Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 18, 1881, Image 1

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rVBllSaaS avoaT WnanasDAV, AT
ihe Urges! Clreulntlon ef nay Newspaper
In North Central Penuaylvnula.
Terms of SubBoription,
if piid l advance, or within I month!....? (Ml
if uutd after and before month! 9 SO
If paid sfter th! sxpirstioa of 6 months... 3 (Ml
Bates ot Advertising,
transient advertiaementa, per equarsof 10 llooaor
ics, S times or loss $1 60
For each eubaequent Inaertlon 60
AJmlnlHrntorl' and Rteoutora' notices- S 0
Auditors' notices m I 50
Cautions and Bslrnye. H 1 60
niisnlutiou BOtloeS t 00
Professional Card!, 6 line! or loss,l yssr..... ft 00
l,cel notices, per line SO
square 00 I column.. ...tit 00
J squares... 10 00 I f eolutnn.. ......... TO 00
I squares.- 30 00 1 oolamnH.....lZ0 00
Xau'ltcrs' Cards,
jy w. SMITH,
il:l:7l ClfarfltW, Pa.
I;I5 Phillpaburs;, Centre Co., Pa. y:pd
Curweusville, Clearfield eounlj. Pa.
ocl 9, '78-If.
.srM)fflee In tbe Opera Hima!. oeto, '78-tf.
Clearfield, Pa.
ear-Office one door east of Shaw floaa!.
iffl in Mssonio hulldlni, Second street, op
,nile tho Court lionn. Je!6,'7ll-tf.
ijr, Clearfield County, Penn'a. T5y
OSicc in Opera House, ap Ie,77-ly
.piff-Offlee is tli! Masonic Building, orar tha
C.iuoty National Bank. taar'4-80.
junl'sl Clearfield, Pa.
cilice uvar tba County Natiooal Bank.
Jon. JS, 76lf.
CiBAnriKi-n, Pass's.
1 irst-elnsa Life and Fire Iniuranot Compaaiee
jrfr-OITice in tha Opera House. -nx.
Mar. I.'el-1
ta.... a. bl'shat. crst's nonnos.
jSTOQioc In Plo'a Opora House, laeoud floor.
.iTTon.ret'-.iT-L.4 ir,
lll'HH E over T. A Klerk Co.'! (tort,
4T-Wll sttr-nd to alt Isgal builncaa with
piouiptnes and fidelity. febllkO-lf.
sru a. m'snallt. PAiflal. w. M'coaor.
Clearfield, Pa.
Cr-Legal bnalnaa attandad to promptly withj
. Iclity. Office on Sooond street, above the Firat
National Bank. Jan:l:70
All laical business entrusted to hla ear will re
lra prtiwpt attanllon.
JSeT-Ofllce In tha Coart llouio.
T T O R N E Y - A T - L A W ,
Real Ratate and ColleolloB Agent,
Cl.liAKI'lELO. PA.,
Hill proinntly attend to all legal builnm an.
iru.ted to faia oaro.
,SrOffice in Pia'a Opora House. Janl'7t.
in! Keel Estate Agent, Clearfield, Pa.
uffli-o oa Third atroot, bat.Charrj A Walnut.
9ReipoAtfull7 offera hi! aarTleoiln Billing
aad buying land! la OlaarOeld and aIJolning
ouantlel and with aa oiparianoool OTorlweutv
rian aa a avrrejor, flatten hlmielf Ibat he oan
randor eallafaotloB. Feb. l8:'S:tf,
ghusUlnns' Cards.
Oflloa la roaidenee on Firat at.
April S4, 1871. Clearfield, Pa.
I'll YSICIAN 4 8U ifU EON,
" ill attend profeailonal oalll pn.niptlr. luglO'lO
uBre oa Market Street, ClrarOeld. Pa.
Or-llHIce Imam I to II a. ra , aad 1 to I p
tlfCi&e, adjoining lha realdence af Jatnae
"ll'j, K.q., oa itaooad St., ClearOeld, Pa.
(.'.JENKINS, M. U.,
f '1 V SI C 1 A N AN I) S U UG EON,
1 (fir ft at realdi Bfa, eoroer of State and Pint
Ml.. Jan. etb, IShl II.
I I. .' PKNN'A.
A.NU P1AH rUltE.E.10.
Cftoa hnora-Front II to I P. M.
May II, 1ST.
Hargoon ef the 094 Regiment. Pennsylvania
'..iHn, aaviag retaravo irwm
f'"i his professloBal servlees to IheelUeeae
Prefeaelonal eaill prempUy artealed On.
fx en leaaai alraet. formerly eeeapled by
' Wee
GEO. B. G00DLANDEE, Editor
f Oil WORK. AH klBda of job work aiocutaj
l Ib the beat maBBer at tbla offioa.
We have printed a large number of the new
ran utui,, ana win on toe reoeipi 01 twenty.
Ova eento. mail a ant, to any addreaa. vjl
T or tub Pbacb aid Siibithib, LUMUEK
CITY. Colleetioue made and money promptly
paid over. Artiolea of agreement and deeda of
ounreyanoe Beatly axeauted and warrantea eor-
root or Bo ohergt. MVy e
JagtlM of th PtMi End Seriveatr,
Curweusvllle. Pa
ftCoIleetiooi nid mi moot? prompt)
pfttd rr. leua mi
(OHTB1IO F. 0.)
ron bill Towaantr.
Hay 8, 1878-ly
Square Timber & Timber Lnnds,
Land Surveyor and Civil Iigine
All bualnaea will bo atleade I to promptly.
Dee. IS, 1880-ljr.
House and Sign Painter and Paper
Clearfield, Penu'a.
4-M.WIII eieeute joba In hla line promptly and
In a workmanlike manner. ayr4,n7
. TTO II. vt: 1 T-1.
Nor. i;ib. 180 If.
Real Estate, Square Timber, Saw Logs,
JHf-Ofllne ob Heeond atreet, In rear of atore
room of Ueorge Wrater A Co. Jantl, '76 tf.
Itteatur Township,
Oaeeola Mills P. O.
All official bualneaa entraited to him will be
promptly attended to. mob3v, '70.
Shop on Market St., oppoalte Court Hoate.
A eleao towel for every ouatomer.
Also dealer la
Heel Hi nude of Tobarrn and Cigars,
ri.arO.ld. Pa. may 10. '70.
Wallaeetou, Pa.
JkOT-Ho haa prepared hlmaelf wllh all the
Beoeaiary blank forma under tbe Pooaion and
Bounty laws, as well aa blank IleeUa, oto. All
legal mature sntruated to hia eare will receive
prompt amotion. May 7th, I ST W-tf.
