Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, September 22, 1849, Image 4

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Hare just returned from the city with a very choice supply of the
Latest Styles of New Goods,
comprising' an assortment from which the Ladies < annot fail to
make a pleasing selection. Their
are particularly worthy their attention, being certainly the best
stock in town. In all the minutiae of
Dry Goods, Carpeting, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, &c.
they have an assortment that will hear the test of quantity, quality
and price with any store in city, town, or country. In
Cwrocerics, Salt, <fcc.
they also offer great bargains, having made heavy purchases at low
rates, and which they are now selling at a small advance on cost.
Bu'vinir our goods for cash, and consequently paying no "extras"
to the city dealers, we are enabled to sell for ready money or avail
able produce as cheap as any body can sell. Our goods are
jii sDis A'i imu Msaa,
as our old customers well know, and as any number of new ones who
will give us a call will soon discover.
Lewistovvn, Sept. 1, 1818.
rpHE subscriber lias taken the Lewistown
JL Mills,and wishes to buy a large quantity of
All Kinds of Grain,
for which he will pay the CASH, IN PAR
FINDS, as high as the market will afford, accor
ding to its quality. Any person having good
Wheat will do well to call and show a sample
of it, as he thinks he can afford to give more
than any other person in the place, the mill
being situated 011 the creek, where flour can
be loaded out of the mill into boats, and all ex
pense of hauling, storing, and shipping saved ;
besides, the flour is in better order, as the bar
rels are not injured by hauling and handling.
If wheat brings a belter price than it will af
ford to grind, be has the sauie chance of ship
ping it as any other, as the mill is the most
convenient storehouse in the place, and saves
a great deal of time and labor in hoisting by
water power. OR, HE win. RECEIVE ON STOR
AGE, and forward to Philadelphia or Baltimore,
and give the following receipt:
" Received, Lewistown Milts, of A. B ,
Wheat, to be kept in store till the first of Au
gust, unless disposed of sooner."
When the receipt is given the quality of the
wheat will be mentioned in it, so as to prevent
any trouble when the owner comes to sell.
Any person storing, having four hundred bush
els and upwards, and desires it, it will be kept
in a garner by itself. Any person taking a re
ceipt, and not selling before, or giving notice
to keep it, till after the first of August, it will
be carried out to their credit at the market
price on that day. ft shipped, or sold to any
person that does not get it ground in the mill,
TWO cents per bushel storage will be charged.
If they give notice, and keep it over after the
first of August, the storage will be ONE-HALF
cent per month, afterwards. The grain will
be clear from high water.
The subscriber will keep
Plaster, Fish, Salt and Groceries
of all kinds, winch will be sold low for cash to
Farmers, by the quantity.
CO-FLOUR, MIDDLINGS, and all kinds
of Grain and Feed, will be constantly kept on
band, and sold low for cash.
N. B. JOHN STERRETT is authorized to
transact any business in the above premises as
my Agent.
liewistown, April 14, 1849—1y.
Wholesale &, Retail
*THE undersigned respectfully
announces to the citizens ot Lew
istown and vicinity, that he has
just received the latest Summer
Fashions at the
IVew Hat Manufactory,
three doors West of the Black Bear Hotel , in
Market street, where he is prepared to manu
facture every variety ot HATS now in use, out
of the best material, such as
The business of manufacturing is conducted
under rny personal supervision, and from long
practical acquaintance with this business, I am
warranted in guaranteeing none but good and
substantia! work.
My OMISH FRIENDS will always find
at this establiahmen' just#uch an article as I
know will please them, at fair prices. 1 will
always have on hand
Men's, Boy's and Youth's 'Japs,
which will be retailed at a very slight advance
on cost.
(£s* Just received the LATEST Summer-
FASHIONS, fo which the attention of admir
ers of a handsome hat is invited.
and all others desiring to buy HATS, will find it
to their advantage to cat I. in quality and price
we are bound to please.
Lewiatown, June 9,1849.
no nol Forget
will be found a splendid assort
ment of fashionable H A TS ,
EARS, at much lower prices
than they can be bought elsewhere
; n this country.
A g >od Fur flat, - $lO6
Fme Nutria and Fine Silk, - 2.25
•Fine Beaver, - - - - 275
Finest Moleskin, - - - 3 25
Lewi -town, June 28, 1849.
Moiling Cloths
OF the best quality SQUARE MESH, AN
CHOR STAMP, real Holland manufacture,
imported direct from the manufactory, and for
sale at Lewistown at New York prizes.
Terms cash—cloths warranted. Enquire of
August 4, 1849 Millwright.
XWGHATVIS!— I Good Manchester Ging-
Jf hams, at only cents per yard, to lie
had at the oiilv cheap store in town, i. e.
lewislown, Mifflin County, Pa.
OFFICE two doors west of the True Demo
crat Office. Mr. Elder will attend to any
business in the Courts of Centre country.
