Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 24, 1871, Image 2

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nitot AKD mopRIRTOR.
Primary r.lrttion.
Tb, qnrptiou of a change in our preient pyitrtn
of Diking nomination,, a, directed by resolution
of 1 lib Juno, 1ST0, will be total upon at our com
ing Primary Election, in the following manner:
Ticket, will l printed and labelled on tho out
fido "Primary Election" and on the inside "Craw
ford rptero,H on pome, while on othcra the word,
"Delegate Fyitem," aod each elector will be en
titled to vote one ticket u bo may peleoL Full
laetrsetiona will tw iur.ii.hed tb Vigilenee Com
uittoe In due tine, together with tickets and
Maaary blauki for holding the election.
Chairman Hem. Co. Committee.
linn. Jeft'erson Onvi spent novorul
linys lust week at Bel Air, Ilutford
oounty, Ifarj'land, where twoofliiit
sons Are going to Rt-hnnl.
A Mistake. Dr. Duvid Stanlon,
the St. Domingo candidnte for Audi
tor General, is not a brothor of that
celebrated he-fcmalo, Klitabetli Caily
Stanton. They are only second cous
ins. She is it free lover, tho Doctor
is only partially so. .
"LorAL" Patriots! The "loyal"
Stato Convention which met in liar
risburg last week was made up of
Rcvcnoo Assessors, Collectors, Post
mantorti, and "nieh." There were not
ten decent disinterested men in it,
who looked to tho interests of tho
StHto rather limn their own popsumil
aggrandizement. It was a complete
bread and buttor brigade," on tho
lxilt out for public plunder.
T'lenty. Tho Delawaro and East
ern Shoro Maryland peach growers
held a convention at Dover, Dolaware,
last week. They report that from
prcsont appcaranco they will ship
three million fii'O hundred thousand
bankets the coming season. This is
6UO,000 more than wcro shipped in
1800, tho champion peach year.
More than fivo hundred thousand now
trees wcro planted tho past season.
A Transmutation. Tho Radical
nomineo for Auditor General was
p'utii Dr. David Stanlon, of Beaver
- county, before the Convention, but
since we r.otieo ho goes by tho nmno
of CV.oncl Stnnton, a rulutivo of tbnt
numo who wub the founder of the
"Andorsonville Prison," while Secre
tary of War. Did ho not receive bis
promotion and military titlo through
mere favoritism or fur Hospital servi
ces f If so, why so long uftor the
war is it necessary to travel urder nn
alios T We upcct that it is diino ns
a blind to tho soldier clement, for
whom our "loyal millions" had so
much loro while at tho front keeping
tho "rebels" buck, and yet failed to
nominate one nt llarrislmrg last week.
- Hold On. Somo of ottr friends lako
tho liberty of censuring us fur print
ing tho circulars with which our can
didates aro flooding tho county. Wo
will jnt now inform them that we did
not print thorn. And more, iftbey
consider it wrong they would "hit the
nail on tho hoad" if they would cen
sure tho authors instead of llio prin
Icrs. Others again giowl hecauso
we refused to print them for this or
that candidate This is half the
truth. Now, if they will just slalo
that we refused all, thoy will ''hit the
nail on tho head," too. II id we not
long sinco given up tho idea of pleas
ing everybody, theso things would
annoy us; novel iheless, we prefer not
to bo made tho "scape gout" fur can
didates for office, and before debating
our conduct In tho premises too freely
It would bo no mora than fair to hear
loth kidu beforo entering judgment
against us and in favor ol any camlj.
date, beeuuso every candidate, if he
deems it necessary, will sacrifice all
bis friends befuro ho olTers himself its
material for tho consuming clement.
Assessors, Attem i ion ! The County
Commissioners, tho past week, in ac
cordance with tho provisions of the
Iti'iMry Law, have mailed a copy cf
the la.v, list of voters und proper
instructions, to every Assessor in the
enmity, whoso duty it is to iakc lip
tho transcript on tho 1st Monriny of
Juno and exainino it can fully and
strike oft the names of all voters who
have died or removed from tho district
sinco tho last assessment, add the
names of nil w ho may have removed
int j it in tho meantime, and as soon
a corrected and completed to make
return of the duplicate to tho Com
misiiincrs, not later than (ho 1st day
of July next. As tho names of till
firms and to partners h.ivo been
m il km oft (ho list tho Assessors
had bettor pay strict attention to sec
that tho names of some of llio oldest
cit'uens ore not overlooked, and of
coursa will net bo found on tho list on
election duy. In August the Assess,
ors will be furnished with two copies
of the col reeled list aforesaid, nno to
post up at I li o election house and the
Other fur their own use until the sec
ond Monday preccr-dinji tho October
cluctiiin, wlicn tliu ono iu llio poHo. j
(inn of tlio Awowir will bo relumed i
to Ihc f!mminiiiiir nnd llio jiropor
tx (lilc( lo Pttcli n lio mny rt'lurn,
nd ly tlio li :inl f.irw.irdcd lo llio
Itii'lion olticrra ly nix iTcloilt on tito .
uioi iiin of ibo election.
.fssrsxiiwiis and Tttjullau.
The question of taxation is an old one,
unci one, too, that interests every freo-
ntun. To properly assess property and
apportion tuxes accms to bo an im-
posi-ibility, yet it is the duty ol every
citizen to study and reflect over the
matter, boeutiso ho may bo caMed
upon to impose it, and of necessity
must pay taxes while ho excretes tho
rights of a freeman. Wo thcrefoio
propose to contribute n few thoughts
upon this subject, and if wo succeed
in converting any one individual our
duty us a journalist will bo discharged
At somo future period wo will submit
figures in tubular form to fully ostub
lish our theory, which wo also claim
to be founded on tho luw.
That men's viows and tho law in
rofcrunco to taxation aro wonderfully
perverted, one need but becomo an
Assessor, Commissioner or attend an1
Appeal to fully learn. Those, thcro
foro, who advocate low assessments
pervert all law and common gonso
bearing upon tho subject.
Tho reader should bear in mind the
fact, that low assessments produce
high taxation, nnd that high assess
ments bring about low taxation, and
while low assessments aro encouraged
and practiced tho poor man will be
compelled to pay' 100 per cent, more
tax than equity, law, and common
senso demand. 10 luuy illustrate
tliis point wo have several properties
in our mind's eyo, owned by John Doc
and liichard ltoo, situated In ono of
the townships of thi. county. The
former owns a farm of 130 acres of
land, with good house, barn and other
wise well improved, which has hero
tofore been assessed at ?G00. The latter
owns a house, shop and lot, which has
been assessed at (5200; just one third
tho value of tho farm. John Doo,
sold his farm lust December for six
thousand dollars cash. "Dick" ltoo
has been offering bis house, shop mid
lot for salo for a year past, and will
tuke six hundred dollars, and thoso
who havo examined refuso to buy it
nt that price because bo asks too much.
The practical point here is, that tho
farm was assessed at only ten per cent
of its real value, w hile tho house and
lot has been assessed at thirty three
per cent , nnd cannot bo sold at that.
In other words, while Mr. Doo was
paying a tax of ten per cent, on his
good property, Mr. lino was paying
thirty three percent on poor property
over three times. Does this occur be
cause bo is poor, or is it the fault of
tho law ? Wo say neither, but while
low assessments aro advocated and
persisted in this imposition will be
practiced upon tho poor mnn. Hud
the farm nnd the bouso nnd lot been
assessed at their real value, us the
luw con templates, this infamous dis
crimination could not have occurred.
becauso tho moment tho Assessor
would bnvo assessed tho bouse and lot
ut 801)0, (three, times tho amount of the
original assessment,) everybody would
bnvo said "hold on, thut's too high,
tho properly ennnot be sold for that
sum." Now, put tho snmti Assessor
after tho farm and allow him to assess
it at three times tho former assessment,
which would mnko it $1,800. Who
will now exclaim "hold on, it's too
high." Of courso mi ono, because it
can bo doubled up three times again,
and will then bo $001) below what it
sold for.
Tho same rulo wo bnvo applied to
property in tlio townships will hold
good when tried on houses nnd lots in
tho boroughs. Wliilo o $lL,CO0 brick
bouso has been assessed nt about
$2,OU0, (ono sixth,) a $5,000 wooden
ono has been assessed at $700 or ?S00,
(one fourth) making a dilfereneo of
33 per cent, against tho inferior prop
Wo now mnko tho broad declara
tion, nnd wo claim that no have
proven it, too, that the poor man
tho owner of a small property who
declaims against high assessments, us
ho imagines, is n foul; and tho lich
man ho who owns largo cslalos
who hesitates, quibbles about, or re
fuses to pay his duo proportion ol
taxes, is not honest, because be muni
fcslly wants llio poor man to help him
pay his taxes. .Such is tho fact, nnd
will conliniio to be until Assessor do
what they take a Solemn oath to do
asioss properly at its real ntluo. The
rich man might us well nsk tho poor
man to help him maintain his family
as to nsk him to help pay bis taxes.