Market Htreet, ClearUeld, Pa.,
Harriets, Bridlei) Saddles, Collars, and
MT AH ktoili of rcpftiriiu prompt It (vttaBild
to. baJdltn' Htrdwan, Hun liruibei, Carry
Conibt, Ac, alwKji on hand and for talc at tbe
lowvat caflh prlo. Mirch IV, 1 WTU.
par-I'umpa always on band and made to order
an ebort notion, ripee noren on roaaonaoie tome.
All work warranted to render satisfaction, and
delivered If desired. mylsilypd
Ielvery Stable.
rpiIK underalgned bega leave to inlorna thepnn
X. He that he is now fully preparer to accommo
date all in the way of furnishing lU.sea, Buggies,
Baddies and Harness, on the shortest notice and
an reaeonehlo terms. Realdenoe oa Loeuet street,
between Third and ronrth.
llearOeld. Feb. 4. 1874.
Also, rxtensiva manufacturer and dealer In flqnars
Timber end Hawed Lumber ol ell ainaa.
47-Ordors sollclled and all hills promptly
Oiled. L-JJien
jteffiaWatolicnj Clock a and Jonolry,
taJiaai's Uou, Marktl Street,
All kinds of repelling la my Hbo promptly Bl
ended to. Jan. let, 1170.
jiano nana.
cabbdll i ainnLn.
Clearfield Insurance Agency. n i inn. k, r'"'.
Repressnt the following and other flrst -elass Co's
Companies. A lifts.
Liverpool London A V. S. Br..UHI,o
Lveomlng ob mutual Aeaah plans. .. 0,0011,000
l'honis, of Harlford, Cona J.1.0HJI
Insurance Co. of North America 0,4471, 074
North Britl.h A Mereantlle-II.B. Br. !,?,
Bcotll.h Commereial U. B. Branoh.... 7,l4t
. atert.,wn Ten .SI
Travelers (Lite A Accident) 4,1,H
tiOioeoo Market ht., e,p. Court llouae, Clear
O.ld. Pa Jane I, '70-tf.
and all kinds of
(10 TO
O. fl. 4IEHHELL, Agent,
CLEARFIELD, PA. (June I, '00 If.
Insurance Agency
Pallon Hlotk, C1rorrHrllr , Pa.
Companies Represented i
Commercial lalon Ins. Co., Amets 7"! 15
Flrames'l Fund Ina. Co , Aeeels !
laloa Insarsaee Co., Assets !'f"'"7. "
Travelers' Aeeldent las Oa.. Amrts. .".
Kortbera Ian Ca. af New York As ts , 00
InsaroBee planed aa all kinds af property at
equitable rates. . .
Carwenavuis, Pa, eh. It, llll-tf.
& Proprietor.
Dear Ollle's surTeriogs now are o'er,
And she has gone to rest ;
Her body's witb its kindred oloy,
Her spirit wllh the blest.
We tnlas tbe face we used to greet.
The eapresaioB of those oyee ;
For Ollie s gone, forever gons,
To dwell 1b yonder tki.s.
Too lovely end too fair a flower,
In this rude soil to bloom
Bhe hes beeo early taken
To a wcrld beyond the tomb.
Then weep not, father, tho' thy ehit-l,
From tliyombreoe baa flown,
For Ood io pity bade ber oome,
E'ro sorrow she had known.
Tho fiillowing tlio complete tuxt
ot tlio potitinn iircHontcd in the House
of liepruKcntutivcs on the Ctb inst., for
the impeachment ot the Governor and
Attorney (ienornl which has not hith
erto been printed in full in any news
paper: To the Honorable the House of Hep-
rescntativet of the General Assembly of
the Commonwealth if rtnnxylvama :
Your petitioners, citizens of I'ennsyl
vama and residents of the county ol
Lackawanna, rcspecttully represont
that they believe that Governor Henry
M. Uoyt and Attornoy Gonoral H. Y.
Palmer have been cuilty of conduct in
ollk-o that calls lor their impeachment
and removal at yonr bands.
Your petitioners believe it to be your
duly to call tbe said offlcials before yon
to answer for tlmir corrupt conduct in
shielding Kenible and bis criminal
companions Irom tho puiiihlimcnt due
their gravo crimes against tbe laws.'
Tbero will be little respect for law
in ibis Commonwealth as lonir as the
abettors of crime are allowed to fill
tbe higher)! positions in the .Slate. The
pardoning power was not conferred on
the Executive Department ot the Com
monwealth for tbo purposo ot fostec-
ing crime.
baid iioyl and l alincr bavo conted-
erated with politicians to impose upon
tbe citizens ol said Lackawanna county
an unconstitutional Judiciary. The
pcroona wbo aro acting as Judges of
said Lackawanna county are kept in
said offices by said Iloyt and Palmer
in violation ot the uonstilution and in
defianco ot the decision of tbe Supremo
Court of tbo State expressed at tbe
lime ot tbo granting ot tnid manda
mus by said Court directing the Judges
ol tbe Eleventh Judicial District to
organir.0 the Courts of said oounty.
Said Palmer with the sanction of said
Hoyt, in pursuance of taid political
arrangements, though petitioned somo
months smco by about twenly-nve
hundred of the citizens of said Lacka
wanna county to test through quo
warranto proceedings tbe right of the
Associato Judges ot said county, to
exorcise tbe Judicial functions bas not
vouchsafed to notice tho pruyer of taid
petitioners. -
lb is petition mm ns
follow! :
"To Honorable U. If. I'.ilwicr, Attor
ney General of the Commonwealth of
Vennsuktnia : We, the undersignod
citizens and electors of Lackawanna
county, desiro to call your attention to
tho following tacts: ibat V. J. JOwis
and P. 41. Moflltl have acted at Asso
ciate Judges of said county since the
first Monday of January, A. V. one
thousand eight hundred and tcvonly-
nine, and are still acting as such j udgcB
under commissions issued, we are con
vinced, erroneously, to thorn for five
years instead of for one.
1 hat theso commissions wero issued
lo thorn for tbe period of five years, by
Governor Hartrunft, at a timo, when
it was tbonirht that tbo electioniunder
wbich llicy claimed, and by reason of
which they wero commissioned to said
ottlces,)beld in Lackawanna county in
tbo month ol November, A. D. 1878,
for Associule Judges, as well as for
other officers was legal.
That, sinco tho issuing of said com
missions, tbo Stiprome Court of this
Commonwealth bat dccidod (in tbo
caso ot Commonwealth ox rel, Ilicbard
Evan vs. Patrick 41. Walsh,) said eleo
lion as illegal and invalid.
That, in the month of November,
A. D. 1783, anothor election was held
in said county of Lnckawanna, at
which Associato Judges were voted for.
