The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, February 27, 1879, Image 4

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B'l*h •( iKr Hh*<ll**
.TnHft XViird Howe JwioriM r visit to
the wives >i the khedive of Egypt an
follow: The ikv before yesterday was
the firat day of Hairam, ft great Moslem
festival. something like otir New Year's
day. On this ihr we were allowed to
visit the three princesses, wives of the
kheilive. We hail been admonished to
wear onr l>est clothes, and, if p<Hmble,
to avoid black, as the Egytian* are very
superstitions nliont visits from people
wearing that hue. My daughter, for
tunately, had a dress of the like silk,
wiiioh wi.s not unsuitable to the occa
sion, 1 was oblige,! to appear in black
velvet, modified by a white Ivuiuet,
whicli though hastily improvised, had a
gay and app**amioa. We wre
also t,*M to wear all onr jewelry, which
was not a very laborious thing to do.
So we went, and a row , ( black euunehs
sbvv! before the door of the palace. Two
of them help* l *! us to alight. Having
crossed the threshold we found ourselves
in a little world women, where one man
only imd the right to coma. Here cigar
ettes wer* brought us, which etiquette
required us to accept. A wlnff or two
quite satisfied our entertainers. We
were presently ItitrixiiuxHi into the prtx*-
cnoe of the three wives, of whom the
third lie, also much the yonngest ami
prett est, spoke French tolersbly.
After shaking hands with each in turn
we were invited to take seats, and Ctil
bonks were brought us, wh<**o length
reached trom onr month to the carpet,
i wrestled with mine ss well as 1 conld.
but by giHvl fortune it was not well
lighted, and I only got one good puff of
the tobacco, which caused me to ivugh
with s*uue violence. Then we laid eof
iee brought in porcelaiu cups, the stand
for each cop being richly set with dia
monds, Then, with profound ivnrh ey
ing, we t*x>k our leave. Iu the great
hall below several attendants brought
us beautiful Kiwis of porcelain set with
diamonds, filled witu a aont-v t t
spii>\! drink, which we were albiw .
tcld was sherbet. These women *:
carried napkins with golden fringes.
Then out carriage was brought to the'
door, the eunuchs hel|ed us to get into
it, onr ♦'dais" or footman ran on l>e
fore, and we drove sway.
\f* R<i Ntr fmt T •wfß.
Physicians say wearing a veil is in
jurious to the eyes.
Indian silks that wiii wash like cotton
are worn in England. They cost *lout
sixty-two cents a yard.
Mrs. Amelia Bloomer, the inventor of
the drrm that bearff her name, is living
in •. small town in lowa.
Mrs. Hsyts is wearing a walking
suit of dark garnet camel's hair com
biued with satin, and a bonnet to match.
Brides wear so many fiowers set close
ly together on the head that they seem
to have on -ittle capotes of orange blos
som* from which the veils depend.
Narrow-pointed boots have produced
their t fleet even on girls in England,
who are supposed to walk so much that
they can endure everything, and they
are accused of limping sadly.
At weddings 'he friends of the bride
should give articles of household use as
wedding presents, and those of t'u
groi m should k stow things which
would belong to the bride personally.
Yic'or.a Wood hull is reported living
in spndid style in Loudon, near Syden
ham palace, spot-ting coaches, liveried
servants, and all paraphernalia of a
stom income. The wonder is whose
money she is bring on.
The " balayeuse," which is now con
sidered indispensable, is apt to render a
dre.-* isdammable; at a recrat weddiug
the bruie and the bcidemaids hail theirs
soorvhed and nearly ign ted by standing
eluao to en over-heated register.
Two English ladies have received the
or f St. Elisabeth at Bucharest, for
the.r sid and services during the late
war between Russia and Turkey. One
- Mr-. Mn-field, wife of the late con
sul-general, the other, Mrs. Mawer,
wife of the English physician, the latter
lady, a. Jed bv subscriptions, having
started and maintained a small hospital.
Chinese Humor.
An American connected with one of
the consulates in China has translated
some of the Chinese pens into Eng
lish. Among them are some verses
whi.'h prove, ainslthat the "humorist"
is abroad even in that far land. The
rrodtit iion is entitled "Fanning the
Grave, or the Wife Tasted," and tells
how a wife whose husband was sick nnfo
d. rh promised him that she would not
marry again until the mold on his
grave should be dry. After his burial
the con "mentions widow applied b-r
self assiduously to basten the drying of
the grave by fanning it. This accom
pli? Ed, she married one Chnang. who,
wishing to test her, feigned sickness,
avowed that he was about to die, ami be
sought her not to take unto herself
another husband.
"Oh, cake your mind CIST," the sobbing re
" I hare said I won't wed and I won't;
Bat ah! what grave roar las', word*
Doa't ?v them again. d*re?t, don't!
Tale? of v.rtuoaaa<.m uiu old booksl've read, ,
And my bosom with ardor has glowed ;
111 emu.ate them. I hare inwardly said -
If I dou't do the same 111 be blowed "
Chnang then dies contentedly and after
he is encoffined makes his escape, dis
guises himself as a young man and
makes love to Mrs. Chnang a? together
they watch over the empty coffin. "The
next day the funeral-baked meats serve
as the wedding dinner." The unrecog
nized Chnang shams illness again and
declare - that nothing will cure him hut
the brains of a living man or of one who
has not been dead more than three
days." "Oid Chuang's will do," says
his relict as she vanishes, whereupon
Chnang take* off bis disguise and settles
himself iu the coffin again. His spouse
soon appears with an axe and smashes
the lid, upon which Chnang bounds up
with a " hello ! " To an invitation to
explain, Mrs. Chnang remarka :
•'I felt sure yon ma<t be Irving, so to welcome
yon once more.
My mourning robes I tore off and my wedding
garments wore."
To which answers her lord :
"Yonr tale is plausible, bat I think you'd
better stop;
Don't fatigue yourself by telling lie* ; just let
the matter drop.
To te-t yonr faithlessness to me I've been
merely shamming deal.
I'm the yonth you just now married—my
widow I've jnst wed."
Forests in En rope
The proportion of land covered with
forests throughout Enropo is twe aty
nine per cent., of which Russia and
Sweden furnish the greatest part. In
Russia, forty per cent, of the territory
is covered with woods, and of tl:-"s some
200,000,000 acres are covered with pines
and other cone-bearing tn •<. .Sweden
and Norway have thirty-four percent., 1
ch efly bird , maple, ptue. Or and wiliow.
Austria has twi utjr-niue percent., Ger- ;
mat y his - twenty-six percent, and France
seventeen. Far beiow these comes !
Spain, v, tb its cork woods and evergreen
ok forc-ts. covering s--v< u per cent, of
the land an < Holland ai.d Belgium with
the same. Portugal comes next with i
five per ■ ect., and Great Britain f llows
with four per cent. The percentage
annually decreases in all countries
A Mule that ban Count.
There is a mule driven on one of the
First S"oth street cars, in Salt Lake
City, apparently a little more sensible ,
than others. It is generally on the
morning shift, and has to make five .
round trips before the team is changed. ! i
Every day, as soon as the mule comes
on the fifth return trip fiom the upper ,
cud of the line, it begins to whinny half
a block before he reaches Second East i
street, and if the change team does not \
happen to be waiting, and the driver i
has to run to the bank corner and return ]
before changing, it will stretch its neck j
and whinny again, louder than before,
about the same distance before it reaches *]
the place. How that mnle keeps track i
of tin fifth trp is more than its driver i
has found out. j
" Cupid's 'he Chicago'
Tribune heads a list 'i f marriages, j e
Captives -f his beau an i spear. j
A l'lca far Vegetables.
In the Linden 7Yue* William O,
Ward writes to urge greater cnltiva
tion and use of vegetable*, especially
of hgnminous kinds He s|x\aks a very
good word for lentils, which were of old
a favorite dth in Egypt and Palestine,
but are almost entirely unknown to this
generation. Lentils, or " lout ilea," a--
the Rible call* them, are a sort of black
Wan inclose*l in a long jxxl and ripen
cuing with a thick skin. The flour t*
very sweet and nourishing. According
to Ronssinganlt's scale tUty-aix parts of
white haricot Ivans, or fifty seven pait
*if lentils, or sixty-seven jrnrts of pw,
are equivalent to 100 paits *tf wheat
flour. This shows lentils to have
high value as untrinicnt. They make
delicious soups and caii bo *\x'he*i in s*
matiy attractive way* a* the common
lawn. Mr. Ward'* chief object scents
to le to introduce t* tlie pxr a s>rt -f
f*xxl which shall bo at once cheap and
wholesome. On this point he says
" How tiitbug is the eo?t of htiiuan
hxx! if only what is ueeessary is sought.
Eight to twelve cent* p<-r *' *v is sulli
eieut to proi *le for a strong man sud
keep him iu health ami strength.
Oatmeal ahonhl not be omitted here.
Best Scotch oatmeal ciui be bought at
the mill for three cent* ier pound
Nearly one cent mere will t e required
to bring it home. A pound will make
the breakfast for four strong uwu if
K'iled (or half an hour a* isirrnlge. For
child or man letter f*xxl there is not on
earth. Every pound gives more untri
mcnt than four ixuunls *>f lean beef."
He insists that rheumatism may be
curtxl ami neuralgia greatly onxlidtxl by
a strictly vegetable diet, and tliat a
workingmuu will get a* much strength
out of vegetables s* out *>f meat. He
bcojmes quite enthusiastic in speaking
on this poiut, ami thus breaks out .
"This vegetarian teaching not only
places human f*<od eu a scientific foun
dation, but at once removes three-fourth*
of huuiandisi-ajH*-. it upr*x>ts drunken
uess without leaving even a desire f*-r
alcoholic drinks. V> g* t*ir.auism would
suppress all poverty tuid nearly all sut
fcriug. It would make excessive luxury
*on the one hand impossible and abject
poverty *>u the *>tlicr haul e*prally nu
probsble. All wars would cease. >lau
kiud would Ivecome *>ue great l>rothcr
h*xxl. 'The whole creation groaneth
ami trsvailelh iu pain tigetiu-r until
now-but it would then l>e hea!e*l and
harmonized. All sham king* and *haiu
thrones would vanish as a visum, aud He
alone wlux-e right it is to reign would be
kiug over a renewed people in a renewed
Perhaps this writer, who is a man of
considerable note in England, and a care
ful observer, remembered that He was
not a vegetarian; but that fact d*>es not
iupear to have dampi uc-1 his ardor at all.
Whether vegetables arc an absolute
specific for rheumatism ud also a jaui
ftcea for all other human w s may he
well doubted; but it is probable that the
poor, especially the American poor, eat
t*>o much meat for either their purses or
their health. If lentils can be made
popular as fmxl it will no doubt mark an
improvement in the condition of the race.
Many new and luiportant vegetables
have Kfn added within the last two or
three hundred years. How should we
get along without tomatoes, radi*h**a,
celery, In*!ian corn and potatoea, whieli
civilize*! nations a comparatively little
while ago know nothing off Probably
there nre no lentil* whatever iu New
York, but it is wort 1 : considering whether
their introduction aud cultivation is not
something thoroughly worth while. To
add au edible to the market is to dimin
ish hnm*tu suffering. .Veto York
Ssnif t'uriens Hills.
The shortest will upon record has
just been proved in an English court of
probate. The document reads literally:
"Mrs. —is to have all wuen Idie."
There can be no mistaking the testator's
intention, nor as to the contingency
which mast oocar ore the deed can be
administered ami applied, and hence
any legal quibble is impossible. Black
stone informs us that testaments are of
very high antiquity. Records of such
documents have been discovered dated
from the r* moteet penod of man's civil
ized existence. Indeed, it has been
state 1 by one writer that Noah made hi*
will in writing, witnessed it in accord
ance with law under his seal, and that
m virtue of this document the world
was subdivided among his children.
