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Gioroi B. Goodlandkr, Editor.
Rod.r, If 70S nil to koow whl ll joins o
1b th. world, lull rood oor tdv.rrUiBf
olama,, tao SptMal ooramn in portlouUr.
Democratic Stale Ticket.
Democratic County Ticket !
JO nn L CI'TTl.H, of Clwd.ld Boroub.
JOI1N W. WRK1LEV, of CloirH.lil Borough.
tor county commissioners:
JOHN T. STRAW, of F.rtaion Towmhlp.
JOHN PICARD, of CoTlugton Townibip.
FOR COUNTY auditors:
RKUBKN PTRAW, of Jordu Towmhlp.
JOHN W, HOWS, of Uwranot Towmhlp.
Dr. JOHN 6. KANE, of DoBoll Borooh.
An exchange pertinently asks, who
ii now bonofitted by Edmunds' "lottory
of assassination 1"
Hon. Andrew (i. Curtin, our mcrn
ber of Congross, is said to bo suffering
from a serious allliotion of tho oyes,
The Kepublican papers are all as
dnmb as an oyster in regard to Mr.
Wolfo's candidacy. By reading the
Raftsman's Journal ovor wo would not
know that thero is such a man in ox
istonco as Charlos S. Wolfo, a Repub
lican, who is warring against tho Cam
eron Republicans.
Fabnell Arrested. Chas. Farncll,
leader of the Irish Land League, has
boen arrostod in Ireland and put in
prison in Dublin. Tbo Irish Capitol
is bristling with bayonets, tho guard
beintt doubled. A revolution is ex
pected to break ont almost any time.
The Oldest. Tho death of John A
Cuthbort,at Mobilo, takosaway notonly
theoldost cx-Congressman, but tho man
whoso service in Congress antedates
that of all other men. He represented
Georgia in Congress in 1820 and 1821.
His commission was issued on the lfith
day of Doccmbor, 1813. At that timo
Georgia was represented by soven
members. Tho veteran lawyer s ago
at the timo of his death was ninety
four. Office socking has sot in as lively as
aftor tho inauguration of Garfiold. An
entire now Cabinot is mentioned among
the possibilitieo of the week. As a
break will soon be made by tho retire
ment of Secretary Windom and Attor
ney General MacVeagh, it is believed
tho whole slate will be sont in with tho
names of thoir successors. Who those
men will be is more guess-work, which
can bo indulged in by anybody.
"Shinny on your own sido" used to
be a standard remark when wo were a
boy; but now they shinny all around.
Gonoral Baily, the Camoron Republi
can nominee for Stato Treasurer, how
ever, it a confirmed third termer, and
belongs to the Grant gang, which poll
ed 30G votes in the Chicago Conven
tion last year for that hero, statesman,
tramp, etc. This Radical nominee for
State Treasurer, having alliod himsolf
with tho third-termors, has now made
it obligatory on himsolf to rise and
explain why this is thus.
Mr. Noiile Accepts. Hon. Orango
Noble, our candidate for Stato Treas
urer, has written a lottor in which ho
accepts tho nomination. The lettor in
full, with that of the Committee, is
published in another plaeo in this issue.
Mr. Noblo defines his position vory
nicely. His declarations are not pro
lix and of empty sound, but they aro
right and to tho point. Mr. Noble's
chances for election to the office of
Stato Treasurer on tho 8th of Novom
ber are very promising.
On Thursday last tho Republicans
n the United States Senalo removed
Sonator Bayard as President pro tern.
and substituted David Davis, ol Illinois.
They dread the loss of power, which
was fully manifested in this act. Mr.
Davis is an Independent Republican,
and if they don't regret placing him
in the position he now occupies, a
great many ol our lellow countrymen
will be very much disappointed. Mr.
Davis resigned his position on tho
United Btatcs Supremo Bench, to bo
eloctod United States Senator from
Illinois. This was done by the Re
publicans to get him off the Supreme
Bench, so that the Hayes fraud might
be perpetralod successfully. Now they
want blm to hold the balance of power
in thoir own partisan issues. Will he
do It T We will seo.
The Assassin Arraigned. Guitcau
was arraigned on Friday, and Judge
Cox fixed tho trial lor Monday, No
vember 7th. Guiteou was brought in
to Court before Judge Cox, attended
by Marshal Honry and Doputy Will
iams. The prisioner appeared very
weak and trembled violontly. Ho
stood during tho reading of the indict
tnont, which was Tory long and con
sumed nearly thirty-lire minutes in tho
reading. When aakod to plead be
hesitated and finally pleaded not guilty.
He attempted to mako a spoooh, but
tho Court told him he would havo
timo for that after awhile. Alongdit
oussioa in regard to a continuance fol
lowed between Mr. Scovillo and Dis
Irioi Attorney Corkhill, and the Court
ifinatty set the trial for November 7th.
Thore was a large crowd in court, but
no disturbance aroso, and curiosity
eemed to be the only impulse moving
'the crowd, lie was taken to and from
' the jail in an ordinary barouche.
The Diimorral of Clearfield county,!
at thoir recent County Convention,
nominated excellent men to fill tho
several county office at the approach
ing election. Personally, we have
known all of the nominees for over
twenty y oars, except Dr. John 8. Kane,
of DuISois, our nominee for Coroner.
Tho selection of John L. Cittle,
Ksq., ol Clearfield borough, and John
Hockenberry, of Chest township, for
Associate1 Judges, was right, and no
belter selection could have been made.
They are both pure and undoflledDcm
ocrats, competent in every way to fill
the office, and are judiciously located.
They are deserving and ought to re-
ooive the vote of every Democrat in
tho county. Mr. Cuttle is a lawyer,
and during tho past few years hus been
engaged considerably in land survey
ing. Ho is well acquainted with tho
lay of the land and is favorably known
by tho people throughout the county,
and will render valuable asHistanco in
our Courts. Mr. Uookenuerrt is a
farmer and lumberman by learning
and experience, and thorotore is also
practically educated for the position.
Domocrats, vote for Cuttle and Hock-
eniierhy on tho 8tb of November, and
in the moanlimo talk an I work in
their favor.
John W. Wriuley, our candidate
for Treasurer, is a native of Clearfield
county, and a young man of excellent
business qualifications. He is exten
sively known throughout the county,
having done yeoman scrvico in work
ing fur his party. Ho has been an
earnest and faithful laborer, working
night and day when necessary. Ho is
entitled to tho friendship and support
of ovory Domoerat in tho county,
which we trust ho will get. Mr. Wrio.
ley's social and business qualifications
are such as to endear him with all who
make his acquaintance His opponent
(Mr, Kllis) is a clever and accommo
dating gentleman, but be is not entitled
to Democratic votes on that account.
Remember, and give John W. Wrio-
ley your hearty support for Troasurcr
on tho fith of November next. Ho
will make a good and fitilhful officer.
county commissioners.
Our nominees for County Commis
sioners are John T. Straw, of Fergu
son township, and John 1'icaiuj, of
Covington township. They are both
irood farmers and cxcollcnt men of
business. Mr. Straw belongs to a rep
resentative family scattered through
tho townships of Ferguson, Jordun,
Knox, and tho entire middle portion of
the county. He has boen a Democrat
all bis life, true as tho needle is to tho
polo. He is ontillod to and will re
ceive tho support of every Democrat
in tho county. He should havo tho
Bupport of every honest man, because
he is upright in all his ways and will
carry his personal integrity with him
into tho Commissioners' office, where
tho rights of the taxpayors need the
undivided attontion of vigilant guar
dians. Mr. Ficarii, our other nomi
neo for Commissioner, in substance,
can claim a record similar to what wo
have said of his companion on tho
ticket. Ho is an honest, tried and
truo gentleman, a good Democrat, ac
commodating and "polite as a French
man." Ho belongs to a representative
family scattered over tho northern
portion of the county, in tho townships
of Covington, Girard and Karthaus.
