Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 10, 1870, Image 3

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tDXESDAT M0RX1S0. AVOt'ST 10, lrO.
Terms of Subscription.
paid In nd.anc. or within ttirw. uinnlhf ...92 00
paid after three and before sir. months-... t &0
' paid alter tbe einiratiun of m month. ... I 00
All article, to in. lint In.ertion in thil
Aytr thonli b. bended In early un Tuenlay
oramf. as we ffo to pres. At 12 o'clock, (noon.)
Ri:i.i;iors vorici w.
Methodist F-plsnrpnl Chtirrh Rer. 3 H.
SVono, Pastor. Pu1io B.mcs trtrj Sabltatb,
( 10, A M.. end 74 P. M.
CaMiath School at A. M.
Pray.r Meetiot: .ry Thorsd... at T P. M.'
Communion rieTrioa, first Sabbath of .eery
-..nth. at lilt A. M.
m. fraude' Chitreh Catholic Rre Mr.
VBRiUflAf. Maaa at 101 o'clock A. M., on tha
tond and fourth PnndaT. of turb month.
felt. Andrew! Church lplaropalM.Rev.
WaoRflB Uall. Publie Herein, tiundny mornine;
M la o'clock, and at T P. M Kundav School at
t P. M- Praj.r Meeting Wednssds. evening
M 7 clock.
Preebyterlan Chnrrh Rev. Mr. Bcet-en
ablt. eterrioe trerj baubath, morning and even
The School Directors of Woodward
Diftnct, it will bo obnervort hy onr
dvprlininp columns, will let the build
ing of School Home on tho 27th.
We notice that the workmen are
engaged in rmbellinliiae; -the Shaw
Houe in a very substantial m tinner,
by placinir alone steps and platform
t each front door.
William Wise, of Ferguson town
ship, bad a valuable horse, killed the
other day, by lightning. The homo
was standing near a tree in the pasture
fleld, down which the electric streak
passed, at the same time killing the
' FiC-Xic. We understand that our
Catholic friends contemplate holding
a grand piu-nic at Osceola, on Mon-
day, the 15th day of August. The
proceeds are to be applied in finishing
j a parsonage now being erected at that
f place. A general turnout of the
friends is expected.
; Thc Faie It will le noticed that
i the officers of our Agricultural Society
' propose holding a Fair on tho 12th,
13th and 14tU of October, next. They
are making gigantic arrangements
for grand exhibition. It now be
comes ihe duly of every Farmer and
Mechanic to put his shoulder to the
wheel and help to make it a success.
The Erie Gnttttt ot the 4lh says:
We are gratified to Irani that Mr. D.
Livingston, United Slates Internal
Revenue Assessor, who has been
spondiiig a few weeks in our city, has
greatly improved both in health and
spirits by his visit. He will remain
aotue time longer in the city and we
bops that Le will be still further ben
efitted. "Wbatto Wiar and Uow to
It" Is the title of a book of Infrac
tions on dress and Jrcs-nmking, pub
lished by Mint. Demorrst. at 15 cents.
Dress makers snd ladies generally will
find in this manual much useful infor
mation, and complete instruction in
every department of ladies' anii chil
drcn'i dres. It is issued sctni an
nually, and sent free of postnge.
Address Mine. Dcniorest, &3S Broad
way, New York.
FoaTouso Mai ai Yoiso Wometj.
The Young Fulks' Rural is the novel
title of the new Rurnl and Literary
Monthly being ixsued by H X. F
Lewis, tho puhlibher f the IVrttrrn
Rural, at Chicago. Vi iics are offered
for stories and contributions on vari
out suljects by voting writers, and
fine premiums for clubs of subscribers.
Terms, SI 00 per year. The first 5iK)
ubscrioers are to be credited for two
years. We think this paper must
excite a great interest amnng the
young men snd young women through
out tho United States. Address II. X.
F. Lewis, Publisher, Chicago.
List of LtTTlnS remaining unclaim
ed in the IVtofficc at Clearfield, Pa.,
August 1st, 1S70
Bwl, Jnecpbaa.
Ilalbaret. Hemrj A.
Connoll. Jnai.
Cli Him Bmas.
Coslidrc, W ilbnr.
Chnet. C B.
ftafffot, VaoVinjr)m.
irmmry, Jaac C.
I)nafrtk. Utm Ads.
C-krraire, Johm 2.
fckr. John J.
rrcman. Jobn R.
Fwran. Mt Ell.
tirmlicf. Min Marj.
Keller. Franalis.
Kennede. J. W.
lcMt. H illiaa.
M roily, c. w.
Carloey, John.
M rracken. Mu ReebcL
M ncan. Janca.
Mdli. Sansnel.
Sri K-niah E.
0 IMI. Jofa.
Pie. Mra. Mary E.
Parker, itea-fe T.
Pceu, Joee,.h.
fVthteon. SkBieet
Silica. Tbotnaf T.
trick'in, Jac.
Stieneer. Jiaef.h M.
Smite, Fruklis.
Sunree, S.
Weaton, Franklin.
WhiMaker. AW I.
1ay, fteorr.
U Call, Waitsa.
Winter, lilaian
rrTEB A. OAIL1.S, P. M.
Tss enrnentert bare eninenoed work on nor
eiitbbee Otsdlaniler t new buck residence. W o
eler eibere be raieed tba "diogbnu lor Utat inr-
.eet '" Jvwrwml.
Fifteen year steady labor and
conomy, with an rye eingle to onr
present undertaking has enabled us to
raise the "dingbats for that purpose."
The ten lxur rule never would have
'got us out of thu woods," but fifteen
boars and uicdium bralth, has driven
the wolf from our door; and every man
bss the same chance. The course is
npen to all. And if our patrons pay
ns what they owe, we can bui'.J
another. What do you think of that,
Tm Cr.nssi s. The Census Uurran
has issued orders to the Deputy Mar
shals not to furt,ih the press nor in
dividuals with any information on litis
subject. Wo have however, gathered
from other scur-es the fart that the
population of our borough has neat'y
doubled in the pat ten years and will
be about 1,4 0. Wo notice that the
cititens in fast town aro nnwilling to
ew-pt the work of the ofiWrs as cor
rect, because it fixes the population
far below thei estimates. In towns
where they rxpecU-d 2,('o0 population
they have but 1,200, an J where they
expected 3.000 they hve about 2,000,
Me. Few towns exceed fif;y H'rcent.
