Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, April 17, 1867, Image 3

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WANTED— About $5 worth of Corn Fod
der. Apply at this office.
FOK SALE—A due bill for $53.33 to
wards the purchase of a $l6O Organ or
Melodeon of Peloubet, Pelton & Co.
A duf bill for SIOO towards payment of
a $350 Grovesteen & Co. Piano—no better
WANTED— An agent to sell the canvass
roofing, roofing paint, pitch, tarred felt,
Colphones cement, black metalic varnish,
4c. ol the New York Mica Roofing Com
pany, or the exclusive right to use these
articles in this and adjoining counties will
be sold. Apply at this office. mh27
Dan Rice's Great Show, —The popular
wit and clever gentleman, Dan Rice, an
nounces iu our advertising columns to
day, that he will pitch his tent among us
on Saturday, the 27th inst., and aided by
many of the greatest "Stars" of the arena,
and his really wonderful School of Sacred
and Trained Animals, give a fareweil en
tertainment. He positively promises to
signalize his last appearance by assuming
for tbe first time in several years, his un
approachable role of Clown. This is sug
gestive of an oratorical and mirtli pro
voking treat that needs no aid of ours to
irresistabiy attract. Mr. Rice will exhibit
arid lecture U|H)U his beautiful and rare
herd of Sacred Cattle—the only ones of
their interesting species iu the civilized
world. He will also introduce his mar
vel of equine sagacity—tbe blind talking
i.orse Excelsior, Jr.; the magnificent
tuorobre I trick horse Stephen A. Doug
las, the immensely funny clown mules
Pete and Barney, and a whole troupe of
equestrian monkeys. We are assured that
nothing in the least improper, or offensive
1 > the most sensitive, will be tolerated, and
ii#ok to see the great representative of
American humor receive a hearty greeting.
Hog 3, &c. —We notice bills posted up
by the High Constable requiring hogs,
horses, mules, and sheep to be penned up
by the 20th April. Our streets generally
are in good condition, hut a number of
alleys never were in worse. Of these the
one leading from Main to Brown streets
is almost impassable to vehicles, it being
in some places completely blockaded with
coal ashes, manure, rubbish, the trim
mings of rose bushes, Ac. No notice of
removal ought to be given in such cases,
out the ordinances at once enforced, pre
cisely in the same way as if a street would
be obstructed.
Money Lost or Stolen. —N. J. Rudisill Inst
week lost or was robbed of about §IOO on
the ears between Philadelphia and Down
ingtown. He had been purchasing some
good*, and on returning very injudicious
ly counted what money he had left while
seated in the curs. Although he supposes
no one saw him, there is little doubt one
of the numerous pickpockets always 011
the lookout saw it in his possession some
where, and made a "spec." Moral—Never
eount in public or show any considerable
sum of money away from home.
The Gcllectorship.—Johnson still contin
ues the farce of nominating candidates
for the colieetorship of this district —( Jen.
John Boss having last week been nomi
nated and rejected, and since then Edward
Roberts has been brought on the carpet
for senatorial examination. There was
no reason in the first place for removing
.Mr. Rover, a faithful, resjwmsible and ef
ficient officer, and as the Senate is now
assert ing its undoubted prerogative of i -
ing a part of the ap|>oiiiting j>o\ver, we
trust it will reject all the time-serving
politicians who may now lie offered un
til he is restored, or leave the office in
statu quo.
The Childien's Jubiiee, held in the Presby
terian church on Sunday afternoon last,
was the largest gathering of the kind ever
assembled in Lewistown. Not less than
seven hundred Sunday School scholars
made the edifice resound with merry peals
of song, going up like the shout of a great
army inarching to victory, which was
taken up by a veteran corps of officers,
teachers, and friends of the cause, num
bering several hundred more. Rev. Ed
win M. Long, of Philadelphia, delivered
a children's sermon on Hiding Places, il
lustrated by large paintings. After other
interesting exercises the audience dispers
ed, satisfied more fully than before per
haps, that such fraternity is promotive of
much good to the work of love in which
they arc engaged.
