Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, July 01, 1853, Image 4

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    Xsff.PocKßT., BooK.r-SccHc First.—A
6 ur touhd e cl by' hiS
liiehfs," w)i6 are jesting' with; Mm" regara.
' n Cs^f?^" tirtns ~ o a young lady.; 1
■ vjk*: l .®' - u Beo J cure nothing for, the
it is the old man’s pocket .book that
t’mifiarl” ' . ", ';■
Chorus of Friends.--* Hh! hi.
Sato Second.— A- parlor. Timo 11 P.
.. Tfpung lady settled.; Young gent ri-
depart. Hesitates as if bashful anc
‘hep* slowly remarks:
‘jMiss Matilda, oxpuso mo,but you must
hcittware that my'f/oqucnt visits—my-at*
tehtioos— rcunnot havo been without an
object—’ 1
YbungZdify.—'Hih, yes] so I’ve hegrd,
••nd shall only bp too happy to grant what
ydu'dbsifo. [ Takes from the table a par -
unfolding it, displays a large, old
fashiditeddndempty, moroccOpocket bools,]
mi .have been informed is that'object.
Pqrrnit mo to present, and congratulate
you that you will have no further occusion
lo rerietv these visits and attentions.”
Young gent swoons. ;
A California Lawyer.— R. A. Lock
wood, Esq., formerly of Indiana, but now
residing IQ California, was recently sued
for debt. The following plea, filed by him
fliows that California leads the column
Rufus A. Lockwood, ar/s. Elkanah H.
Hodges, The said defendant, for plea and
answers to the co.mpluint of said plaintiff,
on hi,s behalf, says that he never intends to
payilho said plaintiff “u rod cent” ofltho
*om iof money claimed in said complaint,
unldVs pnd until, (should such unlooKcd
tors event Over happen,) the said dofendent
sluril have more monoy than ho knows
wljiiit lp dd with or how to disposo of oth
erwise; and should the plaintiff succeed in
getting said money otherwi'3o or soonor,
'he said defendant will be glad to bo nd
vised thereof.
Whfew&re the said defendant, (in lieu
of the prayer for judgment in such cases,)
oay3 “let. her rip.” R. A- Lockwood*
: In proper person.
Buckley, in ono ofhis lectures,
mdd6 use of an illustration:—Molding a
disclose to his eyes with ono hand, and
a fialf dollar at some distance with the oth
er, said be, “now I cannot see the half dol
lar with this eye, for the dime is so close
;t my vision. So it is with man
kind;,, in, their eagerness to save one dol-
ISri thpy ofien lose sight of the fifty with
in their reach. This is a very apt illustra
:ion of the benefits of advertiejpg. In sav
fng r dhe dollar,for advertising, dealers ofien
fuij[ to ' secure a customer, whose trade
would be worth perhaps hundreds of dol
lars to, them. Sotno merchants hold up
thq,dimn.iso close that they cannot see the
hplf dollar they might obtain.
OCTSomo exchango paper illustrates
f b'e'advhntago of a “division of labor” by
the following anecdote :
, Ascertain preacher was holding forth
to a 1 somewhat wearied cogregation, when
ho “lifted up his eyes” to the gallery, and
beheld a youngster pelting the people be
low with chesnuts. Dominie was about
to administer ex cathedra, a shnrp and
Stringent reprimand for this flagrant act
of impiety’ and disrespect, but the youth
nnticipating hiip, bawled, out at the top of
hi* voice—
, 'Fbw mind your preaching daddy, and
Til keep ’em awake!
OvTA Scotch parson in his prayer, said,
"Laird btess the king,'the grand council
S then parliament, and grant that they
“lilthg together.” A country fellow
replied. “Yes, yes, with all
tfty.Jicart, and the sooner the better—and
Lapp sure it is the prayer of all good peo.
pie.’* “But friends,”’ said tho parson, “I
don’t) me4n as that fellow does, but pray
that t{iey may all hmig together in accord
add Concord.” No matter what cord, re
pljjsd tbe other, “so ’tis hut a strong one.”
A Word ro Boys.—-Boys, did you evor
IWrilt lliat this great world, with ull its
wSalth !.and woe,„with all its mines and
Ps)iiAt4inS, its oceans, seas and rivers, with
its ahippiog, railroads and magnetic
H^W5 ra Pli s i! , w ith all its millions of men,
MW-ioll tho 'seienco and. progress; of ages,
wllf'eoon bo given over to tho hands of tho
boys of the present age? It will bo so,, and look abroad upon your in
htritpnce, and get ready to enter upon your
/hiwMioh?-- ..
buck of the soap lock or*
d9r.yirho.w9re an unshaven face, because
pwcwd* “it looked foreign,” lately accost
cd.jafoYankee as follows 6ay, fellow,
*>nw individuals think I am a Frenchman,
nndsome take me for an Etnlyenn—now
ifrHat do you think I am?”' “i think you
'pm % darned foal!" replied Jonathan.
7 <p"A man’s spirit depends a good deal
dn' the wav he moves. Rushing along at
jlw rate of a. million a minute, and your
MltSafions will becomes as buoyant as the
Cfobk markef. Substitute for this the in*
animate crawl of a canal boat, and in less
than an hour your soul will feel as if it
were laboring under foriy-two fifty-sixes
ftpd c supper of pigs’ feet. ' ' :
: A looker on at a gaming table hav
(tigobserved one player very grossly chea*
tthg a pother, took the Vpigeon” aside
WoF;;«ttid» ‘‘Good hevens J have you not
observed how villainous that man has
jbeen packing thecardsf?” the other smi-
answered, “Pray* don’t bo undOr
the least concern!about that; 1 intend to
pick his pocket os soon as he |ias done
playing ' .
•Tsostiko IN Pbovidence.—A Writer
tiays: “Ihriew an excellent old lady who
always dates from the time thejr horse ran
away: to be sura it was a remarkable
tfrsgira, and she used to remark, in descri
bing it, that she put the firmest reliance in
roVidence till the breeching broke, and
ten shp gave 1
applied to
thieisting of a pee,' will;stop the painjnpne
fhinute,, and‘prevent it-frohi'swelling,‘'Pin
tip. faet • P vSOVrt q trie r’s,’ M ae.
M if Iff W A 0 f‘O S Y s
THANKPUI* for theflborol p.uronntfg Uu hftiherttofora
tecnivwl, r - s;ieoilally unnouncM to thn rmblta iha* ha
bn* rrmovfcd rohit new shop on tho nlley.intbo ronrtd'Mer
rt>!i*« Hotel, when ho la woll d with stock, and it wull
nmoared 111 l all orders for ‘
Copper, Tin, Sheet-Iron awl Japanned
, - Ware, .
