The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, January 03, 1878, Image 4

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    In i Harry.
There a bachelor, over the river,
With a cabin and plenty of meant,
He aakod me to marry him. mother.
And 1 am but }u*t in uy teeu*.
He ha> a oat, and a cow. and a
Two hettt, and a barrel of beau* i
He aaid. just enough for a starting .
And what if 1 am in mv taena ?
Theru are Katie, and Nome, and Sarah.
And Jennie, and Dorothy Deana,
Were not done with crockery plaything*.
And -aively liad got m their twin.
Till they Und Uvm aiarrisd a twelvemonth.
And IHI i would like to know vvhv
I cau't hare a beau and a wedding.
And not lire a maid till t die.
icrt aiv minis thin.'- in life quite uucer
A niamiha. \on rer> well know ;
V id not in the kM arc the ch*tK<e>
Of getting and keeping a bean.
L'here * no nee IU aayuig he * older
Thau 1 am by nearly a aeore ;
He had all thoae roar* to I* learning,
And I *hall be petted the more.
And no uee to talk of our waitiug.
For John w ouldu t do it, I know ;
He'd marry eome other young lady.
And I be left fuiuu* a bean.
So now Tin iu haste for the wedding .]
I'm (anient, and can't be denied ,
Twill aeaui egich a beautiful romance
To t>e called *' the little girl bride
The Wishbone.
One might liave thought it the venta
ble fatuous apple-pie of primer period,
Imm the tray ui which it ran : "A. at*
it ;B, begged tor it; O. out it ;1>
divided it; K, eyed it; F, (ought for it,
•Old U, got It,"
It was a IMiristmas turkey wishtwuie,
however. It lav oa Alice Abbot's plate,
auii after the tender whit# meat had beer
dl eaten off, she held it up, saying U
her cousin Berth* :
"See, Bertie, my fortune-taller ! 1
shall wish with it, and put it over tlx
door, and the >*> who come# toward m<
first to night, having paused under tlx
.•racle, shall be raw husband
" Oh, mamma!*' cried Bertie, with i
prettv pont, " TOO might have cut me
that Int of the turkey, I'm the eldest
and I ought to be married first ; l>e gen
rous, .Alice, give me the twine; I'D
buy you a lovely bride's dress for my
"No, no, 'twould have no charm for
von, it is my wishbone, and I have sole
right to the test. Here, may
mil with me," and Alice tarried to her
ittle tive-year-old cousin, and the two
pulled. Alice was triumphant, winning
her wish in the larger half ; she then ran
across the hall and fastened the boue
over the }iariur door.
*• Now," saiii she, with a laugh, " uow
we will all be on the lookout for the
• conquering hero.' "
" Shall yon surrender unconditionally,
Alice ?" asked her aunt Carrie, with s
keen look at Alice's flushed face.
" Que must, lo fate, musn't one I"
ctnrned Alice, with another question.
" Cela depend, one makes one's fate,
iftcr a fashion, sometimes ; therelore i
would advise you to he cautious how yon
trifle with voura."
If aunt Carrie intended her words to
carry au undercurrent of meaning, they
reached their goal in Alice's understand
ug. She knew now that her aunt had
noticed her indecision and wavering
over certain questions to which she
must soon give decided answers, and
-he felt that aunt Carrie's advice was
It was not an unusual quandary for a
young, pretty girl to be in, that of hav
ing to make up her mind to say either
"yea or nay"' to two men whose happi
ness hung upon her lips, bat it was a
I rying one. On the one hand, there was
jHwition, talent, energy, to choose ; on
the other, wealth, flneiooksand winning
manners ; and with both, devoted love.
Alice had procrastinated and delayed
determining .which she would take,
until fcotli lovers chafed at her irreao
Her heart had be.ii touched by ueikier
f these suitors ; that citadel wis as yet
oipregnable onto their eaaulta. Had
t never been khtAea ? Ah, hid beneath
' ie ontx mils there was a tender apot
a certain knight had pierced —and
rode away, and tins little secret sore
.Alice was trying to forget, and had
-ehooled herself at last to believe it was
bat a fancied pang, and one that either
wealth or position would cause her to
lose even the memory of.
It had been a "summer flirtation,
this knightly episode. Alice had spent
the seas* it, a year before, in a little
uountain village. He had been on a
-ketching tour in the same region ; they
had met, and talked, and read, anil
rowed for weeks together, then one
morning he made a little picture in her
album, wrote hia name thereto: " (Jer
ome Reid Kuight," and mounted his
charger and rode away. That was ail,
and yet the fortress "had been taken,
Alice's heart went with him. Nobody
knew how she watched, and waited, to
see or hear from him after, bat never,
on street, at reception or ball was her
handsome Knight to be found ; he had
ridden out of her life it seemed that
summer morn, lint not out of her
thoughts. Was it hot strange that with
two devoted, ardent, warm lovers, the
girl should constantly compare one oold
•ureless one S But it was just this mu
tant reoollection qf her that delayed her
"yea or nav," and Dr. Ellis Fane, and
Mr. Frank Metrill, rising young physi
cian, and agreeable young millionaire,
with all their advantage* were weighed
and found wanting.
Mrs. Canfleld, Alice's aunt, with whom
•>he made her home, had noticed Alice's
roabled hesitation on the choice of
theee two eager hirers, anil was woman
enough to suspects third had something
to do with it, ami liaving beard some
little hint of Alice's summer flirtation,
she thought lore was the reason that
neither position nor wealth gained the
That Christina* morning two pretty
gifts had been sent Alice from her lovers.
One, a basket of riire winter blossoms
with a note from Dr. Ellis Fane, asking
her to wear a rose for him that night as
a token of consent. The other, a costly
jewelled chatelaine with all its pretty
accompaniments, from Frank Merrill,
nnd a warm letter of affection, begging
her to " wear his eliains now and for
Tbere was to be an informal gather
ing of friends in Mrs. Can field's parler
that evening, and as Alice stood before
the mirror arranging herself for the oc
casion, she played a little game with
Fate. Firtt, she fastened a " red, red
rose" in ber glossy brown puffs and
■ •oris, then she hooked the silver chain
of the beautiful chatelaine, with its fan
and tablet, and vinaigrette, around her
slender waist, then she smiled and
nodded her head, and whispered to her
pretty image in the glass :
" Either becomes you, my dear ! If
Frank Merrill walks in under the pracle
toward me first, down comes the flower ;
if Ellis Fane be the conquering hero, I
cast my chain and wear roses. I have
decided, my wishbone shall tell
whom I am to marry !"
Notwithstanding she jested in this
light, heartless manner with her future,
there was a nervous tremor around her
heart after she came down stairs and
' entered the rooms. Her aunt and cousin
were entertaining some guests at the ex
treme end of the salon, when Alice
heard steps ascending the stairs and
the voioes of her two lovers were borne
on to her ears. Was it to be rose or
silver ?
" Walk is—Miss Abbot will be pleased
to see yon, I assure you." It was Dr.
Fane who spoke, and Alice began to tog
at the chain, then ah# looked np and be
held (Jerome Beid Kmgnt walk in under
tlit wishbone and oome toward her.
TIM room swam, and amidst the greet
ing and explanation which followed,
Alice murmured some incoherent words
about " surprise, pleasure, superstition,
My friend Knight came down to
Canfleld for his Christmas, Miss Abbot, :
and discovering he had root you on#
summer up iu the mountain*, I made
him sure of a welcome hero with ui*
"You were quite right. I>r. Fane,
replied Alice with • warm blush. "1
am truly pleased to see Tour frieud, as
well us my summer acqusiutanci. whom
I feared had forgotten me
" It would be impossible for one liav
' tug seen Miss Abbot to forget tier." amid
Mr. Knight, with n earnest look. " i
have been abroad since our adicttx were
made among the mountain*, and have
| thus boon deprived of further acquain
tance witli my friend* at home."
" Mr. Knight h* evidently been to
1 France, aud acquired * laleut for com
: plimeut," returned Alice smiling.
I. ml t u "to Mr*. Canfleld, who new
, came forward, "Let me present to you
'mv Allen Mountain artist, Mr. (Jerome
' Reid Knight ; my aunt, Mrs. Canfleld."
* Miss Abbot has acquired a talent for
flatten 1 fear, 1 am * mere sketoJier,
*o*n*4/ an artist, Mr*. Canfleld."
Mrs. Canfleld disclaimed his modesty,
having seen hi* pictures, aud carried
him off to present to her gnmta.
"Yon wear my rose*. Alice ! t may
hope then, that you will lie longer put
um off with evasive answer*. It la ye* ?"
Ellis Fane whispered tbeae words with
a warm h*4 of admiration at the leaiitb
ful head which was decked with his
Alice grew pale. She eutild no longer
determine to marry either of theao suit
or*. Her Kmght had amteared. and
althtmgh he bail not spukeu, nay, site
did not know that he eveu would, yet
her heart was uot her* to give any other,
" forgive me, if I have uitolevl von ; 1
wore your roeea aa the gift of friend,
no more.
Her word* were low and bet voice
I. Ellia Fane looked ai hat with repn-nch
ful eyes, aud walked **> without
another word.
l It was Frank Merrill's turn uow. lie
t" had watched hia clionoe, and *eiug Alice
* alone, he atrude across the room, ai d
, lifting up her fan said hurried! v :
' •• .Alice, vou have made me happy, yon
a wear mv chains ; believe me they snail
0 never be aught but bright and silvered
through all your life."
