Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 26, 1863, Image 2

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    fV tfhifiilb Jltri'blican.
Wtdneiday Morning. Aug 26th. 1863.
For Governor,
Of Lvserne enunty.
for Juilti tof the Supreme Court.
(V Allegheny county,
T. J. BOYER, of Clearfield county.
A. 31. BLMOX, of MtKean county.
I'Mt 1 W M '. 1 li UlUtillrttl ff
Mil ISS'left t railed In lhe trnuiiil of the
Inhuman itesimtnl ltfl i-i fti ft nul
tnnn ! the l'rpil Mnrlinl al I Hubiug,
m printed on our iutl l(, 'lh i(oin l
Is tnkn from a tr uMirnn spet, living
tlx tlntem'tit rftlm 1'rotiM Matslial
himself, and till (ifJlifM-m that Ihrte
run l ln charge nf "eo pe rhradistu "
about II. Hn'J iiii'li treatment Win ad
tninistired to a M gin what a howl would
go up from rvei) Abolition throat. Hut
lie was on's. i irhitc ruin and In- deelcd it
til. What was hit crime? le.ttvg the
Uovtrnmtnt t Yt-a, he was cheating llie
Government oaf of Aw services, and peilmps
one or (wo hundred dollars, But had lie,
like many ethers, Helen his hundreds of
thouaacde, instead of being whipped like
a brute, ho might li v keen flourishing
among the nabobs of the lurid.
Art tJOt.Y 1WC0IID.
ih ,h.iHH..n I tt I'l I fi.f- Jik nf
SMitttrmt t mil t In I Slur nf '((''
The t'nliiil'irt (Vni-i M"m
llie crime of Judg Agnew, lhe ic'tnl
Republican candidal for Judga of Hi"
Kuptcni court, liiKl a member nf th
Reform Convention In 138, mi tlifl qiw-j
tiou of negro tuflmge. let Id cr nrn 'n
llmt Convention n rviilrniiied k iin ll'l
of iludte Wo?dwrd, who w Jnfi
metntjcr of tlmt body. It wm lo lh Wtllinni Tnt,
rlloil of Judge Woodwind end bU len
l'oii:iri collcnguei tlmt tho right of nif
ifrngfl In I' nnnylvtnin ith limited ind
confined lo " while freemen ;" and hid
imj: A II K t li I, l CO UN I Y
n r t c tt 1 1 u r a t oiitli?.
To If Ar' ii tht t'i'r 1h Hs,h
ll I ' n 11 (t"'ti"il n-e.f i i r-liim. ivt
niii't ii il r.irr-ily 1 t r llf ( ln4 n4
'iil!orii)i lh rHn rmji m trt M a-ia.
1 It; of anl lb II . n4 i fM.
I. MAI- thi Mf, .. ... ..I,,,.,..
i.httnv Vufiv, lA S "',i;iiM".'n iim liMtimllie it ar ". K M
and 237 iry nf (Xtt'hn; A 'wiii, , bimhh. anil f enailtt fc 'iiiiil hll
I.':aM I ri t'.re 1, o f . i (
Judge Agnew, whom tho Abnlitinnlst"
rxrrijTiVE i iimmiti r..
Mcfinuilii'y, Jno. l. Tlioinpion,
Kiclmrd Shaw. Jr.
Jm. A. Ciildnoll.
' iUr Itinf i f I et I imI
I I'nl lif ef tit l.tri'l
j I'.ott l"f nf corn ifiu
llo.t (Miunil fHki I'ip
! I: ml I'ruil chI I i p
i llnl poU-k ekf lHj
I llpt butphulor nk
I llert prVr A JfM;"
j lint !liljr of
j It a ,rnervt Mp 1
ISAAC KLINE, of Bradford tP
AMOS READ, of Lawrence twp.
F. F. COTJTERET, of Covington twp.
tho scamp Fvnuy, an Uteaa iStiO, extolled
lo the kkiej. Ho is now, ik Forney,
(Irccly, 1 had. .Stuveat A Co., lubuiing to
prevent a reatornttou ol llie Union ; end
the power which they niot fear and
dread, in the democracy of the North.
'If Mr. Lincoln cau only prevent the elec
tion of Woodward in Ponnitylvuniu, and
Vallandig'uam in Ohio, these Sonthern
zz: - cpgsi0l, disunioiiista will le almokt wil-
JJemocratio BtateCentral Committee. )ing (0 ,. down and wn.khip him u u
Tli follow ing ia the Btat Centrnl rnmmltie tho best scvicu he can do them, and the
u rPoinlod by UuB- FIXDLAY PATTEkSOX, ,uccehS 0f these men will be r aoverer blow
of Washington county, who, Prbnident of the I ....
lt Hemocratio Convcntijn. nil autborued by a lo their grand schemes of dmunion thnn
rtiolution of the body to announce the Commit-1 would the taking of a dozen Vicksburg?.
tee. It eonrlstt of a Cbuirmon aud Hcprcsenta-' Head it ! Read it! and then say who ore
tives tif the wvi ral Seunloriul District iuto ( j)e f.jetlct9 rjf treason.
which the S'ate is dividod : ,
, nU.n-CThAtt.LESr Lf,?i,rH aD,. n ' " W Go'l fro" (,-l'tl' of our
1st Dllt.-lhoo4orCuyler, KobortJ. Hemphill, . . . ,, . . .,.,,,,.,- ivhin.i
John Fullertou, Jr , Ieaae Leeib, , "" . , " ,
would now pliice upen the Hench of the (j,.AM 1, -.vri.t'.iif.s, oytn t ) all limit aid ir.