August 25, 1849—tf.
Wo So SMxms?
Attorney at Law,
WILL attend promptly to business entrust
ed to his care in this and adjoining
counties. Office one door west of the Post
Office. June 16, '49-ly.
w. H. IRWIN,
HAS resumed the practice of his profession
in this and the adjoining counties.
Office in Main street, Lewistown, opposite
to the Town Hall. Jan. 20, 1848 —tf.
Justice of tlie Pence,
CAN be found at his office, in the room re
cently occupied by Esquire Kulp, where
he will attend to all business entrusted to his
care with the greatest care and despatch.
Lewistown, July 1, 1848 —tf.
Better Bite than Glllll it.
31 ntC all j>.
DR. S. F. GREEN, has again resumed
the practice of his profession. He will
be happy to wait upon all who desire his pro
fessional services. He may be found at
GREEN'S Medical Depot , No. 11.
Lewistown, aprtl 29, 1848—tf.
■tool & Shoe iIIaIIII l";i <1 urer
CONTINUES to manufacture, to order,
every description of BOOTS AND
[SHOES, on the most reasonable terms.—
Having competent workmen in his employ and
using good stock, his customers, as well as all
others, may rely upon getting a good article,
well made and neatly finished.
January 22,1848 —tf.
Samuel Hopper,
Is ready at alt times to build the best Houses,
and can do that very thing.
Residence No. 5 Hale street, Lewistown.
March 21, 1849—tf
EOT 22 3
rriHE undersigned continues to manufacture
A Stoves, Hollow-ware, dfc., at the
Old Logan Foundry,
formerly carried on by A. B. Long &. Co., and
offers to the public the following articles:
The Premium or Cook's Favorite is a very
good stove, and well deserves those high com
mendations so unanimously bestowed upon it.
Also the
Hathaway Cooking Stove,
which stands unrivalled in this or any other
country. It has been tested for the last nine
years, and is justly pronounced the best and
the most durable article of that kind ever used.
Hundreds of certificates could be procured, if
necessary. The
of various sizes. Coal Stoves, of every de
scription ; Parlor and Chamber do., for coal or
wood ; Air-tight do., got up in a neat and beau
tiful style. Wash Kettles, Skillets, Fry Pans,
Pots, Iron Stands, and nurneron6 other articles
of Hollow-ware. Also, Sled Shoes, and all
kinds of Castings made to order, lie is albo
of one and a quarter inch calibre, and intends
to keep a supply on hand at all times. The
subscriber is determined to make tlie ware
out of the very best material that can be pro
cured : and for the accommodation of distant
purchasers, keeps wagons and horses lor the
purpose of delivering stoves at any point within
eighty miles, free ot any additional charge.—
: All the stoves are warranted to stand the fire
and perforin well,and if not, the money will be
refunded on their return - it a. plate should break
i or crack, it will be replaced free of charge.
There is connected with the Foundry, n
Tinning Establishment, for manufacturing
Tin Ware ot" every Kiiul,
j where purchasers will please call.
0C7"AII orders from a distance will meet
i vvth prompt attention. Wholesale dealers
would do well to give me a call, as I will
wholesale B'oves and Hollow-ware on as fair
terms as they can be had at any other place.
All kinds of country Produce taken in ex
Lewisown, Jan. 27, 1849—til
Tlic Franklin Fire Insurance
Company of Philadelphia,
OFFICE, No. 163{ Chesntit street, near Fifth street.
Charles X. nancker, George W. Richards,
Thomas Hart, Mordecai I). Lewis,
Tobias Wagtier, Adolphe E. Borie,
Samuel Grant, David 8. Brown,
Jacob U. Smith, Morris Patterson.
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited, on
every description of property in town and country, at
rates as low as are consistent with security.
The Company have reserved a large Contingent Fund,
which with their Capital and Premiums, safely invested,
| affords ample protection to the assured.
The assets of the Company, on January Ist. 1848, as
j published agreeably to an Act of Assembly, were as fol
' lows, viz:
Mortgages, #890,558 65
Heal Estate, 108,358 90
Temporary Loans, 124,459 00
Ptocks, 51,563 25
Cash, SLC. 45,157 87
#1,220,097 67
j Since their incorporation, a period of eighteen years,
they have paid upwards of one million ttco hundred thou
sand dollars losses by fire, thereby affording evidence of
! the advantages of insurance, as well as the ability and
lisposition to meet with promptness all liabilities.
Circuits G. BANCKER, Secretary.
For terms apply to R. C. IIALE, Lewis
town. ttpl4—ly.
Italsaiu, Lozenge*& l'la*ter.
Dr. Sherman s O LOS.I ON IAN, or *lll
- Balsam,
For the cure of Cone erupt ton. .Isthuui, Dyspeptic Con
sumption. Spitting of Blood, Bronchitis, Difficulty of
Breathing, Hoarecncer, Influenza, Croup, Coughs,
Colds, Bains in the Breast and Side, Dyspep
sia, and the various affections of the
Stomach and l.iver.
