Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 29, 1860, Image 3

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    Home Affairs.
ClfarficIH, J)a. ahifnist, , lnoo.
WU-hebrkk work of the7erCourt
avu..u u "vii i7 vuuiiuieu nj wo
equare, and it is the intention of the con
tractor o Lave it under roof by the fi-st iof ,U"'?,e be aPPointecl by the chair to
f October next ' I"1!"6 1,10 necessary arrangements to ob-
oiuctopernexr. tain 8llti establish a press believing tho
teUTbere is a lawyer in our town so ?uccess !i he DeI"Ocratic party, depends
i . . . . i , . 'in a great measure on tae dissemination
excessively honest, that he puts all his of the principles of the party,
flower pots out of doors over night, to de- 9th. That wo cordially and cheerfully
termined is ho that everything shall have 'endorse the nominations made by the
its just rfnr .County Convention to day, and would
loarnostly urge the party to make decided
B?ft.By reference to our advertising lellort to triumphantly elect tho ticket,
columns it will Lo seen that Mr. Nichols, j feeling confident tl.nt wo can safely rec
and Mr. Danver, nnd Mr. Luther aro all!om, llleni as uulli1nc,,in Democrats,
f,(n,i.min.nii.. i ii t i , I and to discharge the t u! 'ei of the o dices
Ollennc lo sell tome vfiliirthia vtn wtntn ..... fc .
:n ' . . '
Fair Grounds. The oflicers and mana
gers of our approaching County Fair ; are
making fine progress, in preparing the
fuir ground, by the close of the present
Tveek the whole Ten acres will be sur
rounded by a close substanoiiil fonco 8
feet high, the "Ring" is already complo.
ted, and is exactly ono third of a mile ih
-circumference -three rounds to the mile,
and 2.45- -or more to make it in.
ftayTho Warren Ledger says the people
of that county have a happy faculty of
doing things Brown, it seems that they
are well Massed with 7Jwunoilico holders,
Mr. Brown is Tresidcnt judge; Mr. Brown
is associnse judge; Mr Brown is Sheriff;
and one of their best practicing lawyers is
Mr. Brcwn too! all however, different
men, but all descendants of old Mr.
Brown. The politics of that county aro
becoming very Brown too, so much so
the Blacks are in the ascendant several
hundred votes. It did'nt use to was so!
Hail Road.
It will bo observed elsewhere in our pa
pel this weeks; that the 'Thilipsburg and
Wnterford Rail Hovl Company" have com
pleted their organization, and an effort
will be made at once to put Engineers up
on theioute of this Road.
An oxeohont set of men have been eloc
tod Directors And olHoeis, they bavo plen
ty of cash ? and energy too. If tiicy (ail
in putting a Railroad through our County,
itr will be needless for others to try the
experiment for the next quarter of a cen
tury. A Sluden Deatu. On Thursday last
considerable excitement was raised in our
town to the effect that a man was lying
donlin tho Turnpike about one and a
half miles east of town. A number of
persons proceeded to tho place where the
man was found. It was soon ascertained
that tho vital spark had fled, and that 'io
must have fell down in his tracks, he was
immediately brought to town, an In
quest was hold by M. A. Frank Esq.,
which rendered a verdict that he died
from a visitation of Providence. During
the setting of the Inquest, tho body tvus
identified by several persons as that of a
man named Frederick Sehindel, who kept
Bar at Mrs. Ward's in Tyrone. On Fii
Uy ho was decer.tly buried in the ceme
tery cast of town.
A liui.n Roiiiiebv. On Saturday absnt
4 o'clock p. in., tin Duelling lionso of Jn-
r-uu auk near uiry was entered :
T? 1 .... .
by an unknown man, and ?1080 stolen
mil it a clieht eichtv do bus be hv in oil.
ver and tho ballnneo in Gold.
Mr. Kirk was not nt home at tho time ;
tint scoundrel adopted a stratagem to
mako suro work, he first went and turnfid
a lot of cnttle into the cornfield,, nnd then
went to the Houso. nnd told them
the cattle were in tho corn! a boy nnd ai,(ft(, m , . , , ..
... , . n.i. . . . i"Oh ceaso to nfnnn, that man since his birth
gll ' being all that were about tho house ; From Adam till now.has with wretchedness stood
ul ilii timo, started with full speed for
tho cornfield ; nnd in their absence the
thief broke open three chests, in ono of
which he fount! the money. '
A reward of two hundred dollars is of
fered for tho apprehension of tho rob
ber. ilk County!
At a meeting of the KIk co., Democrat
ic Committor held Aug. 20th, tho follow
ing resolutions were passed.
llesolved, That wo have undiminished
confidence in tho principles of the Demo
cratic party as enunciated in the Cincin
naiti Platlorm, and endorsed by tho
Reading Convention.
