Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, November 03, 1858, Image 4

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Adntiitr-f ?u, Bf,i!it lMa4 lmni It'
ill. Ill' i.
1 1 lli'' ( ii tint I .an mil I M-1 til i gl't' I '
Ril l ll lilies I 1 1 . 1 1 .i
WIWk Invill J billl-i II I
fluid, Mini I l mi I -V I.
Hmii-thllif In-. re ll'. II
uli'l I In) life. I, .in c! 1 1 v
.m 1 1 1
l.MI ' M
. I )
'it (I l'
ill'.' I..
M I. "I'll
lllll-l In
engage tll''r l...n;. ; the ...mi 'I
ami nil it mi i n !..( is inn l In' p.
and Httl artiv e .1 J l.ui' Ij-i' ! i
reinembei mill l"ve, n"t ;" in n.i
of their ru I ii t'Ul is ii Um.iI.i u 'i
this is fl"M c- i I'.u.'.li w.iilo il.i-y '.''
tft'uurng Up 'hi- i'..i! i:i'l ollcn I. lit
Osiull iii I imrlil t'i..'. I.'i vlia a:r 'I -':
ficd with tin "" iiptiU. .1 it 1 ; " i r ;:iu.iv,
mill fri'k -thing .'n. '.'. i". (;viii-il. '
"A i-i')i l.'ii.i i. Wil!i !.t:.iui.f. ..,',
i.h'iulti aj -j jh ill a- u ii ; t...
it i. ciy I .ill i.i sic tl.e .ivsm' oi u:.y
thing nicer than t lio intcii'.r; .t ictmin
til io ot ihe dandy j. fit'fuliii I'r";. ti' iiy L--'.
tlm lioiii-e bo .i nif il li' iiii;, ;U' ;,1' ' -l ' -' ' ' ;
its pOiliin, f-UVlOUIille-l Willi i-lieue lii-m
for t ho two fob I pu! )onj of greatly uaii.n,:
to Iho com ful I nl )t.i uocilp.iulS and t'io
beauty of (lie place. Spare loi'ag'mcou
tho htp-hwiiy, I'lose tici s ii..ii I bunn l iw. l
thrifty, and o:io here mvI the e over the
imftu'rc lauile ; it vi!!j;teth"f.inua tiv-.n
natur.'il ii'jH'.u jui" n.'.'l itv :!l n -1 pie
twit :o barren an a-pitt ; -id the puiiiin
ox, reclining b.-iitutli its u-livsiuiig .'umi ,
"ill return a look ol rivtu.-ue, h-n n
should be coic trnciC't v illi : view in j'i :
tunncnev. im-l t heir v.h ti'in f- t" the
vn:t" oi the till. I. :unl then built nealiy
as well n MjliRtiintiiuly i.u.t ua possible,
every board of it pru ht 'mv, iu.J in ii -proper
plucc ihepotn peipt-iuliou!..r,aiiil
not peering ovi r their 'I lie larmer
need not lie afraid !' paint ; it gives dura
bili lit - as well as: beauty to his firm mid
building implements. It i- i.n umi .tble
fij;ht on well as eeoiioniy, to "hme a phu-e
for everything, mul i) thin;; in its piuee"
And it" bud ti'i! to limi 1 e lunniut: uton
eils scattered over the funu wi.ere hint u
oi. In it barn, utility, convenience, and
adaptation to the ivanti of the iioi;ie-tic
nimalj, ate c-. cntidl.
"Let the extnioi of the dwelling look
P well hh tin iliti-li'ir, for e Iosj liolii
mjf by uiuluiuoring to procure the tavoroi
others. Adorn the insidv wjih a library
jf works, whether treftiiiis of tigriculture,
science, urt or religion, liie tenUeiiey
which is to 1 ft a limn up, intellectually
and tuoi'ully, hiul place hiiu where he Via:
deigned to be, u Utile 1-awer thun the un
gol.'.' "There are, we migUt say in truth, a
thousand ways in which a fiiruier'n home
raay be beatiful, but it is a lact that eve
rything looks well, that is appropriate to
its peculiar place Hiel work. Fine lior.-e.-,
cattle und heepi. o., in good condition,
do moHt tondoi n a furi'.'-i V hum yiird, tim
crops in the field-a tine fnim.-r und w ile
the whole. Such a farmer, if he ever has
the good fortune to be eall.-d tveallhy.w ill
be so in a three fold urnso in po!-eK-iuii.s,
in mind and in heart. Genn,x IWuur,
Titissiisci re a Sisi;i.t Crop. There i.
no crop tliHt does not fail sutiu tisnes, tho
there are a lew which ure now wholly i.ut
ofl'in any one hinson. l!rns, foi cxaniple,
ulways yields a j-urtiul crop, and a person
iiiav, if need be, depend v.hnily upon this
prddnct ai-J,ii melius of hubsivteine. The.
"Bine thing, however, enn hardly ever he
paid of ntiy other Maple crop. Innumera
ble illin-ttatitiiii might, bejiivetiof thoihm
ger of dejic-inliiii.; upon u t-inle crop. I he
result in Ireland ol ilejn miiiift upon the
j'Otato crop in patent. The failure ot the
rhcat crop, in runny put t'; of this coitryrv,
hius involved thmi artds of fai tin ib in debt,
which it w ill tal.u yeai s of toil and e.-on i
my to liquidate. A friend ol ' he U'et hud
been so bUuciWul in raisinp peaches tinit
he turned his wholo iittention tri that
crop. Last yi ar he realized alai'e net
profit, and look in for still greater nult
this year, he laid out his 1 ns according
ly, arid incurred considerable debts t be
paid from the pioeerdsHif hi peaoht-. I he
result in, that from five or bix thou-arul
trees he put hers scarcely two bnshels ol
lmiikeliihle fuiit.
A mixed cultivation h the in the
long run. If tho potato crop luilc, iet j
there be corn, wheat, barley, or o'herj
grain to full bat k upon. The cbaneen of'
utter failure are diminished a thouiui.'i j
fold, whore there arethree oi four ditl'erent ,
cropsi uiideroiihtire. A seifon destructive j
to one i likely to be just the thing for
nnother. .Iw.-cY.t.i AjrirJi t,.,i.
IIaxs AtioonPtiaLLE. Havinp r.eent
ly tried, proved nnd njiproved the excels
lent quality of a 1mm obtr.irird c.f Haiht & ;
Emens. C20 Kront-strf ft, in this citv, we'
t-olicitetl from them the best directions for
picklinf! hariih, und they have enni-entcil
to giva their meihoa to tin. renders oj tne
Agrtcnttuilsl tlioii'.'h the proi es liaH hither
to been a private one.
