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At the Northern Merket Heuse.
In addition te the list of exhibits
printed en the first page of the Intelli
gencer te-day, we netice the following
which have been added te the secretary's
Cla 1.
Daniel Smcycli, Telegraph and Isabella
Jacob M. Mayer, Concord, Martha, Per
kins, Hartferd Prolific and Telegraph
grapes, and Shelden pears.
Class s.
Jacob M. Mayer, ornamental grasses
Eiilalia Jajwiiica Zebrina, Krianthus Ha
vennaand Eulalia Japonica variegated.
ClUKS 3.
Jacob M. Mayer, collection of field
pumpkins, collection of squashes, sweet
M. B. Eshlcman, blue peerless potatoes,
white peerless potatoes.
Class 4.
Jacob M. Mayer, cornstalk with car.
Christian Hestcttcr, 1 car of com, very
Peter TIcrshey, peck of wheat.
TI. It. Eslilcmnn, Fultz wheat.
Clans r,.
Francis Ivrcady, Diana gr.ic wine (1
years old and 2 years old), blackberry
wine (11 years old), quince jelly, apple
jelly and cured pears.
Levi w. (JreiT, l dozen blackberry wine
Class X, &c.
Miss (Sable, " tidies and sofa cushion.
Miss Anne Crawford, braided sacque.
Miss G. It. Kcrfoet, 1 chair tidy.
Mrs. Isaac Stirk, wf:i pillow and table
Class !"
Isaac Stener, G wises insects, 2"i bottles
reptiles, -1-cnrner cabinets, 51 pieces scroll
Samuel II. Heailmaii, coop Dominique
Leghorns, coop Gelden Polish fowls.
Israel L. Laudis. model of hay-rake and
hay-ladder combined, beef and bread cut
ter, post-helo digger.
Mrs. Kerfoel, ornamented jar.
Walter Madig.ui, New England Weekly
Journal, 1728 ; New Yerk Morning Pest,
17S3 ; Bosten Cu.zctU, March 1770.
Antheny Isfcc, copying and writing
beard, secretary t:ible.
J. F. Turner, rotary harness.
There may be a few additional entries
accidentally emitted from the secretary's
Iwek during the uenfiisiaii of the ejiening,
and quite a number of entries were made
(net for competition) after the books had
finally closed. "
Death of Ex-SherUT isare.
Adam Bare, one of the eldest residents
of the county, died at the residence of his
son, Diller Bare, of Bareville, this morn
ing at 4 o'clock, aged 92 years. He was,
in years gene by, an influential member of
the old Anti-Masonic party, of which
Thaddcus Stevens was the leading spirit.
In 1830 he was elected high sheriff
of the county, and in 1844 he was
elected one of the county commissioners.
He was a genial old man and was widely
known throughout the county. Until a
month or two past he was in excellent
health and was after seen walking erect
upon our streets chatting pleasantly with
his friends. The time for his funeral has
net yet been fixed.
Cara Continued.
The case of A. C. Welchans, assessor of
the First ward, and J. B. Lichty.assessoref
the Second ward, vs. the city of Lancaster,
for compensation for making registration of
voters, was te have been heard before
Alderman Spurrier te-day, but owing te a
misunderstanding as te the hour of the
hearing the case was continued until Mon
day, at 1 o'clock p. m. The assessors
claim f 97..ri0 and $73.50 respectively, and
the county commissioners refuse te pay
mere than $60 each.
Intelligence. Frem Northeastern l. ncaster
Our Regular Correspondence.
On Tuesday, Win. Williams left Eliza
beth farm and went, te ML lVnii, Berks
Gee. M. Zenlinyer, esq., lias returned
from I'hiladclphia.
M.Samuel Shilling contemplates going
te Oakland, California.
Our district schools-, six in number,
opened some time age, The average at
tendance is fair. The tcuchcis seem te be
very much in earnest.. We hope that their
zeal will net decrease throughout the term.
Mr. Celin Cameren intends sending stock
te the Yerk county agricultural fair, which
.opens en Monday, October 4th.
Rev. .), II. Laudis delivered his last ser
mon te a large congregation in Elizabeth
hapcl, en Sunday night. Tears filled the
eyes of the members of his beloved Heek
wben he spoke of leaving, and he will cer
tainly depart with the best wishes of the
entire community.
Carry the news te what de you say
Elizabeth township is going te have a
mounted club numbering two hundred
members. Seme of the most prominent
Republicans in the township are interest
ed, and they may succeed in organizing a
club, but we'll bet a Mexican twenty -live
cent piece that it will never reach
two hundred; and if they suc
ceed in begging, borrowing or stealing
a sufficient number of horses, jackasses or
mules te mount the club it will put any
ether mounted club in the county in
the shade. It will be like one of the glor
ious old menageries we used te read about.
There are only about 140 or 150 Republi
can voters in the township. They must
cither swear in recruits from ever the line,
or make up the deficit by enlisting a let
of boys in "Itrubakcr's cavalry."
Inline Judge Livingston.
This morning Judge Livingston, after
hearing the argument en the motion for a
nensuit, in the case of Mary Kissinger vs.
the city of Lancaster, refused the non-suit
and the case will therefore go te the jury.
The defense is that the gutter was net in
as bad condition as represented, and if it
bad been, the gutter was net the cause of
the man's death, but it was owing te his
carelessness and te the negligent manner
in which the boxes were leaded en the
wagon. On trial.
llefbrc Judge Patterson.
Jehn B. Bachmau and Geerge Dellulf,
partners as Bachmau & Del In If, vs. Chris
tian llershey owner or reputed owner and
William II. lloiigcndebler, contractor.
This was a mechanic; lien case and was
similar te the one tried yesterday. Verdict
in favor of plaintill' for $210.03 upon
which sum both parties agreed the verdict
should be taken.
"Jehn B. Bachman vs. David K. Hiukle,
owner or reputed owner, ami W.H.IIougcn W.H.IIeugcn W.H.IIougcn
deblcr, contractor, sri.fa. mechanics lien.
Judgment bv convent in favor of the plain
tiff for $75.
Jehn B. Bachman vs William Leckard,
owner or reputed owner, and Win. II.
lloiigcndebler, contractor, sr.Vr.mcchanics
lien. Judgment in favor of the plaintiff for
IMeri In Ohie.