Hon. William 41orrick and I. V.Lyncb,
esq., being candidates, and the only
candidates lliorctoro ; at wbich eleo
tiod said Merrick received two tbnu
sand llireo hundred and forty-two
(2.:i 12) votes, and I. V. Lynch, esq.,
two thousand three hundred and twenty-four
(2,324) votes as appears from
tlio certificate (a duplicate ol which
waa duly forwardod to the Secrotary
of tbe Commonwealth) of said election
given by the Judges of the Courta of
said county to said Merrick and Lynch,
and of which in tbe caso of taid Mer
rick tho following it a true copy :
Certificate of result of the Gonoral
Election, held in and for tho County
of Lackawanna, on tbo 4th day of
Jnovombcr, A. 1). Ia7!l:
We, the undersignod Judges ol the
Court of Commt.n Finns of Lackawana
county, Slate ol Pennsylvania, do
boreby cortily that at ii o clock on
tho Ctb day of Novcmbor, A. 1). ISTii,
being tbe soeond day after election
held on tbo 4 1 li day of November A.
U. 1879, tbe Prolbonotary of said
Court, having presonted the returns
ol said eloction according to law, and
caused them to bo computed in our
presence, by tbe proper ctticcr and bis
assistants, who wore duly sworn, and
the votes cast at said election having
bocn carofully added togcthor, it ap
peared that lor the office of Associato
Judge, William 4lerrick had two thou
sand throe hundred and lorty-two
votes, (2,312,) and 1. V. Lynch hail
two thousand throe hundred and
twenty-four votes, (2,324.)
In testimony wherool wo have here
unto sot our bands, and caused the
seal of tbe said Court to be affixed this
8th day of November, A. 1). 1879.
John llANM.xr, seal. i
W. J. Lewis, seal Judges.
P. 41. 4IOFFIT, seal J )
Attest :
corn. Prothonolary.
That, by virtue of taid eloction, hold
in 1711, in oar opinion, guided at we
are by said decision of the highest Ju
dicial tribunal of thit Commonwealth,
said William Merrick and laid J. V.
Lynch are tho propor persona to be
commissioned, and to tit in tha Court
of Lackawanna county as tbe Associato
Judges thereof.
That it it extensively alleged tbat
for personal and party reasons, said
commissions are withheld from taid
Jlorrlrk and Lynch at tha Instance
and by the advioo of persons connocted
with th Pxeeutlve Department ; ana
that yon refuse to auggest tha issuing
of a writ of quo warranto to test the
title of said Lewis and Uoflltt to said
office of Associate Judge, although re
quested ao to do by Messrs. Merrick
and l.yncb, in a letter written by 11 r.
Merrick, and forwarded to yon at this
date mentioned therein, of wbicb the
following it a copy :
Sciianton, Pa., January 20, 1880.
Jjonorame II. w. f aimer, Attorney uen
eral of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia: Dear Sir Will you, knowing
as you do all tbe facts involved, suggest
tbe issuing of a writ ol quo warranto
to tost tbe tillo of Messrs. W. J. Lewis
and P. M. Mofiltt at Associate Judgos
of Lackawanna county ; or otherwise
will you advise the Governor to issue
commission! to Mr. I. V. Lynch and
myself as such Associate J udges, aa wo
understand bo withhold! said commis
sions at your suggestion. Respectfully,
your obedient servant, YVM. Merbick.
That your preducossort in office,
learned men at they invariably wero,
never refused to perform their duty
towards any citizen, or body of citi
zens of this State, and that that pro
found and fair minded Attorney Gen
oral, K. Carroll Ilrewstor, did not hesi
tate to have that most learned and just
Jurist, John N. Cunyngham, oustod
from the position of Recorder of the
Mayor's Court for tho city of Scranton,
by tjuo warranto proceedings.
o, therefore, in view of the fore
going facts, respectfully request, and
demand it as our right of you, who are
simply the people's servant, not their
mastor, that you suggest tho issuing
of'fiud writ, in order that it may bo le
gally determined wbo of taid parties
claiming to be said Associato Judges ol
taid county, have tbe right to exer
cise the functions and perform tbe du
ties tbereol."
Judges Hundley and Hand are hold
ing their positions in taid county by as
illegal a tenure as Judgos Lewis and
Mollitt, and said Iloyt and Palmer
know tbo fact, but thoy uro deter
mined, for tho personal and political
reasons that their wishes and their
croaturcs shall bo respectively the
laws and the Judi'es lor the people ol
said Lackuwanna county.
Ibepooplo ot J.uckawanna county
should enjoy tho rigbu guarantccd-by
the State Constitution, and if they can
bo deprived of theso rights at tho cap
rice of a suporcillious and intriguing
Attorney General, then government in
I'cnnsylruma it a sham.
The official conduct of these men hus
been tho principal cause of tho emi
nently bad repute that attaches to tbe
name of Pennsylvania among tho
State! ot tho Union to day, and as
long at theso men are countenanced
by your Honorable body in imposing
on lha people of any locality an un
constitutional Judiciary for their own
personal ends, and in pardoning great
criminals for corrupt and political con
siderations, there will not be tbat re
spect for porsont in authority that
gives purmanenco and stability to
lour petitioners are ready to pre
sent aucb facts to your Honorable body
as will prove that said Hoyt and Pal
mer have used their said offices to car
ry out infractions of tbo Constitution
und laws ot the State, and to secure
immunity to tho violators of said laws."
No particle of sand wbich goes down
into tbe aca ever comet back. Yet
the particles leave the surface of tbo
earth evory second and nre carried,
suspended in tbo waters of more than
twenty thousand rivors, out into tlio
oceans. Thoro are moro than a hun
dred strcamB, classed on the maps at
rivors, in Louisiana alono. Each one
of theso bat tevcral bundled crocks,
brooks and spring branches tributary
to iu Each brook or spring branch,
witb ita counties! rivululs, clasps tho
hillside! and drag down tbo surfaces
thereof down into tbo brooks down
into tbe creeks down into the rivers
down into tho ocean. And tbero the
atoms rest patiently ; cacb atom wait
ing for its sisters and its cousins and
its aunts still lingering in tbo fields
and on tbo bills, yet crooning toward
the gullies and thence to the sea. Thit
process bat been going on since tho
time whon "tho world was without
form and void;" whoroby the pri mo
ral rocks wero disintregated and
spread abroad in fertile fields ; whoro
by the fertilo fields are slowly being
washed back into the oceans; where
by tbe bottom ol tho oceans it being
prepared to bo elevated again to the
light and to form other fields whereon
cotton and wheal or something or
olhor will grow. This is tho very
apolhcsis of "demnilion grind." Ho
wbo originated Unit phraso spoke moro
scientifically than ho knew. Life, ani
mated and inanimated, is simnlv a
grinding down of tho higher purls and
the aisiiiuuuon inoreol in tho hollows.
