Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 31, 1871, Image 1

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E.lurlLLU HtlTULll.W,"
briiiiuo trinr itxdhidat, sir
feTAlsLiailED IN I8JT.
,r!"t rirculalinn of any Newspaper
i.. ' . - r I. I'.,,,! . 1 ..... 1
( Terms of Subscription.
It in aivanre, or within 3 months.. ..99 fX)
m aftrr .1 and before 8 months. 60
L After tbo cxpirtttion of fl months... 3 OO
Rates ot Advertising.
nt adverliscme nil, per square of 10 linn or
.1 times or less .. $l 5(1
r enrh suh.erpiciit insertion- ffl
incurs' and Exoontors' notion
i' nnl iocs
i find E.trays
1 SO
I 0
kiiinn notices .........
s oo
i 00
'.nnl Cards, 1 year
jtioeSjpcr line ,
....$8 00
,...11 00
,...:o to
I eolumn.....
J eolumn
1 Lslumn
...f.-.S 00
... U 00
... 10 00
Job Work.
M 60 1 0 o,nire,pr.quir,$l 75
pr, quire, 3 00 Over 0, per quire, I 50
25 or leu, $3 00 I ihcct, 25 sr (10
23 or less, S 00 1 sheet,?.. orlosi,10 00
2j of each of above at proportionate ratel.
OEnpflR n. nnnni.ANDEn,
UliOltllli IJAdEllTY.
Clearfield. Pa.
IM.cgal business of all kinds attended, to
' priiuitnca and fidelity. Office in residence
mmiu A. n alldao. Jnnl2:70
Clearfield, Pa.
uVOIfiee in Uie Court llon.e. dee3-ly
I I. T . vjm I n,
r-n icarncia, fa. It
Clearfield, Pa.
f w-Olnee in the Court llon.e. fljIIfT
Clearfield, Pa.
Office on Market St , oeer ll.rtsviek A Irwin's
T)rng Blnre.
WvPrompt attention given to the securing
f It-mntv. Claims, Ao., and to all legal builneaa.
thw. J. u crLl.ornu. wm. . H'uiri.Loi'nn.
Clrnrflrld. Pa.
Office on Mark(trpp one door ea.tof the Oleer
lold Ciiunlj Bank. 2:1:71
Clearfield. Pa.
Lcfil ba inc.. attended to promptly with
f'ii-litv. (iffico on Hceond street, eliovc tne Fir.l
Kallo'nal Hank. 1:25:71-lpl
Wallaee'on, Clcardrld County, Peuii'a.
guAII husincss promptlr attended to.
j. r. invta n. l. Rni:ea
Fueccssors to H. B. Pwoope,
Law and Collection Office,
OSlce on 8coond St., ClearOeld, Pa. mll,fi
And Real FMa'e Acttt, Clearfield, Pa.
Offlro on Third street, bet. Cherry A Walnut.
Utar-lWpertftilly onr his aervfrei In fHlnf
and hijiD latdn in Clearflel'l and adjoining
emin l ; and with aa experience ol ortr tweniv
jrt rurveyor, flatters himself that he eon
rmier iatUfiiton, .
A T T O 11 X E Y - A T - LA W,
LIS O.reola, Clcarflrld Co., Pa. y:pd
fi.iiv Tjogn ntnl Tjiii&ibrr,
nnl Estate bnnjbt ami sold, titlra examined,
inxrt piiid, and convey ftnocs prepared. Office in
ajnic Ttuililine. Itoom No. 1. 1:2:71
John II. Orvis. C. T. Aleiandcr.
llrlleluiite. Pa. .cplS.'di y
OITlcc on MjrUtt Street, Clearfield. Ta.
."Ofnce hours : 0 to 1 2 a. m , and 1 to fi p. m.
DR.' w! A. M E A N S,
Will attend prore.lonte:tMap.-ompl1y. au;10'70
f TAVIStl lorntH at Kvlrrtown, Clearfield co
f I Pa.. ofli-r hia pi-'isVlmi.-il KTvtiw?" t the
pei'p'c ol the fiirrfiiiirtinn country. Sept. jK,'6!-y
lla.inz removed to An.onvill, Pa.,ofTera hi
prof.'MoiiaI .p: vires lo 1 he people of that place
and the suto; d njiOinlry. All rnlla pmmplly
alim.l.d to. lire. 3 Cm pi.
J. H. KLINE, M. D ,
nAVIMI bvnlcd al Peonfield. Pa.. ofTers his
pnile.H.nal wrrices lo (lie people of that
pnuv and surrounding ouulry. Allcilli pri'inplly
avttcndid to. "el. Id If.
Lit B r;roi ofd .:d Kc, n et, Panrtylnnia
Voluiuee'S, "a relurm-d Inni Ibe Aim...
idler. bi p'oresitmal services to tbecitifen.
of (. lea'Te'd caijiy.
sTw-Pr-denloml calls prompt'y alien led t.
O: on Heeuad street, forinerlyneennied b,
llr. Wools. Iaprl,'t1 ll
P H Y S I CI A N k S U It (i EON,
HAVINO located at Oeeele. Pa., offers Ills
pf..f, .ervlees (o the p.'iple of that
,.l''e an! enminndinc .'tonlrr.
uAU calls promptly attended to. OBce
and re.i-enee oa CurtlD St., lortnerly occupied
by Dr. Kline.
Fishing Tacklof
TfFT rrreiTed, a erniiplote SKortment. enncift
injt of Tmut LHnd, Kih llafket. Line and
ll'Kiki, vf atl drfM-'pi'on. kt
ClertWW, April II, It71 U,
Justice of (lie Ponce and Scrivener,
Curwenavllle, Pa.
Justice of the Peace and Licenced Conveyancer,
I.utherNburff, Clearfield Co., Pa.
-fColtM(tini A rcmittajierg nromntlv made.
and ail kinds of legal instruments executed on
anon nonce, may.JOlT
Justice of the Peace, Surrey or aud Coorejancer,
l.utheraburg, Pa
r-rBliop on Reed Street, near Pennsylvania
Jlailroad depot. may 18, 70:lf.
Clearfield. Penu'a.
TUo fmtcoing and paintint of church pi and
other public buildings will reoetra particular
atiriition, os well nt the painting of carr and
fi.i. -hi. ui.Ll'ntf done in tne ncntcet sivu-s. am
work warranted". Shn on Fu:!rtUtreut. f.rmcrljf
ocnij.ifd bjr Knqulre bliog art. ctlV 70
ferPompa always on hand and made to order
on .hurt notiee. I'ipes oorea on reasonaiiie irnns
All work warranted to render satisfaction, and
delivered if desired. my25:lypd
jy2.1 ' Cl'EAII FI CI. I), P A. U
l utherhburp. Pa.
