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ii, v. niottTmniKit.
i;llloi; nml Proprietor.
T Kit .IIS:
One nnllnr n Yrnr In Atlvnnce
VOL. II., No. IB.
Lehighton Directory.
VT. C. Frellrld, Singer towing Machine and In. next to K. II. Border's, lUnk street.
R. B. VdDD03, Skating, iUii Cuttingand fflon.
paging, under I XcliMiCT lintel, Pnok street.
ISoot and Shoe Makers.
Charles Yenner. nearly apposite the pmUiffict, Bank
street; alia, dealer m Vaiiftcttomrji.
, Clinton Ilretuoj, in Leran't building. Hank street.
Jll ordtri promptly pied work warranted.
JJauiman i Kubns, opposite OUrt's itore, Bank
street. All orders pnmpllit fitted.
Dry Goods and Urocrrlea.
Z. II. I.oufC. cpp. I. 4 S. Depot, Hank St- dealer in
Hardware, Qurtnsware, Ladies' Dretl Goods, te.
It. A. Hells, Uuckefa Work. Hank H.,Dry Coodt,
Groceriel, Quetntware. Carpets, Oil Cloths c tkol.
E. II. Snyder, llmk street, Dry Gondt, Notions,
Dretl ftnii, Groceries, Queeusware, IUrdware,dx.
Drugt and Medicines.
-X.3 Durllng, tlrst iloor abore I'. Hank street.
OiU, Jhiints, Itrumery, lilent iledicincs, eft.
F. P. Sesimel, nearly opp. Kxcliange Hotel, Bank
street, Culthvtorl, Oill, Mull, Guano, fc.
Thomas hints, 'Kichantte," cpp. Publlo e,
Bank at. I'atronagc solicited.
. Furniture WareUouse.
V. SchmrtJ, Bank street, dealtr in alt .kinds of
furniture. Coffins made to order.
merchant Tallori.
Clauas A Bro., tank street, and Jealert in Gents'
Furnishing Goods, JJooti, Sliuei, Jlatt, Oapt, dt.
Thomas S. Beck, 1'. O. building, Dai.k at , Cenf t
Furnishing Gaodt, llatt, dipt, Scliool ltooks, do.
lira. E. Fath, Hirk street, 2nd door below the M.
K. Cburch. Notions and Trimmings
Physicians and Surgeons,
Sr. C. S. German, corner of Bank and Irou siren I
Consultation in English and German.
Dr. N. II. Kebtr, next door to l. 0- Bank street.
Consultation in English and German.
Jet Obert, Bank at. lacking, Curing and6moking
Establishment. AU orders promptly filled.
J. Vsllluger A Sod, Bauk at. dealer! in Flour and
eed, Groceries, Fruits and VegeUiUes.
'Watchmaker and Jeweler.
A.O. Dollenmajer, South atreet, atiove Bank St.
Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Jlings, do.
yy st. iiAPSiiicii,
Bisk BtBtiT, Ltnianrox, Pa.
lieal Estate and Collection Acencjr. Will Bujand
(Sell Ural Estate. Conveyancing neatly done. Col
lcllona promptly uaile. fettling Estates of De
cadent, a specialty. May be consulted In Knyllsh
and Uernmu. Isoy. V!l.
rfl it, SNYDEIl,
' Justice of the Peace,
Lehlghton, Pa.
Office in Ms store, opposite Hie Eaglo
Hotel. Collections nnd Drawing up of
Deeds promptly attended to. n22-4iu
OFFICE; Ground Flnorlnlheuewaddlionof the
Mansion House, llaoch tbunk, Pa. Business
transacted In Unsllfh and Uerinalu Colleitlons
prouply mads and Conferencing neatly done.
Offlce. on Hsoiukai. first door Mow American
Ilotel.MaucliCliuuk,l'enu'a. Collections prompt
ly made. Nor. 23.
East Wetssjiort, .
N B. Sales of etery description attended to at
reasonable charges. Tbe pstrouage of the puMIc
,l resneclfully solicited. Jau.ZI, '71.
Jg 91, DlVLUIiRN,
Oct 18, 1873. .
wjrjrhen you go to Welssport,
Don't fail to call In and eo
at the
He Keep everything nice.