Tho final outcome of earth, after mill
ions of years, must bo something in
the nature ol a large billiard ball
whirling through tho sky, with noth
ing in the world on it except a smooth,
dead surfaco.
One night while ho was in Brussels
a duet came into bis mind at 2 A. 41.
Ho leaped from his bed, rang tho bell
for n sorvanl and asked for a poet.
1 ho servant, not Knowing what dish
that was, awoko tbe master of tho
bouse, and, after satisfy ing himself tbat
Meycrboor really wanted at that hour
of the night a biped wbo turned out
verses, gave him the address of a well
known llelgian poet, ordered a cab
und sent Moyerboor to the dramatist's
home. Meyerbeer tuggod tbe boll till
he brought tho master, who answered
the alarm in tbe worst possible humor
until the visitor said : "I am Meyer
beer. Are you a poet ? "
"Yes, when 1 am in the vein, but
at these untimely hours, whon only
churchyards yawn, the humor is not
on me." "Humor is will; will is in
spiration, 'twill come. Sit at your
desk and write a duet between a lover
and his sweotheart; hero ia the idea."
Meyer boor gave bis thoughts. "I
would write what you want a groat
deal belter after thinking ovor it to.
nigliL Give mo till to morrow. ".No,
no, no; write at once ; to morrow I'll
be in liorlin." Tho poet wrote tho
duet. Moyerboor was pleased with it ;
ho drew out bis wallet, took a l,000t
bank note from it, gave it to the poet,
saying : "He good enough to accept
thit rag lor your nuibot a royally,
witb a thousand thanks, it is said
thit duet was nsed in L'Africaine.
i'tirii Letter to Nric Orlcam Picayune.
They stood at the door preparatory
lo saying gnod-night. "When shall 1
call again?" he asked, with an emo
tion that made hit eyes misty ana nit
voice soft. "When imps returns," she
answered, calmly. "And whon will
that be!" be eagerly added. "Wall,
be starts on a vovnuo around lbs world
to-morrow, and I'll lot yon know when
be gets back,
PA., WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1881.
It is really getting to be difficult for
a stranger to it to tell that bo is read
ing a Republican newspaper. But a
few months since its politics were ob
vious enoui'b ; it bad then no aim in
the world but to elect Garfield and no
delight so great as to expatiato, after
the deed was done, upon tho virtuo of
tbo liepublican party and the great
glory it was to continue lo shed upon
tuo country.
mo liepublican press is not so
unanimous now. Its tunes uro dis
cordant. Tba orpins do not blow
sweetly and id unison. J. hey are not
alone occupied in denouncing the De
mocracy. In truth wo get but a small
sliaro ol their attention, and come in
lor more ha'pence than kicks, and more
smiles than frowns. J be house ts di
vided against itself, and the warring
factions even look to the common ene
my lor aid and comfo-t. Tbo Now
York Tribune, wbich Ins bocn con-
spicuons of luto years for the exceed
ing blucknesa of its Jienuilicanism and
the extremity of its phobia against
anyiuing Democratic, reaim now al
most like a Democratic sheot in tbo
expression of its disgust tt tho conduct
ol tbo Jlepublicau Setiiitonal bosses,
wl om it charges with tttempting to
Uflt rp a power that does not belong to
them iu refusing to go on wiUi the
public business until tbo Presideut
nominates tbo men to office whom thoy
want to bavo nominated. Are we
sorry that Garfield was elected? asks
tho Tribune; and it thinks not; but
nevertheless recognizes tbo fact that
while "six months ago the Republican
party was wild wilh joy" becauso Gar
field was elected, it is Dot thus joyous
to day. It refuses to belie vo tbat it is
because it has changed its mind and
repents ol what it did, but finds thai
tbo difficulty is that "tome men, wbo
could not bo elected themselves, think
that tha 1 resident belongs to them as
part of their live stock,'' bscauso thoy
turned in at the lust moment and so
cured bis election. Tlio wholo story
is tlic old 03c ; the Republicans having
secured tho bono now fight among
thcmsulvcs for its marrow ; and thoso
who don't know them as of one party
would never recognize the foot in their
present demeanor.
J hat other metropolitan newspaper,
the New York Times, n moro free and
conspicuous a great deal than tbe
lribune In its assault! upon Republi
cans. Keally tho party politicians can
got no juslico done them snvo at Dem
ocratic hands. Standing belwocn tho
factions with onprejudiccd minds, we
can discern readily enough that ono is
as good as tbe other, and that thoro is
no principlo at all lu-a fight which is
simply in its issue to detormino which
set of leaders shall walk tbo plank.
no rocognizo the energy with which
the Garfield-Blaine combination aro
seeking to bury tbe Conkling-Grant
men, and we cannot got up any vio
lent indignation ovor tlio strenuous ef
forts at aolf-presorvation wbicb the
proposed victims aro making, even
though in tho effort tboy obstruct tho
public business for two months and
lull under the condemnation of their
party organs of tho lllainc-Gartiold
typo, as "usurpers" and "Senatorial
bosses." Tbero is no doubt at all tbat
it is a simple question of "bosses," and
though wo object to tho country being
made lo pay tho oxpenso of tho strug
gle, our fairness won t let us demand
that tho Sonatori U viclims seloctcd for
the Presidential juggernaut shall deliv
er thomsolvcs up to it. We are willing
to pay our quota of tho cost to secure
fair play and seo tbe fun ; and whon
evor we got a chance we will bo dis
posed to help up the under dog in the
light. It is quite comlorlablo to loci
that wo aro out of it and bound to
profit by it, wbocvor wins. We can
read the remarks of our Republican
contemporaries with groat complacen
cy and onjoymonl, now that they aro
directed towards exposing and de
nouncing the (ins ot ono another. We
frankly confess that wo novor found
thorn so interesting before, nor so
truthful and full of inlormalion.
They aro spoaking now from the in
side on subjocta Willi which they are
lumilliar and about which they have a
great deal to toll. Rut really for tbe
bonctil ot strangers they ought to label
themselves and put up in big typo at
tho head of tbeir editorial columns,
"This is a Republican organ." Hero
aro two local organs of tha party in
our town daily firing away at ono an
othor as though thoy really wore po
litical enemies. No one could possi
bly tell Irom tho way they talk that
they wore members ol one politicul
family. They aro edifying to tho pub
lic in that they tell it a great deal that
is bad but very true about each other,
and bow they sell their oditoriul opin
ions and generally aro corrupt and
hypocritical to tho last degroo; but
they aro not lovely examples ol family
unity. Lancaster Intelligencer.
