Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, June 25, 1862, Image 1

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riUNCIrLF.S. not hen.
;u;.i;rn:u, iv. vi:i)NTiy. .uwi: u,r,:.
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.fried podrn.
ha in.
' here'" a trnnif lull
eh iii fiitlil.m
1 1 tiiuk
rtil!t"l A'lC'o f ;
iTIi'.ii'li I never bale
fr .lc!inur ur
1 j t-.I it
In whilj, wlien tlm nirHs
ro in rertuin
l une of '.lieu, cries, in a euiiMi'iit tunc,
1 think I run vt'iiturtf tn gn it iilne .'"
AVf.oe wiiteliin tlio uine, 'tin a ft kim of r ho
A nionil t . draw fr'm the i-kirmili in,
K'i i" Inury lil's find. hi III t iviul xiriftf
f .iao tJc.nK'iit lupin lor tlie lmtilo of Lil'.'.
H hi'r.' tt licthiT Nie Ti.o lie (I ribl.uii ur tlirnin'
Jik' Hiniicr i.- ho wba can "gu il nlmut !"
Vien treat iali!i:o i.r-vliiiuu'J that tho
la lingular orlut win cca-ilo.-!y whirlu'l,
A ii .1 jri.t nut aounvort ull of Mi iuiii,
lia! o i 'Ti -i.n nuj priiuii and cIiiliiis,
il ii.ovov, , all that!'' nils lii.s tnnwerin lone,
1 jr be know, like the euitli, bo ciu!d "(j'J it
!lulH' !"
V'Ikii Kiplur, with inti'llrct, piorcinj; afar,
Iii.-ec.N ui - 'i Ilie law- oTvli'Ii iiiiut bikI Mar,
'! ... .Ii.rlors " li'i iiiiht to Inn o luuilc I In.- Iniuie,
' Till. "I hi? learning, mid blunkuim I In). I'miir,
f fun unit I" I.o lejilii'd, "till flio truth you chilli
diva ; l.e tcit in l.i Lt-iirt lie could "'go it alunc !'
! f.T tin' jilayor wliu idly (k').eiids ,
In I h o .li 'IICH.C "1 life, upou kimlrod ur friends,
V, l.ali'VLT Hi c- value if blisings like tlii'su,
'J !,. v can never ntuno I'ur inluiiiuin ca.-o,
.Ni.r cunifnil tho ruwuii hIiu ILrnt j with ft prnnn. l-s erutelifi lmv K'lt 1: i tit tu "g-i it uluno 1"
There 's ijuim tl.itiK, iio doubt, !u the fiMid you
inflv ho Id ;
)l a!:!., iamily, iiilmre, wit, btutv nni go 1,
'lii' viil'.rlunaU owner invy l-.orlv K.irj,
A . m l' in it." ay i most raIIuUV erd ;
) il the riiNic inny bo Juf, with all lliesit for your
Uiil 'SB yuu'vc lLo eounij; tu "f1? it lun '."
In but tl or busiiiG.'", whutev.T tko aino,
In juv or in love, it in tvor t he aiiiuu ;
In lb j Mniriulv f'T power, or lbs fruiubW
pelf. '
hi t tbi.- be your urnl) "Rely on Yourself !"
I'-r. wlii'thcr fb; priif be ti t ibbot or thruiie,
j lie vi tur i.1 he ho ean "Vo il alone !''
IV i
' lluii)Rii';i: r.IIaiijii,
l;t'c ot the 1 fOVtV t ifoeiilield Kailrciu
i;ov licad eniiioer in .McDowell. s di-i.-iiiti,
in N'ifiiiia, Imilt tliruo utiles of
i-.iiii-'ial ;unl laid the tr.'iclc mi llie
same in lluve tlii'. A liilgo iieur
! I'.-.lerick.shtiry; was Imilt y linn in til'-t.-i
:i hours niter the lirst l.low was!v. Tho hfi.lejo over tho creek,
w, ts d'l I'cct aliovo tho stream, iii"! I'm
1 1 t in leiigtli. At (ho close of'lilueti
i - urs Con. !'cl-u"Ao!I tin 1 .Mr. Jfunjd
t ide over the structme on tin en ;ine.
jTy'l'uo value (if jiri.o vess a:id
circles ttct'ialK" CDiiJcniueil an I sold,
1 1 v to lliis lime, cxeechs live millions
cl' dollars. I'o oilicer or sailor
lias '
ye; I'eccivcl a frjper tif s'-ares in prize
iie iii'V. (Jiilv 1'irlv tLoiisand ih dial
o ih irueeeds of stiles have eV'-r rea
tl.t 1 tlic Ttcastiry. 'Jhe money is in
the hand- of tho I'. S. District Attor
neys, savs the correspondent oi' the
J!:i!:imop.' Sun.
j'.i. A Western editor, having f-m-Lil
tiji the cost of the uni-to date,
fays the tiovonimont lias airett'iy ex-
tieialed cnotii'-h to niirehas.i every niir-
er in llie United Slates; tui'l to fit r-ni-li
each one witli a Hand t-hirt, urn.
jiyofiheNew York TtUhm and ;i
quid toothpick.
iKTAn oxcli:n'e cornos tn up with
iho notice t':at "Trulh" is crowded
o.dofthis issue. This i tilmost ns
l .1 . . 1". 1 . 1
. ..M i.oi.p-eouniry cunor w i.o sa.'i.
'l or the evil ellects of intoxicating
drinks, see our inside."
p-iV't'ume, sonny, get tip,' said nn
indulgent father to his hopeful son,
tho other morning. 'Jlemeinhcr the
early hird catches the, worm:' '
'What ah I care for vorms?"replied
tho young hopeful, 'mother won't let
me I'd lishin.'.'
t-.'if"An Irishman lias aluavsan nn.
