Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 30, 1861, Image 3

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rui ti'Hiiti and 1mI little im, I lion r '
V c thi t thai ihe ripa l if Hernial
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fc.t' '!;' ,,,.",! ,.(. Oil Alit'H)f). ,iT,rf,i I tiilii, through the tv-unlt
''ii'iV-rn' l.oMOi'Mll'UMilt In hird we dloppo I, to the Un "I lhe
fr ilii; ! wi'.HifMftl i-l-U i.,,,,., mUifNl Fella. m1 Lark l.r rty
L,.ri f-r !" e)i ao, on mi armel lee.-nnni-aiir.
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j.ll.f ltil III ' i'm.mi rntl'l 1,4 Pl'l "!
iiKi'nm in Kim I fVl, llini f fm4,
ltft tt I t-'Mml tnt 1, It tut Oa". "
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7'o i. f" m-m? ,-r rirtt,i 1 1 '
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',..iinn "f WillUm IV H I l-r, i.f lh lit "f
" . i... II.. ir.,r:rlltiet tf Ui l.'ll
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1 frt4 cinwttiilcalloBof UioMRtititnd Ofiinlonl
PL-f it." lnMlunMr rlctiUol mm I anJ enry
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(i.iiir IhriM i f lli iitmv l on or I to
')oinUV oni ilintMiro dl!', wliich I con-
. , mm ll la naiv I n
Bl'lVItu llilliri uviiwiiuii n . f. t . .. ii (f..l..l U.ffo hirnilur r riuim, ironung on m
r.t'portfully na'ini tj ihn fttS'lo Out thfy
hn tomlillil 'l r w nfimpjin tlm'.r nrr
inlnti-ki ii tn n m at mile or io.
iio otlir vldeiic of a frc lo noar
ii to bring tlirlr picked in tight.
fit . .I... . I. .. iH I It A .lions..
l.irc.'iKfttlrs th otBdM eonanol ofcffl- ( lit) blignd. MJ (2nd) and llio bul
I' in nni.ii r.nptT. or whr tLi nnr 1 1 '.nni. lcnrve Infuntrv and
Cavnlry, Htid two tiatteriei of CamplxMl'
Artillery, amounting to about ton thou
annd men. The Kane rifla rigimont pre
ceeded ua as akirmiMiPvi, and our reel-
moot (the Permit. 5th) followed next with I
it battery of artillci v, ntler wind) cam
I'xnn In tli ''"' of t.a f n!l. InJ i f Illl
'ii. lit I Ait'i'ti' In r i at. II P 'c'mr Htn-ii
I nrronti"!. fiirlh, thnl J'lhn P. I.i lr
lain i'f Citni;tnn t"n! Ip, lh th (."iinty nf
i I'Uilflrl I, illOil 'i liif itT of A. I.
ism, ini.ftt. riTiiij in i ti.a in... m in-,n cmt rQ1 nrr i,(;iow J uace i.rontra I
: H. W. SMITH &C0'S
oNr:ma:,csii .stohc,
nm iii Dollia citucltT. or whr tbl
.niit rbli.ihJ t pmpr for publia tuf'irtoa
" ibn truth tboroof may U ln in vlJu
.Ti'tn )-tiotmut for libtln, Ui Jury fbail
U to drtirmtco Ui l anil f".
,, Ui dirtctlun tf tU court, 4 Ir oiliir oium.
(hMl.liilton o FtttHiytiM'tia.
u i ' 1 I I
, A-rrrc-n- KlTUiCl th balanoe of our brigJe (:h lsli ond
TnC. LA I I INJC-WO I ! toe other battery, and the renninder of
ft 'the body In the rear. Tim object f our
The otvpaptr em to vie f
tSfr In attempting to cover up
,! d .'iter near Leenburg.-
From the ate ectyped phrwe "one k!N
ltd and foU4 wounded." tlt.y l " Jn'it
at lat half tnt were engjei in the
0,l(,n are miing, whether that waa 1700
cr(nnrc, they ennnot agree.
A the trooua are back again oo the
jfiryUnd tide where they were a week
A C'irrenpondent of luo i tt aays
i.v i. 'infiiion a undemlood to be nn arn
iimucu - f-- - , . . L it. A. tViA
. tt'l reconnoiai.i.", w phi ihi fH"u.
eneuiy JiaJ ai'y force near us In that di
'tMiinti. and it nonble thai: number and
poaliion, but uot to engng tleui unloia
first attacked, fctranje a it may aeem.
while we rera marching ieieurely down
the Potomac alony tha Leeib irg turnpike
on our return from tL vicinity of Drain
vilie, a part of (leu. S'.ono'a fommand nn
der Gen. Baker had efToctid the paaaage
of the Totomao at Edward' Ferry near
D.trneatown, and advancing upnn Lee-
buie. had encased t lie aecesiiin foroe
hen ou' troopa it uleJ to croia the Pow tuera under Gen. fivan. and a battle wftfc
i I t ....I l .r1-.. Kattf
lir.o trie nanu iit vuj v-
Old Virginia." Ue aUo taya that the
movement of our troop waa 'raah, ur.
