Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, April 10, 1867, Image 2

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ti. <fc (i. R. FRYSINGER, Editor#.
Wednesday, April 10, 1867.
Tti- * 'ET!*- ■I ' uhra oirrrv We.Jne.Jay
Hi- . . slant! • ■■ ijvancfc, or #2.iu at the end
of month*.
as r~" > r-.r' p '-s 11 X murkPfi on
il will D-! it-r.ts . - 'bs.-rijiiion is due on which
u I" t'p iade.
Cask ivutet of Advertising.
Business Curd- 7 or less) 1 rear 6.00
Administration ot hxtvuior's Notices 2 So
Auditor's do 2 00 ;
Estray Notice, four tim■■■. 2 00 I
Can tion or othtu -ho, ? v >■ cos, 1 50 ;
Tavern Licenses I oo ,
If more than m . c•. h 50 i
Register's Notice* of A-'. ... nt*. each 60 1
One inch con-;;;,itc- .. -.juare, and a!l advertisini; j
not otherwise con-. ; for, or enumerated above, j
will hereafter b- • ... -u 1 '• cents por square for each I
Job Work.
Eighth sheet ' 'i- s<l :'.,r 25 or !e-; feitrth she ( !
bills *2 for 36 or !• -<; :• ill' •>ii<et bill. £4 for 36 or !•--. ;
Notices e: Xtw AdvetrtUemeuts.
The Bartiett Sewing J1 i line—Steam Engine and j
Boiler for sale—S.-xt-m vl .i.tted—Monev Appeals— i
Strav Sheep—Stoeki.oliie.s Meetine of M, it,. Rail- :
road, Ac.
,Sal* oflhe Canal.
It appears by notices served upon dif
ferent parties that the Railroad Company
has disposed of th canal to the Pennsyi- !
vania Canal Company, under which title ;
it wiil hereafter V- known. No oneseents !
to know who the corporators are, and as !
little is known a- to what are their inten- |
tions respecting their power to close the}
canal for an entire iting season, or parks j
of two seasons. on :ier unwisely author- !
ized bv the U-, without proper re- !
strictions liming been thrown around it. |
V\ hat, (or instance, would l>e our con- :
•lition respecting anthraciteoal, shou d
they at short notice eonelude to clofe !
the canal next fall for the purpose of :
enlarging it'.' -With limited stock and
increasing demand; any one can figure j
out the remit from past experience.
The emerg racy may not arise, but as it j
is calculated to show that the entire com
munity is placed at the meay of a new cor
poration, the necessity of constructing the ;
Middle (.reck Railroad enforces itself in i
the strongest possible manner. With that
road in operation we would be independ- j
ent of all other means of transjjortation j
so far as coal and lumber are concerned, i
unless it too wcurld !>e managed to dis
criminate against us. We see but little at
present that indicates its speedy construe- j
tion, it becoming more apparent every day i
that nothing ohwrt of continued personal
effort will effect that much-desired object.
The Elc( lions.
The democracy has had a crumb of
comfort in the Connecticut election, a
thing so unusual during the past seven or
eight years that they have got it into
their heads that three members of Con
gress anda half-abolition, half-democratic
Governor, are worth more than three
votes ever counted before. The republi
can majority there last year was only
■sou, and as the cop per heat is succeeded
only by pandering to the eight hours
working men's associations (whom they
will cheat on the first opportunity,) and
as the Legislature is republican, they mav
crow to their hearts' content, as we know
tfoat email favors are thankfully received
by that part}'.
Rhode Island however affords them
little consolation, the republicans having
left scarcely a grease spot of copperhead
ism. In Michigan, the republican tri
umph is also great, while the charter
elections in Columbus, Cincinnati, and
other cities in Ohio, show large gains for
the republicans.
True Democracy.
The New York Day Book of April G, in
an article on the situation, says:
"Abolition is madness, and Abolition
ists the most fatal and monstrous mad
men that the world ever saw, and the 'ab
olition of slavery' is the greatest crime
against God and human society ever com
mitted in the history of mankind."
