The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, June 28, 1877, Image 3

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Till KMU\ .UN I UN
XuRMs. s2 per yr>)'*, ' 7• '- r
fTi/r" s2.-V> r n f }. ii-ati.v
,<i/rr;( >'W tKWvyer •'*'■; _>" ;• '' re '>
vrrti ■">. i hcintsptr 11 .t v ..
a,yt4.~ni nisi rtio i. Aiirm.. .
yf'l. uf • 'ihr.-al CO I 'it.
CIHTH HU t'llMl (Id. Ml, I f '* 1
(, .. ' ■ .. V . , tl; th.- v\( I 1 '
j Si (Jn.tat.oiD. a-t M I' Sixn*v. * '
llltl I Ot I/iW, Nil S I V M , ••• '■
■ -Uv M;oi ii(on p*t !i fill' !'' n * u " *
IM4 Etllowt ft *ll.
IV V li.U oifli s.m .1 S FUW
•£>•* n - • r ' u - -••* |! * 4 *;
lift., l nil. r. l r. Sft ,t-i A '
IMMltll' M |.. w.'.t • '
Hi,< r. M .-l< G W l> > *■ '
u ftJUn s...> •>nDm• I••••• ■ '>no* n
ft > Bitlmlh . - d .1. •! •' 'EftIL
for it til. T.u J .s.x * in
aUrwiHvi"- r. •: :1 : H Y
lime alt t\\ zil V. 1 y aj'P'f ° . J *
Hr.NRT Km v:n ~t Centre Hall.
Or. hand— haymaking.
A splashing rain on 1 *•'■'
—llranhopi'M' nun omui' • * ■'
The new bank buildi -; wov. >a'.on.
the foundation is ready. The '"
it to here a fire proof, or vai:t. a..d *
not used for safe-keep!"* of valuables,
will ho large enough for a lock-up.
of insanity is urged in favor of the allege*-
murderer of Dr. Shade
The boat skill and artbiio t.vte is
displayed in the work turned out *- Hen
ler'j Beilefonte Marble Works.
Our friend. P. i. Keriin. of Lena. ,
111., writes u<. '.June !• Everything
promisee fa.r for good crops : ore, hut v - •
talo Vilas are as thick as hair . : >•* g
Grasshopper- are numerous en some j
{arms in this valley, having disappear*! i
from lands where they inhabited the P-t |
few years, and now show themselves upon j
places which w ere tree from them hereto-1
fore *
The worst persecute . insect, m j
these parts are the potato bug-. The}
seetu to have no lrieuds, and in-j mac ?, j
boy's and girl's hand is aga;:i*t '.hem.
tion of directors L C. *B. 0 El. we era
roneously printed the name of I. 11 Dun
can * one oflhose elected, instead ot J is.
P. Coburn The names of the directors are
0 F. Miller, Moses Thotupsor. Jas. P.
Coburn. O. P. Roberts, Wm J. Howard,
Wistar M arris, W. Du Parry
We print envelopes s- low as $1 per
thousand. Send us your envelopes. IN >'
print letter heads, and -tatou e its s. ■ .
as $1,25 per 1000. when parsons find
paper. This is lower than you can get ..
done for in the city.
Faultless is the work turned out at
Hauler s Beilefonte Marble Works The
finest tombstone, and monuments in tic
cemeteries of this county, come from
Next week, being 4th of July week,
there will be no paper issued from this ; \
office, as per custom amoagtho publisher
of the land.
There will l-e * big railroad jubilee, j
near Spring Mills, on 4th, whin the first
passenger train to Fcnrsval.oy w i.. arrive
from I.ewisburg
Yuay Deiuir.ger s new houso -n i
Church street is up. Next summer he in
tends erecting another on same street.
most destroyed the crop.
Mr B. F- Dasher o: Edwardsburg,
Mich., reporO.t' e wheat crop 1 ' s'.vcry
fine . straw will be short, but is headed
out well ; hay crop -hort; corn locks very.
wel 1 , mddttisi the drouth .n May.
Farmers bu-y ploughing .- ; fallow
and picking strawberries, which se<! at 4,1
5, and 6 certs per quart.
Things are pre'.ty much oa the
square at Centre Hall. 1% e have tiunilsj
schools. 4 churches, 4 plac<- for icecream,,
4 doctors and two undertakers, some 4-
fathers, and a couple of 4 ward fellows.
—List of unclaimed letters remaining
in Centre Hall post office, June "21 .
Daniel A. Uonder, 1 ; Jonathan liickcU,
1 ; Lewis Boob, 1.
Persons calling for abovo letters will
please ssy advertised.
Mr. John Risbel, of Potter town
ship, reports that ho found a young tur
key, dead in its shell, having four legs, j
and one of its eyes on the top of its head
Might it not be a bad onien for l!ussi
when ye little Turkey plays such freaks ?
—lf you want a piano, organ, or sew
ing machine, remember that Messrs. Bun- .
nell & Aiken wilt shortly open a depot
next door to Newman's Clothing store, or ;
Allegheny street. BeiMonte, where yo>. '
can get the best instruments or -owing ma
chines manufactured.
And now Pennsvalley has arailroa l
in fact—the track extends some four mile
up the valley and the engine can be seen
a beiow Spring Mills, the
day for wagoning our grain ocross the
Seven Mountains to Milroy, across Nit
tany mountain to Bellefonte, and through
the Narrows to Miffiinburg, ha? gone Ly
and farmers are relieved f the great ex of getting to market with t'.eir
grain—time, horses, wear and tear of wag
ons, and some toll will be saved, on ac
count of the railroad, with bitter prices
for grain in addition.
Best and cheapest homo made furni
ture—full parlor suits, or single pieces—t"
be found at the rooms of J. (J. Brachbill,
jr., Beilefonte.
FOK SALJS.— A new Guide.n To p gue
Organ, warranted. Will b" sold very
low -Inquire at ibis office.
Many of the Pianos and Organs now
manufactured will contrast well with
some watches we have examined, having
a massive, highly embelish- d case, anJ
when you ask them what lime it is, they
don't know, something is tho matter with
the movement. Such is not however th
case with the Realty internments, manu
factured u*4 Washington, N.J, the move
ment, durability and tone, is the lirst con
sideration, and then the case constructed
according to price. lm
Groceries down to ca.-h prices at
acchleFs, where they keep the best.
——At J. O Deininger's you can buy
MuttoJFrames from 30 cts up ; Mottors, o
Cts. <R.
Prospects for wheat in the valley are
very promising.
And now Logansviile can beast of a
band as well ns Hoonoyilla—although it *
no brass band—but renders splendid mu
sic : being composed of violins, banjo,
jewsharp, cornet and accordion.
The new house on Anthony street,
erected by Thomas Delong, makes n fine
appearance; also tho new brick opposite
the Logan House, on Front Street.
Needed—the Murphy Temperance
movement. To the Murpliyites of Lock
Haven, we extend an invitation to come
and deliver some of their addre-so- and
lectures. C. 0. M
An entertainment, consisting of select
and original performances, will be given
by the students of the Venn's Yailey In
stitute, on Tuesday evening, July, tho 3rd,
in the lecture room of the Lutheran
church, of this place. At the same time,
a lecture, prepared for tho occasion, wdl
bu de'ivcred by Rev. W . Js. Fischer, A.
M. Iu these exercises the public is cordi
ally invited. Doors open at 7.30: exer
cises to commence at f. During Monday
and Tuesday, 2nd and 3rd, soma examina
tions will bo held in tho school room to
these the patrons of the Institute are par
ticularly invited. G. W. JPoxxr.
1 1 jn.V HAIUUV 11 PH Nil
> I*:i on .vunti will Mlsbntl i. 4 b
_ | July :: (1 lire nnty lhi y.-nr, and '
t gr: ;d j -r.i. i.ea: Spiing Mi' •
e. jor of tho .'poning if ur taiiroau to t
oin T y wiili-oai ut on : • 'o.i .