DKrtMry, and unadvised by high military
usho.-i'.!-." Yet the deed i done, but
bo li to b'.ame?
T.t hloekade of the Potomivo. below
IVwhingtou by the rebela ha compelled
i!,e governanent to bi'e wagctia to haul
hay, provision, ic., from Baltimore to
Washington, the aingletraok Uing una
t to do the biiilnia.
jer Tho P. M., M. A. Frank, Eq, In-
lotun us that he i now ready to exchange
se fur old T. 0. Stampe ami envelope,
jui will 1j io fur the apce of ail day.
The rot;wMier at Kanhau i rrepr
ti to exchange the new, for the old Ueue
of tum pa at.d atamped envclopea, winch
exchange muat be madrt within U daya
of this notice, or the holder will lose tUm.
Camp TiiapoNT, V.. Oot. 3, lo5l.
Dwr XtpMican. When I addiea ed tuy
last letter to you I acarceir expecieu io
date another from th'.a camp; but Mntra-
t V e irrannr ui mneii'.ation we are here
et. although we have not been here quite
all the time since, and ere not likely to be
very nnich loujjer.
Iho orders and gneri artangmon'.a
aver int we have been stationed hire
have indicated an erly forward move
merit. 'J Le iceral brigade of MoCall'a
diri'ioii. compriaii'g the entiro Tenna.
R,erve, have been habitually furming
l;ne every morning nt cljyb:eak, aince we
crosied the rotoinHr, and awaiting order.
For aareral mornings, after standing In
rink an hour or to, we were dimied to
our quarters with excellent appetite for
brnkfant, and the caution to be ready to
"tall ir." at a moment notire ; which no
tice aforesaid, e wero beginning to think
hid b"en indefinitely postponed; until
Ut Caturday morning, when, after having
then actually in iironre.f. although be
yond our hearing, nd of which we were
ill that tinio profoundly ignorant as we
had halted about twelve or thirteen mi!e
below that point and knew nothing of
Oen. Stone' movement. The engage
ment. a e learned next morning after
our return, lasted until evening and re
aulted in (he death of Oen. Baker and
about two hundred others killed and
We hd hardly got to our quarters le
fore re were eg: in ordered to prepare
two dais ration and hold ourselves in
reudinme to march at a momenta notice
Tired we ell were, the order was obeyed
with alacrity, and in a abort timo had
everything tn rcudmess. ve however re
tired W our tetils at en early hour, deter
minod to obtain all ths ret we could be
fore taking the road aguin, expecting to
be colle I uu and marched ff before morn
ing. Firtunately we were permitted t"
enjoy an undisturbed repose until a late
hour next morning; our Kina ti-anea
Culonel omitted, in consideration of our
eartes, the usual morning roll call at
day break at which every fellow has to tie
upon hi pins. When I awoke at day
break, not a little astonished to find my
self still in oamp I'terp nt ai tint hoar,
I found that it wa raining ijuite amartly ;
and hearing no alir in camp that denoted
a movement, 1 turned over and took an
other nap of about two houra, awaking
Ian-tin about 'licht o'clock later than 1
have lin in bed for many montha. Up
on arising I found that all- yesterday's
fatigue had disappeared, and I was fresh
and vigorous as ever, tfimie then we have
remained In camp, our marching orders
not coming until this evening, and now
we confidently expect to bid adiu to this
plsce at an early hour to morrow taorn
Therein of yesterday n:orning contin
ued until today, and since the reather
has cleared oft it has become quite col..
So much ao that it is decidedly uncom
fortable la my tent tonight although
wearirif an overcoat as 1 am striving to
furniih your reader with a few items of
the experiences ot a
T. S. Perhaps I should ad-l that 1
have no idea of our destination, but a
soon as I got an opportunity will inform
vou. if we have any mail facilities at our
Lot and ntarly npp jille lbs Court Hums.
Cabinet inaVIng will bo currlod on In lbs up--r
itnry of tin same luilMlng In all III
All klo'Ii of furniture will bi kpt oonitsnlly
an ban Ja an! uU chonp fur enh or schango
forsonntry i roJuea, or Lumber U lUlt tas buni
Msttrsnn, Ilair, Ilslr top, Cottn Icp,
and Corn IluU, f the belt material.
Looking Olaun, of all sorts sad sitei,
Also, Olanes for old Frnmci.
Also, Tca-poyi, Wbnt-noU, ATah-iUnd,
Work-standi, Hat-rsckf, it,
Cflffini tnsds to ordor on short aoti
beans furulihed.
Poplar. Cbsrry, and Llawood Lumber,
la sxehsngs for work.