Who Would Not be Beautiful''—All may
possess a clear, unblemished skin, of ala
baster whiteness, hv the use of CHASTEL
LAR'S WHITE LiqriD E.VAMKI,. It is the
most perfect article in use, for removing
all impurities of the skin, and unlike all
other cosmetics, contains nothing that will
injure the cuticle-; being vegetable, it is
perfetly harmless. For sale, Wholesale,
and Retail, by BURGER, SHBTTS & Co,,
Chemists, Troy, N. Y. See their adver
tisements in auother column in this pa
!er. It
LEWISTOWN. April 18, 1817.
The ladies of the A. M. E. Church held
a Festival for the benefit of their minister,
and would tender their thanks to the la
dies of Lewistown, for kindness in pre
senting cakes, &c., and also to those who
contributed money to bear the expenses
of the same. Proceeds almve expenses,
MAKY Itouisox,
GET A BARTLETT —The Bartlett Sewing 1
Machine advertised in this paper, is a decid
ed success. It is a low-p.ice article, but does
the work as well as the ss.j machines, and
is in c\ery respect equal to tiemi. It can be
seen at the Agricultural and Household Im
plement Agency of H. FKYSINGKK, who is
sole Agent for this part of tho State. Only
§2o lor a good Family .Sewing Machine !
Surely every body 7 can now buy one.
Jewelry and other Gifts. —We have long
since refused to publish advertisements
from New York and other cities, offering
extraordinary inducements forsmall risks;
and we would impress it upon our read
ers to set down all concerns professing to
furnish millions worth of jewelry or other
articles for hundreds of thousands, as
humbugs and swindlers.
Temperance Meeting. —The Independents
will hold their next temperance meeting i
in the Town Hall on Thursday evening,
18tli inst. The public, and especially the
ladies, are invited to attend. Ablespeak
ers have been invited.
The Weather, Crops, &c. —We have had i
some weeks of very pleasant weather, and
the fanners generally have been making
up for lost time in March. On Tuesday
morning a warm rain set in, which has
given a strong forward growth to vegeta- j
tion of all kinds, and if not followed by
frosts gives promise of an abundant yield.
The grain crop looks remarkably well.
evening of the 4th Mr. William Extine, I
of Patterson, was fatally injured by being
thrown from a hand car. The Mitliin
town Sentinel says that Mr. Extine, in
company with two or three others, was
returning from his work on a hand ear
and while in the act of adjusting an oil
can to keep it from falling off, was caught
by the crank or lever and thrown in front
of the ear, which run on to him, doubling
hi in up under it and causing internal in
juries, from which he died on Saturday
ANOTHER. —On Monday a week an old i
man, name unknown, was run over and
killed in tiie Narrows above Patterson,
by one of tbe trains passing along. He
had in his possession a goose, picked aud
cleaned ready for cooking, and it is sup
{>osed he was traveling and foraging as he
went along.
Scene at the Supper Table. —One Scene, i
Characters —portly Father and fatidious
Son. Curtain rises and father and son
seen eating in a hearty manner.
Son. —Father, what is the reason the
bread and rolls are good for once?
rather.—Why I ordered a lot of Self
rnisimr flour Iroin Grove's last week, and
this is the result.
Son.— l hope when this is all you will
order more, for 'tis cheap and good.
The Poor House Farm.—The following
is ii copy of the act authorizing the sale
of the Poor House property and purchase
of another on which to erect suitable
An Act to authorize the sale of the Boor House and
Farm in MilHin County.
Section t. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia in General Assembly met. and it is hereby ©naeted
by the authority of the same. That John C. Siller,
John Atkinson, and A. F. Gibboney.are hereby ap
pointed Commission,-rs to sell at public sale either on
the premises or at the Court House in Lewistown. the
Boor House ami Farm in and lielonging to the county
of Mitilin, on such terms as they or a majority of theiii
in i> iltein best—notice of the "time and place of sale
to be published in the LewisUuvn Gazette and True
liemocraf for at lea-t four weeks prior to said sale,
m l by at least twenty printed handbills, put up in the
most public places ui .he county, for twenty days pri
or to the time of sale. And the said Commissioners
ire hereby authorized to execute and deliver to the
pur -haser or purchasers a deed in fee-simple for said
Section 2. The said Commissioners are hereby <li
leetoii to pay over to the County Treasurer of said
■on 111 v the amount oi tin* purchase money of said
Poor House and Farm, and all obligations and bonds
received by them for tile unpaid purchase money,
which are to be taken iu tiie name of said county, and
secured by mortgage on said property.
