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4 Oreliord nnri Nwreen.
Puffers AND OATRS Look tfttt Ute
faaoes and gates, and SAO that Umj ore
e >sod iiprtiriHt stray cattle, which may
oostroy young trees, by breaking of
Hiuoo, or iu many can AS snapping off
the ah. le tree and Uma completely rain
Yonng traea r- t this fall shonld liavc
a monril of <artli, a foot or more in
height iiawd around the foot of the
atom, to steady them daring heavy
winds and prevent their being thrown
by frost This is less trouble and Ivetter
than stntics.
Altos AND Rvnnrrs. After mow*
si rmn tramp tho wiow firmly arouu.l
the U'ti; v., to keep away mice. A strip
of tarred paper, a foot or mora wide,
t .1 around the base, will prevent troth
rabbits and mice from guawing. Rlood
sprinkled upon the trunks is the beat to
koop ort rabbits on a large scale. Trap
or shoot ail rabbits found in the orch
ard* i r garden, as they destroy ahruba
as well as trees.
Penning may be done during spoils of
mil.) wed a or, provided the onto arecov
e od with a <vvd of paint, melted graft
ing wax, or shellac varnish, to protect
tho surface from tho weather.
Ciows—Cut at any tiuse when the
tre< arc not frozen, and store iu aaw
tliit-t or aar.d in the cellar. Have evv>ry
variety lain-lev! as toon as cut.
HEELED JX Tuns. —'Therv> is no dan
ger of lo if the earth is properly work
ed in around the root* and the air ia ex
cluded. If there ia danger of water
Settling around the tree* during the
wiuler, iuake drains to carry it off.
CU an away rubbish, so that no mice can
fl.'d a harboring place among them.
Peach stones should be buried in a
diy place, so as to have the full effects
ot the frosts. Put plum and cherry
stones in boxes with earth.
Koor ORAJTTXO. —Store the stacks in
earth tu the eeliar, and daring cold and
stormy days graft them, taking care to
keep the varies distinct — Agriculturist*
Wistvr Oala.
Of lato ww have noticed several ar
tistsa going the rounds of the agricul
tural prv-sn, tho writer* of which speak
highly of what are termed " winter
ocits." Proui the tone of these Articles,
as well as from inquiries received from
e : respondents asking for further infor
matiou in regard to these oats, we are
ill dined to Iwliev* that many persona
are mialod into thinking that they are
new or distinct varieties from those
known to our Northern farmers. But
these so-called winter oats receive their
name from the common practice of sow
ing this grain in the fall in many parts
of the Middle and Southern States, in
stead of the spring, as is the general
practice in colder latitudes. The oat is
what may be called a half-hardy animal.
At. 1 where the winter is not too severe it
m.iy be sown with safety in the fall, and
tL plants will come out in spring even
m re vigorous than if the sowing was
delayed to the latter season. Some of
our Southern farmers who have con
siderable experience in this matter as
sure us that fall sown oats are always
in, re certain and far less liable to rust
than those sown in spring.
Of course, there are different varieties
cultivated in the South as well as in the
N nth, same being better adapted to the
*rd*fe than others; but those originat
ing in Vermont may prove after trial to
be just as good a winter oat as one pro
uuotwl in Georgia. There are no dis
tinctive characteristics by which winter
oats can be distinguished from spring or
summer oats ; but, through repeated
trials certain sorts are found to succeed
bvrier in the South when sown in the
fall than in spring, and to these the
above name is applied.
tun Warn.
W alh T LAS enabled farmers to finish
tip th&r fall work, and posh on with
thit for spring. It would be well to
keep on &s long as the weather remains
favorable, for w® know not what spring
may bring forth. Work should be done
with ri-galarity, and not by " fits and
B?arts." At this season the hoars of
work may be shortened, and the day's
labor lie finished at four o'clock. There
is much work that may be done indoors;
reading, studying, planning for tho fu
ture, which are all equally as necessary
to be done as plowing and digging
drains. By apportioning the time to
difft rent labors cne may often get
through more work than in other ways.
By-tern is everything in planning work,
an I goes a great way in doing it By
economizing the rime, there may be five
hours tidily set apart for reading.
About the house everything should be
done to make things snug, and all requi
sitions made by the housekeepers at
tended to at once. Winter time is an
exacting period for housekeepers, and
everything thonld be done to relieve
their necvArj work of mack of its
weight. Fuel should be put under
cover, and properly prepared for con
venient use. Drains should be made to
carry off water ; a place provided for
slops and watte, where thoy may be
saved for use as fertilisers; the cellar
thoroughly cleaned, whitewashed and
protected; shelves put up where needed;
r porches for protection around the doors
y and well should be made, and all these
done without considering that any undue
calls are made upon the patienoe or the
time of the farmer or mechanic. The
home should be considered first.—
CMIIIK the t nldrr for Dairy Stork.
A correspondent writes that he has
been advised to adopt the practice of
cooking food for his dairy stock the
oomiiig winter. He desires to know
"if there are any objections that have
b-.en urged against the practice, and if
so, what they are."
While the oooking of food for stock
has been warmly urged by various
writers in this country for a number of
years past, the practice does not seem to
be received with especial favor by farm
or at least it has not spread to the
extent that we should naturally suppose
it would if all the advantages claimed
for such feeding can be relied upon.
What seems most remarkable in connec
tion with this practice is that it has
never fonnd general favor in England,
where cattle foods ore comparatively
dear, and where the economy of feeding
is made a study by scientific and practi
cal minds. The English feeder prefers
to cut his straw and coarse fodder into
chaff, mingling with it pulped turnips
and allowing the mass to slightly fer
ment before feeding. It is stated by
English authorities that cooked food is
liable to induce various diseases in
young stock, heifers being attacked
with black leg, black quarter, speed,
etc., while other cattle suffer from
splenetic apoplexy, sheep from broxy,
anl horse t from albuminous nephrites,
particularly when cooked food has been
Ts Kill Cabkase Warm*.
Hot water is recommended to be ap
plied to cabbages that are infested with
the pierin rapec —sprinkled on from a
fine rose we taring oan. The water may
be l>oiliug hot when put in the can, but
it will not be too hot when it reaches
the cabbage leaves. The thick fleshy
naiur-i of the leaves enables them to
withstand considerable beat with very
little injury. The sacrifice of a few
heads of cabbage will soon teach an cx
peri mentor how far he can go with the
hot water. A Rural Home correspond
ent speaks also from his own experi
ence, and says: I heat water to nearly
a boiling heat, and put it on with a
oommon watering pot, with the sprink
ler removed. If it is very hot it will
eolor some of the leaves, bnt it does not
seem to hurt the cabbage in the least.
Ibis will kill the young worms and
nearly all the old ones. There will
sometime* be a few that do not get
with the water. These oan be
picked off with a small pair of pincers.
If there are not a great many, the last
remedy will do.
gentleman, on walking out one
Snndsy evening, met a young Soot eh
peasant girl, w' ose parents lived near
Lis he use. " Where are you going,
Jenny \" said he. " Looking for a son
in-law for my mother, sir."
IMWSMIai lleaaa Oee Ilea# wad * breed.
Judge Bond, of the United State# court, de
cided the AaNvis corpus case of the board of
Stale canrasner* of South Caaoliua, and dis
charged the member* from arreet under the
contempt proceedings of the supreme court of
the State The report of the Itamoeratic
committee who went to has been
made. The committee quote from Uie elec
tion laws to how that Ute returning board
had no jurisdiction over the electoral vote,
there being no law a* to who count the
vote whatever They asy that Uie law was
not complied with as to protest* by anpervteora
front the intimidated pariahea. They do not
deny that there waa no law lees neea, but they
do not admit that Intimidation waa proved.
They report that colored men tu Louisiana are
not necessarily Republicans.
Mew York city revenue ofllcerw oiplured an
Illicit distillery which, with its contents, was
valued at #45,000 A widow named Collin*,
while temporarily Insane, drowned her two
Utile daughters la the canal at Brjreou. Can.
The body of one of them has been recovered.
... ..Valparaiso suffered from a large confla
gration. which burned for two day* and de
stroyed a vast am mat of pr\>i<e*iy The
naval cmututsntou re;H>rts tu favor of abandon
tng the naval eetahltahaianla at h" LJU4.UI,
Sew Orleans and Brunswick, lia The
Colorado Legislature elected the Hon Usury
A. Telkr a* United States Senator for ut
years, beginning next March New it atop
shires Constitutional < v.itod to
abolish the religious test and to held the elec
tions In November biennially By the
hrtganllue Capt. Sttemao driving .ashore at
Hrrrtng Cove, near Hall fat, durtug the recent
heavy storm. four persona wrrs drowned
F. O. Pruiee. Democratic caud,date for mayor
of Boston, waa elected by a majority of t.ioO
Congreeeman A. S. Hewitt, chairman of the
Democratic national executive committee, has
issued tjie following address, by order of tho
Cimlttee: To the people ef the United
tee The rational lWmocralie committee
UUSOUUM M lb© IMUiC of lit* ISMltlfttUtl
tlwdiiD held ou the ivTMiUi of Nuroalw, ihc
eleouou of Rawuol 3. Tihieu, of Now York, as
President, and Thctnas A. Hendricks, of la
diana, u Yh>© Prmadcut of the l ulled M>i.
