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AND . .
No. 00 Sonth Fourth st. Philadelphia.
Often daily for the transaction of business from
9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
DEPOSITES of money, received, lor which
the following rateof interest w.illbeallovved:
1 year 6 percent, per annum,
6 mos. 6 •• "
3 *• 4 “ «
• On business deposites, lobe drawn at the plea
sure of the depositor, no interest will be allowed.
Uncuirent notes of solvent Banks, in every
part ‘of the United States, will be received as
special deposites, on such terms as may be a
greed on in each particular case.
By order of the Board,
J.DESSAA , Cashier.
Philadelphia, Dec. 19, 1838. ly
INTENDS residing permanently in Carlisle,
and would respectfully offer his professional
services to the citizens of the place and vicinity.
He has taken rooms at Col. Ferree's Hotel,
where he may be found at all hours.
Persons requesting it wilf be waited upon at
their residences;
. CDr. 'Oeorgt, D, Foulke, •
Deference,— - < Rev. Fhos. C. J /lornton,
C Dr. David .Y. Mahon.
Carlisle. Dec. 6, 1838.
THE subscribers will lease for one or more
year?* their valuable Tan Yard, with ail
Us appendages. It is one of the best locations
in Virginia for carrying on the business on an
extensive scale, as there is abundant room and
the materials are ample. A numberof the Vats
-r.ttve-under cover, and all the buildings are
moat suitable kind—besides the grinding of Bark
(wh'ich can be got convenient and at fair prices,),
is done,by water power.
Any quantity ot Hides can be procured ifi the
neighborhood, as there is no other tannery with
iirseveral miles.of the placer—and there is a!s*o
every facility lor getting hides from the cities,
and sending them to market when tanned, eith
er by rail road or canal. There is, likewise, a
demand at this place for a large quantity of
Leather annually by the Government.
Possession will be given immediately."
Harper's Ferr£, Feb, 7, 1839. eowtf
fNFOKMS his friends and the public, that he
has resumed the duties of his profession, and
•will give his undivided attention to the practice
ofits several branches.
His office is in the stone house adjoining his
drugstore arid one door from the Post Office,
Carlisle, Feb. 28, 1&39. • 3m
THE subscriber respectfully informs the in
habitants of Carlisle) and the public .gener
ally,'that he still resides at his Old Stand, in
North Hanover street, opposite Mr. E. Bullock's
Chair Manufactory, where he continues to carry
on the ■
Cabinet Business,
in all its various branches. He has lately fur
nished himself with a new and
Ice. to accommodate all those who may favor
him with a call. He returns his sincere thanks
to his friends and customers tor the liberal, en
couragement bestowed on him, & solicits.a con
tinuance of their patronage. He Batters himself
that by strict attention to business and a disposi
tion to-please, to merit and receive a share of
public patronage.
N. B. One or Two Journeymen Cabinet Ma
kefs wanted,to whomliberal wages willlje givenT
An apprcntice will,be taken tolearn the above
business, if well recommended.
Cat-lisle, December 6, 1838.—tf.
♦ : /Interesting Cure - T
FERFORMED by Dr. H. Swayne’s Com
pound Syrup of PrUnus Virginians. or Wild
mferry. —Having made use of this invaluable
wiyrup in niy family, which entirely cured my
s&mid, .. The,.-aymptoms were Wheezing and
uf P.hlegm,-lifficulty of breathing,atten
ded with constant congh, spasms, convulsions,
Scc, of whiphihad given up allhoppsolitsre
• cpyery, unfilxl whs-advised to make a trial of
.-ihisinvojuahle.-medicine. Afteiv seeing -the
■wonderful effc cts it had upon- my Child* I con
cluded to make the same trial, upon .myself,
. which entirely relieved meofacough thatpwas
afflicted with for many years. Any person
wishing to,see me can call at my house tndieaclj
street, above the,Market, Kensington.
John Wuxcos. .
Philadelphia, Dec >V 1838.
The above medicine is for sale by
1. J. MYERS & Co., Carlisle.
JEstaie o/Moses Scroggs, deceased.
THE subscriber having taken cut Letters of
Administration .on the' estate, of MOSES
SCROGGS, dec’d, late of Newton township,
Cumberland county, hereby gives notice to all
Sersons indebted to said estate by bond, note' or
dok account, to make payment immediately,
and those having claims will present them prdp
t;rly authenticated for settlement
. Residing in Newton township/Cumb. co.
