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Wednesday m:orning,,April, 7,:1869.
NI& LEWIS, TT -77 f
1 1 lie !'Mobek . heti go . largest 2?untber
v'eatler; of any other papa: published'in 'the
, .Adverfisois should remember this.
"19—President .Grant" le sending in
• long•liets of nomination's to tho Senate.
• "The.blittotitin' has' at Wet been 'sot to
2:3 _ •
. Georgaliarle,.pf
. law
,partner. o .I?ostmAatftr., General_
creeswell,- tree - been, appointe'd First
7.Aestetent Tostneakei Geneiiil vice
SiThAfei." " --- •
1 !- itti.:Relirerichnieiit tad reinads . 'flie
"ordefof tiiei?ecis:eadret in
,for, it; fkrqd, 43 .49,11-, 130 ng
,carried info'.expoutionitr,,,3-1.;
.pi:actraj9i oon pltida n
of the ibfantiy regiments, creates quite
' aJfuriinil hue-,
ed andill be~ifu's~d`on
. . !
l I c
i , V 4 41)1g .•, „.1
hab iv
notieo ibitt`tho ipieiest cOu
pons,payable..on ,tht? Jet , . day, of • May
nest will fn6i,44)e paid!on rpresontation'
dt ttitu'tt:opoF.offiee,i, upon ' of
interest ' at' .fqktii Per ;
t, • k IY • •
f 4 R I . 3 YRI i LsinAPPP
r" 0 • ".,.1 - ""7 --- =7. i
sitlY,Your'eolo'red 'men nominated 'to
I; a , ',Li ~"(
„offie,eibztho ; VjeNdert„,two,,of 0 ?9 ,, 1 t,
;ate itistimbfrthe' beat() tbd , aistriet•
tof , OdluMbitti thiird to be iiiisessorl'of
a'Weii 'Orient's
"ins thid the fourtU to "Lb po"stiiitas
Glatnmbia, S. C.,,, . „ „
•: -
* iba,97P
7119!'l 1,1
will aajourn until the middle of .April
or 11_18Ag rg 09 e n t
cit4illi t O" u ft' *a kept
:,.,liaskUgialatibni.aud• much ought
6toitAydorio beforf;t4'selsio . n4s.brought
‘-• ‘ , l t - f 1 , 1. , ,
Natiftiet• `efforgiti - beilig- , thddi3 to
TV ) 9,4'44 f aton,evtitoncea to,bo 13 . 1 i
rtDcritq l motTOYY, fur 11A4,,rauriler of , m
othy'. Ffetint!,n in Philadelphia inlJune
' dticti rhed La sit bmit•
' . . =- 4M"via's - Oho Of the
••-• ~•, •
n s:afrighiful`batGh
10.f.PP - WB!..A O NNN
.exciteinent4 %rush ,of ,miners;
;frightful 'st'af!n's; , roads' lined for:roiles
br'Okan'. and "stalled' teams; mud
ow , - • 17c; •
; .f,raili pox; at.
,tacks,-.fCom ; ,hostile " Indians; earth
juakos., Suoh ' , details are calculated
' shocktiatileast.!'
cis T . Tumored in I.WaBhingtOn
- 11:11it'§'enntoi Sprague"coritemplates the
_pnrcliaso"of "ilia :' old Natrtinal' iiiiilli
-gencen,kOssiiApo,,, that ,he intends
'to give .i:t a new-lease of life ; in.,engin
-oaring! a new potitical `movement in
"betialf'of: dhicf 5 - iVntide Chas( for 'tile
.Bp . r*gue Money
t t la9,lnaro goir , but, 7,0 , )3 aye
!doubtsa;bout.the,eueoess,of , the move
'enerre'to"Mi l of I plida'tions
;sified.atud, arrtingedi at 1 00 . 11,5440 De
-613 desler,
iideiiPdi i n Lt'o Nye,i Oti Of re d
& ,zw § eVoral
to, te Staten, their
- ..... •1: • ' •
- o.ard' phild to 'the atrarii,T,th
• ..“11
MI ( 1- 1 )9PAr4 1 _ 1 :9-,t': ILL; ift •;9,a.T1
n teriii tu kf 0f9C1341 Y B.O fe?
Ap e r I, re, r 7 tTe1329 . 1 egi era- ,
, afinna ap d hitkicts, : as°
i t s r ifollowi t l u
XVth. j G66iie'
XVlth. r. Dat , pion' O'ofeC4ailt,'
"'X'V;lttly. 11§ahis It.::"
Fibblet', '
1' 11 ' S irriWn; 'R.'
f rilok
''X'X'Vliti?:::(lexTed IV,'.."rits , I
• ::*I S CIVItii h7'.riti46s `"'
200—We learn from a friend who Vie
io Ifilay . Pvtireelr:, .'tiiii,i the
0114(t4f,TYLkur.P,OY,801Win is ter
-iztsipg. p o•
gresargen and Senators are;' hunted,
- , walehedi :cog nRPed, ran,dikWili,f9llp,sved
'Atitheir -rdwdlcalled du f-befoi they
- Wrd; befifBdi r ilioik;
,1. 713
-.-7 t b tq l ?? e , ° !!iiF l i t l l, llV9 r . l . 3 :l
for, pdsitjojA§ ,eydyy ~es 9 ,negiy
FEibld character: , One , congresinnanlbas
fotl frooei.
i9,i#l4'Ae L , t_a6l . l) . l:iidi Cdsio mll„ii4e
o_ jgouldn';t boft::C#st.
gtessayati ?yr, zr, I
---"Seralba Pemota.alio State Central
- KlonirtiittleO'enet; , at'r,thorißoltiSn Hens°,
eVenilik oy'the . 3oth
_After a long.diecussion" thi3"&eib
• l'nertfe'e aireektb 06i:1'456110n for •
:tieyViiitYßaiOn: a
1)1401 ;of dOlYi:, Harrieburg in
z - nlatined that 'this delay was secured by ,
fiien of: GenYll Cxudless;"if ho
ti ;?" i tii6i, cm chow
• Atitlaftnct@ ,
i AlsaTaekilf; with reference do : certain
• Itigislattitin , thatjhtisibeerppreilented'bei
' IA'A .-490 4 9111 4 1 : , ; ' 1 , 9)PrMii'df
We are greatly pleased to notice
that extensive preparations. , ,,nre being
made throughout the countyY to cele
brate, in a bcoenting,inxneiytke,,ffset
an niversary-"T?if IV.:',Deptitatin ' Ray?':,
That all of our iillderiimazv' 4 rcuerlv;
1 )
~.:Il ,----' r•... •-•-
understand what-fee.mbiint bywdeeizn-,.
