Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 26, 1863, Image 4

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    6 etr.:..- .-.--r-r-T---- ' ann el
Aro ,?Ctb
Car TJmt Tyrone.
On t.fl .-"" fata ef April, W PasMnge,
tt.ll l f.'-
I'.ltinere Hl1
ft! til Train
SI A. M.
to r. .
21 A. M
1 It r. N.
rrf Trslo. "
u.ll Trsln IS A. M.
, Trirciig AccMrwoo'stinf: 10 4 a. v.
' Trains on theTrsoat and C it Ani i Hianrh
j Irsrt Tjror fur Psmty RIJj at 8 3S a. m. and
I 1 f.
Trin lb Bai t K.tat.a YAtLrr road leav
j Tyroa. for ILlisfutil l H 4i A. M.
t Tbe trains on the: Ulur roads run to connect
I with Exprri train ard Mail Irnin wot.
) Tht following art lb ntmtt of the officers of
i tbi Central Drrooratio Club of CI nrftatt conn
1 1 nil residing in or nesrthis place i
1 A. M. IfitLS, President.
John IcPmrhih,
T. J. .McCui locum, Recording Secretary
W. W. litTTM, Corresponding Soerelary.
laAAC Jmissu. Tieaeurr.
. -.Ml communications should lie addrassod ami penerou iraitt of chiiractf r.
to tb lurrespondiiig Searotnr.v. 'converted about SIX week
' I 'I 1 !
DtKD-On tha 14th lnst-t,r,r (l.tonlo
JotM h and Nanr Jtn'n I in h-
field, gA'l i.l tear and 2 mould.
3?'lhi )outh, railed inny so cm Iy in
hi manhood, a sacrifice In the po"d imi'n
of his country, became a toltmti i r n Id'pf
in Company K, 1 t'.'tli lb-gnni'tii, 1'. V.,
about )eat before his drat h.
I'uting tire lediont month lie lul'ered
tinder disease in Hie ramp and tli hospi
, lal. He was then brought lo hi fathcr'a
i house, where lio Imgeted about seven
wecka longer, be then passed away, we
lrut to a Letter home.
Hi salvation through the merit of the In the name nf Ueoritn Muaur, wlili to atniill
, Lot i JpU, the only Kedcoraer. PlipaeoU W lluuaoa, Wckiniillibop, an J I,. Bru eroj.
mueliofhUearnamand i-raverful tlleo- i.i -re,,n. ..ou. I''i
..,,, , f i joiinic lr lie Orchard, henod tnd taken inn-
Hon in (he lt few WMikr of hm life ; ai.J Jruhn snJ olJ uf Kul,ert
not only lnl he tfroiue to Mcl'beran.
OPHlh. but, an Ilia event drew he j Amo-A nvrtaia trurt of land illuato in l'ru
Xirtel art nnxiely In go Bnd le with ! anntunnnhij). rirnirdtld county, boundi"! by Innda
Christ, lotlu yuulhrul rriend and no- of V illiatn Head, Jonopli Monro, w iinnin .Mora,
rtuainlnnres of Hie deparlod. Hod tay, I Aluan-lor and John Perguaon and Thoin u Ilan-
Ii vrt aU reudv." roiiMLNICATtn. I V nt.iinii.5 !iM arre., more or Vna, about
inp.tiirFi thin
lf'ti of tiiadt "fila of Ymliitnii t. rpi.
ii. tuM out of ln onrt of I "wn. n
I leal i.f CIr(lM annnti.ati'l to fv- (l'r''l,
ll,if to M to I I ;; hAl.K.attlm
I nitl l Din iu lha bi ri iiih n I l''1"l'l, ' n M '0
dny tint J'h dor of ' ti oil.iT natt. at I o'i Imi k,
p. in , thd f'lllnnir j( rt - r i 1 . . I Il .nl l.'',r, vii j
A rn '.i n ti "ft if lon l p;l';! i !-) Itn
lli, ttiirBfll r .nn'J, lini-.l'il h. f IIi.i.k,
In ft. (fintliru at a ' t i urm r, ll.i'ru r iionli
Hi ili jtroaa i.'itl ,otvhra 1 1 "at, Ihono by
luml of Anlliun.T Mctlarvty and Luarturn Kill
lan liUt (ion hua to a i"t, thenoa aloti( the lino
of Aarun I'ierca to a ahilo pine, tlirnct hy Uud f
1-ano Kirk to placo nf licniiinliif;, contaluinj "I
at rrn. tiiur or lri, tiolnf part ol a inrgr iiirTny
j ( 1 v
3V ' r." . .....
t. " i . 1 1 i a
I ' i ' HI! Pill,'
f;- '.V II ( .Hi .(;,
a r vi. i 'if. m 'ivu,
v THAf'I'IMIi,
M.W W A I! Pit II UK,
' rj'lti'nt t'liK.I in f, fV.
1 lrwi, .'"1 K-litrh.i,. f, f lM,llf ,
, Ih uillllt M aif 1'rrltn
b lirn ii fi'iiif' tul.!,., t r.
r,.n I .i I" ll..rl iM ri,m.
f.-n to iht 4lr-a of U. k.,i.l,li,k.
' rnrot.
A.M li.NH i
; ;h cI.iui pirti.'iil.- aiiiKiinn. a.
, ihff .it .ni'.iiir tin- i,rnt i1ih..IhI,
, ,J .ihmj. i .,!,. i. I)., worl.t.
t'rnmmcpl airmni liom .inud. th
i Orent Tnlninr; Horae
IKlN. fl. t . VAt.t as: imiham'h
Vira I'rcaidaa'.a.
