Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, April 24, 1867, Image 1

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    ©o & <&o lEo
Whole No 2917.
Poor llouss Business.
The Directors of the P'or meet at the Poor
Hour"- "o the '2-1 Tui->lny of each month.
si+S - * sxJ mi maa ts/ \&P • a
Collecti-n--- .'iii-J r- ni'-.m . 5 promptly made.
loteivsi allow ed ou jaa-3-lv.
Attorney at Law,
Office Market Square, Lewistow n, wili at
tend t business in M It'iin. Centre and Hunting
don cotinties tv2fi
wte •G V Ji • r em UAI
Attorney at Law,
OFFERS hi- profcsKi--nal services to tiie citirens -,f
Mill! n 1 *\ •'> Northeast corner of the
n -,-, id lext t - Holb.iKti's store. :ny2
j.v i'omim; CBI N n
." Lutuai Insurance Company.
Capital, S-2
fT _t Ooa pauy uliii'R .- hi -s.-ue fuhrt** 'T Insur
: -on Building * an* i Peisoiial Pn-pei'ty, in 1 •• r >
t.itrv. -r nrtial rates
JAMI'.N RAYKIS. Prftidoit.
tilt" A BOWMAN. Secret si ry.
jaaiet: I•• a.u. iv
■. ~f tjb Yf
V S f • I p
Practicing Physician,
Isenevi!!e. Mitlliii Cumuij, Fa.
Tv t DAULFN '..is b*-en ar-piint .1 ati Examining
1/Surge in t Pensions So! her* requiring < x-mi
ins ion will find Inin .-.i hi* - n •' m Beiie.iiie
LeUerille, August -'2, I s " ' ■>'
jj T3 x<T T I b T K "Y -
J, 23 Evl I T H
r EdPE'."I'FELLA inform tl- citizet-.s .;i Lewistown
|A and v. -.nitv. a few doors trout the I own Hall. >•<
Main street - that Ins i- nv-p-'-j-l t-• <i - th kitid of w >1 s
in tke lino of bis prote.-si > in th • • o w-i •
~ - . • - VV S *-. p-$ ■ " Snip " I wUi n
--terteH On OoM Silver.. r Vulcanite Base iaanafegant
ir i workmanlike inatmer. .old oil tiie itnt ren&ona
b'e terms. II -gunrante - his work or no psv.
Partienlar attention }• ' i totbeextr ict tignnd ft - tig
cft< th ia the most approved mantier. nov.-Cin
Teeth Extracted Without Paia!
By R. Thompson, D. D. b .
, e without too us- of Chb-t >-
. vs. lorin, Eto-r. or Nitrous Ox
e'r Jt~f" > N ~|o-. Rod - attended l-y no
/ Uangi i or t-.ui effects.
,t- .* f Ortiee we.-t Market street,
I ;v r Lt-eiibisc s hotel.
where he can bo four- • for pi,d\—i-u.r.l .vuisuh.di m
1 rotn the tir't M:. -fea u m -uth nil - -he fo-i.,1.
Mundsv. when, he v. I absent on profew-iona. bus'
ness one week. sept
* -v cVj \ * /•* '
< Fl'*Eß> 'lit ;i fo-si services to the citizens of
I i.. A • an lv" 'D'v \!1 iii want of good, nt" at
v - vo ni a fail.
. mrfe fowl at all tun-* at hi* office, thr**
dcDrs east of 11. M. A >■ Pratt's store. \ abey -treei.
: plfl-ly*
5 l lib KO A DENTIST.
Ti khi Extract -d wirnor r pain
f i.s ;- os : Nint'T- "Xll'F or
• Lang -'lra-. Teeth 111-' "led •al a
-Vs.l XJ T ti... d ivrent sttles of ! as.--, 1
fit ud iu titu most approved manner. Spec,a! at ten
: n given to diseased gums. All work warranted,
i rms reasonable.
hi. • ■ Episcopal Parsonage, Corner o. Mai', an-l
W iter eireets.
1 be nriber has jus* receive.! and will
. - BoVu'"i
1 VfcLdn - B. - tnd I " :
styles, to wiiteh be vmH trite the attention of 11®
frlOßtUap t; ioput.l. -geueraUy A.*.u- b.s intent...n
bv rmv dealer in th- county, those in need ano r
bcots'ar hrn ere invited to ceil *ef * <o nm.- in--
.v -V- stock, which Wt'l he sola *• verv -■ uu
f..r ••ash only. >t the sign of the BIG hitot m-xt
" " pld F J ' ll !I,Ua ' Jtili N CLARKE.
Wfsl V.arkrt si., Li wistown,
Sack su Cloak a. flats. Bonoeis, Ladies Fiue DR&SS
G'OOP.S Trinunin^s.