Section it. The said Commissioners are hereby au
thorized and empowered to purchase within the coun
ty of MitUiu, (on the sale ot the present Poor House
and Fat m as aforesaid.l a suitable property for a Poor
House and to take a conveyance therefor in the name
ot the county of MilHin. and the county Commission
ers of said county arid the Treasurer are hereby di- !
rected and required to comply with the conditions of
such purchase, such :i< paying the purchase money
and giving the bonds of the county for any part there
of that may remain unpaid.
Section 4. On the purchase of a property as provi
ded in the third section of this Act. the Commission
ers hereby appointed are authorized and directed to
adopt a plan (or buildings suitable for the accommo
dation ot the poor ol the county, and proceed to erect
; the same on said property; and they are hereby atl
! 'horized to draw orders ou the county Treasurer for
I any moneys expended or required by them iu the
erection and construction of said buildings, and the
said 1 rca-nrer is hereby directed to pay the same out
ol any moneys in his hands belonging to the Couuty.
The contract for the erection of said "buildings to tie
given out by public letting.
Section 5. The Commissioners appointed under
this Act si.all receive two dollars per day, and their
traveling expenses, for the time they are employed
in the duties of their appointment, and for which the
County Commissioners are hereby authorized and di
rected to rlraw orders froin time to ume on the Coun
ty Treasurer.
Temperance Convention.—At a full meet
ing of the pastors of the different churches
in Carlisle, held April Ist, at 9 o'clock, a.
ui., after due consultation, it was unani
mously agreed that we cordially approve
the holding ola convention under the
auspices of the I'a, State Temperance
Union, in Carlisle, on the 23d of April, to
commence 7 o'clock, p. m., for the district
embracing Cumberland, Perry, Juuiata
and Miffiin counties.
Pastors of all the churches are respect- j
fully requested to call attention to the
convention, and appoint live delegates of
their charge to accompany each pastor
to the convention. The various temper
ance organizations are also requested to
send delegates.
We are compelled to omit a num
ber of advertisements from to-day's issue.
&e& filestore room of Mr. Enchelmoy
er in Perrysvilie, Juniata county, was
lately entered by one of the cellar win
dows in the rear of the house, and robbed
of about three hundred dollars worth of
jjfesjrTwo horses, both black, one aged
bet ween 8 and 10 years, the other 4 years
old. were stolen from the stable of Lewis
Wagner in West Beaver twp., Snyder
county, on the night of the 2d inst.
Appointing 1 a Day of General Thanksgiving,
WHEREAS, the R. W. Grand Lodge of
the United States, of the Independent Or
der of Otld Fellows, at its late September
Session, iB6O, in grateful ' recognition of
the unerring hand of God in rescuing the
genius of Odd Fellowship from the ruin
which desolated so many of the benevo
lent and charitable Institutions of our
common Country, as the indispensable
effects of the civil war—and of the unmis
takable prosperity which has crowned its
labors during the year which has just
passed,' did, hv unanimous vote, direct
the M. \V. Grand Sire to issue his Procla
mation appointing a Day of Thanksgiv
ing for these and other countless blessings
vouchsafed to our beloved order:
Now, Therefore, I, JAMES P. SAN
DERS, M. W. Grand Sire, do hereby fra
ternally direct that the T W E N T V-
SrXTH DAY OF APRIL, 1867, be ob
served bv the Members of our Order
throughout the general jurisdiction, JIS a
day of Thanksgiving and Prayer, and
that they do assemble on said day in such
manner and form of organization, with
their families, as the appropriate authori
ties in their respective State Jurisdictions
may prescribe, to render thanks to the
ever-living God, for his manifest favor
and protection to that Institution which
we so much love and cherish, and especi
ally for the preservation of its unbroken
unity, through trials and perils of unpar
alleled severity.
Done at the City of Baltimore, this first
day of November, A. D. 1866, and of our
Order the forty-eighth.
M. \V. Grand Sire.
WHEREAS. the Grand Lodge of the State
of Pennsylvania has directed that that
portion of the Order under her jurisdiction
observe and comply with the request of
the aforesaid Proclamation, therefore
Resolved, That Lewistown Lodge No.
97, of I. O. of O. F. is hereby directed to
observe the 26th day of Apiil, 1867, as a
day of Thanksgivingand Prayer.
Resolved, That we cordially invite all
members of Sister Lodges sojourning
among us, the different Associations and
Organizations, together with the citizens
generally of our town to unite with us in
the services of the day.