tion day, n .lt beitiianow leittue -in the
history of our country—one which wo
hope .will Iff-I-c_9419,...A.6t: llllli9ria I. i».- -i tf'
character, astheyourth "of_ Suly„ or
the .22d ot . Pe iAlu ttry' iv eiv iii state its
object as we understand it. "Decora
tionl,Day".occurs on the :30th day of
May, aiid ifs jet apart for decorating:
the Soldiers', graves with flowe i rs. d
About. a,y.ear ago ,General Logan„gom-..,
mander-in Chief of. the GratidArniy of
tbe'itepublieri'ssiteil al Order:that. the
30th:i:of`/"ltiy. siionl4 l bo .consecrated to
'thisila t triot y le..duty, • Witlf„the„fikt,poon
and t in tho-,hope.that the-custom. might
liecome..pbtlietual• 'aricl , ,theiday. , a;nw ,
•tfOnliPlioliday: ' THO order th'theflA.
.4..w a saccoinnapted'wit.lf ar,i, appeal, te,
' the,l4,4l.lpjAy people ontsidO,pf that or
,ganiitiLionotti aid aydiassistiin the cor
ernonies• inn suggestion 'was well re
ceived '''‘iyi tflis country, 'and. the "ftp::'
pOinted'day N,i1.13-'colebra.ted'yithap
propriate ceremonies in ! every, part, of
the land. ,
..,,, • •,..; .1.: ~1.:.,: 0- I:ne. ,
• • The gravei3 'of -tibe;SOldier'd of Hun- -
f tidgdelif 'c(p6iyi,i , l , -- ?? , j 'el.d'beatitifully and .,
' r ang' repifa`teiy,'"d,ecorated- with wreaths
Of fh s icters artistically,and 'ingeniously.
'.wrought together: 'by 'the ladieli, and ,
Under'llierunetileepAif 'the GVA:. 11!.; &
largecojiebnreof pJ(.l,l'e ailsehl'hietl'iti
,ctur por.Rqery,,.2wherp,th,o flowers were .
t afrewn upon ,thel graFes_of our doper
led:heroes' and !a. , feeling 'and'apin'opp-1
:ate iiddi•esS-Wit'S delivered by 'pli e of, our
- al oet ' dlut#iir,,"di4Pn'gui4 ) ,e i ,cl. - 44 o' n s.'
jf',. - 1) tlOl th
. ow ‘.,921,11 t,o„ o . „
„us atone y.,con
secrato.ono dupla each' bedeck
the graves of our friends with'floWers,
) —they 'vriici'gtiVe:' - fip'.'theiPlivOs that'
, in Ivo .. ...:11 ,-.! •,, 11* ' ---, ,
our } country .infght . Iwo." Wo., know
that the i mern hers of -GI. -A,.:,E. of ;Hum.
tingdon I county :will not' fail-td per
form the'snereddittyi4ssigoed toithem, -
and 'We'ltn'div ti:6 l tfilit 'iliii ladfee,'al
-3v9.. ,1:: , ; •111" 11 e , ;1._1: eil,i ... ,
, potriottn, will ecoong, them ) ea-nn-.
...cialY'a'fffi• beiartily in, the noble work'
add contrinatetbeiri full share LOWard•
iippr . cipriatelY And fittingly' PerfOrming
.ihe'saerecr tindliolYtifek.'. ' ' • '
Ginfessibn Gepigo
,5, ~vitclielL
G dorge'S: Twitehellar,,',Wilb is 'e'en
tenee'cl ~to bitu k ied io-goryo t v, An
~Pliilade'lphia,jor,, the, „marder of,. his
,Ildrs.i,Mary. B. 7.f3i11,•
made a eonfsbsion'on.Saturdayllasi,-in
'charges his the'
•11 t •.t
tnurdpr - (91 4 which le. is, condemned.
e•says ) at on t mg to the mur
der ho.went,to and instead of
'going; to•bedi'lay dtkvn .q . •lcitinge'in
'the too tid fey asksp. %; 1 % , i1e
'was bed at the, tinie,ihe waa arous
ed at her repeated calls, and ,ran , down
to the diiiing-roem,' where he' , found
her much excited and saying : "I have
had ti,guarrel with"inother: and, killed
,her,;; ; ;together the.y r threw„the,tiodyinf
, kars. Hill out• of., the window to imake
•iU look as , if.she fell out'; ho , then went
to the hydrant.;` washed
&e'e n went tO Ilia, room, undresscd and
went' to,bed.; his wife, followed
.and also got• into he'd p they , wefein
bed ' tin" or 't w ty trtiriu t tei; s
tiPat'l3 M'ade vcw'to'etOi•;ntl
God, that, night,.}hat he Ny”lil i Fipver
,reveal,it ; hn,, vow tosaye his
wife, and he now ima kes the disclosure
that he mit3l)
Stich 'is ihe'tonfesgYOb, crioeCiVOt'd
a ‘ dm il,
3 /,
,t c h atd we, , hk.ll.eiv, be A f!lbritiatiop,
gotitp' for a;'Mts! Ttvdtehtll
has boon triedv,tind'adiiiiitted i ll aiid
ihe""f ••' qfel'or '6EI ' Vj v- b
,tField fo r .4 13 4 .Inolbor•
,A.l),effortslto obtainza,pardors•frcirn .the
-Governor !hay° TWitehell
a k'`,' s 3;q9/ ) ;?q / ..1fi l lisi (149,( 1 :.t0
oa.sto and •eolor ito, , the ; 'WO tes
eiooi : 7. About 410 - ctime it' maked its
'appetraireo - ,j e 4 b r
6'6;0; op e r,as
tliobgli"the, fyjiipio
. !yt9,ry,werp r ooyrect
and,+he.fearsotherlsovvwill-pgain take
hold of her. In-Our fiviniorritherWhetle
.'"ifontessiee" "fliets
manufactured Of , the
mkt' wind Murdered Ifre.
