Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, February 18, 1863, Image 1

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0. B UOODLANDER. ( tJltrs-
TERKS Cl 25 prr Annum, ff pp.itl tnndTirn
(01.. XXXIII. WHOLE NO 1.17
CLLAUKiFj.i), j wi:dm;sday, it.h. in, inns
on tsii:
A IJ' 'n tlio nrm.n l,
tVih in v Mr.-ikot lightened sriiun-t
V: neiiry mil wic-trd frmno ;
I.i.w n r.t 1,1 1 I'ei-t tlio I!' t'ul ln(lil
Hi . iiinn; ei'iil, in tin- fri-erin oif,lil.
Iell im ino'lieiy m tli e unlit,
A beurllttM, f iir !o lljino.
II .try lone, with tun bciivjr lon.l,
II ti'ij nnd M'te, i n tho iiiountiila road,
.Aim! ovvr tl.e netolnto nlHin ;
All 'ii y tl.r.i'itli liir ci-jvi r.. mill,
Our .':,' H. ;W ;.i.'l t!nl.:!i tho i'. i. I,
A!m'. 'i r v,i'-" w'111 n 11,11 k I'f hleull,
In: lul'rOYi'.t ihe iviiulu,; t.-.tiu..
1 vg to flit lit irvnii.'ir,
11 In 71'n cru: '. iu Lis ' vernck,
Hit hall' of u cnie 11 '. '. sturt'
A cruM, tl.ut n:tiT ului..r fart,
hm.r ) nml-vrod iulitct ii.tflit lave p.-isiKtl,
Kimwif K I'm' ihimi'I I'11 th'J la t
Ulml lay ut his i.ja.-tcra's il"tr.
No other muinl on les Mumlmr Ml.
Tina the h'li'.'.iomo trcml nf lln) sintinrl,
Th.Lt i'i". I, iiii'V'.irrtl pin-.
:.. .1 1 ........... .. r i,nn 1
Ann in " ft i' ii., 111111 pi. 111111 . in.,
In uia.iy 11 Wiioy. wr:o line,
T'jtro's liulloir faco.
P.ut llicimlJi' reLpl.nti'l (be drea 111s wora liright
As ti i' ' sy fi'ew ol his Lri'lul iiighl,
With tho Hnpol on hi" breast;
Vor ho pi-Mal nn.v from tho wintry rIooiii
'i'o the nk-iiriiiit li;titol'a chi-iifu! room,
Where 11 cut tut iurrinfr upon the loom,
Al.ii his weary henrt wns lilest.
lliii children ertre- two hluo eyed f;irl,
With hiUKhin lips Had i-utioy carls,
Ami flunks of rinii'y glmT
Au the uioilier pule, hai lovely now,
An v.-he 11 iimn her virgin hrox
Jlu proml.y fealed hin ca-ly vow,
Iu thj uniiiuer, lung :ig ).
Hut the reveille wihl, in tbo uiortiii.g ary,
bteitl' I ti.e b'.viut ful u.ioii a.r',
l.iku a friirhli'iied hiril of the iiili'. ;
And It rovuifil to tho holJier's inity l.ruiu j
rut t:.o Mil HI l..:om unit soi.niiea u.iin,
AaJ he lurnid with n 'lull, urieapy pio,
To tli 0 earn ;-li 1 e'o 'l.un lijrht.
r.'.t L t'KETON.
The w;i nev r probably a Letter
maidi'd couple that) r. Solomon Par,
ins r.n l his wie'. ilr. Soloiiion J'arsons
as bad been ptedie'.ed in his boyhood.
made a vcrv e
titplary indulgent
Sn.Miaii'1. vvhilo .-Irs. Silnuii'ii i arsons, nil
sveryb'niy ie-jied Imfro they were mar
ried, mad" a vet v :enipl:n y, fronl and
..bedivt.t w.l'e. They agreed in nil tilings;
.and us they weio never ku nvn 1 lind mJ
lions fault '.villi each oilier except on one
tior-nsioti, it may be a matter of interest
with t.ic
.dcr 10 know what this ocen-
niori wa.
I bis w.h l!iei.l!iir of lb-? lurkey?. You
inul k iiiov 1 h it Xr. ami Jin. Solomon
Parson.- iivi on .1 farm iu New llainpsliiie,
and priiie tliet -( Ivei mil al-ing llio Lest
turnips, cna ns ami o'ce, (.ii-i ni.iou.iig
th; ..,, f.e len.iercst culvei) nnd ,1111. .).-;.
1 miiu uit: ni'' imiii i i 1 oe 1 1 u 11 1 01 " i- :
llio tin .-1 a. Yhc Puisoiifi s neve r kept
lu 01 thai. :-;x i a time, with perhaps an
'x!i ;. olio ('..tlciiing for 'i''.i:ig or
'"'lni-lti,as. liut l.ieso they wire particu
larly 1 of; and next to tho children,
iP-no key were eaied l'or by Mr. an 1
Mr. I'm -ot .
(hie d.'iy l'a;s"tis found ibid iotnibody
hud pour'd 'be contents of a certain jug
iio kepi in Ihc liniise (lor c isp of siek
tiess only ) -nti a pei k-i leasuro half full
cfslu-ll"d . ivi M.ich was inlee. led lor
tli" 1'ii.iyf. A' i or ni-i!iin: particular
no '.hps (it bis vi!t ns to ill's pertietriitor
ol ;. J n:
which h:
lii. a' !,,- ,li iiiw-.l nlVtlw. linnor
d sii'ollen ahuiidaully ibe corn,
ana tliougntn-s: ly thr-'W tno soaked grain
In (lie foi'vti. This done he rodo lo town
on Lie it.! .-s. ,'ivitigMr. Parsons nloiio
with i no eiiilui on r.ud ll.c turkeys.
