Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, April 13, 1859, Image 4

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    I'f IfpiblKill!,
llio rriplrvl HpiiMVtirr.
I i It I lnvl ft iliiri it nit
1 1 lliii vi IV tniiiiiln :
V nii'iii put nil lu( Hiirps fS ili'M"
'I In' vi't) ili in'i' i in il.
Mile's n big turbine; In bo done;
Hue poind' luih'li Imlnil, punts!
NheHs, idili ta iuhI Mocking, nuts it in
How will I iVr fict Ihntiii'h il!
Iiitmri' In (!i-l for nix or nmre,
No I 1 1 li I t o,er fliilll Smi'lli.V ;
And ImiIiV i:hm u lie run live
Jlc'a always o nil Mnmhiy.
Anil there's llm iTi-inii. 'lii tnrtiiii". Mun,
I limit Imilnvith In churning,
Ami here's Hob wan Ih a button mi
Which way shall 1 I'D t r 1 1 i t lt ?
'TU (inu! llm meat whs in tin1 put,
Tin" brornl KiM worked for linking,
TIip rlnllii'M worn ttikon from tho hod
Oh, dear! the hnhy'M waking.
lliixli, hiihydearl there, lm.-li sli sli !
I wish ho'd sleep a little,
Till 1 coulil run iiikI jtet biuiio wood
To hurry up Ihm kettle.
Oh, tli'iir! if Henry docs como home,
And lind.s tilings in this pother,
' He'll just Infill to tell mn all
Ahout his tidy mother!
How nice kci kitehen used to ho,
Her dinner iilwuys reudy
Exae'ly when the noon hell run;:
, . Jlubh, hush, dear little Freddie.
And then will come soincha-dv word
Kight out, before I'm thinking
They say that luisly wordsi from wives
Set bober men to drinking.
Now isn't that u grout idea
That men should take to sinning,
liecauso u weaiy, half hick wife
Can't always binilo so winning?
When I was young, I used to earn
My living without trouhle.
Had clothes, nud jiockel-uioney, ton,
And hours of Insure, doullo.
I never dreamed of such u falo,
When I A-Lus8 wus courted
Wifo, mother, nurse, seamstress, cook,
housekeeper, chnmhermaid, lautidross,
l.iiry-wonian, and Kcrub general, doing
ho work of six,
For the sake of being supported.
Time to Plant Evergreens.
W'e find that the old, exploded doc
ine that August is the host time to trans
plant Evergreens, is not yet abandoned,
Init is advocated in ngrieullural jouriial.
vi th earnestness. Wo trust, however,
that no one will he misled with any argu
ment of this kind, whatever may ho its
,iociousnesB and plausibility. Thosn who
...ivc tried both .Spring and August, will
I now how to proceed in future without
advice from any one.
( Let us simply ask, do not your ever
-rcens, transplanted, (in this region,) say
.om tlio 15th March to the 1-ith of Aprii,
1 ro nnd grow with equal certainty as de
ciduous trees f Our experience is, that il
ri a rare thing to boo a carefully lifted and
hinted evergreen die, when removed in
.lie Spring. We do not remember ever to
have lost one. Last Spring we set out
nlioutono hundred American arbor vita's,
and every ouo has grown. Wo also set
i nit Austrian pines, .Mxitch, Norway and
Silver lirs, and every one has not only
lived but increased in size some of them
growing a foot !
Some persons, who jh-i hups have never
et out a tree properly in their lives, are
exceedingly profuse in heaping theireom
plaints upon the season. Our failures in
transplanting trees of any kind, havo been
vwing, in nine cases out of ten, to t he
aiiominabli) iti:iri nr in which they were
lifted in tho nursiiry ; and we believe that
i largo majority ot the failures aro to he
attributed to this euuse. Nurserymen, in
ihe hurry of the season, frequently em
ploy men to take up trees, who perforin
their work ns though they were digging
out an old jiost or a treo fctump. (i'r
mwitown Teli'yniph.-
Tlowimi. A word on this important
operation is all that our Ppace will allow.
' Land should never b worked when it
i wet. ' Subsequent cultivation will never
correct the injury done land by plowing it
when it is wet' 11 pUuo Uu wilt:. Our
springs are so short, that it is desirable to
iilow as much land in a day a.-, possible.
lint still it is bad policy to Hoi, over such
wide furrows. One of the objects of plow
ing in to pulverize the soil" This can be
lietter done with narrow furrows than
with wide flat ones- The host Scotch and
English farmers consider that the M
and wiUK of the furrow should bear a con
stant proportion that the furrow should
he rectilinear anil that, when raised, the
exposed surfaces should be of equal
breadth on either side of the furrow. Wo
annex a cut of what is undoubtedly the
liest, the lightest draft, and most elticient
English plow. A furrow seven inches
deep by ten inches wide, with r. lap of
three inches, leaves seven inches on each
side the furrow, nnd forms and admirable
seed-bed when harrowed down
Giiuscc .
1 Hon- thick sham, we sow Oats? An ex
periment niiulo on th'j Statu 1'iirin tit West-
liorough, Muss., to ilotennino the hest!
inantity of otits to tow per acre, resttUoil j
as follows : Two htisln.-ls of neuii portiere
gvo 20 bushels ; three hiishels, .10 biish-
els iKir iicro s four hushels, I15J ; unci live;
husliels, 42 bushels per nnro. Uuforo tho :
eiiernl introiltiction nf Mnilcnlrtiminir,
i . i. ...
unci outer nil proven inet nous oi rnitivti
tion, I'lVO bushels Of onts in-r ncro WHS tho,'
iisuiil quantity sown in Knplnnd. Now. 1''J..1'I,V"J'""" l'r'"y nnd Saturdays, unlesa
threo or four bushels nro sown. In this', "U,,",c '" "'" y o given in tho town pa-
. . iii -ii,,. I'tr' 'he week previous.
ec.f,oil, two busheli, are eotisnlereil nulL-. N. U. All work warranted to be satisfactory,
nent ; nml in thn cstoril States, onoj Cleariield, Pa, Sept. 22nd, ISiS.