May 30,1839. ' 6t
A Jot Western Hams, ■
One hew.TUlberry,
Two sets brass mounted Harness,
Two.gotid young Horses,-suitable for farmers'
use- Also, a great variety pt Dry Goods, Gro
ceries, Ve,
Cdrii#le,Mdrch,?ft;lB39. ;
„ , ,Blond and other fancy Spring
'-..Gdods,for«ri«Chedp at thehewstprect;-.
Vv ? \ ARNOLD-deGO- *
w; HOTJSS. ■■ ■
HAVE erected a Warehouse on the RAIL
ROAD, at the west end of High strent, i
directly opposite Dickinson College, where they
can at all times receive, and. forward'merchan
dize and produce to Philadelphia, Chambers
burg and all, intermediate places, having placed
Cars on the road which will run regularly be
tween Carlisle and Philadelphia, by which
Goods and Produce of all descriptions will be
forwarded with care and despatch.
" Goods will be received at the Warehouse of
Joseph S. Lewis,‘jr- & Co., corner of Broad and
Vine streets, Philadelphia, and forwarded to
Carlisle, Chambersburg, and all intermediate
Carlisle, April 4, 1839. 3m
Commission <StI v orwarciing‘ Merchants,
5. IK. corner Broad & Vine sts. Philadelphia^
ARE prepared to receive arid effect sales o
nil produce, merchandize, &c. which may
be entrusted to their care. Liberal advances
will be made on consignments until sales are. ef
fected. ' “
Produce *snd merchandize left at the Ware-,
house of Messrs. Murray .& Fleming, Carlisle,
shall receive prompt attention, and all merchan
dize,&c. left with us will be forwarded to Car
lisle, 'Chambersb.urg, and all intermediate pla
ces, on the rail.road, .with care and despatch, at
the lowest rates of freight.
April 4. 1839. 3m
THE books of Dr, Theodore Myers dec’d.,
have been placed in the hands of Jacob
Squier, .Esq, for settlement.. Those having
claims-against, or,those indebted to said deceas
ed,, are rcquesled- to call immediately for settle
ment. - r
administratrix of said deceased,
Carlisle, April 11, 1839.-—3 mo.
UJESPECTFULLY informs the ladies and
SfL gentlemen,of Carlisle and its vicinity that
i he sets, Artificial Teeth Bn_ the most -approved
"manner. He also scales,' plugs and separates
teeth to arrest decay; -
Dr. N. prepares a tooth powder, which whi
tens the teeth, without injuring the enamel; col
ors the gums n fin** red and refreshesthe mouthy
The tooth-ache will bd cured, in most cases,
without extraction; and an odontalgic wash is
prepared for healing sore glims and fasten the
teellK -
Ladies and gentlemen are requested to call
and examine his collection -of Porcelain or In
corruptible teeth, which will never decay or
change color, and arc free from all uppleasant
odour, durable and well adapted for chewing,
which will be inserted in the best manner and
;at fair prices. " „
All persons wishing Dr. N. ,to call at their
dwellings will please to leave a line at his resi
dence, iso. Tliarpei-s ntjw, wucn lit. »»*.u
tually attend to every call in the line of his pro
fession. From a long and successful practice,
he hopes to give general satisfaction
Carlisle, April It, 1839
WILL practice in the several Courts o
Cumberland, Perry and Juniata. Office
in Main street, Carlisle, a few doors west of the
Post Office.
March 21, 1839. tf
Burr Manufacturer.
The subscriber-wishes to inform his friends
and the public that he'continues the manufactu
ring of all kinds of machinery for Woolen ‘Fac
tories! together with
at his old stand iri New Cumberland, all of which
he will warrant to be made in the besb work
manlike manner , and of the best m,aterials r and
sell at the lowest prices, upon, accommodating
terms. ■
~ 'A“canstant supply--of Cards-'wilkbe-keplfon.
hands.and old machines repaired, v o
.v - ’ iy'
- June 21,1838
. A new liinc or Freight Cars
THE'subscribcr, grateful for past favors, re-,
specttully acquaints hisfriends and the pub
lic, that he lias put into operation on the HAR
RAIL ROAD, a line of new DOUBLE CARS,
winch will run regularly between Harrisburg 8c
Philadelphia,-by which Goods and Produce of
all'descriptions will be forwarded with care and
despatch, at the lowest rates of freight.
Goods'willhe received atthe WAREHOUSE
of-THOMAS 3. MAXWELL, N.-E; corner of
Broad and Vine streets, and for
warded to Harrisburg, iCarEslejiChathbershiirgj'
and intermediate places, and by the subscriber;
Harrisburg, Jan. Sl; 1839^;,
STANTLY ON HAND. Cash paid-for almost
all kinds of country produce.
