The globe. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1856-1877, February 13, 1867, Image 1

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Per annum ity advance
Plx months
2hreo months
1 insertion
One square, (10 lineejor less.s 75..,.
Two squares,
Three squares,
S months. 6 mouths. 12 months.
Jne square, or less $4 00 40 00 810 00
'lwo squares 6 00 9 00 15 00
Phree squares, 8 00 12 00 "0 00
Pour squares, 10 00 li 00 "5 00
Half a column, 15 00 0 5 OD "0 00
Pao column, 20 00 "5 00.... ..... .50 00
Professional and Business Cards not exceeding six lines,
_Oa e year, 85 00
Administrators' nod Executors' Notice 8^ 50
Auditors' Notices 2 00
Estray, or other short Not icos 1 60
- - -
* 4 - o"Ten lines of nonpareil neko a equaro. About .
eight words constitute a line, so that any person can ea
sily calculate a square in manuscript.
Advertisements not marked with tho number of lover
tions desired, will be continued till forbid and charged ac
warding to these terms.
Our prices for the printing of Blanks, liandbills, etc.
art reasonably low.
lianD Da Mtamett.t.—The prettiest thing, the "molest
thing 2' and the most of It for the least money. It over
comes tho odor ofperspiration; softens and adds delicacy
to the skin; Is a delightful perfume; allays headache and
inflammation, and to a necessary companion in the sick
room, in the nursery, and upon the toilet sideboard. It
can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle.
Saratoga Spring Water, sohil by all Druggists.
S. T.—MO.—X.—Tim amount of Plantation Bitters
cold in one year is something startling. They would fill
Broadway nix feet high, from the Park to 4th street.—
_Drake's manufactory in our of the institntions of N. York.
It is add that Brake painted all the rocks in tho eastern
States with his cabalistic 1 , 5.T.--Isno.—X," and thee got
tho old granny legislators at pass a low "preventing dis.
figuring the face of nature "
, 'which gives him a monopoly
We do not know bow this!i, but we do know the Planta
tion Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are
used by ail classes of the:community, and are death on
Dyspepshi—certain. Thee nes very invigorating when
Intignid end weak, and a 4rcat appetizer.
.grrativa Spring llitfaiwold by all Druggists.
"In lifting the kettle from the ilro T vea - i4ed mytelf eery
SOTeltly—olte hand almo9t ton crisp. Tlip torture was
unbearable. • • • The Mexican Multang Liniment
relieved the pair. tinted immediately. It Neale rapidly.
And loft very little rear.
This is mete!) a .ample of what the Mobbing Liuimret
gill de. It is invaluable in all canes of Wounds, ati ening«,
Sprain, cuts, bruis,e, el,ins, etc., either upun mail or
flewaro of counterfoils. Nono is grant., e unless wrop•
ped in tine steel plate engravings, bearing tin, signature
of O. W. Westhroek, Chemist, and the pricate stamp of
Dams flan is Si CO., New York.
Borrtfrga Wafer, sold by nil Druggis!s.
All who value a bca offal head of hair, and Its preset , .
Ira ion from premature baldness and taming gray, will
not fail tome Lyon's celebrated Kathairon. dl makes the
hair rich, soft nad glossy, eradicates dandruff, and causes
'she hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold eve
rywhere. E. T/IrollAS LYON, Chemist, N. Y.
,Saratoga .'},ring Water, sold by al/ Dr liggists.
WDAT DID It I—A young lady, returning tuber country
home after a sojourn of a few months In New Fork, was
recoi.nized by her trieudi. It, place of a rustic,
11,i,bed face, she had a soft, ruby complexion, of almost
nnorldo smoothness; end instead of 22, she really appear
ed but 17. iThe told them plainly The used lingua's Mag
nolia Balm, and would not Ice without it. Any lady can
improve her porThnnl appearance very much by using
this article. It can be ordered of any DrUggist for only
L.O cents.
SLlrat pa Sprit/ Mtn . , e chi by alt Druggists
Ileimstrcet's inimitable [lair Coloring has born steadi
ly grew ing in favor for over twenty years, It acts upon
the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes it to
its originhl color by degrees. All instantaneous dyes
dration an.l injure the hair. Ileimstreet's flat a dye,
tint is rerininin its results, promotes its growth, and 1a a
brantilul Ilair Dressing. Price Et cents and . sl,oo. Sold
all dealers.
Saratoga Eprir/g Water, sold by en Druggists
laves EATakCi eF PORE .7.11.1k1CA Gma en—for I•nligee•
Nausea, heartburn, Sick Head ache, Cholera Moi bus,
ae., where a warming. genial stimulant is required. Its
careful preparation nail entire purity make it a cheap and
reliable article for culinary purposes. Sold everywhere
at 50 cents per bottle. •
Saratva AS'pring Meer, sold by nil DruggiAti.
A.All the Above Articles for sale by S. S. s33lrir.
Iluntin6-dou, Penna.
Oratuitou . berlis cincnts.
Cltrds are published gratuitously. Nor.
chants and business men generally who advertise liberally
in she column, of Tns 01-one for sir months or longer, tad!
have (heir Cards inserted here during the amanitas.' of
their advertisement. Otherwise, sj , ecial Business Cards in
serted at the usual rates ]
DR. W3l. BREWSTER, Huutinedon
[Cures by Elietropathy.l
- D M. GREENE, Dealer in Music,mu
j.sizat Inst.rannts,
riIOTOORAPHERS, Huntingdon, Pa
Denltr in Books, Station , — f,nd tv
sutnts, linntingdun, Pa.
t HOMAS G. S'rll.l./21i.LER & SON,
Manufacturers or Brougher's patent Broom Head or
rapper, Huntingdon.
j_ 31,cbant Tailor, Ilur tingilln. Pu
iron Founder, Huntingdon. Po.
M'CAIIAN & SON, proprietors of
151_ Junintsstitom Pearl Mill, Huntingdon.
CHAS. H. ANDERSON, Dealer in
an kinds of Lumber, &c., Huntingdon, Pa.
tl Plain and Ornamental Marble Manatcturers.