Among the Greeks Solon was the first
to introduce testamentary dispositions,
aud in Rome they were unknown until
the twelve tables were accepted as the
bssis of their law and custom. This
mo le of devising projuTty was in force
in England prior to the conquest; but
the military tenures subsequently in
vogue forbade such a mode <>f alienating
estates. It is relate*.! of a citizen of our
own country tlia t he was so enamored
of republican institutions he desired
by will that his body should be flayed,
and the skin thus taken from him
tanned. Of the toughened integument
two drums were to be ma<le; and he
further bequeathed a sum of money, to
be paid anunally to a person who" was
to proceed to the top cf Bunker Hill on
every Fourth of July, and there beat a
tattoo on one of these drums. Probably
the most fantastically contrive*! instm- 1
ment to utilize the laxly of the testator
is recorded by I>r. Forbes XYinslow. A
Frenchman, disappointed in love, de
termined to commit suicide. Previous
to carrying his design into effect, he
wrote a letter to the lady who had jilted
him. In another document he noted
his last wishes, whieli be desired should
be scrupulously adhered to. His corpse
was to be taken, boiled down, and the
fat extracted. Out of this a candle was
to lie ma le, and presented to the subject
of his misplaced affections, in ordei
that she might read his communication
by the light provided from his own body
Yagarle* of a King.
The latest vagary of the king >f Ba
varia, says the Lmdon World, would
make a good foundation for a ghost
story. Not Ratisfled with his usnal
guests, be ordered a grand dinner to be
prepared for fourteen persona, and
invited to the feast L>ms XIV. and his
court. Lonia 11. himself aat at the bead
of the table, and the place of honor was
supposed to lie occupied by the grand
mouarque, the other piacva being re
served for the twelve courtiers of his
reign who were the rnoat renowned for
their wit. Thus the Bavarian king
lived in solitary grandeur; for I need
not say that the ghostly guests were
conspicuous by their alisenee.
When the repast was over he went to
the riding school, and having carefully
calculated how muny miles there were
between Hobenachwangan aud Jnn
sprnck, be rode ronnd and round the
school until he had acsornplished the
distance which separates the one pin"*
from the other. He, moreover, stopped
twice, once to breakfast and anotb* r
time to dine, as be would have done ha<i
the journey been a real one. He did
this that he might he able to boa t that
he bad ridden the whole distance froru
Hohenschwtuigau to Innspruck.
His First and lait Case.
I studied law once in the Washington
law school. In tact, I was admitted to
the bar. I shall never forget mv tint
case. Neither will my client. I was
called upon to defend a young man for
passing counterfeit money. 1 knew the
young man was innocent, Pf-cause I gave
him the mouey to pre-a. Well, there was
a hard feeling against the jouug man in
the county, and T pleaded for a change
of venue. I made a great plea for it. I
can remember, even now, how tine it
was. It was tilled with choice rhetoric
and passionate oratory. I quoted Kent,
and Blacketcne, and Littleton, and cited
precedent nfter precedent from the
digest of Htate reports. f wound up
with a tremendous argument, uruid the
applause of all the younger members of
the bar. Then, sanguine of success, 1
stood and awaited the judge's decision.
It soon cume. The judge looked nie
full in the face and said:
"Yonr argument is good, Mr. Per
tins, very good, aud I've been deeply ;
interested in it; and when a case comes
np that your argument tits, I shall give i
your remarks all the consideration that
they merit. Sit down 1"
This is why I gave up.the law and re
sorted'tb writing for fhe newspapers.— t
Fit Prrkinf. *
FOR TIIE 101 \0 PEOPLE. Klimn.
y ( g,i- /*>-<|ni, /fijrt-t 'Ot.l if . 'nl f • nht,
" <<Mrr rktiitrrn w*. (n sl m*f i- iming
* l*m .* ffw-y. 1
How tuany I'irtiuUy* now lnoo yun lutxl*
'• Ho u*at\* boy* IrXp a l'*' twll suit- ?
s How uisny day* ihM • wtaijnr last V
j. Iloa many uiuxs tbton- in U* past
How many tall* ha* a nv* " oat"
How many lltr* tln> too of lln- rt
; How mnuy •* Ual.S lm* tin* iln*
* I How many Un* h* tin* i**iii ftm*
g i Whist on llioni*r lw but
J KMAmNm Smmms in v MsAotas
i, | llom ihr llrr. TU
I Farmer Metcalf lookixl out >t the
•' kitchen *l*x*r *>n* flue nuuiiiug, ami
'' discovered that on** *>f his b*hins ns
s gi'HO.
II lie kept a doxeu swartua, or mora,
" nicely honsclan a loug p*w of haugiug
' hues at the back *'f his ganb-ii. Last
' night they were all there. He st.Hsl a
moment, gs.-tug at the vacant place iu
' the row with surprise ami indignation.
- t hen he called his sou
" Martin, somebody nas l>*>cu st<
' our Wea !"
The latatU were s**ot: *>ut upon the
'• veranda, a'f staring at the plundered
' apiary, ami denouncing the unknown
robber. Who e*'itl*i ho tie T
' Browsing forlornly about the place
'' where then little hoitse had b*-en, weie
' several str.*t glers front the missiug
r | swarm, and Farmer Metcalf knew very
* *ell what Would i-*Sni the b*w i Lie red
iusvta at;*l make tlicir intelligence
s**rve lorn t*> g*Hsl purpose.
<' A new tnve was promptly hung iu the
v pla-e *>f the old one, and some sheets of
14 i\>iub put into tt. I'he bc* s very s*R'U
!l nx'k possesaion, atnt alter waiting
c twenty *>r thirty miuut<s, the farmer
i and hts s*iu saw a " Committee" of their
tuiuilvr ctutie * at atnl fly straight to a
f neighU'ring c**rufle!d.
Of c*'urse they lia.l exj*eot J s-mte
* j thing like this. Once make a robbed
sud wandering bee feel at home again,
r i and it rre vrrs its wilt*, and leta you
■ i ku 'W at on*'e where its c*>uipattu>ua in
misfortune arc.
4 ' Farmer Metcalf and Martin followed
t their little gui*l* to the cornfield, sn*l
*iuickly found the evidetwes of Inet
utght's work. The hiv*< lav there broken j
" ' to pie*'v*s and crawling over the a*'att*-i
1 *xl frugtueuta, and struggling on the
I ground, and climbing the standing corn
' stalks, were multitude* of soiled au*i
1 honey-smeared bees.
* Some were ruto iug their legs aud
wings to clean themselves, and now and
1 then oue would rise iu the air to tly back
to the house. 'There were other been
1 with legs gone, b*w*s with wings gone, 1
- bee* half buncd, twwitig themselves out
* of the earth, and !>e- that lay quite .
' still—bve* everywhere, and iu all eon- j
■ ditiona, living and dead.
' Tracks of br*>a*l show- were m. li, au*l
- signs of a harii sotiille in the soft soil
1 and among the broken ixrn. The
* thief certainly had not got hi* plunder
( without paying something for it. It
r looked as if the little captives had ma<l*
' a gallant tight, atnl taken jmrt of their
1 revenge. It remained now for their
master to complete it—when he found
1 , ont the rest of their story.
r The reni-nntug testimony was soon
' forthcoming. Poking alsint iu tiic mel
. low dirt wit!' his foot, the farmer's sou
1 i brought to light the paper iu v hich the
' thief had cwrritvi h's sulphur to m"kt
' the bees ar.d stupefy them, so that he
r conhl take their honey. It was the back
r of an old letter, with the name on it
1 st:!l clear ami plain—" Hematt IriwU"
> A littio furthi-r soareh revealed a
- haudkerciiief, prwbably the cl tue uu
* lucky honey-stea or ha*! tried t<> tie over
i hi* facs>, and it t>ore the Mmc tell-tale
name I Huch tint exposure of himself
was, no doubt, a consequence of hi*
* rather xcitxl state of mind after the
f evident blunder in managing the Iwes.
ilemon Treat was oue *• Fanner Met
calf* neighbors, ami th* discovery of
4 these traces ••( gtiiit against htm was 5
v*ry disagrteablo surprise. T • go
' directly and accuse him would be t-till
' more disagreeable. It was Sunday, to-,
* and that fact made delay m"r>< justifi
' able.
> The farmer and his s*iu walk-si back
I to the house, carefully concealed the
l*i}er and the handkerchief, ami agreed
i to kts-p still about the mutter till the
1 next morning.
In the course of the day Martin walk
ed past llemail Treat's house, ami m -
1 tieed b*'es flying in ami out at one of
the attie windows.
Other cs'ufirmiug evidence was dis
covered that helped to fast* u the crime
on the man who 'ived there ; ami when
1 Monday morning came, they calle*! a
' • ooustable and made neighbor Treat a
' | visit.
He was in bed sick, Ins wife told
them, an*l conhl not see any one. But
' they replied that their bnsinesa with
l.mi was urgent, and muat not be pr.t
off. and she wa* obliged to let them ,n.
They fonml the man aiok enough, to
be sure. His hands were swollen t>
twice th.eir natural siz*>, and his head
and face wire a sight to behold—in
flamed like one great blister, an*! bloa'-
' e*l so that he conld hardly see out <>f hi*
i j eyes.
i " Got badly poisoned working in the
i swamp last liulurday," was the way he
and his wife accounted for it. Twas !
likely he had handled jxiison elder or
' ivy ; they always affected him so.
Tlie visitors allowed dtx p inUireat in
the sufferer's euee, sn*l ortt- of them, re
i marking on the pculiar appearnnce of
i hi* face, applied hi* thumb and litiger
nail to a pimple and pulled out n bee-
I sting !
I " rha*' the kin 1 of poison you've be-n
i handling," said Farmer Metcalf, "and
i yon'll make nothing by trying to lie oat
i of it."
Upon that he produced the paper
and the handkerchief, and the theft of
i the beehive was charged home to He
man Treat then and there, without the 1
trouble of many words.
The culprit saw he was eangbt, and .
con (eased nis crime. He begged the
I officer not p. pnt him under arrest, and
promised to a* ttle at any price the '
i owner of the bees should demand, *
, Farmer Metcalf *lid not wish to prose
cute his ncighKir, and he readily allow- j
! I ed hi'.a to settle the affair by paying the •
valne of the stolen swarm,provided that
whenever lie happened to want honey
again ho would take care to get it by
honest means.
But for tlie clue affor ed so quickly
by the little winged detectives, proba
bly only an accident would have reveal
ed their rpoller's trae-s before he had !
time to obliterate thorn. The field of
tall com, left to itself,as it was then be
tween cultivation and harvest.wns a fine 1
i place of concealment.
It wns years before Reman Treat
I knew that he owe*'. i pr< .■• •*.->-
tion to the been; bt ii*s one exp**ri
i ence with the V swarm wns quite ;
sufficient t" is? him let bes alone for
<it . • .-t 1 uis life.— T'mlA't i ompait
Sm' ( uriou* Figures About Ihiradise.
And ho musaundthe citv with thn rod.
twelve thoasand furlong*. The lenglli i. d
In-eadth md the height of tt are equal. —ltev.
ixi. !<•
'1 welv • thousand furlongs, 7.920.C100 I
feet, which K ing cubed, 5®(5.7'JH (IbM,- 1
i 000,000,000,000 nbic feet. Half of this
we will reßerve for the throne of Gtxl ;
and the eonrt of heaven, and the balanee
for str*-- ;s, leaving a remainder <>f 124,-
108,272, feet. Di
vide this by -1 0!W, 4'ie etibical feet in a
room s -teeu i< • t square, and there will
1 be 80,821 848,750,000,000 rooms.
We will now H"ppot-e the world al
whys did nnd always will contain 200,
000,000 inhabitants, and that a genern- 1
tion lasts for thirty-three and a third ]
years, making in all '2,970,000,000
every century, and that the world will
stand 100,<100 years, < r 1,000 cer.tnrica,
making in all 2 970,0 '9,'100,000 inhabi
tants. Then suppose there were one
hundred worlds equal to this in nam- i
her of inhabitants and duration of years,
making n total of 297,000,000,000,000 ;
persons, and there would be more than '
a hundred rooms sixteen feet square for !
each per*"ii.- Gleanings for thr Curi - j
Texas ranks third among the wool
j producing Htiitcß, having 3,674,000
she* j. and so treading closely on the
j heels of Ohio. California Umula Nuecea
j county, 'lexaa, has niore sheep in its
limits thiol aDy other ' the
Union - fiBOrOOO.
■ Kaioi n and Middlo Blit*.