Tbs following Companies are Represented!
Lebanon Mutual Fire,
"Rending Mutual Fire,
Wyoming Fire,
Pottsville Fire,
Lehigh Fire, and the
Travelers' Accldeut'Insurance,
Also Pennsylvania aud Mutual Horse
Thief Detectlvo and Insurance Com
pany. . March 2U, 1873.
Floral Guide for 1874.
200 Page ; 600 Engravingrand Colored
Tlate. rubllJhcd Quarterly, at 25 cU.
Year. First No. lor 1874 Just Issued.
A German edition at same price.
Address JAMES V1CK,
BPY, ?. Rochester, N. Y.
Architect and Superintendent,
No.343 N. 7th Street, Allentown, Pa.,
'lonnsheaTIans. Specifications and Entl
ruBWiffor Public and Private .Buildings.
'Stairs, 'KaUB, Ac, Constiucted and
8eHJp by the most approved method,
and ai'sbort notice. Patrouago Is res
peitloUy solicited, ftid satisfaction
smaiaaVL apr, 00-yl
Railroad Guide.
FaBt Time and Sure Connections !
Five Kxpreas Trnllis Dally from
llnrrlaburs to the West.
Pullman Talaco Cars through from nnr
burg to Chicago, Cincinnati, Louis
ville and St. Luuls.
Thejnumber of mllea operated and controlled by
tbts Company enable it to run cars tbrouU with
feWer changes than by any otber line.
Passengers will find this, In nil respects,
The Safest, quickest & most
ComTorlnblo Route!
3T For Rates, Ticltcts and all In
formation, apply nt all Principal Offices
on Lino of. Lehigh Valley nnd Lehigh
6 tiu:qiiehannn Railroads, nnd at, 1'.
It, It. Depot, Hnrrisburg, Pa.
A. J. CASS ATT, Ueneral Manager.
I). M. BOYD, Oeneral I'assenirer Agent.
J. N. All Ii KV, Uaslern Traveling A'ent,
March 8, 1873- 001 Chestnut St., l'hllad'a.
Tassengers for Philadelphia will leave Lehlghton
a I follova):
6.09 a. m , via L. v.; arrive at Phlla at 83 a.m
737 .m.vlL. A S. " " 11.10a.m.
7 33 a.m. via L. V. " " 1110 p.m.
11.07 p.m. via L.i S. " " 2.15 p.m.
1I.0-J p. m. via L. V. " " 2.13 p.m.
2.27 p, m. via L. A S. " ' bX p.ui.
4.47 p.m. via L. AS. ' " 8.20 p.m.
4.41 p. in. via. L. V. " " 8.20 p. in.
733 p.m. vlaL.V. 10.30 p.m.
Beturnlng, leave depot at Berks and Aluerlcan
Streets, l'hlla., at 7.10, 8.30 and 9.45 a. ni.; 2.10
30, and 5.15 p.7m.
Fare from Lenlghwn to Pblladefphla, (2.53.
Feb. 1, 1871. MILLS CLA11K, Agent
Commencing Dec. 13, 1873,
Dow.t TKilXS.
No. 1. No. 3. No. 5. No. 7.
Leave A. H. A. M. A. St. P. M.
(Ireen Itldgc 7.30 10.25 1.23
Srranton 7.35 10 30 1-IU
rittslon 8.112 10.57 4 -VI
Wilkes Barre 8J0 11.25 2.20
White Haven 9.53 12.55 3.40
l'enn lla'n Juuc 10.37 13D 4.19
Mauch Chunk 7.30 11.00 J;-!JJj 4.10
Catasauqun 8.35 11.58 3.17 5.39
Allelltowi 8.13 I2.U0 3.25 547
Bethlehem 900 It 17 337 t!,0
Im'wEaston 9.27 12.43 1.03 0.25
Up Tru-is.
No. 10. No. 4. No.c. No. 14.
Leave I. u. a. u. p. h. r. M.
