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    Vol \XXV.—Whole i\o. 18**56.
Rates of Advertising.
One square, IS lines, 2 squares, 6 raos. $5.00
1 time 50 " 1 year 8.00
" 2 times 75 £ column, 3 mos. GOO
3 44 1.00 44 G 14 10.00
1 mo. 1.25 " ] year 15.00
" 3 44 2.50 1 column, 3 mos. 10.00
6 4 4 4. 00 4 4 6 44 1 5.00
44 1 year 6.00 44 1 year 25.00
2 squares, 3 times 2.00 Notices before mar
-44 3 mos. 3.50 riages, &c. $lO.
Communications recommending persons for
office, must be paid in advance at the rate of
25 cents per square.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Commission Merchant*,
And all descriptions of Country Produce,
Between Race and Cherry,
Respectfully solicit s share of the business
from this vicinity, and refer to
Messrs. LONGBNECKER, GRLBB & Co., Bankers.
W. RUSSELL. Esq., (.'ashier, Lewistown.
E. E. LOCKE. Esq , Mifflin county.
RJ. Ross. Esq., Cashier, ),, ,
Messrs. Fl A Jl.uss. i ""raburg.
SAMVEL JOHNSON, Esq., Marietta, Lancaster
county, Pa.
GEO. M. TROVTMAN, Cashier, of A
Western Bank, I phiWelv
Messrs. J AS. J. JJLNCAN & Co., J
and Merchants generally, J
October 6, 1849—6 m.*
Commission Merchants,
For (lie Sale of Produce in
Broad, above Arch, West side,
iron received and delivered to any part of the
City, or shipped as may be directed.
SHEM ZOOK, Esq., Mifflin county.
WILLIAM RUSSELL. Esq , Cashier of the De
posit and Discount Bank, Lewistown.
J. W. WEIR, Cashier of the Harrisburg Bank.
TOWNSEND HAINES. Esq., Secretary of the
Commonwealth of Penn'a.
G. M. TROVTMAN, Esq , Cashier of the West
ern Bank, Philadelphia.
MORRIS PATTERSON & Co.. Merchants,
JACOB LEX & SON, do. / -§T ~
JOHN M KENNEDY &. Co., do. 73?
•September 22. 1849 —2m.*
'PHIS new and valuable medicine, now used by the
J- medical profession with audi astonishing efficacy in
the cure of
Pulmonary Consumption, Scrofula, Chro
nic Rheumatism, Gout, General De
bility, Complaints of the Kid'
neys, dpc., dpc.,
si prepared from the liver of the Cod F:sh for medical
use, expressly for our sales.
(Exlrccf from the London. .Medical Journal )
"C.J B Williams, M. D., P. R. eS., Professor of Medi
cine in L'uiver.iiy College, London, Consulting Physi
cisu to the Hospital for consumption, Ac., says : I have
proscribed the (ill in above four hundred cases id tubert u
loas disease of the Lungs, In different stages, which have
txen under my care the last two years and a half In
the large number of cases, 206 out of 221, its use w as fol
twed by marked and unequivocal improvement, vary ii g
n degree in different cases, from a temporary retard 1-
tn.n of the progress of the disease and a mitigation of dis
f--uig symptoms, up to a more or less complete restor
•tion to apparent health.
" The effect of the Cod Liver Oil in most, of these cases
v - very remarkable Even in a few days the cough
*as riiit gated, the expectoration diminished 111 quantity
tad opacity, the night sweats ceased, the pulse became
• w.-r, and of better volume, and the appetite, flesh and
strength were gradually improved.
'in conclusion, I repeat that the pure fresh oil from
'-be Liver of the Cod is ntore benefit ial in the treatment
Pulmonary Consumption than any agent, medicinal,
■ telle or regimenal, that lias yet been employed.
Vr ve have made arrangements to procure the Cod liver
'al, fresh from head quarters, it can voir be had chemically
}"t bq the single bottle, or in bozer of one doien each
its wonderful efficacy has induced numerous spurious
<nnations As its success depends entirely on its purity,
■ finch care cannot be used in procuring it genuine.
leery bottle having unit our written signature may be
Upended upon as genuine
Pamphlets containing an analysis of the Oil, with no
"-s of it from Medical Journals, will be sent lo those
>; address 11* free of postage.
Wholesale Druggist* and Chemists.
100 North Thud Street, Philadelphia.
Oev.be, 13, 18457—-Cm.
