Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, November 24, 1880, Image 3

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Termi of Subscription.
V paid In tlrane.or wlt&io lb ret boob tha 0A
II Hitl aiirr turf tMfitn in afiomha... it
t jikii nfter ihaupirailoD of m tuoiibta... I OU
-Hurt, 8. M. Pbttrkqill A Co., Nr
?i.r Ajjvajrttain Acoiat X7 Park hum, orntr
fWhtjiaD Hiron, art our duly tuttiurlMtJ Atfoota
If) ,- . w urn til?
MciIiikIM Kjtlpcopal t'hurrhRtv. Gam,
Luinr, Pattr. rrtcai tTajrj ttabbth at llij
A .'i., and i r. ai.
fabfaalh Hnhuol at 9 A. M.
Prayet Meat ion ry U ttdneatUjr, at 7J P. M
Coma union bonrtea. Ant ttabbath of aver;
mvmu, mi ii n. oi.
Wl t'lt-trlleld M. fc. hurt li.R.
CftAiaK W. llnkHlT, Pattor. 1'raacbing arery
the mat a Sunday, at 8 o'elonk, P. M. tiutvlrty
acn'iui ii r. m. ah art ibtiimi to attend.
Frebtrrla ChitrchKeT. II. 8. Bittlik,
Hahbath lorTioea m online and enlnra fiab
bath Hobool at P. W. Prayar Meeting Wdna-
day evening.
Iluptlit Miurrh R.t. . Paatnr
Sal.ti.uh bcboul at 4 P. M. Prayer Meeting ererv
Ml. Kraiirla' Miurcli ( atholir Rot. P
J.hHKBil'AB I'tvina aervlre at 1 A. Al., on
the Aral, third and fourth Hundajaof aaob montbi
Veauere end benediction ol (tie itleaeeii haerauient
at T clock, P. M. Hundatj bcboul everjr bunday
aiiernooD at a o oiuei.
TINa Or BOLD 1)10 QVARTkft ICUIOItl 00 CM,
Beoobil Monday ol January.
Third Monday of March.
Ftrat Monday of Juno.
Fourth Monday of heptemW.
- Tina or BOLbtaa common rt.iaii,
Flrat Monday of June.
&oond Monday of November.
rniLic orriCRRB.
Prttidtnt Jdjt Hon. Oiarlri A. Mijrr
Lock Haven.
A nit tan t Lam Judgm Hon. Jobo H. Ortli, of
Auotiatt Judytt A Virata Oglen, Cleftrfleld;
Vincent H. Holt. Clearfield.
ProlkoXotary Kit llloom.
RtgitUr and fYordr L. J. Morjran.
TVenaerer Ptaill. limit.
IHttriet At torn J. V. McKenrlck.
Sheriff Jamxs Maba.ffVv.
Itrpnip A'Afi-K. I. IhctPpfon.
Count Surveyor Samuel P. McCloskey, Cur
teniTilla. Cnuntn ComminioneroC, W. Kyler, flrnham-
tnn P. 0.; Klnh JohuiiUm, Mramjmn I' ilia P. O.J
John Nrrta. T.. ' urpnTllie
Cmmiuiarm' Citric John W. Howe.
Count AuHitn William V. Wright, Oar.
tVW : J-.aih UilliUnd, Threo Kudi; J. S.Kor
Hp. Wondlmid.
Count CoranrrJamn A. Mtnr, Ctrarflld.
Jury f'iHnMiMtiiiiri Andrew J. Jackion, Clear.
Bed, Wm. H. Ilrown, riearfleld.
Supirinttndenl of Puhiit AVAooft M. L. He
Qunon, ClenrQi-ld.
Staler of Wttiyktidr Maurta Jfiae W.Carlllo,
oPice at Lufhefhur(t Pa.
A'.' Mr.. Public John W. Welti, Wm. Ra
ilrbnujrh, Pyru DorduD, Clearfield j Joiejih R.
Irwin, N K. Arnold, 1'urweniTille ( J. A. Living
ainno. DuIloiK City.
iu ran riiiPtt mnnoy if you buy
, m m. 'Ill(fr n
iniicHtirita ko ftiniM in anytbine
t,.u want ir rnn ..II . K n. . . f
JWM "i i. a f irra a Li
hx -fehoriff Powell publihe an al
firtiuioat giving attiot of bit afpoiatiaonl aa
Admlnlatrator or the eitU of L. tl. WiU, lata of
Philadelphia, daoird.
Tho firm of Pci.u & Jubnaun, in the
uaoigrmrnt ol the 8baw IIoum, kai been di
olftd, Mr Johnon retiring. Sheriff Pmti will
eontlnu It aloit. and -III be glad to aoeoioaa
daU a largo number of guaiu, wbih he la
Hbundanily ab'e t do
J hero was uihiiIm i- rbilmud wreck
Dear all rtatii a Ian Friday aiki, lr wblob th
tij-rrn (rain fu delajoil and .lid not arrlva la
Llfirfltld atiill a o'clock on tialutday morning
it j i a eual imIq tliat wi wrecked, but we did
oU aie-ftain lb emie.
- - m mm -
Oov. Jloyt liun ihmkmI tho di'utb
warranii or Ueorge feuitb and CatheriDa Miller
of Lyrcmiog county, who were eonvlelad ia Way
aator it o murder of the lalter'a buiband. Ibe
osecuiion will tka (.lace at WililaBiort, on
luund.iy, January 6;h.
r.iiitu rtvllinlirf, ; uljutil 43 wan ol
!(, dii-d of Mlioai fter, at bit liouioear Lick
Run, to Ooahen towmhip, on Pun day night laat
lit Iravea a wife and Ave etiiidren to mourn their
lo. He haa been In the otnplp? of t'.U$ Irrin at
bk-B Hua for a number of yrara.
riniiiiul-, iHKHimores buJ cttnioiiB in
ail aibck at T, A. F wi A Cu'a.
Window ahittlunin niwent atylcs and
. a. icqi r. to n.
The bout filling cornet cror mado
u sow to oa iun4 at I". A. Flack A Co.'i.
Lkcturk. A lecture will bo deli v.
rcd io the Court Homo on Tburadty (Thaoka
giting) night, Kor. Ji h at BoVlo-k.y Rev
J. Pearer. Sul jcet : ''Irgcraoll." Lecture free
Come all! A collection will bo lifted for the
bine lit of the Writ learn -Id Church.
Cur .YjcrtW column la decidedly interfiling in
l ..on I p. -nit of view, and profitable reading to
(Ktii-h'ra Huo want to aura moniy.
"Win i.u uke wlient, oiita or oom fer aub--
rij Hun ?" We are often inquired of In tbia way
In litter from putnuia who mile at a diatanee
fn-m Ck-itrfield. H e eg tin ay yea. The rcceipta
of a re Fiintiiilfle nierchant or aiitt owner in tbe
vi. ithy, aill nar ua J a ft aa well a the omti
To ill!iiitralp: If any of our petrone will deliver
ui a hug of grain at the mill r Joaeph II. Rretb,
in Uieit townrUij!, Horsoe Putohia, In Vurnaide,
Thoinna II. Forcey, in Orabem, Win. Porter or
Shan't, In Lswrenc, or Ilrown Peyler t, a
U.nklon, ViiiuD towitahip, and forward their
rerripla for the tiount, we will eredlt them on
ttiilr aecoubl for the an tut. In tliia way all may
ioon py what Ibey owe, If they will puraut tbla
rourae. tf
IiuL'oii on a Akw Official. The
time ff Sheriff llntiao, of Ljcoibing, etj.ire
Juauarv Cd, Iffil. AaihttimeiBt for tbe eieou-li'-n
of Ueorgomlih and Mn. Miller ia January
flib, he will ittua eacapo the unplcaaaat duty and
the new therilT, Colcovl Wllaon, will hai to act
aa hang man.
