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Reader, If j oo want to know what la going on
la tbe butlneaa world, Juat read our advert. isg
loUmni, tha Spueial oolumn Id particular.
The assassin, Guitenu, mill enter
tuininj; the Washington rablilc.
Failed. The American Hook Ex
change at New York, which flooded
the country with inch cheap books the
past two ycara, has collapsed.
Vice l'roaidont pro tern David Duvis
was on tho witness stand on Saturday
in the assassination trial nt Washing
ton. Mam. Tho Democratic caucus of
the Konlucky Legislature, on Thurs
day, unanimously nominated lion. Jas.
P. Bock for re-election to the United
States Senate.
Ft'DUE. It is announeod fromWaah
ington that the grand jury of the Dis
trict has found six more true bills
against Star routers. The parties in
dicated will march into Court, enter
Straw bail, and their cases will never
be called.
Where', Wolfe? Haven't heerd ft yawp or
bowl from hiia for ft week. Thil utter aileore la
too utterly too, too, for eBetblnjr.
Wo find this equib flitting around
umong our Itudical boss exchanges.
That Wolfe, wo suspect, will disturb
the sleep of tho bosses and their fol
lowers next Fall as he did last.
Won't poor old Aaiy Curtio feel lonely ftod
out of piece anionic the Confederetft Brigadier!
in Congreee ' Thiulr of 11 1 PrnneelraDia'agreat
wer Uoveroor elaeeed with tbe Brigadiere, end
uppartiog end Toting for their meaeurea. Rati
leni ff-reeaaye.
Now, please, won't you tako a little
Confederate medicine too 1 How about
Ackerraan, Moshy, Longstreot, Uidille
berger, Mahone and Repudiation?
Scoheld ron Lipk. Our old Con
grossman, Glenni V. Suofiold,' has
been plonted for life by the Camcrons.
He has just stepped out of the Treas
ury Department and mounted the
Court of Claim's Dench. For twenty
fivo years tho Camcrons havo suckled
this man Scofield as paternally as a
mother would her babe.
A Slim KNnon-HEMF.ieT But tlve of
tho seventeen liadical members of Con
grejis from this State supported Mr.
McPheriion for Clerk in tho caucus.
They had nominated William Hunn,
of Philadelphia, Sergeant at Arms, but
afterwards withdrew him, to avoid
planting both candidates in Pennsyl
vania. A Clinciieii. Tho oath required of
tho members of tho South Carolina
Legislature by tho Anti-Duelling Act
was administered last week for the
first limn tn ft new membor, who, in
addition to tho obligation usually
taken, was required to swear that ho
had pot bcon engaged in a duel, either
as principal or second, sinco January
5, 1881, nor would hereafter bocomo
so engaged.
Meeting: or Conuiiess. Congress
convened in Washington at noon
on Monday, and after organization,
appointed committees to await upon
the President and inform him that
thoy wore ready to receivo his messago
or attend to any business demanding
their attention. Mr. Keifer, of Ohio,
was elected Speakor of tho House, and
Mr. McPhcrson Clerk, with tho offi
cer mentioned elsewhere in this issuo,
The Dead. Hon. lsaao Horeter,
State Senator from tho Adams and
Cumberland district, died of pneumo.
nia at his homo near Gettysburg, on
the 2d instant, aged 61 years. Ho
was a farmer, and represented Adorns
county in tbe Lowor Houso in 1870 1,
Uo was a Democrat of tho old school,
Hon. W. P, Withington, a prominent
lawyer and Representative from Nor
thumberland county died at his homo
in Sbamokin, on tho 3d Instant, aged
o,i years.
A New Deal. Tbe Stalwarts have
put one of their number in tho Speak
er's chair. Another "Ohio man," J.
Warren Keifer, will preside over the
House at the present session and in
the future. This is tho starting point
for a Stalwart delegation from the
"Buckoyo" Stato in 13S4. That Stato
furnished Dlaino delegations in 1870
and in 1880. Thore will be nothing
of the kind noxt time.
Government News We clip the
loiiowing Jiom tho Washington Star,
the Court organ: "As it has beon
found to be imponiblo to completo tho
room the rresident lit solcctcd as his
sleeping apartment as soon as was ex
pected, since tho paper for the walls
will not arrive before Friday, 1 will,
if he moves in this week, occupy one
which bos not yet been disturbed. It
is near the contro of tho bouse, and is
the same which President Hayes' niece.
Miss Piatt, occupied before her mar-
riago, and which during his term was
called by her name."
Wat-LAra The Cielos Deaieeewf of leit week
eaee ei-Seaetor Wellftoo en eieellent eead-olT for
Ooeeraer. Tbe editor eeeml to tbiak thet wlib
Wftllftee ftt the heed af the tleael the part? weald
ajftrea oa ta eletere Best Fell. We, al anaree.
eeaoad the Mottoa al the faatleenan froai Clinton,
We understand that ex Senator Wal
lace take exceptions to tbe foregoing
editorial in last week's Republican,
by which we seconded tho motion of
the Clinton Democrat to mako him a
candidalo lor Governor. Tbe ex-Sen
ator aski to be porrnltted to give bis
time and attontion sotcly to his prac
tice and his personal business, which
so much needs his timci II is not a
candidate for tbe Gubernatorial nomi
nation, or for any other political office.
We hope tbe Senator will revise his
present intention! on tbia subject by
the time ol holding our Stato Conven
Friday sn1 Suturday lu"t wero thii
eua tluys nt Wunliington fur KinMakor
of the JIoum) and minor ofllcerH. Tho
Greuiibnckom pruMmlcd hold Iront
und wrro tho first in tho field with
thoir iioniiiicvH I. ml J, of Maine fur
Speukor.uiid li-I.a Mutvr, of Indiuna,
lor Citric.
Tho Kmlirul tiuni (uii.i' w-xf.
It luok eixUin ImllotH to nominate.
Finally, Arthur, (iniiit, Coukling,
Cameron and Ln'tan niiliicd teams
and nominated a ntulwnrt Ohio man
for Speaker Warron Keifer wlio ho
lonn tu thu Chicago 300:
Canuihatki. 1Uii,i.i let. elli. l-ib.
Ilieceok M
... 41
... 15
... 10
... IS
... a
Tolftl 1 141 Mi
Mr. Keifer, having received a ma
jority of all tho vot in the caucus,
was declared tho nominee. Uiscoek,
Kosson and Rood wore all Blaine men
"half-breeds" end the rest were
McPborson, of Gettysburg, and for
merly of tho Philadelphia Press, was
nominated for Clerk on tho first bal
lot, receiving 92 votes to 12 for Ruincy,
the negro, and 7 scattering.
For Scrgeant-at-Arme, George W.
Hooker, of Vermont, was nominated.
Walter P. llrownlow, of Tenncsseo, a
nephew of Parson llrownlow, the noted
agitator, was elected Doorkeeper. Mr.
Harry Sherwood, of Michigan, was
nominated for Postmuster, and Rev.
Fred D. Power for Chaplain."
Of course nil these parties were
elected, though there was some ' kick
ing" in the Pennsylvania delegation
over McPhcrson's nomination. A ma
jority of the members were against
him. Do II. Ke:m and Iloolon, of
Pennsylvania, were named, and Gen.
Bingham, of Philadelphia, voted for
tho negro, Ruincy. General Hurry
should removo to South Carolina, to
enjoy that national ward's company.
Tho Democrats had no trouble in
their caucus. All tho old officers wcro
nominated, as follows : Speaker, Sam
uelj. Randall, of Pennsylvania ; Clerk,
Georgo M. Adams, of Kentucky ; Scr-
gcant itt-Arms, John G. Thompson, of
Ohio; Doorkeeper, Charles W. Field,
of Georgia; Postmaster, A. W. C.
Nowlin, of Virginia; Chaplain, W. P.
Harrison of tho District.