Werd has been received in this city that
Jacob Ilcrzeg, aged about CO years, for
merly of this city, died at Lima, Ohie, en
Sunday. Mr. Ilcrzeg left for the West
about 15 years age. Previous te that time
be was employed at the Fountain Inn,
which was then kept by Franklin Heckert.
He was a step-brother of Michael Brccht,
who died recently.
lingers Cnt Oil'.
This afternoon, Mr. B. F. Skccn, pro
prietor of tin; Empire bending works at the
junction of Lemen street and New Helland
pike, met with an accident. While working
at a circular saw the fingers of his left
hand came in contact with the saw and the
end of forefinger was cnt off. The middle
linger was se much mangled that it had te
be amputated and the third linger was
also badly mangled. The wounds were
dressed by Dr. Gee. 11. Welehens.
Meney Stelen.
A thief entered the house of A. II. Ball,
en East Lemen street,ycstcrday, and stele
$25 belonging te Mr. Hall's son. Ne one
was at the house at the time, and it is be
lieved that the thief was acquainted with
the premises.
A Fine Jeb.
Messrs. Nerbcck A SI iley, carriage manufac
turers, have just finished a covered express
wagon which they te-day shipped te Keine,
Georgia, where it will tie used by J. J.
Spi eager, formerly et'thls city, who Is In the
hettting business In that town. The wagon Is
very substantially built with phttterm.sprlngs
uudullthe latest Imprevcinciis. The paint
ing, which was denu by Eugene Nerbcck, Is
bcaiilllul. The sides of the wagon arc of n
bright scarlet with gilt letters, shaded In blue.
In the middle are I he letters " R. I!. W." In u
monogram. The body of the wagon lsatun
color with beautiful scrollwork en the sides
and back. Sir. Sprengcr certainly knows
where te procure geed work, tilt heugh he
sends a long distance for it.
Dialvlcs, dropsy, gravel, Bright' disease
mid nervous debility, nre all cured by Prof.
CJiillin.'UeV French Kidney Pud. Try It.
Lancaster Lycctli".
Lancaster Lyceum meets this evening In V.
SI. C. A. hall, at 8 p. in. Members of Lyceum
and ethers having any Interest In this direc
tion are desired te be present.
"Acress the Continent." Tills evening this
popular play will be presented by Oliver
J eud Byren and a strong company, which in
cludes a number of strong specialty people.
A live tlonkey will be seen en the stage.
Shaving becomes an indispensable luxury
with Cntlcura Shaving Seap.
Dogs transmit it through their teeth. Teeth
should be kept free lrem virus. Use SOZO
DONT, keep the human teeth clean, and no
damage can be done by tlm man who says te
his girl, " I feel like eating yen up, dearest."
Nervous, sleepless ami overworks! find lest
and nourishment In Slalt Hitler.
The Parade To-Jlerrow Evening.
Soldiers who de net belong te the Han
cock Veteran association, but wish te
parade te-morrow evening, will please
bring with them te the headquarters in
Centre Square, their caps and blouses, if
they liavc them, and a place will be as
signed them in the parade.
The Eighth ward will form en West
Orange, net West Chestnut, as published
The staff officers and aids will call a
Lane's store, 24 East King street, between
7 and 8 o'clock this evening for their caps
and belts.
Caps, torches and badges are being
procured for Ces. C and I) of the Veterans
and will be distributed at headquarters at
G::U) p. m., sharp, Friday.
l'oer Emigrant.
Yesterday a family of peer Polish emi
grants, of very respectable appearance,
arrived in this city, entirely destitute of
means te carry them any farther AVest.
The family consisted of two brothers, ene
of whom had a wife and three small chil
dren. They were cared for by a few kind
hearted people in the vicinity of the depot.
Jeseph Kautz gave them their dinner and
Jehn Scheenberger, of the Tremont house,
funiishcd them with supper and lodging.
This morning Fred Brimmer collected for
them 10.80 and bought them tickets for
Millcrsburg, Dauphin county, in the vici
nity of which place they said they had
friends, and they went en their way rejoic
ing. They could speak no language ex
cept the Polish, And it was difficult
them te make themselves understood.
Arm llreken.
Lewis Stravely, aged 1U years, residing
en Strawberry street, fell from the steps
at his home this morning and broke his
arm. Dr. Warren set the limb.
M'O.J. t TIC a i. n 171.1. IJTjy.
Pay Your Tax.
Every voter who wants te vote in November
should leek alter the payment of his tax. Col
lector Warlel sits at the Court Heuse THIS
EVENING frnmG te ! o'clock te receive it
go thscim: axi pay it.
Ftr Assembly.
The name of WILLIAM MeCOSLSKY, of the
First ward, will be presented te the Dcmo Dcme
eraiie electors et Lancaster at their primary
elections te nominate a candidate for As
sembly, under Democratic rules.
KM SI (i. SNYDER, et the Ninth ward, wil
be a candidate for the Democratic nomination
totlicLcgi-ilatiire from Lancaster City. Sub
feet te Democratic rules. til
Company "C,"
Hancock Veterans, will meet. at. headquarters
this evening at 7 o'clock. Every member Is
expected te be present.
Company C and I Veterans
will meet at Headquarters for uniforms en
Friday evening at () o'clock sharp.
ilaiicecl; Letien.
Theie will be a special meeting et Hie Han
cock Legien this evening at ,i o'eleck at
Central Headquarters. Business of the utmost
importance, requiring theattendaiice of every
member, will be transacted. Let there be a
full turnout.
Attention, First IVard.
A meeting of the. club will be held this even
ing at S o'clock, for distributing uniforms.
Attention, Second Ward.
A special meeting of tlm Second ward club
will be held at Kuusing's Union hotel, opposite
Pennsylvania II. It. depot, Chestnut strcet,
Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock. Every Dem
ocrat in the ward is requested te be present.
These net wishing te uniform will be lurnlwh
ed with a torch. On Friday evening the club
will meet at. the above place, nt 7 o'clock
sharp, fully uniformed, te participate in gen
eral parade. The members will wear white
Third Ward Club.
The members of the Third Want Hancock
and Engl ish club arc requested te meet at the
Central Headquarters this evening at "o'clock.