Mr. Ficard is of French descent, and
belongs to a noblo class of people. Tho
French and Americana havo boen very
warm frionds ever since tho battle of
Yorktown, Ya., in 1781, the one hun
dredth anniversary of which is now
being celebrated. Straw and Ficard
will servo tho people in a conscientious
mannor, doing what they can for tho
best intorcsts of tho county and its
taxpayors. They deserve to rocoivo
handsomo majorities at the forthcom
ing election. Don't forget to havo
Straw and I'icard for County Com
missioners on your ticket, and voto for
them on tbo 8lh of November next.
county auditors.
For this important but not lucrative
office we have John W, Howe, of Law
rence township, and Reuben Straw,
of Jordan township. Thcso gentlemen
are careful business men, good with
figures, and will perform their duties,
if elected, in a neat, careful and satis.
factory manner, Mr. Howe has serv
ed as Clerk to the County Commission
ers for a number of years in a very ac
ceptable manner, and of his ability
there can be no doubt. Mr. Straw is
an old of tho county, and will
be of valuable service in figuring up
tho receipts and expenditures of tho
county. Go to the polls on Tuesday,
Novembor 8th, and vole for John W.
Howe and Reuben Straw for Audi
tors. county coroner.
Dr. John S. Kane, of DuBols bor
ough, was tho choice of the Conven
tion for tho office of County Coroner,
Tho writer is not personally acquaint
ed with the Doctor, but enough has
been beard of Lira from responsible
parties to know that he can bo heartily
endorsed by every Democrat, and Re.
publican too, in Clearfield county.
The office of Coroner Is a vory respon
sible position ; for in case of the death
of the nigh ShorifT, the Coroner would
be entitled to fill the unexpired term.
It, therefore, bohoovos us to pnt good
men on the ticket for that office. Dr.
Kane will fill the bill. Go to the polls
and give him your vote on the 8th of
November next
Thus have we briefly sketched our
county standard bearers that our read- j
era may give them thoir thoughtful
and iMindid consideration. They are
nil men who cun bo approved of and
heartily endorsed by every voter in
t.'kaitleld county. They have receiv-
d tho nomination fairly, und now let
us give them our undivideil support,
from Mr. Noble down to Dr. Kane.
I'on't scratch or trade one solitary
name, and then you will havo nothing
to regret. The campaign will not bean
enthusiastic one this Kali, but effective
work must be dono by us, because
our opponent are availing themselves
of every intrigue and opportunity to
steal into power. Let nothing prevent
you from going to the polls on-eloction
day, and see that your Democratic
noieliliors irot thero too. Then wo
will carry victory on our bannors and
our hoarts will bo inado glad.
Senator Edmunds (Republican), of
Vermont, arrayod himself in opposition
to tho election of a President pro tern.
on Monday, tho 10th inst., until after
three new Republican Senators were
sworn in. In tho courso of his re
marks bo stated that "the Domocrats
aro attempting to grusp a prize made
possible to them by an assassination."
That is a wound that had better not
be torn open, now that it is scared
over. Senator Vest (Democrat), of
Missouri, replied to these mean insinu
ations slid promptly criticised the Ian
guage used by Mr. Edmunds. Mr.
Yost said : "Tho foul lips of tho assas
sin who had struck down tbo 1'resi
dent had had upon them no invocation
for Domocrntio success, but tho invo
cation bad been for a faction of tho
Republican party. If thoro was re
sponsibility for crime directly or In
directly, it rested upon his politic ll op
poncnts aud not with the Democratic
party. He chargod no one, but the
insinuation that tho Democrats of the
country had anything but tears for tho
dead President, sorrow for his family
and execration for tho miserable assas
sin, ho declared wasabsolutely false. He
contended, in tho courso of further re
marks, it was tho duty of tho Demo
cratic Senators to elect a President pro
tan. and recalled the phase so ofton
quoted at tho lust session of the Sen
ate that the 'voice of the constitutional
majority is the voice of God.' Tho
constitutional majority to day happen.
cd to be on tho Democratic sido, and
of courso, in tbo opinion of his Repub
lican friend, its voice was scarcely di
vine utterance."
The Elections. Tho oloctions held
in tho States of Ohio and Iowa on
Tuesday of lust week resulted in tho
election of tho Republican tickot, but
by greatly reduced majorities. The
Legislatures in both States aro Repub
lican. Gov. Fostor was re elected in
Oftio by about 18,000. Tho Republi
cans carried the Stato by about 19,000
lust October and by 31,000 lust No
vember. The vote in the Stato falls
over 100,000 short of that of last year,
when 730,000 votes were cast. There
are this year 15,000 Prohibition and
500 Greenback votes, both greatly in
excess of lust year. Fostor this year
ran bobind the balance of tho State
In Iowa, Sherman, the Republican
candidate for Governor, wu9 elected by
38,000 over tho Democratic candidate
Ohio and Iowa aro joined to their
idols and eventually tho pcoplo will
suffer by oppression, tyranny and
theft. The Philadelphia Timet echoos
our views oxactly when it says : "Tho
Republicans saved Ohio becauso tho
Stato tickot represented tho honest
Garfield Republican cloment of tho
party, and tho sacrod memory of a
martyr President gavo the Republi
cans victory. In Pennsylvania tho
Stalwart machine bosses defy the poo
plo and tho Garfield Republicans aro
in rebellion. Tbo samo causes which
elected Foster in Ohio, will defeat
Daily in Pennsylvania."
Guiteau'i AutoihooraI'HY. Gui
lean, the assassin, has written a full
account of his murder of President
Garfiold, describing with much partic
ularity how be dogged tho lato Presi
dent. It will bo found in full on
tho first pago of tho Republican to
day. This "autobiography," as it Js
called, seems to havo boon gotten up
to aid Guiteau in his defense of insani
ty, leaving pooplo to conclude that no
sane man would confess and thus pub
lish bis crimo before his trial. Ho af
fects that ho killed the President from
political and patriotic motives. It is a
cold-blooded narration. Goo. Scovillo,
his counsel, is tuking this courso in his
detonso. It remains to bo soen what ef
fect it will have upon tho jury which
will try hiiu.
Tbo Democratio candidato for Stat
treasurer, Urange JNoulo, is a repre
sentative in the present State Legisla-
ture from the city of Erie, having boen
elected last Fall over the Republican
candidato in that strong Republican
city. Mr. Noblo was also elected
Mayor of Krio from RG7 to 1871.
This shows that he Is not only strong
with the Democracy, but can count on
a generous support from his Republi
can neighbors, who are in a position
to appreciate his business capacity and
Charles S. Wolfe, the Independent
Republican candidate for Stato Tress
uror, dclivorcd a speech at Tyrone last
Friday ovening. As has boon the case
wherever bo has held meetings, the
onlhnsiasm ran high. Tho bowl of
this Wolfo is evidontly making it lively
for the ring mastors of the Republican
circus. Tbo contest seems to be nar
rowing down botwoon Noblo and Wolf?