A Connie of Third Ward eitieens mot
each otbor on tbo sidewalk last Mon-
lav moruinir as thcr were startinir for
tbeir place of business, and ono of
them, wbo resides on an Huron street
nsked the other, a Jackson street mnn
it cows bad any front teotb on tbeir
upper jaw. 1 be Jackson street man
was a litllo astonished at the nuoHtinn.
as there bad bocn nothing said about
cows, but replied promptly:
"Why, of courso thoy have front
teeth on their uimer iaw: bow could
they bile off grass if they hadn't?"
ihe Van Ituien street man said it
waa not a nuostion of lorrin. but a nuoA.
tion of fact ; and if tho Jackson etreot
man did not know whother cows bad
front tcctk on tbo utiocr law or not.
ho ought to say so. "1 did not ask
you for your opinion," bo said ; "I ask
ed H you know.
The Jackson street man was a little
nettled at this, and replied witb somo
warmth. He said if ho had a child
thieo yoars old wbo would ask sucb a
question aa that be should be afraid
the child was an idiot.
"You would ?"
"I corlninly should "
"Then." said tho Van Duron street
man. "as It is such a eimnlo onestion.
ot courso you can tell me whether cows
isvs trot front tool!) on their unncr
jaws or whether they have not."
"Yhy, ol courso they have. '
"Tboy have, eb f"
"I'll bet vou ten dollars thev havon'L"
aid the Van Huron alroet cilir.on, pull
ing out a roll of bills, and peeling off a
couple of Uvea and shaking thorn at
is neighbor, "i ut up or abut up.
"There is some infernal catch about
ibis thing," said tbe olber, suspicious
ly ; "1 might have known it loo, the
minulo vou asked me such an infernal
idiotic question."
"So catch at all about it." rcnlied
the other, "if cows have trot front teeth
od their upper jaws the tea dollars is
yours. If they haven't tbe money Is
mino. Nothing could be fairer than
that, could thoro r
But still the Jackson Btroct man
hesitated. It was barely possible that
cows aid not nave any tront tcctb on
their upper jaws. Ho remembered,
then, that cowa in biting off grass al
ways throw their coses outward, whilo
horses nipped it off by jerking tbeir
noses inward, ilo was astonished at
how near be bad como to boing vic
timized, but bo did not liko to como
down. Tho two wore the near tbo
meat market, near tbo corner of Jack
son aiKJ Michigan streets, and the
Jackson street man was suro that tbe
butcher would know for a cortuinty
wbetber or not cows had front teeth
on their upper jaws: so ho pushed tbo
uoor open ana said to the proprietor:
"Linohan, bavo cows got front tooth
on thoir upper laws?"
Lineban was running a skewer
througli a roast ol bcol, but bo stop.
ped, looking up in astonishment, ho
suid :
"Havo cows got front teeth on their
upper jaws r
"Got front teelb on Ibeir upper
jaws I
"I'pon my word I don't know."
"You don't know?"
"No. You see I buy my boef by
tbe quarter at tho slaughter-house, and
don't bavo anything to do with the
heads. Hut J can lind out for yon
when I go ovor."
"I wish you would.''
So the Jackson street man closod
tbo door, and rejoined his neighbor,
and tba two walked along without
saying a word. A milk wagon was
seen coming np tho street, and it was
rosolved to hail tbe driver and ask
bim the question, as it is popularly
supposed tbat milkmen aro more or
less lumihar witb cows. J ho Van
Huron street citizen cleared his throat
and yelled, "Hello I" Tho milkman
ruined up, and said :
do ahead witb your tests. It you
find any water or chalk in that milk
1 II givo you tho whole ot it.
J ho citizen told bim to be calm, as
tboy had no intention ot testing bis
milk, but only wanted to know il cows
had front teeth on tbeir upper jaws.
the milkman looked at tbein about
a in in ii to and then whipped up bis
horses and drove oil, mentioning some
kind of a fool that tboy were. Up on
n isconsin street they saw another
milkman, delivering milk, and over
taking bim they explained tbe dis-
puto. Ho smiled pityingly upon tbeir
ignorance, and said :
"Ut courso cows have front teeth on
thoir upper jaws a driveling idiot
ought to know tbat much. A cow
would bo a handsome looking object
without any front tcctb on ber upper
jaw, wouldn't she t"
I vo concluded to tako tbat botof
yours," said tbe Jackson street man to
other. "Come, now, down with your
dust, rut up or shut up.
" by didn t you do it, thon, when
you bad tbo chance ? I novor claimed
to know wbnthor a cow bad any up
per teotb on her front jaw or not ; 1
only thought 1 bad road so somewhere,
and asked to know if you know about
it tor certain. Uut now that the thing
is sottled, there is nothing to bet on as
I can see."
Oh, of courso not," said tho Jackson
stroet man sarcastically ; "of courso
Just then Mr. Clark, of Ibe Newball
Houso, bapponcd along, and as tho
milkman picked up his lines and drove
oft", tho an Uutcn street asked 3Ir.
Clark if ho know anything about cows.
Mr. Clark said be did, having formerly
boon a farmer and a cattle buyer.
oil, said tho v an Huron strocter,
"do you know I got tbo queerest Idea
into my bead this morning about cows
that a man over bad. Somehow or
other 1 got the idea that cows had no
Ironl teeth on their upper jaw ; and I
actually oflcrcd to bot ten dollars wilh
this man that such was the caso. 1
don't see what possossed mo."
"Well, il you Had bet, you would
have won tbo money," said 41 r. Clark.
" hat I exclaimed both tbo citizens
"I say ii you had bet you would
havo won the money, for cowb have
no front tcclh on thuir upper jaws."
"hwoet spirit hear my prayer, said
tbo Van Huron alroet citizen, as bo
brought out bis roll and peeled off tbo
two fives again and shook them at tbo
Jackson street man, who turned away
witb a sickly smilo and soul ho could
not always be pulling out his money.
Ignorance seems to be stalking
through tbo land like a Kansas gross
boppor on stilts. Peck's Sun.
Ono of tbe many pleasing objects
presenting themselves to tho eyo in
tho numerous lino drives from Now
port to tho othor two towns Mitldlo-
lown lo Portsmouth on the sumo is
land aro the old-fashioned windmills.
