Lancaster daily intelligencer. (Lancaster, Pa.) 1864-1928, August 13, 1880, Image 3

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Frem Our Regular Corrcitpendciit.
A slated meeting of the school heard
was held last evening in the Shech library
room. Mr. Given was absent. Mr. Hoff Heff
man's proposal te collect the tax duplicate
of 1880 was withdrawn. Mr. Themas IJ.
Dunbar was elected tax collector.
The finance committee made the follow
ing report.
Proceeds or nole
T. B. Dunbar, duplicate 1S70
T. It. WIsslcr, duplicate 1877
J.G. Hess, duplicate 1878
.'. G. Hess, duplicate 187'J
Sale of gr:i from institute le'.....
.$1,4S4 CO
8 10
fl 00
107 12
73 23
:, !I7
w w
S!,i33 ::s
.$1,71:1 23
ie m
1,500 1MI
5S! 52
Order. paid
Discount en note
Nete paid
1 he committee further reported having
renewed the note for $1,500, due Aug. 2d,
for sixty days. The renewal was approved
by the beard. The committee en rents
reported all rents paid. Mr. M'CuIIeugh,
chairman of committee en text books, re
ported progress and that the committee
would be ready te present a written rcpe it
at an adjourned meeting. Tiie committee
unrepairs and supplies reported proposals
for furnishing a supply of coal for the
coming winter from Messrs. Samuel Fii-
ecit, vicerge iscuun ami :i. F. limner.
Hie contract for furnishing coal was
awarded te II. P. Hruner, the lowest bid
der. The resignation of Miss Grace 12.
Walters, teacher-elect of primary school
Ne. 0, was read and acecpled. Miss
Hroemcl was advanced from primary Ne. 7
te primary Ne. G. Primary scnoel Ne. 7
was ordered te be organized as a normal
class school. Misses Mazie Strawhridgc
and Carrie Hefler were elected teachers of
said school. It was agreed that the beard
adjourn te meet this evening at 7 o'clock
in the office of .1. A. Meyers. Exonera
tions of tax duplicate of 1870, 1877 and
1878 were considered and referred te the
iinancc committee. Heard adjourned.
On tlie Street.
The Pennsylvania railroad pay car put
in an appearance yestcnlay afternoon, anil
the empleyes at this place were paid for
the month of July.
The Reformed Suiiday-s-choel picnicked
at Lititz yesterday. The day was enjoy
ably spent by all present, with the excep
tion of William Markley, leader of the
Citizens band, who had a thumb injured
while playing baseball.
Miss Annie Bicucmau returned last even
ing from a six weeks' visit te Scranteu.
A surprise party was taken te the resi
dence of Mrs. Cel. Myers, at Norwood. last
evening. The party are members of the
Archery club, recently formed, and leek
with them bows and arrows for practice.
The members of Company II, 11th rcgi
incut, N. G. P., of this plaec, returned en
tlie fast line yesterday afternoon from the
encampment of the National Guard, held
from the GUi le the leth of the month at
Pairmeunt park, Philadelphia. The com
pany was compelled te march from the
camp grounds beyond Belmont mansion
te the West Philtdclphia depot yester
day morning. The return home gives
satisfaction te all.
Tlie Vigilant engine wasoutfei trial last
The regular monthly meeting of council
will be held this evening.
resident of
Mr. Jehn S. Given, a former
Columbia, is visiting in town.
The only remaining child of Adam Ueis
inger, died last evening of diphtheria.
A brother and sister of David Yeung, I
the butcher, recently came from Germany
te this place. Last, evening the Citizens
baud gave a serenade te the immigrants.
A severe hail storm passed ever a portion
of Maner township ycstciday afternoon.
The tobacco in places was greatly cut up.
Mr. Geerge C. Haldeman and sister spent
yesterday seeking pleasure at McCall's
ferry. They found it.
An unsuccessful attempt was made en
Wednesday evening te enter the residence
of Mrs. Dr. Haldeman en Chestnut street,
above Fifth. The bu.glars were scared
away by members of the family awakened
by the noire made.
S Jine Damage by Hail.
Yesterday during the &term considerable
hail fell in the neighborhood of Manheim,
Crcswcll and ether places. At some points
the tobacco suffered te some extent. The
following named growers had their tobacco
insured, through Bailsman & Bums, in the
Pennsylvania Mutual hail insurance com
pany :
Levi Sener, residing en Jehn McGov McGev
ern's farm in East Ilcmpficld township,
has 9 acres which are slightly damaged.
Insured for $l,:i!i0. Reuben Ulrich, of
East Heinflcld, has 8 acres insured, 2 of
which were cut off before the storm. The
remainder is damaged but slightly. In
sured for 1,200. These are the only par
ties who have se far reported their losses
te the insurance men. We hear of damage
done by the hail at Jacob Mellingcr's
above Millcrsvillc, and te some crops as
far cast as Mechanicsburg, but no names
arc given. There was a geed deal of hail
along the base of the Welsh Mountain, but
the stones were small and did little dam
age. Persons who have come this morn
ing from the southern townships say
there was no damage done se far as they
could sec between Mount Nebo and this
Narrow Escape Frem SuftU-atliig.
On Wednesday evening an eight-year-old
son of Samuel B. Bailey, residing near
Gap station, get into the large grain bin,
at Squire Walker s.tit the railroad depot
and was drawn down through the hopper.
