Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, February 21, 1877, Image 2

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    She jUpuMic an.
llKimiNcTiir Itontts In A C'uliim
bill (S. ('.) dispatch HtHtOM that JudgO
Uiokoh B. UoonUANDiB, Editor.
In tha bb.Ibom world, Juot road oir Mdrortlaing
aolamna. tho .Vpowol onlnnn a partloalar.
The Committee uf Ways unci Nouns
( nrpciilor Inn hied his decision in Iho' .1,1 . . ., ... 1
1 , ,, ... ,, u , has reported Iho bill ol Mr. hherwood,
case ol Win. II. Wallace, Speaker ui , , ' rv
. . ... ,, 1 IH-iiiiH-Tttl, of . Northumberland county,
ruhitivo to the reduction of tho salaries
tho l('iiiiKTti Mouse ol llcpresonlii
.: r f n . ... -!..
... . ,,' . ' ' , of member and ofllcera of the IiCirl-
Stulu depositories and i 1,. I nrdor.o, . . . ,
1 . 1 .1 it , , . .,. mini u
eiuiniin to uo me iirpiiuiicau .Mine
Treasurer, uniting for an injunction re
straining those bunks from paying any
w ith amendments. The Com.
I millet deemed t reduction of lejrlsla
tivu salaries unwise, ntid concluded not
II A Vh'S.
Tho fain on the struct railway of
Philadelphia ha been reduced from
seven to six cent.
No io. Simon Cameron can run
the Republican party, but when it
comeB to fooling with a young widow,
ho' looted.
Uncle Sam in monarch of million ol
unsurveyod acres, and ia much better
off than Alexander Selkirk, who waa
only monarch of what ho surveyed.
A n exchan go says : "The Ponnsyl
Tania Legislature has completed the
sixth week ol its session, and so fur has
not sent a single bill to the Governor
for his approval.
moneys upon checks drawn hy ( ar- , , , , , . .
. ' , ... received. A general reduction is, how.
dor.o as Treasurer. 1 lie judge decides . , . ,
1 1 ever, made in tho salaries uf clerks
that tho Treasurer enters upon his du- , , , ,
...... , ,. . 'and other employes of the II mini's.
ties when tho incoming dove:nor is;,,,. , , .. ' , . ,, .
. , .. 11 . ,, . , the (.hid Clerks of the Senate and
dulv anil li'vsjlv in.t;il,,'.,,.nm Ml' -'"V... . -. . .. .i-m.
which l humhcrlnin was iimugiirutcd
was illegal and revolutionary, that its I
acts are null and void, and thut there
fore no lawlul installation of Governor
had taken place. Tho injunction was
granted. This decision completely
winds up tho resources of the Chum
herluin government. It is enjoined
and restrained everywhere hy the
courts from collecting tuxes or paying
moneys. The taxpayers, besidco. re
fuse to pay any money to its olllciuls,
and nothing remains to support its
fallen fortunes hut the company of
I'nited Suites troops in the State House.
Even the colored special constables arc
deserting because they can get no pay.
The House of Kepresenlalives yes
terday adopted the resolution reported
by the Special (.'oinmilluu sent to
Florida to investigate the election, do
daring thut the Tilden electors hud an
honest and legal majority of tho voles
polled, and lhatTildcii and Hendricks
were justly entitled to the volu of thu
Slate. The resolution passed thu House
by a vote of H2 nyes to K2 nays. This
is another little testimonial lor Fraud
ulent Hayes, should he bo counted in.
Tho liumo ol Siiiuili Cameroii, is "11:
household word,"n lib Pciiust Ivaiiiaim,
and us the Senator hiis' lin ncd up" in ,1
now field, we propose to luy before our
reader a correct version of his new
enterprise. The editor of the Wash
ington Vamlal, who Is right on the
RlXtilXd KI'Kliril II Y
iioxkxt i:i:rvnuc.s
Mr. I'm 1111111, 11 member of tl
.l.Visaw thn situution of affairs that the!
family was in ignorance, of the true
d, hinder ol thu man thut hail iiecoine
House : ,.,,,, 1,, I, I,., In ilm kindness
IJfip drfrtiSftutati.
under separate items in the anniiul
liiiuiiciul accounts, us nuthorii'.cd hy
law. It also provides thut the board
of directors or controllers of every
dmlricl shall, alter thu close of tho cur-
ions ol the ; me trno niwiiiwii'ss 01 mo .' ...i.u, .ujm, .urM, ... i iw,,.b.,.. drwa-d ,, wt,
,1 Ji aine lor. Kinh-.V V Joiing wile, wo- giuiiing ol the next schisil term, udopt . 1 uri ll..uir l i i.r6.i((, ... "
" I inuiilike, stuck to bun and tvlusod to u uniloi m senos ol hcIkhiI Isxiks ill all llo.r.d.), Marrh lt. Intr,
""" ' 1 ho combined, and the whole lanilly the studies pursued in thu schools ol ;t I o el. rk
1. .i.l.u lal I 111,- 111, r.u.l...fl I.M-IK M tl- I, 11-11 IIIKlUri 1
VI I' m I HI l II II MP I, III 111 1 Mil , ' n . . m."....- -' -
of llepicsei,tntives, liuni Florida, made ol his heurt, dill not lay hnru to tliiin
the loiioviing ninicsi 1011111"
nirrulily ; l the I'hoidu
Hoard, on I In- floor id the
Monthly : ' j
OMPIIkft (lllllir 4I.K., t
RiiMDi'H ol ID 1 r-lr l tho Orphnn' l'uu I',
l.irornohl .otoj. ho uiiiHl(a,..i Ad,nioi,.L
i tl. rii ,.r .im Mii.,,1... . ..
I , ill Ibol vOiloiO ltMi uf
i l .l oo... 1. ,iu, ,. (1 ;
m null
$1,500; Journal Clorka from 11,500 to posing tho decision ol tho Electoral
91,000; Heading Clerks to (1,000,
Transcribing Clerks from 1800 to $700 ;
Sergeant-nt-Arma front 1800 to 1700;
Assistants from 1800 to 1500; Post
masters tram 1800 to ItiOO ; Assistants
Commission, gave still another which
is worth repenting, as it appears in the
Record. Ho said :
o ollured to prove a
tu o,i ,io .,r
111 -io ii i-Dii to dcliiiii, ilm n. I luid lulu- iiiMimiiiti-il liiniHi'lt' iiiln their! or seru-s of books, and liolio other. . .... i.. t.., ,. ."""i"!!
ground, thus ulludes to the aged Sena-! H)ll t,( ( ilu ',,i i,u Co uileu I'p j u I grneesund coiilldi nco. Tlie linn-1 sliull lie coiiliuued in use by the hoard '. im lioiM Mom., , iim sons Uy uu.l.w v"
tor's exploits at tho National t'ujiilul, i to that lime no interest whatever hud ily imo whii-h Kiuley inurned was ol directors or controllers of sunt "l"', "'11!
where it seeniK they he has becli'lisilmg' been lulten in the deluili), hut when it j Unit of it will-to do respeiluhle tanner, ! m-IkmiIs, liir and during a term of tiv bl ,.j, j, "
,,i..i ti i;i,,r I.. .,! became cvnlcnt thut he liuoiv.l the , m ol w hnui had pmbnblv been over, j ears, und thereallur sliull nvl ho ! i-o i"" vr, ., .l u.i, , , ho ,.'"''
" ' ' ..l i' fl i..i-ii- ,l...,l...-,ii.. ' ,1. I I I,,.i mih-Ii u , I'liiint'i'il in H l,l.i uf iiiii'I miiri, iIihii ' bro.,u Hi llitv-binr llij at lb iiu,. u, L
' V ,m -ii',mi(i j in ,n ..." - - -- i i - Umh "
I in. i Til, I. -ii i-l, i liiiH dull' t heieil. Ilm : liimilc as could hu hummed uiiou III oin o III every livu vcuis. ... i,.- . ........ . .
..i-i .... i ... i i-i , .1 . ' . ' . - . i... .. . ' ... . .. . i , ,. ---r-""-'-- - iwo.r..,,
" 1 lli ro nun oeeu Ol luiu.sut nontii. I 1 1,. .,,,..,. i i,. ,l., ..,,1 l,.-i-,., anMinil . Il-wr .liUlIV-f -urt" . J. l."1-!tt.ilS.'. lAJ'U.'lV.'S.-lWl-rC'.JV.W M!V Mtm-V.tW ' 1 - . -i "oil
ill. I Ilm 111 Uiui.'liHi. il.lll. Iliu I llilull ulhi liniliif Ullllil-ll. IicWUlO IIOIV oil uiijllil ol uuicioii, II limn Ulna 1,1 ... - , , , -
Simon bus long hei led lor Hie ,.,., t,,. .; .i n , gully i lei-lcd in ; IriiKtund enter into ndations with in-1 shall cause a more Ireipient change in lI..rn.L.-oiio ibndib. jr.n.,.',"'
dexterity with which hu picks il'p' Flurnlu und that the uclimi'iif lhei-an-'leresiinir slraliL'ers. It is safest and ' si hool b.s.ks than that named in tho "i"" o.,i ,aiiw. of . ,.,, '
things thill havo not been previously;.........,, I.,,...! .... humi-iiiiuIouh und liei.1 ahem In laku the neieiwarv lime act, or aceeils any compensation what- i"'' ". . "' ...V:T.. ". '" '
lion says :
dropped, und lor tho liirlivo aleilnens: unuJiilenl,
with which he finds tliluus which lliel m, I', ,,,.,,, Ki,l I lli,,l n,,i in, i il ,,-r,,- i ii.clvi-.l in thu ninl
fraud ; wo i rightful owner bus not lost ; but thisjul,,(.,.mlu ooikiiiiiiiiiv to slute. from Iter, muko the 'young ones' wait
'"i"l tn4
woro denied the right to do so. "'iU the tirsl time, says Junes,! ever;
Was Claims, We learn from (he
Journal that
the balance of thu Pennsylvania
claims will be paid. Hu has Hcurvd
the servico of Mr. Wells, un attorney
of ability in Washington, to push the
matter through tho depart ments and
havo the claim settled. The State is
entitled to about ?200,0il0 balance."
Well, that may bo so ; hut it will he re
membered thut (iov. llartranfl and
Dill Kemhlo, (of silvneo and division
notoriety) about ten years ago gave a
commission to one (icorgcO. Evans to
go to asbingtou on this mure errand.