Carlisle, Pa. May 1,1839.
jtr.rlvdl and De/iariureo/Jllails._
• ' . . \ ,4rrives. Closes:
Eastern daily, -abbul 10 ni. 7p. in.
•• “ "'5 p.'m. 31a.m.
Western *• 35 mi 9aim.
Southern . . “ 30 m. . 7p. nv,
V 10 m. 7p. m,
" 12 m. 9a. m.
Mechanicsb’g ••
Newville “
Estate of David Hippehammcrfdeceased. -
THE public will take notice that letters of ad
ministration have this day been issued to
the subscriber on the estate of David Hippe
hammer, late of the horough-of Carlisle, Cum
berland county.. All who have claims or de
mands against the estate ofsaid '.decedent are
requested to make the same known to the sub
scriber without delay, and all who are indebted,
to said estate are required ]to call and'settle the
same immediately.
. • ■ ■ • ."f Residence, Carlisle.
April 22, 185j>. - - . .
Satin, Bambeiecn, plain'end figured Stocks,'
for sate by s - r " - Arnold V. Co; ,
*Wt *** **** 4 tt y( n n 11tv
To tjflillers A* Manufactureys* For Morrison’s Universal Mcdiciucs.
pAw;i'g~tMpnftw | Bn~nTPpw|w ~ Btf ORATIO SHEPHERD MOAT,lateSole
“S WISSStSf ' M the United States, having been
ACTION IVA/lER WHEEL* dismissed by the British College of Health. Dr.
THE, public are informed that the subscriber George Taylor now of the city of New York,
has bought the right of the above has been appointed Sole General Agent and fly
wheel, for the State of Pennsylvania. Itiscom Delegate to the United States,
sidered by those having them in use; as bnc of The said George Taylor has apppihted A. D.
the most important improvements that has ever Olmstead, of Montrose. Susquehanna county j
been introduced. Persons desirous of seeing the Pennsylvania, Sole General Agent for the states
wheel, cpn do so. by calling at the found-y of 0 f Maryland and Delaware, and. thirty three
DAVID CO.CKLEY, Lancaster.. The an- counties east of the Allegheny Mountains,Penn
ncxed certificates have, been given as a ilight sylvaniaTamrGcorgc C. Hand, Surgeon Dentist,
testimonial of its value; they will speak for them- 0 f Allentown, Lehigh county. Pa., General A
selves. .All communications addressed 1b the g C ht for four counties in \he state of New York,
suberiber in Lancaster, Pa., will be promptly at- ‘ an d seven in the state of New Jersey, to wit:—
".ended to. ' Burlington, Cape May, Cumberland, Glouces-
MICHAEL M MATH. ter, Monmouth and Salem, in the state pf New
ly Jerseyi Gennessce, Livingston, Monroe and
Steuben, in the state of New York.
Hereafter, no person catf-or will vend the ge
nuine Hygcian Medicines within the said dis
tricts, except by the authority of the said A.D.
Olmstead and'George C. Hand. All former
agencies within said districts having terminated
by the removal of H. S. Moat, who is now offer
ing for sale under the firm of Moat Pelham,
Medicines of their own manufacture, w.hich will
readily be detected, ns such will not have the
signature, of A» D % Olmstead, G. C* //and, or
Olmstead & iland/qn the cover of. each box or
package. ~j. , . . # .
The leading .principles of the Ilygeian or Mor
isoninn thcoty of Disease, are too favorably ami
generally known to require a minute explanation
in this advertisement. • * .
I These medicines cure all diseases'whiolr ad
mit of a cure, and many heretofore deemed in
curable. . -
They may he given with safety to the weak
est patient, and under every circumstance and
stage of human suffering, and to children of the
most tender age.
None offered for sale within the aforesaid dis
tricts are genuine, unless each box or package
have a fac simile of James Morrison’s signature,,
with a sac simile of the signature of George Tay
/or, and also the written signature of A. D. Olm
stead, G. C. Hand, or Olmstead b* Hand, with
the yritten signature of Sole Agents, when ap
pointed. ’ . ' *
The Pills are of two kinds—No. 1 and No- 3,
sold in boxes with envelopes, at 25 and 50 cents?
and packages at $1 and 83. Each packet con
tains a pfopqrtion of about two to one of No 2.
The Powders arc in separate boxes—ptice 25
cents, ,
No chemical apothecary or druggist is ever
employed to sell these medicines.