Patu rijH of latfrft sty 1* s always on hnui.
Millinery and Dress-Klaking
executed in the me-t approved style.
Lcwistown, April IS, ISOv.-.l
J A. &L W. R. McKEE
. . „ vd their Store to ti<ld Krl
il lows' Hall, tere they will constantly v -cp
t hand. ?oi- Lent'.icr. Lai ie"acii bug i 'd I i'P , r
Lent lie r. Kips. \uv in-.tn and French ta.. Sk n, do
rodeos Linings and Binding*- :tn<l :t getn-iai as.-ori
f ki.oe Finding® v, ucn tbey will .sell cheap i-.r
-ith. Highest market pr, -e paid in ca*h f.r t-ieis
< xif .Skin* :in>l Slieep Skins.
* " * a":• Tj *f- v *"-<* T.
**utcd. f r which t a highest market price w;i! be
"aid in t a b apltf
Tailoring Establishment
MER( HA NT TAILOU. his shi>pto the
h f'jiiii■* v known n- nm houae,"
at th- int r'•••.-• • u if Y.'l • ■ii*-T ' • .
H. M. K K. lT;*c * M>if. wii'.'D :e fjU ai!y all
vcho nb'i| 'iiiiiT' .u his lint? ah i Trim
ming< ft:rni?l nnd s f'.otlnnj tiade. m
th* jritost 011 Aort notice, and at rensonaHe
prices'. Hpll—if
h;ts now open
Cloths, Oassimeres
A N l>
which wili Be made up to order in the neat
est and most fashionable stales. ap!9
kii'iß'i im isdms,
THE Nrw Vosk Mica Roofing Company, (established
lv'-5• are manufactur i-.g under Letters Patent the
it st Article of Composition Hi nting ever Offered to
the Public- it is adapt-d to every style of Roof, steep
or fiat, and can be readily applied bv any one.
Th - I'. S Governin-nt. after a thorough test of its
llttli'v !mve adapt- I its use in the Navy Yards, atid
upon Public Itu Iditigs.
The Rooting i- put up in rolls, and has only to be
nailed to th- Roof to make a
Durable Sfire and Water-I*roof Covering.
Wa< particularly recommend its u>e upon
liiiiitiitigs. Stores, Marches, Factories. Maehint
Slioj s, stenmboat Decks, ic.
For coating Tin. Iron, or Suing lk Roors. It forms a
ZJcxii/ Equ-.l to T-ree Cents of 'Wiinary Paint.
No K- can rust ui. i rit. and old ir-aky Roofs maybe
made permanently water-proof and durable by its use.
The Paint requires no mixing. • -u: ready to be aj)-
plied with th- tirditiary paint brti-ti Price. 51 per gal
lon. which wo: i- : ltd hundred -finaro leet.
Also nianiifs Hirers of
Black Lustre Varnish,
Tarrtil Felt and lioojing Fitch.
Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Price List fur
nished. Rights for couiui-s sold at low rates. Address
lit! TirnaJiraj,, _Y. I*.
Frank Humphrey*, tl Jtayal st.. N.OrSchofield
Wilii-tins c: t . A i'usta. fiat Baldwin H Woods
Montgomery. Ala.; 'lnoa.S.Coates Raleigh,lf. Ci, F.
A Tucker. Uichmoud. Va.; ilenry Wilson.Petersburg,
Va., Agents. jan23
Tea# foe th People. So more Fnormou#
Profits for Consumers to Pay.
Fifty Cod# to On I foliar per Pound Sav
ed l>y isityinrj your Tea# direct
jrom Hie J/jiporlerr.
T Y. KELLKY r . CO.. tmi"rters of Tea*, in connection
with tli—fr i; -•* wl; !r<,t c have dettrmine.l t<-
I is Ii *vtl3 to ccmsavii??* at
I>ricr.s, tiius •ri a >.-viK t'.c c"'isuiuer o? 40 U fi?