The uniforms will be distributed.
Attention, Fourth Ward.
The club will meet at ilethwcllcr's hall this
(Thursday) evening, at 8 o'cleck,whcn torches,
ticsand hats will be distributed. Shirts will
positively be distributed te-morrow In time
ler parade.
Finn Ward.
The Finn Ward Hancock club will meet at
their headquarters en Friday evening, nt fi:4."
sharp, for parade.
Sixth Ward-Aiiicrlcus Club.
The regular meeting of the club will be held
ta-morrow (Friday) eveningat To'clecksharp.
An important business meeting will be held
bclere inarching In the parade. The numbers
("C") ler the caps can be had at Ban &, Slc
Culley's store free te all members.
Seventh Ward.
Tin: Yeung Sicii's club et the Seventh ward
are requested te meet at thelr hcadquarlerj
en Friday evening nt 7 o'clock, sharp, uni
formed. The members will wear whlte gloves.
Attention Eighth Ward!
Turn out for the great torchlight parade to
morrow ( Friday) evening. The Eighth Ward
battalion will lerm nt C:4S p. m. en High
street, right resting en Filbert alley, and pro
ceed lrem thence te West Orange street and
take their place in the line. By order of Fred.
E. Shread, commanding Battalion.
Ninth "Ward.
The regular stated meeting of the Ninth
Want Hancock and Englsh club will be held
at their club room ever Arneld Haas's saloon,
North Queen street, en Thursday evening, at
o'clock. Every member is desired te be
present ns arrangements will be made ler the
parade en Friday evening. Alse the balance
of equipments will be distributed te these
members who liavenetrccelvcd them yet.
Ib lABcaater.
General torchlight parade en Friday even
ing, October 1. Ne speaking.
Welsh Mountain Inn.
Trl-county meeting Wednesday afternoon
and evening, Oct. 6. Speakers, E. B. WIegand,
2 of Beading ; K. J . Menagnan, of West Chester ;
E. McCaa, B. F. Davis, D. McMullen, J. M.
Walker. J. L. Sielnmetz, W. U. iicnsci, w.
Keland, Jno. H. H. Dellaven.
1'elc raising, Thursday afternoon Oct. 7.
Friday evening, October 8. Speakers: S. W.
Sbadlc, W. II. Beland.
At Meuntvllle
en Monday, October 11. Speakers: Jehn W.
Ferney, J. Luther Ilingwelt, E. McCaa, J. L.
Stelnmetz, B. F. David, W. V. Iicnsci and Wni.
B. Given.
Ac Quarrj-TlIIe
Tuesday, October li Speakers: J. W.Ferney
J. Luther KIngwalt, Cel. Jehn E. TBItchle, E.
McCaa and ethers.
New Helland.
Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 1.1. Speakers :
Hen. Jehn W. Ferney, J. Luther llingwalt.
Cel. Jehn II. Ritchie, E. McCaa, et Alabama,
Gen. II. Kyd Douglas, Win. II. Keland, Wm. B.
Given and ethers.
In Lancaster
en Tuesday evening, Oct. 12. Sneakers : Jehn
W.Ferney, J. Luther Itlngwa'.t, Gen. II. Kyd
Douglas and ethers.
Millport, East Lampeter Twp.
Thursday evening, October 14. Speakers: B
F. Davis, J. L. SteinmcUr, E. D. North, W. U.
Iicnsci, J. A. Coyla.
Friday evening. October 15. Speakers Hen. D.
Erincntreut, of Heading; W. II. Wilsen, 1.
McMullen, W. II. Keland, J. B. German, II. N
Friday evening, October 15. Speakers : E. Mc
Caa, E. It. WIegand, B. F. Davis, W. I llenscl.
Saturday evening, October IB. Speakers: W.
U. Iicnsci, D. McMullen.
McCall's Ferry.
Ch. Ollleman's hotel, Saturday afternoon amf
evening, October 10. Speakers: Hen. J. L.
Steiiimctz. E. D. North, It. B. Bi-k.
Saturday evening, October 1(5. E. McCaa, B.
F. Davis, W. II. Beland.
Tuesday evening, October 19.
Thursday nflei neon and evening, October 21.
Friday afternoon and evening, October 51.
Hen. E. K. Apgar and ethers.
Friday evening, October 22. Speakers: Hen
E. K. Apgar and ethers.
Saturday, Octebcr23.
Tuesday, October 20.
Wednesday evening, October 27. Speaker
Hen. S. .1. Kaud.ill.
Wednesday, October 27,alternoen an. levelling.
Thursday evening, October 23.
Universal Knowledge.
r.ARftfi TYPE Edition. A verbatim reprint of the last (1830) Londen edition et Chambers's
UAiiuu inu Encyclepaedia, with copious additions (about 15,000 topics) by American edi
tors; the whole under one alphabet, with such illustrations as are necessary te elucidate the
text, 'l'rinted from new electrotype plates, brevier type, en superior paper, and bound In 15
ciriwi ucuiiu iviuiura ui UWU19W jnigra vacu. it win contain, complete, aoeui in per ceeu
mere than Appleton's and 20 per cent, mere than Jehnsen's Cyclenxdia, and though, in all re- iuipuiian. its uiu (jcuciai icuuvt, iii3 lai aitviiutr iaj vnucrei mem, lis cesi Is Dut uac-
tien of their price. Volumes 1 and II are ready October I, and ether volumes will fellow at
least two each month, the entire work being completed by April, 1831, and probably sooner.
Frice per volume. In cloth, $1 ; In half Russia, gUt top, 91 M ; postage, per volume, 21 cents. It
times complete for the nominal price of J10 for the edition In cloth, and 15 for the edition in
hairKussiu, gilt top. The price during November will be advanced te $10.50 and $15.75 ami a
lurther advance will be made each month till the work Is completed. It Is net supposed that
the mass of these who will In time become purchasers of the Encyclepaedia will make payment
in advance as they new liave the opportunity te de, though most of them de pa y for their news
papers and magazines a lull year in advance but the old, tried friends of the Literary Bevolu Bevelu Bevolu
tien, who knew that the American Bcek Exchange always accomplishes what It undertakes,
and docs what It premises te de, will be glad te save $5 by Investing $10 and get the earliest and
consequently best printed copies of the largest anil best Encyclepaedia ever published ;in .this
country, even at ten times Its cost. Volumes will be shipped as may be directed, as they are
iuuu, ui n ijuii iuu aui in cuuipicie.