Evans got $31)0,000, which bo divided
Tho Atlas Hotel building, on Elm Wl,n ""' 'l .,, i'orney(.',niMj,
avenue, near tho CentenniaUiroundsJ111111 l,"'t ,l10 lnec ; but not one
Philadelphia, will bo removed to Sea:Ul,llarl'vl'rlvlll;"cu l""""" treasury
ii. v iiu-ii Iciiiiivlii-iini. trim. Ilm ciilnli. I n u liilic II' fhilwill hot. fin It. and
II,.,.,.. !.,. , J ' ". " - - ....j . . . - - -
from HHII0 m S"i00 Pastei-s and Kohl I r ,, "v" ' i' ' ' lion ol tlie I'risi.ieiiiiai volo in my run aw ay, lei tne lauit rest iiHm tncin,
iioni eo u io juu , i nsiei u u , tM W(l( (.lirru.)ty 1 bm was convertible a security or in-nego-! iSia' t.,.t.nilllK wwu H iiitn-li is in-:und not upon thu carelessness or in-
erafi-om ?b00 to t00 ; Janitors Irom lv.lUsod. Hut the truth cannot all bo llmblo a cnf in aelion u the allections, ..ul..i ;.. 111,s1,l,.r.luli11 u,l ,.,,. !,liH',.n cU ol the narents."
ol a leuiaie. it is lery sun. ji i inverse. T iu (mill lean ourlv in our
Slate, wilh ull its dissensions healed,
llh llio whole nuicbinery of the
gtiOO to 1 100. I Uo liotundu Doorkwp- concealed. Uuo ol tuo persons cent-1 0 a leuiaie. It is very sail. lliciu
i era and two Messonirers aro abolished. I '!f the Lommission to no a law un breach 0 promise suit recently lymoiiit jj.
I n 1 ... ..i- . I. t... ... ..I Ll...i.L . 1. I'U., ' .. . i i li: I.. II... i
i'ho aggregate reduction is about Vr ., ulB,l?.l",u " ' --,)''i tne.veuerui 0..n...i o, un.,
n ' II Pmiri.n 'lliKni In M l-ill'fll-il III II 1 (tl I I , u I... - ..I 1 Li u n II u,.-
o.r, ! lb b.iUi.0 in I
i to lind out something about them, and j ever, either direct or indirect Irmn ,,,, ,,,,. .,.,.
piiniisuers in imoKa or incir ai;eniK, or i m in n ui.Viis.
violates any of ils provision!.-, sliull ho i ""' ' -
guilty ol a uiimleiiieanor, und after ' inl-'H r I'HiK i.ahaiiiin.
lolivictinii thereof, shull be sentenced : , ,...
, ' ,,, i I b, Una. 0. A. XIYKR. Ttnii,,,
' PJ i.ui"n . ii, un-. , j,,,!,,, r lli. Cuiirt ol Coaaoa I'U.i ,
that he bo deprived of bis ollice, and iibo Tai; brib Jmliciol l)i,inri, rBr,j rf
Mr. Sherwood was a member twenty
yean ago when tbo members and ofll
cors received loss than on half of
what they pockot now.
Simon Movinu. A llarrisburg cor-
it.wi.l..i. nl' tl.ii i,nv,'.uH
, - 1 iv,'i"iimv,i, vi luwiimii, niiKi min bujo.
"(lovernor Hurtrniift saya I ' , .. , .. ,, . . . .
., , ,. , . I "Humor has it that i! Hayes is elected,
ol tho Pennsylvania war , ,, ,
fiim tho reports ol tho Supremo Court
of tho State which shows him to bo a
convicted Irion. In the fourteenth vol
Mute uiivcniim-ht in its bunds, went
my purpose to statu the luels, says, ,, lllu a, (.nmjmj,, delvrmincd to
Jones, audi l,oie in so doing 1 miiy w U1K Wllu w ru1,llri.ei, anj
both vindicate thuiiilureiillv iinoioriied ir,i. ,,.,,,,.i...i ,,i. i ;.. .1. ...........
umu of these re(vorls 1 find tho case of jchaslify of the venorablo '.Simon ami ,1U .., ( ,mr voters, did ull It
tho Slato of I'lorida against Pearco. i)uur halm 1111011 the lacerated heurt I 1.1 ,, ,ii.,v.. .,.,-1, ,, ..'i.,l Pi..
Tho indictment sets lorlh "thut Cbus. ,trings of tho complainunt. 1 olisei vuj h,,l,,.l. ttI ,u lot-dinotion wore en-
joyed Io the fuileMt e.Miriil by speakers
repeals ull acts or parts of acts iiieon- ;;n t'lr.ld, imro .t,d rmi.
. . . -.1 . - 'BOO lluB ABII.IH OIIIII.B OBd HliS. Vtltl, t It
Bitent with its provisions. - , 4MW.W jtw-jwa, ,t .- .." !.""'
MIlOIIIU tills lllll IlCCOmO a IUW UIOSC , " i""oo mi, -ot-o,i,io no airrim. l.riti
,- 1 . , -.ii , .. ; bnldiiig f b Curt uf CommiiB I'Ii-m, Ori hini'
directors who have liven in tho habit cmin. iwi of Ouon.r s.,inr,. r,,,,,,,,'
II. Peareo. colored, a ininistor of tho
Ciospol and a Senator representing tho
eighth district in thu Senate of tho
State of Florida." on tho fourth of Feh-
Thk Radical Standard Keakiks.
Judaa Iscariot, Benedict Arnold, J.
Madison Wolls, and Judges Bradley
and Strong. And yol, Vnivorsalists
claim there is no use for a holf. How
preposterous !
An exchange says : "Tho first clo
phant born in America, put in an ap
pearance at Forcpatigh'g circus inGer
mantown early last Friday morning.
nuin it .ftnlil wnlU nml wna niirh.l
a : I t.:..l. 11 I
and Hon. J. Donald Cninoron does notiruary, 1870, during tho pendency bo
go into the United State. Treasury ''"j-8 th, !Iuu"u f Assembly of a rcso
,, . ... ' lution to impeach tho (.ovornor of high
Department, or retain his present port- crimM kJ misdemeanors wilh the
folio, his father will resign, and huj intunt of feloniously influencing tho
(J. D. C.) be elected at tho proaentvoto of a member, offered and promis
Bcssion to fill the vacant place in tho d !'' 500. Ho was convicted by a
1 : 1 1.:. l...
tniled States Senate. Then again, ,f J-'J - "I "" ir ,
. , 6 promo Court ol thu Stuto the ludg
lavus docsnot bocome I'rosident. that' ' , m 1 n.i .
muni was uiiirmeu. i nui smn, 11 n
donrtl convii, gave the one role which will
itvt llttyrs, if elriinl at nil, to the Preti
dint till oflice.
Grove during tho Spring and thero bo
started as a watering place hostlery
during the coming season.
"Wo have Iho law and ovidenco on
our side," says the Hon. Jero. Black,
"but tho other fellows have the Com U"
Tbo Chicago Tnixrs is of the opinion
that Jero. has stumbled upon an ex
ceedingly compact statement of a inol
ancholy truth.
"Wells' villainy," says tho Jloston
Post, "may well be styled tho Centen
nial shamo of tho American people."
Hardly thnt, cither; rather, tho crown
ing infamy of tho Republican party. m)'
Besides, Evans was murdered by his
confederates, who, like thoso on a for
mcroccasion divided the raiment, divid
ed the cash. Wells had better secure
a lifo insurance policy in a safe com
pany before bo under hikes his "addi
tion, division nnd silence" job. We
hope It's not J. Madison Wells, who is
now coullned in the baienn'iit of the
Capitol, lor forgery, bribery and per
jury, lie is a model lis dical, and w hat
ever cash falls into his hands will never
reach tbe Treasury.' Murk ihe prediction.
, . , , ll VIIIU VOIIII, Ul LIIU ClllllV bin
Hayos docsnot become President, that ;. wa, ftnirmcd. That man
the lather will certainly resign to make
way lor the son, and that the olection
of the latter is assured. And then a
third rumor soya the Hon. Simon Cam
eron will resign anyhow, whether his
son remains in the Cabinet or not, and
with iulinito disi'iisl and ivpcl w ith
abiding disdain the menu iiixiiioiition
ol that I'udo miner. Joins of Nevada, .
1 ho is no relative ol mine, says our
Jones,) to thu tilled that the veueiulilu
Simon could plead his own great age
in liar to the complaint.
If himoii puis 111 sueli un unseiiulor-
ial plea 1 shall volunteer as counsel lor
llio plaintiff, and bring in liaiiilin,
Howe, MciTinioii, Cbristiancy, Mo' Ion
und a dor.enjutlier solemn old .Senatorial
pumps to swear that thero is absolute
ly no limit this side ol tbo grave at
which a iS'liulor is supposcr! to hu lu
gully incupuhle of lacerating tho leniule utl ,.)( j
Wlll.llt ClIANPLKR lUlsr.D His
Cami'Aion Fund. The political bank
oiwtiini.l nt l.a i 'l,u i ruin 11 nf tl,A a.
thus a Senatorial contest is promised. i ,. r -.. i i
.. . 1 Itional Ilcpubbcan Committoo, which
VTOvviin'i 11111 kinuiv D iiniuv in iiiuiiiiuu i , .
cd romincntly in case Don Cameron
is not in tho field, and Robert M.
Muckey is also spoken of. Tho sug
gestion ol these names comes, of course,
from that element of the party that is
trained to obey orders.
Tiir. Assassin. The crazy fellow,
Welilon, who attempted to ussussinnta
tho notoi ions would-be Governor, Pack
ard, nt New Orleans, a week ago, turns
out to be the son of a Lutheran clergy-
j man, of high character, residing in
: Philadelphia, who states that his son
, has been residing in Mobile, Alabama, !
SimtM.tN.-The Harrisbnrg ;,i?n'f!,,inw last October, and that ba never
John Sherman is tliu only man ! ,,H" un.v i" politics, ilm at-
ThnAm.,l,..n,,,lh.rl,.,lnh,l who over alle.nptod uii honest explaiun'rt ' " '" " H.vcs "butty
in tbo roguery 1 ,ion of 1,10 nam" wllJ thl' i;,ur knaves! w out Pur crar.incss, siipcrinduc
..S lor the Returning Board did not up-i1'1' by excessive drinking, und know-
I'rom Alphonso Tail's annual report I point a fifth meniher. Sherman saysj'"S ir"m porsonal experience "by bo
is gleunod the interesting information it was because they could not ujrreo, inf? n the ground" of the hugo frauds
that the country has recently paid on tbo man. This Is remui liable con-! perpetrated by Wolls, Packard Co.,
$750 for a portrait of Lamlaulct Wil-1 sideling the harmony w hieh prevailed ' he' ui" "nt't'l '' felt o though
lianw, which is intended to adorn thu in tho hoard when it camo to tbe il WM ''' l,uly 10 ril1 the State ot nt
department of iustiee. A rare lfiracv ! fraudulent work ol reieelinir ten thou- i ll'ust ono notorious roguo. Men who
has been in tho hands ol tho House
Committoo on powers and privileges,
has not yet been mndo public, and pos
sibly will not be. It shows that tho
largest contribution to the campaign
fund was 120,000 from Jay Gould, and
that the largest single remittance to
tho Committee, camo from its Massa
chusetts member (Mr. Hour), and
amounted to over 125,000. Tho amount
of money collected from tho depart
ment clerks here does not up pear, but
is behoved to exceed (50,000
THE FKSIA& tt.Auv.U.