Supreme Court, had his way negroes ' ( vmpelttfis.
would have the right to vole nt. and in
The Case Squarely Presented.
Under this head's Clliio Crw
presents the following remurkible article
from the Mobile Register, a paper edited
bv II ill i .Ioiik KdHSVTH. nun of tlm ublfit
m..nof th Smith itn.l il. mm. inn ivluini ' in t,,at ol'()ov' -'"'l'n. Ho was tt mem- niit bniffer under .1 y 3 lloit Culf under mo
tlm 1 An 9 v 9 :t)
Uj I Ul III" V'-'l lVIMI"ll "IIU II M - w , " J -
- . ... . . 1 V I i-l ! II' It'
Constitution of Ifw; ami Ins course in f .1 leriri jncon uueitcn, v w. u. ng
that body on I he question ol negro sut- ley
litt "' ir
Hot jolly rtk
llrnl In'l) ' (aks
lint enke
lu.l Jelly
lift pie, any klud
Ilutt ire crtem
Jcoiir.s - Mm. Joinh W. Thinpon,
Mrs. (I, 1. (loodfellow, Mrs. David l)is-
JmnM Il 1,111,1 I..T
. - ' ' 1 nmn a.
Jm-s Hleeitl. '
I t4 II -7'-'.m ,tl ftljM,
tw s-it ef fl .lhS titn-tS Si
put enai tn 1. 1 a I I v I
HH belt in.itt.
Jl IteiSS- Wlliam 1 1 ft til ,
rMniiial Misnnrr.
f.l hahHI.ill tlln I ll..a 1.1. -i "
i,i..i. .... . ' : "'"
i'ip. 11. l ntntinrnliil itrfnlmv
1. ... .. u .11 it: i .. .
i "if " immiiii pigier, M. It Si
l ill. M. Mv. III lillh.
Cli 3,1. - .V'oiif 1ft t
The bol dmin lilt .
T.e b,..tbr..k.n
Ilrit chuiKB
.IfDurs Mr. Wm. H. Ti.-nd,
lliutshoin, Mrs. Moe Fulton.
Class IS-7..ur.
Class 17. ((irr ami (Wv,
Deft Hull S 2,1 Ut Hull ft ltrtl & pouniW or more f butler fl
.1 rfwiy.Tnlin Oii-ona I PiL, i .Tolut II... i In II. a . r nmrn. uf fnrkin butter mnde
sonio instancH, of controlling the elec- ..,. itni.nrt Thoini'.nmi. fJor.Un.i iu May ur June 1
'j-n--- - - i '
tioni in IVrnsylvanirX, trul vftt tlic H AlHtroedi eom t'-Rt't!ii.r In tMn c1ki- m,l o-mi-publicans
ay theyjnenot AboUtionists. ; i;;'..
. ' the utock lliey will prolines.
" The Jt.publicuns have been as nnfor Ci.s 2.-Ora!e Cattle, r-W in tunh,.
tunate in the nomination of Judge Agnew i j,,,,, C )W $S I !d Het Cow f I
14 " John D. Kraus, Choitor county.
fd " Wm. H. M'itte, .Montgomery oouoty.
4tb " Wm. T. R gvre. Buck cuuuty.
6th " Tbos. lleckman, Northampton eounty.
6th " lliU)r Clyeser, lierks eounty.
7th ' William Kandtll, Schuylkill eounty.
8th " Aa Pucker, Carbon ootinty.
9th " Michael Mykjrt, Sullivan county.
10th " 6. S. Winchester, Luzerne eounty.
lltb " Mortimer F. Elliot, Tioga county.
12th " John II. llirmev, l.ycimiinK county.
lSth - Wm. Elliot, Northumberland county.
14tb " 6. Ilt'plMirn, CuinberUad county.
15ih " Wm. M. Bretlin, I.-'liuon county.
1 Ath " Geo. nnilcraon, J. Patterson, Lane. eo.
I7th " John F. Spangler, York eounty.
18th" licnry Suiilh. Kultinouuty.
19th " J. 8iir.po AiHrs, Uuntindoo county.
20lh ' Wm. IVittler, Olcarfolit county.
2 1 at " Hugh Weir, Indiana county.
J2d " T. li. Borij;lit, Fayotle eounty.
J3d W. H. T. Pauley. Onene county.
14(h " G. W. Cats, J. P. Barr, Alleuhony eo.
Ibth ' Jtmes Cnmpboll, Butler oounty.
2th " Pavid 8. Morrit, tairrnnne county,
27ih " T W. Grayion, Crawford county.
!Slh " Kennedy L. blood, Jefl'ercon county.
her of the Convention which framed tbe Uest do do J y J j0
ib (
W. W. Wcrrell.
1'iaL'e was such as will not very strongly Class 3. Oxen.
commend him to the favor of white men. Beti Yoke of Oxen f 5 60
" It is know n that under llie Oonitlitu- 2d J'ent -do iWT J 1)0
tion of 17W it was a mooted question Jidcm Wm. Snhwein, .1. It. Kylor,
whether colored men wcro eniitlcd to Samuel Brown, ( Lawrence )
vote. In some parts of tho State they Clam 4. Tu.' Caiut.