Resolved, That at least two meetings for
Religious Worship shall he held during
tlie day, one of which shall be held in the
Lutheran Church at Id o'clock A. M., ser
mon by tbe Rev. J. B. Reimensnyder,
and one in the M. E. Church at 7} o'clock
i*. M., sermon by the Pastor, Rev. Mon
Resolved, That the members of tbe Or
der meet at the Lodge room, corner of
Market and Dorcas St. at 9 o'clock A. M.,
and 6} o'clock I\ M., and proceed in a body
to the place of worship in full Regalia.
Resolved, Thai we cordially invite the
Daughters of Reheckah to meet with us
and take a part in the procession.
Resolved, That I'. G., J. Hamilton act
as Marshal in the morning and P. G., I.
\Y. MeCord as Marshal in the evening.
Resolved, That the Grand .Sires Procl
amation and the Proceedings of this Lodge
be published in the different papers of the
tow n. E. C. H A MILTON,
Destructive Fire in Mwrmstovvn.
'1 he Bellefonte Press gives the particu
lars of a fire that occurred in Stormstown,
011 Sunday afternoon a week, which, in
the amount ot distress etui set 1 by any sim
ilar misfortune in Centre county, is
without parallel in this region. The
larger port ion of the town, and that which
constituted the business part of it, inclu
ding the best buildings, the hotels, stores,
shops, &c., is now a mass of unsightly
ruins. Only two or three individuals had
effected an insurance and that indeed was
but slight. Mr. Lever's policy had ex
pired but a few days before, but unfortu
nately he was ignorant of the fact. The
insurance companies interested are the
Lycoming Mutual, and the Clinton and
C<-litre Farmers' and Mechanics' Mutual.
The lire originated in the garret of the
hotel property owned by George Mat tern,
a part of which building was occupied by
M. & G. Gray as a dry good store. The
town was built along both sides of the
street running very nearly due East and
West, and while it is remembered that a
high west wind prevailed at the time,
amounting almost to a tornado, the com
plete havoc made by the fire will not be a
matter of sm prise." Annexed is a list of
the properly burnt:
M. A G. Gr: y, Stor .
Geo. Mattel 11, Hotel.
J. Pottsgrox e, Dwelling and Saddler Shop.
A. It. Harlow, " " Store.
Mr. Kohison, 44 [property.
1. V. Gray, 44 Store and Hotel
<'harles Linn, 44
i>. McKinney, 44 and Saloon.
Horton Lever, 44
David Moore, 44
James Purdue, 44 Dentist Office and
Post Ollice.
Hir m Griffin, 44
W. V . McKin iey, 44
Ito ert Elder, two Tenant Houses.
Jos. Giner n, Dwelling.
Mis. Neil,
On Thursday, February 28th, at the Lu
theran Parsonage, by Rev. J. B. Reimen
snyder, WILLIAM A. FKTZER, of Lew
istown, and Miss SARAH ELIZABETH
THOMAS, of Snyder county, Pa.
On the 11th inst., at the Lutheran Par
sonage, by tlje same, WILSON* E.vxis, of
Marbletown, N. Y.,and Miss MARY ELLA
SIPE, of Decatur township, Pa.
On the 11th inst., at the residence of the
bride's parents, by the same, PARKER W.
WILEY and Miss CARRIE H. MOORE, both
of Lewistown.
Special Jfotires.
Brandreth's Pills.
These Pills ure sule and sure. They
are prepared by a process which secures all the best qual
ities of theberbs of which they are composed, without anv
of their bad. Xhey benefit in all cases, and do barm In none.
See B Brandretb is In white letters on the Government
stamp. aprl7-lru.
The Puzzle of the Age !
The sharpest observers give it tip.
People who are proverbial for their critical perceptions,
are utterly at fault.
can detect any difference between the richest blacks and
browns tbut Nature has bestowed upon the hair, and the
superb artificial tints conferred upon (trey, red or sandy
bair, bv the Incomparable vegetable agent,
With the color It Imparls lusire. and does not diminish
the flexibility of the fibres. Manufactured by J. CP.ISTA-
DjKA, 6 Astor House, New York. Applied by all Hair
Dressers. apr!7-lm.