His cries for help brought willing hands
te his assistance, but. he was completely
buried in the wheat and it was nearly half
an hour before he could be get out. He
was utterly helpless and nearly dead when
extricated, and en regaining consciousness
vomited quite a quantity of wheat which
he had taken into him in his endeavor te
breathe while buried iu the bin. Se
tightly was he wedged within the wheal
that the marks of the grains were plainly
indented iu his llcsh after he was get out.
He was attended by Dr. Parker, who says
he is net dangerously hurt, but his escape
was a very narrow one, and should prove
a warning te boys te keep away from
the wheat bins.
Te Visit Lancaster and Preach Here.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Vail, of Kansas, is ex
pected ie preach in St. Jehn's Espiseepal
church, of this city, en Sunday next. He
will arrive here en Saturday. He is mar
ried te a daughter of Bishop Bewman, has
charge of the very large diocese of Kansas,
and is a very prominent man both iu
church and state.
Events Acress the County Line.
The cettajrers and let holders of
Steverdale camnmcetine have elected tlie
following directors ; J. B. Stchman. S. N.
Eby. E. Stever, H. H. Kreider, L. Peters,
G. W. M. Riger, L. Lehman, C. Hershey
and C. 15. Shepc They also resolved te
prevent the traffic en the opposite side of
the creek that has hitherto prevailed en
the Sabbath day.
The Reading Jfietcs observes that " har
mony, pure and unadultcrcd, characterizes
the Republican party in Pennsylvania.
There's the here of the Kiskiminetas
shelved, Lancaster county in revolt, little
Lebanon growing restive, Lackawanna
becoming unreliable, and the Philadel
phia Press building decked out with Han
cock banners this is the record."
Francis McGovern alias C. F. Lamar,
who has been making Greenback speeches
in Bethlehem, Lancaster, Allentown, Ner-
ristewn and ether sections of East Pennsyl
vania, was sent te jail in Heading yester
day, for six months en a charge of having
stolen a valise from the Rev. James Geed,
of Reading. Beth parties rode from the
depot te a hotel, and before the court it
was shown that Greenback orator had in
tentionally committed the crime.
A well-known business man of Harris
burg lest his pocket-book containing valu
able papers wrth S3.01MI and nearly forty
dollars in money, while driving a few days
age. An employee of one of the industrial
works found it ami ascertainrdthc owner's
name. It was promptly returned and the
iiuder absolutely refused te take a hand
some bonus for his trouble. The man in
sisted that it was net right te be paid for
being honest, that he was honest from
principle alone. The grateful owner of
the book and contents executed a Hank
movement and sent the man a valuable
present, notwithstanding his pretest
against being rewarded.
A Windser township man drove te Yerk
v, iih a barrel of cider and a cage contain
ing about twenty pigeons in Iris wagon.
On the way up the head burst from the
barrel, the eider deluging the cage of
pigeons, drowning a couple and making
the balance present a comical appearance.
The whole of the barrel of eider was lest.
The Carlisle Herald in noticing Cel.
MeClure's argument in the Stcinman
Heusel disbarment case says: ' Ne cate
mere deeply affecting the rights of Amer
ican citizens te freely discuss the conduct
of their officers, whether judicial, legisla
tive or executive, has in recent times been
brought before the highest court of this
state. The representative of two profes
sions, whos-e liberty of speech and of wilt
ing is of vital necessity te the well-being
of the people. Cel. M'CIure's powerful
argument, is fully equal te the best expec
tations of the press and the bar and te the
exigencies of the great principles whose
vindication it undertakes."
In the records of old St. David's church
at Radner, it appears in the report of its
missionary rector that at. Concstega he
"ssited many Welsh and English gentle
men that lived far back in the weeds and
for a long lime had no ether place te
preach than under a large tree." That
was the beginning of the Banger P. E.
church at Churchtown, Lancaster county.
Tlie Democrats of Dauphin county
nominated Dr. J. R. Umberger, of Dauphin,
for senator ; E. C. Cobaugh, of Middle
town, and Henry Beck, of Lykcns, for As
semblymen, and Ovid F. Jehnsen for dis
trict attorney. James First, J. B. Boescr
and D. lv. McCIurc were selected as con-
gressienal conferees. They will support
Grant Wcidman, of Lebanon.
A grand tri-statc reunion of Odd Fel
lows will take place at Ment Alte park,
fnuihc'-kiud county, en Thursday, the S)th
of September, which premises te he one of
the largest gatherings that has ever assem
bled at that beautiful and romantic resort.
The Manheim circuit of the United
Brethren in Christ will held their
: annual campniecting in Benjamin Ruin's
. weeds, near Zion's (Ruhl's) church, Raphe
( township, commencing en Tuesday,
i August 17th, and te continue nine days.
' The meeting will be under the supervision
of tiie Presiding Elder, Rev. L. Peters, of
The Union canal extending from Head
ing te Middletown was constructed in the
early part of this century, was the first
canal in the country, ami in its time the
greatest of public improvements. New
I alas ! it has sunk se low that the Reading
i grand jury indicts its managers for maiu
j tabling a nuisance, because it is choked
I up with tilth, emits noxious exhalations
, and is full of putrid, stagnant water.
Death of Ulichuel Trissler.
Michael Trisslcr died at his residence.