pev ••iif. F ni..'- cm !: dub' - th dor :ny .in! r
• jua (s of Teas. | -i.-kj|R - ••<U!v! nTifl >; w.-r
a:<l v. -* will j eir -ina superior article of T. aat 5 per
cent, above the cos of irnp>rtatiori. - me energetic
• Iv ptrstf: in v+ U urichb -hoo*! call upon her
acis i::!ancen an J i ? e ir or-ler* lr any <f the t Mo
log Udined Teas, an i an a clttii >! ten. twenty, or uionr
is ol.t ilocii, s, ||< J to IIS an 1 Wc A ill send the V-a* | Ut Up if:
.Hnpara*•• pafka-*-* with the nante I" each person
>n \l. aii t-n - • i til otic hux V> a FfKTHEE INMTt EM£>"
f the pvr-ou np t.v caib wp will for or
iitr > ' ci!>, an cd npi!retitary package on a.i <r
--i j - > <>; au*l upward, il per'-i;.> not nH! mnivrstoiwt
WHY w - L .1-. M'iJ teS SO VTV Bf.V ; b'J( wilen It faketi
| Info< :• t! s i:,;,, cost of ::ip.r
the Mrok . 4peculAtor, Jobber, Wholesale Dealer
ntiii K latter, h s each to reap a irjje profll an.' th* Innn*
• er • Ca tax vs. Cooperates, la ora nc s. s?tora i! \ c ,
H li'uh ta> Irivp tn oefore they r'*ach t!i
.:iw nner, a::', -< ; ly x, ;An ti-i:-.. Wp propose to !<•
awn "• •• rhts of tl • : otfis and expenses, ami
it • o rem in® m th tiie pe?is to *ay whether the* shall
ive 50 cents to SI.OO ;<rr p<> imt '*t every pound of Tea
they pure)! m ■ tiive thetr earnings to
\rj<: t;5-
PSDLARS • ' Il \LKRS wishing Teas to .-*!! again
can he jwcctnnn* •' with "■ . a kagesto suit theli
tr-i-!—. it re ucliLii can be as these arc oui
wholesale prices.
• Intone. I Black 170.80. SO, $1 Oh. SI I", best $1 25. per pound
I boirlish Breakfast. (Blacl 18U. SO SI 00, best tIXS, per lb.
I Yi•'. Hy- ! -ii • -.i, 95, SI.OU, extra $125, snpcrioi
M 5-i. "-r : nun.'
I Mix-t Dreen and Blurk 70. Sh9o Ix-st SIOO, per JMMiitti
II ~ - it. <■ 51 '' . ' -- ,
I .lapjti. SI do,SI ii', SI 25,1 - .-r iwemd.
! (Juu.H. >. .ler. •; -ti, 5130.> si SI fro per poun
W ,-1. e r lv.l ' II- .: t'cffre irtinent t our -.-ah
:,,tllil, it, ,VI I it.— lit!: IV :; . <t : *' -: 1 i-- 11! •C:■l. M- :... :
aa eat .1 saving .<> w- -an on Tas,(the marttin for
neOalfrcabrlti;; very small.) yi-I w,- can KtlCalH-iwfliltj
A< p.-r cent ch-uper than retailors chaige. "or Peflwi
conic dirts. t f ft lilt: t usti: :i ii - and wc ri'.ist all
grind tlieni | o''V r* , ' r ''- put up in i or more pouiß
pacii.i? - .1:1 .1 -vaui" -if 2 cent ■ -r poun i
1 inr Wl il - ■ • 1 -**icc —OvMmi I '■ flees—Pure Ri0,25.9
cents;- r p-nir. 1. Ib-t Old Gov.-rnin -pt Java, Sic's 8.-t
f.'e v!,> I 40 ft -
SKMUX'G 5] tV'-y.—p rt -n line orders fur less tda'
S3' • ■ 1 eas ahoul i sen • uMb tlipir order aP. 0
in-att or th, i • .to nave tu- expense of collecting !>.
i',\- e*. But large orde swe wtUforward by lixpßnaia
iv.- shall lie Imppv at all tiniest- receiver, call at ou
Warei- use froti: ;• r>-:.~ visit ir.g the ciiy, whether deal
era ->r nol.
i Lat' Kellev £ Vouch?,
! 1 an 23 3m .Vt VKjSEY STREET, NEW YORK,
/> /• rw ' s / J a tent
'Ji'lilD ii'i
TH E great.--; mprowmcnt of the age, in thin line
of trade. Ist. 1; doe- away with the wrinkles on
the instep, also, with the • ted side sei.ni which has
injured so ina :> feet <u i ankles. 2d. It makes :he
easiest sitting an : la st fitting boot ever worn. This
boot is now to ..lafuotured by P. i . Loop, wi.o hc.lds
the light of u*-e for the county, and i. prepared to
furnish all who wish to w.-x: this tnKit. A liberal dis
; c Mint ib alers who wish to deal in these boots. Or-
I det - filled at ehort ticitwc. Price, grea'ly reduced 012
I all goods at P. F. Loop s Shoe Store. ' febti
20.000 MAJORITY!
To the Voters of Central Penna
ELECTION i- over and it has been decided by about
j .'Ksi major 'v ti at t!ie Tobacco and Cigars sold
at 1 vsjng.-r - I'obaeco and Seaar store <-aunot be
sin passed, either in equality or I'll-c.