We oongretulai© yea ou the victory for re
form. It now only remain* for the two lloueee
of l\>n*r*©a. in the performance of their duty
ou the second Wednesday of February next, to
give effect to the will of the people, time
expressed in the Constitutional mode by a w
jonsy of the electoral to tee, end xx: firmed by
• majority of all the Statee, as well ae by an
overwhelming majority of all the people of the
I'aited Statee. In reply to thir, Z Chandler,
chairman of the uational Republican commit
tee, hae issued the following An address ha*
been iaaued by the Democratic committee. It
M the last desperate attempt to prop a tailing
cause. Gov Havre haa been fairly elected by
a clear majority of the electoral vote*. There
no indication that any rightminded ciuieii
hae a doubt ae to the The address of
the Democratic committee is an impudent and
audacious attempt to prejudice and permit
the public judgment. Hayes and Wheeler are
elected, and the will of the American people
will be earned oat and maintained.
By the breaking of an tcebndg* in the Ohio
near Cincinnati a tail -ay bridge was carried
off. and a number of coal targes swept away.
New York city banks aie endeavoring to have
their taxes reduced Intense suffering
exists among the poor of New York, and the
city misaionanee continually appeal for aid.
The Democratic Slate central committee
ef New Hampehire adopted resolutions declar
ing their belief in the election of Mr. Tilden,
and calling on all fair minded men of all par
tlee to secure his inauguration In Indiana
the Democrats have called for mass meeting*
to be held in different parts of the State to
consider the political sanation In many
of the Western cities one hundred and **!#>-
five gun* were fired by the Republicans as a
signification of their belief that GOT. Hayes
was elected President The United States
war steamer Michigan, which has been sta
tioned on Lake Erie, has virtually been pot
out of eommi'sion—nearly all the office**
having been transferred and the crew dis
charged Third-elaes Midshipmen Joseph
Beal, of Washington, and It. M. Barclay, of
Missouri, were dismissed from the Annapolis
naval academy for hizing The president
of Brooklyn's board of health, after witnessing
he cremation of Baron dc Palm, says that he
is not convinced of the ' necessity nor adapta
bility of the process to pur times and eountry.
Fourteen steamer*, which had been laid
np in winter quarters at St. Louis, were canght
in an ice jam which cqme from above and were
crushed, several of tbem being totally wrecked.
The loeses amonnt to 9350 000.
In an altercation in Albany,* N. Y., 3ft*.
Robert McDonald, in defense of herself from
an aseanlt by her bnsband, shot him in the
bead Reports from Little Rock, Ark., are
to the effect that a moat disastrous ootflagr. -
tion raged in the city, great damage,
and at oce time'Ybreatsned the entire place
with dee'rnction The most disastrous fire
which has visited Augusta, Me.,- in twelve
years is reported. The loesee amount to 920,-
000 Wm. M. Ream, a banker of Somerset,
Ohio, was taken from his bod by masked men
and foroed to open the bank vault under pen
alty of deatn. The men took therefrom 910,-
200 and escaped On the alarm being given,
the citizens aooured the eonntry unsuccessfully.
Geo. Crook's forces are in camp on the
north fork of the B-lle Foarehe, recuperating
for future action A 940 000 incendiary
fire is rep-orted from Blackville, S. 0.. and
another frcm Florence, in the same State
By the sinking of the steamer Homar hi the
Red river ten deck paaseugets were drowned
The vessel and cargo were a total toe*
Mayor Wirkham, of New York, was appoint!d
by Jndge Brady receiver of the Hecurity life
uivuronee oompany, which has failed with
liabilities of 93,150,000 and asset* of 91,943.-
President Grant, in his letter to the United
Statee Senate, replying to the resolution re
questing information as to ' whether Uoope
of the United States were stationed at the city
of Petersburg, in the State of Virginia, on tho
seventh of November, 1878," answers: "It
msy be that the presence of twenty-four
United Statee soldiers, tinder the command of
a captain and lieutenant, q Bartered in the
custom boose of Petersburg, Vs., oa the
seventh of November, at a considerable die
tanoe from any polling place, without any in
terference on their part whatever, and without
going near the polls during eleoUon. may hare
secured a di/crani result frvtn rch&jsould have
been obtatned if (hey had not 'mm Hurt (to
maintain the peace in case of rlot) cm the fate
of the returns. Bat if inch is the ease, it
is only proof that la this one eongreasiona
district in the HUte of Virginia the legal and
constitutional voter* have been able to return
M elected the candidate* of their choice."
The italic* are the l'reeident'a. He also eende
to the Senate a communicationfrom General
Sherman in which the gnmftl that a
detachment of troop* waa necessary at >eter
burg to preserve the peace, and they ware
sent. The incloeure alac embraces affidavit*,
etc , relative to the i eoeaeity for troop* at
I'eterabnrg, covering aome thirty page* of
inanuacript Wade Hampton we* inaugu
rated governor by tlie Demoaatee Legislator®
of South Carolina, being aworn m bf tadge
T. J. Mackey. The ceremony
.aving been ooncluded, be WMattted upon
the ehouldeie of the multitude
through the etrcete from CarellnaJTtawo jjß
Wheeler Houae in the ram* btecki k£faK he
delivered hie inangural addra**7la|jßßß|jj*
protected against the acta of
party and Qov. ChamberiaindH
peaoe but eameatnese in all a^H
The official return* show (H
eratic elector* for the
received 103,612 votes;
14,662 vote*.
Total vote, 148,164, loot
State election of
buildlnge were burned in Xiialip^RSCpliany
of them oocupied by proms
The loaees amount to
620 000. The original fire ie enpjjj^Hpilnrve
been incendiary ,-Tbe loeeefjHßKjUuie
Book fire aggregate #l4O 000, dKjK Ineor
too* #60.000. There fa not * flri*E bote!
left in the city. en altegHjhnn a
ateamboat at New Orleans, two djßHHietei;
we shot by a white deck hMMggKgg
tempting to return to the • teamer g
put off Aprowd of colored men jaHHSpd
as the police were taking tfcaptfiß9Hp%*
station house, they were and
their prisoner taken (ma them White tueu
then recaptured the (.rieoner, and oti • reen
forced body of the police attempting to re
more hint to the centre) station, they were eel
tt|Htn by the Infuriated mob of col< red men
with stones end pistole, when the police re
turned the Are. Twenty colored men end four
white men were injured ... Inspectoi Ositeral
Jea. A. Ilardte died in Washington An et
curaion Irani consisting of en engine end one
coach was thrown from Uie (rack near lA
favette, Ind., by a broken wheel. and the coach
waa demohnlied after rolling down a thirty
foot etubenkmcul. Half e doieu of tho occn
l>euia were eerioualy injured, atuoug them
sereral newspaper inen.. The New Hamp
ah ire Constitutional oouveitltou adopted
amendments providing that n niovals fr. in
office shall not be made for political reasons,
and that public money shall ucl be appro
priated for sretattan ech^da
l'he gvivi rc.meiii fuices of Colombia, Mouth
America, bare defeated Die lusurgruls after
several d< operate battle* ... t>wing to the
dulUnsa of work four bundled rmp.oyesa if
the goTerumeul printing bureau lu Waah
ingtou Lave been discharged. Two .birds of
thetu were women. ... the schooner Henry
KI hot I, of Thoiuseton, Me., we: t aaluire u ar
tUnntieOock tight, l.oi g Island. in the recent
severegele, and Die ca| lain, Lie wife and niue
year Lt chhd were awe t overt .aid and
drowned Two satlore wore Jiowned while at
letuptiog to escape from the stop it. utroee,
ashore near Mnmauk Toiut. Numerous other
disasters a:e recordist of the violeuoe of the
siottu, which prevailed over the enure country.
n.ere are grave fears of a general famine in
the Madits district, li d:a .. News from
Mexico Muiiniu the informal.eti of the cap
ture of Prrsdteut Lrrdo. I'lr refuse.! to pro
claim the \ resiliency of Iglesias unless he was
to be allowed t~ name four members of the
cabinet, which being refused, he proclaimed
himself provisional president. The two rivals
will now contend attaiust each other It is
stated on good authority at Alexandria that
the khedive of Egypt is dnsatiadsd with hi*
Aturtican military officers, and has uotided
l hem that their coutracts w U not be renewed
The Charter Oik lusnrauce company of
Hartford, Conn., purchased twenty five build
ing e in the luaiufes poitiuu of New Yurk from
Edward Matthews, paying the sum of |i TV? -
000 therefor It. 11 A 11 Ki.lght A Co. s
Ueachmg and kier houses at Poutiao, lb 1.,
were destroyed by fire, l.oss from 91N.i MO to
9200,000 . ijroige 11. Friend A Oo.'s paper
mult at Can oil ton, thio, were burned, inflict
ing a lore of f-0,000 or ♦VO.COO .... The trunk
hue managers agreed that there should be no
diserim.unou in favor of lUiltmore ai d 1 bils
delphia against New York etc.-pi cu fre ght*
designed for local consumption .... General
Wm F. Uartiell died at IMlrfield, Mass, after
a lingering il leas Dr. l.iwin Eidrtdge,
the philanthropic golds nan who gave the
handsome park to Eiuura, Sew York , died IU
(hat city of congestion of the lurgs Eleven
buildings, including the United States land
office, were destroyed by Are at Fargo. Dak.ta
Territory It ia believed l.i Berlin that war
in Eastern Europe is inevitable. 1. may be
kept off nntil spring, but the best German an
thortuos say it la rare to oorue .... West Vir
ginia's official vote gives Titden 50 505 . Havre,
41,396, and Cooper, 1,387.
