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Event Aero the Cewrty lines.
The beard of pardons will net held a
session until the third Tuesday in Septem
ber. H. Reidingcr, aged 14, of Penn town
ship, Yerk county, had a leaded cun and
while climbing ever a fence the gun dis
charged, as is presumed, by the hammer
of the lock striking against a rail, the con
tent! (common bird shot) entered the
right side of the face below the cheek bone
ranging upwards te the top of the head,
fracturing the temporal bone, and several
shot piercing the brain.
On Saturday morning, July 3, Mrs. 31a
tliias Brickcrt, residing en the Colebrook
read, four miles east of Middlctewn, gave
birth te three living boys. She, en three
former occasions, gave birth te twins,
making in all nine at four births. The
mother is getting along well under the
The seventh annual tri-state picnic
of the Patrons of Husbandry and farmers
of Southern Pennsylvania, Maryland, West
Virginia and adjoining states, will le held
at Williams's grove, in the Cumberland
valley, en Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
ami Friday, August 24, 25, 20 and 27,
1880. A course of agricultural lectures will
Ikj delivered by Prof. S. II. lleiges. of
Yerk, en Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day afternoons.
The O. A. H. encampment at Gettys
burg is te begin July 10 and continue un
til the 23d. The tents Mill occupy the
ground in front of the cemetery and also
the adjoining let en the north. Meals will
lie taken at hotels and bearding houses.
Maiij' engagements have already been
niadu and people enough te crowd the town
are expected. Tents for ever 1,000 men
have been procured. The famous Wecca Wecca
cec Legien band, of Philadelphia, will
furnish music. Ueliuieus services have
been arranged for Sunday.
Organization oriluuceck anil English Club-;.
A meeting of the 6th ward Hancock and
English club will be held at the Schiller
house, Xerth Queen street, this evening at
7 V o'clock, for ennaneiit organization.
The Democracy of the 4th ward will
meet en Monday evening next at lloth lleth
wuiler's saloon. West King street, for the
purpose of organizing a Hancock and Eng
lih club.
Last evening the Democracy of the Third
waul met, pursuant te call, at Effingcr's
saloon, corner of Seuth Queen and Vine
streets, for the puriKisc of organizing a
Hancock ami English campaign club.
There was a goodly attendance, and 1$. F.
Davis, esq., w:is chosen temporary chair
man, with Herbert Johnsten secretary.
After an informal interchange of opinion,
a committee, consisting of G. Edw. Hegc
ner, J no. F. Dcichlcr and Peter Landau,
was appointed te report permanent efficeis
at an adjourned meeting te be held at the
same place en Tuesday evening next, at
7 o'clock. The meeting then dispersed,
and the ellicers aud some few ethers re
paired te Sprenger's te participate in the
discussion concerning the organization of
a central club reported below.
At a general meeting of the ward club
ellicers and committeemen at Sprenger's
saloon last evening, it was resolved that
the general conduct of the campaign
should be committed as heretofore te a
joint campaign committee comjiesed of tl e
ward, city and county committeemen ;
further that each ward club should ap
point a conference committee of three te
confer and co-operate with the campaign
committee during the campaign in all
thing looking te the etlicicnt and thorough
organization of the paity.
Last evening thy young Democracy of
the Seventh ward, who have never yet cast
a vote for president, but will de se in
November next, met at Utzinger's saloon,
Middle street, and temporarily organized
a Hancock and English uniform club.
About forty young voters signed the loll.
On Thursday next they meet at the same
place for jicmiaiicnt organization and the
flectien of club officers. There is a fine
body of young Democrats in the Seventh
wai d, and we have no doubt the club will
Ihj a large one and de geed service during
the campaign.
Arrchteil tin Suspicion.
L. E. Heggins, phrenologist, maguctist
and agent for books en physiology,
and who resides at 48 Fifth sheet, Head
ing, was arrested at the City hotel last
evening by Chief of Police Deichler, en
suspicion of being a thief. Ames Frick is
a regular boarder at the City hotel, where
for some days past Heggins has been stop step
ping. Semc time yesterday the room
of Frick was entered by some one,
who broke open his trunk and stele
a silver watch worth $43 besides some
valuable shirt studs and sleeve buttons.
When arrested Hnggins had two watches
n his person, one of which was geld and
the ether silver. He obtained the latter
watch by trading a ring for it, te a young
man at the hotel. Neither of the watches
was identified by Frick as being his
property, aud if Hugcins is the man who
robbed him it is believed that he has
disposed of the property. Several jewelers
in town s-ay that they have seen the geld
watch found en Huggins before. One
says that a man, answering the description
of Huggins came te his store yesterday,
and asked whether he could sell a watch
there, but he did net then show it. It is
siid that when Huggins first came te town
he did net have any watch. Since he has
been at the hotel he has been in the habit
of spending a geed deal of his time up
The accused is a man apparently about
40 years of age, and since he has been in
town he has been selling a book en physi
ology. He will have a hearing t'lis evening
before Alderman Dennelly of the Seventh
ward, liefere whom complaint was
" Light Up!"
