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THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1830.
-Governor’s Message. This interesting
—.State -paper, on the subject of the- Repair
fund, Public improvements, &c.,. will be
found in this week’s Volunteer,and is worthy
the source from which it emanated. We in
vite for it a careful perusal.
|C7"our : correspondent "Punchinello”
handles the resolutions of- the federal meet
ing, at CoK Ferree’s On Saturday week,-
without gloves! .' We invite for the commu
nication the attention of our readers.
Destructive Hail storm.— On Thursday
afternoon last, about 3 o’clock, this borough
and its vicinity.waff-visited with one of the
most destructive hail storms winch-has oc
curred within the jnemory -of the. oldest in
habitants. A considerable number of-buil
dings have been more or less injured—such
'.' aq gable ends blown down, chhnnies un
topped, roofs blown off, and the windows
facing to the west, the-direction of -the-storm,
in nearly every house in town, broken and
destroyed—in the County Hall alone, about
250 panes of glass were broken. Besides
the:-damage, done, to houses, a number. of
barns and'Stables were more or less injured,
- a great many fruit and ornamental trees
7 .blown”down, and ike gardens literally de
stroyed. The greatest loss, however,.is the
grain in the vicinity of the town, (including
wheat, rye, oats, and corn,) which is- almost
entirely destroyed.’
. Fortunately, the fury of, the storm (which
was truly terrific,) did not "continue .more
than five or six minutes, or there is no cafi
dilating what the devastation would have
The principal sufferers are the Messrs.
Noble and Watts, whose grain crops west
of town are cut to pieces; and Mr. Francis
Noble, arid J. Duey, whose Crops on the north
and north west of the borough are almost
entirely destroyed. In the borough, those
who suffered most are Mr. Johnson Moore,
"whose fine large house, nearly opposite .the
college is almost an entire wreck; Mr. W.
- lieonard, the gable end of whose large brick
house was blown down, Mr. Abel' Keeny’ 8
house also suffered severely from the fall o
Mi 1 . Leonard’s! the- two houses adjoining
each-others .a amall house.belonging .to Dr.
Foulke, at the west end of Pomfret street,,
had the roof, entirely taken off and blown the
distancc/.of half a .square;. and- -the gable
end of .Mrs. - Weber’s brick house, in Pom-
fre|'Btreet, nearly opposite Beetcm’s hotel.
: WaS injured so as to cause it to be re-built.
JpSulit is" unnecessary to particularizethe
: ‘town, after the storm abated, presented
’ ;,i scene of devastation, as we trust, we may
neyer again witness: houses jtfnroofe'd,walls
; .and chimnies blown down,-Stables destroyed,
• 'windows broken, fences’ laying down, trees
" prostrate, gardens ruined, &c.. Sic, ; ’
.The storm, from what we can learn, spent
■ ifs fnry .principally irk the bounds of the bo
■ . rough;- asi-no material damage ■ has-been-done
over a mile in any direction out of town.
The hive has swarm’d. —The opposition
convention, which metin Chambersburg last
weak to nominate candidates. for .President
anttyice President, to the number of .about
; 75 delegates in all, had a real ‘ flare • up.’
(the federalists,), to the nam-
Ciav- men,
- , an to noniinate him, 'nolens vo
fens—atHbe head ofthis-faction was Jo
seph.B. IngentnjJ, 0 f Philadelphia; and the.
. antiinasona, to of about 20, were
vheaded by Charles : fe p e nrose and John
, Jlickey, and'were equairyxletermincd in the
support of IIAHRisoN-—the c(fFrequence was,
that the hive swarmcdj.and thp hcj V colony
. left the convention ■ with tticit qui; K „ j,eci
Mr. Penrose at their head;' 1 'V,
-The two factions are now completely at
■ loggerheads, neither;willingto make.anycon- i
. ■ cessions-^and; botjj,embittered -and ’’hostile
and being 6«; ;
f ' eafch other, they are a beautifur
*•*the decency-and all the
' been their ;boaBt, and?