Plain and Groamenta) Marble Manufacturer.
fOIES lllGGENS..Nanolactorer
Furniture And CaLunt {Tare, liuntinplon, rA
T M. WISE, 3lnnufaettirerof Furni
p tore, Lc., Huntin g don. Undertakin g attended to
Wl_l A .RTON & MAGUIItF, Whole
sale and retail dealers in foreign and domestic
ardware, Cutlery, &c., Railroad street, Huntingdon.
Tbra), in Hardwura, Cutlvry, l'alnts, Oils, Le., Iluet
- 1,,g4i0n, Pa.
ANTI I D ( •
de r r i d n , B p oots and
Boots, Shoes, Hosiery, Confectionery, Huntingdon.
EO. SHAEFFER, dealer iu Boots,
Shots, Ouiters, kc., Huntingdon.
YENTER, Dealer in Groceries and
_j.Provisions of all kindg, IluotinOon, Pn
OIIM S MILLER, Dealers in Dry
j_lLGeods, Qneenswure, Groceries, Hanzingdon.
TOYER GARNER, Dealers in Dry
I_,PGoods, Grose:lee, da, Maristesburg station.
cericp, ProrfEion and Iced Store, Hunt., Pa.
Dealers in Dry Good., Queenswero, .11mrchvare,
Boots, Shoes, &o.
Mercbuts, Huntindon,
Dealer in Toady M.d. Clothing, Mae and Caps,
If. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queens
ware, Hate and Caps, Poole and &now, Huntingdon
SE. HENRY & CO., Wholesale and
. Total Dealers in Dry Goods, Grocerles, Hardware,
rwars. Ker; Grail Yfrds. FLlntlr:Fflnr.
fr , CO
1 00
2 do. 3 do.
.$1 25 $l. GO
2 00 3 00
00 4 50
WILLIAM LEWIS, Editor and Proprietor.
I_ll,of Iluutingaon county from thc2,l day of January,
lbub, to Om 2a day of .Tanury, 180 :
Received from Darla Black, Into Treaiurer, $1678 73
County tai front the several Collectors es
1550. A. S. Harrison, Huntingdon, $325 05
isalte 'Wolverton, Brody, 235 67
John 11. Wearer, Hopewell, 450 00
1864, Lori Decker, Henderson, 3 C 2
Samuel Myton. Ilarree, 92 93
George W. Johnston, Carbon 126 30
John Donaldson, Hopewell, 407 02
Jacob N. Lutz, Sbirlty, 299 43
Levi Pheasant, Union, 91 65
James 31,tanire, West, 265 32
William ChriAty, Alexandria, 183 92
Adam IYarfel, Brady, •
JosepirGibboney, Ilarree,
Isaac Ashton, C,assvillo,
, ..
Joinplt Stover, mass, • 235 70
Asa Stevens, Clay, 375 22
Caleb Kelley, Cromwell, 31i 25
George W. Johnston, Carbon, 850 . CO
James Edwards, Coalmola, 24.01
Benjamin Stitt, Dublin, 590 03
Geo. W. ll%Horn, Franklin, 1074 69
David rouse, Hopewell, 430 GO
John Decker, Henderson, 250 80
John C.:Miler, Huntingdon, 8:7 40
Jackson Harman, Jachou, 978 50
A. D. Don, Juniata, .02 16
Parry Moore, Morris, 785 42
John Lee, Penn, 837 GO
It. A. Laird, Porter, 1005 10
George 1a... Shirleysburg. 150 13
11. C. Weaver, Shirley, 1090 44
William Cetehalt, Springfield, 110 87
Jacob Prigs, Tod, '651 57
I.cvi Sutitb,Union, 400 74
Joscpb P. Watson, Walker,
Jonathan 11'il5an, West, 1210 97
61:01 . 0 Weston, Warriorsmark, 782 75
David Albricbt, Alexandria, 350 00
. ..
NVilliow Eel:ley. Barret),
Mulct+ Eby, Brady,
If. 11,1+,1. Co ilmOnt, 213 15
It. D. Heck, Cro
Is.tac Ashton, Cassville,
. .
Wm. Moo. Ft anklin. 1850 00
.lohn Night wine, Henderson, 40540
Dor LI Fon so, Hopewell, 77 49
John C. Stiller, Huntingdon, 1712 07
Samuel :Fnith, Jsekson. 037 00
Levi Ridenour, Juniata,
James Viper. Morrie,
N. G. McDivitt, Oneida;
im Lee, Penn,
Henry Swoopo. Porter, SOO 00
JO/121 0. El.,wart. 61.tirloy, 1145 S 5
George Lens, Sblrioysburg, 202 00
Morris Ontsbnil, Sprmgrit.lil, 141 25
John flair, Tell,
Jacob £li, , Tad,
'Thomas Dean, Union, :111 79
George W. Owens, Warriormark, 1741 16
James M. Lloyd. Walker, 403 31
Stephen Miller, West, 1345 13 35161 15
State tax from the several Collectors, 6078 12
Special tax front the several Collecters,llBs 22
Militia tax from the several Collectors, 854 05 7117 49
Tax on unseated land, State and County 809 04
School Tax on unseated land, 217 05
lt,el, do do do 203 06
Donn ty, da de do 231 71 1634 66
Prom John A. Naelklate Treasurer, 341 43
From Win. C. Wagoner, Prothonotary,
Moat and jury fees received by him, 109 39
Proceeds of silo of lumbar left front Mt.
Union ➢ridge,
Rent from Goolrfeniplars
Proceeds front FlllO of cst.ray, 5 00
Redemption Motley, 04 30 GOO 03
Conmouweslth prosecetions paid to At
torney General, Prothonotary, Slier•
ill and witnesses, $1450 62
Constables for making returns. owl elec
tion fees, 561 67
Grand and traverse ddrora, Constables,
Court Crier and Tip Staves, _ . 11031 74
dodges, Inspectors A clerks of elections, 1014 53
Assessors of the several townships, 13:1 75
Inquisitions nil thud bodies.
Premium on fox t.calps told wildcats,
. .
Road and bridge views, ISO SO .