Tiie great celebrity which this remedy has obtained
among those who are acquainted with its virtues, and are
rejoicing in its effects, has induced the Proprietor to give
it the name of OLO&AOJftAJsT, OH ALL lIKALIXO
BAI.SAM, to distinguish it from all other Remedies now
i i use. Its combination is the result of more than TWSNTV
v BARS experience, and he believes it to be the most perfect
remedy known —for it has been used by thousands of per
sous, and in all instances wilii the most derided benefit
For References or Certificates of Remarkable Cases oi
long standing and considered beyond Hope, see a smaL
Book furnished gratis by the Agents to all who desire it.
The sufferings which children frequently undergo from
WORMS often tend to a fatal termination, while the cu ATE
is never suspected. Offensive breath, picking at the nose,
grinding the teeth during sleep, starting up iu sleep with
fright and screaming, troublesome cough, nnd fever rati
nes*, are among some of the PHOMISK.IT MPTOSIS of the
presence of worms. A timely use of
will immediately remove all these unpleasant symptoms,
and restore to perfect health.
Consumption , influenza,coughs, colds, whooping cough
tightness of the lungs or chest may be cured by a proper
use of
Kcadaehe , palpitation of the heart, townest of spirit, 54%-
*i< kites*, tieftjMUKlcncy, famine**, cliolic, sp-i-ms, cramp*
of (he stomach, summer or bowel complain?*, are quickly
and entirely relieved by tiaing
liheumatitm, weak back, pain and weakness of the
breast,bark, limbs,and other parts of Hie body ate speedily
and effectually relieved by
Sherman's Poor Alan's Plaster,
vi hith co.ts only 121 cents, is witbiri the reach of all. It
has his name with directions printed on the back of the
Plaster, and a fac simile of the Doctor's written name
under the directions. None others are genuine or to !>e
relied on Dr Sherman's Warehouse is No. 166 Nassau
street, New \ or k.
Wholesale Agent for this couuty CHAS.
RITZ. [<!ec. ? 1848-ly.
WE have always on hand a iino stock oi
the following articles, which we are
prepared to sell Wholesale, at a small advance
on city rates, having been "well bought;" pur
chasing almost strictly for CASH :
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Glass, Oil, &c.
Spices; Cotfee, Sugar, Tea, &c.
Tobacco and Segars ; Fish and Salt
Nails, and almost every article in Hardware
Saddlery-ware; Candies, Nuts, <Jtc.
Cotton lgips and Cordage
All kinds of PAPER, and Plank Hooks
Cooking Stoves; llats and Caps; Matches.
I<ewistown, March 31, 1849.
Cooking' Stores.
gwf We have now on
hand a large stock of
Cooking Stoves, such as
It Ju. n \ft~TL we can warrant to give
J J&SPL entiresatisfuclion We
' iave i ' ie j&u^ac ' > ' tw °
ei/.es, from .v'JOto ST2.
BKyg—.. CO"We invite Far-
Frg !!' 11 "ts and all persons
Vn a i J Stove, to give us a call j
before purchasing elsewhere.
Lcwistown, June 23, 1^49.
D. IWID & M,
WOULD respectfully inform their friends
and the public, that they still continue
to carry on the MARBLE BUSINESS in
all its various branches, at their old stand,
Corner of THIRD and VALLEY Sts.,
where they have constantly on hand MARBLE
GRAVE STONES, &LC. All kinds of
work executed with neitness, and on the most
reasonable terms. Thankful for the liberal
patronage extended to them, they still solicit
a continuance of the same.
Orders from any part of the country, through
mail, attended to with accuracy and despatch.
March 17.1847—tf
HO FINE'S Rheumatic Nerve, and Rone
Liniment, for sale at GREEN'S Medi
cal Depot, No. 11, Lewistown.
Lewistown, August 18,1849.
Martin & Whilelcy'*
A certain Cure for Ague, Fever,
and Dyspepsia.
IN' our summer and full months many sections of our
country are prostrated by BILI.TOUB FEVER and
AGUE and FEVER.—It has been our particular study to
And out some remedy to stop this dreadful scourge, and
think, in this TONIC we have effected this great object.
It is alss we think the very best remedy in Dyspepsia,
and if our directions are followed, will not fail to effect
a cure.
In a letter dated, May 23.1, 1919, our Agent, Mr. Elias
Raub, of Wrightsville, York county, Pa , says:—l have
never known any remedy for Fever and Jlfue equal to
your invaluable National Tonic. It lias given universal
satisfaction, and has cured cases of Ague of years stand
ing, and after the failure of all other medicines made use
of. Mr. Henry Beverson, of the aame place, saya in his
certificate, dated 22d March, 1949, ' I applied to a number
of Physicians, and also used a variety of the most popu
lar Ague Mixtures at different limes, but all without the
desired effect; no permanent cure having been afforded.