Ne. 1150 East King street, at 12:30 this
morning, after several months suffering of
dropsy of the chest. Mr. Trisslcr was born
in Lancaster en the 19th of April, 180!).
He learned the trade of butchering with
Jacob Kauffman, of this city, and at the
time of his death was the eldest butcher
in Lancaster, having followed the business
for mere than half a century forty-nine
years of which he carried en the trade en
the premises where he died. When quite
a young man Mr. Trisslcr married Catha
rine Pick, who bore him a large family of
children, only three of whom are new liv
ing. Mr. Trisslcr was as widely known in
this city and county as almost any ether
man within its limits, having had dealings
with almost all the farmers and stock
raisers in tlm county. His father was a
butcher, as arc also his two brothers, Jehn
of this city, and David of Concstega. He
was a member of the Lancaster Phalanx,
commanded by Capl. Frederick Ham
bright, and later was lieutenant iu the
Jacksen Rifles, commanded by Capt. Dow
ney. Beth these organizations had a great
military reputation half a century age.
Mr. Trisslcr was alto a charter member of
Lancaster Ledge, Ne. 07, I. O. of O. F.,
and retained Ids membership te the time
of his death. Many years age he was a
member of city councils. He was a Jack Jack
eon Democrat in his younger days, and ad
hered te that party until 1830 when lie
joined the Republican party, and has gen
erally voted with it since, but was net by
any means an active politician. He was a
representative of one of the eldest families
in Lancaster remarkable alike for great
physical power and longevity several
members of the family living te be ever 90
years of age. His funeral will take place
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment
at Woodward Hill.
Death or Anether Old -Man.
David Montgomery, aged 80 years, has
died at his residence in West Willow,
where he has lived for a number of years.
He was well known in the neighborhood
and leaves a family consisting of a wife
and live grown children. The funeral
takes place te-morrow morning.
The Manheim Garfield Pele.
As the Republicans of Manheim borough
and vicinity wcie felling a Garfield pole in
the weeds some days age, the pole fell,
striking Jeffersen Kieffcr en the feet man
gling it terribly and permanently disabling
him. Subscription papers for his relief
have been passed around and honored
" without regard te party."
Tiie ill-fated pole was hauled te the pest
office, where it was te have been erected
en the 2nd, and still lies prone in the gutter.
The Brownstown Campmeeting.
The favorable weather at the campmect
ing continues and the attendance is large
every day and evening. Ycsteiday morn
ing the early prayer meeting was conduct
ed bv Rev. J. Lchr and the 9 '.clock mcet-
iug by Rev. F. Seachrist." The 10 o'clock
sermon was preached by Rev. J. E. Knarr,
P. E., from H Chronicles, xxxiii, 12-13,
and was devoted te the history and exam
ple of iranasseh.
Rev. J. Zern conducted the 2 o'clock
prayer meeting and at 2 p. m. Rev. J. A.
Feger preached from II Corinthians. The
attendance being very large, Rev. Rcnben
Dcicher also preached from Psalms xv, 1.
Iu the evening the prayer meeting was
the most interesting occasion of that kind
during the week. Rev. C. S. Brown
preached from Psalms viii, 5.
Rev. D. W. Bixlcr will preach en next
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the M. E.
church, east end of Mechanicsburg, Upper
Leacock township.
Democratic Campaign Committee.
Owing te a misunderstanding as te the
evening fixed for the regular meeting of
the Democratic city and county eampaigu
committee it was called this week for Fri
day evening instead of Thursday. A mcct
iug of the committee will be held this
evening at the committee rooms, in the
southeast angle of Centre Square, ami
every member of the city and county com
mittee in urged te be present. The time
for the meeting is fixed at 7 o'clock, se as
te allow members who have engagements
with their ward clubs te meet them.
In the list of officers of the Hancock
Veteran association en Wednesday even
ing, there were several slight errors. It
was Jacob Pentz and net Geerge who was
elected major. Slier Smith was elected
quartermaster instead of adjutant, and
Jacob Kautz was elected adjutant.
Tiiis association is iu receipt of a letter
from General St. Clair Mulhellaud, who
states that iu a club of 134 men in Easten,
43 arc Republicans, and in Philadelphia
there is another of 113 members, 23 of
whom are Republicans.
There will be a large Hancock and Eng
lish pole raised at Bcllcment, this county,
en Saturday, August 21, 1880. The pole
will be raised in front of Andrew Trout's
Sea Itrecze Mountain Air Kural Shades
ami Invigorating Springs Water.
Dr. Crumbaugh will loave for Detroit
te-night, te attend the meeting of the
American society of microscopy.
B. F. Bailsman left this city yesterday
en a two week's trip through the north
western part of the state.
Moses Gciscnberger and his son Isaac
left for Chicago te-day, as did also E. A.
Pretzingcr and Jehn Baxter, of the watch
'Rebert Lechcr has gene en a trip te
New Yerk, Ceney Island, Leng Branch
and Cape May.
J. N. Stencr, of Stener, Shreiner & Ce.,
and his wife, went te Frecpert, Illinois, to
day. Taking Depositions.
Alderman Barr's eflice was crowded this
forenoon and a large number of deposi
tions were taken in the matter of the rule
of court issued te take testimony en the
application te substitute Frank Brua for
Jacob Brua as proprietor of a licensed eat
ing house in Strasburg borough. Wit
nesses for the remenstrants deposed that
since the license had been taken away
from the house the peace and quiet of the
neighborhood was much improved, and it
was feared that if Frank Brua was granted
a license Jacob Brua, the former proprie
tor, would run the house. Fer the appli
cant it was testified that he was an honest,
sober man, and that Jacob Brua was per
manently engaged in another business.
