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volume AS, Jero as.
■t* ; '^**r*ri*m**m****t*
j rettiis tit Jpubtictitibn.
Is published cVery Thursday tridfhlng; in the
white frame building; (rear 6f the cbUrt house*)
ht Two Dollarb per'anmihvipayable half:yehrly
in advance, or two dollars and fifty,cents if not
paid within the year.
NVsubscription taken fora less term than six.
months, arid no disfctmljriuanCc permitted until
all arrearages are ■ A; failure to notify a
discontinuance'at tlie expiration of a term, will
be considered anew engagement.
jidvertisements will be thankfully received,
and published at-.the rate of gl 00 per square
tor three insertions, and 25 Cts. for each, subse
quent-insertion. Those not specifically ordered
will be inserted till forbid. ;
Y Handbills, Blanks, Cards, &c. neatly executed,
at short notice, and at moderate prices.
agents Po'a. tbs y oiLtrwTtEß.
The following Gehtlenieh will please act as
agents for this paptr; subscriptions received, and
money paid to cither,of theseindividualswillbe
acknowledgedby hs, ‘
John Moore. Esq. Newvilie.
Joseph M. Means, Esq. Hopewell township.
John Wunderlich, Esq; Shippenshurg.
David ClEveß. Esq. Lee’s (*) Roads.
John MehaffV, Dickinson township.
iAoRAHAM Hamilton, ogestnwn.
GeorgE F. Cain, Esq. Mechanicshurg.
■ Frederick Wonderlich, do.
James Elliott; Esq. Springfield.
Daniel Krysher, Esq. Clmrchtown.
Jacob Longnecker, E.Pennsboro’township.
OF the receipts and expenditures, of South
Middleton School District hy tire Directors'
ot said District, from June lat 1836 to June Ist
1838. . - •
To whole amount of funds from sundry
_ sources,
- . ' C/?. . '
By amount paid for . ..$2647 83
By cash for building school house 4 ’at
Wehbert’s and ground.
By co. at V/olf*s
By do at Wi>f6*s
By Klepper’s
By'do. fdr contingencies,
By cash to balance
. $S7$6 12J
We the'Audltbrs ofSouUi'Mldfireton township,
haying exammed-the accounts and vouchers of
William Graham, Esq, Treasurer of said Dls*
trict from the Ist day of June 1836, to the Ist
JunejB3B; inchisivc, do report and certify that
we find a hTdahctTflu’e the district by said treas
urer, eighteen dollars and thirty-one and. a half
cents as above stated. GiVcn under our hands
this I6th February 1839. . ,
Jacob MmsiiLMAN.
Attest-rLEvi Burk, Clerk,
WHEREAS George AV. Crabbdid on the
Bth day of January last, execute ,to the
subscriber a deed of atfsigritnent of all his effects,
including his books and accounts, tor the benefit
of his.creditpfsT/ -Notice is hereby, given, to alj.
those the said George W. Crabb, by
bond, note or book.account, to call on the .sub
scriber and make payment without delay. .. 4
Carlisle; Feb. 21, 1839: . - • 3t
SHERIFF'S, sales;
By virtue of a writ,of Fieri .-Facias, to me di
rected, issued out of the Court of .Common Pleas
of Cumberland county, w f Lll bC.etfposetrtb public
Kale at the Court- hmise in ; ilid borough 1 l nf 'Car.
iisle, on Saturday the ZOth day of March, 1839,
.at ten o'clock..A. M. the following! described
Uekl Estate* to wit;, - .t, ~ l r- ] K \
All .th.e.i interest.of Jessp Kil
gore in a tract of land situatein . town
ship, containing one hundred and twelve acres,
, more or (ess, adjoining ]andsi>f_Samuel-M?Cune,
-•Jacob"Swdyeri‘WniVam Smith and others, hav
ing thereon erected a two .story Log Hoiisb,
weatherboarded; Logßhrn and Stone Gi^iinary,
AlaOj aU tUie 1 interest of Jes&e
Kilgote in eighteen Nacres of Mountain Lam),
• mote or less, situate fn Hopewell township, ad
joining lands of Haun; Jesse Kilgores heirs
and others* 1 Vi,'. '
; Also, a lot of Mountain, land,
situate in Mifflin township, containing six ‘actek,
more or less> adjoining; lands of Robert M'Fav-
Imie, William Greassey and others. ■ Sfeizedaml
taken in execution as the property of Jesse, Al
gore. . .And to be sold by me, ‘
' ■ : •' ' JOHN .MYERS, Sheriff.