Thero will bo two week of Cntirt
in January, commencing oa tho acoond Mand iy,
the H'(h ,lay. The flrH week will bdvoted t
Coiomobwvalth builneaa.eod the aecovd week
commencing .n ib I7lh. will be tali en up with
the trial of eli! cnuiri, a Hat of which j.eara
elaewher In thii iaeuw .
- - ' tmrn -
Andy llurwnk 1ms ft utmA minnlv.
f bi rao btai'keli, Imji rohea, whipa(and alt kinda
of horar furt.ltbir g-ioda at till ehop on Market I
atrcct. Farmer, lumbrtmcn, teaipater, and any.
body ia me I of barneaa or any of the ab e
mentioned arllalra are Invited to gire him a call
and examine hia atock and prloea.
Public opinion neems to bo univoronl
in tbe fuel iht the right pt.- to put the tridgo
to take tho place of the ' (in idlellow bridge," ia
at 0. L. Itecd'n faro. , a half a tnile behw ll a old
lite. Tbi la jTrfirible on atouunt of avoiJin;
two railroa 1 croiiin, which rendered the old
route to CurwoorviHe at tiniea very baiirJ u.
LtHt of K'tttTH remaining tinclninuMl
in the Poatc ffle at Cloarflidd, Pa., lor the week
ending Nnvetuler 221, !fKO;
Theodore Illooiu, Miaa Kvi D tle, Mii SiitBfin-
tha llevrner, Jjfl 'b Kline. K gr Lee, B. L. Mar
tin (2;, John Putrrnn, Miaa Nannie Purvta, Mra.
8dit K Read. Miaa lary J. MM.r, Amlrew
Wright. P. A. 0AU1.IN, P. M.
A new lino of till wool cahmcrea in
roe we aew abadca, Jut looeivod at T. A. l'ltofc
a Co'a.
The Alloona iSn aava that' ftillv a
tkuuaand bga baa died ia liuotingdoa and iilair
eountira tb a f 11 frwu cbulrr.
MiMiintio (riot It, in cot Ion and wool,
dreaa gmgbaua. and the Fall atylea in drtee el.
ieoea are awuug the lateat arrival at T A. Fiaok
A Cv i.
mm e
It in need ol a carpet, cull al T. A.
Fleck A Co'a, who have Jutt rci-eived a Dew in
voice of eatpeting, whKb will to at. Id at greatly
reduced ptkaa.
Making tho buying ol drerui and dry
gooda a aiuJj, cartluint in aelcetibg tbe aaiuo
and atMitig tbtm at iba right figure baa made
T. A. Fleck A Co'a tt.e piular dry goo da buueo
iu CknrQeld rounty.
The popular place to buy your
aiuiuiug ia at lurnnger m Kjvk i. iaiaurm nave
now laid in a vt ry Urge atock of tbe uoet aljli.-b
and wcllmaJa elotbtt.g, which they are eel at gat
prkcea that will pay lue inoai tounuuieal (u p
irunise tbum. Hvf. U-2u
Amt'iii other cuses bufbro tho llourd
of Pardum at lie aeaalua laat week, at Mania
burr", werelboio of Stewart Walker, arretted near
Curwenan in, In tbla county, and aent to tbe peni
tentiary for borae-ateaHng, ftom Centra Bounty,
for ten year a, and Sol S. and 0. W, Haioet, each
aent from thia county, for hr-atcalip, for five
yeara and all montbi. Tho fliat oauied waa
granted a rehear)! g, and the two Utter wero ra-fuaed.
New Daily Ktacik Link. James h.
Leavy boa aucccerttd in having a daily mail eatab.
linhcd between Clearflirld and Pcnnflelct; and will
hereafter run a daily alge between the two polnta.
Htf flontraol begfio with April lit, and the atage
will leave ' learfleld every tr.oining (except Bun
day) at 8 o'clock, making eonnei-tine with all
trmua on the Low tirade Railroad ut Pcnn field, re
luroing after the bat train tbe aaue evi-ntDg.
Paraengcraand freight will lie carried nt tow rare.
Order left at any of tbo bolala will ha attended
to. tnapr7IMf
KIME IVTZ l Bora. 1 1., 8torUv,
Nov. U-h, UHrf, at ui4. ef Juha Kltue,
ei 'e. C.ef.-li avail. al 'U$t AbbaLbti, ol
PLCMVtR HcCURnV it tho rMldanea
the nit. pai-t-U, w 4 Ic.lar, N .f. ITtL
lkw(. fc.e tl M.l.r. or. J K I'lv.uh.
ol pMlipafcir, Ceaire ejuul, Pa., at M a
Uot.i.ia 0. iJcttaur, t Oeolat tUerkeiu
oouLly, P.
BH0E1IAKER. la ih.nxm inwnelln. an
WidnetdikV. IUil, Is ml Maar E. CUoa
aiaa, aged 22yetraaid t m-m ba,
Thedeeoaaed bad beta a oonlalnt ateBiberol
the U. B. Cbareb for eereral yoarj. Her loog
aiekneaa waa endured with unmurmuring fa-
llrara, and her tod waa pro euilBuBily peaceful
and Inuiophaat. "dba la not dead, bat aleepetb,'
VBAOKR In Lumber City borough, on Satur-
la, Octotnr Hutb, lr8M, oMMji.huid uneumuma.
Ciihibti aa Vbaokb, aged CI yeara, IV month
and it uaya.
V'ALKKR, -In Union townhln, on Wednea-
lav momioif. Noveuuer ITlb. I Shit, ol bronvkitia,
Luzia A . dxMhter of Joeph U. and Jenma
Walker, atfed 8 yeara, 7 montha and 1 day a.
'Ileeauae thy mile waa fa'r,
T oy lip and eye ao bright )
Derauoe thy a ada-rara
aa aaoh a fond delight (
Shall love, wtih wek rintrace,
'Joy heavenward 0 at t a t drUin f
N, At gel 8cik thy pUoa
A Uiid yoh I'hetuh tialn " L
Jtfir I'rrfiisrra.'rst.
Tho LargsBt rr-j 38l Family Papar
in iho world.
Kif tot SmzpU Copy -Fret,
N'uw vtniri ni in i: n.
31 rwkMuw,?lew York,
Nov. 2 1 St.
Onb HriiriBKn Pan Cmnr. Ptacoiar oa Olo
Pairaa. Sewing Mai-hlneecan now he purcbaied
al Merrcll'a tin and variety eture, from tt up
warda. All kinda of aewtng tnacbitiea repairtd
on tho ahorteat noti.
Clearfield, Pa., July 13, 1877.