2nd. That wo heartily and cheerfully
concur in the action of the State Demo
cratic Committe at their late meeting held
at Cresson, and would earnestly urgo the
Democrats of KIk county to rally to the
support of the electoral ticket nominated
at Reading.
3d. thut ir. tho lion. Henry.-D. Foster,
our nominee for governor, we have a cm
didate who is in every sense well qualified
to fill the station, and deserving tho sup.
port of every opponent of that sectional
and unscrupulous party who aro seeking
toseiie the reins of Government of this
4lh. That we cheerfully and cordially
com.rend to tho Democratic voten of
tlk county to cive an active stin-.iort to
James K. Kerr our nominro for Congress;
.-oiiiiK wo can rooon'mona mm ai
a con-
nemcn tvoll qtmlifird Tor tho
lo which h Itunboeti noni nated.
8th. t. It. Braily, nnd A. M. Benton,
ara entitled tli support of the par
ty as cnriHidtates for R'-presenlatives.
6ih. That it is the duty of tho Demn.
f ratio party to eflect a thorough organiza
Jtion of tho party, and that we recnm
n3end to Hie IVniocrats to arouse thcin
istolves to the necesity of a comjilote or
ganization of the parly in every Tow n.
Jthip, and neipliborhood in the county.
A complete orgar.ization, and a united ef
tort is essential to the welfare ol tho par-
5 th. That we labor under great inenn
taoieuc for an organ of the party in this
ium,( unu wouiu recommend to the
Democratic oitizensof the county to make'
n euori io esiauusu a i ress for the pur-
ipose of promuluatinB the doctrines, am!
oftircnoguS.,ntereSUOf Democrac
j oni. x nut m oraer to carry out toe a
ovo recouimondation : that a committee
Ior. " ! ..l,1y ttre nommatort.
. . . II Lf U VJUUJ1I1 I L Lru III t 1L' 1 1 . L 1 1 1 11 LU
appointed in each of the dillsrent Town
ships in the county.
11th. That tho above proceedincs be
published in all thoDemocratio papers of
George Dickinson.
Dr.C, H. Earloy.
J. S. Hyde.
George Weii.
M. L. 11(138.
Charles B. Gillis, Sec'y.
Tho following Vigilance Committees
were appointed for tho several Townships.
lknzimjer, George A. Huthburn, Charles
Ititer, Joseph Seel.
Benezet. Thoum Ovorturf. If. 1"). Dorr.
Julius Jones.
F).c J. C. MoCulluter, It. T. Kyler,
Hugh McCrady.
Jon,'. Mich icl Weidert. J. L. Urcmn.
uacoo iveeper.
Jjj. Chancer Clinton. F. C. Broekwnv.
W. A. 'Hly.
Highland. Charles Stublis, Thomas
J ownley. 1 homas Campbell.
Spring Cieek. Thomas Irwin, George
lut-ani-iiiT, jiariin x erin.
St. Mtm's, M, .Bruuner. Frank Weis,
E. C. Sehultz.
liUlgway. J. C. Chapin John Vanors
dall, W.O. llealoy.
Committee for J'roeurinij a Press.
Gtorgo Dickinson, George Weis, J. S.
Reliable Douglas News.
We clip the following from tho Dallas
Star, a Douglas paper published in I Hi n
ois. Wegivoit to our readers without
note or comment, only Faying that we
mm "Kooruack" in Ins palmiest days
wuiu iiui. iiive maicneii u:
How Pennsylvania will go ? The Old
Kpystone nu.y bo sot down as morally
certain to give a largo Domoeratio victory
in November noxt. The Black Republi
cans concedo as much. Tho Philadelphia
lennsvlvanian. formerly a BreckcnHdgo
paper out now going it st rong tor Dougs
las, says :
"The Democracy of Ponnsvlvania will
i elect the Pouch's electors by 30,000 ma
jority over all. Brerkenridgo with all the
aid of Buchanan, cannot poll over 60,000
'The Lincoln vote will not bo over I'iO,
000 votes at tho outside."
"Douglas will get i'O.0ud nt the very
lowest, but with tho Bell ticket ho will
get 270,000.
"You may rely upon Pennsylvania for
Douglas as upon tho Holy Bible."
This may bo taken for truth in Illinois ;
but here in Pennsylvania, it is considered
a wheppcr.
We learn from the Pat. & Union that the
Republicans ol Delaware county have
nominated John M. Broomall for Congress
lie received 4'J votes, and John Hickman
12. Two years ago Mr. Broomall was put
for ward by Deleware county but was de
feated in consequenco of tho Republicans
of Chester county goini; over to Hick
man, who run as an anti-Lccompton
Democrat. It Is probablo that Mr.
Mr. r.rooninll will not yield to Hickman,
. v
and that either a new candidato will be
selected, or, if both persist in running,
l"ul l,lu J-'euincrauo canuiuate will bo e
jlected. Kither way there is a fair pros-
pert that Hickman will be beaten.