For 100 (b. of 7' .;!?. 1'i.e.c them in a:
barrel (u- c.i-l, an 1 in water enough
jo cover I hi in. piiir otl' the water, and;
add good rook or Turk's Island salt, en-
otigh to irwke a br He that will junt , flout
potatoes. Two or three kiiids of po!'itoe
ahoulii be .Iri pped ill, k euino varieties
are much heavier (of greater hpecilie grav
ity) than others; about tin) average weight
is desirable. Tv the brum lor tho liunii
recl' pounds thus piepared, add one pint of
p,o(x molasses, and six to m ven rmnees iif
htiltpetre, using the large clear crystals, us
being the pureM. Make and u:-c ir.o pic
le cold. Then pour the liquid back tip.'ii (
the. hattiK, nnd let. tlioni stand six weeks, l
when they will te ready for nvioking,'
though thev may stand us much longer a t
may lie de-sired, as thev will in tliolirstix
weeks take ui all the M'' '''a 'hey aln
sorb. When removed finally for hn.olvinp, 1
they should bo thrown into t'rcfch tsater,
.and'I '21 hours. . .
Take notice, that the position of the
hams in the barrel slinula be ohrjiged once
rn 10 or 1" days, to let them lie upon each
othor nt new points, and allow the Irino
to come in oontact with the part which
had previously lain together. Thin w an1
important hintiu pickling hams, whatev
er kind of pickle may be used. .
THE UNDEKS10NED takes this method ef hn.
Bounoiiig to the qiliitnaef Cluartiel.l aud Ihe-sur.
fiuudiii oouuliy, that he has opened n.
on Mala Ptreet In Hhuv'f ' S'rui Aoie,' srhere he
It presiared lo acmisamtsdule nil who give Iii in a
call, Mil hopes to receive liberal patrons r. T
UAKIHVAHP. nf evewdWriptinn for rule
at a moderate advan'o'attM etor f ' I
My it r. 1RW1M l
Ik ii I t , h 1 1 ly Mnirll A (niter
I l ,V , i. i ,V . , l''i . " ,
Hi II "
. . I '.
, ,-
'i I
I -v
i -, r. J '
j i in J
-, . . .,, .
, ...ii
1 1 r, -l" I I i i-1 ' i.Vi'i li n.
.! - -, :,rj.- ..-. : t cl n't
, . - '. i, i ..(.' .'i"i.-! ''' 'I Cl
mc n.vili .i t.i ni:,: lln-j mil li ai'TOiiiinmliiti'il
s: mi 1-.,t t)j:u rt nii.i Hirti; i;i our litie
.;:' i-iiii-ia will be ir.nnklully rn-i'iM-J
a n.l
'. r--.:u- t Kttui.dc.1 to.
' ' .. 0. . MKHItK.'.L.
!'. C T.'-i-y iil nlxo ri'.-oivu i'vi-ry VHrii-ly nf
vlciium ' C t inM.-n, at l" iie. M. it C.
ORE il REVIVAL Read ! Rea.l ?
Ni) IH' CONVEKTEt). Tliu rovival
li.-t-. tli-ny iinint'iitiii j(((itl in nliii.iil .'Vi-iy
Statf. t-nnnty nml mwij in thn I'liinn, (iiil.-i I.i "f
( l. ui ti-l'l. Tlii'rofiirt', in'iiiii nf t! e
iii..... rinii'v, l'rnnk t-ti"rt hit? : .Imn t lie rinni
ti'iii'v nn. n liini'i'll' tn revive flu- limit it Slum
liiuii..- - in ( It-nrll. I.I, nml m-t n gno'l cn n.plii
If. Il.i l.-II.M.- lllf-ll. II-.' ll.'S 111 I I'lll'llllft. 1 1 li i 4
.,1 i .-I' .'in n ii ii ii.-" iiriny iit-iT iiih'.- in- ii'
hi mi ltd n i'iiiI, that ho linn on liaml n larn
ii.iiM.ri.'ii.'iit t'f tin Hurl, nml any iniiiiiint i.f i imr..'
AS... t
HI I- '-I
im. I Pal
l-lll. lint'
illL. 111'
t'oiiiiii jr
lv ni-t-ii
nl.-' liaitprs in.-i'l.' tn nnl.'r, im 1 nf any
nil iiiti.nii-rH. Mnrrtii-co. l'l'i-ii' li t-ulf,
rt caif piiiti'M i'i,H5!iinllv on lininl.
f .1' nie. kit i-x (-eptc.l. All work Ifav-
Imn wnminteil mil t.i rip. t'n-t'iiiicr.i
n town will tin. I Iii m nt the shop fi.iiniT
ie.l li y K. It. Welsh, tlec'il ii n nati-h A
f'n.-ii c" .il'ii-lin.'f in, nearly uppn-ite K"t--I nml
i..ii-.'.i utore. R.'ll in hoys anil gol neiv inilen
or your old mien rcpnire.l, ns loine of them stnml
in great tiei-.l ol' it.
.Tune !. l9rS. 3m.
I. S. The I'nitnei nhip heretofore existing be
tween John MeCnlie A. lieorge Newi-on in tliii
ilny HitiMiivetl I.y iniiiiiiil eonni'iit, nlnl the books,
neeinints, mid nil efleet?, are now in the blind
,.f F. Short for ft-tlleinerit. Tlio businenii will be
enriied ku iu fu lire bv I'. Short. Alus, poor 1o
rit-k ! ' JOHN MeCAltK.
always on; hand,
THANK I'VL I'-ir pu-t favors, and grateful for
fut. iri prospu'-is, desires to inform the cituens of
tl.i v'u iniiy, nml his old friend? and patrons in
particular, that lie ha removed t'i the FIRST
ROOM in the T.A end uf
Ha "57 JaaTr",
Tht Firtt Djor f l'iv!f of the Mansion House.
v!, (I,-.- Li- haa on luind cuii.-lnnlly, a large a-sort
cent of every Tnriety in the .
BIHIT and nihil: link
The very b-."t of atock will bo used, and do
paiusspure l to m.iko fits nnd dnrnl.le work.
All of ttliifli can be ohtnined from the said Joseph
liomi YEKV LOW for the RKAnr nnino.
CK-urtiold. Au'. 18. 1SA8.
Article in the World for
Is Lrinnii's Superior I'lms
pliiilt! of Unit;.
At t in per ton, or 'i ctn. a lb., by the barrel.
Annlysetl and Uccomniended lor
Professor III . T. J ACKSOX,
Chcuiit of the United States Patent Q?!ce,
Waihtnpttm, I). ('.