of increase since iMlfl, w bile Clearfield
will be at least ninety per rnV
1'isns run lUrriMi The Clinton
TVmocrnf f Ir1 week says: "We are
pleased to announce that tho work of
erecting piers for tho prolvction of
rnfts stopping at I.ockport, nos
from Lock Ilnven, Is proceeding with
most commendable speed, two piers
having been already erected. When
the next flood conies raftsmen will
find a harbor whero they can safely
tio up. The prompt action taken
hero has stirred up Ir. llerdic and
his friends. It was doubtless thought
that by holding buck public, notice of
tho schemo to get the market moved
from hero, tho arrangement could be
perfected below before anything would
be dono hero, and, at tho samo time,
it could be offered as an excuse for the
removal, Ihut they hud waited threo
or four months and nothing had been
dono. Tho promplitudo with which
something was dono here is to guar
antee enough that it would have been
done eurlicr if the committee had
obeyed the resolutions, and tho peo
ple here been Informed of their do
mandtt by having them published in
Lock Haven papers ; but no, they
held than buck, and when they wore
published it was not in a paper, but
in Clearfield. Evidently this bears
tho impress of scheming to get tho
market from hero. But it will be found
difficult to accomplish it now that tho
piers are to bo erected and due pro
tection given.
''Tho action here hus occasioned
Messrs. Uerdic, Fisher and Heading
of Williams-port, to visit Clearfield, as
last week's Heplblican informs ua
, ., , . ,
"to consult wttb the appointed com-
mittee," and, further, thut, "they of
fered to fix up thc shore at that point
( Williamsport) in any manner the
committee might advise, and thus se
cure this important trade at that
place." Before that committee make
any arrangements below they should,
if the- mean to do fairly towards this
point, learn what is doing and what
is contemplated beforo entering into
rash promises about moving the
square timber market to Williamsport
and leading to preparations therefor
at that point. If they do that they
will be advised that we arc in earnest
here and at work. If not, then the
work will go on anyhow, and those
gentlemen may find that they have a
big thing on hand w hen they attempt
to move the square timber market
from Lock Haven to Williamsport."
Tm Academy. This institution is
cloeed during tbe warm weather, and BO doubt the
racstion will be a relief (e teaebera ai wrtl aa
acbolara. Tba Academy hie been in a eery fluur
irhiog condition under tbe aarpicea of Profeesor
Harrison, wbo U fully competent in all thc branchta
of a firifbed education. True, thie inptitutioa t
not patronifed aa it abould be. It ii moat beau
tifully located on the banki of tbe Weet Branch
of tbe SoRqot'hanna Rirer, with a beautiful and
romantic ecenrry. in n moat healthy and pleasant
portion of tba town of CltarflcJd. and. with an
n?ootnplifhed and fully competent oorpae of tcarb
era is aJl the bnuirhra, ni well aa ninie, the quce
tion often arircs, YfLy have wc not more pupi'.p
from a diitance? The fault, I an aaiiefn-d, ii
not with thc Prjfeetor. He ia untiring in bia
effortl to instruction to hit pupila. Our
town la erttirx to be quite rrrpecUble in iiie;
boarding hcuftc? are no longer ecaree, nnd all thc
a4Tantgt-i prreented elerwhere can be obtained
bcre ; then why ip it that inptrnd of 50 to 75 pupils
there are not three timee tbe number on thc lirt.
and they of tbe more adraneed branches' Thc
trnitcct. With proper elcrtiona, could certainly
make tbia achvol on that not only tbe town but
our county would look upon with pride, and the
grateful tbanka of those wbo graduate will eon
atantly go out to warm the hcarti of trnsteer,
teachers and friends. Then why not mnkc a suffi
cient effort? Must not the rising generation soon
take the places of those wlio are now oecnpying
thc most responsible positions in society? Is out
this community tutrrcsted in baring aide and effi
cient ofheert of reery g-ade and class ? E iucnt ion
is essential in every position and condition in lite.
W bat is society without refinement, and whnt is
refinement without education ?
A GRove Meeting Wo are re
quested to state that s Uroee Meeting conducted
by Slresiab's Church, will be btld in the grove
scar Kylertown. commencing on tho 1st day of
pL neat, and continue one week. Elders Ptiip
man nnd Catter, wilt be present. A eordial invi
tation is extcttlrd to all well disposed persons
ta bs present, 2t
Wo are informed, that on Friday
morning last, Mr. H'ra. Condo, of Cur
wensville, met with an accident under
the following circumstances : Ho was
at Schwem'i Hotel, Lulhcrsbtirg, and
on getting up at an early hour, he
fell from the head of the stairs into
the hail below, and was considerably
bruised; thungh not dangerous.
CaoQt ET,(iia Presbyterian billiards
a game played with long handled
mallets and half round hoops sharped
so as to bo driven in the ground not
the twenty. four spriiig duplex-t liptie
and w ooden balls, of the sizo of a
big goose egg, hy young men and
women of both sexes principally of
the female gender, in somebody's back
vard. late in the afternoon about sun
down may be we've got the thing
a little mixed. Iho g.imo liowever,
is quite popular in these parts. Won
der, if it tskes its name from the
inventor? Wonder, again, if the fa
mous Davy Crocket. was lhe inventor f
If so, how aro you. l'avc ? .
From I lie Mononpnlirlu Rrpuiiliran
of tlie I'th tilt., we learn tlint on the
2r.ih. a new liotie in llmt I'luoe, t
w liit Ii a iiuiiiIhT of prroiptm were t P tier, n niriit k I'V liirlttninje. One JJ,""".'"" -yourU
miin, Mr. A'tlt y C'otcr. a ! pniiirnhurf;
I'tiintt-r, w ho Ifliling n lttihier f'r ! steinen'
hie I'artner to ntaml on w hile l'"'"''''! JJ!.j.
ihr pttl'le rnil nf the httie. w an killeil .w,n, .,""!!!
the liyhtnini; running dnwn tlie lad 8o iv Ri le-.
tier. The man on I lie lttihlt r w on unin- M'tnniit
itired exeit thut he e knot ked oft , .,''..'"""''
and fell to the priiutid, rutting liin
head M-rerely. Serentl other srrnin
er more or lesg sltini.ed rv the
(X Ic.