At the residenco of the brides Mother,
in Beccaria township, by tho Rev. Thorn.
i V,...-'0.,., If. li- ? : .! . - -w-
i ui-J uc, mr. l 111. lillMllllCr IO illlSS
'!.... Ii....:. -ii -r i
Home portion of paraciso. still is on earth
And Eden rcvive,iu tho first kisi of Love.'
In New Millport, Aug. 5th, Josephino
daughter of George and Hannah Bloom,
aged 2 years 2 months and 18 days.
In New Millport, Aug. 20th, Wilmer,
son of John and Sarah Toot, aged 3 years
J months a 3 days.
In Jordan township, Aug, I2th inst.,
after a short but severe illness, David,
third son of the lata Frederick Shoening,
in tho 14th year of his age. Tho decease
ed was a youth much esteemed in tho
family circlo as well a? by all who knew
him, nnd when death approached, he
evinced tho true spirit of resignation to
tho mandate which ho Assured all, was
to transpott him to tho bosom of his cru
'ified, but now triumphant Redeemer.
Also, on Thursday last, Robert a broth
ci, and second son of said Frederick Shoe
ning, of Consumption, in tho 17th year of
his ago. Tho deceased was also a boy of
promiso and highly esteemed. S.
Thirty-Ninth and Market Street, Plill'a.
Hon. WM. BIGLER. nearflnld Wm. MelTTn.
BIN' " of ,,,e Morchanta' Hotel, l'hiln. ;
. .......v,., in hid n. o. union ; Jinn it,
MAV'NaRD, Willinmsport ; J. LKISENRING,
i'.q., rres t or the I.ehtgb Coal it- Nav- Co., and
.av- KjV.i inn
will givo their friends who may be looking for
a solo, thorough and pleasant School, any infor
mation desired respecting this Seminary.
A Grove and Lawn of I.Hill I' ACHIX,
are attached to the Institute, for seclusion, roc
rention and physical exercise. 8m.
at looking for
CAUTIOV, All persons are hereby caution -
against harbouring, hiring or trusting, my
Son Ja.ioh nn mv aeennnt. . T m s.i.rmin.j
to pay no debts of his contracting after the 28th '
unj 01 juiy last, ana will prosecute all persons
for bis wages that may hire or employ him.
liExuv yn.t.OY
Align stl5th. I860. 3U
TTAM, Sides, Mackerel and Herring for sale
II low at the store or
W.F. IRH IX. '
Clearfield, July 11th 19(10,
Hon. ASA PACKER, Alaiich Chunk j nil of. iV."u "8. w i?u 111 I"J'.'"0 lading from
rhnm hPe,nn. boarding in Saun.lcr.' In.tituU,C?nr?H ',f0,r l'"T,,on) m Pike town-
T.i.t f .w. fn. t
. . V V T vumuluu'
6 . im iummaj, we .wi uujr,
Boll Adam Breth.
Brady .Samuel Arnold, Joseph Rishel
Harrison Passmore, Jos. 11. Arnold, Fred,
crick Shaffer, Frederick Wingert
iiurnsiuo Stephen Jirotliers.
Chest Olvin Stevans,
Covington Wm. Schuarrs.
Decatur J. Parsons, Jonathan Kep
hart, Philip Reese, Andrew Goaihart.
l-raham James F. Shopo
Huston Austin Brown.
Lawrence John Daugherty, jr.
Lumber City Wm. V. Wright.
Morris Daniel Beams, Jonathan Roth-
Now Washington Samuel Sobring.
Pike Abraham Snyder.
Woodward Joseph Fiscus.
Curwensville- Daniel Faust.
TRAVERSK JunoR.s 1st week
Beccaria Jos. W. Lull, James II. IIe
6arty. , ...
liell Jacou w. Lampb'ii, Wm. T. Gil
Boggs Isaac Southard, llonry Wa
pie, Thomas Waplo.
liradtord -Jeromo Robinson.
Brady George W. Long, Jacob Ogderi
George J. Yoas, Levi Draucker. James C.
Hat ret t, Henry Hoover, Georgo L. Morgan,
Daniel Goodlander.
Burnsido Philip Keff, Frod Shenpard I
John Iforabaugh 'j
Chest-Jonathan Fry, Josinh W. Lam.'
Faust. -Abraham Gates, Jacob
Clearfield L. R. Merrell.
Decatur Isaac Goss,
Fox James Blair.
Girard- -I'ctor Lumm, Adam Spackman,
E. Woolridge.
Goshen l ewis Irwin.
(tulicli Jones Rollin.
Jordan Joseph Dowalt, Joseph Mc
Neal, Peter Bloom.
Karthaus -Georgo Heckadorn David
Knox John Jackson.