The lamp en Plum street, near the Penn
iron works, was net lit last night,
greatly te the annoyance and inconveni
ence of residents and pedestrians in that
locality. Seme time age a similar neglect
was the cause of a very serious injury te
Mr. Albert Lindscy, of the Penn iron
works, who en account of the darkness did
net see a gas trench that had been dug
there, aud falling into it was se badly hurt
that his physicians at one time were in
doubt of his recovery. When Ajax strug
gled with the gods iu darkness his cry was
for light, and the same demand comes
equally loud from the neighborhood of the
iron works.
Meeds Repairing.
The crossing ever the railroad at Plum
street is in bad condition. If net repaired
there will be plenty of broken wagons.
Pleasant Surprise Party and Anniversary.
Thursday, the 8th inst., was
the 55th birthday of Rebert Mont
gomery, esq., our well-known fellow
citizen and member of the beard of county
commissioners. His geed wife had
planned for him a genuine surprise which
she succeeded in carrying out in a most
admirable manner. Mr. Montgomery had
been called for in the morning by his
friend, 3Ir. James Cellins, for the (pre
tended) purpose of looking at a let of stock.
In the meantime friends te the number of
fifty persons assembled at the house ; all the
carriages and horses were carefully conceal
ed from view, and a watch set for the ap
proach of Messrs. Montgomery and Col Cel
lins. About 12 o'clock they were sighted,
the guests were immediately ushered into
the spacious dwelling, and the doers were
closed. Mrs. Montgomery met them at the
north point of the house, telling Mr.M. that
Rev. W. Andersen was in the parlor, ana
insisted upon his going in immediately by
the front deer. Te this he slightly de
murred, alleging that Mr. Andersen was
no particular stranger, but he was hustled
in nelens telens. He was met in the
hall by Mr. Andersen, a side deer was
opened, and another of his friends
greeted him without awakening any sus
picion upon the part of Mr. Montgomery.
But when the doers of the parlor were
thrown open aud his friends poured in
upon him in such number bus surprise
was complete, and he feelingly acknowl
edged that he had been completely "sold."
The scene was all the mere enjoyed by
Mrs. Montgomery and the friends who
knew him best from the fact that in com
menting upon similar events, he had ex
pressed himself te the effect that " no wo
man could shut his eye upon such an occa
sion." but he is new willing te admit that
he is in the gentle hands of his loving wife
like clay in the hands of the potter.
Alter spending some time in social con
versation the company were invited into
the dining loom, wheicMrs. Montgomery
had spicad one of the most inviting enter-
jtaiumcntK, for which she is se justly cele
brated, consisting of all the delicacies of
the season placed upon two tables, which
fairly gieaned under the weight of the
geed things they contained, and te which
the invited guests did ample justice.
About (5 o'clock the guests were served
with ice cream, cake, fruit and coffee, after
which short speeches were made by Revs.
Alexmder, Cairns and Shuey, and Drs.
Martin and Raub, Messrs. Thes. C. Col Cel
lins, Uebeit Fergusen, W. S. Hastings,
J. D. Harrow, Gee. Whitson and Gee. W.
Hensel, which were fitly responded te by
Mr. Montgomery, after which the compa
ny weie led in prayer by Rev. Andersen in
a most fcrvaut and eloquent manner.
The company new separated, after
spending a most enjoyable day, wishing
the return of many happy birthdays te Mr.
and Mrs. Montgomery.
As a fitting finale te the occasion the
young lady and gentlemen friends of Mrs.
Montgomery gave her a surprise in the
evening, and spent the time in music,
dancing, &c, until the wee snia' hours.
picnic; no. i.
Sicily Island and it Many Attraction!!
A Fine Picnic Orennd.
The excursion train te Sicily Island, left
this city yesterday morning shortly before
5 o'clock, and arrived at Fite's Eddy at
0:50. Frem the station, en this side of the
river, the excursionists were taken ever te
the island en a large ferry beat, which will
held almost one hundred persons. Upen
arriving at the island the excursionists im
mediately began te amuse themselves in
different ways. Many of the gentlemen
spent the day fishing, while ethers enjoy
ed a sheeting match at glass balls, en the
small island, which is a short distance
from the larger one. During the day there
was dancing en the large platform, te the
inspiring music of Tayler's orchestra which
accompanied the excursion. A large num
ber of row beats had been chartered by the
association, and they weie used by the ex
cursionists free of charge. Many of the
party took their dinners with them, and
ethers purchased their meals at very rea
sonable rates at the table, which was spread
by the club.
The island has been fitted up in line style.
The house, which is of two stories, with
two rooms up stairs and four down, has
been completed. It is furnished with cots
and is in charge of a man, who, with his
mother, lives in it. The dancing platform
is elevated about five feet from the ground,
and from thirty te forty couples can dance
upon it at one time. I lie island is very
clean, and it is one of the finest places in
this vicinity for holding picnics. It is
about twenty feet above the level of the
river,and is considered a very healthy place.