CuTarSeM, October 23, 1851. ly-
been ordered the niaht previous to pre
lisre ourselvei with two davs rations, in
lisvera.-ks, and our blankets and over ! next station ; fur I find the farther we got
coats in knapsacks, we t.-ok up our line
of march from camp and struck out on
the Leeuburg turnpike in the direction of
from Wanhincton the less certainty there
is in aendtng or receiving Utters.
par Twenty-flre to Sixty Dollars and
expemci per montn will ie paia dj in cri
j8ewin; Maoh'iis Company to their Agenti, for
'lolling llit Erie Sewing Mnebino. This i a row
Mnehin. knd so umple la Ui eoastruclion tbata
P- child cno learn to operate it by half an noure
After Instruction. It ll qual to any Family Sowing
Mnchice In sis. and tbey teke the premium over
ffly sad on hundred dollar mtchinea. The
prloe ii but Fifteen Dollars. The Company wish
to employ Agenti In every county In the United
Statei. Addreei, for particulars Eri Sttting
AfatKint C. R. Jx', Oenerel Agent, Milan,
Obio. niarl3-6n.
that place, in wliich direction we proceed
rci almut (it'teen n iles, with oocssional
halts of n few minutes.
We ai lived at a place a short diitanee
Uyond Urainsville about 4 o cloeK
ami halting tiretmied our autmer.
resting at this point for about two houta,
for some rtusnn unknown (o us, ( I mean
to the soldier, as I trust our command
er knew why,) we fell back about three
miie and there blvouaoed for the night
in corners iv undvr the buskes by
the r.d iide. The night hoivever wan S. . .. .... j. ;.i -not
cold and we all pot along very coin-) MAHHI l-D. In eovingtoa tp., on the I9th
fortahlv. Having takn no blanket with Inet. by F. F. Coutriet, Eq., Mr. John E. Kiit
me I "lay beneath a chump of chestnut', no". " M" Catharine Pinekile of Eurnnde tp.,
"Like a warrior taking bis rest, wltb my mar
llil cloak around me."
ind enjoyed a sound and refreshing sleep.
We nw no armed seeesionit during
our nurch, although e encountered
rjuite a r.uml-er unarmo'1, lul they were
principally females; tha n ales b"iug eith
er loldiers in tho sectKsl.-m army, fugi
tives or urmoiicrs. I Ue J lies seemed to
DIHD Very luddenly in B.ady tp., on Mon
day the : 1st Instant, Pliillp K riner, aged abont
TO years.
iis-York Tspen pleaie eoj.y.
On Tburtday the 2tb Init., 8AMCKL FUL
TON, Eq , aged 84 yaarS-
The deceaaied vrai a native of Ireland,
but reached this country when quite
Price with Ilcmmc-r and
S35 00.
Stitching. Helming;, end Felling with
a Single Thread.
It formi a flat, even, and laetlo lenin, which
ii WARRANTED not to rip in wear, even if the
earn ii cut at frequent Interval!, and also under
all circnmtUnoes ' to idhvivi tbs w.u tub "
A Patented device of great utility to learner,
provents the ponibility f the machine being
run In the wring direction, or the ba'ance wheel
wearing a lady's droit.
Another feature which deserve particular at
ln lion ia
r-Tae Wttoox TaTsnT tfaaaie ciot a a
Two thoaund stitches, or two ysrrli of work,
csn be done in one minute without dropping a
Tk... machines, so st.cle and aeenrat. n I P"1?''? h, "i.
their conitruetion, mperreda the me of tho huU
tie j and with ne thread produce ell the pructi
m 1 remits of the two throad machines j and
mere, for these fell without basting.and hem the
finest muslin without puckering.
Although at about half the price of tho other
first class machine!, they will aceomp'ish doub
le the sewing in fc givon time
"It is emphatically the good, inwpricen r ra
ily Sweing Machine that tho publio bsvo lung
boeo welting fur." Boston Transcript.
"It it iniSeed a wonderful production, and for
family use especially, no other will bear tiny
comparison witu it.'Vrbiladelphia Krening
"A mechanical wonder." Scitntifia Amerl
csu. "Among the best and most serviceable Sowing
Machines. Light and eleguntly finished, ana
so simple in its Construction that it seems al
moi; impossible for it to get out of repair." -1'itUburg
"lias combined with lta own peculiar merits
all tbs really valuable improvements of tho high
er priced machiois." Punnsylvanisn.
"I bii maonino, in toe opinion oi im cummn
f.illows, ll wit . rtnrn Ui lr, 1' of P mpliln
rnonly, ilei"eed. whu Irft elilldion HI f 'lloifl,
tn wit: Abner I'.iJ''r, 8uiannali, lotfrmart.ed I
with (l"or?o At. Il'itle, an t i. iMhetti, intrrmnr
tied wiili Putrii .'k Molullen, nil of tlui ni; of 21 I
yean. Pe'er of Marsh Crnrk. in tli
t'ountv of Centre, Amn'ia, interinurried with Da- ,
vid ht. Oulr, of Covington townrbip, in the
County of Cl'isrtiold eforesaid, Ilichird UiJj r,
lite of Clinton County Oenl., who lft a wvlow
naiudd S'lfaiiBiih, now tnlrirarried with Wm.
