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MEP iM , 9lMT:l2i'a" 9iZBM43II33,UrsAZP
Neatly and Prninpliy Executed, al the
TUN establishment IS now supplied with an extensive
assortment of JOB VIM which will be increased as the
patronage demands. ft all now turn out 4"stNroto, of
every description. in a neat and expeditious manner—
andon very reasonable terms. Such as
Pamphlets, Checks,
Business Cards, Handbills,
Circulars., Labels,
Bill Headings, Blanks, •
PrograMmes, Bills 'of Pore,
Invitations, Tickets, .Bm.,
Duos of all kinds. Common R n iu
'lg t BONDS.
;Erchool, Justices'. Constables' cud other Bt . Axas. printed
.correetly and neatly on the best paper, Constantly kept
, for sale at this office, at prices 'lto suit tho,timee."
SO Subscription price of the LEBANON AD.VERTIMER
QueDotter and c. Half a Year.
Address. Wk. 31. BaaeteS, L'ebatton„rd.
0. B. WAGNER. J. P. Rylvmax.
rimug: undersigned haying formed' a- partnership. in
Dentistry, respectfully .thx.ite - the attentiob of the
Public tb their Mlle of
work and
- From one to an enVee
• ' inserted on Gold. SilEer or.
, r , Pnicanised Rubber.
11. FitiliMiiar attention paid to Mc priscrration of
lhe natural Ones. by Filling, Sec.
Nu ellarges rustle for examinations and advice.
, Rooms over 5.1,n. Adam Rise's 'flat Store, Cumberland
street, Lebanon,l4.
labanOti, 'Starch 1, UM
G1E01126-E CLARK,
*alms- ei aa. I:34e•xl,ltisset,
fIFFIOf~ . C. Betiry's New Building, opposite the
' -
------------ i - ii - i - V - 6\ - TAY .- -
S. T. 11IcADA111
. AIIIMMOVID NH elm to Market Street, opposite
Rllthe hebauou Batik, two doors • North of Widow
aei's Hotel.
. Lebonon,bferch 25,'03,
oAgaLra ilavE , R ,
"sr t 14 A. w.
undersigned, having been licensed to prosecute
. Claims, and having been engaged in the Bounty and
Pension business, offers his services to all those who
are thereto entitled, in accordance with the various
acts of Congress, All such should call or address at
onee, and make their applications through
BASSLItIt DOM, Attorney at-Law,
°Meg removed to Cumberland Bt., one
door East of the Lebanon Valley Bank, Opposite
:the Buck Betel, Lebanon, Pa. pan .8, C 4,
°Finn. with A. K. tioughter, Esq.. Cumberland
Street, nearly opposite the Court House.
Lebanon, teetoruory 8, 1865.
f MON in Stiebter'a Building, Cumberland Street
IL! nearly oppnalta the Court Muse, Lebanon.
Lebanon, June lbt
o ff i ll o e to ln
a W n a d in;l:gtze o t ;,, uP ir n o l u l?r h lu t po u aite ica t i l r s u e ,, B i u u eyr .
hardware store.
Libiinon, April 6, 1884,-I.y.
t t c:r sa. e. 3r IN t Ilea, vcri
AntITIOE removed to Cumberland street, one door
j East of the Lebanon Valley Bank, opposite the
Thick Hotel, Lebanon, to. 6,'64.
A. T. w DLE,
Woe ,Forth, ifcst orner of Water
acid Market Streets,
C:1111ST, 31`et,
Lebanon, Nov. 18;, 1n(4,--tive
_ _
1 - )I FFICI.3 • in CinnOberiand street. a few doors east of
the Eagle Hotel, in the office late of his father
'Capt. John Weidman, deed.
Lebanon. Sept. 9,1863.
Hos removed hie °Mee to. the building, one door ens
of i4111140.101ch 'II Store, opposite the'tatting ton House
Lebanon, Pa.
. .
BOUNTY and I'EINSIOII claims promptly attended
[April 8, W.-3m.
SitarAetAiiarel Tyr Palletise Markel House, Lebanon, Pa.
rtlllll4; , ttplersfgusl respectfully informs public
..I,X4t . be lure received en exteneive etoek of the
eboicat andiFilVest Liguori' or all descriptions. Theme
Llop) lie is invariably diepused to sell at um
precedentedly low prices.
Druggilits, Farmers, II otel Keepers, and oth.
Were will consult their dish littereste by buying of the
undersigned. L. lt. Dflga.