.?&-lt will reps, the eutlny SO to 100 per
cent., and will not burn the seed
contact as flumiod'ea.
by coming
rij , prove it ! !
G. A. LKIN.-M1, Proprietor,
No. 21, Sooth inOXTStncl,
I'hiudc'jltiii (.Vg, J'a.,
Or of my Agents throughout the Country,
r-?ANl.rsis ran be seen at my Oflleo.
jer-Cu-b Mailed with the order wil-receive
prompt nttention.
A liberal discount to Storekeepers who
buy to sell again-
Pamphlets ran be hud ut iny Oflice. 0. A. L.
nug. 4, IfaS. Km.
fllho Subscriber retpectfnlly Informs the citi
1 z-.'iit of the liorough of Clearfleld and vicin
i:y, that lie has taken n lease ot
i'zf'fjs sir.--s&zl B,
adjoining the town, where lie w ill con
stantly keep on h 'ind, a full supply of the
urtiele, either lumps or mixed to suit pur-
cu bers. i eisons in town can no Kuppneil j, f, and the puhlio. thnt he bna just
witii it at their homes, at six cents per replenished his stock of eatables, in his new sa-bu-dicl,
or ut the Bank lower than ever ln in the basement of Messrs. Morre A Cur
A hliarc of public patroiiupe is aolieited. irnn Tin-Ware store ; nnd that heronf-
rATltlCK MUI.VANEY. . ter he will alwayi be prepared to furnish Ilia oua-
Rept. Int. bH )St. tf
, . .
,Rf remaining In the Ptiat
I a o,v.. ... ri......l.i .i!....
V ,V a,a 1 6
Miss. Mni-y Vnn like Samuel Viders Miss.
Catharine Nitfor Hiram White Robert Doatty
L. F. Ldwards William Simpson A. C. Smith
George Hull nor- Joseph Uuinner Isaao
land .Aihn Curley Peter MeA leer Joseph
Casebeere Ediiiiind Beaust igneur Win. Uluir
Joseph II 1. 1 Inn rl Ltivelnnd & r.ddy Thomas
iilligaii Fred R. SbotT, t small box.
M. 11. l'er-ona calling for any of the above
letters will please say they sre advertised.
Sept. 30tu '58. C. D. WATSON, P. M.
Tlie rnUUier-i of tin. n.:,Lfin.,.ji
r .' -- v .... ...
r..rigirt,iiiirertnntitoliilgelyliiere.ifli V '
MtH-k tf Jobbinu inatu ial, anil will J,
jiarcd to do all kind of . ; , ,,..,.,
roin-KS, TAVi'iiim, ., Tkoc.ra.
NltMJI, ' P .triR BlKIKS, ClRCl'LA, , ,' Ball Tiiktrs, IIandjii.
and every kind of printini tis'tnlly' t' '
in a ewntrv ioh office; Your orders
tru-to! to n" will be faithfully execu
7,;,iM(; iiomi
(. t'i ' i int v in ii.i' ii I sn ,
1 1 t-t-i' w i int in n
1 1 it m . n i v,
V'.'H ll'I'l I ' '!, I'"'
T'i iil-.i-i il.rr l"i lrm to tnfi'tni M M, mul llif t'lil'lir i-iifiiill tin: hr Inn
ti-i-niill tnkrn llit (.. 'll dll'imi ilnMl. M"l
. i'iiiI hi- In.. itilni'l M-rllii'il 'l tirniiillii-"l il In
J( i. ii ,r I i.u-1 .i I I.f iiv, mi.l lli mit. i.l III"
'-IiIiiii tnnliiii' riiiiiiniiiiilv.
nill iiUiim In t nl.lnl lt'i trcrt Inxiny tlio
, in it r k -1 1 mi. I Hin..iiii'liii" ntry will uri-.l-l.
.1 nlll I i mipi'lioil n illi llio rhuirr-l w Im ftlnl II-
I- HUI.lf.
n Ii I ill ni tbu ini'l iii.i.t colli iik n) 'umix on tlic
r.Ki.l illiiu u ilny'i truvi'l, will ulinii" Im in
limine i-f an. I ulluilivo lumlkn. In
livery il.'I'iitliin-nl i.f lil Kfllilililn.'lit "ill
Ih1 mi.).l:eil uiili all tin. ruiiifurtii iin.l cutivi'iiiuti
cii' llit M.-arv travulUr ruuhl
Jane WM. A. MASON.
Raco Bt. above Third, Phila
II K .i "'i ii !its ' tlio nluivn well knnwn -
iil.'i.liiiii.iil liriiiir t Ii n ii K I n 1 Inr tliu very
lint-nil piilrniiiii;!. Iicntiiwt'il ti )' tliiMii lln imut
yt'iir, lukf III is int'tliml nf iiifnrmin tlit-ir frieiuli)
nml tlio pulilio tlnit lliey nm "till pn-pnri'il to ue
ctiiniiM.ilalo tlit'in if fnvuru'l with n cull.
Iiiirin llio Miinnitir iiinn ill tin' hmifo hn been
llinrim'lily I't'iiiivii ifil, iiiipriiveiiiriit iiinilt! nml
otlitir t'.t,'ii-iv ii Item t i mih in ciintciiiiliiiinn.
V lire ileti'iiniiieJ tn tlevnto tinr vtlinle iilt"ii
linii In l upini'i'i. nml flnltor -nirelves witli the
('.iiivit-tiuii tlnit we slinll lie nl'le In pive fiitisliu'
- i urrniKi-n win Hiwnjt in rt if. u.
ennvey pnneiiL'.-r In una iriun r-ifiiiniiniu i.nnu-
ilijrs untl ltiiilr.nid lie)tolit.
K. A H.
.M.IR-ll 111 ft. ISj.S.v,
Ctirwcnsville. Penna. ,
rMhe siibsnriber, formerly of the lixelmiii'i' Ho
f. tel, l'liilip.-hiirK, Inn iii? taken tin iihove
new utiiml hiluuto on the bunk of the river, in the
b-wer i'iiiI of Cii' wi'iisville, wnuld HnnoiiiR-e thnt
ho is iinw ready fo" the itecnimn'idution of ftran
gcr und nl! iiilw.i who uiiiy favor him with u
rail. Tlio house in lurge and coiufortiible. und
travelcri willlind every eonvenieueo iiet-eit.-iiry In
their eoiiiltirl. Ample stubling in atUehed to tlio
Fcbrunry 10, 1H5S.
llie tuli't-rileT vefpeetfully nnnounees to the pub
lie thut he has taken the above atund, in the bur
ouifh of ( leiirtield, and is prepared to neeoinino-
dnle all w!io may irive him n call. The public
uiiiyrest iismred thnt it will bo coiidueted in the
beat manner possible. Ilia table will be aupplied
itli the belt the market affords. His liar tilled
with the choicest brands of winoa and lienors, mid
bis stithies will he under the care of attentive and
car. lul n.-tlirs. DANIEi M. WEAVEK.
i'eb. II, IS67.-y.
ma kki:t
111 I', uiidorsiirtiu.l respectfully inforina Ilia
friends and tho truvelinj- puhlio in general, that
be has taken the above house.