The ride te and from the island is beauti
ful, and with its many attractions there
is no reason why it should net become
a popular resort for persons desirinjr te
held a pleasant picnic for a day or te go
fishing for a week. The fishing is very
geed at this point, as some of the gentle
men who brought long strings home last
evening can testify.
The excursionists ai rived in this city
shortly after nine o'clock in the evening,
having returned en a special train furnish
ed by the Pennsylvania railroad company.
On the train was an observation car, which
was filled with large and comfortable
chaiis, and passengers en beard of it had
an excellent opportunity of enjoying
the lovely scenery along the route.
The excursionists all enjoyed themselves
heartily and they are loud in their praises
of the gentlemen of the club, who did all
in their power te show them a splendid
Itutter Thieves.
Last night thieves entered the spring
house of Henry Bewman, residing
near the Green Tree hotel, Stras
burg township, and stele there there
feom about twelve peuuds of butter,
and destroyed several pans of milk. They
also tore a part of the fence leading into
a tobacco field and turned the cattle into
it, destroying a censidersble oertion of the
The premises of Eli Mylin were also in
vaded by thieves, and several pounds of
butter, pans of milk and ether articles car
ried off or destroyed.
Pele Raising.
Christ Hagclgaus of the Gen. Jacksen
hotel, en East King street, will raise a
hickory Hancock pole at 4 o'clock te-morrow
afternoon. Turn out, boys, and give
it a lift.
Leak in the Water Pipe.
A leak has been discovered in the water
pipe between the water works and reser
voir, and workmen have been seut te
make the repairs.
Carious Case of Mistaken Identity One
Family Spared Urler Which Over
whelms Anether.
This forenoon engine X. 505, attached
te Niagara and Chicago Express, en the
Pennsylvania railroad, struck a horse and
buggy containing a lady and gentleman,
at the first read crossing west of
Salunga. The persons were seriously
injured and were taken te Mt. Jey
en the same train, where they were
left in charge of the station agent. The
man died shortly after reaching Mt. Jey
and his wife died seen afterwards. It was
net known who the parties were when
they were first taken te Mt. Jey, but they
have since been recognized as Rev. Mr.
Speclit and wife, of Manheim. The horse
which was driven by Mr. Specht was se
badly injured that he died seen after the
accident. The buggy was broken te
Near tire railroad crossing where the ac
cident occurred there is a cornfield, which
prebaby prevented Mr. Speclit and his
wife from seeing the train.
The full name of the deceased man is
Rev. Jeseph Specht, and he was a minister
in the Evangelical church.- He and his
wife leave a family in Manheim.
Who He Was. -.
Rev. James A. Feger, pastor of the Eng
lish Evangelical church in this city, was
very well acquainted with deceased, and
speaks in the highest terms of him. Rev.
Jeseph Specht was 47 years old ; he en
tered the Evangelical conference in 1858,
aud was ordained te preach in 18G0 aud
18G2. He has served in numerous charges
with great approbation and while at
Reading fourteen years age solemnized the
marriage of Rev. Feger and wife. They
were greatly shocked at the news of his
terrible fate. His wife's name was Annie
and she was 42 years old ; they left a son
and daughter, aged 16 and IS years. Rev.
Specht was about four years age en the
Lancaster circuit and preached at Millcrs
ville. He has been at Manheim two years.
He was short of stature, with full whiskers,
of dark color aud thick growth, and was
considered one of the best preachers in the
Evangelical denomination.
Speclit and Wile Net Hurt Feurs that
Mr. and Mrs. l'hllip :cniuu are
Telegrams received in this city about 8
p. in. state that Rev. Specht and wife are
alive aud well at their home in Man
heim, and that they were net in
the vicinity of Salunga te-day, as
was inferred from a mistaken identifica
tion of the man and woman killed at Sa
lunga. A despatch from Mt. Jey also
says that persons there have identified the
victims of the accident as Philip Sclmm
aud wife, of this city.
Inquiry at Mr. Schum's store, en
West King street, discloses that he
and his wife left Lancaster this morning,
driving and in all probability reached Sa;
lunga about the time of the reported ac
cident. Frem a picture of Rev. Specht
which has been shown a representative of
the Intelligencer it is apparent that he
and Air. Sebum might be mistaken for
each ether.
1 he Worst Fears Kealizud.
Mr. Philip Schum, the well-known car
pet weaver and dyer, of West King and
Seuth Water streets, this city, left here
early this morning with his wife
te drive te Manheim te sec an old lady
friend, who was very ill, and this is the
last their family here have heard from
The ; following special received at the
Intelligencer office, from Mount Jey at
2:30, shows that at that hour the remains
were believed te be these of Rev. and Mrs.
Specht : " Chicago and Niagara express
due at Mount Jey at 11 :27, ran into a huggy
containing a man aud woman supposed te
be, and identified by friends as Rev. Jes.