"The Springfield Sentinel, a leading
organ of the Democracy of Illinois, says:
Had we known as we now know, us
doubtless thousands of other Democrat
feel, the.' 1 niou' armies would have been
smaller, and the Confederate larger."
On the other hand the New York
World, which the Pennsylvania papers
endorse as democratic, in its efforts to
cajole the (Southern negroes into voting
copperhead tickets, speaks of them as a
better class of citizens than the lower
grade* of whites. Hear it:
"As a race, the negroes of New York
considered from a police point of view
are a BKT-TRU CI.ASS of citizens than the
loiver grade* of white.*. As just remarked
a negro or ncgress is brought liefore the
courts occasionally for theft; .occasionally
a black man is arraigned Tor outrage; and
Buf !Tv V e. for ' . runlie,,ness °r murder!
But, as a class, the negroes give the m>-
liee comparatively little trouble. This i
the almost universal testimony alike of
patrolmen, sergeants, captains and super
intendents; and we publish it as at IL-t
an approximation to the truth "
A new supplement to the common
school law, contains a provision, which
vas adopted by the House hv a vote of -f.j
yeas to So nays, that prohibit* county su
pernuendents from granting certificates
to teachers who are in the habit of using
intoxicating drink- as a beverage. We do
not know * bother it has passed the Sen-
tSar* The bidding tor the new State loan
the proposals for which were opened at
ThI r I S r g M T°* k ' was quite spirited,
ini 1 ' unt of bonds proposed to be isr
W 1 J"? 1"i tWent y-tbree millions of dol
were received for thirty-two
miliums, ah of which, with the exception
The WilS f - r lulUl at 6 cent. I
interest. I lie premiums offered varie.l
at from one-sixteenth of one per cent vm
to two per cent ™ U P j
A Sew Era in the South.
The correspondent of the Press gives
the following account of Gen. Wilson's
visit to Petersburg, Ya., last week. Hud
he gone there in the days of democratic
copperbeadism, pistols, bowie knives, tar
and feathers,%mobe and mob law would
have ruled. Now freedom of speech and
freedom of opinion prevail, through the
laws of that Congress which carried out
what democracy used to profess but never
"On Thursday morning Gen. Wilson
started for Petersburg, and when he reach
ed there was called upon by the Mayor of
lise city and a committee of Councilmen,
who addressed him as a citizen of the
United States and a Senator from the
great State of Massachusetts, and invited
iiitu to speak to the people on the duties
and responsibilities of the hour. This
committee was followed by a delegation
of colored men, who tend red him their
congratulations, and extended to him the
same invitation, and tin • again by a com
mittee ot Radical white, en, who endors
ed what had been said •.\ lite others. At
eight o'clock in the owning lie spoke in
tront of the hotel to ...i immense throng,
stand ug upon thesa spot where Judge
Douglas stood, in 1- ., when he traveled
Suutn to warn the --out-horn .Democrats
ot the plots ot tiic .-ceeders, *led by Davis
an i Breckinridge, the Mayor of the
city presided at tiie meeting, assisted bv
a number of leading citizens, including
one of the judges of the courts. General
\\ ilson spoke for more than an hour. He I
announced himself as a Radical of theex
tremest school, and declared his intention j
to speak to them as frankly as if he ad- !
dressed his own constituents in Massa
chusetts. He came to speak in no spirit
of bitterness or revenge. To the white
people he said, in trusting to the Copper
heads of the North you liave trusted to
faithless politicians. They promised that
if secession ended in war they would de- i
tend you; if necessary, to make a rampart !
of their <Je t<l bodies. ou saw* that prom- !
ise fulfilled by seeing their followers in 1
the Union array fighting against you, j
where they will be found again if they >
could tempt you into another rebellion.— I
You trusted Andrew Johnson, and helms
deceived you as he has everybody else,
and now some of you are looking to the !
•Supreme Court ol the United States where j
you will be more disappointed than in the '
other two instances. I will tell you where
you can place full and constant reliance. !
I mean upon tire great Radical Republi- j
can party of the United States—that party |
which has never deceived anybody— |
which pledged freedom to the slave and '
won it, and then pledged them their 1
rights and has secured them. It extends !