The deceafed waa n ntnn of mnny noVilr j
JItt hii ,
I and lUUibut.'.
ami Dicnc,
iri i.f wtiifti nm ptnr.til mil It UrirO ItltnW lAm ! wlin will l.n lii,vn.lra.l l.v
In I awrence township, Cleat field coutity, cr-ni tht-rcon. Seized and Mkon in axocutiuu i la. "'1i""r;l,i,,. " M.Mfnd
I'enn'ti., of ('(iimimplion, on Iho 19th ; and to bo mid hi llto properly of Iicnjumin Hart. I cV.'ii'ir'!1 i'iA kit, 'Vnnra, juuiur.
ittat , (.ir.oatiK Mll.I.EN, aged "U J'Cnia, nnrn, and urThnmna lli-nry aj Aduimtmraior 01
ml 7 mniilha iTbomat MoCrackm, doci'a.inl.
aliii a oAi'iam tract in tnnd lituuts in inc-i i pil0 Educated Mnles
townanip, (.iparnein county, b.iun lO'l by litmia oi
Simon Horabuuch, Andrew and filmiin .1. Toxer
(1LO , al'lOtf . i i.-j. of Mn.el I' .J .... una- I wilt kn i.-lroJuir.l I,t t).u U.nlnr.
then he haa heen IhiMiIuI to leltgiim. in j taiuini; tt cre, iibnut 1 are of whiili is oloar
I, !( i li Ilia friptifia liava aimtHineil an'ul. Soiiml an.l tnti.n In ii.. ,.. k, m.t.1
dale, occupied hy I. W. Ilo't, wf.t entire- irrepnrahlo h. A man, he waa nrnin- aa the property of Aiir.,,, pierce and Austin Curry. THE C:W?'NY OF fESFO KEPS
Iv Jnl rove.l b fir on Witdiieadiv niffht "I generous and npreeahle. As ft friend,.. A Lao two certain laid of ground, .itu.uo in i t'oirin.. th lar.u.t ."d t.t that
ly aeatrojeit Dy uro on ednetan.t num. h ...... i 'wt Liberty. -i..hi..i.i .,. ..J t uni" ""'I''' '' i.M"
At a Chris-I Wf ' 0,1 1 nHrln ".v 'I10 'r,a 1 r-'lr. andinlm.tlojirnta
..ul hi un "la ett'1 " " "'y. unu on mo i jjokt circuf Eatevtainmont
mm J( i....,K l... i i r i l. ir..i.. i...: i.i r.. . . .
... . i , . .. , . .. i . . i . . . , 'j iiimis ui aioiiu umiui nils, uenij uu u-ci i iia ha. arr heen wilna.hi in uim
iAIIr-ort, and all of tho kitchen furniture, dying teatininny waa l-wi clear ta douhl : in ri.D(al,A ,! bock ViO feet, known in nlot 1 o"i'r. l o.-k . ti.
Firs. The old Intern teUm t Morris-
ruty ol
" . V !he wat atlect innate and kind.
valuable, tlio f ersonal euecla ol Mr.'jlr, jie vtn ardent and faithful
Prisoner of Stale.
n V D. A. MAtlONy, Y) t Of low. I
Thia work cnntaini full and official cupioa of ;
the four priii-,.l Ao4a of lb Iwt Voiifrco,
i which will lorovarflx a ttl(cm upon thai body : .
1. Til K TAX HILL, by whici all Ilia prop.rty
and reanurcea nf tho poopla art mortgaged to
' th ptraont Adininii.tration.
2. Till: 1INANCK bILI., whioh pUeoa all tin,
rurraney of tho country la tho hnnda of Iba
j SacroUirv of the Trury.
; 3. T1IK COXSCUII'TION HILL, by which all ;
tha bodiea of poor men, who ar not worth j
$I0, arc plonod in tho htnili uf the Adtniuia- j
, 4. Til Ft INDEMNITY ACT, (flttins climax,)
which preautnea to iiidenuii Ty Hit I'reaident fur
all tho y ronga be haa coiiiinitlid in the paat, '
i or inuy couiiuit in the future.
Now f Jooh nt llotlncril Viii c."
h t Id ' k to U ai.l-l al a "!' ! n tu a -r
r-pnad with th tie H'". !'.
li:i. J'it n .t. i
a ar.or'mrnt tf
DHY . I ," at t dure l f ricct .
IKY f It H IS al reduced j iien
IMtY GOODS at rrdum tl j.ricet
DKY CiO.IS al reduced priees
Honii(;t.- and SliawU
IJoimctf and Shawls
Ijuiinoh mill Shawls
linnncts nnd ShawU
Inrdn-e, Qitenttware, Tinwitre, Notions
Ilai'dwate, (jiieennware, Tinware, .Nuti.'in
llatdwat'f, (jtii'oiiSM'trr, Tinw.tre, Nottonn
II irdw'rc, Queennwarf., Tinwuir, Xotiot.-
Tea, f ntTef , Moluaaoa, Sur, Sail,
Candlea, Uice, Flour, Uacoo. Finh,
Tiibicco, C'raekera, Vi in. Oila, Vaml.b.
nar try rrv m i e-: i n r tt . im rr.t .tt, .rh i n & ..
. V i ' V VV" 1V Vtf U VjJ V'
was de!"troj ed
I lur citizens were amused hy tbe cry of
.'firo about lao o'clock laat Monday morn
vir.g. Tho llamea proceeded front a amall
Luilulng oecupiivJ hy C. Hiiutai a laper
lieer naloou, aitualed on Market utroet,
ippoile the Il u entirely eon-
fumed, nnd nas no d'til.t the woikof nn
1jd:-.vii:.--A grand dinner i got u( '
nt Pine Grove School House in Lawrence'
. - -i.:.. c . . i.... i . . ... ... ...
iitviiiiii un .-iniuniiiy i lib a, uy mo cill
nenii of tlie uiatrict, for the eapeeial bene
fit of the children under the instruction
of Mi. Magcis A. Ukad, The table was
iipread with nn abundance, of llie beat
edihlea iho couti'ry market nfTords ; of
ti'hicli all present feuated to their entire
latisfiiction. The children were biahly
pleased with the'., and all
expressed a deaire that Misa K. who in a
lady much etefcue'i may long live lo
etjoy the enviable reputation hUe hn
earned for herself in this orniimutii:y.