Specht, Evangelical preacher of Manheini,
at Martin B. Pieffcr's erasing, a short dis.
tancc west of Salunga. They were brought
te Mount Jey, and shortly after their ar
rival he expired, having had a thigh
broken, two cuts in the back of his head, and
his left side crushed. The lady sustained
internal injuries, as well as about the head,
and died a little before 2 o'clock this after
noon. One of the legs was cut from the
horse and he was relieved from his pain by
a gun shot."
A dispatch from Manheim te Mt. Jey,
forwarded from the latter point te Lan
caster, savs that Schum and his wife left
Manheim this morning te drive te
Marietta. It is feared, and there is every
reason te believe that they are the
killed parties. Their read would proba
bly lie that way and they were per
haps sufficiently unacquainted with
the country te incur the risk of such a
calamity as it is feared as befallen them.
The fact that Specht is accustomed te
drive that way and that the victims were
driving from Manheim led te the mistaken
identification, as a despatch from Man
heim assures us that they are safe at
A later despatch says that the man killed
is of short build, dark complexion and
smooth face, which corresponds with the
description of Mr. Schum.
Mr. Schum was a German by birth ; he
has resided here and has been in business
for thirty years. He was a well known
carpet and ceverlid weaver and dyer; later
also a dealer in coal and proprietor of the
new dry goods store en West King street.
He leaves about six daughters and two
sons, of whom one has been associated iu
business with him.
By thrift, energy and enterprise he had
accumulated a very considerable estate
and important business interests, constitu
ting him a well known, influential and
highly respected citizen.
Further Evidence.
Mr. and Mrs. Schum left here with a
dark bay horse and a falling-top phaeton
baggy which correspond with the
team reported from the Salunga
accident, and 'there seems new te
be no doubt 'that the victims of this
sorrowful accident were our fellow citi
zens, whose family are plunged in deepest
gloom by the news, the first tidings of
which were communicated te one of the
sons from the Intelligencer office as he
was standing in Centre square without a
suspicion of his parents' fate.
The Nuptials of a Well Known Educator.
Rev. N. C. Schaeffer, Ph.D., of the class
efiaJO, F. & M. college, formerly rector of
the academy aud new principal of the Key
stone state normal school, at Kutztown,
was married yesterday te Miss Annie All
ium, of Applebachville, Bucks county.
The marriage took place at the residence
of the bride's parents, and the nuptial band
was tied by the Rev. J. S. Stahr, of Frank
lin and Marshall college, a classmate of the
doctor. The bridesmaids were Miss Lizzie
Ahlum, a sister of the bride, and Miss Jen.
nie Applebach, of Applesbachsville, while
Rev. William Schaeffer, of Danville,
and D. Nicholas Schaeffer, of Reading,
brothers te the groom, acted as grooms
men. The Reading Eagle, describing the event,
says :
The bride was attired in a stylish dark
blue silk and white kids, her hair being
adorned with an orange blossom wreath.
The groom were the usual suit of black
broadcloth and a white tie. The brides
maids were dressed in all white and were
white kids, while the groomsmen were
conventional suits aud white ties. Among
these present, were Mr. and Mrs. Senater
Themas, of Applebachsville, with
whom the bride lived for some
time. The bride is a blonde, pos
sessing the qualities of a lady of refine
ment and taste, has taught in the public
schools of Quakertown with marked suc
cess, and is in every respect worthy of her
husband, who is a gentleman, having
graduated with honors at Franklin and
Marshall college ; completed his studies at
the University of Berlin, Germany, re
turned and become one of the beard of in
structors of his alma mater, and finally,
about three years age, accepted tfic prm
cipalship of the Keystone state normal
school, which institution under his ad
ministration is in a very flourishing
condition and bids fair te become the
van of similar institutions in Pennsylvania.
After the ceremonies all present sat down
te a sumptuous banquet. Later the newly
married couple left for Philadelphia. Their
wedding tour will extend te Watkins Glen
Seneca Lake, Niagara Falls, and Chatau
qua Lake. Subsequently they will be
the guests of Rev. F. B. Herner, of
Greenville, Mercer county, a graduate
of .the normal and one of the
doctor's friends. They will arrive
at Kutztown in the course of several
weeks and occupy rooms at the normal
school. Before the last teachers' institute
of Berks county, held at Reading, Docter
Schaeffer offered the following resolution :
" Whereas, lady teachers are se much su
perior te male teachers, therefore be it re
solved, That who take a successful lady
teacher out of the school room by marry
ing her, be banished and estracised from
the county." County Superintendent Baer
objected te the motion ou the ground that
the mover might be the first one te share
his fate. Mr. Bacr's prophecy was literally
' Oeiug Hack te !oed Old Democratic Tillies"
Under the caption of " Geed News from
Pennsylvania," the Reme, Georgia, Tri
Weekly Courier publishes the follewing:
' Hen. Fred. La tier, the celebrated brewer
of Heading, Pa., and one of the most prom
inent Democrats of the Keystoue state,
in a letter te his nephew, Mr. J. J. Spreng
cr, of this place, says : Such a political
excitement as the present we have net ex
perienced since 1832, when I cast my first
vote for the here of New Orleans. Gen,
Hancock will surely carry Pennsylvania by
considerable majority. We are new going
back te geed old Democratic times again.