Road Damages, George Berl:Are:33er, 160 00
• do John Warfel, 50 00 630 Oil
Munk books and stationery f or p u blic
offing, 204 46
Fuel for Court house and jail, 432 30
Sheriff Johnston for boarding Pristor ,, ,
conveying convicts to penitentiary, 093 70
Sheriff Bathurst for conveying convicts
to penitentiary, Ste, 491 20
W. C, tfogoner, fees ns ProthontitarY.
Clerk of S.. colons, Ac., 242 69
Cleaning Court house, 83 00 •
Washing tar prisoners in jail, 35 00
Medicine and attendance on prisoners, 14 25
Gas and fixtures for Court house, 136 75
Postage nod ilsctiou laws, 49 25
Mori...lib° for Court house and jail, 210 93
Repairs for do du do 210 SI
Chairs for do do do 41 25
Janitor for Court house, 41 00 772 24
D. Woinls9orf, indexing docket, 21 00
Pennsylvania State Lunatic llospilal for
the maintenance of D. Brotherlino
and Cyrus Eider, .293 75
Bridges: Supervisors of Shirley twp.,
across Aughwirk creek, 150 00
0 across Crooked creek, opposite
Huntingdon, 405 97
at Dawn's,s92 :8
at Meadow Gap, in full, 655 00
across the Juniata river, at Mt.
Union. building piers and repai•
ring abutments, 4100 10
For wood work of safer, 0,224 65 11136 30
Bonds paid off: Mrs. Read, 546 25
Enoch Dean, 344 00
In tertot on county bowls:
Marshall Yocum, 42 00
Endolph Bran arman. 60 09
T. 11. Cromer, 60 00
Mrs. M. P. Read, IS 00
Joseph Parks, 31 41 1191 66
Agricultural Society, 100 00
Peter Stroopc for Iturenuo Stamps, 20 00
Refunding adore to sundry persons, 95 39 .
Itonl tax to the following persons:
Brady to wit s nip, C. Detest I cr, 30 60
Dolton ell do A. Brumbaugh, 20 62
Union do David Swoope, 22 OS
Tod do Andrew Houck, II 32
School tax: Tod twp., Abram Elias, 31 70
Bounty tnx : Juniata two., J. Thompson 24 00 216 78
Cons mi•sioners :
J. Ilonrebolder, in full, 467 00
Jacob Miller. 200 00
Adam Warfel, 125 00
Connnksionere'clerk, 505 00
COMIty auditors' pay, 50 00
Counnirsioner 8' expenses in going to
bridges. vievrs on road damages, &e. 76 55
Jacob Stiller, expenaea in going to liar-
. .
rideurg to settle up the indebtedness
of the comity to the elate, 530 1057 15
John A. Need, late Treasuxer, this anent
paid to the State Treasurer, which
wet afterward charged to him in the
couuty account of 1563, 200 00
Jun A. Nadi, late treasurer, per centago
allowed him by the Commissioners
and Auditors to make the percentage
reci ired by him for the year 150;
equal the percentage allowed to the
Trviteurers both before an I educe
that time, 111 43
Printing for the county:
Wm. Louis, 165 70
A McDivitt, 202 20
John eh Benj. Lutz, 32 CO
.1. I. Steel. 2 70 405 70
Iteli,-0 to soldiers' fan:idle% 019 00
County intlebte.lurse to State p. 04 by T.
W. 51y ion, - 2.395 30
Juin, D. Campbell. 0003., in full for bliiß
ilry ns Comm it,t,itiliers' Attorney and
collecting money, • 140 00
F. 31. Lytle, 6:dory too 1866 collecting 99 63
P. M Lytle. auditing :tecoullt4 of Protho
notary. Ilegister i:l,•oriler. 2 yre., 10 00 2 fo 61
Redeintnitlil 111.1.7 to ptindry vereonA, 14 31
Coluttits and (leek for military 40 00
tusurauc,,on Court hone 403 00
Treasur . er of Huntingdon co. poor hotter. 7310 21
Co. Treasurer'et conunieeion tin 553111 13
at 11 , ; for cont., 1231 14
Balance in Treas,i,r's !muds, 7719 09
$16220 99
In te , timny whereof era have hereunto act our hands:
We the undersigned A editors of Huntingdon County,
V,llllSykallia. elected and toorn according, to tow, report
that we met, dhl audit, nettle and 11,1,111 , t, aCCOI , IIII7, to
the accounts of T. Ir. Alp., Cog., Tr.•n.orer of the
county. and the orders of tho Commissioners and MCOlpiS
(00 the samofor and during the past year, and hod a bal
ance remaining In the hands of T. IV. Itlyten. Treasurer,
of seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine dollars
and sixty-nine cents.
Given melee our hands at the Cormnisioners' office in
the borough of Huntingdon, the 10th of January, 1007.
A. P. WHITE, Auditors.
On 11111 Street, two doors west of
Lewis' Book Store.
Il',.nticgdo,t, Ott 4. 'tz—'J .
,1. 4 :& 1 '.1 , ,1tii-t.
a....,: ifi . : ,
—,, -,--
833 91
1053 77
if " 00
710 00
1140 00
501 00
ST 00
1 )3 59
150 03
00 00
000 00
dO5 07
810 la
04 09
12 00
'4. b 20 00
61 77
21, 55
IL, of the 'Huntingdon County Alms Douse, from DE
-0101131(1t. fitly A.l). 1863, to 1)1;CE311A It 4th, 1806, In
To anOnt drawn from CO. Treasury. on orders, $7 . 24,1 ES
G. G. TAW.: ' Steward, for sundries detailed In his
account, other thou orders, 193 .15
FAnm. File F.
By P. 1). Butter, ways as filmier, No. 1, $253 57
Sundry persons for sznithing, 2to 5, 55 50
wagon work, 6& 7, 11 00
it harness, S& 9, 15 21
harreseg,otlt. work,lo to 15, 55 50
. ..
sundries, 1 0 .t.: 17, 17 10
Philip States for 000 7hestunt ,ails, . 18, 47 50
A. Price .7 , r putting tlp 100 panll fence, * 10, 25 00
By sundry persons, 4882 ibs.pork,
do do TiuS lbs.bent.