'rom Maine to Mexico, and whatever may '
l>e said or hoped, it is liound to continue I
to maintain its present position. Ret the i
men of that party see that you mean in i
good faith to abide by the Taw, and the j
removal of all your disabilities will be I
magnanimously and promptly proffered.
General Wilson then addressed the color
ed race l>efore him. He told them lie did
not intend to speak to them in a patroni
zing way. That day had gone by. He
had for thirty years prayed for their de
liverance from slavery, and belonged to a
party that had made their elevation and
liberation a subject of constant solicitude.
He implored them to do nothing in an
ger, or violence, or revenge. He invoked
them to elevate themselves, but not to
seek to pull others down. Let them al
ways vote for liberty and for the friends
ot liberty. Let them remember that the
day oi the plantation had gone and the
day of the school-house had come. Let
them see to it that when they are taxed
it shall be for universal education. Such
is a rough sketch of General Wilson's re
marks at the Petersburg meeting. We
learn that it is bis intention, at an eariv
dav, to accept the invitation that has been
sent him to sjieuk in other parts of the
South, and we have no doubt that many
other leading Republicans will be glad to
do likewise.
Quite a number of meetings have been
held through the South, and rebels, cop
perheads, and conservatives are vieing
with each other who can flatter the ne
gro most, who can out-Herod Herod in
kissing " nigger" babies, saluting women,
and shaking hands and walking arm in
arm with Sambo, Cuffee, &c.
8S&- 1 be New York Tribune's Wash
ington correspondent says the Inman line
of steamers has gratuitously placed at the
disjK)sal of ThaddeusStevens the Captain's
state-room of one of their steamers for a
trip to Europe and return, but the feeble
health of Mr. Stevens, which is daily be
ing more impaired, has induced him to
decline the otter.
A secret detective of the Govern
ment has recently arrested thirty-eight
persons who are charged with buying and
selling counterfeit currency and treasury
notes. The numerous prosecutions for
similar offenses have been so frequently
followed by a speedy pardon, that the
President has heretofore more than neu
tralized the vigilance and activity of the
fifeif" Gen. Bailey, who extricated the
fleet of gunboats and transports from their
perilous position on the Bed river during
Gen. Banks' expedition, was murdered
and robled of about SI,OOO, in Vernon
county, Missouri, a few days since, by
Lewis and Perry Pixley. A reward of
sG,o<)o is offered for the apprehension of
of the assassins. Gcu. Bailev was sheriff
of Vernon eouuty.
Mr. Paul M. Disliong, of the clas
sical township of Belfast, in Fulton coun
'' bis lovely Mary Ann, certainly a
fruitful and for aught we can see a faith
ful wife, mutually agreed in writing that
the said lovely Mary Ann should be sold
to Mr. James Wilson, "which is the churn
poller for the sum of seventeen dollars
° r a PPf° ved country produce, and
.1 wif ' i Ol antl bis newly purchas
lst of AnrTl l g ° a Y ay ° n ° r l * fore the
best wiv tii ""M to get away the
fwi * y ( " in ' and said pedler is
further empowered to wallop the chil
dren and exercise generally the rights and
prerogatives of the first husband.^
Times, after allu
ding to the copperhead rejoicing at the
North over the Connecticut election
gives the fallowing advice to its refers '
1 he people of the South would act
unwisely, we think, if they were to jump
to the conclusion that the result in Con*
ot the Radical party. 11 is a mere straw
a theenng sign—a patch of blue kv
unud dark and menacing clouds and
jlOthUju IVactic-.il?, it wm'i","
way or affect the character of the
b ortieth Congress. Until after the next
Presidential election t|mt body will eon.
trol the purse and the sword, and its lead
era will be Hfeveps and Butler
The second volume of Ticknor & Fields'
Diamond Edition of Dickens contains
the whole of OUR MUTUAL FRIEND, with
sixteen illustrations by 8. Ey tine, express
ly designed for this neat and compact
series. Our Mutual Friend is one of
Dickens' later productions, full of inci
dents true to life, and embodying traits of
character which can be paralleled in almost
any community. As we before stated,
the entire series will t>e issued in about 13
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sued monthly, and thus afford an oppor
tunity for procuring these sterling works
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i free.