I We ... it announced that tha ed
i itor of a Yniiiiientiiw-n (O.) :ier lte-
, lv went tip in a Balloon, in pursuit of
nome o. hi. 4W,a7.ef fulrr,t.rr,. A
j ?!? m pom ry uci that lie hn
j Inkon Iho Ktnng roo,i. nnch chp
nlwH VP go in t lie other direction. 'r
i t'liriMinn rhurity inducfti us to hone
it 'r'
In irtiriii); Imm llie lirolution,
Sunn B. Anilmtiy my ltw feci, a
L'retil, rnlm idiif!i. sn h n mother
tif! in I'iiiiling ot.t a cliild flic cannut
ArAnof tlnnnrtm
JVoifwr Sthools, srten j avrragr
time, four hionlhs tetitlieis, seven;
males six, at an avet ngn of I III id) ;
li iiinles one, nt f Jo per month ; pupils
-".17; males 111'), average 1:10 j leintiles
I.!., average loll; per cottage 1 3
Finunces, tax levied S 1 , 1 MO ; unseated
hind tax mid appropriation iilH ,r0.
Toachei'N' wages ?l,!ii M ; fuel, fees ol
Collector. Ac, 11:1-1; building nnd re
pairing $1 ,0SJ ; baluiico on hund SI,.
Wl Jill no ullowunco niitdo lor exon
erations. Covimjton. Schools, five; average
time, four months; teachers, live;
mules three, ot an a vera go of eoH fit);
females two, at un average of f:i5 per
month ; pupils, 1!(I(J ; males 1U2, aver
age li!) ; females lut, nveruge 7(1; per
centago 03. Finances, tux levied
$ii"0 7( ; unscnted land tax, appropri
ation ttnd balance on hand from last
year t .")77. Teachers' w nges 8712 ;
itiel, fees of Collector, ie., tlUIl.i;
balance, on hand 84112 W.i no allow
ance mado for exonerations.
dumber City Schools, ono; ovcr
ngo time, four months; one mule
teacher at $f0 per inonlh ; pupils, 75;
males, 3d, uvorago, 2H; females, 40,
average, 80 ; per centago, H0. Finan
ces, tax levied, 8203 23; appropria
tion and halatico on hand tn in last
year, $72 (S8. Teachers' wages 8200 ;
fuel, lees of Collector, exonerations,
&.C., t.)'6 22 ; balance on hand, $17 lit).
Lawrence. Schools, eleven ; aver
age time, four months; teachers, ulovnn;
mules eiht, ut ail average of $40 U0 ;
females three, at an average, of $10
per month; pupils 425; males 2:i.'l,
averttgo 15(5; females 102, average 120;
per centago 72.
Utirnxitle. Schools, nine, average
time, lour months teachers, nine.;
mules two, at an ovcyage of $:J2 60 ;
femules seven; at an average of 83 42
l" month; pupils, 832; males 174,
averttgo loO ; females 158, average 120;
L,,r Finances, lax levied
per centago 75. Finances, tux levied
$2, 100 ; appropriation and balunce on
hand from last year $000 50. Teach
ers' wages 1,105 76 ; fuel, fees of Col
lector Ac, $443 05 ; building, Ac , $11.
50; balance on hand $1 09.
Ml. Schools nine; avorage lime,
four months ; teachers nine ; ono male
ami eight females, at an average, of
$2o per month ; pupils zi'J; males 137,
average b3 ; females 142, averago 05 ;
er centago 05. Finances, tux levied
$1,285 4S; appropriation and balance
on hand from last, year $500 30.
Teachers' wages $900: fuel, fees of
Collector, exonerations, 4c., 820H 70 ;
purchasing ground, repairing and debt
duo per last report since paid $120;
balance on hand $115 00.
Ouelkk. Schools five; average
time, four months; teachers five;
males three, at an averago of $35 ; fe
males two, at an average of $34 per
month ; pnpils 100 ; males 81, average
G2 ; females 70, averago 00; percen
tage 70. Finances, tax levied $s:i8 00 ;
balance on hand from last year and
appropriation $4'JH 20. Teachers'
wages 8705 ; fuel, fees of Collector,1
Ac, 8225.0'.) ; balance on hand $107 00.
Sew Washington. Schools one ; av
erage time, month; pupils 50; males
2. average 22 ; females 2, average
17; percentage 78. Finances, tux
levied $104 70 ; appropriation and bal
ance on hand front last year $11 02.
Teachers' wages $130; fuel, fees of
Collector Ac , $32 bt ; balance on hand
$07 53.
All schools, now in session, will he
visited during the lulter part of Au
gust, and the first of September if
notified at once by Secretary.
Geo. W. S.nvher, Sup't.
On Pundsy, August 7, 1s;0, by Il.Ilrrivi.rn,
F.q.. Mr. JOSEPH P. Li ROCK to Miss 1)1:110
RAH C. JOHNSON ; both of I'uion township.
Id Liwrrne township, tn Auguit 21, 1 370,
LILLY MAY, dao-hicr of J. B. And R acrcl
Shaw i bltJ 1 Tfir, i month mad 17 Anv.
Clearfield Markets.
CoTTtrfrrJ wrrMy I f KnHHI Monp, Whl-'ft.c
ft ml Ketml Itt-aW-r in Iry tim., (irtnwriti (-.
itiuDt, Ac, Market utrvrt, C'ltarlicld, Pa., I'a Ang. 9, H70.
Applr.Krn.00i'j( I IS M 'fft, drcrHiftl
Jtrivi. V th UM grrro
Apj.k bmi-r.Vtr-l, I ,(l !Umt 0f
hutler W$ S" ShwulJrrt ""'itD
l.rntn k4t S if Si.lrn . (H'(
Hurkirhfiit 1 Ji Lurtl
Iturkwhrat floor lb,
Href, drird
b Mrss pork W bbl.. 37 Aft
JA Oars HA
l? Onions 1 ?S
lterf, freh H'flj
Hnar.ts. M 1? 0(al4 0" ISitatoea ($
Ti t
rorn.shelled. I z r-arns, urteti m..
Corn.emr tf Plaster, V bbl 4
for, meal, V-wek. 1 bu Rye....... 1 2J
Chop, cwtj J'(3 1 Hrs, V '
Clovrreeed- 9 i Silt, y rk 2 p
rherpe.......... Shinges.l ;n. j4fJ M ,
rherries, th. Iff 14 Hhinirs.Zft inlttfo, 1 1 Mi
Ch.ckens, drsd, m, lb T.mnthy see-d 7 M"
T.zz Talbw 12) I
Klatsf-rd- I WheL...MMM. 1 t
I iionr n "' c " woi p
IIhv m m'i l . otn. f mm i"
ON and after MondsT. MAY Sth, 1S70, two
Pain(rr Train, will run d.ilj tesrept Sun
daysj betwetn Trron. and Clearfield, a. lullows:
t l.KARHKI.f) MAI!..
riearfield. I 0. e n Tvrone ( DO. a n.
