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    iyom the Oreenville S. C. Mountaineer.
Thc death of this'gentleman has occurred
in a manner- 'peculiarly distressing to his
many warm friends, and shocking to the
community in which he lived. "He.was mur
dered on die nighty of the 27tU ult.; near his
own dwelling, and as circumstances evident
ly prove, by some of his own ijegrqes. The
following Statement is. taken from a letter,
written by a gentleman resident in the neigh
borhood of the deceased. l
“The murder appears to have been com
mitted under these circumstances: At the
time of his death, Gen. Bull had no over
seer, and as a consequence, hadto give par
ticular personal supervision to his plantation
‘ affairs. After sUpper, on the night of the
2"th ult,, he walked to his negro quarter, a
mile from his dwelling house. On his re
turn, about three hundred yards from his
house, he was attacked and murdered by
two of his young fellows who were lying in
wait for him. They called a negro (Dick)
to bring his. horse to the gate, and then car
ried the body, a quarter of a mile up the
roadj and above the house. They put- the
; right foot, in the ft/V.stirrup, and then fright
ened the horse, which ran about forty yards
before the stirrup broke. The body was
found about 8 o’clock next morning, with
..,thc stirrup on the left foot, and with the ap
pcarance of- being- dragged tho-distance I
have mentioned. The horse was found in
. the cowpcn with the saddle on, and the left
stirrup gone. This was all contrived to
■make the impression .that General, Bull had
been thrown by his horse, his foot hung in
the stirrup, and that he was thus killed; but
- the schemes of villains are seldom perfect.
. This very circumstance proved the murder
instead of an accidental death. A puddle
of blood was found where the General was
killed, and blood traced all tlie way to where
the- body was discovered. All. the wounds
Were inflicted on his head, and^ appear to
have been six blows with a hard,
heavy stick.—The skull was fractured in
two places. Eight of the negroes are now in
jail., ~Three are supposed, from the circum
stances, undoubtedly guilty.—-The tflial is
‘ delayed to give every opportunity to discov
er ail that ispossible.” /
; OnThursday, the 17-th, Sir John Colbornc
took - the baths .and was "installed Gover
nor; of British-North-Amcricp-alter which a
'. salute was fired and tlie whole regular and
volunteer force in was reviewed.
" The usual proclamation wasissued-after
the.conclusiph. of tlie ceremony.
' Tlie, Montreal Herald,'alluding to tlie re-
cent importation of 14 Edenburg paupers to
this city, politely gives its opinion that, the
C Unlted'‘States ;arc the-common- sewer of
, Europe.’ It will grieve, the editor we pre
sume, when informed that the paupers are
sent back again.
v On the Slstult. by the Rev. 11. Aurand,
ytl. Wesley Miles, to Mias Rebecca Cless,
all bf Carlisle.
v On the S9th ult. by the Rev. Mr. Cum
mins, Mr. .lodics Smith, to Miss Matilda
Palm, both of West Pennsborough township.
V On the same day, by the Rev. J. Sechler,
Mr. George Spangler, of Cumberland co.,
to Miss Nancy Myers, of Adams county.
Flour, sup'erfine.
Rye Fhair,
Corn Meal,
•. Oats,
Flaxseed, _____
Beef, '
Leather; sole
Do. upper
u JSltprcntircH > lAhrary tUssoci-
■ -a-.; atton
-|WHE Officers, Members and Contributors, of
• p" the above InstUutioirare requested to meet
in the Lihraryiißonm on Saturday evening the
' 9th'inst. at 6 (Pclock. Punctual Attendance ,is
■ ilf si red, aii officers are to be'elected for the en
suing year, And a new constitution will be sub
milled. By nrdcrnfthe Managers.
;■ v i tW.S.ROLAND,Secretary. .