• - " SheriffVOffice, : • >• • 1 1
Carlisle; Feb. 38, 1839. 5 St ;
iSliewtf!’* i Saties.
■ "By virtud ofsuudi'y wcitsof Venditioni Exponas
to me directed, issued-putof the Court of Com-.
mori'Pleas of'Cumberlaod.Goijnty, will be Ex-
Eosed to EublicSalekt the Court House in the
prough of Carlisle, on Saturday ,the. ZWh of
March,. 1839, at ’ten o’clopk, A. M, thefolldwing
described Real*Estate, tb wit: "_ ” “
; ; The Undivided fifth ptirt of a
Thactof fad'd situate in ‘North Middleton'town'-'
■ship,j(;uh)berlaml' : coujity. bounded-by. landsol
Johh Jacobs, Philip t -Zijigler, JVdnm,, Kunkle,
ToCi'ib Smith; fe'bthdW, coflthihirig oneTiundred
, and -seventeen-acres, more orkashavirig there
pnerccteda small fog Hopse ; and Bftrnand other
out houses. Seized and Takcn in Execution as the
Property of Ahraham McClintock. •' ln ‘' !i '
d ; i .AlBbv a‘ tract of muuiitainJahd
eituftte in 1 the- towbsHip'bf/Soh'thaihpfbhi'Ch'm.:
berlaridcouhty.containmg twelvehutlrtred acPek,.
-moreoifless,) Adjoining: |andsbfiJames.C|arkVeßq/
Cohrod Cleve, Moore Cjcßiddle,, and. Others,
%hea;Oimr:' •’ • •••• : :'i
'Add to be'- sold-by me.' 1: ■' ’:: >
-a Sheriff's Office, o! • I :>■. I; -.XT. '' ■
Weatly: arijd'.exjpleditious e^ecu-
i : iisfw
THE subscriber respectfully Informs the in
habitants of Carlisle, and the public gener :
al\yj_that he still r.esklesjij: his in.
North Hanover street, opposite Mr. E. Bullock’s
Chair Manufactory, where he continues to cavry
on the
Cabinet Junking Business,
in all its various branches. He has lately fur
nished himself with a hew and •
&c. to accommodate all those Mho may favor
him with a call. He returns his sincere thanks
to'his friends and. customers tor the liberal en*
couragemerit bestowed on him, & solicits a con
tinuance Of their patronage. Heflatters himself
that by strict attention to business and a disposi
tion to please, to merit and receive a share of
public patronage.
N. B. One pv Two Journeymen Cabinet Ma
kers wanted,to whom liberal wages will begivem
An apprentice will be taken to learn the above
business, if well recommended.
Carlisle, December 6, 1838.—tf. j
The subscribers; thankful for past favors, take
this method of informing the public that they
still continue the budding of Thrashing Machines
and Horse'Power* at their old stand, in Leather
street, Carlisle, where Fanfnerk awl-others can
at all limes be supplied. They have made a
considerable improvement, on the power and
machine, and have also attached a * ,
jsrse 124
18 3U
which for durability and simpleness of construc
tion is surpassed by none.
Having all ipanher of confidence in the supe
riority of the above mentioned machine, &c. they
are willing that Farmers shall test them before 1
■making-the purchase. _ '
•Persons-wishing to purchasc“nr-' examine the
machine*>vsU f lease-malce application .at the
'shop,'dr'tcPK'Latyshe. Agent, at Macfarlahe’s
hotel, near the. Court House, Carlisle.
May 3, 1838.
219 75
138 00
215 00
T 3 23
$37j7 81
18 31,
In High stYeef a Jew doars east of the Court
, Ho'use , *
The subscriber having leased the above named
establishment from Mr. Simon ll.vnderiich, and
haying provided himself.with every thing neces
sary, is now enabled t to accommodate travellers
and.bth.ers in aj\tyle thatjvvJll not full to please
hbSe who may favor him With H call.
will receive his special attention. These will he
kept constantly provided with the best of LIQ
UORS. • • ■
will at all times fie abundantly supplied with all
Chpvdelicacies which the season and market can
afford, and no.exertions will be wanting to please
tlic palate, ot tfie most fastidious.
are commodious and secure, and a careful and
attentive hostlpr willbc,always in attendance.