Hwcr lor anything. A Orkoni.'Ui, on I live without either of vow. and I'll prove'
uein.' .'isk-ed nt hreaklavl. how ho cume'it. The llax I raise on my patch, neigh-!
iv "that Llack eye' eaid " lie slept
..?!.., i bbw.b ,.vn cibl br. J",,t on
his list."
i. "jr 1 n a pool airos8 tho road in the
con .tv cf stuck up a pole,
with this inscription :-" notice,
1, .1 I,..., . 1 i , . . i : . I.., l
.... ...oo toe mus isuMTiuisnuuiu
tne road is jiiiiiassitib.
e-ii-When we look aro-nnl hi nor
,,,,,o 1 1 . .."ioi 1 o i.r , :. : i
"1 ."ii uiuiiu v, ins iruuiii
lllld grateful eoeious,iie-,s to feel that
we can "look into (bo blue faky," ajid
"i t is no fault of our""
?--iriifo is a heanUtul which
lift one slar goes down, hut another
rises to lake its place. Jr.m I'aul.
f-iifThe robin taps on tho ground,
t he worm puts out its liend lo see what
is there, and the bird ecizes nnd de
vours il.
J!',Ceiisiire usual)' upares tho rtvven
i.ii I tho owl. but the poor white dovo
had heller
t ayWheiiever a golden wedding is
going on, almost every young lady
would like to ho in tho riing wj; rather
haro'A finger in it.'
'I nv ti o;i i ' imo' there lived on a
lfir.- j 1 ;in t (it i in. K! t lli fin by 1 1 1 i f father,
two biOllieri wl o wanked the f.inu in
.'ciiiiiinn. hn.neihntelv ft J i i ii i ii tho l';tii)i
was iinot her brother, v. Iio h.vl inlii:ritr'i
tlir i.rutiprU' oT t !it motlior. ntiil i.'tW4--n
t lii'iu t hey lived toifllirr 1 1 t itiuii .ll.l.v
, -,,. ,;, ,iv Vdirs. 'I lu dividing fences had
Ii '. . i .. . i i i . i.
' f Mil t iou-ily gii.irded tln-ir cluliiien n.'.'iinst
I inli inj'iiif.' on eneli otl.ei '.s i ij;lit5, or, "is
'tli'vold lahi(inedlv stvled it. not io 'ftep
on ono iinoiliers toes.' J In oM folks
riiuxiniH were, for uoiuo tiinu, sed.ilotisly
I ill e: i 'e I e i , 11 1 1 1 1, uiiucr 1 1 e 1 1 Ileal III I U 1
I I 1 1 .. . , I , . I j' t
op Hat inn, the hnithera war
u'il on, in-
en-ised in their families, and -Mew rich ;
the two who lived on the Noi l hern plan
tatioti, however, fioni their .superior in.
diistry and n.we economical hahits, jrroy
iri'' hv far the w ealth'e.-t of the part v.
' Sotno of tho children having married, and
I Others heiliL' of ii-e, it, was decided hy thu
! two to pj i a very line properly in
'the West , whi::h thev ,'vreevl, should he
held hy themselves and their children in
'coin. uon.
I ( lut, of this, iinfortunati Iv, crew dilli
cullies which de.stro.yed for, awhile, the
entire happiness of this onee enviable and
'fortunate family, I'he brother who lived
on the Southern farm, from icasons that
satisfied his own mind, employed oxen on
his property, and demanded lha', they
slionhf be u.-fd on "the plan Lai inn, while,
one ol tho brothers who re-ided on the
Northern farm was cpi illy bitter nain-t
tin; inlrodii.'tioii of those nimals. From
this lilt le ma! ler ';re'.v out one ol' llie
nio-t Ji.'usliin; pi:urc'.s that has ever j
Ucii known, and I imily strifes ary n.-ual-ly
th uio-i bitter. I'ltterent ellotls were
i made to settle '.be matter by the elder
t Noi thftH hicther, but they were of no
: avail ; each of the antidal arti y l.eir.
,,'ilike stubbornly deteriuiuvd that he
should loiM' his own Hyy.
j At Icnph milters i'i e.v so serious that
:iinutaiid out iha.lly cmliiot between
I the two seemed inevitahlew hen the eld, r
Norri.ein hrollicr ineetin them together,
decioel to try one nnre ell irt. 'Coiuo
breliicrn,' said he, 'yuu know niy restic-n
eal to hel litis urif irtunat'.; diseu-ion -ho.v
often have I warm; 1 you of its en. bit
levin ecioo'iueiiovs how much I have
lui.rej to cum ycur irrilateil sjunls ; lets
ee it' we c.inno, fettle the (iile-tiotl. Now,
I piop'i-et'i up my own pieiliar
wishes r.n tile matler, nhieh you know
are. that whoever works rn th" new plaeo
shall employ w! a'-iir rinima' here.s lit,
and ask 1 hat, on east a-ideyo:ir '.t:cn),
opini'ius iil.-.i. Wh" ivo.ildn't it be a (food
plan to build a fence ncro-s the property,
i hus dividing it into tws parts, and ;is you
brot her S.. h.u e t he sni'illest share in the
unite 1 e-tale-'. you will lake the ptopor
lieiial ; p ol, upon w hich you may u-e ox
en, w Idle on our j -n t, bi u'her I! , wc w .11
a.'i'ce, p irtieu'.ai iy a i tho soil is much
be! lei' a laple 1 l"r h'.r-es. to u-e none of
the Kir'lier nt; i mils. Wouldn't, '.hut be
lair? And he-i.h-s il - lil'lopail ti )'er-
prl;1:o dispute, which h.'.s well lnjli nilli-
C'l tin1 entire coml,,.t ol lamiiy.
liuiin the ol t.'.efe rei
, , .. . , . . i . . i i . ;. .
IDM'KS loin oi li. e m a,: e-.-eu oio.ncrs
kept lookini: into c.e another's eyes, a
if io study tlie'r rc-pective cmotijiis, I ut
i- was pi ii ii Io i ..bset vd thateie-h was
too ptoutld Io -ive up Irs peculiar i lea-.
