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Skelehts or tho Mississippi Talley.—Ho. h anTschoJnera were finished and sent to and by
;fF !T 6e! P' ,Usburgh iS n °fNew C Pennsvlva
+*rtV4r L river in the world the ' ves jem pnrt or N |w Y ed with do this? Besides he has appointed Minis
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dolUblo impression. moulh 0 f j 1 have in this letter given a rapid sketch » certain , d gentleman of Brim-
consider-1 0 f a country abounding in more real wealth E e notoriety does Holy Water But I,
the Ohio, there glands arej t h an the whole of South A ™ er . l “’ i " > h e jdo most decidedly object as one of the deni
able Wand.. Some oMh of { nQt got onc hundred m.les .nto .he to being sold, without a just
of exquisito beauty, . and afford the Erea t valley. Little over 50 J ears "«£’ Compensation or even previousi notice,
the most delicate fo 1g > re3 i- nd t h o whole space of this country wa mp h _.j 6urpr i se d to find in your j
most lovely situations for a ret, am. & wildorn ess infested 1 was n jjP , md c , g ed h ,s,
dence. , , creeks to the num- with savage beasts of proy, and th views on the tog-driving, nnd had come out ,
i Tributary riverandcreeksto .t with B forcgt> and , t s made to views , he fl llDg G f
ter °f ooe „ D p;t?BburKh and its mouth. — blossom like the rose, and 50 11 w '” c “* t loose fogs, but wlmt surprised me tho most,
Ohio between Pi B and flourishing i inue io improve if our cnergi P wns tbat j, e wOB so long in finding o ,
Over one hundred ciue the right course; but if we neglect ’ timber was the most profitnb e
V townsare situated on its banks“- . “ and seek for lanced ™ owncts. But he is on the right )
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Vo*°S»° rf ’ fc ““r mh oE,Tn n N »r-"-5 lb Wo"'h«vB Ihc 1 eollon Liquor Uwini
even ascended to Olean, two n industry furnish ease and luxu y y ,__ but j supp oso you havo seen
500-vards wide at its mouth. to be d “ l '“® L y d not them-and 1 alone abundancC) f rom five cent ones up to one
TtoYougShray “ fhis “ S Democracy,n Young Do
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1 *' «t oSmsburg, the capital of the state; ° f at h homo o nd abroad, mav be ask
west pi Wnshineton ci* i eeil t u b rp. vvh ns had been in
• -‘X’fu- Perhaos its site is unrivalled in P°' v<^! . kd al the futile attempts of a
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1* tyveptf access 118 early histo- and tl to have their nation brought
f? • tile K*gtpP®. o. q, be Governor of not g cooly pocketing the
! Sites'^
i Mississippi. h . a “ -ond was about the National I Wd fa ised to
' :& mouth of French C c^*““j es » n 8 the dered by '"fP. w^° iaslv Y ur i e d the intbo
! *«tftke possession of the L, , power—m their m j y» , n ,whoso
* It a itrn t Gov- ye*’'** SSnSI Democratic party
! Ohio company CPtJJJ 1 ® ga „ ed doing .f? "£abroad, and a strict pohe/ for
French and Indians, and Jo ienn people.. Bu _| y tell*-but if wo;
v Fennsylynnia, ag ainst them, they! pnd he ha y • declared clearly, or
vtoOV h« vin » GenfLorbi, wrong B-. ,H ® r SS.s tv which.will enhance
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Volume ;
Clearfield, Pa„ June-t 6, 1» 53 ‘
03"Bic TurdeTachief of the Wyandot
triboof Indians, who removed
to the Indian Territory, writes as follows
to the State Journal concerning their pr -
ent condition :-Our improvements, when
appraised amounted to upwards 0r8127,
nttV which was paid us in the Autumn of
S«r “n «h. Spring of 1850 our Chiefs
retroceded the ooo'or‘the proceeds
wScsted in five percent. Govermnent
Stock— making onr present annuity
did brick edifice, neatly finished. We have
three district Schools in active operation,
under the immediate supervision of the |
Council. We have two flourishing Sab-,
, with good libraries. We
have a large Temperance Society, and a
Division of the Sons of Temperance about
P L formed And as for our agricultural
mirsuits they are carried on profitably, ev
£ S yielding a surplus for the mark
ed general thrift surpasses that of
nnv tribe north of the Arkansas line. In
generally is contented and happy.
jhyLpM*- # h , “ e .’?“h™!.v P °Thi«
I,l ’(S-The iAcmW Enmioet «W
?Cflb!aping a
, :•■' ■-• ■'•■'• ‘•' •/'' "
*■' .