This bo in cflVct does when he advo
cates low asi'KincntM, and tho poi
dtipo accepts llio theory and becomes
n volunteer advocate for tho payment
of other men's luxes.
If there is either law, rnmmonsense,
honesty, or Democracy in Iho theory
of low assessments, we fail to see it.
and wo now ask the advocates of that
measure to show us where either ol
thoso principles find n lodgment in
their theory of taxation.
The IiAtiicAL NoMiNi'.rs The
Hadical Statu Convention which as
sembled ut JluriUbtirg hist week,
nominated Dr. David Slant, ut, of
Beaver county, fir Audilur General,
und Mr. Kiln-rill ISeuth, ofSebnyl.
kill county, fiir Surveyor General.
They aro both the property of .Simon
Cu moron, and were nominated by him,
although voted for finmjiiuHy by the
Itadicul delegates. This completes
tho "cash ring," as tho Slato Treas j
urer is Cameron's mnn, too. There
l :r .1 - . . I c I'l I
lure, tr llio iipoplo ore f wli-li cnniiuli
lo I'li'i l SliitiKin llio Ciiinemimiitf cuii
itiawr the cash oul ol tlio Jroaaurr
;!toiii;Ii Mackcj-, mid Imvo llio ao-
c ti ills undilctJ ,y Stiiiilon. Now,
wliy nol ullow Sinmii tliin piiwlcjrc f
Ono mun ennnot tliuV'o iniicli im
two, licnco llio luxpnyi-ra wul I fav
llio "tilary of ono mun at ly
ot'eiiitiif llio Trcaaurv d,ior lu llio olil
j intliiin CIitcT, i
The "HlKh VommlKtion." Just LlKH him. nno im mr-
Tho circumlocutory prim ijOo has I nisbes Iho following information i in a
evidently been adopted by tho august I dispatch from N a: hinglon : -H is
body of "High Commissioners" utlstnted that today, when tho lust
Washington, una "now not, to no it
immediately," has been most beauti
fully illustrated. The country has
been on iho qui vivt to learn how I be
Alabama cusc, especially, his been
disposed of. Mrs. .Grundy has hail
her curiosity wrought up to tho high
est pitch touching tho paying figures,
if in cash ; or if in territory, where?
Enterprising land speculators havo al
ready mapped out Canada, and splen
did cities liuve been started on the
bunks of'Lake Krio nnd Niagara lliver,
which were logrow like Jonuh'sgotird;
but alas ! Mrs. Grundy must bo dis
appointed 1 Nothing has boon Settled
upon, save that a plan of settlement is
to bo udopted by somo other nrrungo
ment at sumo future) time. In eliort,
the giimo of "how not to do it" bus
been1 repealed, und tho .'circumlocu
tory'.' principlo bus been setup. A
now Court is to sit on the claims likely
to rwquiro iiiljustment by the t wo gorut
countries n Court ol nvo member.'
England, ISruzil. Italy, Switzerland,1
und tho United Slates will make up
tho Court, und tlio disputants, John
13 u 1 1 and Drother Jonathan, can tlicii
como in and "jaw it out." Tlio North
west boundary lino is to bo sealed by
Switzerland. Tho fishing squabble is
to bo settled by u certain reciprocity
of rights to the Canadian uud Ameri
can fishermen, und tho payment ulso,
dy tins ecu u try, ol a round sum in cash
to tho other side. There uro other
matters in tho lino of adjustment, but
tho great subject, the Alabama claims,
appears to havo hud but a slight in
vestigation. Slight, however, us tho
investigation has been, it seems to
have disclosed tho fact thul tboro uro
counter claims, largo enough to show.
that it would have been better for
our national exchequer if wo had, us
tho Western boys say, "kept shut" on
this Alalia in a business. We havo been
disposed to llirculcd terriblo things, if
John Hull did not "squuro up" on this
Alabama claim. We uro reminded of
Jim Bags's dog "Tigo," who, Jim al
ways Baid, was "h 1 on coons."
"Jest you give Tige a chance," said
Jim, "and see him spile tho biggest
coon you ever sot eyes on." A coon
was treed, nnd driven into the hollow
of the trunk, und Tigo wus sent in by
Jim to bring him out. "Kic'im, boy !
sic'im; give'itu fits, boy!; fetch 'im
out, boy." Tigo mado for tho hole,
and went in splendidly, ai d soon there
was heard a slight row. Tigo was
evidently in his clement, nnd Jim was
evidently in his. "Iigo fetched bun,
boys; I knnwed bo would; he's a
screamer, is that ere dorg. He'll whip
eny tbreo dorgs uv his weight in this
'ero country. Fetch 'im out, Tige!
Hear him yell, boys! lie's got mister
coon! fetch him out, Tige." If yel
ling wus any proof of Tige's abilily,
ho had tlio coon, and the coon was
hound to come. Jim's head was in
tho hole, nnd ho thought the "dorg"
was backing out, amid u terrible muf
fled howl. "That thcro dorg coubl
al'tis growl with bis teeth clinched
onto a coon," said Jim; "fetch him
nut, boy! fetch htm out; fetch
h 1 and scissors ! rf the coon hasn't
got Tige!" And so it Was. Master
coon had tho "dorg" by tho throat,
and ho wasn't backing out. Master
coon's teeth were through Tigo's fx 1 -let.
Wo rather opine this will be the
result of our Alabama blustering.
Tho eoon will gel Tigo V. J'. Day
.1 ISItiHl agalnkt HmkI It tiller.
Ben Duller bus just mado a ppcech
to tho negroes of lioKton, which is (a
extremely Itadicul as to call forth con
demnation from tho New York Trib
une and oilier Republican newspapers.
Tho Huriisbiirg Mute Journal, (lover
nor Geary's personal organ, goes for
the heathen Butler in tho following
rough style :
"lien, lluller is to-d.iy iho greatest
horo and imposition tho ifcpuhlicun
parly is compelled to carry. J lo is
determined, y hook or by crook, to
keep himself in the public eye and cur.
regardl.-ss of Imw much he disgraces
the parlv to which be professes lo fie
attached", or imperils the principles he
is supposed to uphold. Such men are
never of u-u to unv ono but them
selves. I mpracl ieable ns they arc in
sincere, you darj not rely on their
pcformances, or trust their profes
sion. Why can't (ten. Grant give
If ii t tor n roving commission to visit
and IX-1 it ii i ii in Kiirope fur '.he next two
years, and give ns a report on the
iiioviti' caii-e of French revolutions.
II o should do this for Duller or ouco
more bottle him "
Grant tiled making war upon Bi.t
hr once, but tho Itni-t prepared a
nino column nrlii lo on Ulyses for Iho
New York Herald, which was put in
type and n proof sent lo tlio l'i csiileiit.
Grant read Iho damaging review of
his life and career, and then, like
Cupl Scott's eoon, bo came dow n ut
onco. JIo iincoiked lluller, took him
lo his bottom, made hint a familiar
friend, nnd elevated 1 1 i i i to llio posi
tion of (ounselliir and confidential ud
viser. Tho country was astonished
at tlio sudden reconciliation of two
men who seemed to hato each oilier
sobillcily. 'J hat article, which Was
!," it, Ij lift f.H It.n V,rt ..r,,.
ml which wu afterwards withdrawn,
did the the business. Grunt cowered
bcloro the printed assault nf Butler,
and Iho pen proved lo bo mightier
limn tho s word. We hopo the sketch
of Grant by limler may yet see the
light. It would pnnluco a prufouiid
Fast Tvri Sitting. As many of
our exchanges uro publishing what
amount o typo their luslesl composi
tots can "set'' in an hour, Mr. Charles
W. Donley, a compositor no the Stan
dard, concluded that it would not be
right for ns lo bo "IcIX out in the cold,"
nnd accordingly set his fingers in mo
lion on Monday Inst, for an hour, on
solid lionpanel. At Iho end ol the
hour wo hud the satisfaction of seeing
him measure 1,750 cms. This is fu.
lowing pretty close upon somo of the
"biglngens" who nre after the silver
composing slick lo lie presented to the
fastest compositor, by Mr. Ii S. Men
amin, editor of tho i'rintert' Circular.
M ilhaintport Standard.
Mao Weiidi II riiillim i alill rav
ing lor llio tli'iilli of all "ivholi!."