- tyith whieh a,; ~ ~ ■. , y:
j ,v. J attemptea to mislead
<•• and deceive the • t . : ■ ’
’ ' .The : ‘conduct of .the
. has^h!^,,.
ire willing to^l^:
f ; hnd
or and without ignominy .We admire the
courage which, for has brought theni
up to.the sticking, point—and if they per-,
severe, they will eventually regain a char
acter for independence and manliness which
they lost in their' association with anti-ma
sonry. V' >■
The Franklin Telegraph gives, the follow
ing version of the affair:
The above - convention" composed of 75
delegates, representing-a little over one half
of the counties'in the State, assembled here
on Thursday last, and was temporarily or
ganized by electing Jbhnßinns, Esq. Pres
ident, and a gentleman from Northampton
and one from Lehigh Secretaries. C. B. Pen
rose who was receiving his $4 00 per day
from the State, and also acting as a delegate,
submitted a preamble of about 20 whereases
followed by two resolutions, the tenorand
effect of which would have caused a disso
lution of the body had they been’adopted.—
They were, however, rejected by a vote of
about two to one. Wm. M. Watts, Esq. an
anti-masonic member of the Legislature from
Erie, although not appointed, desired to rep
resent his.county, but he was rejected -by a
vote of 50 to 25. (We will not undertake to
state particularly what occurred for we did
nbt attend, and conseqUently weTtaveTo re
ly on others for information.) But we were
informed, that'Mr... J. R._lngerspll submitted
a preamble .and resqlutions recommending
Hi Clay for the next presidential candidate.
This, the window hopper, C. B. Penrose,
opposed, but was voted down 52 to 20,
whereupon after consulting Dickey & Fore,
brother traitors, he submitted j, he
brought with him,'and left the convention.
It is said that J. R, Ingersoll, Mr. Clarkson,
and John M. Scott, ESq’s. spoke with elo
quence and fervor in opposition to the views
of Penrose, who was assisted by" Power, of
Crawford'. This man we have been inform
ed, said the farmers were so ignorant,that;
they could not comprehend what statesman
meant, but they all knew what soldier meant, I
and were plcased-with thedrum, and for this
reason he was for Harrison and not for Clay. '
The city-men and'-himself, he said, andqth
_ers who had better opportunities' for educa
tion, knew how to appreciate Clay ’s services,
but the farmers did not know enough to do so.
What a compliment to the agricultural com
munity. .It is the old federal slang that the
■mass of the people are too ignorant to under
stand-the science of government. , .
■ JC3“The special election in Adams conn
ty, on. Friday last, resulted in the election ,
of Thaddeus Stevens by the meagre
of 465 votes—we say rij eagre, because his [
majority is reduced over 1006 votes since:
the October election. This shows a most un- 1
preccdcnted change, and'is convincing proof
that the spell is broken, and that this arch
intriguer is no longer able to lead the peo
ple captive at his will. ‘ Tile majority in that
county for Ritner wasT773, and at the spe
cial election for Senator, Macfarlane’s was)
750^—now, Stevens, after drumming up all
his forces by riding the county, delivering
inflammatory, harangues, abusing the Legis
lature ancl the Governor, and every body
who would not bow the knee to his image,
and when the democrats were comparatively
indifferent as to the result and did not turn i
out much more than half their strength, is c-J
lectedby only 465 votes! This decision of
the people sounds,the death knell to Stevens’
hopes, and if jie ventures upon the course
next October, we hazard very little in pre
dicting his complete and entire overthrow,
I The democrats of Adams have done nobly,
I aU thihgs'considered, and this first:demon.-
stration of their strength; or. rather Stevens’
weakness cannot fail to invigorate them for
the inore iinportant contest next October.-
One more effort on their part, and the whole,
county will be completely revolutionized. •
. frS“The recent election in, Adams comity
has established "beyond cavil the charge of
fraud made against Stevens and his adjuncts
at the.last general, election- .StevensVma
jority then, at Millers town district alone,"
was oVer'looo— note ,-itjs only 465 in tire
whole county! • The federal party ought to
be ashamed’P.f this desperado, when they re
flect on his Conduct and ; the" means resorted
to by him td!b'6l|ter up the sinking fortunes
of the imbecile Ritner . ■
Ladies’ Companion. —We have received
the" June No. of.tjiisivaluable periodical. -It
contains a variety of the very 'best literary
reading, and is embellished: with, a steel en
graving illustrative of one of Burns’ songs,
"Now Wesllin Wins,” and a platb'bf.’sum
mer fashions, with several pages of mbsic.