Beadle's Base Ball Player, price 10 ets.,
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forming clubs, government, and rules of
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school exhibitions. Price only 10 cents,
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BThe murder of Soldiers at Fort Bu
fort is doubted.
E@=.Hayti has been undergoing a revo
lution, in consequence of which President
Geffrard has resigned.
B®, Mrs. Elizabeth Miller of TTiion
county, had her thigh and left leg-broken
last week by falling from a spring wagon.
gtaf- Luzerne county has 1 >eeii the scene
of considerable rioting, in consequence of
strikes amongJhe jobitiers.
Mrs. Gideon Arnig, residing about
a mile from SeHnsgrove, was seriously
hurt while accompanying a flitting. {She
iiad her head and legs badly cut.
The Beli 11 sgrove Times says Dan
iel Mulliner of Port Trevorton caught, on
an outline he iiad set for fisii, a wild duck
and a loon. The loon weighed 1U lbs.
JSjgrThe Miffliatown Register says our
Mifflintown paek of week before last did
not reach there. Of that we know noth
ing, hut we do know it was deposited in
the post, office here at the usual time.
tea?-The Borough election in Hunting
don a week or two ago turned on the
question "Town Bull'' or ".No Town
Bull. The Bull we believe parried the
day, and is of course a democratic victory !
KOL. The Philadelphia Prison Agent re
ports that "of the 19,468 commitments
last year, 14,361 were on account of offen
ces directly or indirectly traceable to the
use of intoxicating liquors."
Kansas City, the second city in
importance in Missouri, elected the radi
cal ticket for the first time at her munici
pal election on Monday. The oops have
heretofore carried the town,
By an order of the Supreme Court
of Pennsylvania, Major General Robert
B. Potter was appointed Receiver of the
Atlantic and Great Western Railway in
Saulsbury, the democratic Senator
from Delaware, last week again appeared
on the Senate floor so drunk that he had
to be carried out. He ought to have been
expelled years ago.
g-sgfOae of the leading ex-rebels de
clares that the worst misfortune that lias
happened to the South since Andrew
Johnson left the Radicals was the Cop
perhead victory in Connecticut.
KaT" A letter purporting to have been
addressed to Gov. Geary by Messrs. Cook
and Stewart, which is going the rounds
of copperhead ism to discredit the milita
ry agency at Washington, is a forgery.
The Middleburg Tribune says Liz
zie, a little four year old daughter of Enos
Gross, of a\ est Beaver township, Snyder
county,accidentally ate some poison which
had been prepared for rats. She suflered
much, but is out of danger.
B&The M*yor of Harrisburg, in his
message to the Councils on Saturday, says
that out of .3597 arrests made at Harris
burg during the past year 1588 were for
being drunk and disorderly, and 876 as
the consideration of the appropriation
bill, Mr. Fisher moved an extra appropri
ation to James Burns, for " extra services"
during the session, which created much
merriment, but was declared out of order.
IgL. Gen. Sheridan tias removed Mayor
Monroe and several other rebels from of
fice in New Orleans, The little hod car
rier and ditch digger is making his mark
as he did in the Shenandoah. Go it Phil
—you're a boy after Union hearts, demo
crat as you are!
ftaT 1 Two of the Mississippi disfranchis
ed rebels are trying to bring the question
of the constitutionality of the Military
Reconstruction Bill before the Supreme
Court. The court, as it has done in sev
eral cases years ago, will no doubt decide
it has no jurisdiction. Should it be other
wise, however, then Congress will pass a
general confiscation act against all lead
ing reliels, and thus make them pay a
portion of the debt their rebellion cre
ated. These leaders, with a few northern
copperheads, are now the only real ene
mies of the South, and but for them all
would settle down quietly and submit to
laws far more lenient than they expected
when the rebellion collapsed in the down
fall of Lee and Johnston.
Tribute or Respect.
BALTIMORE, March Ist, 1867.