1'iitir tlovil ! lie i liinwlf ilie mont
s......inT,w niiri iiiivii tn n -t'lllll 111 III HI
i, ,,,, i 1 .11 .
liiiniiiiiily, lihirly ami (leeenev. out
Ui.lo ol '; Sutn '.on kliiirilmn. 'llo in
thu moHl malignant Iniintio, and the ',
ni.isl(liat;r. obliiM'(,l thill ever lived. I
UIU IIMieillllltl tut lllltl wors
A J.ii.tu doaion it, JX.:U.0) Q,i()
UiU'J lo gel rii li,y,Bi,Ui.t
r l-illllil.ff,.il '
jrri'ctiliiu ka
llo in it I 1 .
Ills! ,l ., is,.'. ... ... . - ,
liu "tui'd j
tu wilo.
""'r'"" , --
las P. Trisl, of Philadelphia, on tho
bill for his relief, which passed Con
jures at tho last session, a prominent
lawyer, n member of Congress, ap
peared and slated that he hud it
claim against the claim of Mr. J l ist
amounting to four thousand dol
lars, which ho asserted belonged to
him for services rendered in getting
tho claim through Cm'gruss. Air.
Tuvlor refused to siirti tho wurrunt
until thn !!ei!cd claim of the member
I .- :. .:..i" iv
Mil Ol ri-USH WUB bhiiphh. "
other source wo leiirn the namo of the
scoundrel who brings lorward tins
claim. Nobody will ho miriirised to
lonrn that it is' Benjamin F. Butler.
To sell his vole or influence as a mem
bor, is not a w hit better Ihun tu sell
his cadol appointments. For this
Whitlemoro was expelled. If the
churgo of tho Press can be sustained
by proof, Butler ought to be expelled
from Congress, und llio iwiniiuiHiruiioii
w ill then havo tu find another Jiepro-
sonlalivo in that body. Ho might,
however, bo appointed n member ol
tho Cabinet of tho great "present
Inker," whoso evil example bus spread
deniorulination fur und nidu. An act;
of Congress positively forbids either,
the I'residenl, or a member, or ruiy
oflicerof tho government of thu I'nitcd
Stales from accepting uny money,
goods, bribe, present or rowurd." The
Uudicul party ought to repeal this act ;
this would bo less demoralizing (.bun to
let tho Itadicul leaders violate die luw
w ith impunity. Age.
Tiik Hkpstone Jon A cotnpnny of
distinguished liudicnls, consisting of
Gen. Grunt, Gov. Cook, Commissioner
Michler, und other prominent govern
ment ollicials, hud a lull passed by t lie
lust Congress for tho ereclton or a
market bouso out. of murbloor Sonera
redslono. I'rcvions lo the pasngo of
tho act, Grunt, Cooke, Michler and
other loyal sharks, for whoso special
benefit tho bill wns passed, purchased
tho Seneca redslono land ut a very
low figure of n man w ho was ignorant
of ils vtiluo. Tlio bill win engineered
through by the loyul company of
stock-bolder, and tho result is, that
tho market building is to Im construct
ed of Seneca redslono lor the miilual
benefit of the President of tho I'nitcd
Stales, and the now Governor of the
District of Columbia, und tho Com
missioner of Public Buildings of I he
Capitol of Iho nation. Seneca red
tone is to bo Iho government build
ing material. Tho new sidewalks on
the north front of tho Treasury, and
tho north front of the Capitol, uro laid
in redslono at three times tho actual
cost, und the city will bo paved ull
over with it. The Seneca Bedstone
Cotnpnnj is a Liif thing and General
Grunt, in tho loss of his portion of
San Domingo, can consolo hirra-lf
with tho pleasing reflection ibnt bis
interest in redstone is still secure. If
not King of the lliiyiians, ho is Gbiel
of the Seuecus. Pour IJuartt rs. 1 '
His Aspiiiations Gov. Geary is at
his old tricks of keeping uboul him
plenty of newspaper correspondents.
In tlio field (bey were bis chicf-rcli-nneo,
nnd many a buttle was fought
and victory won by these nsluteyoiing
men, through llio cnlumnsoi me loyal
press, tho resplendent Geary gather
ing nil Iho laurels, lie is wearing
uwtiy his last term of ollleo in the
rvral city of II.n risburg, und is h k
ing about I. i in like n prudent man for
something lo do
Ho has n idea llio Presidency
would suit him, as well ns mi) thing
else, unit sinco Grant has been permit
ted to fill il, bis nmhilion is n asona
bio. In fact ho has tho udvnulagu ol
the present incumbent in several re
spects, lie is good looking, don't
smoke und dnu'l gel drunk. He can
shake In. nils tin will ns pocket the
salary as serenely and look as wise.
Hi invnluiihlo friends the lol'.er writ
er, aro theicforo nt work, nnd we
notice ono who bus I he entree of I lie
N. Y. JleralJ. He i clear upon the
subject that Geary is the mini and
give ahiiiid int reason for llio faith
that is in him. The only thing lluil
trouble us is I he doubt in the mind
of llio correspondent, us to which par
ly ho will co'iKi'ht to aervo. He is the
only man, it is staled, who can scurry
Pennsylvania, and it therefore moms
tho instant ut tendance of those w ho
control tho political programme.
Pahs Ir Senalor Peliiken hn in
troduced a bill into Iho Legislature
j proli.lMting changes in text liooks lor
schools in liny district oil oner than
once in three years. 'I ho sensible
Senator from the II iihtingihm iIimI riet,
in Ibis proposition, bus hit thomiil on
the head. Thcro is no evil in our
Slalo system which gives riso to more
complaint, or that needs a speedy
remedy, mere than this une of making
frequent change of school hooks.
The bill should go through without
ndisseming voice. A dor it becomes
a law, tens of thousands of labor bur
dened parents will lhauk Senator
I'. .. I
I'ut lit
tn ttlt'.ir Lid-
It. lYiipi'riiiiiii inliii iiii im lluil on I'i'i
tl.iV Insl, wliiUt nl wnrk in liin fi a It J.
Ill AlllllOII)' liltt lsilll, llilrt l illltlt y, lllH
nUetilioti wan ttllrui tcil liy llio iiiwinir
ol crows a clioit iliNtniico froin liim,
and on Hearing llio place liu discover
oil two lai'jrr i ioH in rniillitl willi a
l:irr bliii'kaiinkiv llin NimUcNliin wan
rlevutoil ncur two (eel in li mil, and
was ro-i.-slinj tlio oii-rt'i ol Iho rruws
as lliev maiki llieir sjti'iiititic und al
teriialo uttacks upon liis liniil. with
wliiek lio was) liyin to (Jilcml liiin
srlf. Tlifi'o moio t rows w ero pt i'seiil,
luililiti;; n nut of "reserve rrmn l."
Mr. l'lppit 1111111 kilkd tho unnke
wliieli inoaiiruil over live feel, mill
also ils initio, vtliicli was lying i"
wait. W'illianisjuirt Sun.
Si'Mikm Iifatii On Sunday morn
in),', llio llih inst., in I'n ion i,,' n,ii,
Mis. Martini 1'ir-her, wile of I'.lijnli
l islier, in tho 6IhI your til her inxi'
.Mrs. K. hud lieen in ilelieiito lienlili
liir somo time, lint wai not conliiicil
in lier roiiin. On iho nioi'iiiii( ahuve
mentioned, Mr. p. wonl In her room
to awako her fur llio purpose of seeing
the procession of Kmepaiiirli's Mcnuir
" I'1""-1".'. w hen lio I'uuik !;,.r
1 . aa Helove-; ;,y .v'0 fc(i(iw
' .
f ,
l,ihi-i.. , c
...ICIIIIS ,n ,.... ,i- ... ,, .;.
Joilte Ml: ,1)1
,- TV Illit-J
A Jirsiy noiniTii,lvii iiKr. "A
-il. . . i
"n.-iiu iiiiik iiini wiiicr cow, war r
. - " '"fttincc III' H I'O.'.l
pnni; !o yi,., ,-i(.,i,.l.n n,lllrt.
puu vn otinanrs riincicen.
Taylor, was about to sign the warrant
for I he payment of the claim of Nich-
$civ i'rvti.5fmcnt$.
IMT Ol' t'Al'r.H HKT DOWN toil
trial at June IVnn, IS, I :
Fiiht W'r.r.K. '
A. Hurler
M. V. Kren.-h.
W. W. Irwin...
A. 11. Phew
Knox k Hun...
A. Moyer
F. OfOnlt
r. Tliinoa.
wi, rl. al.
re. loriM-maa. et. al.
re. Il niM'l, t-l aL
ve. (I. II. "milli.
v. B. II. Tarkir. ,
Vh. i. ('fc.Hrennir.
v. Ljlle.
tp. A. Kline'e Kiccoorl.
vp.' T. While.
TP. T. While.
F. I'. Ilurllhnll
F, V. HniAiball
Licnanl i I'iiuili-y.. . P. Il.illiiirhcr.
lionill't'lhiw. uo VP. Ilurehflt'l'l, et. al.