Respectable, persons complying with the re
quisitions required appointed agents on
/ibera/ terms. . ,
-...0j/ict.(irjci General Dejiot , Aa, 5 South Front
street. Philadclfihia.: ‘
A. D. OLMSTEAD, General Agent,
For 33 counties, Pa.; the slates of
April 11, 1839.
r fCopy.]
This is to certify, that 1 have put in .one of
Howd*s Patent Cast Iron Direct Action Water
Wheels, in the place of a Reaction Wheel,‘that
the Direct Wheel does not flood the tail race as
much by three inches as the reaction did, and
tliat I can grind seven bushels with the direct
action wheel an hour, and drive two run of
stones, where I could not grind four bmb els in
.the.same time With the reaction and drive one
run of stones. ' * '
Ephrata tp, Lan. co. Obt.TB3B;
Allowy, May 5, 1838.
This niay_cerlify; that been engaged
In putting in S7B. Howd’s cast iron “direct ac
tinri Water Wheel, both in the State of New
York, and in Michigan,.jijyl. can give it as my
decided opinion that with 8 feet'head or under,
rightly put in, it will do more business with the
same water than any other water wheel which
I have yet had any experience* in, and in refer
ence to back water, is second best to none that
I have yet tried. In reference to guarding a
gainst ice; there can be no.better operation,and
It is very easy t". be Jeept in repair.
STEPHEN AILES, Millwright.
-Alloway, September 3, 1838.
This may certify - that I have had in my Mill
one of Mr.» Howd’s dfrectwater wheels for the
space of one year. If is a five feet wheel, and
1 have had a rc-action in the same place—l have
also had Wheeler’s Union Wheel, yet I think
Mr. Howcl'a will do more business With less wa
ter than any other I have tried. It does well
in back water. I have had from sto 6 feel
head. I think we could do as much work .with
half the water ns we used to (lo with the under
shoot wheel, which has also been in operation
In mv mill. LAWRENCE RILEY.'*
“ Lyons, September 3;'l 838;“"
This may certify, that we liavc used one of S.
Howd’s patent water Wheels since December
last,,by the side of o a re-action wheel, and we
think that Howd’s will do double, the business,
with the same water that 4 the rc nctiou wheel
wifi door very near. We never have but three
feet head, and can.grind with that eight bushels
per hour. We are subject lo back-water. This
wheel will do as good business under back wai
ter ns the re-action, wc-recommend it to
the attention and patronage of the public.
THE subscriber respectfully informs the pub
r,u .liwikm CM/.tiiog nf
grease, stains, &c. in the best manner and with
out injuring the cloth'. She will also attend to
all kinds of Yarns, Cloths, Silks, &c. &c. any
color which may be desired, on the most accom
modating terms and with despatch.
Her residence is a few doors cast of Mr, A.
•Richards’ store, Centre Square,,Carlisle.
April 25, 1838, . ' ly
PERSONS whose nerves have been (injured
by calomel, or excessive grief, great loss of
blood, the suppression of accustomed discharges
or cutaneous eruptions, intemperate habits, dr
other causes which tend to relax and enervate
the nervous system, will find a friend to soothe
and comfort,in EVANS’ CAMOMILE PJLLS.
Those afflicted with Epilepsy or Falling Sick
ness, .Palsy, Serious Apoplexy, and organic af
fections ot the heart, nausea, vomiting, pains in
.the side, breast,.limbs, head, stomach or back,
will find themselves immediately relieved, by
PILLS. Dr. Evans does pot pretend to say that
in all debilitated and impaired Constitutions—
innervousdiseasesof-alf kinds,.particularly.of
the digestive organs, and in incipient consump
tion, whether pt the lungs', or liver, they ’will
cure. That dreadful disease, Consumption,
might have been checked in its commencement,
and disappointed of its prey all over the land,
if the first-symptoms.of nervous debility, liad
been counteracted by the Camomile Flower
chcnrically prepared, together with many other
diseases,- where other remedies have proved
fatal. , ' -
"Kiow many persons do we daily find tortured
with that dreadful disease, Sick Headache. ’lf
they would only make trial of this invaluable
medicine, they .'would that life is a
pleasure and not a source of misery andjtbhor
pence. In. conclusion I would warn nervous
: persons against the abstraction of blood, eitper
by leeches, cupping, or the employment of the
lahcet. Drastic purgatives in delicate habits
. .ate almost equally improper. Those are prac
tices too often resorted to in such cases, but they
seldom fail to prove highly injurious. Certifi
cates of cures are daily received which add suf
ficient testimony of (he great efficacy of this in
' valuable Medicine,-in relieving .afflicted man
’ kind. . For sale by ' ,
, - . ' J. J. Jlfyers id Co., Carlisle,
, . Demutt isf Bumgardher, York.