Wholesale Commission Agent,
F I S H,
\or 111 Wliarm,
Ahavo Iture street, Philadelphia.
: ldelphut, April 21, 1849 —ly
I 4 A V 1; R ! I'APE Ml
-M I'ank street, Between Market and
Cliesnut, and 2 d and 3 d streets,
"[ "''.jcrihers beg leave to call the attention ofenun'
1 ,v ! '"yers to their assortment of papers, embracing
varieties of printing, Hardware, Writing,
and Wrapping papers, Tissue papers white
V *"'"td colors, alo Uonoet and Box Uoards, Ac
••••Jerigg..(| in the manufacture of printing papers,
(t 11 hrders from printers for any given size,
V A 1)1 8: furni*h< dat short notice, and si fair prices.
*'i prices tiifmr In ca.h or Untie paid for Hags.
A0 21 Rank sheet, Philadelphia.
i y .
Tlie Girard Life Insurance Annuity and Trust
Company of Philadelphia,
Office No. 15J) Clicsnut Street.
i\*l>i(ai SSOO,OOO.
Charter Perpetual.
CONTINUE to make Insurances on Lives on the most
! favorable terms; receive and cxe uie Trusts, and
i receive Deposits 011 interest.
The Capital being paid up and inveawd, together with
' accumulated premium fund, affords a per;'-., t security to
1 The insured. The premium may !• paij in yearly, hall'
! yearly, or quarterly payments.
The Company add a BONUS at stated periods to the
i insurances for life. This plan of insurance is the most
j approved of, and is more generally in use than any oih r
, in Great Britain, (where the subject is best urderstoodby
■ the people, and where they hive hud the luiigot ex|teri
! ence,) as appears from the fact that out of 1 17 I. if • Inau
i ranee Companies there, of all kinds, v 7 are on Ibis plan
The first BONUS was appropriated in December, l-l l,
: amounting to 10 per cent, on the sum insured under the
! oldest policies; to S>| percent., per cent. Ac., cc., on
: others, in proportion to the time of standing, making an
addition of $100; $57.50; #75, Ac., Ac., to every .#IOW,
< originally insured, which is an average of more than 5u
| percent, on the premiums paid, and wit licit increasing
j the annual payment to the company.
The operation of the Bonus will be Been by the follow
ing examples from Uic Life Insurance Register of Die
i Company, thus :
Rum I Bonus or | Amount of Policy and
j Policy. Insure.d. j Addition, j Bonus payable at the
' I party's decease.
' No. 5d #I,OOO SIOO 00 il.idO 00
! " 66 2,.700 850 110 2,750 CO
" 205 4,000 400 0!) 4, *00 ' 0
" 278 2.000 175 00 2 !75 00
| " 333 5,000 437 50 5,137 30
*> P*>IPHI.*TS containing the table of rates, 4 and ex
j planations of the subject; Forms i f Apple, alt u, ar !
; further information can be had ut the office, grata*, in
• person or by letter, addressed to the President or kituury
B.' W . KIC H A KDS. President.
JNO. F. JAMES, Actuary. [ t{i2B:ly
IsorI, Taylor A ( 0,,
JVo 208 Chesnvt street, Philadelphia,
T I AVE now on hand, just received direct from the maii
i H uf icturers, a fail assortment of
SHAIVLS, Sec , Sec
The colors and designs being of their own selecting,
I and entirely theirs
' the different makes of Domestic Goods constantly on
I hand, wholesale and retail.
; 1.., TSo Co. never deviate from f.rst price.
t>\Ve are daily receiving goods from she N'--w York
j Auctions. 15'P-' 29. 1 --19— 2 m
€. J.
Wholesale Boot, Shoe and Bonnet Warehouse,
No. 136 North Third street, opposite the
Eagle Hotel, Philadelphta,
Td now receiving about 300<) CAv E * F!'l'.- ; H I-'VI I.
I GOODS, direct from the mannfactiirere, mo h i* .t.'r*,
I and Boas' THICK KIP and CALF BOOTIS :.od BRO
| CANS, Youth's and Children's BOOTS and BUOG \N-'
; with a great variety of Women's LACK 800 I's at.d
j SHOES, both City and Ea*tern manufacture. 'I ins* .> k
1 is got up expressly for Country Trade, and will be sold
j cheap.