.. I IV t l..l4 ttwl P.llM.lfl
I i ' '. .,Cl,.ii,H..',ioie,la hirne of reviving compensation from p,,,. I d T"in.r. .od curt ol ur.,.i j.ii
-, . . t o'7'Oi mi no" IK'OOOBI IvorBoia.lBoa.l f.,,11,1
shiiro of public ultvnlioit some ten lishers in coiiMileration ol their ser- j p,iuli uf cimrnriii.eiaiuiiDrinii un ih-1 im
vcui-s airo. ami woo mod in now in ,aM ,,, ,! ,i fy,y,.j " "
books, will find tiieiimelves standing
obd u, CMiitlnuo Iwowook.
NOTICK IS, tberoloro, brrobv Kivpn. t,-lot
i i ... .i i n .1 curubor, jb'IIOwo ot tbo ronoo, and l.oiiti,iM
on slippery ground ll they lollow tho ,.,, for ..,.,.,,., .u. I
Wo presume Unit alter ""'' ooroono, nb ihon itiurd, lull,,
tlie hook IS UlTllllged thu next ! kr.iiooo. lu do Ibu.o Iblnin whit-h luihrit uSf,.
in great poverty on tho ni,;ht of the
lith ull., wus horn in Cork county, Ire
liim I. shout 1K20. and beloueroii to a
revolutionary family, his father and ! old business.
bis uncles being implicated in the ris
inie of 17118. and barely escaped hang- imi,f',,i..m.i,i w ill l, m hill i,,i,r, l, d io iboit bobi(,iti.m w bo dour
itof therefor AUer receivinif his edu- . , , . ! " m Aoi uf Ai-mbi,v, u.d n,t. nh d.j t
lllg lliereior. . nun mini n ui. t I H huts. 1 .1 ill ml M ami i- ot hllnr lor 1 M.v. A. 11. IHI. It , n..l. ih. H,. ..i ,1.. !...
at I runty College, Dulilin, he! " ,t, , lh, ,.mo. of lh, ,, , ,,,
und uiauugem of both sides and nt no
tnnu diiriiiglhu cuiupaign or Iroiu any
ioiiiou ol the Stale camo up any ury
of iiilimidation, wilh one or two minor
exceptions. It was without exception
ii .1 i r,,i ..i.i..ii,... i, ..i. i i
thehlale, and not uuo cuso of violence listed in the unsuccessful Young Irish ' sense and equity in purchasing cloth- Com; ' o,'."., so..ii.n. ., th. ro.uwi,.
, . . , , . . j i r. , I ; . , . , , it ., t OUUBIU, .11 III. n-C-'BUilOlinOO l-DllTl-d lbt.1 lfi.r.
or dilurhaiiee on i lcrtion day has movement or that year, led by hiniln i lug for tho children us bowks, f he ' ,i,cni t mny ,.,, r ,,0, on.r-u nb n,
coinn lip inv knowledge. It aouiuod 'O'Hriou. Voting O'Maboney bad in- L,,.,, j. nsseiit ial as the other. i '"i r J ""'. oiw,t .ucb .
vim, mimv ..i w..., - :.l ...l 'l-i : . .i licet oi ino I aooo ot ino M.i-rai cuuotirf ul itti,
removed to Tippurury, and in l84Sen.ho P"!"1"' 1 h,, ' J"8'' " "'"nM...nk, u. ro,.,r. ,.. thu cm ot ,.,
the peculiar privilege of thu Republi
cs, im to w in under all these udvuutugo
ous eiautiinluuees ; but, il is a luet
which 1 cuu not stand upon ill in Ihsir
anil deny atei whicli every man woman,
in my Statu knows, that
I'loriilu wus lost by thu Kepublicuii
party in the lulu election and thut thu
lleinoerulie Governor und 'J'lldeii elect
ors were truly elected. 1 uiuke this
dechiriilion now under the most solemn
sense ol public duty und from an irre.
iililile liehng ol nbhgutloii to the
vunurahlu Simon can t write; and in
support of this theory Governor Hurt
rault v ill bo put on thu stund to swear
bis luvorito uulh that Don has all tlie
(jn0 j oducatioii ol the Cameron family,
I i.... i. r.. am mm ......... i ....... i.i . I wuuo mo venoruuie ,-umoii uus uii me
vuvi. mi f'i Hog iii.'iv iiui uum
atl'oeliuns. Hu'. 1 don't believo Siuion
will put ill any such plea; I presume
bis ueieuse will bo bused upon other
points. The first point of Simon's 'le
lense will ho a plea in abatement of'
damages. He will show, says Jones, i
that, hud he married her, Mrs. Oliver
must liavu neeomu tne step iiiollier ol , m.llJ)lB lnv s,utu wllu ,luv right
of his Son Don a plea which, in the tll X(K,1.1 Ul-.a however purlisun their
eyes ol uny intelligent jury, would n pnwiitalivu may he in Ins political
muko a big hole in a t luim ol J.'iO.miO ,ullU. ho should ut leant un u question
in tho nuture ol set oir. , jur,.l,i,0 luct, bo an bonesl man, Hut,
Tho deten-o against the amatory ;- J woi,j lmt be understood in inuk
notes which -Mi's. Oliver is said to bnu! ,h(; Oeclurulion as laying claim to
in her possession, written by tho vin llhUBUll ,,. honesiy or
erablo Senator, will doubtless bo to set ; eoim ienco. but I mile utl mv knowl.
upaBaiKiiWthoiiiiloriouslaetlhut , cilou ol tho fuels. 1 love the prinei.
fluuiico enough to draw urouud htm
about 1,500 ol the peasuntry, who en
camped on tbo Tipperary hills and
inaiiitainvd their position for three
weeks, till, being completely surround
ed by tbe military, the futility of fur
ther resistance became apparent, nnd nniiiik. bv il.ut il,, n, un.)
lltt-v oiiii.tle ilisnrnu'il. i Y MmIwiiici- i 1.1 . I'
.... , ., ..j .1 , . WlllIU vvi uiiub inuii in mil vioiiii.
timi Mitio ui ihm iiu' m-niiLMi io .. ior iuiim(.e .aid ho ."l iu (Jovernor
ut' Kentucky, in u ivui iuun, Nuw,
A uiilliMimn uiiUci tuuk JuM iSunduy
to (ii livcr u lecture bulore it cvrtuiu
S u inlay Hi UimA. Altur tho i hiliJicn
u t-ru ul lured tclnru him hu lcmi hin
mny bweiitltjJ bclorr Jtutlft uf the !'(, gn-
dr rtinnmg lw, t lenat ! dy b-fi-ro lb
OHUI til Dl-r sunlit tt Itltt U4i(B ut tlie Cotlfl to
wbiph tliry tr uik1 rlurriHblt-n-iW(.-lirly,4nJ
in all e4 nbrm uy n-f"j(iiiiiDct art- t-nturrl
iiilo iIibii U n dr) tffo c Mi tHiumitjiiCfiufu,
tit tb MTPriiii tu wiich tuvy an HiJ rrlnrn.
hie, liir ft4 Jaiic ra U return tbe fiue ig
III- BottLi oiuDBSr a il raid art faa-i n-it bun
Kruiico. uml allor rL-Hidini? thtiro hix .
Jvoui-h, ho rniimlvtl to thin country, j u nfJuU wt,0 hti ovi-r muii lh Uov.
tiVb.N aniirr njr band at CIr6rM, it ii :iUt
ftjr Ol Jm uitrv, id Hi )rf tI war btrl, obi
tlKtUpand clglit bno'irrj anil n rint y -s-kvi n.
jan .il-ia AsMiHKW HKN I'., y . Sh-nff.
r itni tho urnoNuri iirnJ utnvr net-rot Cli Ktj.ti.i-kY. mumI uii' Ht-vtii ihil-:
wKiotiim ol tbo Continent he loimieil i a,OM. . Hui.M l(0 continuiMlJ
uixuliiiauitf ictrel po- ..(lurtf js vVvtl A iuuit.r n,uu thu), the , V ;rhj ,rf h at '.n'm. u.VM
t M t "tttof ih arl ot Vo inmua rloii cf licif.
he lint into , (l()V.'i-iiiir of K.-i.Mi.kv. Thut inun in
riVNili:tit ol the I inlrU Slulea. UoW
the urt of
litirul lnnlit'H, which
.rH in o in thm country. In eonjiiwe
lion with Coixomii uml IJoheiiy. lie
worked quietly lor several yearn in or
piiiir.inif the l'Vniun ilrotlierh(Hd,
h Iih-Ii Himlly mnitned nut h niMir
lion thut il held u convetitiim in Chi
rutfo in l8tJ. Tho ureiit Htniith
u hiih m llieru exliilnU'il, together h ilh ,,u u hum
I ho Ufc t V tlucliiiutiou ul lu inciiiles inih-; ,)... ..,,,.. i l.iri.
i:. ...... i... ;.... l. ;..,.)...
.IrMii-u "V lllu nun t iiiiiiu, uii
ihu onthiiHittHiii ot thv Irmh rcHidin
SheriiTs Sale.
for the generations yet to come.
sand voles. It is observed that none ' trample all law and personal rights
.... . i of tho Republican orutors bclorc tho
It is only by a trick or a technical!. Commisl,ioll ,mve lnu,0 Any f
ty that Uayes can become President. , t,10 b(ml,, in tilif, tvn.Hul to fonii.1t.-te
LiUoarecoivorolstolengoods,bocouldtlc , mclnl)P11(. Tlll) ,ttW
say tbat others, not he, did tho steal-!
ing. And there aro many of those who1
supported him who would throw up
their bats and rejoice at the triumph
of lrand.
was directory, they say, and tbo board
was not obliged to appoint a tiftb
member. A filth member would havo
put on thu hoard a vigilant spy upon
under foot, aro always in joopardy
when crar.y people are about
bruins. 1 don't think these documents !
it over to tho Ohio Slate Republican
Committee, by whom it was used,
"(Jukss Wohk." "M. I'. U."