(Ej-BOARDERS will be taken,by the week,
month, or year, on the most reasonableTtrihs.
A strict attention to business and an anxious
desire to please,will, he trusts; ensure him a rea
sonable share of public patronage. .
Carlisle, April. 5,,1838.
K. B. The past the above establish
ment, at 6 and i t padlock, A. M. and at 2 ahdT
o’clock, P. M. : J.R.
JEXCttdtjy&jE njijfjc
' . ;U._i I.SSD..,’. .
No. 66 South Fourth st. Phiado £hia.
,/A PITA f, 250,000 DOLLARS.
o fieri daily, for the transaction of business from
~ 9A. M.JO 3r. M. 'i
■j .^TiPOSITES' of money received, for whiph
1 year 6 percent* per antiuM : , ' ‘
.’ :.6m05.,6 .1“ ' *t
r. ,3 ** 4 , . . m, - . - i
On busincssdenpsUes,,lohedrswn.atthepjea
sure of the dfepositov, ndinterest wjll f be allowed.
•• Unciii l l'enthintes'or solvent Banks, in 1 evbry
-part of ? the United States, will be-received as
deposited on such terms? us* ttitiy be ft-
S^ed.oain; each-particular case;;. 4
_ t * J. DESSAAv ! Cff»/rier.
. Philadelphia, Dec, 19, 1838.: ' ' ly'.-J
JPi’oih lif to 2(i activeyotni ff men
i ■ j. .managerndnt of horses,
wl'Q ant}
: Horse'drllHierti' how’at
_____ _R m Carlisle
tliis is thc most deaira
ule corps or any in the army, young fnen ofit of
employment cannpf'do better than'join i& "Ap
ply to , r, S: RINGGOLD,
r :l Cafieain conimanding LightytTliileryt
■ 28,1^9,
’ : - ; .s6(3s OFiPfoai ■ ■
Pa. sfpy. 'l,'/1838:'.
irfgtfpaf dnd iPefiarture of. Mails..
-•Wi?Sr-I-iV: j: iin. 4 .^ia*>P». : }.-!rir dotes.
Eastern . dady : about 12, ni. ;, ; f.a.mj
“ '* :.4in. 10a.m.
Western , «• ■ »>■-12 iri.‘ ' 'lO a. tn.
Southern s . "ua ’a!; ": 13 m. ■ ; 7.p‘. m ,
Mechanicsb’g ,;V ,12 m.. .fiml ni
NewviJle ,«12 ; m,10a,m.
R, y. m; ~
: : F. H. KNAPI*.:
Sareeop.pentist.andManufacturer of the Slli
Metallic of Mineral Incorruptible Teeth, N
, W. cornef pf Chprlea andFayetfe’ itfeVflj; Bal
titaofeJ' - -- -;S May 31, 1838.