Lawrence Oliver Conklin, A. II. Reed
ss Reed.
RMorris Wm. L. Merrell.
New Washington Jos II. Broth.
Pike John Bloom Sr., Goo. B.
well, Geo. B. Dalo.
Penn David T. Sharp, Joseph
Neir comer.
Union David Horn.
2nd week.
Bell John Orr.
Boggs (ieorge Turner, Thomas Beers.
Bradford Geo W. Gearhart, A. II. Lu
cas, John Dale.
Brady Jackson Long, Jeremiah Kri
ner. Burnside r. C. Mitchell, John M'Cul
lough, Eb'n M'Masters.
Chest Daniel Gorman, Samuel Mc
Clearfield Wm. Radebauiih. Henrv
.Snyder, Jefforson Litz.
Covington John M. Reiter.
Ferguson Philip McCracken, George
Graham Martin V. French, Isaac Ky
ler. Guolioh Jntnes A. Ilogarty.
Goshen -Robert Bumgardner.
Lawrence Georgo Guelich.
Lumber City Jcsso Spencer, John
Ferguson, John Hroomall.
Morris Wm. Doviney, Jos. Donning,
Kdward Terks.
like Jos. M. Spencer, Jacob Ritter.
Lnion Levi Dressier, Benjamin F
HarleX, John Brtibaker.
WoDtlward Crihslinn Slioff.
T!io subscriber will send f free nt chartiA to nil
who desiro it, tho Recipe nnd directions formnk
ing n simple Vtjtlablt Jintm, that will, in frin
two to eight dnys, rcraovo Pimples, lilotchos,
7'iiii Fnrlelr; fnllon ness, nnd all impurities and
roughness of tho Skin, leaving the siiino--ns Ma
ture intended it should be--of, clrnr, unvolh and
brnntiftit. Those desiring the Koceipe, with full
instructions, directions, and advice, will ploase
call on or address (with return postngx.)
Practical Ciikmist,
No. 3 2 City Buildings, N.York.
Aug. 22th ISfiO. I mo.
"VTOTICK, is hereby given that the following
accounts hnvo been exnininad and passed
by me, nnd reinnined filed of record in this of
lico for tho inspection of heirs, legntccs, credi
tors, and all others in nny other way intores.
led, and will be presented to tho next Orphan's
Court of Clearfield county, to be hold at tho
Court House, in tho borough of Clearfield, com- nn . V. a Ath Af .... . I .. .. , f t." . 1 iciln
for tho confirmation and allowance :
Tho account of Ooo. Jacob Yoas Adininlstra- !
tor of the nnd ehnilBl.. ri,.l,,. nnA r,l. ,
battels, riKhts nnd cred- 1
lu.o of Undj township, !
,8e,l J 1
Its, ot Uoorge Uintcr lati
Clentfield onunty docensed
of Administration having been this day
granted to the undersigned on the etato of Thom
as Owens late of Forguson tp., Clcarlloldeounty
Pa. dec.d., all persons indobted to said estate
nre rcquestsd to make immediate p yment, nnd
thoso having claims again.t said estate, are re -quested
to prosent them duly authenticated for
sottleuionL E.MELINK OWENS I
Ferguson tp., Aug. 6, 1800. 3L
8SO Ken ai d.
1 K( Acres of land for Sale, IS acres of which
J. JI is improved, the balance well timbered
wilhwhite pine, Oak. and Hemlock: two dwell- '
ing houses, taw Mill. Lath Machine Sufal. and I
other out buddings. V '
Kii...i.d ..j . 1,-ir -si... i i - ,. .
on tho Turn Pik.TeatUag towa'rd Luth b "?
For ftuther particulars apply t the suCrlber I
on tho premises.
Aug. , 1800. 6t. ISRAEL NICHOLS.
OKI'll AN S COURT SALK.By virtue
of an order of tho Orphan's Court of Clear
field county, there will be exposed to miblio sain
at the house of Isae Bloom ia the Borough of
vurwcnimuo on
OF SEPTEMBER, A. I). 1800,
at 1 o'clock 1 M., the following desoribed real
estato to wit : that certain nlautation nr tract nf
. ..." ----- ..-. ....
norta by land belonging to the estate or John
S. Curry deceased, on the east by land of Fitch
A Boynton, on the west by lands of Win-A
Bloom and Wm Rox,and on the south by land
nf llannt. W Pt.wv .. ... . 1 1 , ,
...... : ' ------ mi iui
I of Georgo W Curry. Containing two Hundred
. and Fifteen Acres more or loss, havlnff erected
l,her")n larKe t-tory frame (L) houso,
( alner-boarded and painted, with cellar, a
large double log. barn, crain-house. drv-housa.
w,lKon l,e1 ntl about one hundred acres of
"' uenrmg orcoara, ana
n,Ter fn"ing spring of water thereon, late the
estate of Richard Curry deceased.