Lebanon, April 15, 1868.
log between C. O. LOWER 11. W. RANK, in
be Wholesale Tobacco %einem. Winer the grin of
LOWER, & RANK. is this day dissolved,_bm %%Vaud
gposent. The business of the late Sa %
w NINO billed Iy
either of the partnere nt N 0.146 Mirth Third St. '
Philadelphia, July 1, ISO.
.. , ~. .
R. W. 'RANK, or the late firm of Loiker ' Repko)
will continue the buefttese as heretoforeat aim
'Ware. 11. W. 4
_l'hila ph In July 13,1864.-6 t.
. .
IHE 'Undersigned will Sell, at private sale,' his de
eirable 1101184: and LOT OF GROUND, in East
cll street, East Lebanon. The House is a new
tu two atory BRICK with Kitchen at inched,
I" well bnilt and well arranged with all neeessn
ry couveniencve. Also Cistern, Beth noose.
23tuo e House, nil kinds of Fruit Trees, dm, on the
pernimea.. ; flood and Indisputable title given. For fur.
Mar information apply to "
JAMES N. ROGERS, Tinsmith.
Lebanon, Dee. 7,1864.—im.
Steam Mil for Rent
rritt. undersigned offers for Rent, for ONE YEAR or
longer, his STEAM MILL, situated two miles
east from Lebanon, at Aeon Station,
near the Railroad, Canal and Turn.
Ohio. therekvitit le a STOREROOM',"
otorthg V rat. and Oraim a Coal
1 . 11:1:'!"it Yard at ttas Mull and Ithilroad, and
a lergu Sca lbs. this Mlll 1s specialty
arranged for Floor and °untold Work, and
In an excellent neighborhood for the business. tit
A two /story pvvmuaNa HOUSE, with Sum lit
mer Room, Lot ofOround, Giardini and Stable, 11
Is also connected with the property.
Avon Station, !lapuary 4,180.
Tau Subscriber offers at Private Sale a TWO SIG
GROUND, (being lot No. 110 Uhlor's addition
elm of Lebanon) bloated on the Old Forge Road
el in the NortboWeetern part of said borough.—
. For particulars apply to
JOSEPH U. um. En.
Lebanon, January 25, 1805.
Brickyard & Building Lots.
min subecribor offers at private tame, it valuable
Tract of Land iu North Lebanon Borough, seer
'the line of North Lebanon Borough, un Yincgruve
etreet,contalolng ahuutli ACMES. This tract to cx.
eellent ground fur Brick lileklag, having been used
for that purpose, and le also eligibly located to be cut
up hitoBVILD/N4l LOTS, A good kiln fur burning
Brick is on the premleos. For further particulars ap.
ply to
Lebanon, Feb. 8,1866. HENRY ARNOLD,
George Uottinans
_;_ :.
By Lebanon Valley Railroad.
PAItTIOULAP attention will be paid to Goode ehipp•
ed by the Lebanon Valley Railroad. Goode will be
lent daily to and from Philadelphia to Lebanon, Myers.
town and Aunrille Stations, and all other points in the
contracted for at the least poesible rates
and delivered with dispatch.
The Proprietor will pay particular attention to, and
attend personally, to tho receiving and delivery of all
For inrormation, apply at hie °Mee at the Lebanon
Valley itallroadlieret, Lebanon.
EDWARD IitARK, his Agent in Philadelphia, will al.
ways be found at W Bash's Merchant's Motet, North
Third ii. , Philadelphia,
3 4.1 ' 64 .1 REQ. 1101/MAN.
• .
410 k 1;t....•
W ILL Le saki si Pubßo Sale, an
Wetliionirty, March 29,1895
et the residenee of the subscriber. in Londonderry
township, about one and a half miles from Palmyra,
on the rend to Binduagio's Church, the following :
HORS', 2
,COWS, ROCK AWAY, 1-horse Wagon,
good as new, Spring Wagon, Plough, Harrow. Culti
vator, 2 SHOATS. ofllind °ears . sett single liar.
sees, 2 collate, Bridles, Wheelbarrow, Forks, 1 side
Saddle, Shovels, Log and Cow • Chains, BEDDING and
Bedsteads, 2 Bureaus, 3 Tables, 2 Staves,. Cupboard,
dozen and a half Chairs. 2 Wu king Chairs, large Look
ing Masa, Chests, Iron Kettle, new Mesh:bind, Tube,
Barrels, Vinegar and a variety of other. articles. •
41111- All of the above articles are nearly' as good as
1/11. Side to commence at 12 o'clock, M., when term a
will be made known by
Londonderry twp., February 16, 18 65.
