The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, April 20, 1876, Image 3

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TIIU Ks> 1) A V Ar U -JO, 1870.
r.xTtft TIAI4* \ > I O. ftf O F., WW'
-.- \■ * nrd*i Attnlnt in •h# *Md 1 ellitws llftii.
' ivtt.Vtt vßl*. Sc. ' M V SIMM, A <•
4 ? M-. r l0wi* No. N*\ * A M *******
\f , , v r Tisr, * ftrftfMs* Mrb tnll moow in tn
t) i i Hull. „ „ v . %l
. Hi .. v ■!> ; Sort B MlWui*. W M
rn .t i.H\> ik. T of U. iwu *
trn>on on or After <ch full moon, •! t *<•<* m* l
J. .!• An^ii
\ \I , \ of wnntn ix\ %h+
... Ih. I nl'"<"n i-hnrvh. .M'h!L7n.h
U, .Sis VI illi.vlHsMh * v ™
' l ;; A KM
|v.Wmt. Ierr,t
(V • J* will obi go by sending us
j ~-■ !- in their .M-altty, c>ii
~, , v. nti r will MM MM m I
.i, ~,. mtue* < dealt- and Warri-
Vnv on" 'id-ng ti* the name* of five
I , v. >:ib-.-* b* •. with llti" M>*.
,~- I, j to (•!•• ••* i th" like. K1 KR stile yr-if
T .■ 11.r Rim b c i'<l b ***r *
, v . . v .•> this m *f ib o*ny
whet. u t s * i-.reT ircu!aln than
any | ;< >r> ' • IU W I**
ni,*,l UIM ! r ml* • '* btino-. v 1 Ac
tt^bwrilMin!th.> lihhiMi r*M*
■ • s , u -t.le "f ('.-ntr* county. should f
r , t (1 . to coin*. yc.-irty. ftr p.;gc which
;> will pax tor • : thi- reduce* the rc*tage
to iins In If. as the sum paid by them for
one YOii r's postage was la' c's
J.OJV V. . or. tanner, ol tiiis p him
■.-.-pwrvhn*ed the r In of l>M'f county
t i iln. t' mi'Uso Waiher—tbß br*t ma
chit c out
-tio lo U F UanVin Jruc >t re for !
pur*dru?< A!wat* frosh jrx.o.|s on
.Mr ILnbin Is the on!v Rrnu.Umto ir
j hi.rmary tn tut* i-uiity. i.ioi i *!''' •*
of lonx experience
J. 1> So'! -. )! a len fgg to the Ke- i
porter tifii'ie me-ouring ("<i l>y s s : incl es in
cite imfereeoe bo can txvat h
T ! o Mittlip' urg Tv'stph m*be
fists ■rn ' ill pi - to tupp'y a Ftula- !
Je'ph a no b, yet it * h l'.armlc> shoe'.—
even hanii some one.
X 11 Hnr;-r, • jfradua'.e of the R~-
pi'i n r eSSs'e, left for N> *ada, Otlo, last
„,vi., here !-<• wll! take charge of the
''Niv*.!i Knt'Tci rn'.' Torn vili no doub:
:mks >• inlrreu X paper oatuf the En-j
ti-rpri-o, aid no wish him sllcwis.
—-TheO I ' ort aid MMBinburj; turn
i k< s-wjiii any, is likely to have another j
law-st:it arising from the Lie aiittua! etec- |
ti. , which one of the i artio*, headed bv
JC II B"oifs was i?'<-sa"v conduct- j
ed —Mr. Melt's (arty hating lost theelee
tion. T.' sw il by follow est bv a suit fr in
the new h :rJ against Mr. M A." tor some
5-t.i -t nit!> the aud :or# of tie Company
fgure up as 'nitnirg in his hac J. llap
pv thing for tie poc lawyr*.
\Vm. C H'Cwl, of tiregg twp.,and
a -tu tan'at the S.-; Seminary, it
1 ke!y v lw "ir.e the patlor of the Nee .
It. r Lu her n charge, now varant by ,
t ; ill ..! lr p.iiin Mr M k'ocl is a
pr ini-teg young luan, and that charge •
i (iofregr.t making b:iu their ohotco
A W : lll.maker A Brown s w. Vn -t '
r • i c. rt in !'•■ P te. -it the premises. 6;h ;
an i Market, Philadelphia.
Mr. J P. Throne, at Oentro Mills, ,
i- Miles wp . will i for very cheap for i ,
Cosh, or prud .ee, and all kinds of grain,
the g wis saved irom the fire, having fittest j
up a <m in his dwelling hs.ute for tnt i.
j until he can rebuild om. ' I
He wul have a general assortment of new I ]
gc.wi* in a few day s , Irom which all b■* i
old customers, and he trusts many ne.s ' |
oCi*s, out nose their se.ectiuns.
"L ilawt' Mis. Parting!en beam- ;
iag n > t nr.'"gh her go .l-r mine I spec- .
li.C i "w :o -n d ii-ak.* such a lu-s about j
in.- " ing bn > clothre Now, ther. |
1 c. who hardly go - a day without tear- ; .
u.g s ia-.h ng- Ho u-t-d"to kteu roe about •
detii-tes: wiu. w -rk liil i went ar.d bought ' j
i. ■ i-cw'.ug machine. 1 wa- vcrr rsn
*. . .
ul !•• g-l one that u-d ). 1. t.ty of riw-ui un
d " team . so that when he tore his pant- i •
I ctHild put them right under the machine j
vt .lbout taking I-:tac out of them. The { i
machine U in the rejoining room. Doctor, I
a; d I'd like to have you see it," saying 1
m hich she l-d the way to where Ike w- -
d-f 'vered seat-d before a "L'gbt-Run- ,
t: ne Donos'.ic," busily sew ing the cat up
da tl • g "d old lady's rag-hag
Our friend P. S. Kerlin of Lena, IH..^
in a re<- nt letter de-crioes that ps-rti :i of I (
the vineyard 'busy: Tuu < ughl ti bo j
here t" el jot pumping water out of eel ars.
Rain hi r day-to-day, U;h, snowing—all!
the cellars in town tull of water. Wel -
and ei-tern? d tto This is a splendid
n. u> iy —wl en it di n't rain and tow we
I air hur'oar <-- f..r a change, but we^niaisj^
to iite and let live. '
\Ve acknowledge the rece'pt Ol ;
c. nipl m< to th- o—ltnninlTemper-
Ciub enteriaicnient. at Reynold •
hs !, on April The pro '
gra- .iaa i- a rich* one ar.d y.<u tt ill get a
full night's entertainment lor 50 cents.
0 ■, bt alt means.
TVe are ir formed by Col. Rih •'.
wh' obt >ned lit' iniormation at Beilef-.nie
that t' " intenti'-rs ol lb a loading citizens
of 'hat place, h- espre-ed at a meeting on
Tbur-d y e\-ning. Id. was Pi make a prop
osition looking to the building of tin
branch road t" a point in this valley, and
hivingaii work at the eastern end stop
ped. Tl is would give us or-ly an outlet
w —one wax—and po-tpone indefinite
ly the finishing up of the e:.terii end Tin
pi- j e of Penr.'vallev w ill not at all ibank
their neighbors aero., the mountain fm
such a step—they will be glad to hnve the j
branch built, but to hve the work ea-t lie
over will rot satisfy our people >itall, and
is a wrong move altogether. We mu*t
have an eastern outlet a well as one wei
via U-1 ef inte B-*Hefonters. n we tinder
s'.-iiid, wi'.i offer the Penn'.'t railroad com
1:• nv a donation of s*.fi uOO, on condition
that it furnish the balance require I to
build the brunch. But vri.y shall the
eastern end be Interfered with and uely
ed ? Upon that our money hts alremy
been spent, and our people desire no more
trifling We trust that there is no sucb
ti-pOsilioli on the part ol any at Belle
fonte. We never had much filth in th
loud pr..fe--ioris of some of these non u
behalf ol the Fennsvall-y road, and sucl.
:i movement would confirm the tu.-pict n
of the people.