The IIoi se has been recently refitted
proved, and newly;
in ...i. : i -..ll .i.
All wuti uiiiv l' ve nun cmi, in me iiium
. . - c . .
pleasing and agreeable, manner.
i Hals A:ri7!lv FirTiiiliil
With cvay thing to render his house a desirable
slopping place,
will bo supplied with an nssortinont of choice li
quors ; nnd he will endenvor to entertain his
giK-sib in a innuner that cannot fail t) give tho
! The house is situated in a pleasant and
quiet part of the town, ami no expense
or attention will be spared to tniike it one
of tho bent houses in the county. A lib
eral patronage is respectfully solicited,
Clearfield, aug. IS, 1 1 6g. ly.
Tho t-iibseriber having taken tho above well
kin. wn slsnil, formorly kept by H in. A. Mason,
in Curwenai iile, l'o., is ready to accommodate nil
who muy luvur hiiu wiln their patronage. His
tulle win aiwnya ne suppiieti wun tno net tne
ark.t iilfnrds, nnd hi liar with fne choieos
liquors llie stable will bo under :he enre of a
lentive hnsilera. DAVID SMITH.
Curwenavillo, April 21. 15H.
rpiIK undersigned respectfully announce to;
1. tlio public tliat he has opened an eating '
house in the I. art-mont story of Morrow's (Into !
Hi'inphill's) lliit -l, where niiy be found every !
luxury of the season, such us lee Cream, Sardines,
l'ickled Oysters, I.enionado, Ale, Lnuer Ileer, i
Cakes, Confoetionaries, Fruits, Nuts, Ac, Ac.
He hopes by a strict iitteuiion to hie business to
luoi it, ami receive, a share uf public pntroiinge. .
June 30. lS.iS. in
Restaurant and Eating Saloon.
T 11. TAYLOR. he leave lo inform hi. bl 1
li. fiientla nnd the nublm. thai ha l.n. In.t
i"iui-m nun ivrr tiling ii-ininy lounu in sueii es- j
tiiblishmonta to wif Ice Cream, Ale,
t ,,-
Be- Tobaoeo nnd Cig.ira of the very best qua!-
ty Fruiu nd Confeotionnry of all kinds, rfc.
LV 1 ..-i.u"i....j nn
Thankful for past favors, ho solicits a continu.
anco of public patronngo. f may 12, '58.
! . . .
. 1 ) EED A WEAVER are now receiving an i
' XX, opening a large nnd well selected Stock ot
i tioods, consisting of
Dry Cooila, (iroccrles. Hardw are, (lacena
ware, limits and shoiM. OiU, I'ulnts ,t
Drugs, HatM and ItiiiinetH, N'all k
--1UKIS. ail BIIU I'lfcll.
ns well as every other article usually required in
the country, which they offer to the public on es
fair terms as can bo had In the county. Cull
..l a..u m u m. !...... ....I. iv.l
on - oiv iuv in uinui.iui uiiuuari lit
june V, 1-Haft.
4 LL persona, arc iiorehy .uuuned airninst
l. purchasing or interfering with tho follow
ing property, via : One roan horse, one groy
mare, one brinjle cow, one two horse wniron. one
fanning mill and one cooking stove, now in the
possession of N. Verbeg, as the same belongs to
me and is loaned only, and subject to n,y order.
Karthaui tp, tsi' t; :2nd, lftftfj. n
imiur ty or Iiik
11114 1. ft H'h-IImi i.f vllnl itn j.-t1 bmi . mi.l
.1 l- Hip i.i.f'M.r li.i llio l,f.. lit. nil
.,,,(, ii.iilitli.iii mi.l .l.. In
nllV I'll" "HI ll'i'il
in.. .i..t..... ,l...i l,l I., ..a Ii, 1. 1. ....I hi,. I
tl,.-t..f.-r.. nil .Ii. in il - luil m .! r at
1 i' li-'t- fiii-ii Hull nllin. i'i Iii.vr. iln ir nlii.n
in Imlh Hi" i!i.l. mi l llni.l ;il tin' Iliul
lin' lull, i . -ii'lurat", li'.vi.'t .-r, il a lixi.l 1m l,
mi.l mi . Ii. nl -kill Ii i i li'iiily tlrniiiii'tmicil lhl
nl li-u.-l Ik 'i tlitpl oi I lie illi Unit liuiuun (It 'll it
lii'ir I", liuiu iln ir uinn- in un
Impure Msitc of (lie
A, fur inalniifo, in llie Imi k ciitiili.gur, null
ScroliiliiIVtU'r, "Uarbcr's llcli,"
riiiiplcs Ulott hus, t)iel;LS, I'l
ccrs, tMilt-IUicuii),
' H
. , . I I
llOtn tilt! Lai1, I t VCr SOI CS, Or IT-
u.ptive Dist-ascsofany kind.
I lieJo are iim'eilai I i.y null Kimwn nicni'-ni
Inwuo iirii-B I'lnin bu.l liltmil wliihi llie highl it
inerliiiil Hiithoritii'i tlt'i-laic tliut inofl levers ori-
((innte i n llie Mime uiiiiiei , nml nmre I'lirlit-iilnr-
ly Typhni.l nml St'.-irlit the firmer l'ein un in-
t.-rnal, nml he latter un exit rnal iirtiplne ilis.
I'lirnf il ill nil iirrmni. iillat-keil I.y tlicu nm-
linlies tlie lilnoil in found to be coagulated, or of
a thnk unhealthy color.
To ward off ii large majority of iliaCnse, mi
well im to cure u number which have ulready mi
zed upon the evslcin,
I UliirY I Hi) IJLOOI).
LlMlSKV's IlHfKOVEO Bl.OOl) St.lKl Hr.R IlOtS
Nor Claim to iik a
I'niversiil I'miueeii for every disene known, but
tlio proprietors chum for it the power not only of
Draining out All Impurities of llio
but by the i-kilfii! combination of well known
It uult cure all dmrasct arlsinj from a derang
ed slate of the Lieer drier out Dyytepsia,
and yive rencwrd tic and rigor
t'i the Stomach.
ilial I He in. in. I neiireiier is nil mat is ciniiiieu
for it, the Proprietors enn produce
It la only n few venrs ninee it wnn ilin-.ivcred.
nml yet it bus Krowu into uch u bu-ines that a
mine l.nnorui.iry nas in-eu ouui esprosniy in
lllll IIUIlll III I C
u inrijo iiuinui-r ot men euipioved
in piuiniL' it up, and still
1 r
-l-l - I I . I' 1.1 :'
I I1C OII)J)ly (lUt's. IKJl rqiltll UJUmf J r. .lai rel t 'h n .. lit limy
I )t - iifl I I mediate and pel liiiui' iit l .-he;..i
... .i.... n. ..i.i i . . :r.i !