Tatif -
W ILL be sold ut public sale, on
Monday, Mitch 20th 1865.
At the residence or the undersigned, iu North Lebanon
township. Lebanon, county, Ps:, 1-4 mile north from
Kimaterlint'a Malian; Ibb 10110%1'1g Nautili Proper.
1 CO*, CHICKENS, Pbtkoes thn bushel , ,I bur
ro! ti« , kur, Stbve *1413 Pipe. VIW4I StOrf. Kettl e, Bu
reau, Bedsteads, Chairs, Tu)o, Brands,
Gr/1111 Cradles, . Otitis scythes, Leer Tobacco, 4 ? pa
Urindstelie, IP t 511212 of Cooper tools, and other art l
Sale rd eot If 61 ceet 1 o'clock, P. 151, sshen con'di
tions abate WM be made known by
N. Lebanon, l'ebruary 22, 1865.
i RI•
IA T I? 1, ties Olit stßlioricl,stte, on ..
Aro n day, March 20th, 1865.
. .
or the andeisilt. in -Palmyra. Lmnionderry town ,
ship. Lehanetri to:` the! folit-properag. viz :
„pic a
Ofte Carriage, rlieviberrow, crabling trough, one
grain 'Cradle, wit eAbblug boa, pitch fork's, grain shoit
el, .ladders.
- Mt* b Die iOlll,
TWO MS. one large A I x-legged and other tables, one
tel four Bedsteads. one !Immo ' one cor
ner an other cupboards, twenty-twochairs,
d Including
two rocking citVtirs. one set is new. waterbenclU spin•
ring wheel and reel, cubs, meet and other stands, two
coal stoves with Om 'no, iron kettles. iron Pots,
one firehold, pans, two doe flax crutches. two looking•
glasses, wash And bilifnil Meaket#, APPLE-11UPTER
by the crock, smoked hams. Lard, - :to. Vi - Ittelb"6§ by
the bushel. a lot of Que ulcerate, tinware 42, eaVt i fteft
ware, measuring vessels such an half bAshel, intek,
.to.. tied lemon trees, flower-plants, and a great mans
other things not mentiumq.
Sale to commence at 12 o'clock M ~ when conditions
wilt be made known by
Palmyra, Feb. '22, 1565.
W ILL be sold at Public Sale, pri
Monday March 13th, 1865.
at the Public Ironie cifr: lleliifertlium,
town, the fonowinn Seal Ilata'tt , , eia
. - A'twe Story FRANIE 1t07,311. well
ortiracer i near ct. two„4o'ry
. 8117, Slu4, and other
, neceasary mit buildings with
- • rtto Lots of Ground;'-i
,attuated.inDlry ritoein.ron corner of Main and Mill
streata ; the Manitine Skop has had en excellent run
of engem for l6.:yearii--lean unrurndked location for
bnaineas—and cuitable.for Machine, Coach:maker or
Cabinet Maker Stock Out Flit urea will be
cold; if desired. Fur further intaibiticill ithluira of
the subacr, iber, on the premises.
Sale4o commence at 1 o'ckfek, P. M:, when
qiyucrt,ilfca of: aa Lem illbe - made known by
Blyeratown, &lamb 1,1315.
WirsrtEAs, By 'satisfactory evidence presented to
the undersigned, it hue been made to appear
that "Tux LEBANON NATIONAL BASK," in the Borough
of Lebanon and State of-Pennsylvania, has 'been duly
organized under, and according to the requirements of
the act of Congress, entitled "An Act, to provide a Na
tional Currency, - Secured by pledge of United States'
Bends, and to previa° for the elreulation and redemp
tion thereof, "approved. Jane 3, 1864, and has com
plied with all the Provisions of said Act required to
be complied with, )efore commenClUg the business of
Banking under midi*.
Now TUEUZFORE, I ItilOik MOCIMIOCii, Comptroller of
the Ourrenby, do hereby, certify, that The .Lebarion Na
tional Bank, In the Derongh of LeNinon, in the Ounty
of Lebanon, State of Peimaylianie, ieauttioriCed to cam
thence the business - Banking under tW Act afore
In teatltdonY whereof, Avltnem thy band
{ L. I and seal of Ofice, tbls Aria, day of
DeCember, 1864. - '
Comptroller of the Currency
Lebanon, January 5, 1855.
WASHINGTON, December 29, 1865.