Ufir 3uY(rttsrmrnts.
pliSol the I !i in I lu u ii party and liir
Ilivir suite havo been singed hy Ihu
lires of uiurti I'doiu und 1 hi-licvu in
the ultiiinuu triumph of ils mission, i m this country. Men and money how-
but 1 cuiniol return lu my Slale und , e I in a constant stream, and at the
look my constituents in tho luce, il'jclnso of 1803, tho Brotherhood nuin
I- .1 rt I ., I... ....I ......V -lllll llllll ........ I... H u-I... .......
to Ciovornor Hayes,' order, who passed .; ,,' j im wl,h (,(,vicilli, n.. i " vhZ ,"" .li aim- i iribuled so" lilrally that the annual
bultul. vnlltted to liiunv the whole revenue ol Iho organization was then (.; i p 7j KOrEIMRS
Tim bud llll-k ll'hil-ll liUH lii(ii il'li 1 ...... i .1 . tl.. . . ...In, il t 11.10 llH.! 1ilil,irt !l .
irum villi fining Ull iiuiii-i niia I I mv v.
Simon of lute, says Jones, is enough io i,i,., ,i,i i,,,. i .,,i, .i,, ,,,!, r,.,,, t... i imnies were rain-d, balls and pic-
thoimovo even the heart ol t'ol. Forney to ! ,.w,ioii..ihiiitv of doio ' iuliee to mv i nils were givi n, and ull went on
Washington corresmindentof the I'liil-I l"l'' TU,:re iu1 "I'"" Lu lul'""-v 1 Statu and defendinu her honest politi- swimmingly, fhe am-st of the leaders
adelnbin r,in wiitin.f niiiUir dale ol 1 colk't'""1 hL'rd "' lulllu ,lum th',j eul victory uguiimi wilful perveiKion of the movement in Ireland in IWd
. T . K ,. ' I '"'' the mounliiins nn 1 thei,,, tt ( . 1 . t (?-1. . .t .ot ..lid uii'eriipuloui'nly gace fiv-b impetus to the llroth
tho 12lh inst., says that Mr. Morrison, dL. of reniisjlvuniu, suys Jones, and uSllllu t.nVu,11 ,iu-d. Should my Icrhood here. John O'Muhoiiey had
of St. Louis, brothor of the Chairman! sent them to market ut ('imiiniiiti iii,.,,ii , ... ,i,TH n.m.ii iniroilniu u been confirmed iu iho leadership bv
ivnohaioii here dei luriiig that tlie St. ' the Chicago Conventioii, and the Mot
Johns liver bud itsriKo in the southern i 'at mansion, on Kast Seventh street.
noili.iii Id' oiirSlate. (loued northward i-ew 1 ork, was lured Io serve linn as
H.lri eoiiDIv. Olid to aia diroot.ri, will h.
fltrn.,1 tu PCHI.IO SAI.K. Bl tbo Court H-idm.
many ot you have eell tbo I'residelll ' ia lh. bur-onb tf Cloorfli-is, on tl'Hue l ir. ut
of the I' inletl Stutv. r Two children ) 'Y,"' "' ""V , ' '
. . til ' iMitowing dewnbet rami ettit, to we:
aroi-c. ".Now, Ibe sp.akeri.r.K.ev.U-d,! , q. r,ain Io: r pioooof (run 1 .itutt- ir lirri.
dropping his voice io a solemn key, , wr ,.D,ni,,t cioailloM o-.oinv. . u 0I
'I here io si inie one evi-n gn-alertliau the 1 S.-n-ntud an l.,ll,i : A-einotng m .r a-v llio
I'lVHiili-lil nl Ihe f -itni Slulis. t)! Kn. lr,i,H..i lh. lis. SinSioa lb. I..1, (
I..,, ,. ' i ninpa i."iu I iue'- nunn rai . uur (r iin
UtiUli ! II all U i tht dr-a at rl.t iiir in aaitt i.i l r.,i.; n,-Bt.N
d out i iltlull. Til- to fert (tirniiikc ;i0 rwrl , th. cc alun t in
k-ii " und thfti vwr ImhIy Kiioh d. nnd ' ,oniMk" 10 '" f1- ' x'o..u,rf, .i,,i,,.
' . . i i i . .i hid two af aire wr it bwini a ii4ft ol i
u ariliiinl-rl fluhii nmittlel l the ; ,.tf(1.rtriM.,0, inii whiet)( b niry ...vrvom,
totitH ot lllu Kctunr'n huir. LouiV'l(f 1 twm ri,t.d in J.ut l-hilip kn-btrj
Courier-Jwmtt. hT leJ Aiini. a i.
' ' 1 Mi 8, raronlel at 'ir.IM l, la Ur.l U. D ,
lmti 4, ., nitivei e-l the Mioa t Jta t C.
( H llitaio, wtm, it n-i k n wfti t "R back f un)
Urrd, i(nO1 27ib Keh. A I 1(115, rvrord-.. .1
1 i laarfkiit. iu I), rtl bKlt 1. 1 . p uf AM, A", i-nn.
( vfioiI the mi - to Aitraliain Humptirrj i. ScircJ,
i it hi n in t itt-atiimi and i ba m'.l tbe pr I'tTir
The urtiti-riiimM anflirunne tA hf alil fricni
anil intrnu I ha r bo hut '(rned a KmvI lioa l
OHorKKIKS A PKOVI.-IONH al the olil itati.)
ot Kirk A St'norr, for wbich b arilicitf a Itlwral
ntrttaei H. W. SPKNCEK.
1 believu tin1
1 .f F. li.
of the Wil v and Ml-uiih Committoo oil charge of his Son Don.
of the House, telegraphed to tbo latter I ut,rd t l4!d . m ,V' lvttl"a ,lcl
... i . r. i I nation to tho ltipiibheaii convention
on mo onj previous mat man) oi moj..,, jum.s. And now Hohiiison.who is .... ,i,,.,l, .. ,,.;i I ..m.... I i,. anexecutive lieudiiiiarlers.aiid Fenian- ' C. W. 8,.i,h.. H,d .1
a politician, tells mo, saya Jones, that ; i (, Atlnntic ocean, I would ' i-m swiftly reached ils highest tide- j j'ko r ni
Simon jst money on these cattle. At ,e compelled IDsnppoi t thcalllnuiitlvo,'niark. Tho surroundings of "Prcsi. W b. Vlioi.
best lawyers believed tbo Florida do-
cision was sound and that it would not
impair Mr. Tilden's case in Louisiana,
which was sure of success. The Con-
Ananias' Successor KiLLniin. iKre"H'i replied bytelograph: "That
Among all tho liars wbo have come to
the snrfuoo in connection with the
Louisiana uleclion it Is intlood rwfro.,1.
ing, as tbo Philadelphia Tuiii'4 well re
marks, to find ono man wbo can speak
is all very Well, but when tho seven
spot can beat tbo eight, I shall feel a
Bond ih-nl muro boneful." This shows
how two brothers viewed tho situation.
All Bi-rfnB in.lehtod to tho clot. I
Millor, or nofiltod that ihrr vjutt .
c.ll and ooilt. arcooDU witliout iloUy.'nnd :
all tho. h.vlof el.i'iii, Iho Mid '
oro miui-loil tu iroont Iho .iibo dal.T Bothi-oil. ,
cut, il. Tho .,m, 1 of ll-o .!-) ro at iho '
IV. Trstccl.
Kit. I
nt.rt.UI. bVi..H. 187 7 41, ' . I,
.... Uv """ "'i """ i ivoiiiu Know tne siini'tneni i
bummer, when Hayes waa nomiiiuted , i.j,,, Krsoi,ullv aeipiaintiv
and Pennsylvania got left, exclaim in j no,,,,,-,,.,!,,-of the country.
XJ Th. i.itBfrhiBhorolof.,r. existing botwooo
share ol their booty. Either of these
fitmiirtitnn or Khrllnhiiri'iT hi'lorn I hi . . . !
O f llrand uml tl,A whn a mhimm, Milan
CcmmiHKiou. . . 4 , ..
A Dozer. One ol our exchanges ; nBV0 ttddoJ- " h8 wul1 know from hi
nnly sold out one State, but lirudley
and Strong sold tho Union. Tho latter
two havo labored for years to put "Ood
in tho Constitution," while the former
hourly blasphemed liim. Yot, on
counting Board, these modol States
men work to each others band.
riiinno tliA iiB.t. fnptniirhf tho) Kl-in
I !!.,...,. .1.1.. 1-, ;
Railroad Company ha. carried ovcHt8j'at.on ,0 tne ...cciora, v ommission ,aw,
uuiiviviiiu jit ji 111iitiifi, 11110 uiiviiiivcii a
perfectly novel and unique claim, viz :
that tho law is "retroactivo," nnd be
wants the United States Supreme
Court to "pronounce w ithout delay as
1 to tho constitutionality of tho bill,
their secret proceedings, or it would:.. ... . . . , . ..... ,
', , b' , , 1 the truth. It it not habitual with Kel
havo compelled them to iiiako another 1 1 , , . .. . ...
' . .1.-1 r 1 '"US' D"l "a can " ' when he tries.
Wells' KytALs. That infamous
National scoundrel, J. Madison Wolls,
head centre of tho Louisiana Return-
all evouLs, suvb Jones, Itobiuson tells : . 1.,, ,v.,,lioi,,n Im- tl,n ri aHiin thut I iiient" O Muhoiiev were brilliant uml
mo ho heard a noted Philadelphia 1 . i.t knnw tlie kimI.,mi.-i,i to bn inn' iutlraetivu for a short time. Hut he
vl with tho ' fore long dissensions sprang up 111 the
tt-v Tlii.M.forn feiiian ranks, and 111 lKlid. alter a con-i ri'wolt A Miirc.a in the hardware tmioo. i.
I.ld u'l..,i..l. I .n.l..'. u;....... ' v. 1 J r J .. . ' 1...1.1 V v.. ..1. t... ........ tot. da. diolvid by siamal coo.ont. Tho lmi-
u.o i-i. " '"" "'"" 1 ; Im' like reason am I compeiien to give .inuon i...u 1 .. . . , ( mi mu ntliaclti ,. ,b, ,,, ,Una
run tuoiuiug uuuseii : iiisa mura is 1 Ilw,,.t ,0 but declaration that nave tmn 01 1110 itroiiicriioou, unuer m. 1 b. wmuai I'oo.ll. Tho b .r,k. of tha Ui. llrai i
wortn more llitin all pun s eiiieation : -
A11U now, tuysjoues, Mrs. Uliv
wauls 5O,00O lor her blighted all'
lions. At this rate tbo old man
soon bo dead broko, and then whiilt.llsl nlv0 not ,irf,v., to be in vain," chaos, tho money had melted uway
t A. lluiiiiilir-.