AsOREAP rind a* HOOD m can bo found in any country
town la tho interior of the Btalo -
Old Brass and Copper
Wili be* taken at the btuho-tt price* u exchange for work or
w*r«. .
dono to order, v
Olevnold.’May 4.1833,
A Great Rush at the Cheapest Corner.
H I). PATTONI, llasja'l rctarnod from the Enstem Oi«
* ties, with a Frwu und sptvnditu jusortotuiit of Goods,
oouiiitlng ia uett t\i ......
'©©TT <B(b<©©S 0 '.'
.adlei and Gentlim**'* Dress Goods; Cloth*, f’njtlmore*
and Y»'iUDe*. - n'it*,v-Qi'i,Uoiinct»ncd6lKKi
Sills and Cashmere Shawls, Hosiery,
Trimmings and Notions, <s-c.
Huidwaro, (H&u. Paints md Dili, fehuet Iron Ziqo, iron
Nolls and spikes. OROUEKIEtf AND K‘HH, Odnrwaro.
Vicwero, Looking Glares, Clock* ned 3addl«ry.. Rook* and
Htal onsry'. Dntifi and Patent Medlciar-L COok Stoves; Two
iioriO Wagons. &ad every cthef articioaiually found lo a
Country Fiore.
Flonse call at the CHEAPEST CORNER, end examino my
slock, before purchasing ctowliDro,
As I am determined to sell at Wholesale
or retail, cheaper thunnnyother establish
ment in the county.
M«rur mr
A o Eff o IHC EIL Ea S
reii-eottnlly infortn hisfitoads.and tliopoblic
v V genetaliy, Uiat be still ooutiuues to attend lo all calls
Rental Operations*
At hiscClce adjiißinsr lira dwi*lll=ff. «n the b»ron«h
Geld. He in«y he louod At r.otily all ti uc« in his stoto lu tl;o
wett«ndol t.ia Xanwoa homo
Arliticin! Teeth
Imerted on Plata or Pivot, aad wurran cd to give entire tails,
melton. /
EXI'KACTING TEETH dono without danger to tbapi
tirnt. «nd hat little p.ilu
Teeth HL.LED and CLEANSED ia a proper and sclentif.
id manner.
day 5. 13?&.
RESPEOr'*TTLLY annoonco to theciiixanaof Cloaifiold
oonntv that they aro mnnoraotaiing > •
Ini the borough of Carwenavitle. at tbaOld Foocdry, where
ell work to their lino will be done ia tha very beet manner,
and on the most favornblw term*.
A inperior article, will also be mannfaotnred and sold cheap.
ALSO—AiI iIEPAIIUNO done to order on ihu shor'rst no*
ttec. j y D.MUMrilk,
Curwcnsvllle. May 3m—pel. '
Valuable Real Estate.
BY Vlrlooolan order of the Orphans" Court of Clearfield
ooauty, gituited ut t’cb.oary term, lady, there wli'be
expoaed to POULIO SALE, at tha •*Ueccarta WuH. M in
ClearlKld iounty, oaSATUHOA Y THE
PHlttil) I)AY OK test, the following des
cribed I'lbt/L Ob LAND, fitnate in the said totvnsldpof
LecoAne, i&to the estate ol JOUN VV, MILLER, deoeosod,
ALL tho iuleraitorsaid deocarsd of, in and t-) EIGFITY"
NINE ao;e»lP4 perches of tend, tiiustoin saidtownihiuof
Beop&ria. tMivg paitofa larger tract tathenameof William
Hail, beginaiag at a whlieoofcitnmp, tbcscoeost IS4 perch*
eitoa hem.oca, thenoe noith cl perclmt to a white oak.
thence by loud of John Henry Abbot degrees west 1M
perobestoapost, theuossouth 8 decrees wot bylandofTbos.
WU*<>u W irarches to the piaca of beainning bounded by
iamls of Anroe Weld. Jacob Myers, John LUnlneraou Uard.
man Philips, belug ueimorovej Isn i. well calculated fora
small farm. Toe soil is of a Kood quality, and has some tim
ber on it.luiiabln for Lumbering purpuras.
Doe atuudanco will be given on the day of sale by the ad*
One ha.rcashonthecoadrmaiionof ilia sale, and the rest*
oaeiuoeeyear toboseenred by judgment bond and most*
face, Hr order ol the Court.
. . LEONALD WELD. Adm’r.
June 3.1853.
r ‘J' , HE tubrerlben oflor for sole u valuable tract or unlmprb-
X vet land known q» the MAMIJCL KL3I tract. belonging
to tho olute of (I. HEAVY decM..aod PATRICK GAL
LAGHER, eduu.e on tuee&st side ol C'earlieid Creuk, to
.Wo t' «u.A towuihip Oleurfi* Id county, adjoining said creek,
and ’amis of Lain wtUon. Joseph Best ana Win. Alexander,
and about nine mi e» above CWiriioid Bridge, gold land ha*
A large quantity of limber thereon , and a
portion of it is well adapted to farming,
and contains 450 acres and allowance.
For further particular* aopfjr to
Hogb l*eavy, deo'd, o; PATRICK GALLAGHER. Clear’d
Uearlfeid. June 3, l&ij —tit,—pu.
rpHB EXBauaLS UF THltt I.v&TITUTION were re*
X oocned on MuNDAY, the 36ui lost,, under the charge
ofJAMEU BIDDLE GlJlibuN. A. U. 1
lneotjcctof the T-mtoos is to plaoothe Academy upon
tho fuoimr con'emolatod by tiie original founders ot tho In
stitution, by cuering to the yonthof Cloirlield county, op*
p-rtuci ie»of itceivip* the btrefitofa
Thorough English and Classical Education,
As well as uie 1 muuuines or Ruuimentary Instruction.
Rates ofTufitiois
fling Reading, Writ-Djr, Bpeiliog. Arithmetic,
Geography; English Grammar ana history, per
qafittar * gs 00
Wj?~ Pupils dojlrnniof acquiring the moiWa fuaiuogei
vrdi o« aflofded laciluiei to do so, npon making application
to the Principal.
Uy order of Uia Board of Trustee i.
J. 13. MoENALLV.Beo’y,
ClearfiolJ. April 30, IBSJJ.
OP WEN6VR.bE, w'ooM inform the laiiei pfeienr
conorr. that ibe ha, |u\t icconeii a larjo Cad lull
lutoumcotol Suilne
r HaflEnmsury' , ©®i©(3lQ s
CumiitlD* of RUTLAND HR\Ii).BONNETS. wipOLE.