At the Preachers' Meeting, held this
morning, the following resolutions were
unanimously adopted:
WHEREAS, It has moved the Father to
remove JULIA, the beloved wife of our
brother, Kev. J. S. McMurray, from the
Church below to the Church above, there
Resolved, That in the death of sister
McMurray her husband has lost a fond
and devoted companion, her children an
affectionate and kind mother, and the
Church a worthy example of Christian
patience and devotion.
Resolved , That we deeply sympathize
with Brother McMurray in his sorrow,
and sincerely pray the Great Head of the
Church to comfort and sustain him in his
sad bereavement.
Resolved, That the Secretary of this
meeting be directed to transmit a copy of
these resolutions to the bereaved.
j&pecial JRotirfs.
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many slate if it was $lO per imttie they would not be with
out it. Besides which, it is a certain cure for Cuts, Burns,
Headache. Toothache, Sore Throats, Swelling*. Mumps,
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without it. It is warranted perfectly safe to take inter*
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Drm.yj.ts. Depot. 36 Cortlaudt Street. N. Y. marJo-7w
A Canvass of the Union
proves that the niont successful candidate for general fa
vor ever placed before
The People,
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N. Y Sold by Druggists everywhere. Applied by All
Hair Dresser*. martO-lm
Allcock's Porous Plasters.
A Hen town. Pens., April-4 IS6S.
Messrs. T. ALieocx It Cod
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In one week.
Yours truly,
11 e refer to
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Know Thy Destiny !
Majdame E. F. Thornton, the great
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On Thursday, March 2ath, at tlie resi
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snyder, WILLIAM BEAVER of Mifflin Ca,
ami Mrs. LIZZIE A. Wooi>S of Lewis
town, l'a.
On Thursday, April 4d, at the residence
| of David Hough, by Rev. J. B. Reimen
• snyder, GEORGE W. CRAIG of Mantua,
N. J., and Miss Maggie C. HOUGH of
! Lewistown.
! On the 14 March, by Rev. L. Etmon,
1 JOSEPH W. SHI BY of Adamsburg, Sny-
I der county, and Miss SARAH BAKER, of
j Derry township, this county.
On the 27th ult,., at Kishacoquillas Sem
inary, HORACE, son of Solomon Z. and
Salome Z. Sharp, aged 5 months and 27
LEWISTOWN, April 10, 1807
Wheat, red, per bushel ?2 75
" white " • 280
Corn, old, 90
Oats " 50
Eggs per dozen 20
Butter per lb 30
Flcur is retailing at the following prices:
Lewistown Extra Family per cwt. 7 50
Superfine 6 50
Extra Family per bbl 14 00
Superfine J2 00
Buckwheat per cwt. 500 :
Philadelphia Markets.
Cloverseed wanted at sl2 in firsthand*;
it is held at sl3a 13.50 in second hands. The
demand for Flour is entirely for home
consumption—extra, $12a14; Penna. and
Ohio, 512.50a14.50v Wheat —receipts of
good wheat trifling and in demand at full
prices. Sales 15,000 bushels red at $3.20*-
3.30. Corn scarce ami higher—yellow ;
$1.50. Oats looking up—prime 75 cents, j
\\ hisky—contraband at $1.25a1.35. Grewr
excitement in the gold market, caused by |
a reported panic in Europe—gold advanced
to $1.36.
head of Beef Cattle sold at from j
J <alß cents for extra, 15a 161 cents for fair ,
to good, and 13a14 cents per lb. for com- j
raon as to quality.
Hogs were dull; 3,300 head sold *t the
different yards, at from $11.50a 12.25. per
100 lbs. net.
Cows were unchanged; 200 head soi'd'at !
$50a70 for Springers, and stoa9o per head
for cow and calf.
Sheep were in fair demand; 5,000 head i
sold at from Ba9se per pound grs., at, to j
Barlett Sewing Machine,
\l7 AN ILD—Agent*, SISO per month
VV and all expense? paid, to sell ah Genuine
Barlett Sewing Maehine. This Machinewsil doaltthe
work that can he done on any high prwej. machooe.
ana is rally patented, licensed and warranted for five
tears. We pay the above wages, or a.commission,
from which twice that amount can be made. ?or ar
eolars and terms address H. HAE.E., i Ci>„
aplo-6w 724 Ciiestnut St., Philadelphia,"' Pn.