.vete allowed to exercise the light, and iu " bullnek.eerhelirer ever 1 yr. f I 00
others it was denied them. In tho Con- 2(1 d" JM "'.r 1 1 00
vention of 1838. called to amend the ton- T).'tn.;M-Mlthew Jorcoc, John Mc-
alttitiinn it tlt lil't-timstMi In DUt t li 1 M rltlAH- ' ... A
i :. .... , ... class 5
' v llt Htallioil 310 I 21 beit Stnllinn t
iiuiiioih w "ill..: ... . .. .. . .... ..... Dvfi Mart ,,, CoU 1 ,j b-,t JUr A C(t
view Mr. M.vuii o: niiiaiMpiiia, on me
'JUd of June. 1831.1, oll'eifd the following
proviso to the 3d article;
" J'rvvitieil, ulsn, That too l ight or an for horcei whose peiliree render thoin worthv
elector bhall in no case extend to others j Tho society wish to encourage the raiting of high
than free w hite male citizens." j blooded horses.
this proviso the vens and nays l La o Indmg, Ibrojt and ,im Ilorxra.
3 00
Beat SO lui. flour
Beit .'" lbs. eprlnj
wheat flour
Beat .'i0 Hit. rye flour $1
Boat W lln. font inoal I
Bnt JO lb, buck
wheat fl mr 1
J cooks S. It. Jjidaii, Wra. ililcs, Chas.
Cl.vs.S Vi.lhmetic ArUeU.
Thorough brtd llorse, (ipen to all.
Beat kit or Jsr of honey f 1 00
Beat 10 Ihi. maple sugar Mp. or SO
Heat pesetei put up air-tight Dip. or t
Uoit tomslnt put up air-ti nl t Ilip or SC
; Beat blackberries put up sir-tljM lip. or 40
Best curranti put up alr.tljht Pip. or SO
Bent fancy Jar of pickets Iip. or SO
Best gallon svrnp or serjrhum, cr e;eh, lip. or 40
Bo't cured hum (cookoitj with inodo of
euriiiR, An. Iiip. or SO
Bv'it dried beef, with inodo of curing, Pip. or SO
JcriORt Mm. Win. C. Foley, Mr. .Sf-
were called, and Judge Agnew voted ! !,aaa' lor , ,
ag'iinsl it, and Judge Woodward, lhoBw,,t nafV ra" jR uu""",
present Democratic cfndidat for Cover-i ,'D'gU tZuyl 0 harness
nor, who was also a member or the Con..,,,,, ,pR of draught hrea, or marea,
vention, votcl tor it. 'I he piovito was Heat apnn of farm horaea, or raaroa,
: HeiiL ililtne;. nr mare, for work, uver t trd
I ..1.1 v......,, .... il. II... .. .n,l
snubbed Vice Tresident .Stephens, in his
late attempt lo confer with them ou in
ternational attain, without form or core
monr. It has long been known here that
this gentleman thought, if he could get
to whisper into the ears of some men
about Washington, the result might be
terms of peace on some sort of union or
reeomtruetion. Ho seemed to lorgel that
Douglas, with whom In used to serve, is
dead, and notwithstanding his mantlo has
(alien, bv div'ding it into four pieces, up
on, unci vornees. xaiiandig- vote WM uken 0n tho motion, by yeas
ham and l'ugh.aiill the Democratic party allll tie word whiie' wasinser-
is not in power now. and we mav thank toJ in he lhird ar:lt.ieof the Constitution,
God for it. The proi-pect looked gloomy , jUiu x ,now volil)t: ngftinil i,, all 1 Judge
lo the no 1'iesidenl, whose infirmity of i v,iul for it ilii,. ml 10 i,, a
I t .... I " - " , - l-M"
lost. (Debates, vol. 3, page 91.)
"On the 17th of Jnntinrv. lS.IR. Mr
Martiu renewed his clVort, by moving to Bcl fbl1 UD'"r J ' " tk
insert the word ' white' among the oual-Lv. ";' "h" ,., h,Ul. ,.,,
on atrne boat without uip, Yoooii
? 00
? 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
itications for voters. Upon this motion a
long and able debate ensued, Judge
ooilwarU taking an active and leading
part in favor of the motion and against i Alexander Murray.
negro sullrage. tin the .Ulii nt January
on ih Uortt, and
IfixiEs Level Flegal, Joseph llrenner,
body, no doubt, casts a shadow over his
'(pints, and he xaid that one of two things
I must be done; either home terms uiut
i dial n alliance with foreign now
!crs. I'lei-idi-nt D.ivi g.tva hi:n'' poiccrs
itotrciit an honvabtt terms, and ti led him
. . - lot- t (he Kingdom nf bi,iinttn. But
r i A otTOHg Team. I Father Abmham u.ld him there was an
We learn that the Conferees represent-i HllKa68ab!H golf Uu.-on the..., and the
uig this Legislative distvict, who met t )Vico I'rcsidenl had to team back to
Ridgway on Thursday last, (lOtli) nom-J Richmond, a litilo top fallen. Wo hope
inated Dr. T.J. Bona, of Clearfield, anc" j lhis " l1 Put a .Iwvr to aomc croakers
, ... r. ., , about here, who intimate that there are
A.U.UNion.ofMrKi-Aii. Tins we pr.!pwp,0 frifmly ,0 fiuulh iu lhe
nounce a strong team. No efforts the K'rth, to rehioro the Union as it was.
aholitionized RepuHivins can make will ' And we also hope the government at Itich
be sufficient even to mako the contest ) mon1 wil1 not huoiil-.a'le itself any more,
in,...i, f. t. . j j but from this time will look only to the Mr. Be , ton served during ;pne pnJ o( lkai lln(i mbi(anAd Uptndenee.
lhe sesnsofl of hO. along with Mr. Oor- i he North is not lew set on a pui pose of
don, (repub.) and was one of lhe laost final separation than we are. The He
attor.ive and industrious raetiibcw of the P"bl'r'n party are not fighting to restore
jjoum this Union any more than the old Ito-
mans lougiu 10 eaianimn trie inuepeiiuence
Class 7. Tro'.lwj Hones, open to all.