.unl ft half bushels, rrobubly wo sow too'
.''C'-il. .. j TAKE NOTICE.
1 (Ii' Potatoes One Eve iv a Set. A HP l"'rf"ns IndeMcl to the subscriber, cither
A or tlio Country G,:db:man, ... Jni"!,LTt 'Tll T ,'7"'
, , , i ... . , ' call nnil settle, on or beforo the hrst day of April
records his testimony in fuvor of cutting , i S59. Thu4 who d() nnt col ,, wb (he aboTe
potatoes in very sinull pieow. with one cyo fflay expect to pay costs.
to a piece, for phuitiaj?. lie bus til it!
on a iiraiili scule with suoeoas. 1 hnvo' StAlao the subscriber offera for sulo hia
trioil tho smno experiment with a fuvora- huao, lot, and offico, aituated in the town of
bio result. J.NO. IlHADriEIX, RochestiT. Luthomburg, low far cash, or In payments, to
luit purchiwera. For further particulars aprly
' . , . '"".', 7 i ... ' to tho RUBHenilKH, on tho premisoa.
Jiay llio ueiftcts ot llio mum vko iioso
pf tho faco, gtw u orsc os we prow oM.
I III II MMtiVii t Mi Ml li
In H . . l llm Ml, l, il, , Ml I A
Ci i ' nihil i', ill ! ii Hun' !'! Mi lull nut
I I lll II' II llC ,,t I I llnllllllnllli ll, III
Si u .li v, , i ni hi nili ruin d fnl nl "
I I nil l i r iiiiiiiiiii.
j Ini line 'ii -1 . ( Mumps, f it llni n'liiiiml
A'l'lh ' hi li hliil nl the I nun, i, II. iln
limiitiill, Al l uilic I 'utility, New .li'lm V.
TIi'H vi-hilig rhi'Op lilnl, nl the best
IiiH.iIi'V, in nlic n the In nl I liii I nnd lllie-l
il'ilil'lillnl cliniiili's In the I'lilnM, see nd-
ft mil riiil;iiilihiii by Itailriiinl in the Mate
nl New Jersey, Soil milling the hist fnl
A ) i ii ii 1 1 ii nil purpim-a, being it fiMiiI limm
Mill, with inlay liiilluiii. 'I lie land is n
large tract, divided into small farms, and
hundreds fnnii all purls, of the country are
now settling and huihling. The crops rim
licsepii growing. Terms from 5 I 'Mo 11111
per acre, payable within four years hy in
stalmi'iits. To visit the piucn Leave
Vine si. wharf nt Philadelphia, at "J A.
M., hy for llammoiitmi, or ad
dress K' J, Hymen, hy letter. See full ad
vertisement in another column.
Ti) all wixliiiif Farms,
,in;i'iil Intuits,
see atlcertixcment of
AH trantin I to emitrate to a lu'dd climate,
iixmI xiiil, anil fine, market, see advertisement nf
I liiinmuiittiH iniHil.s,
M. SMITH nflVra bin iirufi.wioiiiil nrvicc
In I ho l.ailles ami (uiitlemcii nf Clvur
nml vii'iiiily. All iiiiriiliiiiin peifiirim-d
lu'iilnosa nnu (lf."ui(ili. Jiving lainiliiir
villi all I liu liilc iiii,riiviiii'iil.-i, lie U iniuroil tu
miiku A i-tilill Teetll iu tlx bt-rt niuiiiitr.
Ullico in hhnw'i ni'w ruw.
tet. Dili, 1SJH. l)-a.
T TAVIXU rriniivrd his iith to the new ilwel-
ll linj on Second atreet, will
profs aioinil call ua licrotiilore
ling on Second atreet, will promptly nnawcr
IAS. II. I.AIIIIIMKII. I. TrFT t TI'.ST, Attorney nt Law
J Clearfield, l'a., will uttolid proiuplly to Col
tAuilia, Lnhd A;enciea, iu., Ac, in f lenrfiold,
Centre nnd Elk counties. July .'). y
STILli eoutinuea tho timinoaa of Chair Mnkiug,
nnd House, Sil'II mid Ornamental Painting, nt
the .Imp formerly liy Trout...,,., A Howe,
ut tho vast oi.d of Market street, a short distance
went of Liti'i Foundry. June I. 'I, I8i5.
run I'lMinilers, Curweuavillo. An extenaive
nssortmeut of Castings uiudc to ordem
lec. 211, 1S51.
ATTOHXKY AT t,AW, offico adiiiinins 1 ia
rosidenco on Second Street, Clear! ill, 1 a.
Juuo 1. 1354.
Physician, may he found either nt his office
at Scofiold'a hotel, Cm wcncvillc, when no
profca.-ionnlly uWent. Ilcc. 211, 1841
Merchant ami I'roiluee Healer, Lutl.era
liurR ClearOeld county, l'a.
April 17, 1S.S2.