Jacob (akna the tYrl prl/n 111 (Ik
lht<- week* lhliard tournament in Now York
ulnniiil every |Mir Tim socxuid, third am
fourth pru,* *rio rou Ft MIOMOII, Ik xtou mit
PtH. M *pxN>t[vely
The rongr"*i>lo[ial commute* examining (hi
j rharge* made again*! Tutted State. Hti|>>rvtoi
PaVclipntt uf Intel fl-lrlioo in dip Ul electlol
111 Nim York otty. lis* cxftliollided ll* labor* am
returned to YVasblugtou. A largw nuud-er ol
i m n who tool I ox> i utiwlnl for voting or try
UiH In Voir upon natural!* atlon paper* which,
' n a char god. were Illegal. well ** man)
drpUtl lltUllmlr t(*tlfli--(l.
The Anirltxwui punt olk. of Full llivei
Mum oin >-f Ihe largc*| coucertin of Ita olam
Iti (ho iv Ulltry la til Unsocial dlflhwilUo* anil
haa Uni coiiipcllid lo ask for an extension i I
Ita I oli a It* outstanding llablltllc*
' to ♦l. lial.OOO, anil ila aax ta. at Ihe laal u luri
, Ilia d , *rr placed at #1 ,00(1.(V*'
Yli Mnhaiikmotil at /. iiita at.-. iv-da, nftc* i
iiuioa fi. ni AUxiulowtt. la. oalDtl in, l>uii lii|
fifteen pel-on*. uiatantlft killing; olio Itiai. anil
erli>U*ly tlijuilug folU ,-lhoia. Hope haa I t-on arrested in Now York
charged wilt. letng viw of Urn btliglais alt.
rot-lied HIP Manhattan saving* hank ao lays
trllotlall one Sunday morning laal IK'toUl
lloiie la (tm Hill of a union.'it* huiglal. anil II
la aland that til* capture will h-a.l lo 1(10 illti
I ma'.* arroal ami conniption of tlm wholt* gnu*
engaged in till*, the uioat atl.lkclotia an.l all.'
Oxwfitl Lutglary nri ct-uiunltrd lu tho xx-un
I Jwranl It I'll 'Uljwon, a retired couiUlodurt
of thr I'ill leal Stair* navy, died HI l'Lattailr 1 |<ti li
a few .Una aged seventy
The |vet erat-le I'rtor l'oo|.r'a right* ixu,U
birthday waa crirl taint by a reception in l.h
honoi given It hla daughter. Mr* Hewitt al
hor in deuce ;a New Yoik. YSillieiuM Kiarlr
Malum 1 J ldldeo, Mayor temper, Thurlow
VYtivd an 1 other well known gentleman wort
Israel! lh dogte# of LL. D. waa ixmferrex!
uiHin Ihr ftgod philanthropist hy Um
• : thr Tnlvci*! y of New Y'. r*.
Thr Ni w Yotk !ogl*l*ture haa appropriate"
It'i IhoUaati.l .tollara fa tipt-usr* to prevent
ihr a]>iratl of cattle dixaaa Ui Um Male
llalf a look f -table* in New York knowi
aa Iho " New York Tatter sail*, war destroyed
hy tin Hut of eighty alt horao# lu tho I mid
tlig atwiul arvebty aria suff.-x'alod About -high* aiiti 15U acta of harm-** wrote
bunirtl Iwo fir-ewei! sustained severe In
) uric In a falling root Tho [wxiuulary lon
exceed- ♦TO.OtXi
The flaiut t l.arr destroyed the ni.l.wrigl.l
-l.op >f the . *og or * locomotive Wtirka 111
Tatera.>ll N J A uilll Iwlo ngUtg lo Ihc liar
low Ttav. a|'lunliig Otini) am a worka waa hurnej
a-ao Ihr aho|> tvx.lainc 1 ail the (<alU-iua. ol
1 lutwtliual lr value aa liicy caiUH.ll ho loy tacotl
ivlal ioao'ovor
I' the | aal three im nllia Utere have
I-00n ,57 car* a of atrle( frv rr ami XM caata
of tll|'hlhrr.a rr|a.rlcti to tho Nrw York hoarxi
of h.a,'.!.
Slur ami a half inilea ;u riven uuuuUa and
ten arcoUtla la the eilra i.linartly faat liliie
uiatir hy an l. < ' >al on, the Ilutlaou river a few
.iaya ago.
ihr letter-earner* ui New York eilv tleciaro
ihe t Ualofu of aeutling van I.tinea uli M. Yaieri
tioeailav unlet he <it. the lucreaa*, fur on that
tlajr the uuiuler of letter# follacloj a:,d carrietl
■ by thriu wa- largely lit clfna of the tiaua.
Fifth avt-nut Nrw Yt rk, haa been Uio et'eiir
of a ume* daring robtiery. Mr# l'e liarv and
a ftttlll waa walking aloug the crowded
thoroughfare a we.i .lrewac.l young uiau.
who had been following thorn, til Urnly | rai.g
Ujvi! the lady, tore a diamond rantng fr- m lta
|r atiuin ait rwca[xd lu the face t fuan lrtwla
of ga; uig t yatandota.
Ihr tirt cam . f death from what u to icatwl
to have teen trichinoaia, haa ha|.|-elted In
Urouktyn, the victim hetng art old lady named
Horn. Mm and oUier tuenilwra of the family
who ate of e- tue raw ham were taken 111, and
after Mil- Horn death thr modo-a. men wl.
tlainu.r 1 the caae riprrwaad thr tw.:. f alio ha I
dlrd of trtrlillK -la, a diacaar raid to l-r rlcael
uigly rare tu Una Country.
Western and Southern States.
A !vi -.-a from ltolirville 111 aay that (iea.rge
YY Mt Ur. tiraanrer of St, Clair county, la a
default! r to the client of at out ♦SO IXKI."
Mr ii.i>rr f tat., familu aal tqiuwnavi. t\ Iml.,
Were ma lc daugeiutialj .11 hy ealiln; huckwhrwt
cadir* in which af-w-mc had !1 on Uhihleliliot.
ally placed.
A fatal lamia, it-haa laketi | io .1 hauaas
City, M Al half-|wu.t art. u in the uioruilig.
o a gang --f thirty-eta men wrto wotauig 111 a
cut immediately h. nealh [ waiia
eighty fret hlgli. ainail iwrtiClr* of the earth
above teg an to fall J-'*r[.h Mcr'arlty, the
contractor * clerk railrd U[..a the tarn to t. j
working, hut they laughnl at him. and he left
the place a one. In a few momeida larger
lutup* of clay 1 rgan to fall and the f reman
ordered the gang to leave the aja-t lie ami
II < •'. of the gang bad harely got away when Uie wuth wall crtltuhled and came
down with a rumbling aoun.l, novernvg men
and teama ten wall, air ait 6 taxi yarda of faiieii
earth Notwilhrtanding the lomunrnt dan
grr of an dhrr ahde, the laborer* .laahed Into
tin inaaa and i-egau digging for the victuua
Tho tui! eitravagant re(*Tta in the city
krvrught ti. iieai Uie ({ail, tut thr dan
gnrvut lovdt of the wall ov.-rh. e.l kept the
■.! ftiwn the acme of jvsri:. and the w rk f
rvwwtie wpi.t ou uu.mpederl At two o'cltwk
ail dead and three woundtd one fatally
were taken oat.
A gentleman who haa recently retnrncl to
Hi. frv m a trip to the Houth, coaftrma rr
j-rt of veh w fi-ver prevailing m certain
[Uacra. in Ni thleanr there <-re aeveral
death* during Lis rlav. and 111 Vlckaborv lie
witueaw-d the funotaU of four rictima of the
Judge ltai'.er, of the I'mtel Stat*a court,
ha* appointed lhmaaJ. t rlhaol reo lTrr, lo
take charg -f the i-tTeota of the city of Meiu
phia. Ihcln.ltng unpaid taxre amounting to
nearly ♦3.000 00, with powrr to Ooilect by gar
n .limist orotl- rwiae. All the creditors of
the city are ordered to mare themaelvr* par
tie* to the action, and Siv ciaitna ou or bi for*
the third Monday in May.
At a meeting of the N. r hweatern l>*iry
m. ha aeaociaUua, held in Chicago, it an re
a.lved that the YYewtem dairy inli-reata be rep
reaonted in the g-rrt agncoltsral fair to tw
hel 1 in Ix-ti l. u, fcngiai.d, neat aumrner, and
that a dairy fair be held in Chicago in it No
The ftrvt North Taciilc train, loaded with
tiaitor* and railroatl ir>'ii, crol tbe Miaaouri
) fjvar at lUemarck, liakota. upam a track laid
on the ice. which wa three feet thick.
The Michigan llqpahltcanx. In Irgialatire
cancua a--, mhled. nomu.ati .1 Zschar-.vl. Chand
ler for I'mted State# Senator in place of Mr
Chrtatiaucy, a; ;xni.ti-.l mi:.later to IVm
Cliandler'a nomuiat.ou wan equiYklont to an
1 election
Anci| loaion <>f lire-damp in a railroad tuu
-1111 8.-ar Alma, CaL. fatally injun-l nine China
Charier Motilli wan
Ohio, for Um murder of Mary Kelly in lhvem
ler 1577.l 5 77. The only word# ajmki nby the rwn
.l. nii.i d man on the gal!ow were " Don't
make any miaUake about that rope "
A movi-nn at 1-eeu made in Chicago to
, encourage trial, emigration, hy celling to
t gal' er tin- aiYrcdltel retireaentaUTe* of Inah
nrganizatioti* in tho I'ultod Htatiw with a view
to tlie holding of a national conference
YV. B. Fleming haa Iwen elect'd. without op
poailiiia. to Ouogßwa fruin the, Savannah (Oa )
• lietnct to (ill the plane of the lab- Julian Hart
-1 ridge.
liy the < ljikvaioii of a quantity of giant pow
.l-r wl ich war thawlrg out at the cliam|uon
min a, at Ontonagon. Mich., Samuel Iletmett
and John Kii klera were instantly killnl, and a
mail uanie.l I>anic! and another called " Craiy
Joe iw nourly injured.
John Edward*- war hanged at Smithfleld, Nl
for tnnr tenng Kader J. liallard, a pi acefa
citizen, la-d Ortotur.
Tho Mlnaiiuupi 1 *teaml-oat A. C lHiniielly
war tutme-l to the water'* edge at Irlan.l No
1, hut no live* w. rn 1. t owing, to tbe bravery
of the pilot, who n rntned at hi* jiort until
the grounded, ami e- ; eit from the Imrn
ing j>ilothwne. by J ampin.- into the water and
ewimming aahure. Si-verr' j>er*o*i were in
From Washington.
11. n. J. P. Christiancy, re.-ently n.-niuiated
ae t'nitvel Hts*.-!- mir.i-ter to Peru, rent In hi*
resignation a* United Stare* Senator from
Michigan to the governor -if that State.
The c-> nrutrsf- I'm- of f>enion*. in a report
[■re*nte-t In Coiigrev-. eay* that M4,n-)fi,oo!>
will 1., requtri-.l t. p*v elsiiua an*i:ig nudi r the
a rear* of p- 11*1 --u* bill, reoestly paaeed liy
The Senate ha* pain-d the bili*
Tin- In-lian ap]vropriation hill, tlie t-vlt al>oll*h
mg (lie volunteer navy, and the hill giving
Hires month*' eitra pav to the army and navy
-erving during the Ytevieiu war, originally
! voted lu lets The llonre h* paeei-.i tl.e army
I ap|iropitsliou hiU ; tin- ainendiu- nt transfer ring
| tin-Indian bun *u to the war department be-
I ing r]itnd, and the reorgaal/vUou aiuetid
i.isiit making large reduetioii* in the foroe !<•-
' ing ailoplud
The naval aptwoprialioo hill, aa agreed mam
hv tbu y.iiifrrence commit tee and paaaed i.y
both hoiiM-a, ai-propriatii ? 14.03!),trflH.Ufi, te
--lg 1133/0(4.75 leaa til SO lie- appr-i[iiialion for
the prineut rta.-al year. *n 1 ♦157,413.50 lea*
. than the 1 intimate* for next year.
Tho recretary of tho In arnry ha* issued the
eighty-eighth call for tl e'redernption of 5 30
■ lamd* of 1X65, ronaol* of lsf.7. The call t for
♦2O/KW) ((to. of Which #10,000,000 are C<lU|m n.
| and #lO 000,000 regirterid bond*.