'Never. never,' cried th" iinpul-ive S.,' s dl
1 jive up one jot or ii'.le of niy iieht.-;
and "Never, m-vr,' nchoed (he cipuilly
ll'iL'Uie 1 H , and thctvup ill they both be-
beralini' the unluekv wool l-liave-' al ur with a fury that has nev
er been su-pas-cd. Hy and I y,t !,ou-h, S.
relenled a lntle, find toll 1. privately
that he W'uld n'ree Io the 'compromise,'
ns they called il, if II. would, and D. in
formed the l itter of the fact, 'but,' said
ho, 'now I n t1 hob! on to my own deter
mination, for it'll not be long 'till he
r.ivc.s np altoiretUer.'
111 III.IU. I-. lil lli'.ll .-v...-.
(u, in2 hU.v ,10witl.-tand,n
the iiiees-ant cll'orts of I . to heal it
Well,' sai S., 'if I can't jret my ri;ht,
I'll tear ut mv nail of the divi-ion f-nee.
...ol inb-o -nv uio-i of ih,. new lee, itorv .nn I
farm ii iosi' I i.lea-e. no in oter' h it,
you mi li-sav.' 'dii. no. don't 1 that,'
was the re-pons", 'for it will only make
voiii- oTenuill li..i,.
'"1 1 I
;"'"' wiu
licixO'l lip l.y li., WHO WllinilKO
. , -,. ,
lth them ami, lake it all round,
Hllaiin would be vcrv nnieh ii'-ei avnted.'
Yes, I will ' said the impulsive S., 1 can
' bor Bull nvPt h ive for his children to
. weave into cioi nrs, an i von ami li. cun t,
.cultivate il, an 1 I c in withhold it from
ihim if I !h-nfc , he'll naturally take my
'l''1'.' Sl nu'v' '", ,ur,':it u111 ,0r ' nv"
,M,7' m: n,T"'
thiilene l vtoiL'ioico tlire, but ll. an 1 1.
, o i(U:,u,,lct him f;U.)0,in. ,!,,,( h
bolli laughed nt him, unoina
' 1,1 i .;' i,i
l MJ i ' I ,1111'u i'1-i "inn iu u "i iii.-i i'"iiMii
,H SS anJ ,0"U! ','1K'k 1 he partnership, re,
' icritnnt :md nshumed.
v. . ... ..
Not so with S. Seeing that the pair did
nol undertake to prevent him from des.
troy in p tho dividin; Cnee. as they hai a
rijjht to tlo, he ventured Hill further, and
positively tcredo.viiotieoi llie pules wni'ii
protected one of the entrances lo the lain
il v pstile. Iio even grew holder, and,
tlenlHrinj; thai they must pive up their
possession to himself, nctuallv nuircltcd
riht, up to tho very hoiifp, and, witli lion
n ie -a n, announced mat no como
......,, ,.,,,. uicui uii
this nis to nmeli lor tho rceut.ftnts to,
ber. i'hey ro.olved on Inking tlie 'law i
into their run linmh,' nnd give tlie inipu
d'Mit fellow surh a 'w -liiilinp, as he richly
deserved, nnd t'.ien resloro the property
to its former pnt.ii inn.
Al'ont Ihi linm, unfortunntojv. nnolher
difficulty aro-e. II., who wn of a very
sucpie.iiw And Tacillatinjj (flsposition, asi
enitJorl I., If telling him thtt h did
not believe In" w as Ii lie to his family in-
ll'IV-IS. 'lloW ( II) VOI1 have Sll ll ill"':' I
lis that,' meekly lei'licd the lilt I 'I , 'n In n
it is so m 1 know n 1 1 j .it I have
Mrivcn to ii -vciil this whole
all ah.ii.'
' Haven't I prove. I in v devotion
: l'XaV.i
i fates
of ill
tip- i;.
. pt lip
it'-d an
he pel-
ft i,kip' to tlio teaching oi' mil-
Moini; m full .-luiiv to lii:ilv ll.-
i'i : per, iitul didn't 1 nlnio-t lit-;
and S, to stop vour wriiii-lin .: r
. i ... . .. ii I. I .... 1 1 . 'I'..
conKl mukn i.o denial, lull still I
his iiI'iimj of I. Wlu'iii'ver Ii" vi
I lieiinaililiilice. ho deiiouiu-Cil liitil,
. ti'tl him, with imleei nt renin
W.bov met nt meet irn's. or nt mai
iis when
;et, r.r at
. t . I 1 . I r .. . 1 .
I IIP in OH' ll.( 10 liiei , ni-iunru MHini'i.itii
laved so unl'iMths
Mly tlifil no one Mil n uu inuti uko i-
would lnivt' snlilnilted,
In this condition the family jar
; wlien we last heard ill ). aid 1- i'
i 1 1 1 i '. i ' I c 1 1 1 as ever H. as Uiieuaii-i i
S. a-ll-
regard to and unjiist relative to 1'. a
helore and the latter i let enn ai"d mi ful
, lillin- his duty to the l.cst of hi- ;l,i:ity,
; sulislieil thut "the cMate nui-t h. kept in
its old i shape- sonic tv iv, willing' t lix it
; up and honor. ihly, il S w ill yield
I h.s ur )j:an t preleni i ins, and lay iisrle tin;
' weapon he c )!i-!.iutly carries, Lut fully
resolve'', if he d.v-i nut nee(d to these
fair terms, to help 1!., notwithstanding
, that individual's IniLiittnii tone of co'i-
;t";npl, to -ive S. so Miondll '. hi a.-!, i n'
that the plucky litllo I'elluW will In have
; himselt during the re.-1 of his lil. lime.