Nol nnrv minutes hel elapsed after
Mr. Par (; ' dep nrtui e, w lien nnu of tho
boys l ie', i d int" the house crying out, lo
bis moll, or that "i ll tho tin keys bnd got
lits. .,nl were djin' ni if they had I lie
eliolei .1 '."
firs. 1 i.rsons was knitting in litr ens
s'h.v.r t she si rnrii lo her loci in an iu
Haiil. lnagaing thu bull of Vi-rn, hiuii
had lallen ui'on the lloor, more loan a
lallen upon the floor, more than a I
n rods, she .-cached ll.c spot f Urn
iblo turkey tragedy! Awful .ight ! :
lalal ealastiophe: .vol one ol tho six lat ,
cu:-Keys was on us leci. une. or two werei
making vain atlotr pts to walk, apparent-1
ly without any definite object in viow,
while the i t.'-1 lay ns lifeless as though I
llieir heads had been chopped off, tnd
carefully re; 'i.eed after death.
"litar t:e :" cxolnitned Mis. rarsons, !
lifting her hands in dismay. '-Wliat ni 1
be tbo milter " ;h 'em f What mu hnvo
.oisoned c.n ea? O, my poor turkeys!" i
As shehnished siieaking, the only fowl
that hm' appaient!)' retained a spark or!
two oMUe in its body till ihon, quietly
pave il up, nnd making a very restiecla
bio ttiruble for a lurkey, laid itself down
with its companion. Mis. Parsons called
it a wonderful judgment a terrible de-
e;ee of rrovldenc? -and reolved to make - Ul'l freely isiuedshinphisters icdetni
llio best of the atlliotion, ordered the boys i UN Ht the Havana l'ank. "I see, sir, you
to drag the turkeys to I he house. 've net nlloat shinplnsters navible at our
'The feathers are good," said she, "1 1
must uavatiicm. i
Accordingly the frugal housewife Pltip-!
pod the defunct foal of their feathers, ,
ono afu-r another, nrd made a pile of
tbeir carcwes, fir Part-Tn to look at on '
ki return. Ii was a fid fpeot -cl to bo-
I'okl them in tlieir fallen Elali.l.cnpccl up1
Without cither life or fealhers But ecarco '
P1 Mrs. Tarsons gone, into the houso
"ith the featbci, hen the voungest ond I
least resp-ctablr ;owl in the heap cavo l
lvenie l , unlrot.sly Lke lifo for ?a dead j
I'Tkey, , ; ecd ils eyes, raised iti head,
ad nnnl y, (ier making many indecisive '
iiorts raiuod M foet. This pnisfw.TT- '
l).'- i'XAtllplo W;IH fnlloWfld ,y nnOt lltT.ltr.ll
so tin until von might hnvo witnessed the
nim-ual nnd laughter provoking specta-
CO 01 SIX I WO-loTi't I
f tl II II I lilt. I .-). ilU.I,CI .
....ii i i
I with neither hair nor feathers, walking
j and staggering about, in if they wem ' ol t licinselvos nt:d til each oilier. 1
1 on iviiiilil Ij.tvo c;iiJ tint tlu-y novor fi ll
so runny in nil tlu ir Lives ; Hint tiny were
: r. I'll.. .
,11111 l-j n-ui. miiu! oi ni'iriiiiortilflil., nol
J knowing how to account f r tiioir od.J up-
1 1 en ; tlint liicy ial Leon in n Irani i3
', till llieif feather IihiI rolUvl oil', anrl that
on ri-wivt-rttif! thei.' consciousness, iil'ewa"
jit iu:w iii,.l Bimiipu tljirif lo them, mnJ
I they eoiihl net creilit their senses, l'oor,
: Lew iluercil, .sillllillS, lilisL'lliile'J tlllkevs!
fur rn h
Kiinc urchin who had run to in-
l.i tt.ltt tho turkVA Wcro'i
'lead, t ow preeipitaled hini'-ull' into t ho
kitchen lo tell her that "they hntl I'orne
iv i.iu uji.uui .ur. isirsons run out, u-s
Lefoie; Lul shn wits more unrpriseil llian
eer. She declared il was n miracle.
Who ever heard of dead tuikevs ivalkini?
Lf fore? The mir.'ieln nf tlin nun ivlw.
' " " . .'
look iii Uv ,-jti,-r v.iaiid wallied, wasn't
innrn Hli'iti,."! Iliiin ll.'il tiv iln.i.l l in
. .. . n ... .... ... ....
'.ttiioui'i ariso nna wiuk without llieir leatli
ers. i ou would have said .Mrs. rnr.-cm I :y. H founteiiiinees thn li.-.r. re-pe,.l tin
was bewildered us tho turkfv. Wide! nnd esti ems the bl isphi tne:-. It vi-
Mailers sloi.-d thus when Mr. rnrsrns alatej obligation, l'rai;d
returned. JuiIl'o of his sin 01 ise. vdien h 1 hon ns inlan.v It .1. rir,.,.j I. i,.-.i
beheld his (me turkeys, sad and crest lul
len, travelling about us naked as so U.any
eel" !
"What on 'urili doca this mean ?" lie
"O;" sobbed Mrs. Parson?, "it's th tliinj: ; I never beard of tho l;ko
never ! The turkeys all died"
"Yes nnd 1 picked 'em."
"ied utid you jiiek'al 'em !'' cxcl.iirnod
Parsons angrily, "t.l, you good for r.oth
in' I'1
Jl was the fir-t unkind word rassons
bad eve;-; poken to bis wife, nnd tsho 1'oli
"O ! O ! )" she criedr bitterly.
'O.O! U. echoed Parsons through
bis as bo looked first at liis wil'o
'.I . 1. 1 ..
iiieii ai. nis 1 uraevs.
"Parsons 1''
"You foo!.'"
You l'u;e!" replied thn wretched wo,
uian,nl.le to beat no more; r,:;d she sivelled
up before Purs- ns ns Iho turkeys hail cdlou
done, belotn stripped of their feathers
' llr. .Solomon Par-en,-, I ani not a fool !''
Vrti ti. I ..... fi., ....!