TKKMS, lOper cent on day of sale, one-half
Douiirmnuon 01 snie, ana me balance In one
year with interest to be secured by bond and
tnertgage. WM. REX Adm'r..
Ang. 8, 1840. of R. Curry deceased.
In the matter of the Estates of Samuel Sneneor.
Joseph Sponcer, Hannah and Nnncy Epenocr,
ani John Urlo,r Fiaber dee'd.
And now Anril 17th lSfifl.
Citation awarded by the Court upon the hoin,
executon and Administrator! of the above de
cedents, to ehow cause why epeoifio perforinanoe
ofeontracti for aale of real entute, made by thom
in thoir lifetime shall not ha dnnroxrl 9'lrli .Inn
I I860. Citation returned, and on mution of R. J.
Wallace Esq., Attorney for applicant. Tho. J.
MoCullough Eq., wa appointod Commissioner
lo taae lomiinony,
JA51ES WEIOLEY Clork 0. C.
In pursuance of the above Commission t
Die directed, testimony in the above mutter
will bo taken at my office in Clearfield, on
Thursday tho 13th day of September neJtt, when
and where nil pomom interested mnv attend.
C'earflold, August 8, 1860 4t,
The subscribers are just oneuius at their old
stand, a fresh Stock of soasnnnblo Goods, connot
ing of a full oceortmont of lry Ooods,
Ilardtrnrd, Queenswfro, mnde
I Boots and Sho?s of evory variety.
up Clothine;,
l.auies Drops
triminps f e., whi-h they will disposo ofenas
good if not better wrms to the pureha icr thiin
.the-T, cnn b" l'ine'1 ire r b
i ijinuinr fir I'D mirv v.rn.iiirA itpn.-.rjii iv.
Aug. 1, '60.-31. MOORE t E'XZW'II.KR.
uiontary bavins been ernn ted to thounur-
signodon the ostate of (loogro Welch deceased,
late of Lawrence tp. Clearfield county l'u., all
persons indented to sniil entate are requested to
mako imtnediuto payment, and thoso having
claims against it, are requested to present then
duly authenticated for settlement.
August 1, 1800. Ot. WM. PORTER, F.x'r.
I)LASTi:itl;,Tho subscriber, having
located himself in the burough of Clearfield
irould inform tho public that h is prepared to
do work in the above line, from plain to ornamen
tal of any description in a workmanlike manner.
Also whitewashing and repairing done in a noiil
manner and on reasonable terms.
Clearfield April 17, I860. ly.
rpun ci.KAitnr.i.i) acadiomy, win
I be openod fur tho reception of pupils,
(mules and females) on Monday, Aug. 20th, 1800,
Termi per session of oleven Weeks
Orthogrnphy, Rending, Writing, Prliuury
Arithmetic and 6'eogrnphy, f 2.1)0
Higher Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geog
raphy and History. f 3.(10
Algobra, Geometry, Nntural Philosophy
and Hook Keeping $1.00
I.ntin nnd Oreok languages. $(1 00
To students desirous of acquiring a thorough
English Education, nnd who wish to quality
themsftlvcs for teachers, this Institution offers
dcsirublo advantages.
No pupil received for less than half a session,
nnd no deduction made except for protracted
Tuition to bo paid nt tho close of tho term.
May 2.'5, 100.- I v.
36anluniranb (Eolltclioit Mtc
C L K A R F I L I),
ni'.i'osiTs ii,
Conditions made ami proceeds promptly remitted
Kxrhauge on the Cities constantly
on hand.
T"Ouico on Scceod St., nearly opposito the
.,T 11--
V) m m
extensive Dealer
o'lmro Timber. Iliar-.l.
a tccll eiij'1
M'ch 14
To Persons out of Kmploynicnt.
: J. 1. mg JHncluno
,) , ' K Cmmon r "K at from
1. . I'" "'""u. ina expenses paid, 'ihls
" " i'lncnino, nna so siniplo In lis construe-
!; "Z M'jlne, nnd so simple in its construe-
,?, n f . h . J0ar'.c"u ,ef operate
" hJ Jialf an hour's instruction. It is cqitnl to
nny Family Pcwinjr Mnchino in uso, nultlio
price is hut Fifteen Dollars.
Persons wishing an Ageney will oddress
J. N. 110YLWX,
Foerotnry Erio Sewing Mnchino Company,
Aug. 8, 18(50. 5w. JIILAN, Oil 10.