From the bureau of *tati*tic* it i* learm-d
ttint the nnmhor of emfgrant* wh-- arrived in
I the l.'ntteit State* lat yi ar I* 153,307: an in
creaae of 33.704 ovrr the p-ri-viou* v. ar
A letter ha* been auhniitted and iefi rred to
(liu coiumittre on way* and mean*, from the
I Hecretnry of the tre**nry. raying that there
will probably be a tletint in the rovenne* of
the g-n-ern for ihe r-i xt tl*cal year of
j #27,(!00.0iXt. anil rrkmg for authority to i**ne
1 four per nst.tuni bond* to . over rnrli ooflcienc
CongreeHHivn Horatio c. Unr bard, of IHt
nou-, hae been nominal! d **<linetr of thu
miot In plaiv- of the late Dr. I.indernmir
In hi* letter to the waya and mi an* commit
te>- annouiu-iiig a i>rol.abl ih rteiency of #27,-
| 000,000 in His year'* re*, urcea, Secretary Slur
! msu Hsyr that the amount e-timaied to l*<
11 ede for arrear* of p.u*iona thi* year i*
#ll .00000, ami he add*: "The expeucitursa
f r the hr*t geven month* of the current tines!
year Welti #152,(i00 !141 06, and for the Name
period lat year yl 11,05V3.M4H 17., afiow ing an
! mere**!- of tl 1,MM.1 15 from which nlionld
* IW. ilnlucle.l Ihe amount palil for tin- llailfav
award ♦.'■ LAT),OOO leaving a net incieaaenf
♦ ii.('2* OHJ P|, |f TO thia LIE added the ainoillit
1,, ueoeaaarv for Ihe payment of arrears of p- 11
G, aioii*. ♦(1,500.1 Ll'. and the expendlturn* fo
I.i ttis last Ile al vest F'JSL'I ■N,(,:I'Jli vo It •> total
LT | I-etlmateil expnlMlllurea f.-I (be next ll*< *1 )•#(
will LU, ♦2*4,502.410.71. The ri-eelpta a* E*TL
tnaled, will LW From envtoma, ♦HI 1 O-O.IN O,
ft, .M internal rwvauuo #lli(i,txx),(xx), from mta
' <vllaneoii aournsa. ♦ IN.FLOO.OOO total #357.-
of 71,
L I.NL Ihr *l|<*!>ttttt!Tß- for th* HNL*I'4X* F
(im nl \i nr tl| ImK ti (lirrrnnrd h* UllUiUßi
J ILNRTOLCNICIF • M L ti nt thr R|I|IITI)!|IIL)<*U# for
thr IH-It ill lift ll tlltf T
I'JHu'U t!ir nrnotutta n||l*i|F lMUml fr lllU Ito !
'• *PI Thr (if ll,t(!vrt It
ill© rrfllhdltii; of thrlt*t>t t|l| not l.turr ti t!.t
of tin' tl(Miuil fot thr |trrti(. no li t
11 iluuWm lutofott I'bUl (inring tho UirM m>tith
LL at yw. d(■ V law. and tbe n*v-aasi , , p> I ae* will
" offaet tho deer, aae lu the Intersal AOC oint
u furoiun News.
A I - n-DIUI ,'!•[,ATCB aa, the re|*,lL printed
" IN N, P*[M TA I " TL.e 111 I! *l. g"V RI..
ntelit have laatieil an order fnthtddllig ilvt
catll. ft. LU UM T lilltd K'a'.RW 10 land at P.rilial.
0 pot la, la LUlX.riot NO aiicb, I haiing been
A- iftftiinl. 0
' YY title the ltiltlal. A a,* far have L-F-I-I.
11 tuilfiiiuly au.V-easful N. ihnr campaign lu
' YFGL.anla-. an. tl. nv L.ave ...I Ijiai. a. foiluna--
K In s nil. Africa, white the / illift a U.wrrfut
CatTre tril-E uudti King Celvaava !->'* .5
1 tied I .gland * auUn ril, abd ale In OPEL. HV, .1
A iliiUal. Ooittiuu ivu.alaill , uf a
N triy uf ail. IU iv and six hundred native atu
liluriee, wa* Utterly aiiiilhilalml near tl.e I'ugeia
J, iivei, the dividing ill., T-.1w.! Naia! and
Katirlaud I , -U,OOO /uJua, w'tio I 1 a
LT valuat le .niivuy t.f U'2 w*g,.n I 'M
„ two canuuu, 4W *hot and L.I .1 1 L*KL Hit -
w 'JJO.TX*) rouud* uf aiuuiunltp n > l*X> |i*
C wiigl.L uf ['LUVIAINTJI- and tl.e c,'l* uf tie
I' fourth itguiiriit. The ilrtllaii I" I
B furty-elgl.t > FTLCI I* and Ove hun-TI d L.rival.-FT
while tl.e lue uf IBE /.ULUS la ostiumU-<1 to L.ave
I. ache! S.IXH' 11, killed and wutinded
Cbrtlilaford the Cidiiiuaudcl uf L:.C EX(* 1 . ..
11 waafoii'id LU fail ha. K, and LL.C UUuuel I-OU
"lernation [uevailed FOR a time lu ( A|W C> .nv ,
II but aeveu attack* aubacquenliy Tl,ako b> the
d ZU/VA wer. reiul,D.and the ooloutat* I!
T covered . iiiiu- W lat fruui their iviliftlernatli ll
" I -lapal. lie. flutu ituaela r tat. 11, a I ail liie at
° lelupU ruaitr tu U tral the ravage* of HO
' (VIKOFTKE hare thue far provtd tiuffectual. Tl..
"* -auitary cordon which HAA been drawn AIUN . I
thi- lufta-led dial/let* haa been iruken at ev
il tral [ and among the result* I* ti e ap
ll Iwaianct,- uf tbe p ague at YA vsaaiune, a BIW'U
Hear M.wc- >v 11 ,- TEE -pit- from the INFIX"*!D
J district* are very uiaUeaeitig. Tbe |-ople trx
f dying like rot leu fthee]- to a* I* at a [WI
I feet atandaliil , the Hit an* fol UII-dlcal and
•anitaiv relief aioivlrrii .lv Inn t.-d ai.d mi
E PERFECT and the eUfTeril.g IA beartren llug A
frtgbtful N KUEA* baa broken oat aiuelig tl.e
D LVll*eian TNA.J-A at Ailrialioplr, and tiirre a*S
reporta that till* aleu, 1 a the plague. 'the ac
count* ai ixuillicting. hut NONE uf the .le
*cr | tion# I f tl.. nature and cour*. . f the do
° eate ere aald to hear ..lit tbe belief that the
(tier aae la tbe black plague. lu the village*
near Astrakhan the populace have T-ai-.-acn.t
0 the div.-t.-R *, btrllevtug Uiat they puiM>..ed their
I- patient* who ! ave die !of the piagur
L'ho deflliltive treaty of |wsc<' BETWEEN liuwla
and Turkey haa been ngued lltl-*la agree* U.
' con. | lete ti., evacuation of Turki>h trnt..ry >U
thirtv tive da, and rtx-T-ive* a w*rind. mi :y
E of ♦iii.tx > FROM the Ottoman EMPIRFT
' The following cv.lurnuijlcatio:. ha* 1K :. r<
IWLVEIL al tl.e It. tlial. war ftice tu isviid I,
'• frmu LX.rd ('be ui*f< : I cotnmandrr of Lbs sx
•" peditlou agalu*L the /.uiu* South Afnca
* " 1 regttl lo have to report a vrry dleaatros*
* engagement between the Zulu* and a [-.irtiou
of No. - column, which Wa* left to guard thr
J camp. aUrut ten miiea in front of llorke drift,
TI L'br /oluft came down in overwbi lmiug nniu
-1 lera, and in | .1- uf gallant reiatai. Rby NVI
y cx>M(>anie* of Uie fir- 1 t altailoii of tbe i'
J f. urth regiment ,nc IXCUJ M v of ti e N- A D
hattaiiou I f tile TWELIT* r - I I .RL.T, TWU
1 guua, (wo I "ket ULU . I . .it dIN .. a-.D
ala.Ut SOU native*, they u\ I rwhi-lmi*) till In.
The catiip. cx taiiiiug aii the eitrp I* amuiuui
two and traiaport of No 3 !um wataten.
M. 1 hut few of LU diftU'or* ewcepi-1. V ,r
* LI*E. I fear. mu*t be *et down at thirty oft. , r,
* and AT<7 at five hundred non cxmituuen- NR-i eft!
OR*, rank and tie of tbe im|wrlaJ trv- pe. and
, reveuty tiou cotuisiarxoaeal ofiict r nuih and
t file, i f the . oloutal troo|-*. A . ourt .-f tr.,pur ,
haa leeii . rderv-l U> a--i-tt.t-.i- tu collect aVl
dii..v regarding thi* unfortunatt affair, wbi 1.
B w.I le fotwa ticl to v.-u a* -*>:. a* rro iv
it would AI-ern that the tr- 1.P. WRJE J
7 away frvmi their cam) .a* ti.- * -.inu K-.Y J
, atn nt a::11.- an T a -piarti r untauie of it Tl.e
remainder f t ! (ilyn AR- iliiii rr-UC IJ, ID
B the camp after dark the *ame t ight having
TWAIN with ma twelve miiea away alldav. tin
the following C. rtur.g we arrive-! at In RHT
drift toftt, Wh. 1. f--R twelve 1. lira had IW-en al
tacked LY from 3,000 tu 4,T<KT /.uiu* ita de-
I. f. I y FTORIFT eighty UN •; of the T*' tj-
T f.iurtii regiuient wa* m .AT gallant. Three
P hundred and seventy Ualtr* lay cluwa arvwind
J the [*V*t. 1 compute the .'.uiu 1,-FT* at L.vaxi
J IN-rr alone At thr camp where the D FARTER
ocft-urre ! the HWA of the I I.exnv L* c-.n,[ ut.-L >1
, ovrr 2 I*" T'-01. Tearaun, omman.Hl.g N. 1
Column, ha* T-eeli attx. ked. tut be rej ulanl
the /.uiu* N. W of thu d.*a*ter catlaeal UI
TENAE excitement tbrv.ugboilt Kl. gland a. IT.e
Unng ilk* the horror wiUi wlilcli Intelilgeijc.
Of the I. a#*cre f T'LL-ter and hi# LUR HY
tin* Indian* WA* recriviwl tu tt.: conntrr The
demand for uevra[>aper* in 1 :.g'* .d wa*
grrati r than at a:l* t;m *:TI < tin- -v.: teak f
the war between Fran r and Oeruiariv and
5 tbe HI HUB govrrnmrtit at once took MEJU to
forwani r- ET.f.-rcexni nta'-eni.g 7 <J men
1 to hunth Afnca
(irneral Inm Malik- FF, governor prt.rral of
the plagur atrtcaen dutrict* in llaaata, has
summoned the G' vyrnurw uf the gover: merit*
of Asirakkau. samara and Sarat- fT to I'zarit
- rin, and iir. |.FTE-D tu thi m thai all tbe old
* pajwr money no* circulating LW> ex -hanged
f.,r new tht--ngbthe Kama A • '.G* : -. a and di
-1 rtroye.L Tho St. TOU-rhurg -ai.itary cv.RU
mittee bavi, pr. l toclea-.IN- the ,VI A * and
' ' to orgs mar barge hospital* on the Neva, which .
" could be anch ,ML tn tin gulf of LT.'.TJI: . and
5 also to urgani. •• sanitary commltUw* T • ach
duUi t Of UM c:tv and SOOSTSOM I f Si. L'e ■ :*
burg- Thr prrwi.iehl of TII* Iwvard of hca!:fi,
*|wvaki:ig in the Italian chmmtwr of deputnwi.
[Citildeii tii rat if tb | ague print rat-. 1 FUN-JW
I> it would deatroy a U.lrd of the popolat on.
A Hahfax (Nova Scotia' d:|iaVh rtatr
tbrcr ar- several - *C of (Jvpnu frvr: iti that
city, bri-nght there Ly the 101*1 regmii-nt. and
I tbe QUESTI- II now a*k<*T L*. " lis* the terrible
i |-lag- 1.R reacbixl the *!.ure <if Anirric*
1 KMIWRV.R YYtlham ciwtw-d tin* HERMAN par
iiainei.t in IWRR-.N. in hi* *|WVEI-H fii M the
Ihr,,I,HE tnankiwl tlie mtwnber* for A*-I*:ing
lu the aupjvresaion of the S irtalift ag'.tatl,
and b<v|w>J they would cuutinue to *l]p)W>rt tho
government in that reajvect.