Steam Engine & Boiler For Sale.
ONE first class 12-horse power Engine
With a Boiler with two good fia** * Scot 10ng
...e whole as good as new—will be oirf> cheap, as the
property of the Mifflin County Oii Company Apply
iL- i C *' MA V KLiN - " r l) M .NfceVevtowa '
A great bargain can be had.
McYeytowu, April 10, ISG7—3t
O EXTO.\ WAM E> aaf the Metho-
KJ dist Church. Apply scon to
A for >lonej at It<^
- 1 rest.—ThcCommisjsioners win meet
at their office in Lenistftvn, on Eritlay,
April i! 6, 186.-, between the hours of 9 "a.
m., and 4 p. m., for the purpose of exon
erating moneys assessed at interest which
have been lifted since said assessment
ap l'™' _ _ JC ! S - S " War EAM, Clerk.
QTR.4I SHEEP.—Came to theprem
kJ ises of the undersigned, in Berry
township, about last September, two old
.Lwes. Any person owning the above,
will come forward, prove property, pay
charges, and take them away : otherwise
they will be disposed of according to law
aprltMt H EN KYOKT.
A c°L t * le Stockholders of
the Mifflin & Centre Railroad Com
pany, will be held in Reedsville, on Satur
day, the 20th day of April, at 1 o'clock p.
o *YT° aet 011 t,ie proposition of the P. R
Milroy the completiou of the Road to
Ry order of the Roard of Bireetor*
aplO S. T. THOMPSON, Sec'y.
r PIIL Franklin Fire Insurance Company
S having withdrawn their Agency
bef mT f>f , H,!nr >' J " Walters, at Lewiatown. give£i-
Mnnnpffff' 0119 m f- v V e ,nade d > r *''t to the Com
628. SOCP SKIF.TS. 628
embracing every New and Desirable size. stvle and
?' and Trail Hoop SKIRTS.— 2, 21 '4 2V.' •>
3-4, J. 3 1-4. 3 1-2, 3 3-4 and 4 yards, round everv length
and size Waist; in every respect FIRST Qcautt. and
especially adapted to meet the wauts of FIRST CLASS
and most fashionable TRAM um
-OUR own MAKE." of Hoop Skirts, arc lighter, more
elastic, more durable, ana REALLY CHEAPER than nnr
other make of either Single or Double Spring Skirt
in the American Market. They are WARRANTED j"
every respect, and wherever introduced give univer
sal satisfaction. They are now being extensively sold
by rtailers,and every ladv should try them
Ask . pkin s Own Make." and see that each
Bkiri is Stampea 4 "W. T. HOPKIN*S M AXUFACTrR
jfi Urn."*' A Cat| ilogue containing Slyle, Size and
*? U u to ? ny address, a Cniform and
Libeial Discount allowed to L>ealers. Orders bv mail
or otherwise, promptly and carefully filled. \Vhole
™e.anf ff** 1 " at Manufactory and Sales-rooms, No.
n T Street. Philadelphia. Skirts made to order,
altered and repaired. '
mar2o-10tn WM. T. HOPKINS.
universally acknowledged the Mode! Parlor Mag
aaine of America; devoted to Original Stories. Poems,
Sketches, Architecture and Model Cottages, Housed
hold Matters. Items of Thought. Personal and Liter
ary Gossip (including special department* on Kn*h
ions,) Instructions on Health, Gymnastic. Equestrian
Exercises, Music, Amusements, etc.: costly En era
rings (full size, * useful and reliable Patterns, Embroid
eries, Jewelry, and a constant succession of artistic,
novelties, with other useful and entertaining liters
No person of refinement, ecomonical housewife or
y .?[ < ! l an afiord to do without the Model
Monthly. Single copies, 3o cents; back numbers, as
specimens, 10 cents; either muled free Yearly- £3.
with a valuable premium; two copies Ji.Ui; three copied
*l2, and splendid premiums for clubs at $3 each, with
the first premiums to each subscriber Address.