Governor Hampton, of South Carolina, wrote
a polite note to Governor Chamberlain, in
forming the Utter that he (Hampton) had
qualified as governor, and requested that the
great seal of 8: at# be delivered. Governor
Chamberlain politely replied that he did uot
recognize in Gov. H any right to make such a
demand, and he should not comply with the
request. The correspondence wa directed to
D. U . Chamberlain, Esq., and to Wade llamp
ton, Esq. It is anticipated In at the fiist clash
or c inflict between the two governors will
pro bally originate with the county officials ap
pointed by the respective governors. The till
to pie vest and punish any person or persons
for selling up a government in opposition to
the leg.tiuatc government, pasted to lis thud
reading in the Republican Uoiwe and was aant
to the Seuate. It eels forth that if any psriou
or persons ebail set up, or attempt to set up,
or uanUtu or attempt to matntaiu a govern
ernment for the of flouth Carouua, with
in the limits of the said Stale, iu oppoa.Uon to
the legitimate and lawful government thereof,
he or they ahall be deemed guilty of felony,
and on conviction thereof ahall be punish sd by
imprisonment In the penitentiary for a term
of not less than ten nor more than forty year*,
or pay a fine of not lees than #lO 000 nor more
thsu 9100,000, me or both, vr.tlun the discre
tion of the court.
Four children of R. Mclnuee were bnrned to
death in his bouse at Heoond Conaeeuon. Cau.
The father was terribly burned iu the eu lessor
to rescue them The N'atioual paper com
pany lost their warehouse at H-dyoke, Mas* ,
by Are. Lies, 934,00): in nuance. 912,000
A frightful colliery explosion took place
in the pit of the Bouth Wales company near
Newport. Seventeen bodies were recovered
and many uuneis taken out seriously injured.
The merchants of Savannah, Ga , are
prospecting with good success for a line of
steam-hips between that port and Liverpool.
| ..... Eight persons were killed end fifteen
| wounded by a railway collision in Belgium ....
' The legislator* of Denmark are at loggerhead*
with the king, and the situation looks senous.
Minuter Washbuyie has presented Presi
dent Grant's apologies to the Dnke Deoazes,
minister of foreign affairs, for the am at at
Philadelphia of Capt. Aufrye, naval attache
to the French legation at Washingt u, and
delegate French commissioner to tlie Centen
nial Exhibition at Philadelphia, at the in
stance of on© of the Exhibition policemen
Another deett active fire broke out in the dis
trict left sninjnred from the recent conflagra
tion in Little Rock. Ark., and considerable)
property was destroyed. As before, the water
supply was limited The governor of Ala
bama has arranged with the national hank of
the State of New York t pay the January in
terest on the new Alabama bonds no us t p ex
change for the old ones in order to adjust tbo
debt In the inquest before the Brooklyn
coroner, it transpired that when the theater
was burned within which so many lives wore
lost, the fire extinguishing spparatns on the
stage was covered by heavy scenery Gen.
Miles has again dofeated hitting Bull, and two
hundred lodges came in and enrrcodeied.. ..
The auotion sale of John Taylor Johnston's
art collection In New York rea'ized 9138,000
tho first nignt. The Uighrnt price paid was
♦II.OOO for Mstasnmar'a " S ildiors at Cards.'"
fho collection ffaa the finest in the ootintry.
Gen. Orook'a annual report says that
miners iu the Black Iliila did not violate the
Sioux treaty until long after the Indiana had
oeaaed to regard it. He eot-m* to think that
the government has treated the Sioox nation
with nnparaheled liberality, which they have
repaid by rajfctlong the border of the reser
vations, limited only by the power of the en
durance of their ponies The steamer
Montana, i tinning ont of Bau Prancisoo to
ports on the Pacific, was burnod to the water's
edge with her valuable cargo. The passengers
aud ere * escaped.... Anarchy reigns iu Lower
California, and the new governor has levied
on the people for 934 000 to pay his govern
I What Will They Do!
According to n statement of the
president of tho Now York Wnrkiug
' men's Assembly there were 45,375 work
gagmen in that city out of employment,
■fis workingmon themselves declare that
[MpN is no hope for work thin winter.
do not see a chance to earn their
UMkad in that city or anywhere else. The
Hn ia stated when it in said that those
; trades which teed the clothing basilicas
hire pretty lively, knt in all the skilled
■>or connected with building there is
■thing doing. The mechanics are now
■ bard pressed that there are tbonsauds
Bf their families now on the verge of
destitution, with the hard, idle winter
before them. The situation ia becom
ing desperate,
A young man in Bridgeport, Ooua.,
pulled back so hard, when his compan
ions hauled him up to-the bar to drink,
that one of his arms waa broken. Tho
truth of the story ia vouched for by the
Bridgeport newspapers.
The figures of-the Massachusetts State
census justify the theory that the for
eign born population of that State is
more prolific than the native. The
average number ef children of the native
mothers is 3.52, while of the foreign
born it is 4.91. The rule ia probably
general, in New England at least, if not
in the oountry. v '
rwrrKD NTATKS conuhkss.
Pha resolution of Mr. Ilayaid (Dam.), of
Oalawars, directing the attorney general to
oowmuntrato to the Noli ate the tiilal linuibwr
of doputy luarwhal* employed throughout the
Pulled Kialow, in oounwcUou with Uie elooUon
of Novwru' er 7 lawt, the iiiimlwr ao em|>luywtl
Ut each Hlato. and each voting prooluot ro
•iwcuvwly, and Uie length of Utuoeo euiployod,
la> adonloil.
Mr. Kdmunda submitted an amendment to
the hill pievidtng that the aiiprwuie court of
Uie Putted Statee count the electoral vole,
making the meastue applicable to Uie present
Presidential contest, lu c**e li tw istilled by
three foui tha of Ihe State*, etc . an a* to pro
vi le that the tvtiu shall 111 a day nut later
than Kebiuaiy 10, 1*77, for the count, and |irn
ceed with it (mm day lo day 11 la dla|Mieed
of. Agreed to ™
Numeft'ti* petition* of religion* and tem
)K> urgaiiltauoiut Itiroughout the country
wete I'lnei 010 i by veilotu seuatoiw praying
iVuigftsa lo take aio|ie to pndiiblt Uw uiauu
fs.'luie ai d sale of alcoho l* b.jurrs as a t-ev
oisgc iu tlw I>;strict uf Columbia aud the Ter
ril ties of the k'tilled Males, all uf which Were
Uw Jo. Nt resolution pi op, wing an auioud
nwut to Uie i oiistltutt. n a.i a* to have llie
electoral vole cotiulod hv the eiiprome court
waa ducum-d at * uie 1 iiglti, hading mom
beta taking p*i 1 lull M It >gy (Hem ). uf
Mieacuit, said that lu the present .aijileat if
tho court nllotll I J(S-|.|o 111 fav, r of l'lldeu It
would be deiioiinced. and It 11 should decide
in favor of tlavee it would likewise be de
nounced. I'lu counting .f Uw vole waa not a
fuuctiuu which belonged to the judicial de
lauluieiit of l e goverumeut, ll was a func
tion which I'lOJwn ly l>eluge.l lo tlio legislative
dej aiituei >. Ihe vote was then taken and
Uie joiul resolution was rejected, ytas four
teen, uayv a* fullowa
\** Meesra. Allison, Anlboiy Mine.
ltun Bide, Conkluig bdmuuds, l'erry, Preliiig
huyweu, llsiulm, llih-hcock, kov, Moirtll,
West, aud Wright fuUlleeu
Nriß Mevai*. Atcoru. ltayard,, lkwvth,, t'anu mi Pa. i, Chaffee, Clay 1011, Con
over, laaes. 1, Kaion, lioldihaaile,
llamil.ou, lUr.ey, , .ga Is, Jones (P.a.), Ker
uan, I.tig an, Mcirenry, Matey. Mortuu, Nor
wood, Patterson, Pel r bauJo'ph. Hsrgenl,
I'llui ma i, Wallace, Whyte, and W'l'.hors
lu dtecuasiug the j.oliUcal .juration, Mr.
tihormau IU pI, of Ohio, rant the vule uf
Klonda auu Lounuoua wa* in dispute. A* to
Oiegou. he did n.4 think that case would rise
to the dlgi Hy ufa dispute. lie lieheved Ihe
11.modal - candidate himself wuulj scorn to
bold Uie . fti.-o of Presidout lu | of
such a fraud. A* lu i> nth I'amhna, be tie
heved that it a a* conceded by all that the oloc
loial vote -ias for Haves and Wl ester.
Mr**ra. llaiubilph (Utiu. >. uf New Jersey,
and Wither* iDani t, of Virginia, dewed lUat
there • any *uch uuueeaeiou.
The Satiate | aaci-J the Hiiiiw bill to pay the
i'tasideubal electoral iumm : ger* at Uio rata
of iwtuty-fire null j*r mile,
Mr. ought (Hep), of lowa, gave unties
'.bat be a u'd call up 'be bill reported from
Uie committee ott Civil ictvice and retrench
ment rodomug ibe salary of the I'reeidrut of
liie Uu.lcxt Slates from fiti 01X1 to f i:S,dUO per
Ihe pay of w uitaaee before c muutlee* an
flitil at r J |ei day and llvo cents pat mile
traveling fare.
i'eliU lie in favor of leguUt.uii to prohibit
Lt e manufacture and rale of alcoholic liquors
a- a beverage lu the d.atuct of Columb.a and
lrrritoriee of (he I'u.Ud Matte are pieeenled
Mr. Wt ghl i Hep 1, of luwa, introduesd a
hill to eetaohah a cour. for the trial of couteat
cd electtona in the t ihcra of I'reaidet.t and
Vice-l'roaidtnt of tiio l'i lte-l Stales.