, 0 ubh unj. i.ntniiu in u ii v.iuii i iii itv au, 11 uia . .
.Medicine did nut po-sess all tbo virtut-a vUimetl , - '" advit e pronij.lly nie-w ei . il. I'--ur
H ; 1 1 1 l-l iier part ieulul s ail'll e--i
The l'l'iprietora hnve hundreds of certificates ! ".IAMKS M. ,1 A If !! V. T !', M. 1).
from men of probity nnd stiindiiiK in the c hiiiiiii- ! ,'.. M.'l) Urondirm, cor. 7'. ' "'' V,. X. '.
nily, t-liKwiiii what the medicine is doing daily p. S. Phiii-iiiii nml tilers i iiiin Iho eily
for the sutlerine;. jure leipi't-tliilly invited to call at the Intirinin v,
ASK ANY I'KHSOX I where iiiiiny iiiereitiii-; oien can be w itiit-r.-i-il,
Who h;is ever iir-ed the Ijlout-I,""'1 wlu'"' ","r ';""'' a fr " ,l"'
. lation ol lui'dicnted vupori-.tii be .i eii and ni-p. . t
Searcher led.
Whether Keltef teas Kxperiened.
Let the iitllii ted ivo il a triu.1 u sin-ilo bottle
will coiivime the most tkepticul uf it etlicaey.
TTn. i. M. LiMHsr.r : Dear Sir I tnke
i yllur Improved HI
aure in iicKiioiMe'iiui tne irreut in
noil fearcner lias ueen to mv
on. lie bus lieen alllicleu Willi lint pliy .it'iali
called il Mrofulous diseine uf tlio iibinibin-;
iriuutls of the lit'imach. He has beeu atUieled
with this dmeu.-e from iiiluney. lie is now lif
""" teeti yeins of ajo; during all thin limu ho bus
; had several -e. ere utl uks, nml ail the food t.i-
' ken into the fliiiiiaeh iuipi.rted liule strength lo
' ,i... .. .,... i i ...i ..v..rn l , .1,,
,'KKI '""lalti'iiding him, but I found very Imlt. ' adviui.
'tiiL'e, lie the disease atill returned' Willi nil ils air.
COU8I-. (Helices.
, , , , , . , , ,
111 Aio-il IS.i7. be bad u viol. oil uLli.i' much
I eu- tlmt u (,lH. ,, tUpt,U!(.a U() Wtts ju thu
i'" - - ''1'" u' e...iMim,m..ii. i w .ivi..i 10 try
i your nlo.i.l .-iciri lier ; I accordingly procured
one bottle of it, und by tho time ho had used il
i he appeared rc.ilurerd to perfect health.
Ilia now one year sine he uaed your invalua
ble Searcher, mid I am perfectly suli.-li-
eil it lias saicd Imn limn an untimely irrave. 1
no nolle itiiliiiglyrccuiuuioud It to all who may
be si marly uluici.l, and deem il no more tliuu
justice lo bear this public testimony lu itavtr
Kespcctfully yolirs. Ac.
I'oinroy Station, A. I'. K. Hoad.
Mr. Devlin is well known to ;he citiieusol In
diana and Westmoreland counties.
July fi, I5M.
nm svi.i: uv
C. D. WATSON, Clearfield.
JAMES II. 0UAI1A.M, llrahiutipton.
JOHN I'ATToN, Curwensville.
Ii. F. llltl-.NM-H,
JOHN IICSSLLL, i'ennsville.
It. II. MiiOttli, Luthersburg.
M. O. .-TIKK, New Mulport.
CHAItLKS It. FOSTEIl, Fiiilipsburg.
11. 6WAN, Ansoiivillo.
UUSSfMiL MclR RKAV, New Washingtou
EDWAKD WILLIAMS, W illimnsville.
SAM I iliL HAlU-ail'Y, lilenUopo.
aug. 1 1, lsj tim.
STAL I'l' lilt .i. II tltl l'.i
Cheap Watrhei anil Jewelry.
T HOLSALE and 1IETA1L. ul the "i'liilml.-l.
phin Watc.h and Jeweliv Store." No. 118
(old No, Uti) North Second Street, corner of Quar-
ry, IMiilud n.
(iold UverWtcl,es,fulljcweledlSc.cascf$2S (10
.Hold Lupine, IS carat,
- 2 l"l
Silver Lever, full jeweled,
silver Lupincjewcis, . .
'perior g.mrtiers, . .
12 00
y mi
7 oo
7 oo
IM Spectnclos,
Fine Silver Spectacles 150
Oold llrncelets, ......... 3011
Lady's tiold Pencils, 1 Oil
Silver l eu Spoons, per set, ...... 5 no
Oold Pens, with Pencil and Silver Holder, 1 00
.,..1 I ts: n:. .,.1 ... . A.n .
' .Jinn r ni;er jvings ,113 cents lo J..1U: untcn
i U T""1' !'lin." "'"; l"'tei.t Ihj, I.unet 25;-
oth.Br "t,t,e." ln proportion. All goods warranted
Ola.. a. 191 ill 1 OH
to be what they are sold lor.
Successors to 0. Conra.l.
On hand some Oold ami Silver Levers and Le
pines, still lower than the above prices.
October 7, IS55.-ly.
( alilnct, Chair .llaklny:,
A I) IIOUM i: V A I N T IN(i,
lartnership in the nhove busi-
.,.- .
entered into piirtnersh
, -.. . '. .
ness, win ue prepared ni an tunes to attend to any
business in tho above lino on short notice und in a
proper manner. They will also I. -en consiiniilv
nn hand at their shop on Market St.. nearly otino-
. . r . I I
oite tlio J. w Ht.ore, a largo assortment of Mahogo-
synnd Cuue Uottom Chairs, und Cabinet wure of
every description which thoy will be found ova.
ready to dispose of on as reasonable terms ns the
smne articles can be had elsewhere in the county,
i eir.tock of Cabinet Ware now on hand, con.
WiC.fd Common li.,. r... ...-u.
a I Wash Stands, Desks and Book Cases, French
a I Field Post Ilodstonds. Ilii,',n nr,.l,f.( r
i . i o. i i. i ... ...