Hump A Kuhiuuk'-r... tp. Mi(i,imy.
MrCjiiilkin ' I. Vi rn II
Itohivon , va. A. r'lwfT' '
l.asVerry ve. Ullieit A Hrolhcr.
VI. 1 lllllMOII
ve. II. F. (rull h.
To Tax-Payers 1
-T V ..MnlfliM. wilh an Aet of the General Ap
I peiulik nf tills t'oniiiiunwinllh, u.ruve'l ihc
21 il ilnf of Mreh, A I). IsTO, "r.-tminH 1" the
II, r mil In the enmity of I'learneld,
nulire il Iherefore'.y given 1 'he leliyi rp
,...liT. in Hie ili.trlctp hi-low naunst, that I he
Comity Treasurer, In n.-ror lanr-e rrilll the vntl
neelii.n of wi.l '. 'H altera! at Ihe nla.-o or
holiling llio huriinah ami li.wnhii elis'tiona on
lli,. folloviiix liaiueJ liny.-, for the wriiise of re-ei-ivinx
the County ami fls'e In in a- d SI ilitia
Finei aeM.l for 1S7I. Merclinnle n l otherp
who owe a hints l.iei pe will iliaso War in mind
Ihul they arc line loo :
For lluntou, Moti.liiy, June VMh,
F.r Union, Tui-pilay, Juno 2mh.
For llrnily, We.lnenlny, June 21.1.
Thurrln),(al Wept Liherly.iJuiie S2.
Friday, tat Tronlrille,) June J-M.
Til.n.n, OMniciiiv, Jiiiia ftlh.
For Wootlwnrd, et TliAmaP llen.ter.nn'p,,
June Still), from I) a. l. to 12, anil at 1'upey-
Tille from 2 p. m. to 5 i. in.
For (iulii h, T lay. June 2"lh.
For lleiTBrin, Weilm-.iliiy, June I'Mh.
F'ir Jordan, Thursd iy, June Iftnli.
Fur Ferguson, i'ri'lay, June Illilh,
F.kf Kiml. Ha'urdiiy, July 1st.
For New Wa.hinjclon, Tue.ilpy, July 4th.
For Cliept, W'e.lue.iUy, July Mb.
Fur llurneiile, 'Ihurxlay, July 0th, at otection
For Hnrn.iile, FriJaT, Julv flh, at Hn'nplile.
For Hell, Saturday, July Sth. al It. MahatTey'i.
For I.iiuilicr City, 'iui nlay, July lltu.
For I'eon, WedioPdav. July l-'lh.
For lliadford, Friday July lllh.
I'arllep ran also T their taxi-e at theTrca.a
rer'p nfhee at any tune from tnia forward. I p
nn all tai-a paid on and previoui lo the ila.vp
ili"iinatid Ihere will he a reduction of hie per
cent. Alter Ihe 1 al of Keptemtier live per cent,
will lie added, which make! tin per i ot. for
prompt payment.
I.KVEU ll.KilAt..
Trea.urcr'p OrJee. I Trca.urrr.
Clearfield, l'a., May SI, 1"M
Cy l ,'TIOJi. All pcrponp arc herihy eaulion
J e,l ai?nin.t iiureliui'iiiiE or in aiiywiy me I
nhur wllh pit bc'lp, one eo.iW plove, ono parlor
plove, one ilinim tnttle, one cupboard, two .inbi,
one dounhlrauiih, one bureau, two ailp chair.,
two rocking elnir., two plnndp, and one cow. now
in po.pipsion of SpiiiU"! C. Iic.huin.iil r.-unriiic,
aa Ihe lame l.eloi, jr. lo inc, lell with hiui on loan
only, puhiout lo uiy order.
rrnnville. May II, 1TI 111
Taxes & Ilish Prices Repealed!
cheat nrtitTTioN or ritincs i umkat
Ci'KW;n. ii.i.e, r-t.,
Caused hy the opening of a new lot of
Wp Uk piVftfui (n infiirmlrtj our o1l at Wei)
nt new riiKt' incrH, nn 1 tl intlic Knirniliy, tlmt
hurt- rNtu'Hrl from tlir Kjni with m a Hit
writ i lrt'trd iock uf goodi.
H'o mil wpM-lnl ntirntinn lo our teffant
BHrortmnl of HHtti tixl lrr$ Umi l, in vor)
vn(y. Caftunnt ri-i, l'tiit)iitnif, J-uii
uj Kli'fiinir, tni yt? vnnct
uf I'omrntin I-ry HmhU,
t irir lo auit
lb? limca.
I.mlin' tri'l Cliiliiro.i'l hhirr 1 ( . iter
in t ft'Ht TRrit'lT. Call nrf vxnminc 1 1 1 to. A!"(i,
jVIcb'i nci'l ItnTf' UontR nnd l.oi nf
wry kiml ft ml (irtco, lint miiU
(.'pf in i'Vr? ml,
HUi-lflnn and (llnvts fifing rinwlt, U-t-icrjp
itnl (llure, I'lf iact 1'iti U ry of tint
Knj-lisli nir,lt, hoi.pi, ', rliimtTy ftiij
NulitHii i'l mII kni'li.
(iitocFiin:. rrsir.
gn:i:sw rn. halt,
ii.miIiwahi., r.vixTs
Oi, Wwnl n'l WIHnw Wit Itrc nd Ptrit
Miiii'ii.ri. nnil In la-t i t rvthiii(( you want. All
uf nliit'h Will 1)0 mill tliiap fur c.icb or wniulrv
JtX Wool nl Hlitirt r-hlrifiI- WatifrJf
CittmBMillr, la, May 21, JK7I 1'tn.
EV ii n sty 1 1 .i 1 1 1 u EC a 1 1 co n (I
TViioNE a ci.EAi:n;:.u nitANcn
V ami atVr MnlaT, MV I'lth. 1 f" 7 1 . tan
lap.i-nf-r Tiainp w ill nm il.iilv ( i'm il Sim-
liav.J bclwvt-n Tvnine anil Clt'artii-lil. a. lulluw.:
(.' MAM,.
rienll. l.l .1.11(1, p.
riiiliilnirn 4.M, '
O-re.ila I.2H, '
Tyrone 4.4(1, 1
i llsfi-ola. II .'ill.
j l'hili..l.orj...l(l.lll, "
I I'learlirlil 11.1(1, "
rioTrfl-l.t A. 00 A. M.: Tvrnne II .Ml r.
I'lillilirt.urK... 1 O.t " I hltrr.rrliiih ...T.H'I "
Us..,. la I'll " (l-.fila H ill
liili-r.crtinn... V .'JT ' I'lnlip-l arir ... in "
Tnil.e M" " ri.'aiti.M. nr. 30 "
KI'.dM CI.Kni'li:i.l.; riUM TV RnN K.
l.fonnr.l 3
v.... lan,l II
liiirlisr K
M'.llni'i-loii II
lllne Hull II
riillln.bunr II
1" !ntereetion...
t aui'nyot.,,..
J.'i (Jurdner
M tl. 'eHrtt.,
4" Summit
fiO xandy Ililtfo,
6.1 Powelllnn ,
. 4
.. 7
Hlcitifi.' IH
limit p
f.fl Onrrula .
iili Ihinbnr....
i.S r-eiio-i'f ,,
IKrrnla ..
, !, Illa..
htiiMle It ule.
Mt. IMcA.ant.
T nine,
f( IMllllpsblll.'i I
M nine Hull
...-n In Wlir,,.eton :ifl
s.M $ nn inkier R:t
..Rt 1 nn W.iodlnnd :S fl on
it I t M ( '7r a rllriVl' I i'Z
nollrfnnti-. Pa : 0-IMi.l, ...
..' in
I ,.!. II. it
2 TH . Marion ...
S sn
t sn
I illtnin.imrt
Iltintinig'lun h
HAUItlslil Itil...
t nnjl.atif-n.lrr ... .
1 llll Ullomia
'111 A 7 ti.i
4 .SO .lulin.l.-nn
4 T.-.l I'l ITHHI Itll.,
... J n
t 1.1
cow ret 'Kix-i.
Cli-artl'-l-l Mail Noilh ciinrrt. frrrni riti.-lmi.H
i:irr, Wti.1, anj llurri.liiirff Ai-r- niui..ililit.n
K:irt. n hur j and rlrarltrM Hnnlh
o-.nnrrl, arllli CirM-iniiali Krr.p l'rt.. nn. si nl
', , nn main tlnr alaa ilh ll.l.l I'-nl. r:,la, l,.x a llavrn, atiil ,ltta itl of l.o.-k
linn n.
rli-rp.., Klprr.l Nnrtlt ront),,-l, fmin Msil
IVr.t. an-l Tin -miti Kin-.p K.t.t, nl-.i lY.Mn
I'.iW K,l. Mail Hc-I: ami t'l-.rtVM
St'Uih ronrn-r-l. alia ll.irri.tinra A r-rr.nimnliili'n
K.ipI. I.o'bI P.i.dtgvr ll r.l fr AIIoimih pii'l Hul.