11IIK tnWriher offers his services to the public
in the cnpjwity of Sorivener and Hurvcyor
A I Cfttln for BtirrcTina; pnnnptly eticniiod to, and
the innkinff of drafts, deeds end olbtr le Rfil inftru
intnts of writ i tiff, executed without tictaj. and
wurranted to be correct or no oberge. , oK:70
T1JIE undewignrd offera his iwrrices aa a Bur
rcyor, muA h found his reaidonoe, in
Iawr?nne townnhip. Lettara will rearh him di
rected to Ckarficld, Pa,
nar7-tf. JAMKS MITril F.LL.
Claim and Collection Office,
OSCEOLA, Clearfield Co., Pa,
IConreranrins and all Irjful papers drnwn
with acnurn-.T and ilixpntch. L)tnft on and pna
(nie lifkcts to aud trotn any point in Kumpr
procured. act 6 70 0m
Ti (iER J) K E U It H E W E n,
' Clearfield, Pa.
nAVIXQ rrntrd Mr. Entrrs Trrwrry hp
bupes by strict attention to bnainria and
be uiiinufneture of a suprrlor article of It K Kit
to rervire I tic patronage of atl the old and mnny
new curt'tinors. Aug. 25. tf.
nr.ii.ira lis
(.KAIIA.tlroN, Pa.
Also, extensire Bianufnetnrer and dealer in Fquare
Timber and Hawed Lumberof all kinds.
r0rders solicited and all bills promptly
tilled. Uiiy
ato. A lb nit t nr.aiiT ALnnt.. w. ai irnT
ALtnnfacturerl k extensive Dealers in
Sawed Lumber, Square Timber, &c,
nVVIIlAKll, 1 E A.
VOrdrrl suliclled. Bills tiled oa short notioe
aud reasonable terms.
Address Woodland P. O., Cleartl. ld Co., Pa.
I'renrhvllle, I learfirld County, Pa.
Kpps Cfnstnntlj on hand a full assortment of
pry (loo.), Uttni .Tnrf, Grooorii'S, and en-rylhine;
osiiully kf pt in a retail a!orc, which will be sold,
for fash, Hf cbcitp ai ttewlifre in the county.
I n m hville, June 27, IH7 I.r.
Housa and Sign Painter and Paper
C learllcid, Pemia.
-fvWill rteoute juha in hia line promptlr and
in a workmanlike manner. arrt7
Market Street, ClearOeld, Pa.
JVKDATIVE.S made in cloudy as well as In
clear wei,l'er. I'on.lnnitv on hand a a"od
.irlmeiit of FHAMKH. XTKl'lKUSUOPK.'s and
MUKKIISIOI'IO VlliWS. Framos, from any
style of moulding, made to order. apr2S II
piit.aa is
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hardware,
Cutlery, Qneeaaware. flmrerl.s, Prorislons and
l leaiucld, Penu'a.
;TtrAt their new .lore room, on Heeond street,
near II. P. iligler lo's llardwere ature ( Jnnls
j. noLt,oar$n ..... n. iuvh rAiirr
Rlank Hook Muntifaclnrors,
2IS SI., Vhllndrlphla.
:-i,Papcr Flour Pa'-ks and Pans, Foolitrnp.
Ie(ter, Kotet Wrapping, Cartmn and Wall
Pnperi. febjt.70 1pd
A Notorious Fact I
rpilKIIR are mora poople IrSnbled with Lnng
1 lli.ea.e. in this town Ibananr olberplaee o
its .ts" in Ihe Hlale. One of the treat can.e. of
tbi. Is. the n.e o' an impure ai I iele nt Ton', leegr'r
miactl with snlphiir. N"W. whr atrf ae-tid e l
llit", snd preserre yoor lives, by uing Snly
llumphrct'a 'olrtiratrat I'nal, Iree lt"i al
imparities. Order, left al ihe sioree ,f Itieherd
Mn,eop aod Jam ob II. Ilrnham t Bias will rri
prompt attenlion.
AnrtAiiAV lM'MPHHEr.
Clearfield, Norember JO, IS70 tf.
No, 31 Mouth Third turret, Philadelphia
And Dealers in Govermnent Securities.
Application hr mail sol! reoeir. prooit alien-
lion, and ail Information ebeerfally furnished,
Order! (Mieleel.
..... . "Sraw
eCfflat 3rtifrti5rmrnt5.
SherilT's Sale.
BT vlrtneofwrllsof I W'W AVpoa, Iscued
out of the Court of Common Pl-ne of Cleor-
nuia count r, aod to ma directed, there will
be exposed to public salt, at the Court Housa,
in lha borough of Clearfield, on Monday, the
ato aay or June. 1871, at 1 o'clock, p. a,t the
loiiowing uescnoca neat Kstata. to wit:
A certain tract of land situate in Cnvini.
town (,bip, Clonrfiold county, l'a., beginning at a
pu, omu wcaioorncrol lanUsor t. Al, tuudrict;
thence east 77 perches, to white oak; thence smith
65 perches, to maple corner; llimce west 77
percnes, to post eorner: thence north lib perches,
to place of hennaing; containing 24 acres and
6. perches, nearly ail cleared, with an old sbauty
thereon erected. Seised, taken in executiou and
to be sold as the property of John F. Foutcnnr.
Also, a certain tract of land situate in Morris
township, Clearfield county, Pa., beginning at
post, north-cast corner of Jonepb I)!hcrt tract j
tbcuce by land of Wolch and Miller south H9 de
grees ca.t tli perches) thence by land of Jaoob
Beams, south 1 degree west all perches, te post :
incnoe, ny iieury ueams, i,now Uoorgo Jicuuis,;
north 89 degrees west H4i perches, to post lino of
Joseph P'pptTl; thence, by Dippcrt tract, north
8 perches, to place of beginning ; containini 87
acres and 73 perches, more or less, and havinc
about 40 acrei cleared. A small orchard and lo
house and barn thereon. Bciicd, taken in execu
tion and to be sold as the pronorty of John Bnp
tist Kcch.
Also, a certain tract of land situate in Wallacef
ton, Kogc lownnhip, L'lfarHold connty, l'a.: Haid
lot hounded nu the cast by the croe cut pike ;
wist by the Tyrone and rienrfifld railroad ; north
by lot of f and sooth by lot of ; and
having a small dwelling honso thereon eroctn
Rfixcd, tiihrn in executinn and to be sold an the
pru;"'T of Th-nnaa L, W anlc.
Also, a certain i.:?t of land aituala in (he !!
lago of Ansonville, Jordan township, Clearfield
eounly, Pa., fronting on the 61) fret ; extend
ing back 200 fc4t to an alley, a corner of which
crusts said alley ; and having a large dwelling
house and Stable thereon erected, fceitcd, and
taken in execution and to be autd as the property
of Jobn A. liiilcn.