May 23, 1839. " Agents.
Dyspepsia, Dyspepsia.
13 there no cureforjthat distressing disease?
is the echo Irom thousands. 'Kcad'the many
certificates of cures performed by Dr. Wm". E
vans’ Camomile Tonic and Family Aperient
Pills, The following certificate must certainly
convince every person of the great efficacy ol
this invaluable medicine.'
‘ Dr. Wm. Evans— Dear Sir:— l can never be
grateful enough for the cure I have received by
the use of yourinvaliiable Camomile
Pills,) . X. was for five years very seriously
troubled with Dysp, psia, which caused -a ner
vous sensation throughout my system—so much
that I sometimes shook as if I had been afflicted
with palsy; during all this time I took many
.medicines, but none would core me. At last;
my physician gaveir.e up; but fortunately;one
day as I was speaking to a friend on the.subject
lie’told me. that Dr. Who. Evansf, Camomile
Pills were the only medicine that would cure
me, of which ! purchased some, ancj the result
is-lhat X am now enjoyingperfe'et health,- Any
person wishing to see me can call at my house,-
No. 365 North Front Street, Philadelphia/,'
Henkv L. Campbell.
The above medicine is.for sale by . , ; ' >
J. J. Mtkhi ScCo,.Carlisle,
, Maryland anil if,'l:nviire,..
G. C. HAND, General Agent,,-,
For S counties, N. Y., anil 7 counties, N. J.
The public is hereby notified that we have
unitcd.our business, and hereafter it will be con
ducted under the firm of Olriistead U Hand,
' All orders directed to Olmstead & Hand. No.
5 south Front street, Philadelphia, will receive
prompt attention
The above medicine is for sale by
CHARLES OGILBY, Agent for Carlisle
Sept 80, 1838.x'- . 1>
p. aooD’s'
a GOOD, of the towhship of .New
JP London, in the county of Chester, and slate
olPennsyl vanin, obtained' letters patent for an
improved plan of erecting Bridges over streams
of water. The plan combines strength and per
manency with economy* so much so as not tore
quire, in some situations, more than one halfthe
expense to erect a Bridgedn this plan, and when
built would not be liable to be injured by a fresh
et, or rise in the stieam; the Bridge being con
structed and secured in such a manner, that if
the water should rise so high as to run over the
top of it, the Bridge would remain firm and se
cure. The plan has been submitted to a num
ber of scientific men, who all pronounce it a
great improvement. One on this plan lias been
erected over a branch of Whitcclay creek, in
the township of Londongrove, winch received
the approbation of a Jury appointed by the court
to view the same. The subscriber having pur
chased the rights of the 'states of Pennsylvania
west of the Susquehanna, New Hampshire, Ver
mont, New Jersey, Eastern. Shore of Maryland,
North and South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky,
Michigan, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, and
lhe-lerriiuric.s- .of_jV.isconsin_and ..Florida,.will
sell single, towpship, county, or state rights, to
any person or. persons, and will give every ex
p/analion that may be necessary, at his plade of
residence, JCirk’a Mills,-Lancaster county, Penn
sylvania, or to the Editors of the Volunteer,
Carlisle, I’a,
September 20, 1838
We, the Commissioners of Chester county,
having erected a Bridge on the model of Francis
Good’s patent, are decidedly of the opinion that
it is a very valuable improvement, especially for
bui/dirigover small "streams, being much less
expensive in their construction.
Klijah Lelvis, -
J. IV. Passmore,
John Pettier, ■
June 11, 1838.'
m/STORE testimonials of the efficacy of Dr.
Itß Wm. Evans’ Camomile Bills.
' P/iiladel/iMa, Dec. 19,1838.
Sir:—Being on a visit to Philadelphia, from
my native village of Germantown; 1 joyfully
avail myself of the opportunity of adding at few
words of recommendation to’ your celebrated
Pills, to the abundant testimony already given
in their favor. About four years ago, 1 was at-,
tacked with Dyspepsia; and .for several, years
suffered from that complaint in its worsfstages.
Notwithstanding I tried every thing that came
before the public, X obtained no relief, till I ac
cidentally saw-your advertisement. From the
numerous and respectable testimonials which
accompanied it, I had some faint hopes that
your medicine might not prove altogether use
less in my own case. I tried it;-and iris-scarcely
necessary toadd was shortly cured. Indecdthe'
success was greater than I could possibly 1 have
anticipated from even the warmest recommen
dations. As a small return for the benefit you
have bestowed, I send you this acknowledgment
of my thanks and the deep sense of obligation
under, which I feel myself toward you. Having
implicit.confidence in the efficacy of your Cam
omile Pills, and -feeling it due to my fellow suf
ferers, I would warmly entreat all who may be
dragging on tbeir existence under the influence
of that Scourge of the.human family;Dyspepsia,
to lay aside their early-prejudices against such
remedies, and- apply to you, that they may-reV
ceive aspeedy and permanent restoration.