7- MEUCIIA NTS arc invit (I to call and examine,
j Philadelphia, August la, ISl9—3m,
Rons. Victoria# and
Fur Trimming'*.
M. i>. c o 12 1: X,
IT'OI'LD most respectfully rill the aitentioi fall pr
*' sons in want of arty article in the Fanct lur l>i;*>
ness, that he has now ready a splendid assortment of 1!
above mentioned articles, made if every d— < ri •i- 1 -f
Furs, ami in the great variety of shape* ik t r. 1, .v
fashionable, which lie offers to sell at vir. r,-i- nat.
profits, at his FUR STORK, No 52 North Second street,
(two doors below Arch si ) Philadel ibia
Merchants purchasing to sell again, would find it con
' siderably to their advantage to call and examine hi* stoc k
and judge for themselves before purchasing clsewin re
| g>The fill market price always given for SfCIXS of
! ever;, description.
i .* The store is always closed on Saturdays
Xo. 52 X. 'id St., (tiro door 4 beloa Arch) PkUadii.
September 15, 1619 — 3m.
Wholesale & Retail
.No. 238 Market sweet, above Seventh, South tide,
VI.Tnoi'GH we can scarcely estimate the value of
TIME commercially, yet by calling at the above es
j tahlishnient, JAMES ILARBRN will furnish bi* friend*.
among whom he includes all wh> duly appreciate it*
i fleelness, with a beautiful and perfect index for marking
! its progress, of whose value they CAM judge..
Ilis extensive stock 011 hand, constantly changing in
! conformity to the improvements in taste and style of
pattern and w rkmanstilp, consists of Eight-day
TFpSnnd Thirty-hour Brass Counting House, Parlor,
Church, and Alarm CLOCKS, French, Go
thic and other fancy styles, as well us plain,
which from iff* extensive connection and correspondence
1 with the manufacturers he finds he can put at the lowest
i cash figure, in any quantity, from one to a thousand, of
| which he will warrant the accuracy.
VsClocks repairtd. and warranted. CloeJc Trimmings
' on hand.
CALL and see me amongtliem.
JAMES BARBER, 23S Market st.
Philadelphia, August 18, 1819— ly.
i | / A |l4 W | YARDS of bleached and
I brown Musi in, 4-4 wide and
extra heavy, just oDeniner at llie really cheap
October 20, 1849.
Candies and Confectionary,
ALWAYS on hand a good atock at whole
sale or retail,
may 26, 1849. F. J. HOFFMAN.
YOUNG Hyeon, Imperial, Souchong, and
Oolong. C. L JONES,
i tx'27. New Cheap Cash Store.
Iron ! Iron !
AN extensive assortment of all dizos, for
saie low for cafch, by
June 23 '49. F. J. HOFFMAN.
4 FEW pieced Turk Satin Du Chene, 28
i\. inches wide, selling at only J51.25 per
vard. Oal! and
Harris'burg Advertisements.
Groceries ami Liquor*,
Three Doors South of the Old J'ridge,
Front Street,
II Alt 11 1 .8 KUK C.', ** A .
JM. 8., lor IHe accommodation of mcr
• chants and others in Dauphin, Cumber
land, Franklin, and neighboring courties, htm
opened an extensive Wholesale Establishment,
for theeale of Groceries and Liquors, as above.
With the co-operation of n large importing'
house in Ba 11 more, he will oifer goods her 3 at
the same prices at which they can be purchas
ed in the city. He respectfully solicits the
favor of a call from those wishing to purchase,
to satisfy tiicin of his entire abiii'y to sell as
he promises. Jhe attention of iand'ords is
invited to a lot of choice Liquors, in store and
for sale at importers' prices.
02yOrders from a distance promptly filled,
and goods despatched at city prices.
September 8, l49—tf.
EiK KOK Sc Rdtßirr
(Sucecssi-r* to W. O. Hickok, and Hickok A. ('.uiliiic )
E>!ait!-. Ek(tL
11 \itKiNiit ttt;, i*
xw®,"=*fo~'i THE SI BSCUIUF.R* respectfully ui
/ ' ffjf /form their ft 1 i,di) and the pu' lir, that ih< >
nSJjp are now rin iog on the above businessat
I lie OLD STAND, formerly occupied hy
Hickok At ("uitine, and W. () link, k Th y flatter
themselves that by tar- ful attentiun to business they
will merit and still receive a continuance of patronage so
liberally enjoyed by the old firms
Particular attention will be paid to the ruling and bind
ing of every description of
T?' " £ VF IIP **
.Ol Mm, J* * mm -<S s. us Vn,
For /Links, Cnvnty Officers, Merchants, and
Private Individuals; such as
Discount Ledgers, Q tarter Sessions Dockets,
General do. Judgement, ifo.