THE subscribers beg leave to inform tlie pub
lic in ■ general: that they-'have associated
themselves under .the firm ofSheafTer & Shultz,
for the purpose ol'cqnductingthe mercantile bu
siness at this place, where we mtepd constantly
. keeping ,on hands a large and g eneral assortment
of Dby Goons, Groceries, Bcc. &c. r
vite all to give us a' ■' ■ ■
Mount Rock, Feb. 7, 1839. St.,
, -N. Bi All those knowing themselves indebted
to me can make payment at the store, as'the
books aredeftthere. . r.
HENRY FLINCHBAUGH has invented a
self-tightening Bush for> Merchant -Mills
tor. which he.has a patent. It is superior to any
thing,okthektndeyer indented, andcanhe seen
- i'n operation atMr. John Agnew’s: Iffiill,. itvthe
Bomughof Carlisle. Millers would do well to
Ctdl;and';eKa(nipefor,themselves;' -\ -
r Februanr ?, t(i39.-.3t.M -r u
" V«i '[l.,';, YoU are ordered .tb parade bn,
•" yonr usual pound on FRIDAY 'the
1 ‘jBBT- 88nd;<)f instant, L at,lo o’-
I ffl clncki A; 'M.y .complbteiy equlpt;
I fH. ,wilh ; arms'in good firing order. ■
■■ 1 ¥ '- By order of Cnpt. Biddle. - ...
...yli; ■■■ JOBNR. KERN AN, 0. S: :
Febniary 7, 1839.' r>p'-
Remaining in the Post Office at. Carlisle,
• Pa;F£bfitary isr, iBS9. Enquirers will
■plefife say aivertiscd.
■r A ' MAthias Jacob
Agunony R Esq Miller Susan
Allen Jain M. Mumsu Jacob
Aim Chambers Murhy John
Askwjth Amie D Moore Mary Ann
■ • B
Brennan Micheal ~
Bell Jane '
Bossem an E 2
Bowers Abraham
Bevins Christian
Bonham J E
Brown Ann
Boyie Elizabeth.M
Blackburn George 2
Brown Elizabeth
Barnhart John
Brechbill Philip
Beaty Nancy W
Boilitu Leah
Brechbill Elizabeth
Beclmnn Christian
Beaty Mary
Barnhart Margaret
Billings Elizabeth
Baker William
Biifimgton Anna
Clellen Catharine
Craighead John W
Crever Augustus
Coffman Shariat
Coax .David ...
Clark William sen
Coile John
Clendcnin Mary
Cromer \Vnu
Crowley Miles
Clark Win.
Clark Jno A
Cook David
Coalman Henry
Cart George W
Dunbar Mary
Davis James
Depewy William
1 Evans Anna - - -
, Fanwell Jacob
Fuller J
Frees Micheal
• Fields Sarah
1 Fetter Henry
G • Shuff Jacoby
Greenwood William . Smith Henry
Guy Sarah Smith George
Go.ld Ann Amelia Sehenbacker Marks
Giffin Robert ' Swint Jonas
H Shaffer J
Hilands-Nancy- - Swigart Catharine
Hocker-John —Sphor-William—.
Homes Samuel or John Shriver & Welsh
Hamilton William Steffey Amos
Hetrick John ij SandeHvP I assent
Henderson Joseph Smith Sarah E
Hart Harney Swigart Micheal
Horts Mary Scntman David
Hummer Mary Sanno Rebecca
Hutton John > Smith Allen
.HolLEetcr :
Heckman Mrs
Hoober Frederick
Hemmingcr John
Hummer Micheat
« '
Irwlu James
J t v
Jackson Margaret
Johnson Christopher
Jacoby Philip
Jefferson Jane
Jones S A
Johnson Perry
K -
Kelly James
Kinkadc John
Kerr Wm
Lelb Mary
Lockard Jan
Lechler D
Lieby Johann Georg
Lipe-vi Samuel f
Love Isabella
Lahman Jacob
Laughard Jane.