- I still.reside in though I fre-
Jiuently visitihe city, and will Willingjg give any
urther information that may be desired..
■p Evcp’Crzitcfully yoursi ”
■ . t. b. Williams.
H E A li T H.
JVe know that health, and the ability to labor
is the wealth of the great mass Of the people in
this as in -moat other countries. To preserve ,
.therefore, that health by NATURAL means, is
a grand-moral and political scheme , to Juf/il
which requires our utmost Attention.
THE unparalleled reputation which Peters*
Pills have acquired as a Medical Restorative,
is the most unquestionable proof that can be gl
ven of their immense importance to the afilictedi
in almost every class of diseases. The number
of letters received from patients recovering thro*
their means is really prodigious, .and the com*
plaints which they, have cured are almost as va*
ried as they are numerous. But still there are
some in which they are more especially benefit
cial than in others; and among those may be
named the too often fatal complaints of the sto
mach and bowels, such as Cholic, Flatulence,
and Indigestion, for which they arc not only a
certain but an immediate cure. - ‘ , .
It is well known that from the disarrangement
of the stomach and bowels, arise nine tenths of
all the maladies of adult and declining life; that
this is the foundalioivof Flatulency, Spasmodic
Pains, Indigestion, .Loss .of Apctitckc., and that
those in their turn give birth to Dropsy, Liver
Complant, Consumption, and habitual lowness of
spirits; therefore Peters* Pills being the vc*ry
best medicine which, has ever been discovered
for-the -incipient diseases, of..the. intestines,_arc
necessarily the surest preventives nf those dread
ful, and also general disorders, which embitter
mature life; and drag so many millions to un
timely graves.
In speaking thus Dr. Peters arrogates nothing
to himself that has not been conceded by the
public. Hcis no needy quack orunknnwn spec
ulator. who comes before the world as his own
herald and witness, but is placed in a responsi
bility of situation by the patronage which he has
enjoyed for years; and which is increasing to an
extent unprecedented in the annals of medicine,
.that makes him careful to arrest nothing which'
is not home nutby tile most mfaVible and,
hence he'does hot fear to be put to the lest in'any
thing which he has promised respecting his Pills.
Dr. Peters is most happy to be ablest© state,
on the authority of a great number of regular
physicians, that wherever his. Vegetable Pills
have been introduced,, they have almost super
ceded the adoption of .mercurial experiments;
for their peculiar laculty in Sweetening the blood,
and stiriuilating it to expel all noxious juices, and
in giving strength and tone to ihe nerves, pre
vents disease trom acquiring that strength which
must be got under,.if at all, by dangerous remc
-dies.— -:--- . •. * - -- . -•
Prepared by 70S: PRIESTLY PETERS. M.
D. 129 Liberty street, New York. Each box
contains 40 pills; price 50 cents.*
These celebrated Pills arc sold by allthe prin
cipal Druggists in Baltimore,Philadelphia,Wash
ington city, and throughout the United Slates,
the Canadas, Texas, Mexico, and the West In
dies, and by
JOHN J. MYERS. Carlisle.
S. WILSON & Co., Shippensburg,
GEO. GAULIN, Chambersburg,
ALEX’U SPEER, Merccrsburg,
■December 6, 1858. ly
dTfeuAra:a cl thbia nafirpnxrc-
TIVENOSTUUMS. —The united testi
mony of physicians throughout the United States
has fully fact that Peters’ Vegetable
PilliUirc the only true Vegetable Pills which will
stand the test ol analyzation? hence the proprie
tor would most earnestly urge them to the notice
of those who have been in the habit of using, as
cathartics or aperients/ the destructive and irri
tating quack pills so generally advertised, and
which are at best but slow consumers nf the vital
functions, and murderous agents, even to the
most hale. It is true, most of them produce a
purgative effect, and sometimes transient relief?
but in most eases they injure the digestive or*
gans, pnd an habitual resort to them must ter
minate in confirmed dyspepsia. f
It is true that cathartic and aperient medicines
arc often required, but the nicest discrimination
should always be observed ,n the selection; and,
if this be done, nothing injurious can result froth
their use. . t •
. To produce this much desired result, Dri Tee
ters has made it his study for several years and
feels proud to say he lias succeeded at length far
beyond his expectations. The object of his pills
is to supercede the necessity of a frequ£i)t, re
course to injurious purgatives, apd to offer a me
dicine safe, certain, and pleasant in its operation.