Al. s orrloia In i.-lory fraioo h.,ua 1 4 1 34
frit, ia Ih. tuwn of St.rltnj. Ciorn.lJ
l-Obuly. I'a., o lot SOtt.'.O I'rtl, toiun.lrd r.jr Sill
.Inoi. .M.rlil. alio., I'.dir all-. . and ll No. S.".'.
SVtwd. l.kra ia rtioulioa aad Io b. .nld u Ihe
pri,o.t. ut A. W. Il.ri,r.
SI..I, a ono and a -bolf Hitrr homo of huil.iirg
21 li-ot Irimi ood IS l.,-i diop, it i a iUn uuilii
iiilt w-tb lol an edrl,l.,fro Bipurwauit tbi-rrlo,
.ilu.l.- in tin. iKirxnli l 0-,iL, '.n Stuno ilim,
MiUlidl irti Iho Brtll II. Trott.YBlB. .ItWt, "0
On- i.l .j Edoatd All.y.oa tbi-foalli hi .- No.
t '.'.'. .V ild, Ink.. iBOkorali n nd lo bv .old at
ih. r..ri uf fa.lor, owoor, aad .nn
I. Cull-, ouDlra'rlor.
Tun., op Kii.B.tlie firio. or bob. at hi.-h
tho Br.,,rt. tli.ll bo -trunk off Bail bo .1
tin-1 line of Rttli-, or .ucb uthor btdibodU m.1.
a. Bill bo ap,ruv,-d. otborwuo tbo proporl. Bill
bo imuiedut.l. ,ut up and auld aaaiB al the oi
lnoi aod rl'B til' taa poraoa ta whoa. It a.i
liuck oS, .od Im, ia ear. of ilolieioBy at iBeh
ra.,.i., .b.ll at:.ka aiMid lh mbib, and ia Bo
I l.. ti ' in ituiC l,.l mn.lA iit.uii .tlii. rliMii- Yt llliinn It- ICobiirtii aupKratiM irom l oro la tho a.nii of Pow.ll, roroollitiun . " " , . p T '
er , ,1,., 'fii,!,.,, ..i.-.rt-. w. imlvCtil. O Maboncv. and lotinded that ! iti. o.nt aa.i .11 ih.ia- t -.. -.u f.,.
, . . , , . , . J I . i- , i. i wlv. indhn-d will pli-aoB roll aod initio Iho- ii.,ir.,4i,
electeil in ! lorida and thut bv "wavs i party which was allerwards ideiililied 1 ,,,.. ' u. huwki.i.. I bssiupp'b Ornt-a. I si,.nl.
Willi, I,. i ,., ,lp. a...l .!..!.., l...t In il'.i. 1 writ Ii lliii f 'iinnil ill n mill. A I! IVHB now ri..tili.l I'.l. 17 'fT.11 WM V Hnu.iiv t-le.rSi-lii. P. Foil. 7. IS7J. .
case havo not proved to bo in vain,'
tho people ol the United States de-gusted with tho l enians, resiged bis
will bocomo ol tuo Kcpublicin party wore these clei tors and a majority of and. in 1668, John O Maboney, dis-
!in Pi'nnivk-iinil K,,..ll.... 1.....-...-.. . . '.'. ......I ...1.1. .1.. I.V...: . . .1 i:.
reasons was good enough. U is queer! . .... P. . , , I1'1? B"ttrJi mUBt 1,8 rendered some- isn t to blame lor this. 1 am told, says! ,rall(K,, '011t f lilir ,! nwu Head Centreshipand retired to private
tbat thev havo not been offered bv I that I ackard, the protended what comfortable since two members Jones, that Simon has been losing I vk.)rv, .Ml, plirmnll (M,.ril,.,i ,t life until 1872, when ho again consent-
o.. i.. . h.,ii..K.... K..i ,i,,,l(;ornor' fraud, his Legislature a(of lne United Slates Retumin Board j mom'y other diroulionsi but these I k. ,,; ltHhr ; vMc, ,i10 t.. ed to assume the leadership of the skel-
two aro cnougn. ton Jion coulil noli VBW) .M cofitiiM-ted nnd Charged that elon of tho once tormidoblo Fenian
not have lost less , than S5,(J00 C'owKflt, member 'nl tho board, was body a leadership ho continued to
by bis mis-management ot ihu cuttlul pt.r,,,mr consulted upon the fact of bold up to the time of his death. Dur
at Cincinnati, which, added to 50,0lMI, ! ,-ralld i:ivii,g tK.,.n committed und hu ing tho rebellion O'Mohoiiey assistwl
tons ot gunpowder, delivered at tbo
National stock yards, at (intteiiborg,
New Jersey, and intended for tbo Rus
sian government. It is said that eight j
more car loads aro to bo shipped.
of the United States Returning Board j
Hradlcy and Strong have endorsed
hia crooked ways, and have shown to
the world that theso two conloderute
talks thus loosely about our Hellelontoolose. "wwwiation with tbe Louisiana j knaV(!. havo no moro r,.., Jur an
namesako. Any now argument in r. i itutiirning UokixI, that Tildon honestly oalh or ,ho Constitution than Wolls
ana iainy cameo, me otate oy aDoui! ,limHef hti We, hou,j ow he
8,000 majority and thnt Nicholls, the mado Uavc,. PriraU, St.croiai7i and
iiemocruuo canoiuaio lor uovornor, Hfadley and Strong should bo mado
was elected by 9,000 majority overj FOREIGN Ministers, after having vio
Packard, who, as Kellogg says, is ai)atcl) , divie and uuman law in
Advancc Patists. An exchange
says: "The bank account of tho Ro-
uso on this Continent.
Our first page is tilled this week
wilh rare miscellaneous reading mat-
puhlicun campaign committee has been tor. A day in tho llouso at Harris-
Bravlky and Strong run it. Thoso i sinco withoutsiicb adjudication il would
numerous oo.u roosters, wu cn D. . ...., . . ' overhauled. The biggest single con. burg in tho shape of legislation as con-
neon crowing so lustiiy ,or iiid-.oi. - Unbutton was from Jay (iould-20,- ducted by Radical officials will give the
since tho November election dropped , dear, lh ,s too bad Here these caro- m wa, in addition to the a0. rea,kr ,J ini(lo Tiew of the nduul
'ymy?" , hive support of the New York Tribune, of our local statesmen. The promi
. ' r. . . I.. . i , , . V l I One chock for 110,000 was mado pay- ncntindividualinthiadehato-Huhn-
lor uayes, ailliougu tne iiiacn electors .r..iu...-u ... v.... ...u.e-j.,,. uo ., '""j ttb0 t0 ll)e ordur of Mr. Uaye.. Tlli.
had a majority of 8,000 votes. law wasn't "retroactivo," und they can-1 from pi ,t MlllU.
n ' u- w il ' f ,l 1 nl CVen SC mt 'l, W 'TV'TT , 1 ' to Kngland, who had hi. own rc.
JIon.HonryW. Williams, ono of tho iiut.m i.t0 8L,rvo on tho tribunal." This! r . J? ... ... , .
t .- r.i c n . rn . . n wiim mr DiBHine jir, iiaiimBiiiiwiiuw
JusticesofthoSuprcme Court of Ponn- COmcs of not having on tho Supreme!. ,. .. , . .. ., ,.
i . . . . .., . .... ' arge was his indebtedness to him. It
sylvania, died at bis residence in Pitts- li,.nch and n both Houses of Con- .... . ......
I will ne oDservcg tnai ino two geniie-
,r,ir liw nunnino, in null It.t 11 m il III oririlllir.llllf t IO I Olcorail 1.1'L'lon.
might b i ttiut if il wero -plausibly coveied upiand a militia regiment of his own.
bu once l(.un, ,0 raM (,allll) K.jiiru tlt.m fi,r which ho commanded for three months.
toots up 1135,000, Truly it has been
a bad your for .Simon. . Well
i.Tr-iuiin in in. f-iiiuHin ,ti,ti.u, , r.i.i.u . ., . -
7 ,- ,- I -" neiore tuo case came tuem lor ;
eniiiloyed on tho steps ol llio Treasury
when ho camo hero to get sumethiug
and found the whole Administration
out of town, "This is a bell of a lime I"
Jones says that the whole tbinguiuy
be a job put up by "lliem hlurary
tellers on Newspaper Row for tho
sake of a few paragraphs. . 1 wish to
bo explicit, say Jones: I moan that!
...ouo. vo egrupuen. no rega. ine,..- , ,,., , riltn ,.,,. ji on tlt)
selves with poor jokes III thu reporter s , nurgla.i..isly entering King s
V, -v.""- ",,-"". saloon in tlie lt Wanl ot Lock Haven,
wilh bad lacu. in, worse l-.nglish hy 1 1.. j fnm ,!, nil(l m(.v,.lM uj
nigui. inese iciiows, snjs j.uiod, not u, ,,, vi,,;nw ( ,,e ffll.ers oti
I adjililieutiou, it shoiihl Miller no scrulb
j ny or discount at his hands.
Tho Lock llnvon Ui'moeriU sots forth
another lady's mistake in this way :
"Sometime during September of last
year. J limes KinleV, under Pond nu
in appearance, O'Miihoney was for
nierly very remarkable. He wore bin
liack hair in long ringlets, whicli part
ed at hia shoulders and hung down to
his breast in front. At ono time ho
YJ Nullro r
oeeaine so ucvumu io opiritiia'isiu loaif seto. eloared. aa.l t. iho ko.
tils minil was Ueiuiiireil. ana lie was, oi a'i uemt ...ioboi.
,.....ft.,n,l Co r,.l. ll.a In . 1 ., I in I lPwS OB.J tflBlk rf MrllCUl.rf . all,lj to
ci.n:(r ci.
i. horoH. .ivoa t fK- rf p.rlB.r. Jllvl III 3 3dlt2.
Iilf I. It It Oii.Wl.llOIB-pO- J K H.lO ut 0r.0lB HIT .lr,,,..l...l. r i f t
Mill.. Clo.ri.-M oi.oiil. P.., aad Frank B.!r. It. i.n.n! MilT. .fi'i..?
of llr.on l.lo Ilr9,ld .Bly. Pa . in lor tb. ,o-n, and Io ma dlranod, -II
ra riawa of II. 1. A B..lror, ... ,l,..h,.-l b. w ,,4 , pnfcllr ,. lh, Coor, Hll0,
rouhi.l oun.oal o. III. llih .1., ,.f,.isr7. I , boroonb of Cl.ari.ld, oa Wodo..d.y, lh.
