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    fat4er Abratam.
FRIDAY, MAY 14,1889.
Economy, Retrenchment, Faithful Collection
of the Revenue and Payment of the Public
Debt, —GR All?.
The popular illustrated Radical Republica❑
Campaign paper, published with the most
gratifying success during the memorable con
test in ltitiB, will be especially devoted to the
same cause in 1869, by a vigorous and cordial
support of the Republican candidates for Go
vernor and Judge of the Supreme Court.
The popular and highly amusing letters of
ly as heretofore. The pager has been consid-
&ably enlarged since 1868, as well as im-
proved in every respect.
at the following terms of subscription :
One copy, for six months $ 75
Ten copies, " " 6.00
Fifteen copies, " " 8.00
Twenty copies, " " 10.00
And fifty cents for each additional copy over
twenty, and an extra copy for getting up a
club of twenty.
r All subscriptions must be paid in advance.
Lancaster, Pa.
The Republican voters of the several elec
tion districts of Lancaster county, are re
quested to meet at the places where the last
primary meetings were held on Saturday,
September 12th, 1868, (except in the district
named) on
and hold primary elections, subject to the
rules adopted by the Union Republican Coun
ty Committee, to elect SIX DELEGATES to
represent Lancaster county in the State Con
vention, to be held on the 23d of June.
The election in Manheim township will be
held at Stauffer's Hotel, Neffsville.
The polls will open at 3 o'clock, p. m., and
close at 7 o'clock, p. m.
By order of the County Committee.
MARTIN S. FRY, Chairman
E. C. REED, Secretaries.
We call the attention of the Itepubliran
state Senators, who voted against the
Philadelphia Police bill last winter, to the
list of appointments now being made by
Mayor Fox. The 0' Flahertys, Murphys,
o , l3ryans, Maguires, Reillys, O'Gormans
and "sich like," ought to be thankful to
the good-natured—to be mild—Senators
who have helped them to positions, over
good and true Republicans. Probably some
of these same Republican Senators will
want to be sent back to the Senate. We'll
The latest and smallest specimen of Cop
perhead sore-headism and spite is in the
objections made by journals of rebel in
tinets in the North, to an accurate meas
urement and survey of the Gettysburg
battle-field, ordered by the Government.
It is easily understood why Copperheads
should be unwilling to have the remem
brance of this battle-field preset ved. It
is a daily offence to them. It reminds
them of a pro-Slavery Democratic Rebel
lion defeated. It reminds them of a Na
tional Democratic Party beaten and dis
graced. It is prophetic of the progressive
growth of the cause of Liberty here and
everywhere. And it is a perpetual mon
ument to the faithlessness and treason of
the Democratic Party, to whom the people
blindly committed their government.
"Father Abraham will deliver a tem
perance lecture at the hamburg battalion."
—Reading Eagle.
arßetter be careful, Mr. Eagle, how
you poke fun at temperance men. Worse
places than Hamburg, and more formida
ble gatherings of the ungodly than those
attending the Hamburg battalion, have
been reclaimed and reconstructed by means
of the pledge. And in every district of
old Berks in which temperance and re
ligion gain foothold, democratic majorities
become beautifully less.
The Republicans of Cumberland, Md.,
on Monday last, elected Lloyd Dowe,
Mayor, by ninety-two majority, and two
Councilmen. Last fall the rebel majority
was nearly four hundred. Maryland will
tome round all right in time.
or'The Miners' Journal commenced its
XLlst year on Saturday week. The paper
was established by Benjamin Bannan,
Esq., who has continued to conduct it up
to the present time. The Journal is an able
and independent Republican newspaper,
among the very largest and best in the
State and one of the moat successful.
" A nigger will steal. "—Columbia Her
And so will a Copperhead—especially a
"Saur-Kraut guerilla."
The party of Southern tourists who ac
companied Col. Forney, has returned to
Washington, and had an interview with
the President on Friday last, and talked
with him upon the state of affairs
down there. One of them gave as an
instance of the manner in which the South
erners arc developing their own resources,
that in Florida, where oranges, strawber
ries and other fruits were now in season,
the travelers were given stewed dried
apples, which, on inquiry, they found had
come from New York, and only twice
were strawberries found at the hotel tables!