Illnl.'tirrf Itnir.cli, itl.nailti l.l,l
K..I. f..r l..- k M.trn ar.. ;,,'.,
.' 'I'" ''-,, riii:i..l.ilr
1 fn "' 11 nnl ami r.-lurn lln-
aal Cli-hillvH ..rliiror, ,ui rriuh
. illiani.j nH. Ilinl-I.urjr, or 1 il urij, and
rctnrn ltn-,
i..-nprrp .-r i iiiuirisi.ori .iiimiiii lako t.i
J..,". v ,,
- "
I . t.. It. 11., fliould lakr.
ll.l.l tn-l, Kinrr. Kt.
UknltllE l WII.KINA,
mjlf If. Sup. I nt.
'niirrKi.rmiATKM r.iciiAnosox nnor.,
X l-'tfbl bt,,
Kteiii-b K ip
I i.
6 no.
I reiir.n nit...,,..,
(0...iiiv J.ii.
gar Advertisements.
SherilT's Sale.
f)YT.rtuaof nUl Hitiot 'jwih,
out ol th t'ourt ol Cunimu PltM f Clr-
htid count?, ni lu iu dirtHiied, Ihfre
ht exp' td to puliHenalo, H ibo Court lloaae.
Id Ibo l(irom:u ol i;iarifia, "n i-iuniwj, .
6lli day of June. 171, ut I o'clock, p ui., tlie ,
(olli.wing dicrllied Ileal Knatt. to mix :
A cert. ,in tra.-t ot "iul filuutc in Covmurt.
towimlni.. ClmrlicM county, IU., iM-jc'imiitg Kt ;
i.,t, aouili w fi cMin rl Uii-la l L. M. 'utulru-t;
iIm iht -nt 77 jn-n-li-i, t " tlitnei- f"m!i
ii lu-r. lii i, lo uiailo onrurr i Hunoa nort J 7
piTt Li, to pout coriK-r, tin nee north i'j pi-rclni,
to place of bt i(iii!iirij( ; coutainmn 2i nt-rt-a and
fil prrclii-n, nculv nil rlarid, wi'li ol-l nlmniy
Ihirt-.n rm-t.- l. "Hi-l, taktn in exwutu.n and
to e puld i the properly or John V. Fopimoy.
Also, a crrlutn tract of laud iiluato iu M.irrlf
towiitlnp. fleaiMH.I county, Pa, iM-jfiitiiiiiJC at
pwt, uorUi-eal eornttr oi Jo"' ph Uiphcrt tract f
thence hy land of Weleh and Miller aouth XV de
rriffx tut II, Hf. lia; ilienc by Und ol Jacob
llciiuii, aouili I iItm went H 1.1-rcliets t pwat ;
thrncc, by Henry llcatu. (now (leorfr Heaiiii,)
north Ml derwra wt-tt U pcndiep, to vt lin of
Jtmeph li.ppert! thence, by I ippert traet, north
HK pvrchep, to pluen of iHKUiniiiK ; ooiilaiiiinft 7
ocrii and )ll per-dien, uiura or leu, and ha. ing
ahout 40 a rca eleaml, A ninall urrhard and log
t.i.u.o and tinni Ihcrwn. IS cited, taken in execu
tion and l ba fold at the properly of John Kap
ha! Koch.
Alf-i, a ocrtnin trnc! of laud aituatr in allaeo
lon, Hojr townxltip, VI urfl ld iiouuiy, Pa.: r-aid
lot boun.hd on Iho raft by the crw-a cut pik :
went by Ihe Tyrone and ( harllrld railroad; twriU
l,y ut f : d aonth by lot of ; and
having a rmall dwHin houan thereon envctrd.
Hdied, taken tu execution nnd to be ioM aa the
property of Thnmrif I,, Waple.
AIpo, certain trai t of land aituale in Iho ril
latte of AnH.nville, Jordan tuwtiahip, tkarlitld
count v, Pa.. fiontibK on the tiU Uel ; extend
in l.irk 2li0 fed to an ailey. a corner of which
crut-A-a Mid alley; and Iioviuk a large dwelling
home and tul.i thereon crcctetl. reiitn. aim
taken in execntiotj and to be fold a the property
of John A. Kill. n.
Alo, a rcrtain tra-t of mnd aitnate tn Hell
tonnidiiii, t'learflild county. Pa., bounded a" fol
lowi : lli giuiiiuit at a pot ; Ihcoue. alunj J. P.
Hoyt line, aouth 11 drvvM rntt Jlii perch ea, lo
white oak (down); tlienea aoulb ft d green went
along J. r-abeni lino 110 pen-hca. to poat ; thence
north 71 dcgreei weal ."fl porcboa, lo biieh ;
thence north bl degreri tnt li'i.'l perehea, to a
gum; thenco north 0 degree eaut i'l percbea, to
port and place of hrginnitijf; sntainliig 171 arwa
and H pen-hep, more or haa j being part of J.
.Nie.holauii iurvey No. Sillj, having 30 acre clear
ed, a amall hoiine, dwelling houne. shop and barn
thereon er'-eted. ird, taken in ex-etttiun and
to he aold aa Ihe property ot Win. Uiady.
AIpo, a certain tract of lnd piluate in OpccoU
borough, ('lea: Held counlv, Pa., bnnnded and de-
periled aa fidlnwa, to wit: North by Inn I of
Thomna F. Iioalick t fouth by lot of Dunn or o.
.112 ; went by t'urtin pt.. and known an lot o. all I :
being io fwt front and I M feet deep to alley : and
hiving two plunk Ira me dwelling Ijoum-p ilitreon
erected, one of which ii I" by 21 feci and the othjr
16 by 2 feet in piie. Keiw-I. taken in exn-ution
and 'to be eold aa the property of Christian
Swi ittcr.
AIp-s a certain tracl of bind Ptluate In Morria
town-hip, ( h arlitld county. Pa., hounded t by
J. C. ilrennnr; aouth by new town pike; wet by
Inuda of defendant, and north by Hale k I'o. ;
cotitaining one-half a're, mora ur lei", and having
a plank dwlling h.nipe. at ore room, Ac , thereon
erect! i-d. An, twd oihar I'd of the Punic iii-,
h iundt d eant by the aliove dt-aerihed lot ol defend
ant ; tout h by town ptke; wct by Hule A Co.,
and north by Hale A t o ; and h tvitiga two ptoiy
phinK houA and frama alaMn therein creeled.
.Viae. I, taarn in c necniion ami io or una aa ine
propcrty of Johu " I't!!.
Aluotwo certain tra! of land flitna.e tn Pike
townphip, Clearfield county. Pa., containing
at-n-a, more or h-pa, bounded aud drporiltcd n b'l
Iowp, to wit : No. 1 brginiiintf t red oak ; th-ncc
miin 4 d greea e:tPt .') perchea, to line ; thence
.n(h 4 deirr"fl weit 41 perchm, to poPt ; thence!
D-nth 4;' deicei wcp! 2i prrchea, to Hone; Iheuce
north ti dtgreeaeaat Mrrhea. lo popt ; th nee
V2 degree wt-l III perch ca, to popt ; Ihenee 4dt
grce eat 2h jM-rch' p, to place of l-eginnins ; and
b.ii.a i-art of Aaenh WiU in luni-y. Theotlnr i
IwTii.Mimg at pot aljoiuing land of Wic't heira
and l. II. Hitter; thence imrih 4fi ihgre. eail
27 pcrehea, to pwd corner: thenee pouth .19 dcr
greea rapt (V(t H-10 paretic a, to Kft an) place id
beginnitif. r'eiaed, lHk'0 in Acciition an I to lu
poid ap (tie property of I-. K. P. ltowh.
Al'o, a cert.un tra.-t of land pituaf In Ch'
townetiip, Clearfield coMity. Pa., b- nnded and de
pended ap f.llowp, to nit; l.npt by land of Jacob
Penuing'on and J. Nrft : aouth by land of J.d'U
Smead ; on the went by the Inirp of Ha mini Wil
liam p, dcccam-'l, and on the north by hind of J.