—— ITEMS —Thursday 13, rain Tin
frog' have already opened their spring
concerts The grain has a promising ap
p-ainace The Centre ilall bm.d is u'
der hiadway and bus n instructor
Job- (!• ne in the m -t \v..rkniaiiliUc ma
tier at nmebine (hops, Bellefonte.
nt.d cb. .p.-r than anywhere Common
ion in the Reformed church in this place
on 23rd ir-st
R. v. Hnrtsoek has moved from
Boa I-burg to Pleasant Gap where he Inke
a new charge Cold arid snow storm on
Wednesday.—Maybe Winter is coming
Thanks to friends in different parts
of the west for papers sent.
Read the article on the Co. Print
ing in our issue oftfth iiet., and then read
the reply of the Watch man. of the week
' following and seo liotv the crippled bird
flounders. We arc satisfied with the vcr
diet of the people.
Any of the subscribers of the Re
porter wishing some choice varieties ol
Ire-It garden seeds, can have them free "t
charge by calling at this office We have
on bend seeds which we received as pay fm
advertising, also a quantity from the U S
Agrieultural department.
Jame* Hill, ( ommiseion merchant
for the i urehase and sale of Grain, Flour.
F.-ed, Baled Hny, Butter, Eggs, Cheese.
L il, Potatoes. Apples, tie. Consignments
S<-It. ued Offii e and V\ arelioure, 2"7
North Main-licet, Pitt-ton. Pi. 20.ip 4;.
23f~ i o-cribers 'ending their subscrip
tion • this office, can seo on the address
. n e eh paper, whether crtdit has been
gjvea—thai answers eacuo as a ro;ejpt.
Work i- MOW G on on E I
new bouse* in Ibis phtoe, b. a 'I
hurt) cr-''ed by Jno. T.
Co il rind bl I'tery weather thi- wee.
nit i lilt ■< tio a nil tain sqimU
Hon I. A Mackry lia our thank
for a bag ot s<ed lVm the l>epi. of Ag
r eulture.
| Tho tenant house of John Brett, i
F. giion twp , which was destroyed b
j ' -e !-t week, was it sured in the Ccntr
' Hall Con p for R.W.
T...- -i.ige tiom t'ei tr ilall to AH
' ■ .-isbu-g :• f.r'iire, will 'ea\e this plac
n the atl'-i noon, slier the arrival of tie
Bell !■ Milrov stages, thus en*
i g tr m let- srr vmg by the curs to g.
•' -■ o' bv . age to the lower end of the is!
rv The stage rcturi uig airive* here u
i o e in on to iii . ,e iv nectton with tin
Be'lefontr and M '• •o> stag■■■<*•
l! the con ■ ~ion.-rs had been wdl
to b:|\e gi on Mt K lit, of lue Re
I • ll -ee hlindfral and fiflv dollar
> ih o 1 lank* i.fd bi"k* for nothing, hi
■iii h •• d'tne Ins county printing at *
■tie that: • uid have o>>t only one hun
d■ d an.l ,i. nty-six didUr* >* re than e
■ \\ ,I apivih■y d: ! u I oh' gi
nint ll'efc Amoit.
'flat leplx V..K-- I It satisfy our people
ijr t i . II :t xp' ot wHh utd atging
why y> .1 .Vntg - the i-miity tor
hliiik- wl .-h ion kn.iw can be ibrni'tie.!
t fbtn r'tifitti f A'id that'* the point, Th<
' ■■ I falseh. I'd you 1 *.xe n tie lame item
i ah ve it on a p<r w ,h your it'rmptf - AiVe
!> i . ;br ifo strtl f-ift't piper.
f- rn the Reporter office niid w - hare the
Ipr >of for it. Bah ! h-tw pure,
xt 'i- i••' irg. Apt 'll An u-endia
r \ tl-eb-ok. :! <: lis If past ten this even
i g the A nr- ■ b.o -■ table des' rov•
■g -id nK - T uten - li--rv -table, 1>
I W Rbeyley*!stable*, Mr KtttfflMß'iHs<
1 h'e. Johns-.n's n a - f four brick hou'e#
l.evi M'-rkel's -:ab'e and a
• story b'ii' - Mr. SudJler't stable,
j Jc-eph l.vtis' slable, a 'chiHil house and
! r'our .! •" •g- Severa other buiidintt
were on fire. a' -g them the American
'i- ~i and tMd Kello'v* t uH, hut were av
, d Tie fi-e Is mgi ig it. - hour 12:3t1.
Tw > tr .miis were arretted on tutpieion
of be ng the icendiariet. they having dt>
mgtided Indwiag at the Ameriean tome
time during the evening w K eh was refus
•d and when the fire was discovered these
nd'vidual* were tound standing near by.|
| Another revolution hun occurred in
Hayti, the inhabitants rising en masse.
( utid it is almost certain that the present
' gavernmei't will fall.
l'iik Harrington, ofsafe.hurglgry no-,
torietv. lias suddenly disappeared from
j Washington, and it is understood tha - '
he i aK'Ut to leave, if he has not al
ready left, the country
Thus fa- hut little damage i reimrtot
f* n the M ssi-'ippi overflow beyond that ;
■•f retarding planting ipera'ton and con |
-id- rabla los' of -lock.
Ist week of April Terra, rummencM.g
on 'He 4h M tidav nf April, ISTt?.
Geo Furs: ri L Buckler et al
W H t?ard>ervJ L C-snt >n
J F Williams vi Hugh Adam*
Penn RR Co v§ (1 M Bri-ton et al
< Vimtnoiiweshh of Pa v W J 80-icrmac
•t a I
Owen McC.inn rs l'a RR (Vi
Cnmmonw—vlth of Pa vs W J Hostertnati
Owen McCann vs Penna KU Co
Soronil Week, April Term, eom
mencinsf I*t M 'ndav of May.
J.-VS Devling v> 11 H D >wning et a ! .
4n-- P Harr s *s Bradley Child'
It Valentine vs Bird <'>>al Jc Iron Co
W H Vt-Cauland v * Vankirk assignee
Wrn Young et al vs C ne Ijuig'
P M Caff. r:y v< I>avid Harier
B <'etnm vs S L Vanvalsah
D K Her v< L C A S C RR Co
.1 H Fruiav v penna RR C"
\ R >rii rt vs B A Green ik Co
J C Walker Sup'rvs v- Win WaUon
\V :n Youir * (!<"• Kuest i
B F Fmsel vs ll"man
A Walker use of vs Geo Gramley exe'ra
.In ■ M R 'I use ot v' -I A I) ■ jgh. rty
J .F W •orv* J A D"Ughertv
Ist Nat B,nk ..f B lh-fonte v B Lsush
C Herr i Jss M. Msnnu<
.1 t." Wi'iiam' W B E klev
<i- ger M ICo v- W H MrCmtiUnd
-In.' 1* Itehra- V- I> Delopg et h!
I'' Ai Co u'e if v- .Irio Duke
■lac i" Chambers vs tie" (late*
G'enn A ll"iiser vs L A Fire In- Co.
AV W HruwnK ux v R F Stiatfer
NI Packer vs Laush. Thmna' A co
List of Gt in I Jurors, drawn for the
4:h Monday of April.
Bellefnnte .1 hn La'o) Frank P Green.
Robert M Knight. Levi A Miller, Jon
' alhan Ha-per.
'B. -ner—J II Trcssler, Anthony Gaitens.
Robert Corl.
Cu-tin—John M*nn
Ferguson Win Bailey. Joseph Gal**
flair es- D*vid Bolinger, II nrv Rinehart.
j-amuc' Di'-hl.
Liberty—Robert Mrtin. Sam'l Spangler.
Marion —Will Irvin. John Hoy, jr.
PhilipsPurg boro- Jackson Gordon.
Potter—Win hmerick.
eltu- 1 —Wm B i!"
*>now Shoe— Wm Askey.
Wu'ker—Wni B Shaffer. John II Brrk. j
List of Traverse Jurors for Ist Week
of April T*rm.
Bei'efonP —P B'-tim-r Wilson, John Br.ifl-
I. y. I) /. K to-. Wm rihortlidge.
Benner —John Wugner.
B gg—Andrew Heaton. Jo? L NefT-
Itu■ nside—sl ilehel WHII in.