They are unanimous in the opinion that
the time has not come when Northern
men can go down there to live, unless they
go in colonies large enough to be indepen
dent of all but their own circle. They con
cur, also, in the belief that the day has not
yet arrived for an indiscriminate removal
of political disabilities, and that years will
have to pass away before thousands of
them will be restored to loyalty. Well,
let theta wait until they learn how to be
have themselves.
The last rail has been laid, and the iron
track now traverses the continent from
the Bay of Fundy to the Pacific ocean.
From Pittsburg to San Francisco the time
table and distances arc calculated as fol
Miles. Iloure.
Pittsburg to Chicago, 11l 468 19
Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska 491 241,
Omaha to Bryan 868 43
Bryan to Ogden, Utah 238 105;
Ogden to Elko, Nevada, via Cen
tral Pacific Railroad 278 12'
Elko to Sacramento, Cal., via Cori.
tral Pacific Railroad 465 31
Saoramento to San Francisco, via
Western Pacific Railroad 117 3
At San Francisco the traveler may take
the steamship lines on the Pacific, reach
Japan in nineteen days, and in six more
place himself in communication with the
Celestials at Hong Kong or Shanghai.
Gen. John Ely, the recently appointed
United States Marshall for the Eastern
District of this State, died suddenly at his
residence in Philadelphia, on Tuesday
night of last week. The breath was hardly
out of the man's body, before the "old sta
gers," who had such an interesting time
of it before, were at Washington, with
their friends, to bore—that's the word—
for the vacancy. Gen. Grant cut the
matter very short on Friday last, by ap
pointing Gen. E. W. Gregory, of Philadel
phia, to fill the place. The question every
where was: "Who is Gen. Gregory!" The
"politicians"—that means, in this in
stance, politicians by trade—didn't know
him, but the President did, and that was
enough. 'Rah for Gregory!
Brick Pomeroy seems to know the lead
ing Democrats of New York as he himself
is known. lie says : "If buying and sell
ing, if fraud and corruption, if double
dealing, trickery, dishonesty, and nothing
but a love for gain is to mark the course
of the leading Democrats of New York, I
just ask God to spare my life for the next
two years." Brick might with great pro
priety have included in his description the
leading "Democrats" of Pennsylvania,
especially those of Philadelphia. The
election rascality practised by that party
in the "city of brotherly love" is now be
ing unearthed, and presents a series of
frauds and perjuries unequalled in the
criminal calender even of New York.
The Boston Courier, one of the bitterest
Democratic papers in the country, says:
" Two things are observable in Presi
dent Grant—his power of holding his
tongue and his grateful remembrance, in
his day of prosperity and supreme power,
of those early friends who gave him a start
in life when he was poor, seedy, unknown,
unnoticed and of no account socially, po
litically, or professionally. Call it nepo
tism or what you will, much worse traits
than this have been exhibited by ruling
After this, from a political opponent,
one would think that the fault-tinding Re
publicans whose party fealty is measured
by their success in obtaining office, would
hide their heads in shame. If they don't,
they ought to.
In connection with the election of dele
gates to the State Convention, the names
of the following gentlemen have been
Capt. J. K. RUTTER, City.
lion. JOHN STROHM, Providence.
Col. JAMES MYERS, West llempfield.
A. J. KAUFFMAN, Esq., Columbia.
W. H. H. KINZER, East Earl.
PETER S. REIST, Manheim twp.
The names of candidates for delegates
should be handed in by WEDNESDAY,
MAY 19T11, under the rules, in order to
have them printed on the slips.
"NEW YORK, April 24.—A white man
named Kennedy, was to-day held to bail
in $2,000 for raping a negro girl ina stable
last night."
GrThere's a text for the Lancaster bi
telligenecr to grow eloquent over. Would
n't it be a good thing for it to argue that
the entire white race should be disfran
chised because of Kennedy's act ? Come,
" it's a poor rule that won't work both
ways." Go for them!