—Prepared •by-JosV-P-iiestly--Peters,--Mr-Di~Nor
129 Liberty street. New- York, Each box-con
tains 40 pills. .Price 50 cents. For sale by J.
J. Myers, and S, Elliott, Carlisle, and Samuel
Wilson & Co. Shippensburg. Dec. 6.
Pders’ VcßetaWc Pills.
MORE than three Bullions of boxes of these
celebrated pills have bectfsold in the U,
. since January, 1835.
Hundreds and thousands, bless the day .they
became acquainted with Peters' Vegetable Pills,
which in consequence of their-extraordinary
goodness; have attained a popularity unprece
dente'din the history of medicine.
When taken according \a the directions ac?
companying them, they are highly beneficial in
the prevention and cure of Bilious .Fever, Fever
and Ague, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Sick
Headach, Jaundice, Asthma, Dropsy, Rheuma
tism, Enlargement of the Spleen,' Piles, Cholic,'
female Obstructions, Heart Burn, Hausen,
Furred Tongue, Distension of the Stomach -arid
Bowels, Incipient Diarrhoea, Flatulence,- Hab
itual Costiveness, Loss of Apetite, Blotched or
Sallow Complexion, and in all cases of Torpor
ofthe Bowels, where a cathartic or an aperient
is needed. They are exceedingly mild in, their
operation, producing neither nausea, griping nor
debility. • , : . • i
The efficacy of thesq Pills is so well khowri,
and their use so gtneral, that further comment
is considered .unnecessary;' , Dec. 6. .
Headache, Sick anti JMercotts.
THOSE who have suffered,' ami are weary -of
suffering from these distressing-complaints,
will find in Pelerp Vegetable Pills a remedy at
once certain,' and.iarimediate in its effects.
In Vysfie/ijsla they stand unHyalledi many have
been cured in a few weeks after having suffered
under this dreadful complaint for years., 1 ,_,
In habitual Costivenesa-thev are decidedly su'-
perior to any Vegetable Pi)ls ever yet discover
ed, and belles this they aye recoidbiendcd by
all the eminent and leading membeiTof the me
dical Faculty.
For sale as above.
Dec. fi.
For using Dr. Peters' Celebrated Vegetable
' PILLS, --v.. f. •"
1. Because they: are exceedingly popular,
which proves them,to be exceedingly good.
2 ; . Because they are composed of simples
which have the power'to do good in an immense
number of cases. without posaessihg the means
to do injury in any, • ; ' .V
. - 3 Because they are not.,a quack medicine,but
the scientific compound of a regular physician,
w&o has made his profession the study of his life.
Because they are not unpleasant to nor
distressing to-retain, while, they, are mospcffect*
ive to operate. ,
'•5 Because lhey areYepomtnendcd as standard
medicine by the regular faculty.
' 6 Because by keeping the system in a natural
state of action, they cure alrnpst, every disease
which is incidental to the human frame’.
7 Because they are cheap and portable, and
will retain all their virtues in full vigor, in any
climate; and for any length of time.
8 Because, notwithstanding their simplicity -
and.mildness, of the speediest pur*
gative medicines which has yet been discovered.
9 Bccause.they are an unfailing .remedy for
procuring a good appetite,
10 Because in cases of spleen or despondency,
by their healthy Influence, on the excited state of
the body, they have a most happy effect, in
calming, and invigorating the mind.
IT Because-they effect their-cures without
the usual attendants of other pills, sickness and
gripings. .
32 Because ns well ns being an unrivalled
purifier of the general system, they are a
eign remedy for sick hend-nchc.
13 Because they differ Ironr the majority of
medicines, in the fact that the more they are
known the more they are approved.
14 Because as their application'creates no
debility in the system, they may be taken with- ,
out producing any .hindrance-to business or the
usual pursuits of every day life. .
15 Because when onccintrotluced into a fam
ily, or village, they almost immediately, take
the precedence ih'gcheraZ
complaints. .
. 16- Because a number of the-wonderful cures
they have effected, can be substantiated without
any undue means being resorted, to, to procure
invalid testimonies. , ®
17 • Because composition is such, that
they are equally applicable to the usual diseases
of warm, cold, or temperate climates.
18 Because two or three, are in general suf
ficiept,'for a dose—so‘that, as is the case with
the generality of patent medicines—the patient
is not compelled tomakc' a i/feal of them.