• • • •
dodo potatoes nod flour, 12 Sc 13, 4i 16
Myers 3: Slur ris, butcbere, moot, 14, 196 62
WiMont B. Leas fur tuerchandise, 1 52, 214 01
Win. 11. Browder, do 35 4, 141 46
0. Ettder S lon. du 50 0, 110 46
It. 31. Cllllllillgilfllll S. Co., du 70 0, 166 00
Cuttningluttu 5 Cannon, du 0 5.10, 179 49
0. litnior, Jr., do 11 0 12, 76 10
11. J. 1.4,v0r, do 13 .6 14, 33 75
Wm. A. Fraker, do 15 .6 10, 29 27
S. 1-. Henry .6. Co., du 17, 49 03
2. Thomas, do blaultets. 11, 54 00
Sundry pet sons, du 13 to 29, 133 19
relief a fforded 3 codes, hil*t entire year,l to 3, 103 00
do du 5 caste, Sept less than n year,
average time 7 mos. 4to 8, 103 50
do do In numerous cane, temporary,
without regard to time, 9to 40, 352 85
Collins, shrouds and funeral espouses in sundry
cases, 41 to 417, 62 10
Physicians' bills. in sundry cases, 50 to 53, 63 06
A. Crowoover, supplying A. Bradley, 54 to 56, 168 80
Solid persons aupplying Rebecca States, 57 to 50, 107 GO
Sand physicians, on contract for townships, viz :
West, Porter, Shirley, Dance, Carbon, Crom
well, Springfield, Dubin and Tell, GO to 60, 210 73
John Logan, Director, sum] n. d. ex. sore G 7 to 72 73 75
floury Davis, do do do 53 to 76, 77 75
John Flenner, do do do 77 to 80, 66 40
Jack. Harman, do do do 81, 080
lit MOVALS% Filen.
nutniry ,Itn,t ices nf Ito NAro issuing orders of
relief in sundry enst , s, Ito 0, 14 :15
Stund eignitablos uthors,remov.litunters,7 to IS, 04 .18
70 SO
By sundly rerSODP, pub. annual report, Ito 3, 05 00
-do do lumber for wash bousel to 7 ;100 C 4
Levi A. Myers, carpenter week, , ti to 10, 113 03
A. Yarns A con. maser. work, 11. 21 44
P. Mark, .M 11055101, an $5531, 12, 55 31
Olin. Harris, Otto sewing inaehine, 13, 20 00
G. P . . Garr Peon, note in bank, l-t, 00 SO
Centre Co., judgment On SuMpo's docket, 10, 70 53
11. It. Foust. Onsan Harris' note,. 16. 50 04
Columbia Co. In. Co. two assessments, 17 01.1. 3.4 .0
b:undry persons : 93 , ,i.4 ham (balk 19 to 23. Ds SI
do tin 1,01,. repairing, Se. 22 0 23, 45 55
do • shoemaking, rap. r.. Se. 21 ta li, 40 00
do collies. 23 .0 29, '27 00
410 . homey labor, FelVilig, ,(e.30 to ::5, 71 5-2
d o iniseellaue.nie, 84 to 50, 100 21
fly Drs. Baird and Nlocicoy. at tendon tph ysicioo, 144 00
.14.1 in Loon for services us Ohre tor. 10 wont In+, 124 00
henry Davis. do do 12 do 141 00
John Fie:llller, th, Jo 12 do 144 00
Jackson Harmon, do do 2 do 17 111
IL IlrewAtcr. service, al clerk, I your, 70 00
K. A. Lovell, do counsel, I year, 241 CO
- - •
13y G. G. TATE, for Lie accrunt, monthly elolc•
menta, 7C9 (.0
Total amount of mmemlitorca
Z.OO bit... Awls of .t boat. 200 bus. Eye, 30( bus. Oats, 150(.1
bog. Corn, (otoly.) lOU bug. 3 urnips. 30 bus. Onions, 15
bus. Mots, bOO bus. Potatoes, (about 400 bus. of ‘vhiolt rot
ted.) 4 bus. Soup Ikons. 15 6-118 Hay, S brads Caro Fod
der, (I borsos.) about 3000 Prods Cnblotor. (out of wilier]
was ntodo 4 barrels Sour Crout.) 2000 Rt. Pork, Brown
Corn sufficient to wake 3 dozen Brooms.
E =I
22 Coale. (men and boys.) 21 pi , s Pantaloons, 7 p - irs
Drawers, OS Shirts, 9 Vests. 58 Chemises, 78 Dresses,
IS .kids, 14 Children's Dresses, 25 Aprons, CI
Night Cops.l2 Zinn Bonnets, 35 prime Stockings sod Seeks.
10 pairs Mittens, 15 Bed Con9Ortr, 20 ;Sheets, 20 Pillow•
7 Bolsters, do. 10 lied Ticks, 21 Turrets, 4 Shrouds,
5 b.. Dried Apples.
4 Work llorsos, 9 Mulch COWS, 1 Urge Breeding Sow,
7 Stock Ilogs, 2 Plantation Wagons, 1 :Fling two itorse,
do. I Buggy, (nearly broko dot.) 1 two bora° r:high. 1
set Bob Sleds, 1 Band Cart, 5 solo Horse Clears and liar
110SS, 4 Corn Plows, 2 Doublt : h ovel, do. 1 Single Shovel.
do. 1 three horse Cultivator, 1 hay Enke, 1 Thrashing
Machine and fixtures, I Wind Mill, 1 sot patent Ilay Lad
ders. 1 Grain Mill, 2 Crain Ciadit,, 3 Mow Scythe., 330
hue. Wheal, 200 bus. !lye, 1200 hoe. Corn. (ears.) 2 1 0 bus.
Oats, 300 has. rotators. (yet round.) 20 lam
:50011 Itenlifl, 10 101, Been., 20 bus. Titrilitti, 0 tOU,
S loads Corn Fodder. (4 Horse, )about 10 dl llrt 1, Cabbage.
3 barren Sour Kraut, 3500 tbs. Perk, 400 the. Bacon (old)
20001 N. Beef, 000 lbs. !logs Lard.
g •-•;:
Elm - 1 ; v :!