•or-1 gti 10 p per? own :ho >, oi, i
Irst ji.-si train, tu Icavi Li ....-In. ,
- ''.Jo ,n th. uorn ag. lon will' nig. .c
wive . cli rci nn ell. -irt •! I
" uand wi' sin! oiig:i.tula tbi th '.i
onnti ti ~ • J*. ' ho v !1 la n 1 -nl t '
. or t) ,-ni Hca'ti mc'■ ir< N\ ■. \ r, • i
i I'en'igti -n ■ ' hoih t< il' on nr.
a uir ,'\>r iu'. The l'i n c.u.nty
j per- iil l tin' .'i • ing nno inoona it
Lwi-t>ur \ fro J S. t'. Kailr ml
i '
EX.1 1 ON ro SPKINt;
At iin i .1 h .vi> 1 w.rg tbout
*. m ,'ulv I, nrrtvu g *■ Si r g Mill
about " i Kn .U. g. .. ~• S; ig M
about t.P 1 arming .• I.e. *' i
~ rAvrvboiiv i- c.-r-sully tuv cd u
la., pa. i iu ami i • ji>\ a
ain I (11 auil Kaili id Exoui'si >n.
rbc Excursion will be acei nipaitioil
bv the
Tickets fr L . ly anJ tin ; etuan, roua.:
Trip. n
Sing sl'il t.- iV
Children ' o.v>> n and I." yea: r!
Half Price,
In Til, r to* u'.iw accouimoda; n? ta k
; cts mutt be pur. Wed by tbeV >i ofJu .•
i v eau will be pr> rided lor ail who 1 iv>
;ickeu on K it .late
Signed I>. B Miller, F W V'..,rs! . -
\V. Johns n. Geo, W. Walls s D.
' i-rtes, 11 D Albright. C. ti. Davi-, 14 \\".
ISchoch, It IX Caw ley. CenniUli
—— fhe P.'M \ a . 1> . itu'.e, ui J.-r
i Pref. Forney w ill sh -rtly close its -ac
j ,'Mtful spring ti -j, v ha 1 ternry cit r
. '.ainmeut.
1 1 flplil g Mi.i n, tl li.r
.epet. Work i- v ..a .tici for ..>
lepot at lie Forks. Ti. n. k .10 i. w
rans t, wit'...ntw, lU.'. S of Spring M; -
There will U- a water -Ution on the
railroad at Stover's Uillh.-use, in Petm
twp. S; angler's hotel h., boon repaint
ed out and inside v and looks much im
proved.- -Ira. Cottle has built LiUiself a
roooiy tailor shop.— Iron picket fences
are getting into stylo here.
N i'u r, \\ i.aon ,t 1' chl j aid paj
Evert ci for . aim. acre of an i at
las Forks, <>u winch they intend • rectiug
a large gnu i ware hcu e. If Jaii iy Kv ert
art seii.- al. ground at thai ia'.e, hcu,. -
a- weii a to trikc "ilo "
Frank I. no , i'. p ii. , for J .
!v is ens of tho be>t numbs:s oi t .• woi*
et i-racd Its i.rlic'. ?, f • i.utifuily an !
bera iy l -trated. are time' y. high It n
: Teat:: g i i ..; uctive, especially "Uus
- a a;... 1 ti-.-ir War Sireugth, Sov
ereign -. etc." by Was. Staughtoi ih.a . ,
The N\". -th 1 of Par : s. ' "Malta '
Mrs. General Gaines " "The Great Grain
Mow— l, etc.. etc. In . Ulit. u.
I.tins iiinm: rah.o paragraphs o var .
inter, -ting ramjet ;s—s meUting for m
body besides the usu il r.u: ber >f short
-sleet -tor . j by "-ocular and g-t"t. 1 a-.ith-
ITS, ..ud .Lien are ready caplivat g.
This mags ine of 12S pages and liV) illus
trations m.i-X in view ot iu a.-tuaiiy b- "g
the cheapest publication ut the iu ex
istence at..; it the same timo uno of '.lit
KUMtselect vCd ur.iver ally .e'c ine, ,
•inuo -o inc-ea?.' in public favor, and rar.k
with the publish, i Sunday Magazine, tio
'..ighest among all our nionth
'.ii?. L'he Popular 31 nth'y may b" ib
'ained for SASO, and tho Sunday Maga
zine: rs! for • e war, postpaid, fri m
Frank L's Publishing H> use, 637
i'eari Street, New Y( "k.
Sscl-lox A t'o. k. _'p the .arc ststock
of grocur:- sot ny firm in Centre
i county. B-st assortment, tine-i goods,
■ lowest prices Tbe richest cheese eve. of
fered in tl - market. Th- be*t roasted
i coffee and finest flavor of all. New Or
. leans molasses, enui-.e now c- p. The
| inest doll ir ten- -n t! -talc gr ri,black,
and Japa: Tho best brands i : canned
j traits in the market. Suga -, c rfees, yr
ups. rice, hominy, drici fruits ami for. gn
fruits st lowest price? Th- fim t sugar
cured ban -, dried beef, and breakfast ba-
I' con. Every piece guaranteed. Our mot
to is Best and Cheap t. Ft. hi - A
Groc. rs. Bush house block, Beilefonte.
The larg. t sit ck of furniture in this
' county will be found at J. C. BrachbiU'.-
room, Beilefoute.
God-y's Lady's liook for July i
: finely illustrated and filled with reuJmg
• matter ca.,ul'.ed tu : lea*.-, uma.-o and in
1 struct
A fellow by r.auie of P. Lagiarisin,
out in accuse I)an Ha.-tiugi
l of stcaiirg Everett stamps— or n. tes.
1 Dan can prove Rn alibi, for Everett isdead
: long ago ar d has no r.otes to .-teal, and be
! sides lla?'.ings never knew that there was
| any man d Everett. Dan am inno
; Tun AMUUOA.N Pxurtft.—No peo
; pie in the world suffer as much with dys
j pepsin as Amerl ans. Althougli years <d
jexpericnc in u, dic r.o had failed to a,-
eomplish a certain r.nd -ure remedy fur
_ this disease ar.d its fiocls, such a? our
stomach, heart burn, w .ter-brasli, -i!.
headache, custivene-.;, palpitati n of t!.c
heart, liver complaint, coining up of tin
| food, low spirits, general 51 >ty. etc.,
yet since the introduction f Gr. en' Au
gust Flower we believe there is no ta' of
dyspepsia that cannot be immediately re
lieved. : -0,000 dozen sold lat year with
out one case of failure reported. Go t
your druzgist, F. I*. Gre'-u, and get -am
pie bolt'.•• for 10 cents and try it. Tw<
dusc> will relievo y u. Regular sire 76
D.' : ning.>r A Mm- r, of the Mill
he: r:i Marble Works, ar d ing a very
good business, notwithstanding the bar.
titnT, and tho seci> t of their eucce-s is
that they mak" good work at very moder
ate price?. Don't be impc- d upon by ir
re?p >nsib!e agents and runners who 1 arc
no knowledge or experience in tho Lui
ntss but go to the MiHheim Murblo
Works' .-fore you buy c-i.-ewh-re, where
you cun g?;t Monuments, Couches or
lleftdstor es, of an 3" pe?iblc design or
price, 3t
Take notice grangers and all others,
J. C. Brachbill will sell y< t. Chamber
suits, Parlor suits ar.d all kinds of House
hold furniture at the lowest cash pric. J ' :.o
humbug.) Call at once and see for your
by Shortlidge A Co.
Flour per barrel, wholesale, $ 9 60.
retail. s!''(Jo.
V) bite wheat, 1 76.
Red " 1 75.
llyo, XO.
Corn, shelled, 00.
Corn, cub, 60.
Oat-', 35.
Barley, rye weight, 50.
CloverMscd $5 per <4 pounds.
Potatoes retail, 1 'Si
> Nova Scotia plaster, ground, 10 00.
; Cayuga " S9OO.
Anthra. ito coal :
Chestnut per ton at yard, $4 50.
; Small stove, " $4 76.
Stove, " 4 76.
i E-Cg, " n4 50.
I Broken, " $4 60.
Sinking Creek HHIH.