Huff, nmi two children. Wm. C. Kider, the To
litinner. sml Andrew Itiler, who h ander age,
and o' w'luiii ltobt. McCorm'e'.;,of ths suld Coun
ty if Clinten, in Uuartlinn t 8'inhis, who was in
lorinarf iH with Jas. Mulli 'llan l, Jno. W. l'.ldur,
Karah ItiHiir and .lonb Kider, all of the said Lone
ly of Clrrfi"M, tli t tin enitl decedent died sei
sed iu fee of and in cerlniu real eaiate as follows,
to wit : All thit pieOH or parcel of land sitoite tn
Oirarl tp., in the County of Clearfield aforesaid,
tinunilud and dmcribod iu follows, to wit : Ueglu-
nlng at a llemlnck coruiT tn the lire LetwecL
tracts Nos. M-'l nd 6:!'-'J. Thenr L. 203 per.
alon tlm aid lino to acunnnbir crub corner
Whence C!. 171) pur. tu a heuiincK, .v.-uu,
per., thence N. 170 por. to theplace of begUiulng,
Ciiiit.iininj "00 arrcn mid allowance, (being the1
aui U.IOI ol'land convoked to Ui suia Ju.. 1.
Itiiler in his lilVti.rr l y'Hobt, i: aiilt, aaai'ne of
James Ysrd. by his di'd b'-arini: date tho 29:b
Juno, A. I) , duly reciyurl in tho Kocoid-
era ollko of iho .";iiJ County in 'ook F, Page II)
Also a certain tract of lniul tituuto iri the said
County of ClearfielJ and beimded and described
as folio, to wit: B fiiuii"g at a baiol in the tf .
E. corner of warrant No' ISsii. Ibonce . 2S per.
to a whito pine, thonee W. 7C por. to a white ouk.
thence S. along the survey of Levi huts, 101 per.
and two teithi of a peroh to apnst, thenoeS,
alonj; said survey. 124 per. aud ilght lontbe of a
nr. to s'onea. thtuce V . 13 perches t a post.
Thcnco N. 91 p". to a wbiu oak, iXence W. 44
per. to a pest, thenco N. 20 per. and eight tenths
f . n.rnli lit a nost. TheDre E. 197 per. tn the
1 place of hogiiinltih-, containing 100 acres and 134
per , more or lets, (oeiim i" """
conveved to the am J J. P. Kider in his lifetime by
Jno. Keating, ty dfU dearin.'dat ln i-ua day
,,f June. A. U . 1811. dulvreou.JsJ In flaok II.,
pagelJt) Also a certain tract, pieceer parcel m
land, iilualod iu tue aiu v-uuiuy ui vimom,
bounded aud doscKbod as follows, to nit: iegin-
ning at a itone coriiur 92 por. L. ot a wiiit call
grub, which said white oak grub is the 3 W cor
ner of Patent No. 1 Bil j, this tract of land being
part of said patent, thence E. 220 per. to a white
pme. thence tf. 1!3 d;. E 4C por. to a
corner, thence N. 57 Ug. W. 23 prr. to a w hiiio
pine, thenco N. K3 (log. W. CI p-r. to while
pine, thence N. 10.'. perches to stote corner
Tbeuee W. 160 p-ir. to a maple, therae S. ICS pjr.
Hi the place of beginning, containine 1?0 a?os
and 132 per. and allowanco, (bein the ;ainn
tract of land conveyed to the said Jno. P- Rider
In bis lifetime by J .hn Keatini, by . eed bsaiing
date the 12th day of Si-pt. A. 1331, duly Re
corded in Deed Hook i'lil) Also a cer
tain tract of land situated in the laid County,
bounded and described as follows, to wit: Be
ginning ut a maple corner, thenco E. 49 per. to a
white pine, thonce 136 per. to a post, thence W.
IV per. to a itone corner, tbuno N. 166 per. to
the place of beginning, containing 43 acres and
allowance, beius part of warrant tfo. 1596, and
conveyed to the said J. Peter Itider in his life
time by Jobu Keating, by lieed dated 29lb July,
A. D , 1841, duly recorded in Deed Eook II.,
pat;e 452. Also a certain lot of groundsituate in
Covingtoa township in raid County, adjuining
the Turnpike Road on the north, land of Freder
ick Schnarra on the cut, and lands of Jjhn Yo
thers on the South and West, containing one
acre, bein? the same piece of land buusht by the
said John H. Kider in bis lifetime by rti"le of
arrecmi-nt from John Yuthers. Also, a certain
lot of ground situated in 'ho liid townihip of
Covington ir the County of Clearfiold aforesaid,
bounded and dnseribod as filljws, to wit: Ad
joinJg the River, beginning at a corner at the
ltivf-between other lund of Jchn P. ltidor and
Lorma, thenre 1 1 Oft. up tho River thenco b ckto
th Mountain U'Oft thence along the Mountain
E 110ft. to I, or no's line, thnce down said Hue
120ft to the place of hoglnnin. being the same
lot of ground bought by iho Bail J. P. Ridur in
b'S article of agreement fmni J. W.