Sudden Dcatli et a Culiil.
In response te a telegram from Dr. Mil
ler, of Bird in-hand, Corener Mishler
went te that place this morning te held an
inquest en the body of a four year old child
that died suddenly yesterday afternoon.
The names of the parents are net given.
It is said the child was left in charge of ai
elder one at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon,
while they went te work in the tobacco
Held, and that en their return at 5 o'clock
the child was dead.
Gene for Plover.
Prothenotary 13. McMellen, Return
Judge Joe Hoever, " District Attorney "
Tem. Davis, ' Assemblyman " I). D.
Courtney and ex-Fire Chief Joel Haines,
started for the southern end of the county
this morning for a two days' plover hunt.
Hepe they will be mere successful than
the great sportsman Mr. Winkle, and that
they may net meet the mishap chronicled
in Hudibras :
" Seme gnus when aimed at thick or plover,
Kick back and knock their owners ever."
Committed for Trial.
C. L. Northrup and Rebert Blace, the
needle jieddlcrs, were taken before Alder
man Barr last evening, and after a hearing
were held te answer at court for an assault
en Jonas Geedman,the particulars of which
were reported yesterday. In default of
bail they were committed te the county
A cress-suit for assault and battery
against Geedman was preferred by Blace,
and Geedman entered bail te answer.
Itittn by Dogs.
This forenoon a large deg belonging te
Jeseph Brillhart, of West King street, bit
a little son of Philip Mctzgar, of Grant
street, in the side and arms, causing very
ugly wounds.
Yesterday afternoon a deg supposed te
be mad came in the Columbia pike and bit
dogs belonging te Christian Lintner, Sam'l
Hess, Geerge Leugenderfer, Jehn Kepp
linger, all of which were shot. The mad
deg was killed en Maner street.
William Murphy, son of Jehn Murphy,
of West Orange street, this city, who is
employed at the Harrisburg car shops, had
his left feet crushed en Wednesday by hav
ing a heavy weight fall upon it. He is new
at home, but is able te walk about en
Trains Delayed.
Owing te the wreck en the Pennsylvania
railroad near Dtiucaunen, the particulars of
which have net been forwarded te this city,
the Pacific Express due here at one o'clock
this afternoon had net arrived at half-past
two, but was reported all right and would
be along about three.
This afternoon a fight between several
young men occurred en Middle street, near
Rockland. Edwin Sprecher and Henry
Shenk were arrested by Officer Leaman.
Among the many advantages gained by our change of business
location, an important one is the enlarged rooms and improved fa
cilities of our BEPALR DEPARTMENT. With our present corps
of skilled mechanics and complete equipment of machinery and
tools we are are prepared te execute and -warrant all work en
trusted te us.
A great variety of new work in original designs will be produced
in cur own manufactory. Any orders for specialties will be filled
at short notice and te the satisfaction of our customers. Old Geld
or Silver bought, taken in exchange, or made into new goods.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
Ne. 4 West King Street.
Stere Entered by Thieves.
Last night thieves breke into the store
of Charles Geigcr, en the west side of
Quarryvillc, and stele about $200 worth of
goods. They effected an entrance by boring '
fi lirhln In !, liifctrlrt nnllnr ilnnr enrl liffi
... -, , . , , ... ?
up the bar, after which they cut through
the inside deer. The goods stolen consisted
of six nieces of cloth, three pieces of flan-
ncl, a let of gingham, beets and shoes fce. '
The pest oftice was robbed of 2.50 in cash,
The thieves were traced te White Oak,
t. , , , . , ... '
Strasburg township, where their wagon
which they abandoned iu their flight was
The Late Majer Leeher.
The members of the 7t)th regiment P.
V. V., have been requested te meet at E.
K. Martin's office, SW North Duke street,
this evening at 7 o'clock, te take action in
regard te the death of Majer M. H. Loch Lech
cr who was a member of the 79th.
An Cxtonilve Stock Sale.
.Jehn Hcbman, auctioneer, sold en Tues
day for Henry Hilten, of Penn township,
84 head of steers. Alse en Wednesday
last he sold Gl head of cattle and 189 head
of sheep for the same person. All amount
ing te $'1,841,13.
A Visiting rriesr.
Father "Woedmau, of New Yerk, will
arrive in this city this evening, and will
preach en Sunday next in St. Mary's
church, it being the feast of the Assump
tion. Father Weedman's relatives are all
Protestants and reside in this city.
Special Train.
A special train passed west through this
city this forenoon. It had en beard Frank
Thompson, general manager, and Charles
E. Pugh, general superintendent of the
Pennsylvania railroad cempauj'.
Hancock lien.
Charlie Nutte, of North Prince street
near Frederick, is the owner of a white
top-knot hen that is blessed with ten tees,
lie says the hen is of the genuine Hancock
Held ter Postage.
A letter addressed te "A. A. Sulliman,
Willow street, Lancaster county," is held
in the postefficc for postage.
The I'ay Car.
Yesterday the pay car of the Pennsylva
nia railroad passed through this city and
the employees were paid off for the month.
The train went cast this morning.
Knights Templar iSadges.