IW Baily I
Immediately aftor tho reading of the
journal on Tuesday of last woek, Mr,
Aldrich, of Rhodo Island, was sworn
in as United Senator to fill tho vacancy
occasioned by the ijeath of General
Burnside, and Messrs. Luphata and
Miller were sworn In to lake the places
of Conkling and "me too" Flail.
Thero is a rumor that Laphain is to
bo takon into Arthur's Cabinot, and
Conkling appointed by the Governor
to Lapham's seat In the Senate. Oh
the tricks of Republican scliemon-w
and these schemers the loaders and
head of the party I Can a country so
ruled expect to be blest ?
Senator Edmund, the present Re
publican kailer at Washington, tie
nounrcd lb" election ol II r. Ilaysnl n
President of tho Seimle us a prim
drawn by the Democracy in the lottery
of assassinulion. Sir. Edmunds, says
the Now Yolk .Sun, seems to forget
that tho assassinulion was entirely
RrtHiWican. GiirU-usi, tl.o ilcir.oniftf
murderer who fired the deadly shot at
President Garfield, is, like Mr. Ed
mund, an ultra Republican. He sujB
ho was divinely inspired to kill the
President in order to re unite the quar
relling factions of the Republican par
ty. Except by his murder, he could
not seo any other means of keeping
tho Democracy out of power.
So fur as can be gathered fiom their
public utterances, Guiteau and Ed
munds seem to be about equally irra
tional regarding tho renlts that might
follow from tho restoration of the De
mocracy to tbo control of the Govern
ment. Both tbo assussin and Senator
regard tho Republicau party as a kind
of divino institution. Tho ono mur
dered tho President because of his in-
sano delusion. 1 no oilier furiously
donouncos the Democracy for exercis
ing their constitutional and legal right
in tho election ol Thomas I . Hay ard
to be President of the Senate.
It is an absuid stretch of fanatical
partisanship on Iho part of Mr. Ed
munds; hut this absurdity is much less
culpable than tho act of the samo Ed
munds in 1870, when ho conspired
with others, in sonio respects worse
than himself, to set asido the Presi
dential election, and to put Rutherford
B. Hayes into the office to which S. J.
Tilden bad boen chosen. Then bo
was ready to commit an unheard-of
crimo to keep out the Democrats
Now his conduct is less utivclous, but
his spirit is the same. It Is note
spirit of high patriotism or of sound
The Brooklyn (iN. l ) limes is a
Republican organ ami volunteers ad
vice after this style :
"Wo foci very sure of this) that any
serious departure from the spirit and
purpose of Garfield's administration
will ho resisted with overwhelming
force and energy by the people; and if
Arthur yields to his old associates and
attempts a change tho same results
will follow that succeeded Andrew
Johnson's accession, and in tho end it
will be said that it hud boen better for
Arthur if ho bad never been born, or
that a inillslono hud been hnnged about
his neck and that ho had been cast into
the deplh of tho sen, rather than thai
lie slioulu have been made Lonlchug s
candidate forYioe President at Chicago,
and Guileuu's candidate lor the Presi
dency aftor Conkling's resignation from
tho Senate. We say this, because we feel
suro that Arthur's administration in
such contingency will proven more help.
less und a more miserable failure tbiin
tho administration of uny Vice Presi
dent wo havo yet had. The only man
who has it in bis power to prevent litis is
President Arthur himself. It he is the
man for the crisis ho will soon dem
onstruto tho fact, and if ho does show
it ho will only bo exceeded in ullimuto
success and popular fuvnr by his im
mediate success end popular luvor by
bis immediate predecessor. There are
two ways open before President Ar
thur. Tho country is waiting to see
which of tho two ho will choose."
Official Kotlflratlon of Hlfe Nomination,
PiTTsBURun, Pa., Oct. 3, 1881.
To the lion. Orange Soble :
Dear Sir: We havo been author
ir.od by tho Democratic Stato Conven
tion, which mot at Williamsporl on
tho 28th day of September last, to
formally announce to you tho action
of that body in nominating you to the
important offico of State Treasurer of
It must be a source of gratification
for you to know that your selection
by tho convention as n stumlurd bearer
of the party and the representative of
ils principles in tho present campaign
was made from n largo number of the
most reputublo gotillcmcn ul' the Statu,
tho nomination of any one of w hom
would have reflected ciodll upon the
It is also a fact worthy of note thut
in thcso times of political jugglery
your nomination was uninfluenced by
faction, corrupt combinations or l o.-s
dictation, which are over abhorrent to
Domocratic ideas, but wu accin;plish
cd by tho representatives of tho party,
acting freely in tho oxurciso ol their
judgment us to ils best interests, and
iho will of tho majority thus expressed,
finally rnlified by the unanimous voice
of tho convention.
Vitb every reasonable prospect of
success, ami sustH'neil as you will bo
by a united parly, you toir.o befiiro
tho peoplo under tho most auspicious
circumstances and enter upon the race
without any weight or hindrance to
besot your way to ultimate success.
And in Iho event of election wo nro
assured that the solemn pledges mudo
by tho convention to tho people, in
the resolutions adopted, will be by you
redeemed ; thut you will hold tlm ol
11 cc as a sacred trust from the people ;
and that tho rigid administration of
tho finances ol the ntato inaugurated
by you will mark the end of ihe power
and influence ol ttio "1 reasury King
in Pennsylvania,
yery truly your obedient servants,
Geo. W. Miller.
Geo. McUoyAtf.
W. J. Hrennan.
P. F. Connolly.
Ii. E. James
Erie, Pa., Oct. 10, 1881.
Messrs. Geo. II'. Miller, Geo. MeGowan,
W. J. Rrennan, P. F. Connelly anil R.
E. James, Committee
Gentlemen: Your letter formally
notifying me of my nomination for
Stale Treasurer by tho recent Demo
cratic Stato Convontion at Williams
nort would have boon answered sooner
out for unavoidable absonce from homo.
You say that it is a high compli
ment to have been mado the nominee
when so many worthy gontlomen
wero competitors for tbo position, I
am gratified to know that the rivalry
for the nomination was of the most
friendly character, both before and
during tho sessions of tho Convention,
and assure yon that, if the cholco bad
fallen upon any one of the candidates,
my friends and myself would havo
given him a ready and active support.
The rejection fo which you so appro
priately refer that thi nomination
"was uninfluenced by faction, corrupt
combinations or boss dictation" adds
very much to my appreciation of the
1 accept the nomination with a full
understanding of tho responsibility it
imposes, and pledge myself that if tho ,
contidenco reposed in me try tho Uon
Tm,iion Is ratiflod bv the oeonlo thev
' shall not bo disappointed in thoir just
oxpeelulioi.s Tbo Treasury will bo
administered as "a sacred trust from
the people;" care will be taken to em
ploy ihiiiu but pure, competent and
triiKtworlliy men; the records of tho
otlico will always lie open fir (he most
rigid scrutiny ; the corrupt "lings"
will be diH-oiiiiietiunccd ; arid ihe con
stant t ll'ort will lie to reduce expenses,
collect Ihu revenues impartially, und
in trciy way pos-ible to promote the
i,iili-rets ol tho State. Not a dollar
ll.ut docs not legitimately belong to
fnu ... Iukcii Its A imiCul die
compensation of the office.
ihu platform is one ol Ihu boldcr-t
and soundest that has been adopted
lV a Convention of any parly in Penn
sylvania for many years. Those por
tions especially which relate to the
rights, unties and control ol the grout
corporations are in uccord with my
mo long convictions, and I cannot
doubt that they will be approved by
the people. Vt bile 1 would not take
from any corporation a single right
that propui ly belongs to il, I insist, in
common with most of the business
men, farmers and mechanics of the
Slute, that none shull be above the law,
thut monopolies must not bo tolerated
and that the "greatest good of tho
greatest number" must be the supreme
object of the Government.