As a portion of the Library el Universal Knowledge, we Issue Chambers's Encyclepaedia
scnai-atelv. without the American additions, eemnlctn fn is volume in me in this ixrn it i
printed lrem new clcctretypa plates mode from very clear nonpareil type. Price, Acme edi
tion, cloth, $7.50; Aldus edition (liner, tibry rift heavier paper, wide margins). halt Rus
sia, gilt lop. K. In this style 11 volumes UU. are Issued October 1, and volume 15 will
be ready about October 23 completing the work. Te theso ordering during the month of Oc
tober, the price of the 15 volumes complete wUl be $7 for the cloth. fU for the half Russia, gilt
top. During November the price will be advanced te $7.25 and JU-50 for the set.
The very large Additions te Chambers's Encyclopedia (about 15,000 topics) which are
made by the American editors of the Library of Universal Knowledge, will also be Issued sepa-
1.U1.1.V i .wi. i wfiuui.3 ,11 (.w iu jwu ucuvu jiuua isitu, mrgu lyjiu; 1110 price eemg;pi per vol
ume in cloth, 1.50 In half Russia, gilt top; postage, per velume, 21 cents. Volume 1 will be
ready In October, and ether volumes will fellow as rapidly as possible, the (whole being com
pleted by April, lSsl, and probably sooner. Price for the set of four volumes ilurina October
only, net, $2.05 ter the cloth, $4 for the half Russia, gilt top. The four volumes et American Ad
ditions will be found well-nigh Indispensable by all owners of Chambers's, Appleton's, John John Jehn
eon's and all ether Cyclopedias except the large Jyne edition or the Library of Universal
Knowledge, from which It is compiled.
General News.
It Is Impossible for a woman after a fulthlul
ceurse of treatment with Lydla E. Pinkliam's
Vegetablc Compound te continue te suffer
with a weakness et the uterus. Enclose a
stamp te Mrs. Lydla E. Piuklmm, 23.1 Western
avenue, Lynn, Mass., for pamphlets.
The secret of perfect health Is Invariably
found by these who take "Sellers' Liver
Mire Sign.
If you see a lad v drop her glove and a gen
tleman by the side of her, kindly telling her
te pick it up. you need net hesitate In forming
an opinion that they nre married, and it you
scan man or woman's face all covered with
blotches and pimples, you must net hesitate
but tell them te use Spring Blossoms. Prices :
50 cents ; trial bottles 10 cents. Fer sale by U .
B. Cochran, Druggist, 137 anil 13tf North Queen
street, Lancaster, Pa. 15
The Value et Pure AVine In Sickness.
The chief difficulty wfth reliable wines has
been their scarcity and exorbitant price, but
this has been removed by the introduction of
a Pure Native Wine, produced lrem thcOporle
grape by Mr. Alfred Spccr, of New Jersey. We
understand that he has submitted his wine te
the test etmany of our celebrated physicians,
and all concur in its purity, medicinal prop
erties and superiority te the best imported
Pert Wine. Most et them prescribe It in eases
of debility, affections of the kidneys, mid
chronic complaints, requiring a Ionic, su su
eorific or diuretic treatment. l&amiticr.
This wine Is endorsed by Drs. Alice and
Davis, and sold by II. E. Slaymaker.
A lady In East Liberty. Pa., whose face was
covered with sores, was cured, by using one
bottle of " Dr. I.tndscy's Blecu" Searcher."
The Pleasures of Hepo.
When the body Isbewedwlthpalnan intense
longing for relief brings hope. This mav
brighten the suffering but it docs net euro. At
a time like this hew welcome Is such a friend
as Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure,
bringing hope, health and happiness and Vie
Jeys of a renewed life. I
" Is It possible that Mr. Ced Trey, is up and nt
work, and cured by se simple a remedy t"
"I assure you It Is true that he fs entirely
cured, and with nothing but Hep Bitters and
only ten days age his doctors gave him up and
said he must die!"
"Wcll-a-day! IT that Is se, 1 will go this
minute and get some for my peer Geerge. I
knew hops are geed."
t Library of Universal Knowledge, 15 vels. $15.
tChamhcr's Encyclopedia., 15 vels-, $7.50.
American Additions te Chambers's Encyclo Encycle
paedia, 4 vels., 2.
Milmau's Gibben's Reme, 5 vels., ?J. ;
Mecaulay's History of England, 3 vels., $1.25.
Macaulay's Life and Letters, 50c.
Maeaulay's E.asaysand Poems, 3 vels., $1.80.
Chambers's Cyclepaedia of Eng. Literature, I
Knight's7llstoryer England. 4 vels,, $3.
Plutarch's Lives et Illustrious Men. 3 vels.
Geikle's Life and Words of Christ, 50e.
Voting's Bibii; Concordance, 3II,(XW refer
ences, $i
Acme Library of Biography, 2 vels., 40 -11111 ."Uie.
Boek et Fables,.llsep, etc., illns., 40e.
Milten's Complete Poetical Works. 40c.
'Shakespeare's Complete Works, $1,50.
Works of Dante, translated hv Caw. :iile-
Worksef Virgil, translated by Dryden, aie.
The Keran et Mohammed, by Sale, 30e.
Adventures or Den Quixote, lllus., 50e.
Abrabian Nights, Bins., 40e.
Banyan's Pilgrim's Progress, illus., 10c.
Robinson Crusoe, Illus., lite.
Munchausen and Gulliver's Travels, illils.,IOc.
Stories and Ballads, by E. T. Alden, Bins., 50e.
Each of the above bound in cloth. If by mail, postage extra. Most of the books are also
published in line editions and line bindings at higher prices. Beeks () ill press; (t) some but
net all vels, issued. Descriptive Catalogues sent free en request. Remit by bank draft, money
order, registered letter or by Express. Fractions of one dollar may be sent In postage stamps.
JOHN B. ALDEN, Manager. Tribune Building, Mew Yerk.