1 The strike* among the Liverpool laborer*
[uualvml trade tl ere and cstiaevl tlie deteotlou
- of a isfge numlw-r of Vftwiaela. I.a'wvrer* fr, NI
Sivotlaiid were brought to the City to fill
the place* of the striker*.
The majority of medical men IN Halifax ay
tin-re ia no such thing a* the Oriental plagtu 1
in Nova S-vtia.
I Thr rn'L*Rl of Mornooo lis* hail a stroke of
parsly*.*. arid anarchy prevail* throughout hi*
, on|nre.
Fifteen teauicr were RL-arternl by thr LLII!
I ih admiralty to convey troop* and supple *to
r South Afnca.
At Lmdon, Ontano, Car hug'S brewery, tbe
largest IN America, HA* IWW n do#tr -y,D 1 y tire.
) caiutng a lu** "f ♦ L.TFL-TVU tu exce** of tn*ut
Ooneral tlranl anil party have *rr:v< 1 at
Hotubay, India
1 F B Uhattertou, leasee of ME ltntry Lane
I tlieeu-r, IU Luivdon. BX* ill ! a p. tition in
' bankni[,tcy. Hl* liabilllie* are #3OFT,(XIO.
' At the opening "f thi- T.N'uh | arlixi.U nt
*[W-tclie* wire Made "V L'LD lleaouiiftfi-KL in
1 tl.I hou*e uf lord* ami ' ■ I Ftaft, r! N •
cote, clianc'dlor of ttie ft-xebxtpi- F, M tin -
of romtnotu.
' The ♦'/(* IT dock lal-'isr* IN strike U: Jjvti
J 00l held a neetmg and '!< !■ ' THAI uul<---
t lie M.ister* a*'r.-oil I 'TIN* old ia!E*tli.-v vould
1 demand a further advance.
, A St. Tetcrebnrg diapatih *jr* th- p *GNE
in ltn**ia is on tbe increase and iliat -.. II.MI) (
additional doctors have btw u ecu! to tlie in
terior ilisirict*.
Henry Ooodyear. the weii-knowu India rob
-1 U-r tnannfacturer. died in I'art* rt -entlv.
First Mat* F. >T at I Charles I '•> N. *I-a
--' mail tho two survi'or* of tii" I-REW of five
, men I" longing to lh'' Ameruen to • I
1 telle, which ea|Miiged in mid-ocean have ai
' nv.T a' Fa.mouth I • tgland. They wi re on
' Tl e capsized VEEM-L FTF O-N d iv*. sot*. *1
apple* and dough made from a t.arrel of (I nr.
am) afteratiffeiiiig gi> •<! lurdHl|va wen- ai ■
*TW II an 1 readied by a Sfvanub bug.
Aceordiug to Ibvro,- correspondent tt • PUJVE
1 lu* decide- 1 to create certain uew I)I,C*MH in
' the Tutted ! 'ate*, in couaeqncpi-E of the
' growth of the Catholic church tn this country.
IVopo vvi.O *re fond of I extremi lv eold
' HI H ii. r would have had no cause to complain,
in that respect, had tliey been in two place* in
THE province I F QUI U-C. a few D*v- - oce, the
tl ROC niei. r there free/iug at thirty Q 'it and
fortv live de-lew* Iwlow -eio
' Arvipnp*. Pern, hae hex U eliaki-II TIJ by an
other earthquake, the severe. l 11, great
. upheaval when tbe city wa* destroyed,
I Two TL <M*iid weftver*. at \*hton CN 'ir
Lyne. fttruek work.
L.l ward O Kellv. IL.e la*t of 11K Fenian
I PITOIK r*. wa* discharged from Pplke Island
prison, NI (Jit MIL "town liarlKir. on condition
IH*t lie left TIN' British )*!<•* Mr OH. llv im
mediately T(KK parsagu for New York.
I ' —■■
Tin HOME lull niithonzlng Uie I*suc of teu
' doilat ( rtirtcale* of depoeil in aid of LLM re
! fun-Ill. G of the I'llhiicdebt wa* amended hv
, . ma*'- g the RALE OF .liter',,t four IN-L'-ad "f
tlir,'- jwr TV, nr. . and then p.xsaed .... Mr. Me
' Cr. cry *|KIKE IN fa*or of THE proposed transfer
of tin I-DIAN bureau to th< war departtni nt
Mr. Taddox K caJVd up the resolu'lON submitt-SL
> HI, rluv foAirtl. Of December lust by Mr. Dav IX,
of Virginia. Inatiiicting theoomminmi u
- ! agriculture lo considx-r what can or ought to -
I*" LDLLL by the general government to hotter,
advance, otirxuiragr and foster agiicnitural iu- |
' tarovt,,. Mr. Haddock pke of tlie im|vorrance
" of the agri ultiiral interest* of tllxv conntrv.
" and tin uefi-aeity for Cougreae taking actiou >
' inn Id I V that iiiluront. He referred to the |
II ! locust plague, di"OFI*CE of cattle and awine, all J
, OF whicii were mbject* for prompt aotion of
I Cong ruse Ho favored the nalahliaiiment of a
oallonal axvadrmy of agrleulturx,. aitullar to
\\ il I'olnt, where all tho sciences relating to
agin ulture *hoiilil be taught At the coticln
■ lull of hi* ixvuiai ks tii* ixwHilutJou wa* *gr< xl
to. Ad)(iiirnawl *ftx,r I lecuuve ion.
Tho Nonste aunfcuxwHOtt the naval appre.pna
(i I. lull in sxla a repxiri. which w, *ja* i.< - 1 to, end
it, i ill pa*.ed Mr. Uanirruu, of I'xmnayl
vau * off. .wl a Joint rosolutiou, which waa re
friir.t t. tl.e e -iiiunttee ou cxioiiiierw, for Die
*1 | --it Imi'i.l of a cummlaaion to xsuxsldsr what
l<v,t*latum is neednl for the heller regulation
uf i -rumerce twtWMli the Htatx-s I lie |xiet
, . (tl. *■ apquupi lalioti l.lli, WiUi the Henate aiuxrttd-
III! -lie il.rii wse rx-|x>rt(Nl and pltnxxl oil (l.e
cs'ei.dur Mr. Fargent, "f California, aub
nitlled a sens* uf i<—.lull ,i.a oalitlig olillie
litxxftuiv depaitoiant fot iiifunuailun regarding
, tin- Uii'liodft uf |itx*lilcUon i*l piloiwraUolg
el. of luipxii Inl fiduUorsti l wine* anil Uqttors,
ai >1 lln v well irf. trxxl lo tlie fina re oniuuill
(er Adjourned sflx* all **e- litie seeelou.
A hill legulalii.g (be reeluialioli uf naval
ufttcwrw lo il n active Inl *a* re|HMti-d to ihe
Hciiale tiul pssmd A Juuil rnftoiulloll was
sd-q-trd f ' tl.e xp|MiliilUiriit of a SI-hot com
I nuu.-e u> inquire in rxy(i ,1 tu lh* eooeßt *ec(<#
and slsughiei of (he Chnyruiit-e Ml.
Nani. br* sp- kx) Iti favor ui Ibv lull for the
tnuiporsiv llaliafn (WfUtlll Utbee lo (br war
depxolnieul. Ml Nsunilefft thai Uie
govcinirii ill should bi'tp U.e Indian* tu become
mi ii.d( |<-ii,l( ni |Hx>pln and finally oil.Sena
uf (he r> public Tl.e *'ti.| ir* hbraiy
till waa ( lekei) up, and Mr. Conkllug •
i ( pi for a uf ex
[i-rta lu examine and report a plan in regarl to
.'hang! e P. Il.e caprilol for (lie I utter aomtutuo
.'all- ii uf (! '* and tbe 111 iai >, af or a die
cuevlei: wa* at'rtxxl lu Adjouiueil
A bill fi-r tb cotivuraiuh of uatloual gold
leq.k* wa* passed by tbe Nvnale, but i-uLex
quei.tlv tbe votx wa* rtaout!*i<lofed. IU order tu
allow au error iu tl.e bill to bo ixftrrexitod
fit ui a Kazgrld. (liovel lU.uth end MurgSU
lua-ie [H-. en lu aUppHilt uf lilt bill tu llUlit
tl . euigiaUou ~f l h i.e-- ai.d Mr Matthew*
~p|M-M,l it. Adjoun.ed.
>lr VoOfiuMM Intro 1 i -ed a t'ill lo amend Ibe
I* -ou law*, and to inn <h claim agent* fol a
VI- :aUuU Iben f l.efeiied tu the oolnmlttee
on j-i uaioi, Tlie nituulrrillotiof the Oblu
n, emigration I.ill Ma* n*uined and Moaer*
Blame, uf Maine. Mitchell, uf Oregoo, and
Juo - of Ni vada. delivered long arguuwHila in
fav lif It- passage. Mr. MalUiew> submitted
a nU'.'Uluti ftlli.ort,' 1 . tin I'realdeul tu aeg
tiat. with il.e <ui|-xii< i >.f China fur a modinrd
treaty Ml Coukilug oflerxxj a *ub*Ulut for
tl : Vlllhuliallig 111. l'ri ldcllt If ".ho rml* rxd
of t'hlua lefusxil to negotiate a modified
tr, sty, to lufo'in him that the 1 ailed Htate*
will prevent etuigraU. u by law* of its own.
M. MaHht-w# then w.tb-Jrew hi* *ub*UtuU>.
Adjourn e,'
Air. Fu*t.-r introduced a bill to d.acourago
imurv ai. I pr co-tc hgitnualo rate* uf lubetxel
Air. 11. cki.rr pre-on led a bill calling upon
tbe Mxretarv of wr.r lo rej*>rt a plan to reor
gai. ro 11,0 tullltla a Inut.Ai. to Us|end the
rule* ai.d | a** tbe bill re|*-alit>g tbe statute* th
r, arvl to tl.e !(*l oath it jU K-l of Juror*, ai.d
ID i< gard to ti c a|ipolutlßeut and parinei.l of
sU|i-rviixi* of elex-Ux<u* and [*i"tai deputy
marshal* wa* bat by 136 to 113 not tbe tie
oraary two il-.ida lu Uie affirmative. A ng
drhata- Ou tbe lrgtalative. exoculiv* and judi
cal ai ) > [ . lallou bid folihWxxl, after Which,
. he report of tile conference committee on
:i-i naval appropriation bill wa* agreed to
1- -nuuaiUi uf the whole uh the leguJatlve. j
, nil lxl and exer-uuve a|,pro[ rtaUoii Ull, Mr
Bat tor -HI , pjiptii that pxfi which [HX>[.ae. to
traiinp rt li.( - -xt and gnxletie aurvey from
the tfx aury tc the interior de|,artment Mr.
Atkir.* deft tied the projmeed change, and the
del-ate wa* carried ou Iy Miear*. I'age. YAig-
Ci.igiou, l'a'.rra .i (Cob), Maggina, Hewitt.
I l.lielt, Ilntli r (iatfield and Hale. Without
acting the House s.tJotirriad.
Mr. Cox, of New York, moved that the Neuale
hxll in rrgaid to the cerum#. and the amend
ment* - f tbi House exuumittee on the ceusu*
ihereto, 1-e p,tinted The Neusle Uli wa* aub
HxiiUx y the *t.ine Ull that be had mtroducxxl,
and the c tnultti* l-r ,|HMXI uoly Ivro im[-on
ant an.i tu . nt- He would not prxw* U.e Ull
n op[*MHU'.ii t the a[ pn |ftrtaliou bill now be
fore the H l( but Would ca.l ii up, a* as
that I il wa* vhsposxd X't. The motion was
agrxed to After sut-iultting various amend
menu to thr Ix-glslahvi axecutive and Judicial
xppi o| rrntKHi I I I ll.e H >u*o adj am u.
All vff.-rt wa* B.a<;e to have the Florida coo
t< slod el. t on cae# taken up, but after aeveral
VO'.C" 11 wa* arranged that .t should b pott
lvobc-xl 111! 'he fo.l •-ng AYr 'newlay Tbe
HuUss Well* into ootulnttlee of Uie whole OU
Ibe gi ftUTe. exxw-dive Judicial aporo
; i ,*i !: i- ,!, and aft. ; c. kiur the aftxty-xlnrd
[wge, six, .mmitUe i . and Ihr remainder
-if !he - rlo:i was ueoupfi!d by luemurtal sot
vi c. ,n L -r of the .vie 1. [r- • ita'.ivo Hart
ridgi of (,i i gla.