Look t the Price-, get some of tile gr.o-is. and com
, pare with ail ' is. and you wiil 00 satisfied thetyou
| get the worth of v<ur money at Fry singer's.
| Krysitiger's spun Roll only ifl.tKi per pound.
j Frysinger's Navy
; Frysingci s ngre-s
;Kn singi-r s Flounder " '' u u
! Willett Navy " " " "
(ironoko Twmt " "
An i other Ping Toba n-o at to and 50 cts. per lb.
'bit and Drv. 49 nd 50 cts. l.ranulated Tobaccos at
50 <-t t- <-ls . fc o cts 51.00. 51.0a. and $1.50 per lb.
Fine-Cot chewing, at i 1.40 and $1.20.
Claims at 1. '2. 3. 5 and Id cts. ca'-li.
f'q,s in gr at variety; also Cigar Otses. Tobacco
Pouches and lV.xes. Match Safes, and all articles
usntlh kept iu a first- la-s Tobacco and Cigar store.
To Merchants, 1 offer the above gooda at prices that
will enable tiieia to retail at the same prices that I
do ami reitiize a fair profit. „mvivcru
Oet 2y. E- 1-RibINGLK.
Why Shiver V/ith Cold-
When }'(iu can Buy
Knit Undershirts and Drawers
a' Iloffoian's.
CEBAR-WARE at Ilofftnan'g.
COEf>\GR at lluiTman'B.
S'!llE MXII\GS at Hofftnan'e.
SOLE LEATHER at Hoffman'..
POCKET CUTLERY at Hofi'mati'fl.
I 1 A BLE CUTLER Y t Hoffman's.
Ladies' Vests and Drawers,
jan3o. ] At BRISBIN'S.
B E A U T Y.
Auburn, Golden. Flaxen and Silken Curls,
pttOriOCED l v the 11 f Prot DKBKKL'.V FRI-
L SIUI LE OHEVEI'X One upp! ation warranted
to earl the moststraight and stub! rn hairof either
x into wavy ringlets, or heavy massive ur's. Has
I—q used by the fashionables of Paris and London,
wtti the moist gratifying results. Does noinjury t®
the h tir. IViee by niai. sealed and postpaid SI I 1"-
seripuve Cireulars mailed free. Addre MERGER.
SH i rrs ii CO-, Cliemi -is. N0.28 River st.. I"r- y. N. V.
Sole Agents for the f'nited States. f-LbO ly
I?.'ItCED to grmv tip ii the smooth -t fat ein ft■■■. u
1 three to five wee as by using Or. SEVIfINE'S RF"-.
T A CRATEI'R CA PI LL AIB F„ them -i uiderfu;dis
covery in modern seit-n tie ting upon the Beard and
Hu.r in an ahiiost niiraeti'ou-manner. It lias been
ii i ! y tiie elite of Paris and London with tie: '.nest
Battenng rterew. Names of ?! rsoit* wilt be reg
i-t r d. and if enure sati-faction -s not given m every
instnnce.tiie money will I - eh-rfullv refunded Price
by mail, sealed and postpaid.si. Descriptivecircu
lar- and testimonials mailed ■. re. Address BERBER,
SH"TT.'s i CO., i i -mists > River street. Troy,
N V., Sole agents f<>r the Fibred States. feb6-ly
ofc >lit was beautiful an<t fair,
With starry -yes. an i radl inthair,
Whos- mrllng t .-n rile *wf r , entwined.
Enchain** 1 V? verv heart an ! mind.
Fr ('itr/inq the Ha > r of either Sex into
Wavy aw/ (i/us*// Rinqlrts or
II- -ry Massive t'urls.
| > Y uing this article Ladies and fJentb snen can beau-
J ) tifv iheuis ives a thousand fold It is the only ar
te-! • in the world that wii! < arl straight hair,and at the
same time give it a I autiftil. gl-.-.y appear .net- The
'Tisp -r Coma n->t only rurli tiie ha r. but invigorates,
bt-a-ilili -* and elt ansef it: is highly ar.d delightfully
p-itum-d. an I is the most cor e - te article of t' e
km ! ever offered to tfc- American public Ihe t."ns
per Coma will be sent to any uWress. seated end
pai i for .1, Addr.-ss ail order.- to
W.L.CLARK A CL. Chemists,
fcbf-ly No. 3. West Fayctt- -t.. >y racuc. N. Y.
For Removing Superfluous Hair.
•Tl- > THE hi lies e*| eei !lv is invalu ible depilatory
A recommends ilsell a being aii almost mdispensi
lilo article to fnmale 1 city. is en-dy applte i d- es n-t
burn ->r injure the skin, but acts directly oil the roots.
