. Mich.,
the proprietor, Jehn Fergusen, facing shot
dead by his wife, as she alleges, while in
fear of her life. Fergusen had been drink
ing hard all day and had been very quar
relsome and abusive. Late in the evening
afcr both had returned from a visit te an
other low place where both drank freely,
Fergusen commenced abusing his wife
again, calling her opprebious names and
threatening te kill her with a knife which
he flourished in a reckless manner.
At this point the woman ran up stairs,
obtained a revolver, and when he attempt
ed te ascctid the stairs llred at him three
time?, the last shot reaching his heart and
killing him almost instantly. The deceas
ed was a hattl case. He had sarved a term
in a Pennsylvania state prison for robbery,
and when released therefrem in 1878,
came te Detroit, where his wife seen joined
him .ind took up her abode with htm, al
though the marriage ceremony was per
formed only a few weeks age.
Fergusen has a mother, two sisters and
a brother living at Hazleton, Pa., and I
another brother at Wilkesbarre. His
wife's name was Margaret Hicr, and the
has a mother, three brothers and three sis
ters iu McKecspert, Pa. She., is twenty
four years old. The dead man has one
wife living at Elisabeth, Pa., with three
or four children, and another in Denver,
Cel. His present wife was devotedly at
tacked te him, and tli3ir relations .were
comfortable,- except when liquor made
both quarrelsome.
The Secretary or State l'ursutng the Lordly
Washington Special.
The true inwardness touching the
changes already made in the New Yerk
federal offices, and these in contemplation
has new leaked out : and the Nemesis who
is pursuing My Lord Conkling is none
ether than William Maxwell Evarts. coun
selor at law and secretary of state. Evarts
hates Conkling as the devil hates holy
water. -His revenges arc mean aud pusil
lanimous, lackiugall the geed points of au
open enemy who .strikes from the shoulder
and never hits below the belt. The
fiistery of the matter is just this : It is
about conceded that, unless a counter
irritant of rare strength presents itself
among the faithful, Bescoe Conkling will
name the senator te succeed Kcrnan. The
Legislature of NewYerkwill elect Kci nan's
successor withiu a fortnight. Meanwhile,
te ci ipple Conkling, Evarts has pursuaded
the president te allow him te distribute
the patronage of New Yerk that is, se
far as the filling of the offices which expire
between new and the date of the meeting
of the Legislature. Se far only two ap
pointments have been made, and it se hap
pens that in these two Cenkliug takes ue
special interest. When Congress again
assembles. Everts, through Hayes,
will scud in a new name for the
United States marshal of the Northern
district of New Yerk, "and for United
Stat ;s district attorney of Brooklyn. The
first of these offices is held by Clint. Mc
Dougall, a warm, personal follower of
Conkling aud 'the ether by Stewart L.
AVoedford. Any new name which the
president will send te the Senate for these
offices Conkling will fight. It se happens
that he is a member of both the judiciary
and commerce committee of the Senate,
where the. nominations must be referred in
due course. There is a sort of a custom
among senators, regardless of party, te
consult the wishes of the senator directly
interested in the appointments in his own
state. Hence it is certain that these
nominations will be referred te Conkling,
and as a matter of course he will see that
they are strangled in the committee of
which he is a member.
The real funny part of the business is
that Evarts anticipates that Conkling will
succeed in defeating action by the Senate
en the new nominees. He will have no
special interest in the appointees ether
than te use them te make the point that
the president has presented te the Senate
the names of geed men for the places seen
te be vacant, aud that the New Yerk sen
ator has no ether reason for antagonizing
their confirmation than the fact that they
are net his henchmen. Out of this Evarts
expects te create a division among the
Republican members of the New Yerk
Legislature, aud circumvent, if possible,
whatever may develop te be the Conkling
plan for the succession. Frem theses tac
tics of the crafty Evarts has been builded
the stupid story of an estrangement between
General Garfield and the Stalwart wing of
the party. As far as this story gees, it is
se stupid that it is vexatious te talk about
it. General Garfield has no mere te de
with the machinations of Hayes and
fcvarts against Conkling than has the i vices. Although in many cases the
Khedive of Egypt. AU there is of it is J work required, slight .revision, owing te a
that Conkling, having treated Evarts as a j misunderstanding of the printed iustruc
mcic cipher iu New Yerk state politics, j tiens, in but two instances out of 180 did
the latter, like a blue-bottled fly, is new he require new schedules te be made out.