ii Olil 11-1.1171 int; u - .
in•Mi439ATAG%isPPEt I 0.,;i4P•71TY,h 0 tie4i
rment:lit'4ll - aritihiirgj . whikly 4118'A°
laiffd'thic l 63sllll64Slo4 - fiiiif.'ideli
.„19.1 , i 5 , 17,
:4,P .Ql:,r,hkil1 1
-64,1:giqxls ',btu:1,11)00d ! nmtide, !has rheen
!definitely poltponedrby tlso*Coll.lthittbe
having itia 'matter EL. charge; on .
eotiht of the delay in the ship ' ment of
'.ft ! i 0 un ..r.
dth 9 , f ,fqj 1 e
.ef , the lqegisiature.te'apprepria.te:Buf
liloont .mbneyi telt defray!the 'expenses
ineidentuttPth . Wdediafoi.s , dbrenidnis
• zers.6ooAdi.i 14 1 , 1 t0y
ieduung'L~ic` cr!9t! p ?Aa; -4 Trgf ll )/x , . 1 =9 1-
i ggs . in. uwvgaus•atni i iprtni i -
Ing,fistabliaJments , of tho Treaeury-de
vartmetit,.. Llteirtnehm(itit is' thd , rirder
tinder the
19Pa..;'t•tn,q 6 .9f.,,ithe
i•oi: ••• 1 . -- r -- 1 ,- i - rrin - rr:9—+-77.---.-i-", A oi
i 010LIOadifig.bfficers,ohil, the fasso
:sobiAstibiiii"ffod..codities ve.lfliioe,'l'for
'ilie 1 0 iYi tiiiiin,SaViiiiehiotiallioci Alsj
inter '1- Of: .1. a ,, , . ~ .
:99r , 9f)TWC I P P T es k l S iF e T 4 S B "Pg
h ist ; 1 it possible, LOI mithciraw ,h;tei repig:
'natiotiac Cotiimhisioner of the Freell
inen's•lfuriatt,' itiiii 'to' cc; h tifilie 'lto ` di
i•oot'ithe'‘NirO• Vic i r e'l'iii'i(i;hd`''?f' tWe l- ' Bu
reau„ ,-. -,•, , .... 1 it I, rt ~% •' i T , f-,. 1 , -
Decoration Day,
The Tenure of Office Law,
The Tenure-of-Office question which
has hung gro So long and caused
dead-kWh in the removals and appoint;
tnentst lir finally 4ilwee ‘ cl of on last
-,Wedneiday:,; ; A hill4as reported
by a committee of - Conference, which.
Was pasned by bdth Houses, and readk
S.r.c 1 Be it enacted, &c., That every
person holding any civil office to which
he Erie buss; or &Walter May The,:
.poipted•by and with the advice and•
consent of the Senate, and who shall
have become duly qualified to act
theynin t hall"be ent4led to hold such of
fice dierang the tone f4 l whibh he shall
have 'been appointed, unless - •sooner=ro
moved by,-and the- , advice and
consent of the Senate, ;or by :the ap
pointmcnt, with the like• advice and
consent,. of a• successor in his place; ex
cept as therein• otherwise provided.
• ,SEc. 2 And be it further enacted, That
during;any recess of the „the
'Presitlent,is hereby empowero 'in his
discretion to Stispend any,, 6rib-officer
appointed by and with the advice and
'consent of the•Sonatey.!expept Judges
:of the United States Courts, until , the
end of the next session of the Senate,,atid
to designate; some su i table person, sub
, ject• removed in.hisldiserptionrlor
I •by the resignation:of another,,,to,3:per-
Lform , tne!dutitts , of osuspended• • of-
^fieerrin the theamtime, and csiiCh per
son so designated shalt:take the oaths,
and give. the bends 'required. bylaw
to. be , talt6n• and ,gfren byithe suspen
ded officer, and shall, during! the • time
ho performs his duties, rite, entitled: to
the salary and,•emoluments of suchiof
',fleet - , no part 'of which shall belong. ,to
• the officer suspentled,;_atithit; shall; •be
the,• duty , of the ,Presidentiliwithin
thirty - /days' alai' the „coinMenee
ateiat otoevery,sessicitt of; the tSenate,
except. for any office whiehln his•opin
ionNought not to :be to. within.
,ate persons, to fill. all: vacancies in,vof
:fiee..whicluexist. prior to the rtneeping
.of the Senate, whether temporarily fill.
led-:or tiot,rarrd• so' id the , plaee'llaf,'_all
officers suspende4 r -anal softtlee, Senate
'during soak' session sha il.ttefuSe to
and 'consent ,to ,ant•appointinchtl in , the
place of sucla•suspended:officer, thenond
'otherwise', the :President nominate
,anot her pb.son. as' soon as pradticable: , to,
said session of the' Senate for 'said office.'
' The languageof theSe:;seations' is
'ettoffiewhat am4gugus, and ld,different- ;
13',.,CO.nstrue,d : bY,different paAtios,,Mr.
Butler, who was for. the repeal,of,the
,:old• tOto, and was , Ohltirtnan ,• of
lhollikßsa, Uornrnitted"of 'Obilffiretiee,
Says that the neiv'bill gibes the Pres
, 1, , 2 1 ,• , , • At:,
,ident,frcecopß to do Ti 49 : pleases, in
the matter •Of l appointments, and•;re
litovals,•and is equic;aleut,' to an uneon
, ditional rep r eitl' of the law, ' Mr. Trum
bull' who was opposed , to u the r epeal,
,and.,Cbairrron,of,the Senatc,,,Commit
,l ace of Conference, - centetids•itliat• , the
. g
revised' bill:gives no such 'power; put
the Setite, , inder proysions, may
I:.reinstaie',Rn old officer, remoyed „Oar
jug a recess,,: by refusing, to confirm
his successor. ' This latter view is ,un
dbubtedfj; tifo correct : one. `ills Rill pro
however, tbat'aßy occasion, will
.arise,during President Grant's,oadmin
istration to. test' the law in. this regard.