Deed Hooks, Appearance do
Check B .ok, Execution do.
Teller's Aut.menu, Election do.
Ticklers. Orphans' Court do.
ffcralchers, Naturalization do.
Weeklv Statement*, Sheriff's do.
Iwlter Books, Jusiioos 4 do.
Cash Books, Ad M -turn Index do.
Copy Books, D sconrt Not- Rooks,
Pass Hook*, Day Hooks,
Ledgers, In voice B.roks,
Journals, Will Hooks,
Time Books, Mortgage Books.
H aid B.ok*, Minute B oiks.
Coma.isston Books, Miscellaneous H >oks,
And every vanetj of Full and Half Bound II ioks.
They hive made arrangements to supply Proihom-ta
ries w ith the new and approved
Old Rooks, I l ,* 1- In.als, Law B. oks, Music, New[-
pt-r. Ace, bound to any p.vtcui and any style required
In addition to the above, we have .nd will keep at all
times a general assortment of
Letter Paper. Carpenters* F-ncils,
Cap do. Knives,
Drawing do. Quill*.
Transfer do. Lead Pencils,
Copying do. Wafers,
Blotting do. Healing Wax,
Hieel Pens, Bed Tape,
Slates and Sluie Peru ils. Black Ink,
Ink Btmds. Red Ink,
Letter Stamps, Carmine Ink,
M no Wafers, Blue Ink,
India Kui i> r. Copy lug Ink,
Blank Cards, Arnold's Writing Fluid,
Folders. Erasers, Are.. Kr
A general assortn r t of PRINTING INK. very cheap
I*;lc' Ruled lo Pallcm.
C*- All n rk \V Ail II V N TED, and done veij CIir.AP.
Please give us a call.
I? irrisburg, Ortfiber 20, ISI9 ft.
Baltimore £ dvertkements.
University of Maryland
Fit! LTV OF riivaic.
fPHE LF/'TI KES will commence on MON
f DAY, 2'Jth October, arul continue until the
15th of March, ensuing,
('fieiniatry atni f'bnrmacy—WlLLlAM E. A.
AIKEN, M. I)., L. L. D. *
Therapeutics, Materia Medica and Hygiene—
Anatomy and Physiology —JOSEPH ROHY,
M. D
Theory and Practice of Medicine—WlL
Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Chil
dren—RlCHAßD H. THOMAS, M. 1).
Lecturer on Pathology and Demonstrator o(
Instruction in Clinical Medicine and Clinical
Surgery every day at the ltaltimore Infirmary,
opposite the Medical College. The rooms for
practical anatomy will be opened October l*t,
under the charge of the demonstrator, fees
for the entire course sll). Comfortable board
may be obtained in the vicinity of the Medical
College, for $2,50 to A3, 50 per week.
Dean of the Faculty.
Sept. 15, 1849.— 3 in.
Candy sl*2 .>0 per hundred !ls.
„Y<>. 20 Right street, Baltimore, Md.
ME It i -It AN I'H and ihe public, wishing article* in (h
Corif-T.tlnnary line, are renpecrfully invited to give
me ft c ill The subscriber t'.ke pleasure in being able
to offer a greater variety inliisline than ran be had at
any other eatabllslunent in the city, and at prices which
cannot fail to please Ilia stork comprises every article
In the line, such as CAXDY of three hundred different
patterns and flavors; with a general assortment of For
eign an ! Domestic Fruit, .Vuts, rrrserrts, Pickles, tec.
Much pie oriire will be taken to show my sl< k ami price*
to dealers ; also, persons at a disnnee wishing inlorma
ti .n, hy addressing the undersigned, will he forwarded a
list of art tries with the price* annexed. All goods slop
led five of charge. Htrict attention paid lo packing. Ac.
September 22, llMS)- - 9m.
SELLING at Jones' at 6$ cents, per pound
and quart—aFn, better rjunlity propcrtion
fcbly 10-*;. C. I*. JONES.
lt&wiato jvv, Oct. 27, 1819.
A T I O R N E Y A T L A IT ,
Lewistown, Mitllin County, Pa.