Tbo Aetc York Ohsrrver is an intcr-
eeting and valuablo ftrui'y paper. Wo can
reemmrn I It to oor reijera, who wlh to take a
New York pnpea. a pure nnd aafe. The puhlinhera
hare thii voarinue 1 avoluma of Irenu ' I Itera.
with m Ana portrait of the author, whL-b thet
Oraod opining of MILLINERY GOODS, at
II. Lehman A Co. 'a, Opeia Ufire, Clearfield, Pa.
Tbe lateat ooveltici In Ilata, Ilonneta, SUka,
Vilveta, Satin. Plushea, FuiiOy Fuathora, Winga,
Flowera and Ornamente, Ladiea' CLOAKS and
DOLLMANH, Shtwln, lllankela. Skirla, and a
full line of DUK-8 UOOILS, flannel a. Cloakinge,
etc. Thanking the citiima of Clearfield and
vicinity fir paat favo a, we aolioit a oontinuanoo
or the anme. II. Lbhuan A Co.
Oil, 13, ISSO If.
Karmf.rh, Look UhikJ Lyllo will
Hive )ou hi(liel uuirktt )-ricta for Wheat, Oata,
Corn, Iluckwbtiit, Rultrr, t'gg. Onione, Applea,
dried fruita, and all kinda or produce ha baa
the largcit and t eat tilicted atock of groceriea,
tcaa, ct ffcea, tnoltaara, ppicea, oil aall, eugar,
queenawura, tua, tu'keta, taaketa, cnurna, o.
in Clenrfi- Id county. He huya hia good in large
quamltiva Irotu tant.ut.ictureta ami urit naniii
for caah, and takia .the advantasa of all
diacounta, and to he la enabled to aril at I
price. He glvcaeHh priwe for produce, nd at-lla
Cot.iiPTnna faieal W bnva prepared
4 form, and have on hand a large quantity, ol
hlank "Colleclur'a Sale," which faave been ap
proved by the biftheat legul authority in the
Courta nf thia county. At 7Wry 6'Nt per
dot en we will mail any numlirr to me Collector
ordering; them. A Collector, when eutnpe'led to
advvttiHo property, uiuet poat up not It-aa 'bn
three noticca in the tuut public placea in bia
rTMIIAI. I.IT-.Thw follnwlna; la a Hit of
J. eaoeaa eat down for IrM tor January Term,
lottl, eoujuteaeiaif Jaana'j ITthi
Sacuan Wars JaauAar 17.
J OardnerA 8 Morrow aa Patrick Flyna
Heorna Hmghain
Thomaa II Forcejr M'ifTr A Rllna
Ki'-herd Atlhura King A Fuller
Klctiard Artbura Jaei.h Hand et al Heira, Ac.. va Riehard Ankara at al
l hn II lftllen et al a H Cowen et al
Wafch'gtoB ti A L Aia'n ve (Jaorge linger
i u va m
ii it it ii va " "
II D Fchnoao er T W A J M Holt
ll'gler, Yotmn A Co a John lu!lola
Rirtiaul Artbura a Snlney Fuller at al '
M M UuMr., Adm'r, va WiMdl.nd Fire B Co
County National Rank a Aoram Humphrey
a ni a w atiara
8 awar A Praree
Lbn M Chaae
IM'tget U,ker
A M L'ovd A Co
U M Riiahia
l-bn Clark
Itliamer Hale
Taylor Howlea
H H Ito.e
ii Lmher A Hagarty
va Au'in Kline
v A V R.ilroal Co
tb Wm Heiorer
va J J Linale
va Andrew Penta
va Thoma C Kyler
Va Jiame trvin 6t
i J T llurd
ICM 11 LOOM, Prothonotary.
borough or tuwnahip.
Wahtbd. Delivered at lbs Riil I!
I OO.oou ift inch ahuvd ahing'oa.
I'Ui.iion 24-tnch aawed ahinglea.
HtU.DitO tcetof pine boarda.
ftil .tnxi N-Ievt ahaved huopa.
4 omi railroad ti. a.
Sd.iM'O U vt of gtHid bi mlock boards.
For which 1 will pay the higheat market price,
delivered at Cienrbuld, or at any point on the
lyrone a Livarnetu uaiiroj.
J. r. Krahkb,
Clearfield, Pa., Oct. 10, 178 tf.
alust lloccived.
J nut Rpcivcd by AUNOM), at
Cur l,od Nova Seotiu Pluslcr!
Cur Loud pure Com. Jtyo and Outs
Chop i
Cur Load Dcakon hull!
Car Loud nf Choice Fumily Plourl
Car Loud Dry linodw, tinK'erien.Ac!
fnT'Si'iiiL'K'H, Huik 1C. It. Ties and
(iiitin will he litken iu exchange.
CurweriKVillo, May 1, loiH.
CLRAitriaLO, Pa., Nor. 2M, 1SS0.
(iffor to old auhaeiibf-r. Anvooe em get the Icrma h" gda at the loweat price la tbo county
fiay-AdvertiHeirt and others will bear
ia mind that all arliolea In ten 'led fnr pobllcatioa
in this paper muat ho Undid la, not later than
Tuesday, al 9 A. M. Don't forget it I
To morrow is Thutiksiviit day.
- mm t an
Tbo rivui iii tt.y vic!!'iv of town
waa I r tien war durtog ll-o "void nap" of tun
- mm a aaw
Tho ntueon lor tbo luwlul bhootine
o.' deer metda frotn October lat to December
. mmt -
We learn thai I ho umount rculizud
atthe Weal Clearfield M. K. tburcb Fcitival laat
werk a a about $2.'0.
In tho u I'm.' i no ut Jud'O Doun, on
aecoutit of al kuta, Ju-tgu Oivia prtaidtd at the
HuotirtgdOD 0uit wrea before lal.
Jtcv. Jjvidy, of the M. K Church,
and Kef . Uuiirx, of tba Prbyierian Ch arcb, tx
bBgl pulpita laat Sunday morning.
- m .
lie in tbo river, lour or fivo inches
Is tbickneK, aff -ra aduiiraida akatiug for lha
bojai an! they enjoyed il on Monday, too.
Tho thcrmoiuoiet' was down to goto
arly to Muaday morUug 'foia ia reuiaraabie
cold weather for tbi audio a at tbia time ol tbe
Th ob. K. Cooper, an employe of tho
Itaiaai-icaN offle, ia tujujlug a viait among
ralalivoe and fnenda ia 11 looaen, S. J $ and Ne
Tho retnuins of Mr. J. U. Wulker's
little diublar, ba died m Union twwnahip, were
buried ia tbe cemetery at tbia plaoa Utt Pnday
Sheriif iluiker, ut Ciinluii county,
advertiava tomu prupvny Iu tbta wnk'aiaue
Ra.e will t k. piece on Friday, Drt. lOib, at
Lo.k Haven.
Wo invito UiouLicnuuii uf our reud
era to the pruapaotuaee of titrptrt tfaiir aud
urjfC'e iogaatne for 1831, tu be luuud io tbia
werh'a iaiue.
Tbo Cluurtiuld County Toacbers'
Inatitute will eonveua to tba Court Uuuao oa Moa
day, December lutb, sod ajotioua uuiil Friday
ituuB, Diaeutbcr Sltb.
Wo huvo bouii oxpviioiiciiif; aoino
Ini cieii W inttr aiaibir ib ibie aectiwu uoru.g
the pmI week. A little a no uiied with a guM
deal of cold weatbr.