. Mr. Vallandighai-A Libel Nailed,
i The following nlaiir.l pHrNtrraph latdy
pppnred in tho I'ufTido CuMturrci.i! ;
l.iiirii that th pioprieti'ira of the Oliftoiii
Jiotise, Oiindn, recently gave Mr. Vidhtii-1
iiyliatu to iptit circunita'nce hav-j
in i rendered I lie apaeo ootujpierl by that j
tiotruiouj indi vi.lunl (itrferable to- hi i
I'oiupany. The "murlyr," il i aaid, hax. j
for nne moment in acceptance with Hod. t taA twn tts v3. 13 nnd lj. with a two .lory I okeat aktistks,
Well m.lV it be id of him, " that re)iio'i ; Frame Hounc f rcctoil thereon. Reined and tnkon ; an4 Ju lta for j.our.rlrf.1
which he had to lately before poatpsiLtA'tia ! in exueution nnd tobo auM a tho proporty of Jo-1 j,ir. Richard llemmiuga,
a writ of fieri finin., la-,
of the some ennrt, nnd tu me direct '
BOII1E 1, I ,,, IM II! TP Stl.R. ml
homo to glory," Hi suitlnn and nnliinP- , the'aamo timo nnd placo, the following described j
iy end t ueepiy moiarriPd t.y un nileattoti- ; lteul l'stntn, to wit :
sufficient to futtain him inadyin hour.""'"" Ri,l'ch
His lau word were-after pivin Ihetu RY Tirl"! ',!
all an alTectionate farewell-T" J-..T aoine l,V ,'Zt Z . hf.' UJ
Court of Clearfield coutity, to beheld at
the Court Houne, in the borough of Clear
field, commencing on the 4th Monday of
September, Wi, for confirmation and
allow ance : i.
1. The fiinil account of Jantca Wriijley,
r.Uui in iil tutor of nil and singular, the
e i U and flint tela, rights and credit)
which were of Willimn Addlemnn, jr.,
lute, of iho twn'p. of I'ike, in l.'io county
nf Clt ni field, and Stale of Temisylvania,
Tlie artial ancoiuit of Wm. Kimr and
lciel lioitnan, Adminiatrutori of all
and ki'inniar, the pnod and chattels,
rtathta and credit which were of Jnl:n
King, late of Iturnsido twp., Clear.'ield
C'i n 1 1 1 y , I'e n n ay ! v a n i a .
Tho fin:il acnoutit of Jacob IVarcu.
t:iken his abn le ith Sol. Davis, the keen-; ,IHr.linii of llenriutl.i Stneal. minor
rr of the museu.u. where, afler bci liM ,:lnld of JikIi Smeal deoraae.l.
Vrnp( 1 1 y hibelled, ho will be place.! nmongf po f,nH aocount of A. M. Hill, euardt-
alo wife to two children
,d help tho widow In her ijrief,
The children in their woo ;
That band alone can give relief
That inensnrod out the Mow." S.
. . . . 1 1 . 1 i i
JUhj Sbbtrfisfmcnfs.
11 PRTSTER'S NOTICE. Notice ia hrre
IV by given that tho followm nccounl '"'K Part of a lar?or tract uf land i
have been examined and pa.sed by inc. "1 .,'b"ui. .
and remain tilod of reoord in Ihia ollico
for the iusperi ion of lieira, lejraleea, credi. j,n .(..fpndnnt'a iitifrent in a certain tract of land f""UUK
torn, niid all othem in any way lntTfted, uitunte in tho township, county nnd Stole afore
and will he tiresonlpd lo tho next Oriihan'a tnid. bcliu ulolnn-nt No. i of tract Xo. Mai, boun-
I Two cortniu tracta of land mtua e In I'
i townahip, Clvurtlold county, P.-nnavlyania, ono
IbiKinninj at a I,inn eornar, thence extoudiiig by
iinprovcinoEt of be id ln!e aoulh Ili de;rroes weft
j Si paiehoi to a post, thenro ulon; the turnpike
. 'road toulh SB deree west 100 parches to a post,
I thenoe north ono degree wuat 72 and aevon tentb
I perches to a po.t, thence north S9 degre ei. I
. 1 2-1 ard fiee tejitli perches to iho linn nnd plum
1 of beriiuiitic. containing SI acron and II perch-
lunU Hirv.'Kil
aore of
'which aro cleared, with atno-alury Pramo 11 ouac
i:i2bf .12 ft . and hu Stnblo erected lliereon. Alfo,
Hip oilier I'lll Kisit ICS
The liutlidn (Jouritr rfutet U. at f.illiuvs :
" Tlio above piece of fcuriillity wat uni
vorsnlly pronounced, yesterday, to be false
on ils i'uee. Itseurcel) I. ceded tlu ful
InwitiK refutation, which wai received by
telegraph lat evening ! .
; Cl-ltTOS lloi sic. AllaJUst 1.
: "' F.ilih'r Courier he etaletneol in lo-i
liililit' Commercial Advertiser, relating to '(j
Wr. YaM:ind:Khnm nnd the Clifton Hoiiae)
In a dowrright fulselinml out of the whole i
fcloth. S. VA1.I.ANMC1IAM"
j " We trust the Comiwl! .sill vindictle
lis fairlv tuslained chaiac'.cf . for decencv -
by making the necessary ,rinWr hinnrMr." j
I'kliahc of Stais I'KitoNKRi. On the)
Clh ingt, tien. Hanks visited Fort Jackson
nl Fort St. Phillip, below New Or leant, ;
fcnd liberated tome of the StnKi prineui
Who hud been confined their liy order ol
lien. Iiutler. On tbopri'd) record uguitisl
Ihoir nnraeiJ wat found the enlry, "cnuse
Unknown'' General Hanks liberated tweti-Iv-one
on thi occaninn -cijibiteen at Kurt
Jiickson, i lid three (tho lint iviraining
Ouea) al St. 1'liillip.
( rhousatuU of olhert h:tte been cruel)
and illegally aeized nnd imprisoned by tint
despotic Abolition niiminiitraMon with ihe
tamo entry, "route ttn-i aiinsl llieir
liamet 1
an of the minor heir of .Samuel llmrier,
lale of I'l'iidford ti., Cieui field county,
'I he fin ii I account of Joseph McClurren,
udminiatrator of all and singular, the
jronds tnd chatteU, righls and Credit a.
whioli were of Jacob lVttighmnn. late of
J)ec:tur tp, Clearfield county, Peiiiityl'
van in, deceased. ; ,
The final account of Wm. A.Wallace,
gunrdiiiti of Kllis I, Hoover, minor son
of David Hoover, late of Lawrence
township, Clearfield county Tenntylva
dereased. The nccounl of John Klviin, adminis
trator of all and (lingular, the ponds nnd
chattels, rights and credit which wero
of Jeremiah Flynn, bile ol'Penn twp.,
Cleaitield county, renraylvania, deed
The final account ot
tha llornian, and
lujlil Ko llmi. tr. Il will n.r
.1 .rli Ijili-rlni'iniMit in m Kra.t
v.ii. iy nf li is ikrlllliif l' rfonn.ncta,
thlMJ mil F.V'.rni' Cli.wn. A. a
,'.,uH l !.. n i.ii. n'-'.arjr tua Cirrii.