C Hegt—John William*. Jo K Mitchel.
Ferguson—C"nrad Frv.Geo Eckle.
(,r-gg—Jo* Smith Jno W Shook, Geo
Haines-O K Spg'emyer. R B Ilosterman.j
Geo. Bower.
nlf M<H>n David Maltern. Joseph Grif
H„rri—Ge > Swab
Liberty—Jos B Kunc.
Marion—Sam'l Alev. Wilson Berk.
Mile*—Jehu B Shaffer, aron Smull, Ja- 1
red Hasnl. Hsrrv Corniun.
Mib.sHur (t TM Hall
Phibpiibur —Sain'l M i ler Rohert How e
I'.-nn—J S A'anormer, Jaco E'-eiihuib.
Potter— Jo' Crr-tZer. J It (iuheen. Daxul
lthinem th
1 Sn Shoe— \f D S Ikni ter Fd P' rma".
Spring—Win Dale, P.obt Burner. John
Taylor—John Cnpenhaver. Jno Mcslon"
IT iiinnville - J no Alexander.
Futon ll' nrv Spotts.
Walker—Philip (iepiiart, Martin Brum
lait of Truvere Jurors for 2nd Week
of April Term —May 1L
Beilefonte—G" Jackson.
Benner— Filter Tate.
B'gga—Wm Marks, John Rerldes.
Burnride—.l 11 Bates.
" dtege—.John Ki'lineda.
F. rgu'on —Jacob Weaver. Miles Gray.
Charles M.ller. David G M rks. Fletcher
Meek. Peler YVolf. Thop Patton.
'Gregg—Fred Moyer, (' F. Hannick, J M
lioiise at n. Robt H Duncan.
fHines—Nouli Weaver,
llarri*—Jrme* K inport
11 nctna —Levi W'M.mer
\| ile- Geo W Itoyer, (c<> W Ifosterman,
Ge P Weaver,
Penn -Mie'nacH'lrieh. Michael Karste*'er,
Sum 1 Moyer. G W Stover, Androw Sto
I'a'ton Wrn Tressler.
Spring—Jno L Rockey, Jas Sheridan,
* ugu-tus Cox. Jo- Tresler.
Cnion—Joseph Alexander.
Walker—Solomon Peck.
Rush—ll it Wilcox.
Bid* will be re-|
■ Ived at the office of the County Commi*- •
-uiners of Centre county. PH., until Satur
day. the J'Jrid day of April next. Mt 12'
• •'clock ji m . of*aid HMV, for a new root!
and otheriinproveniemenls to be made to
tho County J H a lis nr ii 'pecificat ion.
f"r which can now 0c seen at tiiis office.
The metre -(Jul bidder will *m required to
■•titer inio bond* with approved security,
onditionally for the faithful performance
"f the contract. Bv order of the board,
J. S. BAKNUART, Commissioner*.
Clerk. uiar 23 ot
make no cngugenienu till you see our
\\ Inch in thrilling iniere-t, sterling merit,
elegance and cheapness, lias absolutely no
■ qunl. It ir "The Thing' for the Centen
nial period—takes on sight.
The North American Review says it it
"deserving of unqualified praise; we antic
ipate for it an extensive popularity" ; the
Dubuque Times says "Just such a work as
thousands of the American People will be
ghid to pn-ress" : tho Detroit Advertiser
culls it "preferable to any yet published."
Any act ve Man or Woman of good ad
dress in ure large profits and steady work
for aye r. F-.r fit I particulars, add re--
J B. y.&fl St W., 27 Paris p (ice. New
Yvrk. i'Jup 121.
Belh'ehem. April Ct James Kerrigan,
.on under sentence for conipllcii.v in 110-
M !l vM a gil're murders in the coal region,
.. no. 1 a u con lets ion. w hie Ii is made pub
lie to-day.
t'he original confession wa malleoli the
Nth of January IS~ '•. in the jail at Maucli
•'liiink, to several prominent cl'tens of
ramaqun. for whom Kerngan had sent. It
was made voluntarily, without ativ induce
ments being held out to the culprit.
The following is the conies* on Some
lea'* aco V'exander Camphell kept i' i
-ama that i* now kept bv James
t'srrell in Vaniaqua 1 1 that hi)use. when
Camphell flr>l kepi it. 1 llr-l , nted a soci-
I-ov known as the "Ancient Order ot 111
' eepians ' Ttiat I- the oilier lit t e \|,dl\
i Macuires and I 'thing I -e t us mim
luced ie|o it bv a moi a' Tu-carora and
L man named John IhMtohlie initialed me
• At under t'amnbel t(■ ir I'he !;>.i
•ate ot mv new order was when Barney
tt'Hare was burned out. The men wh..
1 | (hat were sent out bv A b-xande-Camp
he'), who was paid for sending them hv <
•nan named Si it'erling 1 know he did
• end ibent, for I Was Camphell p'x
when they went and the next morning tin
i.tat-e wa' borne.l down, I tie pur|n's.. of
the Molly Magoire. or \ I) 11 is kill
ne >pl ■an I biirn down building- The no
lion is that it 1- to prote I w -kinglnen but
rea'tvthey are aP the m.wt hardened sit
Hans 'n the p'aca where thev resole The
charter of the Mntlr Ifawlrw rtlk Ate the
V .-nt Order .fH'hernians The mur
ler and |her appointtoanis are seldom
ma le In regular meetings, hilt at s|teria!
me*' 1 lit* outside called for the purpo-e.
The regular ntee'ings are ke|it a* those ii
a nv - a-'e'v. - • thev may be shown in con-
tradiction of charges, ai si to show that
thev live UU to the requirements of the
barter The appointments are made and
■ alwavs curried "ll 1 it anv one Wants any
work done they inform the bead man
known as a b-'dvnin-ter •• r president
'ned be cails a meeting Two or three
men are usually appointed to do sueh
work Most nf the b<w!vmasters are hotel
k"eper* Jerotnish Kane was Imdymaster
st B-iied Top When Jones was killed
James Carpi'l wa liclvmaster at Tanta-
I * Alexander Campbell, w bile he lived
it Tamaqiia \* biKlvma-ter Bov'e.
Duffv am M'Geehan. MOW awaiting trial
, " the j*i! a' Pittvilb<, are the men who.
r.n the night of Julv sth. a! James Carroll's
j j **! HOI, in Tamsqua. announced that Night
, Officer Yost mil-t be ki'lcj. He wn- |ut
ijout of the wtV becu*c he had interteeed
. wuh M' I he it CP >me drunken Mo" V Mi
jguircs. Carroll w*n out of the saliain t
i i "i.irroi* a pi-t d to do l e ki iing, but came
hack without any. He then gave me
~iw er tv-five cents, and ak*d me to go to a
. neighboring 'a'o-'n and borrow one 1
. went out and *p<-it the m inev, but return-
I e*t without a pistol. He we* killed that
night. All three. Boy.*, Duffy and M'-
I (leehan. Mihequentlv confc*-ed to me that
thev bad murdered Yost. These men are
■ all members ot the Aneiciit Onlrr of 11;-
Iherfiian* or Mul'v Maguirc I know
John 1* Jonea I kn.>w all ah >ut his
death. I did not know Doyle and Kelly
I I nef..r Septemncr 1, 1875. 1 w** coming
Irom mv work at A'aka collieries, at
iTainaque. on September 1, 1875. nr.d stop.
'•>•■* lin at Jatnes Carrop *. D >vle ai d
K*ller were there. After 1 had taken a
(drink. J went out on the iM.rch, and James
■ Carroll followed m-" When w* got out
,*'d* he a*ked me if I woq'd take Dovle
and Kellev mv to Alexander OanipheH's
jatStornt Hi" a* thev wi-hedtogo there.
I *ald that 1 wa* -t.-adilv at work, and
I wou'd have to be .>ul hv 11 o'clock Car
roll then prevailed Ul> >n rue to go. 1 got
mv supper and came hack to Carrdl'- •*-
•lyin We pu-hed right on to Storm Hi I.
and went in nt Alexander Camphel
where Carrol! had told me to take the
men We then wen! to Hugh McGeehan
-aloon. at Summit Hill McGeehan pro
duced three revolver* Alter oiling them
he handed mie t- Doyle, one to Kelley.
and oru to me. and a-k-al sue to g > and
about John P Jm e 1 refu-e.l the re- j
jvolver. ,'v el ley ami I remained in that!