Tho Cenirul IVihim) Ivaniu Conlor-
anca af iba Mttbvdltt Kpievopal Church will
'taewt at YrVt Marvb Md, 181, and be pride.
over by Hiahop Andrew.
Tho iiimtollieu ut lining lulo. ibin
county, k ta beca drolarvd a H rat data otl m, and
tbe poituMter Will bcreafter be appointed ly tba
Preaidenl. Tba anlary la tl-401.
Mr. 8. 1. tSnyiJor relumed homo
(' aa i an eaattta elllea laat Saturday niitbt, where
be baa been ae looting a'lvarwaro, Jewelry, and
other good raltable fof tbe boll Uy trvde.
C tl. Wm. I'. Aloxuodjr, ol Clarion,
bna btea S' J-orntng In thia place for aotae tlmo
peat, oa account of the aerioul illnea of bi
brother, Jamea Ah xander, an old ar.d re pooled
cititrn tif our town.
. mm
(iray hair may ho mado to take on
It yoatbfal color and beauty by theuae of II all'
Vrfiialle SieilHan Hair llinewrr. the brat ,rt
pai-aikai for tba hair ktiowa to the icier oe of
uedKaa aid e'lemiatrv.
- mt aa
Tho Jury ComniitMiorior, A. J.
Jackaoa and W. K. Unwri, have Ailed tba jary
beql for 181. a ltd are bow engaged la drawing
jury for the January Term of Court. We will
I'obiiah the lat aei' week
Kd. A. (loodMlow is now golieittn
otdrti In thia and olbrr aountie fr tba whole.
ala gtooary buua of Harding, Hi it ton A Co.,
Ph Uiphia. L'l la a g el aleamae, and Ii
Itaraiing far a good h-ae.
mt a
Jutntfl Al ili lu ll, ol the tirui of J. L.
L'avy A Co , of tbla place, diapoaod of a Vafl of
leax tinbr al Lock llavoa week ba'orc lat at
21 ctnt prr foet, to partial refiling at Lelbirg.
IV Tka 1 1 laker waa a I eletiea aad aiaotiaa.
Tliodwellinghoiiaoon Walnut street,
Ib a b rough, occupied by David Kiebarda,
"l ea provided with ft aew ovcreoftt, la tba
ai a or weatberboarda, wbleb will add eoneider.
biy to tho eomfart withia U'ia Winter aa wall aa
ike appearanaa ilk -ut.
Judo Orris, w I earn from tho
Hefeaw) IFwieAaMat. waa ana of a aarit of ajaar
Mien It Cliatea eoaatv rcaoatly.and aarpHied
aompulaiif Vy kUMag tba Iril dear he arat
alt im tka vooda. 1 b Hy brtagkt koaa
ttoaklaa af Ua boat door aa wild eat. 1
by lending to Aew York Oburrir. New York.
Wo sco that Prof. W. S. Luther, of
&Hwvil'e, ha hen ergnged at one of the In-
atnictoraof the Klk countt. Teach era' fnaiitu e,
to bti held in December. Ttiliiag"ol relrclon
Prof. Luther ia one of our beat Tachera and In
rtttuta worker i II iriined a f.tir repnatinn at
Cameron and other (tiaiitutea Unt yer. Wc are
glad to aee our teach era, who aro worthy, ro
highly e impllraonted.
i --- -
Tho lieront, n new paper recently
atartcd at Cherry trre, (drant poarofiloe) Indiana
county, baa found ile way l- our office, J. M.
Darter and John Dtiieol aro prnprletora, and M
J. Shannon publlebcr. The paper ia "neutral" in
politic, Ita object bain to advocate anything that j
will develop t!iat region of country. Clearfield,
Cambria and Indiana eounit-at!I ismu at th
Cberytrce. Yea, of eouma we will eicbange.
Union Thaiikn'tvitif services will
ha beld la theCkarfl.ld M K Church on Tbura
day morning at 1 .10 A. M. Rer. II. 8. Butler,
paatorof the Preabjtrrlan Charoh, will preach
tba aermon. A printed lervlca baa bean prepared
ia wblob all present any take part.
Rev. J. J. I'eercr, Preaiding Elder of the
TTilliamapert diatrlor, will deliver a free leoture
in tho Court Iloueo on Thanksgiving evening.
Suijeet : ''Ing-rcoll.1 A eolleetion will be taken
up for lha benefit of lha Meat C loir lie Id M. K
- mw e --
Georire C. Mnore shouldered a Win-
ebaater rifle oa Wedneaday mnrnina; of lat week
and alerted to the mount a in nnrthwett of town,
and In the evening of that day the eireia of a
OA pound doa wm unloaded at lha a'ore of the
Motre U roth era, In Pie Opera Home. There
were three deer In tba aquad from which he picked
thl one. Ah Thorn got a chot at th-m and
knocked a l uck down, bat not t- ety. Snow
anfflnienllo raaka god tracking baa lallan elnee.
and the bunicra can Boar work to a much better
-a -
A Nkw Fbaturk. Superintendent
McQuown baa made arrangements to give a
coarac ofif loot una Id tho afterooooa durlag
Inatltota week, Ib tba Court Houae, for
tbe henellt of thoia who may not bo unable to at
tnod the eourac, and na O'lmpliraentary
t ihocc abo ptronite lha Inatitute. Prof. 1)4
llrtiff will lrctu'0 on Monday afternoon, Wallace
Diueean Tueaday afiirnoiin, H- Frank Plr.kerlon
on Woilntadny afteinnon, and Col. Jaiaea P. an
tord on Thuradny afternoon. Tba Inatitute will
adjourn at ntoa on Fnd.iy.
The Aliotia filial i) a, that In orltr to
aflord areonim;dalona for ao Inerciaed number
of Summer gtiea.a at the Creaton Spring Hotel,
a new ai d more capacious hotel building baa been
ncceaaa'y. Tbe inlvatt n, wa are Informed, la Io
areata atructure about 2'NI ftet long, H'O leal
wide, and three rtoriea bigh. The Aral rUry
will be of atonaand lha two other of brisk, aid
the cot f the whole, aa turn! over by the
workman, will he ia the neigh born cod of $75 O'lO
Il will be located inim dtalely In tbe rear of the
prtaenl bole I, which will not be rated till the
.Iher ia (Iniahi-J. Tbo Intention la to have tbe
new bolel ready fur occupancy at the uec il grand
opening of tbe "roaort," about the middle ol June
-. a
A Kurstantial Testimonial Kev.