Mr. E Im.u.d- Hep. 1, of V#rmont, ra ted up
the resolution auouuitcd by mm. r< for ring the
nie**ago of tbr lloUae of Hapreaamativos on
the sul-jecl of the i'reaideiitial electiou to a
anted euumnttee of wnii acnalora. to act with
the Uuuae in prcpuuig a meaauie
beet caictUalad lo aocouipliah iLo lawful count
lug uf Iho altCUiral votes, and the beet dlapo
eilion of ah queenou* connected iherewuh ;
and ll waa uuan uijualy agrted lo without dia-
Mr. Wright Hep i, of lowa, called up the
bill reducing the salary uf the Urendt ul of the
L'ulCed Slalew flum fbU.WW Lo txVOOO |w>(
annum, which paecd btuh Ho,nice of t'uugreee
at Uie lee; r.uveiou and wan vetoed by tl.a
Hiesideut. Ihe i)uce'.lou being, ahall tlie bill
pas* notwiihatautjiu the objection* of the
t rtaidcut. It wae lejecietl by a Vt tv of tweut) -
hve yean lo nineteen uaya not the ueceaaaiy
lao-Unrde Toung tu the affirmative. lhe vole
was aa follows : .
Vm -Ueware. Alcorn, Bogy, flay ton. fock
reil. t'onkuug. Ciagiu. Davis. Dawes, balm,
Kerry, Goldlhwai'.e. Haivey, lliichoock, Jotiue
i in. Ktuuau, Key, Mcfreeiy, Matty, Murvld.
Motion, I'lice, Sl< inao, Thurman, Whvlo,
Wright—twenty Ova.
Nil* M i—xt. Anthony, Itanium, llayaril,
H Is u:L, Ilouivnii,, Cameron
P , Chaffee. Doner, IJmaudv, IlamLu. ln
galla. Jouoi il'.il, Mitchell. N >rwood. IV.-
Uock, Wiudutn Wiihors DluolSctt.
Mr. iuga:i* i Hep.), i f Kauca, tuhm.tled a
coucurreo: resulaitun accepting the vlatuos of
hamuol Aili.u.- aiul John Wiutlirup, (irMH>ulsd
to ttio I i.l J -lal4m by M wiolman, and
rvturiuuc tho thanks tf CongrMa lo the (Male
cf MwucliOKlia Agraad to.
11 Ml MS,
Mr. mair(Hep), of New Ilviapehlre, Iniro
dcccd a eHiu'.uUiHtal amendment forbidding
tha manafaciore and sale cf distill*l IKpiom
as a after the year I*.*). tn-ferrd.
The rsp cwki-r In 1 tivfern iba llmue the re
signatHSi of .Htr.llli Ely. Jr., aa rt-j>resentalive
fiom the S ate of Hew Vorfc.
The r appointee, a- ire <• ucmittee to
li <|Utre at whether fracda have t-eeo iirec
tireJ in tue elecuon in New York. Booth n,
Jnrey Oty and Philadelphia, Mown. Cox
i,l>. wVof Nt-w Yivk, Mi- (Dem ), of lhio,
tVa Well (lh u ). cf North Caioiir.a, McDongel.
(liep ), of New York, and Well* (Hep), of Ml
1 he bill lo ullhco the predo-la cf gold and
aiirer nuiu a was diacuaoed at some teegib,
Mr. Bland (Dem.), of Mu urt, cliwu.g the de
oato. and then the veto waa taken, and the
aiilwtunte to i; o F it waa agreed lo without a
division. The t ill tha* iffltndvit waa naaaed
yeae IC7, na s fifty-three. It it aa follow* :
A bid a.u'.unksi g the co ning of a standard
silver dollar, and rvetortng na legal tender
'Dial there sliall be, fr ra time to Luna, coin
ed at tho miiite of the I'iuUhl .Males silver dol-
Urw of the weight of 41'JI grams of •tandard
•ilver to t ie duller, as pruviifed for in the art
of Jan. 18. 1-17 ; and thai said dollar ahall be
a legal t*nd>r ft* a'l debts, public and pri
iate, except where the [ aymcut of go d c da
U rttjiured by law.
Mr. Koott hem ). of Kentaoky. chairman
of the Jn 1 c-.ary committee, reported the fol
lowing roeolnUon :
ltftoier.l Tb' a committee of seven mem
bers be appoint. Iby ibe Hpeakcr of the H< use
to ascertain andrrport what are the privileges,
powers and doner of the II ..ue of lleprt aen
talivew In coniuing tho vo'.a for President and
Vios-President of (he United Mates, and lhat
said committee have leave to report at any
time. The resolution waa adopted without di
vision. A resolution waa also adepied appoint
ing a committee of eeyou mt-ml>eni to act in
conjunction with any similar ccmmiilee that
mav be appointed by tho Henate lo prepare
aid report without delay such a measure,
either loKirlativo or constitutional, as may in
their Judgment be best rvlc-uUled to accom
plish the desired end. That said committee
havo leave to report at any lime.
The bill maku g appropriations to meet the
expenses of investigating committees was
passed as reported from the committoe on ap
The Hones Inertaaed the i'ost-offloa appro
priation bill so a# to provide for faal mall ser
I'i the Mouse the hißhest testimonial* were
I "Aid to tlio memory of Ihe ls!o Hpctker Ken
ny miiiy of the ox nibero.
A discussion ocenrred on A tolegrkjihlo eom
uianira'ion from Mr. Morrison, < hsirmsn of
the Loaisisna investigating c rumittee. osllioK
the etteutio:i of the House to tho refusal of
rreetdeut Ort .n to surrender all the tele
graphic dispalrliM sent by the national Re
publican t-xocutive committee during the I'iosi
dential mmpaign. The oom-uNtiication was
referred to the eoinmittee on the judiciary.
Mr. Knott < Di<m I, of Kentucky, chairman
of the jadieiary o<unaiilUc, iiilrodnood a hill
prescribing the method of cou- tioir tho elec
toral rote- for I'reeident and Vioo-l'residsnt.
Ilcrferred to tho select oommitlce on tho sub-
MR Hunter (Rep.V of Indiana, moved to
•nspend ttu> ruled ami adopt the reolation|m
utructiiig Uie judiciary coiiim.tlec to report on
thn acuondmuut to theCenaOloUoa prohiMtinn
tho payment of war o!airu to disloyal person*.
Carriid—yaa-. 150; tidv*, sixty-three.
The resolution to adjourn over tho holidaya
wan adopted - yean, 121 ; nata. i2
The Foitiflcatioo Appropriation till was
padieit. It appropriated fIPO.OOO for tho pro
toctioo, prom rration and repair of fortifica
tion* : f 100,000 for tho armament of aea ooaat
fortihcitu ti*, and for torpodoe*.
Total, §350 Pr O
To IBstliigiiUh t'<dton from Wool.
Ravel out tho suspected cotton fllier
from Ibo wool and apply flume. Tho
cotton will burn with a flush, tho wool
will ctirl np, carbonise, and omit a burnt,
disagreeable smell. Even to tho nuked
eye tho ootton i* noticeably different,
from tlio filament" of wool, nud nnder
the magnifier this difference comta out
atrongly. The cotton is n flattened, more
or lean twisted baud, having a very
striking resemblance to Jiair, which, ID
reality, it is; since in the condition of
elongated cells, it linos the inner sur
face of the pod. The wool may be rec
ognize*! at once by the zigzag transverse
markings on its fibers. The snrfsoe of
wool is covered with these fui rowed and
twisted fine cross linen, ot which there
nre 2,000 to 4,000 in an inch. On this
structure depends its felting property.
Finally, a simple and very striking
chcmioal test may be applied. The
mixed goods are unraveled, a little of
the cotton fiber put into one dish and
the woolen in another, and a drop of
strong nitric acid added. Tho cotton
will be little or not at all affected; the
wool, on the contrary, will be changed
to a bright yellow. The color is due to
the development of a picrate.
Looking it the Wreck.
•• Oath" write* to tho (fraphie of
the Brooklyn tiro : All that I eoulJ mw,
iih I liK>kel in tho hollow theater from
lk(i exjHiaod stage roar ou the rtrwt, was
it rectangle of brick walla, on throe union
unbroken, at niyyviul fallen in. The op
ponito gable, a high, clean piece of brick
; work, retained the stain or print of the
itaira which led to tho fatal gallery, fur
up the lofty iuterior. Thoae who fell
from the gallery itself fell protwhly fifty
feet into the cellar, on the bed of cm
; dors and burning ooala already prepared
there. They fell into the depth of the
block, one hundred foot from any atreet
but tile aide alley, where nobody walk
<hl. They fell like a man in the interior
of a i riaou, iuto an uublietf* or den ol
oblivion. From burning zenith to
burning hell. From shrieking to chim
ney tope and frightened birds and noth
ing more but the intimidated stars, they
fell hi a rcoating pit amuugat the rata of
the newer* ami cellars, and not a round
they made for mercy or death, relief or
identification, reached the outer world.
There the flame* were roaring, the en
giuea whiatling, hella and vulvea and
e|x>aking trum|>eta were making mid
night din. The nearest apectator—the
only cognizant port of nature that |>eep
ed 111 woa the hky, which allowed ita
pale face in place of the fallen roof.