trying te annoy him ; and te make the In one case only, a pottien of Londen-
matter a shade mere interesting, the prcsi- grove township, Chester county, was there
dent is lending a willing hand. Conkling , n re-enumeration. Mr. Jesse C. Dickey,
will beat both of them in this new crusade ' of New.Londen. had failed te nlacu his
made against him, and will, meanwhile,
dictate the senator te be elected in Jan
uary by the New Yerk Legislature.
Bew the Founder of the Herald Announced
It Years Age.
The following announcement of the im
pending marriage of James Gorden Ren
net, tits elder, written presumably by hint
self and published in the Herald, is one of
the curiosities of literature :
I am going te be married iu a few days.
The weather is se beautiful times arc get
ting se geed the prospects of political and
moral reform se auspicious, that I can
not resist the divine instinct of Nature
any longer se I am going te be married
te one of the most splendid women iu in
tellect, in soul, in person, in manner, in
property, that I have yet seen in
the course of my interesting
pilgrimage through human life.
I cannot step in my earecr ; I must ful
fill that awful destiny which the Almighty
Father has written against my name iu the
bread letters of life against the wall of
Heaven. I must give the world a pattern
et nappy wcudea inc. wtin an rite cuari- ;
tics that spring from a nuptial love. In a
few days I shall be married according te
the holy rites of the most holy Jluistuii
church te one of the most rem, kable, ac
complished and beautiful yetr:g women of
the axe. She possesses a fort-tae. I sought
and found a fortune a large fortune.
She has no Stouingteii shares, or Manhat
tan stock, but in purity and uprightness
she is worth half a million of pure coin.
Can any swindling bank show as much? In
geed sense and elegance another half a mil
lion in soul, mind and beauty, millions
en millions, equal te the whele specie of
all the rotten banks iu the world. Hap
pily, the patronage of the public te tie
Herald is nearly $25,000 per annum, al
most equal te a president's salary. But
property in the world s goods was never
my object. Fame, public geed, useful
ness in my day and generation the relig
ious associates of female excellence the
progress of true industry these have
been my dreams by night ami my desires
by day.
In the new aud holy condition into which
I am about te enter and te enter with the
same reverential feelings as I would heaven
itself, I anticipate some signal changes in
my feelings, in my views in my purposes,
in my pursuits. What they may be I
knew net time alone can tell. My ar
dent desire has been through life te reach
the highest order of human excellence by
the shot test passible cut. Associated night
and day. iu sickness and in health, in war
and in peace, with a woman of the highest
order of I'xcellence, must produce some
curious rcMilts in my heart and feelings
and these results the future will develop
in due time in the columns of the Herald.
Meantime I raturn my heartfelt thanks
for the enthusiastic patronage of the pub
lie. both of" Europe aud America. The
holy estate of wjdleak will only increase
my desire te be still mere useful. Ged
Almighty bless you all.
McDowell's Seir-aacrllice.
Last fall Gen. McDowell caine en from
San Francisce te New Yerk with a great
ileurish of trumpets te east his vote for
Gat field and Arthur. The newspapers
gushed te a degree about the striking at
tention te political duty displayed by Gea.
McDowell. It new appears that the gen
eral did the voting and the government
paid the expense. He obtained an order
for himself and an aid te conic ea.-t. The
mileage and allowances for the trip
Uncle Sam iu the neighborhed of $1,200.
This was shortly before the time that Gen.