Thoy may truly bo called old fashioned,
not only on account of tho antiquity of
this method ot grinding grain, but also
bocauso of tbe venorttlilo ago of tho
structures themselves. Most promi
nent among those Is tho Old alono
41 ill, built two hundred years ago by
Governor Arnold, which hat so ab
surdly boon made to do duty aa a relic
of the legendary visit of tbo Northmen
lo Nowport. The Govornor mentions
this structure in a deed of land adjoin
ing its site, ami be evidently built it
alter tbo model which bo bad scan
near his own birthplaco in Knglund,
wbich is still in activo working order.
Doubtless many a grist was, in years
gone by, ground within this roofless
rolic. Tbo lack ol running streams,
tidal or othorwise, on the island, com
pelled the first English occupants of it
lo bavo recourse to this method of
manufacturing their breadstuff. It
otters a pretty fairly balanced compar
ison ol laciiitici and cost with the uso
of walor power.
J hero aro eight ol theso windmills
on tho island besides Arnold's, seven
of them doing active duty when the
elements are favorable to their opera
tion ; and tho view ol them fn motion
ia very agreeable-though horses aro
very npt lo be (lightened by tbo sight
ot their expanded wings. Tbe ono
nearest to Nowport it on tbe odgo of
Middlctown, to the west ol lbs Para
dise road. This was built and origin
ally sot up at Tiverton more than a
hundred and twenty tlv years ago.
Its substantial oaken limbers, which,
of course, have been often re-covered,
aro at bard aa iron, Sucb a structure
needs to It very strong, or else tho
wracking which a stiff wind gavo to
its sails would toon tear it to pieces.
Tbo main timbers and cross limbers
are firmly stayed, so aa to allow noth
ing more than tbat apparent working
which is felt on mid-ocean in tbt best
built wooden, or even iron shun. Tbe
nether millstone it tot about eight foot
Irom tba floor, ao thoroughly secured
as not to be started in its position. A
windlass arrangement draws up a sup
ply of corn to feed tbo boppor, and
tligbls ot stops go to tho top to lucill
tale tbo oiling of the machinery and
tho regulation of the movement. An.
other external wheel tcls tbo sails or
fans to tho wind, the sails being ex
panded or drawn in by ropo gearing.
Tbo borizontul rovolving abaft is con-
nccted with a perpendicular one, lo
wbich is firmly attached the upper
millstone, ot courso tlio power und
capacity of tho mill for work doponds
upon tbo force ol tho wind. If this be
tempestuous and gusty, it is not safe
to allow its oporation. A force ol at
least ten or twolvo horse-power Is req
uisite lor grinding hard Indian corn
into one nu ai, but rued may be manu
factured with somewhat less lorce,
Twenty-five bushels of flue meal is a
lair product ot tho mill lor ouo day.
Soon ut a little distance, tbo bugo funs
turn gracefully in apparent silence, ns
il in harmony with tbe zephyrs. Hut
when one stands immediately under
tho shadow ol tbo structure there is a
majestic sweep in them atlunded Witb
a corresponding sound, not exuetly a
noise, and one is made to imagine what
would bo tha ctlect on bis body or
skull, if bo stood in tbe way. Yet tbo
acquired momentum seems to be less
thun tbat ot machinery moved by
steam or walor power. from the
ttoston Jransenpt.
Mr Henry Shaw, a well known and
comparatively wealthy citizen of the
town of Nowry, sold his farm in Hlair
county and deposited S3,0U0 of the
purchase monoy with Gardner, Mor
row k Co., bankers at llollidaysburg,
witb instructions to purchase tor him
I'nitod SiateB bonds for the same. On
Saturday, he wont to Uolliduysbiirgto
lift bia bonds, but tboy hadn't arrived.
On bia way back to Newry, bo stopped
lor a while to look at Ibe tents und
pictures and listen to tho music at tbe
circus wbicb was on exhibition in a
field by tbe roadside. While standing
in front of one of the side shows a vert'
genial gentleman, apparently one of
tbo managers ol llio allair, engaged in
conversation with him, pretending
to want to purehaso somo borses. It
w asn't long until the genial gentleman
knew that ho was talking with Henry
Shaw, of Nowry, wbo nad recently
sold bis furm for a snug sum and who
bad a bank account witb Gnrdnor,
41orrow & Co. Thon bo invited Hen
ry to como in and look at tbo curiosi
ties; it shouldn't cost bim anything.
And so Uunry wont in. After be bad
scon what was to bo seen, two other
gentlemen invited him to a sort of a
back room attached to the side show,
and bore tboy wanted Henry to try
bis luck at a certain game ot chance,
wbicb he cannot describe. Ho de
murred on tbe ground that bo badu't
any money, lbon it was suggostod
that ono ol the "gentlemen try lor
Mr. Shaw and see wbat bis luck would
be. This be agreed to. The experi
ment was tried and tbo result was
wonderful. Tbe "gentlemen" held up
their bands in astonishmonL Mr. S.
had drawn fl,000. This was just one
litllo formality. 41r. Shaw must cover
the 61,000 with 500. To mako a long
story short, Henry was persuaded to
go to bis bunkers and got tho money.
Ilo went back tq tbe place, was chlo
roformed and lost bis monoy. When
be came lo himself ho was alone.
Yesterday, 41 r. Shaw and another
gentleman irom Newry came ovor to
Altoona, and after somo investigation,
succeeded in picking up two of tbu
parties wbo swindled Henry. They
wero arrested and taken colore Mayor
Howard, where Mr. Shaw Identified
tbein. Aftor refunding Shaw bis
money and paying all costs in tho caso
tboy wero discharged. Altoona Trib
lly somo, aged parents aro consider
ed a burden, ot which tboy would glad
ly rid themselves. Y o often oeo theso
persons treat their parents unkindly,
apparently forgetting the debt of love
and gratitudo wbich they owe to their
lather and mother. Ah, bow ungrate
ful ia tho human heart I How apt it
is to becomo cold and hardened to
ward thoso whom it once loved witb
tbe tonilorcst, holiest affection! Oh,
heartless children I Was it not your
mother who watched over you in tho
hours of inlancy ? Was it not sbo wbo
spont so many sleepless nights by your
sido as you lay in your nttio nod, But
tering from disease which sbo feared
might tako tbo loved ono from hor
sight? And, when tba danger was
past, knelt and offered a prayer of
thanksgiving lo liod lor his groat kind
ness in sparing the life of ber dulling f
Sho has prayed tor you all through by
gone years, and she prays lor you
still. It was she who taught you to
Bay your simple prayer each evening
as you knell iiesido tier Knee, un
how you loved ber then ! Every
childish caro and sorrow wat poured
into ber listening ear, and you evor
tound in bor a sympathizing friend
and counselor.