A 11.. wa* ti ported l-v Mr Bragg authorizing
the I'residr:.'. to l)>|* Ull Janice Sblxlds of
Mi* un, a* * I iiga-h. r-gctn-ral on Hie I .hired
. -t. A [Hint of urdxr wa* at otice raised by
Mr VA I t'.! , ai.d a cxux i.f (x>hfu*iou ensued
w'ntb i-tt.: 1 by the *peskrr sustaiumg the
| . t of del Tbt bill wa reterrrd to the
xx.mmlttxe . f the whole A long debate oc
curred upon a "war claim Ull. Uv |.ay Johu
1 Arm-!:, g, of Vuv ma. vl.xljf r rx-.l ifa
wharf In Alexandria during the war During
the dtacnasion Oenaral Butler exprww-.l nun
*t-If in fav.-r of having the g- w-rnn-eot ulti
mately take in charge lh„ rcaime 1 and disabled
C, ufcxlxvfate soldier* AdJoUftied •
lav rwllgnllea to the Better *ak>( •aallirf
la >f A ark.
wa. TiU'cn os ni* xrasn.
Nxu.uel J. Tildcn aj . cm - d U fiHY- the cm
(nit tn-. aa* **>->ri a.rt telrfl*l a* follow*
He had rrad Ibe trxualaUon* of live cipbx-r
dl*[atch'# in the N- ■ York l-ul del
IK-i rwoagmce a • igl* docuuient, eilhtr iu
rlplior or UanalMlo i, that hebalx vx-r eren
bcfivre. lie tiever enU red into aav arrange
ment to purcha** the vote of South < aroiiua or
Pi--rida, and had no mforma'a- ti or *uapxnou
thai -uch arr*iigi-m<nt* wen twung carnxxl rvxs
until I • saw . ,i.-[vatcUxa printed tn the New
York IYi'*m> He hail no knowledge <vr deal
ing* Willi an ; h. lht *c nigoliaU- ua n
the moruing ■ f Novi-nit4r 1*76, Mr* Cob
Belli.n mentioned in hi* pre-rucr that bee buk
band had gone for Uie dar and later in the
I dxv l-e called upon Ivy Mr t'-xsfiaw ami told
i : • had itex-ived an offer frvan
s-iiii- pariv .-> xvhtaiu
South i arolu.a. He (tbe wit-rum) aald he would
* ilfaonxe no such transaction nor *|i-nd money
for\i.v such I uryxvee. He obtained C-olone'
1 elt a, ad lr.-** ui Ba'tituore ami telegraidn>d
tiim to conic I -ark bo did not unr *oy
and knew nobbing of any r [.her# (vasaing be
tween Colonel Pcitoo and other*, and could not
have tiarialaiad them if he had In regard to
Florida, , in vi r saw one . ' tbe telegrams,
either in cipt . r cr tn trans'ahoa, and was not
luformul even that any uogoiiaUaii* were
going ou In regard to otnaiuiug idxqraily
the certificate* of tbe r-lnrhiug board;
Mr. Marble called oocaftlonai'.y. and told bun
■ the corruptions of tl.e Flonla bxvaril.
In regard t the (Inyun d;-|>a'ch*w. he did
not k -r they came ui cipher until after the
meeting of lb: ixuunvittxx- *|-j*nut<-.l to luveeL- i
gate them. <ion. Grant wrote a etter a
few day* after tbe election, recommending that
the ixinimiltoe should go Month to sxw a fair
count. He h.d nothing to do with thi-ae com
mute! ►. and never heard from tbern but once,
and that was in a communication signed by
Mr. tHtJdorfer and othx-rw. Under no crr
cum*tanrf itid he enter into any ot mjvetitlon
' t-- -tvrure i led oral Certificate* by renal mdnee
tin ut*. There never was au boar cr a minute
,n which tie entertained nch a thought. To
the 11-opto w ' in lie belli vxt ileotxxi him Breal
di ni i f lh* Tail. ! Sla! *. and to Uie four mil
lions of citizen* who wire defrauded of their
I right* of suffrage, be unx-d the duty of pro
r'aiming thai be would uot yield oue Jot or
tittle of lu* right* Whatever evil# might result
from thi* aui'ver*ion of the electoral system,
I.i r - -!-. ! tn- would entx - into no auction for
• e f the chief magistracy of the re- •
p I 'ii- He wa* resolved that he wxwild iwotest
t up- wrong by which the jie-'ple tiad
1* act de'randx*! out "xvf thxdr right*. Tpon
<r- - -xamibalton Mr. Ti' leu said he had ah
.!.?! r . -ft Wit I (tel. nol 1 tou, after the latter
n tnr.ii-d from ltaiimfn-. and hta exprxwaion*
wi re an <-utlm.*! i f unpalieDM and displeasure
with )'-ikne'. !'• it-.u * .ot,duct, t'olone! Pxlion
was aoi'.ix imc* railed aotuig aecrxtary, but bw
liad no ro.-tiiy and no power tx. do anything
without the eotionrrcnoe of another man. He
' did not know that Peltou l.s-1 made any engage
: any o!T< I m MM to the
sale of the M p.h Oarohna v.,te. After witness •
list promptly an ! ( ffeclualiy stopped any prc
cxdiug* i.f'l -e sort be did not *iipj*w they
v,in!d lx> rem >•<! lie nrvdcratoxwl that Colonel
Paiton !i*d nier.iT mvivid an offer. Alr. Til
den said he bad never h>ard of any attempt to
pip chaw un i • 'torsi vote twfore lh* publica
tion of theaeitisivatobe*. and he than
* attempt* t" se.l. not to I iv : in- wx* Ur*t
told of the 1 rid* inatlxr bv Mr. Marble, who
remarked to him that the Flig-ida vote had
't - a for ■ de. Mr. 1 ndxu said he knew Mmilh
M. AYii-d but hi* ri lallou* with htui wi-re not
mere eon', fi iial than with any other prond
; pent I'd, -rat . he did DOt know of Mr.
AYix-d's p es, rice ii '-.uitb Carolina until
after h • n-tuni. He thxuv had a l-rief
omivrrsatK II with him. He tox-k hint to
- i*ftk for -i • ing in snob transact ions YVheti
Mr C-opxr infortncd htniof the Month Tarn-
In.a |iro|K.*ition.he ( Mr. Toxvpx.r) said nothing
to indicate that b* nail coconragid Colonel
pi Hon to believe that any money would lw>
fitrnisbe.l. Willie** supposed (list tlie gx ntie
nieti wim vvvnt Month were cooiti lotit to |xr
form the duties for which they b.->i U i seixvi
iil hv the national conns .he, and he never
gave tlit-m an in- rue!i.>o. or undtrtoxik to
exercise any anprrviaioii over theiu. He waa
irritated with ( oloi el I'cHon for having any
thing tn do with tin' South t'arolltiv proposi
tion. if lie (il o wd'.t-s) had any disposition
to el e iii auv * tch train sctiou. Colonel Pel
ton wa- the laal m*i in the Tutted Siatos whom
he have |* emitted < have anything to
do with it; bo r- gsr led UOIOIM-I Pelton aetion
a* a [>lic. of oineious nnwlilliug'. In the card
which the witness hail published he did not re
fer to the Baltimore transaction, because he
did not think it was naeeeaaty; all Ibxt he said
in that ca.-o waa striotly true, lie knew noth
ing whatever about the ciphers, aud dul not
know tho negotiators had U-eii rcfusx-d; but he
knew the Baltimore negotiation had Ixcncrnsh
xvd. avd tti-it he had crushed it. 11 had uo
iutarvi- iv with YY'ei d before be weut South,and
did not kr.ow of the Florida offer until Decerntwr
im lb- did not watcli ifie presidential
con lost carefully, nor with absolute iudifh r
j enoe. He did uot expect to lie fully advi-od -
about what wa* gotug on. He wa„ [*>*itive, ;
anv r.ib . ttiat h. never riw a dispatch from J
Marble, and had no rexvdlx-ctioi, of ever having I
lix-aril of u until the present time. Tlie first -
intiYii*U-.ii i.e had of tlie contest he learned J
from the newspapers. Ho had no idea who !
| wa* at tin, o'hor and of the wire from visiting I
I statesmen iu the South. He assumed, how- I
ever, that the national Democratic oommittxwi
waa In oonaultation. He didn't troubls him
self to learu wliat ruetulxirs of the committee
wore looking aftxw Uie affaira in the Mouth.
He was uot awara that <sxil. Peltou wa* acting
for the Commit toe. J'nlton wa* not a man to
be I real-< 1 with auy momeuloua iaue. With
out ricuaing Peltou lu the Iraat, and stlcb wa*
lint I.l* Intention, he would aay tba( (here i
ixveii rumor* of veiiallly al-otit thoee three
Hmtea. Ix.uislarta, Florida aud Mouth Oaro'ma.
and he dei-lared before God and hla eontilry
thai he thought Ibeee Htate* were bought, and
that Ihe presidency waa controlled l-v Ihrlr
Mr. IllaiTock lierr aaked wllue** lo name auy
evldince proving tltat any of llie returning
li.aid had Iwwu bought, and Mr. Tlidnri re| in d
that kfeLto.of Uie Fii.rida returui, g boerd, bad j
■worn Uiat tie bait given a fabo orrtifl.-a'e. |
Mr lltscock replied llial witnnee ws*uil*l*k<n,
that M< Lin bad *wuru to l.oUilng of tlie eorl.
Mr 111*, ik said (hat Mi Lin nd |r*tlfled
lliat lie liaxl - wen *p|irtiarhrd by Mautoti Mar
bio With an offer for the purchase of vote#
tie iMi lileiis-k) deemed it bt* duty to m*ke
tbt- refutation lu the face of Mr Titter.'e ee
pxw** ou At.-I,iii'* character Mr. Tlktei.w
pl.nd ibat be abuutd bo Juet lo every oue
Ui thi* examination an 1 " abail protect tuy
aolf fully without going into maHert n
oocbi-1 with my family ' Mr llle
ri- W .Itsclaln.ed auy curb ii.tsml Tbe wttne**
wa* tben asked If be bad anv Infortnaitoti at
the Blue that the returning board* of Kotrlb
I xroHi.e anil Plor.da were for sale, and If he
v—. ii 'it give lb. name* of the geutleiiii n who
told birn *O. He replied thai be could not
give tl.e name of anv men. He adn.lilxsl that
up lo the tlo.o Weill to Baltimore ll#
bad no knowledge excepting i.ewipa|ir in
f..i mat ton about the ai.egid curruptu.u of tbe ,
l-epul-licai.ft in dealing with Ibe returning
board* Aftei a few more quoetJ m* not of
•iwlai itilereel.Mr. llidxui • c tamtnattuu ciuaexl
Mr Pern* we* Ibeu reoalled and UwUfied Ibat
ti* went b Florida in 1K76 ae counsel tokx-k
afler tbi Democratic intereet* but that while
(bore l.e knew of le. action looking to tbe lo
fliniMing uf tbe returning board by money, i
George YA Hmlth. Mr. Tiidxm a privateaexwr
taiy. was tbe last* called and waa briefi} j
examined w noxru.iig tbe reception of tele |
gran.* at Mr Tliden • bouac. after which the i
anting closed, the chsUtuan sUUeg there
would probably be no more wuueeeosexamined
in Now Yotk
T#r Civil Wertlre.
(inueial Merrill, ooliector of tbe [xart of New
York ha* made public tbe following letter,
M-iit to bitu from Waehingtou aottn after hla
Alt Dxak (IxxtUb- 1 congratulate yon on
your confirmation. It la a great gratification
io me, very bo nor able to you, and will prove, 1
believe, of eifual service to tbe country. My
desire 1* thai tbe office be conducted Ob etnctJy
business prtnciples. and according lo the rules
fur the civil aervlor wbtcb were recommended
by tbe civil ser woe ounicnisalou tn the admin
lei ration of General Grant. 1 want you to ta
[wrfex-liy lnde| it-lent of mere influence from
auy quarter Neither my recommendation nor
thai of Mtxrolary Mherman. nor of auy inemtar
of Guiigreea or other influential person, must
be sjwx taily regarded 1,. i appoinu..enU and
ren. .vale be made on btua-ieee principles and
ace r. .ug to rule*. There timet. 1 assume, be
a f. -r oonfidenUal places filled by those you
(■ereuually know to be trustworthy, but restrict
Uie are# uf patronage to the narr. wtwl bmil*
I*4 no man be put out mere.y because be u a
frlernl to Mt Arthur aud bo man be put lo 1
merely because be is our friend The good of
tbe - ervloe should be the sole end in view.