I was at length induced, at the recommendation of your
worthy Agent ut this place, to try a bottle of your Na
tional Tonic, and to my great satisfaction, before I had
used half of it, I felt completely cured, though I contin
ued the use of it till i had taken two bottles.' In a joint
certificate from Messrs. Miles Hoke, William Blsckson,
and James D. Brown, of the same place, they say—'Hav
ing tried nearly nil the remedies within our reach with
out success, we at last purchased some of your National
Tunic, which has completely cured us. We, therefore,
cheerfully recommend it to the notice of all persons af
flicted with that terrible disease as the best remedy yet
See the Pamphlets, Which you can get frotn one of our
Agents gratis.
Also, Dr. Martin's Purgative Pills, the best now in use,
in all cases where a purgative is needed.
Prepared and sold by MARTIN Sc. WHJTELEY,
Wholesale Drug Store, No. 49 S. Calvert St., Baltimore.
For sale by F. J. HOFFMAN and WATT
SON & JACOB, Lewistown ; and by ALEX
ANDER RUTLEDUE, Williamsburg, Huntingdon
county. June 30, 1649—1y.
The Grand Purgative for the cure of
Headache, Giddiness, Measels, Salt Rheum,
Rheumatism, Piles, Heartburn, Worms,
Dyspepsia, Scurvy, Cholera Morbus,
Small Pox, Jaundice, Coughs, Quinsey,
Pains in the Back, Whooping Cough,
Inward weakness, Consumption, Fits,
i Palpitation of the Heart, I.iver Complaint,
Rising in the Throat, Erysipelas, Deafness,
Dropsy, Asthma, Itching of the Skin,
Fevers of ail kinds, Colds, Gout, Gravel,
Female Complaints, Nervous Com;>laiiits,
and a variety of other diseases arising from impurities of
the blood, and obstructions in the organs of digestion.
The aversion to taking medicine is effectually removed
being completely enveloped with a coating of pure white
sugar (wlii. ii is as distinct from the internal ingredients
as a nut shell from the kernel) and hare no taste of medi
cine but as easily swallowed as bits of candy. Moreover
they NKlTHfcu aAt skATE oa OHiet, hut operate equally
upon all the diseased parts of the system. Thus, if the
liver be affected, one ingredient will operate on that
particular organ, and, by cleansing it of any excess of
bile restore it to its natural state. Another will operate
on the blood, while a third will effectually expel what
ever impurities may have been discharged into the stom
ach, and hence they strike at the ruot of disease, thus se
curing a free an.) healthy action to the heart, lungs, and
Liver ;and thereby tbey restore health even when all
other means have failed.
The entire truth of the above can be ascertained by the
trial of a single box ; and their virtues are so jiositive and
certain HI restoring health that the proprietor binds him
self to return the money paid for 'hem in all cases tt here
they do not give universal satisfaction.
Retail price 25 cents per box.
** Principal ortire No. 66 Vesey street, New York.
t>Remember Dr C. V. Cltckener is the inventor of
Sugar Coated Pills, and that nothing of the sort was
ever heard of until he introduced them in June, 1043.
Pur. (lasers should, therefore, alw ays ask for Clickener's
I Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills, ami take no others, or
| they will be made victims of fraud.
Wholesale Agent for this countv, CHAS.
! RITZ. [Dec. 23, 1848— ly.
//Allllls. TURNEII 4* HALE'S
C ompound Syrup ofSpigelia
or Vegetable Vermifuge,
The most effectual, the safest, jdeasantrst
and most eourenient Worm Medicine
ever offered to the public.
'ltllK SPIGELtA, says a work of hiehest authority,
j -I- stands at the head uf the list of Anthelmintics or H'ortr
I Mtdiemes. It is adapted to a wider range of cases, and
I to a greater variety of constitutions and states of the
I constitution, than any other. But prepared as it com
j inoi.lv is, in the form of lea, it can seldom be given to
| . hil.lreu in sufficient .loses In Harris, Turner Ac IL.le's
I Compound Syrup, i? is so concentrated that the dose is
: very small, so combined as to ensure a purgative opera
' tion, and so palatable as to be taken, tiolonly with ease,
' but with positive pleasure.
The precise composition of this syrup and the mode of
preparing it, are titc result of a series of experiments
continued for years. Before offering it for sale, it was
subjected to the test of experience in the hands of eini
. nent physicians, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, who have
1 recommended it in the highest terms, and still employ it
in their practice. In addition to tins evidence of its mer
its, we offer the following, selected from a number of un
solicited testimonials.