;*a|.K>n all night. McGeeh-n and Cainpb*-11 '
■both reluming home. Befor* the latter
left, an arrangement wa* made whereby 1
( -hould ro do n the next mnrning and
i iMvint out to Kelly and Dovle the iios-
Jonet), wh m J knew having once live.) ,
at Tainaqua. Thi* wa*to be done so that i
•ii.pii'take might he made. *> that th.*v
jhoubl kn w Jones hev -nd all doubt The j
•non. M■-G'-ehan and Campbell, -ant that
John P. J >nv- had b!*cki;ied that i, j
discharged and reported n they couldn't j
again c t work al any of the company's !
mine- s"me of the men that Worked in ■
that region. Campbell left me to inter !
that June* wis to be mur lered. mainly • >
as to grt Wm Zehner to run away lie'
-aid that if John P Jones wa shol Bill j
Z'-hner wouid certainly run away, and to
thi* McGeehan a bi. d by . if he d-oi t,
why we will give him a hall or two. after'
till- Jone- buiue- co*da off McGeehan
and a m*n ranted \lu !hall wore
;the b'ack iit. In the morning Doyle.
K" !>" and I b-ft th' -alo-r. about e ght o'- ■
| cl'H'k, TI -earch o Jone*. Campbell -aid '
they should -h"t Jot • * at hi* house or in ]
coining tfiTii th - pot office Kcllv and
Doyle went up to J me-' h<>u-e While
thev w.-ru awav Campbell made me get 1
■i.iwn on mv knee* and promise t at I >
would never speak about this murder, I
drunk or sober. Then Campbell told me !
to go nut and see where they were I went j
up after them and met thi- side of M .ckey
■ O lb.r.nel'-tavern. Doyle wa* sitting on
a stone. Keliey -aid that when he went
■ luwn he went into a house and akcd if
Jones wa* at home and that no one ans
wered. Campbell told Kelly to shoot
Jot es early in the morning while coming
to work, and not let him £•' with one hail,
hut put three or four in him. Michael
Dovle had the and black pistol.
! Keliey had the other two pi-tol*. Camp
j bell told theni they could go on , that they
needn't be afraid, as no one w..uld follow
' them, as Jones wasn't liked bv the Welsh
men or anyone else. Campbell then gave
me $5. lelli"g me to purchase *ome whis
ky at Tiimaqua and use the balance to buy
thern tickets on the railrt-nd to go home
with. These $5 I gave my old w-onari. I
ar.d she >-:-nl out for a quart of whisky, but
jthe bill came back unchanged and the
whisky with it At Tamaqua Doyle in
formed me that tnev had shut Jones, hut
'couldn't say wheiher he wa* dead or not.
1 shortly after that we were arrested.
A Cavern Loaf Mountain
| Vom ts Forth Earth. Sand, Wa
ter and Fish A Wonderful Phe
nomenon Atttndtd oy Loud
8 "tittds.
P-.ughkeep'ie, \ t-ril 12 —At the foot of
Sug ir L"al Mountain, on the cast side of
ihe Hudson, near the northern entrance to
the Higb'an l*. i- the handsome re*idenee
~t Mr-. Wade Opposite, in the Hudson,
■ 4 Pollipeli'* I-land. The ground on
aihw-h the M i de mansion i- located is h(IO
■ r 1.0(1) leel ab -ve llo* level of the river
tie back ground being Sugar leaf. 1.000
; I gh.-r. A -trange occurrence UH.k place
I within i ;!f i-HI"l f- i-t of Ihe house ye4( t r
Idav .xflernoon James McMannua 5 the
railroad flagman near llie spot. He was
in the lock cut north a' three o'clock in
the afternoon mentioned, when be heard
a singular noise -a aortof rnttlingorcrack
iine. To use hi* own word*. "I thought
the Storm King wa* tumbling." In a
minute after there was another rumbling
and rattling louder than the fir-t. and nl
rno-t immediately after a third report.
'Said he, "I have beard powder exo'otions
| and sharp clap* of thunder, but I never
. heard -urh noise us that." He ran south
to ascertain the cause, and found tho rail
road Iraek forfkX) feet covered with stone*
and boulders sod sun fisii and perch. He
Talked up the hill and saw a
tent in width and flft in depth, and from it
fully 50.000 towiAxf dirt and sand had. to
jail appearanc'" lifted up and hurled
jinto nd Herds* the cove below. The cove
|is 000 feet in width, and the avalanche
j - wept through it and over it te'the Hudson
River railroad track, tearing down fence*
and covering the track six inches deep
with stones, dirt and fish. Huge trees were
hurled in every direction and the water
the entire lengtn of the cove was disturb-
I "d.
At seven o'clock in the evening there
was another report, and anolhor tna-s ol
earth wa* hurled to the covu below. At
eight o'clock ye-lerday morning then
were two more rep4>rt, and more -lir; wa*
displaced. What is stranger still, almost
immediately alter the lust reports, a tor
rent of water hur-t from the bottom of tbc
cavern, from whole the earth had toeri
hurled, and plunged down the side of the
hill, cutting a ravine five fent deep in a
brief space ot time and the volume of wn
ter is increasing hourly. When the fact is
stated that there is no pond or stream near
tiie spot except one mile back of Sugar
Loaf, the sudden appearance of so large a
streamiof water from the button) of a cavern
fifty feet below the surface of the ground,
is remarkable. Tree* thirty feet in height
were hurled a distance of 1.000 feet
■Scores of people visited tne spot to day.
but not one could'.satisfaclorily explain the
occurtenee. It was not a land slide. It
certainly looked like an eruption, for to
all appearances tho ll ou-ands of tons ot
earth mu*t have been forced upward and
outward to tbe cove below. The result of
this upheaval can easily lie 6ei-n from th"
windows of passenger trains. All around
the chasm the ground was undisturbed
except where the Immense mass of earth
struck it as it tumbled into the river. The
indications are that there will soon bo an
other upheaval there, and tho trackmen
are watching tho track closely. '1 he oc-
I currerco has revealed tons of tho finest
l *nd where it was thought no sand existed.
! Herzegovina is ' gain in full insurrec
i tion, th whole of Bosu a is in revolt, and
Wis nevi-rso t-rioujly tlifeawjtit'U
It El KS if SCAM 7A KI'S I /'
\\ iuliingt.-n, April IT. 1\ tri
mettibm* crowd win ill iitloiiilalH< llii
licing the da\ not I n- tin- iinjx.uhtiitii
trial of Belknap.
At 12 v> rvturx Belknap, will
• oiiHMj, Mi-mis. l'r|>rntT, Black ain
Blair, entered and preeeexled t>> tin
table prov i.led fur tin-111.
The ex-Se -rotary wna leaintii- on tin
iirm of Mr t' ir|'<• it *r, ami to >. it mm
twtween him uinl Judge lllaek Hi- up
prnii-.1 \ll x ni-rvoii* an.l Ix-gin rending
tint soon dropped tin* |uiiuiilili*t it Hi
. omrrsi-.l with lim counsel I In- niuttu
.■ere of the iu\|HMi-liniPnt ntnl nu-mIM t.
of the 11onv appeared at ono o'd-v k
but n quarter of an hour lni<l ulntoai
ela peed Itoforo nil wore M-:ttoil, when
the minute* of Ihr m**moh of tin* Srnili
a* n-Court of Impeachment held on tin
>tli i nut ant wore roa.l. I'lio roturn ol
ilit* writ MIVHI upon tin . v Se.retarx
having been read. ami tin* Scrgeant-al
Arms Itu\ iiic relied up mi Inni t" an
swor N| r i arjH-iiti-r read anil had tiled
plea denying tin*> lion of tin- *son
ite to try Helknnp ■*n article- of lUl|.<-<o li
tnont, as In* xx a not an ollix-er of !h
l'nito.l Statesat tho time Mii-h articles
wore foiliol ami pr< sonte.l t ■ tin- '-Pin'r
that lie li ia not aluic I i-ett, tior i he
now an officer of the United State-, !>ut
was ami is a private eititeii "I tin- I tii
tol Stalls uinl of tin* State of 1 ova
Mr Lord, on tlio part of tin managers
MsUe.t that time l>e allowed tliem until
the ISth iust to ivmsiili-r what renliea
tion shall he ma.le to the plea of Be!
knap, ami it was so or.lere.l, the mana
gers ami counsel f.-r the aeetise.l hat ing
in reply to the question of the I'resiiient
pro tern, saiil they had nothing t ;rthet
to propose.