And your father! Do you not ro-
momber when you used to stand at tbe
window and watch bim coming Irom
the field, or tbo workshop, where ho
bad labored bard all day long, that
you might not want? And, when tho
ovening meal was over, then he took
you on bis knoo, told you pretty sto
ries and called you bis precious child 7
And thul whon you came to be of tbo
proper ago, bo sent you to school that
you might obtain an education and
prepare youiscll to becomo wiso and
usolul, and bo an honor to yourself
and to the world; llavo you forgot
ten all Ibis? It cannot be.
Slop and think what you do whou
you pronounce your father and mothor
burdens, and treat them as though
they sustained no relation to you.
Consider that tho vigor ol life is gone,
that tboy bavo become weak and de
pendent, and that their poor old hearts
need cheering by kind words and
pleasant smiles. The sLadowB of thoir
lives aro lengthening their sun is
about to set. Then be careful that
you cause no cloud to settle and ob
scure tbe glory ol tbat sunset.
PnaBint.r A M ibtak e ".Tames."
said a motherly woman to a young
man whose first sermon she bad just
nearo, "jamua, wny uni yon enter tno
ministry?" "1 had a call from tbe,1 " aairl ttiA vnunrr man anil then
came the reply, "Hut aro you not aure
il wasn i some otnor noise job nenru r
"Wbat ia the meaning of a backbit
or ? " asked a gentleman at a Sunday
school examination. This waa a pus-
clor. It wont down tho class until il
came to a simple litllo urchin, wbo
sold, "Perhaps it o a lien.
TEEMS-S2 per annum In Advaaoe.
SERIES - VOL. 22, NO. 20,
Hoosters orowiog,
Cattle lo wing,
Wateb-doge oaylng,
Horses neighiug,
Fcscoi-ks In plumes efspleojor screaming.
In Ibe morning,
At Ihe dawning,
Hieing early,
Reaping barley,
lha aiaeter regulating tcaulog.
Oien feeding,
Weelber heeding,
bright or bery, '
Milking Daisy,
lueen of the field, pride of the dairy.
Then comes Ligbt-laee,
Then cornea firigbt-fsce,
Then Uleckborry,
And Red Cherry,
Tbe milkmaid, meadow fairy.
Ripe fruit tumbling,
Karmera grumbling,
Cm MBfolaiog,
Women eoolding,
And dl.sppoiBted meideni "pouting."
When the orcein 's oft,
Handing teama off
To tbe oheeee-preas ;
The milk weigbe less,
but there racy be a brook Irout lo.
Ah ! the nighttime
brings the bright time,
W hen barsb,
And loud voices
Are drowned la deep seas of iluinhcr.
The whip-poor-will
W ill not be still i
Hbe's sppraling,
Without feeliujr.
For stripes for poor " Will" without number.
In thickets hid,
The katydid
Wakee to tell ns
Phe Is Jealous ;
It may be Action, or flirtation.
Of some coquette
Wbo when she mol
Sweet Eaty fair
Out in the air,
Said some soft things witb palpitations.
O'eo, W. f.eioe, is Trmptrmnet Banner.
Secretary of War Lincoln has start
ed off in a reform that be can not ac
complish, much aa bis desire may be
to do it. He bad an idea that he
would got rid of tbo army barnacles,
who, while they draw Bularicfl from
(jcnerul dowh lo Lieutenant, never
render any servico in return.
Ibe caso thai be started out on was
that of Lieut. Dradluy, wbo managed
to get a 'special act passed through
Congress giving him tho pay of Cap
tain. Lieut. Bradley has not seen his
regiment for seventeen years. During
this time bo bas not performed one
week's servico really, though ho has
bcon suffered lo be iu charge of one of
the hundred of rod tape bureaus of tbe
Vt ar department. Hut be bas been a
leader ot tbe gcrman regularly and is
'beuvy waltzer. lie has never
missed a society gathoring and it a
delightful lellar, you know." Ho
parts bit hair in the middle and playa
vt ben Mr. Lincoln wat told ol these
things there aro a hundred sucb cases
in tbe War Department he made np
his mind ibat bo would reform tbe
business or smash up trying to do to.
no bogan on isradiey, but it was not
two days before Bradley brought so
cial influonco to have tbe order re
scinded. Otbor Secrotarios ol War have tried
to do exactly what Lincoln wanted to
do, but they lulled every time, as Lin
coln will fail. Tho Army Ring It too
strong for the Department to manage.
there aro hundreds ot barnacles on
tbe Naval rolls also, but nothing can
be done about it. Thoro are Buveral
Naval officers now on duty, "special
duty," at tbo Washington Navy Yard
that bavo not boon one hour on a ship,
except when they went traveling for
pleasure, since the day they lelt An
napolis witb their appointments as
Lieutenant. Judge Hunt will take
no steps lo correct wbat he knows is
an evil, becauso ho knows ho cannot
mako a succost of it.
Lincoln, bowovor, is very rash, and
swears bo will do something or know
tbo reason why. Ho will probably
discover tbe reason, but his reform will
not amount to much. Hartford Times.
Last year a contract was made with
William F. Davidson to carry a daily
mail packet Irom St. Paul to St. Louis
at (08,788 per annum, tbo term com
mencing July 1, 1880, and ending Juno
10, 1881. Tho criminal absurdity ot
any such contract is apparent on tbe
face ot it. lo carry mail Irom St.
Paul lo St. Louis by boat takes about
flvo days; to do it by rail lakes one.
Tbe service in question waa to bo
a through service botwoen those two
cities. This route was discontinued
4larcb 31, 1881. Tbero was paid reg
ularly the quarterly pay of 117,107
from July 1st of last year to 41 arch 31
of this year, with ono month's extra
pay on the discontinuance ot tbe route.
The amount of extra pay was 15,932.
There wa.) deducted Irom tbe pay for
failure to perform the sorvico duting
the first quarter (227, during the next
(13,417, and during tbo third (15,008.
Tbe total amount paid for this extra
ordinary service lor tho throe quarters,
including tho deductions, was C".i,!im.
The extent of tbo service rendered
may bo understood Irom tho fact that,
after the first protest against carrying
mails in tins way bad been overruled,
the post office clerk mado up an empty
pouch on tbe boat daily from St. Paul
to St. Louis. To put up letters into it,
and to delay them four days, was some
thing wbicb they would not consent to
do. So during tho lifo of tho onntruct
tbo post office authorities wont through
tho lurco ol paying a man (20,000 for
carrying an empty sack back and forth
between St. Paul and at. Louis.
Tbo State Senate on Monday was
ithout a ii nor um. Out of fifty mem
bers only twenty-throe nnswored to
tbeir names at roll-call. The doubt
about tbo pay for the timo exceeding
ono hundred days, now expired, may
have compelled tbo twenty soven miss
inn Senators to co somowhore to cam
something to meet board bills, Ao.