1 "But. Mr. Merrill, you iuuuke ; I did
uot mean—"
e " What ! You do uot m eau. by accept
e ing and wearing mv gift that nut will l>e
my wife !"*
a " No. I wore it to-uiglu Ixswuse—"
e " Because TOU are a heartieasflirt, aud
it delight iu tortunug me. I will no lon
i- ger be trifled with, Alice, you must
LI answer me, ye# or no, to-uight. Let it
y be yes ?" he pleaded.
"It must be uo," and AUce's voice
r sauk to a whisper, and she bowed her
e head. She had trifled with both these
y men ; they loved her, ami feeling now,
r in lier own heart, that Jove waa, indeed,
0 a strong, overruling passion, she felt
g ashamed of ber lieartleaauesa towards
n thetn.
e Mrs. Canfleld and her friends coming
forward at this juncture, the passionate
* protest that rose to Frank Merrill's
e lips was interrupted, but he looked so
utterly wretched that even little Dollie
i, asked :
a " Does your head ache, Mr. Merrill ?"
Then she looked up in her cousin Alice's
" face, and in her snrill en font terrible
voice, shouted out •
', " Oh, couaiu Alice, who are you going
1 to marry 1 Who came iu first ander
a your wishbone?"
Every one smiled, and all looked up
0 over the door and there saw Alice's for
y tune-teller.
Dr. Fane eved the uiuoceut little bone
d viciously, and then said :
g ".It might have been me, Dollie ; hut
e I believe Sir. Kmght forestalled me."
j Alice blushed painfully. Frank Mer
s rill walked over to the door, and taking
down the wishbone said :
a " The fortunate suitor who would win
. the lady fayre, must possess the msgio
r charm. 1 will tight fate ai. l fortune for
. her."
n " And I w ill be her valiant Kuight,
„ aud therefore claim the badge," aaid Mr.
u Knight, putting out his hand and play
. fully wrestliug the little bit of tonefrom
Mr. Merrill's hand,
j Everyone laughed again, hit only
few felt there was, perhaps, more ♦ban
' a joke in the little passage at srnis,
Wh en it ctune time to Mr.
. llwgtli*agdwf jienWltSsioii to call agaiu,
1 i nd he oame so often after, that Alice's
1 old lovers saw at last that then- was uo
, hope for them.
| When little Doilie waa told that consul
[ Alice was going to marrv Mr. Knight
, and go away, she looked up from her
I picture book and aaid :
, "It was all the wishb a--; wasu't it,
, couaiu Alice ?"
, "Yes, of coarse, 1 suppose so,"
laughed Alice."
Dollie went oa with her book, reading
aloud :
( "A, ale it ;B, l>egged it; C, cut it;
, E, eved it; F. fought for it"—
" Yee," interrupted Bertha, " and O
; certainly got it"
"What!" asked Dollie, looking up
. again. " The apple pie ?"
"Oh, no, only tbe wishbone—and
, Alice '"-—rJetnorcst.
Ilauntles* Courage of a Lady.
At a meeting of the London Royal
. Humane Society, the silver medallion
was unanimously voted to Miss Grace
Vernou Russell, a young lady only six
teen vear- of age, and the bronze
medallion to Samuel Inaaca, her colored
servant, for saviug life under the follow
ing circumstance* : On the Ist of De
> ember last the screw steamer Georgette
sprang a leak at *ca in a gale off Cape
Ltwin, during the voyage from Fre
mautle to Port Adelaide, and was
stranded at a place called Kalagup,
aliont eight miles aonth of Wallechffe
Hoase, the reaideuce of Mr. A. P. Bus
sell, and fifty miles from tlie township
, of Baoselton, Perth. Hearing of the ac
cident, Miss Bnsaell, aided by her col
ored servant, rode on horseback down a
very steep cliff at full speed to the
, scene of the diaaater, ami found tbe
l>oat capsized in two and a half fathoms
of water, and the paasengera clinging to
her. Miss Bunnell lost no time in riding
her borae into the sea, and after the
greatest difficulty at length succeeded
iu reaching the boat, accompanied by
Isaac*, and, with as many women and
children clinging to her and her horne
as possible, she made for the shore, ami
placed them in safety, the man Isaacs
afterwards returning to the boat and
saving a man who had been left there.
There was great danger of the horse
being overturned by the fierce anrf.
Had this been the case, both the animals
and their rider* must have been lost, as
the backwash is something fearful on
the steep ooa*t where the accident oc
1/ong Names.
Whither we turn, East or West, we are
confronted with hard names. The Mon
treal Witnr**, of a recent date, says:
Jean Baptiste Tekanakenseroken, fann
er, is held on a charge of assaulting
La rare Aliionwokes at Canghnawaga.
So much for-the East, which is pretty
good ooAffifring the distance from
for the West The Ha
waiian^HWrite, which ha* just been re-
this office from the Sandwich
nav*: The seeond birthday of the
IVictoria Kawekia Kaiulani Ka
laaimuahilapalapa Kaleiohawaii, daugh
ter oj her Royal Highne** Miriam
Likelwe and Hon. A. S. Cleghorn, was
celebrated yesterday by a grand lnan
at Waikiki. The Sandwich Island prin
cess gets rather the start of the Canadian
fanner. She beat* him by twenty-seven
letters, which on a oognomen, a* Bard
well 81ote would say, is " A large major
ity. "—Detroit. Fret Press.
Mr. Charles Nordhoff receives from i
the New York Herald a salary of $lO,-
000 a year a* Washington correspondent
for that paper ; and a writer in the Den-
I ver (OoL) News adds to this statement
: that he nsed to "bold copy "for Mr.
Nordhoff " when the Indianapolis Sen
' Unci only paid him sl2 a week, ncd j
' grumbled at that."
The country population of California
is only equal to the population of San
j Francisco.
A IJttk ViTfx>jr'* I**l h.
Tlun pathetic little story ui from tin*
Pittsburg (Pa) leader,o{ arooeut issue ;
For it long tiiuo I>HM '• little Riley " had
uot IHH*U wall. H# complained ui U puui
in lit* breast and of weakiices, but ho
stuck manfully to hi* work. One morn
ing Intel? ho Mivl to oue of hia mw
toniar* "1 can't black your lx>ota tin? j
tuore, I have no strength loft, tun I the |
doctor Biiv 1 luiibt givo it upaud j
ftulMtxiucutlv ho was often olwrved sit '
ting ni some doorway, wear? ami pule,
with hi* uiiNoltl ucw*pi'rn under hiJ
anu, fagged out. It wiui ovnlout that J
Riley M tiring m tho harness. For I
'iiMw tun parents noticed it,perhaps the? ;
did not, but Riley peddled newspapers |
nlinont up to tho hour that tho silver j
cord was hniMOtl. Sunday last was a ;
weary tiny tor him. ll waa nearmgthe !
end of hin earth I v joumoy. Ro was
well known nt tho Mouougaliela Houw, j
mid often, through tho kindtioiut of tho j
attaches, got hi* itieala there. thi Sun
tiny ho wont into tho building, and wa-i
seised with n sevens tit of ooughiug.
Mr. Fiahherne outorotl into con versatnui
with him Mini waked him how ho felt.
" I don't wnnt to live miv louger," said ,
Riley ;" 1 long for rowl.' Poor fellow '
hut WIMII WHS MOOU fnltlllod. At font
o'clock Hint afternoon little Riley was
noticed, more pale and *eak than usual,
holding to M Uiup jKwt, mid with count
uuMold pupeiß Nobotlr known how ho
g.'t homo, but ho was ill all night. Hi>t
father, n deok-liMud, w;m to start out in
tho uioruiug t> uinke M trip dowu the
nvor, and Johnny, sick t ho wan, vms
afraid of dicturbing his father'* sloop. 1
" In tho moruiug," an id hia father, " he
oaiiie down stairs at ail o'clock to out ,
hi* breakfast. I lld toft to go down to
the river. All night Johnny hud been in
a kind of dazed ooiitlitkiu, but he sat up
to tin- table and tried to cat. He could
eat nothing, but drank • cup of coffee. ]
Hia mother tlleu aanl : ' Johuuy, 1 don't
think von need go for your | tapers for an
hour or so. Ch> up --lair* and lie down,
and maybe you'll feel l>ett*r.' ' I think
1 will, mother,' aanl he, and he went ax
far an the foot of the stairs. Here he
stopped aud said ' Mother, did lather
but me good-by ttofore he weut avniv
I can't mind.' ' Yea, Johnny,' she
answered. ' I'm so glad of thst,' said
he ; ' and I'm glad he didu't say any- i
thing becanse 1 disturbed lnm in the
night.' Then Johnny tried to go up
stairs, but he was too weak, and he said : j
' Mother, can't you carrv me np Y ' I'll j
trr. Johnny,' she aanl, and she took him
in her arms. As she did so he aanl, m a
strange voice: 'Oh, mother!' and 1
these were his last wools. Before she
got tip stairs he wa dead. " This morn- i
ing WHS the time appointed for the
funeral. Through the exertions of Mr.
Newell a sufficient sum of money had
been raised to defray the et|>eiiaea of a
decent burial, and the pall-bearera were
four newsboys who had been compan
ions of Riley's, and a delegation of
about thirty newsltovs accompanied the
remains. At the next newsboys' dinner
there will be a vacant aeat at the herd of
the table, draped in morning. For
seven year* past that seat has been oc- !
eupied by Johnny Riley, who was
always given the seat of honor in conse- '
qnonce of his deformity and diminutive .
size. He was in hia fifteenth year, and '
had been a uewrsboy for about ten vearw. |
Prairie Dogs and Rattlesnake*.