1 his old, and well-known Grist-mill, ii
I Potter township, is now -uperinleridcd hj
f Mr. D. M. C 'WHKK, one of tho best ex
perienced millers in Central Penna, wh<
- has rendered the utmost aatisfactioi
, wherever he has been, and understand
, tho m.llirig business thoroughly. IF
• other work, sent out from Sinking Creel
1 Mills, to give satisfaction, a? to quant it:
. and ouulity If you war t good bread i<
. Mr. Cowber furnish vo ir Grist. Gri.-t
. de'ivered to" Hal' twice a week b;
j mill w tgon.
HoUie.'cecrs, g've Mr. CV • her a trial
3 and eat. fv yourselves of the great rupe.'i
. ority of'he flour manufactured by him.
i2Am ay 3m,
I'EN MOt .iK tl At; til ID i \ .'l V
I'll 1 .l: i'El Mi. - t).N IHi
P. iv li*. Juti. fl la horou
A I, ,
to d*\, Hugh M (low J.iue. Mot
' ' latin- - Cart. 11, ' .'. <' K<' tu ITi
" 'it 1) . > paid the i a.ty ,! >i *
'* 'K ' i fir ;h ■ brutal > lu.Jer of 1' 'lt,
i i F 3 : ut l'n. , about six i
* ' miln from '-snt IL. e, i ii'.e t.-as i • •
I'.td at an t*r!y b. .r > i 0 .< mornhig
''' •.I,i i IS'.i, ii •. 'alia', on I;•an i .g •
"' Jry wr..; „Jt ... Th, ui Di. n Moll
' iMt k . c. mlk •i I | . ' v i-t II
'the l are while latov .rated alid ill o.
! Oei !\ h. I l.i bl ■ ... ! 1 t-V I I'd, <
W a j >!!. .me to t r IIU '.'a -u
j bT-tI. lit. l . law Fit d III,* ' id.
Lan on'uor Duffy ri o'.vi I that u oub!
. -s- i ito,. I M0..i0 31 i!
il■ I not p> iki il:s r jut l■ i oniagi tii - ■
. nul ti on ui i bu; l.e f- i' .1 :' wd.
to .ar ..ul . ... orr
I,a I : ■ I'l 1.,'.
,*tik ami tur ili-iit.* i I C r l.\ i
L t io it.
j Poiuul.. . June 21 \t 10. the jjr,
"' ! fo.-llli .1 m li. 11l . 11. -. .tie'J, lW"ii. i
a .- idin k .II . pi i !>
Il j :.n.i'i d-.1 , thi* i li" -. ■ * c- n• '
iOU.-ii.,xt.- .-landing oa, k of the roj'
At twelve intnu'.t - 11 ta i.iii gi. i
tiia bend ot .. ee ' i i.'.er wasihiow oj . .
and at t, i uiinutes ot vie ven th. two inrr
j Boyle .endll < and M tie ei lolU wii g
cauie out.
At Ii Of o cloek the i oao was *fju>'.c,l
and nl ll.lof the trap uroppid. B>u briol - aIiTU. :it, ne the alliriiilti|
i r.or denying their gudt.
5 Uoi e who wa> eollar.e??, wa* altendvi
3 by Father Bi-reslord, and M l.ehan, wt
wa- well re--cd throughout, by fat ho
M'Govorn. l'he former larned a lai;:
rial r. -on lit- band, while the la' hai
' the fi wor in las buttonhole.
Ino rv ieoi of tho v alhoiiechurch wen
* rendered in Eng. -h, Boyle ropeating tin
■ prayers, while M iteiiuii listened iuten.'.y
and ot onally movi'.l Ins bp* iu piaye'
r I athor M ii a 'r:i ex her led the men U
. look to the Otioonly who eoulo ease. A
tor making '.his exhortation tho pr .ub ts
the C alhoiie service wa rendered to tl '<
, about to die.
When the religious ceroiuonu- won
tailed M'U. i uan spoke saying: "I have
nothing to toll you, gentlemen. 1 blame
no one. 1d * not lay anything, whether 1
am guiity or ittr.oc. r.t. I only a-h tvr
givetii'j-i f tl.o WTKI.O w..rid, and it 1 have
done anybody wrong .nul it fhoy d.o t
Christians, I •.', :i- 1 know th.ev will, to
forgive rue.
Bi-vle sposi next "1 have nothing to
,y. biK pretty :i i the -aiue I -aV
r.otiiiiig of tuv guilt or innx-e nee. I for
give th. se who put me here, and 1 hope
all wili lorg vo mo, nr.d I will forgive a.
those wi o diu mn wrong."
After B vie' concluded, il
again spoke, saying . 1 have d. no all in
my power t<> save my loul, and i trust u.
( tod that if there i- e!i my - >u. now any
- u that I has j not e'.ca.ed el!, lie will
ntakv tile- -ud -r bore, aud this i my pray
er, that Gcni will forgive my sins."
When th wa- eud.-.i the audemnc '
nun kisicd the warden and keepers, on
the platform and c;i:bra. . J Boyle -ayittg •
"Good by Hugh. "May we meet in .
better w rid, aid M Gehnu.
Tho f raerthrew tlie- red ro'eheearrn
on the t.aji, put hi.- ii.ind* I ack ; • be man
, acted hi ! j.netly - ibmitted While the
sf-aps .ve-rt jdac- 1 ar uit: 1 t! eir ankles,
knee.* and arias, the prior's cikurlc i theui
to pray.
i tAII n: vt ! from tho trap ar.d the lip- of
both c utlanlly moved as the i. ■> •> wore
b iag adjusted. Then in tt moment,'.at
ll.K>x, wit ut warning, tlx > trap w.
' sprung ar.d both were launched into i. r
' T.ity. Boyb die-1 the ea-ie the luli.s
; ahirlii g oti the re. e, . .1 M Gehatt's ••
' | the last to show muscular aetuin. When
tho trap was sprui ■ the p rust- coin
tucnciil their f.: al office.-.
The bodies hung until 11.32 and
and were then cut down.
* Boyle died fro .. the *X ,-k in t-'n min
■ utes ; M'Gehan in fifte. n, from -trangulu
' tio.n. Tho Ultei > body exhibited tcrril L
' cunvulsicn Ju-t aft- r tho bodies wen
1 cutd"wn, M'Gehaa b."ng tak n d wn i
11.37, theijherifl decidsd nut to hang thi
' others together, but in couple.- of two.
At 12.U5 Koarity, • .unpsn >*d by Fa'h
> er Gaiety, and Carroll, by Father Beres
ford, were brought out and at 12 >5 won
- on tho {caffold. The serviet -wore as he
- fore. When they wore finished Koarity
-aid, "Well, gentlemen, I have only u f. *
, words to say. i .".and here to-day befon
. the public and I must tell tho truth,
don t know whether those of whom 1 -peal
have gone or come after mo." Then hi
rambled into a statement, saying, "I nev
er saw Thomas Dully more than threr
times 1 ?uw him in P tt-rille jail
I 1 never beard him talk about Benjamin 1
Yost, or about ten dollars to bo given fc
sl.e .'.ing, < r anything concerned about it
and another thing 1 mi:-t = y for Hugl
M'Gehan and Janies Boyle, thnt I neve
a-ked them to come and shoot Benjatnii
F. 3 -l or any other man. I a*k forgive
ness of everybody, and hopo everybody
will forgive mo. That i all."
Carroll then jko "1 have nothing i
? n J*. gentlemen, only I am innocent < f thi
crime I am charged with."
Koarity broke i*i : "Yes. that's a wuri
I forgot, t';at I die un innocent man.
forgive al! who put nio here that pro*, cu
ted me." Carroll added : "And I too.'
f Koarity singled out Mr. L'Valle, one o
his counsel, standing in the yard. Hi
eyes roante.l around in search of friend
but he ?aw none to knowl-iive L" Valle ti
whom he thouted, "God bles- you, Mr
L'Yallo ; God b!< ss y-'U," ar.d the counso
- ech lit ! ack
K ari'y and Carroll were hung at 12;21J
Both declared their innocence. At 12 4:
the b'.-lie- were .ul down and r. !iiovi-il
and a : tl;.' two end scaffulds ha 1 been csei
there now remained I it the setitre one fo
duty The sheriff de ij. 1 tijiun tho thre.
executions in deference not only to th
wishes of some of the no-n, w!-.o wanted P
go t< gethcr, but because ho thought
whil" ted; iu?, i' was -nf.ut. It arity de
clare lin 'tis -t.itemcnt that lie never nv
A: twenty-ono m nulos pas', one th
r last two men, Duffy and Mtinley, wor
i, Duffy, with Father M Govern, ntu
r Mun!oy, with Father Defman, left th
■- prison corridcr r;t eleven minutes pa-t nr
o and when Duffy csmn in sight of th
•- crowd there wax n<> reprieve."