George Brubakor, District Attorney,
Chief of Thuggery, Ring Manager and
Political Broker General for a number of
years, was again badly beaten on Monday
last, in County Committee meeting. The
attendance was larger and everything was
set up and fixed by George to proceed to
the election of delegates to the State Con
vention, by the committee. Even up to
the hour of meeting, George believed he
had a sure thing—the vote of Lancaster
county in his own hands, to be disposed of
and sold out to the highest and best bidy'
tiers. lint, "es is a muck net g'folla jia "
Immediately after the calling of the.
and the reading of certitleates of substOz
tutes, including one constituting Georgda
member of the committee. Senater
lingfelt offered a resolution fixing the title
for the election of the delogatos b,
p/e, and under the rules governi,
nominating elections. George a
took the door and made a chase
speech against the resolution, and i;
of electing the delegates by the cf
tee. Ire pronounced the so-called
ford County System a failure; s,
people have already been over-dose,
it; that the ( lose which this system
istered last year had already s
them; that if it should be adhered
would have yet more such doses;
big dose is being prepared for the
during the coming campaign for lo
flees. Ibis speech was full of "1
and, as a whole, as the sequel prove
too nauseous a "dose" even for th
mittee which George had the aud:u
claim as his own
Mr. Billingfelt briefly replied, and
defending the popular vote system
true one, he admitted that last yk
result did not entirely satisfy its f 7
as the nomination of Mr. George Br
to the District Attorneyship, and
was a very big "dose," and hard ti
low! But as such a result could o)
brought about by ballot-box a
fraudulent counting and other dk .Iga.
of rules, the republican people need ohly
to have proper safeguards against such
frauds and outrages in future, to make the
system in question entirely acceptable.
After sonic further debate in which Col.
Dickey, Capt. McPhail, Mr. Kauffman,
Mr. Ilouston and others participated, Mr.
Ilillingfelt's resolution was adopted by a
vote of 42 to U.
George is about played out. Nobody is
afraid of him now, simply because his
boat is in deep mud. His support is cer
tain defeat; his opposition calculated to
insure success. He is among the leaders
and dictators of the past, and nobody,
except his immediate body guard, is sorry
for it. His many pledges remain unre
deemed, anti scores of politicians who have
heretofore followed and confided in him,
acknowledge themselves badly sold—and
so are the politicians abroad with whom
he had contracted for the coming delegates
to the State Convention. Well done!
It is amusing to see how fast some peo
ple who have been willing tools of the
great defunct—George Brubaker—are de
serting him since he was beaten in his at
tempt to elect a tool as County Superin
tendent, and to "set up" the Old Guard
for Governor. The County Committee
settled the latter matter on Monday. It
would be as well, perhaps, for candidates
for the Gubernatorial nomination not to
make promises for Notary Public, &c., so
early in the race. And it would be just
as well for candidates for local nomina
tions to be careful in "fixing up things"
about home. Thuggery is demoralized,
and the " Barbary Coast " is in great'
tribulation. More than a month ago we
advised candidates to "be cautious," End►.
recent developments ought to influence
them to watch the progress of events
closely. There is "luck in leisure."
"Make haste slowly." Don't "tie to"
any body, but "go it alone." This ad
vice is given "free gratis for nothing."
Gen. Stokes, in his recent speech at
Nashville, Tenn., complimented Andy
Johnson as follows:
" Now, I'll tell you what's a fact: There
isn't a man nor a party that Johnson
hasn't deceived. If there is 'a man in this
crowd who can say that Andrew Johnson
never deceived him, I should like to see
him step forth. He has been a popular
man in his day, for he has been with and
deceived all parties in turn. He is full of
deceit and demagogueism. He is like the
old sow. You might take her up, put her
in a bath tub and scrub her perfectly clean,
turn her out and she would run five miles
in a hot summer day . in August, through
clean water, to reach her wollowing place
in an old peach orchard. That's John
The new Registry Law requires the
assessors to commence the work of revsM'
ing the list of voters appearing upon ttai
transcript received from the County Coral
missioners, on the first Monday in. June.