Numerous Liberal Republicans are new
ready te join us. New for peace, union
and harmony."
Frightened OIT.
Last night the wife of Philip Rintz, who
resides en Mulberry street, had occasion te
go into her back yard and when she did se
she saw a man with his shoes in his hand
sneaking through the yard. Thinking he
ment no geed she screamed, when he took
te his heels and escaped ever the back
Summer Leisure.
Jacob M.
Leng, left for
Cape May te-
Geerge Schatim, has gene te Atlantic
Geerge II. Showers, is in Mycrstswn,
Lebanon county, where he will spend a
short time.
Leg Itreken.
Yesterday afternoon a five-year-old son
son of Ezra B. Fritz, of Quarry villc, had
his leg broken by being run ever by a
wagon. He was standing en the wheel of
the wagon when the horse suddenly start
ed and he was thrown te the ground. He
fell under the wagon, one wheel e which
passed ever his leg, breaking it near the
hip. Drs. Raub and Dcaver set the limb
l'lgeen Race from Columbia.
A pigeon lly for $10 a side came off this
afternoon, between birds belonging te H.
Hirsh and C. Lippold, J. J. Strine, of
Philadelphia, acting as judge. The birds
were let lly at 2 o'clock. The match was
wen by Hii-sh's bird, which arrived in
Centre Square at 3:09 ; Lippold's arrived a
few minutes later.
A Fizzle.
"We are informed that the attempt of the
young Republicans te organize a Garfield
club at Snyder's saloon, in the Eighth
ward, was a very decided Gzzle. The at
tendance was very small, and nearly all
present were boys from sixteen te twenty
years of age. Ne organization was effect
ed, nor is it likely that one can be effected
in that staunch old Democratic ward.
Mercantile Taxes.
The county treasurer te-day brought
suit against 109 merchants and dealers for
the recovery of the mercantile tax which
they have refused or neglected te pay. The
taxes due average from $5 te 850 each,
aggregating about $1,300. The suits were
brought before Alderman Ban, of the
Third ward.
Te Preach Te-NIght,
Rev. Chas. Austin, formerly of Potts
ville, but new of Chicago, will preach in
the Jewish synagogue this evening.
I ,We have just received a Fine Line of
whieh at this appropriate season is in great demand.
Silver Bracelets,
Silver Bangles,
Silver Combe,
Silver Lace Pins,
Silver Hair Pins,
Silver Ear Rings,
Silver Sleeve Links,
Silver Scarf Pins,
Silver Initials, &e.
They are pretty in design and quite inexpensive. The sales
of these goods in the large cities during the past month have
been immense, and in anticipation of much inquiry we have put
in an unusually large stock.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
Ne. 4 West King Street.
Our largely increased business makes it necessary for us te enlarge our store room. Te
make room for the alterations we contemplate, we will close out us much of our stock as pos
sible, between this ilate and tbe 10th of AUGUST, at
This offer applies te any article in our extensive stock EXCEPT SPECTACLES, and wil
afford all who desire goods In our line a rare opportunity te buy from first-class stock nt un
usually low prices.
The New Almshouse Barn.
Messrs. Landis, Shultz and Rohrer,
building committee of the beard of peer
directors, met te-day and agreed te have
plans and specifications made, and next
week they will advertise for tiids, sepa
rately for lumber and the work of erecting
the barn, or for both jointly.
Kat Haters.
This afternoon en the Pacific Express
east there was a car lead of Chinamen who
were en their way te New Yerk.
Harvest home excursion te Ceney Island,
Manhattan and Brighten Beach, en Mon
day. July 19, ever the Philadelphia and
Reading and Bound Broek route te Jersey
City, thence en the Floating Palace " Kill
von Kull," te Ceney Island. Tickets geed
for two days te return en any train. Spec
ial train returns same day. Fare for the
round trip $4.50. Special train leaves
Lancaster at King street at 4 a. m., Col
umbia at 4 a. m. The celebrated Ringgold
band of Reading will accompany the ex
cursionists. Fer further particulars see
advertisements, bills and pesters.
Shew this te your Docter.
Cleveland, November 1, 1878.
Etlilerx "Wachtcram Erie" Cleveland, Ohie:
Gentlemen' : Allew me, as an old render of
your valued journal, herewith te send you a
tew lines, which please insert in your next is
sue. I will vouch ler their truth, and knew
that by their publication u great deal et geed
will be accemplisheTl. Having been a reader
of your paper for many years, I hope you will
kindly grant my request.