After the ceremonies, and a- the lenthe
band-were being placed on timir lirnt ■
Father M'Oovcrn told Duffy ho had i
opportunity to speak |if IteVvishcd, but h
shook hi- head with a "No, I want t
think of Fomothing elio.
Aiunley refused also, anJ th"y quiell
'uhmilted thein-eiv. ?to tho sheritf for im
mediate preparation to their end. At pre
eisidy 1:21 tho trap was fprung, ar.d i
twenty minutes the bodies weru cut dowu
lit'o having been prunounc-d extinct wilt
in twelve minutes after tho fill of the trttj
Thus endod tho career of the six, an
the sheriffs long drawn out and drendfu
labors cuinc to n end. M'Gehan an
Carroll, from appeuranee'. died the mo
horriblo of all the deaths.
Execution of tho Mbucli (,'lvutik Mol
n Mttueh Chunk, Pu„ June 21. —Micbai
y J. Loylt, Edvrurd Kellev, Alt xundf
l " Campbell and John Donahue expiate
, n their crimes on the gallow? here to-dni
I- Doyle, Kelly and Campbell were exec.
K ted for the murder of John P. Jones, th
successor of Morgan l'uwell, a mine boB
r who was killed in lt*76 at Landlord. Alei
*t Campbell came out, first, attended b
l * Father Wj ' t.., and with a firm step v. i.l!
* ed up the staircase his l.a;.di together b.
fore hhn gTasping a crucifix and muttc
iicg p-eyer# through bis cIo"d lip.;
wax p1... 2 in one of the ft ur cornerr, an
k'i i.. "" i 1c; i •c m i. \ i . i
Ii ml* continue I kkl.iOn ui.hoi'iKi
I will b •' ipp. ' f' .u ilw ''• .•
u t' I <<(;!(>: ii 'i.-tr.
yif.| I
ly I
, illUolilltVlllt'lll
, Wtm authorize.! annoum • J II i
< i !■ i|< i ui-iii i i I i' .i. • \ ,
, •uvi'tiliur.
' \>• iill wc i n'! :! ■, 1 i ii ' r■ ■>t
'•' :•'! . :i . i,1.-I.i .i I> K I:, it i I
nni( r{ii I li 'i'| i ..f Mr Ii nl'v
!l * j*uk%iiir. *l, !• in .> | . i \. i'S ti <
' u|. iiiuti ii urn, . *ii*t*!i■ *n >! in ' rial, itnd
!,J 1 • leu". :i i i;i.:!i .•r:!n • in|,;, \ •, their
*- i. <l. | r; . .Mil* 1., i . , , I,
r " I
■ i: i lev f. ..( ih> rI <lil. l intrigu.
' a:ii n.l tn.uallv *itit |ut| ,Uy n* any
• • •;! th. i ■ iti, 4, | at..i.i i. ,i iinw ii,
I th. ! 'itUuu ;.: i! mi 'ij 11 . i
ll* |i.irlV.t riohntf* of li>t,<t Sc. |.. . |
I .mi..".!! Hi auc I >-r (--iliitiii .
iZlf in ci'iisi-.jiifßre of n ir.c- h ni 1m i- mid lo imilte room fur afill heavier alocka of merchandize, I have been compelled to FNLAIIGIy
AND IMI'KOVI'i MN S'loKK, ilic E .lc Cloihini* ii all. A Hreet, and for that purpoae will remove, about the middle of Juijr, one
doi. Ik I .\v the old atand. l>uringthe next eixty dayt, therefore, 1 will offer
: W E V T II A I N I) IF C E MEA T 8 T 0 BUYER S.—
-H lv d. UTin ud l rlo-p out, a- ii- url van posniblt- during that time, my pr*cnt atork at ruiuoualy low price*, preparatory to placing in the
' **'' W'fl'ip \ tu'ily-ri jiairetl Ifall, tihn I shall return t it, un asMTtment of New (i toda not equaled in quantity, quality, cheapnem and variety outeide of
' J. NEWMAN, Allegheny Street, BELUEFONTE, PA.
lii f I<■ wis rj.i- Ivl lu ii. liis lin.'io i.i
; all ful 1 ii .. >:.diti , m .
••s ■, f U! .'it i. i . ! ring
i"' .at iwl •: -\; .• li; . . th g>
lot*.- Suva i Irs.s of In J Jen m.>t >n. Whin
1' > !■" renchnl his iiu si tho .hcritt
' xjki'l (.'nil.. '. htd U|tlh| to
4 l>
* 1 i vii • ■<- 'All i I.:. •
i> ihui I:* rgirc ever} oil", I havo not
an en u:> in the world.''
Tho ahorill'then turned to 1 V.IH
wi.i aoioui| iiml 1> Father Hume, ai.J
. asked hill. w hisl ho lift Ito Ml.
Dojlo answore.l "I f "Veiy one,
as t'Lri-t has torgiviii mo,' ami
v ?o. :a 1 \. .'ii- ..II in. dolt, .hi. 1,
however, couhl not be h.ard by a iegh
1 i>erion biyond the short! h.m-ulf, tho
' (Ca -o boil that ■!" . ite l'e.> 1 • v :to
boi l, growing o i tint from hi bio Cilfc
ili'.i, n until t *y ho oe .id hardly ta!>.
H above a whisper.
\ How .'a k D .r.aliue ckine •..! next,
' fun 11} Futhirlli ir, arr-. 'kl
oruntix bi'twieii hi-ha;. Ij, . <. a. 'ibia i
down praying earnoftlv 11 it oh o p
( |>.-i .x.-h'ti dl'ftth was wo.king i'.s rffut oil
in Biui ho show t l d'.-titiot Mjjti •f it or*
i' iiiaUuc put at . r.f 11 tho otl rr two ,
* 00. i • ., I r ■!. keii if' had
anything to • .y. D. imbue -imply i.r--
Wt'.cd with Lis hi el Alii uowii, "1 1 as
nothing to say, and not oiJ If
! op. n his ii| ? exf -pt in | r iyer.
lljj lf, ftlso said, when (penning
the sheriff", that it • " hud uu. >. • t th..' a 1-
vico of iii# priest nd hftd uft rtri'
, i.'.alio .sab-tiC he Would not hale b< oil on
, tho C * fluid. Ho hfptd Cj od would for- |
,*i\ e him and overs no in th - w->. i wi •
had to JC' to Uod for f .rg.ver..
i k' lly thou came ■~t 4 c :, .
, Father M lll.oli'O, a' .-J ii en" is',
galiow* W* plat od '• th" remaining in*
■ •ant corner, op|>< iw Dot ahuo Mierlf!
Kaudenhach walk. .1 - > t• Ii y mid
j ■ aid, "D.< yon aifh to av anything' Kelly
answering the sheriff bat i • t rais r g h.
eyes from the erne. .s >aid. It 1 hud
[taken tho ad*loo of the bishops and prieu
t . 1 vr. uld nol liv o t.' t hero • .. I
the pardon ofrrv li.d, mi lof >• eryt ds
, t who all i . th* tar ! f:tl • A
„ mighty t. ! '*.;iio my ions,
l'lie |>ri "iier- l,v. in • coni. 1 | a .irig at
~ half past ten, Over '.'fly droi i" d en their
J. kneel, th. t iur d. med men, t • : ar
pric-sU, and four v a. iv i ir >n po.i c and
j.ideputien. Anotharaarrleafor the dying
y was begun. The ... klet 1 1 "n fd*
n justed to tb • feet, l '."-eva—.,!• dth wrists
•i% manacled, and '.ae white imp- pn • os.-r
I their head*. This !'. office lis I r
--,'K t'..rmei. at HM : > Sh'-riff Itaud" 1- i w I
ie j t<> the rope adjusted to the lev ur, and '. •• >
i- with a signal ir-un on" of tho >;i*
•, the jher;d" and a f upleofth deputies
|. seized the r j•, and pull : g it, loft th"
1- drop down pr. .-"Iv at 10 o'clock l<*
r minutes and >0 seconds. lin ro the lour
it men hung between heaven rd earth, anil
;h all who wilt.' • od the sight st" 1 aghast.