W. Nrff; I'outaiiniig about l.'l acrtP.and having
about 70 I'Tt'i cleared an I a tnnM dwelling
hiMipp and good b.irn lliTCon urer ted. r-eircl,
taken in reenfinn an 1 (o l mid a Ihe property
of Hamuel M Kwen,
A No. a crlain tra t of land Pituale in Ilnidf-rd
townthip, Clearfield c uintv, Pi., bonn le t ami dc
criheil iv foilowp. : tiie north, enxt and
aet by laiolp of illiotu Alyeil & Urulb-r, and
on the pfiuth hy 1'in'Uof tic.-rgi T.'scr ; contain
ing l'i Bcrci ,ia ing about ft) acrca cicareu ?nd
a good youog nrehaid and b-it hoaae and franit
barn llinc-oii t rivU-d. Kt ipcd, laken in rxecitlMoa
and to Ik Poldaa the property f Jeremiah I'.titlef.
Alptt. a certain bt of gti id nitna'e in Ihe bor
ough nf Op irol i, Clca.rb'd county, Pa., In. mob d
m b'l!uwp, tu wtt : Went bv r'one Ptreet ; north
by Miint'oui-'y alley; ea.-l by Klwurd n'by ;
ooth by lot No. ('.; and containing two town
lot known in ani l town ht ai No 7Uand71,
with a large frame h'Hi.i'-, fra:itc atable and other
oti 1 1-t.ilJ. n erected 1 hereon ; and all in go. id coo-
diiioii. iiv, lal-en in extt u'it-n and to be
a tue propertv oi rhiiip I'aui & n. , aipcoier. i
AIpo, a cartnin tra't nf laud pituale on Hear
Hun, in lb.-1 townphip, I'leat tlebl enunty, Vn.,
boun it rd went and north - htod ol A Mil'cr.
ent by Inn 4 nf C. r-'lienfVy avii aouth by InTid of
. F Hmith : oontamlnf nlnnit thify acre.
Si if-eil, taken lu and lo W fold aa the
properly of Itobert Pely.
r-Hid.lerp will taka n tic that 1: por eent.
of the purehape money m'int be piid when the
propf-rtv la knock id down, or it will b put up
again fr fila. J I S I K J. PIK.
Hnnitri'a Orrn k. I HherifT.
Cleartb ld, Pa., Muy I7,lf7t. t
Sheriff's Sale.
1rtoe nf a wr:t of l.rrri Fttrtn, -
ofd nol of lha Court nf Common Pleaa nf
Cleatfla'd eonnly, and t m directed, there
will ha exroped tn PI III. 10 t A I.E. at tha Court
lloupe ia tho b ii r mi ah of Clear(.ld. on Mondtiy,
tha ISth diy nf June. l"7l, at 1 o'clock, p. in.,
lha fidiowinn Heal Ktato, to wit:
Two ferta'n tract! or (.leeea nf lardtltnata
in Knot townphip, Clearfield county, Pa ,
bounded and drpcrlbed a fullowp. tt wit He
pinning at hi nilnek on l.lttU Clearlteld
Creek theneo amth Tf dejjreea rat V pereh
ea. tn poat , thenea horth .tu deffr-'ca eat J-J
perehep, tn a hcmloek thetice porlh 23 d ff'eei
ea t nl perchea, tn a popt , thenea noith 5 de.
(re! wpi fit perehea. to a wilrh hatel on ihe
hank of l.illle Cbarfitld t.'ruek i t' encaal nff aaid
creek tbc acreral eourapp ani 'Inline thereof
to (de plnca nf heginnlntf : eontalnit:t .'() aere
and allowance Minn l""' " m'ti-i irnn ni oinnP on imml or inimiif i' luril to or b r. Ice
land pwrteyed and watrai.led to t. Kinj. I rml attention ip called to 1115 Ptn.-k nf Collar and
dated Hth July, lii I. Aim Ihe one undivided j Hamra, which arc the tif in npn. I alpu hnve an
half part nfa eaittin trart or iece of Und tit- I np-ortmenl cd Haibllrra llnnlnare, which will br
uate in the aaid township of Knni, adjoining I rtipipnacl , if ai rraina Mr ratra. Pi pruritic of all
lha fnrejfolnff nnd bo' tidal and deaenbed a j kindp pnmptljf attended to. iV lion't forp-t to
foUowa. to wit: tin tha north caat by Liuhj call bclorr purehi-in elaenhnv. Kh-'p tu lira-
V ir a me u 1 re t'a , nn or uu j t i-iiii
Irl How mnn, and en tii rapi ny lanut in l atn
cartt rntilainiiiK 4 aercp, beirjt parr of tho
Henry I rout tun vj. lloth (f (Ut o.Oft;drg b
!ng tti premiprp eoiivpjcJ to the said Uteorj(
Vittn bv Siary W . Thoinpon by tired henrinc
dute ihe 2d d iy of Knveniber, 1 4i. rectdctt at
Clearfield in book X, P.iro 400 r' eir.fd, taken
1 tn c i euti n and lu bo itdd a the 1 n i t rty of
Ixate fur n.
Aim, the Hcfcndtnt'a Interest In all tl at cer
fain town lot iimtc In the Til It-Re of t hepier
Hill Peeatnr tow nhip. Ch arti. lit county, Fa.,
bounded nn the north by W all in ftroet ; Wt-dt
by l.nura rtre t ; touth by Ut No. At and eiPt
ty ( lovi-r a'leyt and having a an. all feame
I uweiintK uoiira inrroon orurica. relied. It.
! ' " '""P' "
rllliMcr Kill lak, nntlc Itiat IS rrr
rriit. uf lh iiirrlia., n unf, nu.l r, ail whin
th, priM'trl, is kaarkpil duwn. nr il ailt ba put
p again f.' tala. JI M I.N J. IMK,
8ilriitrr', (lerirr, I Mn-ritT
rlaarflald, l'a., My 17, 071. I
XI'HKIlliAH, Ilea. O. A. MU'KK, PtePidint
f Jul(tt nf llie Coutt nf Common Plem ef
thu. Tw pty-Mih Jthlietal iMairirl, eominpil of
tha emiitiea nl Clrrt)eld, l en ire and Clinton
and Hon Hhi kl Ci.riR and Hen Jacob W it.
nun, Aptnciala JtMlia nl Cienrrield routitv,
have ipued llieir p'ereiit, to n r itlrertc d, lor Tip
ho IU inn "f t "tirt ol luinirHD Pleaa, -Jrhnni'
Court, Court ol Quarter ttvptlona, Court ot tijer
amt I em. liter, and Court of Ui-ncial Jail llt li. thet uurt HotteaK It a i flebl, In and frthe
eoj,ty ,f Clearfield, immencing on tb
Monday, fltli dav rj JU!ltl. wTI,ai.d t
o Bum-: pf j watdu."
KOriCG IS, tbtrefore, l.orehv n'ren, tn tSe
Coroner, JumIc. p ot th F ma, anj CoustaUlcp,
In and It r paid enunty nt Clearijeld, to a ear in
their proper perponp, wi'h their Kecord, Hnlln,
lni)uipiiiona, Kiauiinatiop , and uilior hemeia
braiM-ep, tn do thine ihtnA w hi h to their offices,
and in their behalf, pertain to he dont. j
tllVKN ander my hanj at Clearfield, tl.U 17th!
cay t)f 11 ay. :n th year f our l.i.rd one
tlionpanj eilit bunrirrd and vrniy nn.
J I'f-TI N J. PIK," Sheriff.
A I I -A reliable man to barn a kiln
1 I of lllUCk
Altplr In
i:. a.
., Mar 3 41.
invix t co.
Curwrn., ill,,
AMI LXAMlMj tlia M:W (Klni8
$tvc Advertisements.
1871. 1871.
I ; ' . i ; 1 ' -Vry
(iuofla, Kuilnu. Trlinmliig A Millinery
The only eicluiive Dry Oooili Store In tlie count jr.
Study Your Interest I
Buy Where You Can the Cheapest I
Heat, and tine Drown Mii.ttn., Ttlearheil Mite
lina eaira iV. Ilrown an.l rlliadinl fhe..ini..
IMIi.w l aiinn, Tickim. Ilirknrr Klrlie. Il-nnn..
lilue Ilrill., Cotliinail-.. C'a.pinirrep. Flannrlp.
l' Ililalnra. 1'rrrale,. Uam, llreiialinr.,
Ilrrnaniea, Hummer Silk. JapsBraa KUk, Hla-k
Hllk, yerv t'U,l, at l.1i l.rr yanl. Tlieal'ovr
are n-w, fri-.h RixnU, ami rjnre only lo be prioed
to kouw of'ttirir rrtnaik.ble ctii-ajint-pl.
Ladica' plain and rihWd How, I2.c. io 1.?.S
per pair, Children'p dain and fancy (.'utton Hopc.
Gent' Brown and lilne Mijed Hope, HuperPtout
and Huperflna l(iitti-h Heenlnr Made Hop-, Pal
brinKan and Liala 1 hread Moae, ,aliep'. Mi vara',
riiil'lrcn't, (eni'a and Hyi' India Uauu and
Thread I nderwnro.