The Mahone-ABrni'R Game. Tho
Radical organs in tho Stato don't liko
tho result in Virginia. They now seem
to view it as an elephant tinablo to
handle it. The Philadelphia Inquirer,
a staunch Radical organ, in alluding to
tho result says:
Mnbone'a eietorr In Virginia Met a iweeping
ooe a feet to be doctored la view of the oibt-r
fact that it war. brought about be tbe eeaiatanee
gireo it b; tbe ltc-pul.llr.eo party, or,'at leaet, tbe
fttlwert faction of it. The KfpublittBD party, by
aui'porilrrg Al.bor.e and lending Litn material
aid iu hie battle of repudiation, bee rouituitted
ileal f to flat flnanri.l end diebi norable hereae,
'be eequonce of what it hai done mey be found
in the luggrltioD r-f a Mahone organ of Virginia,
that the balance of the national dvtit ahall he peid
upoa tbe llea'ljuateri' plan edopted at the lete
eleetioa iu that Htate.
Again tho snmo organ ro trunks:
Eieept in the Virginia elect! .n the Republican
party bee never eppeared ee the ruppnrter of re
pudiation or diihoneety of any aorl, aad it baa
loet confidence both at home end abroad by aid
ing Mahone to win tbe repudiation victory.
What a nico parly it bus been, ac
cording to this organ, until now. Tho
Ifvnh American, tlio oldest of all the
organs, deplores the victory in this
way :
Let tbe Virginia LeKlalelure throw the Riddle
berger bill Into tbe waate baeket and call another
conference of tbe Htate'a ereditora. The btata la
auiply able to make an hooeat eettlement oow,
and when It la made capital will be throated
and immigration will pour lulu the State at aucb
a rate that aha will he rich enough in a few yeara
to begin to redeem the principal. Iloneaty la the
beat policy, end tbe Republican party demanda
that an honeat eelllement vf thi Virginia debt
queetioa be made.
That's good und true advice, but
why was it not given out a week be
fore the election.
Inataad of a aolemn and impreaeive eplaode In
the hlalory of onr eountry, aa aaa eipealed, the
trial of tluileau la a roaring farce. Tne leritf of
the arowd that daily n lla tbe eourt room, the ia
enleot, Impudent and blaapheinoua impertinence
of the Tile aeeaaaio, era a heme and a dhgraoe
to ua aa a people. aHlieydoa OloU.
This is what may bo called a caudls
lecture on tho part of tho editor to his
parly friends. Ho tells tho nuked
truth about tho conduct of his political
family. Tho Court and assassin aro
stalwarts, tho lawyers and tho jurors
aro half breeds and stalwarts mixed,
tho marshals and police, as well as
nine tenths of tho spectators, belong to
tho sumo family and all vote the Radi
cal ticket. The Democrats had no
hand in bringing on and continuing
thd "shamo and disgrace" indicated.
A gang of Radical editors should go
down to Washington and put an end
to that "roaring farce." Tho leaders
of "a party controlled by grand moral
ideas" have a good opening for a mis
sionary or two at tho Federal Capitol.
Kxactlv. The love that the Radi
cals bear toward the Negro has been
fully settled by tho election of Clerk
McPhcrson. In 1877 and JS79, tho
Democrats had a majority in Congress,
and the liadical members nominated a
Negro ex-Congressman from South
Carolina, named Raincy, for Clorlt on
both occasions. The darkey really
ran off from tho whilo candidates tor
Clerk. In 1881 tho b...
majority in uongrcss, uulnoy was a
candidate again, but ho received only
42 votes out ol 147. A whito fellow
from Gettysburg carried off tho prize.
How aro you hypocrites? What queer
love-streaks tho Radical bosses havo
for tho gentleman from Africa.
Tramps and Cranks. Tbe "parly
controlled by grand moral ideas" is re
sponsible for cultivating this social
trash. Btifore tho advont of the Radi
cal party this vermin was unknown.
Now they aie friientorsofthe White
Houso and entertained by Cabinet
Ministers. It is no wonder they are
multiplying in numbers ana carry pis
tols. Hero is the last rase: "W. S.
Hubbard, ol Now York, a crank claim,
ing to be Guitcau, tho saviour of the
Republican party, tho nation and the
world, rcgisterod at two Washinton
hotels Sunday evening. Uo was lock
ed up."
Stalwartisii. Wo notice bv oar
Radical exchanges in this section of
the Stato, that tbe editors are trying
to get up a boom for General James A.
Beaver of Bcllofonto, for Governor,
lie was a Blaine man when he started
for Chicago in 1880, but he came back
a Grant man, having registered among
tbe 300 stalwarts.
Tbe most unmanageable elephant
tbe Republican party now has on hand
is its Repudiation victory In Virginia.
A Washington correspondent iciulis
tho following : "Hut u few yuiis ago
he was ul the huiitl of the Supreme
Court ol Michigan, ami was transfer
red from that place to a six-yeurs seat
in the I'nltod Stales Semite, deleating
tho 'blood letting' .ack Chandler. Be
ing transfi-rri d from bis rural sphere
to Wasiiinloii society, it tt us loo much
for him. Ho married a young wife
(a Department cleik) who wanted to
trovel. Hit soon alter traded his Sen
ntorial feat to Chandler for a Foreign
Mission. After spending some time at
the Court of Peru, bin wife eloped with
a French Count. Ho is now ut the
Federal Capital with a divorco suit on
band, and (.'handler is dead. Thu bent
and dejoctel figure of an nged and
broken old man is sometimes seen on
the streets, pacing along absorbed in
thought, und pursuing thosume absent
minded and mechanical tramp up und
down that used to mark out Senulor
Christiancy, when ho walked tho floor
of the Semite- Chamber. Tho two
years in Peru havo told on him terri
bly, and tho ex Senator's appearunco
is a shock to many people. Sin, or
sorrow, is making a perfect wreck ol
him, and ho is anything but a cheer
ful or pleasant object to contemplate,
with his thin, gray locks and bowed
figure. The jewels from his room just
after his return to this country have
not been recovered yet, and tho guard
ian of that unlucky box of trinkets has
now offered a reward for their return
equal to the full valtio of the ntlicles."
Such is life.
TECTS. The New Voile Tunis recently elabo
rated upon our infamous tnt ill' system.
Hot o is what bo suys about two staple
unities. Tho percentago that the
cousuiiier pays to tho iron and copper
men is enormous. Tlio editor in ques
tion says :
"Iron when imported pays a duly in
its various forms t.f from 3.r per cent,
to UO per cent., the avcrago being over
II percent. Yet iron is absolutely
and exclusively used in manufactures
of some sort or oilier. Not a pound of
it is or can bo imported except tor
manufacture, and it enters into every
possiblu trade that ministers to the
wants of man. Its universal use,
either in its original form or as steel in
tools, makes it an element ot import
ance in tho cost of food, shelter and
clothing, and its cost cannot bo made
amliciully higher by limiting the com
petition for its supply without impos
ing a burden on all industry, and, in
deed, on all means of living. Copper
also is a metal very generally used.
It ought to be very cheap in the I'mted
States, for we havo mines which yield
an excellent quality of oro at a very
low cost. As a matter of fact it is
higher here thnn abroad, and ns it,
like iron, is wholly employed in manu
factures, tho higher price is a direct
I tax on American industry, Iho pro
ducers of copper, on tho other bund,
cent, annually on their capital, und
this in the name of protecting Amcri
can labor. It is really an outrageous
taxation of American labor for the
benefit of capitalists who do not need
and certainly do not deserve any spe
cial favor."
Some Romance An exchange suys:
When Franklin l'rolliitr, of Hancock,
Maryland, went to tho wars iu 1 8 G 1 ,
ho left homo with the understanding
that upon his return ho should marry
Miss Mary Roller, thu applu of his eye.
After tho second Manassas tho liuili
mnro papers gave Brolliaf's mime in
the long list of the dead. Miss Roller's
nnguish was greater in depth thnn in
length, for before tho war closed sho
murricd lirolliar's rival, bocoming Mrs.
fteedcr. At tho end of the war Broil
iar camo out of a Georgia prison and
mailo post haste for his Maryland homo.