The Senate will bardlSorrifese to
firni any'of President Grant's appOin
,tees uffiess•for a'very goitlttase, And
the Peesidenvis not li,levly to,, remove
an officer except for the same teastob,
'or to pre'ss'an' obtioxiciits"pprsan 'upon
„Spay') tho.Pre'sident,
'Seare.6lS , '•
d l i:n'k;"G,:,lpt!t,.34:il . pi.j, 9 l•,!l,
rudder of! . , the., good ohl.shfp•Of, f s,tat,o,
yet:ha bas already broken down, under
the '.presstieep • - .A.' , •eoteniporal 4 3 43, says
aaj•• ,1; 1 .3:6-1'(`3tfi4ng
:!!' l 4 , kn g (q Pi 39 El-10:( 4,i
,o I eclipAl 7 ,ba t ; he, • Air metio l te(the
TOple . ,ow lio !would have him for ith'clir
L ... a
thittv. he, shall savo , f,his health:, and
, strength , :for , . the , ;fee
r#,.. „, tliye t tri ; at
1i1?e \c`.t B Pt staistYa el
ftee seekers,.bownver ‘gt;eedro'r'elam
brousl.' 13efOre Genf.
•Ordrit u alfrifr;d
had resoled to have, pithir , tet i ahem's
'pf,:his,.:g7.vnheiee„ltnd i t o r i do.y.viyeon
them respeetively„ lber :labor . , and ,to
;spoeslbiiitymf •serattniziiig:and , pasing
:Upon the ti l laiMg or - Merits'Of
`Oft 6e:, 41;i 1y a d
wise resole and we regret ,tiit it has
•sinee been.:overruled .to; tholdetriinent
of the 'President/a 'health: .In ' behalf
' of' th body Piyoy l e:,,:%yfio
'll , yeet.66 , v`e`
:I,r? a t President ; to .reenr i truhis
original;:wiso,,qnq just 'resolve ; ronbw
I 7 . '-'11;1 , t •
'llrinte''' a
statement to the eff!kethtit - ii fiiitf4Vit
"terl bob hasietfOfesiied haViegl'inur
dared-the Ilon':slifrrhy'.:Meeorinll!`-of
afkitit • $ll,
and;:liadoihingfefirag,ed,!strnelr him on
the lie:id with :a'lhainreer:.!!'The -boy
iti'left'lian'tind;landlit is• tisaettetr .
lb& blows 9)roVOA' !fatal!' tnif'sf,!
Itavelieerfatradk!bra!left handed:l)er
-1'1366: I,trlto'hi:inacitOvho'iholirldfir" ar-1
1; feat elitirge'd
!tai`nia don fid'en 'de trieentir,
and feels'ia,Astired"-th'at!he will be:!!fible
- to'estittash `hitt'intin - edn'et3: !!!-!" I
: !,•! '‘• -,••• !!!)At. ,
! , .:•The!misersl,ireaulle ~. Nevada WhitO
Pine 'region Afresented ! the .first 'born
baby in the.digginshavitb Silver !bars
or Ll] eeeeratabtiusahcialollare.!!Quite
iiverld.o.ilt is good; to be
born; as the phrarne,is,
spool' iii,youtianputh,'?Jbut'
thinic;:;ital!fat I.aiflilmaluo , 'lel :e,onsid-•
'seve'ral of
!them, , .that/natorai eavity.!r;
.15:1 11 ): y9tqlgelit pop pin_linow,n, L are, i in
offtitqwp,,,,lll, tyci.„grpqm I?,q)pg ( d 6
and .the brtdo 111 ,yearan old.
HubrzNanort, April 3, 1869.
.Editors of Global, a ,tipace in your
oelumni,. for the purpose of explaining- a
transaction thathas caused much disc - union
in our towp within it feW days,- and -which
haling_floAted„around, burdened with many
mis-ettitenietitineede.t2,be explained, in' or:
d ey , alief }ince an - opporfunityt'-of,
vjetxing it proper -' •
-Itzhas- been_ the;_feeli!igAor.,n; long time,-
- tlhat.the people of every Anniuniinity should
have the privilege of saying • whether ,they
should have in their midst, places licenisee
to sell liquor; and it has-been I.lie expressed
opinion of our best men, that if the consent
ofltodve tuß,,muffit be_had,before any certain.
totnnniniry 'sliculd - be afflicted with one of
-these vile,; tlicinLaii - Cdiding to the -principle
on which our government is founded, viz :
"popular sovereignty, the majority ruling,"
instead uff.tweke melt holding;tltis power, the
Wigheitera Majority Of those iisterested should•
he consulted. -
. _
To meet this desire, n committee was ap ; .,,,Stone Lddge,.l. O. G.
to cireulnie pbtitions, and learn thereby the
opinion of the people of Huntingdon county
in relation thereto. And
- also to_prepare a
11 . 1, 1 td . sniffrated:lu tile - Legislature, that
this principle might be made the law. The
wholeliSt Of the bill is thtir instead of ob
taining tit-elve2signers to 'his - petition;* ap
plicant for !Meuse must-obtain the' approval
of a majority of , the 'voters lb the 'town or
township,ip which he proposes,to sell liquor.
The Petitions were to
in,pe . bruary to
evbry. boropiTS, awl IdWri`slip ilm,,county,
and Nifefif'ildfy pshipkiivolY signed bf i the best
men of both' political parties; In fact no.
good who ; respbeta the, grand, foundation'
principle.ef•our govetement„could reface to
recommetaVso,fair,,m;law., -Many; who lied
not tbesapportpuitY.ATOpld•gladly.hare add
ed tlieir names to the long list. The bill
was sent to liariisbuig, and' offeeed' , in the
!louse, and referredlo the aommittecron Vice
and a, Immorality ...during the first week in
March,.. and'.thel Mond-notice •ihttt local
hills get, ,was published_ in the_ Legislative
Record;;und HarridbUrg papers. The Globe
of Marelif'l7th:tind the Journal & AnzOican,
of March 24th,.urider n 'tlib head of loCid
gislatioti 'notice that .. Baid' bill was
A few days ago,,,puroe . s ,w,ltpse, hearts and
moral feelings are the ir pocket books, pro-.
fussed to' have juet,pneapthed a hill of mon
strous iniquity thtit was being snaked through ;
the' Legislature, withouttanyhody • knnwing •
anything,about it, bud were unmeasurifd in,
theit -epithets! againstr 3'6 Legislature!! that
could do so vile an sot,-•, Earn* meAtramp
ed the streets of our Ancient, Borough, with
woliderful'healihatlilie"girid",piple light
be induedittn 'crush
such base infhtify /They
found however; trimly - who" thirreird the pa
pers of our own urtfh; arid „Kure riot so gross
ly ignorant of4uhlisheefants, , hOt who had
been for weeks , vishing the bill God speed
,And a saftopassidge., , ' .1. ;
These, ate, tbe „facts, antil-make•this state
ment in'rner thht thelimth may be known.