By virtue of sundry writsofLevari ’Facias
to toe directed issued.out of the -Court of
Common Pleas of Cutobe’rland County, will
be exposed to Public Salto tot the'Court
House, in the borough of Carlisle,’ onSatur
day (he 30th of March 1859,.at 10 o’clock
A. M. the following described real estate to
All that messtmgcNplantation arid
tract' of land, situate in the township of South
Middleton, in the County of Cumberland,
bounded and described as follows, to wit:—
Beginning at an ash oak tree on mountain
creek, thence by lauds of the heirs of Charles
McClure dec’d., South fourteen and a half
degrees. East thirty three perches to a post,
thence across said creek by land of John
McClure & the heirs of Joseph Knox dec’d.,
(called the Paper Mill tract,) South seventy
five degrees and a half, west. thirty perches
to mountain, stoge, thence along the Han
over & Carlisle Turnpike Hoad, north nine
and a half degrees, west fifteen perches and
two tenths to lime stone,.thence by the same
land of McClure and Knox’s, heirs, south
e >ghty-nine degrees, west fifty-five perches
and seven tenths to a' white oak, thence by
the same land north,one and a half degrees,
east, forty-four perches and seven tenths to
a post, thence by the same land, south eigh
ty-two and three fourth of a degree, west
fifty-three perches And five tenths to a post,
thence by the same land north nine degrefcs,
west, twenty-five perches and six tenths to
a post, thence by land of William Moore’s
heirs north fifty-five degrees, east seventy-;
eight perches to a black oak, thence, across
said. Turnpike by'the same land north forty
three degrees, east one hundred and five
perches to a Spanish oak, thence'by land of
the heirs of Philip Rcichtcr dec’d,, south
fifty-four dcgrees„and, one fourth east, thir
ty-three porches and seven tenths to a black
oak, thence by. the same land north thirty
two degrees, cgst,twenty-one pefehes and
seven tenth to a. stone'heap, thence by land
formerly of Jacob Job, south sixty-three and
'a hdlf degrees, cast twenty-six ptoclies and
seVcn tenth- to a hole on the bank of muuii
tain creek, thence up said creek by its sev
eral courses and distances to the place of
beginning, containing one hundred &.eight
acres & eigh/y-fiye perches and allowances,
together with all and singular the buildings,
woods, water, courgesr-nghrsf-pmileges and
appurtenances; whntsqoyerJherciuiWo belong
ing, .or in any way appertaining: haying
thereon erected a two story Xog House anu.
two one story Log, Houses, and .a. large
Brick Bailk Barn. Seized and taken in ex
ecution as the property, of fp'iltiarfi JB'drbir
Jr. and Sampson Mutlin. . '
J 1 Tract or Parcel of Land, situate and
lying in the township of Dickinson, bounded
ah follows* to wit: Beginning at a post thence
by John Zciglor’s land north one degree and
three-fourths, east one hundred and nine
perches to a black oak tree,-north sixty-four
and one-fourth degrees, west twelve perches
. and six-tenths to a dead white oak dree,
thence by land of Samuel Weakly, nortlr
forty-nine and three-fourths degrees, west
sixty-two and two-tenths .perches-to ilspan-'
ish oak tree, north, eighty-three and one
half degrees, west twenty perches to a post,
thence by Adam Kechsey’s lane south two
and one half degrees, one.'hundred .and thir
ty five perches to a post, thence by land of
Mr. Free, south eighty-five degrees, .cast"
fourteen percljes to ki post, thence south three
add one-half degrees, westtwentv-ninc per
ches to a post, thence again by John Zieg
ler, smith eighty-four degrees, east nine
perches to, a.white oak Tree, -north eighty
one apd one-half degrees, east sixty perches
to a post and place of beginning—cont aining,
sixty-nine acres and one hundred,and twen
ty perches, strict.measure, together witK the,
appurtenahces tiiereimto belonging. ! Seized
arid taken ih execution as the. property of
John .CroHisterf dec’dy .
• ;• A'pdto be sold.'by;me,'-V* ‘ '
. . JOHN MYERS, ShcAk :
SlierifF’s l Office,-.,., ..
”, Carlisle, Fett, '2B,' 18S9. y' * ~
To the Heirs:and Legal RepresentatiOcs' of
JOSEPH SHnOMJate of the borough
f Carlisle, . ■
-VKF NOTICE that I will hold an Jn
'quisitio'd 6n a wnt : of Partitiotf; and:
Yaluatimionthe premises late of JOSEPH
SHROM, sen. deCeSSedi on Wedtiesdaythe.
Srth-day of-MarcH-1889,.at teH : o , cfock, A.
M. where all interested Thay attend.'
:r ■ ' e'e JOHIJ MYERS, 'SheAm
Sheriff’s Office, ;
Carlisle, F«b:,3l, 1839.'.5 , „ ,st “v
To-the Heirs and Zegdlißepresntalives of
, .r®??? W Monroe township,
NpTICE liold an lit
# ■ qdisiii' a. writ of Partition anilYal-
6n iylbndiiy. ffie, i SffidajrofMarifhi’
ISSlj.’at. ten .d’clqick, A.,M, ; ,\vhere ali inter
ested 1 may attend*...