Piled together in Muff icati.iu, the dying
ond dead ueatled down together, grow
aig bluck ami c< ins umiug hi atumpa of
human forma. There, within a hundred
feet, wan a lightning prena, and never
HU*ptieted that there waa eueh uewa hi
tell. All the New York paper* the next
day announced that the audience got
off aafely, and etill three hundred buried
form* were in that cellar, charred and
otill. It wna in the focua of Brooklyn,
yet |>eop)e were aayiug houra after want
that nobody waa hurt. The amoke that
blew above the rui'i looked innocent to
all, aa if it merely bore away the odor*
and ashen of old proportion anil ace no*,
lienchea ami fiddlea, but it waa pregnant
with the bloom of jouth, the strength
of human hair, the lime of atroug arms,
the remainder of recently bounding
heart.*. They died in the midat of the
oily, like the pioneer* of Mon tana'*
meadows, murdered ou the desert. They
died lonely, aa the heroen of an an aI at
aia, yet beanie everybody.
1 looked into thoae hollow walla where
a few men were digging like muttered
pigmies on the charcoal littered floor.
There were the foundation of the
rear main entrance, the three brick
archea through which the audience
walked, and under my eye tho atone*
that aupported the stage. It waa clean
aa a ruined church standing ont in an old
field. They were no floor*, and little or
no tlrbri* remained. If the bushes had
grown np while 1 gazed npou the hoi
low waste all would have aeetued natural
Straugv Freak* of the lnnaur.
A lady was one evening oittiug iu her
drawing room alone, when tii# only
other inmate of the hoose, a brother,
who for a tune had be<-u tx treyirfg a ten
dency to uuaoandneee of mind, entered
with a carving knife in hi* hand, and,
abutting the door, came up to her and
aot.l: " Margaret, an odd 'idea ha* oe
carrwd to me. 1 wtnh to i<aint the head
of John the Baptist, and 1 think your*
might make an excellent atu.iy for it.
So, if you piemir, 1 will cut off your
head." The lady looked at her brother'*
eye, and seeing iu it no token of jeM,
ouncinded that he cieaut to do what be
hoid. There woe on open window and a
balcony by her aide, with a street in
front; lint ■ moment oatiafi.xl her that
safety did not lie in that way. 80, put
ting uu a smiling countenance, she oai.l:
"That is a strange idea, George; but
would it not be a pity to sjoil this pretty
new lace tippet 1 have gotf 111 just
step to my room to put it off"* with
you again in half a minnte." Without
giving him time tocouaidcr, she stepped
lightly acroaa the floor and pwaned out.
In another moment she waa aJoue iu lu t
own room, whence she easily gave the
alarm, and the madman was aactreJ.
The story of the gentleman cximmand
ed by insane persons to jump
from the top of a tower m tin ir aeyiaui,
and who eaaat* d by telling tlu m he
would rather jump from the bottom to
the top, and ran down stairs as if to
execute bis intention, iswcll known; but
the following anecdote of a similar sitna
tiou will be news to most readers. A
gentleman accompanying a party to tu
•q>cct an asylum, chancv-U to lie !• ft l>e
Inuh in tlio kitchen with a number of
the inmates who acted as cook l and
Hculhona to the eatabliahmeut. There
was a huge caldron of boiling wahr on
the fire, into which the tna Itncu d< clarivl
they must | nt him in order to boil Ltm
for broth. They would faui hav as
iiihtod him into tho large jmt; and, as
they were laying hold of him, he re
flected that in a personal struggle be
would have no chance with them—all be
conld do waa to gain time. Ho he said
"Very well, gent <m< n, I am sure I
should make good broth, if you do not
spoil it by boiling my clot Lie* with it."
" Take off your clothe#,*' they cried
out; and he began to take off his clothes
very slowly, crying ontloudly the while :
" Now, gentlemen, my coat is off—l will
aooß be stripped. There goes my waist-
Ooat—l shall soon be remlv;" and #o <>n,
till Dotliing remaiuotl but his shirt For
tunately, the keeper, attracted by his
loud speaking, hurried in jnst in time to
save hun.
luntnirtlng the lVitmavtcr.
There were vigoron# inquiries at the
Detroit poet office for the cbiw clerk,
and when the captain'# face appeared at
the window the inquirer naked :
" flu a rro##-eyed woman been here
tuiking for letters addrrwwd to mef"
The oaptaiu hadn't #ct-n her.
"Well, ahe'll be here thi# forenoon.
She'# my wife, and she'# a lectio weak
in the head. She'# got tho notion that
I get love letter# from a woman in Can*
da, and abc-'U be here to ak for my
"Well t"
" Well, I don't get any *ueb letter#,
of course, but you mustn't givt her my
mail. Hho might get one with a draft in,
and not know it* value. Ju*t #ay to her
that you never know of my receiving a
letter here, and that yon had repeatedly
heard mo #ay that I had the b-gt wifo
in town."
" But I don't know yon."
"Never mind that. In dealing with
an insane woman it'# !*<#t to bo *oft a i l
*lick and amooth. Ju*t shake band*
with her, praise her small feet, and tell
her she ought to bo proud of such a hus
band a* I am."
The Sliver Bill
The Silver bill was passed by the
United States Hon ■•-<>, after two hours'
discussion. The bill passed is tho sub
stitute offered by Mr. Bland, and is em
braced in nine printed lines. It pro
vides for the coining of silver dollars
at mints of the United States of the
weight of 1121 grains standard silver,
ami declares that Raid dollar shall tie a
legal tender for all debt* public and
private, except when* payment* of gold
coin in required l y law. The vote on
tho passage of the bill wa IG7 to 68.
Of those voting iu the negative eighteen
wore Democrat*. The negative vote
was made up from tha following Htate* ;
Now York, fourteen; Massachusetts,
seven; Pennsylvania, six; Maine, five;
New Hampshire and Louisiana, unoli
three; Michigan, Ohio and Rhode
Island, each two; and Alabama, Con
necticut, lowa, (ieorgia, Mississippi,
Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey ami
Vermont, each one.
Gelling Ihe LadirH Interekteff.
A rather funny devioe won reoeutly
introduoetl intu a neighboring church
eooial which promisee to beoomo very
popular. A prize of ten dollars was
offered to the gentleman bringing tho
largest number of young ladies, and
their enthusiasm was so great that oven
mothers-in-law and old maids were de
lighted ami astonished by polite invita
tions to attend the evening's entertain
ment. It is Uintod, however, that the
young man winning thlfprize consider
ed the money more than earned.
returns in the oflloe of tho secretary of
State give Pacheco, Republican, for Con
gress in tho fourth district of California,
a majority of one vote.
As I rl> ilrl Illustrated N|Mlar.
Wlxm HraiSMca luttad lie fatnvu* MMs ma
in, r Holiday Numlxi In July, a frlend'y
critic aal>l of II "We aro net cure tail
that Hi-ainNau ha* l-nMul lugh water
laark. We tie net ar<> what world*
are lft tell to conquer." Hut tho publi*hr*
de uet ceiiaider thai they hkve 1 the ul
tima tliulo uf exra licit.** llioy IwltrVo " llittre
aie ether wurtila tu conquer, aud they propose
te euni|ttr them."
The |u-oivlu fur Itie new volume give* Die
Sill aef morn than fitly, |.prrs, mostly llius
tratsd, by writera of the highest TiMer
Uiv head uf
we lure • A Winter on the NU," by lien. Mr. i* , •• Sauntering* About ( insUliln.—
pie." by l Haai aa fit'MJt Waaaaa , "Out Of
My Wiuilow al M-yv, ' by Keusaa S-iirnau (
" All Amu: ill in TurkuUJi, etc. Three wind
<tei lea are aullounred
u im. ueujian, iw ai'irea,
wlmae atory uf " tSrvtiuiaks " gave the highest
sattstarlloi. le the n-a.bra ef the Monthly.
The e.'elie of till* latest Ruul Ik luil un the
bank* uf the Hudson. The htm u a Voting
man who baa l - 11 alwav* " tied lea woman a
apioil string*, but whu, by Uw death ef hi*
mollier, la li ft alone in the wetld te drift en
the current uf life - with a fortune, but without
a |*ir]*-ae.
Anether arriAl, "til* Inheritance," by Mia*
Tsirms, mil l-gin uu the cnmpletiuu uf
*' That lae u' I-owris a, by Mra. ll..i*.>*
lltUNkrr. Mii liuriK tt a atoiy, U-guu tu Au
gnat, haa a [latlioa and dramatic |uwet winch
have lawn a eurjuiac tu Uw public.
Theft la tu be a aerie auf erigtual and et I . illuatiateit papu* uf " Popular Set
cue by Ura. HkaiU< a. eai h |>*per euuipWte
h. kiflt
'Pliant Me |r> tie, froiu variou* |>ena, paper* on
Aha>, profit- al aiiggeatieiu a> tu tuwu and cuuu
try Ufa, village UnjiTuvomenta, etc., by Wuh
k i iM'li s*s -'I ' H.t*.
Mr. lUliaafcil a Altirlr* un varioUl UlduatnuA
of (.real Jlritam, include the history of " Some
Kl|vritM*U lu 11> eprratlou," "A Scottish
i oaf 1a- lory in Uie November number, and
i.iad laiie, IL-hJale, 'hi Hec-miber. Other
ra are, "The Britloh Wurkingmau*
Home," "A Nation of Hhopkeejiera," "Ha'penny
a Wixk for the llnld. etc.