COURT A MiBy virtue
J ot an order or tho Orphan's Court of Clear
field county. Thoro will bo exposed to public
snle at tho Court House in the Borough of Clear
field, on
the following described rI Estato to wit ! A
tract of land situnto in llojton nn),ln n-..
i.i ii. , n. ""--
"TiZJ.riJ 'rT7eu 2n a rnntin the
,Y" """" V",uw. ".' . tontnining 15 ncre,
"" "", nounuea Dy lands surveyed on
""iniuna me name oi jatnes n Uson and lnndu
Tlr "fT ?' A
."L..?f 'ct 1 timbered, with
valuable white Pino tiinbor and having a stream
of water thereon, which can bo made navigable
for logs, or npoa which a Saw Mill migntbc
ercctod, Into the estate of Samuel Caldw.ll
TIHH, one -fourth of the purcbaso money
on dny of Bale one-fourth on the confirmation
of Sale, nnd the balance in two oqual annual
payments with interest from day of Sale, to be
secured by Bond t Mortgage.
Aug. 8, 1860. of Samuel Caldwell, doe'd,
Tho nndorsigned offers for tale, a valnnblo
farm in Penn township t formerly owned nnd
now occupied by Richard Denver jr: containing
about 80 acres, boundod by land of John P.
lloyt, Thos. Martin and Jonathan Wal n, one
mile west of Pennville. From 40 to 60 acres
cleared a good fr.ime dwelling house, a log
barn, and other buildings erected thereon. Also
a good bearing orchard and a never failing
spring on the premises, and will be sold on
reasonable terms. For which apply to AVra. Ir
ia Curwensville. IUCHAHD DENVER, Sen.
Aug. 22th 1360 3m. Penn township.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, office adjoining bis
residence on Second Streot, Clrarf lid. Pa. I
Juno 1. 1341.
x . - . w
v- Shingle, Ac. V
Ssj-i. ,,-bp y
,fny "t 9
'r'KlU n'i """'"' (4
itlft -
HAVE Justreeoived from the Eastern citios,
and opened at their NEW STORE ROOM
on MARKET STREET, two doora west of Third,
tht most extonsivo assortment of Urugs,
Tobacco i, Segars,
Toilet articles,
Ulur.k books,
And Fancy
Articles ie. 1c,
ever offered to tho public in this section of tho
Their Druga and Chemicals, of which they
have an extensivo assortment, hnvo been select
ed with especial refforence to thoir quality and
Their stock of Oils and Paints will
of Linseed oil, Coal oil, Tunnor'j oil, Turpentiro,
Red Jc Whito lead, dry and ground in oil, Span
ish brown. Venitian red V. ll,. anil fitonA nnlira
Lampblack, Mack lead, Ivory buck, Chinese,1
American Vermillion, pnris green, pnris. Ultra-1
miirino nnd prussian bluo, dry nnd ground in oil, (
Carmine, Chrome green f- yellow, Chalk of nil
,ti0,'!!lt'i!!,r,,,!!,,lunki ti b!"'"k'rE',ncry' ""p"'.
Copl Uamur and Sholluc, Indian red, Litharge,
Orange ;uiucrul, pnmieo aod Rotton stone, Roto
pink, Engluh and An.frican, Ro-in, Senret, (or
!...i.. n...-. Kinnn,, T..,i,,, v),. '
digris, bluo if- white Vitriol, Whiting, Zinc, put
ty nud putty knives, Giiiss of all sizes and quali
ties, Looking-gluss plates, Ac, f c.
Dyc-stuIlH & Varnishes:
Extra Logwood, chip
ped and ground, Indigo, Madder, Annatto,
Cochineal, Sol. tin, Red saunders ; Copnl, Conch,
Black for leather, Japan for dying, Map, Mastio,
White Dnmur, White spir't uud Flowing Vnrnih.
Tobacro Scg;ars :
Cavendish, best, Natural
icaf, Rough A ready, Lady twist. Fino cuts ofull
kinds, and pride of the liiirein, tobacco j Rappeo
anl Scotch snuffs: F.l phaeton, Henry Cluy,
punch, Lnchicn, El mono, 4o., Segars.
Ill a nk-Hooks nnd Mat binary.
Day-books, Receipt nnd Note-looks, Diaries, La
dies and Offit'o Portfolios, Blank parchment nnd
paper Heeds, Bonds, Mortgages, and all other
legal blanks. Foolscap, letter, Note, llil-uncsv
and drawing paper, Envelopes, Ready reference
riles, Anmar'f nnd Arnold's writing fluid, Ink,
black, blue, and carmine, Steel Pens nna Pen
holders, Paper clips, iniicjilnyo, and all other ar
ticles in the Stationary lino.