They must strike off the names of al
voters who have died or removed, an
add such as have moved into the district,
or have become voters, so as to provide a,
complete alphabetical list of voters, with
the street and number of those who reside
in towns. Let Assessors procure a copy
of the law, and prepare to commence their
work at the proper time.
JAMES M. WEAKLEY, Esq., of Carlisle,
has been appointed Deputy Secretary of
the Commonwealth, in place of I. B. Cara,
The Pittsburg Commercial of Wednes
day last says that tie Republican press of
Pennsylvania is waking up to the impor
tance of steering clear of the old Legisla
ture and nominating new and better men.
In this matter the press has an important
duty to perform in leading the masses,
and giving public opinion an effective sup
port. Last winter it had but one voice,
which was raised in repudiation ofextrava
pnce and corruption at Harrisburg. It
did its whore duty then in awakening pub
lic sentiment to the alarming evils attend
ing every stage of the legislative proceed
.gs. It is, no less its duty now to
lead in the work of reforming these
abuses; and this can be accomplished in
no way but by electing true men. There is
all the greater need of commencing the
vifle, Ga. Retribution.
THE proposition to dispense with the
use of text books by scholars out of school
hours, is being enthusiastically accepted
all over our State.
SAM SImPLE, it allusion to the practice
of buying and selling wives, says his Je
rusha Ann did not cost him a cent—yet
he was awfully cheated when he got her.
Soltliow Fu t. stories of the damage done
to the peach crop, by the recent cold spell,
are being wafted to us by speculators to
pave the way for higher prices.
THE running time on the Pacific Rail
road from New York to San Francisco,
3353 miles, is six days seventeen and a
half hours.
TIIHRE is an organ-grinder at Novara,
who recently returned from the "United
States with $20,000 in gold, an amount lie
had collected iu the streets during the last
ten or twelve years.
TnE work of discharging useless clerks
is still progressing at Washington. Thirty
were discharged from the office of the Au
ditor for the P. 0. Department on Tues
day last.
A MAN living near McConnelsville, Ful
ton county, is said to have died some days
with the glanders. It appears that he
had been dealing for some years with
horses afflicted with that disease.
THE Jersey Shore Herald man says that
he went the other day to Williamsport on
a collecting tour. He was unable to col
lect anything, and, worse than that, every
man asked him for a chew of tobacco.
EVERY newspaper we see is emphatic
in expressing the opinion that never, prob
ably, in the history of this country, has the
wheat crop presented, at this season of the
year, such a promising appearance.
and killed Nicholas McComas at Jarretts
vile, Md., last month, has been tried and
acquitted, the jury being out but five
PARTLp from Tennessee say . that Pres
ident John ton has completely fizzled out,
and no longer possesses any power to seri
ously annoy the Republican party in that
To sell a yard of tape for six cents, is
designated by foolish fashionables as dig
nitled—while to sell six apples for six cents
as the late Abraham Morris expressed
it—something mighty low.
}ION. DANIEL W. SmvsEn, formerly of
Adams county, has been appointed Asso
c Ate „Law judge of the Seventh Judicial
District—Bucks and Montgomery coun
ties. He was formerly PreSident Judge of
the same district.
DANvriaat has a little virl who, several
weeks ago, was run over by twe carriages.
After she had recovered from that accident
she fell into a stream, and was restored to
consciousness the next day. What other
mishaps are in store for her we must wait
for the future and see.
THE Mount Vernon estate originally
consisted of 1200 acres. The ladies, with
the aid of Mr. Everett, some years ago
bought two hundred acres, including the
Washington House, and the remaining
one thousand acres is advertised for sale
at auction next week.
DISSATISFED married folks cannot now
rely upon Indiana divorce courts for arti
cles of separation with no trouble and little
cost. Persons must reside in that State
for one year before they can make applica
tion for divorce. Let them go to Harris
burg, with the "tin."
BANISHING BED Buos. Take the
whites of four eggs and ten cents worth of
quicksilver; put them into a bowl and beat
to a perfect froth. Take a feather and dip
into the preparation, and apply to every
part of your bedstea d where bugs conceal
themselves; do this once a year, and you
will never see a bed bug in your house.