Ord, since retired, Jpaid out of his own
pocket for the little dispatch sent te
General Hancock. -When Mr. Hayes was
discussing the question of retirements
General Sherman, it will bs remembered,
objected te the retirement of General Orti
unless General McDowell, who is his senior
in age, was also retired. Hearing of Gen
eral Sherman's position, General McDowell
yretc a long letter te Mr. Hayes pretest
ing against his retirement and mention
ing, incidentally, the great sacrifice he had
made in coming east te vote for General
Garfield. It appears, also, that the in
fluence of the president-elect was exerted
in General McDowell's, behalf. A son of
General Garfield s is fertunatrly named
Irwin McDowell Garfield. This peculiar
combination of fortuiters circumstances
proved successful. General McDowell
was retained and General Ord was re
xiuuuuouueon news.
Events Acra33 the County Lines.
Messrs. Drexcl and Childs, who recently
purchased the turnpike from Philadelphia
te Wayne station with the intention of
making it a fine drive, have made arrange
ments te purchase it as far as Paoli, and
from there te Philadelphia make it a beau
tiful avenue 00 feet wide, handsomely
graded and ornamented with trees, etc.
This will have the effect te greatly enhance
the value of property in the vicinity of the
Henry Redding, a Harrisburg darkey,
who drives a P. R. B. freight wagon, yes
terday drove ever Levi First aud severely
injured him. He did it intentionally and
was promptly arrested.
The Village llecerd, of West Chester,
thinks Ilartranft would make a geed sec
rotary of war. What a pity Garfield don't
think se tee !
Jeseph Faust.rth'ns Geed, one of the trio
of young men who placed obstructions en
the track of the Reading railroad near
Neversiuk station en Friday, Nev. 1, was
captured en Tuesday afternoon iu Bead
ing. The officers have been en the lookout
for Faustevcr since the occurrence, but he
has always managed te clude them.
Geerge H. Wolf & Ce., Yerk county leaf
tobacco dealers at Mount Wolf, some time
age sold their entire packing of 1879 to
bacco, in- all 010 cases, te E. Spiugran &
Ce., of New Yerk, en private terms. This
firm went into the buying and packing of
Yerk county leaf last season for the same
time. They say they did well en the sale
and arc enlarging their packing warehouse
intending te buy a large stock of 18S0
tobacco. Tobacco sales have up te this
time been but few in Yerk county.
The Kctarusef this llitli let.
item has appeared in some of the
papers, copied from a Philadelphia journal,
te the ctfcc that the returns of this cen
sus district, comprising the counties of
Delaware, Chester and Lancaster, were
delayed en account of the less, by one of
the enumerators, of a daily report card.
Supervisor Snowden says the statement is
erroneous, that no unusual delay has oc
curred, but that the item is, no doubt,
based en the fact that the sheet returns,
published by the department, have net yet
included the statistics of many of the
counties in this state aud among these the
three named above. 31 r. Suewdcn
highly commends dk enumerators gen-
; crallv for their prompt and efficient ser-
certificate en the last page of his sclted
ules ; after receiving it again for this pur
i pose lie mailed it te the supervisor and it
miscarried, thus entailing the necessity of
j duplicating it, a thorough search by tite
! posteflicc department failing te reveal the
original. General Waikcr has written a
personal letter te Mr. Suewdcn, congratu cengratu
I laving hinr upon the completion of his
' duties and expressing his great satisfaction
J with the efficiency with which he has per
formed the difficult work assigned te him.
The Magician Stilt HeMing the Fert.
The intensely cold weather of last night
hat the effect of somewhat diminishing
the audience in attendance upon the Hartz
entertainment at the opera house, but the
performance was in all respects enjoyable
and satisfactory. Prof, llartz's tricks arc
unusually clever, dextrous and mystify
ing as is the second sight of Miss Mitch
ell ; Miss Carrie Hartx is a pleasing vocal
ist ; Frank Lawten's cemicalities are fun
nier than ever, while the trained dogs of
Prof. Parker and Duncan's ventriloquism
fill out a pregramme of exceptional merit.
The winner of the leading prize last night
was Mrs. J. II. Abraham, ."W Charlette
street, who drew several dollars iu silver
coin, besides which there were a number
of less valuable prizes. Everyone pur
chasing a ticket has an even chance of
winning a prize, the distribution being
conducted with apparent fairness. The
principal prize te-night will be a sewing
machine, and there will be a change et
pregramme, one of the new features being
a trick by Hartz and the comedian Law Law
ten, which is described as very funny.