', Now which ol these, onco joyful, piospci-
' oils and united hlutheis do our leidor.s
think Iris nete 1 the most s-n-i'iili:, ju-t and
iialoinal part, and is, lli -refore, ino.-t wor-
ihv ol the cotilidenee of h
, neie
("on iai t. i io. st (.'omnia lid of v to; i i
ale laiijiua-'' is as iii'le-pen-ahle to a col
lo dial speaker ns to an orator ic mi .mi.,
thqf. It, is, foi'tunately, impo.--ihle to
u-e line phiiiM'- and rlie.'iirieal ciic.uudo
cutions iu goodsoch'ty. Theu'eneial dia
aleet of eoiiversnti'iti is siini !e, pure and
id in n in I ic ; hut, except under .-.k illfid treat
ment, is otter, ii'orreet. aim1 nucly leiii.i
tons. A iioo.1 talki-r litid- the ri-hl woid
hy an uneonei"ii.s in-.t inrt, as n ciever
hoi -conn roitpii road alvvay-puts his loot
ill tliel i.:l place l'lile-M he i perfectly
at ea-e in dealin.' with he- verlml niaeiiiu
cry, lie can never pve away to t,i;c sp nta
liediis ler.iiily m.d na' play lulne-.s
which con-titule hi- t il le t o tocial sileee.s.
'i'he uio.-t dil iuct i e (ju.iiity iiias-i iiio
talker is Ulipi emcdilaie-.l Ii e-Ime.-s. Cha-.
I'.iuip coiii l ii'i- ihat a Scoti'liman -I
hou-i.l s are never i en in the course if
f"'n:ll ion. and In.-, j- 1 1 v iitiiie.,! on de
nouui'Ui the le.noii-iie-- ol i o;e iy -:n:e le
declamation, uslieaui oiuik i
tin a V -
tiresome, or con veraiit
bio lip ill unforeseen sin
tin"t and copious - nn
of the moment has a
l.riskncss which is lost
'11 OU-lll t,) hub'
" fr in d;s
;:. - The thoii-hl
kind of iieralcd
w hen it is stored
in tiie tiiemo.ty lov std - 'ipient use. Tin'
hall-ti nth-, tho w hinisicid paradoxes, tlie
sudden traii-itions of an aniiinded d. i-lo-ue,
are often as im b'slruel i v. a ela'oo
r.iled dis.piilitions, and they tiie iulini'.eiy
inoi'ti .'imusiiij;. A taiker of liie hihe.-i
order is exempt liotn the temptation o:
monopolizing attention, heeati-e he de.
; ponds for inspiration on the independent
and natural l! v.v o! ti.e ennu - din;i.
t'onlid.'nt ill his ill o I . I y to deal witli all
I robab'.e topics of di.-;ii--i"n. he abst lin
iiotn thrns'.iivj forward favoiile luhbie
r. Ins om n. Tin; man osi one subject, th
pr.ij.het o! a ne-lected truth, has no bu-o
iies.s in socii ly. 'The pbiihiru) and his
iami'hlet are his propnr li'-lds of aeiioii.
In those i eg ion s .E ih) s m iv lisp nt h ini -sell
without an r.oy aiice to oi din. ii y human
beings. .V'ur..; .'. r.
Tt;ic,:iTi t l. 1 i'.-TRi i'i'lo nv E.t; rn.;:' K k.
In the l'lilt'li le:iito'ies en the west
coast of Siin'.a! i a, a al in the islands lyine
oil' it, (arthiUakes ofcxee-sive f-trcirth
look place, in February and March, ac
eompnnied by iolent commotioni in the
sea, the water retireiv:; to h "rent distanre.
and then ru-! iugb,n k with frii'litful foice,
sweeiuiig evervtliiiig helore (lieu) .''real
'destruction was everywhere c.-.used, imd
many licslo-t. In 1 he i-lunds, however,
the i'H'eets of tliese terrible nnlural he-
iiomena wero llin-l llKUKta. un in w-
.ilkt'l. Ull til" li-
land of Ni ls a military p"-t wa t.i -
ly swej't away by th" sea, and scvi . al ..f ,;
the im: ri-on d-.-troyed. A gunboat lyin.
in t ne hnrl.or ivas to: n iroiu li( r unci, i, is
...,.i ii .., i,;., i. ..,... i.,. 1 1
ii' lin ino np.-u ""'i. " ' ' o lie
l-l ami Simo alino-t tlie wlioio ol tin; lovi-
t-e were destroyed, and out of n popul i-
Hon cl ahout l,l"o iienrly
M'O p( psheil.
I iiusmilly lieavy ram .o prev
other pa. U of tho depend,,., u .
o lea
In 1
,.i .
in . I
. I
bi the nutmc crops m,
much in in -
ry I rem this c:m-". A leaiiul eruption ol j lion, openly, lively and will, out lear, la
the vol ca in on tho i-lan 1 of Makij ni, a- i vor or a!; ei'itin.
i.oih th:rtv-live l,n.'l:-li miles liom lern-
nte, and caused the I
ol lives, and deslro
tion. This took p
iss of niiiiiv hundreds
d Ihe' whole vegela
nee on the r.'.Jth I'i"
i "i'i!oi r.Ki v ok Man." Ihe liV-publienn
Wide Awake orator and new-p.ipni s, in
(ho campaign of liji(. veheinentiy ilrnied there was nny 'pro.ei tv in man."
i Willi their Usual consist encv lli I hev I, a vt
,otav ignored that propoMiion, by p..
1 f ;t,,, ', lh,. ,,, R,l little neg 'er-s. of the
,ilrio, of Columbia nt s.",oo ikj head : and
bj W de?ire lo ,l end llie juo clme of buy
log all the re.M ol the four niiii.on of tlnves
in the Soulhei n Slates at the fume pric e
per capita. If negroes arc not propel ty,
wliv, we ask, throve away huudreiis ol
nliiion, 0f t10 pUhlic ireiure in the pur
cnase of them !-i.W'4
'T.Aiiv" lhuTRiis IT m il Fourteen "la
dies" of I.ado-.i, ludlatvi, were brought to
trial nt Crft's fotdn illo the other day, ( har
ped with riotous proceed tigs in de.-troy irp
ho eolilent' if a whiskey snlooti in II
f.nmor i, The inrv imposed n fine of
one doilnr on each. 'f ii costi inioiinlt d
, to about one hundred dollar, l.adics have
' no lutinen to get up riotn
A r. II
n Mr. K,
' K , a iie.'r.
m W'a-lii
lie n i 1 ! i 1 1 1 1
lTccll I W
toil to II
in which
-I - I an a Id' e
mid en I Ii n- ia-
we I
ei ..
nd t lie lollim inn (
.'el; 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Wh, r.
l!d ll 'I' 1 l.i.'allnll
w.;li t.