Phili.l.urf...S 4(1, " ' Owila Kilt.'.," t on. I Phihp.burg ...II .00. "
Terone t , Lrimrtteld IS.OJ.fMi.
ri.KM:Mi:i.i) At ctmi)iATi'i'.
riern-M f l) . n. Ternne ll p. a.
Philipshurf . 9 4(1 i lnterseetion ...1 D "
Osreola ln J " ' ftveota J l "
Interaction-.. 1." r. n. I'hittp-t.w-si ...-1 SA "
Trr-nr 1 J0 " ; le.,. I.I .nr.. '" "
" 1A1!E A N iTdISTA NC23
inoM ci.EAnriEi.p.i rm'M tvronk.
K at
Z 5 ' Ft.tiens. Z- I
i fi ? ?
.. I 1" lnterseetion 4 H
.. tt ?(i Vin-MTnr T ?0
.. 5 ' OfiHner S'1
.11 MS Jit. Pleasant.... II t'
,.tJ 4" 14 S
It HO -anHt Mi.lcr...U (
..It fi. Pnwill'nn 17 4S
..n t.K tsoeeoln 1n) f,S
tt . I'lioUr ?l (to
..t'4 S'ttTirr'. .'S f.s
. .?n H' llilllplinr)( HI 1
..?7 US lllor Poll V
l (ill . al(i-,-tin TO f 5
..s.t Ii in I'ijirr :n d
..SI 1 no Woodland ll 00
. 7 1 f. Leonard ' 1 If
41 I tit lenrlietd 411 811
:OM ( I.EAI!F1KLI, TO lletown 5M
I 70 j Marietta ft bf
II Ml , l.anea.ier I
! Woodland..
i Varsenroe.
, luereeetion..
Tt rone..
p.Hefnote, Pa .
!,..- Karen...
W illislnsporl
Hnntinr lon I " t il I I A .L Ll'H I A
, l,,i...n on it,,na I is
"7. . i ii"" i nZ'iZ I
i o in--,
n (wnn(V.tHlM Twfnw witK
n, ,nd V rt r ihs Vtm 1. ine, and at W illisms.
1 pn f..r p-int North rd Ks-t.
I ers Ira.inr ClesrPeM ot f. m..
j reah W iH,ir-rt ike -wms day, and pe-amfrrs
la ring williantrport at .v9 a. m., reaeh t lear
ftrM al (t no p m.
I'a'srngt-rs ftr war stations on the Main Line
between 1 ynnr and Ilarmharg. lea re Trrtme at
S 41 p. m.
fpj-lf f fN-teTin'md-n.
JWitnbold'i Column.
i ii r. k I n n i: i i
Thf Kltlnfj-i Hi two in mimlfr llufttrrj it thr
uppT purl of the loin, iiirniurj lrf. hy Ut, and
entiiiiitiiif of three rta, via ; tho Antrrtur, thu
Intrriur, and Ilia Kitt-ilur,
Tb anti-rior aboorhf. Intrrlor eimnit-U of
uii or ven, which arrva ai a d'-fxtxit fir the
urine and convey It to the eitcrior. Thp rxtrrior
1 a oonduclor atm, fruiinatiit In a ingle tu'-e,
and pallwl (tie I'nrter. Tbe oretcnare connected
with the bUdder,
The bladder ii oompflMd of various coveringi
or tiiiufi, divided into purta, rit; the 1'pper, the
Lower, the Nervnui, nd the Muroui. The upper
expels, the lower rtUii.i. Many liara a dtriire to
urinate without the ability; other urinate with
out the abltily to retnio, Tliii frrxjucotrj occur,
in children.
To cure thrte atTcottoni, wa muot bring into
action the muiclef, whiih are engaged in their
various functions. If tbey are nrglected, Gravel
or Dropsy may ensue.
The reader must also be made aware, that how-
rer slight may be the attack, it is sure ta affect
the bodily health aud menial powers, us our fleeb
and blood are supported from these sources.
Paiu occurring in the loins is indicatire of the
above disraaca. they occur to persons dispoird
to aoiU stomach and chalky eoneretions.
Tha grarel ensues from neglect or improper
treatment of the kidneys. These organs being
weak, the water is not expelled from tbe bladdrr,
bat Allowed to remain; it becomes fererisb, and
sediment forms. It is from this deposit that the
stone is formed, and grarel ensues.
Dropny is a eolleetitm of water in some parts of
the body, and bears different tames, aeeordiug to
the parts affected, fit; when generally diffused
prer Ihe body, It Is called Anasarca, whea of the
abdomen, Ascites; when of the chest, Uydrotborai.
llrlmbold's highly concentrated eon. pound Ex
tract Bucba is decidedly one of the best rrmtdir
for diseases of tbe bladder, kidneys, grarel, drop
sical swellings, rhenmatiem, and goiily affections,
t'nder this bead we bare arrangt'd Pyuria, or
difficulty and pain in pasing water, Scanty Secre
tion, or small and frequent disthargfs of water:
Strangury, or stopping of water; lirmtturia, or
bloody rine; (lout and Rhenmatism of tbs kid
neys, without any change in quantity, but increase
in color, or dark water. It was always highly
recommended by the lata Dr. Physick. ia three
This medicine increases tbe power of digestion,
and exiitrs the ahsorbrnts into healthy exercise
by whih the wattry or calcareous depositions,
and ail unnatural enlargements, as well as pain
and to fin mat ion, are reduced, and it is tsken by
men, wnmrn and children. Directions for use
and diet accompany.
Pnit AnRi.rntA, Pa., Feb. it IS ft 7.
II. T. Ildiubold, Drnggiit:
Pn Sir I hare been suffering, for upward
of twenty years, with grarel, bladder and kidney
sffeetionr, daring whirb time I bare ased various
medital preparations, and been wnder lhe treat
ment of the mort eminent physicians, ripcrienring
but little relif f.
Having swea your prepsrmtions extensirely aJ-Terti.-ed,
I consulted with oiy family phrt-kdan in
regard to ving your Extrnrt Uurbs.
I did this because I bad uped atl kind of adrer
tised remedirs, and bad lound I hem worthless, and
some quite injurious ; in fart, I drepaired of ever
getting welt, and determined to use no reinedin
herraftrr nnlrss I knew of tlie ingrnlients. It
w,f (Lil lh,t m,,, t0 Qee your remedy.