Also, a certain tract of land situate in Bell
town.'bin, Clearfield eouoty. Fa., bounded as fol
lows : ilginning at a post) thence, along J. P.
Iloyt line, south 11 degrees cast 206 perches, to
white oak (diwn) thence south M degnea west
along J. SaWna line 1 10 perches, to post ; thence
north 71 degrees west 16 perches, to birch;
thenoe north 6li degreea east 2.l1 perches, to a
gum; thence north A 4 d-'greea east 42 pen-hes, to
post and plana of beginning; ounlaining HI acres
and Nl porches, more or leas; being part of J.
Nicholson survey No. XtfiS, having 30 aoree elear
el, a emu II bouse, dwelling bouac, shop and barn
thereon erected. He i ted, takrn in en cut ion and
to be sold as lite property of Wui. Itrady.
Also, a certain tract of land situate in Osceola
borough, Clearfielil county, l'a., Iwandt J and de
sribod as follows, to wit : North by land of
Thomas F. Huahck ; aouth by lot of Iunn or No.
312 ; wot by Curiin at., and known as lot No. 311 ;
being &0 fest front and 10 fii t deep to alley and
having two plank liauie dwelling bous. s ibrrenn
erect oil. nne of which is IK by 24 fet and tlir othtr
16 by 20 fit in sise. (Seised, taken in execution
and lo be sold as lha property of Christian
Also, a certain trart of hind situate In Morris
townnhip, Cleartield conn It, Pa., bounded east by
J. C. Brinncr; south by new town pike; west by
lands of d( feiuinut, aud north bv II ale A Co.;
containing one-half acre, more or less, and having
a plank dwelling house, atnre room. Ac, tlurron
erected. Also, two other lots of the same sis,
htundfd east by the alsovedcaerilxd lot of defend
ant; aauth by town pikef we-t by Hale A Co.,
and nnnk hy Iltlc A (o ; and havingaAwo-stuty
plank housa and frame stable thereon erected.
Heixed, tuken in execution and to be sold as the
property of John O'Drll.
Also, two enrtain tracts of Innd situate in Pike
township, Clearfield county, l'a., oontniring 22
acres, more or less, bu'inded and descnled as fol
lows, t wit; No. 1 hi-ginnir.g at ret oak ; t be nee
south 42 di crees cat 5ft perches, to line ; thence
I ut h 4 decrees Weft 4 prrehes, to post; thence
north 4? devices west 2. perches, to stone; thence
rorlh 45 drrtwseont I.l percliea, to post ; th'-ne
42 degrees wel ;il p-rcher, to pot; trnee 4S de
grees east 2H perebff, to pllwo ot eeginnirg ; and :
bing part or Ascph Wil. a survey, lln-oth-r
beginning at post adjoining lands of Wise's heirs
and 1). 1. Hitler; thence norih 40 degrees cast
27 percbrs, to post corner; thenoe south .11 de
grees cast 61) a 10 perches, to post and place of,
beginning. Fe'aed, taken in cxccolinn aud to be
sold as the un perty of l. R. P. Kowles.
- A I m, a err lain trart of laud ailuate in Chest
township, Ckarfleld county, Pa., bounded and de
srrihrd ns follows, to wit: Dast by Innd of Jaenb
Pennington and J. NefT; south by land of John
Smead , on the wast hy the heirs f Koinncl Wil
liams, deceased, and on the north by Innd of J.
W, Net?; containing about l;0 acres, and having
about 70 acrna cleared and a small dwelling
house and good barn thereon erected. rVijf-l,
takrn in execution and to be f'jld as the properly
of Hamuel McKwcn.
Also, a certain trn-t of land situate in flr-'dford
townsbip, Cleartield eonnty, Pa , bounded and de
scribed as foitows, lo wit : On Hit north, east and
west by lands of William Albert A Hmlucr, and
on the south by lands of tleorge Turner t contain
ing 100 acres, having about 4) acres cleared and
a good yonng orchard and log house and frame
bam tlu-rcon erected. Peited, taken in executinn
and to be sold as the property of Jeremiah Holler.
Also, a rrttn lot of ground situate in the bor
ough of Usceola, Cleartield ciiMty, Pa., bound' d
at follows, to wit : West by iS'one street ; north
by Montgomery alley; ran by Ivlward alley;
sou'h by lot No. and containing two town
lota known in said tnwo idol as No. 70 and 71,
with a largo frame house, frame stnlde and nthrr
outbuildings erected thereon: and all in good con
dition. Heiaed, taken in exeeullon and to lie sold
"aITO: M Z; ..TIC
Rnn, in Hell lowti.hip. t'learneld oounly, l'a.,
bounded west and north by land of Agnes Miller.
east by lend of C. Khea.ley and ,011th hy land of
i. V. Hmitb 1 containing about thirly acres.
Bcited, taken in escculion and 10 be sold as the
properly of Hubert P.ealy.
Hidden will take notice (hat IS per cent.
of the purchase money tnu.t be paid wben ibe
properly Is knocked down, or it wilt be put op
again fur sale. Ji 'n.i j,
I' IK.
Snanirr a urrirr, 1
Clearlleld, Pa., May IT.ISJI.
SherilT's Sale.
T Tlrtua nf a writ of Itmrin fnritia, s
sued out of tha Court of Common Pleas of
Clfntfie'd eonntv, and l ma dtrpried, there
Ill be eat.o.ed to PI: 111.10 RAI.K. at Ibe Cooil
llno.e ia (he borough of Clearncld. on Monday,
Ihe Sib day of .lane. IS7I, al I o cloek.p. m.,
the following rteal K.tale, to wit:
Two retlaln Irsctl or pieces of Isrd silwste
io Knna liwn.hip, Clearleld eounly, Pa,
hnnnded and described as hjllnws. to wit- P.O.
ginning at a hemlock on Little rlearSeld
Creek tbenca sooth la drgiees ea.l HI pereh
es. In posts tbenc. tio.lh :; dcrree. eal S6
perehe. lo a hemlorh thence norlb IS degrees
ea-l S:ii perrhes. lo a po.l , Ihenee noilh Ji dr.
gre.s we.t lr pefenes. IO a wnrn naaei on in.
bank of Little Cb a.Aetd Creek : thence along said
creek the seeeral ennraes and dilance lb rrent
lo Ihe plnre of beginning! eontalnieg acres
and allowance, beiegji.irt of a l.rgNr tract of
land .mvcT'd and 'ranted lo Win. King,
dated sin July, i;SV,'Mlso Ihe on. undivided ol a cert. w '.ifli or piece 01 .it
asle in Ihe said tirwivieip 01- snos, avioinng
ths foregoing aaSU krfnde I aed de.ertbed a
follows, to wit:eo the nonh east be l.iiila
CieaTlield Ci-eek f cnt. Ihe sooth by l.ind of Onn
lei ltowanan, snd-oa Ibe ea.l b, land, of Caib
carlt eontslrfffft 4fl acre., being part of ilie
llen'y T'out BAtrer. Iloih r.f Ibe foree-iiing he
log Ihe premtars rente. ed lo the .aid (
Walon by Stacy W. Tbom.on he deed bearing
dnle Ihe d dae'of Noeember, IS4b. reerdcd al
Clearfield In book X. Page 40S Sel.ed l iken
In rKccntinn and lo be mid a. Ihe pn.peity of
l.aee Cs renn.