OFFICE two doors west of the True Demo
crat Office. Mr. Elder will attend to any
business in the Courts of Centre country.
August 25, 1849—tf.
dfo <L f
Attorney at Law,
YW7" ILL attend promptly to business entrust
* F ed to Ilis care in tins and adjoining
counties, OlTice one door west of the J'ost
Office. June 16, '49-ly.
w. is* rsnviv,
HAS resumed the practice of his profession
in this and the adjoining counties.
Office at tlie Banking House of Lcnjeneck
cr, Grubb &. Co. Jan. 20, 184S —tf.
CURB* TIA i\ IB OO V L it,
.lii*tii*E OI'IIK 4 S'cace,
CTA.N be found at his office, in 'he room re
y contly occupied by Esquire Kuip, v\here
he will attend to all business entrusted to ins
care with the greatest care and despatch.
Lewistown, July 1, 184H —;f.
Samuel Hopper,
Is ready at all times to bui'd the best Houses,
and can do that very thing.
Residence No. 5 flnle street, Lewistown.
March 31, IS49—tf
SSool & Miou iflaiiufaclurcr
f CONTINUES to manufacture, to order.
Av every description of BOOTS AND
SHOES, in tie most reasonable terms.—
Having competent workmen in hisemploy and
using good stock, his customers, as well as all
other-, may rely upon getting a good article,
well made and neatly brushed.
January 22. tf.
J E have always on hand a fine stock of
S the following articles, which we are
prepared to sell W holesalc, at a small advance
on eilv rates, having been 44 we1l boughtpur
chasing almost strictly for CASH :
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Giass, Oil, &.C.
Si:ce; t'< flee, Tea. Ac.
Tobacco and Sugars; Fisli and Salt
Nails, and almost every article in Hardware
Saddlery-ware; Candies, Nuts, Acc.
Cotton Laps and Cordage
All kinds of PAPER, and Blank Books
Cooking Stoves; Hats and Caps; Matches.
Lewistown, March 31, lil9.
Tli Franklin S'irc liiMir:*nee
Company ot Philadelphia,
OFI'ICF, No. ICS; Cffcsnut street, near Fifth street.
Cinr'e* N. n-rnrt.-r, Gt orge \V Rirhartl*,
Tff<cin* Itarf, Mordci.il I>. Lewis,
T •> i\V lgoar, Adolphi- F. Borte,
Srunii' l Gram, David S. Btowo,
Jacoii R Sinitli, Moirt* I'aileraoti.
("oinir.iie lo mrike insurance, perpetual or limited, on
every ii •*• ripliou of pr ipertj in town and country, al
rates as low a* are consistent with en uiity.
Tlie Goinnany have reserved A iaiize < 'oiitinuent Fund,
which with ..N ir Capital and I'reuiiuins, safely invested,
affords ample protection lo tlie assured
T tie assets of lire Company, on January Ist. ISI-S .as
PUBLISHED agreeably to an .V t ol Assembly , V\ ere A* fol
lows, viz:
Mortgages, #.-90 558 65
Real Estate, 106,358 90
Temporary Loans, 121,459 00
Stocks, 51,503 25
Caali, &C. -15,157 67
#1,22'1,097 67
Siti'-e their incorporation, a period ofvighteen years,
they have paid upwards of one million two hundred thou
sand dollars losses by fire, thereby affording evidence of
tlie advantage* of insurance, as well as the ability and
Imposition to meet with promptness all liabilities.
CIIARLKS G. lUNCKcn, Secretary.
For terms apply to R. C. HALE, Lewis
town. apl4—ly.
| IJST received end now opening, plain and
|J embroidered Sack Flannel, lor iadics and
children —selling very cheap at
IN RE NCH Meriooe® and Thibet Cloth in
all imaginable colors, from tlie lowest
grade* to the first quality, just received and
now opening at
I NOR Men and Boys, a large assortment at
reduced prices. C. L. JONES,
0c27. New Cheap Cash Store.
I*tdie' Shoes#
A L KU(iK slock of the latest style,
•CA coarse and fine shoes for Lndie'
wear, row arranged in lite Indies' Slioe Room,
at " C. L. JONES'
0c27. New Cheap Cash Store.
Leather, Morocco, and Shoe
V large assortment always on hand, and for
. sale by
Lewistown, June 23, 1849.