Silks, Ribbons, Capes, linings; Illusions,
FRENCH FbOWBBB, and every variety of triuioi.
lor*. Persons sending orders from u distance shall have thorn
immediately attended to. AM repairing done la the n&aieit
and best possible manner, and on the shortest notice.
CuTweniville, May 30. 1853.-#3ra. E.A.W.
'TMlEundertlgned would respectfully annonocoto their cue*
X tomers and pat ons generally, that they have commeoo
•d business open the “READY PAY 11 system, bslGving it
to be tbe best system.—lst., became there will be oo bad debts
to be paid by taxing, those who ate willing to pay, as is too
much tbe case under the credit we can
soli onr stock lower than on credit, because we can make our
return sooner, and thus there will bean silvan tage to the sell
eras well as the buyer.—We iuteni keeping constantly on
hand* •food assortment ofLEVTUEK. snob as ttpan. Sole,
Upper. Kips, and Ualktii (si. Harness Leather Shilling,&o
For whlo'i.wo will taSeinexcbaofe-ttbshinhe.tinarsetpii
ccs. ail kind* of country produce. sooh as GRAIN of every
description, fleef-hldei, Calfskins, lumber, Tlarh.Tslfow.
bo., andeten a little oash would come very handy. We will
also, furnish customers with itndf; made Boot? and Shoos,
Gpara, Harness. Collars, Bridies, Lines,Badules&o„ on short
notice, and at the same priors whioh they wonldbaveto pay
the aanufaoiartrsif they bought orthem. Harness makers.
phoomakers, und others, will plaaso call and examine our
stook. May 8U 185a-Hm. JOHN EUS3ELL & CO.
Estate of Henry Rile, Sr., dee'd.
l» HBREBV GIVEN. Tha»L»lU>r«orAdmtii.
All persons Indebted to said es-
U ““J? 0 .wowt to Ui» ,nDiciiba/i.
ci,..fi4 B« fy. m.' ®
V ';*»
H. P. PATTON. Carwenivllle,
vff r H ATEVERoonccrni the health and happiness of a p«o
V V pis It atall times hr tha most volunbla importanco, : 1
iako It for granted thatoveVy person wiil ddail In tholr power,
tovavathe lives of their chl)dr6n,nndtl)Ulevtry pertoo will«-u
-deavor to promote their own health otatiiaoniicav. 1 feel it
lobe Wpdal/to solemnly assfaro yon that' WcßfilS. accord,
imr to the opinion ol tbemosrce'ebratt'd Pliyiloinni. aro ihe
primary cantoa of a large majority or dlioasea tu svhlnh cnif.
dreu ond a* nits nre li&nio; if yon bavoan appetite cnotlne*
ally changeable fr>m ode kindot food to another. Bnd urcnlh..
Puin lo the Btomaoh, picking at tha Nose. Iltutlneu and tml*
n »s ol t ho Holly. Dry Gmnrh, Blow Fever, Patio Irregular—
romenrbsrihut rill the*e denote WORMS, and you should at
onQS apply t»»eremedy:— •
An artiole loandqd apon BoieutiGu Principles,oumDoonded
with yutely vegetuble sahiianc.-s,. being peileody safe when
taken, apd can ho given tj im mo-tleader lolant. with dec!,
ded boncGcint rlleot wherobowel.Complolnuand Dlarrrcoa
hivve made them tho Tonio propemoipr
my WormSrrßporo snob thkt ititunds without an equni in
the catalogue or medicines, in giving tone nnd strength to
theHtomaoh. which makes it nn InlHihhle remedy lorthoso
olHictui with D/inotia. the astonishing ouroa performed by
this Hymn niter Physicians have failed, is the host ovido&co
ofusiupeiloralllokoy over oil tothori. •
'Fhc Tape Wos'iss !
Thi*is themostdifficult Worm to destroy of nil that infest grows to an almost Imlolimte lennth,
hocoming so coiled and faitonod io the lotestlnrs ana Btom
noli ofloctinx tho health so sadly at tu cause £t. Vitas Dnnco.
Kill, <sto., that thobo ntflioted seldom if over inspect that It H
Tapn Worm hastening them to an early grave. In orderto
riomoythit Worm, a very cuergcUo Ireatmeot mustbepnr
sard, It would thortioro beprot>er to*akedprBot my Liver
I'ills so a« to romovelallobitraotlons. that the Worm Syrup
may act direct open tho Worm, which most be taken in doses
ni ‘J TablesimonlnlltS times a dsy. Theta directions followed
have nevor been knowu to fail in curing the most obsliaato
caso of Tape Worm.
EHolbensac-k’is Lives* Pills.
Nopartof.tho syiiom is more liable to d ebase then tho
LIVEK-*it iorvmg as a flUcror to purify the blood, or giving
tho prouer»*cretion tolbo bile—so that any wrong action of
the Ever efl'ectstheolhatlmporutnt parts of the system, and
results vntiouily in Liver Cc-mohiot, Jaundice. Lyspops o,
ftc. \Veshould, tbereforo, watch overv syropicmthat might
iniliaacH n wron • action orthe Liver. Those Pitts beins com
puted of HOUTd oml PLAftTri furnished by naturo to heal
ttiosiak Nnrae.y, Ist. AnEXPECTTUIIAN*!’, w.bfch aug.
montt tho soorelioa from tlio Palraonary mucus mombrnno. or
proihotos the dischargeolseoretod matter Ud. An ALTER*
ATI VE. which chnr.gos in some iuoiplicable and tnivnsible
munnor the certain morbid notluuof thesystcu dd. A T(>*
NtU. which gives torn* and strength to thsncivous system,
lonorvmc iteaitii aud vigor to all pnrts of tho body. 4th. A
UATII AIVnC. which acts in perfect harmony with the other
inurcdionti, nnd opomtiug on the Dowels, nml expelling the
whole massefoorruptana vitiated matter, end purifying tho
Wood, which destroys disease and rostores health.
Yon will Gud tito.e Pills an Invnloalilo mediclno In many
complaints to which you are subject. In ibstrnotions eirhot
lot*» nr potiial. they have been found ot inestimable benefit—
reitorieg their functional arrsneemenii lo a healthy action—
puiifying the blood ami otner fluhls soetlootually as tu ptitto
flight oil complaints which may mite Irens fumalo meaulari
lie;, as Ueadaohe, Giddinois, Dimness of Sight, Pam In the
aide. Hack. 6io.
Nono geuaino unless signed J. N. HOUENSACK—niI
otbitri b'.iiigbaio Imitation*.