, the underdgmed, Anditor3
In, do hereby certify that we
Voucher!, nocount,, ,(c,, of tl
d county, Auld lind the Santo
of s
• . anuttottill lie ltas paid oil P
ettletnent. tlitt mint or $l,llB
an or sl'3 132 teas
making total expeaditurea
ut to the tutu of sti,3l'.o 13
tog; fur year 18711, to wit. $3l
aton I
Witm,Hs our hands at Ranting , '
°au, A. 1).. lf,f6 .
cossTAnws sAT,Es,:ArrACIET EXECUTIoss.
NOTES. with a waiver of (ho i:ijO Low.
JUDGMENT NOTES. ODII a wairrr of the
and Ministero of tho Gosp,l.• . .
of Assault and Battery, awl AlTra,
r , CIERE FACIAS, to recover atrioilut of Judgment.
COLLECTORS' RECEIPTS, for State, County, School,
Borough and Township:Panes.
Printed on 'quinine paper. nod fir sale al the Olino. of
BLANKS, of every description, printed to order, neatly
at short notice, and on goad Paper.
Notice is hereby given that the undonligned have form:
ed n partLimhip in the above huF,inese and will constant •
Is keep on hand the beet and most fdeliloualdo Goode in
the market, oonivoieing, nll kind, Of
Fancy Silk, Mixed Goods & Cassimers.
Alec, tho hoot quality of
Both baring had largo experience in the butiness will
try to please all.
noir room in on Emlth atreet,.t wo doors below Maio.
.eft F. I,IRSH
a. G. TAPE, htetturd, lu account with the hunting.
don county Altos House, from December Ctb,1565, to De
cember 4, 1806, inclusive:
To amount lrawit front Co. Treasury, on orders, $576 11
Cash received front Mifflin county Aisle House,
Missinger ea..., 12 40
Stephen Elliott, one cook stove, 15 00
A. W. Benedict, Elliott Robley case, 25 00
Cumberland co. alms house, keeping M. Welcome, 37 75
Wm. Smith for LA one, 3 40
L. K. Moore, case of Catharine Kelly, 46 70
Wm. White, instate, in part of his pension, 30 00
Mary Brewster for tallow to u t hunt, 008
Henry Brewster for 1734 Ihs butter, 5 25
Win. B. Leas fdr 1 , ,,,; lhs butter,ST
Met Cilaillii., purchased from . Etnler, private 1100, 7 00
411 's
By sundry Expenditures for use oflo tso, ac per monthly
statements, numbered front 1 to 12.
, Slaamene e. 1, for December, 1565.
Ity expenses going lo Centre county, 10 50
renna.ltailroad Co., freight on pork, 2 23
Relief four wayfaring paupers, 1 50
Traveling expenses, seeing alter paupers, 5 17
1 to 6, 752 87
7to 11, 29115
Ily Penna. Railroad for freight, 12 93
Peter lyers, postago.stamps, .te., ' 323
IV. F. Harris, rash paid on beef, 5 00
B. Warning for house labor, 4 00
Traveling expenses seeing after Paupers, 3 1 ..7
Penna. Railroad, fare to Cavilslo for $l. IViluOtne, 370
Travelling Expenses and 3liseellaneous, 1 75
Ily expense, removing pauper from Warriorentarlf, 3 50
lining to Itlair Co., to see after paupers, 7 50
Blair a n d Cambria counties to soe Otto: paupers, 12 50
Traveling oxpenstis elsewhere, 4 SO
Cash pill MistAlaneino, 5 01
By Penna. Railroad for freight, 4 11
Cash paid postage Btatap., .3. UV
do do Beller to waylat log paoperA, 1 50
do do Travelling expeu,es, 3 00
do do Mi..,llaneuul, 3 50
By ;ash 1,111,130bn .lacob3, swap of bull for row, 10 00
do do I.,wut. Railuuad for froi.,lld, 11 57
do do Travelling expons,s, 3 50
do do Ilona' to wayfaring paupers, . 100
do do 311,..c..,11 allele., 1 75
By cool, pail Poona. Haill mid for freight, Ste.' 10 n 5
do do Iteliel to wayfaring paupers, 1 fiU
do do Travetting expenrer to Blair county, 000
do do :NH rellaneous, 2 WI
do do Travelling expenses, honilry platter, 200
fly caili paid. Penna. It:111,01cl fur froight, 4 fin
du cto Itelki to hooch) , pinning, 2 10
IJO tlo Travelling, 3 15
do do Postage idiiiiiiin Sio,l 42
do do ;liicedono99l, 6 95
By cash ptid Co' Itentovtug pmtp2rs, 4 30
do do Tr.o Il fog expenevs. U 115
do do 1-ofidry p-rzluos. fur Itarroaillg, 13 09
do do ,11,7v11,:woni, 2 03
By .1,11 paid I.'enua. Rid:road for freight, 4 40
do to Tickets 1,1) . r0nt., 4 4,1
(lo 41 , :Olodry per,onai fur labor,
.4 00
do do l'or logo ati11111,5,: 1 00
do do Trovoilins oxpetaica, molry placoo, 11 03
do dO 31i,ceilitucod3, 11!
ca-1t Wit. Ton.l;io q, for labor, 100
do do T var.:lll6g. V.,IPCIMS. 4 70
do do Suindry per6ons, Uhicellattoom, 6 71
My rash paid Penna. Itaiiroad far freight, 8 US
do do ti. A, Myers, Iturrhering, 1 Cu
do do l't ylagi, ,131111,5, 1 00
do 00 TritVelliug eXpetWes, 3 90
do tla &aiding ray pallrer, LU
do do UlliCeltittieoo4, 2 00
Statement 111,12, fur I\l,rember.
Jly cm.ll paid for Ticket to Philadelphia, for p:
do 110 F. D. blotter, forottbr,
do do "coding away otop,r,
do do bllibeethuttotia,
flylaty ae Steward,
Al own,; o to 31re. Tote, as Matron,
s7titi 511
In Tistininny of the correctness of tiro above account
and ontonent, we do In.roto set our panda this Ith clay
of December, A.
Due nt the settlement with
year 18GO.
course - cons NAmts. TWP.
Im,, Cromw'll
1559. A. Ilarrison, Hunt)]
Joe Foe Cook, COrban
John IL Weaver, 11011011
153 a.. A,btou, C.tssville
W. 11 FlOllllOl . , 11121.1121,011
Jno. Donaldson, Ilopowell
*Jacob CI. Linz, Sld rizy
Janice Maguire, licst
1111 (I,KI
11101U0 It I I
P 165.