It deserves the patronage of the literary por
tion; of the community.
■ Gentleman’s 'Magazine. —This work for
June is upon our "table. : It is embellished
with a splendid steel engraving of . the Khi
.noceros in his native wilds, 'riie ieading
"matter of which'.this No." is made up is of the
verybestkind, and detracts nothing from the j
Imputation of'Mr.lßiirtbn, its talented edit-
. for the amusement of the
of affidavit-nun'mode
their; Gettysburg Star
p feiiowsi;
:they. wdl doubtlcss acl^ hc same kind of
■•^ ;^ l ' , :’ ;; ""-" */-.../• ■■•* ■ '.**#*;—
••■-'■ ■-■•'•*-. ~ ;. .. -J-'} '■;
~ We give below a classification of I
bers of Congress, ns faras the elections
been held, and" also an- estimkte as t
States where yet
Demoo a/a; Dedcraltt
6 2 1
S • 0
2 - 3
2 10 ‘
0 . 6
19 21
0 6»
17 11
11 8
l’ 0 "
1 0
3 0
2 6^
0 3
0 9
8 .1
12 9
- ;it- ’
New Hampshire
New York
New Jersey
South Carolina
• *ln the above estimate it will be perceiv
ed that we have classed the entire' delega
tidn'from" New Jersey with the federalists,
though there scarcely can be a doubt but
that the five democratic members, who were
deafly elected by the people, will get their
seats without any difficulty. In that case,
the list will stand 95 democrats to 84 fed
eralists. We have 7 "also'given them 11 in
Pennsylvania—although it is believed that
Mr. Xngersoll will get his seat.
The following estimate we put down for
the elections that Are yet to be held:
•: Democrats. Federalists,
Rhode Island 0 2
Kentucky 4 9
I Norlh Carolina 9 4. -
1 Maryland „ ,’ 4 e 4 '
(Tennessee ‘ 6 ~ ' "‘ 7
Indiana 3 ' 4'
Mississippi 2 , 0
Alabama 4 1
If we are correct in the above estimated
result of the elections that are yet to take
place, and it is certainly a very liberal cal
culation, for the federalists, the democratic
. majority in the next Congress, (House of
] Representatives) without New- Jersey, will
’tbe 2—and with it-12! As a sentinel upon
' the watch tower we proclaim—“all is'welt”
j— and the banner of Democracy still floats
proudly in the breeze, untattered and un
torn by the storms it has had to encounter.
Federalism is dead and buried every where,
and can never rise again so long as the
people prove true to themselves. ■ '
SCT’ltis amusing, says the Baltimore Re
publican, to witness the dying groans of the
Federal editors and their correspondents.
Since hope has deserted them, and there
remains no longer any possibility of succee
ding with any of their numerous candidates
for the presidency, depair has seized upon
them, and in all their movements they ex
hibit the “throes and convulsions” of an
■expiping struggle.”"What but despair could
induce a party to resort to, fraud, forgery
and. falsehood to sustain its rotten cause
Jf the'claims of the federal candidate's could
be sustained upon principles, we should no
be disgusted with their present modcofwa'
Tare, -which consists in falsehoods" ahd'sld
ders. But their cause is that of the wlcltd
and abandoned,' and therefore they dare/ot
avow their principles in open day, andfd
vocate their doctrines candidly and pdlic
lyfbut are forced" to themean andcon-r
temptiblc subterfuge- of cheating, lyig and
deceiving, in order merely, to keepy/p ap
pearances of success, and, ; if pbssple, to
mislead the honest portion of-thec/muni
ty, and thereby strengthen thei/amking
cause'. . ,
- rejoice that .the- friends/the Ad
ministration have conducted tlfi.r warfare
upon different ground. W/rejoice that
they have "fought the good fight-”-.upon,
principle—that with truth ft' their guide,
and •' the good of; the. cou/ry, them polar
star, they haye manfully;s/taincd our wor-=
thy chief magistrate, a 4 .preserved him
pure and untouched froi/the pollution with
which it was attempte/to overwhelm.him.