A r. lily Illuatratvd aerlea wdl be given on
" Vn.< rii an hja-rta by 11 k! and ire hi, ' by va
i. . .. writer*, and each on a different theme.
The a -lt j. -t of
"HOI M.1101.0 wad HOME DEt'OMATION"
w.tlhae a imminent | i*re. whilat the latest
pi -lu- l. in* ef Aiix-rv-au huiuunal* will appear
tr hi iu ith to month. The liat of shorter
► ! r.. - I . raj l.lcal aud "Uwr akctchwa. ate., I*
a long one.
It.i c.lil rial drjiartment wUI wmUuiie h>
ci v tl - ablral jw-ua buUi at huuia and
.1. there will be a a*Tiea ef irtlera - n lib
t-n.iv :, from l-mbri. by Mr. Wsnruan.
I i.c , .• of the magazine mil be open, aa
!. ftlof. re. i ■ far a* ltmlU-d ajwee mil jwrinit,
1., tin lu oa.iu of all Uietut-a ajfccUug Uw
i. .-. 1 and >u* Ufe uf Uw world, aud *J>e
cially toll- ftuahrat thought ef the t hnatlan
Uiudu-ra and arhelara uf this country.
Tin j 'uMi.hcra aay they mean tu make the
mags. . • wi'ic-ter and |irer. higher and oot'kw,
r.. 11 g< al a: I >•<*..,-reus ui all tla utieraticr*
and uilbiet. - a.i-l a lie-re wthxwne vintor
tii ii. 1! >iu m hoiuia uf rviintiuc-nl and
HITI KN VtllNTlla for •.
S- an waa for Ibomitirr, now rtady. and
whifh tain* the ojening cli|>tcr* of "Nieh ••
ha M.uturu," will be nail with eager ctinoaity
and iritrlwL 1"• rhapa no mure readable num
!<t of Un niagauiw lias u t Uunwuol. The
(hr< uuti.Ur* of K ut iru for Augiut. Kip.
teinl*-. a:el lrt !*r. centaimng Uw o|-tuug
ch*j-".t-r of " ihrl !*• o' Ixivrnea," will lw
, 11 n lo en rr new ntlwiller (whu mjamkltX
at d -* Mil *il| turn begin* wiUr the pftwent
v- ne ;. t . with the November number.
Kuh nj-m prvw, M a year—SS cent* a
■limber. S|mal b-nus un t>>und volume*.
Su' -nl w l'i the neari '-t !• h oeUcf, or wend a
cheek or P. O. ne.ney irder U<
> . ti can A l t.. 743 JUuadwav, N. V.
lb.' Sew York Clerk.
Y'otiug men in the country imagi m
that if they oould only manage to get a
clerkship in New York, or some other
largo city, their fortunes would be
made. 'the New York clerk does not
have mo feat try a bed to he in as
many imagine. A correspondent writ
ing on the subject says. Take, for in
stance, the dry goods clerks on Broad
way. Some of the establishment* like
Stewart'#. Lord k Taylor'#, J affray's,
etc., hue as many a# two bnndrtd
cb-rk# in their employ. They are es
[sx-ted to dress well, to keep up with
the fashions, so aa to be in keeping with
the general stylo of thing# about tbem.
They mnvt be at business promptly at
eight in the morning, a strict account
being kept of any failure to do 80,
which i* r< ported by the head of the de
partment to the general manager. All
the day long they arc kept on tin ir feet,
under watchful < ye#, and with a multi
'.tide of detaila to attend to; and at noon
they must harry out for a hasty lunch
ami lie liack a* soon as possible, (lying
the day through uutil seven or eight
! o'clock at night. In the busy season
they are liable to be worked until eleven
or twelve o'clock at night; and in the
dnll seaaous which oomc on the city
often enough, they are just as liable to
Ive discharged at a week's notice, even
though they have been year# in the
house, and been faithful in every way,
and all this for from $8 to fls per week.
Tho head bookkee|>er of a prominent
Broadway house get# a salary of thir
teen thousand dollars, while under him
are no has than six men, having the
brunt of the work to do, who are paid
three dollars a day. There are men in
other houses who enjoy prinoely in
come*, because they have drawn one of
the prises of trade; they have a trade of
their own which brings in large stun# to
their employer; they are paid for their
work with unstinted hand. Bnt all
uronnd them are men without this spe
cial advantage, though competent, who
are barely getting a living. A large tea
house tliat employs sixty clerks has only
live who receive over $lO per week.
Uow city clerks live ! —considering
the meager condition of the salary mar
' ket. Liviug .any way, in New York, is
expensive, as living in a great city al
ways is. Ten, fifteen, twenty dollars a
week in some place# gives a man all the
comforts of modest expectation; nay,
often gives one a trifle for the saving j
fund, or the luxurious. Not so here.
Decent board will range np to ten and
fifteen dollars; decent board—which
moans n narrow, close room, clean food
—very plain—and nothing more. And
then yon come down peg by peg to the
horrors stid misery and slack and dis
comfort of New York boarding house
life—the cheapest and meanest being
Ave and six dollars a week.
Clerks pack themselves away in these
holes, making them just sleeping and
eating places, cast out from all amnse
meutaud society npon tho town; or else
they hire lodgings in some obscure
quarter, and " livo by the card" of
cheap eating houses. Tiiev make all
sorts of shifts to kiop stylishly clothed.
A prophetic iteniiser remarks; Pales
tine is to have a railroad, and the cry
will soon be: *' All aboard for Jerusalem.
Passengers for Moab and the Dead sea
will please remain iu the forward car."
Tho Mason A Ilamlin Orgau Co. re- '
ceived from London, a few days since,
a single order for 250 of their organs
which arc beooniiug nearly as celebrated
in Europe a* they are in Amnrica. They
have just oomplctod to order an orgau
for tho celebrated Dr. Franz Liszt,
Pei-tb, Hungary, for use in his concerts.
—N. rhil. Journal.
Whether for use on man or boost,
Merchant's (Wsrling Oil will bo found
an invaluable liniment, and worthy of
use by every resident in the land. *We j
know of no proprietory medicine or !
article uow used in the United Htates ;
which shares tho good will of the people 1
to a greater degree than this. Yellow
wrapper for animal, and white for
human flesh — N. Y. Independent.
At our request Cragin St Co., of Phila
delphia, Pa., have promised to send any
of our readers, gratis (on reoeipt of
fifteen cents to pay postage), a sample
of Dobbius' Electric Soap to try. Seud
at once.
Last April a pair of young horses ran
away in tlrcen, 11. 1., with the neck
yoke luuiging between them. No ons
could find them. The other daw their
skeletons were found in a wood seven
miles from where they started. The
1 Mines, harness and nook yoke showed
that they were caught fast in the brush,
aud had starved after eating everything
within their roach,
Tbc (treat Vltled.
Nufaody doubts Uiat danger larks behind a
cough or oold. How to euro three forerunners
of ouiwuuipuou ha* bean the only (|uesUou.
it la a qn aUou no longer. It Is triamphauUy
answered every day end every hour, by the
heneflcisl aud aatonMhliig elfocu of Hale's
Honey of llurebonud and Tar Take In Ume
This preparation la a specific for every disease
of Uie luuga lending In a fatal laaue. * Hold by
all druggists. Pike * Toothache Hropa cure in
one minute
1) u rang * ltheumatic llemmly will
moat posit vely cure any oaea of rbeurmatlam,
gout, neuralg a or lumbago on the face of the
earth, no tu*Uer of how l ing standing it la
taken internally, the only way the disease can he
rearhod, and cures quickly and permanently.
Pftoo, one duller a buttle. For eats by
wholesale and retail druggists everywhere.
tug would give aled f so tnwa as.lsfaction as
a sol of PAKIbIAN HIAMdNUS. They ero
worn by the HUr of New York kty, end oeunot
be told from the real gesn Handsomely set
In eighteen -carat gold, after ho leieat Pans
aiyiea. i rryaroaul 1 at Aguro** j low that every
.me can puichaee a eel for k holidty j rresnl
Hend lo lltitaphrof'a, 77 itruadway, New York,
for samj.le* cf dtamund* aud catalogue of
There can tie no una lake kUiut it.
" Matcblees " plug tubaeoo Lakes Uie lead. Old
Que cut chew era say it glvee t .oiler satisfaction
and la cheaper than due out. Yuu cannot he im
posed upon, as each plug ha* the winds "Match
P T. Co." on a wouden tag. Try It onra
and you mil always chew it Manufaclurod hy
the Piuueer Tobacco Company, New Yurk
A I nlterwoJ Kraitdj.
" brown * bronchial Troches " for ooughs,
colds and bronchial affreturns ataud ffrat in
pubhc favor and conftdence; this result haa
been acquired by a 'est of many years
If jour hornt) • laxue, aore or
you *buuld una Job: son'* Anudyuo T - trZTbl
Waah the part with caeUte soap aud warm
water, rub dry with a clean elo'h. than apply
the liniment; rub lu well with the hand.
Have tho readers of tiii* paper ever
used auy of Parouu's Purgative Puis ? If not.
why not? Tf-*y aro the heat fanny phyate.
bewide* being the groaUat auU-bl luu* romedy
there la in this oountry.
Ht LP rott Hakh Timkn —liaad the
Alvorusemoul alaewbero on this subject. You
oaniiot eipond a email auu just now hatter
than to get tha help there offered.