VT tho mouth of I.lek Itun, five niilea from
Clearfield, M EUClIANTti, uud vxtvusiva
Mnuufuetiirera of Lumber,
July 2:i, 1S62.
larksmlth,Wagoii, Iiuggies, .lc, Ac, Ironed '"K Ix-retofore endeavored to please hie customers, convey pa.scngcra to and from Steamboat Land- ?s"urc the pcnple its quality is kept r.p to the best ESTATE OF H'lliERT WllUlLEY.St
) on rhurt notice, and Ibe very best style, nt hi. I"li In the .p.ality of goods and the price.- at ings and Hailroad llepots. ,.&(,. ' 'J '''? brtii, and that it may be rih.dcntoj
il.l Island iu tho borou'h of Curwensvillo Inch he aol.l thoin, bo hopes to receive a roa-' March 31st, lsiS.y, do fur their rchuf all it Una ever ken found to to. Ikcnisftf.
Dee. 2'J, 18iS.
DH. M. WOODS, hnvii.K chnnKcd his loca
tion from Curwensvillo to Clearfield, res-
pvctfully oilers his professional service to the
citizens of the latter place and i, initv.
ltes.donco on hecuud street, oiiposil It it of
J. Can?, Kf. my :
lri:itciiAXT, rnoDiTK axu lcmi;i:k
PEACE, Lulbersburg, Clearfield Co., Pa.
ttorncy t Law and Land AKcnt,offi 1 " V". " V "'nereni qua -A.
adjoiuing hia residence, on MaTket strcc in "ml Jt-bnY of cvei y vnno ty, In.iu a full
ilarch.t, IS., t.
RETA ILK It of Foreign and Domestic Mercb
nnd ire, hawsvillo, Clearfield county, Pa.
bhnwa ville, August 1 j, 1S55.
1Tiy ICIAN Oflice in Curwensvillo.
CAItHIES on Chainnaking, Wheelwright, and
hoiiso and Sign painting nt Curwcnsvillc,
Clcar'Jcbl co. All orders promptly attended to
Jan. i, lfijS.
R0I3EUT J. WALLACE. Attobnkv at Law,
Clearfield, Pa., Ullico iu thaw's ltuw, up
poeito tho Journal oflice.
dec. 1, ISIS. tf.
.loSEi'H riv'IKHS,
Jiir.t'ici: i if tic Pearr, CurinemflH,; nnu.
ONE door east of Moutelius i Ten Eyck V
Store. All businosa entrusted to him w il I
he promptly nltcndod to, and all instruments o f
writing done on short notice.
March, ill, ISiS.-y.
1")LASTr.HIN(J, Tho aubs'criber, having
located himself in tho borough uf Clearfield
Would inform Iho iniblia Ihnl b is iiri'iiurml I,,
do work in the above lino, from plain in ornnmen-
lal ol any description in a woi kuianliko maimer.
Also whitewiuhiug and repuiriig done iu a uonl
uiauucr aud on reasouublo terms.
Clearfield, April 1?, IAS7. ly.
v rrWTlt rrn wi rgi r r
It. A.M. Ill M.S. d esires til announce In
his Irienda aud putruiis, that he is now lie-
voting all of his time to operations in Dentistry.
'I hose desiring bis services will find him a! bis
"''joining bis resideneoat nearly all limes,
Dr- (1- wilron.
Luthersburg, .Inn. 21, 1SS9. no. 2, t. iv
. i; t vi 1 1 f f ,1 r i ii h-
coiiNMt stout:
ft "It Wf-HVtl t.n,
A !rtlKl HMnilmrtit ftf
nn iii i "f tin' r"iiiiin)i miMoi, vii
I U ,) .,
'i,,,i,),,,l f !,,: , tuinrf,
itl, ,'...,.,,
iVl.l.ill, 'A,,h,
W'V f A. ir.-,
..,, (VA,
iS.Hh dr. dr.
Ilnmiiix, Itiltst hiH an,!
U r ylilt t,
Kiaily ma ilc i'lntlilii. IUmiU .V Wines,
Mais 1 t'Bis, nl nil klinls,
Spanish Sole Leather,
Ciinip, M',Iiif.c, nml Hiinr, nt AVImliirnlu A
Tlliili-a S Kuril, Hhltifrlcf, nml Ornin of oil
kinil liikon In rxrlniiigu lur gomlii.
Oil. 1st, ISJK. H'M. lit WIN.
KAVIXIl fillfil up n lllll n frw ilniini cimt
of Hi "Out Jkw 8tuhk," on Markvt !.,
Irrirca Iu inloiui tin) cmiiiiiunity at largo, Unit
lie koi'i'S on Ininil a variety of I
t AlllMVr )l(k, J
nt Iii rlmp, nml Hint lio inn ri itfnct itrm In orilir,
(of niierinr finish,) every ili'i rlitliin of timifp.
Imlil nml kilelien fiirniliire, mining wlileh nro
frnlro nnil liniii Tiililei Miihiiun v nml Com-1
iinm liurenuii-rCiiininiin nnd Knnry ' Hoilrftemla 1
8lnnila, Knfef, CujilinnrilA, Sofur, LmuiRe, 4c., I
n iik 11 11 u 10 iitieniiiiiru iu nifMiic ui nt tt CllOnp
1. .1... : i .1:.. r . I
iiimt, mr i iipii, np uirr van u luinsiiiiou dt any
..1.... ...... l. ..r .1 j ai. . .
W. " .. . .I ' . ... .1. " ,n ..I'?-
a v c-i'iiv wiriiui if rj lllllllltirr 11 Itl IIIVIIIMI III
.uU? lor liu iiinlvm nf I lie i r i(ualily and finiah,
lief.iro rrhulnS el,rwl,ere. a ho feel, r..n6.
dent Hint lie ran amt them in pneo and iiualilr.