I.IT.rl I. Ill l.n.klK.-l, lll'l UUbllC
1,-ay r;oi( I M, inwtl lipnn
M-cin lli-i hii-)' tun ol .Mjiuu. al
a..cli -iil.irlii.ntuei.L
Tim Ult'i I .ry cf iLa ...
Miss Eliza Gaidntv.
l ceiliiilllv tin. K, 1. 1 n I ; rqi-ia-
Uil i: i 'i 'i .1.'' Mi' ...rule, tlia
:r'it l itMm.l ii'lll rlssiilc ni"tlon, com-;,i.i-!
v. ill, d.rn..: I.ri..iii.', "l.-iidid
I'i.iniii.., c... ufw Ui" l'ek of her
.pirlt"'! ti'r..', hi;rl lull lui'li'ili,
r,..i.-lii'li ir v i;h lr .l.lma "i ol
l.l'.M'i.Nl. ' i; lUil'Oli,
BikjiU'V Wambold,
the a.trMur.lirry t'unloitiuiii.t .'.ill
wonJrrli,! l'..u,.lf- niaji ; In. ri'f-
Obl Hi' Mn lo oc nanav.ii.
Jubn Fobter,
III. IVefli-'. .Iralr en. of lha liit
onaiual i"l UuI..SI. Hiiwm It .1
af r trill, rtil a ring.
The Polish Brothers.
Tlti-tv a.UiiiiKljuu; liimnmli will ar
pear in a;ity of tlirirrla-alcjtaiid
wonderlull f. .1.
George II. DeLowis,
v ill apptar in hi. irl'onnanrr. rn
tile Hi.riTi.titiii II. r, and ifitrmlitn- lha
IKAI.Sa.ll IKiii JH.VNV 1.1MI,
in ii.r Amu.iiia' ami l.iiterlaii.iiia'
'l'ri(,K. I.flhir with
Mmo Camille,
l!ie Ilelltifut K'llinsl.ienne.
La Petite Camille,
Few hooks ever oitaotod n ore atlontluu llian
the foregoing.
Kvery limn, woman and child who ia in fnvor
of hlllKHTV and LAW, thould buy nnd lead
these buoks.
They at-e all ki pt fur aalo at the lrug More of
C. 1. Wtttt'iii, on Hcfund afreet, ncnrly opposate
the Curt llcni.f.
Juno loth, so:.
Cariiett, Oil Cloib, Driiiiget, Looking (iiaaea.
Clocka, Churns, W'tali-hoarda, Tub, liorkcU, tlnV
I Irona, l'uns, Window-bliuds, Wli-.aix'r, Coal
Oil batupa, I mbrollsa, Hod-c ordw, Knives nnd
Forks, Spoona, Crock, iSlove blocking. Al! of
which will bo auld on the moat reasnnuble In ml,
and the highest niurkot price paid fur tiruin.
Wool, Shipping Furs and all kinds of country
produce. J. F. KHATZFJ',
Front a'.re t, above tho Acndomy, Clcarlieid, .
June .1, 1S63.
ded on the aimth by tho nlmve named trnci, on ,
Ihe welt by lunila of ii. I.obo'igli, ou tb north j
by bong, and or. the eiistby Jleliarr'a hcirr', cjo
taining Hi acre., more or lea, about I'i terra of
which aro cleared, with a two-atjry plank frmin
House erected theroon. Kei'.ed and t.ikou In ex-
ecuflou and to be sold ns tho property of Tolbart
BY VIRTUli of sundry writs of Lev,t, i '- j
eiui, i.tucd' out of tho courla ol Common j
1'leui of Clcarlieid crutitier, and to me di
reoteJ, there ' will lie cxpmod to I'lil!LI0
K A I.R at tlie et .tin tioti.e io tlifl bornurh nf ClaAr- '
fielit. on Monday the Jlh day of September next, j l""'"" nnoi-.e.
it 1 o'clock. P. M., tho following deecribod Kcul ' Young Sam,
Eelnte, to wit : i ,'"cl", (-'1;'
All thoie 3 aevcnil tracts of land aitunte partly j UEKU MAIITIX
in Peeator townahip, Clcarlieid county, and part- , W. IHI.I-,
ly extend ng into Centre county, originally tur- . UKOlilil K1MJ,
veyed iipuH wiirrniila dnlc latJ ily, 17M,rea- HFNItY l'KTtKhO.V,
pectively granted to Iimunuel Fletcher, Klir.abetii I S1GNOK HAI.liWlN.
llarriaon and John Harrison, adjoining landi eon- i aud ii,e Cnmi.a'17 ho fill
roved to Jaaenh J'arrilon, Thoinaa Jlillineton. I .l a ni' Amphi.
t-.'...:. I .. I .n.l,1 A nril ! ttir.lre, I aoVI.hia, l.i;l..l)-, lur
H.Nti. .. " "' " I'" - I ,rigd Of t ilt I..UM
, IJO, in I lie lain llt'lir uiiiiuloii, ui,u..tll- 1
lag, in the a'ggrcgnto, llf1 acrei and S'i porch-
ea of .anil, with the tllowmire, excepting there '
ott and therefrom two lots, one of 200 acres, nn J 1
allowance, agreed to bi fold and convoyed to I
John lion and Abraham (loss, their heirs and
aaiigna, and the other in the po-eoasion of tho
heir of Abraham Ours, now deoeascd, and con- j
tainiDg 151 aeree and 154 perches, according tu .
... rii.ii. ..uri'iic bv Thomas Kims of Cloarfielii
t3 1.-:..- tii ...... ! am. r li.v n .1,1.1:1 .'a l-lf A . .M., dur.
cnuniy, our.eyur ...Ku...i.. . .. ... hi, u ,. , ,vll di.roua
121 pcrchea thua excepted Irom Iho original I , ,,.,t 1., (u .,: u( ..
tracts, and leaving 8-2 aercaaud 51 perches, with j t ,v mn OK.MAM'i: Haj.
tbe allowance now conveyed, bo the same more ' i,i,a...i uinri.M.
or leis. toirether with all and s'ngulur tho waya. .. .. - ..( r i sr. Per.
i waters, water-ooursca, rigliti, liberties, privilege.) f. riiijuci 01 eui.uni t half an hour
am) IrrproveinenU. eeiied and taken in exeeu- "'
tion and to bo aold is the property of David 1. 1 Adnii'tdon, 25 CentB.