, ■,,,. Sheriff's,Office, . j ■
Carlisle,,Feffi 21,18jb. j.- !■. iAt ,
; sYas Idst J oh instant, :on
the roAd bet^dfen/;the‘'Trin'd|e
Leidfe’s ’OnmbfeVland'eddnty, an :
ffidffia!vipncdSlLyEß : AyATGH; : :w!tlia
v dtcel'’ib'ffin,'a Iftebi'!^.aiid i |ea): .’ AVhbivdr
kboVfe reWard; i 'i ; <"! 1
•;* Allen toWnaiiip, Feb.‘2l,'lb’3ffi‘“ ~
91 nici’fcan © olun tcec.
Of Birth Day.
The citizens of Mectmnicsburg mot at. the
house of Frederick Wondcriich, on Friday
the 22d of February 1839; for the purpose
of celebrating Washington’s birth day—af
terpartaking of'a.sumptuous
by .Mr.: Wonderlich in his usual elegant
style, NATHANIEL WHISLER , was ap
pointed President; Lieut. if-icon Ejiminoer,
Jacob EbNsfiAßtiEß, Lewis Krider, 'V. Pre
sidents; and John Bdiverjnastcr, Lwut. M
ner Korns, Michael Lcidigh and Tsaac'Mil
iSecretaries. After an address was dc,
liyetcd-by Mr. J; C. Weibly, the following
toasts wore drunk:
1, .The day we celebrate. -
2. General George Washingtoni. First in
war,'first in peace, and first in the hearts of
his countrymen.
3, The President ofthe United States.
4. The Governor of Pennsylvania.
5. The compatriots ofthe immprtal Wash
6. Andrew Jackson, the second Washing
ton of-America. ■
7. The army and navy of the U. States. -
8., Col. Charles M’Clure, our talented re -
preseptative in the Congress of the United
States.- .... , , .
9. James Buchanan, the star of the Key
stonp State. f ■
10. A divorce of Bank and State," and a
constitutional treasury in its stead.
,11, fllte.Vice President of the'U. States.
12, The "immortal fifty-six” of the 4th
of December last. . .
13. Francis R. Shunk, .the talented Sec
retary of the Common wealth, a Wise choice.
By Nathaniel Whislcr. The appointment
of Francis B. Shunk Secretary of-the Com
monwealth,,meets the approbation of the de
mocracy of Pennsylvania.'
—By-John Bowcrmastc’r: The day we ccle
bratcriin Wasltiiigtoii:;—l
Let this day he i’emembered from the Oldest
man to the youngest boy. ,
.- -By David Grorpleighi David Rv Porter:
The choice of the freemen, of Pennsylvania
with -all the, slanders ofthe Peg. Beatty,
Slonebraker.and Tliad. -
By George F; Cain. The “sober second
thought” ofthc~people of the 14 th seriato'rl
iri district of Pennsylvania: They know
tncu- .rignta,:.. and'"Knowing, -will : maintain
."them. ; '
, , By Licuf. Abney ; Old Hickory:
for Hie'rrihn
who breasted the sffal-m arid withstood the
blast of an aristocratic power, his sun Will
set as it has shone, in a blaze of glory,
By George D. Boyers.—The yeomanry of
Pennsylvania: Let them remeriiber that they
are the free born sons of America, and will
not be enslaved. ’.' '
By Jno. Boh-erniaster. Maj. Jacob Relvrar,
The true and hpble commander of theseebnd
battalion .of Cumberland Volunteers—-may
succeed.iniall hismndfertakingß.
, By S*. Rgpley. the Key
stone of the Union: Always ready and willing
to niaintaiKTier nghts against buckshot &ball.
What think yoifjbsey.
By J; Tiylor. - May the- democracy of
Pennsylvania always he-as v.ictorious'.as it
tvas at the last genefali,election.
- By JcDorslieimer. 1). ,R. Porter: The
choice of the 1 freemen of Pennsylvania.