Quite a handsome badge has been gotten
up for the use of the Sir Knights of Lan
caster cemmandcry, Ne. 13, who intend
participating in the pilgrimage te Chica
go. They can be procured from Sir Knight
Jehn Copland, who has them for sale.
Farmers' and Mechanics' Excursion te Cape
May via steamer Atlantic City via
Camden and Atlantic It. B., en Saturday,
August It Tickets geed for three days, te re
turn en any train from Philadelphia or Cape
May via steamer Kepublic, or geed for two
days lrein Atlantic City witheutextia charge.
Fare for the round trip only $75. " Ten pays
your money and takes your choice." Special
train leaves Lancaster (King street) at 2:30 n.
m. Columbia at 2:30 a. in. Fer further partic
ulars see circulars at nil stations.
ISich in muscle-producing material beyond
all ether feeds and medicines arc Mull Bitters.
A woman's beauty is never lest
Se long as her sweet smile remains
Se long as gleam her teeth like frost.
And her soft lip the ruby stains ;
AndJSOZODONT. with magic power,
Ueslews en her tills priceless dower.
4.Vi,(;00 cakes sold the tlrst year attest the pop
ularity of Cutlcura Medicinal Soae.
Democratic County Committee.
The Democratic County Committee will
meet In this city en MONDAY, AUGUST 23,
1830, at 10 a.m., In the City Democratic head
quarters, Southeast angle el Centre Square.
A lull attendance is urgently requested.
VT. U. IIENSEL, Chairman.
D. MeMt'LLEN, )
II. S. 1'ATTEitseM, Secretaries.
W. Hates Grier. au3d&w'
The city and county campaign committee
will meet nt the Central headquarters this
(Friday) evening, at 7Ji o'clock sharp.
Joint conference committee will meet at
Central headquarters en Wednesday evening,
August 18, and August 25. Thereafter en every
second and fourth Wednesday of the month.
Seventh Ward.
The Yeung Men's Hancock ami English club
efthe 7th ward will meet this eveningat Jacob
Utzinger's saloon. Middle street, at 8 o'clock.
A punctual attendance Is requested, as busi
ness of importance will be trans-ae'ed.
Ninth Ward.
The regular stated meeting of the Ninth
ward Hancock and English club will be held
te-morrow (Friday) evening at 8 o'clock, at
their club rooms, second story of Arneld
Haas' saloon, North Queen street. 2td
Sixth Ward.
Regular meeting el the Sixth ward Hancock
and English club at Schiller hall every Friday
On Friday, August 20, there will be a public
mcectlng of tlie Democracy of the Sixth ward
in Schiller hall, under the joint auspices or the
Americus association and Sixth ward club.
It is impossible for a woman after a faithful
course of treatment with Lydla E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound te continue te suffer
with u weakness et the uterus. Enclose a
stamp te Mrs. Lydla E. Pinkhani, 233 Western
avenue, Lynn, Mass., for pamphlets.
Try Lecher's Ucncwncd Cough Syrup.
P. N. Markell, West Jeddere, N. S., writes:
"I wisli te inform you efthe wonderful quali
ties of Dr. Themas' Eclectic OH. I had a horse
se lame that lie could scarcely walk; the
'trouble was In the knee, and two or three ap-
Clicatiens completely cured him." Fer sale by
L 11. Cochran, druggist, 137 and 139 North
Queen street, Lancaster, Pa. S3
Try Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup.
Bad bleed always causes trouble. It may be
a family fight, or boils, pimples, itch, tetter,
Ac. ; but no matter, "Dr. Lindsey's Bleed
Searcher"' is the cure-all.
Try Lecher's Renowned Cough Byrmp
Mrs. A. . Frank, 177 W. Tapper Street, Buf
falo, X. V., says lie has used Dr. Themas' Eclec
trlc Oil for severe toethaehe and Neuralgia of
the head and thinks it is the best thing she
knows of ter relieving ialn of any kind. She
keeps it constantly iu t he house as a household
remedy. Fer sale bv II. II. Cochran, druggist,
137 ami 139 North Queen street, Lancaster, I'a.
'. Kidney Pud bearing his name, was one of the
; most noted medical men or his day In France,
; Its cures of kidney diseases are most mrirvel-
, eiw. and are said te be permanent.
i Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers;::
J mm n n,KI,tIaml br1oke,,I e1
your rest by a sick child suffering and crying
j with the excruciating pain et cutting teeth?
! lt8o,geatonccundgctabottl!ofMKS.WINS-
JAm'StbuUTiiiMiSlUUl. It will relieve the
peer little sulferer immediately depend upon
It; there is no mistuke about it. There Is neta
mother en earth who has ever used It, who will
net tell yen at once that it will regulate the
bowels, and give rest te the mother, and relief
and health te the child, operating like magic.
It is perfectly safe te use in till cut-en, and pleus
nnt te the taste, and is the prescription of one
et the eldest and best female physicians and
nurses In the United States. Sold everywhere
25 cents a bottle. jI7-lyd&wM.V&S
Try Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup.
Ask ler "Sellers' Liver
possess half their virtue.
Sold by all druggists.
Pills." Ne ethers
25 cents per box.
says :
Warner's Sufe
hlv endorsed bv
Kidney and Liver Cure
ministers, judges, physicians, surgeons, by
men et literary and scholarly distinction, and
by individuals in all the walks et life. 3
Try Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup.