I Lamiso'n Conrad
Miller David
Miller Sarah
Mordorf. Abraham
_MyeJ s Benjamin ,
3 12
4 50
4 50
I 80
1 00
'■ 8 7
. JO
15 00
1 56
S 7 25
5 25
. .1 00
X 50
X 00
1 00
15 Q 0
X 12
“ o~oo'
. -f EOIt RENT,- r '
THE subscribers wil! lease for one or more
year?, their valuable Tan .Yard, with* all
its appendages. It is one of the best locations
in Virginia'for carrying on the business on an
extensive abundant" room • and
the materials are ample. ' A number of the Vats
are under cover, and all the buildings are oLthfc
most suitable the grinding of Bark
(which can he got convenient and at fair prices,).
Is,done by water power. | 1
' Any quantity 61 Hides can be procured in the
neighborhood, as there is no other tannery with
hi several miles of the there Is also
every facility for getting hides from,’the cities,
and sending them to market when tanned, eith*
cr by rail road or canal. There is, likewise, a
demand, at. ihlsl places for a large, quantity of
Leather annuallyi by the Government, .
. Pnssession,wilt-bg given immediately; -
« For-further particulars enquire of: •
’ Feb;7»-1839. eowtf
Estate of John Sheaffer, deceased,
■, ■ .
,W ETTERS of Administration have been is
l i Sued to the subscriber on the estate of John
bneaffef.latcof.'East Pennsborough tjMmship,
deceased/ ‘All, persons having.clainnajigainsf
said estnte.wlll present them for adjusttnentjind
tbo'sewlibareindebtedarerCquested, totnhki
Imniediate'payihent'i; v ■ '■ . - [: . «7
, East-Pe'nb'sbofdugh township, J ' • - ; V
■'■' February'?, 1839, '. . 6l*.
•' V:- .-ATTENTION: v- ' •
tit) niioura
ed"court Of appeal; will be.held'where, all/those
Interested jnay attend.' ■ ‘ , ,
■ : ;, A. LAMBERTON, Capt.
I February 7,1839. V.,. V ,■_, : .... ■! ,
Minnich Peter
Mell JaViC
Miller George
Moore Mary J
Meredith Cuthcn
Miller John
Matson Peter
Myers Mary Jane
Meel Katrina
Markwart Jacob
Me. _
McVey Milliam D
McAlister James
McElwee Charles
McDonelt Elizabeth
McAral Daniel
McCarter John
McMullen William
MoCalinn Neal
tylcGulre Patrick
iftclntire B Esq
McCartnev Nancy
McClary Edward
McLaughlin-Peter "
Norris Eliza T
Nevius & Mitchell
Purkcy.p.ilc Joseplv-
Prise Simrlot
. Parkson Sarah
Paxton Thomas 2
Permen Jacob
Phillips S & H
.Roberts Lieut B S }
Ist Reg Dragoons,s
Ramsey Seawnght
Robinson Lewis
“ Ramsey Archibald
Ueitzel Maf y Ann
Reed George W
Hitzel Adam
Reynolds Hon David 2
Ruby William
Scranton William
Snyder Henry
.. Simon Lee r
Seller John
Shoap Agnes a
Seiitman David
Sipe Samuel
Sponingberger <»corgc
Smith George Esq 2
T '
Thomas Elizabeth
'Trough William
Thompson William 2
Tilford F., R P. Hunt 7
and J Clay S
■. tt - -----
Uhler Adam - f
Van Boskink Richard
Wonder!)’ Georg
- Waltman Joseph
Wolf John 2
Walker Jacob
W,eidman Jacob
Wetzel Moses
Wilson James
Wise Leonard
Whislen Sami
Woods Richard Esq
Weaver Henry
Young John or Joseph
t *gf. m tx% "x att otnn t i x x •;
Of the Receipts anil Expenditures of Cumberland County,
By tile Commissioners of said-county^*from the Ist day of January to’.the 31st day of December,
• '• ’ A. D. 1888, inclusive.
To balance due county, received from former treasurer $ 503 59J
Balance of tax outstanding on the Ist Jab. 1838 4872 684
Amount of taxes assessed for 1838 10105 46
Cash received on loan from J. Stuart, Esq. 00
Do do- Robert Armstrong 500 00
Do do Joseph Clark 665 00
Do for an cstray from David Hume, Esq. 10 00
Fees due county from delinquent collectors 13 37
Do. received on unseated lands, &c. _ 1® 05
Do. (verdicts) received in the Quarter Sessions 4 00
Amount of A..Erb’s note due Feb. 1838, received 50 00
Fees refunded on Coroner’s Inquest 7 85
Schedule of outstahdii
Due county per return of treasure.