L . r t\.r H nivtncnt tho bodi-.- Just rung
iniarotjnd and r. f.eling wa- | par-'nt in
e . • ither f ilo: men. Campbell v* the
v urst to shake, u:i i I.* dt.l it i.-t i • rcepr*
' |hiy.
0 Then .1 . Donahue b gin t kid,.
, a lraw bii limbs into all disproportionate
!shape* -"He was dying very hard, poor
■j fellow," cT. rybody -aid his bands ha
1 drew up li spilt thi manaco s, and aline-t
y. brought hi* fitg-rs in o u.ta t with the
rope ah. ul his tuck. The great .train
pf! upon his wrists made h.s hand* a lived
j,iblue. IT" kicked very hard f.-r aim, t a |
| minute'# time, ami then his kg- scttlrd
tyjdown and he became fjuitt, while his L dy
r returned its regular swaying The other
0 1 two men, Kelly and Doyle, w< re ) • rfect'y
"u!y, there being no ni"tion whatever be*
j jy i. i tin -way f.g, nnd ' ot . \ < i onco w..
jtherc a perceptible trum r.
j"; ••Yellow J:i k' D :ahu\ wl ok '
'j I the hardest, died lit" quick, -t and en iest.
jT Tho longest life and hard, t death were
those of Campbell. His shaking, w
tuipends'd, was slight, but Ist* (offering
, ' must hare been very great. While Dona
, j liuo was showing ir'i i v ideni ■ .f p .iin, a
a.{ before stated. Father Heioan approached
! '.he swin -ing body and anointed his wti ui
•on-t' eac the ' anguish filling 1 :
-out, if ho were eon.-, iuus. V hen the
• c ' i'hysit iat.s had porf'Tin. <i their office, the
people who l.iid collected .st• ut th" gal
j lows d'*w away, an 1 tl.o bodies in blae ~
with their while cap* up n their head',
p were left to hang until thirty minutes iif
t. r tho falling of the drop, when they were
cut down. The bodies we-o placed in
e..fl\ns and ilelivere 1 .u. r to their friends,
who took them to the different places in
, dicatcd in previous dirpatchos.
At Wilk.'sbarre, f.anehan, at >tb r
Mollie hung about the -amo time,
makirg the eleventh f. r that day
ly • ♦ •
Ml) HE MOLL IK M AC. LI It hi Ml lt-
i,, Munch Chunk, I'u., f! A was
„ feared would b the • i-e, tho ii.lurialed
1,. Molli" Maguir. - have n,t only murdered
I, William O'Conuer, whoso boiy has been
•n] found near White Haven, just nbove here,
u j but ha vi: brutal iv -sa-sint..i John (ri
rid day, a miner mployo . in oil" "f the L—
high cllieri Wh t' it been to
p"i. ditui I it ,i •" y kim), i, is
j not impro ut . erii lr> uhlo may
" yal occur, i• . a ..>n p i. e. and
Cnplftin Jiiii-'. i I'i k< ton .1 ' • t
irl ivo agenct.'.r<' 'itl pitroh. tho regi >n.
ler There • i.. • . l>. an nnu Mtn..( . n
ed an tl .• M • lt'.uler
iy. v ir. •no <1 'r. . xi 1. r- th. .*
,r tli T" ia. ..ii, stpo'VT 1 ' >|io w .'h
In tho law brunkcT-, the appro..en im of a
h,| general ttpraiiif iia* < bMton# so grcnl
fumiiii'D are removii.i to point* where
t.y itlicre i* in. re p-.iti'cti":i !r ~|o ,n,j prop
k-|orty. This is the e w tboso whotntk
|ar,y j urt. ga!n,st the Jlolx
1 ' lio S' aguiru* ul t..i.r t.iai. m Fcuuy.kill,
an• Carboii, Co.uiiiUiu. k'urliiiiinlurlaiid aid
. -*• H
' ' Ofaliiii iTi(iin.iik, \N ali It,, io, "tew "2 r r *' Kull lino of all kind* of Saddlery. Alio
\\ i. ~ aitufti i. i.if :: 1; .. . .*■ K.ltle.A ■• . Ac. Till* i. tilt .. t war. tn£ " i ;.J Wood-work, Follow, Plain and Pate.'
/ . uic, ?• rr *1 lAr4bJ• tNun tifi tin! ;rfiu from HS Q l-Z* wa#a I t. x
Vii ~VK! ••LOWS. -"1 ri .■' V r ' i !#r ir All kld< of? •. f 3 t'r p •••' . e.
Zi* f -i '• il " 1 ' : ' u " a '" dt £ % w I%'i SUSQUEHANNA COOK STOVES.
S.n;liiil tVibl. I- tli \V. od nn.l Ir.n. „i *jj ~ A „ * ■ 1 nit MECHANICS 2Y - t: Z ? ti i In ik. Ak , I. U , '
5 J •- - <2 • A " rt - * rlid Uravl' it in woiKhl and bi*t bakar
~ 1... sjv.l") a S w liar, till ■ • <*'.'>• I . -1.1- 28 I" tbf n.arke All kii.Ut of I'orUbla
*- i •' *' I ' rj , l>rn* * K: 11 % 1 1 AUo, Hhily g pJ y z lnt>Kri§ with tiff* cnt of
|'|(,\V II x. " ■* J? W ; jut abl Ir-n I'Um . \ fi SsfiOA ]
I kw w'Sa.-'S OfJOR STOV K.S.
:: r i_ : ■; i.ati ri m pk \ kd i.a m r p - !
, ••, . *.■'"<*. " ;• iii *>> Tlif#.. will bo mid on a vrritton guaran* ]
**] ' *' !V ft*® b-il in ti*• iiiur No-* • • Ift-, :*nt ht thoioH<*t ir ;*. J
rr.ui> .I lmj .'rial l'> i '<•> I I'l n* . > i „ • lit i*n , Irr ak .-r il.-i.ti, anl giio i>, > 2 1
r . ••• bettor liicl.i an. In u..- & ♦ Oi;' 2 TllOd. A. lllL'tvti .w UKOTHXK, J
H H - 3 . m .v vi iitno -f k x'lH
toU.N i'l.A N 111. i ill:.*, llnl for , inl ,n lot.' !;.■. S<2~ h AilpjfHony Street, llallefimto.
~ I ■ |
Till Daily News h.* a liUslchuk deS
| patch, which ay- that ii let'.-sr# •• t. l ob. -
lies cd w hicli have 1 r.. ■ -it to tl ire by
nctnhilili t .Jten-i'by bel'tigu to the
iiiosi loyal t' of the tsUosn t -ul eet*.
oulrog are | r.-ev ling uncheckf .1 ' t tl.o
province f TiFtcha <" ; .ritlaiis are s ut
law.-d I tho authoriti and abandoned to
the 1 4 uti l (.'itc , ans. Village-and
tan: are want m- -.iek. 1 and nurricd
with a % c* of rctideriiig th. country do*
sert befv re (be IllriDC# of the llttsiaiis.
tih ast y h. to! i'i .'.rr,.>l c.cry dsy by
blot . -tainid i.iuitkis .s into Tultcha
Mfttchin, llaltadngh ami ikr-sva. 'l'he
flams- . .t. bu. otng vi'lug • ;r.♦ vi-ible
every night- Tho l>uciiaret Corts>| , nd
snt s>f the fiame js>nri>nl telegraph* that in
no brigade of the K Minn troopa . i Itoctod
to the f ith and *i t : Hu !:> :t J - th-
Sick e*f • <d it per C' 1'... ftt-.l .Sett li these
tin nth:, nlitr,. ii.ncr n.u nor ci rpi
sie ii. ■ < hare, t r licsetul r* . * i <i
I: out all iliSpf te.ll t lOedlcul rrlUlt.s
There nr.- exaggs r p., 1 report- troru the
fas ttl . nUt : si k thea iibi tt st.ud
fioldh. t-i v ry i> iiKely' t"
lake time have been rem ved into the re
serv • -; 'tw - li -t ui d olht r
plat t-s behind ihe Daiiubo nue, so t- to
make t- -tu !>r c* .thith uim nce
j merit . ... t. g .!• .a ■ eau-e.