Faslon , 8.30 11.50 3.55 7.15
Bethlehem 8A3 12.13 1.27 7 45
Allentown 9.111 12.25 137 7.57
Catasauqua 9,V4 1232 4.45 8.00
MauchCbunk 1".2S ; 9.10
renn Haven J'n. 1045 . 2.02 0 23 ....
White Haven 11.23 2 4n 7 08
WllkeUarre 12 10 4.00 830
I'ltlston 103 1.26 8 53
Scrauton 130 155 tia
Arr. Greeulttdge 133 6 Ml 930 ....
Kesouchonlng Valley If. f. Down trains Nos. 3
3 and 7, and Up tralua Nos. 10 and 1 connect at
Mauch Chunk. '
A'orth iVnn'a It. It Down tralna Xos. 1, 3, 5 A
7 connect at Bethlehem tor Philadelphia. Up trains
Nob. 10 A 1 connect at Iletbleheni for Philadelphia,
lleturlilng lea-o Philadelphia at 7.10 a. ui. Ur Fas,
ton, Alaucn Chunk, Bath, W likes Uarre, Tamilqua,
Scrantou, Sharcn, tcA at 0 43 a. m. for Fastoti,
Mauch Chunk, Tamaqua, Wllllams))(lrt, Wilkes
Uarre arid Srranton; at 2.10 p. in. fr Scrauton,
Wltkea Uarre and Intermediate statlonr, at 3 30 p.
ni. for Bath and Kjitou; at 5.13 p. m. firManch
Chunk. '
Tamaqua I!ranch.Ut trains Nos. 10 A'l, and
Down trains Nos. 3,5 A icunuect at MauchCbunk
to nnd from Tamaqua.
Lehigh ajMckawanna Jt. if. Pown trains Xos.
117, snd Up trains Nos. 10 A G connect at lleth
lebem for Bath and Ciiapuian Quarries. Return
ing leave Chapman's at 7.4'J a. ui. and 2.15 p. m.
Central JtailroadttMw Jersey. All trains make
close connection at Ka.tou with trains ou Central
ItatlroadofNew Jersey.
Jlttvidere.Delawart Jl. 21. Down trains Nos. 3
A 5, aud Up trains Nos. 4 A II connect at Phillips
burg with 1M..1VI. Jt It. to and from Trenton,
Philadelphia aud
Fhiladeljthia Heading Hailroai. The Depots
or the Mil l'enn it. II. aud the L. A S. Dlvislou
are connected by fitreet Cars,
II. P. UALUWIN, Gen. lissenger Agent.
Feb. 7, Ib74.
Dry Goods, Notions,
rxuivEavEiisra-s ,
Uresis Goods,
Glasswaro, Hardware, Ac.
May 81, 1873.
Tuo uutlorslgncd rcspccl
fully announces that he is better
prepared than ever to Buy and Sell
Calf nnd Sheep Skim,
Tallow and
Plastering- Hulr,
at bis Old Stand, nearly opposite the
posCoRlce, Bank Street, Lelilgliton. .
3T The highest cash prices paid for
Hides and Skins.
no v.. 2a. O. . QREEtUWALD.
For $1.00.
rjiiiE FinsT or:at salt lake
Gift Ooncprt, authorhetl hy and
under tlm iminediato supervUIon of tlio
city authorities of C'orinno City, for the
benefit nnd In nld of the
Public Free School,
The Only Free School In Utah Ten 'y.
CapC. S. Howe, J. S. Gerrlsli nml
Alex. Tojionce.
TO 11E
Ulalrlbulcd to the Ticket Holders
Grand Gift Concert,
Opera House.City of Corinne.
March 3lsl, 1S74.
Deposllory, Hank of Corinne.
500,000 "TICKETS !
price: si.oo uacii,
or six foh five dollars.
$226,500 IN GIFTS,
1 Grand Cash ("
i 2,000
5 mi
10.1 KH)
1 ii t
ii ii
j ii ii ...