Also, ihe i.rend.nt's Irlere.t in sll ll al cer
tain soon l it simile In ihe riMege of Che. ler
Hill lleeelnr township Clearfield county, l'a..
hounded os the north by Walton .treel i west
by Laura alreel soolh hy let No. 41 and east
6, l hirer a try : end naving a pbui I'aoi.
iTVellinf. hoo.e thereon .reeled. Setred. taken
In ei.rution and to be eo d aa the properly of
O. Tale.
jMr-Pidderi will lake notlre that II per
cent, or ihe pnr-ha.e a oney mitl he paid when
Ibe properly is knocked down, or it will be put
pegain fo'.ete. JUSTIN J. I'lK,
Kseatrra Ornrs, I Bherilf,
fTearSeld, Pa., May 17, 1MI. I
X Light Kip
French Kip S ().
French Calf (Ml.
(Opposite if Al C. KHAT7.KU S.
o rtuHToxr.
Nbt, speak no HI, a kindly word
Can never lcare a .(In behind ;
And oh, to breath, each tale we've heard,
Is far beneath a noble mind,
For oft a bettor aerd is sown
Ity choontfijr thus a kinder plan;
For if but little (rood we know,
Let's spcuk of all the good we can
Oire me the heart that fein would hldo,
Wuuld faio another's faults t fie,oe.
How can it please our human prido
To pro re humanity but but I
No let it reach a uiglior mo Jo,
A nobler eitiuiatc of man f
Bo cam cut in the search of good,
And speak of all the best wa can.
Thrn aptak no ill, but intent bo
To other 'a frcliny as your own (
Tf you're the first a fault to see,
lie not the first to make it known.
For life is but a pa mint; day,
No lips can U-1J how brit-f the stay f
Be earnest in the srarru of (rood
And speak of all the good wa may.
Duties of Assessora Under the Ecg-
lstry Law of 1869.
Skction 1. fit it enacted bu the
Senate and Jlousf. of Jlfpmcntativcs of
the. Lommomeailtn of J'tnntylvania
Utneral Asumbly met, and it is hereby
enacted by the authority of the same,
Tlinl it hIiuII bo llio duly of encli of
llio nsscssora within thin Common
wealth, on the, flint Alonduy in Jtmo"
of ciilIi yi'nr, lo tiiko nn tho traimcript
no lias rvceivcu Iiom tho eounly com
mi8iioiiPr undi-r t lie eighth section of
tho act of 15th Aiiril, lS.'f-l, uml pro-
coed to an iminodinto revision of tho
name, hy etiilting tlicrcfrom tho name
of every pernon who in known hy liim
to hnvo diud or removed since tho hint
previous itsse-omcnt from the district
ol which ho is the aatiCHxor, or whoao
(tenth or removal Inun llio mimo bhiill
ho mude known lo him, and to odd to
llio sumo tho nniuo of any qualified
voter who hIiuII ho known hy him to
iuvo moved into tho di-trict cineo tho
iiRt previous onsesinicnt, or whoo
removal Into tho piimo sluill be or shall
Imvo been niado known to dim, Had
alo llio niinies of all who uluill muke
laim lo him. to ho qualified votorn
therein. As soon ns thin revision ia
completed ho shall vinit every dwell
rjt liotiso in his dislriel nod make
careful inquiry if any person whoso
mime is on his list has died or removed
from ths district, and if so lo lake t lie
sumo thcri'lrom, or whether nny rjuuli
tied voter resides therein whoso numo
is not on his lint, and if so to mid the
sumo thereto: and ii all esses where
n nuins is added to the list a lux shnll
iirlhwith bo aesessed against the per
son ; and tho assessor shall hi all
eases ascertain, hy inquiry, upon wluil
ground tho poison so assessed claims
to bo a viler. I pon the completion 1
of this work it shall lie llio duly of
each nssessor as aforesaid to proceed
lo tnako out a list, in alphabetical
order, of tho whito freemen nhovo
twenty oiio years of ago cluimino; lo
bo qualified voters in tho v:ard, bor-onj-li,
township or district, of which
iiu is llio assessor, and opposite each
of said names stuto w hether said fi co
n i it ii is or is not a housekeeper, mid if
ho is, tho number of his rcsidonro, in
towns w hero tho snmo uro numbered,
with the slrect, ulloy or court in w hich
situated j and if in n town where there
arc no nuinbers,tho nnmo of the slrect,
alley or court on which said houso
fronts; also. Iho oecupulion of the
person j and w here ho is not a houso
keepe; llio occupation, place of liosid
ine;, uml with whom, nod if working
for another, the tiunio of the employer,
and wrile oppoilo escli of said immes
tho word "voter) w hero any person
claims lo vole hy reason of
tiun, ho shall exhibit his cerlilicate
thereof to tho usscesor, unless he bus
been for five consecutive years next
prot-cdinK a in ,.,i,l di-lrifl ; n,l
in sll cases wliero iho person has been
nnturulizcd. tho nnmo shall bo marked
with Iho letter '"N ;" where Iho per
son lias nierelv declared his intentions
to ueconio n cilioeil nun iienitin in uu
nalnrulir-ed before tho next election,
tho namo shall bo marked "I). I. ;"
whero llio claim is '.o volo hy reason
of brino; between tho ages of twenty
ono and twonty two, as provided by
law, Iho word "ago" shall ho entered ;
and if the person hns moved Into llio
election district to residnbincc iho last
ireiicrul election, tho loiter "ll" shall
bo placed opposite tho name. It sliull
ho the rurllter duty of each assiasor
as iiloicsttid, upon llio completion of
the duties herein imposed, lo mako
out a separate) list of ull new asses'!
menls made by him and tho amounts
assessed upon ench, and furnish the
snmo immediately lo Iho county com
missioners, who tali i 1 1 immediately odd
tho names to Iho tax duplicuto of tho
wnrd, horonjrh, township or district
in which they huvo been assessed.