I Haiiasals. stkualc snu Oat X HibuksM A Oa, 1 tar's
(us' - Palouls, Land Unas, Viilliwl.s. t>. C
A Islsablr tstfl. Mr an wfU|iuM vrilk (he
I utilisan, n ill M r.d *> i nalwiut inn lwnas a
•sjßi-.r Casks** uf 1 rseslM Hslow (res .< 2aaal
tcsn-f f. - ** **• Thar sr* logklr ejuset. InawUfwl.
sed MS. j U*in!*rr*d n. u) suss n- lau'sn as.
acu* Uw uMni noaanrui tninuaw A**ess waeind.
J U PATTkA A OU . 11l If WiUiata Mas. Ms* Turk
Sulphur Soap.
A* a fco.<3dj for DoutAZEs, Sosaa,
Abramoxi and Koi'oiimb* of the
bEIK; aa a dersJeriaer, <U*%nf*eUint , and
mean* of preventing and curing
e Hbeumeliam and Qoul; and aa an
Awrxcr of toe Toilet and tue
Bath, "Guint't Bcuvrr* 'AOAF" h
tMcotniiarably the beet article ever
offered to the American public.
The Complexion is not onlj freed
it lea. and all other blemishes by it*
uar, but acquires a teaks sheet
through the clarifying and - tsoliient
action of this wholesome beacti-
The contraction of obnoxious die
eases ia prevented. and the complete
disinfection of clothing worn by per
sons afflicted with muadiu*
it insured by it Families and I'm t
ELERS provided with this admit able
i p.s. FtrtAL or A SERIES or Sulphur
Bathe. Dandruff u removed, the
hair tcuincd, and groyne** retarded
try it
Pticrjt. 25 Ann 50 CENTS PER CASE,
I'EK Box.(l CAKEa,iat)c. and #1.30.
N.B. TXn Is Kmmmmj ta bajtas ths tars* oakaa.
" Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye,"
Black er Brown, GO Cents
IJard TNOMM One ETKI, or J Quart of WHUS^
litre or 3 Pints of CORN, or 2 Quarts of
ti22 POT AIDES, or 1 r.UUIAOF, or S
Pints Mil JLor 1 j Ounce BUTTER,
Ilsrd T.w or 2 feet of WOOD, or £ IK of
liar ! iitnaa 1
Hard TW SUOAR, or * Ounoo TEA. or one
liITl tSU P. O. STAMP, AS rod or produced
Hard Tun—
lUrd Twos* WIIJ. DO IT.
gigs Beautiful
Valuable, - • ■ Cbeap.
Hard Tta— 1
lumtS: For City, Village,
Hard Tut*—
and Country.
Ilud T.ows * ;
Doe ol tHe Best Helps far tliese
Hard Tun— r
' •* _ _ __ _
Eg Hard Times
i'wl ta to Exrudi
Hard Tun—
Half a Cent a Day
ltar.l TIBSM
Hsrd "> unoo rrnunoi, saovisu tow rr> otr sou
Hard **"* o*a's wroaa. TM> bow TO Sill
Htrd VtmZ i MimT or si' lurcstrr*.
51-1T ,m ~ RowtMTt olss ran an* now sowars. si so
n>rd ins—
Hard Tim— uttJ* r*l many r—iljr prhrbcala—ful
Hsrd Timo. tnnu sod •nsswoOcsis so arcs i>uoD is
Hsrd maxsTjos. )ot tbaso Mows. so ia
ItsjJ Tim., tost moi rslasMo Msemsiso. tho AMUSl
ttsrd Tims! ' t rt-aisT. that nsmsd bo
llud TISM muo firwd atsrtod. 8b rsart sf. ss s rsrsi
IIIjTVI"" Jjoanwl. bui aowr grwsUr ooisnfod sod
Hsrd Tinas wtspiod K miI awl lb* wrsots of
Hsr.tT.nM* jrirrf FAMILY, oworr MAS. WOMAN
[jjj* I' m — sod >lllljr. is
isrd Tir.,s < ITY.TII.I.AIiR. sad (Ot NTS V.
lard Tim—
Isrd tSI • Prso nuratwr snouias 4 4 ts*s doabls
tsr l Tins -ctst-o pscs. f all >4 ths host orunsl fh
!srd Tlmss 'V SEI.ISBIA sod
Isnt T.nips rscSTWoaniT pmiMmd b, s isrfp foms
IsH Tvmst '' rrset'esi. wnrtmc • snd
Isrd Tours W'Wnsn, who Snow whst l!s( writs shoot
tsrd Tinir, EVtMRMr s fosr srs a]Madod lospstbsr-
Isrd T.mos ,a * an ' l l"^l r ">S Js th Aiod of mfnr
Isrd T.tnss 'notion Ihsl sssrj ,w amts SOU i" TOO
lord ! fins! J sisrolsd I'naraw Ins*, flsssins
•arti i mi— . . ,
lartl l im— mn <* inatrurU—. a— gin in aacb rrJaxa#,
Jsrd Tmiss win, mors thsn s Thtvoasod I oinmnt of
td Tinso nssT asra onsinsl rssdns *m tho
Isrd T,u,s 11 OUST hold, for ths YiUsso or ftl|
liud Tinin r ®"'' ,or ths t.nrdrn, for lbs Faras,
HstdTimss f ths Mrrhsnir. for *bo Mrrrsa,
[lsrj IJ mrs ill* or I'rolrsslonsl msn hartac ths
Hsrd Timor . , . ...
6, r.l T.tnss SOMIIOSI plot of (ronod. or if hs hss ooao.
srd T.mss ! f,n his fsaiilr. insloillns ths IstUs Pooplo,
srd Ttmas
llsrdTimoft An tonosnso Clrsnlsiioo so dlridss tho
!£;! oost of ssthonns usoful inforrastion, of
{lord Tliss oosrswwer. ■** . Ahst tho Ihsbhshsrs aaa
*J srd T'mss tupplr this MUST TsLt'ssiA roi'AwsL for
Hsrd T.mss 41 W S rssr. post psld. or four copiss for
Ilsrd T.mos fit to, or ion oopios for llt Smsls nom-
Hsrd Timss ****' " MU ssrh. Yolums 36 is just
isrd T.mss bostnmns
Isrd Timo You wul 111 It wrlll PAY ws*ll.
Isrd T.mos It will holp oat tho hsrd tunes. Tho east
Isrd Tlmos " '*** thlul " UL * A C *" T 1 DAT ' * B ' ltri
Isrd Tlmos htf work, produesd or ssrsd, will ps.r
lord Tlmos for it. so srtjj o sosrt of Whoot s
Isrd Timss • puns of Corn, or I nasrts of or
I isrd Timss 1 flstihiso, or I pints of Milk, or U4
Ilsrd T.issw "unrtu of Bntlor, or I loot of Wand, or If
Ilsrd Tlmos lb. of Hufsr, or H oans* of TVs, <* IP. Q.
y *rd Tlmos Ittsmp. s work
Hsrd T.m.w
Hsr.l Times Msko oirs of Ihsss sstsll sswinei or
llsld liSHs " , ' rl> fwod notions, sad snppb jroCTUsIf
Hsrd T.mos snd fsmihr *>th Yol. 66 of AMtßtcsa
Hsrtl Timss Asuril.TTßisT It will psT. Tsr IT.
iu"! T!m2 ottl * ll ® * **** ln u,rAnML
T|m~ ORANf-E JI DII CO., Publishers.
HIMWI Vunaa. f45 linxiuiwajr, New YoriL
"mcsmdaimaw °*
A ■MnMna ca— r>nt*mirvic ranom Knutlif and
IjUVVttTjvwt for ATsL nWlllOoMFLAanrt; th rtraa
a— swrtoibr ianUfle. and in full aceonl with Uio
fbrtnui— AITN PRACTICE of tho nu*t omlnont and *uc
mmful phrtiatina of Kuronn and Amra, accon>ponwl
bjr a ne&l Uiok d—cri)in FTMAUR OoWtAIMTI OULf,
•a—fully and dotailina* ynipiom b* ah.ah
each dm— ma/ dtatmi'Ujr be rocoirniMMl. with full and
axpliclt dSrectuma for Ihe u— of the nropar remodi—
hidieated, eo ayat—niMtl and aimpliMd that n— oan
fail to underwt.'tnd For airrujar oait IIIU.k full paction
lara. addre— oreaj) l>n J iIKNSIsKK K\K, |||sH
►' Awnna Brnuklm K. D s"ew York.
J. ft Jfanrora 4 Q.. Jr, <JW. OenlleMbea,
Frt>pie,s br 1 i.ciutf for ttut eAleted ,Hh
i etetrh I wtei. to .|<l ml trslliuoiiy In behalf vf bee.
roan's luiMGot. <OM boa Lareßaa 1 tin's (m
eomly nftt.l'l with Ui fearful disease for fb'years,
BBS l.l'tl iJ trwjr kn no remedy without stall.
Bftlll Ibmitrbte botllxof lli* Bb'Uie Ct'Bß from > 'U,
Milch save me almost I net wit reUsf It be ins s GOV
MiteUonai s* wall u * torsi rrmaciyl balleealt to
ail that Is claims* for It. s lUdicai Cure for Catarrh.
Vary truly youre. 111. AMKtTvZT
i>aaraa, Sept. ft, iwi. With Jsaaoa. Film AC*.
Meter, J. O. JBCWnrlh 4 (Jr.. fimMf f llwlhsw.
I Uk* clssstirslß rrr ..mmeudlagha * Itiproei.