1 ii ii " "
J II ! ...
i t. ; ; ;
5 " " $1,000 each
20 " " 500 each
10) 10) each
200 - 60 each
700 20 each
COO " " 10 each
1,300 " 5 each
50,000 " ' leach
02,031 Cash Gifts, amountlus to . . $220 SOU
Tlio distribtitlon will be In public,
nnd will he made under tlio same form
nnd regulations as the S.iu FrnncUco
nnd Louisville Library Gift Conceits,
under the supervision of n committee of
prominent citizens selected by tlio ticket
holders. - ,
Reference as to the integrity of this
euterpilso and of the management Is
Hindu to the following well known citi
zens: L. Tlhbals, A. Toponce, J.
MnUh. J. 11. Gerrlsli Members of
City Council.
Judge T. J. Black, Iss't U. S. ls
scssor; JInlah & Oreciiwald, proprie
tors Metropolitan Hotel; fc'ugenu Moore,
City Marshal; W. W. Hull. Architect;
J. Kelioe, Constable; J. Ktipfer, Jew
eler; Cnpt. S. Howe, C'oiitinutor; O. I).
Richmond &, Co., Commission Mer
chants; M. E. Campbell, proprietor
Central Hotel; Singleton & Crenth, pro
prietors Pacilic Stables; S. 1'. Hiieli,
Merchant, Sandy, Utah; .1. G. Garrl
Mu, Helena, Muiititnn.
'u will also aim ounce that each and
every person buying a ticket can at any
aud all times examine our books ami all
business transactions connected with
the enterprise; and as the drawing or
piizes will bn placed In the hands ot
honest nml disinterested men, it will in-t-ure
a lair and Impartial distribution
Uooil lUeiMinslljle Agenta Wanted
Liberal Camiulsslun Allowed.
3f Money should be tent by Ex
press or by diaft on any solvent bank,
by I'o-tollice Money Order, or Regis
tered letter, at our risk. For particu
lars, address
E. W. MORGAN, Manager.
Lock Uox 158, CiTlnne, Utah.
Jat 3-3in
Livery & Sale Stables,
I nlways keep on hand the best hor
ses and finest carriages, to be let at
livery at the lowest prices. Conveyances
can be had of me at the shortest possi
ble notlct', at any hour. I would call
the attention of the public to my speci
al facilities for supplying single or dou
ble teams for funerals, &e.
r.ov.22, 1873. DAVID KnnERT.
rjpo Builders &. Contractors.
UI now receive proposals to erect
40x50 feet,3 story and attic. Hear Dowman'a ta
Hon, on the 1.. 1 S. ItoxJ. Sepirate Lids to Ins
msde for carpeuter and inuuuwork. Kdundatlon
now eouipleteJ. lor plans, speclllcatloDS, or par
licuLre, call im or address
.... A.c.rmxcE.
iuM-3w UUfM Oap, Vaibvu Co, 1'a.
20,000 Receipts,
In Every Department of Human Effort.
It Is prlnttil on strong, heavy paper,
from new electrotype plates, In nun
volume 'of 550 royal octavo, tlouble
colunin pngep, nlplmbetlcully arranged
In divisions and subdivisions
It Is Issued In two dllTerent styles of
binding English cloth, with gold back
stamp, $4; leather, sprinkled edges,
ribbed back (library style), 44.75.
Ask the flrst book canvasser you
meet to show you n copy, when without
doubt you will ptiiclmso It. If you de
sire a copy and cnmiot find a book
agent who has It, a copy will bo mailed
on receipt of tint juice by the publisher.
It will be useless to ask lor It in a book
store, as it is told only through can
vassing agents, and it will never Im on
sale in book stores if the publishers can
prevent It.
No tiade, profession or occupation
but what Is leiiresented therein. The
Housewife will find aids and sugges
tions therein liinumeiable. The Car
penter, tlio Uullder, the lllacksmlth,
will find material aid each in thejr re
spective departments. The young lady
will find Innumerable aids tti pass her
time nut only pleasantly but profitably.