I, iavn.t ,lt ,(.r,., J 3
"',erline tiirkeys! I picked my tur
keys because they were dead !"
"They wore not dead I" exclmtued Tar,
"As den I B3 dried herrings i" cried Mrs.
"Ynu nro.i fool.ns I told yen I" shouted
Tai-sons. "1'he tuikeys were drunk."
"lirunk, yes !" thundered Parsons :"for
I gave 'em that com that had Leeu soaked
in w hiskey."
'(, Parsons! ynu eave 'cm Ibal corn ',"
j cried Mis. Parsons, hysterically. "
r ; 1 hose line 1 11 1 kevn 'O'O'O
Vous f, iu-nvl He feared that
bii faitblul wife might soon be in a woi-e
..r,,. ,1 , ; , 1, ,, , 1 . , . , , 1. .
vs. if ho did nol
soothe, her, r-.nd in he el- ti,,i iho origin
al fanll was bis, ho readily mndo endcav
ors lo oiler her consolation.
"Don't cry," said he.
"I will I'' said she "V,.,. '!. 1
foul ! You L-ave the tnrk- ti,.,t
You- you you are a brute!''
"1 know it," replied
Parsons, hunibly.
1 plead guilty to tho cnarge. 1 am fully
rnin ineed thni I nni a bruie. I'm a moro
.i . ii i . .
ni'grnaen niiimat ihan these Itn
f.'athei lesi as they are. lint 1 ak
keys 1
"Parsons!" sighed tbo poor woman.
"My dear," said Parsons
And Mrs. Pnisons threw herself on Lis
neck, as if f lie hud not seen him for a
"You forgivo me V
i es.
Andibnt exceedinclv well-matched pair msm" tl"'"1 ot' your conseiences, in or
embraced, to tlio great surprise of tho six (irr l!,flt ,1C-V reI"'r;liert il inf'ssanl.
fcatherless turkeys, that had witnessed '' t" thoughts. Repeat them in tbo
(he who'.e fcene in perlect bewilderment. niorT1'"g; repeat them in the evening,
Then thev Imth fell to nnd hoeim .n'andintl.e assemblies of fashion let each
, butcher tho turkey, ns if (hoy (tho tur. '
Keysj were aitogetiier in fault, and as if,"' 18 anny.
' , ' " ' :. (V1'',!i l
C. ' Wowl
" Wl ' -r muvr
iney (.Mr. nud Mrs. I'.iisons) wished I,.
' , :,.,,; xt' ,.i"l' ' W
, ,r ci,i,lt ' t ' ' , , , '""' ,
. fra Suhm.nn i'.c. t...... i ... . ,. '
other nnd laughed.
" They're a'.l dead now," sai 1 Mrs. Par
"And picked." saiJ Solomon.
And they embraced again.
"It was foolish in me, "observed Parsons
afterward, "very foolish, to givo the tur
keys that torn .'"
"And foolish," added Mrs. Tarsons,
"very foolish in the turkeys to eel cm--,.'"
Tug War Power. Senator
who i
banker at Havana Seim
. . , I.1.UII1I, I,,
: , undertook to rebnt a n lm.,1 n,,.,..
1,11,1 k i you know you have not n dollar of
jj lucre. -iiiut is true, Senator ;
',t Wls" 'o heaven I had!" "Hut it is
""'b'1', Hien. to issue iho-e hills."
"How can von Bay o, Senator, when our
leoplo need currency so much?" "But
?0a nave no pa' or moral right to isiue
',lcm- ,,ow you do it?" -Doit,
senator do il under the War IWcr.Als
ia"!i -l''y
P.-T.v,!nr,".7ir-I'V "n ,
f ou"g nn should set ond ex-
l'' hem JUn" " 'ay f1,0W'
,ng ,hem' - -
Br-Why is a bird a greedy creature f
Becau - it never cats less than a peek.
A Temperance Lecture.
"Ho thfit cytr tf tcrt'l, lot Mm r
Iip Unit li.ts fan In ln'.ir let liim In -: ."
Iliti!iiicr;iHii' nits il.nvn yuislli i" i'-i
vium'i ina'ilioo'l in ils tiniiiii, ,'iii 1 :il'" in
.vrakni'sH. Il lrcak.i the fn t ii -'i ' - h ,u t.
i li.-n itvcs tiic doling motiiiT, vx t iou
tuU.nil nfleclion, CniM'.s nminnl low,
: . , ..... . . .
tio(s ou t II. Hi. il ! T( Ji miMi t J, I, I : s mli'l s
nnl Iiojio, noil brings il.nvn iiioui iiiii' iifjo
; in hoi row to llio jjr.ive. Jl j i .nhiei s
j weakness not Hrenth. sieklicn not
: hnaltli, lieutli nol. lil... J, :naki8 wives
widows, chiMn n m ,ih.ins, lthers liemls,
I anil All of them p-i.ij-ers uml I i vs-. It
1 lemls rhen inn I i-- rn i..iv... mnl w..i..,.ni.w
epiiieinicK, inviti.s cholera, imports pnti'
leneo nnl etnl im.-os I'linviimni i.n. Ii.eov.
, cru the latni itlt i lleno , p.V. ortv, ili'c .-
imd crime. H filh .:r iail--' sui ol.i s
your aims-ilioiisoi, ami aejiiiiuls your
duuisi. 1 1 ui.gcnili! cent i ovcrnies, lo-t rs
j quarrels, and cherishes riots. It crouds
i vour !oriii.'nioiiM, r.tnl inrlJun n...