Walking into town at dusk, ho seemed
a stranger lo persons whom he had
known a few years before. His first
question was as to Miss Keller and thu
answer so duzi'd him that ho walked
away without making himself known.
He reached Missouri before any desire
to stop camo lo him. Ho soltled at
Carrollton, in that Slate, bought lar d
and became known ns "tho bachelor
farmer." Several years ago Mrs. Reed
or's husband died. Ono day tho wid
ow, in reading of tho survivors of An
dereor.ville, leurncd that Brolliar still
lived. Sho at onco begun to search
for him and rocenlly found him. Lost
week tho "bachelor farmer" w as mar
ried to his love of twenty years ogo
Pension Rascality. Colonel W.W.
Dudloy has been forsomo weeks inves
tigating a ring in tho pension office.
Tho fact that there wero fraudulent
pensioners on tho rolls bus boon known.
and tho claim agents under previous
commissioners ooro mo uronn ol the
blame for these frauds. Col. Dudley
early became convinced that many of
them were tho work of those inside
tho oflico and started quietly, bat vig
orotisly; to ferret out tho unfaithful
clerks. Ha is almost ready to mako
arrests. When tho blow falls his pros
ecutions will vio with thoso ot tho
Postmaster General. It is not yet
known how mnny are implicated, but
tho number under investigation now is
about thirty. The amount ol money
involved will reach into tho millions,
when the amount paitl and to bo paid
aro considered. Of course tho prose
cution will extend to thoso who havo
fraudulently received ponsions. Tho
Secret Service hero has under surveil
lance more than 200 persons in various
States, whoso arrest will follow closely
upon that of tho clerks.
AuilANTUyPOCRISV. Thn Gnler. .!..
(Texas) Actr-i says :
"The Tariff Convention at Chicago la noticea
ble aa hae ing been opened with apeechea in wbieh
waa urged not only tbe drmond for 'regaining
our loat place ia the carrying trade tbe 'reete
ration of tha national Sag on the ocean,' ate, j
bat even the puerile pretence that one ef lie ob
Jeeta wna 'the purifleatinn of tha public aerrlce I '
anything apparently, that wae deemed agreea
ble In eound and tbua likely lo eatch the populer
eer. no 11 ever la who eeioenneae, lalae pretence
nod fraud, aeaking to gull the honeat and pre
eumably Ignorant working people who baea to
.beer all the bnrdena af an artificial and unnatu
ral eyalem."
Those blatant asses who gave, utter
ancc lo tho "flagging of tho ocoun," or
words to that effect, aro tho very fob
lows who forced our flag and ships off
the seas. Whilo they were lobbying
at Washington for subsidies and yell
ing "tariff I lari(T!l" "protection," ole
iho bone and muselo of other nations
built ships, elevated flags, and now
cover every sea in soarch of trado, and
they have found it, and give employ
ment to hundreds of ships and thou
sands of seamen. For a young, vigor
ous nation, to bellow about "reclaim
ing" is too stultifying for any one over
twenty years of ago to otter.
Bid Relations. A contemporary
states that Secretary Blaine's mothor
and Mrs. General Sherman's mother
were sisters, and these two cousins
have always been the truest friends to
each other. Their Washington resi.'
dences almost adjoin, and they are liv
ing to see the snmo affection existing
between their children, as each year
knits more firmly the ties of their
' I'll ATS.
DuUoIs, I'll, Nov. 28, lKSl,
l-'.itm tit l! I' fin tr A - li.vtr Sir Wn
would like lo hato s lo ein your paper
lor tlio pin pose ol t oin etiia-, ris luf us " i" eiiieni ot juogo iiiurinan iroin
1 possible, a iriisluiie w.Ui n-K.ird to eer-, public life, roeulls attention til tho fact
; lain poisons in this IiitoukIi nt the lut ; Il,"t '''" belongs thu credit id hav
i election. As many el' in me dimwit ; '"K iniliutert und can it'll through the
as lit inoeials in lion i nuuty, und all id'- legislation whieh for thu first time
j ns urn known u -noli heiv in iho hc-r i falling thu Pueitic i'or.oiulionH lo uc
1 oiiub, we think it l,m jun u Mi'ml I ' our,!, uinl compelled them lo mi.lte a
! ilo tins, ana more i'sp.-i-mll when it .
j one of tho slitiitM-bi st of o-ir !cmo
I eiRls w hieh is iismtili'il li is it well
i known fact tlntt Mr. l-jli tlui llcoiili
! Iicun nominee for ( 'oinilv Trousi'rcr. is
u resilient ol this piuee, u man I
w lio, us thu vole Ictil'krt, m popular
ut home
a great Homy favors lo the
class td our voters tlio iniiit-r
boring classes. Hut it must hu under.
stood that not the Mime of a man ul
Inched to this hut voted the straight
Denioi rtttiu ltcket, many of whom w as
urged to do so by Mr. John Al. Troxel,
who is the parly at whom thu reuiuiks
and insinuations uro directed, und all
of us have heard him time and again
urgo the Democrats to vote the straight
Democratic ticket from lop to bottom,
going so fur as lo ask it as a pursonul
luvor to him. But tlio trouble or dilli
cully with tho Democrats ut this place
wus lliut a majority of tlio voters
would liuvo (had they camo to the
polls) voted for Mr. these men
wus not urged lo cotuu nut on that uc
count which uccounlH lor Iho small
volo polled hero, and now wo want to
say this for John M. Troxel, and it is
just whut we will vouch for personally,
that hu worked for tha whole Demo
emtio ticket ut ull timcB from the day
of tho nomination until tho lust hour
on election day. We do riot do this at
tho solicitution of any person or with
expectation ol future liivor, but us a
muttur of justice to Mr. John M. Troxel
and ourselves, and thu blumo may rest
where it belongs
Dr. J. S. Kane,
W.M. IlooN,
John T. Mmti'iiv,
B. O'llAOAN,
W. T. Ross,
W. S. Shaw,
T. A. Mullen,
T. II. Farlkv,
.1. Mt'llRAV,
T. J. Hover,
Frank Peters.
Jake Tni nv,
Wm. A. Means,
J. P. Taylor,
C. II. H.WlhETT,
W. I,. Johnston,
Dr. STrtoitrtiiiOE,
Ja.mks Holmes,
A. T. Meah,
S. J. Meao,
J. G. Harris,
It is pretty generally conceded that
nearly ull tho grcnt commercial sins
uro committed in und ultrlbutcd to
Wall street, New York city, where
gambling is reduced to a fine art,
lint, who, out hero in the backwoods,
would ever have dteuuied that, that
den of iniquity wus frequently and
liberally patronized by thu tony, No. 1
clergymen, who hung their pulpits
every Sunday, whiln declniminguguinst
tho sins ot others. Rut, it seems to ho
the fact if un old broker has told tho
correspondent of the Philadelphia -tVcc
ord the truth, loud what he says:
"On Sunday lu -t a largo number of:
our popular preachers tool; tho Newark
Hank defalcation as Ibeir theme and
launched their thnndeis at the Hull
street speculators. A prominent Broad
street broker remurlteil lo me tho next I A minor to see all the laws enforce:! i universal conienimeni in uio compe
day: ''.Suppose wo should tulle the! upon the corporations. j lition ol all hor great interests lor
nlallorm and tell what wo know nbout : These companies wero thus nub- lirosiierilj'. To accomplish Ibis, wo
the preachers in Wall street" Howjicted to sclera scrutiny, and while
would that do? I have been hero fori
over twenty years and have had clcr-;
gyiiieu ot tilt iletiotiiiiiations among
my customers. Some, havo burnt d
their fingers budl', and, us a rule, they
havo lost money because th-'V would
not take good udvicc. When 1 first
came here the two most sua isslul
clericul operalots iu the street e.'ero
Bishop Whitebouso (I he rector of old
St. Thomas' Church) and Dr. Taylor,
of Grace Church. Bishop Seymour,
Dr. Weston and Dr. Hitching havo
mado money on the street ; toil I date
not glvo you tho names of any of the
losers it would bn too great u sur
prisc.pnrty lor many of tho churches,
Dr. Chccvers, a Baptist minister, und
a great crony of Commodore Vnrider
bill united to him by a common luvti
for a good horso also made money on
tbe street. Ilia congregation bought
half a block up town muny years ago
and built a small church. T hey got
into debt, and tho Dominie got pos-
session ol tho vacant lot next lo the
church nnd owned by it, and built
some hnndaomo b-own stone houses on
it. They completely overshadowed
nnd darkened thu little church, nnd it
soon went out of existence j hut tho
pastor can be seen any day on the
street, jaunty, smiling, und thoroughly
posted on all slock operations. Ho is
really ono of tho best fellows going,
nnd 1 am sure bo would not lush ns for
going Into a luuincss to which the
church furnishes ruthcr more thnn its
proportionate quota of members."