J fci;i (ii*, ifleiliciurs, Ac,
PUKE WHITE LEAD, at 92 per Keg
For sale bv
Lewistown, June 23, 1849.
e?io iti &vtvn cte.
Alemcry of t.'ic Past.
When backward through departed j'ears
Uu memory's wing we stray,
How oft we find a source of tears,
Along that wasted way !
The heart will vainly seek the light
That rested there before,
And sadly turn to mourn the blight
Of ail it loved of yore.
We watch for footsteps that once came
To breathe the twilight vow—
We listen lor the silvery tone
Of voices silent now—
We gaze on old familiar things.
And marvel that they bear
No gladness to our spirit's wings,
Like that which once was there.
John Banyan's Gold Mine.
In those (lavs of rushing after gold as a
seasonable warning, we copy for a perusal
tlie following passage from Bunyan's I'il
grim's Progress :
At the fnrlhest side of the plain called
Ease, was a little hill called Lucre, and in
that hill a silver mine which some of them
that had formerly gone that way, because
of its raritv, had turned aside to see ; hut
going too near the brim of the pit, the
gr< und being deceitful under them, broke,
and thev were slain. Mome also had been
maimed there and could not to their dying
tlav he their own men again.
Then 1 saw in my dream, that a little
off the road, over against tlie silver mine
stood Demas, to er.ll passengers to come
and see; wlio said to Christian and his
' 11>> ! turn aside hitherto, and I will
show \ ou a thing.'
' What tiling so deserving as to turn us
from the way V asked Christian.
4 Here is a silver mine and some dig
ging in it for treasure. If you will come,
u ith a little pains you may richly provide
for vourselves.'
4 Then,' said Hopeful, 'Let us go and
4 Not I,' said Christian, * 1 have before
heard of this place, and how many here
have been slain—and besides, that treasure
is a snare to those that seek it. lor it hin
dreth them in their pilgrimage.'
Then Christian called to Demas saying
—• Is not the place dangerous ?'
4 Not very dangerous except to those that
arc careless." But withal he blushed as
lie spoke.
4 Then,' said Christian to Hopeful, let
us not stir a step, but still keep on our
\s ay.'
4 1 will warrant you, when By ends
comes up, if he has the same invitation as
we, he will turn in hither to see.'
' No doubt thereof,' said Christain, 4 for
his principles lead him that way and a
hundred to one he dies.'
The Bloom of Age.
A good woman never grows old. Years
mav pass over her head, but if benevolence
and virtue dwell in her heart, she is as
cheerful as when the spring of life lirst
opened to her view. When we look upon
a good woman we never think of her age ;
she looks as charming as when the rose of
vouth lirt bloomed on her cheek. That
rose has not faded yet—it will never fade.
In her family she is the life and delight.
In her neighborhood she is the friend and
benefactor, in the church the devout
worshipper and the exemplary Christian—
who does not respect and love the woman
who has passed her days in acts of kind- ;
ness and inercv —who has been the friend
of man and Clod—whose whole life has
been a scene of kindness and love, a de
votion to truth and religion f We repeat
—such a woman cannot grow old. She
will always be fresh and buoyant in spir
its, and active in humble deeds of mercy
and benevolence. If the young lady de
sires to retain the bloom and beauty of
vouth let her not yield to the sway of
fashion and folly ; let her love truth and
virtue ; and to the elose ot life she will re
tain those feelings which now make life
appear a garden of sweets —ever fresh and
ever new.
TEMPTATION. —How beautiful, in the ■
Lord's Prayer, is the invocation of 4 Lead
us not into temptation.' How much it
expresses, and what a volume of thought
it opens. • Lead us not into temptation.' t
The will may be strong but the heart is
weak, and in an evil hour the tempted falls
before the tempter. Temptation is a little
rill which forms at first drop by drop—
but follow its course, and it swells until it
becomes a mountain torrent, which sweeps
all before it. 4 Lead us not into tempta- !
tion'—tlee from it as from a pestilence.
A void it—for honor, happiness, all, all
will be drawn into its vortex, and become
a wreck upon the shores of time. 4 Lead j
us not into temptation.'
Were we to judge of minkind by the
reports of their opponents, there would be
no patriots in poliiics, no heroes in war, no
learned lawyers, or ministers, and no hon
est tradesmen.
It is a maxim with the Jews, 44 that he
who did not bring up his son to some hon
est calling, brought hint up a thief."