, -rii-1
J.'. iiei:.l!v
end of lli
insn tv:i si eii too near an.
'' I at I III (VI l'Ii till! WlCf
eM'oiM". .,;,:, tl. 'i-
M. . In i ll.-' ,o ; ,
1 to-Fp( ..K. r r, lei.d to an an. cihe- ia
native Ali.ean, who, when neeu-ed ly a
niissien ii v of l eine. ininioral, ii.diL'liaiitly
a-l'i;d lie; ', do vou take ine f ! a
? (Applau-.i
I I lie eaUi f spoke ol th.J linitv.
tions ilie Ma. 1.
!'.e-e I that in
or. npv -it the Nor i
J 'ii i ! : i e 1 1 d 1 in the n
1 1 a 1 1 I. "I on , -,
the - wlnit
cal e ( I' tin ti'
i'.-'l'cla.- V.'.l
l ad a i i-ht t
1. lheui-,1
h that roll! I t lake
(Ap 1 lu-e ) All in-n
' C'liials, and every man
his OH' ii a- -a.-ate- ;
Lot if t.ny iiia.i did ii"t
her, on , n-e. lil t of hi- i
him, the -p-io
. that he could
'I I ii"fi ama
;. !. ,V
, .,...,'..
'' ' .
a' - ,' ,
ilnal ion w as a Sou' lit rn
.'.''J n!U t it - ., ' a j
!. r A,
i i,. I,',
, tfi. a .,
in "'
. i;
'( In l!.
1 1- I--'
( - ' 1 ' I 11 1 1
'I ill- Wil-
. r' '.
i in-
U i
II in
d I.
h r-'-md that tins
I. 'II
, i ' l';r ",, ','
nd hv manv .l t;,
hi, cans in ,:.-1. ", ;'! on.
1 tlie nn, nn. r in v, i.a ii it
auioi. i he ' i;':i ;:l ml
iniifiiji'stwi.r ! !i" O l 1 H ie c
in:: on in put. lie -cntiim-ni
iii.-al'.e l..nat ioi ; i t aat i-
.'a . Ii
of til
11111' e
lie ,V
I i : 1 1 is
'led bv
tl.e i
I...I 1
t aii latl d'l. tck oi'
eh v .'. I inn of Ih,. in-'io to r.n '
i the while rare will he put Io
oeveiopuiciil o
i.:e,(-o, :,l.d il
e. il.'- pi' .j.'Ct
jhl- Iroin tin;
1 VI hi ii - . ,ini
i'f tin- mad s
toe i' ua en
e 'iiiph't" ft.'
at I
f "li
the a: fi.t-i.
ol ail n.'ii.
full re il:.:a
the laua. .e.i
s!e uh
Uo'V t'
i heme-
' l ' .
t ", at :
, W ill) 111'
le i: i .:
I us m a n-vo
.'S, Will -'Vl'I'i'V
ii tic p. ft. v iii!.'
pe.- oi llie i n 1 a . , :- do iv ! u-
le-t;..', a. I our !.
ay that til. a arMat
a ,; :,.ii is al -in I.
i iim.U'i in i'.s -.p-.
hi i n v. ho s! nd'.i'
.' (',,;.; t ,-in 'a:. to
l !i- i . iii-n io'i i'i-
1 1,-
I 11 .
L'l'C -
; l '' :
Ill f.
i c.t-
iie b' li
i.fil 111
f the
hi t.-l; 1 i, -o!.;-,
; i- ,
the w ha
.eil Cl'l.dll)
ioi. oi i h" i;
I' object.
,! ;i-
n I pi i
it ;i,
Iv, 1.
; r.
i he.
I th.'
at ;on
f-i- ,i
.I.--, a
I a i,
V li
) 'i.t v a- '.i I
i i" ti
ifor i
1 1 .
ue ai
: .' la 1 ev i iy
l-lv tii'.- -i a',
1 1 1 rn
If s
iii r
II. 1
: l:;:
j lev
to ! aMlei
that il da
I the Ion
nviii 'cl
iii'i'll-: l!:e ol ,
l.ot I'.j'ily 'III y
lei - of ! he i.e.
out tie
liUii.ic, we
al t
c. 1 no.v t la. I w f 1 i 1
irnn-ur.t ion o!' i i,e
it i i ij i -tiff. S.i
pie-cut i, I
to insignilic'iTie.
e t!
lore the liu-hty I
ii the In a-in v -:
1 i'les'a..'1'ag!.
iiiativ l
ei pel rail
ng tl
a -u'l'id.
, so glaf
i-t at
their ;:
is rerd
Now tied the in
'be 1,
blood of !.,- 1,
ve-t -ot
!''i tii like water, a
worth of ropei ly ("
Hid tlaliU'.-.vviial i- he
! milli-m ol"
li ied to the l
ciiopeteii! '
!he wounds ami
I it,., troo. .. t
!1 than a :
gVf d
: i. i. u,i.., I)...,,,,,.-.
ll ll l 111'.: 1 1 , - " " "
t inee to I," .