Sr.o. 2. On tho list being completed
and the assessments mailo ss aforesaid,
tho sumo shall forthwith bo returned
lolhe count3- commissioners, wlio shall
cnuso duplicate, copies nf s;iid lists
with tho observations and cxphtna
lions required to te noted ns aforesaid,
to ho made out ns soon ns iirncticuhle
and placed in the hand of Ihe assessor,
who shull, prior lo tho tl(,st or Angusl reasonable or legal cause, shall no sun
in cnrli veiir nnl nne rimv thcrof on ' iect to a petiuli V ol one hundred dol-
. . . .
the iloor ol or on the houso w Hero Hie
e'ection of tho respective district is
required to ho held, and retain Ihe
olher in his possession, for tho inspec
tion, free ol charge, of any person resi
dent in Iho said election district who
shall desiro to see the samo; nnd il
shull be Iho duly of Iho suid assessor
to ndd from time lo time, ou ihe per
sonal application of nny one claiming
Iho rinht to volo, Iho namo of sueli
eluimnnt, anil mark oppnsite llie name
"C. V.;" nnd immediately assess him
wilh n lux, in all other esses.
his occupation, residence, whether a
bonnier orn housekeeper; if a boarder,
with whom he hoards, and whether
naturalized or designing lo be, mark
ing In all such esses tho letters, oppo
site the namo "N," or "I) 1.," as llio
caso may bo; If the person claiming
to PC BMcftea M naturalize J, h: man
exhibit to tho assessor his certificate
of naturalization and if ho claims
that he designs lo be naturalized bo
f To (ho next ensuing olcclion.ho shall
oxhiliit tho coi liflcnto of his declara
tion of intention; in all cases whore
any ward, borough, township or elec
tion district is divided into two or
mom precincts, llio assessor shall note
in all his assessments tho election pre
cinct in which each elector resides.
and shull mako a separute return for
eucli lo the county commissioner, in
all cases in which a return is required
from him by tho provisions of this
act; and tho county commissioners in
making duplicate copies ol ull such
returns, shull mako duirhcate conies
of tho names of tho voters in each
precinct, separately, and shall furnish
tho same to tho assessor: und tho
copies roqtiircd by Ibis net to bo placed
on the doors of or on election places
on or uelore tho first ot August in
each your, shull be placod on tho door
ol or on llio election placo in each of
saui precincts.
Bkc. 3. After tho ussessmenls havo
been completed on the tenth day pre
ceding the second .Tuesday in October
of each year, llio assessor shull, on tho
Monday immediately following, muke
a return to tho eounly commissioners
of tiio names. of all persons assessed
by him since tho roiurn required to
ho mado by hira by tho second section
of this act, noting opposite cucji name
the observations und explanations ro
quired to bo noted as nlorosaid ; and
tho county commissioners shnll thern
lipon cause tho snmo to bo added to
llio return required by the second
section of this act and a full and cor
rect copy thereof lo bo made, contain
ing tho names of all persons so re
turned as resident Inxables in said
ward, borough, township or precinct
and furnish iho sumo, together with
tho necessary election hlunks, to tho
oflicers of election in said ward, bor
ough, township or precinct on or
before six o clock in tho morninji of
tho second Tuesday of October; and
no man shall bo permitted to volo at
llio election on that day whoso nnmo
is not on said list, unless ho shull
ma he proof of his right to vote, us
lieieiiialVer required.
Site. 7. Ten diiys preceding every
election for election of President und
Vice .'resident of the United States,
it shall be tho duty of tho assessors to
attend at tho place fixed by law for
holding llio election in each election
district, and then and there hear nil
applications of persons whos? names
huvo been omilled from llio list of as
sessed voters, and whocluim ihe right
to volo, or whoso rights havo origina
ted since the samo was made out, and
shall iidd tho names of person therlilo
ns shnll show Ihal they nroentilled to
tho light of siillrugo in such district,
on tho personal application of the
claimant only, aod lorlliwilh assess
Ilium with the proper tax. A Her com
pleting tho lirft, a copy thereof shall be
placed on tho door of, or on, the house
whero Iho election is to be held, at
least eight days heforo tho election;
aud nt Iho election tho sarno course
shall bo pursued, in all respects, us is
required hy this net, and iho acls to
which it is a supplement, nt tho genu
ml election in October. Tho assessor
shall also make tho snmo returns to
tho county commissioners of ull assess
menls mailt) hy virliio of this section ;
and tho county commissioners shall
furnish copies thereof lo tho election
oflicers in each district, in liko manner,
in ull respects, ns is required at the
general election in October.
Sec. 8 The snmo rules and regula
tions shnll apply nt every speciul elec
tion, nnd at every separate city, bor
ough, or wnrd election, in ull respects,
ns ul tho general eU":lioi) in October.
8tx 0. The respective assessors, in
spectors and judgt'S of tho elections
shall each have tho power to adiuinis
ter oaths to tiny person claiming tho
right lo bo assessed or tho right of
stillrngo, or in regard to any other
mailer or Hung required lo ho dono nr
inquired into by uny of said oflicers
under this act; and any willful false
swearing hy any person in relation to
nny matter or thing concerning which
they shull be law fully interrogated by
any of suid olliecrs, shull he punished
ns pnrjury.
Sro. 10. Tho nssessors shull ench
receive tho snmo conipensnton for the
time necessarily spent in performing
the duties hereby enjoined ns is pro
vided by law for tho performance of
their olher duties, to bo paid hy Iho
county ' commissioners us in other
esses ; and il shall not lielawfhl for nny
assessor lo assess s tax against any
person whatever wiihin ten days next
preceding llio tdection to be liehl on
tho second Tuesday of October, in nny
year, or within len tint next before
tiny election fur electors of President
and Yieo President of Ihe United
Stales ; any violation of this provision
shall lo n misdemeanor and subject
tho oflicers so offending to a fine, on
conviction, not exceeding ono hundred
dollars, or to imprisonment not exceed
ing three months, or both nt the dis
creliou of llio court.
Sko. 14. Any assesaor, election offi
cer or person appointed ns an overseer,
w ho shall neglect or reluso to pcriorm
j any duly enjoined by this act. w ithout
,'.. .-
lars: anil ll any a',W'r mi:i i"
any person ns n voter w no is inn quali
fied, or shall rcfii"U lo assess nnv one
who is qualified, he shall bo guilty of
a misdemeanor in oflice, und on con
viction bo punished by line or impris
nmnont, and ulso bo subject to nn
action for damntre by Iho party
aggrieved; ami if any person shnll
fraudulently tiller, add to, deface or
destroy any list of voters, mudo out as
directed by this ud, or teur down or
remove the samo from the place whero
it bus boon fixed, wilh fraudulent or
mischievous inlcnt, or for nnv im
proper purpose, the person so offend
ing shnll be guilty of a high misde
meanor, and uu conviction shull ho
punished hv a 6ne not exceeding five
hundred dollurs, or Imprisonment not
exceeding two years, or both, nt the
aiscrcnon oj tne court.