< t'HB aB < *rBHU t > SM eh<> iraaAlcted Wltb WW
disssss. I*aa n reatl r sfltlr trd trlik it for s lo tUss,
Slid raced It wHb two l.uillae of lbs Share eras.
A boat s tew after, ei !• I wa* Sf tin taken With Ca
tarrh < ersly. ami immediate iy earn foe aaother
buttle, which flird roe all rleht.atriagms reMafkwea
the Brat does. Lan roaSdrnt IBM this remedy will Bo
all that la rlaimed for It. sad more too. Wlehlnf yos
eucesas la lis iatrodurUoh, 1 an. t mbw,
literal Oct t. IfTS *" of/mllk AOoU.
Jfaaere. J. 0 ftowrd 4 OK. Anwar. CM.' Penile
men. - I bees used ii'iinu'i Kn>ieaL fcas row
Cat aaaa. sad It has fleas penert eatnfaetlea. I haea
triad alnuel rrrrftbloa. aad II la the only thlßf that
has fteaa ma relief. I therefore labs ell BBS re la
ret ,i!.iuadia Iu use to all adllrtad with Catarrh of
, kU,d -
Oawemß.rttcl. wit
Each par ban* roatalea Saafnrd'a Impraead lahollaf
Tola, with ftTl dirceaioua for a*' la all raaae. Prloa.
(i a) par pa--tan r TOT sale bv all Wholesale aad Jan
tali UIUTTMT Itroocfcoai lbs Lolled plains. WEEK*
a puTrril. tnsasrei Aftnu aad Whoiaaaia Druggists,
Afford tho mot grateful relief in ill
Affections of the Chest and Lungs.
Messrs Wart ■ A PoTPBB;
•neniiemra list ine lot it.any months past saffarad
with a eery fameatda.railed by aty pbymelaa CkraaM
Plaariay. caaatd by a former ttjury aad strata, aabiaf
which I need u.any praecripuoaa sod liu weu. as wall
a li t so called rbuamerie caraa, wltteel Ut Mm
be;.rSt. my pi jelc.w. .•. < mtitmdt d e*e of yoar Cote
' '-*•• 1 -" a T ir —1 btilrh It nif eisal taimlai.
raiteeed iho pals aad aoreuaaa eiibuat Immediate;/,
aad I haea hero able w aiaea4 to my bo see Bold at
fatrt etrr alaco with prifr. i ease soil romfan. whora-
PMM before the spam alloc of j .*r UealaaMa elan i r
was er,iraly able to d-, anything. I coasidcr them
• Ltttlmai.U aasahai alts pis astern rt-reauenad theio
UI IBs etttclcd. V our* I oaprrl.'uUy.
OiLaBL. Me.. April Si. IfU.
There It a# uadlral OR J.mtnrtlee araiiaaar thai
wuiprareaofratnfoi aad elfecuve U TlWU>iOoaaML
Irntattoa aud horeaoee .f ibe Cbaet aad l.uana
ballets lham capable of pn tn.ue ear to as diseases
of I baas or* ana.
Pile*, H tSLU. bold by ail drtinaisei. e.iio oa
raatdiH . f price, * ream FU oea. jl L f,, aliToTll
h sella faatar than ear eUw baafc. Own Banal aoM
SB supine ll uaa day Tt.n la lbs uoiy ealhaolir aad
mm.plnu ueoi puidtaand bead Bartmraima teems Be
Am ate heriuaai Kaiaaaiino On. Plelebulßliii. Fa.
Wilson SefiD£ Waohiiip Co., CtaL
W A ta Ua.TiT.ltr Trt. trlrt grtaatt U.
A ttfc Mklrt Mamwlar ul
fim Nrlf- A djaaa ta Fait.
■ *J Secwa llulti and CoirroitT of
KJ Body wtfh (rurtUKl Bbal-tt af
** Tltrra trammta in com.
~ A Approrrd tyr u i b|M<Mtia.
; v* aiikntn wanted,
valUflE.iiaA Nui:p>Ml>F mU. la t'RRtII.SI;
1 /VBTViT 11 . To Afmu at
/ >l* i A VI * r "" u i***- Ofdrr aiin two
I I 'fte/ I '>* Mnallw thno run bwb
urr ortr He drew.
:f tifNf Im. 7*3 BfM4Rvr,N.T
*-*•' i *— iii in ii imiß
For AaMMtrt.kt ArtbarllM
#m A A piMttsd BRUsfJ <f v-rUi^W
MM. I tnrtoat. PnlNtux. lak
\wn Inaattfal t'ntMni vtaru,
(R9BRTw "<*• •*' prtaacif Look. TPo-
VBPdftrf (ullrkaaad la aiaatMi FOrkla
! rarolpt of mSL!* SB
J. >M!I wKkWBU*. PabNNor. CMP
InhM -
3: IJYV^s
Ttb*' Maik to bast l • mmCtl
Bet/ Vaaul Card for HlsttrUad Prica I*l uX.
Willcox & Gilibs S.
tCbr. Bond BL I CM Kr.mdway. Hp Vara.
Y-'rotn a I*hyJ<ton.
Norm HIM . Feb MM
lt . MCTH W PUWLK k ftONS.tantau. MM :
UwiUrtara-Yon maj perbapa i—h'tUtai I wroan
pow narnrml iU • rntnrd ta tb una af tha Put
run Btmrr tar my vita, who nr ntfannw from fwrnl
datnbty. tba aaoaaoen of Typhoid Dottac* 1 had triad
Um moat Mad pbln ia thi Wad*. u4 ttao ta
Canada, without IwlMf At ywwmandrliw aha
(oamoMd tta uaa at tb* Apt Bam tour MHa
mad* bat bula itnpt*mi ai. bat rb takin UM ftflfc Mm
bwpat> to hnpww rapidly. aad so* altar name Ml of Lba
dollar liottlro ab* roaauaad br aaoctb aad m able ta do
moat of U wort about Urn bona aad I fal that I can
mo apart too fetchl* ta pram*. Fwrta* Itncr I
bar* praarnbad it to amoral. my patwata, aad baa*
procured UM aala of aorwal dmna of it horo. You ear
maka any of th* lattor thafoo mar aaa ftt. #
Yoaia ran truly. < BRLUKK. V. IX
Drtpapc.a. Lirar Comjaint. Dropny. Chronic
Dutrrhra. Boil*. Harray Affection*. ChiUf
and Fewt, Humor Low of Oonyfcru
liotutl Vigor. Dioswo of lha Kidaay*
and Biaddtir, Fatal# Complaint*.
Bad State f the Blood,
Density, or a Lor State ol tbe Systan
mu W. R CHISHCIM. M D. of Now Radford.
-1 ha** aropl.ijrwd UM*tutma ftTnrr tooc vafaQy
ta aaaaa of nyapapaaa. C 1""" IHarrbaa, Nai ■ ia. DniiUi.
tr. JtauraUna, Krywpala I l < and diaaaaaa ct tf. Skin,
alao Chiuroan. Irnoor>r*. Cw.' sKti in
Fkanaia ( Vwnplainla aairal.r. At an altoratitf icniy th:
Sfrup oapbt ta ba uat br clansman, rditora, aaahiart,
alarka. lawyara, and ot>* who ua* tbalr braina mora
than t hair m uarlaa, aa rll aa oparaurm, printer*, tailor*,
aboatnakart, aaaaatrar*. and all thoa* wtancw ooenpa
lion oonflnaa thmt i ill ranUlatad and oaar-hr-i*d
ronma. who ara Uabla I anlfar mora or 1M from Stiooi
Oability '*
mil guitar* M the.TT ARPJtty HKK ll.^DLg.
TrdMrk '"MI-|m>KNCl7TUtfeY^DO. ,, <>nthe blede. Werrwrtgd ead eold&y iffl Dnehrifa
Ci.aTAl Ui the MKJUDKK CI TI.EH V CO., 4 Ckusken btreeu Newlurk.
■mowraanm. ea, Smwa be mamsatri. Aaaemtne By eeS
r m. aaeate ii laliii, laßbeami* Ml tm, Wfta.fa
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to <2O
$5 sgnvaHft .jaw
$2,5 m, v. rr
avijßtftcinc. w.w. aaas
MH AT< net. A finm Maaeaiimt Sampt.
5 T McffS
AAA A MOfTlfc haßaiaadtrweahaa ajptjteaa
WAR A MWFA Una la sail ta Marrhaata *ft>
AAA Al* l' hy one Atreut la day. M now
laa. hamploe free. Addreee.
W WOT C. ■. UHMTOI. t hlrafa.
riRM MtAJWL Bead oa eat lamp Baete sal
\T ehitaan IbebMl,Ma,feabii f.rral fea
mea. all a.pi si biw PfOba < aui.m fra. Oown
atatai. (Jftuieo VA.TT! Saaana htmai. Kan
Tkl n Wa will Mast pan la a binlanm ytm aab
" ' kW, wahsuborn sapehU. la
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Best Star and Finutf Paper
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Kurd UM mmat Addraar
Chicago, Illinois.
lfombM 1 of Una naw pnhbe.Uon few January, 1*77. ia
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"Worth Much and Cost Littlo."
It ia profusely i'loatratwd bj tlroienara ami art:.l. of
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itnea ana cloaalr printed matter. Aak po :r newadealar
for it, or aand 3fU ce.Ua for aaauplo copy. Addrear
Frank Leslie's Publishing,
831 Pcurl fitrarl, N'•/ e or
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~N7Y.N. I. N.I. si.
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