Having illume no pledges of patron
ago during irto canvass lor the nomi
nation, and being determined to con
tinue the same policy until the close
of tho campaign, 1 will be free, in tho
event of my election, to make such
appointments us will best advance the
principles above staled 1 have no
enemies to punish und will know no
factions in the selection of my subor
dinates. With ttunks to Ihu Convention and
kind regards lor each of tho committer,
I am yours truly,
Okaniie Noble.
The uuxicendof President Gailicbl
bus invested bis memory with so.much
sympathy fir the suffciingof Hie mull
und so Dutch indignulion lor the assas
sinatiot: of tho President that men uro
not disposed to carry their recollec
tions backward beyond the 2d of July,
1881. Anterior to that date it wus
the politician und party leader that
filled with different considerations the
minds ( f Iho people subsequent to
that (late it wus the dastardly assault
upon fie President of Iho United
Slutei, and the cowardly assassination
of the man, his sufferings, his fortitude,
bis patience, and the womanly sorrow
and the anguish of bis devoted wife
tbut cast a veil over the past anil in
vested the dtad man and President
with tbo halo of martyrdom. Hut
President Arthur's inaugural, promis
ing "that the nulion shall profit by his
(Garfield's) example und experience,"
may render inquiry iulo tho past neo
cssury in order to discover whut the
future hus in store for ihu country.
Tho "exnniplo and experience" of Mr.
Garfield us President was of too short
duration to be made the policy of an
administration. From tho 4lh of
Mulch to tho 2d ol July bis whole oc
cupation wus willi tho "spoils system"
ol his party and with seeking howlio
could by "recognition" in Ihe distribu
tion of patronage discharge his obliga
tions to that wing ol the party which
by defeating Gon. Grunt's nomination
nt Chicago hud secured bis preferment.
His "example and experience" in that
particular mil not no lound wanting
hy I'resnlent Arthur, nor will the pres
ident reguil the appointment of Rob
ertsoti to the eollectorship ol the port
ol Now York as a matter likoly to be
"gurnered in tho hearts ot the people.
Nothing else of Importance was doitu
in the tour active months of President
Gurlluld'a administration. The per
functory prosecution of tho star-route
swindlers was more a matter of prom
iso lliun performance, la which ihore
was very IMtle ot "example and expe
rience." What President Garfield
would havo d mo bad life and health
been lell to him mutt ever remain a
ir.ottor of opinion, shaped and formed
hy personal admiration and colored
and loned by that halo of martyrdom
that will over surround bis name and
memory . As an administrative model
for President Arthur the four months
ot President Garfield's execulivo lile
furnish neither eiumplo nor ex peri
enco. Tho allusion to the dead Presi
dent In tho inaugural was beautiful
and graceful, but will not form the
basis of a pledge, nor was it intended
as the promise ot a model hy the Pres.
Though elected by tho samo party
the President and Vice President were
as "wido apart" as it was possiblo for
iwo men ol ihe same parly to bo. Un
was the opponent ol the third termers,
the other one of their leaders; aud
this was the rock against which the
administration collided when tirsl set
adrift. The President and Vice Presi
dent separated over the nomination of
Judge Komrlson. II Juilgo Hubert
son had made General Gurilcld's notn
inulion possiblo at Chicago, Mr. Ar
thur's Iricnds had made his election
certain whero defeat wus almost ac
cepted by the party. Thus there wero
"services" rendered by both wings
and when tho "services" of on wing
wero recognized and rewarded, and
tbo "sci vices of the othor wing repu
dialed and punished, Mr. Arthur and
his frionds felt deeply what they re
garded a wrong and ungralelul. Such
"examplo and experi mco" is not likely
to be appreciated. Thoro did not
exist between General Garfield and
Gen. Arthur that political sympathy
which would make the latter tho polit
ical administrator ie. bonis mm of the
j'oritier. But turning over to Mr,
Illuiiie, as tiie icsiuuury legatee of lien,
(inrlleld, tho unfinished work of the
dead President, Mr. Arthur will form
and shape his own policy and call
around him those who, in the languago
of Mr. MacVeagh, have "heretofore
sustained relations of political svmpa
iby with him." To this he would be
driven, even If indisposed to tuko that
course, hy tho hall brood wing of bis
party, I ho sods havo not been
smoothed ovor the Bravo of tho dead
President before tho half breeds have
seized upon his name as tho rallying
call or that taction. The Now York
Tribune rejoices ovor "Ihe splendid
fight made by tho Garfielil Republicans
in isroouu n sgauut Sir. Uonkllng,
and rends President Arthur a lecture,
tho meaning of w hid) it is plain to
understand Is that If the President
stands by his friends in New York
State ; il he does not abandon the men
wilh whom bis whole political life has
been identified ; if he does not use the
power and patronage ot bis adminis
tration to defeat Mr. Conkling in the
Ucpiilmcan htulo jonve;ton. llo"(iur
field Republicans" will "instantly an
peal to tho people and submit their
case to Iho jiidgmont ol the support
crs of President Garfield throughout
Iho country.' The Jrwune lorgets
that its "lion" is dead that his pat
ronage is gout that his name and
memory, though treasured as national
heirlooms to be handed down in speech
and book, aro nevertheless utterly
powerless in politics. Il Is the risen
sun in whoso warm rays Republicans
delight to bask and refresh themselves.
II is Ins patronage that j their inher
itance, and while they weep over Gar
field and lament his untimely end,
they will smile on Arthur and rejoioo
in his ability to reward their services.
Haeb Is Republican human nature
liammote nmetic
I ' a
Mrs. Margaret Noughlun, (ho oldest
citir.en of the Slate ol Illinois, died at
Danville, in that State, on tho )lth
inst. She was said t be nearly 116
yoara old. She was born in County
Mayo, Ireland, in 17u'U.
A quantity of bees, destined for
Ontario, Canada, have been received:
in London from Cyprus. Tin v weie
let out near Loudon I t a fly, and ul
terwurd re packed tor llio rcn u'loleri
of i heiil journey. They nv toiived(
in s'nall Imixch, partly ttvered wilbj
piiloiiucl mcta!, n. I am provided
with honey mi. I water. A limiho l
coiiMigrmieiil of llii. unusual freight!
was sueceShtiiMy f-owar.lid l C.i a in (
lut your.
Tue VYiliiall.)'rl .-mociaii.- foli-l
vculion has mude an sI.miIuio irre-j
proaclialiluseleeiioo in naming Urungo
N'ohle us Statu Treasurer. He is one
of the most able and popular business
men of the Stale well acquainted wilh
public business, carelul, sagacious and'
worthy the confidence of iho people.
Ills a strong nomination. No man
need be ashamed ol voting tor such a
mau for Stale Treasurer. Enttnn Ex
press, Republican.
Heavy Bond Roiiuery. On Satur
day night Oct. 10th, robbers entered
the store of Nicholas Gilfert, of Lick
ingville, this Slate, und stole bond und
cash to tbo amount of ?h',0(IO. Tho
safe wus broken open with a sledge
hammer and cold-chistl. As Iho job
was roughly executed thero is little
doubl that tho work was done by am
ateur?. Tho bonds are not registered.