'lhe Semite, sitting m a c< urt -f im
peachment, adj.Hirtied tititil PJIII-MIIIV
nest, ami resumed the consideration ol
legislative business.
St. Petersburg, V|ril 11' The ott'u-ia!
, Wesluioati, reviewing the jndith il sittta
: tion m Europe, say* that ttie relationsol
: the great powers to each other leave
i runnv thing* to bo wished for. England
and Ut:<ia distnis eaeh other. The re
' lati.inn between Russia and \t!<tria art
| not clear.
The London Time*' Berlin dispatch say*
the crisi* of the Turk b in-urre. t. .. i
evidently approaching It' Austria does
nt interfere, the insurgent- a ill tie rein
forced by Bi*niaii and Servian elite*
DEA i ns.
On Tu- - lay event c IS, a'. Aaron-burr,
liairielj., wife of Hon. J. <i Me vera,
: ngetl about -I'l -oars Funeral on Friday
j morning Hi 0 .10 o'clock.
At Churchville, on IS, Ehnlra, wife of
lli-nry Ltchte. age 1 about 2ii years.
On IT. in Potter twp , John It . tig i
toyea r*.
On 14, near Aar -n-burg, I).ana fe >f
Charle* It iwer. aged 29 years The de
i'Mmsl wti" the mother t leii- !■ :'i of
whieh died about a week previous t i the
nnither. atul within an h >urofeach other,
aged about throe weeka
At It is'shurg on IT. Mr- Emer: w low
of lohn Kuiert, ag- - d about To year-.
On at t': urrbv la. George Elmer, - n
of (■ \\ Sp inkier, nged 11 V • >r, T no- lh
and 14 Java.
Or 10. Mr Ab. Hartcr, of V. Wrim, i
and M -* Caroline, daughter of J. n Ter.i
i ger. of Aarontburg.
j On l.. A mo* Dunkle of Miliary and (
Mary E \\ caver, ot 'iregg twp.
i On tlth, at Centre Haß. by ltev s it,
Mr Abraham Holderinan t- M Kl <
< MuUenberger, h .th ot Centre ce
For the Reporter
| At Orwngcvilte. Fl.oi tin - , by Rev.
C ti. A Hulherat, Mr T. II K :• Aa
, ron-burg, thi* county, and Mi Km ma
I Cad well, of Orangeville A•: g. happy
laitd t>r.*perou life to the happy couple
Nov. Tom you must make that n v i! *ing,
a* you have tw- to provide for And
) Eouiia, you mull make that needle "git
I and make those hats and ribboni fly, a>
i vou aid have to atop and get three mea
i tier day. n Tommy g- t to fiarfut hungry
| standing by the anvil all dev.
A M lis HML
The above cut repre.enti the Complete
Waaher, filled to a tub, with the tub cut
out to show how il li fattened for use.
The Complrle Wtmlicr will
WIIHII a i arjM-f or Its-il <|nllt or
a Fine' <Tirf iiin or ollar.
Warranted For Five Years.
Price Only $6.00.
Centre Hall.
Proprietor for Centre county. KO nor tf
oilers his services to the ciliz os of
Centre county in
IIOIIMO, sign ami Ornamental
Striping, ornamenting and gilding.
Plain and Fnncv Pape' hanging. Orders
respectfully solicited. Terms reasonable.
20 apr if.'
N'OTICB is hereby given that the fol
lowing named persons have filed
their petition* for License atul will make
application to the court to grant the same
••t April term, next.
Fred Smith Saloon.. Bellefonto born.
Win I ohm Ttrn. do
Dnn'l (Sarinttti do do
Jno. 8rad1ey........ do do
Robert Lloyd >1 • Pliiiipsburg bor
Richard Hay* .... do do
•lame* Piifiiidrt l .,. do do
J. Ilmntilale do 'ln
II iram Harris do do
.1 L. llti'.jniZNrdner do do
Mr Hat- (iarlior. do Hu*h township.
Jeffrey 11 aye* .... do do
Julius Seigworth. do Hoggs Twp.
Philip (late* I > Ferguson do
M L L>'ii*l do Potter do
Jno <. I'xxle Snow Shoe do
M irliuol J Dolanat-aloon.. do do
A llnutii wholesale Uullefontc
SHIII Nicholas, saloon
W. 11. ilkinson & t'o. Tav
Henry Yenger Saloon
.1. S. Ilenrv... "
.lohn Amlerson "
l> d'dinion A Son* Tnv.
K Brown
Isaac Miller...
Chat Brown., wholesale
.Im lluvwuol Saloon Philipsburg
S. Kroi'lmnii. wholesale
Robert Taylor Tavern
Peter Weber Saloon
<) W. Whipple Saloon College twp
Miller A Katun Tavern Ferguson '
David J, Meyer " Haines "
Ww. 8. Long "
John J. (Inker " Mile* "
•lurkm>n Konth
S H. Kunct '• Liberty "
Kli/.nbelh Kunet "
Jonathan Kreutner " Penn "
Rebecca M usaer
J. II Oiicnkirk ' Poller "
John Spangler
(ieo. A. Keller " Kuth "
I). II Buhl Saloon Snow Shoo twp
(iotlieb Hang Tav. Spring
11. Kohb " Walker
(. W. Hasten " Worth
John Capenheavcr 11 Taylor
KW. Richards Tavern Huston t#V
Win. Brown wholesale license Ilcllefonle
Thomas Lotighry Saloon
30 mar 3t, A.WILLIAMS.
To all who are suffering from the error*
and indiscretion* of youth, nervous wovk
nets, early decay, lost of manhood, &c
I will send a recipe that will cure you
FRKK OF CHAKItE. This great reme
dy was discoverel hy a missionary ii
So ilh Aincri'a. Send n self-addressed an
vo >po to the Kev JOSEPH T INMAN
St uon D, VMq iiomso, Now York City.
V) a fit. Butt
Idtilll MM. ST It IK lift.
1 *s :t-nsi ve < hi I-Iri.
Parker l.sndlu ■ l*a , \|-t IIV Vi 8
s Jti a. m. a twelve l)o>u*aiid Imm-I oil taut
I belonging to t<rnoiliii A N i-y hart iliis|.
•at It 'llr I'roi-U ttatioft, A I .gSi-nt \ ill
I ( ley railroad, was struck bv lightning,
j hunting the upper ring off lh'< tnlik all.l
throwing the * it over two mljoling I 'III k i
ol the I'uioii Pip-t'o i.(tanv
At V.sip in. tin- i ne tniik* wile li!i
' hunting, involving . b* of about 1■ Hk
' I arret* of oil,'tl of whivli t OIIJNH! tn
<• rmi lie A Nt-vhart .ml thi i iiiniinler t■
, lll I lliotl pipe . .ItltlSll V hhotlht lit
I mint !il!t I HI "th i <piru i an allil.tion
~l ituik, h 'iiiii -.V1,u1 barrel- I'
. |> i 1 i-oinpaiiy oil, will also he . i until
I'll.. In k now ton mug ere vnlu< •! nl
II iinie..! tlm i.'.l . i i i'., j s!i .