' 1 ' '
.t decrt.srd that it was eompo.;d of burhu.
ruM s, and Juniper berries, it occurred to me and
mr phvsician as an eifvllent comM nation, and,
wiik hip fcdice, after an examination of the arti-
..... . ,
M- """'ng again the druggist, I coa-
rludrd to try it. I oommrnccd its use about eight
months agt, at whirb time 1 was confined to my
room. Knm the first bottle I was aMnnished and
grafiffid at the beneficial rffret, nnd after nsing It
three weeks, was able to wa!k ont. I felt mub
like writing yon a full statement of my ease at the .
time, but thought my improrttnent might only be
temporary, and therefore concluded to defer and
see if it would effect a perfect cure, knowing thro
it would be of greater value to you, and more
satisfartory to ma.
1 am now able to report that a cure is effected
after using tbe remedy fur Art months.
I have not used any now for three months, and
feel as well in all reepeets as I ever did. " "
Tour Purho bring devoid of any anpTeiemiit
tents and odor, a iiiee t'nie and Inrignratntuf the
system, I do ant mean to be without it whenever
oecerion may require its ne in surh afWlmne.
M. M. MfCi'K.Vtl K.
Shoulj any doubt Mr. Merormick's ststrmcnt,
be irfcrt to the following gentlemen i
H"n, Wa. Bti.i.rn,ri flovern'-r, PenniyUania.
Hon. Tn'. H. FLonicM-K, Philadelphia.
Hon. J. C. Kkox, JuSpt, Philadelphia,
llt.o. J. 8. Pi-A' i, Jutlk-i, Philsdi Iphia.
lion. ll. R. p..Trn.e.U(.vrmor, 'Pennsylvania.
H"n. Et Lr. wis, Judre, Philadrlphta.
Hon. R. C. (imtlt, Judge, I niled Plates C'urt.
Hon. U. W. Wnntiviiii, Juitpn, Pliiladriphia.
Hn. W. A . Ponrra, City Roliriior, Pfaila U Iphia,
Hon Jon fliQi-Rru ex Governor, California,
Hon. E. Pair, An litor iif n., Washington, It.C.
And mtvnv oihero. if neeessaiT.
fre?!,! I hy PmtrxistsanJ tfa!rr.feervnhrre.
Iti warenfcountrrfi its. Ai-k lot UrlmWM a. 7ake
no nttirr.
tl.2.r -r Hotllo, or C liotllc for f d.iiO.
Irlirrrel li nny aJJrrsa. Iesrribe sTirtoms
tn all enntmnnitinns. A"Jlrrs.
Iiruf an4 ( hrmi-nl Warehnose, b9 Ilmednar.
Nr Turk.
s- in
ON E AI1K OEM IXF, VS'l.F.SD n; rr i
Meel enr-wreil wrsppsr, w'tk fae simile
nf wit Cni mi -al Wareli.usli. and nifned
Jr''; H. T BK1 MHOIP.
isHiiniiniiBwuwa mn'lt mi i
Thrdnnrf, tjlnunrf, flt
nxllipetarg-, Coatro Comity, Pa.
fflllH nnder.litned respertfullj nnncunee. In
1 lb, poblle that ho has on nana n oars,
fully. selected and well assorted stock of
W A R E !
His stock of Cooking Stoves eunttits of
Which bar neeer failed to bring fMei and
prosperity into faint iei where ll is used,
Diswnnd State, Farmer, Herald. Charm, Spears'
California Cook kSuiva. Kpears' Anti-Dust,
Uas burning Cooking Kto-s. Victor,
Helisnce and I niun Unit es(
tf peart' ( oolting Hangust
Ao., tre.
fc,Ths Tin and Sheet Iron war girenwitb
the Moth is mado of tho heav'est and best
material, and warranted to fire porfeet aalis
His Stock of Parlor & Heating Stoves
Is larger, b-tter and eheapor than orer before
ibibtted to the public consisting of
8pears Remlving Light Illuminating Store.
Spears' Anti I't-i Oas Burning I arlr Si.iea,
Spears' Orblcntar (Jas Burning Far I or
Mura, Hpears' Uas-Bur, irg I'arlur
6Ure, Uoqurf, Pearl. Urm, Ida,
Sua, Inipio. Kerada,
kc Ac,
Vulcan. Elm and Victor Heaters, F peers' Rs
Tolrlng Light 11 eaters.
He Is alto prepared to famish a complete
assortment of
Tin, Copper, Sheet-Iron, Wooden and
Willow Ware, etc,
Wholesale or retail, man a factored neatly and
with tbe sole view to service, frua tbe best ma
trrlel in tba market.
Of every drscrlptton constantly on hind.
And other work belonging to his business wit)
be promptly filled by eiperieoeed and skill lu I
Taken la eicbange for goods.
ITIe enperiiMy Invites the sttentlon, of
Merrbanta tubing to purchase at wholnsate. as
tbey will find it to their advantare to asamine
Lis stock before purchasing elsewhere.'
Lookout for the Rig Pign ppoito the resi
dence of Mrs. l)r. Fwatrr.
All ticoia Wiaaa-iTcn as Riritsemiii.
I I H. AI,.
augfi t
Philipsburg, June 8, 1970.
II. F. BIG L Ell & CO.,
Ot Alt t?l IH
II It I W A It K ,
Also, Manofactorersof
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware.
C I. E A R I I E L I, PA.
Harness, Cellars, ete., fr sale by
II F. niOl.EH A CO.
Inf n.t Forks, for sals hf
ll. F. lUfil.KR A CO.
q i.V r in t, ri'ii'v, I "glass,
j Kails, ate., fir sals bj
! II F. niOLF.R I CO.
IFIndlnj., for sal, tj
n. F. ntni-FR co.
Q C N ii,V is'l'OLS, "S W O K I) CAN ICS
Tot sals hj
11. F. BIOLER 1 CO.
I Fire., for sal. ky
For sale bj
11 F. BIOI.F.R A CO.
KAIL9, r..r .al. hj
And best Manufacture, fur sals be
i II. F. WO l.F.R A CO.
BOXKS, f w.ale by
II. F. hiolf.r A m.
lODDEK Cl'TTEKS for ;ilo ly
at. Il.lil 70 II.
F. H I C. I.F.R A CO.
. . . tt. ivis i set
j. noi l un si s
Wank Rook Manufarfurrrs,
AMI 8TAT10XE11?,
.Vml.rl SI., Vhilatlftphia. Flmir farVs .ml Hscs. Feelif..
Utter, 5te, M ia-in(, I'nrtain eel M
I'. per.. r.;4.T It.iI
n 31 fioulh Tlilrrl Slrrrl. ehlla lrlphla.