VOW TO 1)0 IT.
Tho method of carrying elections Hi
tlio fur West is fully stated in the fob
lowing article w hich wo clip from For
ney's Progress :
Tho Denver (Colorado) lnter Orean
gives the particulars of an extraordina
ry election incident in that city. The
contest was for Muj'or. There wero
two candidates, a Republican, and an
Independent with Greenback proclivi
ties. Tho colored volo was not to ho
relied upon. There wero indications
that not a small part of it would bo
given to tho Independent. Two mer
chants bet fivo hundred dollars on the
result, end tho Republican announced
through tho press that if he won he!
would givo tho money to tho colored!
cnurciiesoi Denver, iiiis proposition, and it was supposed that In an intoxi
declares tho Inter Orean (a Republican jtated condition ho bad luid down bo
poper), "was as much of a briho as if ; lore the fire, that tho flames had reach
he had offered to pay to each pastor jed his clothes, and before ho could call
tho sum of one hundred dollars in con
sideratton of his vote being cast for
the Republican ticket, and tho exertion
of his influence upon members of bis
church." Tlio Republican won. J lu
met tho different preachers nt tho
State llonso and gave each of them. a
eueen tor one niftuirctl and sixty six
dollars and sixty six cents. Ono ot the
Hoveronds, arising to thank tho gen
tleman for his munificent gift, pledged
for his nssocialos and tho colored breth
ren "un unswerving adheronco to the
Republican parly in tho future as in
tho past." Then tho wholo party
called upon tho Governor. No more
lorcihle comment could ho made upon
this proceeding than the closing re
marks of tho Inter Ocean :
"Neat come tha paalora of a ChrlatUn church
to the H'ete Capitol of Colorado and in the Hu
pretne Court room, tbe of epolla the re
ward of enrrupiion the payment of the price
lakea plaoe la tbe name of 'Chrielleniiy end tha
Republican party.' In the name of Chriatianlty
ana of the Rrpul-llcan party I protect againet
aucb an Indecent prooeediag. 1 eall iha atten
tion of tha grand Jury to the nakara of tha hat,
and the attention of Ihe Biahopa ta tba Churohea
to which theee clergymen belong to their dia
graceful eooduet. '
A Stalwart Residence:. Wo iiotico
that Mr. llowcll W. Bicklcy,eon in law
of the lalo Thomas A. Scott, has pur
chased Dr. Hewson's handsome rosl
denco at Twenty first and Walnut
streets for 180.000, and will mnko somo
alterations. This is ono of tho hand
aomest residences In the city, and was
bnilt hy John Rico, who used marblo
from the old Capitol building at Wash,
ington In the erection of tho Walnut
street front." Philadelphia Record.
'Ant Port in a Storm." Ono of
the queer things ot the present politi
cal situation is seon in olio Republican
administration trying to make political
capital by exposing the thiovintr of an
other. This the last choice of onr po
litirnl Hobsons, and on the theory ot
"any port In a storm," they think it
hotter than none. What the people
will havo to say abont it, through the
ballot-box, remains to be seen.
I 1 urll Sun, in relerriug to
- "viucim-i i, ut me pruicoiion oi urn
..., iH.ue,. ny.,,,, treasury lor the:
l i ,,. V1 1 """'"', , "?
ably an. en. el ively supported byjudge
i I'Mmiinds nml Judge. Havis on the Ju
I : ;.. i ' . i . .
" ,: , ,.
" 1 ho pussugo ol the Ihlinnair tiel,
n none I ..oioiiaii, niton it, v. a,
lurgeat'Ol the most renitil ktihlo triumphs in
und la- loiigress lor many years. 1 he ongi -
j modified and revived in a way to at
tract support in und out of Congress.
i hero was no coiieettlnieiit of an inten
tion lo press its passago in tho session
of 1877-78.
"On no former occasion was so pow
cif'iil a combination of interests center
ed at Washington as during iho Win
ter, Ihreo years ago, when this greul
measure wus before t hu Semite. It
i surpassed tho vast usscmblugo of I nil-
roul kings who gathered ut Washing
ton In tho short eussion of 1872 -V3 to
bulldo.e the House of Ift'prtnenlutives
und to save tho Credit Mobilier job
hers from expttUion und disgrace.
' 'Gould, IJ untington, and an unrtvul
led lobby conducted the campaign
Rguinal tho Thitrman bill in person.
They eusily established headquarters
at Washington, and provided every
melius by which Senators nii;;ht be
cuptivuted or captured. Money, beau
ty, intrigue, political machinery, fami
ly ties, malice, and ull tho arts by
which inllrniitics may bo ulilir.ed,
v?ore employed openly und secrelly to
ohtiiin Voles.
"The corporation chiefs Hero confi
dent ol victory, und boldly claimed a
clear majority up to the boiirf the
tinul test, when they sat in the galler
ies wilh prepared lists in ibeir hands
to follow the roll call. Mr. Thuritisti's
lust speech curried terror into the ranks
of the purchased Senators when he to
lerred lo these lists and threatened in
vestigation. The corrupt creatures
blanched iu their sens at tlio Icnr of
exposure. Tlicy rememln red IheCredit
Mobilier, ami trembled at thu prospect
of a similar inquiry. Curried ttwuy by
that secret dreud they voted against
Ibeir owners, lo Iho MnH.emeiit ol
Gould and Huntington, who hud the
chattel deeds ill their pockets.
"That result utterly demoralized the
corporation managers, und they ubun
doned the field alter losing their strong
hold in tlio Senate. Mr. Thtirmun
took advantage of this retreat to sup
plement his first hill wilh that creating
thu Auditor of Itailtoud Accounts.
This uct requires a prescribed system j
of reports lo he rendered to that olli-:
cut, ol' nil tho ruilroud companies toi
which tho I'nitcd States grunted any
1 loans ; tli reels an examination of their
hooksoneo u vcar ut least, and at other
1 timts il dceiin d necessai v :
; transcripts liotn Ihem ; und orders iho
the office was honestly administered,
lubricated figures, false reports, and
council statements coiilu not imposo
'.!i t.ongress or tho country.
Tho nhnve reminds us that in con
versation wi:h his friends cx Senutor
Wallace of this Slale has always claim
ed that Ids vote for tho Tliurmun bill
is iho cause of Hie malignant hostility
shown lowttro linn tor several years
by Win. I,. Scott of this city. The
Senator says that when the bill was
under consideration in the Senate ho
wus approR"hrd by Mr. Scott, with
whom ho whs then upon good terms,
and solicited by him to vote against
the measure. This ho refused to do,
-Ity ing that ho believed it to bo a
proper bill, un I that ho could not con-Bi-imitioualy
vtesgsinst it. Aflcrsev
cral Iruillcss efforts to induce tho Sen
ator to change his mind, Mr. Srott
left him in great anger, decluring that
ho wtuilit pay Inm up in time tor refits
ing lo obey Ids behest. Wallace votod
tor thu lull, ns lie was bound in honor
and honesty lo do, and tho peoplo of Know Willi wlint relentless miilice
ho lias ever since been pursued by
Scott. The Pacific roads owo the Gov
eminent ninny millions of dollars,
which in decency and justice they
should bo obliged to pay ; and Scott,
ns ono of their heavy stockholders, was
perhaps naturally averse to paying
over Ins sliuro i t Ins money, ns the
Tburmnn bill proposed to miike him
antl his associates do. If Senator Wal
lace's statement is correct and wo
givo thrvstory only upon his authority,
without Knowing nnylhing personally
of tho matter tho uct which caused
him tho ill-will of Mr. Scott entitles
him to tho pruiso und gratitude of the
people. I'.nc Observer.