,Mi Should the other tank lake flrn tin
' 'I. tat lot* on the tank* will he in "I
' - ..i' stM *'
: The Atl. til Ppe • HI.OKI V Vj.UKI hsf-
I I re! irin tank nt i < nv. r pip- >ln;l. n in. nl
•ostrut-k hv lightning nv 4 OlM niorninu,
J smt alter hurtling four hours wins e*nn
,-II -In-! Iv tlie nir.-n. \ of sti-stn The
dpruhah'e loss is 2.0 m
. . •
11 Kh l-il v tCiOit t .
i n-itiiiop \pr.l 1 An i.lll. I-,
(•degrnphic- di-pnteh from the Governor nl
It.iniii-i report* that a tin! 1 le hn* taken |.!u. .
aenr Kjeva. > betwi en {he Talk di iro.qr*
ill.) I |.l ; .n!,rg.-nt> Irom tl tustriwn
bank of the Sax-- The ineurg.-nt-i were
routed, with n loiS o! IK" killed* ail
xx \ p >i! on ot : •• hand, (. ir*u
— I I . the I'urkidi If. j -, re.-i. I tlie
Save, while the other* took refuge ir. the
■l.u - , iii n e Turki-h to- *x n triti ag
M. II .U-> .(>IMI'O, st iin !■ M noter o:
Kocles ifttii-ai Atl.urs - 1 lirr-.-i-e, ha* ben
eiitenced - . iinpritoi.tiu-i.t for one year
h-prived political rigtit* for thfeeyears,
mil to pay h tin.- of 1 -r ic -t-ivitig n
bribe xx hi!o ill olti. t
Ncxv V.-rk, \pt ' 1". Wheat, No
Chicago Soring I S. '2 Milxxm.
•eo 12t)<mlV7l. Hyi-, Sta .- 74! Corn
xxortern in x.-.l IV.ii-i,7*4, tii,-.* western
nixed th .o, t'.-rtev P ' ' Kgg* I'M.fc
U'. Sugar lair to good re lining Ttt.vTl
P. iroh am ri lined 14!
Ch'.cago, April lo —K lour good tocliou-e
i-jUiiM ,*t; western *' ipping < vtiu- 4 t>
i I 7 < xx li eat Jut i- It" :. *r. . r Max I tXij
• >rit seller dune 47c, *• I• r Jkl iv 4s; v4>:
tl.ils *i er May •is *e A( nl !> Kxe
-cllt-r A(irii IS. ItarieV, seller Max til
I'HlLAOtl,Pill A
Phi'adelphia, April lu Flour. . i fain
5A TAfefcti xt 4 : high grade* 7 Tit' vH ko I
! VVi .-at amber 1 . i . ite 161 C n
J white l.'tl; yellow taimo'-i Oat* whiledoj
| lh ! i
Milk -y Makkci*. . m :.-1 . . !.!y hy
l> ShtTntire,
Clov.-r Seed js isi to 60.
Itecf fff to S7.UI per lUI ltx<.
1 Corn 46c to fiOe,
Kye ik'io to To
Soft N-'Xn Sovtix I'ls-tei $ s ground
5 lo per t m.
White Wheat SI •-"> to ! 3t).
Ite t " $1 •£> to f 1 O.
Parley 7th- to 76
Timothy iJ to 2 60.
Plaster in Sumo 57 76 lu
Salt 1 Id lo 1 60.
Cat* hi. to K*, ,
Potatoes 25c U- .-.
! (Vhite W'-eat M 'A* Red ISO Kye 76
I Cot a aara 4' 4". Oautt-Marlt) M
70 Clo.'erreei *' .Pot.ti , *
Lard per poun.; 8. ... Pork per pound Oil
Butter'JO. Kgg- 16 Piix-t.-r pet ma
-I I I'alloXX H I-. . > 1 Haiti 16
l.rj pr pou'.d 8 > etit*......... Bi. k.beal'
lih'i et* F our | t r t .rrel retail 7.<H...
Nova S. otiH ||!*'. -1 I '*l Ca XUgrt 1
bU-L-r pi-r XtM Ibr Shelled i orii 4.
to 60
-ler.igned i now pr.-|iri-d to *-ll B'i. k at
iii* kin* at Centre Halt to *uil pufchax-r*,
: l rea- nab'.e rali -,*'■ to furn.*h >-r . ,tn*
irael Br.. S. S. EARNER.
,7 Oct y
/ 1 Ri VT UK H CTIO.N IN PRl< l S
( '
Wolf's Old Stand.
Largest Stock of Goods in the <
Ojjs Pries] Low Pries i
polite attention:
* x. f V* * ri
t -r t ? t *
If y. u want to Save Money, buy your
good* ofF. ti. Fit A N ("IfCCS,
: ALL GOODS are gu a ran teed to b.
right or the money refunded. All <r>|
tier* filled prumpily, acconipanicd by
the m-.ney.
BAR IRON 'J cb*. per Hi.
I 5 .00 per Keg
• WINDOW GLASS,SxIO to 10x14,
5- 60 I" r It. A.
IT 1 l \' at 4 ct*. rer lb.
, KxIOSASH, 12 Ligho, •' d cO. j-cr
\V indow.
BLINDS and SKI TTERS f 1 .:*) t . $1.75
pwr Window
PUKE WHITE LEAD $lO 00 pr 100 lb*.
'■ TRACE CHAINS, Strn *•' l or Twitted 7
ft $1 00.
HARROW TEETH, 4j ct*. per lb.
CoR.N PLOW shovels::. total.
" Lg HANDLE SHOVELS, <*s cU.' 1
f " HOES. Sheu.
HAY RAKES. 26 ct*.
, I.G. l itIVC IM Ih.
NAILS,-an good us the bc-t at S2B-'
1 as Kng
Cooking Stoves—-Complete.
7 Inchei. lnchc. 9lnrhi*#. J
" sl6 00. $lB 0) to $2) UK $26 00
• vn.d. all Color-.
25,<MH) Jilw* WALL PAPERS \
from SI **• to $1 60 j>or piece.
Mr Coir.e and 60c our STOCK . 'Qz
r Leu itloxxn. mm 3> y.
loilN p' poTTKix, Attorney-*t-Law
Collection* promptly rnnde ane.
Upeeial attention given to t'lmu having
lands <>r property |..r-mIo. Will draw U|
and luix v uck 11 oxv lodged Deed*, Mortgage*
'• Ac. Office in the dminond, north side o
1 In* court houan. Bollefonte .M-t'J-J*rtUi
The Bellefonte public and the people '
the country generally wi I be plea.ed In ]
know that the old and wo'l established
late the property of James C. William- \
on Allegheny street, next door to Hicks'
hardware emporium, has been re
opened for business and Is he
ing rapidly re-stocked and
fitted out with the best and most popular
and everything usually kept in a first-class
Drug Store
ly coiii|>otiM<l<'(l nt all lioiii-m
of the day or night, and particular and
prompt attention given to the wants of
lai invrs and others
who live in the country. Store never
closod to tho-o who want medicines oi
anything in the drug line.
The undersigned hones, by strict attention
1 to business, to merit and roceivo the pu
lie pi'.onugo.
Oaprly, Agtmk
(Bucceor lo WILSON A HICKS,)
will sell llAltlDYAlll'i. STOVKS, Saddlery, Coach-makers' Material, Build
er- Hardware, of all kinds, I'ainls, Oils. &c. Nails, Iron and Class a spe (In-1 A) W'EST CASH I'IUCKS. Childrens' Carrittges, Shovel Plows,
f tilling Boxes, ele. We have (lie lies! COOK STOVES and RANGES in
Hie M arkrl, and warrant tliem lo be good. We keep all repairn for same,
and will sell lower than elsewhere. Anyone in this count/, building, or
dealing in this line of goods, w ill pav tliem to come and see us.
Beliefonte, i\i.
Don't Buy
11 tiATI NG STOV K until you have ei*
ainiiii'd tlie
; V
Hesl tSc Handsomest
Cull fttid ee theiu at the Store of
J. I. lIEEMtI l.\,
Cix.vTUt HALL, PA.
CI i; AMP t Us S IMP Kit IA LSO Al'
J l- riia *'atrxT. '
Thi* Soap i* ii aiiufaciurc.l Ir-mi pure
! material*, mid a* it contain, a large per
rentage ..f V. gi-table 4it, i xx- irratited ful*
iv equal tu tile lil imported CUleSoap,
and nt the taiun U-ne po,.e>,•-* all the
* -long ant i. i n rii g iiri ( ..riie of thr
eel.-hrati- l (ii-rniatt aOU French Laundry
S. :ips. It i> tberef .ie re. tiimeinl. 1 f-.o
ue tn the Laundry, Kitchen, and Bath-I
room, and fir general -id uurpu
for PriatMt*, Painter,, Engineer*, j
atol 41 , him t*. .1 x, 111 remove ataiii* ol
Ink. t.rrTar, 0 I. Paint, i-t- , from the'
hand*. Manufactured nnlv bv
Clt A MPTN BRo l it KRS.