It is warranted iu remove superfluous hair from low
foreheads or from any part ->f the body, completely,
totally ind r • ie-sllv xtirpa itig the same, leavlitg
skin soft, smooth ad natural. Thisisthewilvarticle
used by the Freach nu w the only real effectual d •-
pilatory in existence. Price 70 ----its per package,
sent post-paid, t ■ any address, on receipt lan order,
by BERG Ett. BH FTTS A Co- Cliemi-ts.
f. "--ly 255 River street, i'roy. X. V.
Throw -iwav vour fal.-e ti z/-.. your switches, your wig—
An d rejoice h, -•■ ur < s-i: uxurlaut hair.
Come a i, <■ imr Toothful en. ugly and fair,
An I rrpilce in your own luxuriant hair.
1- >R re.-tot ing hair up i bald h. ej- from whatever
1 cause it may have talien outi tot-l forcings growth
of hair upon the face ii hasnoeqtia!. It will foreethe
beard h> grow upon the siuootb- st lace in from five to
eight weeks. -*r Ii • r upon bal l heads in from two to
t. ree months. A f--w ignorant practitioners have as
serted that there i- nothing th .t w i:l force or hasten
the growth of the hor or heard Their assertions are
fa!--?. ;ts thousands -•!' liv.ng witnesses'from their own
expere n-e i can bear witne.— Ilu* many wtlisav. how i
ar - we to distinguish t!i genuine from the spurious?
It eertainlv is difficult, as tiiiie-ten'hs of the different
Prcparauiitis advertise i for the hutrand beurd are >■ n
tireiv w-.rthless. and you may have already thrown
a., iv large animinh in their purchase. To such we
would snv. try the Kepanit r Capeh; it will cost you
nothing unless it fully -oni upt-ioqrn pr< - -t,tat ions.
If your druggist dues not keep i - , send us one dollar
an-'t w— will t >rwarditp -•t-e I together witbnreceipt
ior the money, which will be returned you on apiilu-a
tion providing entire ti isiiot gtveu. Address
W.L. CLARK A (' 1 >,Chemists.
fcbS-1 v No. 3 West Kayette st . Syracuse, X. V.
There cometh glad tidings of joy to all,
'i . j ;i,g and to old. to {treat and to small;
The beauty which onto- was so precious and rare.
Is free for all and all may be f:vr.
By the use of
For Improving and Beautifying the Complexion.
THE most valuable and perfect preps-ation in use.
for giving the kin a beautiful pearl-like tint that
is onlv found in vouth. Itquteklv r- u. v---T in. Freck
le*. I'im pi es, ItliLe:iM ■ Patches. Hailowties*.
Eruption®, and all impurities of tlie skin, kindly heal
ing the same, leav-ng.the skin white and clear as ala
b..-t-r It* use urn teat he detected by the closest
scrutiny, and being a vegetable preparation is per- j
f cly harmless It ;* the only arti le of ,h- kind used I
by tlie French, atid is considered bv the Parisian as
in tispeusahle to a perfect toilet. Upwards of 30.000 |
bottles were -old during the past vonr. a sufficient i
guarantee of its eßicaev. Priee only '75 •cuts. Sentby j
mail, post-paid, on receipt fan order, by
BERBER. sHUTTS £ CO.. Chemists, j
fe6-ly -So River St., Troy. N. Y. !
i\ 3 S Ji I) i !) 3 I,
The World Astonished
SHE reveals secrets no mortal ever kn w She re- 1
stores to happiness those who. from doleful events. >
catastrophes crosses jn lore, loss of relations and f
friend a. lon of money £••. hsfe bwoihe dMpondnl.:
She brings I-gather ti-.0.-e long separated, gives infer- j
tn ilion concerning ab-cnt fi tend® ot lover*, restores j
lost or -tolen property, tells y HI the business you are j
best qualified to pursue and in what you will be most ;
suce.essful, causes speeriy marriage* and tolls von the i
very day you wiil marry, give* you the name, likeness
and' characteristic of tiic person. She reads your very
thoughts, and l.y her almost supernatural powers un
veils the dark and bidden mysteries of the future
From the stars we sec 111 the firmaneiit —the malefic
stars that overcome or predominate in the configura
tion—from the aspects and positions of the planets
and the fixed stars 1 u the heavens at the time of birth,
she deduces the future destiny of man. Fail not to !
consult the greatest \-trologist on earth It costsyou !
but a trifle, and you may never again have so favorable 1
an opportunity. Consultation fee. with liken--** and j
all di's.red information. £1 Parties living at a distance 1
can eon-ult the Madame by mail with equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, as if in person. A full and j
explicit chart, written out. with all tnqiiiriesnnswered
and likeness enclosed, sent by inati <>n receipt of price >
above mentioned The strictest seerecv will be main- j
tained. and ail correspondence returned orilestroyed. i
References of the highest order furnished those de- ,
siring them. Write plainly the day of the month and 1
year in which you were born, enduing a small lock i
of hair. Address Madame 11. A. PERRIGO.
jeb6-ly P. <1- Drawer 293. Buffalo, N. Y.