One of tho most startling disclosures
which ever Iho mortal anguish of a
dying criminal brought to light bus
just boon mado known in Taneytown,
hy tho conlcssion, on his death bed, of
Putrlck 'fully, u well known horso
dealer in that section.
About five years ago, ut tho Stone
hold in Taneytown, a man was found
lying before tho fire place frightfully
burned, but with a little lilo still left.
Uo wae recognized is Ucnrv Homer.
for help ho was fatally injured. 1 lie
sud affair occasioned considerable talk
lor a fow weeks and then passed away,
and the event was well nigh forgotten.
On Wodnesday night, November 16,
Patrick Tully, also living in Taney-
Inwn waa r - L. - J-i
condition; und when be learned from
the physicians that there was no hope
of bis surviving, ho sent for Rev. Mr.
hong, a German Reformed minister,
nnd told him the whole wretched story
of Reiner's murder. It was lo the
effect llint on tho night of tho Tully
nnd David l.ieknat heard that Reiner
had bocomo possessed of a largo sum
of money and they determined to rob
him. Alter lying in wait for him for
somo timo in vain, they went to the
tavern, found everything closed, and
saw lleiner sleeping before tlio fire.
In searching him for the money they
supposed ho had, but which they did
not find, ho awoke, whereupon thoy
murdered him, and tried to avoid the
discovery of their crimo by giving tho
man the nppcaraneo ot having been
burned to death; they saturated his
clothes wilh kerosene und applied tho
Hume, lullydied soon niter making
the confession, lla was widely, but
not favorably known, and was irener.
ally regarded as a radically wicked
man. I he othor parly to the murder.
uuviu i.icunat, clied some lime ago a
terrible death. Quito a ripple of ex
citementhns been occasioned inTaiicy
town by tho confession of Tully.
llamvcr Jlirald.
An exchange remarks: "It would
probably bo an Inlringemont of Gui-
lean's constitutional right to try him
without Ins presenco in Court, but
thore is nothing In the Constitution to
prevent muzzling him." Lot the Conn
Mrs. Mary I.ovo and hor daughter,
Mrs. Snrah K. McDowell, botb of Fair
Sold, Westmoreland county, bavs been
sentenced to jail tor forging ptnsion
We obervo thu statement, mid have
no reason lo doubt lbs iniihof it, that
there is accumulated in tho Nlllioi.ul
Treasury u largo amount ol collected
revenue, over and ahuvu the ciirri'iit
wants of the Government In tho debt,
interest nml expense account, us put
vidid for ut present. This, under any
circumstances, suit tit all lime, has
been a troublesome mutter tndnul wilh,
and bus led to wild exIiiiiaiM.i u in
tl, 1,1,, ul ,,, ,! I .
Al ,, ,,,,.,,. ,,.,.' lilL,. ,
the st erios , h..,eier, and mac
- , ., ,.,. ,.. , , (, ... .,,
initiisiiation ol our affairs. If this uc-
I firetion is not heia wilh an cvu lo the
j ...iiurge ,,f as much ot thu public
, ,l)fBibu lho , tlix.
j ,mVl,r ,, ,,, ,,,,. ,.ru(.t vlmVlzsl.
Ujon ,. ,,o burdens ol Government it
will indeed boat! unloituiiulo result.
Tho meeting of Congress is in or ut
hand, and such a largo treusuro unup
propriated will invito all uiannor ol
ingenious al tempts to get possession of
it other than belong to the legitimate
und economical udininiatralioti of thu
business of thu people. It will espe
cially stimulate extravagant and new
schetiHS of pliindur on tho part of mo
nopolists and ultra prohibitionists, lo
strengthen tha raiding hands trout all
directions on tho Treusury, tho object
of which will he to purpetuuto the na
tional debt and thu litUu reasons lor
continuing tho present exactions and
ruinous discriminations in the revenue
system. " Watch dogs" aro really nec
essary in this crisis, and every section
and li ttered industry should bo aroused
to uiuku them as vigilant und fierce us
possible. It will require thu bent ubil
ity, tho most unflinching courage und
the best truined ta'-t in parliamentary
woik to guard Hi is iruuMtru from rob
bety und misdirection, mid awakened
public interest und opinion should he
voiced iu such determined unlets that
good and true men will lie encouraged
to stand firm and invincible in every
strtitcgcin und as-null. Besides tho
ordinary powers at Work i n tho floor
of Congress, through representatives
of speciul interests, in opposition to
Iho general welfare, which welfare
would bo consulted, as wo have indt
euled before, by relieving the people ut
largo ot a measure, of luxation and
such a revision ol the revenuo system
ns would unfetter their suhntantiul
pursuits, n well organized lobby will
lio in iiiteiidnncc. Such a hand, held
together by no purer cohesion than a
common purpose ot spallation and at
tracted by golden temptations of cash
in hand, will indeed prove a Litnu on
legislation. It will no iu position lo
tn lie n hand in the legislation commit
ted lo representative men by confiding
"We beor-n lion In lbs loliliy r inr!
Say, Mr. Speaker, ahall wa aliul the dour,
AliI keep blia out or ahall we let hiiu in,
And aee if we can get biui out agnin f "
We uro for shultin: tho door und
keeping out all such dangerous visitors
"d using that surplus revenuo for the
payment of tho debt and lessening
thereby tho public burdens to aid
in mo reduction oi imposts ati'i excises
aiul tho removal ol oppressive and un
equal rules and to use tbein at once,
, tins way, that tho country may
"l'ri,l forward wilh high courage and ;
nope, irom tho press, the primary
meeting and legislative hulls u populur
sentiment, based on leuson, Inula and
sound policy, will bo irresistible ill tlio
National Congress. RaltimoreOazette.
Mr. Henry Gannett, the geographer
of tho tcnlh census, has perlormed a
valuable and interesting work in de
termining the actual area of the United
Stales and each of the several Stales.
The total land area of tho I'mted
Suites, Alaska being excepted, is 2,
970.0110 square miles. The total wuter
Btirhico, including rivers nnd small
streams, hikes and ponds, is 65 .000
square miles. Tho coast waters, bays,
gulfs, soundB and the liko, cover 17,lioo
square miles. The gross area is, there
fore, 3, 02."), 000 square miles.
How vast ihiB sweep of territory is,
wo shall see by iho following table, in
which our area and that of each of the
chief Kuropeau States aro pin ed to.
gcthor for comparison :
tVeuure .li'tce
.... SJS.ailB
.... 201, llllll
S,0I l.OOU
Ureal Ilriiain and Ireland
iluiaian Kmpire.
I nlied Eiatee ,
Of cotirso tho area of all the Russian
fmssessions is much greater than ours,
ml about three. fourths of it is in Asia.
Such comparisons, however, nro of
eourso only uninteresting. Iho mero
extent of a country's territory is by no
means tho measuro of its importance;
other things besides population nnd
arcti determine thut.
How tho largest of tho old Stales
compare ns to size with somo of them
more recently admitted to tho Union
is shown below. Tho figures nro of
square miles :
sew iTATia,
l.'.V,.'l0 Mienreote..
110, 71111, Kenaa
. B.l.'IOj
, S3. is0
, 7(1, HSJ
0Lr.SK ayiTKa.