A book publisher upon returning
from a parly given by a member ol
the "best socicly," remarked tbat tome
of tbe expensively attired young men
(iresent reminded him of a dime novel
lound in Turkey morocco wilh gill
The man who expressed an opinion
bad to pay charges clear through bo
fore the company would take it.
A New York man calls his sweet
heart Kitty, because sbo gets her hack
up so often.
Tat sayt tbat Balaam wat tbe first
Astronomer wbo discovered an ass-
lo roid.
Gloves art worn very long now
by people who cannot aflord to buy
new onct.
The directors of Ferguson township
have let tbe contract for building a
new school houso at r'rieudship.
Tha examination nf lhA o-railiinlino'
class at the Lock Havon Normal
School will tako place on tba 20th oi
Thomaa C. Hopkins, toacbor ot Jef
ferson school, in Decatur township, it
now attending Dickinaon Seminary, at
n illiamsport.
In bia recent lecture m Philadelphia,
Honry Ward lieecher said : "If there
ia any economy that is spendthrift
economy, il It tlinginoes in supporting
tbe common schools."
Tbe local Normal Schools at Lum
ber City, Pennville, New Washington,
Pine Grove, and Clearfield, are well
attended by atudenta. In tbe aggre
gate about 300 students are attending
theso schools.
S. T. Hroekbank, Ksq , lectured be
fore tbe Kducutioiial Association at
Now Millport, on Saturday evening.
.May 7tb, and before tbe Pennville
Normal School Friday evening, May
13th. His lectures are purely educa
tional, and ate well received by all
who bear them.
An opiuion has roccntly been ten
dered by W. A. Lindsey, Esq., Deputy
State Superintendent ol schools, that
if a School Hoard provides sufficient
accommodation for all scholars of tbe
district, it it then optional with tbt
Hoard to grant or refuse the school
building lor other purposes.
Dr. K. K. Uigbee, our new State Su
perintendent, is lectuiing at different
places throughout the Slate, and got
ting acquainted with Ibe people. An
effort will be made to have him pres
ent at the dedication of the new school
building in Houtzdale during the
month of August or September.
We have in preparation a small book
ol nearly a hundred pages, containing
the plan bl work lor Ibe ensuing three
years. It, whon completed, will be a
manual lor the teacher, in wbicb tbt
wishes of tbe Superintendent can easi
ly be ascertained. A more extended
nntico will be given it in the future.
Clearfield oounty school teachers
loomed op quite prominently at tbe
late election of County Superintend
ents, as candidates, in different parts
of the State. Prof. E. N. Root waa a
candidate in Hlair county, Prof. Geo.
tlarsden in Cambria oounty, and frot.
W. J. King in Cameron county. None
ot them, however, wore successful.
The printers made us commit sev
eral errors last week in naming tba
.Superintendents elected in adjoining
counties. Corrected, they are as fol
lows: Hlair, John H. Stevens; Hunt
ingdon, W. R. Baker; Centre, D. 41.
Wolf, Clinton, Thomaa N. Magee;
Cameron, N. H. Scbenk, Jefferson, W.
A. Kelly; Indiana, S. J. Craighead.
School Hoards should begin at once
to prepare tbeir annual reports in or
der tbat they may be sent in promptly
at tbe boginning of tbe new school
year. We caution the Presidents of
Boardt against making affidavit to tbe
report when tboy know the school law
has not been complied with. Where
schools have been kept open on Satur
day, or bave been in charge of persons
not having valid certificates, nor have
not been kept open tha required time,
the oatb cannot be taken by the Presi
dent of tbe Board unless greatly modi
Tbe following ia a list ol pupils re
ceived for the "Roll of Honor" for the
week ending May 6th. AH whose
names appear in this list attended tbe
school to wbich they belonged every
day ot tbe school term :
West Liberty school, in Sandy town,
ship, Peter S. Hoborling, teacher A.
L. Poellolhwait and M. A. Hoberllng.
Three Runs school, in Karthaus
township, H. E. Kisbor, teacher Mary
Conaway and Taicy Glace.
Fortune unmasks men.
At nothing astonishes men ao much
as common sense and plain dealing, bo
nothing it more rare in a man than
an act of bit own. Emerson.
Iu this age of multitudinous studies
be sure tbat whatever else is taught,
your pupils shall be able to think cor
rectly, and express their thoughts
You cannot stand still. It you are
not Improving every terra, both in
general information and in methods of
instruction, rest assured that you are
losing ground.
Education la a treasure which you
cannot lose; goods which tha sheriff
cannot sell from you ; property which
no thief can steal; a satisfaction of
which no inisfortuno can doprive you.
Facts are valuable, and it is well to
store the mind with them. Hut it Is
not the main object of education to ao
quire facts, but to learn bow to reason
clearly, and to express our thoughts
Do not delude yourself with the Idea
that you can please everybody. Al
ways do tbat which is right, be dili
gent, do the most you can, pay no re
gard to tha fault-finders, and you will
find at many friends as any aensible
man need desire.
"Kneonrago" ia tbe bast word it our
language. It is a lifting word, and ita
port or Is equal to the strength of the
user. The teacher, more than any
other, needs to foel its strengthening
influence ; and he, mora than any other,
should know how to encourge wisely.
Two gifts are offered to men in thit
world ; they aoldom can bave both.
One ia success, witb weariness; tbe
otbor failure with hope. Tha last is
much the best. Tbe man who succeeds
finds tbat hit success does not amount
to a groat deal ; the man wbo lailt, but
keeps bit hope, it tbt happy man.
Before a teacher can set about hia
professional work intelligently and
with assurance of success, lie must not
only understand its technical details,
but ha ahould also have a broad and
comprehensive knowledge of the gen
eral objects of education, and the
means by which these are to ba ac
complished. Do not becomo the slave of method.
Methods are valuable, but none nre so
good aa not to permit of variation.
Even a perfect method will become
wearisome il too often repeated. He
full ot expedients. Novor lot your pu
pils know how yon ait) going to hoar
the next lesson. You will then keep
tboir attention on the alert.
Moral education considers tha rela
tions which exist botwoen tilt individ
ual and other human beings, and the
conduct proper to observe in conse
quence of those relations. Analogous
to the divisiona ol physical and men
tal education consists, first, ot moral
growth, and. secondly, of moral
Physical education bat for ill object
the growth and nurture of tho body,
and the attainment of bodily strength.
I'pon the accomplishment of these ob
jects the entire welfare of tba banian
being depends, n ilhout proper bodi
ly growth and nurture) it ! impossible
to achieve either mental cr moral excellence.
anra,' -tf