AftV.Nr.TRK lesion, II. L. Hastings; I'hiladclphia, Leary & Ce.; Cincinnati, Rebert Clarke
nuuiiuiuu. & Ce.; Indianapolis, Bewen, Stewart Ce.; Cleveland, Ingham, Clurke & Ce.;
Teledo, Brown, Eager & Ce.; Chicago, Alden & Chad wick : in smaller towns, the leading book beok boek
seller: Agency for Pacilic coast, Cunningham, Curtiss& Welch, San Fmiiclsee. Liberal terms
te clubs where there are no agents. scp30-4td&4lw
Karl In Queer Land, illus., GOc.
Acme Library of Modern Classics, 40c.
American Patriotism, 50c.
Tuine's History of English Literature, fiec
Cecil's Beeks et Natural History, $1.
Pictorial Handy Lexicon, 17c.
Sayings, by author et Sparrewgniss Papers,
Mrs. Ilemans' Poetical Works, 00c.
KittO's Cyclepaedia of Bib. Ltteratnre, 2 vels.,
Rell In's Ancient Ilisterv, $1.73.t
Smith's Dictionary of the Bible,50e.
Works of Flavlus Jesephns, $1.50.
Comic History et U. S.., Hepkins, illus., 50c.
Health by Exercise. Dr. Gee. II. Tayler. 40c.
Health for Women, Dr. Gee. 11. Tayler. 30c.
Library Magazine. 5 bound volumes, se te 0c.
Leaves from the Diary et tin old Lawyer, $1.
Republican Manual, lsSO, 50c.
Hemer's Iliad, translated by Pepe, 30c.
Hemer,8 Odyssey, translated by Pepe, 3Hc.
Scott's Ivanliee. 50c'
Bulwcr's Last Days of Pompeii, 50c.
The Cure or Paralysis, Dr. Ge.e II. Tayler, Sic.
Froissart's Chronicles, illus.. $1.50.
The Llghtet" Asia, Arneld, 25c.
Among the many advantages gained by our change of business
location, an important one is the enlarged rooms and improved fa
cilities of our REPAIR DEPARTMENT. With our present corps
of skilled mechanics and completo equipment of machinery and
tools we are are prepared te execute and warrant all work en
trusted te us.
A great variety of new work in original designs will be produced
in our own manufactory. Any orders for specialties will be filled
at short netice and te the satisfaction of our customers. Old Geld
or Silver bought, taken in exchange, or made into new goods.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
Ne. 4 West King Street.
Yeung Sawbones.
Seme ynnng surgeons when accidents happen,
In order their great skill te show,
cut tne leg en close 10 1110 tiugn.
When they only .should cut oil the tee;
Like cutting off a deg's tall by the cars,
Or the skinning alive or t he treg,
1 t's nil very wel I as a surgical case,
But devilish tough 011 the deg.
'TIs much better by far when you're wounded.
Or have either Cut. Bruise or Burn,
Te find Eclcctric Oil is the very bast tiling.
And it won't take you long se te learn.
Kclectric Oil Paragraphcr.
Fer sale by II. B. Cochran, druggist, 137 and
l.'Kt North Queen street, lmcastcr. Pa. 10
Mothers! Met hers! I Mothers!!!
AroyeiOUaturbcd at night and broken el
your rest by a sick child suffering and crying
with the excruciating pain et cutting teeth?
If se, go ntonceandgetabnttlcefMRS. WINS
LOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP. Itwill relieve the
peer little sufferer Immediately depend upon
It ; there Is 110 mistake about It. There Is net a
met tier en earth who lias ever used It, who will
net. tell you at once that It will regulate the
bowels, and give rest te the mother, and relief
and health te the child, operating .like magic.
It Is perfectly safe te use In all cases, and pleas
ant te the taste, and Is the prescription of one
et the eldest and best female physicians nnd
nurses In the United States. Sold everywhere
25 cents a bottle. f 17-lvd&wM.W&S
"Urewn'M Branchial Troches" are used with
advantage te alleviate Coughs, Sore Threat,
Hoarseness and Bronchial Affections. Fer
thirty years these Troches have been In use,
with annually Increasing favor. They arc net
new and untried, but, having been tested by
wide and constant use for nearly an entire
generation, they have attained well-merited
rank among the few staple rcmcdlesef the age.
The Threat.
"Jlrewii's Urenchial Troches'' act directly
en the organs of the voice. They have an ex
traordinary effect in all disorders of the Threat
and Larynx, restoring a healthy tone when re
laxed, cither lrem cold or ovcr-exertlen of the
voice, and produce a clcarand distinct enunci
ation. Speakers ami Hingars find the Treclics
A Cough, Celd, Catarrh 01 Sere Threat re
quires immediate attention, as neglect often
times results in some incurable Lung Disease.
i?j-oin'4rencli"ol2Vocie" will almost In
variably give relief. Imitations are offered for
sale, many et which arc Injurious. The genu
ine ".Brown' Urenchial Troches" arc sold
only in boxes. ianl5-lyd&wTu,Th&S
Mutual Protective Association of Pitts
burgh wants a first-class agent in Lancaster
county. This Is 11 line company, managed by
responsible men, and affords its agents great
working facilities. Address. E. C. Presper,
Gcuerul Agent, 520 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
the undersigned executer of Henry Stclgcr
Walt, deccased, will expose te sale, at 7 o'clock
p.m., at the Leepard Hele, East King street,
a Let or Piece of Ground, situated 011 the east
sldoersouth Queen 8trcot,ln.the city of Lan
caster, Ne. 335. Said let containing in front, en
said Seuth Queen street, 17 feet amf 4 Incites,
and extending in depth of that width eastward
te Strawberry street, whereon is erected a
geed two-stery-and-a-lialf DKICK DWELLING-HOUSE,
with a two-story Back Building
attached, Hydrant, Fruit Trees, and ether im
provements thereon.
Terms made known at. time of sale bv
Executers of Henry Stclgcrwnlt, dec'.l.
IlnxnvSiiciiKirr, Auct. s::o-ei,7,ll,U
XJ1N' AliVlillTlSElUJElfTS.
Largest Aisnrtnienl el
0P1A M8&
Ne. 20 Kasl Kinsr Street, Lancaster, Pa.
Bark. At Bareville, en September
Adam Bare, in the 93d year 01 1113 age.