By Wm. pigley. The another of-Wash
ing: May all -American mothers profit , by.
her example.... - , , - , i
By -Janre?“Mußenv'
nf February-1/32: Theßirth da'y of th’e fa
ther of his cOui/itfy.' . i ’ . ... J
i ;By Ji.Ci Weibley. 1-i May onrevehingde
yptjqns be aSiOUcmprningjrede.ctiohgi f
By Henry A. Mackey. The memory, of
our beloved Washington the founder rind
conservator of rour-independcnce:-. ‘May his
virtues. ho imitated sa K ßis* glory'-a'dmired,'
millions jfef, cijtbusi-r
astic joy the hi.rtjl' of Washirigtbri'.' ’
By JaboK Giifijlfk': ' Cliarjes p. yPerifpse,,
atby windb#,t.\yelve
tlibrri' biisheS, arid, byev ,'a seyen'fdpt 'picjtet
courage as Kb hadwtUeri '..lip atfvbcatbd Bit'
Tbhg miljjurybat
V TBj' Jacob Miller^,'
late;lUd4jtabas !^W4nty&^r«ie, '.{niin9rM
Washington. r\y
' By
mocracy. when called' into; gctual! jßenifce for.
of-the the rack
fodder or rip fodder. 1 ”. :‘’’r \ .- r ■
- ,B.v; ; ibbnibr£:‘bf
Hori a piri
tiered' jia^d
arid curbed , for
iriies rif ‘ Ijberly,'. And! ‘cqpal
Japj(son£.,;' s
MjM. mp t .■
awed Dyinflrieiiiie ahd : uhWiberibyjiain.,’ > ■
fattier .'of our belovetTcbunfry, msythia day
be celebrated in memory of him, how. and
By Wm. Dean. The militia of the Uni
ted States, the pride and bulwark of the re
public. .
- By' Wm. Miller. George Washington:
A hero in war, a statesman in peace', and a
lover of freedom. Earth cannot boast of a
nobler name—his fame has spread through
out the civilized world and his name is reg
istered among* the benefactors of mankind.
:By D. Sponsler. May the commonwealth
of Pennsylvania produce some medicine that
will, relieve, the heart sunken Ex-Governor,
from .the cowardly panic with-which he was
struck, when.Penrose.and Stevens jumped
out of the window: :
■ By. John Emminger. May the trowel of
friendship be worn bright, by spreading the
cement of brotherly affection.
By Wm. Houser.- iThe Ladies: We ad
mire them because of their beauty, respect
‘them because of their virtue', a'dor.e them be
cause of their, intelligence, and love them
because we can’t help it: ■
By Henry Longsdorff. General George
Washington: He never turrted his back to
the enemy, nor jumped out of the back win
dow. _ . •
By Wm. Limmen. Thomas Jefferson:
The consummate statesman, and the inflex
ible friend ofJus country. .
-By, David Diviney. May the American
flag, and the ship that bears it, float and sink
By John BacKer. Bucks County: Al-'
though set down in count by Burrowes for
Ritner, shook off the shackles of ahtimason
ry And returned to, her first love democracy.
By John.T. Ayres. , -The Congress of’76
who made Washington commander-in-chief
of the army: They knew, bn Whom to rely.
By G,, G., Wlntmer.' George Washing
ton, the father of our free and independent
country. ,
By Jacob Emminger. The democracy of.
Cumberland: . .Always ready to.put down a
rebellious faction, particularly such ns we
liad at the close of Ritner’s administration.
By Michael Lcidig. ; Washington, the/a
fher of his . country: A man in the hold of
battle—a man in the cabinet—a,man in the
house .of death—ra man in of.bjiss —>
a irian in the breast of every democrat.
—By Isaac Miller, George Washington:
May he be remembered for his bravery-—yes
bravest of the brave. Braced on his armour
and.redeemed liberty ,-
By Jno. Phillips. Washington, thou friend
and father of my .yonth, under whose heroic
banner .1 first gained renown in the.ficld of
fame,'iyljeri .eomblitting for the rights and
liberties of frijin, , ■ !i. • " .
'By the Company. Our Host and Hostess,
will accept ‘our thanks for the ample provi
sion, and their polite attention. , ,
As the editor of the Herald &. Expositor,
in a piece published in that paper of this
week, has thought proper to animadvert oh
thp cause,and proceedings of,a late Courtof
Inquiry, I.have thought it : my_- duty today:
before the public facts in the case, to enable judge w/io.hasbeenin.the fault, and by
which,facts I,am Satisfied it,will beseentliat
the blanie rests with others, not on those the
man of the Expositor. would seem to hove the.
people to believe was in fault. Suffice it, to
say that the proper officer, Gen. W. Clark,' 1
on receiving and.reading, the; records' of the
court, as taken down by it'from witnesses op
oath, waspleased to,issue an order.declaring
Col, Foulk clear of all.blamc, and at the same
time" complimenting him very highly,; I will
therefore thank yojLto.give the substance of
Ihese .gheets a place in your columns. , ■ '
.VVe'ry.Respectfully, ’ ...