A STRIKE in the anthracite coal region
commenced on Monday, and work is
entirely . suspended in Lehigh and Schuyl
kill regions. Nothing has been received
from Wilkesbarre, but it is supposed the
same state of affairs exists there. This
is doubtless a combination between oper
ators and wholesale dealers to advance the
price of coal.
'1•111( N. LAND KNEA.is and Jas. Worrall
have been appointed by (governor icary-
Commissioners to nettle, determine and
locate the southern boundary line of this
JOSEPH ATKIN'S, a Republican mem
ber of the Georgia senate, was assassinated
by Ku-Kluxers the other day while re
turning home, and when within three
miles of his residence.
Tim Pennsylvania railroad is said to
have obtained control of the railroad from
Covington, opposite Cincinnati, to Louis
ville, Kentucky. This is with a view to
southern business.
A IliutlyittatA, Baptist preached in
Harrisburg lately, and took for his text,
"God made man in his own image." Ile
then commenced "An honest man is the
noblest work of God." Then he made a
long pause, and looked searchingly about
the audience, and then excblimed, "Bat I
opine God Almighty hasn't had a job in
this city for nigh on to fifteen years.-
"Gov. CultTIN is the fourth Minister to
Rus-sia from Penn'a. His predecessors
were William Wilkins, James Buchanan
and George M. Dallas." To these ought
to be added the name of Ilon. Simon Cam
eron, wlao was appointed by President
Lincoln. Ile remained in Russia but a
few months.
BRICK POMEROY is Still severe upon the
leading Democrats of New York. He says:
"If buying and selling, if fraud and cor
ruption, if double-dealing, trickery, dis
honesty, and nothing but a love for gain
is to mark the course of the leading Dem
ocrats of New York, I just ask God to
spare my life for the next two years."
POTATO speculators in some sections
of the country have been badly bitten,
and are unloading their stocks at a sad
sacrifice. A Michigan paper says that
farmers in portions of that State are oblig
ed to sell potatoes at fifteen cents per
bushel, for which they refused $1,50 last
fall, and that they have a very large stock
on han.
THE General Synod of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church, which convened yes
terday in St. Paul's Church, in Washing
ton, will be composed of some two hundred
or more members, clerical and lay dele
gates. These gentlemen come from as far
west as Kansas, and represent the North
western and Middle States chiefly. The
churches of this denomination in the
Southern States have withdrawn from the
General Synod and organized a Synod in
the South. This large body represents
largely the progressive and liberal school
of Lutherans, so rapidly growing in the
United States.
versary address of the Xi Rdo Delta So
ciety, of Freeland, will be delivered by .1.
G. Ralston, D. D., of Norristown, to-mor
row (Saturday) evening. Subject—The
Mistakes of Young Men Charles Wood,
of Marble Hall, whilst driving a team on
his way to Philadelphia, with a load of
marble, fell under the wagon which passed
over his body, and received injuries that
terminated in death on the following
night The Perkiomen Railroad is being
constructed to Schwenksville Robert
Iredell, the new Post Master, entered up
on his duties on Monday The County
Court will commence at Norristown next
LEHIGH COUNT Y.- The Allen town
Register, a very good and ably conducted
paper, by the way, came to us this week,
with an "Extra" enclosed, giving a long
list of prizes drawn in a lottery at Allen
town recently— a notorious Gift swindle.
The publishers appear not to know that
sending such an "Extra" is a clear viola
tion of the post office law,and if prosecuted,
would be "struck" to the tune of five
dollars for each copy of the paper contain
ing the bogus Extra. We believe there is
also a State law intended to prohibit such
;rambling publications altogether Rev.
J. F. Crouch delivered a temperance lec
ture inthe Allentown Presbyterian church
on Monday evening E. J. Young was
elected County Superintendent.