Netice of funeral hcrcaltcr.
Hebzoe. September 2C, 1830, Jacob Ilcrzeg, of
Lima, Allen county, Ohie, termcrly or Lancas
ter, in his CDth year. ltd
era' Drug Stere, 9 East King street
SEPTEMBER 30, 1SS0, lit the Franklin Heuse,
North Queen street, will be sold nt public sale
the following valuable Teal estate, viz :
Ne. 1. A two-story and munsnrd-roer BItICK
DWELLING HOUSE, with two-story Brick
Back Building attached, and let or plcce of
ground, situate at the corner of North Duke
and Frcderlckstrecta, In the city et Lancaster,
containing CO feet In front and 145 feet In the
rear, There Is a well of excellent water with
pump therein ; .also a cistern with ruin water
and pump therein In back building ; there is
much choice fruit en the let.
Ne. 2. A two-story STONE WAREHOUSE.
SO feet sqnare, with olllce attached, 10 by 3
fcet, Fnuiie Stable nnd ether improvements,
and let or plcce el grennd fronting 1SS fcet en
Frederick street, und extends CO leet In the
The above properties will be sold separate as
described or us a whole, as may suit pur
chasers. Possession and geed title en April 1. 1RR1.
Sale te commence at 7 o'clock p, m., when
due attendance will be given and tercr.sef sale
made known by
S. Hbss & Sex, Aucts. scpia-Std
Rathven & Fisher
Offer their entire-stock el
Ready-Made Clothing
at and below Cost, witlin view nt discontinu
ing the READY-MADE CLOTHING business,
and devoting their attention exclusively te
CLOTHING made promptly te order, and
satisfaction in nil cases guaranteed. A select
line of Cleths, Cassimcrcs, Worsteds, Ceutlngs,
Suitings, Cheviots. Meltons, Overceatings,
VestingB, Ac., nlwaysen hand and orders re
spectfully 'solicited. Alse, a general line or
Furnishing Goods.
Merchant Tailors and Drapers,
Ne. 101 North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa.
SPECIAL. Theso in want of Rcady-Madc
Clothing will consult their own interest by
giving them n call before purchasing else
where, as their Clothing nre mainly of their
own manufacture and substantially made.
Oarsmen la England.
Londen, Sept. 80 The Sportsman this
morning says : "Messrs. Gibsen, Putney,
Messenger, Tcildingten and Wallace Ress
will enter for the prizes offered by the
American firm iu the international regat
ta. Trickctt and Laycock did somehartl
work yesterday. Hanlan and Trickctt will
be en the river at half-past ten o'clock
this merninjr."
The War In Turkey.
Londen, Sept. SO. A despatch from
Gravase te the Daily Telegraph, says three
Turkish officers who arrived at Ragusa e:i
Tuesday are en their way te Trobinge te
take ever war material in Herzegovina
from the Attstrians.
A Rumer Denied.
Londen, Sept. 80. A dispatch from
Rome te the Times says : "The statement
that moditicatiens have been introduced
in the instructions te Rear Admiral Fini Fini
cate, of the Italian fleet iu Turkish waters,
is absolutely false."
TurkUh Banditti.
A dispatch from Vienna te the daily TVfe-
graph says : A telegram has been received
from Constantinople stating that robbers
have assassinated the wife of the Russian
consul at Van and that several of the
ladies' traveling companions were seriously
Count Climnberd's Birthday.
Paris, Sept. 80. The Count DeCham DeCham
berd completed yesterday bis sixtieth year
The occasion was celebrated by about a
dozen banquets in various parts of Paris and
A commemorative mass at the Church of
St. Germain Dcs Pres was attended by a
thousand persons. Masses were also cele
brated at Marseilles, lierricaux and ether
PUtedelpkte Market.
f25?!!?A' &- -Meur Arm; super
fine $2 7303 05 ; extra $3 33fl4 00 : Ohie and In
ras2i, f Pl rpenn'., tanUly de
W 875 35 ; St. Leuis family at $5 50tf 23 ; Min
nesota family 005 75: straight ;edS50:
patent and high grades TSfiSSiL wl,ew5
Rye flour at 00.
Wheat linn, with geed demand: Ne. 2
be?07K5aS?-; a-KeUcl; Al
corn scarce and wanted by local trade;
stfSlcr.5lc,: y"w55ejc: mixed Mi55c!
Oate steady : Ne. 1. White. K9c; N6V2 de
W5; no. j 110 we; A'e. -, Mixed 39
Rye Arm nt 93c.
Previsions in Arm lobbing trade; mtss
perk $1G 5017 00; beef hams $17 0i3!S 00 : In
dian Buss beet at $18 SO ; smoked hams lljrf
12?; Plckled hams !) 10c ; bacon smoked
shoulders' 6?i07c . gait ae 6&ic.-
Lard firm ; city kettle at 8K0 ; loeo butch
ers' SJc ; prime steam S3 50.
Butter steady with mere inquiry; Creamery
extra 32c ; de geed te choice a::ic ; Bradford
county and New Yort extra. 2G2e; Western
reserve extra 22a-.Sc ; !e geed te choice lCfl2iic
Leus quiet: Pcnn'a extra 2023; Western re
serve extra 2023c.
Eggs qnlct ; Pnna at 2l22e; Western
Cheese Arm; light stock; New Yerk full
cream 1314c ; Western full cream llS'ic:
derfalr te geed 12ai2c; de hair skims ll
llc. v
Petroleum nominal ; refined at llje.
Whisky at $112.
Seeds Geed te prime Clever dull at $7.'.0
63 00 ; Timethy Arm at 12 75uVJ 30: Klavsee.1
uniuuii se.
m '
New Yerk Market.
Nkw Yebk. Sept. 30. Fleur State and West -em
linn ; market without decided ehaiiga in
prices and with moderate expert and home
trade Inquiry; Superllne, t.'.0150: extra
de $1 00Q4 25 ; choice, de. $4 :Mi " ; fancy de.
$1 7095 1& : round hoop Ohie 4 S04 8.". : choice
de HSOita 00; superfine western r&JI 00;
common te geed extra de $4 oel 30 : choice
de de $1 3S0 25 ; choice white wheat de $1 15
HI CO; Southern Arm and unchanged ; com
mon te fair extra 7.'j.r. 35; goal te choice
lit! 4U(fcJ 3U.