WHEREAS, by satisfactory evidence, presented to
the underalgited, it has been made to appear that
"The Valley National Bank of Lebanon," in the Bor
ough of Lebanon, in the.county of Lebanon and State
of Pennsylvania, has been duly organized under, and
according to the reqtyrenienta of the act of Congress,
entitled:"An Act to:provide d. National. Currency, se
cured by a pledge of United State I ends- nod to pro
vide for the circulation and redemptieh ' iti6o4"iiip.
proved:June 8, 1864, and has complied with an the
provisions of said act required to be complied with,
before commencing the business of Banking under
said act.
Now therefore, 1, Hugh McCulloch , Comptroller of
the Currency, do hereby certif,r,that "Tba.Valloy Na
tional Blink of Lebanon," in the Borough of Lebanon
in the county of Lebanon, and State or Pennsylvania
is authorized to commence the bnoiness of Banking
under the dot aforesaid.
In testimony whereof, witness my band
J L. s. sand seal of Office, this, twenty-ninth day of
December, 1864.
Comptroller of the Currency.
Lebanon, January/ 11, 1865.--2 m.
Business Boont . fer Bpnt..
RE ItOONt now occupied by 'George T. Amnia as
a Ger Room at the R. It. Depot, together with a
free basement Cellar is OFFERED YOB; RENT, ~FOR
BUSINESS. Possession given the 2d day of March,
Lebanon, Feb. 22,1885.—gt,
Ploughs ! Ploughs 1
- D LIAS ICEETDER has on hand a' number of WAL
LACE'B PATENT rLotions; wbich he offers for
sale. Theyean be bought from him Just as cheep as'
from the manufacturer. These ploughs are reo
ommendod, and all we ask is atr 'We are sure'
that all will be well satisfied. Address
Ohaefferatown, Lebaa9s Co, Pa.
March 1, 1865.
'cb anon
VOL. 16---NO. 38.
Personal - Property,
WILL be sold at public sale, on -
•--. Tuesday, -
, - March E; 4.1
at the residencii or tha,sublap4 e'r, North Lebanon
township. Lebanon ceuhfy,'bif the road leading from
Leilanon-to - Weletiaritoiva, 334 mules from Lebanon,
34 a mile from IClAlinerliug's church, and I% miles
from Goehert's ta'vern, •the following personal prop
1 dozen New Chairs. other Chairs, Benches, Tubs,
Meat Stead, PSYTATOBS by the linsbel. Vinegar by
the Barrel, Stoves and- Pipe, Looking Elnes. Apple
Rutter by the Crook, Steads, Buckets. Wheelbarrow,
Seger Maker's Bensicipt, law Iron , Kett*. ttueensware
and Ctrockeryware,intld Malty other artieles to runner.
one to tnee'don. -
Sale to 1..61111 m:ice At 12 o'clock, 3f, when' terms wi 11
be made kilimwit -
. Meschke..AuctroiCee't,. -
Vidal/ivy 15, 1811&.
UB ..1,
L, ..0 SALE
Personal Properly.
Yertdd:►l Protieriy.
Real Estate.
TE'rea Nita* Veparinient.-
Treasury Deparinient:
There were kroat -rejoicings,in the
city of Lisbon When,Denig of Portu-
gal, the pdet - itnd - warriOrting, cele
bratedhis nuptials with the young
andlovely'lnfanta of fOastile. The
monarch's popularity; ':was" at its
height, the multitude, :wile had
ready:conferred On him the Of .
"Father of biS people," • Were' roused
to .the Most entlinsiaSiie loyalty by
the feasts and largesSes bestowed on
them• and:theliobleS,,Wlipse nation-
A......891 7 -lay, th e a llit tneei
found an additional—source ; .or
faction in, their .young Somereign's
prudent dismissal of the Queen's'
train of Castilian attendants, which
prevented the possible influence of
foreign favorites over one whose
beauty and: grace rendered it more
than probable that she would become
their "ruler's ruler." At the Queen's
request, -however, a young page,
whose insignificance appeared to
make his C presence or - absence of lit,
tie moment, was retained. .
With all external circumstances,
thus conducing to happiness (for her
royal husband was as courteous and
accomplished•as•he *as brave and
polite,) Isabella - of-Castile had just
cause to-rejoice her' brilliant de - fiti;
ny ;: andr4ririgtheifirstAwo months
. . .