Ist. A distinguished physician of Virginia, of much
experience, writes of it thus:
'•I should have written before t!ii, but felt disposed
first to try tile efficacy of your Vermifuge. 1 have used
more than half the quantity received,and the experiment
has been most successful. / really beliere that it posses,
ses adva over any othi r Ftrmifagt I have ever used.
Independent of the small lies, of the dose, and the plea
santness of the syrup (great advantages in dosing chil
dren) the advantage of administering it under a variety
of circumstances, enhances its value; indeed there is
scarcely a condition of the system in w Inch it may not
be administered. Yours, Ac."
2.1 A respectable physician uf Lebanon county, in this
state, writes
" I have been in the habit of prescribing your Compound
Syrup of Spigelta for some time past, and have found it
an excellent worm medicine, particularly for children.—
Please forward per bearer 2 dnz bottles. —Yours, tic."
3d —An intelligent merchant of Viiguiia to whom we
had previously sold the syrup, writes :
"Since my return home, I find that your Syrup of Spi
geli.a lias come into general use in this neighborhood. We
have sold what we had on hand, and it gave such satis
faction that it is now called forevey day. You will please
put lis up 5 or <> dozen in a smalt package, and send to the
. are of \V. Anderson Ac Co , Ki> timolol, as soon as possi
ble, and forward the bill |>er mail.—Yours, Ace."
-Itii —A r. spectable merchant of Ohio, on a late visit to
Philadelphia, stated, tli.tl some tune since lie had been ap
plied to by a customer for a vial of 's Ver
mifuge for bis son. Not having the article asked for, he
advised a trial of Harris, Turner & Hale's Compound
Byrupof Spigelia and gave liim it pari u/ u bottle \\ Inch
wss ail that remained HI the store. A day or two alter
this the gentleman returning to the store, expressed his
surprise and delight ut the effect of the Syrup, declaring
it had e spelled 200 worms and entirely relieved his son.
The men haul added an expression of his great regret that
he had not had on hands a bottle of the Syrup at the time
when his own little daughter died, as he confidently be
lieved it would have saved her life.
5th —A gentleman of Hudson, N. Y , having sent a hot.
tleof Harris, Turner A Hale's Compound Syrup of Sp,
geliu, to a young friuml W ho hail tried HI vain a great num
ber of worm medicines, writes, that his friend was imme
diately relieved ; the words of the patient were: "It look
every worm out my body."
Wholesale Druggists, No. 201 Market street,
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Surgical
and Obstetrical Instruments, Druggists' Glassware, Win
dow-glass, Paints, Oils, Dyes, Perfumeries, Ace , Ac.,and
exclusive manufacturers of Harris, Turner A Ilale s
Hugur Coated Pills, Hexham's Liniment for the Piles, the
Banbridge Hair Tonic, Eberle Eye Water, Mrs. Madi
son's Unrivalled Indellihli-Ink, De wees' Celebrated Nerve
and Bone Liniment, or Magic. Pain Extiactor, Mrs. Sliars
wood's Extracts of Lemon and Vanilla, for flavoring Pud
dings, Ice Creams, Ax., Ac.
For salo by dealers in Drugs generally in
Centre, Mifflin and Juniata counties. [au5 —tf
nic or Nervous Debility, Disease of the
Kidneys, and all Diseases arising from
a Disordered Liver or Stomach in both
Male and Female :
Such as Constipation, Inward Tiles, Fulness or Blood
to the Head, Aridity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart
burn, Disgust for Food, Fulness or Weight in the Stomal h,
Sour F.ructations, Sinking or Fluttering at the pit of the
Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Dilfirult
Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or sutfocat
ing sensations when in a lying posture, Dimness of vi
sion, Dots or webs before the sight, Fever and dull pain
in the H 'ad. Deficiency of perspiration, Yellowness of
the skin and eyes, pain in the Side, Hark, Chest, I.inibs,
4c., sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, con
stant Imaginings of evil and great depression of spirits,
ran he effectually cured by
Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated
Thfir power over the above diseaoi s is not eirelled—if
equalled— bj any other preparation m the United States,us
the cures attest, in nuiny cases after skilful physicians had
of Insanity, and will also produce disease of the Heart,
Skin, Lungs and Kidneys, and lay. the body open to an
attack of the Cholera, Bilious, or Yellow Fever, and is
generally the first cause of that most baneful disease,
Opinions of the Philadelphia Press.