All p.r n. lodol.'od lo .aid Itrra aro ro-alrod to 3st a,, , ii.b-j,. H77, at t n'rlook, p. -.
a.k. ,iM0,m,i IB rranb Bolt-, and all 1 ,b. Iolllo, d.Milhod ro.l, 10 .It :
.faiDlt .11 1 Drin will b. paid br bloi 1 . L . ,
. . , , .... j . miK i All that o.rlalB Iraot or pieoa of land liia it. ia
0.ol. lin.).o..t1-r-.l FIIANK lli'il.'liER. Ch?"i -'W"ifc Ct-rt.ll oouiiu, P. . boond.-d
... . ...... . . . . ... ... . ; "nd oWri-od a. f.'lu. 1 On th.MM bv land f
JX)K SAI.K " ' "'" - " ' i ""'"I Wbilo. us Ibeaooti b had of Irris A
4 -, . , i , , j Vtori. a ih. sorib by land of Mclt.rT.f, and
Th. .ill bo'I a. prt, I. .11 1 ""' "' ""J-
tb.t trnrt or p.rn-t of land iu'o ia D.-oaiar ANo, aa (bor trocl or piaio of load si.sato in
tu.n.hip. Cloiirflold ..only, P.., wilhio a ahurt I id loo noklp, uB.4rd OB th. oa.1 b. lond ut P,
di.Unoo of th. T.rona A Cl..rfivl I H. R. aad f.rtl.. 00 Iho by land of booortu OB Ih.
.dj,niii land. i.r lti.lH.rt Ilud.'B and olnrr., I '"oih by iimd of llartl, and on Lb. aurib by Un i
and knn.ii a. tho Jaoub B. il.-arb.ri bu. Tin- "I liutts. coauihion .but llo acrai.
..Id lr. ooi,i.lBia( Sil aorv. mora r , iih ! Also, Bnibrr pi.-v uf l.n I lit..', lo in-i
Im oiia. of vilo. I.I. 0,41 tboroon. h alu.ut III t too., Mi.. b-niB nal as lbs oam br Und
to a larna body ol '
ill bo ld lo. and i
C4.arri.ld, Pa.. July It, IS7S.
i.aviu L. kit Mis
sylvania, died at bis residence in Pitts- Uenoh and in both Houses of Con
burg, on Monday afternoon, tho 10thgrcss, first rate lawyers, capable ol
inst, of heart disease. Mo was fifty.
nino yearn old in January last. Judge
Williams had been in feeblo health for
some time, und was unable to sit upon
the bench for a year past.
.i . ..1
Oil ! THiNDtRl What an awlul out
rage it would he to count tho THREE
Oregon oleetors for Tildon, when that
Stale gave nearly 1,000 majority for
Hayes. But it's all right to count tbo
F.1UI1T Louisiana electors for Hayes
when tho S ato gave over 8,000 ma
jority for Tildon. Thus saith the Wash
ington Returning Board per Bradley
and Strong.
Cdandleribm. According to tho
Zach Chandler press, it waa prima
facie evidence ot intimidation of votes
cast in IOiiisisna in favor of tho gang,
headed by Wells and coached by Mad-
dox & Company. Now It is hold by
the same press to bo most absurd to
behove anything told by one half thu
gang against tho other half. Thoso
rascals were good enough witnesses
against a great Commonwealth, but
they are not to believed when they
confees their own villainies. Oh,
. Hsason, thon art fled to brutish beasts.
handling so delicate a subject, such for
instance as Tuten.
men have paid in advance for the offices
they are uftor. Tho endorsement on
tho back of tho Piorrepont-Hayeschcck
will be good evidence for the continua
tion of the subscriber.
A Definition. Wo havo referred
on several occasions lo tho nso of tho
compound wonl 'bulldozr," and did: " - -
not intend to use it again, but tho An lNt.EX.-The Lanc.sU-r Wli-
l-VmiimAiimiil of New York gives ' cer : "According to the Repub-
il anrl. n time lloil u imnnnl "" counsel m u.i-ir argument, .1 a
retrain from calling it up again. Tho ; wturninj. board perform, it. (unctions
Journal insists that it should bo written
is the head centre of the Philadelphia
bummers and was nearly chosen
Speaker at tho opening of tho session.
His conduct on tho flour demonstrates
that this method of conducting public! Un.thor Goorgo William funis'
business should lie improved, although
be is the leader ot the House, and bis
"lip" is being sand witched into every
bill that is milled through the House.
oemg literary uieinsuives in any ao ,ho , ti )(.(T
coptalioii ol the term, ol course re-cut ; sl)l,nr ,.,,,. ,.,.,.,,( Vl., tmii.e 0, lip(
any uflronl otlercd to those who are. !,,,,,,,. , a,,!,.,,,,,.-!, ..npturo in
kiiv niu liim Minnv rv MIHII nminJ- . ( '...a,...!, Hllllift tiful Ct li R utlli f tit.
a ih tt hj Und oi (i rrulti tt F'rd, un ibt
n-Mitli T frra le Kwrd 4u4 lh rtb n,r
Innd ut John Nrff, t?utitt.iQiti; tnirtj Beret.
A!i. Bother fiec ..f Unit In iiiij tawnbl,
fHtindrtl us tut by Unl of Julie inlf, titn
tttf:tuaa. uk.-n sxar. j Ut) 1 ol H'iirbor irnl us ibe vtrth Itni of
Purine last WCl'k there WftS ft till 'mnl In thf. (' ot rmnmon f ri of rrtfintd. A,,- rof Und is ni4 towD'hip,
uiidt!rcoiii.iiii;ratiohinourStutL'Si-nato.!M',(- '-tWw.H k. to tmUhv i ; w," n . it)nt hon..
I at lb. Curt Hua io CloarA.ld. nn
fnlurday, Marrh IO. IHTT.
' rloble, and othor oolbui dini, I oa Ih.
' o.ol ',. Und ol tt.ll.irh.r and Cbei. ork. on III.
rlh by Un I of Carry, bb I on lb t m'!
whore. This thing of aged St un . hk
trifling wilh tho alleelions of Treasii ry
girls inilst be regulated. Perhaps it
wiu.tii lie well losilil a new rulu to
boulcdor.o" instend of "bull doze."
Tho French speaking negroes ol Lou
isiana used tho word, tbo Journal suys,
and it adds :
'I'boal.,' in Frvaoti, (bobbi a ball or ball.t:
and al.o, in colloquial (ibra.., tbo bum.n boad.
So, boiif. rfoa m.v aithrr far. 'a hull.l
nnl lolo imo,' a. In tho Moiln.a war, oar .ol-
di.r. ui.d to Pi..k of .aoh or .ucb a on. baring I
however mistaken, however clouded
with orror, however fni'nW by fraud,
and did ascertain and did declare how
many votes for particular acta of elec
tors had been cast, and did certify and
declare who were the persona who
wero elected electois, that ends all in
quiry.' Is it any wonder that the N.
Y. Herald declares 'the Republican
tak.B a 'M.tto.B fri'i' or avoo raor. nroliMblv.
it m.i ha.. iti.ani ib. adoiiBirtratioa of b'-ocb ' party rests its case on a quirk of law
The Journal cxplannnion is moro) not mon) respectable than the pleading
classio limn tho one with which we I ,f 1,18 "tatuto of limitations against a
have had to content ourselves hitherto, jj11"1 A,ht- Whether the legal point bo
namely, a dose fit for a bull ; but we we" ukcn or not- il "rront to
cannot say that tho English form of j 0Tt'ry Idea of justice,'"
tho word is moro euphonious on thuli p.,t a Srri.sBt.. Maddos, ib..illio
nr.nii.,t .....t ll.n i m,.t.n. .llBOOl Of tha D.tSOBraOl In tbB Loai.iaBB In.-
' . . . ... liaaiioB oaaa, ba. but prorad a Beouadral of tbo
Tun ltniiiT Step. Wo notice that
tbo Senate has passed an amendment
to the Poor House Act which was
passed lust winter. The amendment
authorised an election to bu hold once
every thrco years, and in that way
submit tho question to tbe people. If
sixty ciliions petition the Court of
Quarter Sessions, asking that tbo
question be submitted to a voto, it be
comes the duty oi the Court to order
an election. The tickets shall be la
belled "Poor House," and on the in-
sido "For Poor House," or "Against
Poor House," just as the voter do.
which, in its provisions requires the
Mavoiw of cities of tho first . l ,. . '"rrB "
nreserve the i.eacoal eli-eiion noli, and i " J'1?.?!" u-f ib.,1 ha. h, land of Ror.biu, on.,. . r.,
i I i , cuiflir tnr iiib m r U miiit-r:
prohibiting the Sheriffs of any county All .. a. orri.,. tr... r ,,i.o. I...I .iin.t. I. ! , ' . 1 "'."m 'k Tk h
.Von. appointing any deputn-s , b'e .J. - ..,d : .,?;, ouXi .. ... ,.T sll'd .uTll 'T',
rL' t 1 iMiii'iiii ( m iiri n ui 11 ih rr iiiiiiiu . . 1 1 1" iji in , - "
ciu ims 'I he mere Ciiilnre of "lim" ".morB ",",l'ul,ly Intended lor Phil. ,i, 70 dog. -n iit fort n. . . th
(oipis ine in.rt (iiptnre ol .11111 ,(,., U1 wlulfc , ow u imltl , 4-.f f ,. . p, , ,,,,.,,,
might be Clin.n.eled in a briel passing , . . , ...d ..f M. s. o,d-. .....b . d.,r
with a compliment to t lie . . . ' . .. , '. ' ' "' I""" k is do.r,-.. .i s,
r.r tra-oo
.ut'.u.i.l ng..
Irntt iriM
- "-i rv- k s ten . win ins snare! ne I her' . .."..'
aged Senator, rom courting I ivasury j of , , ,.,.,'. , , , . ; Kepu.iiu-.,, -repealers uml J" ?VZ'
girl, above uineteen years of ago. jt ,n , r' , "ro ui, ler. ol that cil. on elec ,..,i . ay, .,., J. , b'.'nTa'U?,.,
Ihen, Il tliu li1u, ,i,i,.,i ... i,, in.. i. i ., thut this sehemo waa coneoeted. Vt hen d orn.rB.m.l .hrubb. r. tb.ron.
i, ,ii ..... . . ,, , ' i.iu un. was on seconu in tuo
venerable I'briHiancy is worth uny
thing a. a guide, there would bo no ! . ' ,,. ,,,.,';,.,,.. ,"Z Senalo Mr. I),ll,0en.x.rat), raised the J.";-;';
: t ....i. - tun. - r.u.3 u in u.i. vi i u .(nvl i b
! ' I tlllllH.1. I . .Ilk II B lilll..rlllll I.Mtl.l I le.1 lu a. II... : lli.n... I.v ...1 .II.. n..r.k t BOrlll S" iH-gr... ...t U27 tlO-ilbo ti. 0-il 1 IbOOO
i . r- I- I- ii.'.mi. jjiviiii'iiuiit
...-I .mv- iiiiiiirtr hi iimiiiii ni'I'il IULF 111.1.1.. L.. .. .- , - ik it,
i . I., ,,- . i '(ho by virtue ol Insomce, Is Prcsi.
and getting his I mind liir his labor.
incut may be in the meaning."