OF* Agents willing new snpplios. and Storo Keepers desl
rou» of bccominir Agents must addruss uo Prupneior, J. N
tiubeuisck.Pbilaaelohla, Pu-
Agents in Clearfield county.
Wa'll-ACE K im.1.3 CfaatflaM.
0 D- VVAT'-SUN,. do.
H. ARNOLD ...i.athenbarg.
E UEaTPY Hrldeport.
McHKIDriM WHIGHT Corwensvillc.
3 fc H. D PAiToN do.
bTEVENBONttCO Marysville.
And Dr every respectable Dealer ana Merchant ia the
county anUßtft’o
(K7"Prico, cnch 25 cents
4,22311:t2M. k..M.
Established 18 yearn ago hy Dr. N. W
corneroiTliird und Union streets, between
Spruce and Fine sta., Philadelphia.
EIGHTEEN yearsol*extensive and uninteriupted practice
soent ia this city, have rendered l)r. K. tr.e most expert
ami iQocessfnl priigtitloner, far and near, in the treatment of
all diseases of a private nature. Fo sons afilioied with oloers
on tho body, throat or legs, pans n«heh«*Ador bones, mer.
cureal rbenmetfim. strictures, gravel, disease* arising from
youthful excetsesbr Impunlies of the b oorl whereby the con.
stirution has become enlesbled. are all treated with success.
Ho who puces himteil under Uiecnreof Dr. r* li
giouily contidein his honor ns a gon'Ueman.ond'oonGuentiy
rely upon hLsalllas a pbyiloiao.
YouogmLMi who have Injarad themsolvei by ao*rtaln prac
tice Indulged in—a habit frequently learned from evil com
panions at schorl; the effects ol which aro nightly felt, even
when asleep, and destroy both mind and body, should apply
immediately. Weakness and Cvntutationnl debility, lasso!
roaicot&r eaergy.. physical lassitude and general prostration,
irritability and all nervous alfealions, indication, slucalm
nei« ot the livrr, and every disease in any way connected with
iheduorde* olth* procreativedunctions cuted. and fail v.gor
restores. ,
A Vigorous Life, or a Premature Death.
Kinkelin on Self-Preservation—Ouly 24 cents.
This 'took jastpublished Is lillaJ vrilb Useful ioformatloU, on
the infirmaiie* and tlisvasei of the (lenemtivoOrgans. U ad
dressea itselt alibo to Yonlh, Manhood and Old Age. and
should be read bv'all.
The valuable aivtcoand impressive warning it gives will
provtutyears of mucr/nmltutJerrag, -ad save annually thou,
snoot of lives,
I'arooU by reading it wiillearn how to prevent the deslruc*
ion of their Children.
•**A remittance of 23 cenL.enclnto'l in o letter, addressed
to l)r. KIaKKMN. N. W. ooruor of Thirl and Union streets,
between Spruce and Pice* KbiiadeMhia. will ensure a book
oudti cover psrroturn mail.
Pertons Bin distance may cddrcis Dr. K. by letter, [post
paid.J and be cured at boom.
Facßiges ot Medicines, Directions. Crc., forwarded hy send
ing a rtmnunco. und put up itourefiom damage or curiosity.
Uook.gtiUers, News Age >u, Podleri. Canvassers, aiul all
others suppliod with Uie above work at very low rates.
Fifty iiom.uib forfeit-dr. hunter will
forfait SCO ifiailing to cure any cue of secret disease that
may come oncer lm cute, no raatUr how long standing, or
how sfijictiatf. Eilliur £ex a e invited to lite Private Rooms
JSNorth Fevealh street Fhliudelphia without fearot inter
ruption itorn other pat-enls. tltroriKcrt and others who have
oetm unfortunate in the selection of aFhysiciau aroinvtted
IRiFOTENCY.—Through omottraihed indol vnnen in the
pQtnutis. by excess or seliJibuto the evils are mime oui.—
t'rcmatoro Impotoaoy, involuntary seminal discharges, wait,
lug or Iheorg.tat. lust of mommy, n dittos ofor female sociey,
geneml debility, or constitutional derangement, aiesureto
fallow If nuoessary. ootisultlho Douror with confidence.—
ileolfers a perfeotcure.
READ AN l) R&FLECT.—The efllictad would do well to
reflect before trutliau their health, happhieis, and in many
cases their Uves, In the imodt of tihysiclnns ignorant oi this
clauot oiHiadtui. Ills cerLainly irupostiblo lor ono mao to
undoritand •II thellisthehumao family are subject to. r.vo
ry retpeblnbie Phvsioian has his oeoudar branch, in which he
is miirosnccmitul than bis brother proleuors, and totliatbe
dovotsi most ornist me end study,
YEAttrt OF t'HAUTIUE. eicloiively cfrvottd to tho study
and trcatmcntofUiteaieiofthe sexual organs, together with
ulcers upon the body, thrnit. nose oilers, pains in the head,
or bones, mercurial rheumatism, gravel, irregnlaii
lies, uueaies arum* from youthful excesses, or Impurities of
the blood, whereby tho constitution has b«oomeenfeebled,
enable* tho Doctor to offer speedy relief to all *hu m*y place
tbemtclves under his care.
Medicine forwarded to any part of the United States.—
rnoe £• ive and Ten Dollars per package.
I* Wholesale and Relall Grocery, s
s IS2sia?cp£ts3'oa' s
N y-S-V'.'J.y,., miilo arran,.meni* toonrry on S
s aaelrma t (he subsonber will conilnce to seep at the £
S ??, r 1 n *L 0 ! 1 i. , * r^»'“l. 6^«i, *.n®ar.thoPENN.RAlL /
t. .af°l <»mnleto nnortmentol ?
s DN,NAILS.DHiSnrAuir,and all the leading ar. t,
S f’plbsinirade.—Thankful for oast favors, he would ask l
l bis old pairooi to give him o call, as ho is prepared to ?
? seflat prices that oantotfnillo please. - >
S February la, iSS3,—ly. J.R.EBY. S
, To Mill Ownei’s,
h,» »ppoint«;l 1' K. CARTER, of
1 [or thesalo of CAktlngs, who will
receive bills lor all kinds of Mill Gearing, and older mttchim*
ry.. rcrioDs desirous to contract will do well tocallandex
*s?o®talo*aeof Patuigne,' ana tpecimenaof tho work,
beiero making engagements elsewhere. Castings will bade*
ilyerad,it dptired, at Clearfield, and warranted to bumndeof
aood material, and flnish/d in a workmanlike manner, JUtav
ing in inntiing order hIVE tiuperior Lathes, ondotfmrcna
emoery m tbe same proportion, employing none but tbo best
workmen, using the very best Tig fron nud Coal, with many
other advantages, he flatters himself that hi* work wiJlbodono
as well os In the best city shops, od j on tha shortest notice,
i'orparticulars, call on Mr. CARTER, Agent.