1838, subject to exonerations, fyc.
jasscssed/or 1838, viz.
Collectors .,
i William Wnodsf
Martin Dunlap
J. Montgomery!:
Nicholas Urichf
P. Messersmith
Geo. Kinstngcr
Daniel' SUavban
Daniel Leckcy
Robert Clark
David Martin}:
/Ulam Reiglef
3ohn Lcijn
George Ewing!
John rjohnsUm
William Mnor< $
William Trill* |
John Saxton}: i
Thomas Spencer!
John Raum!
J. Beltzhoover t
Totunshifia , tsV
Dickinson *
Silver Spring
E. Pennsboro*
Frank ford
N. Middleton
Newton -
South Middleton
Southampton , 1
Silver Spring !
Shippensb’g boi
D,o, township
W. Pennsboro*
$19105 46 $6317 70J
— Mjaawaw&Mf —
I Due County by the following persons, viz
I M-. Holcomb, Esq. late Sheriff for fines and Jury fees
, for 1837 $lO5 1 a
«■ J. Myers, Esq. Sli’ff, for jqry fees fort 1837 44 ,06
J.Lo'bacli, as Keeper of penitentiary for 1837 56 49i
M. Boyle for costs rz . —36 29
R. Miles do r 22 15
The County stands indebted for balance of loan to W.
Bentz, $2OOO 00
To balance due county by Treasurer,*
•The balance tlue:connty by '\V v Si., Ratnaeyr Esq-,
late Treasurer, since paid to his successor in full.
tSince paid in full.
tSince paid on account—William Tritt $235-
William Moore 100
GeoijgSJSwing ,180
Daviu Martin 263
Jamek Montgomery ITS
John Saxton- . 125
Jolm Kaum'—■— 30
• We the Oomraissioncrsuf Cumberland county, do cer
tify that the above and foregoing exhibits a true and cor
rect statement of the Receipts and Expenditures of said
county, for .the term above stated, alLalsn of the Taxes
assessed, for the use of the county, together with the ag
gregate of feps and-exonerations allow ed during the said-term—and
also the amount of the seyyrul taxes outstanding and in the hands
of'the respective Collectors,, as above stated, according to the- best
of our knowledge and judgment. _ ’
■ Witness’our hands and seal of office, at Carlisle, the 7th day of
Januaryp-A* D. 1859. :
• ROBERT C- STERRETT, V Commissioners ,
Attest— John Irwin, Clerk. . . . . .
• ■ , Atfß. .~4j; —f"—
»np :< roffmt>
call anu examine for Xoorselves!
The subscribers, thankful for past favors, take
this'method of informing the public that they
still continue thebuildingof Thrashing Machine*
~ ■.. ..... . and Horse Porortvattheir old stand, in Louthcr
CABINET MANUFACTORY. FARMERS’ HOTEL.. street, Carlisle. where Farmers-and others can
: ■ ■ ..; ; ■ . _ — at all limes be supplied. Th?y have inadea
subscriber respectfully rinformstbe in- Jit High'tfreet a few:door9-eaat.ofyhe.CoUrt^ rnn «M*nrahlft imnrovemenl on the Dower and'
JL habitantsof CarhsleV- and the pubhc gener- , Hout a
ally, that he Stm resides at Ins OW Stonrf, ib 1 nr nr vd tivd A fitrvil
North Hanover street,- opposite Mr.E. Bullock’s • O A Si la 1 S L B* X
Chair Manufactory, where he continues to carry The subscriber Having leased the abovenamed whicU fordurab ility tuid simpleness of construc
'°n 'VV'fci ’ , establishment from Mr himon Uunferlich^ ln' the supe-
Cabinct .llakttlg Business , having providedb.mself with every thing nwesr bovementionedmach . ne St ,f e
nlshed himself with ane w and ’ - hose who may favor him with a call. Persons washing to purehase or examine the
• machine will please..make-application at the
&c. to accommodate all those whd-may iavot»w'l' receive hißspeciaUttention.: TKesewillhe shop, or to I> Agent^at_ Macfarlane's
him with a call. He vetijrns his sihCerethanks kepl CQnatanUy provided with the best of LIQ- hotel, near theCourtHouse, C^hsl^HFr T
to* his friends'and customers tor the liberal eh- W>RS. *■■ -, ’ NEVXUS ec. MITCHELL,
couragement bestowed on him, & solicits a con* THE la AKDIhIC. ■, May 3, jejo..- ■*■" :
tinuance of their patronage.' He flatters himself will at all timesbe abundantly supplied with all .... .. ... . TnUlkl ODdDCOTV strict attention to business'ahd a dlsposi- the delicacies which.the season aiid market can VALUAtiLClUnlirnUrEll 1.1 .