It lias been heretofore stated that
prairie dogs and rattlesnake* form part
nershipeand live together in the house |
of the former. A gentleman of St. '
Louis, who has carefully observed the i
habits and customs of the prairie dog j
villages, say* that this is a mistake. He
say* that in the prairie dog village there
are manv houses that, for one reason or :
other, have been abandoned by the
dog*, and that rattlesnakes finding these
vacant take possession and use them for
their dans. At first night there asm* to
be peoca between the snake# and the
logs, but this peace is only a truce. 4
The dogs are so much more num-n-us j
than the Miakea and fight so bravely in !
defence of each other, that the
snake* are afraid to make war on them i
at>out the villages. The prairie dogs are j
so peacefully disposed that thev uever j
attack any animal except in defence, j
consequently rattlesnake* are tolerated j
and let alone. Hearing a prairie dog
making a great fuss near a thicket, past
which he was ruling, this gentleman says
that ou recouuoiteriug he found a prairie
Jog defending her youug from the furi
ous attack of a rattlesnake. He dis
mounted and killed the rattlesnake,
which was five faet in length, the twc>
dogs, meanwhile, hiding in the thicktd ,
Retiring tiehind the thicket, he watched 1
results. The old dog came out first '
from her hiding-place, aud, approach
ing the snake timidly, aoou *otiafied
herself that it was deed. She than ran
to the thicket, aud returuiug with the
young Jog, they ran about the dead
anake with every expression delight.
Leaving the young dog on guard, she
ran away to the village, and aoou re- j
turned leading a troop of at least one
hundred dogs. They liinl a noisy meet- '
ing over the remains of their enemy, |
many of them spitefully scratching the
dead body, atter which thev conducted
the rescued mother and souliouie at the '
head of what was quite like u triumphal '
Phenomenal Bivalve*.
Oyster dealers report a curious and
somewhat startling fact about oysters
this season, whicli make* them very
careinl iu buying lest they find them
selves with a load ou hand which is
afterward found to lie worthless. A
great many of the oysters that reach
Light strict wharf when opened look
ss if thev had leeu eugsgtsl in s hente.l
family qmirrel. resulting in blows, out
of which they hail eome second liest.
Tlieir appearance is decidedly unfavor
able, preseuting, as they do, a redtliah
and altogether uninviting nstvot. Wlien
cut tiehind the heart or lietween the gill*
with a knife blood spurts freely, covering
the of the hand person holding them us il
it iiad been cut instead of the oyster.
The bhsxl thus produced greatly re
sembles that of a human being in color
ami substance. Oysters sometimes have
this peculiarity when spawning, but for
them to have it at this time of the year
is nnusunl aud hardly accountable. A
prominent dealer says he has heard ot
others noticing it at different periods,
but he haa not for the part fifteen years.
It is confined mostly to oysters gathered
in the waters bordering on the Western
Shore, saving a few streams from
Thomas' Point to Cape Henry. The
Eastern Shore is not altogether exempt,
as some oysters caught iu Pooo
nioke Sound, Miles river, and around
Sharp's Island have the s.unw appear
ance and peculiarity. It is supposed
that they were caught in very deep
water before the frost had time to touch
them. Oysters when in this condition
are worthless, and as soon as discovered
they are sent back ami de|>oitod again
in the water to remain well touched
with frost. They are then edible, and
are taken up and brought to the market.
Baltimore American.
A Runaway Boy Invited Home.
The Logansport (Ind.) Pharos con
tains the following: On the 11th of
last August Edwin Rock Taber, a lad
fourteen years of age, five feet high,
square build, large blue eyes, freckled
fsce, uneven teeth, and of polite and
manly bearing, left his father s home in
this city. He was afterward seen in
Lafayette, Ind., but before his father
could reach there ha had taken his de
parture. Paul Taber, Eso., the father
of the boy, is a worthy and highly re
spectable citizen of this city. While he
and his exoellent wife were mourning
over the boy who had causelessly strayed
from his comfortable home, a still great
er affliction was visited upon them. In
one week four of their remaining chil
dren died of diphtheria, three of whom
were bnried in one day. It is believed
that if the affliction that has fallen upon
his fond parent# as known to the absent
Eddy, he wonld return at once to his
A matter of taste: Snrgeon—Your
pulse is still very high, my friend ! Did
you gat those leeches all right I sent
you the day before yesterday ?" Patieut
—" Yes, sir, I got 'em right enough ;
but mightn't I have 'em biled next time,
Uaatain ami Mlddla (ttataa
A Are in tba >lya holier of tba Turk Manufer
torliig t\mipuiy at Hulili-tot<\, Ma, raoim!
Jaiuagr amounting to # - d."i,txxl, fully iu*urit.
Two ixiiuraj tiu-u, luuned Hauiurl t haniliei*
| *ll-1 (leorgr (Vllllua, were touuil guilty of
I ka*aultliig a wbltr women, et MuMlrtou,
| end "ore m-ntenrad to be hengr.).
Mlaa llartha Vou llllU-iti Walkod IM) mllea lit
ftfty diuaerutlvr hour* at l'blladrlpbte
A urw telegraph company, with a - apitel of
I g Jtt (100, ba* tieeu f itiml Ui New York rltv.
| Ttie New ViHk Ml air au|>ertutall>lrllt of l>elika
be* ieoite*ted the attorney general U> luatltutc
| pro.-ee>lmg* toaant* cloeiug up tbe Oriental
I Saving* Hank, of New York city.
John Ktut*lei ami bla wife, both of tliriu
i ore! neveuty rear* of age, were murdered in a
thinly-ikgmUUd pert of Hinder county. le,
where they lived in an old log boutr. Then
lavupaliou w*a telliug fortune*, end ou the
night of the tragedy eome of tbe neigblHir*
Ileald abola, and aoon after olwcrved the holler
ou Are. Ou luicatlgxtum the tiodlr* of the
two welv found, hunted almoat to a crl*p,
i while arvt-ral rircnmatxucc* lad to tbe l-elief
that ttlev liel been *h-t l-ef.-lo tin houeo wa*
Au ludictmout wa* fomwl vgaiu*t Hbenuau
' Hruadwv-11, late pn-Vdeut of broken ("lair
moiit Saving* lUuk of New York, and In- w*a
airwated The charge agaiuet him o perjury,
! ou iweallng to the Iwuk roiidltlou.
At Whitebavcto, I'm., twenty-tkre. per*on.
were dangeioualr poi*one-l by eating liver pud
ding that had l-oeu bulled in a >-op|>er kettle.
A native of Ireland, named hdwurt Mr
; Ooreru, died in New York a! the patnarvhul
age of toy \ ear*
I'hiec l-iuiuaaa tk*-k* in I.aeunia. Si. H .
were detruyi<d hi Are. raualug a load of alwiut
glO.iKgi, on which tlieiv I* 97, Mm luauraitor .
and tbe Kideat llouve. one of tbe pruiclj-at
hotel* in Mcruatuii. t'a , •>< ihe av in- of an et
-1 eating tire, many of the gua-d* havuig a narrow
eacajie ft-an .uffi-'iithMi.
A rulort-d baby .hue wa* uje-inel In (id
■ more • Oaj-leii. New York. Seveuty lime bat-lea
( were on exhlt-ltluu an-l oumpeied fur tha vaii
] ou* prua*
A 1-oal oil ear ou (he li *- kof Ihe llle i a 11r -a-1
at i'atereou, S. J., Caught lite, and lite bnru
lag inpild rau into the tieet* txitiininnirathig
the Aaiue* to aeverai billUhug*. aoiuo -if them
half a mile away A number of bullae*, t-aru*
aud blahit * wore deatroved
l ight uietr were convict..l in Wilkeeharre,
I'* , of ruMiug la*t bwpteuit-er, diuuig a -tnkc,
ami were eeliteuoafl to rariJU* term* of im
priaoument aud to pay flue* uiore or le** large.
The acveutiath birthday of Whittier, the
poet, wa* commemorated by a gathmug of
'• proinluaut Utarary tueu at a dmurr in llo*
Three men and a hoy were driving to
Gmveradale, Ma**., from Dudley, where they
had beeu rarotlaiug. when they rau into ob
■truotroti* on the ioad*lde and *iuaehed their
wag--u. Bag] MUHBOM wa* killed lu.laully,
and a man uaiued iVabble mwilved fatal lit
( June*, auj the boy wa* badly hurt.
A meetiug of the National Reform ouuveri
tloli to advocate the einrr** arklmwledgrlueut
i of tiod ut th eouatitutiouiif th< t'uitni State*,
wa* held iu Rocheatrr, X. Y., about two blui
-livsl drl.-gat hriug pcaaa in. lleaolnUuria in
i* -iiformity with tbe principle* i>f tbe oouveu
t tiou Were adopted.
ritomxa Itoouey * bouar m Wrat IN-hil. N. V.,
aaugbt Are duruig hi* ai-aeuc*. and loa two
children, aged tliree and Ave year* rrwpectivrly,
were burned to death.
A- John I'rotim, a child two year* old. wa*
Coming down the *tairca*e of hi* father'*
' houoe iu Boxtou, * lad named Heury Acker*,
aged about thirteen, pulled out a revolver aud
Ared at tha little fellow, who lived hut au hour.