%Varfel, Brody
*.)unapt Cibboney Barre°
Caleh lirdlry, Ctomw,ll
11). Albright, Alexandria
Echley, Barrce
- 1 - Ballets hhy, Br“dy
Daniel ,T. Logan. Carbon •
Berbart, Coalmant
}At. SteN,ll9, Clay
f It. D. hack, Cromwell
Uoanell, CM9
tDriae Ashton, Cassvilla
Cismang, Dublin
tWil, Inca, Franklin
Nightwino, Benda,.
, David Pon,,, 11. Tao,' I
fino C. Millar, flunting'n
Levi Itidanour, Juniata •
-paws PiDer• Norrio
aS. G. McDivitt, Oneida
John Lao, Penn
fllenry Swoop. Porter
:SD, art. : 4 hirlay.
LeaS, 011idayshorg
t'l It ntetnJt, S',riii6Tield
add, Blair, Tell
.I.laeob Elias, Tod
f• Mari Doan, Tinian
O. W. Owen,. Warriorm'ic
t.dainns 31. Lloyd, Walker
t:iteplien Miller, West
of the county of flout
, hove txmined the or
to Directors of tho Poor
to be correct 00 above
t on exemining the Tree
'oor lions,. orders since
; 75, of which omount
oil ;wenn', to of the yeAr
of 1800, (so far 00 filth.)
-leaving bithinco
1 .20.
6inec in full.
Given tindcr the s,al of
nary, 1567.
Altesf :
11. 'W. MILLER, Clerl
undersigned would respectfully
1. nu.. n ., that, iu connection wlth their TANNERY,
they have just opened a splendid aisortanent of
COIISIStiIIg In part of
Together with a general wortinotit of FINDING..
The trails is invited to call tout examine our Mock.
store on HILL street, two doers west of the Prembyte
rian church.
The highest price paid for hide and bark.
Huntingdon, Dec..
'Cho undersigned baring Weer entered into llie
Alexandria I;rewery, tln
that do will tin prejairsdpaT Informed
orders on' the ellortcat n . ntice. nrw '
11-I°S. N. COLDER.
Alexitudrta, Oct. 23'. 18titi-tf.
gir For neat JOB PRINTING, call at
the "GLOBE JOB PRINTINC OFI frii:," at Hun
,57atcnient 80. 2 ,fur January, 1866
.Sidement !.o. 3, for Rbruary,lBC4
Rahnient I,fur Murch
Rec.lava Xo. 5, fur Apra
Statement No. G, for .Ifay
,S . talcnient 7, .for Jane , :nifte X.,. 8, fur July
Mat , :niod .1 - o. 9, fin• A leg sl
StdtemeNt Jb. 10, for S,ptember
St itentont No.ll, fur Ocilbcr
A 00
:0 00
'rectur4 of the Poor
he Awl
T trr
17 C-
07 23
79 40:
200 25
70 00
100 00
o 02
30 • 2
61 22
161 86
11 10
27 OJ
I ii 9 0
• 10 61
1 - 18 '1
1740 81
.S 6
109/ 42
200 4
103 91
509 7 0
-031 20
103 51
9,0 91
',151 41
1:151 01 j
• _3 sn
1553 5'J
100 1)1
.113 13
_033 "8
4309 071
110 (7
12 0 )
IP- 13
33 62
2JI 113
00 1'
591 54
322 15
11, J 9
0.9 81
)0 OS
2515 44
n pm t
i ',knot
ItSS U 1
! • Como
con 'I
lM 11
3F 1 13:21.C) Cialt3bLeLlC,
,-, 4 *
.4 4 a l' . '
A• , ..‘'t •
f..-.:4: • , ..,• N, •
%v % -
, i,..i.n. "•
Lam'j4,, . . • V , " 0 ,, , ,,,. ~k. , / es fk:
(61c 61obe.
I For the Globe.]
My boyhood days are past and gone,
Those pleasant days to me ;
E'en now fond memory calls them back,
Those hours of joy and glee.
Then all was happiness supreme, -
And no rude care opprest;
Each boyish grief was soon forget--
Peace reigned within my breast.
But now I've grown to man's estate—
How 'tis so I cannot tell;
On fleeting wings the years have tied—
Some joys have flown as well.
Yet all my life I have been blest,
By friends both near and dear ;
But there was one beyond . the rest,
Who dried my every tear.
Each care toiler I would confide—
Each joy and sorrow, too,
And every secret of my heart,
My sister MARY knew.
But she has passed from earth away,
Gone to that brighter clime,
Where all is pence and joy and loco,
Far from the things of time.
Though earthly friends withdraw the tiea
Which bind us here below,
A Friend remains above the skies,
Who never change can know.
:Co Him we can our troubles bear,
He'll gladly hear our cry ;
And when this careworn life is past,
He'll take us up on high.
Jan. 30, 1807. JAS. E. MCCARDLE
I did not live in the sunshine when
I was young. My first remembrance
is that of working gnome-like in the
great black cellar of a huge manufac
turing establishment. I could not have
been more than five or six years of
age, and I bad neither father nor Moth
er nor home then. A shelter and a
heap of rags in the back garret of a
tumble-down old building,frowned upon
by the blank wall of the hictory, rep
resented all I knew of home. A bent
and blear-eyed, smelling horribly of
snuff and gin, supplied the only sem
blance I ever experienced of parental
love and care.
• $2- b.
She threw me rags to wear, and gave
me coarse food to eat, and always took
from me my scanty wages. 1 never
had a penny allowed me, though I cat , -
clod ninny - Lo the dram-shop, bringing
thence, in return, the fiery poison that
changed my guardian, for the time be
ing, to a fiend..
It was not until several years later,
that my employments changed, that I
was transferred to the sales-room of
the factory, and made to act as the
errand-boy and."eserybody's servant"
of the establishment. I• was taught
then how to find my way about the
city streets, and first learned that
there Were mmes different from mine.
ttli or 676
One trite aphorism-1 knew not how
trite—had been dropped in my ear. 1
know not how nor where, but some
WIC had repeated in my hearing that,
"Knowledge is power." To me the
words came like an inspiration. They
solved the riddle of my life, To know
was to do. Not knowing I was power
less,f)r I could not even unseal the gates
of Opportunity, and my desires must
be like curbless steeds, as likely dash
ing along the road to ruin as on that
which leads to safely.