, “ Bet the bn; let them forge
and fabricate, distort /nd mutilate; let them
Hyena-like, as has heretofore been their
custom, sacrilegious/ invade the. mansions
pf the dead—let tletn'ransack- their brains
for new tales, of .sender defamation —
the friends of M/tin Van Bufen; scorning
such an unmanl/such a brutal Course,- will
“ pursue the /en tenor, of tlieir way,”
chcered in th/ coursq by the rectitude of
their owriconiuct and
j»nd':Ae'cOT&^-^ttt«r'ltt6oM - _wM.cpni'
tinue to beciowned with auCcesa j;:.,
■ Presiderit of the United States
will sewiut on his northern tour in a , few
days./die will take ittarrisburg. otrhjs ;
way, and is expected to arrive there about
the aret of July. Suitable preparations are
bei&' inUde to receive .him. . f..
'ITi» a3J ohftlve ,35th.
; Dn. Dyott. —The Philadelphia
Courier lias the following, amonj
remarks, in refcrenccto the/raudi
dufct of this' celebrated “Free Da
.After enumerating tl)6 differen
the indictment, on all of which the
him guilty, the Courier says:,' .
'•a.“Thus-‘Dr. Dyott/the.Bankef,’goes to
[the penitentiary. He W-an old mm, prdba-
Mily of 60, and his head, is whitens snow.—
|3ut if we pity him for his fate, Ait us think
if the widows whom he pluridyed of their
file all, one of whom lie woulonat return a
|ri dollar bill to,to pay the exposes of bury
; her only child. Think of the orphans,
hso small inheritance he rumesaly seized,
lil of the industrious tnechipics, whom he
pped of all they had ever
Ore was one case of a Bakr who had been
[king eight years to get ogether 83000,
ri which to buy the prerapes that he was
spying, and who had actmulated $2700
Se amount, and the venfnext year would
ft had t)ic balance--but jlyott, underpre
fe of payinghimlOpeipentum, swindled
Ifiut of every cent'--foor women, who I
ifiearned something P their needles— I
lajrs, who have savc/a hundred dollars
byir hard toils—haw been' preyed upon
ari hotted out of .theijittle all. And this
w»l)od -!' Manual /'Oboi^BankingA’—
swting in small sun), from the poor and
th(Mgent;,to the anwnt of over 370,000;
amßo'f tHe public -f large, as shown by
the over 3400,0°-
EcSevcns do cites being a candidate
in tliKl. He wa run so close the" last
time,|t.he is afihd to venture another
. t ' %-i
k- if , . ■
Th«:imbers|rg papers, in speaking of
the wittwal ofPcnrose and his satellites,
from .tttonveftion; neglect to tell, us
•wliethiMy retied by the way of thp win
dow oi|t/oor./Could’iit (Air.friend of the
Telcgr||ive juc desired |lbrmation?
90 . '
Extracts lejcr to'thc Ea
.Haibisbobo, Jbna
“Thc|W, on Thursij
consideraft la -resolution 4
Cox; pro)ij for the immq
of the Biiburrowi'il by thej
from thAS. Bank ami Mai
for the jpse fiS is alleged q
breach ijj canal near Hu)
most,prdiy of disposingon
of thermo at least in makij
The rcsulutio
animatcdjmssion, and was 1
ferfed icH Committee oh I
System. |mo provision will
made, blether the whole so,
claimed nose Banks will be
State Den extremely imprd
memberaaking that so mucl
actuallyTfessary to repair
should.lf Bj, and no more.