Heat and Sickness.
During th het and sultry weather nn un
usual amount of sickness prevails in every
community, especially among females and
children, caused by the fermenting miasma
gas or nitrogenous mutter floating in the air,
arising from decaying vegetation. Tills bad
air aflects everything we cat, and engenders
In it a scmi-fcrmcntatlen, which, when taken
in the system Is like leaven, and operates en
the whole, starting in the bowels and seen pro
ducing a violent fermentation, causing diar diar
reoea and dysentery. It lias been found that
that the use of Speer's old Pert Grape Wine el
New Jersey has an extraordinary effect In
checking this fermentation and restoring the
system te its original strength and vigor. In
valids and debilitated persons have found
it the most nutritious and strengthening tonic
in the market, and the greatest help in resist
ing the poisonous enects of the vitiated atmo
sphere. This wine, se long established, lias be
come the standard wine upon which physi
cians rely as the most rich in body and genuine
in character, containing the greatest amount
of medicinal properties with the least intoxi
cating qualities. Speer's vineyards produce a
larger yield this year than usual, and he has
reduced the price of Ids wine that any person
can new purchase it of druggists fei $1 per
bottle. Nene of this wine is bottled until it is
four years old. Gazette.
This wine is endorsed by Drs. Atiee and
Davis, and sold by II. E. Slaymaker.
Trissler. August 13, 1SS(, Michael Trisslcr,
in the 72d year of ids age.
The relatives and friends of Hie family arc
respectfully invited te attend his funeral, from
bis late residence. Ne. 130 East King street, en
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. 2td
the ALPHA CLUB, at the Green Cottage,
en Saturday evening next. Ne improper char
acters allowed en the grounds. augl3-2td
X The Pcnn'a Mutual Hail Insurance Com
pany is new ready te bind the insurance, and
issue policies against hail damage te tobacco.
Rates reduced. Insure before it is tee lute, at
Oflice, 10 West Orange Street.
the entire stock or Dry Goods, Notions,
Quilts, Carpets, Ac, in store.
FOR RENT The admirable store room Nes.
38 and 40 West King street.
aug0-3tdced PIIIL1 P SIIUM , SON A CO.
A TEACHER, who has completed a course
et studies in a German Gymnasium and Uni
versity, (or which lie can furnish full testi
monials,) gives instructions in the above lan
guages, through the medium of the English.
Address or apply nt
Ne. Hi East King Street,
nug!3-3td Opposite Court Heuse.
100 Tens et flags Wanted,
Fer which the highest price will be paid.
The highest price rmid for Woolens, Old
Paper, Beeks, Ac. Teh Rag Assertcrs wanted
te whom the highest price will be paid.
Cor. North Queen and Orange Street,
yj-tfdll Lancaster, Pa
Ofthe Eighth Werd Hancock Club,
at Tin:
3-Strict order will be maintained and im
proper characters positively net admitted.
Grand Illumination in the Evening1.
Jehn Pentz, Frederick Judith, Jes. Schmid,
Christopher Scheld, Jehn Frailcy, Alex.
Schcld, Jen" Glassbrcnner, Charles Ottefer.
Jehn Schmidt, Jehn Schlcur. faugl3-3td
100 Gress Eruit Jars,
Bought before the advance and ler sale at
$1.20 PER DOZEN.
Great Bargains in
Flieii & Breuemaus
152 North Queen Street,
IIeyH Uadly Ilurncd.
Philadelphia, Aug. 13. Win. DcKalb
died at the hospital this morning from in
juries received en the Philadelphia ami
Reading read.
Jacob B. Ewing, a herse drover from
Yerk. Pa., was struck by the express train
en the Pennsylvania railroad at Ove rbroek
this morning and instantly killed.
The iUay'a Landing Disaster.
Laviua Grace, aged 17, residing at 1200
Seuth 13th street, and Ellen Shields, aged
24, residing at 1229 New Kirk street, vic
tims of the West Jersey railroad disaster,
died in the Pennsylvania Hospital this
morning. The former at 3:30 and the lat.
ter at tcu o'clock. This makes seventeen
deaths se far from the accident.
The JSables Toe.
May's Lax ding, N. J., Aug. 13. The
two-year-old daughter of Mrs. McChrystal
died here last night from injuries received
in the collision en the Atlautic City read.
This is the elder of the two children of the
McChiystal family, who wcre all scalded
and burned. Their mother died in Phila
delphia last night.
The Swift Flowing Itiver.
The death of the McChrystal child makes
the number of killed 18. Thore arc still
several passengers unaccounted for, and
it is proposed te drag Great Egg Harber
river near the scene of the accident in the
hope of recovering the bodies of the mis
sing. The current is swift at that point and
it is feared seme of these who leaped
from the train may have been drowned.
Investigating the Uause.
The inquest was resumed this morning.
The testimony taken did net differ mater
ially from the statements already publish
ed. It shows, however, that the first sec
tion of the excursion train was stepped
without much difficulty, thus seeming te
disprove the assertion of the engineer of
second section that the track was tee slip
pcryte step the train in the usual distance
There is a large attendance at the inquest,
including a number of prominent raidread
men who evince the deepest interest in the
preccdings. The exhaustive manner in
which the witnsscs are being examined
shows that the matter will ba thoroughly
ICeck Werth Three Dollars a Pound.