I.adiea', Men' nnA rhildimf HcHin, T.llf
Thread and Hilk tllorea. t'hi'di-en'a Kid Ubirep.
l.aHiis' Kid )lorep, all cob.ra, ft 7 anrl
J (IU per pair, (lenl'a Kid (llovep.all colori, Liilc
Thread and Berlin ii loves,
Plqnep, ehcdrr Ptyba in Htriprp, Flfftirpp, furdp
ami Satin Ftnihu,20 o fiOp per yard ; Jaeoneta.
Nanpnok. Victoria l-awn. Swi Mult, white and
colored Tarlslan, Tape Chw-ltP, .oquitn Net.
Curtain Net, Zft. 4'. SO and 0 centi and" pet
rard ; TowVp an1 Towlin?. Itrown and Bleaehed
Tabtr liama'kp, Kti kint, Qnilrp, Ac.
Enffliph Troehet Kdimra. fmperml Fmbroid
ery, Itegiptered Kiiibroulery, Valencia I.aec. Nit
tinifhain Laow, KriUi njr. Alexandria KriMintr.
Iluinhurft Ktljfinn, Inpcrtinjr. Magic and A-wsvp
Kealy rtnfllinft, Heicnlri Itraid, Alpaea I'rabl,
llmr Net a. Jlla k and Itruwn Kwitehep. (hitrnoi.p.
Huttuui oi every dinci ipltun, Pice re Unllotia, Ac.
Lac roIar, Linen Crdlara and TuITp. Inder
t herra, ( bioiii tp, lanlkrrchi"r. Tici and Mow a.
Itilihon and Millinery (.ot-dr.. Trimmed llnta atnl
Eonntti, Ac, Ac.
frIhiyera will p'eape fiva th i w their alien
lion. Time and money will bt paved.
Itemcmbr the place :
mvir Market Ptrfrt, flearfiehl, Pa,
IN Til 15 rontT OK COMMON PL !:.!
ol i leai field county. Pa,
C. J. tuuril Ven. El.
v , HC January Term,
rn. iiitb I I; I.
The an litor appointed tn ditribut the r oney
aritiif Innn Ihe ale ol I)cfciid.iil' Heal Eftale,
will nltend lo Ihe dufita nf bii rTi in fieartir'd.
nn Wrdneadav, lha 31 at Jay of Mir, at J o'clock,
p. m. ' lSJtAEI. TKeT,
May 10, 1ST1 St Auditor.
1) r.c:im-:Ka ni ti v i--n .d ice ia h why
V K'vin (hit the following Aceonnfp have Iind
cxttuiined and nt'-ed by nic. and roauin Kted oj
riTonl in tit ia for lle inf-pectmn of heir.,
legale p. cri'ditorp, and all other in any other way
int"n Kted, and will hr prcaentvd to (he next Or
pbaiii' Court o Clear fiebl r-oiiniy. to le held at the
I'ourt Ifonae, tn the horoui;h of Clenrtiebl, cotii
iiiem injj on the flrt Monday (Wing the 4th dav)
ol June, A. I. 1H7I.
Final acmim wf John ltilPaetl and MifeiP-Ppen-r,
Ettfiit-rt of WUbaui Cleaver, lute ol
'iVnn lownb p
A-vomit of Henry A!Hrt, (iitArdlRn, Ac, of
I'lorr-nr M. and .warah J. liiitm , minor chil
tlren of S;iimie llatnrp. l:itp of Hrndtord town
hip. with petition (or dipeharce.
1 mil ai-eonni of M'ibium llntb-n, KTaeuturol
.!o.ep! Miehne), late of HiiTliPiiie townphip.
lU ;iTrK a Ofn. a. A. W. I.EK.
Cleat MJ, Va.. May H I sT I -ft. J l.eicti r.
11M TlSf
lep;re lo infori th e tiitnp of 0veola and
the IMlblie If' V. ttl il lift liiinlml r.iw.11 .1
J a larr nnd -ph-n-li I .it.-ortm.nt of St.-vee, Ibmar.
h I I llai 'Iwa-e aol Sram;ed and .Iiinoted
cn-a nl at k'tidp. A 'to that we mnut,;ure
aa 1 kfs p eoTitntitiv on ban- a foil a-ort n;ent ol
Tmir.eirt Vurci. wbieh we will iipoie ef at
either whob i-ali or ret tit. to puil pu.eb tei a.
Hoofing. Sjn.u'iri. I;, p.tirin ami at) ktnda of
Jtdt Wark dune I" 11 t.-r and With dip;if.-h
ftrie.t attention pi.l ordering article! for par
tie d- Piring it.
t'onnimera will find It to tht fr a Ivautare to
pnrrhaae troin ua. Our atoek and pneet trill pat
ipf v yon that we do . II g.,ud w 4iei at
1 1"
I'P thai iU'ae the n no Tile,
I 1 ou will rial ua on t urtin vnet, nearly op.
popiienn r s-tinniie llo'el.
0ce.da MilU, Pa., May II, 137 1 df
o i; n att i: t i tn i
Are you In need of a (r-oil pit of Hnrnepi ?
Are. yon in need of a (t od S id He or Hiidlr?
Il to. call at Ihe ha,i,l!e and llamepp Mmp of
.liini t. M AMah k. wheie von cnu eel the brat in
the tiui i k--t- Ibm-'lcand Sip Hitrn-'p ami
! d a'and t.ent'p Snbltep of pip,-rinr wotktnanhi'r
, unin n now, .nni Ket ttrcel. fieM, Vn,
Ma.v , l;l ly. JOHN 0. IIAK'.i U K
Iliij'IneH for Nnlcl
fpilP. un.l. r.itncj Ian
KMilNKS, ono i.f :
on hand two firpt-rlap.
It hurac ttnwrr and tliv
other AO hur.c or, nliU-li tl.rj will
m:m, at a n.ottiAix
Thr, air!a in cirry pn. luular, an.l
Biii'Iii-.I in th, w-rr l.cjt jtvlc 1 .rran., .,
T!i..- In nrr.l ..font !,l In llfrr,irrj...nJ wild
: m call n(iua
i.ic,m:r, Yorxo a co.
I. Pa, April 12, b;i ?..
lit North Froond Pt , cor. of t)iinrr.v,
Aa a.-xrtiiirnt of lVui,-hn. I..-..,... l:i...
r.l Mar, ,-.,,i.n,iiU ,.n , ','..
W iH, l.i p an.l Ji nrlrj proiopi!, all', ii,li-. i.
mniinbaa, rtvAlHEK,
ms.ri M-a,iti a, :-,rlnj IV.Ip. Frln.
( ot.. l-prilif Mllr,-..r., . ,r llirr..,.., ,.k
1-irilW .MVIrrP.ra F.,1.A.. E-..i.-
II, ,t, llol.trrp and IMI.miL l',.a,.i -...!. .
.. Ill.nk.,. ,!..;. r. .. .'
Tt,r l.r. a.rr ffr. (hr p.i,..
N. II Hur Intrnlian In Irral all ni.toinrra .
thai IhrT aill hsH-onir priinan, 01 ,l,alrr. ailli a.,
and nr.ln. aill rr,,tr tl ,.ma allintion, an
r-r.nni can but Juil a, ahrapa. irprr.n.t al ll.,
tnrf. u.-k ,u u-i
' (f state (or af-
Jj LAIUII.tVK nam;
Valuable Real Estate!
Ily virtue of an orI r of lVi(On,),3
made Hie l.'i'h Jiininirv, A. i. ,
21al W.ircli, A. l.-7l,M,
until June lorui, i7l, HenrT Ihk, t
al rutJi iaie, al the l-u-rl I!
MONDAY, JI NE h, in7l
ck, p. in., the foll-.aii, ,(,., ,t .
erly. Pitnnte iu hii"i !' ilt j., ij,
ol Octjrge Mrifs. now nncj (,v ),,,
dron, ol rhnui Henry Mile ip (jr1:i , ,
and dcmiibd na IoIIohr: ' '
On (he houih by litixl of Jin .'), ,,
on the wcpI by ImiuI ot J iRua IUbyM.
Hay ; on the ti .rli by l:tn I- oi M .v- aiin
nd on the ear! by I.uj U of Mr. ir".
i-eing pan ui m mrirer purvev in ,.
if,.. i t. iio n il m-i
m,-.. t , ....... ,A .,nw iw.n, tt(lff
avoui ov acni cj carta, wuit II
crr-'led there
balance heiii Ti;iJ(.r
FilWn pr c.-ni. of tb,
Dinney when property ii knocked d'ja(JtlH,'
of balanne at coniirmation of uM t,,
two cquut annual pnyuientp wiiJi n,icrM tt''
cured hy bond and niortga(ie on the j,r,ai
May I7, Uain;
Houses and Lois For Salt;
Iwill atll a well Houe tt,J lAU
ated on LoeUPl tiet, Icim.t!
t-wur'b; and a lar-e well (iniMi-il i, jjJ(
two Ij'.Ip, vituafLd on the p-nt'lt eat ,
Locuit and Fourth tin eta. Fur tern,,
liorip appl to J'MlN V. t i,lB
CTrartitdd May I7tb, 2ik.