Rider. No purtilinn or valuation f the afore
said Real Estate huving been made, and there
for praying tho Ilonnrnble 'Jourt to award in In
qm st to make partition o the premises u 'orosaid
u and among the representatives of the said in-
ttfU'.o in such rssneratid insuub proportions as
by the laws cf this Comnionneakh is directed, if
ibnut prt'j i lice to
r spoiling tho whole; but it ii:h p.irtitio;i ens-
oot bo made theroof, thtn to valu and
the lame and to make return of the proc'iedins
accoruiug to law, Ac. And whoreupou the said
Court on due proof and cmai lerulion of the
premises awardoc, an I'lipiest far tho purpose
aforesaid, liotiee to bo given to the luirs residing
out of tho County by publication in in ononew
paper published iu the County of Clearfield for
four cunM'Cutive weeks, uni a copy thorojf rua.l
ed to the Poet OEee mldrets.
H'c then ;'ort command vou that, taking with
you 12 good anil lawlul uiun of yi.ur bailiwick, '
you go to and upon -the premises afo'.esaiJ and the presono of the parties afarefuid, by
you to be warned, (ifupeo being warned they will
be present) and having rejpeci t tho true valua
tion thereof, and upon the oaths and a fnnnuti'ins
of the said 12 good and lawful men, you nmke
purtition to and among the huin aud legal repre
t;iutives of tho raid inteftate, in s.icii niunner
and in such pmportions as by tho laws of thir.
(Joniinonwealih is directed, if tha same ecu he so
palled and divided without prejudice to or spoil
ling the whnlo. An I if eu'-li partition cannot be
uiado tlioreof without prejudice to or spoiling the
wholv thai then you cuiite tho said incj
r.ST WHls Granite Malei.
" " Fonpl.
Pearl WhlU
t, it
Tea Setts.
C 'ffe Hi tt.
Cnpi Setts,
llandeil Cop Sottl
Tea Setu.
I'wer and aula.
Tea "etts.
" Cop gttl.
- ComnoaTcn. Comtaen Teal.
Otis Ruperior Lustre Sprig Tea Sell.
Creaiai, Pies, Auups, by tbe half dotee.
C, C. Nappies, C C. iwli
Glass Preserves, Glass Salts.
C Flu e Tumblers
PI in de.
Eillor Uo.
Also, Teas. Cofnts, Ac , Ao.
r n d all ar'lclos i.sually kept In a eonntry store,
will be kept here, ti alio many not nsually kept.
but much iiscdcd, it gristly tecucid prices
And we f.l confident that all who UI make
trial purchase, will lad It to thvir sJvsatag to
continue as
t' All
II v
t' I.- , .i
Euperior article Eweepleg Brashes.
Largo ln't Waiters "trost convenient article
in use.
Plants Improved Coffee Epic Mill,
led Cording, Drum Cording.
Wall Paper, Window Shading
Dandeanorla Coffee, Dacdeaaocla Coffee.
Mackerel by barrel er pound.
Varied assortment of
Etaroh, by box or poauA
Knives sn.J Forks
Steel Pom SO otiper gross.
ren Knives,
Tooth Irasbcs,
etc., rto., ta
pzicr:: rnotf 1 4 o t 70.
rv.e Pt UIiOlK FLWINi) M At.ll U- H. nn n
grsing tf till it h Is ht r prem.ii', 1 r row
oscome a rno,:n:iod farorlls vhinwir It
tiai lec'B li.liotliiccrl, eiid Is, lie)'. nd 'inviriB,
.bs bflt, as veil SS tin 1i"Bdn iii. ". l w.jriisi
Sewiag Machine row befois the i L!;"-
Ho 1 A email 6bd rerj r."t t .V re !.!;:( far
Family nie.
tfo 2 -A Inrgi Machine for qillUri lisvy
work snu fur Plsctatlon vsu
Tbla Ms'hlne ii n.uch a 'rair4 for Iti slr'tJicl.
ty, aidfcr lta reliability and dnrablli'.r H in un.
surpassed. A ihllJ t vehe ynars csn run It with
ssse and yet It win sw irom we eoarsesi oiotn
to the Until Kwiss. There Is no ttoubio of re
winding tin thread, al it Is taken froci thspoola.
It hai no bolts t'i Rivo trouble, and rill run
backwards ei well al forwards, and sthl lews
equally psifact, art! witliont daiiRorof brenklns;
needles. It runs by friction, and by closing th
box orir Itj it is tl.rowo out t f cnr. In faat.
we bsv nobeiitatioB Ir. reror finding '.I at tha
best fstrily Siwlng Macl !ne iuaso,
Tht following Prtrri'i-r Aicardtxt tht oioee
Machrr.t :
At the Fair of tie s'raik'In Ini'.IlaU, 18J8.
tt. Fint Premium.
At the Pecniylvanla Fte's rJr, nt rsllode..
pbln, fleptcmbor 24, 1810, tLe TirJt Premium a
At the Pennsylvania State Fair, held at yo
mlng, 18C0 a Silver Medal.