N. 1). He ia nix. iireiinred t make Crrns t
, order on the ehorteat nolioo, and nltend funerula
with a henr.-c, wheu culled upon.
lAH kinds ofcnuiitry produce
eeived in payment for work,
now 17, I SiS. ly.
rit' bu
O It ' .1 . I A iV it WIST K
fPIIIv Suraerihor lias just received ami opened
X "I hi" storeroom on Market M. directly oiino-
Hie the 'irf.eld lluuso a InrKo and well aolee-
"i""'. """"
new... sen nt a very i.t.w r t.jtire
11 IK itltti'b nnndidld nf a rriXtiiriil n uanvl .! i.f
. : . V""" '
iry uooua, urocencs, iiara
waro, Quccosware, Glass
ware, Drugs, Oils, &0- or attention will be spared to make it one
including a boat of other articles in tits lino a- ;f b host houses ill tho comity. A lili
nmng wnich can b found an ouonsivo ami rnri eral patronagi; i.s re.sjiee.tfnllv solicited,
ed aeUetion of I.A III I 'J' dreia gooda j ainli aa )I. IIAVS MORROW.
IhiftiU, yVr.'un i7nfi, JhUif, Co
bury, Cashmere, Iklninex, Al
juiriig, t'rinrb. Mtriiiot,
l'luith, ami a full at
wtmmt r O X X N K TS .,r tl.t. muon.
Ilia GENTLEMEN'S wear conaiata of a largo
assortment of
Casi-imeres, Cloths, Satlii.etta, fiatiu
Vesting, Tweeds, lint and Caps,
Fur lAidifs, ami Cliitln n ;
with almost every other articlo that may be ne
cessary to aiipply Iho wants of tho community.
Tho pressure of tho money market having had
.... ....... ....... u, ii,.,, , uiivo
of men lii.n.Ii.e. Ibe .ni.l..r-i,.n,.,l l.. !.,..
ii, .,1 ..1 ..1 r.ri 1, 11... ..r ..... ,
MrM tu Imy h$ Uok nt niinli ni ob that ho onn
m il Kuodit nt jiricrs tu full tho timi's. And bov -
sonable lliarn of patronage. All ill want ofgonds, '
will please call and examiuo bis stock of cheap-1
est goods.
,K-tf Country produce of all hiuds taken In
change for goods.
11 m. 1: iuwix.
ClearOeld N'ov. Ill, IS.1S.
flUIK iiuilcrsigueil reaneetfully informs his
' I rilllllnnt.. mill llie miltti nn,.rillv llm I.a
hat just ri'turned from tho East, nnd opened nt ,
h.a establishment in .S7.1 W'S HOW Clearfield, j
sett to a single piece, w.iich ho will aell at tho
most reasonable prices for CAM!.
Al.l Mini? ol I locks, Hatches and Jewelry
carefully repaired and Wurrtinitl.
A continuance of putronagc is solicited.
Nv. 10th, 1S58. II. F. NAl'ULE,
The Life, Speeches and Memorials J
O'ltftiiitiittj lis must Cilt brtitnl Onitiniis, a iS'rf
liftwiifriim the. Ftthy'ii t Lh liveretl on
the Occasion nf his lhath
anil his I.ife ami
Times ;
This spleii.lid work is just published, in one
large volume of fl.'iO pages. It is printed on fine
I paper, and bound in beautiful style ; contain ex
cellent tint illustrations of bis llirlhplaeo and
Mausmn at ; nml a full-length life
like, Steel Portrait. Tho publisher offers it with
conli'leneo to tho Amoiicnn public, nnd isconvin-1
coil Hint it wnl supply nn Important want in Amor
lean literature. No work was to bo obtained
heretofore, which presented, within a compact the "Old Mmint I'trmou."
nnd convenient compass, tbo chief events uf tho Dy close attention Iu tho wants of bis custom
life of Daniel Webster, his most remarkable in- cm Mr. II. hopes to deserve a share of public
iviiccmai c!iori,aui 1,10 I, lost riiiuaroio nnu in-
teresting culogiei which tho great men of the na
tion uttered in honor of his memory.
We present nil theso treasures to this volume,
at a very moderate price, and In a very conveni
ent form. Subscription price, in cloth, $1 75;
handsomely embossed leather $2 00.
l'crsoin desirous of bocoming Agents for this
valuablo work, will address, fur full particulars,
DUAXE IlllLISON, Publisher,
.TP South Thir l Street, I'hibidelphia, Pa.
lno. 7. vol. iv.l
THE rSDEllPIllXED Inkes this 111. II1...I of nu
liouneing to tho citizens of Cbiarfield and the sur
r iunding country, that he lias opened a
rtjmir''ife(f)ir riliiJip
on Main Street In SSmf't A'eio Hunt, where oh
Is proparod to accommodate nil who giro him
call, and hopes to recoiro a liberal patronage
Oct. lh, 1858. JEREMIAH NORKDJ.
IT'OK SALE, by MrnKKLL A Cartrh, j4i(ims'
l.nlnt Improved Com Shelter Also a few
Meat Cutters of the best kind with a lnrge vari
ety of Oooda in their line, just received, and will
ba sold low for cash or produce.
ClearOeld, Deo. 8, 13&8.
BLANKARTICLKS Agreemont, legal fonnfor
belwann School, Direlnra, and Tcnohors, for
sale at tho office of tho "Clearfield Republican."
ri.i:,n,ii norm.,
ii WW . M.l.f,
tV,.,,, Wff.i ,'..., I'.t i V'",.,n.,
1 In-(nl, , I J,, I I., brim t'i 111 T,. trt I l ill
rii'l,'iii,'i, nM Hie I nl, II,' ft iminllt llil lie linn
I, ,'i-tiHv I'll i ii ttif iil'i'i i II kn,'n fintiil, nn'l
tlml Ii , Ii n inllti lv tifillcil n, ! Tut t I -It ! II In
a Hvl ailiiple.l In Hie Hire, nii't llm Mil nt lli
i utile Itni i llm eoininiiiiiir.
jtta TAlit V
Hill aUaya Im t iiMeil ullh i'ei luviiry tlii
mmketr ami nirroiiii'llii rininlry will numi!.