Ihe 1)* .be .4 'iigli i ~ <•.. at I. > . ti all
at any time this - .- > . i the c lit on
of the lteni r ad verv pref.riou*
.ii vic.;t r.;>.
On'.:. 12th :nU. ilr K K. Smith ami
M A Smith, a • f I'cnn tsvp.
<n, 17 ( by Lev F. Auransl. Mr. I'ieit
P. Z"ller. of I,'Vfttifivillc. <*litit'ii COUOtJT, Mi Ss.| Ilia U* tii.gard of Mile.- tap,
I'pctre county.
11 I l.
<>: Dm -'i-t nit , ii Hit* "-.p. DaoM
Bcholl, age I • >• •'?, I months nodi M
On 2t). at Spimg Mill#, at the r. Jenca
IPili r Wi! n. Hi H ggia F Ir,
g. 1 ah nt !! years
UU I.'. Sephiet. on of John it.lbb, aged
y . *r* and 17 dm -
W.-ep nt, dear • • ••]— } ■ k to J .--us for
comfort h t tho r, • rom of <
word . liet r your . : - ; . - t . t -tl
gl"ry In re at : y - u •! all \"<.t 1.-v. i
one again meet hiui never t > part
Oh. drare-t kephies thou ha*t gone .
ti tie to til*: belter land ,
At ! now h< for. the gri,th it,- th.t- f<•
With aint-t'. U there lit"' ta
We mi.- Thee here. >. J> |>hit*s, di'ar,
Winn rouml the hearth wo meet.
Hut when our journey '* ended here,
In heaven we will thie greet.
'Till then we sadly say, adieu,
Ami lay thee us the (Mil
Hut eon we'll re nd dwell th ; si,
111 t-jr c< If *lil home.
I. M
(AVat< htnan please t. py.)
On •'>, at Milll .tm. Frar.k'in Kdwin,
son of O. War.d .Muggie li Stover, agr i
H months and 22 days,
i Death ici/.cd him, whila but young in
years ,
It ha Uk.-n bin. away amidst "iir tears,
Uutlhougii he - - ,• ne, why should wu
lie's iliad to us, but in Christ doth aleop.
11. '• bnppv now, in 'bat hlei lar J
Which is prepared for the taithtu. land.
If we on f arth prove laitlif il 1 ere,
W. have the promi ton db 'n there.
Then why 1 • we mourn an 1 shed our
tuirs ?
His pairs nre ended and all t ur feats
This is but . land of trouble and c ire,
Then to meet him in heaven let us it 1
But in vain inv i lair.tivo calling.
Tears are falling all in vain
!l'now p -ts wit', fairy plea-tire;
lie's tho treasure of tl . ir train.
Fare thee wel I, iiiv ehild forever.
1 n thi* ' r. . 1 h"fit ru.v jt.y ,
But in tho l.est we ne' -r jball iover
T ; ere wo'li :'ml our angel 1..y
t It.
Cheapest of All!!
Largest of AH !
Wolfs Old Stand.
AT C2Hfa2 >JALL,
KK HK Ftlt I". I N
' W" lltlVO til" (i.K'ds 1 I'riei Low ! Se-
I lection Ciifiurpufised !
I And wis now extend a inviluti nti
, our irien !*. i ni: n-, nnd the i tblic gsm
. rally. Come !w ■ will * <.w you Its
. At nriee- 'oxver'lbnn usinil.
; V lull linr Sh v
i L(>(kls,
Clothing, Boota nnd Bhos , Grr-ceriei
tilr- .euro, ''l ft id \\ il
, low Ware, llats and flaps, and in fact cv
r ery'.hing and anything ornhrueod in lh<
above liiic.-.
1 constantly 011 hand.
Customers will find the stock com
• pletc, uml u call i ali that is rcijitircf
* to aastir. yon (hat this is the he*
I. place in liu valicy .0 buy your good:
SPRING, 1877,
P R I C IvS KO W !
; iSeloclioii Uiisurjmssetl! Slock Large.
And now we extend n rilial_in\itation (our friend*, pair..n* public
generally. We will say thi:. Come! if we do not ehow you
Htnl it wc cannot prove mat it i- to your interest l< patronize us, then
don't buy ; but cme atid •n'i-'y. yourself.
' We btve opened a full line of
t> 11 v a o o 0 s
Clothing, Carpels,
Hunts &; Shoos. (jrororios,
and in t.iet every thing and anything embtaced <u ibe above line.
We will heat everything iu pries'* and assortment, and our past, wc trust,
will he a attic cnt guarantee to our patron* of fair and hnnent treatment.
We have established aud will maitiUtin our reputation. The large trade wt
do enables u* t. get fre-h g <><ls daily, which is a great advantage to our pa-l
Irons iu all Hues, and tn>te especially in Groceries. Call, and it will prove,
to vout interest.
11. HERMAN, Manager.
OUR LINK Of Mul RNI N< >( !A L-Cotton l*o|M, 15, 22 and 28c "
U t)ES IS 1.1 >MI*LK IE. Calicoea, t, 7, 8 and Be
Lancaster Ginghams, 10c **
Bengal IMaids, l'2!c p< r yd. Best Cotton Carpel Chaiu2sc "
Star Mills, _ 15 c " Bed Ticking, 14,20,25,38 c per yd
Alpacas, ..>0 f 1•,"J >0 " Split and double Zephyr
( lark's t). N. T. Thread, 75c per doz. Black and White, 18c p4>r ox.'
Men's Shirting, 12), 15,20 c per yd. All other colors, 2tk
Bieachcsl MufiUn, sto HJc " Germantown Wool, i2)c "
Unbleached, sto 10c *' A large stock of Liusced Oil. 1
Sugar, 10,11. 12c per lb White Lead, (laiwii'), Putty, etc,
j Best V\ bito, 12-e " jou hand. Bold by s[>erial contract. !
Mackerel, Lake Herring and white Fish very low. TERMS positively
1 CASH, or Country Produce. Respectively,
1 Aaronshurg. j
w. R. CAMP'S
r Furniture Rooms!
I would r. .-peclfully inform the >'
<0 Centre '.".miy 1 hiv, opcnul
1 Furniture It >oui in tVnlic 11*11, and liav.
on hind it large stock of Furniture and
Chair*. . >n-'-tmg in part of
i Ac.
1 Who ti will b- 1 :t t'n lowi t i :i. b
! j prices ; come and examine my tlock of
• j fan ireb.keji:'.g ■ 1-. m lm n
a fpocialty. COFFINS ari l CASKKTSJ
I alwayton bund. Funeral* attend* l .i ■i.
I an BLKti AN 1 NBW 11 B\ 11 B tat j
' .i -i um a* I'.iviiu i.t> i i .
Mur'JJ :.m. \\ .K C \MI.
OUI'tJS! DKIiUS 11 DKI'GS 11 !
8 T. Sbufart, bay lag pnrebated the
bniK atore on Allegbenj itroaL Bdlb
f >nte, next door to the hardware Store of
Hick* £ Itro . 11l- -ti .Led aiij lilKal it out
with nil the in. st popular
jTi: Css KS. s R rronr us. n A CKS]
| ARTICLES. Ac., \r„ j
Pat tit Ali du.l, pure Wines
•iiid L.ijuora lor meoiini pmpi-e* on y
Phyiirian'* proeripliona carefu.iy com
pounded . ;1 ordi r* t.r.v tl with i are
- ETOL ■eh l armei MM! l'U ,-I, inn
from tlii country wdl tin i our took • !
Modi. in. ci>in|ilei', warranted genuine
aiol oft! e lel >|tittl it v.