Mn.k4.un~l, NATO AN MVERB.
Attention Regulars !
~%rOV will meet for parade drill, at tho
JL I'owu the Borough of Clear*
field, on
The 4th day of July next, at
lOo’clock, A. M.
.Each tnembor. will pmvido himself with
Ten Rounds ofblanh Cartridge, and bojin
io punctually at the hour, with - bisiarma
and equipment! in good order.
■ By order o! Cap. Wallace.
, . . D. T: ETZWILER, O, S,
. June JO, 1803; j
A Journeyman Cabines.Mafotr. ,
Pljiatlmntediaun' to j6)W GUUCB?MwIi.MBB.ifI
'■■■■■■«' ForMijßent.
Piitol u» otißAßrfgf.n '<n»nttuv.
pniiiM,itpin».in& 't^'j^*®*?* l **
milE Bubiorlher wopld Inforratho cltlimi orcioarr.eld
count,. and thapublia gaoataj)/. that hahu JUST he»
CfeIVED. and KNOW OPENING, at tha Biorahonis fot
raeilroodopied by Wlnrfe G«tohd, nt Morrltdala, a '
Largey Splendid tj* Cheap
Assortment of Goodi, consutlng of every style and quality of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, Cut •
; lery, Hardware, Boats, Shoes and
Bonnets, Confectionary,
Clocks Watches.
ALSO, a largo and well selected stock of
Ready-Made Clothing, Drugs tj* Medi
cities, fyc., tyc.
tnibortail kinds of Gooas usually kept In a Country Store.
Alioftvhluh helfdoterrolncrifosoirClrcAPEßTliAN EV
Monlidale, Nor; 10,1851
Montellus Brother & Ten Eyck.
'OEy leave to Inloim Choir trends and the public generally,
* nl ® partnership with thsra.BKNJ,
IIAUfoIIQRN, who having purchased the store formerly
kept by Wm, 11. rtloom, and having united It with thefr
own. mo now doing business on a mote extensive scale under
the title of
Where llioy ara mepared to .ell all klndiof
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queens
ware, Tin Ware, Hats, Caps, <J-c.
And would call particular attention to their nook of BOOTS
and SUOKS. as thoy keep asetoflhemortexperienced hands,
ami am prefared to do any kind of work! n that line of busi
ness. TfioF also keoo a largo and well assorted stock of
ilniPepiin. wrighi’a Indian Vegetable I’llli, and all other
Medicines usually kept (n fcoeumry storo.
OurweniviJle, Fob. lfl, IBOU.
Machine, Pattern and Blacksmith Shops,
' (DflaffSaamj ]Pa,
THK .undersigned would ennouaco to the citizens of
Clearfield, and adjoining counties, that tin has opened a
toora on Second strict, id the borough of Clearfield, near the
store of Leonard fit Moore* ivh»ro he intends keening a
to be roadeof the best material, and at price* that cannot fail
to piease. The following iho stock on hands:
Wood or Coal This Stove has probably the largestiotro
duction of any other formot staves. It hat superseded in
ulnr»tevery county, tho well known Hathaway and Zieg.
ler stoves. It Is easily understood, and the (loos being so
krraoged that all can be oltnncd without any tumble. Toe
peculiar form apd construction is such as to reader it tbs
most durable of all stoves. Numerous testimonials coaid
be odded, bat it is (learned naceceuanr.t
to f LO
I’AItLOK BTOVE9—for nithorwood or cool.
EGG do
NINE & TEN PLATE Stores—very choap.
MANTLE GRATES, with summer piece*. A targe variety
nnd inferior finished GiMes I rom Ifi to 2S inches.
COMMON GKVfES, allsizes.
COB wnrraeie t to grind 1$ Bos. harrper hour,
Bt.ACKf-Mmi TUYKRKS. the best la me ; do. MAN
Togetnci w;./r the usual vnnety of articles kept at Foundry
Also, Made to Order,
GRIST aul SAW-Ml I. L unAUING-hav.n* deddedlr Hit
largest stock, aad best variety ot natferesor any establish
meat in western Pennsylvania ; MILL DOGS. SHAFT
ING—large end small.nfcast or wrought iron, HANGERS,
DRUMS and PULLiES; Rose and other approved Water
Constantly on hand and Tor sale,
Aaril/.ed Horow, with any desired namVrof threads to
thniacb, eitkertq <are or V thread.
Brass, Cooper, and Uubbett's AlotAl Casting* made to order.
Nathan mvkim.
March 4. tSoJ-ly.
JF CDSi 6£3 52a 123 o
Attention, Lumbermen!
oflei lor sale one of Georgs Pago's Second
With an 18 Hone Power Engine attached, ail now audio
complete running order, having lx»eu bought nod untupir
June lad. situated about d index from (laid Ragle Fpmuco.
en.l abort half u n»r© trom toe in'npik** leading U»m Raid
Earle Furnace to Pbilipibnre. Raid Mlil will cutb.COoteet
in Tea hon e.
They will also sol! thtir Block of IIORBEB, Siedt, Chains,
so . if vvauteJ.
tor »aruculsrv, apply to C. K.Martc, althaMill, or to J. L
cnntfz at Raid Laxlo Furnace. Any perton can see the mill
n lull operatjou now.
tVc«mh*rß. 1853.
THE subscriber most respectfully inroimi fheoit'zeas of
Clearfield county, and fho travelling noblio generellr.
that bobu* taken the above named HOTEL situated on tba
corner of Front and Market streets, m the borough of Clear*
ni*I*l* where he pill nt ml timts be prepared to accommodate
those who may lavor him with their custom. Ho paint will
be spare I by the nroiirietor tomake bis customers comfortable,
UDd hit home a HOME to those who may stop with him.
H'tSTARLE will becatotullf attended to—and hit TA
BLE end BAR lapplled with iho ben tho market will afford.
4 4 „ , uen WM. J. HEMPHILL.
A nonet 11,
Septa. 1852.—1 f.
Bootfc sundl Sib©© MsiMimgj
IjiRAPCIB dHOItTi t especially announces to the public.
to »oofa bmlnew at CLEAR
HELD BRIDGE, in tbe new building occupied by John
Condo, on the wett tide of the hreeg, where bo will maouf&o*
turn BOOTS and £HQEa. of all kiudi, and at fair prioci.on
tbethorteit notice, and In the very best manner.
Give SHORTY a call. June 4,1853.