Oeorela 5P.47S Miarierippi
... eft S10
tlllnoia SS.SMli Pennejliania 45.214
North Carolina. &2.XoliOhio 4I,I'AH
New 'ork 4V,l7l'j Kentucky. 4tl.4Ut
That is, tho eight new Slates have
an area of 978,0Hj square miles, while
tho territory of tho eight older Slates
is only 3!)1,0I10 square miles. There
nro yet to bo admitted into tho Union
as Stales, Territories whoso area in
square miles is:
Pakola 119,1011 l'lah S4 S:fl
Montana IIS. IHO Hah SI, son
New Mexice.... 122.a0 Washington BIMBO
Ariaooa. 1 IS, 1 20, Indian. 01,6110
Wyoming 117,8110,
Besides this amount of territory out
of which to mako new Suites, we
u. -li l. .i.a us tcio.unu snunre
nines, more or less, mo Hay when
Alaska will bo applying for admission
i n to the Union as a Stale is. however,
lur distant, wo suppose; and purloins
t will always bo left out in the cold,.
Iho other territories must all belli
unless we except tho Indian Territory,
anil perhaps titan, at an early tiny
At Iho rate at which population is
lunding thitherward they will soon
havo enough inhabitants AT. 1'. Sun
Improved CAn Service. Wo notice
hy the Philadelphia dailies that somo
tune next hpring, probable upon April
1st, tne rennsyivania Kailroad Com
pany will take a new departure by
putting npon the streets a large num
ber of roaches Somo of these will bo
of the Hansom pattern, which aro so
populur in London nnd other parts of
(rent Biitain, whilo tho bulonco will
bo four-wheelers of hnndsono design
and appointments. Tho coaches will
have their headquarters at the new
Broad Street Station, and tho scrvieo,
whilo primarily for the accommoda
tion of passungers on arriving trains,
will be available for tho needs of the
grnoral public. All the general details
of the scheme are as yet in embryo;
but it is probablo that tho rates will
bo fixed on a basis of 25 conts per mile
for a single passenger, with a reduc
tion for longer distances. "Tho aim
will be," says an official of the road,
"to givo a cheaper and moro expedi
tious cab service that exists in this
city at the present time."
Cite Tho Lancaster A' allud
ing to the family fuss now going on In
tha loyal ranks, says : "The Repub
lican who voted for Wolf aro not
Stalwarts they are Chairman Cooper's
I'Eiii'kti'atki' li v a allium.
Wo notice that with a view of per
pcltiiilini; tho memory of the Into I'res
ideiit of the Pennsylvania railroad and
erecting a lasting iiioiitiuienl to his
works and virtues a number of friends
have decided loete' t n church to he
culled iho "Thomas A. Seolt Memorial
church," the peu ol w hich shall ho
fiee. Thoso w ho have 1 ho oroieel in
hand deem it proper unit desirable that
i H' !'""! lor 'bis purp""' d be
,m,ibiitcd bv thus., who were asst.-
''iulcd with Colonel Srott iu the limn-
ugeinetit ol or si rvico ot the rorporu-
tioit to tho interests of which lie tie-
voie.l tho best years of his hie, ami
j also Unit Iho church should he mainly
I lor the use and benefit of thoenipioyes
tlio l'enns Ivanin rnilioad and their
families. It bus heou HUgci sled that
,'10 orgaiiiaatioii ol Grace Kvongelicul
' I'Utherun church, Rev. John II. Men
"c, pastor, corner of Twenty filth und
Spring Garden streets, could he utilized
lor this purpose. This society, which
owns u lo'. very doeirubly loculed, isul
present largely composed of employes
oi inu l ennsj Ivhiiiu railroad, H is
proposed to raise fitly thousand dollars
to build this nieinoiiul church, and us
tho plan suggested would not require
any outlay lor tho purchase of a lot, a
bniidsoine, substantial and siiituble
building could ho erected with that
amount of money. Contributions are
solicited front all connected with the
J't-iiiinj Katiiu railroad who favor tho
project, aim irutn luionei fjcolls per
sonal friends. Subscriptions in any
union nt should be scut to It. K. Jamison,
Staiitinii In Tho West Chester
lleenril, a boss organ, says : "Secr.-tury
tuay, tho dreadful 'boss' Mr. Woile
tulks about so much, utiuounces that
the program mo lor next y car istialiishu
A. tiroiv lor Governor and Joseph f,.
Caven for Lieutenant Goviruor. It
was lo havo Jjccii Imped thai men of
ability mid character would bo tho Muuilurd hearers next
The Fusion Pre.'s nis i ( lay s in
this way: "It looks ns though Gulu
sha A. Grow ou'bl to he just thu man
to hi ul up ull thu disseusioiis umong
Pennsylvania Republicans 11 u und
Cuven tit tho heud ol tho Slate ticket
next year would eliminate the Usuo
of Cameron and Biiti-Cumeroti."
Worth RKMhMnF.niNti. Now thai
good limes aro again upon us, before
indulging in extravagiint show, it is
worth remembering that no one can
enjoy tho plcusiiulcst surroundings if
in bud health. Ihcro aro hundreds of
miserable people going nhoiit, today
with disordered stomach, liver or kill
neys, or a dry, hacking cough, und one
foot in the grave, when a 00 ct. bottle
of Parker's Ginger Tonic would do
them more good than ull the expensive
doctors and quack medicines they
have ever tried. It always makes tho
blood pure nnd rich and will build yon
up and give you good health at little
cost. Read of it in another column.
Postmaster General James has
irought us in nijht ol z cent nostiu'e.
Under tho operation of his practical
economics the deficiencies in the next
fiscal year will bo under S1.0UO.O00. i
Bod management an 1 wholesale i hulls
under tho llayes rcgitno brought the !
annual deficiency up to f l,0(iO,U(li). It
is a thousand pities that Mr. .lames
cannot bo kept at tho head of his de.
The American Rubber Company's
works, ut Fast Cambridge, Mussachu
sells, with valuable machinery and a
large qiiunlity of stock and manufac
tured garments, wui burned Moiiduy
night. I.o-i', half a million. Insur
ance, Sl.MIOOO. Six hundred persons
were employed.
The Old Result. Tho city always
whips tho country. Mr. Noble carried
Pennsylvania outridu of Philadelphia
by about 6,000 majority. Hut the
Ring and political traders in that city
gave Baily somo 13,000 majority, and
secured tho success of the Pardon
Board candidate.
The Pennsylvania liuilroad Com
pany had greut difficulty during Iho
past Summer on account of the drouth
in obtaining water for their locomo
tives. They aro now making arrange
ments to sink a number of' Artesian
wells ut different points along tho line
of tho road,
I was reduced to the vergo i f the
grave with leucorrhoea, uterine, ca
tarrh and nmcnorhtt'a. Pkruna cured
Mrs. A. W. Jackson, Pittsburgh, Pa.
I had chronic caltirrh for years.
Peruna cured it. I. Strashurgcr, Pitts
burgh, Pa.
?tnv lU'ft'tisrmfiits.
oian of aleady hehita to travel
in aeelien In which he reaidea.
Permanent employment end good oompeoaathn
to an energetic man Kcferenica.
ell Ilroadway, .Sew Vork.
D-ocmhtr t, 1M1-4I.
it ia hereby gi, en titer Letlera or Administra
tion on tha eiiate of PHILIP J. MI'I.I.KN. I. It
of l.erwcn- e twp,, Clrarlleld county, I'a , deo'd.
having been duly granted lo the nnderainned, all
peraona indebted to laid eatate will pleeae make
imuieaiato payment, and ttioae having eleima or
uemanua againal Ihe aaine will preaent them prop
erly authenticated or actlleiu"at, wilh-mt deiey,
III Oil Ml 1,1. I N.
JA.M1.S K. ll I.I.KN,
t Irerleld, Pa., Nor. 0. 1S8I-6I.
December 15, 1881,
At 11 o'clock, nl
Ninth andSansom Sts.,
(Dto. Tib, lftM-H
wmitm, Hon. 0. A. MAYKR, Preildent
Jorlfr or lh Court of Common tli.i of
th Twoty-6fth Judicial Uiitriol, f nnpnaed of
in onunuei oi uienrpeia, I'cntrt tnd Cllotas
n4 lion. An nam (tn null Md Mud. Vircknt I).