For the best Double Thread Machine, at tin.
eaiter County Fair, hold Octjbir, 1868- EUret
At tbe Maryland State Fair, held at the Mary,
land Insti-uie, Ealtlmore, Kd., Octrbar. 1850,
ooder strong competition, a bilvor aiodai waa
awarded to this Machine.
At tb New Cattle County Fair, held at Wil
mington, Delaware, Octoler, 1269 a Diploma.
Tbe ibove Machines are inanufactnred by
Wilmington, IeL
Ko. 710 ArcL Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
tfo. 8C1 Market Btreot, Wilmington, Del.
S. I). J'.AKKK,
msrl3-ly ?20 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
fag Persons wishing to see tbe nbove Machln
In oprtin, can do so by calling at tho reel
donco of D. W. Moor, In Clearfield borough.
Toilet snd Promcaade Triati of tho molt fash
ioHsble style and color. Th cow muoh worn
maUri:,l of Colored Alpaca.
Now is tho time to buy an extraordinary cheap
dress for noxt season, as we will close out our
stock of Lawns, Ogiudios, 2?iregcr, Poplini
Crape do Tori", Ba'rorinos, ar.d all Suratner good
At. fntllilmiill c 1.11V l.r !-- t, m.lrA rnnm fr n,.-
r - v.. j.Htr--.t,rH tr.e teetn in proper
Fall k Winter stock, which we will soon le able : Zp4 ' '' time will be of great
public general-1 HKfeJSS benefit to every on
i" j'roperattcuuon io
lo offer to our customers, and the public general-
in point of health.
It nl th Caih Rtar nf
II. W. EM1TII A CO. t0'Tn,vAlrtU',e.. y. rnA .t it. r
,. . . , , . .1 DM. HILLS ci-". t'.Tsyi bs ronnd stblaor-
Also, a limited amount cf County Orders want- ... . ,i,. ...., i.r Front and Main streets.
ed in exchange for goodi. i ' nu nouce to tho contrary appean in tbil
I nnnnr.
N'EW ARRIVAL Ws have Just opened; A o.ieritlonf Jo til "n of Ml profenlon
n I are selliug very low, a large aud coin- n-rfrme'd in th latest snd most improved
pleto stock of Boon snd Shoes, v'.i i
aieni nest tlip not
aoys bust Kip soot.
Mens best Calf soot,
aoyi bet Calf Boot.
Childi ben Kid Biol.
Mens bast Calf Monroes;
1 jys best Caif Monross.
Y'outb's best Calf Monroes.
Child best Goat Pumps.
ChilJs best Welt Pumps
Cbiidsbeit Button I'uujps
ChilJs best French M iroco heel.
Womaus Mor. Jefferson heel,
Woinam Goat J ITn sou Leal.
Woinani Kid flippers.
Wotnins Sup. Velvet bonni galteri.
Womaoi oxtra fine lasting gtlten
Woisans sup. extra heavy moroccos
flours of busines fioui 7 A M , to 8 i'. M.
July 10, 1381. tf.
feel no hehiution about expressing their young, ar.o? emigrated to this county along
eceshion sentiments; ana on oomoiywitj, jti fjrHi icttlen. No citizen wa
.. s .ar-'..:ii-
and spirited looKing laio ar uiainst me , nM;rer,,nf respected. Purin the,
tee, Bill more nearly the requirements of a per-; wuol'. thai then you cau.e tue una inqi.-s in
feet family machine than any on exhibition."- I quire aud nscruin w he.h-r the sa,. will con
sr 1,1:.. i. Vvi,;v;ii.,n lim.rt nf 1C5S. venieutly aocoininooato moro thau one of IhcsaiJ
"Taking into consideration simplioi'.y, cheap- representatives of the said intestate, without
ness. durability, and doing all work, the commit prejudice to or the wlule : and if
Thoy have just receive! a general assortment of
Fpring and Summer DRY GOODS, consisting ot
ir a ts,
tokl sune of the hoys who openca n eon-t
versa '.ion with her tint we hud gone about
as far in that direction a. we would get,
and in rt short time the would see us com-
n): buck fuiter than wa weut. However
I am happy to be able to record, that our
troops by their orderly and manly con
duct, nmdfi a most favorable impression
on tho inhabitants wherever we Rent;
and many acta of kindness were perform
ed towards our men bv I hone who took no
pains to conceal their ubhorrenco of our
retire and (he motives whioh brought us
anions them. One lady said very rm
yhaticnlly, to one of our officers, that she
Vistl received nn entirely diti'eriuH iinprei"
nn of the clinrnctf r of our Iroops. a be
iriftslawli'M. brutal and barbarous horde
which would slop al no crimes cr enor
mitiei; but that if all our soldiers were
like those, she saw, it would be no use for
tr.eir men to try t cope with then).
Sooh inoilonts w this aii'aome of the few
redeeming features ol thi wt r of breth
ren, and rill do aomothing towards mod
ifying the hardships that are daily sulfer
ed by those who are innocent of any act
io hrtnij it on or continue it.
most active year of his life he followed j
the Lusineaj of surveying, which gave him .'chine,
an extended acquaintance throughout
this and the adjoining oountiea.