I was not on the Good - Templar Comulittee,
but at their request,lliall•the'hoalif' of from
itiwthe billl and:he's: censequ'eriee'aiii letiked
upon as its eriiitator and'onlyistipporthrl') I
,oply, say thatlite:frioncle of that bill are
-,. •
Repiait . 'ine to, add' • a fety„vgrtls twore.upen
a matter' that, shotliii : beef interest to this
The'Cii6dtetnindr l 'Ut'dl;e tit` this
_town has faiitniiiekistenoe war"' four years,
during.than time 'has initiated 'nearly , ticice
buncircifunellibets, and has ri regular futon-,
dance of about a hundred. • Although seine
what, successful,, and accomplishing ,some
good, yet it has not the,nunthers or the,
ceseit shotinthavo , a town so large •as
this,"and contaiiiing so many 'true tenther
'Mice -people. The 'Ledge weekly gathers
, around its altar from twenty to-fifty- young
men in: whom the , -tenthorance principle is
being imbedded "to , grow with their, growth
and strengthen with their strength.". If the
Lodge hustiot reformed many drunkards, it
is accomplishing weekly is main object,
that of training up the rising generation/in
right prinOples„ 'The benefits of these meet
ings will: be felt by, these young'men through
life, and in 'after years thdy will: loek , back
with thankfulness-that in their yoUth, they
chose rather to spend their evenings, where
their moral, social and intellectual feelings
and factiltie's would 'lie fostered - at - I'd strength
ened; than in' the' nen; of rice that fester our
toWn jearnitig'the're a life of uselesisn'eis, im
morality ;Mid wickedneis, and 'its 'n l, ctirole•-
,quence of, fear and' unrest. , A . i.suciety that
dues this ; tinted, ,deverves, if notsthe, active, at
least the moral supper/ of temperance,,peple.
The.Luitge however is ninch blam ed .tier`not
""thanir; fume in the 'whY, of : breidiing! , 'iip, the
liquor troche jo'Vitensiief3Pctieried'im oiar
tow'm This -slithiln nut be.' 'fleie
ask a few 'young persons, • possessed of little
ineane, *to. oyerconie so. great' an evil, : , The
,truntthers pit.lio:Leng'e : both; male and :feudal°
h:il? much ,tinte.and Labor, tin;:tlittt ; di
rectum, but tfc'effect anything, all yOlO aFe
the.efforctind'iliet4' in
h/ife that had: a ituithiti'd•—
•:eY.eryi parent thatilits.`a self.' Young leen
tinos.Sibe, resist. temptation or;ithe
,temptqthm Appetite removed. ; ,, Atipresentithe
( teptptatiiml,iu 3 ld i s i nnv,n,aFe / aluiot ilpmher
tlesn; sod' ittsfearfpl
,to. call_ lo..minf i l it the.
co'thent. likaftry,•par
leh andt' 016 ot:inner
'their the r ure, • 'hrlYing
i yielded' te't.ltii temptatintis. !It` is Afoot' that
thellenthlyoung inert inaliistotkn whop after
fimw-ing at-the family altar , in the morning,
,go forAh asiti !ip . md theday in the.,liunts.of
,revelltdi in.ribaid jeBts,ond blusphYMY,
and'feturb niitht tb'deceive . , their,,parepts
into hii belief thin spent theltiy in 'the
oemitadv t bfthii'upi•ight and' * siiiiinius:" "And
•cnn 'they , blamid Thetripisqipple'doe`.4' bin
',more naturally f rom thei thee, -than ~ m an
temptution. : ! ;Removal the 1 tempfa
tiunoWen.,, There, is.-aufficient t temperance
,el4men,:t l4„thia , lniunity . to „crush, ow, „the
'evil, it'lliete'wonl be a iiffuef,d eftrt. 01 (et
tit; m&d6: IM l Sitiess
'thttitactiOn inittfet tnyilVtlititawnuid.
•-weiLli ecanyetiwychiekey , ;ao'd • grzio• shops
:ofithis townwund the:greet ("anxiety
; tkat : nyeiglis dowel the ; hourtmofittltdr.nuithers
pn y:ives of the, to w,e, c ,,y, i be fmci i and
,thiit,,werethere notljing else„would:be suffi
aPettkVi the' Peane:ainl
'find heyqiinceltrffie:Murfilkty nikehrietifiiitty,
, ctratme.ify ottopiblessiitgu Mutt would Pillow.
:• -, t ll,oopeuttUtly /yours; ; ,
I , ;1 owl') 01.1 7;.4v(; , j;•:/1.1.51)1p30.R.
.) 09 9k ' gq:1P Ii ) 4 4,P4i1;Idelf)JAiu
• ynontly.!yiot9o, ; 09{,-1-4iY.erPPßLitA'ain
juilibil3;,)3iiN if/ .ttlq:AlerFlYY,,,a,lMl, , ,9il
;hip r,esurp . sei?cll.,nves9,nt „4.7 A,
• EachPs;4lK,,44n4 b,o I o peg rip
Lion • "Irrpopn ted ,to, tbo ~ Liverpool
• train; ng ,t3lO ..I,Raufacigu Ti,eurge
- Ohilds of. Philadelphia •Unft,ed
Stator, of .Aknorica„, yas
. olloo„ a
sailor Ipj ,
• JIOn. Pidad - bou'le,:plio 'at §nd . " time
i'vka Soilat'cir from
,to Spain nndor Prosi
'lAntAiidroeTr r Sbii; Burin'.°.