'2 .4, n, s atid 10 Itutger- Place and
>.j Jeff.ixinstreet, No* Vork.
I- - - • it phia, hy KOl'Ns
A Hl'uKF, iyr_' N- rt 1*- iau xre Avci ue.
and hv gr. rr* g.-neral y and at Seehl.r *i
gnxcery. Nov 11. Gm.
Simon Haines,
Man ufacVurer exf
It sr jonw, Ac.
Of tnry • sintllat gear for
all kind* f v ehie-t, made to order, and in j
tril el,** ui inner Being , practical lue
.>. .ri.. 1 xx >utd WAHU A N I AL L
WuRK u> tiiiifftvii !i. Up|uiiritiK
pruoipUy iilkndiHl i* nl lb# rau-.
Unde p taking.
Cxifiiosofall tiyln
made - n horte*l notice. Tlie bu>ine*
f undertaking atlended to in all it*
t>rati.-he* Re.p. ctfully *.diciU a hare of
public palr-uiage. 9 cpt y
W. A. (TKKY.
liol jhi>b uJnh!fp
l i:> i iti. ii ii.i.. PA
W . <i moat re*|i<-x tiully inform the cit
en* thi. x ietnily, that be ha* Larted a
new B< t and Shoe Shop, and xxeuld be
lhaiiHtiil for a ►ha - - ■ of the public natron
*ge, B 1- •id Mi - made to order and
accorxling U itylo, and warrant, hi* work
Uo equal any made t .ewher. All kind*
f rej.airing done, and i harge*
liim him a < all fk 13 Iv
1.-iix 1 UK 1A MH.R. M. It.
Phy.ician and Surgeiin,
Ke*pectfuliy oth-ra hi* |xr.fe*ionl *.r
--* i-e* to the ciliacn* c! Cmlra Uali and
vi. "*ity Cornul'.'ili -n in Engluh or Ger*
man Ha* a full l ifi<- of intriim"nt for
I extra.-t. *g teeth, tlffii c and reidenc in
the L -tb. paronago. 27fcb tf
(. I' E ( k S
Coach Manufactory.
The undt-raigned ha* opened n n. *• e
tablikhmeut, nt hi- new hop, fo* th*
manufnctuie of
& Spring Wagons,
of every description .
All vehicle* maliufax lured by bin,
:irc w arr.-xntexl to render *alifaction, and a*
equal t any work done clew here.
Ho uet none but the be*t material,
ind employ* the m>*i *killful workmen,
liencelbay tinller iheiii-clvc* that their
work can not l>e excelled for durability
iiixl flnt*h.
Order* from a distance promptly attend
-1 .-.1 1...
Come and exnmlnc my work before
.ontnx'-ting etoawhere.
All kinrlaof Rcparing done.
S-Qaqq" MONEY FOR ALL - tbTiy
xJ<JsJ%J | M n iLraev. On.jr two Dlmet "It |
.vtw*)• vlrk*t Mrr d)." Tsnjr ratwlar who will
j inn I 3t' wnt t< as. sa srtll snd osa l %f WW vbicb
ir4ift>srsflt<H will put jr° *' th' t*> tnakr
I vv.nth. *nl nt k* hslf jronr tim* sittiuhlfi f.r man
j ,>r w- itiori. Ihjs i.i girls. *td in antirrly now Thous
,nds rsn n -w ' ura* tylng l.taiaaw, snd ronaUitnl
II I ojc. Tbtsistbr VhM< ao( s lifallmr." and If >otj
*lll not mil'Tacr It t**ll nar frland*. for It Is • Kartunc
for* ■ a*orth> dosnrvimi parson s balpitif
hand N*ot a raclpa. JrwrU). or other hnmhtiff. but s
*f<- atd sttra gruarsntood bnamoss .lpportanii* Sam
|i|#btu rlrcuUra. Af. If- ara arnl at roal. 30 cants
I.nljr t • intrxHltirc |t. uon- trow, and ooru* nond tapl* an
|ca lh>) M*Dt Ui mkr a >rai cloat. llundradt
tro tn alt Ire that, and ST tan U and will ahow jriv
I "how lU doac.*' A44r*as, iitMkii 4 CO.. lllnsdala
. 18ve Money
' I*; |ollar Sala. IS flr 'ntcld H1 ft >*ton Mass., slnct
1-TA 1.4. M go Ms to 13. sal patrvm* It odors
. *irtotj of IH ruu • I"I la CJ '- Oroaatiaa
i It.. >ks i till 'tl. t*la v a H aro. 0,4 ,** about hal
nit. o and salts rTrtrthln* *1 ul> una dollar
Viral I I i iklm h l>uv * 9rtmt 'nsnufat tnrrra am
b 11 r*t l l.ill'ie. i,i M-iii.,, i.ha
joounlr} doalars ask f"3 lo #.T for This It tut Ifumhua
jno "lit k*te" Nbrjf Soa oar clrcn'srs. and *..h th
J irn! of article* offevf-r-d at tily if I We ova rr
j I nrd th# Loaf paprraof |l<*st n. and by trti.onu psl
j run l . Naa our trcnlars.
r\ vV'.. ('.in snd will soil aon a Md' at lr*w than act
I other hoosr Bc . Ip! In mul or iiFf
M\o I 1 . and let > i o annds lu-fora Itdjrlsc. W
•|3twcrj'*l)rpt No |jk. S>
( Ills- 4 Vtil !■ ' 1I r*r t una *ll
n PMMT*. GrviiUr*. lint*. Wi
n smi 1 •->"11 SJ S3 l>uks, Ac . all f.,r a
♦ Iniflr dollrtr Ifti 1 Hlnff*. Pin*. HrnciOsst*. HH*.
V ioH|Atio|t*r>.( In tact *ll
' #l. Send Now. *n.{ sum tc>n#y Yon un tt it
ir rdr* to |< uliMbroN A
O. N I DOLLAR HAI! .1 Ri.mfUld M .
dec. Ilnnv
Piii'nilui'c Rooms.'
re-pectfully Informs the citizens of Centr
county, that he has hough I out the old
-land of J. (>. Deininger, mid has roduccd
the prices. They have constantly on hand
and make to order
TABLES. &c., Ac.
Their stock of ready-made Furniture is
large and warranted of good workmanshit
and is all made under their own iinmed ■
ate supervision, and is offered u t rate,
cheaper than elsewhere.
Call and see our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. 26 feb. ly
"VTOTIt K is hereby given that the <•
11 count of John liishcl, assignee o
Meslame Reese, ha- been tiled in the ortlci
of the l'rothoiiotsty of the Court ot Com
man Pleas of Centre county, and will b<
pre-entcil to the cjurtfor confirmation a
Ap r 'l term, next, A. WILLI VMS.
vWmarSt. Froth'y
Panic Prices.
11. 4. LAKBIMER.
1 -it the old Centre Hill .Land.
J u*t opening a Stock of
I A largo variety of
Ladie* Dren Goodi
Great Bargain* in
Miulinttod Calicoes
Uendy-mado Clothing
Warranted to Suit
Hi* Cloth* and Cat-inter*,
Cant be excelled
His Crocery Department,
\xlonUhe* every one in >ortmentatid low
(Syrup, Sugar. Tea, Coffee. Canned fruit* and Foreign Fruit*. Che*e,
and every other article belong*
ing to the Grocery Depart*
00-Farmer*. Mechanic* and l*aboren
ook to your interetL One dollar aved ii
a dollar in pocket. Then call and *ee al
'what aiont*bingly low price*.
tV-Su iruubiti to .how Good* ."Was
Al*o the choic*t FAMILY FLOI-a al
, way* on baud. Apr. 16, y.
Miller & Son,
Ac , A. .. Ac.
fr modicinal purpote*.
Fruasea 6c Supp irtera in great variety.