No. 473 Broadway, N. Y.
•a s Monthl >' and Young America, together,
W, with the premiums for each. m , r ~
A FULL line of LADIES' Missue-
ceived from New V„rk. Thev are viW 6 '
and will be sold I
Very Cheap
Ladies call and see them at BRLSBiV'c
near the Jail. -
New Calico
From 12$ up. Bleached or Unbleached V
lin very cheap at - BKISBLV*
A Fresh Supply
OF those cheap Prunes, Peaches P.*. ,
Corn, Ac, at BRISBIW
apr 3. •
Men's Buck Gloves at $1 £5
" n" * 1 50
Gauntlets t
1 " " Mitts j
Men's Wool, Cotton and Berlin GLO XV<*
[Near the Jail,]
: W rf,m n<,w till the Ktftf
; H March the following GOODS (it
&reatiy Reduced Prices •
Corn Planter.
'rHE ROUGH and KKAIIT Corn p|„f lte ,
_t for sale by 4 H SELMEWfcK. '
I AM selling Rims. Spoke*, llubbs. Sprir,r,
A.le*, <&(;., very low. A
r rTTE best qualities f SOLE LEATHER
hand ; also, ail kinds of
which I selling low.
IF yea want Good TLX WAKE, hnnw, m!W .
nfajetare, hey of 4. B SELHSHEER.
r FHE ios convenient, most dar.thie and
A therefore the cheapest ever
made Bits >aiw?n mare firs* premiums
State and Leneial Fairs, and G aeed hv ta< i*
people thaij all other Wringer* together Fu
-8,816 J B. SELHIJ.MER.
The Union C'httrn.
I HAVE! procured the exclusive sa,'* o fthe
and will warrant it to give earisfiKMi, n r
no 6ale - d. B SF.LHOMEK
Everybody *>* selheimer He iis
in TOWN. That's su. And fa a- them
by ibe Wagon Loa<d. apr.i
At Hoffmanns,
TEAS. Fine Young Hyson at 160
Extra liAperiai m 160 to 2to
" Guiong at 100 to Ifih
SUGARS. Brown. Good, at 11 and 12
, do Best, as 14
While at
SVRUPS, very fine, at
Also, Lovering's Extra Svi-wp. " j rtn 3o
Soaps ! Soaps *
\ LARGE assortment of Snaps. Wee*!
special attention to the CELEBRATED
OLirSE; tbirt is ue of the very best sni
cheapest Soaps -a übp." Fur sale at
■> ao3<> F. J. HOFFMAN'S.
War Against High Prices.
GO to F. J. HOFFMAN'S fbr
J an3(> NAILS, 4c,
pieces latest style
From New York.
Arrival ol
mar2o-2m -VIPIFtI JL, IST
Pigeon-Wing Self-Rake*
Leicistourn, Mifflin Cotiufjy, P<*-
WE are now manufacturing Ball's Ohio Reaper
Mower, with Pigeon-wing Self rak* wbica * e °c
fer for the season of 1566. a- prferv Mower
feet Reaper and a perfect Self-leaker. .V ■' M-'"' l -•
has no superior, and ss a Reaper an J ; -sa>c' r .'
has no equal. Perlect Side Deliver*: h*
draft; two driving wheels; hinged bar adapts J'*,Ml
the uncvenaesa of the ground in nejwmg **?'
ing. The self-rake does not interfere wttS " :e h ,
ver's scat. The driver can regulase the beg" l
stubbie while the machine is in rn.vnen ..
We also manufacture SEIDLESf n rr
HAY RAKE, Haines' celebrated H<w>e 1' f'
and Threshing Machine. Agency for fteiser s P*'
Self-Regulating Grain Thresher, Separator, t .•* •
and Bagger.
All kinds of Machine work made aad fitted up
Mills, Factories, Furnaces and Forges- Also, tw
and Reaction Water Wheels. -Mree-
All orders will receive prompt attention.■'Y
sing REESE A SLtbhr-
LewisU'wa. Mifflin
8. Benner. General Ageut. fl'64 my--'