Of thai hard) clas of men who braved
the hardship and privations of a life in
the wilderiius, and settled on the West
Branch about the beginning of the pres
ent century, Mr. Fulton performed a con
spicuous part. Of a naturally free and
jovial disposition, the grubbing or the
chopping frolio; or tbe house or barn
raiaipg with the good time afterwards
tvai always a dull affair without him ; and
many are the rioh aud lively anecdotes be
used to relate of early tiroes ia Clearfield
He was, it seams of much mind, dili
gent reader-, and possessed a memory that
never let anything escape.
Besides that of Surveyor he held sever
al other resporiible positions -Commie
We remain.! at Ae KiunuaA durinff sioner. Treasurer, rrotboaotary. Ac . be-
Sunday, and late on Monday forenoon, for an I oon after the regular orjanixa
tarted on our mareh beak to thit place Uoo of the county. . -.
tee were unanimously in luvor of the Wilcox -
Oibbiei a singl thread machine. I'ennsjiva
nia Stat Agricultural Society's Report.
"W must, in justice, expres. our confidence
in tbe merit of toe Wilcox A Gilbi Sewing Ma-
We coniider ibat a great desideratum
has been supplied by it, in proving, beyond
doubt, that two threads are uot, as was suppos,
d, necessary to a good initru neuU" Christian
AdvooaUj slid Journal, June -I, Ibou.
inauv it will as aforesaid accotuir.ouato, uese.n
bing each part ly metes a"d bounds and return
iug a just valuation of the samo. Rut if the raid
luquesl. by you to bo mimiioiicd as aforii,uid .to
inaK the said partition or vulualioii. bhall bo ol
opinion thut th premises afor.said, with the Ap
purtenances ouliuot be so parted and (.ividud as
lo acooininoduto more thau oue of the said repre
sentatives ol the mid intestuto, that then you
cause the to value the w hole of the said
"Wehaveoneoftheaeinacbioes In use, and ! real estate, with the Apporte.ianoes. having res-
think more bhjhly of it than of any of the num
ber wehav tried. Richmond Wing.
The undersigned, Missionary to Constantinj
el, has sxamiaed more than twenty diRemnt-
kindi of 8ewing Machines, aud after m hel n ln
weeki experience with Wilcox fc Gibbs' Patent. ,UC,D ,n,1u
nect lo the true valuation thereof agroely to law
And that the partition or valuation so made you
distinctly ami openly have before our said Judges
at Clearfield at an Orphans' Court there to be
held on the regular dayol hesr-iens t'.iereoi alter
A '' EG K,
I'.U' 0MS,
a ) I KES,
0-'?i-." 13 jiii IBiKJS "J
All of which will be sold on th most reasonable
terms for CA?H. or approved Country Produce.
ClcnrSeld June 11, lhCl.
n hereby given that Icttenof Aduiinlslra
tinn liave bn granted to the undersigned on
the estate of JACOB ROBINf, late of lleccarin
townihip deeojsed. All porsoni Indebted to said
estate are requested to make payment without de
lay, ad thoso having claims against the rsm
will pre-ent them duly aiiilionticated for settle
ment to mv Attorr.oy, L. J. CRAN3, of ClearuolJ
cr ANDKEW .1I0FF, of Gulich township.
October 14, 1801. Ct. Aiim'r.
A.t hall ba made undor vour hand and
he has purchased one of them, si the bast .dap- ,nu u,Daa "BU " ,, ' T i
ud to .hWt. rf hi. family, and a, lb. LL Uhose oaths or efhrmauon. vou .hall make such
OLIVER CRANE ' partition or valuation. Ana nave you men unu
' 1 ilicre this writ.
of our
sjXrCtTOIt'J S'OTH E. Notic is here
t-J-ij given thai Letters Testmontary, on llit
estat.i of
liable to require repair,
Roston, July 3, i860.
'The undersigned, d:
bad io almost constant
eox A Gibbs Sewing Machine, upon which has
been made th ololbci of his large lamily, Irom
muslin to pilot cloth including the clothing re
v.. am n.nn,i i. 'Witness, S am u el L i n n , E I q . , President of o
"u1. I l , . Hvuutaid Cou'rtat Cl.arfieid afo?e'said, tbe lO.bday
"V;,,."no,.f: 'October, A. D., ..61. JAMfcS WRIULEY,
fay of
Clerk of O. C.
qui.-ea lor nis several ooy. aou.u -o caw I .rli ,h.t bv virtue of the ebov. mentioned
IBS, I'.- , .,.;ll k. k.,1,1
bus re'ouired w" of Prt'lluD' an inquosl will be held und ta
il . ' keu upon tbe premises therein described un the
,11 PP"'af.J7e,auud 0f November, A. V., 1861, u 10 g'eik,
the searul failed, although ia bard Service.
machine now in us in his family
o repair, and ia in all respects, well
elLOlSDI ana aurauie. . w '... lh nnrmiM nf making- nurlidon .1
JACOB CH1CKERIX0, Bo.ton. , "i',,, sfpriuent of the said real es--8end
for Ciroulr.!S I UM af lu ibe said writ required, al which time
JAMLS WILCOX. .Manufacturer. land plae iid pariiti oan attend, if they th.nk
Mo. 6 US uroeaway, xew soia, iprop,r.