Fer twelve years I had suffered, from time
te time, terribly vith Rheumatism, te such an
extent that I was unable te move about and
lest the use of my limbs. I tried everything
recommended te effect a cure, consulted some
of the most prominent physicians and expend
ed large sums of money, hoping te find relief,
but without any success. Glancing ever the
columns of the " Wachter," I read about the
St. Jacob's Oil and the many cures this re
ined had effected. Having been disappointed
se many times, I lest all faith In any remedy,
the St. Jacob's Oil included, until I saw one
ilay that it had cured a well-known citizen
with whom I am acquainted. Other parties
fully endorsed the value and wonderful power
et the Oil, telling me that it hed cured them of
different ailments in u very short time. This
brought me te a conclusion. I said te myself,
' Sch weizer, fifty cents won't break you ;" se I
went te my druggist, Sir. Beck, bought a bot
tle of the Oil, and must new confess that the
result was truly wonderful. I used It every
two hours, and found relief immediately upon
the first application, and the pain ceased en
tirely after a tew mere applications. Fearing
a new attack, I remained in bed and continued
te use the remedy every three hours. All pain
having left me, I arose from my bed and walk
ed down stairs without any trouble.
Since that time I have been able te fellow my
occupation and feel no pains orincenvenience,
however disagreeable the changes of the
weather may be. Having thoroughly tested
the St. Jacob's Oil, I can conscientiously re
commend it te all afflicted with Rheumatism,
fifty cents is a small expense when the services
for se trifling an outlay are considered. If I
was one thousand miles away from all human
habitation, I should, nevertheless, procure this
remedy and keep it always In my beuse.
Leuis Schwhzzr,
Cor. Mervin and Centre St., Cleveland, O.
Prevent weakness and degeneration of the
kidneys and urinary organs Malt Bitters.
Williamson ft Fester have just placed 20
dozen of men's working pants en their coun
ters, and selling them at 65 cents per pair.
They have riveted buttons, four pockets, and
made se as net te rip. Ge and get a pair for
they will .seen be gene.
Attkxtien is directed te an advertisement
in another column asking for 100 tens et rags
by the old-established stand of Jehn A.
Sliebcr, corner of North Queen and Orange
streets. He also advertises ter 10 rag asserters.
The queen of medicinal and toilet soaps, tiie
fragrant Cnticura.
There is no Pain Like Teeth-ache!
It " beats the dogs" for making a fellow
squirm. Nobody pities you. "Get it out,"
says one ; "rub the teeth againsta stone," says
anether: when It begins te swell then it won't
hurt se much," says a third. The reason of
the ache is you didn't use SOZODONT,und
prevent your teeth from decay.
If you are bilious you will find positive re
lief by using "Sellers' Liver Pills." Sold by
all druggists.
The Cause Discovered.
Most of the readers whose eyes scan these
pages have suffered from headache, lassitude,
nausea or pains in the back ; but we doubt if
they knew what tbe cause was. In nine cases
out of ten it was some trouble with the kid
neys or liver. This Is a truth which has just
become known, and the result which Warner's
Sate Kidney and Liver Cure has accomplished.
The above named troubles are caused by dis
ordered kidneys and liver, and the remedy
which cures the cause banishes the pains
which arise trem it. jyl-2wdftw
Try Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup.
If you want te get rid of pimples, boils, tet
ter, Ac, use "Lindsey'a Bleed Searcher."
Sold by all druggists.
Try Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup.
Thousands are new feeling the effects et this
depressing weather, and experience a less of
appetite, less of red bleed, have become pale,
and are very languid. We advise them te re
sort immediately te the great Weed Purifier,
Meed Enricher, and Perfect Health Giver, Dr.
Browning's Tonic aud Alterative. Price SO
cents and $1. Fer sale by its author and sole
Proprietor. W. Champien Browning, M. I).,
1117 Arch Street, Philadelphia, and all Drug
gists, jys-lwd&w
Try Lecher's Itenewned Cough Syrup.
UiLLKsrnc. In this city, en the 7th inst., Miw
Mary A. Gillespie, aged 4J years. .
The relatives and friends of the family are
respectfully invited te attend the funeral,
from the residence of her father. West Vine
street, en Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. 3td
A New Twe-story Brick Heuse. 105 Locust
street ; $9 a month.
Inquire at
JL Insure your Crep.- ugainst less or damage
by hull at BAUSMAN ft BURNS'S
Insurance Office, 10 West Orange Street.
Hancock and English Club, will be held
en FRIDAY EVENING at iyt o'clock, at the
Schiller Heuse, North Queen street, for per
manent organization. jy8-2td
CRATS! The Democracy of the 4th ward
will meet at Rethweiicr's Saleen, West King
street, en Monday evening next, at 8 o'clock,
ler the purpose of erganlng a Hancock and
English club. jys-2td
of the city of Lancaster, Lancaster coun
ty, deceased. The undersigned Auditor, ap
pointed te distribute the balance remaining
in the hands of Louisa Miller and C. F. Sieber,
executers of the will of said Herman Sillier,
deceased, te and among these legally entitled
tn the same, will sit ler that purpose en SAT
URDAY, AUGUST 7, 1880, at 10 o'clock a. m., in
the Library Roem of the Court Heuse, iu the
city of Lancaster, where all persons interested
in said distribution may attend.
jyU-Ctdeaw Auditor.
late of Lancaster city, deceased. The un
dersigned Auditor, appointed te distribute the
balance remaining in the hands of Martin
Kemnr, trustee te sell the real estate of said
decedent, te and among these legally entitled
te the same, will sit for that purpose en TUES
DAY", AUGUST 10,1880, at 2 o'clock p. m., in
the Library Roem of the Court Heuse, In the
city of lancaster, where ail persons interested
iu said distribution may attend.
jyJMtaeaw Auditor.
late of Lancaster city, Pa., deceased. The
undersigned Auditor, appointed te distribute
the balance remaining fn the hands et Wm. H.