tion to pleasei to merit and receive a shape of afford, and no exertions v?lll be wanting to pleasfc' - \pnj> SALE- '
public patronage. ... > the palate ot the most fastidious. '. ■ /
N. ! B. One or FWo Joiifneyfnen.Cabinet Ma- Tni’ STABTjES kk’lHE subscriber wiU dispose of, at private
.Kpf^lce^ill'be I tekehtXrethe^ &
; c*s "a£SSSM"S-
— ——^desire to please,will, he trusts, ensure him area- jfflniJJSback building 38 by 20 feet, with an
POST : PfffflCßi ; ; • fpubr, trS^REtJßAß.
Carlisle, :Pa. Nov; 1, i 9 3& Carll S le.Aprii:s.,lB3B. - ~ , Mt ‘ : ffiJS isS‘ *^ a j . weU of ’ exc^ lent *“‘ crnea '
■■4htidlan4\pefiartuteW-&tll*. . m^VdandTl^Sa*M ‘ /l>e above properlylswellsatuated for public
■ .;■ ,'-T:i-.jfrrii!«. . C/iMfr. Twt.p U ■ ■ A ™ ™ JR' business of any kind, and will be sold low; ns 1
Eastern .'daily about IS m. ■' 7p.m. °_ L. ■■ - '■ ' ' ■ :am determined.™ removing to the west. Tin
Western * ' 'lOa.'m‘. 500 BUSHJStS POTATOES!., ffinTdUpitabl^^^^^
Southern • . •• 12 m. 7p. m,- received from Belfast (Maine) and for be had on the first of, For further
Mechanicsb'fe : •• 12 m. 7p. m, sale at Walnut Stredt Wharf, 500 bushels partjcu/ars'app/y tt£ .■■ . . ’ T ~ .
Newville •• .“12m. 10m m' Musser Potatoes, OWENMcCABE. FRANCIS McMANUS. ,
' R. LAMBERTON, P. M., . Harrisburg, Nov. 15,1838. i Carlitle, Sept. 27,1838. .. ; '
ng Taxes,
:r, 31st December,
. with the amount
Am’nt out
$ 202 ft"
729 62
349 794
138 84'
385 97
461 744
687 054
Amt of dw
$ 1820 84
1396 974
IBi 1 744
1787 054
519 284
411 16
420 90
1357 83
246 73
1497 955
•946 37
160 434
1835 30
1073 954
1829 874
385 25
173 80
1430 00
381 73
246 364
352 37
1390 13
454 874
103 80
8264 ITd
By cash paid on Commissioners' orders, fyc. viz:
For tuition and stationary for poor Children, $ 49S 59
Grand and Traverse Jurors pay, 2244 25
Auditors for settling accounts for 1837, 45 00
Witnesses fees in criminal prosecutions, 475 21i :
Justices’ do do 59 04'
Constables’, do do 113 24
Printing for county, 132 24
Constables for making quarterly returns, _ _ 80 09
Repairs and incidental expenses qf public buildings, in
cluding Court Crier’s fees, stationary for office, &c. 220 6GJ
John Miller for road damages, * 75 00
Inquests on dead bodies, , 52 64
E. State Penitentiary for support of convicts, 268 96
Sundries furnished county jail and penitentiary, 201 56.