Then 1 began to study from books
and from DICD. I listened to every con
versation that went on in my hearing,
from which even a stray item of infor
mation might be gleaned.
And SO the years wore on, and I was
no longer a child. My guardian was
dead. Some lingering feeling of grat
itude, that she had stood between me
and utter hoincleszaleas, a ft)rgoffulness
of the years of solitary sunring which
had made me old in my childhood, of
the blows,the starvation, the dwarfing,
mental and spiritual, as well as bodily,
that I had undergone at her hands,
made me, in this hour of parting, bring
forth the little hoard so patiently accu
mulated from chance gifts and earn
ings, for quite another purpose, and
provide with it the decent funeral
which was all that remained to be done
for her.
On her death bed she thanked me
for kindness which conscience told her
was ill-deserved ; and I then learned
that no blood of hers ran in my veins.
31y parents had been very, very poor,
but honest and true—two young things
who, loving well, had dared their fate
and been worsted in the struggle of
life; dying in their youth and leaving
me to uric who had been at least kind
to them; and would have been kind to
me, had not the fatal itppetito absorbed
and triumphed over all the better im
pulses of her bcting.
1 was alone now, with every year
adding to my strength and knowledge.
Steady industry in a place like mine
never goes unrewarded. Each year
saw me advanced to positions of more
trust and more emolument.
tore, f
~ tO
.1. 00
15 78
.1 CI
• )
78 50
_l 00
1.) 00
r 0
10 00
12 50
to .0
7 00
tl 00
, 00
6 00
10 . 1
4: 60
au .
111 I I.
U S 1
tinic c 131101
At twenty the management of a
large part of my employer's business
Was entrusted to me, and before the
close of the year I began to travel in
the interest of the factory. I had now
a large salary, besides commission on
all sales which it was the part of my
sagacity, enterprise and business tal
ent, to i n Crease.
position noW %y:s excellent, my
prospects truly flatterilig, 1 watt fiu
louver littlo Tim, but Mr. Courtney,
and e very one connected with the Uuai•
ness treatpd me wit great respect and
*fore I had reached my twenty
third year I had crossed the Atlantic
four times, and the entire European
business was entrusted to me. On my
twenty-third birthday I was admitted
TERMS, $2,00 a year in advance.
a junior partner of the firm, with a
large ir.terest. I now stood nearly
upon a level with the man who had
given me the pittance that kept me
above starvation when a child, in re
turn for such childish services as I
could perform in that dark cellar, now
unvisited for years.
I was introduced to his friends, in
vited to his house and theirs. Foreign
travel, thought and observation bad
polished me. I was timid still in the
society of ladies, for I had spent my
life afar from saloons and drawing
rooms, and lacked the power of adapt
ing myself to them, simply for lack of
use. I could hold my own with men,
and compel respect. fJy temperament
was testhetic, and refined, but develop
ment and habit had all been toward
the practical walks of life. I knew
much, and could use my knowledge.
But I had no knowledge of women,
and had rarely conversed with them
since I had left behind me the class
I bad known when 1 was a work
But, a self-respecting man will win
his way. I might be a little awkward
in externals, a little stiff and silent,
but .I could talk well when roused, and
I had a history. I soon became a fa
might almost say the fashion
—and was a welcome habitue of homes
like those I had watched as a starving
child, and resolved then to enter some
day on an equality with dwellers there.
I need not linger hero. Having con- '
quered a social position of.the best, and
a business position not likely to be low
ered in my hands, I felt that I could
choose my fate, so far as man is the
master of his destiny. I meant to
marry some day, and my wife must
be from the class to which 1 DOW be
longed. And yet I lingered long. Se
verely imetical as had been my life ; I
yet shrank from assuming a relation
so intimate and sacred from motives
no higher than those which led to mere
business engagements.
Many awakened my admiration, but
none touched my heart. And the vis
ion of a Leine, cherished since my
childhood, seemed ever to recede and
elude my grasp.
-I was approaching thirty when I
met my fate. On one of my homeward
voyages across the Atlantic, I had for
fellow passengers an old gentleman
and his daughter, a lovely girl of
twenty. That they were poor was
evident, but not more so than the re
finement and high breeding that shone
in every act: Tho old man had all the
pride of his class, and looked down
upon trade and tradespeople with a
calm contempt that was simply ludi
crous in a citizen of democratic Amer
ica. Ills daughter belonged to anoth
er age, and saw that what a man is,
and not what he has, what the gifts of
God, and not the accidents of fortune,
have made him, arc the tests of nobil
ity. She was pleased to meet my at
tentions with civility from the first,
and finally to manifest her gratitude,
when, during the long and stormy
voyage, the old man faded gradually
away, till few believed ho would ever
look again upon the land of his birth.
He did, however. His dying oyes
saw the green hill once more, but his
feet were never planted upon his na
tive soil. He died as the stately ship
Caine up the bay, arid Miriam bore
only a lifeless corpse to the shore.
1 did not lose sight of her, and I
found that she was singularly friend
less, There was blood, but not wealth,
in her family, and her high-born con
nections troubled themselves very
little about her. But when I came to
her in her loneliness and affliction,
gratitude grew apace,
and soon bore
the sweet flowers of affection. Six
mouths from the close of that eventful
voyage Miriam Lisle was my wife,
and the ideal home had been attained.
I was happy; but happiness palls
upon the sense with custom. My life
had long been in business and activity.
In a little time my home was left to
my wifb, and though regarded as a
pleasant refuge, it did not satisfy me.
I must be out in the world, amid its
whirl and bustle. And thus—in spite
of the fruition of every hope and plan,
though a loved wife, and child as beau
tiful as ever blessed the fondest heart,
were mine, and my home was all I
ever craved or dreamed of—my life
has been passed. The chains of habit
were too strong for me ; so I clung to
the world and worldly things.