. x : , ' .:JBrigaileMajqr,.
March 1859./-5, c .
■, ~ . ’ CariAs!.*:, Sec. 14th 1838.
. ~ entering
! in 'regard' to the propriety, or as to- 5 y ou
to givie orders, direct'to Captainq in,,a Battal- -
ion tinder llte actual and immediate.command
of it Xien^.'^djpj^^his. Jitiowiedge.g
1,<16 W butin/i-,
I have the honor to cohimandy and 'iirconse
nuqnce haying “done sd.and I feeling
ddcply aggn6ved ; thereby, r'thus apply,for
redressinThe particular 1 matters Ofollehcc
are iyonr'recent'-.dicect i.orddrs ? <6 Captains
Riddle,Cropyand;Moudy,or tO:their Lieu
tenants, to assemble their respeGtivecoinpan
oe®' TO.i^M».
16th AvTtbpuf passing; said-orders'
throughniy hands no
tice thereof,nhdby yotf takidgcfiarge df said •
companies whcnsojparaded; and -j causing
tlietntohQitakcnnntofjtheliKutsiof Battalion
without giying. pics.notice thereof, f being-then
and,there|b6j(j. risys. command
~df the Battalion to ,\iijiiclt.'shid L Cqmpanies',bc-
Idriged.'' itlii'rbforC notonlyShtiilt deptfend:
thatredresswhichisdue my w6flrided feel
jingfe andithe rtiilita'ry rank'‘the'konbr
Ih-t kvlmil ;=;! ; ,;.r ’
I Respectfully- yo.ur; obedient sepyan t> : ‘ < i
"L't/Colii Cbmd-'g Ist Batiipuniy Voh . •
Ist Brigade, 11th Division,'P. M,
Td.Major Gcn. Samuel Alexander,
Commhndihg lldi'-DirPa.' Mi-' :,, 'i h
,i~gt .c-m.i i})' .
. ~:Su;fxl hayq.just recedyed„thc9,ngh jhdiP.ost
Office, your, letter of
which you complain ol my giving brders'tb.
For the American Volunteer i
Cahi.isle, March 2d 1839.
NEW SERIES—VOI.. 3, N0.39'
companies of-the Battalion which you com
mand, marching them, J&c. Without giving
notice to you«>—that you are aggrieved there
by and. "not only ask but demand that re
dress which is due your wounded feelings and
the military rank you have the honor to hold.”
I reject any such ‘ demand ’ as totally inad
missible. If the disposition and spirit which
from many tilings that are now, past, you
ought to led towards mp,- had induced you
to call on me bn this subject,.in the manner
that has been usual between us until recent
ly—or if you had adopted the course proper
tor an. officer seeking redress from a superi
or, to ask me for explanation as to the wrong
which you suppose, I should have extended
to-you the same ffankness'tliat 1 have'Slways
done. You have not .done, so, and I shall
■not-reply to jr ‘‘demandi”-
■Rc'spectfully.your ob’t. serv’ti
■ - Maj. Gen.’Uth DnOK AI.
Lieut. Col. W. Foulk.r ,
. . *-r . T ~ . v • ;
' ; CATttisLE;:Jari, X?S9. -
t Sirs—ln Consequence of reports Imvi'ng
been put in circulation ihjuriousho mychar
■acter as an officer, -three companies of the
Battalion I have the honored; command,
when ordered to parade, were.taken out.of
the limits of t\ie battalion without my agen
cy. I therefore hereby most respectfully
apply for-a Court of Inquiry, to inquire into
all'the matters connected the vs with. ,
Sir, I have the honor jo be, 1
. Your ob’t. serv’t,
t W. FOULK,:
- . Lieut^Col,
To'Brigadier Gen. Wm, Clark, V ~ ’
commanding Ist Brig, lltlr ; "
IHv. P. M. - ,
By the following order from Bfig.;Gen.