"I'hoti.-h. a oun .-or.yei t, we
v. , I I o.
i in, 1 i
1 1. Olloe
i our In -I to 'ii, in tl
ei WOI
with t
chilli hence!'., i I
at, 1 w i:!i theiii
i l
w e
1 .lev
uHl w..i k
r Ho
i pel pel ua! on of the I mini and t ons'iiu-
A I.i'iTi r .- ri' i'v l oi:
on a t in.ii t I.t i e w a a
coin. ti y full of people,
wanted, were rich nnd
1 .l.VVT.'l's.-
jjreal and
Tle.y had :
IT"; peinu-.
hapl V
II th-v
111'! a!
the mi' i"ti- e.f I he ( art h f
arc I thei r star;
liiirlv inilii.,:!'
and sti i I n .-. There .rert
of w hite people in thi- h ippy counlry,
thc:e. wt i o in it, a!-", four millions "I
py ht'L'io.s. iid ' lie v, bile p-iii'e
a it '
ii. p
jrah'tisof the h.ipj.y negroc- nnd
wel.t to w ir. And thoiisat-b o) hvc
lost. And millions f dollars .v. re
We : '
and it den : and the happy peeplo bee one
tiivid-d and ruined ; and nil nati mi lau-h-d
a' thnl, ai.d heavy taxi s had to be
lev:.1 I. lee.iu-e Ihiity miiiions ofl'uoU
wished t" '1'iai r.-l ab.'ut !..ur miiiiuii-o!
cent elded ne-i ci a n ho woul 1 not I una'.va '
from their Irtppv horuospven toph-i.t
thirty millions of white trash. And the
fooli'h while pen pit; became n laug'nin-
slock Htiuiiaii to lai'or nn incir lives n, pav
If,. '
i i ...
fir the lieei'iHiK.
rAA Tom
or f.
who l ilelv l
r A 1,'HT boilhl l,
order ton
"You nro to make it pi. .in and at th miiiic
tim" smnrl. us I ii in a very conspicuous
place in churt li."
ifliflioiirJ illi5(fll;iin.
(; W h- I- oil I, n i i, mo later in hi. ,
li; Iii mi- th"" hallici thai they bt - in
to li'lit ealh. r in hie, uui m r,' lest a--u-I''
d "I '".( t,i I;.; I'lim-lv, 1 1 at i; is h ill.
p"l lie. o ,'l o- s that I hey hi u be nan , '1 ho
I i'-i t I' m. u is lo hem ju-t a, i,t;h' as Ih y
e in ; but that is not fm l ( u.:iueei in : - -Tic
ri-hl wav is to ivnij., ohon- lor ioi, n .
1 In '! ai-h I v as ou ca.i In ( oml u-: in .' n
cam) an - e , do Hot !! illl.l H faille I f Toll
can help il : but ii y ui n,u-t -o iulo' it,
ihuiider is meriy, iu,,l h-hliiim; is pily. -The
i no' u r ni v, and in i -n s. iy. und coin
M'ciitively miei lul you make your on -. t,
t lie .-la it e- will ho tin. cntesl, and the
more -on,; !"'. mil !.e the vie; uy.- -There
is no I'll, ht)f -- Ilk" leniency, hold'
n.- oil, ieliin a.oi i . What your hand
hud to tl i. do il with on; mi-at and be
uein; iv ilii i : tint is u ,.y m;r law.
An 1 il' it i- ti ii- in external tiiii.'-s ,.e it
i'J that v. hut i- woi tii it'.in;: al aii i, w ,:"!,
'I'iiiil; wi ii, how much more is it true in
l h it i !.' - I hi I relate on man's di- i,-ition ;
U hv si otii I it ..;n. bo nil his 1,1,; ion
li'.'iitin;, lilitni:', li '!iiin.' '.' Why -houlii
iio lor i-.ei' cany ahoiit in iiini-cll a -an '
of piiale pa-.- ions W hy NhouM 1. nm
-ay, '' me e,. llP iv;,, ()l ,v j; j, ti
de: ti sy. r.s i fa,-,. n,., ple;.-ui", and j
-ul'iiu" :" A m.m oo-lit not o b- emi-
t.'ll'i.ll..' - i'.h I !ie Millie I Vl! pl'opi'll-ilio- j
ail tee I. 'lie. lie i.u-ht o he roi.uiiuiuh I
I i-in- to hi-her nn I hi-iiei : ,. And !
1 '! in ' '! .-Hen !'. to be li-ut.n,- th.-;
-am- liiili..- that vol, vic lhuiig early I
in I 'in i.-lian I.e.', is a -i .u that on ha e i
nol 1" en tn'iL'ht nyht, umi ha not
known what was, And yet, how
many i I lis , ai, thjit our (dd con ihcls i
are cieti a ;
t'i-Tl.e ul'.inialti iiatun- f f the human
faculty is I'iia iiie. 1 kno.v tiial '.v.- J
pieai a thai l-.i.i hi I ."ii'j's Joy ; ale i it i '
I ei l.'cliy Ifue ; i hi i jo , i n i i.ei de a ta 1 linr j
:i' - lil" pi'ofi .,. . ' i. i at I 11 . J t 1- the li - '
hal lri'.;t "1 lei: ;i .... Ti-a-n!'" i:. a: Ih- !
holloa. ! t-v-iy i'avulty. I'.-.t the .-v-iii-j
'.nn and ediif i'.ioii ol i-tiiv fe-.i t-i
thai emuiitioi, m wlm-li it -I, all bo pi'..i.s-J
i: . able, i- t iii'oiih a ei . at. r .,!' If-.s pain, I
naaint ;n:r up, o'.ieiit nie.'-, ineoiive- '
iili'iliv t" an -ii .-it. 'I nis in et --i'.y is oi .- -! and o; - in .:, a far as ali liiinj.' can be ;
o pi lie HI l.-f I, It Is c ll!i lie d to this i
woi l i. and to tin: huiu iii lain ly. it
ion - . to creature 1 1 t a. e w iun:i the ei;- I
cu : : o: t iie u: i i a. ii t . : , ; e. J i n: to he 1
a i.'.w , i. .t so I'jii.di ol :i',i.-;ii re at . t c.n
'i. fii, a- ol -lo.viii, that m-i: t ii.i.l s'lU'er
t i iii;.1. , ii tine and l.'-'n' d ii
' I- ir ei' on .' ' ' " r. 1 i t i . 1 1 1 . 1 1 is th" r.ppi
1 e if law i il ! ni t ii fl otti tii" lower I til'
h 1 1 li i 1 . Ti, I oie.'heait our wh'iie d".