Hn.l. Doimia. Thel'ollowing"bricks"
wero not ussd by the Washington Ku
tuniing Hoard, in tho erection of the
Hayes mcn'imcnUi, by tho builders,
Wells, llradley nnd Strong. Demo
crats, read thCso "government" re-
Tm Ureat CoNspiaAToas. Judas
Iscariot betrayed the Savior of man
kind, and Judges Bradley and Strong.
at the nod of Wells, have betrayed ; marks to your Radical neighbor
their country. Tne forty millions ni No man worthy of the office of Prcs
penple who believed that theso two j Went should ho 'willing to hold il if
Judges were partly honest, will not be I "twl or I'luced there by fraud.
. . a . j . . . Prrmlint Grant.
long in rendering a different opinion.1
These two political highwaymen, on a I The country cannot afford to have
former occasion, reversed tbe United i!.n0 r,,s"lt tmnterl hy the suspicion of
uiegai or iiuso returns. frctuknt
Statoa Supreme Conrt. Tbat was not
so very startling. Now they have re
versed tbe people, and in defiance of
tboir legally expressed will, have de
clared a man President who had neither
votes nor electors enough to award
him that position. If they will follow
tbe footstep of their predecessor, and
go aad bang themselves, tbey will
partly atone for tha (00111100 crime
they bit. conmltted against kVirtn,
'liberty and Independence "
UKm tho elections in Louisiana, as
in oilier Stales, depends the right to
their scats of Senators and Itepresent
stives who are to aid in making laws
for the whole country, and the choice
of Presidential dei-tora, upon whoso
volo may depend the tills of the office
of the President of the United States
himself. No party in tbe United Slate
would like lo submit to a result decid
ed by tha votes nf elontors chosen by
nc h sneer William A. Whrtter. '
Ar. I water. Bttiman'i Journal.
Yos, and so has every member of
tho Louisiana Returning Doard. And
yet, this mail has been in the employ
of the Itadical Stato Committee ot
Louisiana ever sin.o Grant, Sheridan,
Sherman li Co. havo been to power.
It is certainly ungracious at Ihia day
to turn around and call a man a scoun
drel after bo has served yon faithfully
for ten years. Is It any wonder Mad
dux teels bad, when hia employers "go
back on him in that way?
The " M out eh." An exchange re
marks: "The pastoral letter from Bisb
op O'ltnra excommunicating the Ao
cient Order ol Hibernian and diroct
ing the clorgy to deny the members of
that order the sacrament, was read in
all the Catholic chart he of th Scran
ton diocese, Sunday. The denuncia
tion was unexpected and ha produced
a sensation among th member of tbe
Ordor, wbo for th past three year
bv been In favor wkh tb oharch
within thisjurisdlotwn.
iinseemly petitions in court and the
vtlo How woulilbo ballleil.
At this mnm.'iit, suys Jones, a bril
liant : Let Simon
lake a change U' venue to one of the
numerous courts hu owns iu IViiiim I
vaniit. That would settle it. Then
Don could gel bis friend Hill McVliillin
lo furnish twelro bullot-lsix-stiilfen) lo
nei nn jui , nnu uiu mnig i-ouiu oe wno KMI.W
arraugeu on jlii ivetnuies immortal ........
..i.. ..r H...J. ... 1 "
1 piuii 01 mi.111011, JM1101011 n.tu
Silence !
It is certainly a very peculiar cuso,
unless compromised in some way, must
hnng no end ol nnnoyunce to tho von- 1 .. . lt , , . ... nihno it necessary
orahlo Simon aid diro confusion and,,...:.... J u " 1 1 i . . ' the Senato to cast the decisive vote,
! .nl, on ih. nanh bl JnM,h Johaaon'. l.n I, .n4
I tho ulfa by land ot K,M-.r.aMgB'. hoirl.
1 .1.0. i.l,ndiBt'. ial.r.l ia ! T aw il't.'i l
I in Bold ton.hi., oor iill bv J. N H .m. .vita
l-ig bniUNi. mania, 4 oibr itib.ildtiig. tbnM.. n tn. o-t b- J..,.b S ...,.i. w,-ii b.i
; t'urrv. nrth b .i-br Uid ol Ihu Di-l.udinl,.B I
..n Ibo.outh bv Ji,..jh SU'i.n..
Ainu, a ai-ruin trap r fil.i. ,f I n i .i a e. ia
Aim, n lot, 1ST gssiid oill'.ia'ng tb. S.-ov. ' .-.arhin, ImuBilod and d' Mirb d-l f illu.- :
r.rti-. Iginiilng at a ooriior on Kiror .trw.t ; I U- g'BBing -it a uon rliiwt e.e- k j tli.B-a by
d.grro. .a 4il f..t 10 Thi d ' '" """"g " aiB a d.-.rro. .-i
oa.10 Mnilb J ...I til ' P-i-no. 1.1 p..n i iiko bv l.a . m c II.
d, grw .v.tSI.1 4 a 10 kin : Ih.Koo br
j dent ol the Senate )siibinitled the point ,, ,,,,.,, r, ,.,,,,,, , lip f ums's'ik.;
I, I , L-:, 1 i I 1 "I UlU'-r l" lUB Ot'llBll) .Or IIS HIV I. Ill j .IHU I'T III- Of. Ol 111. tBllrOkll, .bltib IUB.
. . l ,....,-., ,iT . , , - . . . .uld.n it , lliniogb lb. b.cli iiart of Ibt. lot
! was found there was a tie. All the
I'ciuocruib.os well as .Messrs. l.nwreliee, ' rrcun-d b. bond and nn.ngag. on tha .rvnii..
1 .-.nun
went to Clarion overland and on fool
ny way- 31 L earne ul, Jeneinon lllu ., ... on 1 I
. ... ' i llt'llllM-riilK no w.,11 .. 1 I .nu-is,mo, 1
other ivihlwotrd spots, llo was butin ... u, , -, . , , .. . 1
liitlu known Where ho went, and those " 1 .V" " . ' " . .
Trim r l.n (W-hnli rafa, aoil tl M
tir in )r ihermfler. with Init-riM. in W
1.: ...... i.i..' 1.:...
11 .7" b .K . ""'' the point, believing the b.ll to
llewii-'t o,wkat., m.. m, uri(.unNtl,lllvj;, Ontll0 Mb
an aggivgulo of twenty two, voted to
How Fast Men (iaow in Crime.
When lirudley and Strong oountcd
Florida for Hayes, we treated it as
though Smith had Btolen a pin from
Brown that tho gamo was not worth
the ammunition. Hut, heboid ! In loss
than ten days alter they stole tbe pin,
they roh an Empire of all its constitu
tional privilege, and every citizon of
hi porsonal rights. Literally commit
ting National murder I How ran such
erimes be winked at by men who pro
fess to be sane T '
A Trio or Sooi'ndreiji. The States
men who have been for ten years past
embellishing our bogus five cent pieoe
wilh "In God we Trust," gave tho
American people another exemplifica
tion of their true "inwardness," on
Friday, when they doclared the flayo
electors elected in Louisiana. Wo pre
sume the certificate will bear tho coin
"superscription," "In God we Trust,"
or, perhaps Wells, signed Bradley t
Strong, agents.
State Treasurer Kawle advertise
hi balance in the Stat Treasury at
302,0.'i6.23t of which lB?,Ct6 49 h
on deposit at Kcmblo'a bank in Phila
delphia andl8,8W 31 at tha Keyiton
National Bank, Erie,onder Mr. Rawle
own eys. Of 00 re lb ring bs the
lion' share of tho booty..
irrS'wS: - Sheriff's Sale;
luiiicn murrm jinniMji nruiK, nun wnwn i .... . .1 .1. . .. ' nnvi 111 wuii
not ennm-d in lakintf the black jewels ' " 1 "Vi T'."'5 ""n- 1 "? ""r"." "' '"" -
l,... U.l..., -1 I , . I hill Was legal. 1 hi Stato ot ufluirsl land not of lh. Cnort ol Ci mmoo Pi
" V" ",r.:h?,,l,,:,?"ra ''".T" " it necessary lor the President of - "... to tho hid.-loncd and delicately ! ,7. . ,M. ' . .... . . " . , I which
o, v ,(,.,.e.,.,,Uue,,ca,..,J-i( , . , k h , ,
bred household of bis llliistri'itis Son i r.' i .! i ., .
M I" b 11 M'"W . hi I""-"'- Cb liiliht IVhA mv Himiiii f-itli unrn ' . ...
hiK .potion ,,d ;I0 Mry j 5ff XZX
1, t Un?Tlft r Ut Pnm,pt P.liyi 1 S " h -lef Hooking oily
ment of $10,000 Tbut m .ni deul xma ou(i r W the fuir
ho did, and tbii dotUiTd tlie
niK-onMiitutioriiil. Thin whh Ihu
y Ki-m.ti K -rxMiiiilt $ Urn anrk il Art fi-
WrM IU p-fwll-w mMt ; thvxifft T iMl -f
t'arr to i:hl cmrtt j (hnc 0p mul rak it
tral iiur4-i n I tltt(.ov tn i rt n I ihn
io of Itfiitniiif, (toUinlnf 12 am aul Aj
trrvh n, a t, ;
At-i,tl Dirt)ttinl' in trout in )I itifttariai
(xiUKlrd m1 4--fHbMl lull,. ; nWiaoin. t
Truttttj). fia.crt'rvi Wilium UoiUrrrjc la.t ; IUl-ijc
; by lb Mine fsijth il) .rrt tri dil prctit
ll fnm f rt-r ; UtMctj hy rrK.4t,' tifeaer
- i lt imrh 13 Hrffrt-tt rnt mi .nrTi' ut tnehtii.r,
! WlrlAS) aVjfvVtN tl 3t (lerebf) ( Mil UN
fifri fffeini i , 4; jMrrhi in n tn; thfno by foil (
Piri ol t iMr- , foHip Poitt Bifid Alf acrwi n-l lot) Uprr
hf will U c"! P"fft nnnh ik dtr - II II i..r-
.-irii to iat.U k, t lit t'nuri Umir. ia h ; h" " m--m cki ihrnr onftfa II Jcr
htrnufh of ( lrfflrl l, on Hturrli.y. th 81 i IM afi lir Tt t.rmlck itui j throe 17
01 mirrn, i"ii,n luciort p. th ToltOOiDg T w l nMdl t ttlhKit Mrriua J
W li llh.l.Ktt
. u, is;r it.
of money to squinder on a reputation
iiko Minion , and perliaps tho vencra
blo statesman nia' conclude that he can
buy a nowono.uid a better one nt that,
for less money. Ito this as it may, I
don't think tho nit will ever bo tried.