Lehigh Valley Railroad depot, at Bethle
hem, was totally destroyed by fire on
Saturday last. As the company have
recently erected a very beautiful and
extensive depot, at the junction of the
North Penna. and L. V. Road, the
removal of the old one, even by fire, is a
decided improvement A company has
been organized to erect extensive iron
works at Freemansburg, three miles below
election was held at Pottsville, on Tuesday
last week, and the democrats cable out
victorious. But, unfortunately for them,
the election amounts to nothing, as a gen
eral law was enacted by the last session of
the Legislature, that an - municipal elections
throughout the State shall hereafter be held
on the second Tuesday in October, and in
consequence of this law, hundreds of Re
publicans refused to vote B. F. Patter
son was re-elected County Superintendent,
at $l5OO salary The Schuylkill Dis
trict Convention of Good Templars will be
held at St. Clair on the 25th inst. Rev. D.
Hartman, Grand Lodge lecturer, will ad
dress a public meeting in the evening
On Wednesday last week, Mr. McDivitt,
of Gilberton, had his head almost severed
from his body by a circular saw, while at
work in his mill Joseph Meryan, a sol
dier of the war of 1812, died at Pottsville,
in the 75th year of his age The G. A.
R. will give a grand entertainment at
Schuylkill Haven on the 30th inst. A
committee of ladies will superintend the
decoration of graves James Daughney,
aged 13 years, lost a leg at Middle Creek
breaker, by being caught in the machinery
There were 345 inmates in the County
Alms House on the 30th ult The cops
of Schuylkill don't like the new Registry
Law. The Standard is very wrothy.
Cause—it is designed to prevent their
naturalization frauds by means of which
hundreds of bogus Democratic votes were
polled every year in the mining districts
The Miners' Journal is the largest
weekly newspaper in the State, and one of
the best in the country.
BERKS COUNTY.—The City of Reading
contains only one "Christian Associa
tion," holding monthly meetings in the
Baptist Church Sixty-one licenses were
granted by the Court on Monday last, for
lager beer drinking saloons in Reading....
The Kutztowners are in a state of intense
excitement on account of a number of
stakes having been driven along a pro
posed Railroad route near their town.
Some cven far as to predict that, the
iron M he along there._ The
United American Mechanics of sinkinz
Springs, will have a public parade, in rega
lia, on Monday The Hamburg battal
lion will take place next Monday. We
learn from the Reading Eagle that there
will be an abundance of Lager beer, whis
key plain, Limberger Kies, pretzels, Bcrks
county schnitz and other delicacies on
hand by the hucksters, upon which men
and women may become refreshed and in
vigorated. The battallion will be intense
ly democratic—judging from the Eagle'.i
efforts to make it a success A man call
ing himself Mortimer L. Dewoody hired
a horse from Thomas High, at Reading.
and failing to return at the proper time,
Mr. If., on ascertaining the route he took,
followed him as far as Palthyra, Lebanon
county, where he succeeded in arresting
him and also recovered his team. The
thief is in jail.
morning last week the roof of the Ortho
dox Friends' Meeting House at West
Chester was considerably damaged by tire,
originating from a pile of burning brush
in the rear of the building Two barns
belonging to Joseph Miller, in Cain town
ship, were destroyed by fire on Wednesday
last week, and the dwelling was also
damaged, but saved from total destruction
by hard work. A young man named
Gilbert was arrested on suspicion of hav
ing fired the buildings Benjamin Hick
man of East Goshen drove a pair of oxen
to Philadelphia market, weighing 4740 lbs
On Tuesday night last week the car
riage house and hog pen of Susan Skiles
was destroyed by fire The Republicans
of Chester county will elect delegates on
the sth of June to meet in county conven
tion on the Bth, in West Chester, to nom
inate a county ticketand elect delegates to
the State convention George L. Marts
was elected County Superintendent by a
vote of 179 against 95 for Miss Maria L.
Sanford and eighteen for George Webb.
The salary was fixed at $l2OO.