GerrechtandMrs. Ann L. Gall, executers of
the last will and testament of said Elizabeth
Gorrecht, deceased, te and among these IegaLy
entitled te the same, will sit for that purpes.;
en SATURDAY. AUGUST 7. 1880. at 2 o'clock
ft. m., in the Library Roem et the Court Heuse,
n the city of Lancaster, where all persona in
terested in said distribution may attend.
jyiMtdeaw Auditor.
100 Tens of Rags Wanted,
Fer which the highest price will be paid.
The highest price paid for Woolens, Old
Paper, Beeks, Ac. Ten Rag Asserters wanted
te whom the highest price will be puid.
Cor. North Queen and Orange Streets,
jy9-tfdR Lancaster, Pa.
tise, free of charge, In the Ihtxlliokm Ihtxlliekm
ckr. who wants something te de.
T T ageu woman 10 Keep house rer u man.
Apply at SOS Beaver street.
Housekeepers take notice that we arc
paying 2 cents a pound for MIXED RAGS.
lusu paia as seen as uenvereu 10
Ne. 2T5 West King Street.
Removed from Ne. 18 Seuth Prince street te
Ne. 211 West King street, Lancaster, Pa.
Fishing Tackle In every variety, Bamboo,
Cuneund Weeden Jointed Reds, Lines, sink
ers, Floats, Heeks, Ac.
A call solicited. Prices low.
City Pharmacy,
Cor. N. Queen and Orange Streets.
HO-Iyd Lancaster, Pa.
We have started a new Cigar Bex Manufac
tory at Ne. 241 North Queen street, and are
new prepared te fill all orders at the shortest
notice. As we have all the latest improved
machinery we will make as fine a box as can
be had in the country. Give us a call.
Ne. 241 North Queen Street,
Je2-tfd Lancaster, Pa.
Washington, July 9. Fer the New
England and the Middle Atlantic states,
cloudy weather, local rain, winds mostly
euth te west, stationary temperature, and
stationary or falling barometer.
A Teaaff Mas SfeMta Hte Sevaataea-Year-Old
Slater laaDraatsluuM teWlawOatUM
Faurily DtaKrace-Sae Pleads for Him
With the eaeers, and They Part
With. Tear aad Mataal Fer-
giTeaesa A Sad Story.
Danville. Va., July 9. Last night
about midnight, Thes DeJarnette entered
a bagnio here, enquiring for Mellie De
Jarnette, an inmate thereof. She appeared,
recognized him as her brother, and at his
request went with him te a private room.
A few minutes later repeated pistol shots
were heard from the room. The police were
called in and found the deer fastened.
They broke it down and discovered the
girl lying en the fleer weltering in bleed,
her brother standing by her, pistol in hand.
He immediately confessed having shot her
and averred he hid done it te wipe out the
disgrace of his family by his sister's con
duct. He surrendered himself te the offi
cers and has been committed te jaiL He
declares his willingness te accept the pen
alty of the law.
Medical examination showed the gin
was shot in five places, two at least ncces.
sarilyfatal, and that she cannot survive.
She pretests that her brother was right in
taking her life and begs that he be net
punished. On their separation after the
tragedy the brother and sister embraced
with mutual forgiveness and tears of
The girl is only 17 years old, and went
wrong but a few months since. She is
remarkably intelligent and fine looking ;
her brother is about twenty and is a rail
road agent and telegraph operator at
Brown's Summit, N. C. The mother is
the widow of Dr. James DeJarnette, and
lives iu Caswell county, N. C, near Dan
He Club Kzoeb Bey and In Killed by the
Latter's Indignant Followers.
Londen, July 9. Latest intelligence
from Serajcev states that excitement,
caused by attempted murder of Hassan
Pasha has considerably abated. When
Hassan Pasha ordered a general disarma
ment Ezoeb Bey, one of the most
fanatical Mussulmans, with a few of his
followers, went te Hassan and protested.
Hassan replied by striking Ezoeb Bey with
a stick, and the followers of the latter
then threw themselves en Hassan and he
was taken te Mitrevitza mortally wounded.
Condensed Telegrams.
Jehn Melick, a prominent ship broker of
St. Jehn, N. B., has been arrested ou a
charge of forgery.
The earthquake at Geneva last Sunday,
was the most severe felt in Switzerland
for years. Twe persons were killed, "f
Dr. Tanner completed the eleventh day
of fast this afternoon, apparently in geed
An earthquake ou the Island of. St.