• • I- . •—I —t——■—
~• .' i, ftro nre tt few which may bo
of'wL.B .1.0 «*r.«j£*XSf M. D*«b -*« h»veja.t„ n .B.™d »>o ; »'““'“ho m. «*,. <O9 fre "«
surgery. H 6 Was tall nndnithle ‘®> B V . tha ts,ate which is replete with happiness or P.y , 0 delicacy, which ia one of Vhe
apt, nnd irttolligent, with a■ 1 P. ; sery> Tho issue depends upon the P r . u ‘ un y nlg 0 f t l le female character. His
ling” of waggishness. He wis dent| J miable , uniform conduct winch wis- _ Geogrnph y, Poetry, Moral Eaaays,
to tho Charity Hospital, and a room dom nnd v ; rlue 80 strongly rucommed,on y h £ Travels, Sermons, and other
third story given him ! {„. the one hand, or on that imprudence winch religious productions, will not
entering into his new quarters h * want of rnfteciionor passion may prompt, to ' en largo your understanding, to ren
traduced to a young French gentletrmn, a . . , TJI V od a more ugrebuble companion, and
occupying the room, also a studen. You are allied ton man of honor, of taV y )t yolK v i r t U e. A. woman devoid oj
young Frenchrpun, it .seems was very ofnn (ipen^,nc(oU3 disposition, * has no security
l'rnnk in his manners, courteous, vet , ’ therefore, in your power, nil h virtue •it i 3 sacrificed to her pas
and ho thus addressed his companion : You ? don ‘ estic hap . Tor her virtue, « s of G od, ieher
»Sir, I nm indeed pleased toseeyou marred, if you now Besides, in those
and hope that we may prove ma,unl ' y Sect upon that system of conduct which calamity to which families must
agreenbloj but, in order th°t this ma y X invariably to pursue—if you d , where will she find support, if
the case, I will inform you that I have y°“ oa f th / h om which you .f e ” j n her just reflections upon that
had several former room mates, with none nov I deviate. Qur condu ct „it b rovid t nce which governs the
of whom I cbuld ever agree-we could Suit of whim or caprice, o ter, « * whether animate or inanimate
never pursue our studies together-■ - will ive us man y a M(jtUM l p oi jl eness between the most inti
room conmins two beds; as the o ’ see ba f o^o hand what is always the | f r , en d9 is essential to that harmony
cupant, I claim the one neatest the . r , hy and the most essential shoul d nev(?r be on ce broken or m
d°Tho Kentuckian assented. ’“Se firs?maxim which you should im-‘ SI'MTfS 1 The more warm
“Now,” said the Frenchman, 111 draw deeplv upon your mind, is, never, lhe attachment, the less will cither| partn
a boundary lino between our territories, P J c * onlrol your husband by opposi- .. bQ lighted or treated ">h the
and wo shall each agree not to encroach P di leasurc> or „ n y marks ol an- ' « degree or rudeness
upon the other’s rights;” and taking a tion, >J n of sen6e| of prudence, of po |it e ness. then, .fit be not,»n i welf»
pfeco of chalk from his pocket, he made g fc eUngs , C an not, nnd will not bear JJ ig nt least the meansofgmngto
the mark of division, midway, from one uio * of nny kind, which is attend- odness a new lustre; it is the iwn
side of tho room to the other. • Sl '* h ® d Juh an angry look or expression. The of Renting discontent, and even q^k
added, “I hope you have no objection to of afreclionB ,s sudden ly stop- P uthe o il of mtercoyse, it remove
stranger; “1 am perfectly satisfied with U . g be | Ulle d e ven in his own eyes, j wUI on | y ad d, that matrimontal l hPP
it.” S Ho then sent dawn lor hts baggage, en nssU red, the wife who oncooxct os not depend upon wealth , no,
'and both students sat down to their book a. sentiment s in tl» breast of a hus- » no|ft>bß fo«ndjnv«lth,b«l«a«.»Ji»
Tho Frenchman was soon deeply enga- bund y jn_ ever re gam the hi(,h g properly tempered and uni _ nec i«i
red while “Old'.Kentuck” was watching wbib sbo m ight and ought to have retain- situations. Ckjmpeencyi
Ud Wl,«» h?.-rH»:l»r. .fl»to.i .U tayo.d •“ P“”'Ttodid h«
must be and how ho might “fix him. maq# he expects from her smtl , not suppose, however, tha ..
Thus’things went on until dinner time frownß . he expects to find mhe advise your husband to^augm^Jh^^
swfwS-..!«- tocllic
“-— ,to Eb«fe*SdS'ps & x-zs £S4s£:
a „dnever unju.dytr»»d.