The Farmer and Stock-raiser will thero
reap such valuable hints as cannot be
found outside a small agricultural libra
ry. 'J he Ureas-maker, jjyer omi Clear
starcher will find there just what they
want to know to nmko themselves per
fect in their different specialties. Tho
Trapper can Hud in no other book or
books tho secrets contained in You
man's. The sick can turn up therein
to tho particular disease with which
tliey are troubled, and learn the latest
le.uedies with methods for homo treat
ment. Rut it isimposslbleto enumerate
every particular branch of every em
ployment that Youiimii's Uiclionary
does not advance new and valuable In
formation thereon. S. T. LEOPOLD,
Agent for Lehlghton, Welssport, and
I'lankllu township. jnn. 31, 1874.
fflllE MANHATTAN Spring
-- BI'.O and Combination
OK WEISSl'OItT, has been appointed
lgent for LelilgMon, Welssport nnd
vicinity to give our citizens h chance to
see and test the merits of tho arrange
ment of springs. He is willing to put
them on trial for any person tor ono
week, and If they do not pnovo supe
rior to the Woven Wire Mattress, Put
nam, Yankee. Norfolk, Wright, Spring
field, Howe, Tucker, Eureka, Junroe,
Imperial, United States. Walker, Con
ni'ctlcut. Eagle, Saluiu or any ot, tho
one thousand and ono Spring Reds that
nave ueeu pui upon tlio market, you
are not asked to buy It. Tho nbovo
named beds have been discarded to
make room for the lmoroved. It hat
no hiding place for bugs, has no slats
on lop oi n.e springs, but heavy
canvas, hooking at the basu of the
spring, that may be taken off and tho
suits removed (fur cleaning or other
wise,) by unybi.dy in five minutes and
replaced at pleasure. Tlia,spilngs may
be changed to other portions of the bed
with very llttlo tiottble. Tho springs
nie wairniiteil to keep place nnd last
longer iliiiu any other in use. For In
valnls It cannot bo suruased. He'tits
Ilium to any bedstead or dilfereiit weight
or persons, I ho largest number under
the heaviest palt ot the hotly, and with
i iigui covering or husks, cotton, straw
ueu. or imir mattress they adapt tliem
selves completely to the body. The
ladles should call and see the arrauue
meiit of spring for the cradle, and not
nave to use learners in warm weather.
They tiro better than soothing syrup or
cordials lor the little ones. Tlio springs
nru inaiio irom me very nest cast steel
fi om the celebrated Sliellleld wokrs of
England. Comu .one and nit and seo
them lhestt beds havo been fully es
tabllslied in tvelvo different States.
1 lio fcurniture men are especially In
vltetl to cull and examine these beds.
Reds put upon trial and no one asked
to purcnasu until alter a fair trial,
nov 8 '73-tf Ageut, Welssport.
bj as: - r -
Nil Pi
5 t B B v
g.2 gurgle
t: J j S iS-ntl
Only Two Dollars aud a Haifa Year
731 Bisjoh St., rmustuiu.
712 Broadvrar,:?. r. 3 Bthorf 8'., Boston
IIS, US 4 117 li JlsJIitu CI, CWtsjo.
- -4-5 n1: s :u
Is it Safeto Trust ?
Wltfi high hopes of temporal prosper
ity, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, with their
little ones, joined onu of the Ilrst com
panies that emigrated from New Eng
land to Kansas,
Pioneer life nr.d Its privations, to
gether with sicklies and the death of
nil the family except tho mother and
one tlatightei little Agues dispelled
these hopes, but did nut rob tho widow
of trust In her heavenly Father.
In tho Autumn or 1800, tho year
known In Kansas as tho fnmine year,
she was reduced to great want. Her
destitute coiidltluncouldnot tin nttrlbut-
..edtonny lack of effort on herpait.
Slut paid with her own work fortiio
ploughing of her large fields in early
Spring, nnd her own hands covered tlio
seeil when Agnesdroppi'd It in the hills.
Through nil that long Lumiucr she haa
longed and waited vainly waited for
the needed tain. Much of tho seed that
she had planted was blown from thu
dry, dusty field by thestrong wind, and
Hie Httlo that came up soon scorched
ami tiled. Whiter 'was approaching,
and sho had no food. She would not
borrow of her neighbors, for they, too,
were destitute. She could not go down
Into Egypt to buy com, for shu had no
means of transput tntimi nnd no money
to put into her sneK s moutli.
I She was usually cheerlul, but at this
time thero was a cloud resting upon her
spirits; jet this cloud had tho "silver
lining" of faith.