The tory of the ahootiug, aa given, wa* told
j bv Mary fronin, aged ut. the \ K-tun arater,
| who wa* preeeul at tha tune,
i A Ate oocurrod iu the -uimruN tructurc
{ -recupied by the Aimricjui Deek Mantifart -ry
in New York one of Ihe iargeat alat>h*h
i in -ut- of it* kiud in tha country -am) 1-efore
the flame* could be *ubdnod damage to tbe
1 amount of about 9100.000 bad been Jour.
Mra. Catherine ttyau. her four children, aud
a girl related t> Mr*, tlrail were auffix-aUxi iu
Boston by coal gas.
Shortly after Ave o'uioek iu the afternoon
a boiler lu tho cw iar of Uu- large wholesale
candy folun of Oreeufleld A Soua, 63 Barclay
•treet. New York, exploded with a iood report,
and imoaediau-'T thereaft> i flame* were seen to
laaaa from the building and the fruut wall top
pled in. At the time of the exi-loaiou there
were over 150 peraou* in the builuug, and of
theae about twenty-flra were tak< u to the
hoeiiital*, *uffertng from bum* and bruise*,
while a uuuit-er received fata! ujurie* Many
of the employes, in thefc desperate effort U>
ewapa. Irarad ftnr. lh. "briiinw bmbbug. and
U u beli-i.d l na: a large number of person*
were l-c-inl und< meatii the falling wails, one
corpse having beeu recovered ; but tt wili take
aome ÜBio to remote the ruin* and ascertain
tbe exact number of victims. Ik f-w* the lire
wa* rubdiud Noa 61. 63. 65 C7 and 69 Barclav
atrvx-t were deatroved. and many otiuv l-tuld
ing* in tbe neighborhood sere more or lee*
damaged, involving an Aggregate ertmialed
loa* of about 9400.WU, which w nearly ail
covered by Uwurancc. Wheu the expiodob
occnrrsd ins proprietor of the candy manufac
tory and hi* two sen* were in the' oflica and
aavi ral |M-r*uti- were in the show -room making
pnrv-ha*e*. I'uoii those people the disaster
came witiiout ttie •lightest warning, and they
wore surrounded with tire aud e a|.iing *teaui
in an instalit and barrlv escaped with their
live*. Many |<er*eu* ruL-d to the Cre-escape
and got out in that i), while other* in the
upper stociev escaped by uioau* of ladder*.
Intense excitement prera-led in the victnitv of
the disaster, and thousand*->f person* out Loir
way home fratu work fkx ked b- the actor
Western and Southern States
All outirr block of building* u destroyed
by Br* at Helen*. Ark. !.<•, $4d,000.
The India in iuv Flnt*iir, Arizona, ur
killing and depredating. Tfooj>* have been
aent in pnraoit.
J. D. taster A Co., of Chicago, manufac
turer* of agricultural implement*. hare ne
pvitdol. with liabiliiioa placed at over fi.WO.UMO.
Two tlncve- at Tackrille, Ala., were ptirailed
by citiaena. caught and killed.
! The border of Texa* wa* the -ceue ufa tierce
fight l-etwean State troop* heljang the civil
i anthoritie- and * hand of several hundred
Mexican*. Tlie State troop* were intieurhed
in the town of San Klizario. which waa U
•oiged by the Mexican*, who were preaeiit IU
' large force. Hix of the State troop* were
' killed. Governor Hubbard. of Texaa. *elit the
following dispatch to President liaye* "I am
officially iufornied that citiren* of Maxico, itt
MMMM witli citizen* of El l'aao county.
Texaa, of Mexican birth, were fighting all day
yedTiUy hi Trxa* with a detach ran nt of Slate
troop* who were aiding onr civil authoriti)*.
Hie Mexican force being too strung to be re
palled by Te.' i troop* aipi it U-iug ttnpowible
ito raise ar, *• l gw*< from the cititi u*. who are
nearly *' blood *nd avmpathv. and
dred "f -uch I ailed State*
actlou to invaeion of onr territory."
! The w-eui* to have hern a
duo.ute to the ownership uf certain
1 ordered companies of I'nited State*
in the ueighlmrhood of the
j scene to proceed to the asandanoa of
' the State troop* and aid iu rej>elliiig the In
vader* of American noil.
The Democrat* of the California Legislator*
nominated 1. T. Farlev for United Stale*
Senator, the iiominatioii I*ing equivalent to an
elertiou, a* they have a majority in lioth hoiiae*.
The lioller in Uie oat meal manufactory of
Stewart A Dougla**, at Cedar lt'pid*. lowa, ex
ploded, canning damage amounting to 430,000.
j The boiler of the steamer Jc*aeTaylor, lying
at Now OrleaiiN, exploded. killing one man and
wounding two other*.
The Texa* State troop* beeieged at San
Klizario by a Mexican tuob. surrendered, and
three mon —Howard, Atkcnin and Meltride—
were imtaedtately ahot by tbeir captor*.
Jhe Amencau dairy exhibition "j*iied at
Chicago with a display of butter and cheese,
all the dairy State* and Cana la being re|er
The Springliehl Saving* Sank of Springfield,
111., ha* failed.
The ovater pungy bam net Washington cap
*ized at the month of trie Jtappahannock river.
Captain Cephaa Ihi*ala and the crew of four
were drowned.
Two more heavy faiiiuea have occurred in
' Chicago—that of Kelley, Morley A Co.. coal
dealer*, whow liahllitiea will reach f300,000,
i and that of H. W. Wetheroll, wholenaie mil
linery and fancy good* merchant, whose lia
hllitiea were elan large. Other failure* in the
Wet recently are recorded in Henry, 111.,
I where 1,, U. McPadden A Co.. heavy u]>erator*
in coal mine*, wont under, owing $370,000, and
in San Francisco, where the Co*mo|>olit*n
Saving* and Exchange Bank suspended, owing
de|voKitor* $50,000.
From Washington.
General Sherman haa teatifled bafore the
tlouae committee ou military affair* that there
■ a no Hanger of war with Mexico anleaa through
an accidental collision.
The President ha* algned the bill giving
relief to the the Huron dl*a*t*r.
According to ofiicial return* made to the
bureau of statistic* there arrived at the port of
New York 4,74.1 immigrant* during November.
Of theae 3,797 were male* and 1,944 were
The peraona! difficulty which ooonrred be
tween Senator* Gordon, of Georgia, and Conk
fiug, of New York, during an executive e-tor.
! of the Senate, wa- made the subject of dUcus
' aion in a accrct station of that body, when the
matter wa* amicably adjusted. A committee
' of four Senator*— Meeer*. Hamlin, lUtisom.
Qowe and McDonald— prepared a resolution
H a ting that al offenaive remark* made by the
Iwo Senator* were the outgrowth of mJeappre
lieaalou, and that they were mutually nmul
! taneoualy withdrawn. The reaolutlou wa*
j unanimously agreed to.
A great many Congreamneu have left Waah
ington to upend the holiday reoem at their
• The naval court f inguirf into the cause of
the wreck of Uib' Huron, report* that Com
mander ltyan wa* principally responsible for
the di*ater. A*
I William Poor, aged nineteen, died imWaah
ington, of hydrophobia. Ffohad bee§ bitten
by a auuUl d"g aigld weaka itrerion* l<> tha
John A. Joyce, oua of the Ht. I.utile "crooked
j wbieky " men, couvlrted and imprl*oiwd dur
ing (leiieral (iraul a aecotui term, ha* l>aen
pardoue<t liy the I'reaidelit. Joyce had aerved
1 Id* full term of two year*' Imprlauumeut. hut
w*a unable to (av the additional *IIBI of 9'J,(K)O,
, which wa* reunited.
Fori#n Neva.
Soulli lluaata baa a larger grant crop (hi*
j ywer (ban auy prevtou* yeai during tho la*t
' -ptarter of a century.
Another Trench cabinet ha* tieeu formed hy
M. Dtlfaure aud anwpled by l're*idetit Mac
j Mahou
The Turkmit parliament wa* opened l-v the
i *ultaii, who declared ta hi* *|ieei<li that llunia
: began the war.
A Circular to the great |>wrt* of Kuropie ha*
! Iwen l**uedl>y Turkey, aaking them to medial*
. )u the war l>etwerii tlio lluulaii and OlUinian
i empire*.
The akatlug accident* for tbe wiuler t-egan
by lite drowulug of two voting men named
i Ihmrher and IViu*tantiu. in the river at St.
i Kttalaclte, Canada
A large iiutnlw-l of men employed lit the
Xorthuml-erlaud (KtigUudj cal mine* have
■tinrh agalnat a protaieed reduction of thetr
Tbe llrillab parllatnei-l will meet earlier than
tuual tin* year uu wvouul of the mala Ui
Ka*toru affair*.
A call for tiU.UOO treab troop* ha* beeu wade
Ui ItUßßth.
Mr. Caiut>r>>u lamented tlie |wtll>on of l>vid
T. Corblu, of Moult Carollua, aaklug (hat bl*
claun to a *e*t iu the Senate from that Slate
may be inquired into and decided by the Senate
u|*iu It* merit*.
Mr. Davre* introduced a bill to xutliorire
aud e-pup au Vlpeditlon to tbe Arctic war
Mr. voorheea introduced a reeolulion recit
ing tbe miportancr of mairrtainliig tbo Atixneial
credit of tnegoverumrut, and that, in order to
do an. tire gm crumMit . iu all It* department*.