“A gpfaal of very impo
tlon isA’cfe be done. Tin
passedJlp'ws of 100 bills sii
nienciyentphe extra session,
except perhi a dozen, are a
upol/y thefJnatc—that body|
min/, as:it |uld appear, tos[S
in jteless dil|ssion, to the,.life
putic busing |
1 „ /The impr&mentbill was ui
' edition in th&enate to-day, |
• jfing disposed?. I
i / “On Fridayfehe bill to incr®
[ fries of judgesr-i3 passed > n th
r As amended, itfiovidcs an incij
Jto the Judges ofjhe Supreme (|
to the Preside!}; Judges of
®500.t0 those of|llegheny-£Dua
those of all othai counties, and
Associate Judged . t
—“Tho fate of lfe bill to incot
York and Harrisßj-g Hail Koadj
la-very doubtful, frhis bill prop
cate a road, from Aik-to intersect
berland Valley Hapßoad at Hat
An attempt was nitie to carry it\
'the'Housey but-its|pnBideration 1
ported indefinitely-4 resolution \
wards offered for afre-considejan
nmlibn‘to~postpohe b\
lost by a considerabll majority. |
“The bill from' thillouse,'.appr
$400,000 to wideninathe Union C
passed the Senate anj how awaits
tion of the Governor}.
■ Hot ~the Volunteer .
Editor:; Permit me th
columns of your paper to take a “ bj
glance” of a few of me resolutions
at the “ Whig meetin ” offhe 13 th]
the house of Colonel. >eorge;Ferfee
embodied several reas >ns,. why Mar
Buren is not entitled to the suppoS
honest people. V 1
“ Ist. Beeauk we Motv of no.sohU
wfiich entitles him to the gratitude m
fidence of the Mmericdn. people ! ! -'’’l
'■ Such unparalleled ignorance,.scare!
rits a sober reply. Wlienthe “ federl
now the " tVnigs,” din all in their pc
perplex and paralyse the American g
mentdurihg the last
nlies, discouraging enlisting with, then
Taf army; discouraging the militia Ural
giving Our enemy aidjanjT comfort by J
matiori'p-who their . vindicated the rigl
the oppressed & the wronged, inspired!
bosoni with a determination as manful
own,'and gave increased firmness topafl
resolution ? Martin-Van Buren-; mid
fate of American Union depended ]
tli/conduct of New York, which, tbtht
miry of every patriot bosom, was seen, tp
ftr nearly two ybars in the doubtful set
Suspense, who then. in bppDsition to]
.British arms fit’Karlford conventiomsts,
ned. the scale and preserved the Union t
Van Buren! : These conquests wop by it ,
lectual and moral energiesaloneventUle'l
to the gratitude bTfiis countrymen,'./The
(■ other,
founts in
fry found
he is
we w
a wai
it coi
of oui
of a.
these any. nu inner
exceeding fifty. thousand, and aWhe si
time for the purpose of carrying into exc\
tion the provisions of the“ War hill,” appl
printed to his own disposal ten millitmsofdl
laps—who did this? The American Col
grossi Yet, notwithstandin ; all this—the!
are-wenrwhtrhave-the unblu hing effrontery
to proclaim to our intelligent sominuuity.thiu
he is not entitled to their coifidence! Suet
pitiful, miserable attempts ) decry the vox
populi, anti such bare-facid disregard ol
things as they really are, it fariably, among
men, who read and judge for themselves,
producer the salutary effect Isa that further
comment is unnecessary.
“ 2d. Because his'princi
of office, dcsigned'to perpcti
cr and sustain an arjny -oj
holders, aided and assisted
and odious sub-treasury sy
no hesitancy,- Messrs. Edit
that to the “ victors si
spoils,” which comports,
sentiments of Washington
it “ would be a sort of pol
retain in office, men who 'p
measures of the general go
should be a part of the ci
cratic party. - For who,.s.-j
persecuted, and proscribci
turned out of office, bee
views inconsistent with, u
principles, because they
their political independei
ence to the number of o
the general government,
the first part of this resu
the absurd.
hrs, dated
|rth, 1839.
[f, had under
.'.red by Mr.
(ate. payment
ite Executive.