" The Dispatch," December 31st, says:
A* INVALIABLE MEDICINE. —We have frequently
heard the celebrated German Bitters, manufactured by
Dr. Ilootlaiid, spoken of in terms of commendation, and
we know deservedly so. It is a too common practice, in
certain quarters, to puff all manner of useless trash, but
in the case of the above Bitters, hundreds are living wit
nesses of their great moral and physical worth. As a
medicine for the Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Nervous
Debility, and Dyspepsia, it has been found invaluable,
effecting cures and thoroughly eradicating diseases when
other medicines have failed. We feel convinced, that in
the use of the German Hitters, the patient does not be
come debilitated, but constantly gains strength and vigor
to the frame—a fact worthy of great consideration. The
Bitters are pleasant in taste and smell, and can he admin
istered under any circumstances to the most delicate
stomach. Indeed, they can be used by all |iersons with
the most perfect safety. It would be well for those af
fected in the nervous system, to commence with one tea
spoonful or less, and gradually increase. Wespeak from
experience, and are of course a proper judge. The press
far and wide have united in recommending the German
Bitters, and to the afflicted we most cordially advise their
" Spirit of ihe Times," June 24, s;ty9 :
" Do our good citizens who are invalids, know the ma
ny astonishing cures that have been performed by Dr
Hoofland's celebrated German Bitters ? If they do not,
we recommend them to the ' German Medicine Store,'
ali who are afflicted with Liver Complaint, Jaundice,
Dyspepsia, or Nervous Debility; the doctor has cured
many of our citizens after the best physicians had failed.
We have used them, and they have proved to be a medi
cine that every one should know of, and we cannot re
frain giving our testimony iu their favor, and that which
gives them greater claim upon our humble effort is, they
are entirely vegetable.
'• The Daily News," July 4th, says :
"We speak knowingly of Dr. Hoof Hand's celebrated
German Hitlers, when we say it is a blessing of this age;
and in diseases of the biliary, digestive and nervou. sys
tems, it lia. not we tbitik an equal. It i. a Vegetable
Preparation, and made without .Slcuhol, and to all invalid,
we would recommend n as worthy their confidence."
It is from one of our first druggists, a gentleman favor
ably known throughout the I'nited State. —the proprietor
of the ' Medicated Worm Syrup:*
Dear sir—lt is with tnuch pleasure lliat 1 testify to the
extraordinary virtues of your German Bitters, having
sold largely of them these last few month, to various
persons, afflicted with liver complaints, dyspepsia, and
debility of the nervous system. I can say conscientious
ly that fhey are the best article of the kind I have ever
sold, (and 1 deal in ail ihe popular medicines.) and I con
sider it the only medicine for the above diseases before
the public.
1 have never sold one bottle that has not given satisfac
tion, ami brought forth the commendation of those who
used it.
1 deem this inv duty both to you as the proprietor of
iliis highly valuable article, and to those afflicted with the
above complaints, that they may know of its curative
properties, and to enable them to select the good from the
various articles with which our market is flooded.
With much respect, I remain yours, 4c.
J. N. HOBENSACK, Druggist, j
corner of Second and Coates streets. j
Cured after Physicians had failed.
Philadelphia, December 27, ISj-tS.
Dear sir—lt is with feelings of pleasure I communicate
to you the sanative effects (and in a short time) of your
invaluable Hoofland*. celebrated German Bitters, upon
my system while laboring under the Jaundice. Al>oul
two years ago 1 had an attack of tiie Jaundice and was
confined to the house six weeks under medical treatment of \
the family Physician, and for some time after, when I i
went out I had to very careful of myself; since that lime j
1 have had several attacks of the same disease, and your :
littler, have entirely relieved and cured me in two or j
three days. My next door neighbor, Mr. JOHN DIKIIL, ;
last spring, had a long and serious spell of Jaundice ; he j
had it some time before 1 knew it; he was confined to his j
bed. As soon as 1 heard of his condition I called to see j
him and told him of the effect your Hitters had upon me *
in the same disease. He immediately sent for a bottle, ,
nud in a few days he was cured. 1 have in several instan- .
res recommended the Bitters in other cases, always pro- j
during the same happy effect. My wife has been consi
derably afflicted with Liver Complaint and Neuralgia; by '
the use of the Bitters she is well, now enjoying good
health. We believe from ihe many cures we know of
these Bitters effecting, that they possess in a remarkable
and extraordinary degree great curative properties, and '
that which enhances their value with us is, they are en- .
tirely vegetable. We always keep the Bitters on hand, j
and would not be willing to do without them.
Very respectfully, yours,
C. FIERCE, 370 South Front street. I
Can stronger testimony be adduced by any preparation j
before the public 1 A single bottle will convince any one ■
of their power over disease. They are ENTIRELY VEGE
TABLE, and will permanently destroy the most obstinate '
coetircness, and give strength and vigor to the frame, at
no time debilitating the patient; being also grateful to I
tin' most delicate stomach under any circumstances, and
ran be administered with perfect safety to delicate infants j
—they are free from .llrohol, Syrups, .drids, Calomel, and ,
all mineral and injurious ingredients.
They can be taken at all limes and under all cirrum
stances; no ordinary exposure will prevent them having 1
a salutary effect, and no bad result cau accrue from an
over dose.