Dr. Willi uj J. Uibaun, bating recently coopietid
flfry yeara Io the Maiat'y of the Prebyterian
Couri'b, bia friend ia tba iluotirg lon Preahy
tery, la which ha baa naided lor mure thao forty
yeara, deilring to maniftat their appreciation of
thia anaaual occurrence, aa well aa their affection
for the man, viaited him at bia home In Dun
eaaiville, D'alr roooiy, oo Tliureday of laai
week, Nut. HUh, and prtamied biaa with a ear
tiBrate of the FiM Dank or llidlidaya
t org, for $1,502 il. Thia amount will be aa I
to pnrcbaaa a boiaa let tbo venarable MiBiater,
who baa leva la tbia Preahyiery atnae ISdS, and
alwava actively euiploytd. Dr. Olbat.a ha pan
ad bia 70tbear, ai.d, ihfiugh phytleally impairs 1
by lime and eerviee, bia m ad reUiaa all Ita
anginal atrengih. Tbe aoagregatioaa ia thia
oouaty that aoatributed, with tbe amount, are Iba
following! Clearleld, $J4 ( Deulah and llouta
dale, ili Fruit IMI,$li Oaeeola, $10.
mm a
ParkntalCaiulhssness.- Tho Hunt
ingdon JUcif' Arareor tbo loth rtlatea tbe follow -log
i Yeater.iay altero-oa a tittle girl Baaed,
Rbelle McDonald, agd about lea year, the eld-
aat daughter af Mr W iii-m Mi uobaid, a car
penter, who reldeav Moure ureal, aear Ievffuib,
ia tbia place, met ailb a auddea diatb. Her
father had gone from b me to work, aad Rbetia
had beaa to d by bar otoibrr to aled the younger
abiidrea for a few mlnuio before going to eebool,
while aba aeot ta vlalt a aick acigbbar. Over
the Melt way Kaoiag fram tbe baameai hitoben
ia a aball nnon whleh .Mr. MoDoaall bd placed
a long btrrtlid aavy railar, whck ha thought
waa unloaded. RaetU, according ta tbe atate
meat of her little brother, aU.rapUd to pull Ibo
reveleer of the htlf wiib a broom, when by aomo
ear a It waa dittbarged, aad the whole charge
of tweaty or mora abot pea I rated her broaat
aad aoaie ar Iba akot eotenag bar atari faaaad
almoat laalant death. Her pareaU were learne-!
diaiely aetiled, aad re turned tomato lod tbrir,
little daathier lytag upon the kilobea loer ia a
poaltf bleed. Tbe oofertenate calamity awaken
id tbo aympalby af Ibe eaireeoBaaily."
ai-pl-'24-'7D tf
A Jnrntm Wf-dpino. The marriarve
nf Mr. J. Well Campbell aad Miaa Sndie M -Ore.
daughter of Jamea McJico, waa celebrated at the
reidrncof (he h'lde'a parnnta, in IlelMownabip,
on Tucd-iv, Octoher I3lh, 1K80, About eeventy
flve friend and relntlrci were p-eaent to wltnea
the ceremony and partake of the Inanrlea
were icived In abundance. Rev. 8 A. N. Stone
offlclatH, aad all In attendance enjoyed them
aelvaa hugely. After dinner Mr. and Mra. Camp
hell, accompanied ly aeveral couple of young
folk, left for iba Punaeutawney Fair, and the
gucat returned to their bomei. It waa aa ocae
ion long Io be reutcinbart d, and wa wl.h tbe
happy couple peace, prosperity, long tife,uod all
tbejuya that life poeaeaaci.
Ci.CAr.rint Coal Trade Slate-1
rucnt of Cnal and other frclghta aent over the
Tyrone A Clearfield Divlaion, Pennajlvania Hull
road, for the week ending November 13th, 1890,
and the aama tituu laat year i
COAL. Tons,
For the week Vl
Same time laat year - 37,2114
Decreaae ,
Provloualy during year 1.4?o.4MI
in me tiuie laat vear l,.1n;,VU
Weaee... MJ
Total in I,4.S
Hue time laat ytar 1 ,405,2 1 7
Flour, per cwt.
lluokwhRHt Flour, per cwt
Corn Meal, per cwt.
Chop, rye, per owl ,
Chop, mixed, per cwt
It run, pr ewt
Wheat, per buahel
Ilye, pur buxrjul
OatM, pur bushel
Corn, tare, per buahel
Ilui'kwiieat, per buhel
l.'iover aeed ,
Timothy eed
i'otiiluta, per hubo)
Apple, per buancl
Ham, per pound
.Mi out ler, por pound
Dried livni, por pound
UritckfD, per pair
Uuiter, por pouud
t'ttA'i Pr doicn i
btll, per aack, large
Coal Oil, per gallon
Lard, per pound
Dried Applee, per pound ,
Dried Pvautiea, per pound
Usaiia, per buabul
$.( 00
1 8n
l tie
1 4
1 (tli
1 110
8 Hi'
a 76
1 Oil
1 Do
2 Oil
W ii an bah, IToa. C.'A. MAYRR. Prealdent
Judge of the Coart of Common Plea of
the Twenty-Bfth Judicial Dlatrict, composed of
the eounliea of Clearfield, Centre and Clinton
and Hon. Abram Onmca and Hon. V meant B
Holt. Aaaociatc Judue of Clearfield count)
have insueri their precept, to me directed, for the
holding of a Court of Common Plea, Orphan'
Court, Court of Quarter rjeaaiona, Court of Oyer
and Terminer, and Court of General Jail Deliv
ery, at the Court Houae at Clearfield, in and for tbe
county of Clearfield, commen'-ing on the Hccoiid
Monday of Janaory. (Haiti) A. I. I we I,
and tu rout In ue lor two week a.
NOTICE IS, therefore, hereby glrca to the
Coroner, Juatlcee otthe Peace, and Conatable,
tn and for aaid oounty of Clearfield, to appear in
their proper penone, with tbeir Heeorda, Roll,
Inquiaitiona, Kiauinatlona, and other Re mem.
branoea, to do tho tbinga wbieb to their office,
and In iholr behalf, porvaln to be done.
Uy an Act of Aeaerubly, paucd the 8th day of
May, A. D, lsftd, it i made tba duly of the Jua
ticea of the Peace of fbc several countiei of tbia
Commonweal tb, to retura to the Clerk of tba
Court of Quarter Seaalona of tbe respective
eounliea, all the recogniaanoea cnlered ihto before
them by any person or peraona charged with the
oominiKiian oi any crime, eicept aucn aaaei aa
may beouuou before a Jualice of the Peace, un
dr existing luwa, at least tea dnya before the
0'immcnceanent of the eeaalon of the Court to
which ibey are made retaraablercapaotlvely,and
in all caaea where any rr-oojrnitancee are entered
Into leaa than ten dnya before the commencement
or tuc aeaaion to which tney arc muJe returna
ble, the eaht Juatlcee are to return the aauie in
the aaoie manner aa if aaid aot tad Dot been
OLVFN under my hard at Clearfield, tbla 24 b
day of Noitmler, In the year of our Lord, one
thousand eight hundred and eighty.
dov. 24 to JAMK4 MAUAPt-hY, Sheriff.
:v di'frtisfinrntj.
7alland Winter.
Wo offer in tlii clcpoi tnicnt n finoafsortmcnt of nil Wool Momio Clolli furtr-
-in u.-n wiuu, lunam i ioi n in ail coiorn. u wool Minim); Klatmols
ull uliudos, Novilty Trim minus, a (nil lino of Colored Cash
moro in ull tho lulo now colors.
A lull and complete line of Ulack and Colored Silks. Wo shall continue to
boh mem ai lower prices than can bo purchased elsewbero in this county
loer en a
uTaaa rnaisuTa.
Miaoullaneoua freight!
.... 67,144
.Ull ran.
' The Inbtitctf.. Tho milijuctn of
let' tare during the Institute wet-k will be a to I
Iowa :
Prof DeOraff will IcetB'e oa Monday evening,
December 20tb ; Subject t ' IL w to win, or tbe
Klementa of riuowe." Admlsaioo free.