1113 BAR
will lio ni',ii'il Willi tlit rlnilrert liien tlhi II
(iiiura. HIS STABLES,
ttlili h am lliu liivt nml nmrt rmiiiiiii'llinni on llio
r,,n, ltliln a ilnv'n Imvel, will nln I'O
ihnrRD nf rnrefiil nml ntteiillvo )n,st lr.
Kvery i1einrlmenl nf I, in Mf tiilillnlinient will
l ni', licit Willi nil llio roiiifurla anil oonvenlun
rlea llio wenry traveller cimlil ilenire.
juno 2, 'i8. WM. A. MASOX.
TUB nlmvo llulel, lnivliiR recently been fltleil
up for a lining nf eiitertiiiuinciit, ia now f.iien
for llio aoronniiiiil.itluii nf llio pulilie. Travclera
win ami tine n runveiiicni uiiiine.
May 111, IRiH, .01IN JORDAN
I' I It ST A X I) M A It K I'.T
XTlt I'.HTS,
iimk-raigiieil rtMpei'tfiilly In form j lliu
.. 1
and tho traveling public in general, that
ho hna Uken the nl.ore hnu
r r
TK . ,, ,.,. re,.01lt; fi,, j
I i i i r J . , ,
proved, and newly furnished ;
All who may (iive him a rail, in the most
pleasing and agreeable manner.
ISIo lb Aiwujplly JPirdDviifsd
With tony thiny In rrmlrr house a desirable
tltlllHItt lliV
wi bo ,wUvd with nn naaorlmei.t of choice li
iiiiom; nnd ho will endeavor to entertain I.
, i( B ,,,. lal cniinot fuj, . ,
n -
.... . , ...
1 he house is .situated in a t.leaw.nt nnd
jUitiot part ot llio town, and no expense!
Clearfield, aug. 13,11 is.
Race st. above Third, Phila.
I fPlIK proprietors of the above well known c-
L tnblishuicnt being thankful for tho very
1 libernl patrotingo bestowed upon them the past
;ycnr, tako tbis method of informing their friouda
and the public that they nro atill prepared to nc
jeomiiiodalo them if favored with n call.
I During tho rummer months tho bouso baa boon
thoroughly reuovatcd, improvements made and
other extensive alterations iu coutemiilntion.
Wo nro determined to devoto our wholo ntten-
i,.,n 1.. 1. . 1 n.... ..1 ..
...... i i.M.iii-rn nnu ill IT lurseiVCB Wlln li.O
e.mvi, li 1,. .. .. l. ...l ... ...... . . '
lion. iSlDKri A STOVKR
; N. B. Carrinj;on will ahvnye bo in rouilinosB to
Cur wens villa Penna.
rpi.e subscriber, formerly of the change II.,.:
;1 tel. l'l,ilip.l,urg, having taken th. aLovo
new stand, situate on tlio bank of tho river, ia the
lewor end nfCurweiisrille. wool. I ,,,,,,,... n. i
lie la now ready for the nccnmiiiodaiioii of strnn -
gera and all others who may favor him with n
call. The lmuse is lariro and comfortable, and
travelers will find every convenience necessary to
(heir comfort. Aaiple stabline is attached to tho
February 10, ISiS,
ATATiowi. i:tin(;i: iiotkl.
1.1 The subscriber having taken the above woll
known Hand, formerlv kent bv H'm. A. M,m
in t.urwcniville, Pa., is ready to neenmmodato all
wno may invor nun witu their patronage. Ilia
taiio win always no siippt.cil with Iho best tho
arket nffords, and h. liar with thn ehnien-
i liquors. Ilia stable will bo under the euro nf a
' tentive hostlers. DAVID SMITH.
Curwcnaville, April 21. ISM.
No. 117 & 119 2nd St. above Arch,
4 M. HOPKINS takes this method of inform
V. ing hia old fiiends nud the public generally
that ho ho just hE-Ol'E.NEI) tl.o above well
Known iioioi, nun re-Illicit it in n style suitable t
tl.c age, and tlio wants of the travelling
Mr. 11. baa had a lurgo vxnerieiicv in hoti
: pubiie
el keep
is guest
ing, ho lias no heitatiou iu saving that his cues!
will find his house a pleasant and desirable Mop
ping place.
Of Iho elegit, lo location of this Hotel for per
sons vi.dling the City, cither on
it is deemed altogether unnecessary lo annul..
s no Hotel in I'hllndehibia is bettur Icnonn ilmn,
N. U. Ilia terms nor day has been fixed .it lb
low rato of $ 1.2.1.
ept22ud, ISiS. 1 yr.
TIIK subscriber offers his firm Kittinteil
Sin Lawrence townshii) tll.i.irli.dil . niniiv
leontaininc sonio two hundred i.n.l f.wi v
; some two hundred ,d fotv
about seventy-five acres cleared
se, bat 11, young oirliurd .tc.
WTCS Willi 1H
.... ... . . . . . .
with house
thereon, lor wile or rent on rea-suimMi!
terms. Knmtiro of the hiiUeiibor .soon.--1
Possession t'.ivun ut ouch.
Wm. roiM'KK.
Clearfield, Cleariield Cnttnly, Pa.
NOTICE is heroby given that Letters of Ad
ministration pmUtn lilt, bar been grant -ed
Ut the undersigned on tho estate of John R.