Struggio' anu 'aitiayB until you
venil'y a'
nati'of'tigoroun and' highly
intulfectl;l:dis gone hien:tie.
A Memphis fury hilving, conviction' a
'prikinbrlor 'Murdering ti man;' who . is
still alive, found themselves in doubt
Whetlier . tO eekind , thoir , Verdiet or lot
p'ritinei and-'justify
,•;• • !..
Theiltahifpbegi - dtatu re has:passed , a
law :i mposibg.. $lOO ;Eva e, oe bus.) ye'ar's
iruprisminnuit•on any persdri, who,:hj7
.design or ecakeledsnesS, injures.o bag
gagEt tr).. 1)3";
71 , 1. ...1 . ,r7 . 17 . PT - r -,'
e,oapnfts.e i , p t e9,
.41'exapdr f ia,
,Af.; ureik belief at,
.I . `tAiee° aq-,d Psag PO r ?:•! i a7 1 tAle
: diatitude=4lke-a clothes lino—stret
chesTren'pole to pole.
A man isyAtsb a r g h..has a beard 8
feet :fog.
•:....A. : Shanghai killed a small
:ehildin;Kentuelty the other day.
Hampshire, Vermont - and Mai
sachusets have their fast day on the.
Bth of April.
Emigrant wagons have been going
through Mitiojscary.ying slovea,tn„fuß.
blast during past cold 'weather.
Six bridesmaids atidktio - groomsmen
is the correct thing now. The poor
bridegroom-must go it alone.
CTIYe idnaks_liii !Japan loosen the
.teet,lh_by.- blows _from, a- mallet ; -and
.t4mpull t„herit ; out with their -..fingers.
have arrived in Philadelphia, and will
reside in the public squares_ of that
Ali.tY ; ) % ;.:
In, when a.pp.son diesi?nly
the wbirieri weal' niorning; They
inside out.
Young gentlemen' may be pleased
,to learn that it; 18 , 7,becoming i
'able for' brides"to fire' one 'year with ,
their parents.
'Awful aCciatt4s:df •the;PaMl;•i)ros
peet are tteginnipg'to circulate, irr,;prj
der to accustom' the peoPle 'high,
4ritles be, time arrives: _
Concerninf , coartinff Billings blows'
:that the. more advice you-undertake
to fdlloW; tb6"less ,amou'rit 'of good,
.courtin4 you wilF be able to do. '„
An Euglish,astronomer has diseov
erdd tliat t temperature of the moon
varies alternately, from,tbat.otmolten,
lead. to that of frozen mercury.",
The inauguration of Ge,neral ,Grant'
was celebrated at bi3tWeen 80 and 90
iniGermani.':': The.,;best,'• 4Mets
of, the •Fatberlipd,:rettiVedr: poems 'on
; . kE; papers' , nrcr making
merry over a fight in the bouselinki'df
ti\-MnreuniebialiciK in' wfilch thm"inlitit"
bY • A1'7,0:4:
i tO c r, ePn
It„is ,estimated that the-ssnow in
icorman's 'Ravine, the White
Mountains, i 51,0,00 reet"deep'.' Hopes
are d;tertitihedlef a niagnifiCent !MOW
arch neV•Summer.,;• ,
P. RI. Lytle St Milton S. Lytle,
• ' itunnccbow,
TACO' liirined a piutner;Alip under the' name and firm
" 'P: '• 111.& :' M. S LYTLE, '
And have romorsil to tho Mike on the south side of
Hill street, fourth door west of Smith.
They willattend promptly to of, legal bust
,e s etlus . ted to their care. „ „
LIBLIC,SA -Er; - •
The undersigned iilli offer at Public Salo, at his,
residence fu {Vett toWitshlp,'lwn - and half allies 'rat of
On Thursday the Sth day of April next,
the lAlowing property to wit:. i h ;ft " ;
Pico Iliad of hotsas, two of which are mares with foal,
one colt rising 2 yews old. fresh milch cows, and a lot
of young cattle, filteen head of sheep, two hem. ono
threshing machine laced power, two wagons and beds,
hay ladders, hay take and hay fork, rope and
fanning mill, one sled: ono sleigh ' piews and barrows,
a lot of cat pouter and blackstnith tools. lbechaltis; and
a lot of other Ortklue too tedious to montae. Also a lot
of dry pine bowl, and oak plank. . 0
Salo to C01..111011. at tea o'clock, , A. !t., when terms
will ho made Conan JAMES MAGWI lilt.
IVICEttiLAS ISEN BMW, Auctioneer. 01,7 -I I*.
'Spring: Atlll%l .of: '004 7 .g', - Goads.
H. ROBL,EY' "' -
• "
Ilse remneeJ to tliVrooreiver Hank
(Old lirond Top Corner) a liele lie is in etiiirod to do al
kinds of Mork in of business. no has Just teed',
ed a full line of
• " •
''''• • 'CORDUROYS;
Thankful Tol• past patronage he solaclts ' a contintta'rice
of the sanle:"Tife d',tcntion•of the public is called to his
'stack of civil., dze.. which ho Is prepared to make up to
order inn favidonahle, durable and workmaulike'manner.
Please give me'n call. '• ''"•' '' ' ••"
Blerchant Tailor
Huntingdon4 , Pa.; •• •
• ~• :11. I .