Valuable Lots in ilearfu-lj
There will be eold at I'ulilic Sr, lt ii,t
Ilouce, in Clearfield, on
Tl ESIiAV. JUNE ttll. l;i,
at 2 n'clock. p. in., the followinr TpltiTlA
Iota, late llitj property ol Icuittli lu ltnin,
ceapeil, vii :
l.ofp No. J3. 74, T5, T6 and T7. fM.,
Third aln-el ; EoIp N. I4 and I Irm :t
I.ocupI atreet : I.ol No. 11, ou tbf n r
Fourth and Market Ptreelp,
Most of the above property ip thr n i4
hie for VtiiMing lotp now iu inn rk.-t, nt a:!!i
by reference to Ihe p'au of paid horenrh t.j.
perpotia cle-iriny fu liter inionna'iou Mi7
lion and L")ut.itarin are re fern d.
TEliMrt: Ten per cenl. of purilmev
when (he property ia aobi, anil the W.aur v.
ctjiial annual paymrnta, wi'h inter.'!. t. t,
cured br bond and inortgiige on t1" i n
Attorney for t lie Hi iri of I.-a;ab Full'Ttm,.
( leaifield, May ft, lHTMt
xi:t tToits sam:
Valuablf foal & Timber Leai
Ity virtue of an ordnr Ifpned by th "f1
( ourl ot I'leartii id conntv, itie uttdTM
aet) at Piiblio lale, at the Court llirtj
borough of Clearlteld, Pa., au
A: 1 o'ol tck, p. ia., the fallow ing d' p rhf!!
l.tate, lati! the property of .luhu i-nr!.art,
IOW Al HI .w tni 71 P.r h. p, wore or h
fine Coal anl Timber Land in i'ee.cur 1 lue
t barlield count), adjoining lai.d ut i
lluhe", ui lace, hmilhami othet-i, ni'.-.r I':. ;
bu:L und in the ceiitrnl j art of tlo-cIii
rcjrion. A Ttin of "O.I coal, five fret n, u
iicpr, opntd on the priuttPev, and b-.tbi
lity or line O.ik, 1'iiit' au.l 11- lulot k 1 1 -i i., r .tr
on. Ttie pTuperiy il lnot tmor.i lv fi'ujii.
farming and uiiiiici; puroo ;,
1KKIS; One third c.ifh at eonfirini! m
ule, and Ihe balance in two iiiul utn
iiitiiit, to t aivunu ty bvuti ui.J titi'jij
t lie p.ciijiivi.
J. V. hTKI.NtH.
Vqcuxut tp., .ljy IU .11 L.nrj;yt
Xl:t'l"U)Hsl' H 11.11
Valuable Real Estate!
Ily virtue of onion Wued to the utvimr
by the tlrpliaus' Court nt Centre aid :
eouulica, thoy will at ll at Public ?i!: iii Pit.
burg, on
SATri;iAY, jrNE s, t :i,
At 3 oVliK'l., p. tt, a
Heinr lot No. 1 10, frrntinit dn f-et nf Pei
ronrih Ptrrct, and cvrn hnj k ab
t'mtre meet 2i0 nVt ; l.". i'u 1
lloii'e mil olb;r 111.' Till cot t.'!1 tin " - 'B'
in at'natcd 11 the c titr:il a:. 1 ki-i:-' t
.i d town it ia tlo r lore a v ry def n 1 '
for a priva'c resilient e r l.uUict .1. 1.
Abu, Will lie void ul he fatar t;i:ti ir.dr
Sltunte in Itvcatiir ! i;l ip, ('! '
Pa., wtihtn half a mi-n( Pinli; - I'li't: ;
chared on ! In io.d auie ol ( iil i
property ef .l.t'in tt-artoin, d
d Th I
il lleniii.-k Timber hi in-j fer.c I. '
ty of giio I O.ik and o!h-r Tinner tlv r' ;i. at
will opp with the pan." to the p in-ii " r.
1KK.MS: tine hull r:i-h at I'rH'1
sale, an l thf hrtbin'' in 10 1 moil a;.. u. i-, t be ecru red by bund ulI u- r:; i
the piej.iep.
A N j n k -V f;i i:iil.r.T,
J. F. .-TKIM.K.
Ici'ati:r tp.. May I'l I'.t K.pca:-'.
H IV A T i: 8AL i:
Valuable Real Estate!
The KuVcriher wilt o"". r at prii . 'p B
n axonabht tetnip, lh- tolbwinf I.-al I '' ' 1
ate in MorriP townpb.p. Cbmlirll cunt. P
nfaininir ltM AC It i .H and al:-i'' '
haiiiK thereon rreWf.l a two i ' :i'V H
li Hi ft-et, dame It.irn. t f) l.-c'. m -1 a
other ntet-pptr nntboiMiiic. al in p-"'
and repiir. trn acrea of an tt' i I "
rhoieept arietic p tt IVnit. A nrvrr f;i it t ; l !(
at the houpc an l a Will at the bam.
dred aerep of it ip tui'l rli.i t wi'h av.inef
ttet cinitity of Coil, tu f, t i 1 at tni i'' 1"
lllil'li III (llil-n In iliti.i ii. n l ntiT tllll,".
5.-3rFor hilther i i'fi'i il"1"
cutter at Li Mi Ictiec in Morn,. t..we.-lup.
IAMl.b V-I M-
I ivieri"nii r. it ::.un'j rttjnc
Timber an?l foal laiuN
r 0 It g A 1, ! !
Tin Ulewinji tracla of Tunbrr and C 1 !-vl
arc offered for adet One tr-t of K.i-' t'
lyinjf on thr K Ki.rr, in Xt l.-tiT ci-n. : t'"
triwlP lung nt. tlio fame live: in p.rat a ri'. ).
two of ;.). ll ..n. (ll i.i'Pv-";
and one tract ciitn-nii,j p,:u 0 nrr f, 1' it S 'n f
tiawb r .Nji-holaf e utn'v. 'J ia Ii'l"' '
theMt Ian Ip ai perfect.
Any iiit.irmiii .n coikm rtiin; th. r- 'ni: !' i
had by fl.blrra.ii. t tj $. ! , M .
Marcli l;i-tf. PLi'li.-' un:. I
Farm for Sale I
CinNTMMMi V(l ACKF--, it. a -d
' eiiltivatmii. ril.iute, fn t'ikr ton i -I, p
nnlv. I1... nl,,,!,!
i I,..
ni.urinit .Mill, on Ihc tin up . k- la.l:ie lr" ' "'
art.., hi,, in t ., 1 1 . ii, x a .'...i an-is!-"
h. Hi.i-,, I,. am out I. i, line's tlifr. -n. I''"
i. al.n a pTs-'t .pm,,: mi-I a vmioit or. l-s-'l '"' l1"
pn-miata. Anv pr...n if a nu-r Inn'
"ill lin.l ll,,. a i-rv d Iwaln -a.
1 or lunhrr parlii iniiiirv ol llm li'l
ll, on Ihc pnnn.i s, or a I. In
T. W. n.l'.MlMi.
M.iroii :a tr, cur,r,i.ii:'-. i'-
aew Firm !
'UK trn, of ( Kit TZKIt. in Ilir l,r
anil 1' l,u.inr, will Ir I.ii.'ii rrr
aiu-r an.ti-r the namr ol
K II A Tf. I: II t 1. V Tl. I'.
ThaiitiiiiK the p; li,. for .a.l fnvor.. t". If"
for a ontiiiiiiisn, v , ,t il, ..,,ic,
I'lratliai.l, l'a.. Kahrnarr f. ISTl.
V 1)111
.r.t. airrn ih.l irli, r- "I Mnini:
ou lha ri'aia of r'UHKH r M'l Nn. sro--
' lal cf Lumhrr I'in. I'lra-liol-t ,..n"
i h-'inf b-, dull fr.nt.d lo lh ,.d,'n,"
ll it.rpooa laili'l l. d In aaid mala tll I "
rata liuin-.h... pattnrnl. rnd Iho.a k,,"!J or rlria.nil a, II pr,-..-nl lli.ia pr-p'rlj
autl .Dliralrd lor arttlrinvlit with- iil d1
ANTIUlM' I'"'"
M,.N "l "
t.Bllih.r City. April Itl.CitaJ A'loin l''",
K II il?- I
.(.,, i. p' I- -ll.
K. rtLI.LKI'0.