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the principal Depot, 1
German Medicine Store, 27S Race street, Philadelphia. j
For sale in Lewistown by \VM MARKS i
&. SON, and respectable dealers in every town [
in the state. ap 14 —ly
Comjiottutt Ssvup of
1 S the best Medicine yet for Coughs, Colds, Oonsiunp
*■ tion, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, 4c. Read the fed- .
lowing :
November I3ih. 18-13.
Gear Sir—l take great pleasure in saying to yon th.-u
Mrs. Ross has been entirely relieved of her cough by the
use of your Syrup of li tld Cherry, li had continued for '
fully eighteen months. She had used several prepara
tions of Ihe Wild Cherry now in popular use. but not
with the slightest benefit, until she took yours She on
ly took six hollies, and I am pleased to gay she is now in
good health. Every one who saw Mrs. Ross thought
her In a deep decline. LEWIS P. ROSS,
No. 987 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, Captain of Schoon
er O. K., Cambridge Packet.
In Clergyman's sore Throat it is truly a "Sovereign i
Balm," as the Odd Fellow, Washington county, Mary
land, of June Bth, IS|B, s.v Price 73 cents a Bottle.
Prepared and sold by MARTIN & WHITEI.EY. at '
their wholesale Drug Store, 4h S Calvert Street, Balli
And for sale bv F. J. HOFFMAN and
ANDER RLTLEDGE, Williamsburg - ,
county. [June 30, IH49—ly.
L A DIES' Slippers, at low oricrs, bv
ap29. W. ULLEY. i
Tricks of Quacks!
V NUMBER of men under the name nf Sktiiin:.
• *• Thompson A Co , have employed a man by the
of Jaeob Townsend, lo use his name to put a
' parilla, which they call "Old Or. Townsend'e
rilla," dec., and wish to sell it to the public as
ine and original Dr. Townsend'a Saraaparilla t> "
Townsend has been employed in peddling book, J!
1 cheap publications for a number of year* before he '
j this honorable situation. The public are cautioned no l ",''
be deceived and purchase none, if they wish the- genu' . '
but such as are put up in splendid steel plaie w r , ,
and signed by S. f. TOH'A~SE.YD.
Wonder and Blessing of the Age.
The .Must Extraordinary Mediant in the World!
j This Extract is put up in Quart Mottles; itisrixii,,,
cheaper, pleasanter.and warranted superior toany sold
It cures without vomiting, purging, sickening, or'dcbili
tating the patient.
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsaparilla
; over all other medicines is, that while it eradicates th e
j disease, it invigorates the body. It isoneof theverv L-t
j Syrm/T and Summer Medicines ever known; itnot oi.U
j purifies the whole system, and strengthens the perxni,
; but it creates new, pure and rirh blood: a |siwer p<.se 6Se( j
by no other medicine. And in this lies the grand secret
| of its wonderful success. It has performed within the
1 last five years more than 100,000 cures of severe eases of
disease; at least 15,000 were considered incurable lttia,
) saved the lives of more than 5,000 children during the t„ 0
. past seasons.
10,000 eases of General Debility and Kant of .Yertout
Energy. —Dr. Townsend's tiarsaptuilla invigorates the
whole system permanently. To those who have lost
their muscular energy by the eflects of medicine or indis
cretion committed in youth, or the excessive indulgence
. of the passions arid brought on a general physical pros in
tion of the nervous system, lassitude, want of ambition,
fainting sensations, premature decay and decline,hasten,
ing towards that fatal disease, Consumption, can be en
tirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This Sarsapa.
rilla is far superior to any INVIGORATING CORDIAL
as it renews arid invigorates the system, gives activity to
the limbs, and strength to the muscular system, in amoti
! extraordinary degree.
Consumption Cured,
Cleanse and Strengthen. Consumption can be cured
Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Complaint. Colds, Ca
tarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Sorenesr m
the chest, Hectic Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult or Pro.
fuse Expectoration, Pain in the Side, Ac., have been
and can be cured.
-Vcir York , April 25, 1847.
Da Towusbkd—l verily believe that your Sarsapi
rilla has been the means, through Providence, of savug
i my life. 1 have for several years had a bad Cough, it
became worse and worse. At last I railed large quanti
ties of blood, had night Sweats, and was greatly debilita
ted and reduced, and did not expect to live. 1 have oaly
used your Sarsaparilla a short time, and there has a
wonderful change been wrought in me. lam now able
to walk all over the city. I raise no blood, and my rough
has left me. Vou can well imagine that 1 am thankful
: for these results. A'our obedient servant,
WM. RUSSELL, 65Catharine-si
1 James Cummings, Esq , one of the assistants in the
Lunatic Asylum, BlackweM's Island, is the gentleman
spoken of in the following letter. This is only one of
i more than four thousand cases of Rheumatism that Dr.
Townsend's Sarsaparilla has cured.
Blacktrell's Island, Sept. 14,1847.