< iwup. Now, mothers. If you woaM spend 60 cents, ami
alwa\ s have a hottle of Br. Tobias' Venetian Liniment in
V"r house, you never need fear losing yonr little one
when attached with this complaint. It is now 19 years
j!t " Lave put up my Linituent, and never heard of a
> i.iid dying of Croup when mr Liniment was used; but
hundreds of cases of cures have been reported to me, and
tnany state if it was $lO per bottle they would not be with
out it. Besides which, it is a certain cure for Cuts, Burns,
Headache. Toothache, Sore Throats, Swellings. Mumps,
Colic. Diarrhtea, Dysentery, Spasms, Old Sores, and pains
in the back and chest. No one once tries it who is ever
without it. it is warranted perfectly safe to take inter*
naily. fun Directions with every bottle. Sold by the
Druggists. Depot. 56 Cortiandt Street. N. Y. mar2o-7w
Know Thy Destiny !
MADAME E. F. THORNTON, the great
Lnglish -Virologist, Clairvoyant and D&uychometrlclan,
who hasjastouished the scientific classes of the Old World,
has now locuted herself at Hudson, N, Y. Mad. Thornton
possesses such wonderftl poweis of second sight, as to
enable her to impart knowledge of the greatest import
auee to the single or married of either sex. While In a
state oi trance, she delineates the very features of the
person you ure to marry, and by the aid of an Instrument
01 intense power, known as the Psychomotrope. guaran
tees to produce a life-like picture ol the future husband
or wife oi the applicant, together with date of marriage,
position in lite, leading traits of character, Ac. This is no
humbug, as thousands of testimonials can assert. She
will send when desired a certified certificate, or written
guarantee, that the picture Is what It purports to be. By
enclosing a small lock of hair, and stating place of birth,
age. disposition and complexion, and enclosing fifty cents
and stamped envelope addressed to yourself, you will re
ceive the picture and desired information by return mail.
AH communications sacredly confidential. Address in
confidence. MADAMS L. F. THORNTON, P. O. Box 213, Hud
son, X. Y, ffity
80L. A \oUNG LADY returning to her
country home, after a sojourn of a few months in the city,
was hardly recognised by herfriencls. In place of a coarse
rustic, hushed face, she had a soft ruby complexion of al
most marble smoothness, and instead of twenty-three she
really appeared but eighteen. Upori Inquiry a> to the cause
of so great a change, she plainly told them she used the
CAKCASSIAN BALM, and considered it an invaluable ac
quisition to any Lady's toilet. By its use any Lady or
lien tie man can improve their personal appearance an
hundred fold. It is simple in its combination,as Nature
herself is simple, yet unsurpassed in its efficacy in drawing
impurities from, also, healing, cleansing and beautifying
the skin and complexion. By its direct action on the cut
icle it draws from it all its impurities, kindly healing
the same, and leaving ttie surface as Nature intended it
should be. Clear, soft, smooth and beautiful. Price ?1. sen
by Mail or Express, 011 receipt of an order by
M. L. CLAKK A CO., Chemists,
No. 3 West Favctte street, Syracuse, N. Y.
I*6-ly The only American Agents for the sale of same.
Free to Everybody.
A large 6 pp. Circular, of the greatest
Importance to the young of both Hexes.
It teaches how the hduiely may become beautiful, the
despise.l respected, and the forsaken loved.
No young lady or gentleman should fall to send their
Address, and receive a copy post-paid, fcv return mall.
Address P. O. Drawer, 21,
feb6-6ni Troy. S. Y.
Wonderful but True
renowned Astrologist and Somnambulistic Clairvoyant,
while lu a clairvoyant state, delineates the very features
of the person you are to marry, and by the aid of an In
strument ot intense power, known as the Psycho mo trope,
guarantees to produce u perfect and life-like picture of the
future husband or wife of the applicant, with date of mar
riage, occupation, leading traits of character, ic. This is
no Imposition, as testimonials without number can assert.
By slating place of birth, age, disposition, color of eyes
and hair, and enclosing lifty- cents, and stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture by re
turn mall, together with desired information,
Sfff" Address V: confidence, MADAME GERTRUDE KEMIXG
TOX. 1\ 0. Box 2y~, West Trov, X. Y. fljly
The beautiful Piano Fortes of GROVESTEEX A Co. are
deemed by all good judges to be the Ultima Thule of
instruments of the kind.