The Latent and Most Valuable Discovery of the Aye!
W 1 S I) O \V S C 1. E A \ bI)
Without Soap or Water, Time or Labor, by using ;
W O O I> SU AI * S
linrlantaucousi Hiiuiuw Polish.
j T DOES away with soap suds or hot water, thus '
1 avoiding the slops upon the floor or adjoining paint,
and the disagreeable sensation of the water running
down on the anus, under the sleeves, and wettiug
them to the shoulders. It leaves no lint upon the
glass, and gives it a more transparent and clearer ap
pearance trian ••a:i be got with ten times the amount
of labor and time m washing. For polishing Mirrors,
or any kind of stiver, Brass or Tin-ware, it
has no equal. The polish i- warranted to contain no
acids- nor anything of a poisonous or injurious char
acter but i.~ perfectly harmless in every respect
For sale bv J. A. £ W. it. Met EE.
Odd Fellows' Hall Building, opposite Black Bear
Hotel, l.ewistown, Pa. novlA-tf
Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By.
LORD: l hear the showers of blessing
Tiiuu art scattering, full and free—
Showers the thirsty land refreshing;
Let some droppings fall on me—
Eveu me.
Pass me not, O trod, our Fattier!
_ _ sinful though my heart may be:
Thou mighst lead me, but the rattier
Let thy tnerey light on me—
Even me.
Pass me not. O gracious Saviour!
Let me live and chug to Thee;
I am longing for Thy favor,
Whilst l'hou'rt calling, oh ! call me—
Even me.
Pass me not, O mighty spirit!
Thou canst make the blind to see;
Witnessing of Jesus' mem,
Speak some word of power to me—
Even me.
Have I long in sin been sleeping—
Long been slighting, grieving thee!
Has tiie world my heart been keeping?
Oh, forgive and rescue me!
Even me.
Love of God, s ■ pure and changeless;
Blood of Christ, so rich and tree;
Grace o! God. s stroDg and boundless.
Magnify it all to nie?
Even me.
Pa=s me not! Thy lost one bringing.
Bind my heart, O Lord, to Thee.
Whilst the streams of life are springing.
Blessing others, oh, bless me!
Even me.
—Dublin IT mm Book.
Two young damsels and a spinster
aunt came in, and after a lengthy in
spection of the premises, came to a
state council in the parlor.
• I like the house ver3* much,' said
the spinster aunt solemnl}*, 'and with
a few alterations I will engage it for
my brother's family.'
' Very good, madam,' said Nahum,
rubbing his hands, and scenting a
speedy termination of his trial 'Name
• The door handles must all be gild
ed, and I should like the house newly
papered in velvet and gold, and re
painted, and the partition between the
parlors taken down and replaced by an
arch, and an extensive dining room
IJUiit on behind, and a bay ET3*le of
range in the kite! en and a dumb wait
er put in, and new bronzed chandeliers
throughout, and another furnace in the
sub cellar, and—'
'Hold on, ma'am—just hold 011 one
minute,' said Xahum, feebly gasping
for breath. 'Wouldn't you like the
old house earned away, and a new one
put in its place? i think it would be
rather less trouble than to make the
titling alterations you suggest.'
'Sir!' said the spinster loftily*.
' 1 don't think we can agree ma'am.'
• Very well—very well—come girls.'
With prim dignity the lady mar
shaled her two charges out. mattering
something about ' tiie extortionate
ideas of landlords now-a-days.'
Xahum wildly rumpling his iron
grey hair with both hands, soliloquiz
ed : ' Well, if Job had been alive and
had a house to let there never would
have been any book of Job written. —
There goes that everlasting bell again:
I'll haul it out by the roots if this thing
goes on much longer. I'll tear down
the heil and put the place up at auc
Another lady; but quite different
from the other —a slender, little, cast
down lady with a head that drooped
like a lily of the valley, and a dress of
brown silk that had been mended and
darned and turned and retrimmed, and
even Xahum Briggs, man and bachelor
as he was, could see how very shabby
it was. Yet she was pretty, with big
blue eyes and shining brown hair, and
cheeks tinged with fair, fleeting color,
bloomed in vivid carmine. And a gold
en haired little lassie clung to her dress,
as like her tiny iilly buds to a bloom
chime of flower bells.