EtaglaiMi Whipped,
Tariff or iio Tariff.
THE subscriber intends keening on hand a large assort
ment of IKON and NAILS. whloh he will sell on the
most reasonable terms, atthe J roo and Foundry store, adjoin
ing Leonard & Moore.
Clearfield, Deo- 6, IBM, h ' B ‘ OARTER ' A*«*.
©aMn&©4 <Sk ©^afiir-MeiMßag,
WOULD re.pKtfall, ib.citizen.ofO'ear.
kinaiol' Btt " v,omlty * bow manufacturing all
Ill.ibop I, iltoated oa Market .treat, between Third and
work -in hli ino will be made “ 2
B 1 VLB, and on the moitPAVUIiABLETisKMd
aod-Qa the .horteet notice. ■ ■
tyCOFFINB made to ordtron notice.
- - ’ ■ . . 'December S. IBW.-tr.
fHIIIE subscriber, thankful for past favors, rea.
It pectfully informs hi* custoraers.&nd the public
generally, that he has removed hisehop to the builv
dingoyorAhe Post Office, lately occupied by R. F.
Ward.ondibat be will be there found at oil limes
"on hand'to supply hie customers, Unlikesomeof
htßcotomamrics, ho is unable to promise that his
"m ,ho mos ‘ approved stylo of 'Anti
qu ity, but will mauretheromade according to the
JMtest Fashion of more modern days.
CtettTfield, April 1,1851;
Cnpy pl.a LoUerfrotn Mr, K. \V. Kirkus, Chctni&l,
7. Pfescoi ‘srcel, Liverpool, (Ehglani),} dated Gth
Juno, 1651. , ' ;
To Professor HOLLOWAY, . • •
SlR—Vour PilU and Ointmont haveitood the hlfhetton
ourialehrt of Proprietary Aledioiqet for come, rears.-A cus
tomer. to whom lean refer for any eriqofnpi, desires trie to let
you know thopartioularsof ftercaro. tine bad been troubled
for) ears with a disordemd liver, and bad digestion, On the
last however, the virulent* of the aUaol wa* to
alarming, and tho Inflamraaiionjist in so severely* that doubts
were entertained of ber not being able to bear op, under it;
fortunately the was induced to try your JPUIs, ana she Informs
me that after the first, and onohsacoeediDg din e.shohad great
relief, Bbe continued to take thorn, ann aitheugh she used on
ly three Boxeti’lieik sow la theenjdymantof perfect health.
1 could have tout you many more coirs, but tboabovo. Irom
the Homiiy of the Att»ok, and tho Speedy Care, l think,
•peaks much la favor of your aitpnishlnff Pills.
(Signed) It. W. KIRKUS.
Copy of n Loner in tho Hobart Town (Jourter,of
-tho Ist M.urch, 1851', by .Major J. VValcti.
Margaret M'Connlgan, nlueUan years of tie. residing at
Now Town, imd been inhering from a violent Uheamatlo Fe
ver for upwards of two .months, which had entirely doprived
herofUiffuio ot her limbs; during this period the was under
the care ofthe moitemioeut medical men la llobait Town,
nod by them her cate was considered hopeless. A friend pre
vailed upon hitnto try Holloway's celebrated Fills, whioh she
consented to do, and man Incredible short space of time they
ellected a perfect cure.
From Alo>Bra,Tbow & Son, Proprietors of tho Lynn
Anverliser, who con vouch fur the following
sluiemonf. August 2nd, 1851.
To Professor HOLLOWAY. . , ' •
SUi— I desire to btrai testimony to toe good effects ofHo lo
wey's Pills. For seme years X soirerod severely irom a pain
ana tightness *n the stomach whioh was also accompanied by
asboitiiessofbreatb.lhat prevented mofrora walking about.
I am tig years of age, and notwithstanding my advanced state
of life, these pills nave so relieved me. that 1 am desirous that
others should be made acquainted with their virtues. 1 am
now rondarod. by their means, comparatively active, andean
take exercise without Inoonveslencecr pain, which I could
nut do before.
(Hignud) HENRY COE* North street, Lynn. Norfolk.
Thcso colobrotcd Pill* aro wonderfully efficacious
in tho following complaints:
Agne Fevers ol.alTkinds Boro Throats
Asthma Fits Stone and Gravel
Dillons Complaints Gout Secondary By n»p*
D otohee on thvßliia Head-acne toms
Dowel Compiuinta indigostloq Tic Dolourent
Colics Inflammation Tumors
Coni'ipntiou of theJaundioo (Doers
Dowels Liver Complaints Venereal Afflictions
Consumption Lamuago Worms ot ail aimis
Debility Piles Weakness tr*m
flropiy Rheomaiisra whatever oause.
Ijrseatrr Kotentionof Urine Sic.. So.
Erysipelas Scrofula, or King's
Female Irregularities Evil
Sold at the Establishment of Professor HOLLO WA Y. 344.
Strand (near Temple Uar, (.ondoa,) and by a:t respeotabi»
Drarglsu and Dealers in M-dicinct throughout the British
Frupue, an* of those of the Uuitcd Blates.ln Boxes at S7}£o.,
870 . and SI bl’c each. Wholesale by tho prlrcipal Drug
houses in the Uuiou, and by Me»sr .A. D. tt D. BANDS,
New York. -
North Second Sirwt, Phllade'olda,
Wnolesole Axeau lor Ponosylvama.
... .There is a cotulderubie saving oy taking the largest,'used
Buie*. ' /
N. if—Pircc.bnsforthe guidance of patients in esery dis
order are affixed to each Dux;
Oo ober Ist., 1853 —ly.
Valuable Krai Bistate
fit M M M
THE «ulncrlbeis,iu beliQlfoflhoheirsof Conrad Wire, fate
of Pike township. Clearfield county deceased, ctfer ot
PRIVATE following desaribcd well knuwuaod
valuable REAL ESTATE, consisting of
A FA KM OF 106 Acres,
S’.toato In Pike townsnip, Cloaifield coaotf. on tho main
road leading from Curwenivilte to Tyrone, four miles Rum
Curv/eniviiltf. nod knownastho
| Wise Farm . . j
t'l'hc improvements consist of
about 75 acres of cleared land,
in a good state of cultivation, a
Iwelling-House, a Large Bank
Barn, Spring-House, Dry-House, Shop,
and other ■ necessary buildings, together
with one of the largest, best selected, and
most productive APPLE and PEACH
ORCHARDS in the county.