Wm. Clark, of: the'fst Brig. 11th DiV. T*.
M.,,a court of inquiry was convened at the
public; house of Major-Jacob Rchrar, in-the
borough of Carlisle.';
Carlisle, January' s, 1859.
Sir:—At the request of Lieut, Col. ,W.
djoulk of the Ist.BM^
County Volunteers, ydu arc dfreetfed td-de
' tail a court df inquiry,-to consist of 1 three
commissioned officers - as, members -mf -said
court, and one commissioned to act
as Recorder, which-court will .conycfre ,-in
the borough of Carlisle. You are hereby
further directed to 'dfetail two-non-commis
sioned officers, tp-attend said epurt as-Or
derlies, and you will -from'time to time-give
such orders in relation to the organization
of saidrcmlrt as the nature of. the case’ may
require. ■ ■
■ • (Signed,)-- >,.r
, Brigadier General.'
To Maj. Edward Armor; Brigi
' ,Major, Ist Bat. llth'DiVi B. ■ ■ -
, M. . - - >
The court convened, the n
hove order. Present, Colonel Lewis flyer,
President; Major Jacob Rehrar and Major
Thomas Craighead, Members; Jacob Baugh
man, Recorder. The court being organized
arid sworn according to law, proceeded-to
; business. The following , communiaatum
was handed in by Col. Foul(«
p. Gentlemen—As this; pourt lias boon,or
deyed at my request to inquire into certain
Charges and allegations made against my
character, by some or per
haps .Unknown to as no ohef ’lias
come forward to lay the charge* before yob,
I deem it my duty, injusticeto the military
rank- I have the honor to hold, to slate .to
you, that I expect,able, to prove that I
-,WX e - hecn charged with joining a nioh ln
the month of December last pasj at; Harris -
burg for the purpose of dissolving th'e goV
erninent of the State of Pennsylvania, l and
thatl’ was otherwise improperly engaged so
as to render myself
iiuteei's,_and tljat in consequence thereof
three .. companies of the Xst c ;Battaliob of
Cumberland Volirpteqrs, were ordered to
parade.and were. taken-ihc.linpts of
Mf, HfeflaUfjjt Antlip.itt 'my : /agCncy.; X .being
Xpert" hncl'there ‘ih. .tips, .actual * command/ of
: saii3 ; BSttan6nj't IhcrcfoVe TCtfuCst.tfiht jjiu
maket agencrnl-' ihqOir'y as t 6 Xfic chaigfes
and.'allegationstuade, -as well ns tbthc re
:pprts respecting the, satoe.- Ki fact.r J ..wish
the .cqurftomake a geueralhiquiry .and' re*
Respcclfull-V, , . .
. FDULR; "if
' ! . Lieut. CoU'XS6BM2CinnT> : i v Vi)F;- }
lirß i'-'-tr 1 .: o';J”i!S3 l4
L-,:, v ilrfr •; r GAR^IS^, i ljiS9j( t
[Sir:—Tlic court
Me the priyiledge of adare|9ihetl\em, or ev
en to permlt'-me
dress, in defence of the *base’ and- unjust
tliarges: which lia d b ecu al 1 egc tl .igai n st; me,
I have ttvask the favor- of .you tohvfcceiVe
those sheets and tt> cause them to'apcpip
pany the proceedipgshof that coUrt which I
81^fflSteS4/^ I S 3 .h. e Qn handedi
f? v , a .rf?> n g-to .thc command,ing r l|'ose
sheets have been iiaslily’ prcpairedHvlucH, I
hbpe'tViH he a sufficient
imperfedtioiis-they cohlhlft. :
i i Very reipecffiillji .’.‘lb > v
!,,.,r S#rV>k r ,j ,
..... , W. FOULS,
, ; --i-...,.]. . IvoUt.Gpl.'&C.
E. 'X|wpr, BngvJMaj,^^Cariial'e^;"^
v . ;i
I fespectfully prcseni to you
•the 'followhigremarksfih'tffeftnicMt-tlie base,
malignant'and unjlisteltargea
alleged against me,, as the caUse-Jocdwiijii - * /
Lng me et my rlghts as Lieutenant Colondi
... w 1
!■: tu