This Store will remain un ir tbo dirr ■-
'• tie i > i the in rompl: ied Jruggi tat d
• t■ h irmai i t heretofore entire ted with t,
Mr. II M llciriugton and we renpectflil*
ie |y 'o!ieit the custom of our friends and
the old patron o| the store.
19n|*f s. T. sJIUCKBT.
| BRICK FOR SALE - First dm hriek
will he kept on hand for stile by J. (.
j Deiti'.nget ! Zerhe'a (Vntrr Mali
hi ok VH-ils Tli -e brick are
<1 ottered so low thnt it will pay persons at a
. distant o . •. hare for thi
,l Infenipi!" |o continue in the iminufac*
•j to e ! t! e vol Ihe I opt e,moartl\
jon band, • riJ .Air indue -up nta offered to
I put huser;.
ll <IU ft ' tl. It. L. / Li.fits
I i i *ily MnrT la Uirar lima bio :
W. j
Mid n#frlt( er aei. tti) |*|l of the'
f ," 9 I v 'tin%r> w! Itntllinilo . tb at<A*l.
iij : lii r a*plojr me til th*t *• furri :
Ith In your bn Yon o#h1 not
'• *AJ ft h mr *Hcr ntgi.t Yon CAJI {lt* font!
** <if l*r' Li the* it, tn ■ n|jr jutir ap*ra,i>m#nt '
It rout* u.iiUnjr • Ir> th# I>rm *iJ f*
OoiJil *(Jtirpa a! tinrff II lislMl A i'o .1
j Pwtlmi, Fortlsad. Half i3f*-h> •
Manhood: How How
Restored !
Jt p ibl!t) id, 3i * nlillos of IH Falrarr'!'*|
♦ Ir l r*t i Ka*j on th* rsdkl * ar •Hi .tit iniNll
it ol Lo— .r S mnal lnoi
uhUrt it.*! 14<nt ml !ni {-ncy, M*nUi *id
Ph)*!r*i lu. aviarltj lm|>o44t.<onUn #U .
■'lf.'' ••♦•••JUU UX . ► i-Hrj *nd kilo, mdiu-ed l> mU j
It. p e ia! Ht:.ragxbrp. io
I ' \ *ar ft H k Jr, :'fA. k MBtS.
1 • (k i.'litßlfH) Aut r. in Rill <.dtsir*b!* I!***> ,
laaHK Hem .natFAtfA lr.w A thirty Jrati' MloconHfltl!
ld> lh <•. 11 -At I4l* aUimlni . ..Ilk" 4 rttt* of aalf aii-j*.
mij t> radi< aHj cur 1 itP.>ut t h* <lAn|et u# of I
jintfiaa! wrilicibs j th ii'i'lKiiton of th knife
iKifntinc >ut A tuudo of cars A obmi slmpls. c#rt*tr
MM! hflwi UA! !y mnui f hich naffnrrr. o--'*r At Mac ndttion mi) IM-. iu*> euro biap. If
i . i rtAbclf AI <1 rodicAllf
I 'll* !.s tarn nh.-aid In. In th# hisdt of itai; jrouth
tnd for) mac In th# lAn>l.
fS#r.i u i.lrr •#*! i i * silk m oarrloM, to nj nditr#M
r i*.t ;*>.!. on rrittipl of nil int* of two |hi*l !in..>a
1 A .Micas til.*
oct t Ann St . N York Po. OBW. BM.W
I Letters ti -tatnenlary on the estate of
Susannah Kline, of Aaronshurjt. dec aisd.
hiving been granted to the undersigned.
■ja'l p. ri-n. in lebt.-d to said estate aro re
l<|uirod to make immediate payment, and
th no hating elainii againat the same to
i>rcs. Nt them, duly authenticated by law,
for settlement ' JKll. KLINE.
njrf] Sugar Valley
~ Phiimk iliia and Erie Railroad Division
in r.t in.t srxp \v. M/ it. iicr. tii. miM n
ih I Mud* Viilm A I ti. KAIIi .a.l Ik|il.m will rub a
folio# A
iicKir MAif.!#ATorhiud#iph.A n^piu
HartihbttrK 4 lia • .
** MohUnd ii
Vl* iiliAtui>crt tl ll tn
Ink KkVfii V 40 Bin
•* art *1 Krie Js l n
;\i.\ (. IK \ fn t. Avfi Phil* :auAtu
" liatrlsiinri Id Wow
McntAQ.lon I i<3 i m
•• ntr a* ll J sh l n
I-K k iUboa
*' Urnii' A A 4i |i iu
FAST I.INF. !#AV#APhiUdat{>hko l!3io ro
ii an tai-utc h*'| n.
" V'M.iAi!tn ♦ li p it.
** Arr l II iUutii*|Miri i au |
•• I*ok!f%* 4ipn
r.v \VAIU>.
|*A IFlt t X !• mA 1 ... 1 1 .i n i * •.
> V . AID , .irt I **a I
" M.>>u M -k*. a ■
Art At Hut| Ini-'ll ft ] | A + m
I'htliulrliihtA p. i> i tj.
IIAY I X UAF a Horn fold * ia
■ k "•'•0 H *' m
I ;; ;; Wii...msp.H Ift> m i
!. Meouiulea I .i |> ml
air at Harrubare tlttpw
" ITiilaU, U'Uia 'a,!'ml
J 1,. HI * *4 AH. Isarw. tten.'. e .ap m|
" " t-" v llaren V.Spiu!
, ■' ' Ham. port tcAfne
J | ■ Mu.iUuMloa tllNaiii
, 1 " atral Ha.rtobura tiJaiu
i DUMioipiua 1 ii u ml
JUSTUNKIwtn W'l|!i, n ,, lH ,rt 12 Hi a in
I " .an Haritlslura .(Warn
...Tat I'lilladolpbia ■; ii .u,
l.rlo Mail Wii'l Niagara K. Wort, l ock llaieu Ac ' Wool auU l>a Kiprva. I a.i n.akt. rlo.a
emu- i.en* at altli 1.4 ll KB train,.
Im WilSi liarro ami S' ratlinll
Sr. M> I WosU Nigyar. Ii Wpl anil Rri, Ri.
{!" "nl l-'ik ll.ii.t, Aovouimialatien WPS. luake
r: iiinnoptiun at WlUi.ima|H>rtwit iNO K\V .raina
l'rlp Mall Wpgi Niagara Ktprog. Wrat,and P*i K I
i. '.•etn.ak,clo,ouuwaun at loak Itt.ia w.U> K Ki
'' \ HH tlain
i Krle .4ait i.w .■■J W'. -t. nnr.erl at Krio wit!, trai.-iaj
'• * Msri: Ml.- I> l- i A V ttu, at!
-I A ** " 4A '' •" lJ al L.ii/ lat wllh
, Harler cam "111 run 1 lornu Plilla't. .|u ,nrt VTII
. ; I.e. t ui.. ilriv I'i. iVeat. Phlla
•i. i I .I ml r-lit t) iI, Kaat and .Sunday
•'* ■ It-plllf iraul all nigtil train*
W -U A. itAt.UWIN.
tirneral huporißlamleiit.
t _ ——
(Successor to J K. Miller A Non.)
Dealer in Pure Drugs and Medicines,
Dye stuff*, and Druggist's sundries.
For medicinal purposes.
Th* best t.rand* of
always in stuck.
• Prescription* carefully ('•ompoundod.
J as, Harris Co
IRO \. \ \ I LS,
1* A I N T S,
A K A K fcfli ANCS I
F-r a Sewing Machine.
ou call hat e your choice of the follow
i in* first class sewing machine* :
New American, St. Johu Domestic,
Dan ice, Singer,
Kemiugton, Howe,
ami Weed.
V. tin S.-ntii,; Machine spire of Bunnell A
; Ai k<*it, Ka* 1 Market street, l.*aklMn.
Aim |tart, attachment* and needles ftir
all machine#
Ureal inducement* for cash. Don't fui|
' o toe >L J hn, '.'.lung cntrcly
Hi ;Ma chin taken in part payment for
lew one# Soud 50cU to the above party
ind you will R.-t by return mail, 1 do*.