Tucadav evening, December 2let, Wallace
Bruce aruhjiiOt : ''Land Mark of Sott." Ad
rniarloa 3ft centa.
Wednesday evening, Deccmhor ti l, . 3. P.
Saaford; Subject! "China and Japan." Ad
uitfaioo 40 ccnta.
Tbnradny evening, Dtcembor 2.1J. Cot. J. P.
Banlord; Subject i "Paiii In War Time." AJ
wiieioD 40 eenta.
Ia addition to tho above nmed lecturer, B
Frank PlnkertoD, of llolliday burg, and PmI. H.
C. Youngman, of CleerfUld, wilt alao give in
ittuolioo and dvliver leoturea during Ibe day
Sknt Fob. Tho Judaea of two dec-
It b dtatrlcta in thia oouaty faiiel Ui htve their
returns at lit Piorhnaotory 'a vBi-.t within tba
time praautirxHl by thelw,aul Hi Honor, Ju lge
Cummin, iaued len"h warrant for thir arreai.
and braught them in at their own et,
KvidcLllv Judae On mm in la not to le tolled wiib
iu matter uf irh Importance, and bi p 'lition
I light. Jerifjf A A or llraii.
The carelrksoeaa of Metuto Judgca la truly re
markalila. Whea Ibe loart auBveued for the
purpose of tollylng the vole aoortl ng to the Aflt
of Aaarmbly.aa leN than three of oar Judge
arid their returne were mling. Tba ihou'd
never occur ngoin. Ae the Tote from the district
indicated did not elect or defeat anybody, the
Court allowed then ta be tallied Dva huure aftar
the time ret frtb In tbeir litatrociiunr. If five
boora grape flan be given to oae man, why rantiut
another claim re ifoaa t 1 be mat ttiua any ol
our Judge are miaalng we advlaa lha Court to do
jut aa JudC Cummin did feed for them.
kin. Eaitoa tI take plearare la Ibabklng Ibe
tit.aeu el Clearfield and vtetnlly, tor laatr lioerel
eontrihullona to Ibe Fcalieal held y the Weal
Cieaifitld I'hurcb laat vtkt also for their pa
trweage. Wa aball ever hold tbia html we io
grateful re membra nee. Wo hrawtik aUayoaa
stale went ot tba Receipt aad Kxpeo'lilurea t
Heoelpla m - ISM 10
Eipeuae fs.17
Profit 2&l
Nearly two-tbirds uf ibo exaMiaea la tba book
I' any aoolribatori have failed to reoeive any
artkelea aeot, auob aa baaketa, pi tea, baga, Ae ,
tbay will pleaae let ma know, or oal upoa liaaka
Holme a, tba I rioce ol Ftanval pro Ideia.
hav.U. W. Duhmlbt, Paator.
Kbw WaKfliaoroa, Nov. 18th, I MO.
En IToa RcPDBi.toaaj Mr t Will yvm permit
um t trough ita ItKf ( ai icaa to lender my gralo
lul a kitowlfdg- ment ot tbe kridriei arid re
aped manifeelad by over one hundred fnenda
from dill rent eeettona, ow lha I lib Inal., It being
the ivDt)-fourlb aonivonary al my birth, who
alter riJnttig ft delight a lefunol aocial later
a urt and p-riahiigol a bouooful repa-t. pro.
vtded ty tbtauarhea. repalrod to bv M. K
Cbiirvb. Alter ringing, player wa elferd by
the rwv, U 11. Ague, pastor l the M. K. Church,
tbea stugmg by a ebir of young ladiea. Iter. B
Milea gko an eaproMina nf ifaaahlulr eaa In aa
aoorcaa era nod lag a review ol tba tarty an year
ut bia abiblatiy. Thta w.a Ml-ed by ad
ir-an tbo Kev. T. Vaartooyoe, Kev. . Paetbaa, of
lodiaaa cacny, her. J . a. Draa, l Hey no da
villa, aud Mr U D. Huae, aud benedictioa by
Rev. tf. Jdi.ea.
Ibo appaarad tft enjoy Ibemselvea
greatly and aeparaied eeiibj tba hi attest eongrata
lactone io tbo rwoipieat ol their later, lea mg a
toheo and ovideooe at their raapeot iuni $i la
money and at t $33 dollars worth uf aniaioa
lor lemiiy . May tbe Mod who I try ta
avrvo abuataotly, la Providence and grace, blea
tba ktad dooore, and may hey ever real it e that
"It la mora bleated io give Ibaa ronelfe, and the
liberal aval eaelj beaaade fat." May ud bbwa
faauat, Milrb.
PfltLa dblpb' A, November 22d There Is a
Ucii.tM vxiettv In bread! uQ. Flour ia firm.
H bei I un nettled. Corn higher and ou n
Cotton ia ateadr but q iim at 1 1 i for middling
Mi'aius. itara ia nominal at JV per ton tor no
I querei'ron. r-eeda l'l ver eel's to a fair cl
ient at T'C 7t?, for old and new. Ilmotby Is
dull at $2 3a((bi.4l. Flat ia uncbsDged. Fl'ur
and Meal Toe floor market la quiet and firm
f ale a of I. & barrels. Including Minnesota ei-
fra, at (ft(ij)ft 7ft fr low to choice, clear, and at
n(tyo6j lor (Height; Ponaylvania extra tami
iy ai $a 2 b (g, ft 60 i aeatern do. at $5 7. (y)ft 6U,
and aelleiil at fC-ifS Ttli. Alao, 4.0UU barrcla,
Oirard, Eiviil, rraiikiord and Chelteubain ou
rccret tenua. Kje Hour i alaady at f ft.iKi per
H rain The wheat market ia active for future,
but qutat for milling and export. Price are un
settled. Kale nf 7.'"ift bunhel. ine'uling re
jeuted at al 10(ii)l.l3j j ted and amber, afloat
and oo traon, at l lul, and No I red, elevieor,
at$l I VI. At tbe open hoard flrat eal. $I.IJ
lor Diiueiuber l 23 for January, a d $1 24 lor
February. Alter biard, Ih.OOil bmbel for Janu
ary aoid at $1 .2.11, i'd lO.Oilo bubde Fehruary
at $1 354;. H leanylvania ia worth Ve per
bNahvi. Corn ia in fair requeat and higher.
haiea of 10,000 buabele, including old yellow, at
Ad(oln( old mlted at dHn j new yellow at ft4($
60, and new unied at 6.-, At the opinboard.
Oral caii$JKi.t waa Md for Nov. ; ft I for De
ueiuber : ftite lor January, and 6 In lor FohrU
ary. Oata are in moderate demand at former
pticea Ha lea of B,iiit0 luhel, including white,
at BVi(qJ2ij, and rrjooted and nised at
il. joj aue waa bid lor November; 4Jn for
oeiuberi 4) for January, and 4liit"or February.