A reward is offered for tho nrresl ol
tho robbers. As yet no clue has been
Good Advice. Il you keep your
stomach, liver und kidneys in peifect
working order, you will prevent and
cure by fur the greater part of the ills
that afilii t munkind in tins or any sec
ti"u. There is no medicine known
lio.t will do this us quickly or surely
as Parker's Ginger Tonic, which will
secure a perfectly natural action of
these important organs without inter
fcring in tho least with your daily du
ties. See adCeitisement. 9 28 -11.
ilw dvrrtHcmcats.
IL ft&l A. '4 It? Pi inter i. a new
bonk, full ot In form at ion, bj an old Printer. Ii
I ticsumfully illustra- mm w - ul flnt Joh
tfrl n t gitui MiDplfl IUmP B'bV Pm tint
1 tic colurml plle ii a Ono i'(urc und worth Uie
tnr of tht took. Henri for it tt one. )
M.H h)brrw, Pub. Knrbeater, N V,7W.
VI ill KHI'H NOTICK. N'otico in Wejb;
given (bat 8. T. Iircltbunk, Auditor un
pointed bj tb Ciiurt, If) dip ie ol I ha oinnption
bkil to Ihe arouuot of the Kioontora ol tlx atat
of Joh A. Cadell, lata of 1'ihe townabtp,
dscaaie'i, will atteo'i t tho dutiri of bit appoint
ment at bi offica In I'lesi-IiHii brtmuirli, nt 1
oVLiflk P. M. on MONDAY. MiVKMItKK T T 11,
ibi, wtttn aad when all parti m lotrrrjittid may
Clearfield, Ta., Ost. IHth, ISSI 5t.
(1 AIJTICIN.a-AH pcrinnn art berbj warned
J aKAlnt purchnioft or in any wny mrOitiing
wilh tli following prri.iDiil rrnp-rty, now in tit
p-iiei-ion of rHMl'EIj MOollK, of Lumber
CUT, vii: Ont itove, 1 cupboard. 1 itenHon
table, t beiU, and other article! not uo-aar)r lo
mtmioD. in aiiove property wt purchan.l hy
tie, and I have left them with tho aaid Htimml
Moi.ra oo loan onlr, ru-joi-l lo my order at any
tima. UKKHlillLK.
Lumber City, Pa., Oat. IV, ISsl-IU
TKTRAY IIKII'-rn.-PtrayBd frmo tht
j premim of tht utidjr ijtned, rriuin in
I.uthrbtir, on nr ab 'Ut Austin Itt, IkmI, m
MI!T ItllUWN IIKIKKK. th-ea vran ..Id neit
Hprirg, hnrrti about tight tnrbei long, will prob
ably wrigh 750 poundi, and fai io good coo-ii-tion.
Any parann furnlhing any information
will be liberally rewarded by addreMing
Lutherf lurp, IV
October IV, lfi-ot.
Xoliec in Divorce.
8 A! Jaxi Ogdwh,
ity her Deit friend.
J oMM C. Rkxii,
W.8. Oai'ia.
I In Common Pleai
) of Clenrfieid emoty.
J No. 2Hi January
Ad allu tahpwna Id this sate having been rt
turned, Defendant nit found. Ontlpfl if horcbr
(Wen to Defendant to appear at the nett Court
of Com mo d Pleat to b held on the Xd Monday of
November, and ibow hmm, If an? ha hat, why
the lihellaot thotlld nit be dirorflu).
Clear5tdt Pa., Oct. 19, 18S1 4t.
Farm for Sale !
THR nndernifrnrd nffort for tale ONE III'N
DKKD ACKKH of bit line farm ultuated
io Lawrenoe townnhip, Clearfield otiinty, p , oo
the main road leading from Olearflell borough lo
Antonrilla. There it abiut 80 aoret cleared and
under food cultivation, with two good omhardt
of choice fruit, a good tpring of pure water, and
anew frame bouta, I6x?0 lee t, and other out
buildings, and alio thereon timber and board for
a barn. The farm it nnderlild with THKKK
VK1NH OF COAL. The under veia la bow
open. For further particular toll on J. F.
MoKcnrlck, fciq , in Clearfield, or on tht protn
itet where the underaigned now reide.
Curwentvllle, Pa., Out. IV, 18s-tim
Notice, U hereby siren that an atinlicatlon
will b made ander the Act of Aitomhlv of the
Commonwealth of Ponnay Ivatifa entitled "An
Ant to provide for tht incorporation of and rtf u'a
tion of otrtain oorpnrationt," approtad April !,
174, and Ihe Aett tuppltmentary thereto, forthe
cbarlar of an Intended corporation to be oalled
"Tlia New Vorh and Penntylraaia Coal Com
pany," the character n1 object of which it to
purchate and leape enal landt, to open minet
therein and work the tame, to mine, prepare for
market, ablp tranport and buy and !! eal,
cone, eoai out i ana tuei man u tactured tticretfoio,
and for thene purpnact to bare, pnepa and enjov
all the rirhtt, beuefltt and prlvileset conferred
by the ra:d Act of A-regibly and Ihe fuppleineatr
XKAO A PETfT, S-'iclt.
aio Walnut ot., Phiia.
0-. 19, ISsI t.
VOTICK. In the e.iite of HeoUn Netman.
i.1 lo the Orphans' Court of the eouul) of
tiearntia, ri.
To BtMi RL McCt ira asw Jonv II athokii :
Taka notict that yoo are reqm-ed to appear In
our taid Court on the Hth dy of Norem e, A.
D. lHol, or thaw ot Die, If any nU hure, why a
dti-'rea of tpfjcina perfrat.nct tfaou Id not be
entered on the nttitim ot II. D Rend Ut"fccl
Neiman.Arlmioiitraion of Kcuben Neiiutn. dee'd.
with U. W. llallaKher and Miry, Jallchf r,
wuow ot Janiei liallngber, deceated, upon a con
tract datel April Hth, lh7l, for lint certain lot
ituale is New Wanhinfton borinib, licntaning
at a poal oa alley at corner of trhool h-mne lot :
thence luuih 6:iJ degrees 15! feet to pott on
Washington rtreet : thence north along W athing
ton street 4Jlj degrees eatt 97 feet to put ; thence
along alley tu.h 1J degrees -e-t hi a-l frst to
not and pliot of beginning.
JA6. MAHAFFLV, High Cher iff.
HbenB i OCice, Clvarhald, Pa , Oct. lb, (t 3t.
Tb News From
Boots and Shoes
jals and GapJS
(hut's hzi kii
TJiat Ever Came Into the
c;i:o. t. toi w.iiKHinL.
ClaarleU, Pa., Ispl. II, 1188-If.
Mnr tU'frtbfmrnts.
MOSKY TO LOAN. Od trtt olaaa (m
provrd firm prt'prr'v. by the Mutual Li l
Ihturnii-'a n-"T' ..t N w York, on ftrnt inrt
fair, Po-ut (f- in l.m-0 . F"T further in
furiltWti'H) I'pi'lj til thff iiridirMigt'tvf.
C!oaiuld I' -, My 7th. iHTtf tf
(tlMMl ,i ri of bi uin'O -u e -ul Und ilot In j
) Mnt'liwld u;i.y. A i i'CM (tie tin riied j
itaiititc li'.M'lnn, n jtn Vf of tn-r , ii'iu'wr an 1 U e -nf
vf an t IMai"l O jd rat leu 1 'ir rlrf. V -
prioo. J. F. tiNVUKK, I
Aitorrnr at Law. i
CiltNiinn, Va, Sept. 7th, tail tf.