•hoUld keep all contract* aud obllgaUoU* euter
cd into <> itlr ita uwu cIU/en*.
A ixitumuitlcatioti from the ecretary of tba
interior cailmg attcnU-iu to tbe law iu regard
to .-oiup*uelion fur goveriuneiit advertt*|Ug
aiid tbe complaint* a* to tbe -inadequacy of
Mich cornpeUaatloa. aud allggmtiug that the
law I wi eo amended a* to allow the diapartmeul
to pay tbe mure rate for advertising a* paper*
receive from private individual*, wa* refeend
to (he committee ou civil nervtc* and retrench
Mr Herafmd ••poke Ui favor of Mr. Mat
thew* bill declaring the right of lite govern
ment to pay the bond* iu rilver, after which
the dnhcteuey bill wa* naa*d.
Mr. Butler auhmitted a revolution aulhoii*-
mg the committee tin privilege* and • lection*
to luvawttgate any threat*, promise*, or anango
uieut* ree|-ectiiig existing or contemplated ao
cUMtloli* ur criminal |ir\wecn(ruua against any
Senator, or air* other corrupt or o(krwt*e in
lawful mean* or itiffuencea (hat have beeu in
any manner uawd r r put tu uprraUou by him ur
by any other Senator or perwoti. for the pur
(>o*e i>f mdueuciog tbe rote of Senator* on tbe
- -pieatton of dtacharging the committee from
the consideration of in* crcdeuttai* at the lata
H-Miou of Uie Senate. Objection wa* made
an J the reev.lutioti wa* lard over.
Adjourned to January 10, DC*
Iu tbe Colorxdo ixmtiwled chx-tiou caee tlie
rotsorily report of the -xvmmtttee. that Mr.
Uelford\ Republican) bad beeu elected, wa* re
jected by a vote of ltd to 110, and the rew.ilu-
Uolt declar ing thai there bad beeu no valid
election wa* defeated by 117 to 116. Tbe nie
j.wl y rcrort. that Mr. I'atter*on (Democrat)
was etttitled t<> a aeat, wa* then adopted by 116
, to 110, aud Mr. Dat'eraon took bl* "-eat
Mr. Aldrieh, of IlUirui*. lutroduced a bill to
remit the lax ou inaolvedl hank*.
Mr Chitteuden. of New York, preaanled a pe
tition of twenty rsttxeu* of New Haven, pray
-1 ug that silver dollar* be made a legal trudvr
I ft-1 all debt* public or private to the amount of
9"Jt). i except Ui tbe care of tbe Tutted State*
bond, or other gold contract* ;) aleo, that ne
gotiation* be oi*wied with other goventmenU
for au international ciramiaai--u to drtemiiue
and |>rv-niulgmte from time to tune the relative
value of allvrr and gold.
Adjourned to January 10, DCti
Ilwreilaa el Ih* Heller In a New Y erk t'a*4)
Kwrierv—llwrrewlwa varewew.
The tarnhle explosion aud aitlrweqaent
tire in tho wholcaaic candy factory in
Nea York arv dsm-ritwsl by firemen and
othera an follow*: Tbomaa Mulrey, de
tective officer of the Twetity-aeventh
pram net, tell* tlie atorr of the explonon
tu the folloxring word* : I *u lUYeati
guUoK a cam- of j vet tit larceny, and paaa
tsl nu Barclay from Greenwich atreet,
and (tad arrived within twenty yarda ol
tireenfleld'a jdace when 1 received a ter
rible stock aa an exj-lnan-n ocourred,
uud brick* aud drbri acatteml around
me, aad tbe front of (ireenfieid'a batld-
WM braved into the ntre*-t. I *•
altaken up and bcvttiiered, and oanuot
diwtiuctly recvdlect anything that occur
red botwoen tha obork ol tlie eiploaiutt
aud the time wlaho I had waffieieutly r
covered myaelf to wee fiame* coating ap
out of the cellar, or first floor, I can't
ray now. Then I thought of Greenfield'■
plao% and knew that there were a nam
iver of T9Hbg people and trorkniea there.
1 was ilsl. wo tv apeak, but 1 wa* Au
injured, and the firxt thought I had wa*
'• the policemen and firemen ought U
be here," and wakmg up I turning ioxni'
toward Greenwich atreet, found my leg*,
and whits running, au officer in uuiform
rat; pant me, pulling out hi* fire key.
tie got to the box find at Barclay
aud Waabingtou street* and pullad the
alarm. Then knowing the want of pis
IKM* and tbe necwuty of having Burgeons
i rau to the station-house and ou uty
report the telegraph iustrumeiit wa* set
to work, ami n summons was made for
ambulances and aid from adjoining
A reporter opproadMxl Chief Fisher,
who stood, lamp iu hand, covered in the
dust aud smoke. # Tlie chief mud :
"TliaukGod' we're safe. The first I
suspected of the walls caviug iu, was
while I and tny men were iu 6o aud 57.
I had gtxrwi tbe order to play ou the
ruins, wheu suddenly tlu-re was a
tremor. 1 turned to Cajvt. Muurce, who
Moid : ' Get tlie men out, chief; the
building is ixuuiug down.' i gave tlie
order, and tbe men jumped to the roof.
When we got there, the nxif was sway
ing, and I shouted to the men to keep
up their pluck and run for their lire*.
Capt. Monroe writ* the last lo leave the
toppling building."
William Ryer, of Truck Company 10,
said : " Wbeu we first got to the liuild
ing it waa all ahloxn. Captain Mutiroe
ordered us boys to raise the ladders, ami
encouraged us to hnrry up. We raised
tire ladders and took two ten-foot ladders
ou to tbe buildings. Tbe wor<l was
passed to break and o|sm all tne win
dows. We rushed to that part of the
fire where the bauk sbssl, and forced
the windows open. While raising the
windows we heard boy's voice shriek
ing as if in pain. Turning round we
found H boy crushed ntider nu iron
rafter. Schwab and Cnlby ran up, and
we lifted the iron Iveain off the boy, and
I carried him in my arms down to a drug
■tore iu the vicinity, where I left him. i
returned to the fire. At that time then
were a number of men, Ivors, and girls
on the roofs, and we passed down slsvnt
sixty people. We had a miraculous
esrcijve ; a moment later Truck and Lad
der 10 Mid Engine 29 would have been
exterminated. Captain Mnnroe was
leaning on the wall when it gave way ;
he just missed death, flint run on the
roofs of NOB. 65 and 67 will never be
forgotten by the lads.
Capt. J. 5- Mnnroe, ex-chief of bat
talion, said : "When we got here the
buildings were on tire. We rinsed the
ladders to the aw nings, on which stood a
number of men, girls HIU! IVOJTH. I or
dered my lads to fall in line ami take
tbe people off. We must have taken
down ulwot thirty people. Then I
ordered my men to jump for the roofo.
The people stood there apparently
dumbfounded. Home men were lying
flat, as if paraliaed. The fireman were
taking down the neeple the best they
could. I think about, forty meu an I
women were loat altogether. "
Fireman Gilmartiu, of Engino Com
pany 29, snid : " I went up the ladder.
There were e g'nt or ten at the window.
Tlie first one 1 got hold of I rau down
with to the street, and dropping him,
told him to go ahead. The poor fellow
moaned; and exclaimed, 'l'm the fire
man ; I have a leg and arm broke, and
can't help myself.' I then pioited him
up, and earned him to the coffee store
across tbe street, aud laid him ou some
bags. I helped a seoond and third pIF
son down. As soon aa they got ldYii,
they ran away. AH I was enrryimf down
William Thomson, of 126 Nujrostreet,
Brooklyn, in my Arms, a man jnmped
out of the window And strnoit me on the
shoulder, knocking the poor child ont of
my arm9_nnd to the sidewalk.
What beoAmajrt the boy I don't know.
I retnfned to the ladder and saved Gor
fsn Peter, of East Fifth street, and a
r. Stark, of the some street,"
, Hon* BISCUIT. —One onart sifted Hour,
I two even teaapoonfu's cream-tartar, |
1 well mixed with tlie flour, piece of but
• bar thtvarxc of an ngg - rub well together—
one teas|HHiuful soda iu one pint of tutlk.
A little halt. Bake in a quick oven.
• UXOMAN MUST*an.—To halt a pound
' of ground mustard add three ouiiooa of
sugar, uud luomteu with builiug vinegar;
' stir for half au hour with a wooden
apoon, and et it aaiite, well-xvered, for
an hour. Finally, add a* much vinegar
as may lie uix-raaarv to thin it. Keep it
well-covered ill aglora jar. The mustard
as sold in New York hiuv some aromatic
addition. ,
To FHY Orsrsiu. -Take fifty large
j frrah oysters, and dry them wall, have
I aix fresh eggs well beaten together with
J jileiity of pepjver and salt, have two
I pouud* of gothi butter crackers |M.Utided
and well si/ted; theu dip oue oyster at a
j time iu the <vggs, aud roll them iu the I
crackers, aud lay them ao tliev will dry, ]
I and if you do uot have crumbs enough
ou, you rau roll over again. Fry in |
j good butter and fresh lard, half-and- |
' half; ((uick fire; a light brown.
uteak is alwaya best broiled; but tti fol- !
lowing method is rounmended by a
, lady writer, when broiling la nut cut*-
, vemeut: The frying pan tveiug Wiped ,
i i dry, place it uuon tlie atove and let it
' become hot. In the meantime mangle j
t i the steak —if it chance to be a sirloin so
much tlie Ivetter— pepper and salt it,
■ ' theu lay it ou the hot dry jvau, which in-
I ' stoutly cover a* tight a* possible, j
' Wheu tlie raw flvxdi bvocltna the heated j
pan, of courae it seethes and adheres to 1
it, but iu a few second* it Ivecouiea
v louaeued aud juicy. Every half minute
1 turu the ateak; but be careful to kceu it j
, a* much as jvosKible under (Xiver. When
nearly iloiie lav a small piece of butter '
i upon it, and If you want much gravy j
odd a tableM)voonftU of strong coffee.