t lo; i ;. o1 , . ". iy p u lieie of a ii .11. tha: j
v e ii ; a !i e i - w ; i li a b; i t ., i ii i . o. Vi i 1 1" j
not I -he a st-p for.v.iid without a ' ::!i':-
is"-"- "
'"..So lc.ii.j as there is artyihiiu' in tin-,
ih't.v.i ilia! I lint is not prrlcoily ol.pdier.t
to .he Mill ot' leiij: ei has revolution!
ail I change lor tint. So loin; a thuro i-l
KhWbil !! in the latll'ly thai litis it-ell tt
a-a.nsl the law of love, si Ion-; there !
ievo!',:ti :ii and eh -nge for that. Ai.din,
cvt rv l u-ine-s. jn , very pi oip.-ioti, in ev i
! y .-ei. ml f,f jihihi ophy . r in i, in every
i l. p:.' ' no :.t e: -m - i iinie .: :, in cv.' re j
t'.ei of V... io'ly alia'ls. V. I, i:,-.'-!' hl'tc be
: .n's iii. ' -!i : - and p'ii'p',-.' ;.nl ini-r-.-'
-. '.!.-!'" 1 lul- - :r.t is !-! 1 , .-,
!; .en t he lit u t o! i old, t iiat i t.p;e-. d
I ii!', ii: 'i 'ni ; -t, thai is lo he. i a-!oi ions i a
tiie woi ei.a"! '. I: . I is to revolt;! ion i;t and
. hai:-" and I not a'.e. until ! en: Ih shall
be . i y : i l;i.e, ami sin shall be hahuhed.
! : o hi I h - w i : I.I , i
I'..' VYu i: ;.-: I: u.- t yr,ur chihireti. Vol '
'tilll-t l e i.lielit W ilil ill in. Ievatl-C. '
th, iri.'e i- hit al1..:-,-, c. u . s!-! i.-ir , ,.u
'.::-: '. h, el. I '.iai they hi : u-i n. e: e, or
III; ' ' ".'. t'fee i h't 'ioillg It W i , !; f el
' them s re.'tiiy a f.'l y-u. 1 ! i 1 is s ,id to
ilhcr lac land v. iii his ai Tii,, una e.i; i v
linen in iii- in -i.t!). o'.i hi'.:-t l.v,.r yoar
; cl. i ! il ea in vmr 1 i-i : n ; an I v . m m :; do
,' '.' in ipb't:. 1 t hi'igs a. io i -.-! i in lli'.r. jjs
':-"'.! a'e 1 temporal. Ai d if there is pel --o;
, a i . a . t i i : i i 1 1 . -- on t i.o j .. 1 1 .,i parent
I in lh.- hi, dte, . I am -i t,.- li-d thai t il l.
I dr ui wail g! o.v up ' 'h: i-::,'.!i . li om the
1 iii in. in; of life, and mike boiler I'liris-!
' I ian t nan t hev wi u 1 if iliev were i;ol
' ' ohvet led until the'y had c ii'ie lo e ir o!
i tu.iiy. ' 1
" 1 d i n it iai! mybody to i, !i ;i n as
'ill! v, . l e n b in, ;iie ! . I loo ... is b ur pn l
ing in ( Ioii'h i u'i-p at'el I, is. hoh 1. but it
l i- not t i that that I invite you. 1 e .il in
tuall to , l 'I' 1 :-! Mil i,'" i Tl I'.ee.illht (! the
b i n in i s an , I w ;v,i: i . I here in e l a t: m a -and
w r "d I, - ' f 1 1. ' 1 1 ue '.hi i-t iau : but I
; , '11 no man to the '.i., hies o v'.eloi y th!
I h" has been to I a!l!e. 1 call no m.,n lo
' r-! ! ,11 he has been to wo! k. I c.tii no
1 man to the I u vary of nn .norta 1 thin-- till
I In' has hot ii a d '.-(:; le of (.'in ist, ,'ihd
i 1 . a i ii ed to p ' i ! do.m his lower niid woit
' !- . iii;-si hy I lie oo,-. er of h:s higher i lid ,
' '. ' i" -. is vour I :i-:iie-s lo I i n
l.o.v to b:i-g every thought and teehng
into obedience to Christ. It i spiritual
manhood t duel It J in vtw.i, to wiie ii ycu
; i. . I.
Z..,,"-'u-( vptibiiily to metitnl sufi-t irg is
eviil 'If.'.' tlll.t a llMll is - ij.:; ton ,,.( a
nioi.d an! -pi; ;!',,'.l t. dure, lb" wan'. r,f
-u -ii " ,:!! ieg i-' v;..,.K'" I a ii h is - .
il-2 I' i". nr. I an iihiuhd nnd pliv-ieal leituie.
I ', a in. in aim- upw..ids and :c ; ,: he I e .
gm- lo Mu i die,- i.iio tiling lor ; he .,(
an ih. r. I'icejti-" ph-ii a man is in po-se--ioti
of him-elf I hey nre many diln-rt nt
L'r ide of fa en 1 1 :' t hat are (pun iv 1 ng tor
lite secptf r. And the higiier Ihea-piiii-ti
'ii, ll," m :. -ullfiiug mii-J tin. re be for
th- ;,.!;. of lh- thing 'Spired idlt r.
t,...lVhie- wi.'. r. h.i'.t of nought ,'or
re i-oii. but w hat uni'iarcihiblo n il' 'hall
diclR'.e for reason.
if i;....t Hi'::, -,!.( Ac: i i)
A',..-, .
i . o : "T'on .I.mi of lie Nov York i'iino.j
y.'.f J. ,! H'"-. .b !, oi' m,(.-, I
Tue-. lay, June !-, (2..
I 'lit'ovvn mid tin) rebel fort es i-,re now
face to taee Willi eaelt oilier, tiio pl"kW
beiiiL' nit (vr half a n.ilo apart.
wiial h n.-'ilof tllii" tl.H slate of thiliffl
exi-t remains to be fen. In the next
battle the li-ht win- will undouhlitlly
h.iVe a hand, aslhi; li.i'l;;es lot ero-,r.iu,t
tlie l in'i' ai u eoiui b 'fd, in, d nothing re
mains lit! lo ive thu wi.i I i f co: i.'ii.iii u .1 .