Heed, late of Lawranco township, Clearfield Co.,
doe'd. All persona having businosa or dealings
with iho aaid estate are requested to make im
mediate settlement.
Adm'r Pcndmle Litt,
Lawrence tp , Feb. 25, 1859. no. , vol. Iv.J
Constables lilanka for nulu at this Oiljp
t,.?'I"i i tH'"l.
Vl lih r f.-c 11
I Ifi l tuhl alii nlil e
tlml inn In in nip. Il l II i mn iil'i ! l'i
if I'lim fiii-npniilln, ') i "iiil'ini il i'li ell"!1
ultiiii r i f HII rrenlit Ullctnllvr J'"
In nftniil nn Ml-i live niitl-lnti- f"f Ihi- illii
Nitnintilli la rcputiil to riirr,
Ilml 'n h A ri'incilv U wniitri
It la In II. vi-l
II. , I. a fri'i,u ,lv I. Mnlilrd liV IllliiC K llil
, mlfif frinil Htnini'itu riiinpliiinK, niul Hint mie
' " ' " " "' J -
m l.l. l. ill AfVnt,,, .lit.. MIHI nn.t lil-tlVH
I nf liiitnitinn m vii to tbi Intno tlam nf nut
nlHii led fi'llnw-ritlwn. Mow rnnipletcly tliia
rimiiniiinl w ill tin It lirw been pmveil hy f .'r
' Invnt im mniy of tho worst cone to he fnmiil
I of tho following conqilnliitai
I Scnuriii.i amii hcitort'ior PovrniNTa,
' I'.iifrriDNa aii EimrrivB PisiAFiri, l'Mi:Ha,
1 1', Iti.oTcnra, Tumiuh, Halt Kiiri'm,
1 ... . :
Scvmi 1 Ira n, Hvpiiitm Ami SvpiiiMTin Ak
i ttions, Mi iici'iiui.liHiunK, Diiiirsr, Nkv
iuuiu mi Tic I)oi'M)itiii:ox, Dr.iiii.iTr, Dt-
rr.i-siv and l?miirTi(ivt 1;
nVs'llMil.AS, ltosB
I.,.l,..l il, ul,l
iik Sr. Aitiiomy'h Fun:, and hidced tho wholu
rhis of I'uiiipluinU oriaing from Ixri'iiiTT or
nil Hi.imiu.
Tlii rnmponnd will ho found a gTcnt pro.
! mntit of health, when taken in the spring, to
! ciik I the foul hiimnra w lncli tester in inc
! lilmnl nt tlmt acnm of the year, lly the time-
:y expi.h.nii or them many rnnklinn insoruern
are iiippeil in tho bud. Multitude ran, hy
the niil of this romcdv. snare thtniselves from
I the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerou
I aorcs through which the nyatcm will atrivc to
( rid itself uf corruptions if not assisted to do
Ithis through the natural rhnnncls of tho body
I hv an alterative medicine. Cleanse out tho
.itt,.t.w1 Itlmwl u'luMinvni. vmt Timl its mtiilrith'tf
1 l.nrutiiifr tlirimirb f lin itlf itl in nimnhs. en. tit inns.
! ...1 i .1 :.. ..1.
or sores ; cieuiisu 11 wiieii ynu nnu it w uu
atriii ted and sluggish in tho veins j cleanse it
whenever it ii foul, and your feelings will tell
rim wlir, 1. Kvi'ii whore nn linrtieular disorder
Is felt, peoplo enjoy better health, and live',
1 lunger, for eleansing the bloou. Keep tho
1 blond healthy, nnd all is well j hut with this
i pabulum nf life disordered, there can bo no
j lasting health. Sooner or later something
imii.t go wrung, and tho great machinery of
I life is (hsordi-rt'd or overthrown.
Suisiiparilhi has and deserves, much, the
'reputation, nf aecnmplishing these ends. Hut
1 the world has liien egreginusly oirrcivco ny
I preparations of it, partly because tho drug
alone has not nil the virtue that is claimed
or it, but more because mnny preparations,
iretending to be eimrentnitnl extracts of it,
ontain hut little of the virtue of Sarsoparilla,
ir any thing else.
l'uriug late years the public hnvr lieen mi.
lid by lnrge bottles jiretending to give a nuurt
of Kxtrnct of Sarsnpnrilln for one dollar. Most
of these have Iki'H fronds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, SnrMipa-
rilla, but often no curative propcrtie vhaUv
ir 1.:....- 1 i-.. 1
,1. Ill IIVC, 1,111(1 illlll 1'NIIIllll UIMI'M,lll lliejll
h r,,n,.w...i ibe ,,.e f the vnrin. .itrnrta of
Snrsnpnrilln which Hood the market, until the
name Uscll is justly uopisrtl, nnu luw Uei i inc
svnonvmous with iiuis'sition and cheat. Still
wc cnll this compound SarMiparilln, and intend
to aupplysiuh n rem. dyim shall lew ue the
"'. lT "'""'V T '
iijnui 11, iiuu lit iiiiiik tnv mill ii'tin.i 1.11
iiciicviiig it lias virtues wl.icli lire nrcsistiuiu
( by the oidiimry run of the diseases it is intend
ed to cure. In order to K'cnic their complete
eradication from the lystein, the iti.k ily should
be judiciously taken according to din 1. lions 011
tho bottle.
DIC. J. v. ivi;it A CO.
I.OWHf.l., MASS.
Prlrr, $1 per Botllc Sli liottlca for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
has won fur itself such a renown for the cure of
every variety of Throat and I.ung Complaint, that
1. .. .n ... .1.. r
o 1 lllillin u 1 1 1 II en.. .1 1 T I'll on 111 in 'I III!'
f ;., .irt..- . vr, 1,,.- I .. ,.n,.