IIoit, AifoeUt. Jvilrei at Clenrfl.lrl
hT tmued tbvtr precept, to too Mreeid, for tb
holding of Court of Common 1'lcta, Orpbani'
Court. Court of Quarter tieeilone, Court of Ojfr
and Terminer, and Court nf UeneralJall DalW.
ry, it tbe Court Home at Clearfield, Id ami for tbe
county el i lenrneid, eouitnr or-trig on the ("oti(t
Mint day of January, lOth davi A. II.. iwn'J
mid tu roiitlitue lur two wt-cba.
NOTICB 18, therefore, berebv u ih.
Coroner, Jaetioee of the Peace, and Con Uh lei,
I" "r mmo oounij oi iieariif id, to appear tn
their proper peraoaa, with their Itnoorria. nnu.
InquUiiioaa, Ktamloatloni, and other Kemen
branoee, to do thoee thing! which to their ofiJoea,
and In their behalf, pertain to bo done.
My an Aot nf Aenemblr, paMd the Nth dny of
Mm, A. l. 1HM, It li made tbe dutr nf the J.
tiooi or ttie I'caoo or tb ereral count lee of tbia
Common wealth, to return to the Clerk of the
Court of Quarter Beiilone of the reaped!
o'lvniiH, an in TvoofrniuneN entered into before
them by any peraoD or pereona charged with tbe
ootnmiaalon of any erlme, auoh taaea aa
may be ended be fur a Juitlr of the Pfaro, un
der lUttni lawa, at leaet tu day! beforo Ihe
eoiumnoweot of the teuton of tho Court to
wbleh ihej aro mado ratarnatlereportlely,and
In all eaioe wher any rcmxntiaucei aro anunrl
Into lii tbaa ton dayi before theoonmeneement
of tho teuton to which they aro mado returna
ble, Iho eatd Joatleoi aro to return tho ratne In
the tan neoner aa If taid not had not been
tflVIN onder my band at Clearfteld, thd tih
day of Uembr, la tb yonr of onr Lord, ana
Ihootaod olghi handrail nnd oltbiy.en.
Dot. ?, lo. JAM 14 MAUAf ., innrlC
flar (Irerliscmfnts.
a.r It In tout aintn Inwn. Ttrin and i
)t) ..Illicit frf. Ailtih'Rt ). II A f I.FTT 4 Co.,
I'ortlac I, .Mails
nllllHl:M I'llll SVI.K t gd apan of
youog ho-ea, a'crafing about l.loU j
l-ouod in wnxbt eaoh. Will aril one or both, i
Call on or a l.lri-aa doIN 0. IlKh'D. I
Wert Oar:,-! !, Pa.
Nov. an, lcsl :::. I
Catarrh E,ys Crcrim BaI,n '
Htti-duMl. - I.'m.i,r,
I III' Mike. I .tf.tfi.t , f
t'elerthi) Irui, oaut
ii'K lirttllti) MUfvliimo, ;
!!. Iiillatnuiatlon, 1
pnitrrtt the inrtuuran ,
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and rrforet lb
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lulti aro ri'ttiimd by n i
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HAY"FEVE5? Ac. iq'unkd:
for ewlde in the I
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tin noitrll. Un rtcflpt of iOo. will urn 11 a pack
EI.VS' VRKXM BALM CO., ( w g., K. Y.
Not. 0, lMf.
Valimlile Heal Estate !
1 Y tirtue of an order of lh Orphnnj' C-urt of
1) ('leaf litld cuotv, I'a.. thorf will , etpnied
ti. pubifn i ilrt at the COURT JIOU.SB, In Clear
field, PenonjlvaDia, (in
Monday, January 9tbt 1882,
Tim ri'Voninn dn'OriUd pltro of unl itato of
IJK'HAI'.U MIAW, hR.. into of I.awr-nra town
Mp. OiiTfldJ county, P , deifainl. vii i All
that nrtain plwe of Urn) lituar in l.awreno
tiwnbi;i, ClrKili!d ciunty, honmlfd aa filloiri : at a pM on ClenrKeld i-reok, at ford
if.j; -n t"ufchi mad; Ihrbre n rth t.t (legrcea
Wfil217 tn pott nt bridge oirr nrinfr
run on lino of lnr,-l of Jorrph Uo'-n : tcn'-e i.iuih
27 di'grM ra.r l-y Und of J .ph (I nn l!S prr
chu to a f. t hy nJo nt Nancy UjU-n't M :
rhf-nc t'.v I.-- lan.l eouf h II. di-urr.-n n,t r.4 p.r
eh to ( ua, I-tIwi Kbit pine- ; tlm-.r-e anu'b -14
d.KfrPH vret by Nnn.-y ().fB' lot 12 p.-jr-hft to
a po.t on f.trfi.f turnpike tomh 41 -l. -nep rt
12 pm-liri to white pine a',uil, 22 rlan-t-i eat
'in pi-rei.ct lo l-ri'Uo ; thence down tr-.k the nvr
eral eour.e end itnett to pai uf li-inninK.
enoUiDinft 7'- ACKLS, more or ttm having
thereon i-.-. r-kil a fmuif h'Mi.e and Uro,, !
a hi'triug jrihrd.
nnt-tl.ird ca'h. ont-thlrdin nnc ysar, and ono
Ihlfd In two yeavt. with inttn-ft, x-niicil by
loiid nl, I OH-rti,':-.:'!). I). Sl KW,
Clearfield, Pa., Nov. :ifl, sjsi
r L M
ae a.
- c
O w ri
o t i o
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fi 3
e-.j-'" '.-e'-.''" L-.-jLl faliiiA
r jiil jaiyiall"' 1 j
lint adrfrtlsrutfuw.
I-'KTil.tV Illlllll-Ceiua lrcipaa-.e( on
J the ptitiiOea of Ilia, unler-iirti t iii I n., a
lo n b i, c u.l iuie during ike nio:.i n t o.
issl, dalk liny li-fre, lelue in le'l Ir 1,1 t
Tbeowter la rt .U-.f i-1 lo ci mo 1,-rwar I, yj ,e
properly, pay i-rergee and tasu lieu a.i or l,n
will lie ,li-j,o--. ol eci ir-li.i lo law.
O II. LAI iiilln:
It., hi- n, I'a , llcl J. I s.1l, .'If.
nui'iKjva run aoci
4 ron tut o: aa or
Spitting of Blood. II- t .
rhltit. Otuuhe, ( , i(l '
Caterrb of i lit, A t.
Itieoaeo of ibe fuiaio .; f ,
flnmlia '
l'rti', BO rrta s, ,( f ,
1.1. w ... .
ILL! T"i-'R
UfCfati.rr T,
dt . fltf.bui'1..
H A rtltt MH'l('i;-N i.e..
hi n t it . fi trill i.-A 'tr of A lii i in . , . .
tion on Iha eiiataof JAMM I- NSliK It li V, t,e
el llri'Kord towmbip, I luarlie) 1 ooini'y, I'n , .1-.
pi' l, haviftir t'in lu l xruntel in tti u -, i ...
tiffited, aU pTM.ii.. iinlfiiir.i lo tmid !. -w,
pliie iDuhr imiDrilime pTiniil, tod th" ; , ,lT
lug cUiint or di intcdn ut"'t (he Itm wll
eritthfin properly tu'hni i-ati-d f r n-".
wlibnut d;lav. LI. UNMIHiV,
I. t. LANMiKItV,
A d m 1 1 i : r i. : . , i .,
Dee. ititr 7, SI tl.
The Great Slate Trial!