. :..iii.w l., ,...o..l ' I, : n... i;i'. I
...i..ini.'l-.niri.flliw.-.. 1113 IIIU I I '
Llood ol the gambler, tho ailment of tin;
' ... i .... I'... nH ii.n ... ..r!... l : .1.
s... .... ,,, IIIK1.., j,,.;,,
at'.u .tie t' nio n 01 1 ne 1011 11 ie'. inivis 14.
httlea lovf, srionu virtue, luinl-'id iniei-
reiifo. 11 incites the l.ule r lo 1
I' incites the !',u!e r lo l;uie.ier
his helpless o T-pting, bi-ips the iuid ao'l ;
to massacre hi.- v ile, and helps the i
iiren to f-riml tor. jmrrie, .i;d axe. Iibtn1,-
up nian ,ii cou nines, .ictc-.ts life, eiir.-et
(iod and despises IWavcn. It Mdoiii!
wilnc'M'S i.ui-es pe'jnry, defiles iiiU ja.-y-1
box nnd stains tin- jmiieial e'tnine. il
Lribes volt s, di-ip,;;iiii,, vnlers, corrupt
elentions, pollutes oer iintitnlioos, u ,il
emlniicos etir liovernmi-nt. It de 'ao J
iho U;:
pi.,i 1 1 . 1 . ..
;'! -iair,r,
- inns ( I .
in, or, t !
Iliis.'l v 1;
ill- ;
ors tie Malosnian ,m,,i i:
j It l)iii:r's thatiio no!
, safely, despair boK
p. tn
lor led
it ii'.;,'
eo of a
ll d'S'ls
', i: oi.
I lUfn, And ni;h t! nmlevoicf
liend, it oaliiny Bimn Us I ri':.,i ,
h;ior.s, ami, il.uiuted with h.tvo
.soli lelicily, kiils 1 eace, ruins
ononis eoninitnce, slays irpnta'.'.en,
1 1 1. . . , 1 .
nij.'esi-ui inuionai nonor. tiien uuisf:
I nnd 1
us at its ruin.
1 here, it docs all that, and more,
murders the soul. It is tho sum of
in.4iiiit3 , mo cniso ni curses ; me ilevii s
best Iriend.
Vanity of Vanities. In a magnificent
oration of Chrysostoui, sound Ihoui-iits ;ue
suggested, in tho contemplation of thut
transitory glory which is the gilt of wealth
and fortune and power, nil which is des
tined to perish. "It is nt ih;.s moment,"
says the illustrious patiiaich of Constan
tinople, nddre.--ii g the court of Ids day,
ns corrupt as it was splendid, "it is at
1 moment, more than mw, we are jusi ilied
dn f-ayir-g wiih tlio w ino man. ' Vanity ol
jvauilie-; nil is vaniiy.' Yiie-e is i- ,
; the splendor of tl..' eon; ula'.e '; Where ti e
; oi 1 1 oa u cy ot lam ps ami tni'. ' .'s . m te.i t
: of joyous i.s-i'ini.lit-V Wncc i-iv tin
; crowns a;.d i..-.gnilii cut - i iiaun nls
j Where the ibnttnng r, pt-vi- i.f the eltv
i the aeclnntal ions of the cii i.".i'- I he a hi
lntiiKis of t' ou-.-.t. 's of -pet ulatnts .' Ail
have pas.-cj aw.y! The wind by one
j blast has swept the leaves, and now they
I show lo us a (lead tree, torn from its roots,
I so violent has been tho tetnnest. It hep
11 I'roken ruin.
Whfreare the rre'ended
friends the swarnm of pata-ites the tai
l'a cljnr"'ou . ,v" " I'isiiry Hin wtno cir-
, , . i ...
;iuiuieii iiuring emtio clays wneic. tne
various refineinenls of f a.-ting the sup-
,,lp l.iTli.iinfTr, -.I' tl.urn 9 lfl.1,1 ,n. l..,hn,.,.
1 "'o"'r-v - v - ii ii,i inn iii-uiiim
l'f l'!f'"1 a"- A dream of llio light, which
vanishes with tho day ! A flower of spring,
winch fades in tho summer! a iha-lo
which pncrs! a vapor which scatters!
abubLle of water which bums! a -pL
der's web which is leru down! 'Vanity
of vanities, ull is vanity.' Inscribe the-e
words on jour walls, on your vestments,
on your palaces, on your streets, on your
houses, on your wind'j'.vs, on your doors; j
rpl'0;lt to Ilis neighbor, ' Vanity of var.i-
. x-,.... 7.
A Nk e irEsTto,
of Wb.., cm
.. .i. n '(ic. iiv,.! lr.l 1, l llP-I I. (Ills
iscussion n to when the
nrnoot nee. and tho Lord
Chief 13aron stepped forward to docid
Mosiior. neisccrtcu, legally, the
riucslior. lie i sorted
Prince o( Wales was of age. say (it might
re) -li hours 60 minutes hnforo he had
completed his 21st year. That is, the law
rero-ii.o the slightest fraction of a day ;
and il a nmn Lo horn half a minute before
twelve o'clock at night, Im is of legal ntre
lor any pin j ,si at the half minute or tui'n
of tho eloei. v.ier twelve one day lo?s than
(he full i ri.i ono years afterward..
Av Eikvi't. A veiy robust, healthv
lookinc iiiHti, ei"h!:ij nboul ono hun-
dred nnd ninety pound, entered n dor- ' h tlerol the lid in.-c, nuys that ihu iron
tor's office to jje-t a certificate of exemp-1 ci.ul ster-mcr Moinank had lioeu eogag-d
lion. On being questioned if he was id lri ! end d vi n at'eckicg an iron ei id init
io do a day's work, he sai l he could do lery on the Ogechne viver. The rebel
more than any other man in tho place ! I
(.'an you carry a musket and knapsack all
day T Y'es, he could, and kiswwsht. too ! i
Can you wnlkt.ll day j Yos further limn
any rnco horse can run! Well, nl,t js '
iiiomaueri "I m a a d lool aim 1 :
. . .... . . . .
canprovoitl 1 voted lor Ahianam bin. 1
coin l"llarlord Timet. j
r . .
pnJAn Irishman just from tne sod was
eutmg some old cueso, when ,f, found o
his uismny that it coi.tai.itd living iiihrtb-;
nnnia i,.i.nna i... ,....,.... .i
your chaie in this couatry have childer V I
. . . '
, i.An alllicted husband '
from the funorslofhii wife, when a frierid
asked him how ho was. "Well " he said !
i..a,.i: ii.. ,.t ...,'. . .. ' . t,
I " ""?"!- 1 0K 1 letl tflO b0llr Ol
itis litfj walk."