Th'i t'ARM m well enppliod with eieelunt water. A never
fniliuc Hprioeolojoio the door, wuh other* to utuaied that
atxuulo expwoto wainr could ba conveyed Ij any uartof
ethcriln hoQieor hard. T*r tkore who detire to procure a
HOME TOU LIKE* ihi* Farm ullen inducement* not to be
excelled in the county. The Innd it of good quality, bich'y
productive. and well adapted for both grain and yra*»—and
1 1in located In tho miditot'o popolout and lndostrioui lettle*
meat, convenient to a food market, good griiumlU, and a
good »ohoot,
IGJP’Korla tnerparticulare apply to cither of tbeeabicii
ber*. or to Moxoi •Viic, on tho premUei.
The propeity w ill be told on the moit rouonable terms end
q warrantee dead given
. . . . WIL.UAM WIJJJ.
In bf hair of Iho lieirl of Coaiad Win, deceased.
JaDtiarr 111. (B33.—tf.
PBjEASA.VI' IB bilb,
At Clearfield.
I'MIR ondetilgna'i respectfully announce to the otople' ol
. Cieaitield aad the adjoinm* eoaatiei mat heitill cuntia
uss to carry on thenoove bmtaeis at bit esieuiivo ettabliih
moot la the borough of Clearfield, and is now pieportd to
manufactaie ail ktndi of
Castings used for Grist Mills, Saw-Mills,
and all kinds of Machinery.
Hit Cartings arc no* of a nperor quality—equal, Ifnotiu
per|or,to any other ii the Slate—as bouses none tat the vet
hjrht material, nod employs none bat tbo very beat of workmen
With two tupe/ior Tull -LNG LATHfc.B, driven by steam
it now in lucceufaloperatioc. and undox the roaßaverasnt of
a practical rneohnnic—where almost any article of mncuicary
eon he FINISHED in thevery boat stjle, and on ihort notice
iloba* now aakandao large'ssortmant of C-«;inxs, suuh
osttroVESint'vano ■ sizes andpatterns,l’LOCGii IRONd,
WAsll KUTLEtf, &0., &c.. whloh he offers to eel! low for
Mali, or oa a reasonable credit. 11 o is now castiog, from
bo moat approved patterns,
ALSO—Fancy Air Tight Parlor Stoves,
Nine Plate and Coal Stoves. Also,
Wiard’s celebrated Plough.
He Intends tlos ell on reasonable Iwmi, nod trait, that the
citizens of Hi. counts Kooerally will Bod It to their advantage
lOßivehiin iholroluto'n. CASH wilt ulwave Depreferred
bo, I tb ? t l fitf’.n. tl . rl<x>, . wlll b 8 alloivod tor Country Produce
and 01-. U MC i'A!.. As he (ires On euabliihmoolbli personal
supervision, all ordeie for work will receive ororapt niiention
Cicarneld. Nn? S 3, IftSl. DAVfo LITZ. *
Wbat can be got for Five Dollars!!
r | 1 HE uoderslfjed hn»» entersd into on arrangement by
I which thsy bum to famish the Koicketbocker Mata
Home Journal, (weekly.) and the Mb.
ileal VVoildand limes, (weekly,) the
very moderate price of FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR for the
811 eno.osing that amount to Dyer
fit Willis, will be promptly attended to, 1
Publisher of the Knickerbocker.
Pub cl the Home Journal.
_ ... . . DYER fit WILLIS,
Fabhihen of the Musical World and Times.
W, Urcadwav. M. York.
Grand Literary nnd Artistic Combination,
WVE DOLLARS a year. Thiris o.eap?"
orotare, with a vengeance, The Kickerbockar is Three dol.
art ner annum \ the Home Journal ,r i f wo dollar* ■ i»n/i *e, n
Time* Three dollars; making flight dob
Jh7M.tSV»?Vi I JitEl l ,ltM - thrMsachwork.cmFe
ooiainedior viva Dollars a year, is afaot trail worthy ih«
k£!l wb J. c Sis Just now being nthered (n. Of the
ni n 'S?flr K u!i er Ufl «axrae. edited by LBWUJ GAVLORD
UhAUKi it is unnecessary to speak* For twenty yean it hn*
beon tbo roost genial, humorous and sploy M montil|y” In tK
world ; and thepiesent volam* will be bitter than any thro
Ett2 id s ii' p t wr'.T.y ° t nmal i. <l 2 it » d
ncs anaxv.jr. wiLLle. Is well known as tho best Tamil*
fn Amerricar and the Musical World and Tune/
edited by RICHARD BTORRB WILLIS, with Lowel W
son,George ll.CQrtls.ThomasHaitloga. frm.B. Bradbury*
.other musJoal writers- contributing;
and whsoh gites. omoneotherthings,oyer•aJwonhormn*
fliae: Choloe {lew Moslo lor the Sabbath, the Oharoh, end
the Fireside; .Reviews and Crliiohms or MnslcM Works.
Perforaerspnd performaaoeii In short, the very pick end
erum of Noveltyrlnoldent. History, Biography, Art, Liter
atom and Solencti inoludlnt whatever oan do elvea in peri,
(riicals to promote jjtealtby Amusement and Solid instruc
tion iu tho family, andheJp to make UUeiter. Wiser.and
Happier, may be now obtained forFlv.Dollnrs. Addrrn
: DYER fit WILLIS. kU Broadway.
_ , , ARTIFICIAL FLOWEns-, •- ;
Paltn.lekf.Fnhaaa and every variety of
: J •
I eodjncftjly'»» a
Miration tar.uwxt
tmeuoa tornmJlm
. dattid rid tdttbott*
nm«i wjt.ti.tiiV.
tl> «nd>h»Poln«w.
'EBIAiiBS/ ">
ib • CATHOLIC*,,
will oar© trar
Upthlmiroaiodi*. t
#» incidental to lit*
f>*rtabl*» t ew.aj*,
imedpr unmarried..
i vittatif. -baown ;
let ib© nairm of ,
male Com; '•
Aert art ffiolapini'i
ti orPallin. oitha
imb. riour Alb«». i
White*: Clironlci,
fomb; laridealal t
iretud, and Imaa
_.oi aleaitinatlon. » - —-oompasyia* «vlli; I
(Cancel excepted.) no matter bow «»ere or of bow loucatan.
York and other places, finding themietyea wuhpdtaUm»df 4
in inveterate oases ofthe above complaints, .ono bavin* da*-.
regard for the welfare ol Uio patients, hav* recoinmeoded the I
I oio of this medicine; and. after witnessing it* aaiotary *r« ,
leots ore cow manifestls# their approbation, not only b» w
I sorting toil ia their treatment of all the disease* lot which it
, Is intended, bot in some instances accepting theacenoy or it. '
I to fdcilicate its introduction into more general oso bf tea* tun l
nlir. . •
j TbnlnflneaceoftMioomO''*itloo upon iho femaiecotmita. ;
tfon is of the most friendly kind ; thn most rialioatoasd fe&ble
female need havo no fears in ns use for any length ot time, for- >
it contoUsno mercury, oor any article which eaa prove man y.