Wheat a shade stronger nnd fairly active
; l.Uh,,l, Oct., $1 lis;xl 0S?;N.S Red.
Oct. $1 eajBl i-jif ; de Nev. $1 UJJi.
Cern shade better and moderately active;
Mixed western spot, 5I?h51; de future, 51k:
Outs.:witceut change; Ne. 2, Oct.. SOe; de
Nev,. 4Sc ;de Dec., SSc ; State, 42 13c ; West
ern, 41t5c.
Stock Market
New Yeus Sre. :
Stocks strong.
Te-day's Session erthePan-Prcsbyterlan Al
liance. P UiLADELPiiiA, Sept. 30. At te-day's
sc ssien of the Pan-Presby tcrian alliance
the cemmittee en creeds and confessions
was enlarged by the addition of
two elders. This cemmittee read a com
munication from the Reformed presbytery
of Philadelphia, making application for
representation in the council ; declaring
its creed te be in conformity with the
cencensus of the Refermed confessiens,aud
agreeing te accept the censtitutisn of the
alliance. The representative of the presby
tery was admitted. The report of foreign
missionary work was read. It suggests the
establishment of a great training college
atPckin, China, nnd a mere Jcnergctic
prosecution of mission work in heathen
countries. During the past seventy years
two million Pagans have been rescued from
darkness by Protestant missionaries. Dr.
Paxton, of New Yerk, submitted
a written history of the mission
enterprises connected with the follow
ing churches: Presbyterian church of
Canada, United Presbyterian church
in the United States, Refermed Dutch
church, Reformed Presbyterian church
(general synod), Associate Reformed
church, Presbyterian church North and
Presbyterian church Seuth. Among the
summary of statistics submitted in the re
port may thus be stated : Missionaries iu
the field, 1D5 ; native missionaries, lSfi ;
communicants, 19,000.
Ilig Flre In a New Yerk Town.
Sakatecja. N. Y.. Sent. 30. A larjic
fire at Sclinylcrville, began in Oliver Hris
bin's dry goods store at 2 o'clock this
morning. The following business houses
were burned : Oliver Rrisbin tfc Ce., E.
Washburn, dry goods ; J. Ilarin Broek
hardware ; Seth Lawrence, drugs, and the
Western Union telegraph office ; Jeseph L.
Smith, jeweler; Miles Reet, furniture
Seward Winney, meat market, and the
Schuylerville Standard printing office. The
total less is estimated at $60,000.
Tlie Philadelphia Mint.
Piiii.adri.paia, Sept. 30. The coinage
executed at the U. S. mint, in this city
during the month ending te-day, aggre
gated 3,700,716 pieces, valued at $2,102,
864. Of this amount there were 16 deuble
eagles, .r5,076 eagles, 65,!57G half eagles,
16 Unco dollar geld pieces, 16 quarter
eaglcs, 16 geld dollars, 1,200,000 silver
dollars and 2,380,000 cents.
100 Tens of Rags Wanted,
Fer which the highest price will be paid.
The highest price paid for Woelcni, Old
Paper, Beeks, &c. Ten Rag Asserters wuatcd,
te whom the highest price will be paid.
Cor. North Queen and Orange Streets,
yO-tfdlt Lancaster, Pa
et the Wekkiy Istklmeexcimi of the fol
lowing dutes :
JAN. 1. 1S80,
JULY 23, 1880. tf.l
THURSDAY, SEPT. 30, 1880.
Engagement of the Popular Yeung Acter,
Who will appear In his world-renowned play,
depicting life-like incidents in New Tork and
California, entitled
Supported by the Charming Artist,
ami an onscmble of 20 Artists, including the
Excellent Comedian. JOE 11. HANKS, who
will lntrodnce his old Cremona and IH-wang
MASTER CHAS. IIAUEN, in his great imi
tations or Pat Rooney.
CHARLES ARNOLD, in fill wonderful Ger
man Specialties.
JOHN PENDV, in laughable Songs and
Mera fun, mere pathos, than nny thrce
dramas new before the public. Produced with
New Scenery nnd a powerful cost. Admission.
35, SO St 76c. Secure scats at Opera Heuse
Offlee. Harbv 1. Uuahame, lliislncss Manager.
TV Use, free of charge, In the IvrxLuenr
ckk, who wants something te de.
f ul. Call nt 331 East King street.
tlen at which lie can make himself use-
Omen or tub Mxnear Mutdai. Lira Asae-1
ble Agents In each township of the
county el Lancaster. Apply in liana writing
of Applicant te the Heme Office.
L. R. HUMMEL, Sec'y.
Sellnsgreve, Snyder county, Pa., iSeptember
17-lSse. seplC-lmdsstw
Tapsen Extradited.
Philadelphia, Sept. 30. The extradi
tion papers for Jeseph Tapsen, charged
witli embezzlement of funds from the Met
ropolitan railway company's provident
saving's bank, of Londen, who was arrest
ed in this city two weeks age, were receiv
ed by the United States marshal te-day.
The prisoner will start for Europe to
morrow in charge of English officers.
Suicide of an Octogenarian.
PifffiNIXviMJ!, Sept. CO. Alexander
Russell, aged 80, committed suicide this
morning by blowing his brains out with a
musket while temporarily insane.
Washington, D. C, Sept. .10. Fer the
Middle states, northwest te southwest
winds, with clear or fair weather, slight
rise in barometer, and stationary or a
slight fall in temperature.
Fire In Uarrlsbarg.
IlARRiar.URO, Pa., Sept. 30. A flre this
forenoon destroyed Early's National
Greenback hall and sevcral ether frame
buildings in West Ilarrisburg. Less, net
known, but is covered by insurance.
On Wednesday morning last n DAP
PLED GRAY HORSE, flea-bitten about the
head, sere under tell and sero back, and tall
switched en short, attached te a Tep Buggy,
was stolen from the undersigned, a rewaru
efS25 will be paid for the re turn et the team
and $-25 for I no arrest anil conviction or the
Erie R. R
Michigan S. I..S.
Mtchigun Cent. R. U
Chicago & N. W
Cldeage, M St. P..
Han. A St. . I. Coin....
a. 11.