Mrs I cat mean* yel pre*e4ited. It eeema to me. .
are tbe rule* recommended by the civil ear vice
miuinieriuu. 1 sliali issue IM. new order on the <
subject al preeenl 1 aui glad you approve ot (
the inoaaage, ai.d I wish you to see that all !
that i* el [Vt seed cr implied ID It t* faithfully .
e*mod out
Again cxH.gratulaliug vou. and assuring you !
of my ei.-ire coufldence. 1 remain mintvwely.
io General 1. A. Mawritt. It Ii Uatga. j 1
" Wbat kiuti of te*X .tnony Jo you call j
that?"' MU.J the county attorney to x.ue |
of the xvitner-ftxn Iveforv the (fraud jury, j
who waa inclined to lie a little i
evasive. " Jm-kstin's best," was the '
prompt reply. The lawy. rs who | !
w. II- in the hahit of uaitig loYvaoco i
saw the [Ki.n? and amiled all over their j
face*. _____
Htrnsbiin?, Germany, sa now begrirt I
■with revolving ironclad tower*.
A -earre ml Mark Hedtlv Kelt.
If the habit of Uialy Iwcomea irregular. much
evil i* itiC.ctxsJ ou the ayetem. The stomach
tccx me* dyrpe|>Uc. Ulioua symptom* devek.p
tl.rmaelve* the circulation ia contaminated,
and tbe nx-rvew *hare in the general disorder
It 1* of the illUii-et impxlanoe tb* lew eta
*b uli U- thoroughly a-.d aptwddy rwffiilatod
wh- u I bey grow derelict. The corrxftOiire agent
list adapted to this purpose is Ho*te'.t-r -
Mb.macb 11.Iter•, a wbolosome. DOU griping
' vegetable b.xatlw, worth a'.! tbe r**psng ca
tliarti.-a tnventtd since U.e time of Baraoeiso*
Becj-ie who bare !*rs ID the habit of using bioe
[nil. caioruei. and other drug# and cheap one
irur. • for consUpatt <u. should abaxtxioD snxh
hurtful and useiea* medicines, and aubatitute
for tlirm this peasant and gentle aperient,
winch not onlx produce* tbe purgative effect
naturally, iut also slrenglbcti* while it rwgu
latee the tcwrl*. stomach and liver. It more
over curve and prevent* lutermittont and re
mit lent fever* gout. rbeximaUam. debility and
urinary troul'l**
The crlelH-atxil [vbyaician. Dr. I'aul Memeyer.
g;v. * the fo.'. -wlllf valuable ftUgg*SIKJO* 1c
l• ruffcr.i.g fnim lung affections "Tbe
[•ai.enl must with •crupuioueconanieiitKHianxM*
n.i-t o[ioti t-reeiinng fieah. pure air and must
n-m. rur ll,at tbi- ar .fcloeed rooms la always
more or le-* bat • • • No man. however
uncleanly, would drink muddy, dirty water.
A party which cornpm* a room for hour*,
treat) in*- the same air. might be compared to
a party of tatbxr* L-e water ID wbinb
the* I at he. The [wlui.t n net ke|i the witidxiw
of >n l*!room ..[en Night air i froah air
without daylight. In close, rowded rootu*.
the |<aLen( anffenng fiom ! .ng complaiul*
hrealbee consumptively." B> taking tl e*i
prxwauLOO* and nsn.*' I>r IV-roe a Golden
Ali-dical Diacovery and l'leasant BurgaUve Bel
■ 4*. fully one-half of the case* of lung ooni
[ lalni* wotili l-e cured ID HI months For
<x ng). ai i nt* nof tbe lungs do Dot always
indicate th- prt ~ one of ooDaam|>tU"U.klLbongb
it mar reatih in that dtseeae. and if ooasump- '
lion La* already I wet,me drwidv seated in the
system, tbi* la the moat efficient course of
iree'meut tbst - ui 1* pursued ontatde of any
institution thsl prx-vidi-# #[-cial faxnhtiae for
tbi tnatmrnt of thi* iliax-ase Ir. Pierce'*
relehratxwl invalids' hotel l* such an ,uat:tntK4i.
Nx-nd stamp for ileecriptive [wsptilet ccntato- j
log also a complete treatise upxin con#uni;4*on. :
explaming it* cause* nature and best mx-lbod*
of '.resting it. together with valuable bint*
concerning diet, clothing t-xxrciae. etc , for
consumptive* Address Facultv of Invalkls
ai.d Tx iiriata' Hotel. Buffalo. N Y
.rmlre l*r Y eurweil.
By aending thirty-flveoeiil*. with age.l.eight,
colxir of eyes and hair, yxn will receive by re
turn mail s correct photograph of your future
huabaud or wife, with name and date of mar
riage. Address YV, Fox, P. O. Drawer 31,
; Puttooville. N. Y.
Cx't-ona A i.iediriiial [,rx-|armtior in the
form of a lozenge i the most cxvnvenient.
" Brown's Bronc! ial Troche* allay* irritation,
which induce# roughing, giving relief In bron
chitil, hoaraenx-a*. tnflne-iixa. couanmptive and
asthmatic complaint*. 25 cents.
I* (THAT", PKSIUA*. TK tllkfi AKH*.
I.AIIKIC. I' A ft F ATM. ae" ailft.O* HOS to (UR than,
pretfiptly. *(,'. al th* low**! **l, h A. H
AlV* A MUX Kdilcfft of tb Sefte*t* *•. No l
Mnrno* Al.. Ne* Y'>-rk. wh", b- bad tweatv foot_r*ar'
fti[>r.ft*r* nihe huaiifteae " Ax'IKNTIFiC AZ"k."
. lOftl II a paper tor Mechanic*. Inventor* and loader* of
I", pn r Scumce XINIY II 4 VtAK Nana pi* cop.e*
sn.l pfttftiphiel to Ineentore ft*nt frwa.
I be Market*.
saw rows.
ll** OalXia —NftUrft ...... 'N# ft
Taxa* aed Chsrckft* u*<t# OA*
wn-a BJ lU
flo* *- - 1 Iva 04 s 04(1
-*ael :*>• kfi
htKL, o*v4 Okfi
■atftl. (k •
C01.,-i- M IJltcg Bpland*. 0 54 <H
-!. ar—vv*ft*ter"ft —OJOd L> Obdce, KS xk i 34
male—ffiieie# to Fancy < ■ k I a
' Wtlftftt- No. t lt*d 1 loß# 1 P)
While Stale .10* (fill,'
liftft-kiato ...... ............ 41)4 * 41
bar *v -xtftt- V • 14
BwriayMalt 1 ■ l *>
,>*.. '■ fkN a II
Porn— Mlxi t W*at*rn Ungraded it # j
liar, per ewt.. 4- ka
Hfex, ns- eftrtl*>n( live. * a 40
H -p*—fiord to rr'rre Ner i"rop. 0' 0 4
Port—|*tlra Family Mosft .. A 1I. A 40
kn .id >• k i
rus -\ ft-rre, No I, Bay 14 4 JI 0
Mo. 3 I-rioee Kdw'.lW 44*'00
Pry xlxd, per cart........ I # • 4kl
1- rIM. m '*d, p*r ts-i '4 0 f
Wcol—TWit'orr A prlii* 50 3i
T-xa- IU 44 •
Bntiar -Hial Croara*ry ...■ kh. Ik Jk V 4
Dairy, . >3 4k IA
W**iern rft*!!J*f-T 14 44 '-4
ratorft .... 01 (k 00
l!h,~e* J lt* fact-cry >' 0 >V
■e ,1* F. n*d , 4 14
Iftfti-a ...... ............ ') sk OA
kn cue- <nd ' ecnrv Tanla 54 e 9k<4
(- ftjkLftan
r nor-Psnn., at. 71-r* ko 3. 44) k1 W"
"Vhaat Hed I'rnnaylft-an1k...... 1 •*) • I "4At
Tallow **'%+
Hull MIV 4fi4 41 q
Oft -M 4 ■
),.m)*itiii —x'rUilf ..... OAYft© N ' finftit, Ok**
Wao'—Qqitid- 1 ... ...... IS # a
T..k. Ik 0 *>
Ilfornlk... 30 0 34
ru-. 4 TS 41
la rtra! H*.l Wint*. 91 # 44
fc, 40 *4 4
( . . * B 0
Ny. .... 4 '
Aii- .. .... 74 41 1 09
liar..ft -:a ) W * 130
H*.l xk*" .4 x 0 U4[|
Bon -kit# Oifi
Boar —Vl*M:U#|3 and Minnaaoo, 440 still
| Corn—Mlxad 01 H -4K '4
7>*L- ' 34 4K L>
Wc-I—Oh'naad Pnny!vanlk XS.. 0 S)
nilifcrr', .... ii, ii 14 44 .1
_:->WTOW, Wftaa
SKI 0X1.14 u4k# (k
HSrv lift* 0k
tap :-a 04 0 Ok
Ron -4W* 0k
wftTaurcw*. >.
< li*. Ofti-a Cunt lo C net 0a...... i 4Yt4 04Y| 1
et<- . . 14 - C4W
I L V - 04JK 1
! to 'lnTclofi h<mllhy Kl ttMWBMIMM •'•'ion J
! among l>i* organ* at otv-roUnu. dlgooUnn Mid ;
ataoQoUou. Ink" Ir. Mottl VagaloU* Uw i
j ftlU wbwh Imfclltifrilljr atiinnlkla tb (WW, j
gtr* lon* nod r"g' larltY to Ik* lir. 1 !
If( a tltr|titH*Y IO IWMI ;l *w* l ' 4 * D " pUfIIJT MMI j
oluot TL'.II cathArtif ACUiu I* tniMwtwr j
pan it <1 by griping. Mill I* I **" vini*n and j
! ilinipl but aloaya groin*! and natural no*
pill* m or lii grant**! no'm o'™ ,
in Mirofalotti tnm"r* Md nop'l * ** m*l atllt• I
! All drniigi*t **ll M.
Il*dad.wtuaotnatil inMioCb** oohnoftbe
prior pal knumplta of Maaoii A i'omliu " rgao
: Co. olloror tho word It cartamly aro <mnU
to di tn<mf ration, a* thoy a*f. of tli* *up
ty of Uxor organ*. Tb* raoucd •• nop araJtolad
*lll'.itf. mlii>r of Hi*trunioftl I
To I *M*Bpll* Moo, *•
lin >• It.e ■ i* favor •' to* oaa of tiltri
iv. iu jm— co, mI iw * Kiawconu a** t>r***d
iul-u * V* *t.U t.mady 'or ' *a*ompll*a Aaanm* •
IhftU Ml* kI all *n II*i at I*• 11. i **4 Lang*'4 ual) ? A H Wiuoa. chamial. koMaa I*4
' 1,1 *|i .'ruga .at*
t <au <*■ rw l.u*.w WM |*V la*4*.fw
, -*• tram ■ 'hue**. *1 fr cm Mug* iw a***, i* (ana
tut* ami o >m| barm* 1"* tr.gbla and ml; *ll
j I*4 !fo oila■ r* lin ao agvo-au lagtaa* load
I aitiiortua 14M1 tivm ' i.uajc., >••* to bo**ta, Pat
I Mail*. Pit|".i.i4 and fan tafermatMo apply i*
lima kAiuodOUktiiprikv,
I I Wlai Raotd* In**, or Hf luaMpt No* Auuo
i*■ elafe rata* Ttm IronM* and aipi** aaaod tty mar
aur.t-.itg Lt-roogh lb* lu>(-4 J Mounldr* - -1 fit 4*l
*4*1.1-7 obi** !ur**bt* any l—*r 'aloof* ioaali pab
iialgd ta Um UniWaJ dial a* luaai inati mati bo*
10c Manhioa* of all kind*. Ohraioaa. Praia**, Saanrg
Oan-i.,. ka.di.l and Atat Ill***l* *1 radioed pram*
I trill * lac. format fvooka at an kind* at lua*t pi iu* 1
Rocky Mountain Stereoscopic Views iKigj't fa.] to nto *1 mm tm om NmUn
Aaouta oae maka hur Ad<lrM
JAMM> TtiiUUtMH. K^ka„iwOo*oi
"Fruit the Gods." 1
KAMI. Til* ffcltSlllJtfOft
W o0t tLJiog laruridgt o| u • Kbcm raaatkatfA
uot frolt. HLporlod 'Wtt Jipui /rfwrloli^
Km. ~ m+4l i*.* OUavUrr), iffffg lUI^AMTf
uifttwW of FV„, VtMO Z-d
KArttbo Kd*** .*••• ®e<l Ktont >.*<<<+, Kbi] f* 1
/l o.dkld./. . ;i. t
* tacMrk llomaatwad I'm wrapt-ldti and Tunbar
< oHr* la*, of Italian, and a liMMr* of icarUuia* and
fwcrua. Budon . tt*.*a, Pnoa* at Pcuduo* and Mar
rband.a*. Inhoran' kcr*.k I'r • ae* IM luoairal
Inn da tm Parti."* and dual Kaaa.t* It aiao lraa4a 1
ol in* M n ac i laCoada. bar Monataiaa. I*.rka Octaaa.