The muiir method may be appbed to -
mutton chivps, ouly tIA require more j
cooking to preveut them from homg j
rare. An excellent gravy may be made t
by adding a little cream, thickened by a j
, pinch of flour, into which, when off the :
tire and partly cool, stir the yolk of on
egg well brateu.
tl*u*rbaM Hlais.
Ink atauus iu cotton or linen ran be
removed by washing in salt and water.
This should be done before the fabric is
washed with soap.
Hit.v Eß I'ouaa.- One ounce ammoma,
four ouuera Tarts white ; dissolve the ,
Paris white iu one putt of water , boil ;
it ; when cool, add the ammonia.
DIHM WASHINU. —Dae plenty at borax
iu tlie first water,also in the rinae watasr ,
' use soap on ouly very greasy pole and
j pans; borax will cleanse the dlahea,purify'
. the skiu, and at the some time make the
1 hands soft and white.
To FsartHKN BLACK LACK. —Lay it ao i
a clean table, spouge it all oyer with a 1
weak aolution of Uirax—about *u even
> teaajvoonful or lraa to a pint of warm
water. Use s piece of old block j
silk, or black kid glove is better, to j
sponge with. While damp cover with ,
t a piece of block ailk or (Moth, and iron.
[ To Serru: Corntß. —To settle coffee ;
, without egga, put the ground coffee— i
i to tableepoonfnls or mare, according 1
U> the suae of the family—to soak ovr |
night in a teacup of water. In the
morning add more water and pat it an
to boil, boding fifteen or twenty nun
ntra ; then fill in what water is necessary
and pnt the coffee-pot on the stove. In
fifteeu minutra it will pour off clear a* j
To Cut ah Wnmc Frna.—L*iy them
on a table, and rub well with bran made
m<> st with warm water ; rub until quite 1
dry ; mid afterward with dry bran. The (
wet bran should be put on with flannel, ,
theu dry with hookmualiu. Light fur*,
iu addition to the above, should be well .
ruldved with magneeis, or a piece of
book muslin, after the bran proems, 1
against the way of the fur.
A t*MPnla* MiaaSar.
Wlven IN. IL V ricrce A* a candidal*- for I
fitala IsaaAsr, hi* |x>atacal sp>S###H pHffiMai '
* i-reivsjixl aaalvKi* ut hi* (xvpolar mudMuva*.
h- 'piug Uirreby to prrjnjios the people agxiurt
him. Hi* election hy an cvaawbalmtng m
junly aevareiy rahoied hi* tmdaoors, who j
• usul to impeach hi* bitsuiea* tntagrltv. No ]
nut£w would hare bean taken ai these cam
palgu lie* were tt not that some of tua euemt** '
(aivd evrcy aoceefal t-a*inea* man ha* hi* fall j
quota of runoua rivxlai are rrpotSlafalng tOeae '
Uvgu* aotlvaes. Kamaixra* aad must a Sent J
, fonuulwi have beaa puhhahed purportaug to i
txaur from high authority ; aud tt la a <Af atfl
essif fart that no two have tveea at ah aUke— -
cxuvcluAivrtj proviug lite dlahooaaty of thetr <
authnra The folkiwlag U from Uva .
• Cvu'urrxia'. of Oct Oi, 1*77
" llar-Jly a dueeu year* agv he Piercx
came here, ayaungaud nuAnoan man. almuet
frteudlr**. with no capital exewq* hla own naau- |
hood, which, however, inrinded j-ieoty of :
t-r * in* and i-luck. mdamitabie paraevermoce ;
aud inborn uirtghtneM Capital enough for :
anv vouug maa in thi* twqgraawve untry. if j
he onlv has good health And hot#* a* eA. I
He had at! theAc grtst nafurmf advatdage* Shi! 1
one thing mure, au exorlleut aducxtioti He I
had atndied medicine and been cgnUrly j
ikxwrd to practice a* a phTaician. Hut be ,
wa* *til) a *iudent, fotai of invewigxtloa and
cX] an,< ill. He diaoovared, or invented, un- .
portstit remedial agenrtea or rxsnpoanda. Not 1
cho>iug to wai' wearily for the aa-it aad * offer- j
. ing to dud out v without any body to tell them) [
Uiat be coo Id do litem good, he adrertiaed hi* .
medknix-- and Invited the whole profnaMou. of
rvvwy achooi to ei aim tie and prononnoe lndg
l matit upon hi* formula A. He adverUaad Übar- j
t-rallv. prrtfnaelv. bnt with extracrdlnsry f
•hrwdiie*a. and in a method whiefa i* la Itself I
■ leaeofi to all W[KI *eek h-intveo* by that par
fectlv legiUuate mean* Hla mm* hM been
> *>!u<-thinK marveloo* ao great Hidced that it j
> inn*t ha due to iiitrinak- merit in the xnwiaa ha ;
-•11* more even than to hi* mtpereUeied akUl in i (
Ihe uae of iwlnter'* ink. The proaen! wnter j
otice xaked adisUngniahad drngffHS i
p. explain rite aecrSt of ihe alftsvat miVrerwil f
' demand turj Ih. i'lorcc n medicine.. Ha aeid ;
I hey were in fart genuine iiMigriaea. - amffi 1
rorajxiund* a* everv good phyvician would t*- j
acrihe for tbe di*ee* which Uiey Were adver
tised to cure. Of conrac. they coat lest than I
anv druggist would charge for the axme article
on a physician'* and heaide* there
wa* tne doctor'a fee *aved. Moreover, haying
the drug* hi such enortnou* quantities, ha ring
jierfect apt>aratu for purifying and comj<ound
■ug the mixture, be could not only get halter
1 article* in the flrat place, hut present the medi- '
cine in better form aud eheajwr than the same
mixture could possibly bs oldaiued from any
otiier source.
It mav bs thought that all thla having refer
suoe to Dr fierce * private buatoMS ha* no
point whatever when cunatdersd in Cvuwgtien '
with th< inper gualiflcaljon* of a raisiidan
for the Senate. Perha|w. But it i the fashion
now. and will he for a fortnight mora, with 1
sundry journals, to make eneanns allnwra* to |
thia v-rv matter. After that brief period, they
will Iw quite readv to g" uu doing bi work aa
ln-fore. and a. alwxv. before, to apeak of him
a* a great public benefactor."
IHriien** Utile Helha.
NiShiiig ba* given the writing* of Charle*
De-ken* -> *lroug a hold upon the hearts of
parent* a* tiie wvII-known cxoellenrs of In* ]
l*>rtrav al of children and their interecta. Tbeee
delinea ion* laving rsceivad th* approval of I'
reader* of mature age. the different child (
character* have been detached from tbe large
ma*, of matter with which they were origin*l!T
coiimvted. aud pn-wnlml in tha author a own ,
language, to S new elae* of leaders, to whom 1
th* littTe xolnme# will t>e as attract!vg a* the |
larger ovig nais have [irovenUxtbe gvmial pub
lic. A *crie* of twelve volumes ha* Wn pre- i
pared, presenting, among other*, the following
character* "Hiutke," from Nichols* Nickleby; I
" I.lttle Nell." from The Old OurtcaStv Ahco : t ]
"The <7biM Wife," from Davjd OopperAeld ; j
•• The nor JIM-." from Pickwick Paper*, eta.,
etc. A new edition of the flrat volnme of the
eerie*. " Little Paul." from DomlievA Aon, baa I
jn*t been issued, illustrated by Dariey. find J
attractively imnnd. Th# other voinnw* sill '
short IT follow. Sent peat-paid for #1.00; or any
. volume will be sent with s ve.r'a antwrrintton
to the New York Tribune (weekly), for fa.Ofl;
or auy two volume*, with a veac'a aubeenption
to tbe hvirvrntinU, tor 95.00.
JOHX R AHnssaox. Pnbliaber,
Hartford, Ooan. I"
. Dellrtean f eeherv.
The raret delicious, light, white and whole- i
some biscuits, rolls, mnfflns, waffles, corn-bread, j .
cake, etc., are possible to every table by na ng , [
the eelebra-ed Dooley'a Yeaat Powder. It ie
alwclutelv pure, and wi 1 go much further in i
use than other kinds of baking powder. It iu M
impossible to fail ith it in baking. Aak your j
grocer for it. and do not be put off with any
other. *
Bhswwiallsaa QalcihlT Cqrad. .
" Dnrang * Ilheiirnatle Beirady. the great i
, internal medicine, will positively cuw snTraae
of rhshm abaci ou the faoe Of the aarth. Pn<x
)AJ a bottle, tx botUae, 95. Bold by aR drag
' (rial*. Send for circular to Helpbenatlrve k 1
Bentiey, druggtats, Yaßhlngtoo. P- O. 1
The Celebrated
Wood Tag Ping
New York, Hoston, and Chioago.