Independent Representatives.
Tho pooplo of this Commonwealth
yearly select ono hundred men whose
duty il is to repair to the Stuto cnpltol,
and lliero forming tho Houso of Jtop
resuntuiivca, procccu to enact in con
junction with tho Senate such laws
as mny bo requisite for tho peace, se
curity, und wolfaro of the whole poo
plo. These mon-aro selected bocuusc
of thoir supposed fitness for tho posi
tion. Because they aro believed to
possess tho requisite knowledge to fa
vor and personal independence to voto
for such salutary laws as tho exigen
cies of tho times require. But year
after ycur Iho people ore deceived
Tho men elected by them in munj' in
stances provo falso to Iheir constituen
cies. I'ossessiiiu ul homo fair charac
ters for integrity, many of these Jfep-
resenta!ives(f) upon urriving at Ilur
risburg conio under tho scductivo in
fluences thero brought to bear upon
them nnd full fall from tho proud po
sition they occupy at homo full from
Iho exulted station of a high toned,
independent rrentleninn, to the deprav
cd level of a truckling sycophant, tho
wining sliive ol a lyrnniciil master.
Losing their independence of char
actor, and obeying tho dictation of
Iheir masters, thuso men aro living,
moving examples of Iho character'
IVpo bnd in view when ho spoUo of
tho 6cdm".ivc influences ol tho syren,
''Vice is a mnn.ier of such hideous meis
That to bo haled neril, but to be soen )
Hut seeing oft fsmilinr with lis face,
We first endure, then ptly, llieo embraoe."
Ono observing the movemonts on
tho floor of tho Houso preliminary to
a voto being luken upon a hill in which
some pnrticiilur parly is either direct
ly or indirectly interested, sees in nil
its sickening phases tho want of man
liness of independence on tho part
of llcpresentalives. The whip of the
master is cracked and tho supposed
independent law maker obsequiously
obeys tho command of his owner, nnd
subserviently votes "yes" or "no" as
ho has been directed. Owned body
and breeches by another, he no more
obeys the dictutes of his own jii'lg
ment than does the donkey bridled
and billed. To assert his manhood
nnd act for himself ur.d of himself
would hn tho part ho was elected to
piny in tho U-udstalivo driinia, but he
lias been cast in just such characters
as his now found master has seen fit
louseii;n him cilhei in thoiifflniuuivc
or negative of any proposition lo ho
passed upon, hxpectcd by his pooplo
lo net for lliem, he is found worshiping
falso gods. Liko tho child of Israel
ho has deserted tho I rue God and wor
ships tho (inldcn Calf.
I'oor, drivelling, truckling sveo-
phmils, who snerilieo their manhood
n ud hecomo Iho pliant, suppliant loots
of certain parlies who coil themselves
in nnucolidae lolds about I hem, they
should meet the signal condemnation
of llio pooplo anil bo left out of place
und position.
While, what wo hnvo said refers to
tho House, let it not lie understood
(list tho Sennto s free from llio same
animadversions. Ilero. too the same
subserviency and truckling is tlailv lo
bo witnessed. Sycophants there.'too,
"Hend the pregnant hingt s of the knro
Tltat ihrtfl ma) folluw lownin."
Nor is this stateof things chargeable
to any pari icular party hero uro men
of both political organizations w ho are
I.o.t Ii) hooor, manhood, B' If,
And bound alone by lovo of pelf.
lint thero uro men in both chambers
who riso above tho dictation of power,
tho wiles of Iho seducer, the bluudish
menls of lltu minions who with silken
cords endeavor lo entrap them and
honestly represent their constituents
(iiiidcd solely by their convictions of
right, they fearlessly vote for or
nguist any bill presented for their con
sulci ution.
To theso men Iho people aro indebt
ed fur nllthut is good and wholesome
in the legislation nf I lie Suite. Hound
hy no lies savo their personal honor
party fealty and sense of duty to thcic
consutueiils, the honest men ol I lie
two bodies uro always found hauling
on tho sitlo of right. To resist the
malign influences which surround men
sent lo the Legislative llalls.ainl come
out unscathed, requires more ihnn or
dinnry moral courage. To unswerv
ingly follow tho "straight und nurrow
pnlh" is found not to huso easy a task
as most persons suppose.
Long experience enables llin profes
sional "borer'' to nieasuro his mini,
and ns his npplirmccs nro many, and
his ways dark, ho manages to entrap
ull who havo not nrined themselves
n gainst iho wiles of Iho seducer.
It is only by Iho asserlion of frank,
open manly independence, hy prompt
ly residing tho prollers, blandish
ment, menaces or cajolements, and
sternly darting out determined louct
for hiuisulf, Unit tho neophylo can
maintain his integrity. To once come
under llio influence of tho cormorants
who prey upon tho passions or preju
dices, is 10 bo led a dance, that blas.s
and destroys, ami that forever, llio
: ..( ........ ,..,. u , I. .ii
ll 1 1 11 III UU". V, ,-, M,t,.IJ '' -
their homes wilh unsullied hands,
clear conscience- and pure motives, to
embark in tho business of legislation.
Onto under the improper influence of!
crluin parties tluiM is no es'-apo. To
i...b -u-.v is i I,,, nvimscl Th ns
, i .1....
IS U IMUHt. ,i, n,,.,v.u,J lliv
i. i.l. I. i..i. hv i,.i, ihev i .. I...I
to ilesli uclion. I'lclter, far better.
I..- i... !,.. I..,.,. ...,,i
to tho l.egisl iturc bail lliey remained i
i tl.i.ii-u,.,Lli,,i,.,iri,ihi-.s ul iheir!
..i .. .i ... i.. .. . i i ii...
lions in unrn. uini ivtiinn n ii" n ,
1 ... . .. ,
ibeirneu'hhors. Hound hunil and foot
hy Iho power they siilleicd In entrap
I limn i li. Iiuvn ilen l-nili'il Iheir tin. II.
hood, lost their sell mspeel and made
iho very namo of Ihe legislator almost
a word ol obloquy uml repronih
Their sycophancy, truckling and men
dacity has nut only disgraced llium-
u.,ll.,a hill intri .-i.iit mil nt t lit) I
l..,,.,..i ni.ri.rM iiiaii u-l,r l,-.r.. h. ei.