TWn*. and M.n n* banio V !.** and Hun u li Waal,
M u'i ' bani iMCpaid cat r*a.ip> of pna*.
I*l JtU. A,ddr*4 llr Hut laljaH*.
< W AWfilikj* t If) cat).* k-crina lon*
SCROFULA.— Pcrtong afflicted
with Scroiula. Hip-disease. Ulcer
ous Sores. Abscesses.Whtte Swell- >
ing. Psoriasis, Goitre, Necrosis,
Eczema. Diseased Bones, will please
tend their address
Dr. JONES. CWEUI. b Intaaoii, k. T
F. E. CUE DRY. Aat.,
Railway Tickets
H*ntfhf, **l.l *>r fjrrkangrcf.
Ko. 31 St. C barlr > St.nnl.
I'rtdar in* bi I'lira* lltui,
>PW lilt I.P. AS*. I.A.
rv^ < j|Tiim ee:'s ccssrrs
v a mm •
IV% M I* \ Pi^iTl
Rl"afir fXI Et -* • r *•
• "
Wl I I*. -• •••••#'••'*
/ . Md .f >; 1. Mil s
VI AKAI it BKOk., 111 Broadnai.N.T
THITi itoioK-r pooo ikTS* WOMQ>
A. H. t . I reahrd AA'klin UVrti,
A. H. 1 . (lalßMl. A. 11. f*. Marlr Pnod
A. H. t . Mala*.
OMmnad lout moda* for acpanom*. and dtnicmw far
ooal.rcml tow., nl| TVi* fnra' t-wd tor cbiidrar
and adult*. All baaaa, *ooal* >nd amntM tmaovad
clan t.r praparad for ta* 1* it. *n*4t * imu* Pu* aal*
lj (cuam. Aak for A- It C. Stand Bt an u facto tod by
1 lib CKtlllAL* MA.NLPAi rt'KIJIG OO
. I A (Vllilnl Pi.. *. !** PoML
UTTIPVC ' tu\"
, ttUui 0
A MMwaiWkmi 1 **• "A 9 •< j*hf*cunm
REMEDY Ei%s=nis
If ratrd 4arm !• vr '■'•*!. and all Uinam ol
lb* K *n*T*. P'lddar *ud I'lr-oj llrran.. Sand lot
| [a;*,ucat to ti 11. K. C'LIHAB. Prtrtdcatt. Hl.
Mvios A Hamhn C Organs.
. , . . , li I. P ~ lit a 'Hi A1 Al I
k'liujPN bxiiput ujib rc)K rwat.vK TKAKA.
*it al Paata. I**' Vi**ita. in. baaruuo. iri
1 PnuniMii !•* Praia,l*-" *ndCn*a Mmtiuaa
I t"UD Ktl'ti 1 !> tlryaa* cot
■camrdad r .•>•*! Bon, r • arry aaefc Ncld for caaD w
-•la..mania lu.r*Tß*TC:> c aial.v.i * and itrrc
ar* a r n* • Tl* and prccm. aanl Bra* kltl'B *
i; >VI 11 <IK'. A* UP Maac TatdlOßimar
The Co-operative Newspapers.
It La* bo-a aamrcad ihal mm bail of al. mm) pa.d
by N*a Turk anriiaa. (*r adMUPII aalaida ti at
a • t'~* Id lb' OoPP*lUTiy k Nkral-iak
Full imrtc*)ar* about Ui Oo m***l!*a Momap* para
'.44** l .or a.Lb (ii.i<va and ad.orua is * rava*. ma..>!
1m im aopiicatm 1 Arnmtm Kacvapatmr t'nkm 1(1
ao* Mr*# 1. N*w Vork
■■ hr- Irad dollat* 10 al*ort*vud. ** d
V Will" P'U' adraM.mmaci. aod
w II- Praa J hmgt *
• 111 I fl ■ aiK I*, lb* tmal laaatbl* .r**a*ni for
111 > to mak* Sand If cant* for out
M jail pamplMl Addraa* P j
K ari l A On '• *aa*prp*r Ad**rt4*:ng norma. IU
bpruc* i'r aat. Br* V or* ___
Pan ina*l or ad*-rt .aamat.t 10 oor llal of l**etfil
ITIMIIKII A IKKI.IF" at tan dollar* a Una
: w-.tbool ! mn* rnoaay Tr *a advartcaar* bn aaot try
cbtain th* baat and larcaat rtreoloiroo jvc**.' ,♦ oytboal
• toar film m ra iban frem P k> fit*- *bcmld addraa* .
t.r. ■ I* KPWKI I *'•<> |iiccprirri..AiV*rß.
>k Th# p cnn y story Paper. " NK
<pn r fi** it 1• 1 * *i~" 1 — * 'TT*
Mono* Thra* monib* for I.V M mouth# for If Ac .
W.l*, month* for Mk . poata*. itatd b> robHahar*
Addraa*. l'***! -toM I'alKn.
HOI Raraoro flrrmA, I'li.ladalph.a
**_■■■■ ■ I Kk: I'AINLS.V*. OMI
ID llll^
WWW P(.m, In Bai 4? A.
RapM l,l MaitU
ell. alio* ol •*. Mac lad. iOn. PKIA Km
I M'KFi'EIH VfKIK I--" ft*ar-* Aw cirnpaa.
SaaUintr*. Kcararaat,*. ata band for c au.oana- J.
jl Mt|y' N*r*rrt, \A Incaa. t olaaablaaa
( owner, Okl*. _ .
K\ I* 1 1 ti l.'* PUttriiKTlf AUMAMAC for
I 7H. will. Kpbaman* . oontam* pradimrm* of
tb* own and tb* waathar for rack month l'rca,
pool ocd Sic. Alan. Rai-haa - . Oolda to
with RoWa aod laforrr.aOou wharahf ant parano mar
coleolat* a naliTllr. ckwb ll', prto*. noatt. t SI.
A H RtIPTK A TO. I I Rnmfl'ld St .Boatoo Maoa
lr of tt fin. *. will mad roor
Popular Plrc* Sutct la*. Tor Old fat** a (Aak*.
th,',. lamkof ta'Sn-^T
vfi iirwi'MTftAD. A i<l f ees JOII 1
jail ywwrtb tor *• cla IAI KU— faf., VV. .
■ IIIIK: MMK : I.HK : _ (
Al IX Ah HOUR, th* wofid-rooownod Taacbwr of
'shorthAßd Writcu*. oil! Laach bo impwad cyatam of '
Storthand *M,nt which can ba tanpht partact 10 ]
limhoui,*!*' toogbt through mail par fad a1 foot
latcar* for tha email *ICBI o' a.y. Addraa, AIIX A.
hi'HoXB. P O, Hot Mkl, P,H*f an*h.Pa .for Ucraular
t f< r ar.r infortnA'.io* wancral j
„_r~r .4" TSTTomf I* th. world Irapewlora' prtoa* I
T AS - Laral company 10 Amarto* rfapl* i
I lillOl artirta plaaaaa a.arjthly TVad* coo
lirualty lot***.. Afaril* waotod ararywbar* bad
cod o*taenia dob t aaata tuna mod for t'irculor.
RtiliT WKI.l.h Vaaay M.R. V Pt> Koi l:.
__ . a- 40440. I •'■> 10 t*t*h fact-cry pryom
TjT A f|\ blfhMl hHT MwihUMh* k' KWkl*
1 liAil V/O 'i*r MAjaarw*—fin*4a uprtbi so
Amnncv aer so rUriy rntms
Ht m tV* - Pis"- Ml OB lr Ml 4* -*••
Wlkm *• o * * I *• Tori
nil. t K %!••*£ KII>E\ I KK. ft* wli Klli
NKV bfrKA*KR A pw KUmwdy . fwlnws OB
ko-irT> Nenl (*r c\rco!*r Ifofes K3i. M Out tar, M.
Paul Inrd. Stouth ir* A •'* '"hlea*". A Smith, law
d.! W Mad o*. Rlplay.Obio. K-Uorr. !•*• Motoao P.
Staama. IVatrott. Th* moat i.pulot madtrdie of Iba da#. ■
inrONK IMILLAK will courrour |.hol.rph and
•ami von a haa. If pl*la.l tiolcf n or l*or I fiano
with onr pcciur* tnit.whioh ■ mnatuSart to llfwoiaa
wban h.ld up 1" H - ghl. band aUrnp for til e rcular
ofaoltd golgd -hl- UK"d>. c 'roa* AIV.H tatcw.MMO,
vbinooc. '' lumhoua c ounty.<Mil r ntt
T ■ advartDMiniant ail! not appaar again^
Ww will v*y Aieote A NwUri >i \** month And
PIpHiUPS >r Allow M larce ecmtmui n Ibaall our nw
and er. Iwrfol mwwr.lioßA. • •••••• "* ••*. 1
Snu'l free Aildrew,
y NHKKMAN A I 11., Moraholl, Mlrh._
" t ra!**' | STTTMI
iuddeeß I^XSISS:
■■■■■gW " iu "►'*. MAW.
•in n finnn ina*ta.i m wn Hirsrock* m*k** 1
Slu ID SIUUU 'onuna. aaary month. Book aant
fraa aiplatuintt atarything.
Addra** BAXTKK.I UC I tlan Wolldt.. lg.Y
1?I> If 'la " II>KR V AND TAKR
IIIk I' IV I I'hKTTKK. A oompln'a tock
Ot al. kit >l* Bur circular, nhotographa and pno* ou.
ad It aa ,IAS F. 01.ARK, M,nonet. LanawaoOo.. Micb
■ inunth. Suimll eelAry whilt* loArni'g Situation fur
niliAd. A'!drwK.VAl®DtiHA, Mai.i,r,JanewwilJ®.Wis
_4 PAY WRh Jilurcil Odtfiu. Ykftt ooet 4
k 111 ctM ewlln rapidly for AO rt*. i-afalocow fr**
UAVJ •- v vrui(ti. | li W.nn'n St, Hygiun.M a.
/vnTTTSf llitbli A HiirnAf*. Thoo
I I M 1 1 I IYI undsenred. 1/meeiPnoei. DouoifAil
\J A AUiU to wrilo. l>r r K MAreL.guincy.MKh
A .. A A HONTH A||rßlA Wanted :i< tr-i
?9I>(1 MUOI Artiolwa in the world • one sunuie fr—
ijoau Addraa* JAY BKOWBQH. DatroitTMieh.
Con Ra CnraH AH ohroate and auppoMid Incnrahl* I oe Lureu ~,•**•# Proof of it matimi fraa.
A lira** L>*. rooTh. I st> Laxmgtoo A**, Raw York f
Ciu OI V FKliriT. A*-a Sampl*. A aanla
©O "Tim NASSAC I>P.I.!OET." Naaaau. W. Y. !
MAK VI.AND KAK.H. Book •iid Map frm By j
Survival of the Fittest.
A rsNUf HseiasK iuit ho ituru
■luiess BlfUNk U IVABSt
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The Man
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Matthew Hale Smith's new book.
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