I Wash Stands, Desks and Book Cases, French
I Field Post Ilodsleads, Dining, Breakfast, Con-
tr Card and Pier Tables, Ac. ' ' "to Andrew i).vis. Taken in Ei.cution and to
OFFINS manufaotured and deli-ered at any be sold as the pronerW of And, n...? '
,. M d.iM.
I May , 1M
Jniui ! M. J iMt II, l
I tctii Dr.
&l r, lin i . li.n I. ill iB.lniil.l irmnh
tlic i l-i tr li.'iilinli.n, r-.i l.i.l I h) ! inn.
Iili Viitl t.iit. 1. 1 il.H.lj il.-iiiii.-ii
mu. f
HI. 'I
I 'llllliiillll I t DIlMIIIIIlt l'll
. ",
mul It klli'ln il ." I"'. I"H
.-ilii-r xnli in
t'inMi'1 i'-."iiiimli"i. nml mlr iiiiln K- nl kI'
It.fl i I tin mi Ii unit il rnl I 1 1 1 l-.v n n'i
rt t
Im i iinl'li il in I" mini- nl ntlti-iMir. dirn t I ntriv.-liil rt'iiin- i.f Irtiiinii iil d.r lli pml
tiv mul rutlit iil run' ul nil ili-rii-'. nl tlio
IIIIKIAI, l l'MiS AM) Alll-PA'SAt.l-.S.
l!)- llii' riiriitiii' .ii .i-i u.- nl lin'ili-riiii-i
mr ilirt-t lly nililn pk-iI In tlio ilin'iin'il or
gan mul llie inii-)!iiiiii iil, 1 iln nut mlvii-c tlio
liru t .M. .II. nl nl uliy kili'l. In llie -ilimiiiu
of t;i i liAI. ti katmknt; nml all ln";ti 1
i-tiiifitler it ii Uft'lul ntlinviiiil in llie pminir mmi-
nKemoiil nf tln.-e feurlul Mini mien filial tln-em-n,
1 .1....... I. ............rl' tl,,., M11..I, llUlil'Ilt
Cl A ll, VIII I I I I J 1,1 ll P. -I, I J , km i. " - -
,hu.l bum the liem-ll'l t Imtli knkhaL and In-
cnl trvHtiiient. The mri-e-n nl my tl t-ntnieni 1 1
ihA nlmvi) tliMiiii-ii. ii ii .1 the liiuii eliurtti'UT uf
the Iiiftitutiiiii over w liicli I Imve m imiK 1U'
lno il)r t presitlti, ure Ion well known to neeil
,n,y eulo;y or cniiiinctn. Irmii in. At tlio unliei-
lll(i0 l inuiiy private untl prtifopnitiniil friemlii,
tlirmi whnpe phil inthropit- niil tlio nlmvo ihnr
jy MlB lu, ln; nml lilierally snppiirte.l, innl uf-
ter ,ju0 ennui. lenilion, I have etiiiflii'le'l to make
Ku ,i, ,,rrniiireiiienls m wi I lirinir llie lienelim nf
my experience and irentnieiit wiiliin llie. reueli of
all, uii.l uut coutine luynvlf iiu herelolore, to
tlniM' only who entered thg Iiiliriu.iry, or who
were able to vinit me nl mi nthea. Hoping,
tliorefore, that the urriiiij,'euieiit will K'VB entire
an I in Im-1 ii.ti . bnlh to 111 v iii olesif iniiiil bielhreii
untl the publie, I would i e.-peeilully nniinuiieo in
(, that I cm lime lie cinatird ""
l'i ur hy letter, on nil tli.-en.-es an nliove.iind llml the
uimlieini-ii, the unmo us in-t-d ill the Inslilulion,
ure prepared to fiiit eaill individual case,
Inhaling V'iipors,
Ac ' c, w ill bo ferwiirdetl by ezpreaa ti)
part of the l nili-il Male- or llie I uiiudaa.
1' lv K M S :
Mv term-, of tre.ituielit I'V letter ate
follows viz : -T per m n i n i'i.reaWi pa
tient, whieli ivill include ui.'iiie.lie stilh.
cient for one unuitli s u-e . ais.) ill. mliii-:
vapor, nml all lniiuliup Appariltll-. l'ay.
Ilieilt IIS follows: Slj n ,o paitl to Ex pre-
A-i-nt on the receipt of tlie lm ni Medi -
cine, un I llie piilanee ti at the expiration
ol the inotith. if the liatii-ut be cured or is
elilirelv sati.-.fleil with the treatment. 1'a-
; tii-nts, by j:lviti a lull
hi-tory o t In -i i
in full. iMit he
. ,.UM.i ,,,( yillptiMH
,.,,,,, i u ,,...n i ., i... I ,,. e.
I heitiM'lvi-."
I el , nit mi
. ,, ' ... '
tin, it i-.l mil I' , I H. M I j II v.i 1 1 1
ha-- to ll eat a ca-e i iver t iillt
Iiupuriuni to
DK. (il'STAV I.INN A Kl) S
77iC llreat s'di.ititnl' f"C 'l'rliacen.
It is well known ami iiit..litri.v.-rt.tle fail
that the ui-e of Tobacco iM I lie promoting cause of
many of llie most severe MENTAL AMI PHYS
ICAL Ul.iOltllintS It, which the race nl iiinn is
"Ul'ject. as car ul nnnlysi. and long und ilul
exu. ri " nee nave cleurlv nroven t lint it eon ains
1 fci la in narcotic and poisonous pinperties most j
' dangerous ill their v fleet, which by entering inlo
tlie liluotl tleraiiges tlie funelioiis untl operations
of the heurt, causing ninny to suppose (hut organ
to be seriously diseased.
TOBACCO iilbels also the Uitire licivnus sys
leiu, iii.iuifesliug itself as all who have used llie
noxious weed will bear le.-tiiiiouy in Lassitude.
Nervous Irritability, Water I'.rash, Dyspepsia. A
inn ii V oilier disorders ol it similar ehariiler.
deigned lo cotiiiteruet tliese baiieliil iiitlin-iiees.
iur"' ,1M4'e proved cniiipletel
tssliil in ti uiiil-1
tiluiU of cases, and wiiereicr u.-ed. Ileiiiu Iniriu
lens ill themselves they bacU a beiielit ial etlci l
upon the enure system, rusi-u iiig the Tuste u hit-h ;
has heoouiu vitialed ur d.-slroyed by i;reut iiidul- '
geneo. coinpletoly removing the irritation and
accompanying tickling ensnliiiii nf the Tbruiij
which ore always ciiseiiuen. upon the abstaininy
i from the use of Tobacco, and bv Lnvin health
j tone to the stomiieh invigorate Iho w hole system
, Persons who are irretrievably under. n iiung
I ...... u,i,.,ii..,.M .....l ul.... ,i...;.. n....-
should use tliese Troches immediately nml throw
ofl the injurious nml unpleasant habit of Totiac
Tliese Troches or Lozenges ure put up in a
; criiveniciit and portable form ut the low price of
5(1 cents per box. A liberal disci unt to the trade.
l'r..i.,.,.l ..l..l., l. ,1,. I.. .1 1 .....I
. , . ... ,v. , j i.. .,..1.. m ..u...