VI ) M I M MT It A T( ) K N N't 111 (.' I:. Notice
is herd iv given, tli ill Letters of Adiiiinislra
t i 011 on ihe estate of livid lilnoiu, lale of 1'iko
township, Clearliclil euimly. deecaaed, having
been grantel to the uiidornigneil. Jill persona in
debted to raid e.'lato are di sirrd to tuuke itnrr.c
d: 1 tc ia v me nt, nnd those, hnvinj rlnims eiiint
j tli. snn:e . v i ' ! 1 resent them duly authenticated for
. r .1 dement.
.SAUAH UhOOM, JJm'rj-. '
JO II V A. V.KAD, Aiin r.
I August 10, 1SC3. d I
j , Estate cf Moses Boggs, dee'd ' ' j
1 4 X ! Orphan's Court for tho Conuty oTCietr-1
I iv Hold, Fa., lull nt OlearCaU, ou ll.t 17tU
1 tin y of June, A. It., lSfiu, in the mutter of tbe ea
j title of Moi.'t lioggs, deueused, on nintioo of J It.
McKnelly, Esi., Attorney, da., the Court grant
I el a ivu'.L, directed In the heirt of Muses hu?f,
I to wit : lo W illiam ling,-, or hit lutsal represen
I latins, Uobert Iioggd, Margery liaxter, wife of A.
I Baxter, Lli.alieth, wifo ol John Mi Conkey, Msr-
tha Jane, wife of Henry b. Honsley, U'llber F.
I 'bigg', Henry A. Hoggs. Mary, wife of vVM'iatn
' Cluit.Jlir, and ltoland C. Hoggs, and all otli.-r
I persons intorektcd, or claiming to be owners of
i said e.-tuto, to bo aud appear beloro till lnuior i- ,
I bio tbe Judges of tho said Court, at s Court to be '
I held at Clearfield, 0:1 the 2 Jl!i day of September,
I A. I)., IsO.I, then and ihore In accept or refuse
I the reiiVests t" of anid decedent, at the appraised
i valuation put upon it by the iuqimst dulv return- !
'eJ. I 1. II Alio Kit, Cl'k 0. C. j
, August 12, isr.n. f.t. !
Have just piened a larjjo and aplemii't
ufsortmnnt of .
New Goods
At their old stand in Clearfield.
Th vntrflAininvnt will ctinuure
with (hi
'I'lia I'erforMinre ill . in.ri..
vry vafirly ol Trifle Ki.'inrf, Van.
Iliitiiw. Tuiehloat. t;in.lif Ks.
I'l.uu, r'. .11 1S.111T liarM, llnlin
He , 4.C., itli iViwi,- I r llm H.iiil.
!t w 'ol' r iho imeimljale direction of
ia." siAhli;i:K.
Th- 1K IMI I'lUIt IMIl.X k.U
IIKY hare tho bet t assortment of Hardware
that bna ever been broneht to thia county.
wliieli they will sell at tbe most reasonable pri
ces, auiorg which will bo found a splendid lot
To wbirli they invite the special attontion of the
public, tinbuiciiig heavy r-ilver-pluted Folks,
Vonhs uud Iiuttrr knives of the best maaufao
tur. .
A lot nf Pistol of the best pattern, and other
liio-ar.w . Also a grncrnl assortment of pistol
esi'triiiiM nil of wl.'eli nil! be sild at reasona
ble pri "i s,
1 hey continue to iniinufHCturo all kinds of
Tin-waro, Urass Kottle?, Stove
Pipe, etc., which ratin-t lo surpnss-d in sea
tiott of the Plate.
They !i!o have on Imtnl I'iltsliurgh Plow,
am .1 g abiiii are Stol Cn,tro bevr r I'iowt. Also,
l'lins Castings, and lutry other Agricultural Iai
ptoioenls, Ciok Stovrs, l'arlor and Coal
Stoves a gneral taaortuient, and of the bet, pat
t-rns, for anlii at reasonable price s.
Coal Oil, Coal Oil Lamps,
Paints, Oils and Varnishes, a gcnersl atsortoienL
(Hum, tiutty, Nails, Iron andCating of great
variety ; in f.ict almost every thing wanted by
the public cun be found in their establishment,
and at prices (but cannot be beat.
Now is the time to purchase,
Tf you desire any thing in llioirlliie cf business.
Oil 1' them a on II and exaniino their stock, and
they feel assured that yon can be accommodated.
lit member, their piitublishiacnt Is ot .Sscent
Street, Clearfield, Pa, whfra you can buygoijtli
to tin. icry bet ndvantngo.
Jip'Olil silver, copper, brass, pewter and old
caatings will be token in exchange for goods.
iiaviil, ISf.:i. MKUIirbL 4 FIObElt.
Fruner, Andw. U. Curtin, Jobn M. Halo aud J. J.
Liugle .
Also all that certain Two-Story House, or
llnilding, situate iu tho tewnihip of Woodward,
ami couuty 0!' Clcarflel J, on lot 011 aoiuh aide of
. . . f .1 1.' 1 :.. t .. 1,1. it .
ir. r. . I loan loa'11112 troin Aiexanoor a ruruui;i 10 1 uu-
iionrj wusa, one , . ,.,.. r pus.vv;,.. boundod on
of the executor of (he list will and ;,ho we;; hy lut uweJ h Henry Vttttrti , by
testament of Jacob (lost, late of Decalnr I ,n( 0f p.bort Alexnnder, said House being in
twp., 1 .'leurfirld COUIity, Pennsylvania, site lit by 20 feet, an I the lot or piece of ground
deiieasp.l. ' or cartilage appurtenant to t.iii building. Suit-
The final account of Lever Flegal, ad-j n'i lken in "'""' - bo M h
r.11 ... .l. 1 . 1 nri.iiiirtv of llcoriro Miles.
mi ilMiiii-i in ... aiiyosr, iiepsni. r w . ;rjWAUD PEUK.S. W.
nun eii.i.iri.. uiih.k i..... t,iunua
JJ-rThis ia what (1 o Tribune taid if the
fnolit Ihiil attacked the Democratic nows
jiuper ell'tcea at Ihe beginning, of ibe war.
"The ti(lileoutinilijnaunn nj (h jtenpte at
(he treason of the Northern presses which
have been for months stimulating tin;
tlave-holdera to rebel against the Union,
was very strongly manileiel in
pnrtaof ti e counliy yesterday."