IXi'XI'TOH'M NOTU'R-NuilatU ber.
J bv e-tven that Lrttrr !! AUifp'arr on tht
tat of 1JKNUY HA.NTZ, lata of Heady tp.,
Cloarlkld onunly, Penimylvaoia , defeated, hav
ing bre.Q duly giantrd to ttia unleriigiid, all
par' ni indibted to mid ertate will pleat make
immailiet pitTDteiit, and limit hiving claim or
dem and i agaimt the tan will frrfent them
pruptrlj auihfiitidtttd fi r ftttlcmeat.
JAMt:a RAinKKit,
Luther-bury, IV, Oct. Itl, 181 Ct.
i I Ii Alt IMIt. -Nol.u- U benby given
that application will bt made uu ler Ilia pmvieinn
of tbit Act of the General AMemMv of I'eaoivl
vania, approved April St, l, and tb topple,
mtnt tl.iruto fur the ertntioo of a oorpjrution to
be known at i be V a'lai etou I ire lirik Cump-itiy,
o ba lor ted at WallaoetOD, In fllearlold ei.unty,
th purpoia and object ( whlcb ahaM be to
wanu(ai.uj- Cre briok and other artist.
Clear A I, 10 19 81-St. Attorney!.
Farm Jot Sale.
Tb utniomicne l ofWa fur tale till fnnu, tilti
a ted In Lawreii" towufhlp, on th eat bnk ol
tb Sueqiif-hnUQft river, where the Hailrnad hridze
c.Ttitttt the river. The. Ian I It river b it tout and
to a g'xjtl Male of cultivation, having been thor
oughly (trtilitcJ. A g"d abd weil-furniibed
houte wltb tiioo ruoini ail piailemd. paiiiti-d and
papernl, with loo houte, uillk hout and otbrr
ouibulldiorft a'ta-he l. A good bank burn, and
a young orchard of Kli treet of oiioiro fruiti let
out upon it. Will bn olJ at a 'air prw and ' n
rtuiouaMu ttrm". 1'i.nMta.on given nt nv time.
(. K. II A It KK J'T.
Oearritd I, Pa , Aaguit 81, lh&l-tl.
Administrators' Sale
Personal Property
rill Kit K wil'b" nip it I to p-ih'lo at tbo
J. ridia.- of Ail 1,7.7,7 )', deecaml,
iu Iii i' id tunh'p. loatflold count), P , on
Thursday, Oct. t!7th, 1SS1,
Tbo foil-, w if f pcrinuil property of naid tlt:ceus d,
via: Al) ut 60 toiii of liny. whtt, rve, i,'t,
corn and buckwheat by the buibel, dn-ihle and
in ((to harnett, honei, wajroni. lie!, plow,
harrow , cjtilo, hogs a.i I tliMp,
Thre fhinjt machine with epartor attached, pfhin
drill, cider prein and mill, long rye rtraw by the
bundle, mai-hiti oati and wheat ttraw. a lot of
choice applet, lot id' lawed lumber, cuminiHg of
pine, oak, maple and linnwool, together with a
general vnty ol farming implement an I houne
ioid gioda and furniture out neciry to mention.
Hale to commnDce at V o'nUi'k A. M. oq taid
day, and continue from dy to day ui;til orrry
tbiDjr, i told. Terra of tale and due etli-ndince
Mill bo gi v q on di of tain br
(iKnti.u; C. KIRK,
Lmbtrltir, Va , Oct. Sth, 11 -It.
Orphans'Court Sale
Farm Property!
IN purniance of n order of llie Orphor.i' Court
ot Cleirfleid aountr, ,, there, will h ct.
potad to public dale at the C''LK.r ll'-USE, in
tho bir.HKQ of CLKAHt'IKLD, on
Monday, Nov. lith, 1881,
At 1 oVork P. M., all the fdlowing real artate
of John IInncofH, lalt ol Pike townbip, taid
county, devaKl, t wit: All that ocrlain tract
or ineMuage of land rituatc in Pike townr-lnp
Oiarold county, Pa , bounded and detenned a
fdluws : Degiiimng at a maple on line of land of
Alexander (Ja dwell ; tbeii.'e n -rth o-i and one.
half degrees went ii perclie ti a white oaW :
tlience wit U.IJ perch on to a put thence south
IT percba to a whit pine stump ; thence ett lii
perches to a while oak bufh ; thunce touth uu 6-lv
percbet to a p ut j then cant T pereh-s to a
nn Mid place of beginning, eoolaining about
1-2 ACHES,
Mora or lea, and adj'iinlng Itndi of Al 'ian lcr
Caldwell, Patrii-k Mullen, Heorje Welch. Jr.'s
state, and others, 'ihe improvements e -ir.sitt of
a two etory plank bouc, lx '.0 feet, alth kitchen
attached, an I a lug barn, 60i;t0 feet. Property
nearly all o lea red and under eulurstioi.
Tft ms of Salt,
One third oftbepurrhsttmoncv and alio tnotifh
of tt residue thereof to cor or Hit coils and foes
incident to said partition and sale, oanh on non
firm at inn of sale ; one-third io one year from date
of tale, and the remaining third thereof a the
leatn of Mary Hancock, widow of said deceased.
Tbo latter two payinouti with their intercut, pay
able annually, to be secure! by band and mort
gage ou ion p rem net.
W. W. litTTS, Trustee.
ClearBeU, Pa., Oil. I, lMl-4i.
Estate of Isaac Bloom, Jr.
T N the matter of the estate 1 In the Orphn
X itioom, jr., late Court ot Uleirfleld
of Pike towoihip, dee'd. j county, I'enn'a
To Henrietta D Elder and lUhert Klder, her hus
band, residing at or nenr Concord, Hancock
county, Iowa; Jennie rt. Jones and Warren
Jones, her husband, residing at or near A Iden,
Harden euoty, Ilai.nih R, Law n and
John Lemon, ber cuiband. residing near Ma
hatlfy, ClearneM county, I'a ; Klorme Pritch
IrdandJ.H. I'ritcbitrd, btr huiband, residing
at or near Dotmnnd, Wrlglit count r, lnwa ;
sUnffnie lioovcrand N L II i iver. her hubnd,
remiipc at Lultui. Clearfield o-untr, Pnn'a. ;
Hello llunhranl W S. II it.:vr, bur hus'iind.
residinr at nr nmr Nurlh l.uwrercj, Kan-i ;
W ultrr II. Blnco', rending at or n'tr linmond,
Wright county, us; X Jcir. HlooiD, residing
nsitr (urweui i;it (.karfleld eouiitr. Ponu'a ;
Atinie forest and J- L'. Forest, her hn-btnd.
rending at or near Clearfield Bridge, Clnrlirld
ci'itity, Pi-nu'a ll J. Walker liluom, rtudiag
at r near (jams-i t H uncock rUDly , nwa, brira ,
and legal rtprcst-nUllvf ( of haan liloom, Jr.,
late ul I'ike lowns'iip, Clearfield countv, de-t'd, i
an I a l-o heirs of K. Cottrs Kluotii, drceaiod. I
and also hrirs of Binoche V. IHoui, dee'd, who j
were heirs of haac Bloom, Jr., dsvjiel.