Whisky ia acaroa and firm, with further sale
ol IMt
Chicago, Nov. 22d. Flour In good demaad
at foil prions. -Wheat active, firm and higher;
No, 2 rud-wloter, l 07 I N". 1 I hleao ai-nog,
l07flH7i (or caah t fl.' for hovi mber j
$1 tl7((i M'H f-r Deeemert !. lor January)
No. o do. iHflii-; rejected, 77f'faBlo. Corn ao
live, firm and higher ( 4'.'j(u.4.'le for eBh and
Deccmoeei 4-Oa tor January Ar for May i r
j tid, 41c. 0at acme, fjtui and higher ;4a('jl
4VJ loreBfb : 4c lur November and Ueceubr ;
4i: hid f -r January 370 bid for May ; rejected,
WivfaMe. Rye lirmer at lic. Ilarley Io good
demand and lerding iipwarda at l.4. Flaiaed,
gl IrtAfc (. If-j. Puik ID talr demand and higher)
i;i(u,i:( Ml tor ceb i l'Mi(IU for A.vem-
ber: 412 40f(tjl2 ft( lurDeccmoeri i:i.rlli(ruU.
8ft fi r January. Lard lairly aetie and a eoade
higher; $H 20 f..r caah and Deeembert t.TH(i)
l 2ft for Jaoary. Hulk meats fairly aotive aiol a
hade higher ) shoBUlura, f 4.0U ; abott ilba,
ih-rt cle.r, $7 HO.
Wt.t-ky ateadv.
5,000 . Rail Road Ties.
Cnrwcnaville. Pa Jeo. f, 18 tf
Valuable Real Estate "
rphrro will ho aold ut public aalo at
Saturday, December 1 1 th, 1880,
Al I 4t'L(ICK P. M
The following derrrihed real eatatsnf A. II. Shaw,
late of Clearfield, t'a , Ieceaael, to wit ;
No. 1. A certain lot in Curwenavillt
bornnvh, bart led north hy laod nt Irvin'a eait.
aou'b bf Htate street, east bv Wert lira no h of
uaqurhanna river, and west by Raliniad str-at,
bating ISJfi feet frnt and thenie extenliog hack
to tho river, aud having tbtteon erected a large
together wi'b atahla and Mhr eetalldinga, and
knowa a tba ''Haaqaehana Hotel property'
No. 2. AUo, a certain lot in Cur
weoavflle borough, hnanded north hv Plate street.
I AO feet, sou ib by Wa Price'a lot. lOSfeer.eaM by
river road, i faot. and west by land of William
Irvin'a eata'e, tno feel, having thereon erected a
large frme store building and known aa "the
Corner Store property "
No. 3. A Inn, a lot niiuuU-d In Clear
field borough, hounded north by Rridge a'reet,
south by lot of II. Pefemore,eaat by lot of Jarnra
T teonari, and went by an alley, having oil feit
iron! by 47 feet deep, and having thereon erected
agoed two alory frame dwelling brute and nut
building, known aa "tba Paatmnre property."
This eale i made la purauanco of an order of
the Orphans' Court authorising the Ouardiaa of
ihe minoe children of aatd decedent, who own
five aeventba iMereit in aaid real eauto ti make
hIc thereof. The other parHe of age interoaled
in the title wilt unite with the lluerdlai in hi
deed, an that the peraon buying at tbia Bale will
lake toe whole till.
Tf.t.TS OF yu'i
Terri, one-third eah at confltmation of sale,
one third in one vear thereafter, with Interest
from data of confirmation, to heaerured bv ju lg
ment bond, or b-.nd and mortgage, one third to
remain In tbepMpertv dir)naUo widow lite, in
tereat payable to her antiaa.ty, and at br death
principal to bo pa it tn her, In he eerored by
reoogrilianee. TIIOWAb H Ml ltuV,
Utiard'n minor children A. II. 8haw, dra'd,
Clearfield, PaH Nov. ITia, 1S0 It.
A full linn of long iind Kjiiaro, Foreign and Domestic Wool Slinw s in great
viiriuly of now designs.
Exquisito novelties for Full and Winter wear In groat variety.
" u E "
bl7 1
i. .- -
i . S a
fi) C
"ti? "
"if 5 a
3 :
c -
U-7 J
, si .
a . 'Z .-
rj ? c ; o
1 a ?
. , i:
i. -a
is - " a
e 5 a r a
-i c S
a .
Cur wens ville, Pa.
Mourning Goods.
Thii department is constantly supplied with now and fresh goods, and sold
with u small profit.
In tlii department may bo found Diagntiul Coalings, Rasket Cloth, Heaver
Cloth, Backing!) in all the now shades. AIo Cussimers and Suitings
fur men and hoys' wear.
Wholesale Dealer in
Boots, Shoes, Groceries,
I buy direct from jobbers nni miiniifiirturcro, receive goods nt
enr load rules, lience can compete willi New York and Philadel
phia ilOUHS.
Also, Denier in
Lumber, Shingles and Bark.
Saw Logs,
HVV l'l 1H KAl.K.-.Thrlr.r Llrr, l
lUlt.B II... Ulilrb 1 will .rll rlir.n fnr
.,b. or ncli.rtf. fur wheal. For ftirthrr In-
uru.lluii .all oa or sadr.,1 in, uni.rMnnM.
J. r. KHAMKIl.
No. t, to if., i'..
OM.Y TO MiAN On Brit eta aa Im-
proved farm property, by tha Mutual Li e
In'ornnre Onuipanv of New York, on flrat enort-
tfete, la an ma Iron l.0l ap. For further la
ruriaatioB apply to tbe onderaifned.
ri t 1 n A I ii n it v . jai i lit
Clearleld Pa., May fib, IBTf tf.
, Muy Caiicorn t The tindrralgned, ha Ina
tioeu appointed Aealgnee. for tb rH:iitfil orereili
lore by Jaa. B. (JrabaBi, of Clearfield borough, all
pcrauna, therelere, bavina elaina againat hm will
preaeni taen io aa tor eeuieiaeni, ani laoee m
det ad ta tha aaid 'Jrabaai arc required to aettle
and aiake paytaeat to aa,
KliWAflD . B'OI.KR,
AHlMi h V W. I, KB,
Clearfield, IV, T)ec. 24, IA79 If Aalneea.
SIlOklMAklNO-I hereby Id form try pa
tron a, and aaank ind la general, tbat I have
removed any eboenaahlug ahop to tba roota to
(4 rebate 'a row, over 8. I. Hnyder'a Jewelry atare,
and that I am piepared to do all kinda of wort
ia my Una cheaper than any other etap la towa.
All wfk warraoted aa goud aa eon be dune any
where eleo. Puettlvely tbia ia tbe eheapoat ahop
ta Cltaroeld. JUS. Ii. UkhKlNU.
Uoa. H, lOTfi tf.
Tha aldeat and boat appoint I net latlna for
obta nlng a fiualoeaa Kduratlon. Pr Circalara
adlraea I. bUf A tSOJUrl,
ocl27 4l ruuburxh, Pa
IltfTHAY NOTM l--Cama traepaBiag oa
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atx.Bi three yeara dd Tbeowaer If reqaeited ta
(Hiraa forward, prove bia properly, pa all legal
ohergea, and lake the heaai away, or It will br
diapoaod of aooordtng to the Aot of Aaarnbly la
toak eaeaa aaode and provided.
W. at.nANVin.
Orarplaa 17 ilia. Not Ilia, UNO Si.
Thia popular periodic tl la pre-eoiloanttr
Jin'nal f r tho bmiaehold.