"I.6§L i di r )oo tagei ' .. •
Aseree'lfri , t;ii,li , rit
!Longoria°, April 3, 1809. j
Notice is berally.glren that the Minnd hats, valuation ,
and enumerations made and taken by, the Assietant As,
beeaore'ofoAd ttiAtiiCt, Including' Onset 'on in'etiMeit for
• the year 1808;•• taxet on carriages:billiard' . tables plate
'atufwafehes. lia , bl , tltO filaqay of March; 180. Mid •apa
cid tagetiags'eaklid tat , egg year frda the gist' daY'of Mktg
'lOO9. it, puretionee'ef th69nYernal• Itetenitti I.ltwa'of the
United Mates. mlty 11111 Y be examined at the offices of the
'AetWeor Mid Alikatitat'Atoe'saera In bald dlairfet. "'
And pollen i. hereby givoa that 'AppeAhe'from Ihr Pro
cerd;pFs of quid AliEJ•tial estsNoreo, ill be resriv , d and
detormlnediad the oflice ne , ri..undhrstgned lA. If it ling'
don, on a. TIN DAY, the 17111 APRIL. ISO. for the enon•
• tine of Alia° and Huntingdon and on: MONA, AY, the
.19th APR I 1.8,16.0..f0r the counties.of BlnirandCatubria,
Or at. any time previous thereto ..; .
nppeals ato,required to;be in; writing, and must
;specify therparticular enuseiimntter an: thingiirespecting
decislow is.irequeSteil, end also , tho.sround or
principle of error compl.iluod
Assessor. 17th district, Ponca
T T ,h 0,5 beeelried end has never failed
o give satisfaction to,tho purehoser..draypira will
.nil theiv,ollyoutitgeAto cation epbscrlber.ilur•
iog th,O,aiprilyourt.and .0 - glsmitio ilia above, mmebine..,lt
will le on rvitildAillotatio2coitirt. house Indituttiogdon
during Itte hen weeks of enurt,,,,,,
emnkinied ,Mashint•'; can ho changed from a
Mower too Retiper in a few mon,..nre ; Can ho worked
with !'slow belogbilther geared then other nos
chines and the dreft being reduced to thelowest ettinno.
ble point., „Haaping, and Mowing with the. 'Etna is no
barilecon ‘ thu twat than plowing o its and stubblo It is
Wood by All ` tried,it 'kat it is, tha ma , him,
Mot adapthd ttitho wahts'of lbw fainidro this county.
hoe no ehlw draft' and tin • weight 'oh the If'reps' 'Melts
• "We will also Maroons' of "the Rtied litiniait e &Wild Mow
ers'on the grounifat 'the same time Farmer+ Ihtenlling
to purchase lllllChlrleB this season will do troll to, examin e
the above machitios• bOford l etrehltsitig'elsewh - ore. All
you want is to examine the £toa to enablo you to make
'tin your Mind what Machine to buy. I 'am the author
irodiagent of ,Iloseet. Wharton :Maguire for.tha above
niachities, also for the Willoughby Gum spring Drill.
i, I will also hero ono of the, ,famous Harpoon •Elay.forks
ion hand,. which ovary farmer should • exttellne.. whether
Ile,Rceile at fork or not.,, *very farmer !Mould. have one.
, They,niitthe beet in ti.,:ernigirket.. No farmer that trio.
one could i ho induced 1/5 iiiatrehase Any ,other I
,brienthnexelllBo/.13 right of this Minty. , • Whart•ina:Mn
•guirearatity agents, rot the, solo of Oho !above Boy Fork
Any ot h er person, selling the Above Fork in Iluniimidon
county will ho doalt witb,aceoftling to,low to auckekora.
: AWL forgo Neburntositil. t At .Whertort 2e,,Maguireo,
at the Court Nouse duringcourt rt eek„ • , :t
apS-ln , Nell's Mile, Hunt. co., l'a. '
AON ' C ' E ' N - TR ' ATED INDIGO.]
Fortlid 'LAUNDRY.
It is warranted,not to streak, or in anj• manner injure
tile finest fabrics.
FOR FANII.Y USE SoJd jn FIVE cents, TEN cents,
and TWENTY cents boxes.
Each TW'I NTT cents ,b6l, liaahW having FIVE TIMES
as much blab as tho FIVE cents box t contains a pocLep
,pin cnahion, or °may) . bag.
Fol ttasei Und,largo Laundry Ina; it Is put lip In $2 l OO
Sao that each liox.'nfairdier'Tr'ade' Mark. •
'For , Sale at , I.VIA 'BEIT & CO. , Groc r ei
AA ifAff LTjNG
:,,,,.'llbel',llfintingtlerr County A g ricultural Society
will hold a regular erecting in thu Corn t !louse, on Tun--
day eventin g of the first weed of the coinin g April Court,
13th pron.
Business of linperangeortrifeited mill, the Associatio n
will be transacted, and a general attendance is desirable.
y order 0ph0 , 40;43%, ,; 0, ‘o,soichii,,h4,: ~i
.11 4 AP and Solnt Shingles for sale by
mell2l-lr , " & CO '
1 •
, -
, .
• .
-•-- - .TA -.- . .
i'LiNbIY6TO . 6K - - of- NEW C--iisoN
: • ;'
- • to. •P._ OWIN
Iluntingdon,"Aprill, 1869: ,
1869. 1869.
6L6 7 1101i5T0 , !.q , — ,,
r• /.; AT " I
IL 'R O'M '
~ For Gentlemen's Clothing of thd best Mitterid, and mint,
iu the beet wdels.Muollke manner; Mal at s• ~ • .
OPtoaltocite,Fritiahllu tioitee
'ttlathei,Squltre, • ftuutint,
dop, Da. .- t • • . 1±
BACK. AGAIN 1• • , ~„
M.:7;41T .I.I•L'IS. .110 , /
Respectfully Anton& ails old friends and theliuldlc
Fen" n ll 9, that liw,lnisugnln toc,,earin•- the borough of
lIIINTINODON. end iee opened a very. Isrgohnd entire hew
stock , ut.Cleuds in .Saaton's Store Douai bpposite Latvia'
BookStoro, consletingl . of , ..• :If
DRY p . 001),..% (410 CE
and -, ,CAPS. BOOTS
• and' , S lIOES - QUEEN:aI - STARR'
To be,found in tha bast stores In the - vino,' all of' which
ho will sell at prices to suit the times, and hopes td re
ceivo a liberal, elrare of patronage from a generous public
Drn't forget to give ms a call and I will 'try to please
you with Goods and prices. - • • • '•
Sept 30, 1811.11. .
cyv - ='
Bootrnd Shoe Emporium.