of her residence in her new home not a
shade obscured its brightness. At
the expiration of that period, hcwev
er, her quick perceptions detected the
one infirmity of Denis' otherwise no-
hie -nature. ,lle was most painfully
jealous. Ho could endure no rival in
her thought, not even the natural and
pious love„of her kindred and her
country. A clbud ever rested on his
b i p t iv when spoke, of Castile, of
heilliafents, of her youngest and fa
lturitt 13fOthei':;,bitY, Wliett with the
candor dt hei.' nature, she told lath Of
her regret at Parting faith the friends
tied associations of lier eliildhecid; he
had answered her With hitrAiinest:
Isabella was very' young, aiia v'eiT
timid. -From that moment she.i'i;VM/1
ed all mention Of her family and her
native land ; but, by a, natural' cen
seiltienM, they obtained a - stronger
hold, on her memory 'and her affec
tions. Fear, of awaking her husband's
displeasure on the (,),ueen f § d
jealous doubt on that of the Ring ;
that the marria„,ere , of:Tetley - had
given him the love he craved, pro
duced a constraint in their inter
course which was painful to both ;
and Isabella chilled by the want of
sympathy with her . feelings in 'all
around her, sought it at length in
her young countryman, the page
Gonzales. lie could talk to her of
dear and distant, Castile ; he could
sing the songs doubly sweet now to
her from their association with the
past. Wheneyef the young Queen
sat Mei% ,With her ladies at their at
hroider, td.Sillian was summoned
to beguile the time with
or with reminiscences of his royal
lady's childhood ; and this imprudent
and §VineWhAlindighlfted intercourse
between the Queen and her attendant
was partially excusable from fact
that Gonzales was tlie son ,of a noble
I Castilian lady, to Whom - the care of
her own youth had been confided.--
Ite had been retired froin infancy in
her father's pala* AV& shared her
own and her braliell pastithee:-L-
And then Gonale's iiitS SO unlike the
tle, sd pious, so ran ed Mid 'hUmble
in liiihmel'; that he fetind faVdi in the
eyeSdf Wen gfake 'and mdet
pradiSh dft.h'e ladles Of JiOner . : He
was of a slight Belle to figure
_,- and
though very hatidetirlie has less
the betititY Of feature Until df
sion, - which won the admiratiOn; and
even the affection- of till* g died
on his calm thoughtftil ' eyes
brow. People in this evil world can
not, however, be more than ordinari
ly excellent, or more' than usually
beloved; without incurring envy ; and
the mentle virtues - of Gonzales were
nit likely to make - hiMpopulat with
his young - rehitrades, the :•Pitges
of the palace.: The.''Oehter - number
came to the' conclusion that - his true
voCationlWasithe cloister, and' suftei:
ed him tolinrsno his own course with I
a contemptuous pity; but one, who
was far beyond' then). in intellect and
forethought,"Mid 7 Whose future for
innes depended alinost - wholly upon •
the royal'fatOribeheld with' all the
bitterness of an envious and vindic
tive-nature the Castilian.pdge.
Bernardo di,Silva -bad sought with
unwearying diligence the notice of
Lis queenly mistress. 'She was de
vout ; be beenme most earnest in his
: attention to .her confessor—in his at
,at 'rinse: His dondlint was
exemplary, his 'Service' perfotined
with grace and never-failing'-= ,
Nevertheless he-failed in .his design j
nature had 'not bestowed on him the
power of winning love. Ho gained
but approval-the homage paYd. to
the SeMblance of virtue—no more.
NC Marvel, therefore, that he hated
Gonzales, and, with the 'inconsisten
cy of our nature, looked upon his,nn
conscious rival as his : enemy—as, one
who stole him the faVer o his
Queen Of a more Vindictive 'spirit
than even the generality of his coitn- .
trymen, ' he mentally resolved to
avenge what ho considered his .
wrongs on young. ispaniard, and,
the opportunitTeameat last. When
ie there . ever - an ogeasiOnAVanting'to
It Was , a bright-autuinpal morning; .
the Tagaellitter.o.likeisigicl.e.q7er
in the dazzln*stin bpams, as Beroardo
,gazifig7oli its waters.from. the
• windows of the Queen's ante,chato-.