. a ere of Benjamin Boti.all, late of Bradv
township, Cleat field ' county, f'ennsyl
vanin, defeased. ' ' ' '
In. The account of Jesse Lines and
Kliwili"tii l.;ing, Administrator of all
and aingular, the goods and chattel.
1 iphts and credit which were of Elios
Lines, Into nf Brady tp., Clearfield coun
ty, Pa., dccecd.
Clearfield, Aug. 2(3. Jttgitler.
OIRAY sTi;i'H.-.Cnia to the undersigned
O in
!Uerifr's Ofliec, Clearfield, Aug. la, 1S6.1
1 AKSIltba to in
JJ form Mb pat
rons that pmfefrion
11 1 business confines
ir-iTJV, 4 lilm lo nit otnee nn
-ipt. Ibe time, and he will
i.T'sjH- therefore be unnwo
(s in make Professional
. -vr-v-LV -s ..
'Kvs&'--&Ji' Visit to any of nis
'. :'v'V''i' accustomed places
this s u in in e r ! but
1 Sas-.'sT?.'?! Vyt.'i
oiniv). oqi Suicpiu aao.Jad
H satnJp 'mtj i)i osanp nj pjnjn(ns oq
i n.iU W '011$ jo A"i u.ii o) i.i.ifunv si eiiin.ii
V nni)pa sups t,8utpi3 Uosiod Hay 'P M j
iia'JJ'in ji--i:'.isi Ti -any I
PIVTHH 1 XHOf ssojppv -onuo ;
pom sjJfri,) 'Lunoj i( jo ituj iua ul p.iiisap 1
jiAOOaq sopis ..'uilis,, 01 pumiO 1 V'lJ
Aiunoo p."1()Jiii1D jo jjj1.i eql uuojii) ipn.u
'Al!Joiinu jjJ'UiI aqi in 001 01 puti,1 oajq Xtii
-Ain j.'.)Uo:.inv euwj'l V pun 'i:iuv..v.uua,
piiUsi(I unjjpj mm .11(1 ju jos.iy "T"f 1
)iit':Hsi,' oip 01 uoiiuj;pii opuin yxi.wJlJ.
1101111113 pill? OOjlOSJ 1
lil.l l iK MI I'IOT.. --The Hoard of Itelief,
a, for tbe county of ClearfklJ, lll meet at lb
Comniisaioiiers" nlTIre, on Wednesday so l Tbuii-:
day, ti e 2(ilh ntid T'di days nf Auitli-t, 1 Sfl.1. J
Tlie h ive directed that n'l new upptl- j
cants most appear bofore tho Ilounl and pnniuoe
their sworn statement detailing 11 k 1110 of sol. in r,
regiment and ciiupnnv; when cnlUted ; tho'
number of rhildren, with ugo and sex of eaeli ; '
tbe township in which they resided nt the time of frl,1!C subscriber having returned from tlio elty
enlistment, snd their present residence ; mid that ' I is just now opening lip one cf tha Largest
she ia without the menus of support for lieiscll' ud most caiofully selected Assortments of
and children, who are dependent upon her. J "I "t
Two witnesses of credibility; from tha townalip' 111H1H (31 TOOCiS
in which alio resid'S, must also be produced.
whose certificate, swum to beloio the bum d, must " mTered to llie good peoplo f Curwensville
set !or:h that the applicant is the parson she rep- ""d its vicinity, ti d which he will sell at lowcl
resenis herself tu be : that the etnient of the rates than hi.J house in the county,
,,i,,,il,.r ,.n,l ,!. t.f 1. . C. .nil., I. ..... . !... 1..!
uu.iiui... .... i.q, '. ll.i.lllj ln , tlll.b.l'Cj
is ill destitute circumstances aud her family In
UCtlliil U.'llit mill thill nil Ihn fi,'-t .Ml f,,rlh i., Ii. r
II (I I' R T P R 0 C L ill A T I (I ! M-l licntion are iust nnd true. 1
fTT"lir.;lti;AS, Hon. SASII KK l.IXX, Pros-1 loriu these requisition.- can be ol-
1 ident JuJgo of the Cmirl of I om non Pleas ; tained at the office of the poind of I'elief, when '
of the twenty fifth Judicial Iistriet, composed of I application is 111.1 le and tho witnesses appear.
11 Al, P. I.IVSl'l.I, 1, LU
Au,'ii-t litis. l.'O".
Si4 IT.H K.
.Stiff rtr Them I
In Clearfield, Monday, Aug. 31,
" Luihersburg:, sat. Aug;.
' thilipsburg, Tue. Sept. 1st.
I tbe counties of Clearfield, Centre and Clinton
and th lion. JAMKS IlhOO.M nnd Hon. .).'. I.
iw, ....... . . . . , ..ri !...nnM..
I I I'JU.V, Assoeinie juuuges ' s..-. m-m . . ,
Lawrence township, na or about tbs 1st ,. f-,,.j .1 ofl'iea on the southwest cor-
varioutlof June lest. A RED STF.KR, .Uh a star iu the Mr'of Front (nd .treetset all times, except
; forehand, some white on the back aid hips, and '.. .,,:.. .nn..r. 1. il,. town ner.i rs to the
' It did not olj, ct to calling the mob the I l right hor broken off s auppn.ed to be about contItry- . , July 1 '63. tf.
twu jrnit viui tut uniivi 11 uon-ny 1 vijusrv 1 cm '
POOrt Inen. , . ... ... 1 m n iir nam l.l it I V. TOItM AM)
.. s. ... nma ifiii nrnra nntitMriT'. nir rnnriri. nnn hi.n rjsjiw rt. mw'rmt ' - -
nreely, it teems, thinks the wolf it an ...... h. . l.' i,i'.,h. u-dirt,. I 1 TKAl'IIKKMThe County
a s 1 t
Ugly tieast wlien lie t Heading towtros,
bun, but that be is a charming nnd useful j
animal alien employed in running down
people be dont like. Won eunVr. j
i away, or be will be sold the las directs.
Aug. 20, T3-pd.