'J'laro Hie hventy ihu-e
Sial. s, ai, eleven Slati s 111
nr.; a ily of the twent ,'Mhii
; re Iio.iiih' in the p hev ol'iiie Adiniiii---'
1,011 a d.'V.'h'pi'd in ilii. f..o hot pm,
liia'ion. of l'lc-iili'iil Lincoln. Wi-i'.'ii
ha f.'U'cn a ( . j . m ! m r m..
ptdtc.y. So ha-. I Iho'ii.,
Iowa is lu ,1 rl , ( v. ioy
ipii .lion. : ! ii'luui 1 hai
tnilofs to 1 1 lo 'a-ii
ii'MJi'-t i', Tli" pe 1 : 1 1
levocaLly cniii 1 . i 1 1 I
1 invert' 0' 1 i Ken IIH'1.
cond.-e .is il . J'eo 11-; 1
j n ily aaio 1 I out
So' has 1 ).iio.
Lilaiieed on the
ju-t clrc'.ed tw.i
ior'i'ni and proteit
ol M i.ntiiiri are ir
ii!aiiii i'. 'llio
tin oil e .1 rni'-l !
uuiia h:i". inn i-lce-
I oil a :!. al 0 Ul
u:',u.p. (' o pii.r I
i'.l liiiiyiriiy nl he,' V1 'le.t
lo it, a;
.! r. I
.1 "r-ey
lo voh'
ware .1
ilo. rs o
! r .
11 .i.
1 recent Mute election. . 1 w
'it a deleial ion to t'onre-
si it. JL.rv land and JJeJa
ily pieadnii: mi'iint it,' on the
a'Te.s. Noiv York denounced
thunder ti.i('S at tho noils, titid her
whole Si,;; Aiitiitiirt rat ion is soliiindy
ecoimilteu .ir; oit il. i.hil.-.i.le of New
I nl; t
l.i ! '
l '.'
' IU Hi !
if tho Union,
.ii,y c.o'i, urn i,,., t
ptcl. iinalions
t lii-
to. ii;:o, eve
everv '.i
1 h '.I I he I 1' i
v ti.;: L;!i i thii
'c i"d l.r :
'.i'd ' lei clii
1,1. Wi. it 1.
.,1 .i 1
' 1
cv.ilii! ion 't
al( i.f the
II i.v c Hue the heir 1
oulliei 11 tj'.'iU'eder.!
out ol tin Union
a l.iri tnajoi.ty
iv 1 1 1 1 -i 1 1 , 0 years ar " :
of their pi oj e vole 1 la
lOtni's it that Mu; N'.i'i'cu
sii.-t ? I low
11 ! t to i
!: t .1" suppo.! ,.,.'ly t,i New
1.0 two l.oeii Suites in the
? Aini Le v h'lig ran a M ar be
"' 1 In' alcliiimi of slavery
.11, n t!..
v. 1
t.iiio telilln
all tile-
I:'. 111 I.
n i 1 1 .
li-inei, CoiilMi , and
tin- K-'pn'
con-; i-u :
j to 11 .p; .;;
j 01' I !i" Si a1
' 1 e 'Sou to
. fi ; p U'ly have no 1 o-pcol l.-r
.:.:.! oath-', tliov oughl al !ea-t
til .' ii'-.o ly tin. in iiii'itls 1 I "!e-l
es nf ! '.c I tlinll. 'I'm v i 1 . 1 v 1 tl"
inj i-,r in lig'ding for a
; r-pud.'.it il platlni 01. Tney
UiiiVel -ally
have 1,0 1 1
t lo mi-ivpi e-ei.t. the real
1' t ::o 11. r ion. J I' I be North
nvid.-d, it is be-a'l tin- AdininUlra-
' ; i ,1. -..I, i-.l 1 , , I...,. 1 I.n .,.!.,- ,: ... 1 1
' ll
ie e.lui 1" to resioi o I ae I. nmn l.til, it i-
bcv.iu.-e the inrdiau liieieji of that Ad
lninuUun -ire liele. l.oned lo destroy
tho old Ltd' n that th.-y may ei-'-ct r. new
govei nment upon lhf pluiiorni of u parly.
If Iho prrph- of the great ','i slein and
Central Stales, North and Smith, could be
heard al Wii-hington, (he war would end
and trie Union Lo rostoied. Put while
the foolish and luriouv attempt pies on lo
stibioet the whole land to (he rule of N- w
Lie a-
id, di-feat and f iilure ate as ioevila
tin. d v'y revoiution of ihc sun.
T!ie I.egish.tuio of !en;ue!;y s-tron.-.dy
iiieline io I ho views lately udvane. 1 !v
ciov. Ii. ,,'iinon r f that ."- ute, in his me.;,
.-age, relative to the Pie-iin,--t's h.-h-nie o!
ouiiincii-a!io;i- In the .S-jinle, on tho'jth
inslant, joint resolutions were introduced,
as follow? : veii. That Kentucky I"iv'v en
ters bersoletuu lo the Lmanci; :..
t.ion J'roelaniaiioo of Abraham Lincoln,
issued on the 1-t Jay of .lanuary, lii l,he-eau-ie
tine institutional, mid, if designed as
a war men-ure, both unwise and impolitic;
That the President of l he United States. ;ts
ConitiiMiider-in Chief of the Army an 1
Navy, I; -is n i ; ov.vr by th Const m: ion,
eiilmr by piO'.-iatnusion, manifest,) or edict,
or any other way, to emancipate or hi i-r-a"
Hie slaves of any one ; nnd Biieh power
when a--siiiin d is without any right what
ever, nnd therefore null nnd void.