I very Number furriahetthe tateit tnfnnnatinn
in regard to Kaabiona in dreaa and ornament, the
uewi-et add approved pnttemi, with dnaerip
live on ich-a derived Irom aa'beniie and nri((ioal
anurnea; wntte ira Mon, Poetna, an1 Kaaava
Huoial and Domeitio Toprca, aivc vafietv to Ita
cuiunoa. ,,
HARI'KK'S IIAZAK, One Year $1 00
nARPBK'S MAOAZTSB, Oria Year 4 0(1
II A Ili'KH'S WKKKLY, One Vear .4 00
Tha THRER above pablleatlona, One Year. 10 00
Any TM0 above named, Qne arn f 00
HARPKR 8 YOL'NH I'BOIM.B, One Year...! (0
Pntinm F'tt to all tuhicriltrt in (Ae Uniltd
Statu and 1'iamda.
The Vi'luraov ef the frieVr beiio with Ihe flrat
Number for January ol ach tear When n
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best after Hie receipt of ibe order.
l he (art Mvt-n Aim ml o um a oi lUaPEa a
Oabr, io Beat cloth bind wia, will bo aent b
II, pnatnre paid, or bv eipreai, free of ritene
(provided the Irttaht d ea r.otifeeed one dollar
per volume), h r fi t'O each.
Liotb t;oa lor eiten voiunia, luitubie for bind
ing, will bu aent by mail, poatpaid, oa receipt ot
l ll(teb.
Hetnit'nnere ahfold be by Pot Offlee
Mnnev Order or draft, to avnirf ehanee of lo'a.
AtKp-pr ore 'H to f-pw thii mdrwli'tmint
aeif-u, iktrjprttt erajer o it a Hi1 Kn A ilHOTKitR
Addreae llAKf'KKA DHOTHKU4, New York.
Nv. 24th, lHQ t.
"Studying tha rahjeet objeellvely and from Ike
t'ducalional point of view aeeking to provide
thai which, taken altogether, will be of tbe neat
aervlce to the largeat naaabcr I long ago oc
cluded that, If I could have but one wurb for a
public lltararr, I w uld aaleet a eoopleM act of
ilntftr tMantk'f " C Ha a Lai PuKOia AlttHe.Jr.
Iu eotenta are eontrlhut-d by tho aviat emi
nent aathora ai.d artlaia of K a rope and Amerloa.
while the otf viperieaaa af Ua pahltabera haa
aaade thees tbroua;hly eonvaraaut with the de
al rea of the public, which Utey will apaio bo eflott
DAHI'bh 8 MAUAZINk, One Year tl 00
RARPKK'fl WKKKLV One Year 4 10
II Alt 1'Kll'il BAZAR, One Year. 4 On
The T II II KK above puldleaticna, One Year. II Ot
At.y TWO above aamrd, One Year 1 00
1IAIIPKK'8 TOUNO I'K'iPl.R, On Yiar.. I to
PfittttQt V ro ad fW&aerfaere im ikt Uniltd
Stttn or Cbnnda.
The velemee of the ltgim ti-(le with tbe
Numbera lor June and liembor of oaeh year.
H hea Bo time la epectfled, it will be wnderatond
that the eubeohber wiabee ta begia with tba tar
rent Number.
A eopHo aet af Haaraa'a Mtotaiaa, aaa
ptlamg 01 Volumee. In a eat doth binding, will
be aeoi byeipreaa, freight at et pen aa ot par
ch a-er, oa receipt of H Ji per vulama. ag't
vet'oavee, ly enetl, pnt'pnid ii.0. Cl"b auca,
lor blodiaa;. eenta, y mail, poatpald.
Hemittanooa e him Id be fjado a-y PoetoAoa
Mnrav Urder or Urfu ta avoid osni of I aa
ftmfri ore aa o tytw thin mdrOHimnt
atiiae tkt cvpeeaa nrdtr nf iiAoraa A llaurniaa.
A -dreaa II A K PKK A UKUTUKHH, Kew York.
No. I4tb. IM0 Ik
Our Fall and Winter stock of Underwear comprises all Wool nnd Merino
for Ladies, Genu and Children, flosiery in all qualities.
Gent's Shirts, Collars and Cuffs.
A good assortment of Ladies' and lient s Giuven, ruimmcij-, Pocfcctbook",
and Kaney Articles of (ill kinds.
Parties having bark to haul during the Winter, can contract
and receive liberal advances. Also, advances mado on Saw Logs.
Give nic a call.'
Ffpl. tl, 1M0 If.
This is one of the inont altractivo departmenla in our house, nnd Is always
Mj,iiuu nun mo iikib. luHiniMiniMo goous, nice niui tastcluily trim
, nicd Huts and lionncta always on hand.
A hanrtsoma line ol Iiihhons and Ncekties. Wo also liaro a full lino of
lirociule Kibbons ol all widths, and tho nowost and most desirable
shades. A1.0 a lino assortment of
Ladies' and Gent's Neck Ties,
Laces and Embroideries.
e have a full assort mint of t.nco. A largo lino of rtambnrg Edgings at
various prices. 1111s aepartment la also complete.
Wo offer al all limes tho preaiest and most oomplelo variety of liandlicr
chiefs thiil can he louod in the county at very low prices.
Damasks, Table Clolhs, Napki :s, Towels, Spreads.
Wo would call attention to our complete assortment in this line.
Wliite & Cfoloi'ed tflhiwelj,'.
We also have a Inro lino of.lllsnkels, Tiohings nnd Calicos of all tho standi
ard makes, blenched and Unbleached Muslina.
O jSl DEI 3F 3S "DP & .
In this department may be found a full and complete stock of llru.scla and
othor varieties ol I nrpets, the price ol wbiuh will speak lor themielvss.
In thia department will bo found an assortment nf Furniture Cli'nls. Oil
.Shadings and Hollands in all colors. Also spring and bulunco Fix
lures and Trimmings.
OUR MOTTO: -"Quick. Sales and Small Profits."
Clearfield, Ponn'a, Nor. I, lSfiO-tf.
TTTE INVITE the people of Clearfield and vicinity to the
v inspection of our lare and well scdected stock of
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
As we buy for cash only, we are cnaliled to give our patrons
every possible advantage. Our lino of piece poods, especially
adapted to Merchant 'Jailoring, in complete. We employ only
firrit-clasB workmen, nnd aro prepared to make suits at short notice
and unusually low prices.
We tender our thanks for past favors, and solicit your future
Pvoom No. 4, Pie's Opera House Block, Clearfield, Penn'a.
Sepjember 20, ISSO-tf.
XJJSfXy 3S! 2ri "X" jtfk X3C 33 JEL .
II IKKI T SiTHI'.F.T.'l I I'.AIll ll'.l l, PKaUI'A.
AH kind, of Cackrta and Collins kent on hand, and furnished to order on
duirl nolico, including tho finest as well as tho chciipesl that can bo mftnn
fuclurcd. Our
Is tho best In use, anil will bo furnirhed when required. Funeral attended
in any part of the county, full ut my ollico. on Second street, pr lenvo
your orders at Troiilnmn's Furniture Sic re, adjoining thu I'oslotTice.
octl.TD lj.' ClenrflelH. ra.
The most centrally tovatcd first class Ilonso in tho Cily. Klrcst cars pass
the iliKir every Hve miniittw to all tba Depots and all parts ot both cities.
Tirms, J2 00 I'ed. Day. WALfSU AMJLJtaU, J-ropnetort.
iPTho Ci EAtirin.D litrunuoAN roceived weekly at tho Hold and placed
on tile for the benefit of guests frum thii section. oclET 3m.