A coioplele ain! authentio record of lli evi'ln; .,.,
tpreotift, otldicfttt ai.d itndieJ iiiti, i in". ,
1h rrlnm .lt C'tu tiiil P Cnnat'ijii. n-'rs
pialwiirtiftta a i pl-innl on tha U ifu'. iii-
lit Hon, .Jaiora O. Ill i lor (Jrabi Ktri'injf
(mth" in CourtAttrnipl up.n the A-i sin'i
litc Kki-trhet of the Prmettiil CharfMir en
Kuf il in lla worid fmuotia Ctiuiinal Trnl
ul', (Hill, lidit people HWAit in anxii iv Uif t-vi'Uo. e
In iIik tl o iiiil lieujarkiiblc Tri tl in A in en mm
WAN I ED Qtforuuirtt,sndK'currler
lory rt ot.i)-. A'Mrc "
I MnN I I I.LI' H'Nti C'lUPAM,
l liil.nlcipl.i, l''-iiii''i.
I-ccemWr 7, If.-I-4L
iT-r niNvl u to o.i.uuu ttaili-iirt, all r-r i
in-nt.'r il or tilt luiiffi I in E1
Tminir, the ni'ldt) i" ''I. ln 'l '.
l'nitr s niwa'. ii.n i -I w .. ii i. ,'..(.
It clit- tlie h, cU-iii of nil J!3 liniuritl. Q
tofn-t I'm F'-iinnch, i' yi'.h;.-j lltu licjrt, ur.-1
I -litl;.,nv 'rt'iin;i..r tho llvrr, tm-
m-M.-Vi'-p 1
l tier v ''ll Im ir"rnl-'i tlio tmln
t' t ti pi-cai-'-t nnfe-'litr.
,(khi, u:n i m:m v. cat i p. iti y
I rro
n-f i r.-.M n g i . -p . mnmM JJi-1 'WM mum
I-LIU N A Sfl'UUil '-i .1 I ) tai l, . - I
m.i- il oi- li. nut il Tieu, I" lircw iiv rn
n"-;: v, i, n si- It. t.inm- f I lO w.ll !' r-.'
itr iifa; ,nt w III n-1 currjor li' lp,
I-LIU. S K if lt.liloii'ilOl kil
-11 in t " ; r;r li un :i rn-nt r
UiT .'rt. le f'f foKl'.
It . .iltll Will riiiiblr) Vnj
!.!. vi H. It. II A l:TM A S Jt )
1 C"i
DnckRche or Lame Back.
Rheumatism or Lama Joints.
Cramps or Sprains.
Neuralcia or Kidney DlneaBQ.
Lumhodo, Sevoro Achos or Patn
Fomolo Weak no ss.
Arc Superior tonll ether Plotters.
Aro Super tor t Tada.
Aro Hitrtor to I.lnlmrata.
Aro Superior to Oinlinonto or Kalre,
Are tnperlor to Electricity or entrain Lam
Tlipy Act Immrdlntely
Thry Htre ncthen.
They Itcllere Pain nt Once.
Thev roeltlvelv Cure.
Bemwin 'a Cn tvin TomM Pint-
trre linvebern iraitttrd. a
not allow Tnnr drucp't tn
pntm off tome otht-r pl.iiler liavinjt a aimilar
mu nil Inr name. He that tbo word ia tptued
C-A r-C-I N B Tr re w cte.
SEABURY A JOHNSON. turiog Otn-iiunn. Ni-w r.fc.
N . IM I.
"Alwavi tarinl, alwayi noal. aitT.iTi impror
io(r." Ciiabi at 1'itANria Aoaud, Jr. "' t Miiyitint, the mou popu'ar il'urlra
ted pi-ribdioal in the wurld, Iff'ti mi oixlr-t, urtU
Toluine w.ih tlio l)pfiiibrr It npre
entt whal in l est in American literature and art ;
and ilt nttike I rum-Ce-tin Knglninl i: l.aa
alrrvW a eir-'Ulatinn lutfr''r lUrin tl st if any
Kngli'h u.i.!. i no of (he nxtue cluri hu - I rrukl
Into In ifric thu ico.f tiLfiKDl wrifrr. ami art
luta of Omit Uritain. The forilii-ooi iiic vnlt.u,fi
for lhJ will in every repcct tiifpitfi l.i- ir pri-.l-0."itir.
I'cr nart
II Ah PI. It 'A II A Z A It
Any TU tl iil..,v n mlM
HAUPKU'iS (.I'N-. I lHU'Lt:
HaUI'I k'S VtHiM I'huI'l.K i"
4 ii"
I Ml
b Oil
HhAhV, (in War i3 Numbi-; 10 uo
Vutnyt t'tt Ih nit ubtcrtltrn , ,he t i(ft
Stmt vr (.'LiMtiii'i.
Tho Tolumn of the Jhi'h bc.'inii wuh itie
Nutuhvr lur Jut.e an l l-ecrmlier ul pact, jr.
W hrB nu time ta fpc it.til, ti ,11 U ur.rfir,i" !
the.i the tu. ci it er Hi-he tu lu io ita th cut
rent Nuitbcr.
A Ooin( let R.' of llAni-rn't M,niiir, com
priaint ToiutuK. la tieat oloih btn.fiij, will l
nt tj exprrn, Irour t at euene of purctmcr,
OB Itf. Ipl of t2 .ft pi-r . tlume. Stngi r-tumri,
tijr mati, pot'ftniH .i t'tt. .'loth canst, t r b ul
log, bV CtJO'i, I'Y tn ill ptpu 1,
lndrx ti Huinihi MiviiKf, AlpbaiGtt''I,
AntlJ'tical, atid OlttfiHttd, t ir . 'umet i to 6i'
inoIu"ive, irooi June, I All), to Ju , I Si(, one
vol., fr -I, pluth, $t ltd.
Itetnitioricm aloutd to nitin hy puM-Oft-
Moiir Urdur or I'nilt, to at-io-i chaut'cp of i.t.
AVir;'i;ifrt lire toil lo eft.y f Ai mlrtrl,tmrtt
Vi'AuMiiAe tjf,w ordtt IUri rn A Katnuti .
New Yi.rk.
Tbia p ultr jnumal Is a rire cnml. ita i n p(
li-ertlure, art an I lahnn. lu torir, m,
end efKi are by the lit ariier nl Mifie t.d
Air erica t ita ttijfratgi pn.Rc-a thp bi:tnit r
liitio rxcrlUnon ; and in ail uttilera periii.u: lo
tathlnn It ii unitertallr atkm wlcdpit t' lf lh
lend ii g ai.thouty in ttm laiid. Tno i,it u-Uml
will vuulam many brilliant H'lVnti,
I'tr Year I
lUIlPKH'fi HA7.K
H A H I'Klt'rt MAtJA.lMi
An? TW'J ahtive iniup.I . ,
IIAHI'KK'H YnilN.i 1'KOI'i.i...
. -I O'1
... 7 0.)
... 1
... a I1
11 A h PilU Va.l - v.i uimiii v
HAHI'Kll'ri 1'K AM K L I N Ngt'AItlj LI-
lIUAhY.One .tar (Jt Nuiubert) 1 0"
nfflfe Vce In alt mhitrihtrt i tr feiffrf
arfe or Cn tHa.
The Vulunie of the utir heln will) the tint
Number rr January of eanh year. When no lnn(
It iiietttlnned, it will be umlrritooj thh tho cuU
ictlher wUhra to ootDmenoe wnb the Nttm-ifr neit
I i
r i i'uni-1
ffau.-,,-.- !, iu
I I a-i-il-hlV
at iff the receipt of ord-f.
'1 he laat 1'Wflloe Annual Volume f H tnrtf 't
)n teat ftlotb blndlo(, will be l by
meil, patte paid, or by espi, free of eipfnue
(provided ihe frt-l)ht duet nat eioeed dollar
t-r voliiinc), for $ 08 eacb.
CI nth t'aiet fr ea-b ?liune. iullaM far Mod
Inr. "HI be teat by In til, nun paid, on rtcelpl t
1.40 each.
Keiotitauoet thould bo made by P-itnifiee
M oaay Uider or Ural t, tu ovoid chance ef !
it'tmp fru art f mnpf (Ait ore--(te-wet
Haet ite ep'tei erder o li a fen Hauiatrt
AdurtM, OAHI fcU A ItKOKI fBr1,
hum Vurk.
PoMaVir T, lis Ml