Toilet & I'anry Articles & Perfumerv.
bruhes, American, Froncli A Knglixh, with Ivo
ry, Shell, l'carl, Buffalo, Satinwood, Rosewood
A ornamented backs, nil qualities j Cloth brushes
Hut brushes ; Teeth brushes, various qunlitios ;
Shaving brushes, American, English nnd French
with Russia bristles and Badger's hair; Flesh
brushes ; Comb brushes nnd Cleanors , Tortoiso
shell Tuck combs, Tortoise sholl, Plain A Fancy
nnd India rubber Long Combs ; Shel, Buffalo,
Horn and India rubber pu(T sido Combs ; India
rubber Dressing Combs, 4 to 8 inches, nil stvles:
English Toilet combs with handles; Bonnet
combs; Ivory nnd Outta perclia fino tooth combs';
Pocket combs, all stylos : American, French A
(Ionium Cologne A Lavon !er wulcrs ; Luhin's,
Taylor's, Wright's, Mangeiict A Conway's ex
tracts for the ban Jkerehicf, of a grent variety of
styles; Burnett's Coeain?, Bnrry's Tricopherous,
Lyon's Cithniron, Eau, Lustral, Hears, Mussnccur,
Antigun, Rose nnd Coral Oil ; Beef morrow,
Pomades, nnd Philocnom, American nnd French
all styles and prices cold cream, Toilet powder,
Rouge Balls, Lilly Whito, Puff Boxes, China,
and paper, smelling salts, Bnlmofa thousand
flowers, tooth paste, tnoth paste, charcoal, reso,
4c, Ac, Shaving Compound all siios ; Military
soap, Honey Soap, Chrystnline and Floating
sonps,, Ottoman, Yankoo nnd Oallngher soaps,
Transparent nnd Castile sonps, Ac. Ac,
Misc-i'llniiroiis Articles.
Oenls steel framo
morocco and cuff Portmonnics, Ladies silk lined
papier Macho, inlaid tortoiso shell, velvet nnd
morocco Porlmonaies, Ladies Crotchet purses
embroidered with felecl lends, Ladies Cabas and
morocco satchels, shell, pearl, ivory, velvet nud
papier Mache, ivory ami pcarf memorandum tab
lets, Fine En-iiish Mororc, Pocket Wnlets, Mo
rocco nnd cn'f Pocket bunks, with straps nnd
ciii-ps ; Bill books, unci Banker's cases with lock
and key; oollnpsion drinking cnp, Medical glas
ses with and without drops. Fishing tackle,
Chapmnn A E nerson's Razor strops cigar cases
erumb brushes. Shoe Brushes with nnd without
hnndles Horn brushes, nil qualities. l'liint
and vnrnish brushes nil sires, tin nnd copper
bound, Sash tools nil sizes, oounter nnd mark
ing brushes, whito wash nnd scrubbing brushes.
Fancy coored feather dusters fcc, Rich pear?
infciid papier nmelic, toilet cases, work boxes,
writing clerks, Rosewood and Mahogony ivriling
desks, Chessmen nnd Chess boards, dents. Kid
Gloves, Neck tics, collnrs, crnvnts and canes, Ln
dies Kid, Taffeta Silk nnd Kid finished gaunt
lets, and Lylc thread gnuntlo).', Black nnd color
ed silk web suspenders, french striped gum sus
penders, Rich suspenders, (iuiots
new style French suspender., Gents, linen hnnd
korchiels, coored border nnd Ciinibrin handker
chiefs. Ladies finen handkerchiefs in great vaii-
ciy ; Riiusnnuo inns, rircuriir trench Inns, can
ton feullior funs of a great vn ricty ; Fine Canton
pam funs with ivory and painted handes, Back
und mourning funs; Hair pins English and
Fredeb, 4c, 4c. Aso Patent .Medicines of ev
ery variety.
Alt of which will bo sod ot tho lowest CASH
Country Physicians furnished with Drugs,
Medicines ami Surgical instruments, at tho must
rcasanablo rates lor cash,
June 6, lMiiO. ly.
Ml) N ' V. f.M 11 T'i;i
. , 11V 1 IjU)
Clcarjicld Countu, 1'a,
JOS. L. KIRBY, PnorntKToR.
)EGS leave to nnnounco to-tho traveling coin
) munity nnd the public genenrnlly, that ho
has taken the above named htol nnd refitted it
in a style suited to the times and tho wants of
tho public.
Will alnnys be supplied with tho best the mar
kets nnd tho surrounding country can affjrd j
Will contain the choicest liquors, nnd
Will bo in the enro of sltvntivo hostlers, re
sponsible for thoir conduct to their employer,
who will give the entire establishment bis per
sonal supervision.
In the the hope tbnt ho will bo nblo to make
his guests comfortable during thoir visits 'obis
house ho respectfully solicits a share ol , ublie
Lumber City Oct. 19, 1859.
JAMES CROSSLY rnrrioson Blneksinithing
in the borough of Lumber city, wfcero bo will
execute promptly all work entrusted to, him, and
executo it In a workmnnlike man nor, ;i
July 4, n
RY CHERRIES for sale at the store of
Win. F. Irwin. Clearfield Pa.