.. 1 . ...! ... 1 :.i. .1
iiirr'oi. ... is i-itrii 11111NI11 ll Willi nil-ill
ill llio placo whero, next lo tho liencii,
purity shoulddwell'.-f,.7',nfe ir - foA
' '
Somo ladies use puiut ns fiddlers (lo
I rotin, lo aid them iu drawing a beau.
TEElilS $2 per annum, in Advance.
SERIES - V0L. 12, NO. 21.
The Ku-Klui Bill no Remedy for the
Jtteal JLvila ol the South.
Tho Tribune has rocently published
a letter from a correspondent in South
C'urolinn, in which a now aspect is
given to tho allegod Ku-Klux conspi-
nicies in tho Southern Slutcs. AoJ
cording to this writer, tho real purpose
of theso combinations is to force the
United Slnlos to annul the carpet bag
governments by wdiich the South ha
been so terribly robbed, and lo eubsli
luto for lliem a system of military ad
ministration with ohleors of the army
at its head. This design is expressed
in tho Tribune as follows :
"'There will be a hundred outragoa for every
one yon bear of now, until the I'nited StateB will
be obliged to put u. under mililery gorernment.
Tliat ia what we want. The army onioi-ra are
honest men and won't .teal from us. Tli'-y will
sympathise with the white people.' I told him
tlniL people nt Ihe .North generally believe tlinl
Die disturbances in the South arise from a haired
of tho imtionnl (ioreriimt nL. 'That's a mi. lake.'
lie replied. 'We dnil't sant any tri.ttb'c s il h the
lietieral Ooveniraent, We bare bad enough ol
wur, and we nunt penoe ; but we cuo't sit still nnd
see a gang of lliievis, sustained hy a horde of
ignorant uiggurs, take our properly from us.' 1
Und this to be the geuerel sentiiui-nt among the
white population. Thi-y declare that tliey hare
no do. ire to resist tile federal aulbori'y, and thai
their troubles all ,p: iug Iroin had Htnte and local
fforernmrlit. An intellig'-nt man. who suid be
helped to fire lite first gnu on I'ort Bumpier and
served through t lie war until Julmson's surrender,
coming out of Ibe wreck of tbo Confederacy with
no other tiniporty tlimi a gruy innlo, talked with
me the etner tar with more moiierniion than is
u.ually shown, lie said the whito people of
South Ciirolina would he glad if Congress would
remand the Slate to a territorial condition, and
send down good men from the North to gorern it.
Or if they could have a military government, as
DO one would utjeet, for nothing oould be as bad
as a government of ignorance, indigence, and
fraud "
This feeling is natural and not with
out justification. Most of tho intelli
gent, upright citizens of llio South
w o mean those who were born nnd
reared thero, and who huvo had expe
rience in public !Tairs nro disfran
chised by reason of Iheir share in the
rebellion ; while iheir Mates nre
governed for llio most part hy igno
nut negroes nntl imported white
robbers. Tho disfranchised men have
no voico in llio legislation or the ad
ministration, but they uro not exempt
from pnylng tha luxes. Thus lliey
suffer from evils which they are
powerless to prevent. If the Slates
could bo remanded into a leriilorial
condition, or put under tho control of
military oflicers, this class of citizens
would loso nothing, for they would
huvo just ns much political power us
they havo now; whilo I hey would
gain greatly by the superior cheap
ness mid honesty of llio territorial or
military nilminislratioiis.
Hut however desirable it might he
to theso disfranchised citizens to iiuve
their present Siato governments
abolished, nnd to be put under the
control of teiritonal or military gov
ernors, lliero is no means of gratifying
their willies. Tho l.'urolinas. Florida.
Arkansas, Louisiana, all Ihe Southern
Slates, are now fully in the Union,
possessing equal rights and privileges
with tho other States. Whatever
fra nils nnd villainies may he porpetrn
ted by their enrpot ling government",
Congress lias no power to Interfere.
So long as the Slale authorities pre
serve a republican form, lliey may
contiuiio Iheir robberies and their
climes, nnd tho nation can do nothing
10 con eel them. All that is in iis
power is to pass nn act of complete
ninncsly, removing the political diss
bilities of all who were engaged ill lite
rebellion, and enabling lliem once
moro to participate in the control of
their Stales There is no authority
anywhere hy which Congress can
overthrow a Stale government and
put a territorial or military govern
ment in its placo.
Nor does tho Ku-Klux Force bill,
from which lliesu discontented Sonln
enters appear to hope so much, oiler
them nny remedy. Indeed, it was
nnl passed wilh nny such intention,
lis solo object is to eiuihlo President
(iranl to send troops into the Southern
States In dictate what shall be done in
tho elections, under tho pretext of
mi 1 1 in r down Iho Kit Klux. It is
nothiiij but nn electioneering devico
Il may control the clceiiohs, lull it
will tin nothing lo ahato the outrages
of the legalized banditti that have
taken so many of tho Southern Stales
by llio throat, und nro plundering
their people without let or hindrance.
-Yi'uj York Sun
Br.M ilKit on llANciNii. l.ov. Henry
Ward liceiher I'as been giving his
congregation a few ideas about danc
ing and Christian cheerfulness. While
ho does not, we imagine, npprovo en
tirely ol tho saltatory delights ol I lie
bull at least ho dims nol say so he
looks upon dancing, considered in
ieself, ami prut liceil in the home cir
cle, ns hu would look upon any o'.her
hiinnless amusement. In that con
neclion ho gavo hio cudilors an
interesting maternal reminiscence
which is worth reproducing "My
second niolher." Mr. Ileeeher mi l.
was niv idea of wotimiily gcnlleiii ss.
inmrietv and cleeanco. She u-eil,iil be the great and good t'ortiili.-
leforo marriage, lo ho qui'.o a In lie.
and was ollen known lo Hip tin1 light
i hint: sue. line evening, ns my tatuei
I 1 ' 1
played a Inno on tho violin, my
I mother arose, uml in the most grat-o
fl manner possible to conceive, coin
meneed In dance around the ro mi.
didn't know what to muke .fit, I
Was speechless w n h eonternn t ion n nd
il,.li..lit Mr father looked on in sur
"' ,. -' . , , , Cl
iii iso Never in Iho whole course ol ,
I my life had I seen S'.ch a thing
iitiemiile l in mv hither s house. H
was delicious, ud I got u I
which has 1 islctl me ever
ssoii then
since. 1
think lo Ibis tlav Hint d mv m
..I her
- .- ...
I. ...I .1 1 ..r,.,... e olid said the cat
echism a lifh
i less, it would have Peen
' hot ter for
talent for
till of us. II you have a
music, culliva'.o il ; 1'"
ilaueing. 1-11111"" o , "'
r : . .. I has uivcii V"U mak
the UIO-.1 of
them, w helher of voice. lo"t or o) e
up a long article, favoring Granl s re-
noini nal ion. by saying
1 111 is riiunii
I nb
'10 lake i hal Is the priirvma
IIo lake
- l ' " oiT-red to him from a pint ol
Ipeiinuls lo a 10'.',0 i0 house.