, faJrAl a Loyal League ovation in Juni
ata couniv there was a banner carried bear
ing the inscription "The soldiert should
sslect their own leaders." This it like
dent hereby irives notice thai be wi'l meet the
ITeschers, Directors and friends of education gen
erally, nt the following named placet and dates,
' all o'cluek, a. m., ofeaeh day:
; Rrady, bloom aud I'nion, at LuthersWg, ou
Monday, August .11
bavo issued their precept, to me ilireetcd, for the
holding of Court of Common 1'ieas. urjiiinn s
Court, Court of Wjartor Ses.-ions, Court of l,vor
ond Terminer, and Court of lieocral Jail Delivery,
at the Court House at Clcarlieid, in and for tbe
county of Cleariield, on Ihe
! mnili Mun.Un, (u-2siliiiivnf.-f,li-inlicr,6yi.
NOTICK IS, therefore hereby (tivsn, lo the
Coronor, J ueticos of llie Peace, und Constables,
in aud Ic r said county of Clearfield, to appear in
their lrii,.,r r.ersons. with their ltolls. hcC-'rd.,
Inuuititioiis. Kxaininntiotis, ntnl other llemciu-i CLEAKFIKbD COI'.NTV, SS
brsnecs, to do those things which lo their olticcs,
nnd in their behalf, pertain lo bo done.
GIVEN under my bund at Clearfield, this l-ili
dsy of June, in'thc year of our Lord, une thou
sand tight hundred an 1 sixty-three.
! Teacher'! Institute.
I Tbt Teachers of Clearfield county are respect
fully requested to meet at the Town Mall, in
ClesrflnlU.on Mnndnf the S'tb day of September , Ferguson, Lumber ei.y and Penn, al Lumber city
next, at 10 eeleock A. SI., for tho purpose of j ou Tuesday. September 1.
organising s TtAcnssa' IxsTititr, to continue In Ueil, st Bower, ou Wednesday, September 2.
sossion one week. Tba object of this meeting is , liurnside. Chest and New W'asliilii'oo, al New
their banners of "free prest" "free speech" for th attainment of greater proficiency in the Wtuhington, Scptemhnr 3.
"good ti men" if-c. Ilia a deception and different branches nf study ; in tho art of teach- : Jordan and Knox, at Ansonville. Septenibr I.
lying inscription If the soldier could ing, snd for the disoussion or sush topics as ro- Curwensville and Pike, at Ourwonrville, Patu. -
elect their own leader thev would soon late to tbe advsneemeni niid intewst c.f the com-: 4ay, September .
iu "rf j . men tchool. Teachcrt ar rrqutsttd to prepare w, end Uradford, nt Williams- tiroe, M. day
lect McClellan. I he administration n f.T,. or ,hort .ddresse. on practical .ubjecU ,,tem..r 7.
power have deliett lh wtahea or the sol- tnneeUM with th theory and art of latching, Urah.m and Morris, al KyleiUwn, September P.
dier is repards their leaders. TAr A'ortA- , that tbt exeroites may be at Interesting and Decatur and Woodward, at Centre, Sepuraher V.
umbrrtind Icmcrn.', attractive as possible. Beccarla snd Oulicb, st (Hen Hope, Friday, Sop-
It is earnestly hoped that all teachers wno i tembor II
Estata of Thomas 0. Snyder, dee'd
T an Orphans Court lu lu at Gli al n. ld in j
and for ss id county, lit June ter.n, A. 1) ,
isti:t, in the matter of the appraisement of tbe
poodp nnd chattels, rights and credits which wero I
j of Tboinas i. Snyder, luto of Morris township,
1 deeased, whereupon the Court decreed ns fol
jlows: "Juno 17, lsr.:l, approved AY. .SV., and
' unless exi ep'iona are likd on or before tJ'.o lirst
' rlav of next term, will bo confirmed absolutely." '
', ' Bv the Court, I. U. BA101FI'.. i
CoilC'liliiilkilli! and IilafUsinltilshop, I July 5!. m. CI-,: Hrfk ' Conrf.
togother with the neeesrary water power for saw-
Sugar fr.'iu 12 lo li cents per lb.
Pest riyriin nt S7 cents per gsl.
I And all olhir gtocciiot at the same rotes.
j Moots, Allocs and Shoe Finding?
f vf all kind.C-; CIIKAl
i Ladies who wish to Bink.i a good investment
IIVP. i llAC IIKHH ro wanted for the . ",l"u1'1 " u'"1 '"anno Ihe assortment of
. rem, township Schools. Persons wishing i ZTZSlie 3DtSS3 SS&S,
lo apply for them will pK nse meet Ihe Directors, .,, . . ,, , , . . ' .
on.heiliinl .turJnv in October, in IVnr v ili. "rhH,rf l1 fiu,J lU v.ery UU,i bMtM
Perhaps three or four Females wil! be einplove.l. ' rta-hl.anr.lsl. patterns of
i;.v order of the Hoard. , TO PLANS, CHF. LIES, BEREQL5,
Aug. 12, 1 ri. JOHN I'LIiO AL, fVc'y . LAW.NS, ftc ic
.r''Re, Oala, Corn, Fish, Bacon, Ao, f.,
To School Teachers.
For Sale
. . , j ,
ii'g. s'l in pood condition, tor sale at a bargain . 1 Ei'i , ) .aaaaa'
The nboio properly is aitunte I in tli" 'eiroiisIC' V' I '.IMIl .sp
sold at the lowest prices for cash, or exchanged
fur Countty prodnc.
Cufwersville, May 20, 1SP1.
Jlulkloy's Patent.
Lumber Dried by Siipfrbealfd StMm
rPHK urdersipned respectfully inlurm the poo
pi? of Clearfi ild and tbe s..ijoin!ng eonnties
that he hr.s the a-'noey of the above Patent, tnd
will sell India idnal, County and Township right'
f-.r i'.s tiM.. Tbo Lumber dried by thia process I.'
nnisncs better, I
' Jlll'l IIMCAN loa I'lsiMON. Rev. O. A. wish to qua'ily themselves more thoroughly, ttd ' Girard tnd fioshen, at gurveyor F un, Monday. 0ld, the point cut orl the left eiir snd slit. Any
Jtrownson, was a Republican candidate for wko desir t keep np tritH their professiau, will : September 14. person taking him up, and semling word to tbo
Concras In New Jersey last fall, and he ril themielves of th advantages which this Covington and Kartbtus, at Mnl.nlurg, Kcp ,ubseriler will be well rewarded for theirirouhlo
nucht to l toott authority in regard to ata will afTurd. - Other eitittn. Mitt at tembor 14. . i Hell tp-, Aug., H 6u J0S..A. PASSMuRE
tiruircr. finishet better. I easier un tools, am)
Ll( s IT "-'I'me less time in diinz limn any other pre .
d'KlNCi W .uii.ii nn. ..ijiug a uieu isinitivr periooil1
of Curwensville. and posses.s all ! siO.V, ontiroly new, ,..1 , ainted and a ui.h.d.nnd um'uj ,b. YiZlZZ 'J Z
. ,, .. . , .. . , l..irgain. e. n. uai'hj.w, t flentes of a nuinboT of resideut mecharies. wel
For further infiirinaiun slip y 1 ii,,s,t,i p Anrlll', tf ,i ... . ! . .