Santa Fkk, N. M., Aug. 13. A sensa
. m was created here en Wednesday by
the discovery of rich geld mines in a Mex
ican village, thirty miles from here. Geld
taken from the rocks forming the
foundation of the houses assayed $4,600
te the ten. Subsequent assays give from
three te six thousand dollars te the ten.
It appears that rock worth thrce dollars a
pound has hitherto been thrown about as
The Saratoga Races.
Sakatoea, Aug. 13. First race : Cin
derella first, Terrer second, Captain
Wragge third. Second race : Gen. Phil
lips first, Mamie Fields second, Goforth
third. Third race: Gleucairnc first, Sports
man second, Benda third. Fourth race :
Daystar first, Frank Short second, The
Stranger third.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 13. Fer the
Middle Atlantic states, clear or partly
cloudy weather, northwesterly winds,
nearly stationary temperature and station
ary or lower barometer.
Telegraphic Sparks.
In Texarkana, Ark., in a row nt a bar
becue yesterday one negre wxs killed and
two were wounded. William Arneld, who
was shot en the Gth hist., has died, declar
ing that it was a negre named Themas
Norris, who shot him. v '
Stephen Richardson (colored), who kill
his mother-in-law and attempted te km
his wife and father-in-law in Wilmington.
N. C, en the night of July 10th last, was
te-uay convicted of murder in the criminal
court and sentenced te be hanged en the
the 3d of September.
In Buenes Ayres a fresh political crisis
has occurred and the chamber has been
In Harrisburg two boys aged 7 and 9
years, sons of 3Irs. Peerless, a widow, were
seriously burned this morning while light
ing a fire with coal oil. The cider is sup
posed te be beyond recovery.
Hayes, General Sherman and party
passed tlireugii Pittsburgh this morning
en tneir way te Washington via tne Penn
sylvania railroad. They took breakfast
at Pittsburgh.
tlsc, free of charge, In the lirrKLLioxjc lirrKLLiexjc
csr. who wants semcthliis te de.
out working by the day. Apply at 349
North Queen street.
Penn Kelllng Mill, Lancaster, for which
the highest price will be paid. aug!3-eawtfd
ltcerftanizcd Singing Society, " Llcdcr
kranz," at
MONDAY, AUGUST 16, 1880.
Members mid such friends sa receive com
plimentary tickets arc only admitted. Com
plimentary tickets urc net transferable. Im
proper characters will positively be refused
admission. Omnibuses will leave Schiller
Hall and Centre Square every hour during
the day. These taking Powell's Livery Omni
buses can make tlie round trip for 30c.
Members of the Mamncrcher wishing te par
ticipate can receive their tickets by celliiiir en
the Secretory, GEO. PFEIFFEB.
By virtue of the authority vested in me
by the Ordinance et the city of Lancaster, 1
hereby order and command all owners of Dogs
within the city of Lancaster te shut them np,
or, if allowed te run, te securely muzzle the
sainc. from and utter THURSDAY, AUGUST
5, 1880, at6 p.m., In some proper place, until
the first day of September next.
The owners allowing Dogs te run at large,
unless muzzled, will be liable te the line under
Section 2 of the Ordinance et 1841.
Tlie fine imposed by the Ordinance et 1627.
Section 2, will be indicted upenany person ob
structing the legally employed persons from
carrying out the Ordinances respecting the
capturing or Dogs during the continuance ei
this proclamation.
aug,9,,7,n;Udl Mayer.
ITaw Yerk Market.
Nbw Tobx, Aug. 13. Fleur State and West
era market dull and In buyers' favor; SUDCT SUDCT
flne state at 93300433; extra de at N M
0440: choice, de., 4 se5 00: fancy
95 106 00; round hoop Ohie 4 505 SO:
choice de $5 COgS 73 ; snpcrflne western 43 630
440: common te geed extra de 94 000440;
choice dodo 94 3006 73; cheice white wheat de
94 2304 75; Southern dnll and uncbanccd;
common te fair extra 3 OOQtr 00; geed te
choice de 96 1006 73.
Wheat HQUp lower, moderately active; Ne. 1 C8: Se. 2RMl Sent.. SI 0741:
de spot, 91 0 ; de Aug., 91 07K 1 04 ; de Oct.
Cern a shade better and priced fairly uctive ;
Mixed western spot, iS&lGHc ; de futures
4S31ic u
Oats strong Including Ne. 2 Au?. at 35Je ;
state 414dc; western 40047c.
rhlladelplUs Market.
Philadkltht. An?. 13. Fleur dull and
lower; superfine 93 3003; extra $3 AO0
4 00 ; Ohie and Indiana family 95 Q3 75 ;
Peun'atamilyat948705SO: St. Leuis family at
95 50G 00 ; Minnesota, family 95 3036 ; patent
and lilfib grades 96 5003 00.
Kye fleer at 94 50.-
Wheat qniet at a decline : Ne. 2 Western lied
91 OS; Penn'a Bed 91 090109; Amber $109
Cern Arm with light local supply ; yellow
53c: mixed 5151Mc; steamer 50c.
Oats linn ; Ne. 1. White 41042c: Ne. 2, de
4041c; Ne. 3, de 37039c; Ne. : Mixed 350
Bye dull; New 70c.
Previsions Urmer ; intss perk $13815 50 :beef
hams $22 0023 00; India mess beef at $16 00:
bacon smoked shoulders 66cx salt de at
smeKcil iKiuis Iifllc; picuiuil liauis
Lard firm ; city kettle
at SJ-c; loeao
mucuers t?ic ; prime bieam t-c.