We cannot suggest what is wanting to make a mu
sical instrument more perfect, although we are slow
to admit that the limit of improvement can ever be
Before they had brought their Pianos to their pre
sent excellence, they had submitted them to compe
tition with instruments of the best makers of this
country and Europe, and received the reward of mer
it, over all others, at the celebrated World's Fair. It
is but justice to say tnat the judgment thus pronounced
has not been overruled by the musical world.
Still, by the improvements lately applied by them
to their Pianos, it is admitted that a more perfect in
strument has been made. They have accordingly
achieved the paradox of making excellence more
excellent. Surely, after this, they are entitled to the
motto "Excelsior." novl4-ly
and all ERUPTIONS OF TH E SKIN. Price 50 cents!
lor sale by all druggists. By sending sixty cents to
Weeks A; Potter, Sole Agents. 170 Washington street
Boston, it sill tie forwarded by mail, free of postage,
to any part of the United States. seps's6-ly
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
i , / I ® a concentrate*! extract of
////// wit!l "tlier substances of still
water alterative power as to
I'Jrlift) r]R/ ' Ul effectual anltdotcfor
diseases Sarsaparilla is repu
ted to cure. Such a remedy
- w ' u> j ,u ! t, ' r from Strumous
wlilt'h will accomplish tlielr
dieted feh<7w- clUzeus, ' How
completely this compound will do it, has been proven by
experiment on many ot the worst cases to be found In the
following com plat ts:—
Scrofula. Scrofulous Swellings and Sores. Skin Diseases,
Pimples, Pustules. Blotches. Eruptions, St. Anthony's Fire,
Hose or Erysipelas, Tetter or Salt Khcum, Scald Head,
Ringworm, ,tc.
Syphilis or Venereal Disease is expelled from the svstcm
by the prolonged use of this SARSAPARILLA, and the pa
tient Is left in comparative health.
Female Di-eases are caused by Scrofula in the blood, and
are often soon cured by this Extract of Sarsaparilla
Do not reject this Invaluable medicine, hecause you have
bpon imposed upon bv something pretending to beSarsa
parilla, while it was not. When you have used AYEK'S—
then, and not till then, will you know the virtues of Sar
sapurilia. For minute particulars of the diseases it cures,
we refer you to Avers American Almanac, which the
agent, below named will furnish gratis to ail who call for it.
AYER'S CATHARTIC PILES,for the cure of Costlve
neas. Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Dysentery, Foul
Stomach, Headache. Piles, Rheumatism, Heartburn aris
ing from Disordered Stomach, Pain or Morbid Inaction of
the Rowels. Flatulency .Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaint,
Dropsy, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, and as a Dinner Pill, are
They are sugar coated, so that the most sensitive can
take theui itli pleasure, and they are the best Aperient \
In the world for all the purposes of a family physic.
Prepared by DR. J. 0 aYeK <k CO., Lowell, Mass.. and
sold bv ail Druggists ancl dealers In medicine everywhere. •
DTK AY SII EEP.— Came to the prem-
IO ises of the undersigned, in Derry
township, at>out last September, two old
Ewes. Any person owning the above,
will eome forward, prove property, pay
charges, and take them away: otherwise
they will be disposed of according to law.
aprlo-4t HENRY ORT.
A MEETING of the Stockholders of
the Mifflin & Centre Railroad Com
pany, will be held in Reedsville, on Satur
day, the 20th day of April, at 1 o'clock, p.
m., to act on the proposition of the P. R.
R. Co. for the completion of the Road to
By order of the Board of Directors,
apio S. T. THOMPSON, Sec'y.
The World's
Reaper & Mower,
E. BALL & Company,
I'anton, Ohio.
This is a New and Improved Machine,
made by tiie inventor of the well-known
Ball's Ohio Reaper. It has many points of
superiority, which every Farmer will see at
a glance.
H FRYSING-ER Lewistowii, Pa.
Ayent for Mifflin and Juniata Counties.
Lewistown, March 27, 1867.
r IMIE Franklin Fire Insurance Company
L of Philadelphia, having withdrawn their Agency
in charge of Henry J. Waiters, at Lewistown.give no
tice that applications may be made direct to the Com
pany in Philaieip'ia, and will receive prompt attention.
marl3-2ni* C. N. BANGKER, President.