her. It was a scene to
heart; and. : 4lse thong:lA.4in :47
vont &rat Ittide • to . itte4ivei! of the
sunshine :and ; theAweet A a,ir,; ; but no
jPy,,,no peace that
young QPo44.3 6 lOf4;tlark*ith uhbal;•
, Ipwed -.pirseMila. ae :saw,.-not. the
dancing .steeao, the clear and cloud- , ,
lesssky not the
.music of
the fay-nft ttr4, nor ,the.glad yoices A of
the boatmen. • Ilis mind dwelt only
on the scene of the inner, chamber
which he had just witnessetithe
Queen nn&her,.. .iistAningwith
approving .dames to - Gonzales, :as he
mpg to theft:. native Qas
the Aad very sweetly en roe the
voi.PP.-4 1 i)gtilt„1 11 ! OLthe - page )}iseAr
at i4i,t rnoniOrP,'Fstmg*9-'1 e!"-tr
• T' V lll,6 lPa Mors ;, t
sweet. tones:wet* Thstord to the
eased mind
.of the liStener. lle was
still Wrttpt, in 116 "web of bitter film=
vies," when a hand Wila liliifi 'dq . .4176
shoulder, and turning with a 51iii4.146
beheld-the Ifibg,-whota he had l')eliaki
ed to be abseht at the chase, stand
ing. beside bun. Stammering In
apology' for nU ImMOk :Seen the
sovereign enter, Bernardo moved for,
ward to open the door of the Queen's
chamber; but, Denia detained hint,
and, in a low voice, bade him. follow
him inte.theiadjoining corridor.
ITho.sings in the - Queen's apart.
inept," was the King's instant tities
thin as they gait edit,.
Liler Grace's Castilian page,Sire."
f!Does be often beguile her royal
leisure in this minstrel fasbiOn ?"
"Ay, sire; whenever it pleaSes your
majesty t{) hunt, or ride abroad with
out the Queen."
"Ha !" eXclaimed:the King, with a
frOWn, "What sayest thoo
I3ernando's quick eye marked that
frown, and he saw at once the feasi
bility of the plan which had come to
his thoughts, liko a very inspiration
of evil. Ile paused in affected confu
sion. "Not exactly ; that is--1 pray
your Grace to pardon me ; the Queen
will be displeased," he•faltered.
•'..Displeased!" exclaimed Denis, im
petuously; "and wherefore ? Speak
the truth, sirra:h ! without fear and
This minion is, •then, of
teh tedtb the 14ueeri's priseneer
is my liege," replied. Bernan•
do still affected
"Her la race loves to talk of Castile
With my cdibhile, he telta
"To talk breastile with, hiu —to
talk with het , menial ?" ekelaimed
the monarch', angrily, "I3i: all the
-hat rts - ait ifig
movement toward the royal apart
ment, "he shall Suffer forhis presump
tion in daring to assert such a false
hood I Out of my path, sirrah I"
Bernando, heweyer,.throwing him
self on his kaces'immediately before
his sovereign; with welrfeigned fear
mingled with seemingly honest bold
ness to pause.
"Beseech you, Sire," he said, "pun . -.
ish not my comrade without due in
quiry. lie is young ;ha bath had
some cause for pride in our royal mis
tress' favor; beseech you turn not to
his hurt the words I have uttered at
3Tur Command. Expose me not to
the queen's anger !"
Greatly agitated, the king iistened
I to him ; but ere ho could command
his voice to reply, the now distant
music ceased, and the page's step was
heard in, the antechamber. Dolli6ino
troited Bei'riando to rise, and remov
ing his hand: front the hilt of hiS dag
ger, gazed sternly at the, object of
his wrath ilia he - entered - the corridor;
who surprised at seeing the King
there,•paused, and Made -his low and
gracefal obeisance. The young Mu
sician's check was flughed; there was
a happy smile on his lip ; and-in his
hand be held both hid guitar and a
small ,bonali bf roses, Which Denis
at a gianbe VeebithiZed as the bouquet
he had seen in the Queen's bosom
that morning. With a muttered ejacu
lation he turned from' the boy,_ and
then harshly desiring Bernando to
follow bier, proceeded to his own a
:We *III Nit lie 'eat the - convergia:
tion held there' between the deeeived
sovereign and the" deceiver. It
will be sufficient to jofOrm our read
ers that the art wttilp*ildir Bern:til
de wrought or the Mental infirmity
of the unhappy King ryas butloo sue
cessfal. Numberless tinineaning and
trifling incidents'apparently confirm•
ed the calender. At Isabella's re
quest, the page alone of all her suit
had been detained in Portugal ; he
had , been her companion -from child
hood—these remembrances, and the
young wife'd 'own itisprudence, iwOre
rooi i ':! than enough to confirm the
ready belief of jealousy. Denis, en
raged as ho was, preserved; however,
a lingering pity ,for hiS Queen—a just,
sense of the -injury investigation or
vengeance: might do his own honor--
and charging - Bcrnando as he valued
the favor his' fidelity thus far . 1 - Md
deserved, not, to reveal •aught that
had passed between them, he shut
himself up in Ida:Chamber for the re
mainder of the and the page
withdrew. to Met/Italie on the singu
lar and perfect suleceiss oi.hie. Vindic
tive malice
Twili g h t was fast
,deeriening into
night as penis, of Portugal, attended
only hy.the page Bernando, left the
palace and: rode rapidly across the
wide plain beyond the city walls. He
urged his noble charger on with a
mad speed, as if tie sought by the ra
pidity of its motion to banish the ter
rible and agonizing thoughts which
fined his mind They had proceed
td,to the distance of about a mile on.