Iluttcr quiet except for medium Kiadc :
Creamery at 25026c; Creamery geed te
choice 22024c: Bradford county and New
Yerk extra. 22023c : Western reserve cxtm 16
0I7c;de geed te choice IJ31."c; Ke!!s dull;
Pena'u extra 11016; Western rcsurve cxtru
Eggs firm and scarce ; Pcnn'a nt l.'i'.lOc ;
Western 15015c.
Cheese firmly held but quiet : New Yerk
full cream 120 12.;c; Western full cream ID
lie: de fair te geed lO&iO.c; de halt" skim
Petroleum dull ; re lined ?,'.c.
Whisky 91 II.
Seeds Geed te prime Clever linn at $5 50
8S0; Timethy at $2 6t2 75: flaxseed quiet
at $1251 2A
Bleck Market.
Philadelphia, Auk. 13.
12:30 r.M. 3:00 r. at.
Stocks dull.
Penns tt's (third issue)...
Philadelphia A Eric
Lehigh Valley.
United Ces. et N. J
Northern Pacific
" Preferred
Northern CcntraL.
Lehigh Navigation
Nornstewn ....
. 15
. 35
. 29
Central Transportation Ce. tli
rum., Aunavuie x uuiuue. i-
Little Schuylkill..
.. 45?
New Yehk. Aug. 13.
Stocks strong.
N. Y. Central
Adams Express
Michigan Central...
Michigan Southern...
Illinois Central
Cleveland & Pittsbnnch....l20
Chicago Keck Island. 111
Pittsburgh & Fert Wayne.. 120
Western Union Tel. Ce 106) i
Teledo A Wabash 40
New Jersey Central 74
Ontario Western 25
United States Denas and Sterling exchange
(Quotations by B. K. Jamisen A Ce., S. W.
Cor. 3d and Chestnut Streets).
Philadelphia. Aug. 13.
United States Cs, 1681, (registered). A(Hmet
United States 5's, 1881, (registered). .1O201O2?2
United States 4K's, 1891, (registcrcd)UO rtllWi
United States 4K's,1891,(coupens).. .111 U"4
United States 4's, 1907. (regkjtercU)..i(KMU0
untteu states currency trs r;
Sterling Exchamre 482.
Geed te return en any train from Atlantic
City and Philadelphia en second day, wllheat
extra charge. Parties desiring te return same
day will take special train, leaving Atlantic
City at 6 and West Philadelphia Depot at 8 p. m
Mount Jey. ........ .$3.10
Landisvlllc 3.00
Marietta Leave 4:40 A. M. Kate 3.10
Rohrerste wn . . . .
Leaman Place ..
.... 203
.... 4lg
.... 03
6:00 " " 3.00
5:10 " ' 3.00
5:19 " " 3.00
5:35 " " 2:73
3:48 " " 2.75
552 " " 2.75
C:02 " " 2.75
6:06 " " 2.65
6:15 " " 2.55
6:21 " 2.45
637 " ' 2.35
6:31 " " 2.35
6:40 " " 2.20
6:54 " " 2.20
G-J&'t " 2.05
Mount Jey and Landisvlllc passengers will
take Fast line as far as Lancrster.
Fer further Information, tickets, Ac, address
the undersigned managers.
jy31-2wdced Lancaster, Pa.
' -raw-
The famous mammoth three-deck Steamer
Leaves Kucc Street Wharf at 7lu- m., arriving
at Cape May about 12J p. m. Returning, leaves
Cape May nt 3 o'clock p. m., givlngample tlme
for bathlnir or a drive en the beach. A full
Brass Band and Orchestra Mnsic for dancing.
Parler Entertainments varied weekly. Lunch
eons and Refreshments In abundance. Din
ners and suppers provided. Oysters and Fish
served for supper a tow moments after taken
from the water.
Fare for the Rend Trip - $1.00.
SUNDAYS Will leave Race Street Wharf ut
VA a. m.
P. S. A Bread Gauge Steam K. R. will con
vey passengers te Cape Island In 8 minutes.
Tickets for sale at
Size Brick Heuse and let with all the
comforts of a home. Address A. B., Ixraxi Ixraxi
exacER Oflice, stating lowest cash price and
hew seen possession can be given, full partic
ulars. Ac. Jy&tfd
The stock, apparatus, material and geed
will of a Seap Factory. Geed reasons ler
selling. Apply te
aug3tdcedU 10 West Orange Street.
public sole en FRIDAY. AUGUST 13th,
at Philip Wall's Green Tree Hetel. West King
street, a Let of Ground and Two-Steix Brick
Heuse en Maner street, known as the "Hu
mane Engine Heuse." The let is 20 by 3) feet ,
mere or less. Sale te commence at 8 o'clock
p. m., when terms will be made known.
Will no sold at public sale en MONDAY
AUGUST 16. I860, at the Lancaster County
. Prison, a large let el Leaf Tobacco, consisting
ei mailings, atrippinra. eic aaic pesuive.
A large portion of tills tobacco can be used
for the manufacture of Cigars, but being an
overstock which cannot be used ut tlie prison
it is offered for sole.
Sale te commence at 2 o'clock p. m.
By order et the Beard.
auglZ-ttd Secretary.
- -5