DAUPHIN COUNTY.—The Harrisburg
State Ottani says that it is a lamentable
fact that a great proportion of the most
serious crimes in that town are committed
by boys of fifteen to seventeen years of age
Building and improvement is going
forward rapidly in Harrisburg The
Police of Harrisburg are going to be uni
formed A new camp of the P. 0. S. of
A. was. organized at Harrisburg last
Thursday evening A new Lutheran
chapel was dedicated in East Harrisburg
last Sunday A series: of out door reli
gious meetings will be held in the city of
Harrisburg under the auspices of the
Young Men's Christian Association
Elizabeth Robinson, whilst intoxicated,
attempted to commit suicide last Monday
by jumping into the canal at Harrisburg,
but was rescued by a police officer who
conducted her to the stone castle for safety
against whisky Gen. Longstreet passed
through Harrisburg on Monday, on his
way to New York, stopping a short time
at the United States Hotel.
Sam Matt Friday, of the State Depart
ment at Harrisburg, will please accept
our thanks for a pamphlet copy of the
general laws passed at the last session of
the Legislature.
Handbills, Cards, Bill Heads, Programmes,
Posters, &c., &c., printed in the best style and
at reasonable rates, at the FATHER ABRA
HAM Job Printing Office. Orders by mail
promptly attended to.
ITEMS: The 28th anniversary of the Go , •
thian Society of Franklin and Marshall Col
lege, was celebrated on Friday evening last.
A large audience greeted the young gentle
men, and the speakers acquitted themselves
The barn of H. S. Landis, the keeper of a
hotel at Petersburg, this county, was destroy
ed by fire on Friday evening last, together
with a horse, two buggies and a sleigh. Loss
about $1,200.
Ladies of this city presented a handsome
banner to Metamora Tribe, No. 2, Red Men,
on Friday evening last. It was in the grand
procession at Philadelphia, on Wednesday.
The Manheim National Bank, and the First
National Bank of Lancaster, have declared a
dividends of five per cent. for the last six
The hotel at Ephrata Mountain Springs,will
be thrown open to guests about the middle of
June. It will be under the superintendence
of Mr. John Frederick.
The number of scholars on the rolls of the
public schools of this city for April, is 2,462;
average attendance 2,087. The Finance Com
mittee of the School Board estimate the ex
penses of the schools for the year commencing
on the Ist ofJune, at $34,728.49, which includes
the cost of altering several 'school houses.
The rate of taxation will be 7 mills on the
hundred dollars—an increase of one mill.
The Columbia Spy of Friday last says that
the river is in excellent rafting order and many
rafts are passing down. The river along the
shore is lined with lumber of all kinds. There
has been but little lumber purchased, as yet,
in comparison with other years.
The law in regard to the destruction of in
sectiverous birds should be rigidly enforced.
Farmers and horticulturists especially are in
terested in having it observed.
Isaac Bradley has been appointed Post Mas
ter at Wakefield, this county, in place of Geo.
W. Zook, resigned.
A chap up town is riding a hog in the alley
preparatory to trying his skill on a velocipede.
The Lancaster County Quarterly District
Convention of Good Templars will meet in
this City to-day, in the American Mechanics
Hall, Inquirer Building.
Hon. W. W. Ketcham, who is again a can
didate for Governor, was in this city for sev
eral days during this week. He was the guest
of his friend, Gen. J. W. Fisher.
Samuel P. Sterrit has been appointed by
Gov. Geary, a Notary Public at Marietta.
The Northern Central Railroad Company
announces a quarterly dividend of two per
cent., free from all taxes, payable on the 20th
The Pennsylvania railroad company an
nounce* a semi-annual dividend of five per
cent., payable in cash, free of tax, on the 30th
Almost everything in the way of eating is
inclining downwards—we mean in prices.
Flour is lower, wheat is falling, sugar has
come down, beef and pork, also, but our
butchers and bakers seem not to be aware of
it. Who will jog their memories and remind
them of the fact?
There are a number of howling curs in Lan
caster who had much better be in dog heaven
than barking here on earth. Judgment on
Win. B. Wiley, esq., proposes shortly to
commence the publication in this city of a
paper called the Lancaster Bar, which will be
devoted exclusively to legal advertisements,
Court proceedings and business transacted in
the offices in the Court House.
A disgraceful riot in this city, on Saturday
night, participated in by members of the
Humane, ("Hill Boys") Friendship and