_their apparently aimless course,:and
Bernando had begun to_ eptertaik Sc
ripps dOubts of his li.ege!s, eau ity *lien
a sudden
Yare cif red'ii
the darkening sky. Tow ard`thia spot
Denis at once tilt!) ed;11,4 few
minn'tea.ieineclkili'aleed - begiqe a huge
(urnace round which number of
Swarthy and Owerfuf htburcriii were
Tovipg, Une 0 hcdi ebsne forward
as the horseman paiisei
.and asked
rough voice their business..,.
"Rather who are ye, and .what '(.lo‘
ye,,here?" demanded, f the
"I‘ruly,. Sir bavaliei:,'' replied.the
MA with .ft rude obeisance; for the
majesty of the speaker's,man•n er aw
ed hirn ; "we are burn Mrs 4or
the•new palace, our good;King is build-
:Ydurrod King willgive you oth
er fuel for your Ere !" said Denis, with
- a: fearful, laugh; ~ } lttek, e'ye'd am
morro*, 'day 'daWnihg; I• will' send
~ o h a tri,ih titige';-thrbv him intoyour
furnace I" A low inliirehr of s!.irprige
and horror fan tht'oitgli ttie ki.olap as
tlie 4 y rose from' rude attitude of
homarrh. "how ? Do you dare heel
tate to to my will ?""exclaimed the
king fiercely. "Take heed
,re feed
not, the flames yourselves !"
There was a brief pabse. "Sire,"
said the first, speaker, at length, "we
are poor, but honest; our office is to
burn limb, hot men ! Beseech your
e g r r s he r, e not. LO make its yolih elechtion-
. .
The bold remonstrance would. not,
at another time.have been made in
viiii4 to thb,"Good King Denis;" bu,t
it - k s On at- thb kresera moment ad
dressed, to one whose reason ..itlAs as
little-under-his control: as that of it
diania6: Harshly '
and with., threats
that if dick dared disobey. his will
they should theht§el*es ,suffer the
doom they were unwilling- to
upon another, the King reiterittbil:hiS
command, and received 11: sullen and
reluctant assurance that it should be
"But bow, may it please 3 bier
Grace," returned the lieiebutuer;"
"shall we know the page for the right
"Ye have not often visits 'fromroy:
al pages methinks," said the King
"but to give . you full
assurance the traitor will ask ye, ‘ . 1.0
see that you •do it, or beware !" As ho
finished his stern injunction, Denis
i•odc away from. the spot leaving his
amazed and aWe-stricken subjects to
discuss, in fear and . trembling,_ the
strange mandate they bad received
fi•om Wen, Whom they had fully.rec
ognif,ed M . l.ll.eß..llotlthlA:. and bithe,rto
nre 7 eilli9 advereighl •
Our readers have of .course'divined
thatthe fatal message Was'= now
trusted to Gonzales, who at early
dawn left the palace, in obedience to
the royal behest, though all • uncon-
Beim/a of its purport. The opening
day was Oven morn than usually.
beautiful, and his path, which at'firs't
lay through the groves surrounding
thepalace., was
,gem,strewed with
crystal dewdrops. The page's mind
was keenly susceptible of beauty, and
the holy voice of nature never spoke
to his heart in vain. Thoughts and
aspirations that were not of the
earth atroke under the influence of
the fresh balmy air and. the music of
the birds;
and when the.matin bell
from a sylvan chapel joltibd with the
general song, be started, aad felt a
sudden awe mingle with his thrill of
delight. His feet. lingered =on the
sod. - The sweet yet. stiferan sound
seemed to . call him likif a-familiar
voice ; and obeying the prompting of
his heart lie turned' asidt; from the
path, entered the Consecrated build
ing, and dwelt in deVolit find 'humble
prayer before the altar: • -
It was noonday ; Ring benis paced
his chamber alone,_ a prey tb the
most torturing reflections. By this
time his verigetinbh . was sated and
with that thought came a reaction of .
feeling. A terrible .dOnbt, atoSe lb
his mind as to ttie Pahibility, of his
hit'ving been deceived, ; in short, rea.
son was resuming
. its empire, and,
dispirited and uncertain, fie, ordered
Bernardo di Silta, to his presence.--
lbe page could, not . be foilnd;.he
-had left the palace some two hours
before. 'rho-attendant was,. in the
act of giving this , information to the
agitated sovereign, when alow knock .