Ta NoTirR, Tlmt at an Orphart' Curt r.r 1
the onunly of t'learQeld on the 2Mb day of Sou
teiubir, A. It. 18SI. The return and' report f I
thp I illicit appointed ami scli-vted to make parti-:
tK.Q ol the naif Mais late uf Uaac Uloom, Jr.,
dncansed wt j rmtneed in o cn Bouit and oon
finned, and a rult granted y-u and etich of you
i hrirs and leal represent ttivit of st I de-e lout,
to appear in nil court on the 14th diy of
November, A. D. 1S, a' 2 oVhck. P. M and
to.'cpt nr relnsc said ttal rrtate at the valuation
thereof, or sbw cause why the sme should not
be sold. You are therefore hereby nmio-d and
commander) to be preuot at the time and place
above menlioncd.and accept nr refute til real
estate at the valuation then of or show cause why
he astue should Dot bi icld,.
Bimairr i OrrifK, JAa. UAUAJrFKV,
Clearfield, Oot. Itf, Utl. J BbotilT.
Orphans' Court Sale
Valuable Ileal Estate!
IN pursuance of order of the Orphans' Court
of Clearfield county, Pa., there will ba ex.
tiscd to pahWo isle at the hotel of tltorge W,
avis, in the borough of New Waibington, on
Wediicsdny, Nuv. 1G, 1881,
At t o'clock P. M , all the following described
real estate of John Rorabaugh, late of llurntida
town. hip, said county, (Jcotattd, yi; j
"VTO. 1. All that certain tract of land sltttat la
said townibip. bonnded weit hy landi late
of Janet Oallaher, noith by landt late of Craw
ford H alia her, oast hy land late of David Mitchell,
and touth by mod lato of Benjamin Oallaher,
containing 100 acres, more or leu. The improve
ments consist of a two-story pUnk dwelling
housa. lfi:i feet, with an addition ltlfl feat,
bank barn, 38in4 feet, wagon thed and other out
buildings t also, a good orchard. Property nearly
all eleared and undtr good cultivation.
10. J. In tame twp., Sounded south by Und of
1 Russetl Hnrnhauiih, west by land of James
Hlcphenson, north br land late of the John Bur
gundy heirs, and cast by pub ha road and othor
Und cf taid Kussall Hrahaugh, and containing
SI acres, Art perches and allowance, mora or test,
Improvement! consist af a two-itory frame
dwelling hens. Ii:iO feet, with two Hory kitchen
It feet square, bank barn Ml fed square, and other
otnbuildings. Oond apple oroherd on tha prem
ises. Property near); all cleared and undtr culti
vation. NO. I. In ttmt township, Wo on led eaU by
land of James Hava?, north by Jhn M.
Cuumlngs, west by land lata of James (lallaher,
and south by lands of John M. Riddle and Lem
uel Byers, eontainlog M acret net. Improve
mentt consist of atwo ttory log dwelling house,
about (U2H feet, and a log stable. About 3(1
Cft cleared and under ultivn'ioq.
TUM qriAi.8.
On lot N. 1, ont-lbird of th pu rot ait monty,
and cnongh of the rttidut thereof ti rover coeta
and feet of partition and tale, and no lott Not. I
and I, one-'hlrdof the purchase money payable
cash on confirmation of tale, th bilanc f th
purcbas money In Iwo paymanti In ea"h case,
with Interest from date of tale, one. half B nDC
year from th dat of sal, and th remainder
at tha death of Mary J. Korabsue;h, widow
of taid daeaaaed. The latter Iwo pavtaenls with
interest, pajabl Unaally, to ba itcured bj bond
and mortgage on th premise!
11. L.UKNIiRRftOaT,
October 19, If"!. .It.
?lfiv flrfrlkfiufnts.
a Pall and Winter Clothing
1 . .KO I
Gents, Youths and Children.
Underwear. LTccIiwear,
Trunks. Valises and Umbrellas.
CItr.'.i-rJ, I'"., Oct. 13, lull 2u.
An Institution for Imnartlnir a Proctleal
nrM hum. fliu-l for lli m-luul dutlH of llf Hhi.t.-nta n rntiT ml any lliiic. in
dividiml Instruction. Ijirx nurt finely furulahi-d. UullM jmmI Olfloi'a. ornpn hi-nsue
rmirM' of thnly rNfrulnr umi oppninriuM lWture. Thorouiih learlilinf-I'nuti. i
1'i-r tarruinra miun-M r. ruu
October 15th, 1M1-4L
BY virtue of an ordnr of the Orphans' Ciurl of
Clt-atucld county. Pa , there will he exposed
to public- nloby the anderiirnd Adminiitratort
of the estate of I A VI O li fc LL, late of Ureen
wo' d towni-hir,, decoasod, at the Co urt Housa in
ClcartifU, on
Sat unlay, November o, I SSI,
The fallowing described real estate titm.teJ In
Itellvllle. tlreenwnod township, to wll :
I'urpart No. 4, brginnintr at aurnar of bo''l lot;
thence along itreet iuuth 10 drgreoi en 27 S-10
perclie to corner ol pnrpart No. 3 ; thni-e Ly same
north 7:1 decrees eat 21 S-10 pe'che to middle of
Hell's run ; thanoe up in me n'irth l b greei west
3 peri'hes to itreet ; th'-nce by said street anutb
731 depte wet lis prr-Tbtt to the pUctof btin
nirig, contaiaiug 4 ncrei, more nr leu, with the
appurtenance, having there -n erected a I'fe
two atil one-half story hotel, Urge Irauie birn,
gr-iin h 'ue, mid u'bir outlu Idingi.
I iiipirt No. f, bounded as foil inn; Liyin.
nini; at orner a'ijininr an aller ; menoe by e nd
alley nrtb II' degrct wes l"0 feot to au atlej.
thenou by tb ally touiii di'r'"S wes; in
Iwet ; by purptrt St. '1 uuiti I ft J dfgrcei
ent IbO crcl.e to itreet ; ibi ne by p iu.ii liottb
7.1i dcretj eM fiii to ttie pluco t bcpioning,
ctiitaiiiinc lti.hiifl ie-t, ailh tho aiipurlfrncef,
hfirinrr th re -n eroleit a two and one h-ilf tiury
fisiiie house, friine stable nod other ont'iuildingt.
Purport No. 7, bnunjed as f ,l!uwi : I'eftinning
at a cn cr vf liaikMuiih shop li t; thence by
stmt Kioih 7:ij drgrret wet 6U feot; Ihi-nce by
purpait No 8 south Id) d greet wr t 1X0 perohes
lo an alley ; thence by el ov north 7.'iJ iic,(rcfi
fMtt liU pert'bis lo itreut : toence by in me north
li'j degrees wp.' lHli leer to I he place of beginning.
I c i.taiuiui Iti.tloO feet whh ihe aniiartenanc:'.
and having therein erected a two and one-balf
itnry frame dwelling bou'e. frame siaMe, blaik
iai;ih iLp, and other outbuildings.
Out third earn at confirmation of tale, anil the
halancn in two cual annual payment!, with
inierrit, ti bfrccuicU by bond and mnrtne,
Curcnsv.i:e, I'a , OH. 6, 1SS1-4L
Fire-Proof Safes.
I i
.. ..-II.. 1. I
i:rsu a u c f it na
V-r?: If ft. liar r. i
Tlieouly 8-Flange Safe in the World,
More Improvements than any Safe
made, such as
Mnro eoeuro from llnrpluis tlien nny
1'iro l'roof Sal'u, snJ no expense
in roiairiii(; Hulls or J,ocli.