628. HCCP SXIB.IS. 628
embracing every New and Desirable size, style and
Stiape of Plain and Trail Hoop SKIRTS, —2, 21 4. 2'4, 2
3-4. 3. 3 1-4. 3 1-2, 3 3-4 and 4 yards, round every length
and size Waist; in every respect FIRST QUALITY, ami
especially adapted to meet the wants of FIRST CLASS
and most fashionable TRADE.
•OCROWS MAKE." of Hoop Skirts, are lighter, more
elastic, more durable, and REALLY CHEAPER than any
other make of either Single or Double Spring Skirt
in tiie American Market. They are WARRANTED in
every respect, and wherever introduced give uniyei
sal satisfaction. They are now being extensively sold
by retailers, and every lady should try them
Ask for "Hopkin s Own Make." and see that each
ER, 62S ARCH Street, I'll i LADELPHIA." So others
are Genuine. A Catalogue containing Style, Size and
Retail Prices, sent to any address. A Uniform and
Liberal Discount allowed to Dealers. Orders by mail
or otherwise, promptly and carefully filled. Whole
sale and Retail, at Manufactory aud Sales-rooms, No.
628 Arch Street. Philadelphia. Skirts made to order,
altered and repaired.
uiar2o-10m WM. T HOPKINS.
universally acknowledged the Mode! Parlor Mag
azine of America; devoted to Original Stories. Poem.-,
Sketches. Architecture and Model Cottages, House
hold Matters. Gems of Thought. Personal and Liter
ary Gossip special departments on Fash
ions,) Instructions on Health. Gymnastic. Equestrian
Exercises. Music, Amusements, etc.: costly Engra
vmgs (.full size,) useful and reliable Patterns, Embroid
eries, Jewelry, and a constant succession of artistic
novelties, with other useful and entertaining litera
No person of refinement, ecomonica! housewife,or
lady of tesie can ali'ord to do without the Model
Monthly. Single copies, 30 cents; back numbers, as
specimens, 10 cent.-: either mailed free. Yearly. $3,
with a valuable premium; two copiesss.6o; three copies
#l2. and splendid premiums for clubs at each, with
the first premiums to each subscriber Address.
No. 473 Broadway. N. Y.
Demorest's Monthly and Young America, together,
#4, with the premiums lor each. inar2o
pieces latest style
From New York.
Arrival of
mar2o- 2m APBIL IST.
ItKAl'tll AMI MIR,
Pigeon-Wing Self-Rake,
Leu-istoicn, Mifflin County, Pa.
\F E are now manufacturing Ball's Ohio Reaper and
\) Mower, with Pigeon-wing Self rake, which we of
fer for the season of ISI6 as a perfect Mower, a per
fect Reaper and a perfect Sclf-Raker. As a Mower it
has no superior, and as a Reaper and Self-Raker it
has no equal. Perfect Side Delivery: has no side
draft; two driving wheels: hinged bar. adapts itself to
the unevenness of the ground in mowing and reap
ing. The self-rake does not interfere with the dri
ver's seat. The driver can regulate the height of
stubble while the machine is in motion.
We also manufacture SEIDIaES' PATEST
HAY RAKE, Haines' celebrated Horse Power
and Threshing Machine. Agency forGeiser's patent
Self-Regulating Grain Thresher, Separator, Cleaner
and Bagger.
All kinds of Machine work made and fitted UD for
Milis, Factories, Furnaces and Forges. Also, Rose
and Reaction Water Wheels.
All orders will receive prompt attention, by addres
Lewistown. Mifflin Co.. Pa.
S. Benner, General Agent. fl'es my23'b6
HMI3 & 3D33
The Entire Stock
Bargains can be bad, such as are
not often offered
JSafOall soon and make choice.
LewistowD, April 3, 1867. tf
FRESH stock of the best Mackerel and
Herring, in all-sized kits, on hand at A. FELIX'S
TIT ."Fl-
For Draining Wet Lauds. Pipes for Cellar
Drains, Wattr Pipe for Con<lncliug Water
from Springs,
manufactured from the best materia! and for sale m
any quantity desired. Also a good stock of EARTH
ENWARE ou hand. Orders promptly attended to.
oetl7-6m Belleville Mitflin county. Pa.
Are superior to all others for
Contain all the latest improvements; are speedy
! noiseless: durable; and easy to work.
Illustrated Circulars free" Agents wanted. Liberal
1 disount allowed. No consignments made.