Simon knows htw to stop thoso little
inings, yon Knot
doribrd rval ert.lo, lo wil :
All tbat cruUi tract or iarel of land (jlng
and li.inn in t'nion tnivn.hi,, Clr.rlipld ooumj,
I'a., bouB'Ird ami d, .or, bod. I follow. Hi-fa
omit at a (ion oa llo. nf load ounrojod to Libbi
maiden had vielili-d tn his iusinuntitiii
ways and dcelnred hersell his own trucj
love, and eubserliiuntlv tho holy bonds
of matrimony yoked them together
and made the twain one. - Now it is to
ho supposed that Jamas, if never ls-
I. no, wtslieil bimselt nn honosl mail
Uo leemrd happy, hi brido seemed
By ann)u!ai ccincidcnco two of tio : Uii.j . All that, troubled any ono was
most promintnt women of Cincinnati ! tho blackness of dim's career, which
j flint toto jfivcii by tbo President 0! the
nenato in his ollieial capacity, ho not
beini allowed under the. constitution1
to volo cxceiit in llio case ol lie. audi ""i tbn.o. bj lio.oortb uo. b.nir.d
by his ynto wjis . rascally Ht.empt to "-'---X.
uliifW bu lint box ntu Horn ot rhllndel-1 sil Mo.r'i ,-ert vatfto rAo imr,
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trMtur pattern vt lo I ntnM in ii.t .niniit
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i : - --fiv i,ri, .,.i.,i r.i .....
n, ...n.. lunur., IU IIOIUIfc IW-
.. . . . . ' I K. 1 tll few-rnl,.. .r, . . ...I .. . ,...;...,
j w.l. KT.IIIJ.IWO Bon-B,-B MulB Of I..I to ( . ' V f' "'
. 1 ".oo 01 .oj.inoinR, ooniaiiiint an? aora. oi'.ro ar -r
... ' ! I l,m. .ml lh. ..,..1 .11........ 1. 1.,.,. ... Bar ornl fit ro.,., o. 8. Iirit. uk.o la rl
, Vi 0 BOllOC that Mr. Stewart, Ol I.W- arm rl,.rl, A a r-od knarlna ot.nard. l.l.ak "Hi a. Ih. pro,orlj ol fa tt
rence county, has introduced a bill n, "" "'. ' od.. h.m. i.r.-
' ; i n. S.tli'd, tak,-n In -loroiloa aod lo uf ...Id at
too lycgislaturo to provide for the fuir- j 'h i'Mt .1 w. w n.r.1.,.. ;
-ns ...10 to. .iib.i. rn i. n.isBownBiB, i;iaa.
died suddenly at about the same tittio
on Tuesday. One wa Mrs. Howler,
sister ol the Ion. (Jcoixo U l eiiille.
ton, and widtw of tho late It. II. How
ler, and thooher waa M r. Sarah Peter,
mother of Ililiii KiiiR. Mrs. Peter
was ono of tlnmost romarkablo women
of her timo. n 1854, while in Kurope,
she was coa-erled to Ibe Catholic
faith, and, aii-a that timo, her whole
lilb ha bee devoted to Ils propaga
tion. Mho bt founded in Philadelphia
and Cinciniui no less than twenty
convents, antbestowod tho bulk of lior
Wealth upotlcharitablo instiiutiont.
Hhe cnswedlhe ocean nino time on
special visili to the Pope, and has
traveled the jorld over. Mrs. Bowler
wa a womaauf great wealth and en
ctal nrotninace. and wa also noted
for her wortl of charity. She was
strwaeo wtu apoploxy wnuo at am
was a constant moiuvoe lo him, Ike an
overbaiifiUK cloud that milit burst at
any moment and di-ltitto him. And to
il bapircnml. 1 Alter bis marriage, he
b.H-anie the bona ol a coal mine, and
had soi end bands undor him ; and be
tween tho dignified nonriiiff nf lbs boss
of a coal mine and thn lord ol a lovely
!" , -,-!.:-,.
'Tb fnldon oonr. oa anxal'. wingi
1'l.w o'or am .man di-arir," .
till tbo sud moment when tlx hand
some phis of Sheriff Candor put in an
appeuranco and summoned the gay
bird ol tbo jail Inun pastures new lu
the grim old quurteiw in Kurt Candor,
1 11 mi wbcuco ho may bo transjiorled
10 stronger walls at I'lllsbur, giero tu
ruminate over bis oiiniuaand his sor
runs, and dwell in remorse at huvinn
added to hi other crimes tbat of mak
ing the lifo ol ao Innocent maiden mis
erable.. When tbsHhonfl gntilim he
quent change thereof, which is now
being considered by the Committee on
Kdurntion. In order that our readers
may understand tho purport of the
bill wo (five a synopsis as follows ; !
It provides that school director or
controllers may imrchano text bonks
lor use 111 Ihu public schools ol their
respective dislrn ls tint of iho m-IiisiI
funds ol the district, all J where So
purchased tbe necessary luniks shall
lie supplied free of cosl lo each pupil
for uso in tho schools of said district,
subject to Ih order of tho diiecto.s
and controllers thereof, whose duly it
shall bo to provide for the sate keep
ing and care of the books, which shall
bo returned by tbe pupil at th close
of the annual soliool term io each year
a th board may direct ,
It also provide that th board aball
keep an aocount of all money expended
under lb abort aoction, aad report it
Bold enmity, r. , ooiiiainind about thirij aora.
ul land, mora or In., on natoa I. a ilaoa hou.
Ix:. h-oi, n loj Bi.blr.n brook or rui.oiot w.lar,
omii vt.b.rd, wilt akoii III both Moarad laad :
IO..S bi-rabs-li aod ons liniir on land. S.n.d.
lakm la OBorado ., aad w bo Bold bb Mb oroir.
17 id Jeob Uw. - - ,
Air., ad ikoo lou or nbsooa of frand
.110,1. in lb. borwoah ol Hoot.dolo, CI.-srBsl I
m,.bi.t, Po oonnnVd aud oWortl-od loik,.. :
Ono th.root boBBd. on tbo nons my lot bin 4.
on lb. sootb b; Hra.or all.;, ,,a lb. .u. ... Bn.
'la sm, tn. n..t 1,. Srwn alloy, and
koima a. lot No fi. 1 bo oifaor lh.rt.,1 b.aad.d
on tha aoilh my si-o. alb-y, aiotb by Suo Bl.1,
i.rt b) lot Na IS, on lb. oorl Of lot N i lit.
and boooo w lot No. 1.1. auk bonar aad n.1,1.
th, rooa Brrot,!. Hnwd inm-B ia oa-raitna. and
Isb. Bold a. i bo .n, in II.,.. II Woodoo,
BAiBilBi.liatoi at li. C. itaiB. dooaod i
Taa.. r -Th. ono. or onia at wanta
(bo pro forty ihall h. .tntoh i-n moot Bo naid .1
tao Ilm. ol sala, or .waa o bor nrroog.nMol
Binnon. will b. acnro.od. othorwioo IS. pr.,Hiry
ml no lmm.Bi.wly pol nn and sold -.!. at
no oanoOM aad r..a ol 10. norous w waom II
bo atrooh of, aad wbo, In sua of donotonoy a.
ssok ro sala, .b.ll mak. (ood Ob a Sam., .ad lo
no IB.UOOB WIU Uo Dood no nrooastod la t'oort
for oooBraauo naloos Iho aonoi I. atlnalli
fii w iko (.norif. '
. . ARIkanT
sentrr Ornon, I $imtit.
. .. - I
Cloarlold. fa, fob. . TT.
W ngon.r.
Al.o, a oortain trul af .as I .lio-t'o io ff--irii
t"Wn.hip. ouoniy, P. , b"iindod .mill
.a.t by itooiao l'.il.r Booth by Imw
wool by Wilao. Wu.l iw, n I n..ito by Tboran
I' look. enolBioiBB- a,mt mv aoro. with a' I
aora. oloar, aod b.viog a Mali on. abd a a.lf
Mory buwM- .ad a atabl. arMtod laorono. Srlili
tahao In oioBotloB and to bo oeid no U). Brvoorl
of Joha b.y ttnraiiboo. i
At-o, a oi-rula tra-t wf land ail a. IB ia A.-II
t"Wn.hif, CloarS.ld ooanlj, Pa., tb. tulloanf
ri al rat. loot Uolondaats: Two huadrod .rro. id
load wuh almol to'ly noro. tidivl, bo.ii pl.ul
oo with kiicb.a nliooh-4, o burn ad
oihor ootloiildir.ic., boood- d oa.l ny A. A d'.
11 Imn, wnt by l.o-a K H.i,m,. ooith by t
A. W. U. tmn, oimlh oy dobo Imn.
Alao, ono othf oiooo oi lood io aai i fa,wniiiip,, mu ml fo.r botm ono mm mill in (Md
mnulng r .r, b..n.l. I ,m tb. oau by J i .'
Miliar, wool hy IL aWh, n.,rth by Mil or A
Mlieboll, iuib by Jm.a li.,uro. S--i,
u.,-o lo at,-r-,r1 ol ood I , o. t -I o lo (.".p r1
ot li.ol.1 Coiomin i I Sonlool Cmiao.
fSilO. P 3AIM. Thl O'ltr Of I.O .. Wbi-h
Oikb.rt .bad no .1 oo. -d m.i-1 b. iud .I'h"
tim. ol oa a, or .oob .HBo. arrango-a.). m 1 1.
will bo oovroiod oiborwi lb. or-ip,riy will h.
'taaodiaioly Bat a pood .old ooio ol lh.oip.-aoi
nnd rloa of uo sown to wBum il wa. .tfo'
aad oh., hi m of d.l.i.By at tmrnm rom,
.ban BMha ro. tbo obom, and In bo la.oo
wall Uo Dood bo nooooatod In Oonrl tor ooakrav
tloe nnloos its bmooo b aotaally folil to U"
(norlf. ' AlrnfltW HSJtl.Jr .
Vwn.troB Orrton, I ' , tmtmt
fm, INS. 7, un, f