• I loved my wife ; but neglect and
cold indifference poisoned the springs
of her life, and in her early prime she
faded from the home she made beauti•
fUI. i know not how 1 loved her till I•
missed her presence, and the aching
void in my heart told ine she was gone
forever. 1 resolved then to devote my
self to May ; but the power. of habit
was too strong for me, and the desire
of money getting, and of being a king
on the mart, was abo-.7e all others. So
my child grew up with her retinue of
teachers and servants, more lovely
and neglected amidst the splendor that
surrounded her than even her mother
had been.
She made the sunshine or the splen
did dwelling I called home. Only her
prelice drew me to it ; but even to
her I was only the cold, world wetly
I should doubt now that I possessed
a heart, were there not such a heayy
pain there as I sit alone and Child: of
i\lay, my sweet child, done to death
by my cruelty.
IL is not strange that she - loved ear
ly and with all the repressed wealth
of her heart—She who had lived alone
all her life since Chi Mimed, scarcely
knowiug'a caress, with none of the
warm sympathies and affections of
lime around her. But she did not
choOsc'as would have chosen. I haul
known poverty; and now I had great
wealth, and I said, "riches shall wed
will have no paupers in my
farn ly."
the most cam plate of any in tho country, and pos.
emu; tho most ample facilities for promptly executing in.
tin but style, every variety of Job Printing, ouch
LABELS, &C., &C., &O
CALL AND raintniz erE(I32SN6 or Rofts,
NO. 32.
May went from me pale and silent
when I said this. IleWris worthy- 7 —a
great soul, with high aspirations which
my wealth, now so useless,should have
made renowned successes; and she lov,
ed him. But my will had been her law
always. She offered no resistance,but
Calmly laid down her love and with
it her life. They said she died of a fe
ver. But I know that it was when love
was denied that the sunshine faded out
of my home.
Now it is desolate, for Miriam is not
and May is not. In all the world I
have but my wealth and my dreary
home, and I-wonld give it all,, coun
ting it sacrifice, to go hack to
the very foot of the ascent so wearily.
climbed, if I could.bring back my lov
ed ones and restore the sunshine to,
my dwelling and tomy heart. ',
Franklin as a Bookseller.
Tho following story, told of drank•
lie's mode of treating the animal called
in thosedays "lounger," and in these
"loafer," is worth putting into practice
occasionally even in this age and gen.!
eration :
One fine summer morning when
Franklin was busy preparing his news
paper for the press, a lounger stepped.
into the store and spent an hour on
more in looking over the books, eto.,
and finally taking one in his hand,
asked the shop boy its price.
"One dollar," was the answer,
"One dollar !" said the lOunger
"can't you take less than that ?"
"No, indeed—one dollar is the price."
Another hour nearly pasSed, when
the lounger said :
"Is Mr, Franklin at home ?"
"Yes; he is in the printing office." ,
"I want to see him," said the loung,
Tho - shop boy immediately informed
I . r. Franklin that a gentleman was
waiting to see him. F.ranklin was soon
behind the counter, when the lounger,
with book in hand addressed him thus:
"Mr. Franklin, what is the lowest,
you can take for this book 2"
"One dollar and a quarter," was the
quick answer.
"One dollar and a quarter !
your clerk asked me only a dollar'-
'True," said Franklin, "and T c0u41.)
have bettor afforded to take a dollar
then than to have been takeir.out of
the office."
The lounger seemed surprised, and
wishing to end the parley of his OVill
making, said :
"Come, Mr. Franklin, toll me what
is the lowest you can take for it ?"
"One dollar and a half."
"A dollar and a• half 1 Why, you ;
offered it yourself for b, flollar and a
"Yes," answered Franklin, "and I
had better have taken that price then,
than a dollar and a half how."
The lounger paid down the money
and went about his business (if he had
ant,) and Franklin returned into thel
printing office.
Au ..xamp le for Married Men,
A number of years ago, Charles and
Clara S 'were married in the city
of Nov York. Charles wqs
Wealth c .
and in good business—very con - Arta-.
ble circumstances for a' young man,
which tended, of course, to develop
his naturally liberal disposition:
Feeling thus happy and' indepen :
dent of the world's frowns, he proposki
to his youthful bride, during the honey
moon, to give her five thousand dol
lars fur every "scion of his house"
which should be engrafted upon tho
family tree—an arrangement, as may
be supposed, to lyhich the lovely Clara
made not the slightest ehjection.`
Time passed on, Charles faithfully
perfbrming his agreement, and mcf.
king no inquiricsats to the disposition
of his money by his better half, until
they had been married ten years; for
tune, which had smiled with constan
cy, suddenly turned her back, and left
him apparently high and dry among
the breakers of Wall street.
Whon tho crisis had arrived, he,
went home with a heavy lioalft to
flounce tho sad news to his wife, 'thlit
he was an irretrievably ruined man--:
that his property had all gone to sat
his creditors, 'and nothing was,
"Not exactly so bad as that, my
dear," said Clara. "Wait a "miaute,and
see what I've been doing„
Thus saying, she ran - up stairs, an 4
soon returned with a deed ih her own
name, of one-half of an eidgaMt Wok
of houses in the neighborhood worth'
thirty thousand dollars.
"You see I have been industrioas,q
continued she, "and have laid up some
thing lot' a rainy day. rf you: had:
been half as smart as your brothpr, vi 4
might have had the whole, llock by
this time."
17.,a.A. Western editor asks 'the fol
lowing question : "En fellow. liar noU
ing When ho gets tilarriednd the gat
has nothing, is her things hizzen or his
things horn?" Ain't she hizzen, or Li
ho hero, we' would like to know.
".113 , German friend, how long
have you been married ?" f!Ve/, di
i 8 a ting'vet I seldoni don't like Co say.
about, but von I does, it seems so long
as never vas."
sentimental young man thus
feelingly expresses himself. "Even as
-nature benevolently guards the rose
with flwirns, so does she endow women
with pins." Anyting bite, sonny T?
West Hartford coW_
oat four
pounds of tohapco and died. We know
hundreds of calves who chew thous.
ands of Founds and Jiro.
liii, c ,L i ncy Stone, in a lecture in :13 . ap.„
gor reeer,tls, said : "We hear of hen
pecked hnsbancls, but nothing . at .
.about rooster-pecked