Address EMPIRE S. MT CO., Old Broadway, New
| York. seps'6d-ly
.ft* R o
V tu *
Of n ftllver Modal Iffln
vas awarded to
By the !*. K. State Agricultural Society, at 1
Its fair holden in Nashua. Sept.2o. ISOBL
Vegetable Hair Restorative
Restores Gray Heir to its natural color. Pro-
the growth ct the Hair. Changes the
roots totheirorigiual organic action. Krsdi
cfttCß Dandruff and Humors. Prevents
Hair tailing out. In a Bcpt:nor liresniDg.
It contains no injun -us intrriditnti,
and is the most popular and rcli
able article tlixonghoat the
Euet, W'fht, North and
South. fr
J. R. BARRETT & CO., Proprietory
Sold by Druggists generally. tnar27-6m*
r|MIE most complete assortment and cheap-
JL est lot of House furnishing Goods we
I have ever offered befure to housekeepers and
j new beginners, to which we invite special at
tention, since we are prepared to give a bar*
! gain to all. The following is a partial list of
I the above mentioned Goods :
Floor Oil Cloth, new pattern, all widths.
| fable " " designs, "
| Stair " very pretty and good,
j Oil Window Shades, rustic style, $2 per pair.
; Paper " " unusually low.
Green Gum Oil Cloth for Shades,
Buff Liner " " "
Door Rugs and Table Mats.
Picture Cord and Tassels.
Window Shade Fixtures.
" " Cord and Tassels.
Dusting and Scrub Brushes.
Shoe and Sweeping "
Crumb and White-wash "
| Corn Wisps and Brooms,
i Spain's patent barrel Churns.
| Cedar Tubs and Buckets.
I PaiQted " " "
Washing Machines, zink and wood.
" " Pollar's new atyle.
! Clothes and Market Baskets,
i Sewing and Fancy "
[ Clothes Pins and Lines.
" Horses and Wringers, latest and best.
Rolling Pins and Potato Mashers.
Butter Prints, Paddles and Spoons.
Bread Toasters, and Wire Gridirons.
Coal, Tongs and Knife Boxes.
Coffee and Sugar Boxes.
" and Tea Canisters.
Spice Boxes, wood and t'ra.
Sad or Smoothing Irons.
Sad and Coffee Pot Stands.
Match Safes, 7 different kinds.
Mouse and Rat Traps.
Dinner and Tea Bells.
Step Ladders and Garden Tools.
Coal Sieves and Buckets.
" Shovels, Tongs and Pokers.
Paste Jaggers, Pie Crimpers and Trimmers.
I Coffee Mills and Beef Pounders, 3 kinds,
Egg Whips and Slicers.
Soup Ladles and Basting Spoons.
Flesh Forks and Vegetable Skimmers.
Pat'd Cake Tuftiers and Nhtraeg Graters.
Mop Handles and Knife Boxes.
Tack Hammers and ITatohekj.
Carpet Tacks and Stair Rods.
Waffle Irons and Iron Bake Plans.
Brass, Porcelain, Tin'd lion Kettles and
Sance Pans.
Iron Toa Kettles and Pots.
Butter Bowls and Towel Rollers.
Fancy Toilet and Chamber Ware.
Flour Sieves and Clothes Line Reels.
Scissors, Snuffers and Nurse Lamps.
Slaw Cutters and Lanterns.
We take pleasure in announcing the follow
| ing list of Goods, as they are exceedingly
| low.
Ivory Handle Tea & Dinner Knives,
Bone " "■ " "
Ebony " " " " & Forks.
Bone " " " " "
Coco " " " " "
Horn " " " " "
Butcher and Carving Knives.
Slaugh aad Mincing "
Bread and Kitchen "
Meat and Wood Sawsb
Nickel Silver Forks, new article—aheap,
" Tea and Table Spoons,
Albatta Tea and Table Spoons,
Brittania " " "
Metalic " " "
Tin " " "
A splendid lot of
mmm m
very low.
We have cm band 133 different articles of
but we mention none save our new style
Tea and Coffee Pots,
And last, but not least, is our
Combination Gas Burner Cook
which we warrant to be the best baking
stove in the county, or refund the money.
fet > 2 ? J- IRVIN WALLIS.
IF you want Good TIN WARE, home man.
ufacture, buy of J. B. SELHEIEER.