"Wo will eat our supper now, darl
ing," sho said, ono evening, ns she
placed two heavy, wooden chairs by her
rude table.
I "Wo haven't got anything to wt,"
said little Agnes.
"Yes, wo have, dear," said her
mother. "We havo some very good
coni'bread and sumo coffee. Aud hero
Is some gravy, too, that 1 dipped off of
tho water that we boiled our last meat
in. I am afraid thero are n great many
people who havo not as gootl a supper
as this to-niglit. Wo ought to bo
thankful that wo lnvu so much as wo
have, and do not need to go to bed
. hungry."
I .But little gnes could not believo
! there was any gratitude due for so poor
a meal. "I want something more. I
I want some meat," she said.
"I think tho Lord will glvo us meat
before long. I know he has not for
gotten us. Listen to thu rain, my
daughter, and t bank Uotl that we aro
nicely sheltered. Wo will thank him
for the good rain, too. It is what wo
havo prayed for all bummer, aud though
I it did not come In '.hue to glvo us food ,
tins year, It will help to prepare tlit
ground for next year's crop. We must
thank htm for that."
"Yes, mamma, but If tho Lord has
cattle on a thousand hills I think he
could let us havo some ot them us well
ns not, and It seems to me he ought to
"Don't yon think, darling, that Afr.
Call ougl'.t to glvo you some money?"
"No, mamma, lio does not owe mo
"Neither does God owe us anything,
and we must nut cmiplaln when liu
does not glvo us all we would like to
havo. It Mr. Call should uivo you a
dime; w mid you thank him or would
you fret because he did not glvo you a
"I would not bo so ungrateful,
would thank hlin fur the dime."
"Then when God gives us health, a
comiortauio house, auu rood euougtito
keep us Iroin suffering with hunger.
shall wo complain because ho does not
glvo us more? Will you treat your
Heavenly Father worse than you would
treat a iieltiliuoiv '
As they wero partaking of their
coarse In silence, Mrs. Davis said
to herself: "The Lord will pti.vlde In
his own time; but how long must 1
Tho Milnted martyrs are not tl o only
ones who cry: "llow lojig, u i.orti,
how bng?" Emtlihas many weary,
aching hearts that echo back the, cry:
"How long?"
There was a knock. The widow
hastened to open the door, for nobody
mini bo lett standing oubidu In tl.nt
pitiless storiu. A neighbor was thero
willi a package In his hand.
"Please accept this from my wife,'
he said, "aud 1 havo good news to tell
you. The people of the North and East
ure going to scud us aid. There will
be a load of provisions here, fordis
uH'titlou, in less than a week."
Tho package was taken to the table
and opened. Llttlo Agnes dapped her
Imud-, uxclamlug: "It's n spate rib; a
nicely baked spare rib I God will pro
vide. I believe It uow." When tho
widow again sat down to tfce table she
did not say: "How long?" but with a
lighter heart and brighter face, she ex
claimed: "The Lord's promises aro
sure, and It Is safe to trust." Christian
at Work.
A few evei.lnga since, a widow,
who was known by the entire congrega
tion ot one of ourchurches, to bo great
ly In want of a husband, was praying
with fervency: "Oh I tho knowest
what is the desire of my heart?" Bho
exclaimed. "A-man" responded &
brother, In a broad accent' It was
wicked: but wo are nulto sure that
severs! crave 'members slulled'on tho
Subscribe fur the AUvoCAtc'tl b
7 car.
Important I.rglslRf lo-i..
The-following general bills have been
Introduced and are now pending In the
One piovldlng for the lawful lncreao
of the inilebtness of any county, city,
borough, township, school district, or
other municipality.
Ono providing for tho collection of
taxes In the several counties.
One for the registration and taxation
of dogs. ,
One authorizing boarding house keen-
.pets to attach wages for unpaid board'
One providing that all local or special
laws which Invo heretoforn been enact
ed for thu purpo-Mi of exempting any
reni estate or personal property from
taxation for either ttatt, county or
school purposes, be nnd tlio same are
heieby repealed.