Brrt time .1 in S, troltuig In single bar-
neaa, )"afl un 0t llor&t, sn 1 $75 00
Jcuoks H. F. Naugle, Doct. Foster,
loct. Bnyer.
Ni proinium will le paid unless (Ire entries
are made. Fach borif n trot against tluie. IJn
trnnes feo $'.
Ct aks 8. TVc'ffm Iftrirs oicne.1 and tuiW
in f.ii! rounty.
in R nn titne In liarneffl f?0 00
I I'eHnsylvania. i h,,,, trottini Imree, or mar, under aa.l Jle,
I "Ah attempt was sub?cnuentlv mane to I l'ouni on iht Worae.
iContinue the rijilit of sulTrngo to lliOfe Heat trotting korso, or uiare, in iuj;lo hr-
negioes who had heTore cxercisrtl it ; ami '"" "
li'fcl pair iiitii.u0 nvi.-. i., v. ... hi .....
To that motion, thus carried auainit the
! nitnn, i I i.t, r.f 1.1li.A A nniiu, fua llm
, i.e nuae. or me w no.e in.iu.a ot tne loo-;,,., tl)lU npgr0ea are not to-day rotors in ' - .
1 r,.flArfiiv hiiiI In full.til o;lt Ht.ilnn immn. I.. . 1 oev
1 00
1 00
Appropriate, The Republicans of our
county have been unusually thoughtful in
tho selection of the day for holding I heir
County Convention To nvorror is lhe
day on which the great National ?300
Lottery comes off at Waterfoal, and we
cannot help admiring the "spunk" and
patriotism of our Republican friends in
commemorating the event '.y lidding
their Convention. The day will be sug
gestive of patriotic sentiment which w
uf the countries then invaHed. The lie
publicans aro fighting for conquest and rV
minitn, we for liberty and independence .
"There is only one party in tho North
who want this Union restored, but they
have no nmie power legislative, execu
tive or judicial than the paper we write
on. It is true they make a show of Union
and strength, but thry have no voice of
authority. We know that the Vallandig
liani school wants the Union restored, lor
he told us so when here in exile, parta
king tif such hospitality ns we extended (o
for this Judge Agnew voted, on lhe iirin
ciple that " hall a loaf ia better than no
bread." Judge Woodward voted ajiaiiift it.
"This is the man tor whom white men
are aked lo vole. Had he succeeded in
milking negro voters, his chances of elec
tion would be Hetty fair; but si white
men are, through the ell'orts of oion liko,
Judue Woodward, ulonn invested with:
the invaluable right of eutlrage, it is not
likely that Judge Agnew wil( ever reach
the Supreme Bench.
' We cannoi refrain from giving tho
concluding paragiaph of a powerful
spoech made in tho Convention ly Judge
Woodward on this question of negro suf
frage: "I am sure the sober souse of our cit
izens would Im? outraged by n decUirui
i hat negroes are lo vole, and this will bo
decided if you reject the amendment. At
no stage of our history have our people
bee a willing tn give them this right, and
now let us not ntiend ngainal naturn, and
do violence to the general feeling, by say
ing that in all lime lo come they tliail
possess il. Lei us not redece the inesti
mable right of suffrage lo lhis degrada
tion, lest the people spurn it from them,
as unworthy any longer of their allections,
but let us prsservo and bequeath it us we
have inherited it, and then posterity w ill
! have no reproaches for our memories.' M
JrbiiEs Thomas H. I'orcee, John A. i.. phronia Harlshorn, (Uurwensville.) Mrs.
Flegal, David Whitman. I laey W. Thompson.
Tho premiums in this cla; are it,iond),l only ' Ci.ah "(I. Vivnettio Miinvacturtt.
Best 10 yardt FUnnel
Beat 10 yardi saltinet
Beat IS yarda wunlon carpet
Celt IS yartti ra carpet, Wool chain
Beit 10 yards cloth
Beat pair wooleu blankets
Best woolen eoverlet
Hwt woolen friDKed mils
Beat pair woolen knit atockiujri
Best specimen of knotting, knitting or aeo
Ule woik by uiiaa under 12 years old
Best pound linen sewing-thread
Beat pound slocking yarn
Best fooi-mat
Beat tidy mat
Jiwias-Mrs. Win. Caldwell, (Bike,)
4.00lMrs. John Nmrw, Mrs. Nancy Khirey.
Class 21. Xeed.r, .Shell, Wax UorA.d c.
Btat specimen uf needle work Pip or SO
Best apecimon needle work on machine I'ip or SO
B"st specimen flowers iu wonteJ Pip or SO
Beat specimen embroider du Pip or SH
Beat specimen -iiibroidory in lnn Pip or 50
Best speeiins i embroidery in niasliii Pip er SO
Btat speiiiiie uf luulbor work
Ilett speciincii uf ,
Btat aporiiUMii ol I'eaiber work
Heat tiiecimeu of or. wmk
litst s lirt uut.le by mirs undor 13 years Pip or S
Best pstcbiog and luendiu Pip r SO
JcnaKs-Mrs. K'chard Shaw, jr., filrs.