11 orders should lie in . resse.l.
ot.iji- nun-i-i, i. . :.
JA.Mt-.S I'.. liOWI-.HS, Druggist.
Cor. .'tl mul ltace streets, I'hila.
April IB, 1S5 . ly.
7 ii7 cr'mic KKN,
'ft cui'T siki:i;t, M.n-onk,
.M.tM r.ii i t. nr. it or
; ll lilSS
I Ioiikimiii-
line Vinl
Mill Ial
G,,l?f Wnr0 f(,r clle1,its', ,',,,,. Pl.rrulner,.
Photographers, etc.
Grcm GIllSS WiirC by tllC Pack-
A Liberal Discount made to the Trade,
j?!rOrdera horn Country Druggists und Dea
lers solicited.
ptr Price Lists sent on application.
August 4, 1S68 .lin.
l)YTitue ofa certain writ of Un. Kupo,,,,., i,.
J) suing out of the Court of Common Pleas of
Clearfield County, md to me tlireeted, there will
be exposed to miblic sale nt the Court 11
the liorough of Clearfield on Thursdny the .0
day of Sept mbcr' 1 iS.sS, the following described
property ,vis: A certain irnct of land, situated
U Furguson township, beginning ntn bocch oor-
ner, thence by and. of T. It. Davis N. 40 W. 213
per. to n post thence by Inmls of ohn Ferguson
H 6i' w- ?5 per. 'on post, thence by lands of M.
hloom S. 21 E. 29 perto a hickory, thence by
I 1.1 l-l. L 13 J it I.. ,n
. . oi l u .. ..
"""" luuiunia omugii o. u r.. i is per, loan
Ifoiiwoml, theneo N. 60 E. 72 per. to place of
beginning, containing one hundred acres, with
eoout forty aerea cleared nnd a log house. Iur
1.. .1 1. 1 .... I ;.L -i. .. .1 . ' . R
",r" unu- hlucksmith shop thereon creeled. Am.
" ci rinin othor tract uf land, beginnirg nt a f d-
gar, thence by lands of M. Bloom S. 10 E I0R
per. to a beech, thence by lands of John Fcriru
son N. 21 W. 100 per. to a beech, thence by hind
of Win. P. M'CToy N. 60 W. 10 per. to a birch,
LK'" .'..
Ing the same premises conveyed by T U Davis
.I...a..a i. n Y I ..'
.. - n ..... . Illul iney be-
Ing the same premises conveyed by T Ii Davis
as per deed recorded in Deed Book M.'pa'ge 812
J- R. HEED, f Keriff.
; Pert- llth, leMI, ... fa. '
, '.'S7 . ,V ,V'7i '.
voih 1. iii m lit i iu v iwnii
i f . .ft. n ( iii'tu lilt l.n pin.ii1 id
I n...,-. l-t in", " I t"ii'm I1' I "f rt-. - i I in mj
i,i, n r..i (Ii. in... 'i"ti l'i hi til, l-r-u,,
i r .lil.o mi'l n't i l " ' liil.-iiu(
mul Kill I" t-t' "iiii"l t'i Hi" '' " ''ii 'i I' .iir
i, I li niHi l l i ii.iniy, t" lio li'l'l HI lli l'Mi,t
hull" III III' '"""IK'I ' l"l n. l-l, MH IIIMilHt
tin. Iflil,, .l.iy i.f N.'ii'iiil'T liflt, f .f nmltltiiut
mi l II"ihi
mir :
Hip If-
Uinriiliiijr urrounl i.f l,i Krhr4
ami liri.rne Mii ir i, .s -jniiinmininri i.i i nun,,,
rlllllll il.-tei.d, lio K- iilnr of Pivid
Krbmd, hue ul hno towrnhlp, I'lptrhebl enug.
ly, ilt-t-riiietl.
'Hie Kiiuil aeiMiuiil nf llmwell t.uther, A lmin.
islrnlnrof I inl ini(iilnr, the (tnutli and rlnt.
1,1-, rigliln anil credili of Jaiuni W, llunlnp, tt,
nf llrudy tnwimhip, l lemfu-ld county, dri-rantd.
The A iiiiiiirtriiliun neroiint nf Marin 1 1 1 1 1 l.urn
in .Maui. In Mutt'i, Adiniiii-lratricei of Mary
Ma'ee, late nf the burounb of t lenrlield, dee d,
T. e dual Administration account uf tlt.nrge W,
Hbocin and l.ydiu Itbeein, Adtn'r mid Adm 1 of
lie rf W. Itbeein, Sr. late of the borough ol
l leiirlield, tleceanetl.
Oct. latli, '6H. JAMES WRIOLEY, Reg'r.
Al'IM'iilt'N NOIIl'l.
In the Oi'hiiu't Court of (Uttrfehi fVanfy,
In he miller of ihc Kulnit nf Samuel AVcaona
lie of 'tan (oiriuAi'y), Clenrfialil County, deed.
And now, to wit, tlic 19ili day of Angina, 1858
on un. tin I, of Lnrriiner A Test, T. J. Mi-Cullough
wan appointed an auditor to uintrihuto tht aru
in the liuuds uf Joaeph Nicholaun, adminiitrator
of llie estate of miid demdent, innoiifr the jmt
cro.litt.ra thireof. Vr Cttrinm.
All perilous will take notice that I will attend
'o the dutiei of the above npiiitinent at my of
fice in tlio Diirou'll of Uleartield, on Snturilny,
the Bill duy of Nuvumher next, at J o'clock P. iii.
uf auid duy, where all persona integrated cun at
tend if thi'y see proper.
Oct. Ilih, 6. T. J. McCULLOUGH, Au,tr.
In the Orphon' Court nf CUnrfeld County.
In the inattcr if the Enlote of Jiieoh Lrim&rd late
nf Ilecenrin tp. Clearji tdrnunty dtcenttl.
ud now, to w't, tho lt'lh day of Entrust 1S5S,
on mull. in in open court, Jua. II. Lurriuier ap.
poiiitod an auditor to investigate and report up.
loll the partial aeeoiint of John W. Wrieht and
Ji--e William, Kxecnttirs of auid decedent, filed
iiS),.May ISth, Sa. I'er Curiam.