Dr. Townsend— Dear Sir : I have suffered terribly for
nine years with the Rheumatism; considerable of the
time I could not eat, sleep, or walk. 1 had the utmost
distressing pains, and my limbs were terribly swollen. I
i have used four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they
, have done me more than one thousand dollars worth of
; good. I am so much better—indeed, I am entirely re
j tiered. Vou are at liberty to use this for the benefit of
the afflicted. Yours, respectfully, JAMES Cl'xmixgs.
Fits ! Fits ! Fits !
Dr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsaparilla in
j cases of Fits, of course never recommended it, and was
surprised to receive the following from an intelligent and
: respectable Farmer in Westchester county :
Fordham, August 13,1647.
Dr. Townsend—Dear Sir: I have a little girl seven
j years of age, who has been several years afflicted with
Fits ; we tried almost everything for her, but withoutauc
cess; at last, although we could find no recommendation
[ in our circulars for cases like hers, we thought, ai she
was in very delicate health, we would give her some of
your Sarsaparilla, and are very glad we did, for it not
only restored her strength, but she has had no return of
the Fits, to our great pleasure and surprise. Sbs is fast
becoming rugged and hearty, for which we feel grateful
A'ours, respectfully, JOHN BUTLER, Jr.
Great Blessing to Mothers and Children.
It is the safest and most effectual medicine for purify
ing the system, and relieving the sufferings attendant up
on child-birth ever discovered. It strengthens both the
mother and child, prevents pain and disease, increases
and enriches the food, those who have used it think it is
indispensable. It is highly useful both before and after
confinement, as it prevents diseases attendant upon child;
birth—in Costiveness, Piles, Cramps, Swelling of the
Feet, Despondency, Heartburn, Vomiting, Pain in the
Back and Loins, False Pains, Hemorrhage, arid in regula
ting the secretions, Ac., it has no equal.
Cosmetics, Chalk, and a variety of preparations gene
rally in use, when applied to the face, very soon spoil it
of its beauty. They close the pores of the skin, and check
the circulation, which, when nature is not thwarted by
disease or powder, or the skin inflamed by the alkalies
used in soaps, beautifies its own production in the " hu
man face Divine," as well as in the garden of rich and
delicately tinted and vanagated flowers. Ladies in the
north who lake but little exercise or are confined io close
rooms, or have spoiled their complexion by the application
of deleterious mixtures, if they wish lo regain elasticity
of step, buoyant spirits, sparkling eyes and beautiful
complexions, they should use Dr Townsend's Sarsapa
rilla. Thousands who have tried it, ate more than satis
lied, are delighted. Ladies of every station crowd our
office dailv.
Those that imitate Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, have
invariably called their stuff a great remedy for Females,
-f-e., -ft., and have copied our bills and circulars which re
late to the complaints of women, word for word—other
meu who put up medicine, have, since the great success
of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to
females, recommended theirs, although previously they
did not. A number of these Mixtures, Pills, Ac., are in
jurious to females, as they aggravate disease, and under
mine the constitution.
This certificate conclusively proves that this Sarsapa
rilla Ins perfect control over the most obstinate disca*'
of the Blood. Three persons cured in one house nUJ
precede n ted.
DR. TOWNSESD— Dear Sir : 1 have the pleasure to in
form you that three of my children have beencureiloi l!,e
Scrofula by the use of your excellent medicine. Ther
were afflicted very severely with bad sores; have taken
only four bottles ;it took them away,for which 1 feel m>-
self under great obligation. Yours, respeclfulD'i
ISAAC W. GRAIN. 106 Woosler street-
Dr. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders from
Physicians in different parts of the Uuion.
This is to certify that we, the undersigned, Physician'
of the City of Albany, have in numerous cases present- <1
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, and believe it to be one of
the most valuable preparations in the market.
11. P Puling, M. l. J. Wilson, M D.
H B Briggs, M l). P. E. Klmendorf, M. D
CAUTION. —Owing to the great success and imuien'*
sale of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of '<*"
who were formerly our Agents, have commenced making
Sarsaparilla Extracts, Elixirs, Ritters, Extracts of Yell"*'
Duck, fee. They generally put it up in the same shaped
bottles, and some of theni have stole and copied our ad
vertisements ; they are only worthless imitations, and
should be avoided.
Principal Office, 126 FULTON street, Sun Biiildmr- V
A'.; Redding A Co., 8 State St., Boston; Droit A Son't
132 North Second St., Philadelphia ; S. S liamv, Ib' Sj
gist, Baltimore; and by alt the principal Drugged" ,n "
Merchants generally throughout the United Stales.
Indies and the Canadas.
££r CHARLES RITZ, Lewistown,
Agent for Mifflin county, tor the genuine I '•
Townsend's Strsaparilla. By procuring 1
from Inm, purchasers will be certain of
the genuine article. mao — ts -''
Iron !Iron
VN extensive assortment ot all sizet ' l '
sale low tor cash, by , v
June 23'49. F. J. HOFFMAN.