' iilnvtil. Aft it had Urns, bvvn iu nmstant use
, tinnmht)t this hpctioti, wo need not do more thun
A X'fVc P.ltlnrfir Pillc
'Mvl J s n ... v.w j. ini)
"''. W
"''l'1' l''
1 l"t'"tit J ii'fttons
I.inr Ctimiilain, DntMl, 1
Coftlirncts, Juuntiiic, Dytpjuiti, IiH?titinn,
ystprltix, Ilmihirtif, '
tuustiitii Wi.i Uiftuttt, '
I'tnmiluinl , DrtiiMi, TetU-r, Tvinais amt
' tstl1 Itluvm, Mouhs, cmif, ittunKtiia, ii o
If inner l'ill, phi! fur I'vriftiiit) tha Mmd. j
They are Migar-coaled, so that Ibe most eensi- i
"vc ra" ,!kc them pleasantly, and they arc the '
,,rst "pcrient iu the woild fi r iill the purpobts of a j
. r :i.. ..I '
lai.iuy ii.3ie.
- - . a., nn
Poxes for 51.00.
Price 25 cent) por Box
Great numbers of Clergymen. Physicians, States-
men, mid en.incnt personages, linvo lent ineir
-i names toccrtifythcuiiparalltlcdiiscfulnrssofthese
I n medics, hut our space here will not permit the
, I insertion of them. The Agents below named fur-
1 ! nish gratis our Ami.hican Almanac in which they
! nish gratis our Ami.hican Almanac in which they
arc given ; with nlso full descriptions oi me auovc
complaints, nnu tlic trcatinciil lliai snouiu nc uu-
lowed for their cure.
Do not he put off by unprincipled dealers with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Avkk's, nnd lake no others. The sick
want the best aid there U for them, aud they should
hare it.
-Ml our Remedies are for talc ly
P. D. Watsov, and M. A. Fiiaxk, Cleariield
E. 1 IIkkxxkr, Mosrisdale.
C. H. Kostkii, l'nilipsburg.
Wk, Iiiwin, Curweuavillo.
Samiiki, Aiixoi.ii, Luthcrslmrg.
And ull druggists. doe. 22, IS.'iS.J
I Iron Depot, Kept by Merrell & Carter
i , ,
(M iS i-oifl iStnrt, Cle.irf.-ltl, Pa.
TS tho place w hero nil tho 'ollowing nrtielcs
X can no nail at runeeu prices :
liar Iran of all tizes In the small ar I'l the
,ro,tit;i ; ( W ,SV,v of various .-,-. a.ul best I 7 -'Bn' '""' "
' i , . . 1 . . , ... : Noras, Sewing and Washing Stands, Doskl in
I"!'. ' ' , i",",tl "f 'V;,,i;; """".' i Book Cases, French and Field l'ost Ded.UwH.
irlach mil t,c fniiHil the Arm 11 ur,1 (W: ( Dining, breakfast, Centre, Curd nud I'icr Is
Oak Prciitt'iut, llrcat Republic, Puck's Pat- 1'lcs, Ac. Coflins manufactured nnd dclivernl
ml, ami the di alled Minnesota. Also. ! nny place desired.
Iiric nssortmeut if ntne-platet anil Parlor
iVoves. mid AtMaihts nt various Patterns
Also, Poi'-s nf the bc.Ktautl lu'cst vallerns
Aim nf their o,e,t M.innfuetnriii'y a binac ns
sortmcnl of Tin-ware, iSlticc pipe. Shred-iron
pans of all sizes, awl all article; ofr.e kind in
their line ke t ahi 11s on hand. Jluvtc tpou
tinif done to vrdiT, and Tin Rimtin done with
desmteh, Ahfl, a lariil uMiriiiuiit if all
kind, if hiniHC-kerpiny uL'nsis fmisttioilu on
, ",w ' 1 "' ,ncy 0i,n " n, ri
! T ffiV"
' pro,,pty u,,i,d ,n. 7
' nn' i,lv'!,,'l i n
they pan bo Accommodated
our line
rcctivoJ and
0. n. mehre.'jL.
i. lliey will also receive every variety of
articles rn rt nr.lssion, at low tales.
BY buying Coai. Oil und Coal Oii, Lamit ut
tho Iron Sloro.
-LAMl'8 of all kinds changed to Coal Oil
IURS and BUFFALO HOLES to suit tho
aon, at KRATZER'S.
for sal ut tho offic of the "Clearfield Re
publican." Jb ).Ymtw& neatly executed here.
I M l
I fi t MTAT li.i l..,k. il. . .
Ill I'll' mii. n.fn l il,. . "I"
I . iff M I'll" ' M f, ,,t1
1 1 1 nr"l Ii iM'ti, II, .li la ,11m.),
m, n,i'if "1 AM' l 1 1 T A R
,r if mi "i mmi it r
r.lilll " '
CH .i'l" nil li mf l-i
i ii,
I, ,i
. ' '
let" t filtinra, nl IU ft
If M,
I 'lp
GREAT tAl -I fHauf
4 Nl) 'K -MtmU. r.a. .
J ilnti ti-rnr f Vff jff Vl,
p'lnln, riiimly ami li-w.t M M tM. h, 11,1,1)11 7
flearlielil. Tlierrforf, i .. ,i Jfl
nlmve rumor, Frunk n"f iT'SVr )i,i', l
allillity upon Iilmaelf li rtr7H6 Iri i
liiiiiineaa in Clenrfielil, nml f f '' tt "j
to liia fellow men. lio Ima In miIwi... .
ulJ ruatiimera, anil aa mnny now p .