One prohibiting tho nnnual taxation
for county, school, township or borough
purposes, exceeding six mills on tlio
dollar of valuation: nl authorizing
cumulative voting for school directors.
A bill was Introduced u lh Hnuso
on Thuisdny by Mr. Tonuer which re
peals tho Local Option law, and ppb
stlttitfcs therefor n license law, giving
tlio County Commissioners power to
grant licenses. The applicant must
give bonds for $1,000 to keep tho laws
thesK bonds to bu filed in the Quarter
Sessions Dcaleis shall be rated a fol
lows: Wlieie yearly sales shall be
owr 410,000, they shall pty S200 for
licenses where sales aro between $5,000
and 51.000. they shall pay $100. when
less 5 000, they shall pay $30, and
no license shall bo granted for n let
When Is a young lady like a whale?
When she Is pouting.
A little Rirl in Des Moines wants to
know why there aro no he dolls.
-If a cigar makes a man ill, will a
cheroot make a man. ilia?
If a saloon keeper gets rich It Is
because ho makes many good bur-gains.
In pocket-picking, as In everything
else, a man never succeeds until ho gets
his hand in.
Do not run In debt to the shoe
maker; it Is so unpleasant to bo unable
to say your soul Is your own.
"Mister, Ioweyotia (trudge, rem
ember that!" "I shall not be friglitenc I,
for I never knew you to pay anything
you owed,
What is tlio difllrence between n
farmer nnd a bottle of whUkoy? One
husbands tho corn, and the other corns
tho Husbands.
A Western paper announces the
coming of a tnr actor who will show
' our 'benighted citizens how
Shakespeare ought to bo slung."
The editor of the Panama Star ap tor the lion appearance ot bis
paper by saying that he had to haul oil
to dig buckshot out of 111 legs.
An Irish crier being ordered to
clear tho'court.dld so by this announce
ment: "Now, than, all ye blackguards
that Isn't lawyers must lave the court."
.-Ire blacksmiths, who make a llv
!ni? bv lorsflns? or cariieiit MS. wh'j d)
a llttlo counter tittfng, -my t!i in
mult whoselllrou aud steel for ally
ing? 'Good morning," said acompodtor
to the head of a nourishing family;
"have you daughters who would inaKu
goodljpo setters"" "No, but 1 havo a
wilo who would n very good devil."
What do you supposo led Alexan
der Selkirk to believo thut the IsIanJ of
Juan Fernandez was inhabited? Hu
saw, on reachlug tho Island, a "heavy
swell" on the shore, aud a "llttlo covo"
running Inland.
Tlio death of ono person from the
pork disease, in Chicago, his caused tha
people thero to abandon pori pretty
generally. A dozen deaths Iroui rum
would'ut frighten them half, no much,
or damage tlio trude'In the least.
Could anything be neater than
the old darkey'a reply to a bjautlful
young lady whom ho ottered to lift over
tlio gutter, and wlio insisted that she
was too heavy? "Lor missus," said he,
"I'd used to lifting barrels ot sugar."
The last definition Is that given by
a little fellow in a-ouoilu sctiool at St.
Paul, Minn., who, having spelled the
word "sob," was asked to define tile
word. and said: "Itmeans when afeller
don't want to cry and bustsout itself:"
"What would become of us If the
brake wa3 tc glvo way?" exclaimed a
nervous lady la tlio car lu which shu
was riding was going down a steep de-
clne. "That would depend entirely
upon how you have lived in this world"
was tho consoling answer of the conduc
The Cornlrrc Gazette saysthat there
are at the present lime but four young
men lu that town wno pari meir
in mo iT.iii.tir. Dun vear utro thev'num-
bered over twenty, but death and the
lunatlo asylun. ana peniiemiarjr uo
cut down their numbers to the present
A son of the Emerald We Vs at
school. The teacher told him to spell
hostility. H-or-8-e-,horse,',commeiic-ed
Pat. 'Not horse lllity," eald tho
teacher, "but hostility.'' "ahure,"
replled'P&t, "an dldent ye be Wiling
toe the other day not to say bout U
JabertUtheoU thing, wtd jt ow
day, andamider, the nest.