And Dealers in Government Securities.
Application n mail will reerive rmnit t alien
lien, anil all ii'il.irmalinn rlii-erCulij fuim-lieil.
Onlers selie.ted. nirll If
ri Vn7aws .ini abdnnjihinl snft-rtrrs of ee.r,
JL kind ef the lafst Impro'em-nta, fer si. m
tas lrv ,,., HASTS'VI'-K I'IN.
w. sons ntnTonoNs
'C'lirnprr than the ( lirap sir
aoom at Ki-DrcKi) riiirKs
jrit nsrriTto T
A rnohl A Ilnrlsliorn,
(Ons door west of Firrt Xattooal Rsnk,)
( i nn rsii.i.i', pa.
n AVISO just returned from the ent with
enmplste assortment of tloods suitable for
Fpring and Hummer trade, we are now ready
to furnUb all kinds of (foods
11 Cheaper than the Cheapest I"
And after thanking our eustomers fur their
liberal patronage during the past year, we
would most rea ectfully atk for a continuance
of the same.
Onr Ptock eonsts of a cnrup?e(e assortment
of Pry Goods, Notions, Hardware, Queenswsre,
Willnnware, Uroeeiss, Itouts f- Pboes, Hats A
Gaps, Ctt4tnj, Tohaeeos, Ae. Also. Fluur,
Da eon, Salt. Fish, (irsin, eto.
All of wbiifa will be sold on (be most reason
able terms, and the bijfhest maiket price paid
for 'Irain, Wool and all kinds uf Lumber and
Country Product.
ePiease give us a eal) before purchasing
elsewhere. Pntisfactlon goaranteed as to price
and quality.
Corner uf Main and Thompson Streets,
l. r. WIIVIB, t W. W. SETTS.
Are offering, at tbe old stand of 0. L. Reed A Co.,
their stock of goods, consisting of
FLODB, FEED, SALT, &c, &c,
At tbe most reasonable rates fur CASH or in
e i change f'r
Square Timber, Boards, Shingle!!,
((iWlrAJvan',es made to these engad in grt
ting out square limber on the most advantageous
trrms, January S, ITfl,
trmi'r.iv.viM.t pa..
Bring sprrially engagrd in the business of
Buying and Selling Squaro Timber,
Would rrprrpetit lint they are now prepared to
pnrrhase Timber delivered al either Curwrnsv ille,
Lo-k Haren or Marirtta, (or will take il at any
of three points,) aud aid) on oommiiiiun, muking
surh advances as are necessary.
Those enjrspd in fitting out TimW will find
at our store in Curwrnst tlie, a erry large stork of
Of all Iseeeripliona.
I lour,
And seertblns; neeessarr fnr use of Lnmnernarn.
Of all sites, kept on hand in large quantities, and
sold at small adianee by thrcn.l. Also,
Tultry BliKks, 8 in all
lUpe, e.
jMMFr. 11 IMr ( I MIT offered
lo those manufarturing Square TimWr.
Curwrnsi ille, Jitnnarv 12,
Small Profits! Quick Sales!
Are eonstantlr replrniliin)E tlirir stiek of Pnips.
M-.lirinrs, Ac.
Minnl B..lta an l Ihe 0,.
Ij""il anj Nalinnal Fetlri of Healers.
Also, T'll'aeeo nnl Cipar. nf tlie ItsI hran l", nt
the hiwret prices,
nit CAM. AMI 8I E. f.9
Slumps! Slumps 1 1
r1IIK nnd. r.icnr,l his pn . haee I the rirhl t
I t'ieart.rlil county f.-r Kee n I A BP" "IITn'
Mine KTn.rT"n, .atentrd June Vth. 1S7H
Tins is ileei-li ill t the mt t nu nt. .Inra
l.k. and heal nnehine or the dar. rt weather
will not aftiet ll. Ihe wnrfcinr. art heinf all nf
tnn. The ma. lime is easi:i s. t nr. nnd will wnrk
at'. .la-e that ean ! j.hinid. e will si ll nta
ehmes at a small profit on roat, nnd will IrT to
ni'kr it In the ndiatitape nl fa mere tn hue tlietn.
We .elicit nrdfre frir tl"ir n:itiling mieliinrs.
II. T. I l:s mtril. t i.rri. id. I'n.
J. II. liAllltlSON. t nrwenstille. 1'a.
Grn. II lll l., Afint. I 'harfirld, I'n. jylSTia
VPMIMTHATOK- Mlfll l.-N.I-rf
is hi'rrliy fiven that tellers ( a'tln imstrat ion
on Ihe esl.le .if Snl.nMilX IM.1S. di-e'd, lai.
nf Pike tuwnshi. t'learfii ld rennty. IVnn'a.. har
inf heen dalr giantetl In tbe undefined, all er
S'n. indehtrd tn said estate will ilen-e make .ar.
ment, nnd thiMe having claims or demand" will
present then. )ini.,-rly au: limticateu foi seltleuiout
and allnwanee n :thnut d. 1st.
II. l. Rill I II, Administrater.
r.areeee'ilb. Jn. !, la: l.
SAVl KL ihsnl n...
pt OIpoiIs, C.t wilri, sflr.
V. Kit,
Market Street, Clearfield, renu'a.,
(Oj.poslt, tha Jail,)
II1AVE now on hard flrsl el.s. stork nf
jt.mds, suited 10 Ihe want, of the nnl lie
Mv stock hi insr laree, ai.d lr e'-ns'sntle mnklny
sddlltnna thereto, I am ahl. In aecno-motlate
all whn may favor me hj rnllirg. I bav.
Merinna. fllnrhauts, rinths, IMnle.
llelain..: Cas.itneres, 8ilks, Ki.,
Fatinets, Cashmeres. Twsrd.. fiiberv.. Alpaea..
M., Lanrll ., Muslins, Flannels, llonnel.
Kil.hnn', ri'ak.. flalii.oral Fklrt.. Hoop Fklrt..
fbawls, Pre.f Trlniminirs, 111 nd Neil, Cans
Corsets, Gloves, Hearfs, Collars,
Urenadine Vails, Table Coreri, i a.
Costs, Tanls, Veals, Oeer Cnats,
Oent'a (hawlt, Fhlrls. Hats. Cap.. I'nder Shins
and Drawers, Hunts and liboas, flum Sbues.
Cravats, Socks, Ulova. aud CuiLra.
Ten. Coffea. Fucar, Molasses,,
Candloi, Ki a. Floor, It aeon, Fi.k. T-.l,a-eo.
Kaialns, entrants, hpieai, Crathers, Vinegar.