S- 1 4 »&“• ™”p “ « Tii -
as£Zi£n nb- h..M
.tanked him. “"he. opiln. On
nnd aeltlement oflhat -boundary „ Uould „ g me». o.ety Jv j
ihoy hove been .he very be.. hre „»nb.mere ,e»..n heK
IS ”' S «1. .nmnn, «he» hor :
oersonal attractions are no more.
P Has your husband staid out longer thnn
K XiP<t 7 When he returns receive
irraSe parineV Sf you hear,. Has he
disappointed you in aomelhing yoc
ed whether of ornament, or lurmture, or
of'unv convcniency ? Never evince d,s-
them with a pleasing countenance, adorn
your table with cheerfulness, give to your
husband or to your company a hear y
Welcome, it wilFmore thaa_ compensate
(or every others deficiency; t ■ *
love for your husband, good sense lo - ‘
self, nnd y ihat politeness ofmann«re, h
acts' as the most powerful charm, twi l
give to the plainest fare a zest superior
all that luxury can boast. Never
discontented on any occasion of this na
It stole on its pinions of snow to the
head of disease; and the sfTerer s frown
become a smile—the emblem of peace
and endurance. . ,
It went to the house of mourning—and
from the lips of sorrow there came sweet!
and cheerful songs. f ,.„ nnnr
It laid its head upon the arm of the poor
man, which was stretched forth at the com
mand of unholy impulses, and saved .hun
a living thing in the bosom
saved her from desolation, and the “care
lha /t hoverei about the head of the youth
who had become the Ishmeal °f society;
and led him onward to works which even
i his enemies praised. . .
Itsnathchedamadicnfrom ihe jaws of
death, and went with an old man to Heav-
en 'Nohooo! my good'brother. IJaveJt.
BaSon Uon you? side. Wrestle with it
that i* may not depart. It may repay
vour pains." Life is hard enough at best
but hope shall lead you over its mountains
and sustain thee amid its billows. Part
with all beside—but keep thy hope.
/fj-Chief Justice Blnck lias decided
thata debtor connot retain S3ooin money,
out of the. proooeds of a Sheriff a Sale _
after the sale of tho property, although he
mav select at the time of the levy. : that
amount of property, which shall bo ex
empt from levy or sale. ' ' . ,
(ftpA coroner’s jury- recently returned
a verdict on the; body P oor^ ll
‘‘Death by a tavern. .
itt-Forty Choctaw Indians, men ano
women, dressed in their national co^ume
,V;J '
*' to the next place, as your husband’,
success in hi* profession W 1 end
upon his popularity, and .ns the ni'mners
of a wife have no Little ia(l»eacen«.
tending or lessening
SEiSSSSC -*m ■«*«;
self or them by scolding . ;> it has no other -. ccnB Hmiion of South Carolina^for.
efTect than to render them dwontunjed ‘ t u- governor from going out ,«f tb#
BiS»4bn<i»m‘W # *jl| Mubloma.* “
;i *wrs?.v HI-t■ s-»sssß4#’.
a k *BSSlft. IS fi «3g**#" n bV M * is
; ;SB:.iBKS&. . JBfc •*
A HbotslrednmloßwUlb* mad* lo
t»ithoaienc»oacMtlttJpoD «« HrivtTt llftf
Books, Jobs andsßlnnM. <•
! “SgSE"
the engrateful SOS,
“The eye that mocketh at his. father, the
ravens of the valley shall pick tt out.
Pr Thi?a I tlrrible denunciation against
ingratitude to parents, and even m jhe
nresent day is sometimes virtually fulfill-
S Som?years ago. an Irish gentlemap.
W h„ was an contractor on^ou
public works, was reduced to pWjy P.T
the profligacy arid dishonesty of an .up
..ratelul son. The old man lost
and to add to his calamity., h'S health fail
ed ; and to AH the cup of bU.
loai his sight. Thus, poor, fnendles^
blind, and forsaken, he found an asylum
in the Franklin County alms house, Penn
By VVhiTe an inmate of this refuge for the
afflicted, his wicked and ungrateful son
ntnicteu, «»• Hu WIW informed d
liis'fniher’s situation, and that his parent
Shod to see him ; and although he pus
sad within two hundred yards of the a
house ho refused to stop and see the kind
Eh tad mtad. Now
suit The very day he passed the alms
house on his way to Gettysburg, m an op
en carriage, he was overtaken by a storm,
severe cold, that resuM in
Getmdug l ira o c f ritica| o £uation, until his
Mw!sSrfiod out. He was put in
?he same room, and occupied the same
hid and in a short, time folloWed hi# ne*
elected and heart broken father to the
'tifiZA* of®**-, u sjsjf
thing in Ml into ita iMjtdJ.orMjW® 4 *
® South Christian Advocate. '