APPLES, for salo at the store of Wm.
F. Irwin, Market street, ClenrMd V.
Ladies' Dress Goods, Kibbons,
Flowers and Millenary goods genj
and Shoes of every description.
Also to thoir elegant styles of BUSINESS'
COATS, and iMon'a it Boys' CLOTHING.
A full assertment of Carpets, Floor Oil cloths"
and Carriage trimmings constantly on hand.
frFtour, Uncoil, i'iah fc. at the nicest priced
F?jMCS!j rlTiVftl Of
E' mTr T i ,.Ic
l lv V H iKJfliSr
at the ciikap cash store.
T . . . .
J" ""'""S and opening a large an
woll selected as?ortinont tf
tioods, of almost every descrtp-'
A beautiful assortment of Prints and Pros
goods, of tho newest nnd latest stylos. Also
great variety of useful notions.
A large assortment, ready-made
Bonnets, Shawls,
Hats and Caps,
Boots mid Shoes, a larjro quantity,
Hardware, Qicenswarc,
DrugL's uud Medicines,
Oil nud Paints,
Carpet A Oil Clollis,
Fish, Bacon and Flour,
of the best quality, nil of which will bo solo?
nt the lowest cah or ready pay pricos.
My oil friends and tho public generally, nro
respectfully inrited t i call,
Clearfield, .May U, 1S60, WM. F. IRWIN"
fvF a i iii a i in
Just recoiving and opening at tho Old star :
of Lew is Smith in Betlilolioin a well selectod a
sortment nf Spring nud Summer GooJs ofal!
most every description.
Staplo nnd Fancy, a benutiful assortment'!
Prints mul Dress Gootte
of tho latest styles, nlso n variety of useful No
lions. Hats and Caps,
Bonnets and Shnwls,
Bouts and Shoes,
Ilanlivnre, Queenswaro, Drugs art
Medicines, Fish,
Tobacco, Segars nnd all articles usually kept'
in n country Store, nil cheap for ensh,
(Jivo us a call und sec for vmir selves.
May 21, 1?S0.
Just received and now opening nt Ikvin's chen'
corner store, a large nnd w ell selected stock of'
Spring and Summer goods, nil of which aro of- -fered
nt lower prices than ever. Cnll and exnin--ino
goods nnd prices. E, A. 1HY1N.
Curwensvillo, May 10, 'CO.
innets, Horenea braids. Enclish
Shakorand other stylos triuuuod nnd uni-
trimmed, will bo found in variety nt tho cornor'
"tor! f E.'.IUYIN,
Curwensville, May 10, '00.
Faclies dress goods, ofpalterns nnd textures to'
A please nil, will bo found nt tho cornerstoro of'
Curwinsvllio, May 10, ISOO. E. A. IIIYIN.
Skeleton Skirts, a Inrgo varioty nt reduced pri--ecs
at Irvinscorner store. Curwensvillo It), 'fiO..
O tella and other S'hawls in variety ot tho cheap'
O ftoro of K. A. 1KV1N:
Curwensvillo, May 1G. '0O.
Boots nnd Shoes. A larger stock and lower'
prices than over, nt Irvins Cheiipost cornor.
Cunvonsville, Mnv 10, '00
very large stork of Spring end Summer'
clothingof the latest styles for sale Inwh'
Cuiwensvillo, Vnylff, ISflO. K. A. 171VIV.
Cooking Stoves of various sires nnd prices for1"
flll l,y E. A. 1UY1N.
curwc-nsvillo, -May 10, 'GO.
illnckercl nnd Herring for salo at the cornor
i More of E. A.1RVIN.
.'urwonsvillc, May 10, '00.
7lnur, Bacon. Beans and Clover seed, nt lli
cheap corner by V. A. 1RV1.V.
i-urwtusville, May 1(1, 18C0.
A ,T excellent qunlily of Flour for sain low a
ine noro ol
l learfield, July 11th, IS CO.
sides of spanith solo
leuther or salo lovsr
fj fore
cash by E. A. ItlYl V.
Curwensvillo, May 1 0, 19fi0.
?RL"IT. Driod Apples, Pared and unnarodV
1 II 1.-- -I :.. i. . . ..... . -
. eiieoes, oneirics, i runes anil jcatsins ar
the comer store of
Curwensville, May 1(1, IPrtfl.
irstins Mill and cut Saws, Mann
axes amf
.1' a general assortment of lltrdwnr
nt the
store or K.
Curwensvillo, May lrt,lSC0.
large lot of BEANS for sale at the Iroir
Store of
OAI. OlI-And Coit, On, I,Ars for Sale
C. Kit AT.FK A B0N5.
THE above Hotel, having roccntly been fitted?
np for a bonso of entertainment, is now open
fur the accommodation of the public Traveler
will (in 1 this a convenient house.
Jlay l j0; DAN,