Oils, Varniib, Pepper, Aloobol, Ac.
household goods,
Carpets. Oil elolh. Drocnet. riseka,
Lnobinit Glasses, Churns, Buckets,
Wnrhbnards, Tuba, Flat Irons, Pant, Window
B.inds, Wall Paper, Con! fli! Lamps, Drdeords,
I'mtr.llss, Knires, Fork., 8poona,
Crock., Elorss nnd Slot. Illaeklnf .
Quernsware, Tinware, Qtasiware,
Wooden ware Copper are, books. Stationery,
Vut.eal Quads, Trunki, tkates, lo.
9" h 11 of which will be sold on the snort rea
souaMe terms, and t a hiybtvt market price paid
for Grain, Wot I and all kinds of coo o try produce
(Oppo.ita lbs Jail.)
BUCK LEAD Eicels all other Lead!
1st- Forjra Inriraltd Mbitenrsa.
Id. For its I'nrqualad Purahilit).
Sd. Fr its t'nrurpossed Covering Property.
Lastly, fur Its Eronumy,
p-4r ll routa It-ss to paint with Tifl'k
thin any other W bite Lead ciUnl The same
wiicht eoerrs snore surface, 1 nor durbbie an J
makes wblier work.
Ill ( k 1 i:l fs tbf Chsapest and Best
$10,000 CUAKAXTEE.
BUCK ZINC Eicels all oilier Zincs !
1st. For Its I'oequalrd hurabiiiiy.
2d. For Its I'nrivalrd Uhttrnesa,
Sd. Fur its I'nsurpss.ed Corerinf Property.
LaMly. fur Ms tlreat Eeonoay.
Bfinjr ihe Cheapest, I1andsnmtf t and moat Di
rable K bile Paint in the Wuild. Buy
Try it and be Convinced,
feititfirtioa tluarantoed by ihe M -nofaf turers.
Pn-pared eiprepoly lur Painting
Colt acre. (lu'brfiMincs of eeery de er!ptlon,
Fenees Ae. Thtrt Bra different rnlora. Ia
rable Cheep, I'nilorm.and Heautiful Shadr.
Ksmple eards erut bt mail if araired lral
era Ord-rs will be promptly eavcuud by tbe
K. W Cor. T- th A Mertirt streets. Philsd'a.
F)rsate by A I. H haw and II artw if k A Ire in,
teab-rs In Irus;s, Mrdicines, Paints, Oils. Ac.
Clesrfl'ld, Pa aprl:i:7o:tt
At the Nrw T.iI'spco and Cigar 5fere uf
r. .rr. uooi f:rt
Two denn F.nst of the PostofRc, Cleartldd, Ta.
Constantly rm band a fine assortmrnt of Nary,
Concresf, Cnvendish, Cable, fpnnrotl,
Mlchiirnn and Century Fine-ent
Chrwing Tobacro, Ar.
A)s, a mtf mm 4 )) vrtwtrd stork of Imported
and I-omeHir Ci(rnrs. Smi'Vsinf Tobarroa,
aleersehsom and P-riar Pipes,
Pipe filturrs, Tobsrro
I.uirs, Cijfar HoUrrs, and eerythin)( (rrnerallj
found In a wi ll rrjru'afrd Cignr atid
TobarreO Store.
T-Hrmenibrr the place : Two doors F.ast of
the Postoffif, Clearflrld. Pa. decl
Miitni.i: woitiis,
C1U.L and s.-e the new MAIiTI.E WOUKS
1 nn Mark-t street, e.p..itr Ihe .Tail.
M(iM MI'nTS.
lil.KCIAN Ti'Ml f,
riii'scii cm riir.
T.M'.LK 101'.-, MANTI.IIS.
il.UtlT.N FTAT1 AliV,
Tl.l.nA (11 TA V A li K,
11KAII t l tniT fthM:;5.
nf nrn and hratilifnl drs'uns.
All of wliii ll will be sold nt Pity priors, nr p-r
eenl. Itss than anj nllier rslal'ltrl'tm nt In llii
e'Hintv. 8a'i.fnti"n punrantretl in rll eases.
Older, thankfully ne.lied and piouipllj fill'd
in the bst woikmnu-like niannrr.
f. A. C.Ili'HS.
J.via I'.. W.Tan. cnt. trrll ly
11-TK I '!TAIU I .! I-PI'.S.
We h ie printed a lare nunilxT nf the new
I I. K HI I.I.. aed will on the rreript nf twentr.
f re eent. nt" il a enpt tn anr ai'lrs. m ?
SnIM' P UK. Kennedy's .Ved eal .
l'isn very, llelrrhold. Ituehn, Halter's Cod '
I. leer Oil, Javne's and A .er's nf eeery
bind, f.r ..l.'br HAtl' IIK.
une. wmiw J is ''Wtrsr.sye.TMnw-. ) win sjaWu
ts Ihf Pftaat-rff I 'I ..(.I
CIMIE nnd.r
i 4iii ii i n. r.
gnt d. Is. it (. I lhi brn far
I i mi el t r, is r a ir lo rtiiertanf trsn
w. i and Irsvi l rs f . tirrslty, and lhrr (ore Soth i'
r..j trn'rs tu K ie His TaMe will he
phd nnt, ih, Ih m thr u ark t afl- i-t, and I if
l'nt ill cot t'lto llif r hiiic. wi o n inri and liq'toii
I li l.-ii,f , Inni'iurr. and ddinc are ftiltre'y
r.t, ni.. ni. t" thr rum .in o trsn Iris,
liilc li.r stn lnf allai bril is h ra; and routa i
iii-t riiiti d lur t aitif'' i. Clii j s mod'-rais.
Jan4 I" W 11 1.1AM H. KltAIl,i:T.
(Near ttiv lUilroud I'i po.)
kekh ftki:i;t, ci.i:ahfiki.i, pX.
c;. I). (.(M)lii I 1 lorY, Proprietors
VNKW f,r.-.r;iM ll.,ttl in a very respsct
ou. fortiavlilr rim m n hII ihr modrru iuiprora
f he Ut o ,gi OIt prouipt attend
ance, and rensonatile ebiiri-s. '1 tm patronage ot
'he pulilic is rvMHfliuily Solicit d. Ti-amsiers
will plense lake notice thai a lar)( barn his just
'.een erectrd tor lhe slitlti-rinjf of hoist ", ladtd
waifiitis and cm rriBjjrs having a eouiuiodious yarif
tij o tjiu tu the Freight atd l'usrnger depot. jrJl
rI1IIIS Isrjre anl eonimodinm ncrr hvlff bal
1 icn iipcn.d tr the at'crmrh(idiitidri nf the
pultlic, where tbe proprietor will be glad to meet
rite old In mhI . Mnd reerive a share ul public pat
ri)i,;i. Kv strirt personal attention to tbe de
ails ol his huniness. he hopes to he able to render
atilartio.i to his pittruns. The TAHI-E will
always be boontilully supplied with thr best (hat
'an he procurt d in the msrkit. end the BAR
will com n m a fullstockol LIQlOltH, BKKlt, At
liood stabling atlorhid.