A l*o. choice
and all other article* usually kept in a
fir*! elate Drug Store.
Freerriptiuns carefully Compounded.
J3oct if _ MILLER A SON
Head<juarter for Boola and Shoe* !
Awarded i - John l*..wi-r for the
be*t tine Boot* exhibited at Cen
tre County Fair for the year 1875 )
.)l AI-I U / Ati T0 a 7
Oppodte Buth lli>u*e,
Power*' Boot A Sb-e Store i* the
and Ket u>cked eUbiUhment in Centre
k ; County.
He keeps constantly on hand a full
dine of
it o or M 4 \ I> s II <I I: H.
He i* juti opening the large*t tlock of,
'Spring Good*ever brought to Bellefoi.te.
f J j J £ 2 >J b 11
.for taxhe*. kept con*latilly on hand.
| Boot* and Shoes for men and women, of
iall ttyle*. quality and price*, from the
'imoit nelly to the chcapert, c..ctantly
j kepi on hand.
,j j
cither in quality or prico. Call and
examine his new stuck of Spring and
Summer Goods, and you will find it.
u> your advantage. Apr2lly
M.Clain * Block, Directly Opp. Bu*b
, Houe,
Bellefonte, Pa.
Iff. HERMAN A CO., Prop'n*.
Dry Goods,
Below the Usual Prices.
y N"
JOHN It KEC 11111 1.1.,
in hi* elegant New Room*. Spring Greet
£ Bellefonte.
il ILt*onhar.d a fplendid aasortment o
h HOUSE FURNITURE from the com
n monc*tto the moftelegsnt.
and anything wanted in the line of hi*
tuu-ine** homemade and city work. Al
a< o, ha* made a peciality and keep* or
J, hand, the largeat and £ne*t stock of
Good* told al reatonable rat-. wliolesa
and retail. Give him n call bcf*>ro pur
. chasing cUowhcre. feb6-ly
Hardware Store.
A new, complete Hardware Store has
been opened by the undersigned in Cen
tre Hall, where he is prepared to sell all
kinds of Building ami House Furnishing
Hardware, Nails, Ac.
Circular and Hand Saws, Tcnnon Saws,
Webb Saws, Clothes Backs, a full assort
ment of Glass and Mirror Plate Picture
Frciues, Spokes, Felloes, and Hubs, table
Cutlery, Shovels, Spades awd Forks,
Locks, Hinges, Screws, Sash Springs!
Horse-Shoes, Nails, Norway Rods, Oils,
Tea Bells, Carpenter Tools, Paint, Varn
Pictures framed in tho finest style.
Anything not on band, ordered upon
-hottest notice.
p#- Remember, all ood offered cheap
er than elsewhere
aug '26' 73-tf
ters of administration on the estate of Dan !
i-'l Conser, late of Miles twp, having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves to be indebted to -• id
decedent are requested to make immediate
payment, and persons having claims
against the estate will present them au
thenticated for settlement
mar 10 lit Administrator.
JL. SPANGLKR, Attorney-at-Law
Bellefonte, Pa. Oifece with
' UU j c- °cuni. Consultation jn Englisl
and Gorman Colleotiujik promptly attend
ed to.
jPumjis 01* All Kinds! cf?%
Steam & Rotary Fit nips 11[
FOR MINES. L -'" " V '"S —T \\
Deep Well Pumps, |
Cistern Pumps, M
Anti-Frezing Pumps.
' Gum Hone § Packing, Bell and Bras*
Founders, and Manofaetoreri of the CELEBRATED
Sheriff' Patent Steam Syphon Pump
Sendforjllusfralcd catalogue and price lid."%•
WATER 111., A 8# lot A tenae.
< • 1 .
| Groceries! Groceries! ! -
Ui p . : >
_ : ror economy requires that too buy nothing but FRESH, i
FL RE GOODS. We keep on hand at all times
a large and carefully selected atock of
\ _ | goods, c imprising every item
>* 1 that belongs to the ! _
j$ We make it the cardinal point* of our businet* to sell | *5
H I i
Pure, Fresh Groceries !
< ! Te do your trading with a bouae that always give* a dollar * j ~
ft* t worth for a dollar. :
'*■ ; IT WILL PA YI ! t
H ' . •
To call and examine eur completeslock of Fruit*, Nut* and Cor.- !
feciionerie* which we are now daily receiving for the trade.
\ Z 1 IT WILL PAY! I -
1 S ! T. i Z
, handsomely
j to get tome of oar
1 • pure can die*. tre*h fruit* A If
•S • nut* for the *'Little Folk*" during '■ *■
the holiday eeaton. One or two. or Cre del-
iart, iu*i a* you can afford, spent in i <
this way at Christina* and
New Year, bring* a
x better return
>• : the tame amount put on Interett at 100 per cent. :
< : -o: | *4
&i IT WILL PAY! 1 £
IJ• : r
r : Te bj roar T*m as* Bjxlc* of a hM Uiel OMke a tpeeuitr of )>*< Üb, f • **
£ m 4 aoli omljr Um
© a H
: In bYin tbtmg UUulicaof
3 : ctu o* { f
; | SECHLER & CO., I S
I: i ►
H 129 jan. Buih Hours Block, Beiiefonie, Pa.<
No 6 Brockerhoff Row,Bellefonte,Pa
Dralorwln Drngst, Chomicala
Perfumery, Fancy Gowl* Ac.
Pure Wine* and Liquor* for niedicr
, purpose* al way* kept. may 31. 72.
' I
Dealers in
Boots, Shoes and
Ladies', Misses' and Chil
dren's Fine Gaiters.
All Kinds of Custom Work M&deTi
Harness Leather,
Sole Leather,
I And Shoe Findings always on hand.
I . Bishop Street,
|'io it Deilafonto, F
TOE undersigned, determined to inee'
the popular demand for Lower
th a 1 fhUy ca lis the attention ot
the public to hit lock of
ol< * Uf d. Designed
J Z / * ,ld the lln '- 'he
iorfmento V " rKHI *' id complete "
Saddle* Harnpw, Collaiw, Bridle*,
an.l in'r de,cr, P u ? n *'><* quality ; Whip.,
clA,lKr V rjrth - n|t 10 c " n, pl*t u tUl
n . w# , . he no * o"rat prices
which will suit the times
JACOb PjN6EB. CentreJlall
' Excelsior Cement•
'he undersigned now manufactures Oa.
Suakty R V N l kd 1 ( ? 1 f ASUPEITIUR
HrlA wTIT' ■* t u k,ln ' '■>■ P'h®
k\ ,D *' De ? tWP Thi!l Ct H ent
has already been used in laree quantities
found hi li 1 * r°" RR t"C
, ; b £ hly k "'"factory upon all jobs
' Tno n - b " be f" U * M - and m equal to
T?RIS£ n^\' u rod for uso in CIS
TERNS* WATER PIPES, or whutevo
purpose a rood quality of Cement is desi-
r j Cement has already been
tested far and wide, and rendered the ut-
Itr°urSni S n* C ? 10n " f 1 er#on * therefore con
£ ™.*' I*-*"'"* W " Ur P'pes,
• v,u'i„ .? ".to their ad vantage to I tar
this in mind,and also, that be warrants the
article aa represented.
..# J G. MEYER.
Aarousbury, Ptv
. % > J r . Ci A 4MV -d k 1
(TWniiil ;n'.., i>-; >
Cerban Is one c!" the woist < c' 1 it
noun, a •'? ! 23 I i .unca i
u-u,j|H lo* >f t5 per rout. ' fr.
fliSl l' .uerit l:ieUo of .pi ilijj iO'lCa
ejuu • Hk.'ifa kpriu;;, aatl Ult< n<ii iu aj> r
ecf <: 1. ••>* t. press e_r*in.t tbe laslde of tne
all., r, K.v'.i..- ell tlie carbon and stile vt . out
h i .1 yiul lujwv to the tabt_
OIIII>'I<1 CB TJI better, 1 Jit ' - r ' -rfc
M<i<r ttmnenyiii the Barker. Adrvj" ■
■f the I'. s. .\ s*. Kor sahi by dtthr. t, lor
i'ott of ±;. t t • ,