I When is a ha by most liko it thcruii 7
1 -
' n hen it continually duth cry.
Charge of Murder Against a United
- States Comal, ,
Governor Caldwell, of North Caro
lina, who succeeded IloUon, and lik
him, Is a Radical, has issued requi
sition for "Colunol" liorgor, upon a
cliaigo of murder. It is understood .
that anothor requisition upon a differ
ent churge is suspended over his head.
This ia the porson whom thu I'
dent nominated as Consul, to represent
tuo united blules at l'ernambooo,
immediately aftor bs had testified in
the most unscrupulous manner before
tho Investigating Couimiltco, aud
evidently as a reward for ibnl service.
Ho is understood to havo been ap
pointed upon tho urg'ont recommenda
tion of'Soiiulor I'ool, who churned this
rulliun to the political account of
North Carolina, where he bad ncror
been in his life, according to his own
testimony, liul for two months, when
serving under , Kirk, during which
lime ho hung up three innocent men
to extort confessions, and committed
other trross outrages of a similar
When Mr. Fish endorsod this noto
rious outlaw and vugubond with the
great soul of the Lepurtment of Slate,
und accredited him In a highly re
sponsible trust lo a foreign govern
ment, he could not have been ignorant
of his infamous character, lie not
only disgraced tho consular servicoof
the United Stales, but he insulted the
friendly Government of Brazil, by
sending a fugitive from justice to con
duct commercial intercourse. This
example, which is only one of many
others that might bo cited, will enable
tho country to understand to what
base uses Ihe public patronugo is pros
tituted bore, in order to servo partisan
purposes or to promote tho personal
ambition of tho Presidont. Washing
ton l'atriot.
Living by Rule.
Living by rule, ns a Medo-Porsian
law inflexible, is very unwise, especi
ally if a person is in reasonable health.
Man is not a machine, tint must be
turned in a certain direction, or it
will bo destroyed ; nor liko a locomo
livo, which must run on one fixed
track, or not rnn at all. The Archi
tect of all worlds made us for acting"
under a great variety of circumstnnces,
and in infinite wisdom and bonovo
louce hns given lo a man a mechanism
of wonderful ad iptabilily, by which
he can livo houlllifulry on land or sea;
in tho valley, or on tho mountain tops ;
in- tho tropics, or at tho polls; on the)
barren rocks, or in the rich savannas.
Our modes of life must be adapted
lo our ages, our occupation, and the
peculiarities of our constitution.
There uro certain general principiog
which arc applicaldo to nil. Every
man should he regular in bis habits of
eating ; should havo all tho sound
sleep which naturo will lake; should
bo in tho opm air uu hour or two
every day, when praclicible, and
should have u pleasurable, und ua cu-eoiii-iii'iiig
remunerative occupation ;
and tiicy are the happiest w ho urn in
Ibis lust category. At the same Inno,
if a man accustom himself to go to
bed nt nine o'clock, ho uced not break
bis neck, or get into a stew, if circum
stances occur to keep him up an Ivur
or two later now ninl then ; and so
with eating, exercise, and many other
No one onght to muko himself a
galley slave lo ,.ny observance ; occa
sional deviations from ull habits uro
actually beneficial
How t. Have or Cecum
pi:rs A correspondent of tho Jlorti
culturist writes: I hud a narrow
border, not more, than two and a hulf
feel wide, on the edge of a high fence.
I planted three cucumber hills in tbo
border, and laid some brush such US
is used for pea vines between them
und tho feueo. A soon us they
crept up to tho brush, I .inched off
tho ends, which thickened rapidly
around llio roots, and in every direc
tion, throwing out the most violent
foliage and prolusion of flowers.
1 did not allow the cucumber to
grow, but watched them, and such ns
I wished lo reserve for tho table I
picked as soon ns they becamo of
proper size, and all tho rest were
gathered every day for pickles ; every
day pinching off iho bud of each shoot.
In this way the hills continued fresh
anil productive until lliey were touch
ed by thofr'sl. Some judgement van,
be formed ol the valtio of this prnelic
when I add that moro than a barrel of
pichli'i wero made fion threo hills,
besides allowing u supply for Ihe table.
believer a leal betrun to look rusty
or Yellowish, it wn removed, and llio
cucumbers and leaves wero cut oft
w ith largo scissors, so ns nol lo dis
turb or wound the vine. There is an
advantage in having them run upon
brush instead of trailing over tbo
ground, because they uro much in
jured by being trodden on. and being
kept low on llio brushes they can be
easily nnd thoroughly examined over
every day, which is essential, because
if cucumber lire overlooked, and ijrowr
very large, it stops tho yield of that
A Ni.w Canpipatk A HadienI
colemporary says; "A Hemieralio
journal in llio West nltege thai lbs
Hon. Schuyler ('"Max will not boa
culidiilnlo tin Iho Vice-Presidency oil
iho Giant ticket next j ear. llissnij
that lie lias been prevailed upon to
yield tho placo lo one of Iho Presi
dent's brothers in luw. This is kind
and generous, in aeconlahce wilh Mr.
C'lilax'n philanthropic nature. Unl
w hich i f Ihe brothers in law. is it Pi
he ? If justice is done all
Ho has not I. .red so w !t of Into as
some nl the other brother, in law, nnd
the Vice Presidency would go far to
ward making it up to him."
Tin; Hapicai. -Mopk. Says lh
Providence Jler.itJ : " Five hundred
nd lil'v nu n firenr 1 having vot"d
for Mr Jewill in Iho Four III W.irl of
! New
Haven." I'mir hundred nnd scv-
1(3- nine is the number that actually
vni il. .Now, then, 11 "swearing Mi
slead of voles is to eleel Governors in
Conun lit tit, tin' Democratic' parly it,
Ihal -pile mav as well disband "The
Army in l'laodt rs," were novices as
MViiiivi-s empaled with Ihe psalm
sin. in,; l.adicalsof "lite lai d of rlcai.y
en intrns,;e lias nccii eiecien . oni-
j 111 :m lo 1 I10T ul H o liiaini .irnu
nf Iho lh inililic. in I hue of General
Logan 'Ibis is regarded as a decided
triiimpn ni niu ic''ui "i ....---....,-.
that or ' inizalion. v.en uu-
! gan is iiul-pokeu i his opposition to
- i"
j Is" mil. an. I says im in ea.i.i.n. . . . ,
S single esiern c-iaie. imnv o nu-
didalo was Gen. FletisiHitoii.
s a I iiiu hie, com
hl. i tteucy bungs tlLlij;