Ssburg Bank,
■opairing the
[converts to
{caused an
s‘mately re-
to the
i it as was
Land orr
Whigs. Amount. De
50 S 56.200
It legisla-
Jouse has
the com
pf which,
Jg deter
| t^ he
First comptn
Ihe sal
jiate. —
I $6OO
[a to all
Second com pi
: First-Audi
Second Au
12 ' 15.000
South Au
8; 9.700 ~
Fifth Au
■ Treasul
„ Solid
.State j
in 8
is IQ
193 $ 269.161
■ With these tru
they have-the,
the President’s
of office, &c., &o
facts show that t
jority of the officj
vernraent, which)
moderation of laj
eternal bahs of |
With regard to v
led, “odious sub)
for the present} (J
arises firstly fron
proposal bv Jed
efy succeeding I
ondly, because I
method of keepl
lie revenues —tl
od, which.adm|
the pecuniary r
the governinenl
teinplated} and
spirit'or letter i
their lincompro
“ Sd ■ liecauj
I, Messrs,
fence of tin
I the gover* i
(pendent .ewe oi
K.mofeV mforl'di
Itraints, vJ.the
Iffee exiJof th
B, : :lheff»f6ul
If es are ihe spoils, 11
ic his own pow- o'
organized office li
i) the infamous e’
iem! /” I make mat
rs, in asserting cel*t
uhl belong the liulln
ith* the -avowed ME!
who held,-that iWuta
ical suicide, to •»Oh
at! verse to the Jiet
;rnnient.” Such citize
led of the demo- brafe
je rlemqcratsi arc that (
for opinion sake, tutc i
ise they sustain er to
Opposed to Whig all o
•ill not sacrifice viz:
:! By,a refer- bad
e holders under Het
will be seen that Wil
lion is as false, as
crats. Amount. ,
s 5T56.950
General Po
31.200 ■
Treasury <1
;retary of the commomve*
presented a
/. on (he-suliject of approprl
/ lines of the public impro
/repairs of those lines now
ff' s read as follows: ■ *
Ih Senate and House of Ren ,
If e Commonwealth of Penm ,
I T le (lL ’ cp shlke wl i
‘‘“l usefulness of our inter!
emuits, renders it thy' duty Ui
lcf‘l af * re n( J' v n PP roac hiog tKe'(
t'T’ t 0 make some adequate nr
pw » secure these objectsev 1
f 1 ‘lf message that X cq&xmmai
I on Ihe 26th day of January, I eX n
/somj length the gen^raf,Views'!:
pfcss iss^saifs
/ But thechiefobjetJ^Sfe^f^mdijfiiai
is to urge upon younmtthnWn the fifes,
/necessity of «
/cent fund for repaira;j|#wl||f^in
treasury appl,cable to the'paymeW^!
is nbt only entirely bufdSi
exceeding the amount of twothousanddl
■’s office
er’a office.
•’s' office
•’s office.
8 •
” 10.'55D'
(r’s office.
1 '
[3 office.
;;i ■" 4.6,
artment. ,
$ 230.]
;nown' to the pei
icity ,tp ' assert, 1,
acinics: are the a
This presen tati/
imy °J
tnder'tlie generf
lid pot drily teacjff
Ige,- but to cea m ]
cription! proscrl'
and to them -jnsf ]
Isury system,”i
bay, that-lts odi -
in and approve/
pcratic Presidn
I the only consr
and distributing'
(y,-. because it f*
f ho connectiol 1 ?
est of the cor 1
connection if*
van-anted by r e
he; constitution? 1
ng hostility tf *'
üb-treasury i
has broughlr
f elections, tIPS e
titnmnUP’L ■'‘
tors.deprecf 4 ® I ''
jc-holdcrs \i| onß *
as to bring j
into-.cohni|j ,n '
r tlie ngf^o® l
rrageß<> uld
n ffi-
C .he
*aj :Is
Jars have“been made at the' it",
ftcce are no, funds appropriated; by Jtlv | 0
m . e ® t- * l4 mUBt ; therefore. hb manifeste'th t
without a speedy appropriation." the Contin
uance of operations on our public: -J&lirovE
pients, is extremely precaribns. tons
derived from our - canals and rait&mds ate ’
to pay the interest d»e publib
debt incurred^ in their constrigpb,” NS
one dollar of the income
can be applied torepairs; at^fSebs’iShl
I the "SS 4 , by lh ° lc S i^latWp:i the iise of:
the public,
remainder of this.year; -must depend upon
j chance, or a
I bridges, aqueducts ordamsget o.ut of order! ;'
or be earned away.the treasury is without
mcansVto repair them. The consfitution
S, rU M^ t y .. 5- '^ scljr { orb ida ; lliat -money
shall,vbo drawn from the treasury but in
consequence of appropriations made by law”
—and I know of no mode of obtainina the "
“• it be by re-aLm*
bung' the trampling this -
loot. .To both of these cxpEdients tJiere are v
strong objections; and I %
5 1 ery American citizen; a right oV w hi c h they
: cannot be deprived, as a condition of hold"
, ini'offlcc-~- without the most flagrant exhi-.