The Mahometans call a tavern-haunter 1
a worshipper of fire.
!\ew ferries—Vol. •?—l\<*. *2*
The Model Hog-Reeve.
Years ago—and for aught we know, it
still exists—there was a statue in vogue in
New Hampshire, regulating the annual
election of hog-reeves throughout the towns
in that State. The oilice was a lucrative
one in some places, though it was general
ly made opprobrious, and the most obnox
ious individuals in the community were
usually selected to fill this post. Some
good jokes occurred in various ways, in
connexion with the office however.
Farmer Thorovv resided in a small town
above Nashua, and pridec himself upon
the neatness of his cattle, the cleanliness
of his fields, symmetry of his fences, and
the thriftiness of his orchards, but farmer
T. was a nervous man, penurious and
close fisted.
Waking early one morning, he discov
ered on a sudden, from his chamber win
dow, that four large hogs had broken into
a nice voting orchard of his, just below the
house, and in his usual excitable manner
he hurried on his clothes, and made the
best of his way down to ' Squire Look
sharp,* (the hog-reeve was called' Squire,')
whom he very quickly aroused with his
vociferous complaint.
4 Now Squire,' he said 'hurry up.—
There's lour o' my neighbors hogs got in
to iqy iitite apple orchard, and if you'll
hum , it'll be a good job for you ; they are
fat ones an' 110 mistake.'
4 lie right straight along,' said the Squire,
who remembered the details of the law re
lating to this sort of seizure—one half to
the hog reeve, and the other half to the
poor of the town —and within half an
hour he had peaceable possession of four
such animals as the neighborhood couldn't
other-wise boast of.
The seized hogs were quickly slaugh
tered bv the town official, and were hung
up to drv in the Squire's store house.
Farmer T. Tightened his broken fence, anil
then repaired to his yard to see that all
was snug at the pig pen ; he had no idea
that his hogs should trouble his neighbors
—nut he. w hen lo ! he found that a board
had been forced from the side of the en
closure. and the sty was empty.
In the meantime. Squire Looksharp had
the hogs dressed, and he sent for his good
wife, who appeared at the store-house
4 Betty,' said the Squire, 4 statoot per
vides that in ease of seizure, one half the
pigs shall go the official, and the other to
the poor. Now, Betty, who's puorer
than you are ?'
4 Sure enough !' said the squire's wife,
obediently, 4 sure enough ! if any body's
poorer than I am, I'd like to hear about it.'
• Well —so I eal'late, Betty. And there
fore one half of these pigs goes to the
poor, (that's i/tur) and the other half goes
to the officer, and that's me !' and the
four hogs very soon found their way into
squire Looksharp's pork barrel.
An hour afterwards farmer Thorow ar
rived at the squire's, sprang over the stile,
into the house, through the back kitchen,
out again into the yard, where he encoun
tered the squire very leisurely at work.
4 1 say squire ?'
4 Heliow !'
• What'n thunder you doin* ?'
4 Baout what ?'
4 Where's the pigs V
4 Distribooted 'cordin* to law.'
• What ?'
• Half to the hog-reeve, half to the
poor. 1
• They're mine !' shouted the.farmer T.,
half crazy at his loss. 4 They're mine,
squire—broke out o* my pen—'
• You made the complaint —'
4 1 know but—'
4 And it's to late—the property's duly
divided—can't go behind the statoot.'
The farmer squirmed, and threatened to
be revenged oy,somebody, the first oppor
tunity ; but seeing his mistake, at length
returned home and from that day forward
has had no occasion for a similar lesson,
lie never afterwards complained of his
neighbor's hogs.
A, is like the meridian—it is in the mid
dle of day.
B, is like a hot fire—it makes oil boil.'
C, is like an old maid's wish —it puts
age into a 'cage.'
H, is like a fallen angel—add it to evil,
and it makes'devil.'
E. is like the end of time—it begins
G, is like wisdom—it is the beginning
of greatness and 4 goodnes.'
11, is like the dying words of Adams
—it is the end of earth.
J, is like the end of Spring—it is the
beginning of j une.
K, is like the end of a pig's tail—it is
the last end of pork.
L, is like the giving away a sweet
heart—it makes over a lover.
Is there a heart that never sighed ?
Is there a tongue that never lied ?
Is there an eye that never blink d .
Is there a man tha* never drink'd t
If so, head and tongue and eye
Must tell a most confounded lie,