A. M. .Smith, Mrs. Jacob Faust.
Clas 'J2. Millinery and bre-smaking.
Rest millinery $1 Hint dresa making f I
J 1'Uor.s Mrs. Samuel Arnold, Mm. C.
Z. McCullough. Misa Maggie llartman.
Class 2V i4rfisis! Work.
Best painting In nil
Best portrait painting
Best emtio painting
Host painting in water colors
Best ornamental painting of any kiud
Peat Psguerreotypes takon on the groan 1
Best ambrolypet takon on the ground
Best photographs taksn on the ground
Best landscape painting
Best ponaian.-bip
Beat architectural drawing
J rnuF.s Mrs. Fliz.i levin, Mrs
rntitid Jones, Mrs. F. K. Arnold.
Cuss 'H. lirtignM.
Beet designs fur farm house, barn, earring (
houxo and jtnble j
Beat design f"r dairv bouse I
IWt. ,,
"t mill slone
do ban,, i,owl ij-J
flo I......1 . .. . "1
- anieis .
l waah'g ini,ia,i
o split or sua-1
d koi.i,, s
An k.i.i-. i ,t I
"""""" l(ll k
The beet seUerr
J Ths best Dps brtek Mp Te U ,fi,i '
) JtlWM-O. l.tioo.rellowl),1Ml,ip
it . lt , i, ii i 'inei r.u.
nuniiiei lieu.
Class 31. CAemiru mid chrmieul tcU
Tho bei-t svallable luanart at modern... .
Thsbe.i do d.. f-irfarmptedati' l
Tka bell material fi.r .1... f'SCtt
I The best tallnw raudlit
I he beat vinegar
The best linseed oil
The beet specimen oftoap
The teatwriting-lok
JtoiiEs Doct. Caldwell,
Doct. Felzer.
'..'lass ou, Wood and
nest dressed stone fl
do grind stone 1
do shingles Pip nr 60c
do floor boards I
" werked J l
do weather bdt I
worked J ft
Jt'lMIKS JOS. Illl W
Appleton, John Moore, (Ferguson'
Disc-ettoiiary premiums will be awaidt
f.p nil Arlinla if mneil i
,v . . ...u..v . .ihuiin ... .
chanics in all tho various LrawW ., I
:. :.. I...,l . 1 :.. ' lfl1
ii ia in'"i gtrnrini rxuuminn nfl
mane, ror an iinprovementi usctal t
the farmer, and having valuable pr,
lies, discrelionarty premium nvir bt
coiiiuiended by the judges ainl anthj.
by the hxecut.vo louiumiee.
Cni 3li. Xaturul MaicruU,
Beit suit of useful minerals uf CUarEiU
Including coal
do cabinet of minerals uf ClenrGeld sod
adjoining counties, tn be the prop
erty of tho society
do lime stone SOc I Boat potters' cla
do Sre clay iOo I du burnt lime
do coltoe. offussi s f I do coal
JuDtigs Dixit, fieo. Wilson, Duct
0. Crouch, Doct. Kline,
Class 37. I'rvit.
so si uiapiay unu grcaiett variety ol (rat-1
ted apples, imnmerand winter Iruit, ,
named aa.l arrangeil J
do li-plnr and greateat variety ofpna,!
Pip or SO
Hip or .i0
lHh or o0
Pip or JO
reBS, oiMirr on tn nam.
Dje?t pneing, or uaare, Touuif on the Hum.
Ben walking bora, or mam, ' "
Jciiur.s Cd. K. A. lrrin, Itamsey Mc
Murray, I'd ward McU.irvey.
Xo reinium ill be psid in Oils class unless
there arc ton entries. Entrant foe f I.
Class 'J. Sheep and W'vol.
Best Hook, any breed, A 1 1 isn't farm Honk A f 2 OS
2 00
1 on
1 oo
Heit Ewe, anv breed, do do
Bert sheep fattened for mutton
Best In lull
Best specimen sf
Ji'Iioes Rolierl Wnglev,
Nanl, S.i.iiiibI T. Wilson.
Class 10. Swine, open t all.
Heat Boar, any breed, Vounj far, M.m'l f 3 no
Heat Hraeding sow, do "car, t Oitrdner A 2 00
Best bnc dn di 2 00
Heat pi under six uioutha
JrnoEs Samuel Civile, Moses
nuaifl and arranged
do dia lav ax 1 greito't variety orpesch.l
a, naincJ and arranged j
do collection of plmii.1,
do oollri'tiiii of cherries
do ciitiucliiiu of quincts
do speeiiiu n of apple, one peck
do pt ain of loreiga grapsa
do apeciinnu of Aiuorican grapes,
do seedling grapes raiicd in couu.y soli
woKtby of eultaro j
do doinci.air wiiu, A mode of m.ninfaeiurt I
do currsuH 00 j Ikst blatkberriti
do tloostrbi-rriea 0
J k'iik:s Ihiiiiiai Henderson, H
Ililas, Jon:illii'i Sp:ickiii!.n, (iiiard.j
I'.v-s ob Uvretitanrkip.
To the lady who sun i.uee her bor.c l.titl.
and ('.Is mtrt graeefully j'
To the gentleman whu manages hit hri,
best and sits most ;,raclully
lieil display of l.urseiLsi.thip, nut lot. .
than live couple I '
do driving iu the courao by a lady I
do company of c.ivalry j'
do " " infantry , ,
do band with brass instruments I1
do martial ban ! Pip I bent tou aiaxen
JroiiKs B. C., HirainWVjJ
ward, John Carl ia.l.