As Nahatn Briggs stood looking at
her, there came back to him the sun
shine days of youth a field ot bloom
ing clover crimsoned the June like
waves of and a blue eyed girl
loaning over the fence, with her bright
hair barred with lovely sunset gold,
and he knew he was standing face to
face with Barbara Wylie, the girl he
had quarrelled with years and years
ago, and whose blue eyes had kept
him an old bachelor all his life long.
4 This house is to bo let, I believe?'
she asked timidly, with a little quiver
in her lips.
4 1 believe it is Barbara Wylie.'
She looked up startled with a sud
den flush of recognition ; and then Bar
bara turned very pale and began to
cry. with the golden haired girl cling
ing to her skirts and wailing —
1 Mamma —mamma, what's the mat
ter, mamma?'
• Nothing, now,' said 3arbara, reso
lutely brushing away the tears. •It
you please Mr. Briggs I will look at
the house 1 am a poor widow now,
very poor, and—and I think ot keep
ing a boarding house to earn my daily
bread. I hope the rent is not very
high ?'
'We'll talk about the rent afterward/
said Nahum, fiercely swallowing down
a big lump in his throat that threaten
ed to choke him; ' come here little girl
and kiss me. i used to know your
mamma when she wasn't much bigger
than you are.'
Barbara, with her blue eyes still
drooping, went all over the house with
out finding a word of fault, and Xa
hum Briggs walked at her side, won
dering it' it was really fifteen years
since the June sunshine lay so brightly
on the clover fields.
' I think the house is beautiful, said
meek Barbara, ' will you rent it to me
' Well yes,' said Xahum thoughtful
ly ; I'll let you have my house, if you
want it, Barbara.'
' With the privilege of keeping a few
boarders ?'
' No ma'am !'
Barbara stopped and looked wistful
ly at him.
1 But I don't think you understand
how very poor I am, Mr. Briggs.'
' Yes, 1 do.'
'And that I cannot afford to take
the house without the privilege of tak
ing boarders.'
I'll tell you what, Barbara,' said
Mr. Briggs, ' I'll give you
the privilege of keepingjust one board
er, and him you will have to keep all
your Jrfe long, ifyou once take him.'
' I don't think I quite understand
3*ou, Nahum Briggs,' but she blushed
very becomingly, and weare rather in
clined to think she told a naughty lit.
tie fib.
' W hat do \*ou say to rao for a board
er. Barbara V said the old bachelor,
taking both the widow's hands in his.
' Barbara we were young fools once,
but there is no reason why we should
be old fools now. I like you as well as
I ever did, and I'll do my best to be a
good husband to 3*ou, and a good father
to your little girl, if 3*ou will be my
i wife.'
| Barbara blushed again, and hesita
| ted; Nahum was not to be eluded thus.
•Shall I take down the 'To Let,'
t Barbara ?'
'Yes,' she murmured, almost under
her breath.
So Nahum went deliberately out and
! COOII3' tore down the bill to the great
' astonishment and disappointment of a
part 3* of rapid house hunters who were
just ascending the steps.
' And when shall we be married, Bar
bara,' be demanded.
| 'ln the summer, perhaps,' said Mrs.
Barbara shyly.
' To-morrow,' said Nahum decisively
; —and to-morrow it was
; 'Upon 1113* word, Barbara,'said Xa
-1 hum 011 the first da 3* of May, as he
watched his wife's blooming lace be
hind the coffee urn, ' 3-ou can't think
how much jollier it is with you tor a
housekeeper, than that hag, Mrs. Par
Barbara only laughed and said ' he
was a dear, good old stupid.'
So the probabilities are that neither
Mr. Nahum Briggs nor his brown stone
t house will be in market again as—' To
i Let—inquire Within.' .
Freaks ol Fortune.
A Cambria county paper notices the
death of James Boss. who died a few
weeks Bince in the Poor House of that
county, and says that his career chal
lenges a more than common obituary
notice. In early life, some titty years
since, ho married a Miss Brown of Mif
flin county, and upon the death of his
father-in law, administered upon his
estate. Among the papers found were
a number of unloeated land warrants.
With these in his possession, in 1835
Mr. Boss moved to Cambria county,
and for a time settled at Muneter. —
While here he became impressed with
the idea that there was sufficient va
cant land along the Cleartield Creek,
in the northeastern part of Cambria
county, to fill his warrants.
Acting upon this impulse, in 1837
and 1838, he procured Mr. Jacob Lev
ergood, the then Deputy Surveyor of
Cambria county, to locate a large num
ber of these warrants, which were re
turned to the I nd Office, and accept
ed. He afterwards removed to these
lands, took possession, built saw-mills,
and sold toothers; and continued to
exercise ownership without molesta
tion until 1844.