Geerge, one of the Azore group, resulted
in the formation of another island, COO
yards distant, and 18,000 square yaids in
Geerge Allen Price, the murderer of
Villie Black, a tobacco merchant, en
April 1, 1871), was hanged this morning in
the yard of Hamilton county jail, Cincin
nati. MARKETS.
Mew Yerk Market.
Nkw Yerk. July !. Fleur btutc and West
ern a shade stronger and fairly uelive
superline state t M)4 !; extra de 41
450; choice, de., 4 WQT, eil: taney
3 i6 00; round hoop Ohie 94 7005 70:
choice de $3 7.'jjs2S; superlliie western $:i:4b
4 05; common te geed extra de (4 Wfttuf;
nlintei. flfiiln At Kflf37fin. atlmf... will.. .,l .1..
94UM95O0; Southern II rm with upward ten
dency; common te fair extra 5 2.'4t; l:
geed te choir; de $T I34J7 ).
nuvi.iryii:uviiuriiiiii miriy acini; ; mi. i
White. iL-.ii. l ITV ? .le.lnli- 41 11:. ........
$1 1 01; Ne. 2, Red .luly.$i 171 Is';
de August, $1 y& 12; de Sept., l jejj
Cern linn uhd without iuiert:int rhangf :
Mixed western spot, 47tJOc; de ruliire4!,y
Oats llrm and quiet; state ag lie; western
SiQOc; Ne. 2 July .&K.
Philadelphia Market.
I'iiiladklpuia, July U. Fleur lirm ; fur ii -uuiry;
superfine at 2 503: extra at r:.u:i'.;
Ohie and Indiana famiiv at .". Un$5 7.r ,
Penn'a family at tl 7.V.ri 2T- St. I.eui
family r HJgt; OO ; de e!d,$22.rj4 7r ; Minnesota
family $4 50.t m ; puteul and High graili s ; 75
Q8 00.
Bye flour at 14 123)4 15.
Cornmeal Iiraudywliie unchanged.
Wheat firmer; Ne. i Western ICcd $1 II ;
Penn'a Red $1 It; AinlJt-r tl 14.
Cern firmer; yellow Mig52c : mixed
Oats quiet hut lirm ; Ne. 1, White tie: Ne.
2, de 42c; Ne. 3, de :K8IWc; Ne. 'A Mixed
Kye dull ; Western and Pa. .H5c
Previsions firm ; nasi, perk at tl-'S 25t:t Ml ;
beer hams $20 S021 ; India m.-ss Iteel tM4lti :
bacon, smoked shoulder r..Vc; wilt 4j!k-;
smoked hams ll12c ; pickntl nuiii" '.Kt'jc.
Lard steady : city kettle 7&c ; loose
butchers 7c ; prime steam 1735.
Itutter active anil streng: Creamery extra
Sic; de geed te choice HVn'ilc; Itmdrerd
county and New Yerk extra. 22e ; Western
reserve extra 17I8e; de geed te choice i:t15c ;
Rolls dull; Penn'a extra IlKjl.'i; Western re
serve extra 10Q 13c.
Kggs firmer ; Penn'a 13c; Western 13llc.
Cheese steady; New Yerk full cream lOe;
Western full cream, ⁣ de fair te geed 7t
7Mc; de hair skims Cxi'c.
Petroleum firm ; refined 10!c.
Whisky till.
Seeds Geed te prime Timethy dull at
$2'M3 00: flaxseed nominal at. tl 30 ler
new ; Clever e u let at 7 UO&71.
Stock Markets.
Philadbli-iiia. July 9.
ISdU r. m. xuu r. M.
Stocks dull.
Fennati's (third issue) 105
Philadelphia ft trie 12
Pennsylvania Tiy. ....
Lehigh Valley. 49K
United Ces. et N. J my.
Northern Pacific 2TPX
14 Pre ten ed 47V,
Northern Central :i24
Lehigh Navigation 27
Norristown 102
Central Transportation Ce. 4S
Pitts., Tltusvlile A Ruliale. l4
Little Schuylkill 4.
Naw Yerk. J uly f
Stocks dull.
Meney 23
N. Y. Central 127
Adam Express 11
Michigan Central t&2
Michigan Southern 101
Illinois Central iu.
Cleveland ft Pittsburgh. ...116
Chicago ft Reck Island 103
Pittsburgh ft fort Wayne.. 118
Western Union Tel. Ce 104
Teledo Wabash XM
hew Jersey Central G
United States ISenda and Sterlins KxcIimiie.
(Quotations by B. K. Jamisen ft Ce., S.
cer. mi ane vnesinut aireeisj.
Philadelphia. July 9.
United States Ps, 1881, ( registered )..103104
United States 5's, 1881, (registered). .102fe 1024
United States 41$'s, 1891, (regUtercdJKXHittlO te
United States 4K'8,1891, (coupons)., .ibi&lew
United States 4s, 1907. (registered )..ltt 10
United States Currency (Ts I243l25k
Sterling Exchange 485 (J487X