Ctss 3'J. Xunerict.
Best nursery containing the greatea: vari-)
cty of truits and shrubs, cultivated j
it.. ....... ... ........ i
tm tuw u..'i ui'i.fvi uia.iiivi, ,u i
1 . r .:.!. ..i,... ,i... J
eription, with the vaiiety and
nc, modo uf eulture)
3d bast ilo do do do Uirrj t Fi mt il"-
Pip i
li'UiiE Daniel Buwinan, ''olin li
sa iirfriiim In lias a4 sat I m sT.ata adiiaaaliAii
may expect to see reflected in resolutions 'MnMlt!d ln oyr lCti by anther enemy, who
lAnniiuri n a as fri,fat- a ml I .....:..n e..: I .
-" iinii.wuiLui, ie jii uiu ii'Hi, y ruurti our 11 imius mail n.
all conscripts who do not willingly accept j And tf V alUndigham should by accident j Wep-ro Biavorv
the glorious prize offered them by the late or other cauc, become aovernor of Ohio, ; . . " , ,
i,.v,;r. . v .1 r we hope Lincoln will eep his i.erveste, Another Adnnnislration bubble has been
Jacobin Congress Nor must they forget j,llo l(r'oper ,,,niioni ,n(, u(t llow hlm l0'pretlv e,rtetually pricked. Reports whirl.
to reaffirm their Ridgway resolution that jenter the confines oflhe.Stato. His Ad-, were'given to the country with official
" lhis farce cf a Government ia at an ond." ' ininist ration would do more to reatote the sunctinn represented the valor of the tlack
TTTT?-WT?Ti7c l-"n'ou than any other power in Ohio rgiments at Port Hudson as unparalleled.
. . T WEWS. icould do, and therelore we pray that he und the Committee of lhe League assured
AavicesrromUiarlestoti are to the lSllij may be defeated- Should a strong Union their colored dupes that they neod not
inst. The bombardment of Forts Sumter, party spring up in Ohio, the third State fear as to the increase of pay, as the char
Wagner and Gregg was kept up lor six ' lle or,n l'0''1'0"' importance, il ges of I heir brethren upon the rebel for
bours on the 17th. doin much Rp11im,J '"'C1'1 nda faint response in some Stiutb- t.ficationa would carry the next Congress
jomo u , o ' 6 . ' Vein Slate, and give us trouble. But as by storm. For some weeki white men
aamage. rort feumter appeared as tho Republicans hold power they were completely at a discount, and the
suffered much returning the fire of the j will think ol conquest and dominion on- credulous ones who think it a sin to crit-iron-clada
only at long intervals. T(i6 ly. and we, ou the other hand, will come icise the Administration or to question
guns of Forts Wanner aud Greci? were i. r' '" "ol"1 colutnn ,or 'el' "hi nle- its statements, actually believed tlmt race
, ou Best design for bridgs with plan, sPan not oOicsoclc. J.nnei riio.npson, (M.irrN.) i
Wise,! . e than 0 h.i ,,,...,). Class 40.-(W IM. )
Jt-jHiM-lhigh Leach, Robert Dough- , J
1 mli aH' Pi'mi
,'.. n r...i,. : erly. Milo lloyt
Beat coop epring chicken, not les, than alt 1 00 ' (-Ls8 2j-- Mtta'K tnhn: .ehincry.
Best and hoavleal turkey, f.0 ' Hst cooking itorc, wood or coal, 3 00
Be?t display ofclilekens 1 00 : 2J Lc" u" Jo J" 2011
Jit.ofM-d. R. Barrett, Rev (iaHoway,1?,'"'1"'1 ,J" , . J" , . .
.. ,,:., ' Beet parlor-stove $2 I llestusst-iron fence $3
.ill.... j. I I ! k... .1.. .1..
... mti uvj uw siit :
Cl-sss 12.- Phwing.
Owner of team au l plow that plows green
award the best, Younj Far, Mun'l if 3
Owner of learn and plow that plows tlnbble
I Beat specimen or lot of tin-ware
I '1.1 I.... .In .1.. .In
Bent specimen blackimithing
' UvM spurimeu gunsiuiihiug
Pip A 1
tne Best, a urrn Hoot rf-.1 00 Bost ,,,aciion iron turning
tirDois llowi Reod, Orier hell, David Host tiimn castinira
. .
Class 13. iWas, Rt.Uert and orilU, llar-
rau t and Cultivator.
Beat plow for stubble or sward 2 00
BeH subsoil plow, furry'e AVai'l O.irden A 1 00
Bet clod cruaher and roller combined, 1 00
Best grain drill, AUrn'i f'nrm Hook A 1 00
Best side-hill plow f I I Brat respor A mower f i
Best treah'g machine 3 I Boat culiivalor 1
Best corn-planler 1 Boat burrow l
Best horse rake I I Best corq-lieller l
Best fanning mill 2 BeaSox-ynke A bows 1
Best bay pitching inach:ne, l
Best stock and eh-aw cutler J 00
Best hore-yower for general purposes 2 00
Best original invention of agrieul. implement S 00
Jrnor.Si James Thoinpson, Jacob Fle
gal, Adyn (tearharl.
All articles enumerated in this class not made
in the county, bat produced upon exhibition, if
worthy or it, will be awarded a Ihploms
nv i
00 j
do do tto in v'iu"
do do of floral ornaiaontt
do basket bouquet, with handle,
do hand bououet
Jt !(. M as S. M. Thonimon, Xi
Helen Cu tile, Miss Sophia Iiailebstifli
Ile.l shower butli
Best original invention in e .iintr
Best diapliiy of table snd mrkoi cuitlerv,
Anuricau mauufactuiu i
Best ditip'sy of e Ige tools Pip
tint display of and Culd Uuls Mp
Jcimis John L. Cutlle, Henry Kerns,
David Tyler.