I Am Blileua. 1
Quirk'a Irish Tea will make a new man of yon
j Sold by droggiste at 35 eta. a paokage.
lltuir la nr ! ■■■ .ay a—to.
oar til—Uon h*a roraoUy Bran anltad ta a
Hotary at tha laitad Htataa for UMI am of
arhuuia, by Wf i, C, Rtdpalh, which la not
uely tUa Inst • haw* wear aaan, bat intrinii
ratu/M of ire * Uua navar bafora tnranwraiad
Into any hob* jr. It la wrtUon In a slyta of
grant alaguoa, bat Mmpta and BOB* of won
pTrhafialnii . *ysb-aaUr*tlv UTOOfad In OOtJ
iiMted n*r-*U*e t alaaanlly and IntalligeaUy
Uluatralatl vtU> ehrouulraioal otoarta, prog'"
I olra ■'! . totjgrabliu aT dagram*, portrait*
and rata , 'raah, philoaophioal and raodabit-
It la aa moot onHka an urdluary acbool
history u ika baaatlfal |iariuda of Irving
ara unltka bs turgid nouaetiaa of Tuppwr .
and It mi arruitiy weave* tba insparing story
of iba nounry InU) tba vab and woof of Ita
malarial fara aa to tmpraea tba iamoos of
hhflury uj<u tba mind an lb lndalibla foroa.
It la fart tbaaaad In alagant portoda, nobla
di<4Mi, Imaruaatta rbaraotariaattona, and
lUnmaatad by apprutwtata Imadaot and baan-
Ulu! pioturaa. Tba imUtahar* t Jonaa liruthaea
A Co., Ciuctunatl. Ohio) Lara mada tba moat
rlagant and HtiacUv* aeboolbook n-iw bafora
tba pabba.
A Bam air Iba* !*■•* t wwpeiMtoa.
Iloatattar alHomaab Hit Ur. defy i -,in petition.
lOf tba boat if rival tonic* that Lara aroppad
I up during Ha long raraar, not ona baa gained
and rat a Inad tuob a large ahara of paUle favor,
Oiongb many have enjoyed ao ophrmaral popu
| lantr Tba reaau U tbia. that arberaoa many
! of those iukWm were advert land to perform
! cure* of the mat startling nalua*, tba* bate,
I abou trated, ajiuoat invariably turned out to
be of Wile or so value, wbtl# tba great In rigor
| ant, a boat rapiHatlui> tbay vara intended to
I rival, baa never dlaappuinlad I boar who have
planed thai! cxmftdeoar In It, It liaa ruubnatrd
In tba aw pleat manner I a elatma to ba outlaid
ared a puaitive rpaolAr lemodv for liver cotn
| plaint dvapepata, tualanooa favour, dabttlty,
j ouoatlpaliuti, and uumarouu othaf maladlr*
i ariatng from general vat urea and ilnurdart of
I the stomach, liter and bowel#
tllraaaa'u rabllratlea*.
Great reduction in price fur IH7H of
{ Olnumit Pktariat to 92 a year. Htngla ropire
Are oenla
The Uuinr < 'mr to At a year, utngle aojae#
Ave oral*. fur aala by all uevudualaru.
(iltamm'i Moi>dy Co—pamMm to 91 a year,
i otitic 1c oopiae leu oanta. Ail puetag# fret
I The prior of cbratuo* baa joat bean greatly
' reduced So una Du give# urh liberal term
I to agent* ve gu. Heud for nea free circular
Addrv-M Y Olvaaon A Co., TSK Waahlugt -n
1 Street. Boston, Haw
Mrs. alKaarel aatrvaa.
wife of the general of tba I'utied Hutea army,
- ux i " 1 have frequently porobaaad Durattg a
! Rheumatic Itemely for friend* auffering with
| rheumatism. and m a vary tnatarxve it worked
j Uka magic Hand for drooler to Holpbeo
; aline ABanOty, druggist*. Waahlugton, D. C.
Nereeta'* faraataa
l i* tbe brat and rbaapeat Hair Drum-nig in the
j world. It killa dandruff, allaya irritation, and
proiuotra a igaruna groalb of tba Hair.
Th* Mark eta.
raw vcaa
taafOaiUa .sne# US
iaaas and OboeakaK o# # o#
MUCH I'ow* ao 00 #lO M)
Ha**: lava BIS# IBM
llraaaad...... ... rtx# Oil*
■keep - Ntd as
Umi "km OB
j Kotlob : Middling lib# UM
I flour ; Bwun- deod to Choice tBO #IM
But* Oood la ObMee .. IM #* 00
Wheat: M Wastera 180 #> BI
Me. t Jfilwaakaa .. I atV# I Ba*
lya: inn M # W
Marley: ml* tt # Ti
barley MaR . # T
Male: Mixed Waateen BO • •*
i Oaral Mixed Waatarn BOM# B1
Hay. per eart... BO # U
Mraa, ear ewt •' # •'
Hopa. .a,, yav-oa #u *a ti • >•
PoA: Meaa Utl #ll M
hard: Oily Mean; Mil# <M
; flab S Maefcaral, bo. I, new 11 JU #ll BB
" Me. Anew ..!••> #.106
Dry Ood, per ewt. 188 #6OO
Herring, Acaied. per bet. . IB # It
Pauwlvam Crwde ......BB)|#Ciak Hedued. I*4
Woo'! flbltferaia fit ana. Bl #
Turn neeea ■ # M
tadniaa raia.... aa # a*
Mat* XX. at # fk
I Bauer : Mai* It # M
Waatern: Cfcotee. ... ... *0 # M
Wmaara: deed U> PrWae BO #
Waatara: t* # IB
Obaaee : Male Itetarj U # U
Mat* Kkimmad. 10 2 It
Wmaara OB # ICH
law: Man and faaaaylvaala.... Mb#
ft*u...n. an # lao
Wheel-bo 1 Mtlwadkas.lD # lit
' C0ra—Mixed........... 4 # aa
OaU. M ....... .. M # m
tr N <!
barley n # BB
Barlay Malt ac #
MeeTOalUa- Hxtra"".' OB # aab
WHW®. BB # oat*
Hoga— Draaaed OBJa# OBk
nour Pec uiytvaan Extra til #f II
Wheal—bod Weetera I1 BIN
y aa # r>
Oara—Tetlew g at
Mixed go (g < 1
Uaaa—Mttad M # M
Nwolaaui mail 0BM#(Bla tteßaed, llv
Waal—Ookeode B g b
Tesaa .. M # Bl
Oelitornte r # ■
Beef Cattle < # Olfc
MP MM* b
Haw* aa # OB
j floor— Wiaconam and Mtamweta.. IK- gib
' Cora—Mixed . . aa # e>H
I Male— •• ................. 04 # U
t Voel-Oklc aed Panney.vem* XX. li g I!
California fkU M # XI
aalawtoa, won
Maf Cattle..... (MM# BIN
SI !'
Hop BIN# B
waraaitiw. ueaa.
Haaf Waatle Boer le otiato. ABo # aOO
j A bean,. t U gtM
j Uat* in* wan*
Reek* 01.1 A .Near waated aed add. laanwUm
j Sp>* *-"*■ • a—* M. It Y
tteedkwre.u I>a A li tjtl'-lu, r 1
gMTOKKM** t>*<*ar Uian kpeoleelaa
II! Y t f"'e laeM reduced to g I Circular* free
I** 1 * Addeaa* Wax IMB. Mew lark. _
/Cm £?Z\ "
w jKI
\VAMTKI> AUKS TV-Male utlewl. w a
11 ertuarxralMA if ll laiMr Wtlv-t* afl u
artltie wla|ia.liti er all knaaetwld Y V|uie aad
never before uurvdaeed Ut Agaate ProM* lerwe. Bella
readily tivawe pemueeaL Pknia* vraattee pruAt
able end i-ieeeeet Hi -WWMat .* IB* WaMar wits
nddieaa. |( M ITHBMCt* . < A Wane M. baa Yaak fkm
•W Hiaafwer. Mew lark Ctly I
tllnga. *ll. 1 Mew Orleaae, ha,i
nr Wan rpqaetaaa. t'*l|
0 You Want It.
■ 1 T " w-rl Pr Clotbiaa. book*
v || V S end (tarda, year eaw* ead taoay
laftwi letter wtlb ladaitiMa tel.
V. enaf by mail tor Ml Cent* Bead
£/yJ tar Oirantef W
Vl fr HATMfS
• I no ta (BeTotjn, IB*Chamiww
I ivieel M-e'tf llaala tor (Be >aar
warlb ixaao, Klagaal Pnrtrait*. Maaiaal
Sew*. Paehtoaa. *}.•! -WO par yeer.
nogle number 16 in, poat fraa. (kr
ruler* Baa* ba aar* aad eat IB* Jaa
Mo if r -u doa'l .ntrecrlb* for IB* raar.
Pnhlehed by MIIITK. H.IIITM A CO.,
Haetea. Maee.
HISTORY of the U.S.
Th* *TS 4 ta tbe thrllliwa Strasf af ear aexs
try mabei IbM iba luM* asUlaobeob ••* pabliabeA
ll e-atains osar MM iM blaSarwa! *urinatii aa*
11 to raass n *sll al •i#bl Oawß Sr mr #*tra
lerww lo Aaanta. and aa* wbv II aa(la fttaar tbaa aar
At. rrVli'l'-iHTWO oo . PhUAOalpbta. Pa
Front Union Square,
Finest Location in the City.