The Lancaster Lyceum,
Titis organization is new under full
headway, and meets statedly in the hall
of the Y. M. C. A. en Seuth Queen street.
Its membership includes a number of
ready debaters, fully competent te handle
the knottiest questions without gloves.
Among the live topics that lately have
received treatment in the lyceutn arc :
" Has Congress the power te regu
late freight rates ?' "Should Texas
be divided into two states ?' " Should the
president and vice president of the United
States be elected by the p ipular vote ?"
" De circumstances make the man V etc
The subject for discussion en next Thursday
evening is the constitutionality of the sub
stitution of the greenback for the national
bank notes. Visitors are always welcome
and at liberty te participate in the de
bate. A Secial Wake.
The members of the singiusr society
" Licderkranz" will watch for the arrival
of the New Year to-tnerrow night, at Ar Ar
eold Haas' hall. Ne. 328 North Queen
street. Songs, speeches and recitations,
and a substantial lunch will be the order
of the exercises.
. Trains Late.
All trains en the Pennsylvania railroad,
especially these from the west, were late
lest night and t:lay en account of the
On the Beading read the through pas
senger train from Reading last night was
au hour late reaching this city. It did net
arrive at Qr.arryvilla until midnight, and
it was an hour late this morning each
The Anuual Assembly.
The evening the annual assembly takes
place at the Stevens house. Persons will
be present from Philadelphia, Harrisburg,
and ether cities, and a line time is ex
pected. I'ateni Granted.
A patent has been granted te J. W. Au Au
dersen, of this city", for an improved shift
ing scat for carriages.
-, The Seap Heuse The Itaehaaaa Keller.
During the rigorous weather we are
new experiencing it becomes the duty of
all who are able te de se te- lend a help
ing te the peer and needy. "Ged help
the peer" is a very proper prayer te make,
but Ged don't answer such prayers, whea
the petitioner merely utters the words,
and then shuts himself up in his own cesy
shell. Means must be used te accomplish
a desired end, and the-mestefleieBt means
iu this case is ta-epen-year pweee end
you stores, and thus assist In answering
your own prayer.
The free soup house, which for several
years past has dispensed thousands of ra
tions of geed wholesome soup and ether
previsions te the deserving peer, has been
kept up entirely by voluntary contribu
tions. It will be re-opened for the season
en New Year's day. The funds la the
treasury are light, and unless Eberalcen-
trioutiens be made te it, the distribution
et soup will have te be limited te three
days iu the week, instead of every day, as
was the case in former years.! Contribu
tions of money, bread, meat, rice, beans,
potatoes, cabbages, turnips, onions, and
ether previsions will be thankfully receiv
ed by the mayor, and due credit will be
given the donors. Several liberal contri
butions have been already received and
acknowledged. The Litest is $10 from N.
Ellmaker, esq.
Buchanan Relief Faad.
The distribution of coal under the pro pre
visions of the Buchanan and McEvey be
quests will commence en Monday next and
will be continued until the interest of the
fund is exhausted. As our population in
crease?, the number of applicants for coal
also increases, and this year the number is
se large that all of thorn cannot
be supplied, as only the interest
of the fund cau be applied te the
purchase of coal. The applicants are
nearly all indigent widows and nose
receive mere than half a ten of coal. Peo
ple who Iivo iu comfortably-warmed
houses, knew hew far half a ten of coal
will go towards keeping them warm dur
ing a long winter. Other agencies, beside
the Buchanan relief, will be needed te sup
ply the necessary amount of fuel for the
The Dorcas society, in its usual unosten
tatious way, is doing geed work in pro
viding clothing and ether necessaries for
peer families. Let them be liberally sus
tained in their unselfish work.
The Coldest Day or the Season.