I way lojar one. bring mede entirely of vege able eiiractr, aud *
I prepared so ns lotnata like a pleasant oordial. .. ,
'JheHadniOucr&ndiofUif* remedy, in thecareofthlf deli '
I of diseases, u tbrovah the general economy of the sysiota, j
with * peculiar determination to tb* female organtv - • 1
XDJHfIUNAb PBOOFo? 'bis Oalholioan train* .worthy |
of theponfidcnceofthecfilicted, as aHIJCOEHSFUL.BAFiS 1
AND OllttAl* UEMEDY, will be found jo liia e:.
together with important observations loachliu ih* nata/«..
and sympathies of the diseases, 'o whioh the audition of ii*^.
dies and Praotirinner* is leipecirotly ian’ed
TUB INGBEDIENTti. as certified b/hlehmctelantb.
crity. (leoobmpblflt,) ora ALL. VEGETABLE, and pro nut- .
associated with any article aolrienJly to tbo animat lAviumr. .
Pior. XHfNIIAIt, M. Ip.. Uoli mur«. WJ. '
■■■■*. O ORHUMC M. I».
I*. H. PEOKHiIM. M. b.. Utio*. N«w Yo»k.
I>. Y. FOOTIi, M Now Vo.fc.
M. fi. Mihta. M. 1) .Hodiß.ur. N. Y.
L,. I>. H.EMINO, ftl. J) Oansodaiiua. H. V', ■
V/. W. ÜBUSK. M. U..Oit» cfNeiy York.
. VV PansOUTl’. M. LI-. (-'orcoril. N 11. - '
Pamphlets can Oe hud gratis *t t>-® U;us Kune of
O U VVATiJUfi, AgT. Olevfield;
AUoforsal* by UrdftxUti in ult iin Bilioitotuj coaut<M. .
J. AJ. UAH'iIHSI CO . Kropiialu^.'
. . 06qiml Depot. :W4 DrpaUwa);-. Mi Y.
Match 13,16.-i3.—*;m.
A'rora Clio Washington Union, April i'J, HiJ.
We publish lielow Me pronpertiM <»f the ••I'teriiu*'
cmlic (Wunilsly Hevievv/’ u/iifh '.Mes*w.' William
(1. Letvifl& Co propose tu publish r» trim I y
iuNovv YWh anti the first rnitnhe; in.
be issued iu'Miy. Uvni i\ Johnaufi.ei'q./ lurmerly
attorney general of Dennaylvimin. umi sVell kuOwu.
■us an able omJ vigorous ywitur. will lulte thurgeor
theeditorinl deimrtineiii of ijio new Kcwew with
purpose?; an shadowed forth in the which
challenge the sympathy and good wjulies ot the <l«*.
mocracy. - The daily .prus* « nrmot. suporwedu Mu
neceMiiy for welKcimdihied ihouihly plihlnntiiuhsL
iTheru is a separate field oi iKelolfH'sn lor cui ti when
, properly edited,-with u view to the inaiiitenanee ot
important prmciple.i.nnd not (.» iho»agi'rihd.ZßiiiHiit
of individuals, ta< turns, und clabvc*. SVe iriint ihnV
Hie new enterprise ul Messrs. fit-wU & Co. will hdi
managed with (hat prudenoe and which injure
! The Rights of the Slates, and the Union of the Stare.:.
IT is ths intention of the subicribarsto publish ontb*f.r.
day olnvtfrv auath, beginning with the muhth of !Sl»/
next, simultaneously in 'hecuit* ol YVashinxton and *No»
York, a periodicsl, to ha entitled tho ‘DfcMUUrtA io •'
MONTH L.* HKViG.V.” bach unmoor Wiit cou'-sm «u.
least 9b’ paces.,and b« printed oo fine paper in a very
prattle. It will mo bo embaliibed with atS ely engrave j .
portrait of a <Jiiti»caiahed Imne man, embracing
soldiers,artliU amt MUhois *j*he politcal ohsrftuUrbf lb.<
Kevjevy will bo, r.s itsu<L* indicates, drjsocbatlc, and jon
ot itsmaiu c')j;ota to Hluu.ditu iheirau pimuiptcuui >hed«tn
ocratic party 1 will eiaudno, in a spirit of fairness and
ean-lo , ell tho loading' mea,uret of th® present odtnmhira
lion and-accord to them a cneetiul tuppoiu tiboald
bwwevar. cnfoitnnetoiy dliler in opinion on any point fr as
tho President, ws shall not hM.tat# to exploit oor own tents*
monte, unit i>rp*eiulfte reasons that constrain nsiodoso—
submitting to tho democracy of the cooatr; tlm dccuiunbe
two-.u us 1 *
This Kfiview will al«d elm to fnranh iw reldets with a
graphic nndcooprtl.entire notice ot the cpw works pubiist
oil, which may seem to bo- omilled to it, ami also a r*our4 ci*
ail (citnliSio discoveries and impruveruects. s
The presoo; condition of tho mmoai of, corope, and the atv
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Tills Review will abstain from all personality, and teebte.
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Our Grst number will contaiu c general outlineoflhe coune
we design io purtnMn fu'nre. .
The editorial depar meat is under ilia control otOVil) ['.
Johnson, esq.
TiSHMjsj’—Tbur Dollars n«r annnm, paynhlein advaace.
w . „ 'ViLLUM il. LtSWirf H1.V 0..
New York, Aoitf, 18:3. Publuhnr®.
ComaQnicMlont muit b<» adlrctsed to *VFbo Democrasin
Monthly Hbviow, New York/ 1
Dd'tors who insert this fTrwppctos nrd forward their paper
conir.Jning .t will be fami hut with a copy ul the Utriew.
"iIAN, KNOW Tnvatxtv’
An invaluable Book, only 25 els.per cony,
“Every Family Should have atopy.”' 5
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One copy will ba forwarded (securely ft vetoed • and nn*r
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Imporlant to flim Owners.
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Rose’s rffi>fc< Actidn Water Wheels
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half the amount or water. 1 “ r,??. 1 ".^•
Clearfield Oct. 53, 18611. •: ( HENRY B.SMITn.
- - - ' • ' i , ~; ••; ;- - • ■ (
• Oeai field June B. ARDTyfdmJr,
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