HKNKV KFRXS. : lessiBm, I a. April i j, ii. kuuwn in this community, is amply suCloient v.
. .... , ' 1 --. - - ! conviroe the most skeptical of its practical utilitt
Curwcnmilc, Aug. 13, 03-if. r 1 1 10 UNITED STATES HOTEL ' Persons dosirout of pirchasing right, will. ddrti.
S Tit AY t) Strayed from the subscriber in ' HARFJSBURG, Pa. I JOHN L. CCTTLK,
Hell towuahip, on or about the 3d of July ; July 1, WZ. Clenrfiehl. Pa.
laat, ONE OX or cTAO, uf a light brindle color,
small slur in tbo face end while on the flank,
rboil stubby horns, between six and seven y.ars
CO I.IILY i HUTCHISON, iVfl-.rjVorjr. j
rpillS Hotel, so well known to tb traveling I
JL public of Clearfield county, is now in a cot-
" t . e. F . wall a. .nll.n.... ... I..2..A .,I...J .11 Ik.
Republican view ami purpose, in a into .iVJ.V. ;,UnV.
issue of tit Am ' he taya i It ia nn v Uctur 0B ,tfucatiuBI ,uUj,oU my u tt.
cret now that llie leader Of the Kepuolf peeudst tbt evoning nations. An examination
can party were prepared II they coui.t re- will be held tt tbt close ot th Institute, and per
tain the border Slave .Mates, to let sou in
Carolina and the Gulf Stale go, and form,
W they choose, an independent Confederacy.'"
Masi Mketisio fha IVmocrhtio Slate antic that th uudersirtied hit a Kh.v.
Central Committee, At their recent meet- ing Saloon in Graham s Row, where the various
llu.ioa and Fox. al Siekorv Kinadoiu, on Friday
C. 1... 1 H , ,5
Clearfield and Lawrence, at Clearfield, on Mon
dtr, (septstnroT 21.
s?V" Positively nn nrivat exirninatluiit w
manent eertifir.tas will be awarded todoterring held, except at tb written rt4Usl uf three Ii
eandidalet. C. II. nANDFOKD, reoturs of th District iu which th applicant iu
CUarneld, Aug. 13. Co.Sup't. ' tends to to.cb or to fill vacancies.
CHVINC. and II AIRDHI.-SSilvi; Th. C. B. SANDF0RD, Co, Eup't.
O clliiens of Clearfield and vicinity willuk. Clearfield, July t, 183.
Attention, Farmers.
I tin' or,l 'juiji.uli. erer iii.-eutr i is no bs
dition to afford tbe moat exoollent accommodation : uUfr,!a n ol Llearaeia eoi.ny.-
cither for tb transient gueat nr th permanent lh wnder.ignod Agent is now in this la fw
j,srjer - the purpisse of run; lying every farmer win :
jas. I. wat.-OS.i The "l uit.d Bustei"- now all tb eonven- arueieoi tne nisi ia.s. ji oniy .aw in.
........... . , , In l.cur. ita aueees.lul iutriHiuctlorl. t timer
TIIUMrena HAlSU.s, tseii ere in jiiuuer, leacea oi ; . n j . . .
S.w.I-s.lIord..naShina-le..Mary.vill,: .4 FIRST CLASS HOTEL. ? . -re p.rt.oul.rl, mv.ted to call tud x...b. U. ,
m be (Ciearfioia Bridge P. 0.,) Clcarlieid county, Pa. , ,ni ,n. Proprietors ar. detenninl to spar utid-j U"ore I'ur'!ilM'uP 0' ;V H ANCOCIf.
. - aj, ii, nun, , er expeme, lime nor laoor to ensur in coniiori , rn...e..i.i l un imai
.. rri. . r.u- . l! visj. v
TOTI C IS V AlTlua. .-Mitio is atreoy
W. TllOai-SON.
The patronage uf tho traveling .
j given that my wife ELVINA, left my bed publiu it rosptotlnliy tolioiteiL Jly I, '03, y.
aod board on in ou ay m auj i umii wnuuui
just cause. Caution tt Iderei.we, aereoy given,
Dissolatioo of Partnership-
"g in PLilndolpUia, designated fix
placet in the State to bold monster mast
meeting, on the 17t b of September, tho an
Bivenary of the adoption of the Federal
Centtiitition. The placet selected are
Philadelphia. Lancaster, -Wiiliamnpoi t,
flciajilen, Mcadvilla and Uuiontown.
branches or bit t'rotetsion win ns eonducte . In a
ityl equal U the best city shops, lit respectful.
Iy solicit a trial or bis skill.
Clearfield, July 29, 18oS-6t
! 'Justice of the peace
. ti Ar Iriifl har mi me . 11 II It Pn. Pail tid x i ft ti .rah a fnM fl V D f rUirflaM O. It. 1
klad . a-'f Af ' aL' t W till I'' r"l M 1J " wa w 'w a anj . ..u vw s bm.v0i,iw (vsi-svaseiv " r hj SS I III I 7vhi , vriai uvm V . I K, v I
DMIMSTXATIIK StlllCI:.. Letters , , detstroiined to pay no in or debit 1 tween th nndersiirned, trading ander ;h nttrni promptly to all business entrusted to bl .
X. of Administration having been r"7.d''''' f here,,ntrcting. n..n. of "J WHITCOM II ra S0NS,-bs this day J : April.
day to the undersigned ea th estat ol REfcUtR WILLIAM CU '.GE. been dissolved bv mutual o-Misent. I -
lat or Uurnnd towosaip, aeoeatea, an i.i,.. Mill. Ana. 13. 'ai-oil. . J. WliITCOMn,
person Indebted to (aid eilat ar rtqaested to
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