hai the people of liie United Slates
intend to put down Ibis wicked ichellion
al luo cost nt whatsoever blood and tie i
sure it mighl rc nue, but, ut the same.
tnne.lhev inlend to preserve, ioviolulp that
snored instrument, 1 ho I mistii ut mil of tlx- i
United Stales, and bn o no i.r.'eedeiit for 1
... 1 - 1
any one, in idter lite
to lako from them
any of their ri::hls
.1. lliat sl.ivety in tne United States is 1 pendent sources, it is probably nor with
peculiatly nnd , t his-vcb, ..State mslilii-j out f.iun Jutini. If true, il is in el'ect ons
lion, the conti..; of which Im never la-en ily a proposition to belligeienls to settle
given to the Cfn.-ral ( lovernmeut ; and ! t heir controversy by a Con.-res of iheir
nny Stale, now 01 nficr this rebellion shall jown. If rejecled, or necepti' l and felloiv-
liave l-een t t a. in n. t.-.-l line heretofore
organ:.'' law
and aga:l I
let- -Liven, n.Hy ngain, in her
ti'- .1 pora'e said institution,
"r an I protect ulavery -vilh-
out M10 consent
titer '.
4. That liia
iiiti'. t and rli.ili I
ot ton ijeneral Govern-
Uni-m nnd
o ina'iulaiiii -.
Cp-rp'io-s of enr Troa Clads As-aList
the I't."cc.-s of Sivpr-Ralj.
TW ' ' ''.!'' biu nv V'i I.. A Port ltovrd
'1!ll' P1' ""'fh heavier gun than tliey
ljavfl cL'r i'-ed before. They also ti.-e
elp0' T-c'i-tPd mlid shot, out although the
Memtatik's turir-t had been si; nek sixteen
time, tney have nil glaneed off. Captain i
1 1 .1..' .l-i.i. . .
" "" ';")".v ......m.i..i.-u iu-mioi me
ra"1!''-1' 1 1 '"' "' "'' i"i , iina expeois soon
r-.plure il.i l i.tteiy, h.mmd wbicn lies ,
thjjkieamer .V liiMde.
I he iron clad I ii' ,s said to be no
ars.iv -Sound, and heiivyiring .a-l been
heard ll.ere on the "i.l. fhe rebel ram
i. : . . i . .... si. . . : . .
'ihe il'ill-clacis Palni'-co and Wechaiv-'
.-1 Tllni'Zr VX
. . ! r J" ?f V.PM,.ls
1 1 11 ro'ivr arrived,
. '" ' "
i j. Ip wiitii, two snimals iio you go
6.W th What two .nimul. .t.i r..
1 MKETINJ Uf M I.CIMSIC.i IS N'i.vv Yoiik.
A Very l:li';'o in i.s niei l 1 n :: 1 I mechanics
w ill lipid no l'i d ivm ii'i.ii,; at Ti.tsimany
Hail, lo in!,e in 1 o-e- teprevenl the new
nioveiin nt i 1 .':niio:; tirinii licturei s ill,
'.New York city lo im pm t i ibor i'roni l'.ii'
iMpe in onier 10 I ever tin- current prices
ol labi'i Icre, nnd to 1 licet n common or-:
eani Uion ol al I t h nt liiuis and laborers 1
; I lioruglioiit the country ng iitvt the ic."
i put d inundati 111 of coiitrnbaudK in not" ,
I thorn eitiea. Snvernl upeeches wt rn made, ,
luioiiir thuin one by llornce tlioclv, who-n
j remarks 'vere net very highly nppteeiaied.
Pro: 11 the p: earn liio and r "soiui ions a lo p- j
lid. w n ouoli: tho I'olloMiug: Halt. A'ei.
I Whereas certain men in ibis ciuitiiuui. I
; ty have I'O'i. i'ived I he idea that capital i- 1
jibe poieiil power in thiihorl, and nv? p. i
i bout to bring bordns ol bl iel;s f'-oni the
' Souih, as well 11- ivlnles liot'l Puiope.toj
I lill ( ho tjnips, y ai ds ami other planes o.' ,
j labor, nnd ly that means'el v I" 1
j enmi'eie with tl.nei for the ni oort of our'
bi'iidies, ir.en who are not bo:i,,d bv obll i
J gallon or birlh to this eoaniry : ni.d
'iVheri'iis e.iich iinpnt ln.'ioi of Inbor will
I have a t'-ndenrv to impove'rh. tb grnde,
' as ;. ell us deiiee "i!ie our.slve- and tami.
I lii' ; therefo' o v I lie laboi 1.. ; men of the
1 cily of
civ 01 k and vio.ii i . do ,-ob ni 11
t agairn: this vantuii 1 Hack upon
01;' 11 , . -ri'.-1 s. I herofote, be it
''.'',"(, 'I'iiai Midi n t; : . eomniiilee ap
pointed to draft a petii.on to Congves;,
thruigii our iei slat ive 1;. embers at Alba
ny, to pi'nt".t arainst this wanton attack
upon us in our ever:il occupation.
Tlii-. I'l.Ypre-. iitys ;
1 1 upi-i ins IVnrii ii-lormai ion farnisbed
our ri'iiorti-r by t he seer-:.-!
ing, that proiiiiii.-i'.l iron
;y of (he meet
v. orl.s of liii
."ty bad I'Cntcly sol.le
liiTi.-iIty with
led in I lie pro-
tin ir mi',
1 1 1 i e 1 1 1 1 s
O en il h ' .'!l ell
port in from
".'ii;ee. Cii.
Ittirope Ihirtv
m 01. a, all. ir-il.
hi erlo
1 e nub'
' w
m- 1 ; '. r tve
hero for
I ivelve
month- ,t
or ;.-' 1 1 n- i' w, ok, an . lifter
an i .mi
ia tli i ni: v, i j er week was de
ducted IV en ili is am ai r.t to p.y for llndr
.:.-fcag-, b-'ing pt'.i.';ii aily working I'oi only
.- 1 I 'Of V.'Cl h.