Clearfield, March 3, ly Ptoprietar.
HA VI NO leased frf a term of years the
bore veil known and popular hotel, (kept
fonitrrly by Mr. Mason, and lately by Mr.
Fonts.) the present, proprietor has itted it
with the objtet of render nf his guests eotnfort
a tils' while s jt.urnins; with him. A line, largfl
tabl and Yard U atterhed, for the care and
protection of horses, carriages and wacons. M
liberal ?har of puMic parr-'tiai-e Is solicited.
mr4 7ttf A.J lHAUt KFR, Propr.
Corner of hreond and 11 ar kct StieetS,
cm;ahhi:i.I). pa.
TTTT4 old and eommodlons Hotel has. during
the pa ft year, been nlared to double iU
ft'ioier capacity for the entertainment of itran
fcr mui ac's. The wbde botl.iinf has been
rcfurnliibed. and tha proprirtvr will spare no
pains to rrndcr fail guests comfortable wbiltf
-tsyiof 'with bim.
jp-fr-lbe ''Mnnptnn Rouse" Omnibus runs to
and from tbe Deputoft 'he arrival end departure
of earh train. JOHN UUUUHEKIY,
apr6 T0 tf Proprietor;
urweuavlllr. ClearUeld couuty, Pti
fy H 8 nndersiffned has leaed to is old and Ions;
1 established hotel, (formerly kept by Major
Uac bionta.) situate in a ecnf rl portion of tbf
tnwn.end has entirely re-fitted and re fnmisbe4
it d re-modeled the sta.dhg. so a to make il
so t'jct, faarafier. for tbe travel in a; poblle ea
patroL'sc tkii lare antf commodious bins.
Jan. l v, 70-tf. T.Jtrr. uiAfu-ji.
4 nrweiifcillle i lea i held county. Fa.
rTHI old and well e-tabli-hed Iloiel, beautf
X lo" situated on the baiks ot the Sutque
iiaiina. in the boroiph ut Curwen Title, ba bt-em
i-ivd for a term of y.ars by the ondTiened
li bap bet-tt entirely reft tied, )d is now open fd
the public verier ify and the traielling eommn
mty in parieoiar. No pains will be spartd to
r-ndrr .OcpIs Contf-rta hla while tarrying at thil
hno e. Ample tStsbhnu rooi f.-r tbe aovomnso
dati'in f tt-ams. Chars;"- wdt-rate.
Jan. I, ? if WM. M. JEFFRIES.-
111 MIM.lmV PAt
rfllTS eld er-teMii-bment faatiff been leased
1 be J. MoHKlON, fttrmerly prjprietr of
Uie "Mnmstin ll'-usc, has been thoroughly ren
Tated and refumtuhed. and supplied with all
tbe wiodcHi tsnpTovcmcntp and cunrenie nces ue
eeary to a firat rlat llot I. Tne diri ir fnocf
has i ecn removed to the first floor, end is row
fmeious and ai:y. I be chambers srre well een
i tat d, ard the proprietor will endeavor to make
his frueu perfectly at h me.
J, 24 - J. MOhRTPON. Proprietef;
main m 1'iiiLiisnL'na. r..
rIIR wndersifrned keep, einstant?r nn handt
J. the be.t f Liquors, lit. tahl. ia alw.ja
.uplted with tbe beet th. market affnrda. Iba
traerhn, iublio will du well tn frire bint a ealL
nnel.'ni. KOIIKUT LLOYD.
glUH IlillflV
Corner nf llatket and Front Street.
riiarlleld. Pa.
This macnifteent lintel is entirelv new, nom
ilete in all its a pointtiiirits. and envenient tff
ihe Court llttise. A free fintniluis runs tn and
Iron, tlie Ie.ot nn the au'i ilen.rtnreof
earh train. t. Bt'IiUr. N. I'Ol.llf R.N,
April 13. IRTtl. Pr..prietir;
l litH.STsi lltri:l,
('orner of TttirJ and Finithfiild Streets,
ntti-burc. Paw
I t Tfl P. JnllVSToX A SUN', rreprietors.
Ioots and hors.
Ooot and Shoe jlaiiufnr.urrr,, I'A.
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II. respeetln'lv si'llrlts a rail, at hts shop od
Vl.rfcet sireet.setnnd d' nr west nf the po't.tiee,
wher. be will d" all In his power tn render salt,'
faction, home tin. Usiler tops nn hand.
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of thn I'M "Sho r-hoe bhop," would an
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o I'lfarfidd county at (art-, thai be ha now a
flrpt rate lo,it rood material Jut reeeivtid fmm
the haft, and is pri-pared nnsnorl notice tv make
and mend Hhu snd Shoes, at bis new shop tn
tJra ham's mw. He ia satisfied thsi he ean picas
all. a 'less it miirhi hpinnc intearely los stay
t home pMtiots. ) He is rreparrd to srli low for
rah nr Country Produce. Int fot(rt th
rtp ncit dr Showers A (im ham's store,
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tt Hnw cmrn'miy ealied
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rpilT rr- pel-tr has entrrrd Into the ItOOTtf
SIIUK buvmeps at the above stand, and
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will be paid manofariorins: Sew d WOTk Ha
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Calf PVtws. of tbe ery bc-l qoelity. The cttl
irwp of OWw-rnoM and rtrinlir are respectfully
malted to rive hi-n a trial. Ho chars; for ealls.
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rpilK .nhserili.'r havln lately started anew
1 llont and Sho. sbp in Cnrwrn.rll'e, nw
Main ttreel. eppo.lte J.H-ei b K Irwin's P'n
".'re, eeiprettully annennre. to tbe publie thai
hr is prrpaied In wiana'at-tnre all .trleenf l'onta
and Shoes, and ireruhit.e in hi. line. en .hort
nottr. He alsn k.epsnn band a for d neeiirt
nisnt nf r.-. Ir wm.le work, whi-k be will sail
ebeep for eash nr emnlry pre-nee.
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