Bridge over Yellow Breeches creek at Lisburn, in full, 666 66
ga’ pay-for 1838, ' •> 572 00
funded, ‘ 51 00
s of General Election, 235 56
ers.Esq. Sh’ff, for support ofprisbners,&c.lB3B, 1084 67
mbach. Esq. salary as Keeper of Penitentiary, 200 00
i of Poor, for support of paupers, -&c. A- 6000 00
no, Esq. salary as Director of the Poor for 1838, 30 00
mminger, Esq. do do do f SO 00
;oner, Esq. do do ■- - db -SO 00
ig. Esq. pay as Commissioner, in full, . 93 00
ffllis.Esq. pay as do fbrlBoB, 120 00
Sterrett, Esq. do , db 00
' John Cornraan, Esq*' do from 12th Novem. to
31st December, 1838, _ 28 50
i John Irwin, Esq. salary as Clerk to Commissioners, 260 00 .
James H. Graham, Esq. salary as Attorney to do. 50 00
T. Craighead, jr.-Esq. fees as Clerk of Quar. Sess. &c. 119 24
S.DrAdwrrEsq..fee3 aa.Deputy.Atterney Gencral, 53, 00 .,
George Plotting, Fsq.Prothonotary’s ftes, ' ", "iS 75
Doctor Stadiger, for apprehending horse thief, 34 40,
W.-Bentz, on account-of loan with interest, 1165 00
Hon. John Stuart, do do 303 25
Robert Armstrong, do do , 511 65
Joseph Clark, do do 691 60
J. H. Graham, Esq. case of writ of error, 7 30
Viewers of Roads and Bridges, 95 45
Fox orders, 10 79
Whole amount paid out; - -817057 50
By commissions allowed Treasurer; 200 00
Exonerations allowed Collectors, ' • ->45 31
Fees do do 1055 34
Balance of taxes due by Collectors, per schedule on ■
debit side. . 6317 ,70i
Balance in hands of Treasurer,
826047 01
81093 13J
We the Anditora of Cumberland county, having examined the
several accounts and vouchers of William S. Ramsey, Esq. Trea
surer of said county, from the Ist day of January to the 31st day
of December, A. D. 1838, inclusive, do report and certify that we
find a balance due said county by said Treasurer, of one thousand
and ninety-three dollars and fifteen and a half cents us above stated.
Given under our handfe at Carlisle; the 26th January, A. D. 1839;
GEO. M. GRAHAM, ‘ )■ Auditors.
- The Bell,on\
Wednesday the SXHh of February next,
situate in Saville township. Perry county,, con
taining 19 :acres, more'or less, having thereon. -
created an elegant , '
nPM'n lig^ o r bwalled in fbbrt county,)
the.most!improvcd plan.
The htlier buildings are; a .large two story
FRAMB. HOUSE, good half Barn, and other
nercssaVy buildings. ‘ There is also a SAW
MILL oh the property, propelled by Buffalo
creek, on which the other erected;
which Is a never failing stream, sufficient to pro
pel a Flutter wheeled Saw Mill till July, togelh-
all the other machinery. An indisputa
ble title will be given, and terms made known on
tho day of sale.
Saville township. Perry county, T
January 24, 1389. . 5 4t
The subscriber respectfully inform s.his friendSK.
and the public in general, that be lias open
ed a FI,OUR and FEED STORE at his old
stand, (corner of Louther andHedford,) where
he intends keeping for sale - ■ r
by the barrel or'smaller quantity, Buckwheat
and Com Mcal % Cfio/i anjl Bran, Corn , Bye &
Oats ; all of which he intends keeping constantly
on Jiand, and hoppi a sharp of the .
public patronage. , .
He has also on hand a few bushels of 'S/iring
Wheat for seed, which he offers for sale.