Patent Hinged Cap,
Four-Wheel Locks,
Inside Iron Linings,
Solid Angle Corners.
Thcso Safes tiro now being sold In
this Slulo n
And givo llio
Groatcst Satisfaction,
HciiiH iho Most nishly Fininhcil,
2c3t Halo, an! Choapost First
Class SAFE over Produced.
Thco C'slobrnteil Snles luij Iho
Champion Record
Great Boston Fire,
And since Hint timo nnKATrind mpon
keen made.
Beloro plving your ordor to ny
ollinr concern, send for prices mi J
descriptive Cntnloguo.
1M. II, IMO-ljp.
Jlfa Adrntlsfmrnta
evil i
BlnM Education.
Yonnir ami mtd li"
ua rsms, m- , -
is hereby given that Letters "f A dm w. titra
tion on the estate of UAVI1) WKLTi , l.te of
I a ion township, C'loarfield oourtty, I'a . dve,w I,
having been duly granted to Ihe imderviat-.l. tl
personi indebted lo siid estate wi!! please nlti
mini ittte p'lyineiot, and having cllui' r
d' lnti dp acsMitt! the same will present ih m j, rop
er I j .thtr.t catrd f..r t 'tlem'-nt, with.i'it dilij,
UKOIiiiK C. i: IKK,
I.Lthcr-burg, fa., S-pt. 21, l(l-(i.
r'l'MlK subreriber hereby gives not if e t1 t hi
X if now delivering cm! ul aa exceili:.' iu h;r
and pn poses to operate his mine
8o h : 1 ,t Ll b- rnblcd to Miiply fa it cu-t' i.iers
at -ill ';iti- 'fd fuel. Sn 8ummfr ;t -In
n i'i ier. i v !.iti: j T"iniilv fi'b d
'k. i m. sii , v.-.
i ( i-.i I. i M ,rri. 2 lal-tf.
r. M. PARDON & ER0,,
- i- i d -it . ir :i uf the JUri'iou II .ti,t,
CI-l'AFi lLl.I., J'.
O'it :iTJ nietiK.3t NTS if t'lt toOSt C'
chiirj.rer tor fur niching the pu" lie i;h
Mn.i. ix i.ii kin. I, n I uf Ihe erv I'
P'c tin m al fe d li of Atneuiiur.ti
ireiits, wtiicti we keep on ethil'ilion ti r t'.i
I.. M-
L'a. atl f t'.s publ'c t all around wbot in
aod - i Iv'-i sL tlratf,,", a Mmji u
r. Ni. C.KH"N i Ll :j.
i ... 1. fx, -I.."' ! I. Ifo !
farm sit in lei ;n I,iwr,n? t iWDchin, a :
On.i I ur.-ln .1 nn.l twenr v f JO i 7n "1. are
a f-'iil r!Hlf .r enMlvatin, aixl l.ti'i'i; I1.:
etcctt d a la r go at. J fii.e frame -iiruiliiiii h jun
lare frame ttnrna ami i.tbcr rieresiarT tu '
log, tigc'ber Willi a large orcharj, ft A w.iter,
io , 4c.
revt-nt? acres i-tearrj and on Jer culm M m,
but wi'h n bmlJiDjfi.
Tbt siiil laniit are tituat within 3) un "f
Clearfiold nJ the PennsyWam KaMroud ani are
uDiierlsifJ with bituminous em and fire olsv.
ll(.aiuii for ritllinp;. Declining beal;h ol (iircr'
For further particulars, inquire of the mliseritsr,
J. HANK 8NVUKK, Alt' fur Owner.
Clrar&ld, Pa, June Ijlh, 131 'tf.
For Sale or Rent I
The propoaet to sell nr rent a num
ber of larms located as follows : The Orst situ&tt
In Durntiile townibip, Centra county, containing
liO acres, having thereon erected framt dwtll
Inr, frame barn, adjaefnt to a church, and known
at the Jatnet Muibolland farm.
A I, Ml, another furm situxle in (irftbam tiwn
ship, Clearfield county, eontaining 117 acres, with
the neeesiarr improvements. This farm is un Jer
laid wito a UOOU VKIN OK COAL.
A 1.60, si i ntber faruis in the rieinily of French -Tille,
con'aiDica reipeotfully 112, 10H, VS. Cm, 60
and ilft acres. Ibese far ma all hare hiuies and
brm thereon, gn.ii water, bearinf orottards d&
snnie, ts well as 'nie good wuod land, r-i
lurtber puriirulnri cwll in peraun, or atidreM tha
undeniid by lettor. L. M. Cul 1'IUKT.
Jan. lilih. 1181-tf. Frenehtille, i'.
pnutKiot and lut rfwluitsl ttheiiirll-a.fnritii-ntnii
mid Hie put'llr hi large 7 6. It. Hart
nun, m. if 7 lvtiii Ave., Plttst'iira:
l' , whn hfis prom rttnl tt to or n -llenta,
ami In fV"rv '"i 'Si'tli t' . m, .( c,t!
i) 111K surw
Itii'Ref! uiMifi ti... 1 ,n 1.1 I, . i.iir, .1 ui.,..
thut of any oilier reim-ilY, and Is the will)
ini-dklne ueeilcil tn alnnwt every dia tf
wliU li n-Kh ti hclr-f tilkpijr r'Us
r 1 1 ijr tlie nhly et.-eUoii. In lliii I'snrt
.tumid nut l ut"l. In CiHMtl nation ni
Ihn'tar-ft uf tlie F.-mole tirruit and HUldei.
Manamn slum Id tioKifi'ti with It. I'tKi
U ''oiiihmh ot imrt-ly t ((Pliit.le InirmllenU
a tuie, a Yriltii U ti-. tli il 1' 'i r
gn at ri'inNl iu tistHf fjpntMHHB
thearttts prhini.n irom tliese liitrtlieiii
imI In fninltliitiin iImiiii (iito 01m Jlm le ruiii
iH'iiitd, wlili-h at "tHiiilnridps with the,Vii
Mkhu ATiui Sati ii a In every di!Has, an
the work of rrMi-rnlinn rommenn s tli
rtrsttliise). Tliere an irnnn tht 11 wii
not rm h nnr a dlvw 11 win t,ii r
ilaxi send for a pumuhkt fjtj
H HI Mv Vfn , ii.kTT
Cheap Cash Store
Room no. Tinii-.i:, on R t iuirn,
Clearfield, Pa.,
Ctxiprlung ),ym Onods of the Terr latest 'tile,
eonsistinc in part of Cashinerer, Mancherer
Ftnciet, Alparat, and at) tnanne. f
Fancy Dres? Goods,
Purh at Cratons, Wohair Luittrs, IMaili, Irrii
Uinithains, I) rest Fanriat of Iba very Itisst
ttyiss, and cheap tboy tm be sold
ta this market-
rriiWlli( of (liorts for tlinti, I.aliM n'l
Mines. 1e of all shades, Hi Ik Prini,
I.act, Fanny Ditsi Hultnnt. l.a.ltn'
Ties ot all shades and Uriel, Cutli
and Co Urs, Itiblion uf all kinds an I
ualltiel. Merino i'a lerwear, Triintnin., sic.
Queenswaro, Hardware, Tiuwa";
CnrpoU, OIHiotliH,
WM, will U nil bnlo.l, n null. Will I'll
Country Produce
Is KrhnK fur liooj. st Msrktl Prlro.
wm.j. norrtR.
ClrsrlrH, P., Sept. 14, IrWI If.