Tho above premiums aro offered for ar
ticle manufactured in the county. A
Diploma may be awarded for any of the
above articles on exhibition without re
gard to t licit place of manufacture.
Class ;Ij. i ehicles of all SVoiaj,
Best timber sled
Best horse carl
Beat wheelbarrow
l ...l.:.. I. ...ill 1 . ...... i . . v. . w ...i....
ported lohave been silenced and the XZ"; . . .V': ' " lu.e"??, 91 :
- r 'fn - -
t.t'tf rtr ii aui'n sub ainnen n. tu'a m.i n .1 ii..i 1 1. a , ..tin,. ... .1... ... .. a.
niArlm lvl. li t . .--j iiiiiiiiiid, aim urn. iuiiaii, vmsca Ol lies! lies Dtte 1
wnuiiueu ia j.iay upon them now (alter lhe retuaal ol tho annnglon Louisiana were vastly belter soldiers than Best di.hanJ-raketl
to prevent repairs. Fleet-Cantnin P.oenr. ! Cabinet to confer) cofidently expect, be- their own kinsmen. At last iha irmh B"tirrain crsdlo I
commanding the monitor Catakill, and
Paymaster Walerbury, were both killed by
a shot from Wagner penetrating the pilot
house. Bolh Iheir heads were split open.
No other casualties are reported.
From rebol sources It is evident that
they contemplate the abandonment of the
Forts. All non-combatants are nrdorsul tJ
Best set forming uteurila owned by farmer 3 00
fore the Democrats of the North get in has been confessed. The losses of the n em
power again, and coma whimpering in our gro regiments were but nominal, as they
ears, "Union, reconstruction, Constitu- ran away almost at the first fire. So ends
lion, concession, and guarantees," Away that romance.
with nil auch stufl'l We wnnt reparation. ! One fact alone justifies nllusion to it,
Oive us rather men like Thaddeus Ste- and that is, that it is so thoroughly char
vens and Charles Sumner. They cur-ze the acteristio of tho Administration. From
old Inion and despise it, and to do u e. And the 4th day of March, 1861, iU favorite
now we promise these gentlemen that, as device has beon falsehood. Having abso
Iheyhate tho Union and the "accuraed I oIa nnntrrtl nf Iha tirema it l.u. nav.t
leave Charloston, and they promise to ,e.iCo'litulio." let them keep down Val- scrupled to "create public opirion" just
fnnrl I Ha ' landicham and his natty in tho North?
' ' ""u" "I then thev ahull iievnf I.a I rn.,K1,l l, .' . i ' " Best aors of oate do
with such u.,,,o, .W,l ,h. rr... i7..-' " s':1' Z ' Best bushel uf corn ear. do
... . , . ...... iu.iuii rreiai inn inuu.-utw ui um nine oi evi- i n... a .Pr f hurkwkaat An
and I .on as they are sending up." dence which i. always accumulated w4,en L.h.l .J Tin or wheat do
an object is to be accompliahed.
Best stump. puller 3
Best lut gard. tools 1
Bestfnmily carringe $S
Best buggy 4
Best farm wngnu 4
li... -l..:l. n
jest aiviuo I
Jt'DGEs--Samuel Kirk, Jacob W.Camp
bell, James Forrest.
Class 27. i,ahinet-vare ia county.
Beat dressing buresuf 2 I Best sofa f2
Best e&le'i. table 2 Best lounge ets. SO
Best wash stand ets. 60 j Best look'glaas frame SO
Bret office cbsir 60 I Bet set pari. furn'S f I
.Ii Fit Bloom. John M Cum min itf. Beet variety of chairtt2 i Beat set chairs 2
- M U... I . I t,.. ...
vrwh vounceu i I iter. ivnu. inuio
Dales f:oin the Army of tho Potomac
ore to the lst. Nothing important had
taken place, and it was thought that Lee'i
army was moving towards Richmond.
The armies of the Southwest under
Burnaide and Rosecrana were moving
the former toward Choltanooga, and the
latter towards Knoxville.
On the 20th io(ant, 600 rebels under
Quantrell suddenly entered Lawrence,
Kansas, and commenced sacking the
tores, to , and afterwards sol fire lo the
city, which at (lie last dales was all aflame.
Such it the suUtancs of a dispatch dated
JetaSTtr.woriQ, august il
B. I). Hall.
All articles enumerated in Ibis class subject to
tame rules at clnai 13.
C'LAhs 15. H'divc, Jtye, barley, tbrn, Oats,
if tf-, d-c.