i bition of despotic power., “ I love not Ce
l sarless but Rome the more.” . If fhe con
• conformity of opinion, as was sancfionedby
■ Washington, is a justification of the pro
■ scription, or justify, the executive, in remov
• ing-sUch' officers, which indirectly add to,its
• patropage, I asfc ,! Would not such a course
i be less dangerobs, less tyranicah' tlmnfo
disqualify from ever holding any otßce in
• the United States,- any office-holder,- who —
r by “thought, word or deed” should inter
fere with ejections? Would not such-a
I 3S dangerous, less tyranica! than
i the officers'of the general go
e right of citizenship, the right
and make those who are- enti^j.S A ••
r. na M° t na l Jiffai rs, aliens ■to ;tlie- >"4
is sufch a obetrine that Martin
abhors,- and is such, which ey
locrat denounces, because such.
o tlij spirit, as well as a direct '
the Otter of the, American con
d notionly unconstitutional. but inconsistent with the fiist-'
• » a potufar government, width
tends to prevent Sje improvement of pub
lic opinion, and to in pair, (hat unity pi~in
ferest and feeling i pit should exist in every
-well-regulated con
Ilmen, “ has broiftit into conflict with the
Ifreedom.of election,.&c., &c.,” even
was truth, it is a bri-of a system of which
fee is not the onlyjitlim. . I plead, (his, not 1 '
Jy way of justififition,—nf palliation ’ but -
bat it may serve | show them ...the “ beam
1 their own'eye.’ Sir the present.Mes.srs.Ed'
brs, I shall waivdurther notice of the, res
ile of the reso|U6ns, which when time
Vmits, shall bcfiuly considered by your
Idicnt seii’antS
\ • | | . PUNCHINELLO. ~
IUMSMI .erffeTMEETiKO. ’ ” v "
brsuant'iii ijjift a large and respecfa
lumber of W Republicans
Irlisle and « ywyy met at tbe-pub- *
vise flllen,. on_Saturil»y
■ last,- ln w ler the' -purpose of
preparfry .fcangemenfs for-dho
on °>l’c erring anniversary of
Jcnceg t>n Motion, Mn JOHN
was $ e, ‘ to W 'Chair, and Simon
'.mcugSfl- apnjnted Secretary,
diorig ft •
mI, l]ie dc
mVf tpsle and
tllili* a pub)
[heylng named
iCmkf of Arran'
other P?" that ms
MeJamas W. All!
i, Jpfflsnpple, John
kmafob Wolf, Wil
liaiif “gney. and Thhl
On nj_.
’eso/That these procecl
iv if cers » and publish!
jOjOommittee of Ana
i|ueP '>>eet at tlie publiq'il
.oilcahei 1 , on, to-uiorrov
enf early candle light.'
/ Three of the j
cd b
„ re<
65.980 G e
SB.O 75
wa. i.Eoi:si.ATi
7.500 S'
1.950 a J
ocratic. republican
[cinjtjr will cele
linner, &c. and
ntlemen const!-
fluent,' with pow
and transact
he necessary,
il> Joseph Lb
[rannon,: Geo:
i It. Gregg,
is H. Skiles.
lings be, sign-
0 Ch’n.
[ement ere
use of Mr.
I (Friday)
I? .10,
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tions to
c merits.
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