.vor liimwith n cull, Hint ho lint on tn.rt.. .
nortiiicnt nf fint work nml any amount tf
Alan, lionta' (Inltera niiulo to ohler, anil of 2j
alyloto.uit cunloincri. Morroceo. Krenc, .f.
nml 1'at nt cnlf gnltera conatnntly on ImnJ-r
Klnillng for mlo, kit oxecptca. All work le
inffhU.liop warraiitil nut to rip. Cuitom,!!
roming .0 town will liml Mm at tho elior, frJ?
ly oceu
led l,y 11. II. W0W1, dee'd aa a wot,k i
clock o tnhliahinent, nearly oppoMto Hot,) Ja
WnirtT'M toro. lloll in boya nnd gut nw iol
.Tune 30, P.I58. 3m. ''
P. S. Tho pnjtnerahip heretofnro oxbtinuU
tween John MuCuho it (ieoro Nowaon U Ula
day diH.ovcd hy mutual conwnt, nhd thokooil!
nccounla, nml all illocts, are now in the band,
of'. Short lor acttleinent. Tho huninoai U1 L
curried on in fuluro hy '. Short. Aim twor v!
rick! JOHN McCAUK, '
THANKFl'L for past favora, nnd grateful fur
future prospects, desiroa to inform tho citiieniof
thia vicinity, and his old frienda and piitnmiii
particular, that he haa rc.uurcd to the FIRt'I
KOOM in the East end of
SJIhsvw'a How 3w,
The First Ikmr West of the Maim'mn limn,
: . . . , , ..11
, whl:ro 1,0 ,ms nn ,nn'1 "nalnnily, n largo auort
uient of every variety in tho
jcrsTOii wonic attendkd to with i.isi'attd
The very best of slock will be used, and go
pun? spared to make neat fits and durable work.
; (,rwj(a
which con 1,0 obtained from the aaid Joispa
Uoon V lil! x LOW for the stEAiir itiimo.
Clearfield, Aug. IS, SS8.
EED it M'EAVEU nro now rereivine d
opeuing a largo and well selected r-iock tl
tioods, cousistiug of
Dry C.ooils, Groceries, Hard ware, (i.teen
u ai c, Jloii's nnd Shoes, Oils, I'alnls it
Drills, Hats and Hon nets. Nails A
Spikes Salt and Fish,
ns well ns every othor nrtielo usually required il
lie country, which they olTrr to the public uiih
t, 11ns as can le liml 111 tho county. CiB
1 . 1 . ,, 1 .... 1 1 e ,
"''0 nevrt boalltllul l.nd.lsefi.l.
Tn'ICi: is hereby given Hint Letters of AJ.
miuistration have been granted to the tin.
ilcrsigi.od, on tlio estate of Hubert Wrigley, Sr,
latu of llraill'uril, township, ilecensol. All r"-s-
us bnving business concerning the fume, are
hereby nolilied to make iuiuicdiatn settlement
with the aduiiui.-tratnr.
lira.lford township, January 19, ISall.
Dissolution of Co Partnership.
: 'I'llE nndersignoil, having been partners in tin
, I i,wi.,a f , i' ...i ..j
1 shomualiing, ut the St. Mary a Ktenin T: nocry,
,,u,v 'V t"1 41 111 "'""icn
co-pnrlnership cuuneetiun. All debts duo Hi,
firm oft). W. Watson A Co., nnd all claims njaiw
j them will bo settled by E. C. "Shultr., of tU .Mnry'i
; who has purchased tho Interest of the other twi
tU Jlary't,
j who has purchased tho
rest of the other two
i partners,
(1. W. WATSON'.
St. Mary's Ptonm l'actory, Jan. 12, 1 S 59.
no. 2. t. Ir.
Cabinet, Chair Making,
TUlIN (iVLICH, of tho borough of Cleartelil,
l'a., w ill be prepared at nil times to nttenJ U
. to nny business in tho nbovo lino on short
I notice, nnd in a workmanlike manner. His lUc
j of businosa is ut tho old shop on tho north sideaf
Market street, 3d door cast of Third St., neulj
opposite the old Jew store ; where ho will Iwp
Cl'"ftnnl,y " i"i " I'tk" nssortmcnt of Ms-
hogony and Cane Doltcun Chairs, nml Cnwosl
Wine of every description, which ho will diayoas
of on ns reasonable teruia as tho snino article
can bo had clsewhoro in tho county.
His slock of Cabinet Wnro now on hand, cot-
i'tuury V, 1S01I. no. 4, Vol. iv.
To aU iraitlinif Farms, ice adeeitisemnit
- ! JltiminonUtn IaihiIs.
A'l vantin(i to emitrate to a mW ctimal'-,
tfml soil, and fine market, see adecrtiscwAj
Htii'in oiditn Jj ind.i.
J.ook lll.iti;i 1.00k HI'!
THE unilerslgnnd subscribers, lake this n't"
od of Informing tho publio gonerallyi
tin y have this day entered into copartnership!,
nd can befonnd nt the shop formerly ocennis
'by, I. N'lninUwilur, on Third street,
t li its !")
where they will bo pleased to see th t U
.rs, und us many new ones as cm uial
customers, und us uianv
it convenient to givo them a cull.
ltring on your hoes, your spades and pi'ki
Your log-chains nnd your pulling eticks,
Your alcds, your sleighs, your horao, yuur mar'
No three-year old shall then go bnro.
Your apeara will work up then just right,
To proouing hooks for every height.
Your sworda too, ahull then bo wrought.
To ploughshares such as Cain no'er bought
iiEO. W. ORR.
Clearfield, December 8, 1S.1S. tf.
To all wantinif Farms, tee othertitemrnt i
Htmmonton Jxintft.