It seemed from the sequel that these
lands had already been appropriated
by a body of warrants known as the
Barton warrants, and that the title had
become vested in William A. Bayard
and Henry Barclay ; an ejectment to
try the title was commenced in 1844,
for the interest of Henry Barclay—Mr.
Bayard having previously died.
In this action the plaintiff succeed
ed, and the ease went to the Supreme
Court, where the judgment was affirm
ed. Then the action was brought for
the whole bod}', and the title was thus
litigated until about 1861, when the
last case was finally decided. During
this period thore were some seven or
eight verdicts —it was thrice in theSu-
Vol. LVII, No. 17.
preino Court—tried once in the Uni
ted States Circuit Court, and was re
moved to the Supreme Court, where,
however, it was not tried.
During all this litigation, Mr. Ross
bore himself with singular constancy.
Indeed his sole existence seemed to be
centered in this land. Though he had
able and eminent counsel, he procurod
the necessary papers, bad the survey
ing done and attended the details of
the preparation in person. lie had im
pressed great numbers of intelligent
men, including even lawyers, with tho
feasibility of his title, and at one time
a jury could scarce!}' have been found
in Cambria county to render a verdict
against him.
An old man when the litigation ex
pired, his mind was somewhat impair
ed. Poverty, too, followed, until finally
he became an inmate of the Poor
House. Vet he never, to his dying day
—in prosperity or adversity—in suc
cess or defeat—whether sane or insane,
for a moment doubted his right to the
land which had been the subject of lit
His expectations and their results
show tlie vanity of human undertak
ings. Litigating for some twenty years
the title to townships of land,
he died without enough for his grave.
At tho time of his death he was in his
eightieth year.
.Mixing llabies.
An Alliance correspondent of the
| Canton (Ohio) Repository relates the
following : Some days ago there was
a dancing party given for the benefit
of the Fenians, 011 the outskirts of the
town, and several of the ladies present
had little babies, whose noisy perver
>-ity required too much attention to al
low their ma's to enjoy the ' hop.' A
number of gallant young men volun
teered to guard the infantry while the
ladies engaged in the 'break-down.'
j No sooner bad the mothers left their
cherubs in the hands of the mischiev
ous wretches, than they stripped the
darlings, changed their clothes, giving
the apparel of one to another. The
dance over, the mothers each took, as
she thought, her own baby, and hur
riedly left the scene of gaieties and
started lor their homes several miles
apart, being far on the way before the
' peep-o -day.' On tho following day
t here was a tremendous row in the set
tlement. Mothers discovered that &
single night had changed the sex of
their babies, and then commenced
some of the tallest female jpedestrian
ism. Living miles apart, it required
two days to unmix the littio cherubs,
aud will require as many weeks to re
store the mothers to their natural
sweet disposition.
Yankee Courtship. —One evening, as I
was sitting by liattie, and had worked
rayself up to the point of popping the
question, sez I: Hattie, if a fellow
was to ask you to marry him, what
I would you say V
Then she laughed, and sez she : 'That
would depend on who asked me.'
Then sez I, 'suppose it was Ned Wil
Sez she, 'l'd tell Ned Willis, but not
That kinder staggered me, but I was
too cute to lose the opportunity, and so
sez I again: 'Suppose it was me?' And
then you ought to see her pout her lips,
and sez she,
'I don't take supposes?'
Well, now, you see there was noth
ing for me to do but touch the trigger
and let the gun go off. So bang it
1 wont. Sez I, 'Lor, Hattie, it's me.
Won't you say yes?' and then there
was a hellabaloo in my head, I don't
know 'zactly what tuk place, but I
thought I heard a 'Yes' whispered
somewhere'out in the skrimage.
young lady, the other day,
in the course of a lecture, said : "Get
married young man, and be quick
about it too Don't wait for the Mil
lennium, hoping that the girls may
turn to angels before you trust your
self with one of them. A pretty thing
you'd be alongside an angel, wouldn't
you—you brute ?"
In a tract distributed by the
Mormon preachers, the following ques
tion ami answer occur : "What shall
be the re war 1 of those who have for
saken their wives for righteousness'
sal'o? A hundredfold of wives here,
and wives everlasting hereafter!"
The human voice has nine per
fect tones, but these cau be combined
17.592,010.114 different sounds. A re
markaole scientific tact, which proba
bly accounly for the amount of discord
there is in the world.
unwashed street boy being
asked what made him so dirty, his
reply was, 'I was made, they tell ine,
ot the ground, and I reckon it is juat
working out.'
4 'Tis false,' as the girl said,
when her lover told her she had beati
tilul hair.