19 Because each individual pill is put iip un-r
der the immediate superintendence of the/pTo
prietorrso that no or
quantity .ran possibly . occur through the care
lessness of a less interested agent.
20 Because they purity-the frame without
debilitalingjjie system ’
21 Because, notwithstanding their immense
popularity, no person has ever ventured to raise
against them the breath of censure, which would
not have been the case, if envy.could have dis
covered in them a single flaw to cavil at.
22. this fact is of the utmost
importance)—ladies-in a certain situation may
take them, (not more than two dr three"at ? .a
time however!) without in the slightest‘degree
incurring the hazard of ahoiliun. Weie the
virtues of Peters* inestimable pills, confined to
this desirable end alone,' it would give them a
decided ad vantage over the medicines of all com
petitors, as in no cases is the re more danger to
jbe apprehended, or for which so few have been
.discovered, as the one referred to. *
23 Because while they are so (flic’ient in their
operations with adults they may at the same time
be administered to children and cicn to infants,
in small quantities, half a pill for instance, with
out the slightest danger,
24 Because their virtues are acknowledged
to stand pre-eminent, for their soothing influence
upon .young ladies while suffering fn-m the usual
changes of life,'ns directed by tile laws of Nl
turc. „ ' Dec. 6.
The subscribers, thankful for past favors, take
ting methoft of informing the public that they
sllll continue the building of Thrashing Machines
and Horse Power , at ihuir old stand,'’in Louthtr
street, Carlisle, where Farmers and others can
at all limes be supplied. They have 'made a
considerable, improvement on the power ami
machine, and have also attached a*
which for durability and simpleness of constiue
tion is surpassed by none.
Having all manner of confidence in the snpc
riority of the, above mentioned machine, Ike. the y
are willing that Farmers shall test them heft re
making the purchase. , '
Persons wishing to piurchase or examine the
machine will please make application at the
public house ol John C'-nnunaa, Carlisle.
May 3,1838. ~
CHERRY.—This medicine is offered to, the
public as an effectual remedy in all affections in
dicative ot Pulmonary both in their rc
cent andmore advanced stages-such as rfsthlna-.
Pulmonary Corisuyn/ition,_ recent oip chronic
coughs, hoarseness, hooping cough, wheezing,
and difficulty of breathing, spitting of bleed,
night sweats, .Etc, This remedy is 1 highly use
ful to persons whose nerves have been injured
by calomel or excessive grief; great loss of blood,
the suppression of. accustomed discharges,, or
cutaneous eruptions, intemperate hahi*
or causes which lend to renovate
nervous system. How many per r 'or'2k
behold approaching to an untivss: sons
cd in the bloom of youth frgjro’ejy;- '
lives and friends,
destructive Coufe, t r< ’ ,a
soon wastes tire miserable sufferer until they'fij?.
Come beyond the power of human skill. If-such
sufferers would only make a trial of Dr.Swnyne’s
invaluable medicine, they would soon firid them
selves more henefitled than by gulphing the va
riousi ineffective remedies with which our pa
pers daily abound'.' This sy'riip immediately
begins to heal the ulcerated lungs, stopping pro
fuse night sweats, mitigating. the distressing
cough, and at the same’ time inducing a healthy
and natural expectoration also relieving the
shortness of breath and pain in the chest, which
harraas the sufferer on ! the slightest exercise,
and finally the hectic flush, in the palid; and .
maciated. cheek, will soon begin to vanish, ant
the sufferer will here perceive himseltshmohH
from apremalure gravdiatothe enjoymenVsgUll
of comfortable health. -
Ohrrrvr —The above medicine is'for- sale a
the Medical Office, No. 19 North E'fihth strect
Philadelphia, where all order? must be address
ed. To avoid Imposition the Proprietnr’snnnh
is impressed in the bottles; likewise his signa
tore is attached to the labels’on the bottles,—
Pcicb $1 per boltic.-or six bottles for $5,
For sale by YERS a Co.,Carlisle -
I* BAD THIS! —Dr. Sway ne'e Cornflour, .
mm.Svru/iofPruntts Virginiana or Wild Che.
ry .—This ia decidedly one of the best retnedb ;
for coughs and colds now jtf use—it allays Itrj
tationnfthelubgs.doosenathev cough, ;,causir
the phlegm't.o ; raiae free and casy;itl asthm,
coughsiwheeidnganachokmgof phlcgttf,hoan
blood, CTrupla■ wklTa,nted : to effecl
)pcrmanentcufe,iftahenpccordingtptiirectio —