■Carlisle, Jan. 24, 1839. if
P. S.—He still continues to carry on the Sil
ver Plating at the old. stand, and has constantly
on hand a good assortment of plated Saddlery,
such as'Stirrups, Hitts," Harness-moyntingand
Coach" work. Pfatf fig for "Coach Makers■ dans'
in the best manner and with despatch. J.P.
THAT large ami commodious white
situate in High _street, iti.the, iborpugh of
Carlisle,'opposite tlic Tost Office, haying cxtere
sive back buildings thereto_ attached, at present
in the occupancy of Capt.' Edward M* Biddle,
calculated for any kind of business. Possession
given on the Ist of April, next. For terms * ap
ply to ISAAC TODD; ~
Jtvent qf L L>
~~ tf ;
Jaw. 24,1809.
Estate of James BrediHj decedsed.
-- N-OT-i ce.
-A- Lt pcrsons indehted-to-lhe- c*tatc"df"th e'
/% late James Bredip, dec’d, of Carlisle, are
respectfully requested to call with the subscri
ber and senle their respective'accounts, on qr
before the first day of April next,
persons who have claims and demands against
the estate will present them legally authentica
ted for settlement.
824933 85i
1093 154
826047 01
. '• ANNA BREDIN, Adm'x.
Gat-lisle, lan. S 4, 1839. 6t
Estate Of Mathias Young, deceased.
LETTERS of Administration having been
granted to the subscriber-residing in Mon»
roe township, Cumberland county, on the estate
of Mathias Young, late of said township, dec’d—
this is therefore to notify-all persons' indebted to
said estate, to makepayments immediately, and
thoseriiaving claims will present them without
delay properly authenticated for settlement!
ENOC H YOUNG, jld'm'r.
January 17, 1839.- 6t
No. 66 South Fourth st. Philadelphia.
Often daily for the transaction of business from
9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
nEPOSITES of money received, for which
the following rate of interest will beallowed:
1 year 6 percent, per annum,
6 mos. 6 *■ ••
Oh business deposites,tn be drawn at the plea
sure ofthe depositor, no interest will be allowed,
Unclirrcnt notes of solvent Banks, in every
part of the United States, will be received as
special deposites, on such terms as ’ may be a
greed on ip each particular case, '
■By order of the Board. ■ •
~ J. DESSAA, Cashirr.
Philndelpbia,Dec. -19,11038. X ly, .
OR. I. 0. tOOMIS,
&JSHTIST. ; '■ ;■
INTENDS residing permanently ih'Garlisle,
and wbuld respectfully offer bis professional
services to the citizens qf.tllepiace and vicinity.'
He has'taken morris at Cbl'.' Ferree’s Hotel,
where he may be founds.all hours. '
■ Persons 1 requesting! twill be waited upon at
r Dr* Georgt IJt..Foulkc f ,
\ Dr. Theodore Myers,
Kefet ence,- y ßru , rhps. C. Thornton,
.■ Dr. JQavid.J'fcMahon. .
—Carlisle. Dec, 6, 1838;. , ,
THE'sUhscribei'wiU rent for one'JiegtfL
or riiore years the IV/iiie Wea{h* feSHg I tljft
erboarded House and Ift of ground, gH I i 5K
situate in South Hanover street,antl
formerly, the Rev. D. McKinley.
Possession will be given on the Ist of Anvil next.
■ , .. JOHN^VGNEW.
- Carlisle, Jaß-10, 1539. '-tM_l
FOR further particulars endirg_ of_rhe.jnl»,
senders at Oak . Grove Tunutce, Perry
county. -• ■
, January 10, 1839.' . 'Sf "
. a3’ , Lancasterlntcl)iscnrcrf , an(l 'Keystone,’
times and'cliarge this office. . ’ ■
Clover Seed for: Sale.
ioo Btr&HSZ>s or oi.oveksbe»
.received from Chin, and for pate at
•B the Warehouse nf tlie’sybsci-i'-erin the'hor
otfiy Seed;
' December 20, :i,838i.
v ; : ’«'