Beet acre of winter wheat, Amtr, Agrieul'itt.t 3 00
Best acre epriug wheat do do k 00
Beet field of wbaet I or 10 acres du it A 3 00
Best scrt of rys do io t 2 00
Best sere of corn do do A3 00
Best Geld of barley not less Ibau 1 aerea do A 3 00
Those Beet bushel of spring wheat do
Best sere of olover seed
Best I sera broom com
Best I aors sorghum
Bstt i sero peat
A 2 00
A 1 00
A 1 00
A 1
,. T8: toward could .natch B vho do not "wish lo be deceived" are! Beet acre nf potatoes
imio lime irom his public dutios. and borne down, as well as those who do. and Be"i " hs
wotilil employ it in stating his present for the time we accept any myth the
impressions of relations of the "liichor Washington authorities prepare for us. It
law" to tho Dro?ress nfevents ir. 4V,:- has taken a long while for us to admit to
oonntrr. hn vnnlH ourselves how utterly unprincii.led'and , Best i scrs rutabatra
mqnv iinonlo What 8 untruthful our authorities really are; but Best i bushel timothy seed
many poop o. W hat we would eapec- nfm .h.ra ,. not on- of ' mhL ta B..t r. of eamu
laliy like to know is whether tho high- distrust them as thoroughly as he abould. Bt aor. of turnips 1 oo
or law is higher than "military no- Pitt once that ' confident waa a,8" bo,h,1w Jf' PV Z'v t'Tli"'"";
Cessity." Both are "highor than the plt of ery alow growth." Had he lived . Juoors-. William Smith, (,) Dan.ol
constitution," but we desire to be. in. ".. h.v. added that it i.S S t"!Tl .
formed a to which is tho hicrher of S!.B!C" m,in7. deceit and d.s-,ho,lh,,,i;,dl4l ' ln,t fiL Bitem.nt.
1 oo
l oo
1 00
tho two. We await Mr. Seward ploas-
J lire. Chicago limes. I
tSrlloir-tho weather lust week.
to be furnubed by the exhibitors. They mast bt
ineeturexi, or wtignei, toi a tampls farslshed si
1 iht Fur.
Bettdisplty nf eablnet-ware Pip 2.
Jfpr.Es's II. Fleming, Christophr ;
Kratzer. JoMph Irwin, (Lawrence )
(.;l.4s 28. ( 'ooperini and carpentering. i
Best pint ware Inha, standa, Ac, Ac., Pip A I ,
Beat specimen task f I I Beit lot burkttt 1
Beit window-blinds 1 Best let bsskets 1
Best psuol-door 1 Beat set grain meas'rs 1
Judges Abr. Monre, lliraiu
Wm. Kobi.on, (Boggt.)
Class 29. Roots and harden Vegetables.
lllprino- Si, Summer Govt
Cd i AT Til E CM EAT CASH iSlt.UU.
Iain just receding and upciiing s rari
selected sIuca of spring and Euiniaer H
oi almost every description
A beautilul assurttnflni of Prima Slid
goodf, of the newest and latest styles As
great variety nf useful notions.
Bonnets, Shawls,
lists and Cai s,
Boots and Kboe. a large quail !
i Hardware, (Ji eenars,
PrugK and .Mtdiciae',
Oil aud Paints,
Carpet A Oil Clothe,
Fish, Sacon si f'i
Mackerel in Usui i k"1
of the best quality, all of which will '
the lowest cath or ready pay prices.
My old friends and tho public generally
rosnectfullv inrited ta call.
ptrn. It. All kinds of tfN.V toting
COUXTH V PHOUUCK taken in iieaf.
ClearBeld, Jane 2 18113.
WM, t.
T ANIEL CON.VKLI.Y bees leave to '0.
Leach, J his friend?, snd the citirens of CM
j and vicinity generally, that be has Uo i"'l
laiij occupiea oy .foorc -Vaw
k. lt, I. ,, he readv stall
wait noon those who a ay fiver hiia i!t
He will guarantee hia work to l si
cuted as cau be made elsewiiere, a
reasonable prices. He Is bound to wio
opinion of all who walk In ihoc-ltettier-
Best 6 h'dj oabbage 60e
Best 2 docauliflow Pip
Bestqt- Windsor bnsSOo
Best vari. melons 60c
Best vari. anuashei &0e
Best 4 sulks celery Pin reasonable prices
judges i nomas Mills, lion. John ral
ton. David Adams, Hr.
Beit 4 busb.etrrots SOa
Best i do ruubsgsSOc
Beit i do ta. polat 60o
Beit do tow atos SOc
Best i do ts. be.'ts S0e
Best J do sw't pota 60o
it 'iu5
. ... j
t.U ... I.. all liAHa-kl II I,r U !
. at .lit VlriliU, SJUIJ ' s- J
All vegetablci inu&t h hhown Mohave A.A - T.-u,Acrrv.m
been raised by the exhibitor. 1,11, '
tLL.AKrir.UH tUlJUi 'J- , a.M M
A T an Orphans' Court held si iie.i" i
Pi ... in . r,.,'. v.. .. . vi i.
mb" wv. i-uiiiCTt, wmup . fi ..lwcmijarra. a i an wrniians (.uuriuciu
Beit genu' boots and shoes fl 00 for laid county at June term, a-'i
..., miij. mmii suu idopi i uu iu ISO manor oi lue ai1 nlpi" . . l m4
n... J:..i ii . i . . ... . ... .I...I..I. wbicB w"1
aidsv uiffiiuy ui ouota anil iqooi i su anacrenue, goons aim i;u , i
Best ladyi' riding taddra 2 1)0 Henry Hockenberry, deceased, Jre.fV-j
Bolt riding bridle and martingale I 00 Court decreed ai follows ' "June J
oust sids nnisfcod barness leather 60 proved t .Vi and nnieas eji-ip" , y
nest enn innfiji avkii.ii.iv l nm r.r . h . nr.i dnT di nr.. pi
Beit tug harness f 2
Beit genii saddle 3
Best diapley saddler? 1
Best eiin-iage harneai f 1 flruied abstlotoly.'
Beit single harness
Best Uarslleg sniok 1, July 22, 1W.
I. u.
CT'k Orpksai