September :a.
A. M. A. V. 1. M. 1-. II
11:10 ll:.Y l:li .t:uj
.. :w :w :m
.tU7J.4 flW', KHJ.J llS"-M
" " P'ld.... S3
Teledo A Wabash.... 37
Ohie A Mississippi.... :tl-7,
St. Leuis, I. M. AS. R rM
Ontario and Western
C. C. A I. C. R. R IS
New Jersey Central. . 71
Del. A Hudsen Canal. 84
Del., Lack. A Western UOti
Western Union Tel... !H
Pucillc Mall S. S. Ce.. :ZVH
Man hat bm Etevuted. !):
Unlea Pacific 89
Kansas A Texas 35
Adams Express
Illinois Central
Cleveland A Pitts
Chicago A Reck I
Pittsburgh A Ft. W
American U.Tel. Ce
Stocks steady.
Pennsylvania It, It.... 51
Phll'a. A Reading..... l.Vrt
Lehigh Valley Kl
Lchtgli Navigation... :
Northern Paelllc Coin 21;
l'ltts.,Tflusv'eA li.... It:
Northern Central 37
Phll'a A Erie R. R
Northern Penn'a
Hcstenvilln Pass
Central Trans. Ce.
131 "
... 4S
... 1?2
... 30
I.ncal Stocks and ItenilH.
Liiuc.City K per et. Lean, due ISSO.. .$ li.e
lsye... im
f per ct. Ill 1 or 30 years. .
I4111C. and Quarry v'e R. R.bend.... 100
" " " stock 50
Lancaster and Ephratatiirnpike... 'J5
Idiiic , Elizabetht'ii amlMiddlet'ii.. IU)
Lancaster and Krultville turnpike. .Ml
Lancaster and LltitK turnpike -J5
Lancaster ami Maner turnpike.... ftl
Lancaster and Manhclm turnpike. -Z'
Lancaster and Marietta turnpike., i".
Lane. an. I New Helland turnpike., loe
Lane, and Strashurg turnpike. 2f
Lane, and Susquehanna turnpike.. ::ee
Lane, anil Willow Street turnpike. 25
Farmers' Nat. Ban k et 1 jinrnster.. . SO
First Nat. Rank of Lancaster tim
Lancaster Cennty Nat. Rank M
Inquirer Printing Ce 50
Lauciia Light unit Fuel Ce. stock. -
" " " bends. I1W
lid. Id
Hii M
Fer sale at
The Annual Exhibition of the Lancaster
County Society will open 011 Wednesday, the
21U h of September, ISM0, and continue until 111
o'clock p. 111., October I, ut the Northern
Market, North Queen street, luicater. Pa.
Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Oniins. Seeds,
Demestic Productions, Household Manufac
tures, Mechanical Implements, Tobacco, l'ce
Products, Fancy Werk, Cabinet Ware, Furs,
Dairy Produce. Saddlery, Sewing Machines
and general household articles will he re
ceived anil placed in competition, governed
by the rules published in premium list.
Noentranco fee rcipiircd trem exhibitors;
and open te all lu the county and state be
yond. Single Tickets 20 cents. Children 10 cents,
and satisfactory arrangements made for the
admission of Exhibitors.
On Monday, the 27th Inst., the elllccrs will be
in attendance nt the place of exhibition te un
sign space and make ether preliminary ar
rangements. Premium IMh can be had at 101 North Queen
street until the Opening of the Fair.
Exhibitors should have written lista of their
exhibits lieferu they enter them in order te
prevent Inaccuracy and contusion. Careful
officers will be appointed, and everything
guarded with fidelity.
MANAGERS: JefephP. Wltnier, Paradise;
Calvin Cooper, ISird-lu-Hund; Jehn C.
vllle, Uap; Peter S. Relst. I.ltftz: H. M. Engle,
Marietta: Jehn 11. Land Is, Mlllcrsville: M. D.
Kvndig, Cresswell ; K. S. Hoever anil S. S.
Ruthven, Lancaster; W. M. Hreslus, Liberty
Square. sep2U-2td
Puiii.ic sale.
pursuance or nn alias order of the Orphans'
Court of Lancaster county, the undersigned
administrator with the will annexed of Joan Jean
na Hurry, deceased, will sell ut public sale at
tile Leepard hotel, East Ling street. In the
city of Lancaster, the following described
property, viz : AH that certain two-story and
attic RRICK DWELLING HOUSE ami ether
buildings und Let or Piece or Ground belong
ing thereto, situated en the North side of East
King street, in the city of Lancaster, being Ne.
313, containing in front 21 feet, mere or less,
nnd extending In depth northward '215 feet,
mere or lass, te a 14 feet wide public alley, and
having a front efsaid alley of 2S feet, mere or
less, with 11 geed Mrlck Stable.
Terms : Purchase money te be paid cash en
the 1st day et April, A. D. 1881.
Sale te commence at 7 o'clock, p. m.. or said
day when nttendance will be given and terms
made known by.
Hksrv SiicitEirr, Administrator, C. T. A.
Auctioneer. 2-e2,j,Il,12.::
VATE SALE. Is offered at private sale
all that valuable property situated in Wi-st
Lampeter township, known as "Recky
Springs," containing 27 ACRES, mere or less,
et which about 22 Acres Is fertile farm land,
and the remainder weeds, lielng the well
known Picnic Grounds, en which aruerpctcd
a large Twe-story slatcroef ttitICK DWELL
ING, with a Twc-Bter7 slate-reef Brick Hack
lluildlng, and a large and commodious Rani,
new Tobacco Shed, Heg Sty. Cern Crib, and
ether outbuildings. Alse contains a thriving
young Apple Orchard and a large spring of
never-tailing water. The farm land l fertile,
well-watered and especially adapted te raising
tobacco, and the weeds lias long been a popu
lar picnic ground, with a large dancing pfat pfat
lerm, tables, benches, etc. Being situated
within a mile of Lancaster city limits, it Is
eay et access te markets, stores, etc. Fer
terms applet, CATHABIJfB TK1SSLEK.
130 East King street, Lancaster. Pa.
1. Z-,-.' .-'-!3Siy; '-JMf&tga j?. ;-?,!-;.. s ..-.-. : -. -sT,-?-:saga--...
. v'