Yestcrday,netwithstanding the snowfall
that prevailed all -day, the mercury did
tot rise at any time higher than 15 degrees
above zero. Towards evening it fell te 10
above, and when, about C o'clock it ceased
snowing, the mccury fell te 8 ; an hour
later te 0 ; at 8 o'clock te 3, and before 10
o'clock it reached zero. During the
night it continued te fall rapidly
aud at 0 o'clock this morning Tery
very few thermometers in. the city marked
less than 10 below zero. That was the
figure marked by the Intelligencer's,
Mr. Zahm's and several ether instruments.
At 0 o'clock Mr. Benj. Bauman's marked
13, Henry Drachbar's -14, and G. W.
Hull's 15 degrees below. At Springville
and Mount Jey the mercury steed 11 be
low ; at Columbia 12 below ; at Rcften 12
below ; at Bohrerstewn 1G below.
These figures show that the weather
was colder this morning than it has been
in this vicinity at any time since the" 30th
of January, 1873. By reference te the files
of the Ixtellieexcer we find that en
that date the mercury iu this city marked
23 balew ; at duckies 22 below ; at Man
hcim 21 below.
Policemen, backmen, and ethers who
were obliged te be out last night and this
morning say they never felt the cold se
Samuel Geed, who was driving hogs en
the Harrisburg pike, northwest of the city,
had his cars badly frozen, one of them
being swollen almost te twice its natural
size, nearly black in color, and ltaving en
the outside of it a great yellow blister
nearly as large a hulled walnut.
Hew It is te be Visited.
The beard of prison inspectors have had,
the following notice posted up in the court
house aud ether public places.
In compliance with the act of Assembly,
article vii., section 1, relative te visitors te
Lancaster county prison, and the instruc
tions given by his honor Judge Livingston
in his charge te the grand jury at the last
November sessions, 1880, the beard of in
spectors hereby give notice that all indis
criminate visiting is strictly prohibited.
Ne person (except official visitors) will
hereafter be admitted unless en special
business or persons who have never visited
the prison aud have a permit from one of
the inspectors.
Relatives of convicts will be admitted
once in three months.
By order of the beard.
CIirtHt Lutheran jTestlval.
The Sunday school festival of Christ Lu
theran church, of which Bev.E. L. Reed is
pastor, took place Tuesday night. The
church was decorated with tied evergreens
and a large white star hung above the al
tar. Te the right of the pulpit was a huge
Christmas tree hung with hundreds of
pretty emblems. The entertainment con
sisted of music by the choir and pupils, re
citations, readings, scriptural quotations
and prayer. At tite close each of the pu
pils wan presented with a pretty little
wooden basket filled with confections.
The event was entertaining and edifying
te all present.
m m i
Kvcclvlng Stelen Goods
Jehn Walten, en complaint of Samuel
Bitzcr, was arrested for rccciviug stolen
goods. It appear that within a short
time past Mr. Bitzer has had stolen from
his premises a number of articles, includ
ing rugs, horse blankets, shears, clipping
machines, etc. One of the stolen blankets
was seen en a horse belonging te Walten.
When arrested Walten said he get the
blanket from a boy named Myers and the
boy said he borrowed it from Billey Bax
ter, but Baxter denies the statement.
Walten was held in bail by the Aldermau
for his appearance at court te answer for
receiving stolen goods.
A Herso Taken Frem a Stable and Shet.
Yesterday morning a horse belonging te
the estate of the late Henry Souder, of
.Maner township, wan found lying dead
upon the manure pile in the barnyard. An
examination showed that the herse had
been taken from the stable by some per
son unknown, led te the manure pile and
deliberately shot. What object the vil
lain who committed the deed could have
had for the perpetration of se cruel a
crime is net known.
Tiie few remaining cases en the Iitt were
concluded yesterday afternoon and court
then adjourned te meet en Satttrday.Janu
ary 15th, when opinions will 1ms delivered.
On Menday.January 17tb, the first'quaiter
s-cssiens of the new year will be held end
after that there will be court for a couple
of months.
Keeps the Track Clear.
The manager of the Millersville street
railway has sbenrn considerable pluck in
keeping the track open. Notwithstand
ing the deep snow the cars have nude
their trips as usual since the first fall of