Europeu PIM Sestanrut Unsurpassed
KKKXKR WKA UCf.fraprtrißra
The World of Song.
M*n<fl.x-n. Bound Velum* of Son* of tba mast
popular and Moaioal ebaractar.
The Sunshine of Song.
Macmßemt Bound Voluma af tba aad raaawt aad
popular K H|< ( t* r"— *d aaarlp rradp 1
Gems of the Dance*
mx tszzusttf —* Bri,u " 1 ,w
The Cluster of Gems.
Beand Vaiaam sf Iba Ftaaat Piawa Haw
Madlam I> moultf (/p*ssaad ssasty radp.)
ts>k ha* m to W pp. fall >b*al mu*)c *u*.
aoTIBffiSX.BO in Bds ; BS la cloth! # ra OIK
"~BraKeaaOwa*>TMaa parim
THE ar ),8 d-.)
Twe MaUaUaao|^^kj^^ka
Tbra. ot lha bat paaafMa fltartaa alam Baaha
Oaf Back mailad poat fraa for ratali prloa
C. H. DITfiON K#w ywh .
j. K. nrrooN
Absolutely Pure.
t? sr-awn savssfSsmrc ftstr j RU m _
Tha baa* family ■!■■" Rimini. atpbl>■ .SIV
SA. 1 • • H
***** "fflyTnuw I OPV UKATIS.
IMi rnutorad All Umw aoaSdaeiidl w4 **epr* '
I* dux* m yaam' u(KM lalufwmMm abd ad.k a
fiaa ti aU oar term* WW I— ** ball Urn tuen*.
Scientific Newt.
E,! ItMUn. HmUWM. r <ll* ail Bain
aad itaafsl itlonaaUM-Valaabk to
imap Imfi** aaat fia# Turn* 41 )*• W
afaTllO Adoraaa.
"The Bet roliah ID
bawU by H H an i wax, Roaum Mam . fjr ffhanai*
■aa aad < .uriiJ IVanU* m u~ *raHM jyifnai
•IN. |n4 ■— I laaaaiaii ail VM.I/TUK aa a.
vWh>. ...J..... Mr aaab
Vwara *nj irNr,
c w vijuniurr
tajSUa >a W AM Prappto**.
Cough, Cell or Sere Threat,
immtdlif atttntkNi, m M|lial
pftiatiaN raalu la aanaa lararaMa 1 aag
are a alapla ran* ad y, aW will alaaast h>
iMtaklf |lm laaartlala raUaf.
! SOLD BT AXX ciIKBUBTt aad Seelees
Burnett's Cocoaine
Praranta U Hair boa FaUnas-
Burnett's Cocoaine
pronotai i a Hddilbj Orewtb.
Burnett's Cocoaine
la aat<iraaay nor ftudky.
Burnett's Oocoaine
Laavaa i x> lilaafnaabla Odor.
Burnett's Cocoaine
SaUaa Rafraetory Hair.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Bostixa XU Irrltptod -
Burnett'B Cocoaine
A&yrdatb* lUchat Laatea.
Burnett's Cocoaine
U Dot aa AlaohaUc VVaah.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Burnett's' Cocoaine
Olrea New Life to tha Hair.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Hrmnlua Loocaat In Effect-
—nun f ww—
Aa a aaa* fa* tha maplm#*. ha* miN li a da
lnuM far ra aaaha* aaf *•*.* MT"L ■■■ -
A|lu tnMn.riAln.MM.urAwkMaE
Mate. m. aateßg ClwH IU.N nl k,<n(iM
KalLM* iTtffiy ".M*im.*>.a
le dks NwMry
Ftoaßafty WmM M On tofktay <•' h' A An
Amp* .aSitoai Mr a ba# - at w.
Par Chapped Haadt.
Afkar ftaa-ftafklap
MS*" 1 n tL, & !•• I■ I— aaßna of th ami nat and
A Waab <W tb# Head.
CooLat. CI una At aat Rifl I af
■atom I nay Um N"" iVmi f .aanainai J.
i Ta allay Haat aad IrrHaßaa af Am tlda, la iw
anaDaaErat. M f a, aal At Hair Saw Ml-
UMM EaßPtoa thauayiHy at* a 1,.W1 araaft
MA tar WabLr It MIX af-yMd ahl aaE '
*K.pnM Avtat rto Caeoiirt ta MX****iad
by a ytrMrt cmmn. brtor* Id lyiibmtna. ml am kau
•ad waiy (tmr rtiff p.n'imi tk* XaLLiaraa b laaaM
aalE. bnat IN UrXM, an aa n"N'i axh
IMaECOnninvwatMkt niaaaadkaamttaSara
irrlmtto*. nana Ml a adaacy M Intnl. aaE ta.lEa
nn lb* amaa a t tba (ayiAari*, la Mr ala l—i Eatno.
Nyuad miJy In .IOSKPH BCRXCTT A 00k
l (Mat. r. P. r aaln br all I Tim tain.
Wll.f, <UHK
Dyspepsia, Fever and Ague, Bilious
Bemittsnt Fever, Liver Complsint,
Dropsy, Chronic Diarrhea, Boils,
Nervous Affections. Ch.lle and
Fever, Humors, Loss of Con
stitutional Vigor, Female
Complaints and
All Diseaaoa Originating in a Bad
State of the Blood, or AccompEut
ied by Debility, or Low State
of the System.
Distlnplsbcd Ptirsicans asd QeroM
Fnaa LIWU JOHXKTuX. M D. or BoavoS.
" Mf upmn ot U PKRI'V 1 A! STmiT aatiaSra
I Mb I bat Ula ralaabi* na.ll lor Inn. i Banal IJ
111 in 1 aaEa, in lana, nt Ps*p*p*i, s*r. aa
IMXIb r aaE Baarnlata. I ba*a alao ianaE H aaaEnl M
Rbaaaaalir Atari ion, and UMBO. rh,®. of tba l. inx* "
raoa a H KBXIIAU. M D . or Boaro*
" I aaa Mr maar fmmn •fflinmi Mil Lira* Oanaalaial,
at which I *u carw.l b, Iba oaa of lha PERI* lA!f
STRrP. bad bar* n|ofN parMal baaltb araa aiam."
• Tb* moll of at axaainatioa of tba PRRI'VIAX
AT RI P prove to BM> that Bon* of tha abEbe a* |
nnaaral warn ar prwbwal in It. no* hmra 1 found in it
any lOdicalion of vaanltbl* pmoanc.a prinr.plaa Tba I
main aetir* nypodm'm • mapmum ua ■ alt of lha
ProhitKMcE Iron orhiob i *o )a<lirtoaaly rorahnmd aiwl
prutootnE thai <t dub* not undnrto any chaOE* by wxpob
an to tbb air."
m STATE or MiabamoatTTa
" It ib a prapbrntmn Hwatiloilly bad aklllfolly ma
Booadbd. pnaam-ina mil thb Enrabtblr bf a apirrtaoba
Uactura, mtbout IU oh)artiooabla q mailt ma"
FBOM w. K OIIISUOLM. M D , or Rev Brproni
I bar* bmploy-1 tbb PERUVIAH STRUPaaoebM ,
folly in ra*bb of t>ypop,ia. t'hronio Disrrhba. Hnrrona
DbbUlty. HbomMla. V.ryaiprlaa, Boil, and l>na,p, of
tba Skin . alao. I I wuc .rrhw., Prolapana Utari,
and in Faraalb OoniplalnU abnrrally "
Oojm . or TEE Barrtar DExomxATtox
(arStrr-lt ta a doty 1 awa to yon and tvwpohlic to
aiprnaa aay a mßdaacb in tha PERUVIAN SYRUP aa a
aara and powarful famady in tboaa rarioaa mamfaata- '
Una, bf diawaa oooMquaot npoa diaardarad dtcabtraa i
It anranaad m* bf it, nwlj and rff-ctir, action la
rim ofCiaa,*nl Dabihty, lwrar Oomplaint and Ityapap- |
•ta. la my family.
WtaLETax MBTBODIAT Oscars AT Prrrv
Tor. LrrrnxE, 00.. Pa.
Mm Dmmr sir— Baring at rartoo, ttara, parrooally. and
ia my own and otbar famtiiaa..Dmtad tha araal• raJna of ;
lha mad . aa mllaa PKRI \ TAN SYRUP o* Prataetod I
Solution of tba Protoxida of Iron. I moat chaarfnlly i
raaomtnand it, aapaaially to tboaa who rr ,n*rin from
dytpaptio aaa narrou, diaordam. Aa a raliabla and
aoaarfnl altaratira it ia. I think, nnanrtiaaaaii ; and aa a
tonic, fraa from all tha <ib)ocUonf hla faatnraa of aloboha j
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SETH W. FOWLE A SONS, Proprietort, ,
SO HarrClßon Avsnue, Boston.
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Josiah Allen's Wife:
!Ma<l Mr riraatara to Af.RICdX PURtdbBDtO 00.
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Jaat patilbdu f -Aa idftlia af
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Dr. Warner's Health Corset,
.♦JRb. With Skirt Sapportar bad Sstf
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| 265 BROADWAY. NY. 1
600 D OLD
RETAPUSEBD IA TEAM. Alaay* aaraa. Ah"a*
tsady. Alaay# handy. Had aa*** yal imilad. f*fr*
Udtoulaaamf N. Tba abal* aorld apptaaa* lb*
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