■"H. I nwdle# for any machine UOtinvly
Having diM'uveied, in a manner almot
i roridential. a p*itive cure fur Consump
tion and ali Lung Complaint*, 1 feel it my
luty to make known in a practical manner
iby furnishing a sample bottle, free of
-jcharge. to ail sufferers, my only hope oi
remuneration being that the medicine will
perform all I claim for iu The illgredi
jcuU are of the choicest herbal products
• and perfectly safe ; will ho sent free to all.
, Address at ..nee, Dr O. Phelps ttrown, 21
jOrmid .Street. -Wc City, N. J. or n.ay
in* had of J. K. Miller A Son, Druggist*,
Centre Hall. Pa jati 4 ly
c. T At KisHtu" C. M. Rowan
Untm^ l#a. Hellrftvnt# Np<Ul *t (matte*
S'*" tg> ti|lKUow, a.nd <>n LacV t®fl t rMlka
a> If <<♦*.; It- lin (lynui „d Ko*lt*h << t*
irtrwui btuMinc, mfTb <4 if
Fee Reduced ! Entire C st $55!
0 F.'tcnt Office Pee s;*,"> in advance, balance
S2O within tl months after patent
allowed. Advice and ex*
animation free.
Patent* sold
I -"bu Washington, D. C.
Henry Reinhart.
Coffin* of al' style* made on shortest no
tice. Undertaking strictly attended to
Chargn* reasonable 17 aue v.
iNervous Debility.
\ liai 'slww or Psprsulwa.s osk *l'mailed
feritnc. Ml, Mrarar. ciu, • ih. rrwali C.I Menial
Otw was*. I mi,#,r. ilea Org, n mom* dm la
Ui ottfiu U tlniji t ami l$
Humph icy s Homeopathic Specific
No. 28.
II 1 <<>■• n.i tnslcorslr# |b iJ-Ssm. disp#|, lb#
Slooa, #ad .trspunduc|. Im|mtu #tr#sU, and #nrr
; lep# lb# drain sad rr;us#natn lb# aatlr# nut
Ilt-cu used laaatf roan .Mi p#rt#ct #uom.t 7 Hums
#i J rrdeslms frlc*, Sl UOpor , tn Te rial
"? '*• nd asm, *UI of
is 'L receipt ..I |>rlo# Address
Kuiwa "v^ U, ' C M * du ' n# SKSEV. U "
„ lor Organs.
Factory Established in iB6O.
From the Press.
From <l. 1). White, Editor Hacketls- 1
t town, V J. H,.raid.
"The organ lias a rich, deep and aoul
; stirring tone ; could not stay in the house
, without it It helps wonderfully to drie
1 away the thoughts of hard limes."
The Lebanon Pa. Daily News,ays :
" " • "■ ' re- eipt of one of those five
1 m U h" I, !,r ' r i]:*"™** manufactured by
i 1) r. lieatty, Washington, N J Tfiis
igan is a Hue, soiid black walnut case.
;ii . in on,, it cannot lie ,-urpa*#ed bv any
i instrument of it kind "
From the Lowell Nel Register.
A e received tins week, direct from
, *he U. F. l„ atty. \\ ask.
mpe.n, N. .1 , his justly celebrated organ
, elegant iu, and hai dsomely
, furnished uuexcelied m richneas and now.
;or of tone We are more than pliTsli
,iWith it and heartily recommend it to any
jione contemplsting or purchasing an or
.l Best offer given Money refunded upon
elurn . I oivun and freight marges paid
Iby ni * (D. I- Ueattyl both ways if unsat
ijj! c f, alter a lost trial of five dvs
, Drgan warrunted lor six years. '
L^f* ,lIS w,l,,Uh ' every w hero, male or fe
imal. , to canvass for this superior instru
, inunt. Address D. F. BKATTY,
' v ashington New Jersey
. \\f '' Bs, AttorneyaiTuw
' '* r>i.|.ionie. Pa. Dffien with Ja
ll.'Msnui, esq.
hievmans' hotel;
bleand bur and excellent I
. stabnng f,.r irses. Al-o a fine re ort for!
rsumrn r borers. Bus* to do W k and
ionubfi 8 ° C#at? * CUUUIy " Cbergesj
Lot tor* of administration on lha aetata •
Daaid Rood, late of Per*u*on twjiJsUw'd,
la*ing boan granted to ttro undurignod
•II parson* knowing themsolms to bo in
debted lo Mid decedent ere requested to
make immediate payment, snd pvreon*
baring claims ag*inl tb eetart are rc
qineted to brine forward their claim* du
ly authenticated by law. for '#lll owe"' •
7 junflt. Adtn're.
AadeUMMretrlMlelk* mm* MMrttM. I"W i
lu hw IM VMS •" |fM <■" '
diret u ilii eMula t Iviinrom <*
, dlmmm/TV— f umaM >•
MeOialiaelel JiaiMUg.. ■ *
.<... niua ami tig ••• w
its-w terwribJssh£
i:imjky9m " ** Broadway, K. \
IL. BPAHOI.KB, Attorney at Law
, Consultations in English and Gcr
wan. Offic" In Fursl's naw building.
—aa<i. n mrnmmmmmm*a
- iJULZtinti
exclusive tale in Bellefock
Edwin C. Bnrts'
8 WIDTHS, the
Uiai jjj VflH(}s
Caif Skins,
All Kinds of Custom Work Mode To
Bithop Street, BKLLEFONTE. Pa.
30 may tf.
."BEATI'V Hifwr
Grand, Square and Upright.
Prom Geo E Letrher, firm of Wm. II
btfhsr A Bro., Bankers, Fay tte Ohio.
"We mceivial the piano and think It a
very fine ' ;. t J . n . . . :l hart. Wailed a
short uno to rive it a good uwt. If you
wish a word in lavor of it we will chk-r
--fully give IL"
Jsn.e I*. Erown. Esq., Rdwsrdai ilio
ll' * :
"fi Rcatty Tlano received give ertir
satis;*. K " A gen's wanted. Ren J fo
e Add;***, D. F. BKATTY.
DP- FORTNBY. Attorney at Law
IVellefoote. Ta. O* e over R.-v
--noMs bank may U C'J
Elegant stvW, with valoaikle Improve
menls. New and B auUfui Solo Stops,
ttver one thousaad Oigssiiti and Musi
cians indorse these orvsi.s and reoommend
them as strictly clam in Tone, Me~
chanism nmi durability- Wnrrantod for
six years.
M Mst EiegAut aud L*u+i Improved
Hsve ben awarded the Highest PreniL
urns in competition with others for sir® ••lic
ilv. Dunbiiity, Pn mptness, and Piano
like actiou.
Puro, sweet, and evenly balanced tone,
orchestral effects, and instantaneous nc
cem which may be bad to the reeds.
Bend for Price Ltst. Address,
Washington, New Jersey,
SKTTLKMKNT. —Notice is hereby giv*
en, that the books belonging to tho
estate of Peter Ruble, Jec*d, trill remain
in the handi of Aaron Lukenbach, until
Oct. Ist, next, where all knowing them
selves indebted to said estate are requested
to call and make settlement. All accounts
remaining unnaid after said date, Oct- 1,
will be placed into the hands of a proper
officer fur collection.
By order of the Executors.
Tuts standard article Is com
pounded with the greatest care.
Its effects arc as wooderlUl ana
as satisfactory as ever.
It restores gray or faded hair to
its youthftil color.
It removes all eruption*, itching
and dandruff. It givea the head a
cooling, soothing sensation of great
comfort, and the scalp by its use
becomes white and clean.
By its tonic properties it restore*
the capillary glands to their normal
vigor, preventing baldness, and
making the hair grow thick anil
As a dressing, nothing has beeu
found *0 effectual or desirable.
A. A. llayes, M. D., State As
aayer of Massachusetts, says, "The
constituents are pure, and carefully
selected for excellent quality; and
I consider it the Bkst Preparation
for its intended purposes."
Price, One Dollar.
Buckingham's Dy©
This elegant preparation may bo
relict! on to change the color of the
beard from gray or any other un
desirable shade, to brown or black,
at discretion. It is easily applied,
being in one preparation, and quick
j ly and effectually produces a per
j mancist color, which will neither
j rob nor wah off.
| Manufactured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
I MA ty s'J SngKtfr, at SoSsw b