at the door interrupted him. Open
ing it , at-tho kin& 'command, be-be
held Gonzales, pale, trembling, with
an expression of unutterable horror
on his usually nal m features, standing
before him; Had be-turned his eyes
towards his royal master, he would
httee been still more astopished at
the, expression LOS eeariteliance wore
as he recognized the page, wife,
whilst the king stood mute and: mo:,
tionless with amazement, ,advanced
and bending his knee, said in a fal
,tering voice, “Your will has been
obeyed, sire I—my unhappy comrade
is no more. I: reached the lime-kiln
in time to bear his death-cry." He
shuddered, and continued, after an
instant's ,pause, "The murderers—.l
crave your Graces's pardon—the ex
ecutioners 'Charged me to inform their
king that he found resistance and en
treaty, vain, the,miserable Bernardo
acknowledged the justice of his,fate;
and, his NUM. audible words, delared
` that he had wrono.ed' the queen, and
abused your 'roy`tr ear with false
A long and careful-inquiry explain
ed the mysterions.substitution. The
morning mass was 16ng, and ere Gon
zales bad quitted the chapel, Bernar
do, believing that lie Mustbe already
dead, left the palace and proceeded
to the kiln, to, gratify his fiendish
malice, by ascertaining that be,bad
no longer a rival : had either not
heard theyvords4gl 6 .ol:l upon, or else,
by . a natural inadvettenee hts arate
questian'ty4§ 2.i "rs the; king's, will
d one ?" ;and th'e recog
niiino the, ap - , at once : seized hitn
and in spiti:'of his entreafies and re
moristratheesjnilictjed , the
fate iatv(4o-.for biettletrayed ,
rafie-' ,- :oil#
ThrOep,rfalleeson was_9ot t .wholly
lest o I)erns Ris f i etil4ppy, i not
6 ,.9iiret,, W 9 1 50 trAilY405d'; 40.- no *Ater iiPpi.ailen e of the fiart cif * . the
terrified find,shocked Isithelia"gave
"Oceasleci-fdi. its display Or ion tit].
Gonzales ceased, apparently, to he
het. ' bht hie rising , fortyn es
did not thtrefOre suffer. He bepanie
in after,yeare,:a poWerfut and.entil.
dentiril , ministee_ and 'oo4ll'6oov of
the, king.; the:founder of a nObiefim•
ily kictopted country. Aped
never did the...aged noble bearovitli--
Sufnmons fifel4l)l6 of the matin
bell l F Y"
' '.llrhethei. this ainghlar legend" be
true 61 4 otherwise, it is a curious pic
ture of a rude andnearly lawless age,
and as such we present it to our
readers. lithe *tormer,lt is a strik
ing instance of the visible working of
that. Divine Power which, both his
tory and experience teach us, fre
quently causes "the wickedness of a
man to tali on Itieown heath" so that
"in the pit be had tiiik;ily digked for
anQtbei; itrA oWn toot 'aboard be
icent:statesman has said
•ompromise-is the first law of
Coin almost said of
nature. It is the laiv of society—all
government—all tibited,aetipn. Part
ners in .busine's's .ceinpiViiiise-7Mem
beig'Ofchureh societies compromise—
members 16f charitable, use
ful - • hbeletia, .'goMpromise.-- . l:Cings
coilitWoinise With each Otherthey
coinprOmise.witlr their subje4s or
lobse them. Wars end by compro
inigC--44familTcircle is a spmpro
rniseHtighimda.. compromise with
tleii Wftes—fath drs co mpromise with
their" disobedleiA o)Nicu m -and if our
religion is true God AlMighty Coni
promised with tMiti When ho AcCept
ed in his behalf the atonement of His
Son,tind shall We refii:§e •de., ; what
nature, reason, religion, and history
all command." •
A carpenter who was always
prognosticating:evil .to himself, was
one day Upon.thdroof of tt five-story
building, 'upon 'which / had fallen a
r9of, being_ stlippemy r -- 1 14
lost . his footing , and as he was de:
Seen/ling towards the eaves, he
claimed ; "Just ,a 6 I told you I" Cdtcb
ing, however, in the tin spout, be
kicked off his shoes an'd tegained a,
place of safety, from which he thus
delivered himself: '"I linbived it;
there's a pair of shoes gone lo thitn
KrA Printer's Toast—Women—
thefaireat work' of creation. The
edition being exteniii . t7e76 lei fib man
be without a copy:
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