,:• liaapectfhily inform tho citizen); of, liuntingdon and
vicinity that be has just received from the cltra•Nxiv4tthl
splendid stook' of
BOOTS ,& SHOES, HATS • - 4.% i - 04.PS,
. •
gosiery,, Shoe Findings, Cerrpet' &ids,
(De., &e.,&e., - iko.".1,":0
,all of which ho It prepared to tell at greatlyro4edprlcos
DOn't forget,'6o' yeti atanil m the inatnond. •
EMI !Joel
mere ned the publie golll , lally are invited to call.
Iluntingdo% ryp. S, 1869.
Llitsju o ixeturiled from,theiedeCiriili 0 4 1 00
r .".:
,I3OOTS,'• SHOES, .GAITERS,'. 6. ;
Which ho offers to the - inspection of hie 'customers and
tho public gonerally;•ille will sell his !dock at the most
and those who porches& once will Anrely cell again.
, •,.. „
and REPAIRING done in ilto neatest and •moet expedi
tions manlier.
Call. upon Mr. Schaeffer at his shop on Hill street, a
few dime well of the Diamml. ,; Oct. 28, Hal.
,Inforigi" the public; that' hd
at ht.
,WO iho'
•A'Fine "ASsiirtnoll„of,,..6ll,',liindBi)
„ A lloy wi?iej k Und
small prqll6. and d*lthill4 mj At,yrli t
hig u nit dion9 io oIPRF,f , e Uoh4.
0ct.: 28 0 -
.1115 .1100 P 5K1R15;.:,`,•;...;',..,'1115
• - • •
• T H 0 1 3 , li.NoS •
Has removed • hisidanufactoryatid , Salesroothe to •c• - •
':, „ Norielf,'CliESTls eTREET,'PHILADELPHIA,
WI 1 ' lll " fel i ski
lore s •iren u - 0 o tunipioo, I pop, : rts. cap°.
molly tulttptt , d to , ' first.clug. Wholesale alltd•ltitalLtradO,
I will, bp Axed In embrace the tooct pstenslis assorruntut
la the Mutat:Lend all tb7; I, iFvi and moat degtrgttte, 'SW"'
shapes. lengths and 'lane, repot!,
of plain and gored Mud°. to %%silting , - tblrtrk 1 . , ,Vc904 41 :1
Trails. &o,,,,Ace,together 00cr. tpludy•differeut vet ie.
tirenf VA M
S°. et Children:upkit Ali of vtlGch for. .3m
, ,metry e ofeat3lv, flnub,i,lightness,„alastluity.,,dUrablljty
end reel cheopunskdrp,pocquated by ; Qty,ottker guodslin
the market...Ml ere dyarrunted in blertY, , /0 PIMP. skirts
,131110 F, to order; altered and mailed, v. hotrods and, retail.
linen at tow pa !cod cauleru wide; springs
•35 gents;,2o sittings ; ,45 cents;, it spriuget,QQ,ceuts ;3Q
springs, 85 cents ;And 40 springs, 75 cents.., ,
••,CGlteeTe. I COltne.3:eLl.,,CtlltSo ~ 57 , , differentt
styles and, prices,, row 85, contslsoa7,oo,,erpb• acing It.
Wortley, 1411cokel," tO.Htro Fitting," 51adem,loy.'s Corset
ekirt•onppor, ere, •451re, , ,,Morly's ,F,ttputtep:olf.Adjunting
A ulientosi," corsets. hi inch. Ingli-h nod_ Depputic
II end-Made Corlett. and superior French Pattern, of Co.
tell Cornet., "Our Con Mugs" to yt hich we invitv,espe
cial attention. ;,, It
Complete assortment of Wien" : Unde'r Garments, : at
FAMILY SAWING • MACHINES/ •superlor to anyrot_hey
' , before rho peblle. 'Fiftletett , of.these , No. I'Mashiuse,
, Price $55 each: eru being Overt. to our cuitolnernoin
order to get them inteotificed.l , Every-Terkson in,: want of
Vi-titles in our line/ should examine our goods berorePui
eh smug el ie ;aloe.; Call or senddor decide bLut our men
lifectray and salesiodme, , Not 1115 I.3hestbut
'Phis. • - ' • - ' nlh3o-3m .••• 4 •.• •W5ll T. HOPKINS.
llns o,ll;pd•cf•ns 'of Inore!erisee
LITER "cases of
AGUE, and Aulltgicilseq.4,PF9BlLlTY: than
rtriy other remedy before the public irO,lic
' • • • • • • •'
ieitiglitiltES 'Kt:Et P,
is an Excellent AppetAzpr, agii a . general
Invigeratot• of the System.
'WALTON & ZUG; Proprietors -- ;
No. 9, N, Seventh St. Philadelph ia. &Oars gpileially , .
• reerlo, 6113.- • , " "
- .
Irjr itnd Soft Cchil'for.,sule Is3i,
.ILL...rArh24-tf • • LIENS:r S: CO.
', •:g ,1 •':"J ',"f. Ii T 'Tf • :i if c•7.;_r.".e.
Ommi.gham,4.otyprp. s,
Corner of
, Railroad and Montgomery Bth.,,
1117NTINGP_04 j !PA;
l'!i' ,), ;;,f::", :•" 110 fill,
WE' wduld eheeiall iittentioti to.
•y y the 'daily arrival 6(011010E AND BEAXITIVOL,
GOODS, which at:e otrikiad at •- • • •• ,
TemPting Prices;
Coniiitine brtgoktltlil'6llkl of, OIL otiodovolllroo
,Oipiioo},lgolOngeo ) ?tomato? , Chlotztli:4„tnost
beoutifol• lino of Mao b;Ml;liles;l34i:4ed
tiooks, aitalkazabrtiya.
ALPO, p full llu, on/m.llls Ooodm, lush u
tt..l t• -1 , „r;
Fine DrOWa
from ji to 2% yard. wide; ISMitzeky..leass 1/arater.
Cacalmere, &e„ &c.
;I'::3.~_lt)•; I. o
i.infztait sktelg any thintorpie 4 . 143 bis
nade of iT
ALSO, a,lerge °P a siJrA 71rf!! 4 ! 1° F. 1111 .'f' 7 , 1 .211 '
l , e for tilt. leaon: •
Re make a specialt,yof„tbia RAI*, sad boas on Lana
" •ery h OPe e aseortwect of
I'7l :•E
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