! Ail p rsnns intercftcd in the ettlcinent of sail
'account will lake notice that I wil attend to the
lunes ol r.iv iipli.iiiitiiieut nt liiu oOice of Lnrri-
Teat." i-aiur.lav the 1 .tit duv of Novemlwr
next, ut 1 eV-bn-k P. M. of a.iid day, where they
lean iiltend if they ree proper.
I 'is' J- " L.tltltlMEK. Aud,r,
i A O' 1 l7XjTICI
, In the m i.Vc of the. KsLtte of Ahraham lieu
1,',v i,f H i ,
. To M n v if
lo'Ciislitp ut cca-icd.
!, wn. .tv of said decedent, .Snnlh
! (iiiit-rni.-iirit'.l with Manly C. London,) Isaac
i Hess, ltd ca. (intermarried wiih John 1 1 it-
i.y ii, m ,,.,.!,. Mil tint, ( interinarried with
; .In-epli Loud .ii.) lietirge litiss, Sarah, (only
j i-hd-l of A'iraiiiiiii ll -ss jnn. dee'il.) Ahrahain
' Her-. "jiliia. (liili-rin-irr.'-il with Unvitl A",
i ket.i A t xinidi-r llt-ss mul Kos.nnii.i lleas,
iliii. lien mi l grandchildren uf -ni.l decetlent,
mid tu all nlhera interested :
You will lake no
tiee thai at an Orphan's Court held ut Clearfield
! in ami for CuurHcId County, on the 2ith .I.y of
i August lu-t p. 1st, the petilmii .f liiiorgo (less was
i rem l n hereupon mi nioii.ui ,f lea Allorm-y, L, 3.
l ran- Ei. a writ of paililion issued, whereby I
;wus i-niniiiiiu.leil Ilial taking twelve good mid law
i ful im-ii . 1 should go up-.ii the pn iiii-i-s iu said
J pet lion ini-iitioiied, vii : two t-cri t n tr.icta or
I pieces id bin. I situitte in.d ly;ug in II. ,ggs t.nvu-.-li-p
' ciirti.-ld C' unly, ainl ii iving rtf,ic.'t lo the in r . (' upon iht-ii neihs mul ntlirina-
t ii.ri s to mane partition ot sunt real estate to and
I mining tin- in-iis n ml It g I relireseniHlivi-s nf the
I -niil .1-. .- Ii-nl. if llie same can Ii4 parted and di- I .inn. .ul pnjiiilice tu ur spoiling the whole,
j i tln-i w i.-e to uiiike i valuation und appraisement
Itncionf. In ucciirdaiire with the coinmnnd of
jsaid writ. 1 willuii I'liun.liiv the Twenty-first
lay ul iii ioiier A. U. I '.is. on llie premises la
I '
-n " -
UEKH, ShurifT.
Sept. illltll 180S,.
M'.t. vi, Mint i
.1 inns li. Lm.i.a.nh.
In the Court if ('t.
won I'le'it o'CUurliM
liKi.llllt It. .-M1TI1. It. nl.
W. W. Fl.KMI.VO.
I ( utility.
J An
54 .V.i'. Term, 167.
Slliullliill-III Ejeeliuelii for Sll ueres
of land III l'ike lowiishi., Cleartield
county, part of No. il'ilu, botindeil
u n til ea-t bv tlie Ki te luinpiue,
west by Win. M N.uil, Miutii by south ni No. iiiibi, to ciuiipel payineiit
of puieha-ie money,
yu.l now, Nov. Mill. IS.i7, on motion of tV a.
A. Wallace, I'l'tf s Au'y, llie Court order a rule
"" '"""' Vl "t l"e.m 111 mis case,
"r re'iuure.i lor wain oi su rp-
I """
Hv the Court:
tl F0. WALTERS, 'r-tVy.
' J fTl' ' V 1 H'-17 PHOPIIiTY
In pursuance of an Older of the Or
pliant' Court of Clearfield county, granted
at Mav Term, lH.7. there w ill lie exposed
. 1
t0 ,U,0 (im,. !,v outer v, ua the lire.nntrs. on
I ; ,; ' , ' n i t
ii'(.vii7 the .'Ih ilai ol Xoccmlcr, at 2 1. M.(
nil that VAEUAlil.E. SAW-MILL 1'KOP
the Estate of Kit-hard Curry, Sr., deed,
situate in l'ike and Knox townships in
said county, on Little Clew fit Id Creek, about
one mile Lelmc Xiiv Millport, bounded anil
described as follows.: Megining at a
hemlock, coi ner of Win. Kex's land, north
100 perches to npust, ei .-t l'il 1-10 perch
is to post, north 1-1(1 pereheR to post, east
1)4 9-10 perches to post on Fitch A Doyn
ton's hind, south 1; 10 pen-lies to post and
west by hinds of Thompson & Sloppy 216
perclies to liegiiiing. containing lillo acrei
'.'ml 1 12 perches and allowance, and hav
ing a saw-mill in aoul runnimi order, with i
new dam, anil ti Miiiill log house thereon,
and having a large quanhig of valuvble pint
ami oak timber thereon, and ft part of the
land being valualile for farming purposes.'"
Also, all the pine limber standing on 100 orre
of land adjoining the same, now occupied by
Geo. W. Curry, beginning at augur corn,
er of Win. Kex's land. eiut IHl 1-1
lpe,t,es i,v hmtli, of Curry'a heirato ijoa
' ,i. i lii,),.,.f.1, . , i ,i 111)
' Vln to V wfst to posr. una south ho percliea w
hegmning. 1 hu title in indisputable, it
Terms ofSile. One half oil confirmation.'
of the sale, and the balance in one year I
with interest, und to Le secured bv judg-
ment ,Rl lirellliMW. ' ' , ,
WM. HE A', -Atlministratorti.
Nov. 13, 1S5.
. person are lierelijr eoillioneu
Af''nst purchasing or in ' any. way rued-,
dlin? wil11 ''0 following described proper.
tv' ,,ow 'n tne Psession of John V.
Oaoken, of Ferguson tp., viz : olio sorrel
mure, one gray mare 'one wagon, ona
i. oneiitow. one harrow On. .
eon ner I
c "p ,
"""l" ,
I...I1A .1 -I 1 . .. .- IhA
" . T ' . . ""T - n
same belone to me. and havn been left .
with 11,0 Bllid MoCracken Oil loan pnl.i
aubiect to my order. 1
Sept. -'''. -V.