'fur. Ivi'i1);;: Tax. Sonn- mis.ipprelien.
sion having ari-on in relation lo the lime
nnd niannei of paving the income tax lev.
ied by tin-act of Congress approved July
1, P-'iiJ. it is useful to show the exact pro-vis-nus
of Iho law. No ta.X upon in.-omos
can Ii" levied or collected until tho first
day of May, IM",,?. Section S'J of t.lie net ot
.July l.i-l ivpi.ili section -J'.l, ;V) and jl ol
the net ol' Aiigu-t j. iSel, (except ihc
I'irt relating In the appoint ment nf de-po-itaries,)
and make? (he following reg
ulations; nn mo nr-i oi .nay iti.i, tne
assessors will levy a tux nf tim e pc-r cent
upon ill incomes which shah have exceed
ed the sum of six hundred dollars during
the year ending I leeember .'!, 1 -'12. Iftln
liieiune) lor the year lxb2 exceeded the
sum often thousand dollars, tho tax shall
be tive per emit, upon all above ,-i hen
Ir -.i -i illa-s. Tl i-lax of ihree or Iivi
! or emit, is due and pay a bio on or beloi-i
'.tie ...nil ,iay oi.iur.e. l.Vi,;. rei!i;-liiir,;.-
unpaid for tinny days after Juno i
penalty will i impost"!. A poison, there
fun, whose income in 1 li'2 tva- one t inius
and d-illars, v. ill be leses-ed ;lt .'! je-r cent
on iour 11 11 ic 1 1 ... i noil irs ol i, nil sum on
the l.rst of .'day next, t.n l will have it t
!eal sixty days iu which to pae bis 1 1. :
I hat is lo s:tv. a m-ui w ho rec-.ived last vcar
a salary of one thou-ain! dollais mirt pay
an income tax ol twehij d jilar- on ft- Ijc
foro the 3 1 ' 1 1 1 day of June no I , witii tin
privili'ite of delay for an addit ional thirty
divs. Iheinitinue tax is toct-a-e absolute
iy at (he end of tho year IS Vo. i'.e.'.
Tiih l'i:;:.cii Kvi-erob's Lst Proio.-i-ti
.'N. The New York Times commenting
on the l;,!e news from I'.uropn, giving ru
mors of n prnpo-ii ion from Iho Ivnperor
Napoleon ho i!;e North ni.d iho South to
scud deleg ates to a convention, says :
As md tary operations tiro not to
C', pending the proposed conven
tion, wo can see no Imr n from com
missioners North and South meuting in
Montreal w Mexico, and discussim.' t lie
liolo sulijrct in the livrhlof tho existing
Tlio Now Vork Tribune remarks :
As the rumor comes from several inde-
ed le; no sett lomenl. there is utill Infi
iho Hmperor the Bbernatiyo of offering
ins own luondiy oiuoes in eillier case
that will probably be the ne::t step, unless
cur government shall sei- this o-eision
I to assure tin. Kmpovor that no otli-r of mo
Comtilution diation Tb.itever ivill bo ae cptai'lc.
Tho J oin nal o! Ci)inr,'erco sivs ;
The practical wo. king ofsiu-h a com-
mi? -un Uiight bo a matter of
inbt. It
cou i nol l .i clothed with
am- iiowers.
... I 11 . . i . 1 , . , . '
w hllf t might puvelh. way to nioi cons I
' l,;'. 7l,7r''''l'';-lwnii..i,inirt, ever get tho po.verinto thei:
'i i ,, ' , ?' ,, , '"'"i1 l!,0,t' .!"etio hands, thev will override ; -e co.i.stitulion.
w Inch titt'ii li to all phi,. of mpd,-,;ion.and ' b0t t10 Supreme Court nt -leli ir ce, change
posvssep tho good Icturo of leaving to Hnd make laws to suitl I.o-n-elves. lay vio
- --v uwwn iik (i I III r OA II
. f . """IT, "
ii I tr ii in I in mi. I bus far the win- I
. . . ....
ter in anad.i has 1,-on of tho same dev.
enptton as in this bilaudo. For two
months says - Montreal rrr. t Iw morcu-
ry Ims been below freviing only o few days,
whi-o most of the lime it has iiia.keda
temppratum when outdoor operaiions
coul - 1 bo e.i-ily ootidncted.
easily oomlncted.
I . -
- t
Liti-Kua n. Thn eon-tliiilionul nnieml.
T'l f U'VT' ""'t .-"'''
lvhlch r.Ps,rn,", f"rpl!-'n born citizens
iro.n vonng mr two years atior naitiraiia
tion. tins tieen rptcidt.d. ho fur &. loi,,-U. ;
live action can do il, and will
I - ' ., ": . c "r " I
ted to the people in Mv.
Mariels. a;-.d of roe.nrnniid ,ng t.-osj to j0 thi, opinions or daro .jt.e-t, ;i ll.elrin
try as well as fighting. r...:..:!!,.1 ftnd fina'Iv b.inh-i nt the conns
A Wisconsin r.??n'olieaa i'.wsptrer
Tin1 i'.,x I.a'Ai! (.','.- .v the iViloit'injf
signilicm t nri ie!e
Th" still s-ii; II voice of pearei is slowly
but surely finding its way into the hearts
of lhor who h".ve bel l to the opinion
that nothing hut powder and bail would
soltlo the diilici hie Oi the nation. Kveu
our soldier. on I he tinted hell rre listen
ing to the syren v nil! o. and becomiug con
vinced Ihnt liglitmg will not sellh) our
present distin bnne.-s and restore peaco
tuid ti.i!nuil;ly lo tbo iionble I waters.
A friead writes u- from the nrn-y that tho
main thing they nre fi,;bting for in liia los
eality, i J, to see w hich can burn and hin
der iho most from out Southern neighbor.-.