I oe l . ! . U in e hard al work throwing
up earl h ., ol ! -, and evide'dly ;..! n't t
make the I utile at l.'ie hiii'.iiel tho do. ivo
battle, 'iiifVW'iil tin I lis Itdiy piepared
Ioi tlie t'oii't .1. 1 ,:i -l ni-iit l'i" Mill
1 1 1 ! e or four . hells ii.lo .smitli's eii'Mtnp
incut, bul without (ilfctin-any diiinajf.
Dfsci tei'i from Jhchmond continue I
ai ro e daily, all f I' w h"in en, lii'in t he si.dii'
mi ni ii ct nlly pub',, shed in ti.c Ui ;ii:,.on.l
I'. -pal. !i, the rebel lole.i (j.caliy Icar
our de- ; ".n b. to sit ri ouicl I hem and t ::', oil'
their ,-up.iie.-. '1 !u .1' -locic of HI hi -It ll 'J
is iii t tiiiiini'hii..:. What utiall wo do?
i- til- b? idlll- Ipl'-stlon ol nil (1 !-J.'.-. I '.10
iii if Kifhnioud is one vast ho.-pi'al
Nearly eveiy hou.c coina'.n- lnore or luts
' I, and llie utiii :.-l suld'e . ln pi f
v ails in cili-C'i'ioli'V of tin' want of l.u. ill
lies and the proper r-lncdii'S.
II tiie iibeis mean toiieht, circums'.atf
iv, d-iiiand lint tin y sh-"i!d light burnt:
di.ttly. Tlie . j u i.' -1 ; . ) i i arise, will the;
e in. nn n -c the ..Hack, ol leave that lor U.s
to d" They may ibly b - williii-J t")
-ive us oi , I' ivy; i t , nle, : -' It: ,; Halt '.ill r :U-
'.'.i:i,t in I
' 'a'..-; en 1-! u .-a.s.i ..- 'y
10 t'le !I1S ' il C-.
ii s. fiu- in. ".edible that tlie Union m'-.
my can : e i.'ani withlti 1 mile- of Picam m.l
i ' a I'lti.-h h n.'.-i peri "1. ivi liout o; in.
11 - the way to I. e city. S i.e. thing mil' t
be' done, ale! .oli.e, 1; i',g ''..' ' dido, f.T
many days! have elapsed.
77V !:".'' ! n- I! ' - HVer. li '.'io
l il:- i. arc.
'Im-iii the Ci.rre.-i'.ii'i'tenen of the N. Y. TribtinsT
.V i en J uiic '.). There is duelling
at 1 'hg livjip.i iicl'Veon tho clK-lliy's pick'
e.s an t our own an .1 tht !? f re mov-Te ht
.ii"! j icpai di, ui mi our side, nnd doubt
leas on their side, for the pr:ii '...ittlo soon
to be 1. ii '.t. An I 1 'Mil candidly toil
ur, ,i t.-.i...i .i .
minds io hell" tho d.'tai'S of U nordi.ct, bo
hue Kichinund coaipio.. 1 wi:h v. Iii h tho
b.lfle o lh. .'-even i inc. wis lut a lina
i-ii. Tim enuiny g1 c .t'y supci-ioi io
ii, iii lumbers. "Their courage, as (hiring,
ili.e. as tenacious m e,ir civil, is by ru
tin tv i .: , !,!. ! has hi : ii fili'.riioto l hy
politic- io' i imp'ru- iblo halo, 'i'hev l.ivo
err an di-.'ipliuo -an cund experience
in l!o! ciiiip .in.; in tho f.t Id and po--..-s
in I heir de ;pi-e. smooth bor'.) tnu-ket and
their oar!:: Les of one round b:i!h l and
t.,,'ew hack !...t, a far 1 -t ter v,e,.i on f -I'
this wooded tighlir.g-gio'ir.d than o'ir
I. ii '"'I -lane 1 ' ,-:.
N'ow 1 -a'.v th, e rebels ll'lit vmlor tho
Seven and 1 say to all tie 'e people
, '.. i i .ii.l: tint wo are -o march into IJieh
i,:i.n '. wi'huut ' -hun;! every inch of our
' a'.-, t'.i'.i liicv r.iir-o ,i b'hih'i.i wh'!"h the
. I ,.,.1. J ;',... 1 vv -;:i'! ''t e r!iTil', and
p i -i,,: . the !.-t, "f t:'::i-d, ahd noun hl
and e , '.t!I!.. 1, W i'l ',',' .1'P til' u Iron), - lioek
itijiy, ll lh-'. I, .ive ron. :' her.- or li.yii
,-.v.s':h :hs battle. 1 t-ll v ou, Ne',' York i
ei s, th ,i this rebvlarmy has no purpose
ofr tic.iihg b Cor.; ih :is vo march into
the::' pi li'i m! .-.liiti l. They fc.t in hioir
!: ei:eii-i in: 1 !'t.' "uiel r their (?.nnnn to
siive ( . S,.;:'.:.. r:i 'V --.', b ra-y. They de
s .io io tighi. Py ( . . -hit' eis of sl roup
1, .Lb. jtii J i e'.ie.i't; from po-.ti-nn of u b
v ih'.'g-, in 1 1 j'l-t long ' lion di to ireak(;n
h. by ihlais,' ih-y fiave drevn us jut
',-, h.-re lay can tia'ik u. nr. where they
v. ill compel us to fight w'uether we want
to e, n t. I'h"y co.i : '., : 'h'.'.t th eohl'n
1. il ll- v...i ei . t h . ' r fate, ,.hd th it i'l
th.-ii- Con'.'i'd-'.i'.ti -n -!!n' it will e.niei i le
(lie war. fiiev '.".o.v i- impori.'in e,
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