SAMUEL MOORE late of Tenn
dne'd, bare boon granted to the un
All parsons iudMul to nil estaU
are require ! to uuke iirmediete piyment, ao
those having claims rgninst the lame willpriiem
them duly nothiintiojted for settlement to my
Attorev, L. .'. Clt A Ml ol I leirr.ald, or
' ANDREW S. MO'JilE of Penn tp,
Oct. 11. 1361. Ct, Lxtou'.or
R. M. WOODS, bivlrg e.iangd his loc
styles, and gairttnteed for on year sgainit all
atural failures.
1 be cpencd fir tha rooeptio.i of pupils (male
snd feitaUs; on M-mday F-pt. 2d, 1501.
Terms per Scasioii of LMcvca Wet ksl
Onhigraphy, Reading, Wriiisg, Primary
Anihmeiie and Geogriiphy, 3 2 SO
Higher Arithmet'c. English Gritarnar,
Geography and History, 3 t'O
Algebra, Geometry, Natural Pbl'.oiopliy,
and Book Keeping, C
Latin and Greek Laugaagoi, 6 03
To itudenis desi.ous of acquiring a thor-'-igh
English Educaiion, and wl.o wish ti qua:.!'y
themselvei lor Teachers, this Iijstitulioa olorl
desirable advantagoa.
tfo pupil received for leu than ba'.f i lession,
and no 'deduction rail except for protracted
Tuition to be paid at the close cf tbe term.
C. B. FANDF0RD, PriHVjxit,
Clearfield, Aug. 7, IStl.-ly.
Ma sts 1 1 .' EXCITING FOOT RAL'E between
the l'"liro and tl'.e toiorions Par
-r aud roin.terfeiler. Janes Eiuhana:. C'ss 1 1 !
Cross Recaptured ! ' ! I It seems to he the ror
al npiiiion in Clearfield, ths I if Cross Ind. worn a
pilr of Prank Short's i reueh-calf boots, tl Mb
would u it be ta'-u yet. However, fhorty it
not mnch pet cet at rni.inj hir- cns'.-ri : l.ns
v.ould unntinncH t) nil i?rfcii'i:-iiiV. Dovotii;
Lincoln and Bell ncn, and women anti rh'lureu
in C;vurneld. and Sinnomal.oi-iiig !.t pr l.cultr,
ihat to is prepared to furnish thetn wi;U 1' .',',
Shoes and Gaitere of any style or pr.ttern,
ed, sewe.l or pepgod, (and si he is a snort fel
low) on short
Ail kinds of country produce taken In ex
change, snd cash not nfuied. Ropairing don
in th neatast manner and chargns moaurate, at
the Short 8ho Shop oo Second Street. "pp"sil
Reed, Weaver A Co'ntore. FRANK SHORT.
H. 11, Findingi for sal S.-pt. 26, I860-
riHE undersignoJ respei'lful'j
1 i:iforn:s his csl ;uier. it: tho
puol.c generally that be !m Jen.
received from the I t. end it s-u.
d at his stabliebmnt in GhAUAM i i0 A
Cleaifield, Pa., a fiuo assortment of Cuosli,
Vi'atchcs, snd Jcwsi.KT of UiTerent t,"i! ties,
'rom a single piece to a fell entt, whicti bo will
sell at tho most roasonabl prion lor cisn, or in
exchange for oid gold and s.lver,
CLOCKS of every variety on nana, alios mm
reasonable prices.
A Ll, kinds or Clocks, atenes ana wewciry,
:arefully repaired and H'arranfcd.
A continuance of patronage is suiicitefl,
Sept. 19, 180U. II. F. NALGLE.
Oneeelt It Vlcbolas Eol.
Oclbr J3, tf.
F. G. MILLER, Sheriff.
Sheriff'! Oft, CleerMd, OeC 13, 1891, It.
pectfitlly nrTers his professional sorvicei to thi
cit i r. mi s cf the latter place snd vioinity.
Resilience on Second street, opposite ti it of
J. Crans, Esq. my ! '158.
j?Ftr rale very ch"fip fcr, by
fn basement nf Llerrell i rr'f Store,
Clearfield, Tu.
rityslriaii and Hurfr'oli, has pirmnntntl;
located at Leosules Mills, tiirard township, n
j fen bis prafessional service to th ir:oudir
eoramunity, say s, isoi.
0 L Li N - T. C II 0 MILLS.
Germantown, Pa.
cCALLU M & Co.,
It AN I' F ACT t't'.E Ftl.
Inp',rt''. snd Wlioiesale Peslerl ln
Warehouse N. 500 Cnes.inut ,utree
(Oppieil 6tu Ileus,)
sprJll 1 I'aiLAMLrsiu '