We judge that he i b.'coining ni. gusted
with tiie policy pursued, nnd has made up
bis mind sometiiifo.; besides fighting
P. neee-iarv t ) brinn iiboi.t u peneo be
tween t!ie belligerent armies. Jn hi let
ter lie asks us, "C'ei u-r. nut seHh tiix mattrr
ui:i-tr -vi'l l.-Utr i.j Convention" than '7
I'huitTl.:'; 1" .n l further say, "so t.nk tU
fiili-sr? a k .m.,i'T. n'.'-r."
Now -this i n tjuos'.ion which wo Injvo
long thought of but never spoken our
thoughts above a whispor. Put us llio
iltiibtion is brought before our min i,
iu a mannri .and from a sotci we never
di earned o!', wo are forced to speak our
thoughts "rigbtontin meeting,."
This gigantic rebellion hiia been ir
vogue nearly two years' and wo arc-, soetn.
ingly, no rienrer tho en-l of our troubles
(ban when it commenced. 'A Lit unnatu
ral war has caused the loss of thousands
of lives nnd valuable, propei ly and uiths
out either parly eaini"g any particular
advantage over Iho other. M my a iioartli-sti-po
hi" been madu tad l y the ravages
nf way u iihout ai c.miplv-'.iing tho great
'!. ;;,! reult. Many of cur oUtoers liave
I 1 "ti '.vei.led nnd found wviting, and
poi t fin - of our army have hec.vud no bet
ter than roLbeij nu JL mm de: ors. Hardly
1 slay passes but we rea l of somo rwindi
ling operation in conned ion with tho ar
my. With those f ids before us, IniiTcnn
iw bill cxpre-s ihc Into feelingi and s'enli
ii.ients we e ntertain that till this might Lj
stopped al once without any more sheds
ding of Llood,
An Honorable Peace.
Gov. rn kor, of New Jersey, in his mes
sago just delivered to tho Legislature of
New Jersey, thus decrib-: tbo UinJ f the people "vunt:
Fellow Citizens, i thero nny way cons
sistentw it! tho hotior and interests of all
to bring to an end this unnatural strife.
which is shedding tho be.-l l.-tood of the
land, (Hid eating out our su! :
There is not a good citizen in tho whole
country, w ho does not, in his heart, desire
peace. There is not a Clui.-tian family in
the land, who, when tho sh:.Jos of cms
ing cla-o around, do nol, in their devo
tions at t he fami'y nllar, puny for pence,
and tho 1 nte and speedy velum of l he !":.g
absent on ?. 'I here is not a soldier in tho
noriheri) or southern ai'icics. who, as ho
pics i,t night Ids Vi i-Hty round, or hys his
In :nl njion tho nnlc camp p iio'i'. lnc.-r.oi
in imagination vh-ii tin: lire;ide at home.,
and sigh l r pcre. Wo should not bft
afraid e I peace - an hi imlablo and pcrnia
1.011 L peace, w-ii. iher il ome l y tho oxer-ci-o
if power cr I.v Iho exeri'i-o of
corollia'inn. It should bo a pea.' 1, on
the ba ds of "iho L'nion as it was," nut
a Union oT States where part nt o h-dd in
s'l! jugatioii us eompii red province?, ad
ding iioihing lo the material interests and
pro-perily of iho nation, and only fur.
niMnm: a tiieaire 01 action lor fwnrms ol
!;':iry cpici.ii. b'.n a union ol all iho
!.':!es Willi their "1 11 ll a, 1. v iiikI r: "I, ! s nn.
impaired. it mould no a pence Ijud Jed
011 the submission of all to tbo rightful
iiith nity of t im government, and tho
guarantee to all ot their cDiislitutinnrd
righls by iho i.-oyorniiiei.t. Il sliould Lo
1 poaeo, bringing with it, siu.-li uuity u an
cbjdience to law its eorrer slnnn.
Pkick Conventions, Thero mo two
propositions for tho holding of peice con
vention t before the f.ogisl duro of Indiana.
One is for a meeting ol the Legislatures ol
Indiana, Um'ucky, Ohio i.n i Illinois, at
Frankfort, Kentucky, on tho !2J l of Feb
ruary, nnd tne oilier is, I I1.1t ll L.ui:os
shali fail to cr.ll a national convention, Urn
State of Indiana shall inviti every Stalo
in the l ederal l.nion, including tho go-
callod flonfederatc St. trs, to meol dolo
yatos from the State of Indiana in eonvrn-
lion nt Nashville, 'IVnnesspo, on the hrsl
Monday in Juno.lSiVj. F.ach of said Stitei
lo sond us manv delegates to sni-i conven
tion as shall cipud the n-imbc. of Senators
an 1 liepiescnt' tivei to e Inch such Stato
is entitled in tho Congress of iho United
A PitF.niiTioN or Daviki, WtasTtR Tho
Hon. Iiiiiiiel Websle.r, i f MaKnch-isctts,m
a speech delivered in Washinglon, just
ii.;in..n . o ... i...
inn ivi ii ir,ii3 nt", L'iio ll HI ilia ll illllilH
that "if lh( infernal funalio. and
1 . i.di.. lul'.n. .. ill. ll.AIA
try, and deluge it wit!i I'looi."
j IM.
Ihu U.J. linwKixn.i o.- tub Puocl.
nov. Tho Danville ( Ky.,) Kevioiv f jr De,
c-mber couiaina mi article r...eiiir -1'
panes on " Slaverv and (ho C'ivil
War." In tins article Dr. Jrr0kinrid
,,rm. s.'h agiiinH tho proelamatior. poli
of tho r.e.ident. declarin - it;.,, .
'liiinnl llneiillml fn,' nml .1 i tf.
,,ts, - i i,i-o, fii.ii Lis i,n.,lir.i.u',l...l.:
lllllllll. IJIHIlllI'll Mil llllll ll:l
h, "f ' Am"rl,-,r' h'n' "
laiili ;n tho overthrow of the robe-llion.
L-iyWhv are tlic 'Greenback ' I.L il.-
Jews? They are tho iisuo of AhtahnTk
and know not their I'lidoetnor. n -.