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Hints nhnui W nrk.
It is propor to commence this cliaptei
of hints with weed*. In oor walks ( >ver
farms in niflcrent localities, we see weeds
are everywhere, in the cornfields,
amongst the potatoes, in the stul)ble"
and the young clover, and with rijie, or
rapidly ripening Reed". Home good
fanners keen them out of their crops,
but around t he fences and in odd corners
there are thrifty patches full of seed.
At a gathering of farmers last month,
some of them complained to us that the
wisnis were ruining their farms. In the
very field where we stood—a summer
fallow tod!—the weeds were in full
bloom, aud if uwwisl, would have ma>le
a ton to the ncra. Ox-eye daisy, simp
dragon, wild radish, thistles, rag weed,
pig weed, amaranths, and a score of
snch common, but testiferous plants,
covered the held so that the plow could
not wholly Imry them. When this
summer fallow was plowed, the field was
seeded f<* a whole lifetime. Twenty
years' !al>* mttiuot wholly clear it, and
yet the man who owned the farm com
plaiucd that the veyds \yuroru'uing hiiu.
There is udb isnivdy fog weeds, which is
thoroughly ePartive. sad that i* cutting
them whorgM found e odd plucia, I*
fore they hli*#®, nod .-lean cultivation
in the tiebja. l,; - : f V
It is the same with insect* as with
\re,\ls, beetles, bug*, (KttMpillu*, aud
iuseots of Hll sorts in All their form*.
There miwt lie constant warfaro against
thorn, and they must Ik> kilhsl by wy
OMBI hi ortr |wwr. But farmer must
k>ep his eves open, or he will fail to see
the ouemv until too late. The tent
eatterpiUars sometimes clew every lef
from AH orchard lief ore tlieowuer notice*
their unsightly uost* upon the trees.
Study the habit* of the pwtt, M) look
out tor'them. lns<v| and we, via rob
farmers <if half their profits, half their
. rest, And double their work. United
And oou stan t efforts Are mwicd to get rid
of them, but After every year of effort,
the work will be lighter.
Uraiu in the granary is safe if the
granary is a secure ooa." ThWi s soon
as possible, whether the grain be sold or
not. Some tluok it will pay to hold
grain an oilier year. Tliat may lo well
for those who can afford it, but if one is
in debt and borrowing money to hold
grwiu, it is well to think twice and count
up the outtl in interest. In pay iutoiust
on a debt and lose interest on money in
bank, or idle land gnua is tuoney), is
simply paying double interest
The oat stubble should be plowed as
soon as the crop is harvested, so as to
start the shelled grain into growth. No
pn*® plowing is needed. Keep the sur
fa,* cultivated or harrowed. This will
kill thousands of weeds from newly
dropped seed. By keeping the surface
mellow, the bottom is kept (nun bo
comin#Sg> dry anil hard.
If iiijfcf is spread npcm an oat stubble
which frio be sown to wheat, and clover
in the spring, it should not be ilrawp
from the kiln until the ground is plowed,
when it can be dropped, at once ou the |
field in heaps of one bushel two rods
apart each wry. This will give exactly '
forty bushels per acre, which is a very
fair dressing. The drat shower will slake
the lime and cause it to fall into a fine ,
powder, when it my be spread evenly j
in a suture, ete tod each way from the
heap, with a long-handled shovel. This
is by far the easiest way of handling
ime. — Affrlcuilurtit.
Killing fw the Fair.
It is well for farme.s to bear in mind
the regulations of the approaching fair. I
Bnt a little more time remains in which
entries may b made. It would be well
if pew* intondhig to exhibit should
give immediate attention to their en
tries, thus giving more full opportunity
to correct t rrors, if any be made, as well as
relieving the office of secretary of that
excessive strain which usually falls upon
the last few days when the dilatory ones
make a rush.
Whether the show will be full and in
teresting or not depends entirely upon
the number and character of the entries.
And these depend more upon the spirit
of the residents in the near count it*
than upon distant portions of the State.
There is altoadty gratifying evidence that
tlie fair wifl bo very fVd. Iftoj of the
crops are of superior excellence.' Never
were finx sights of barley and oat-fields
seen titan are now advancing to the har
vest. Wheat, although not promising a
great yield,i j likely to be very tine in quali
ty. In vcar bids fsix-to be a pros
jierous OM f* feirixtow, who will do well.
to make' exhibition of the products of
their skill and industry, that they may
excite to greater excellence. We have
no doubt that in the department ol
grains the show will be very rich. Il
will afford excellent opportunity for in
specting seeds and deciding upon tht
kinds to be Used next year. There is at
every fair a considerable business in the
way of such selections and sales. We
hope farmers will give careful attention
to the exhibition of grainy opt waiting
for the jpf theijujjp'*, who has.
their awards on general excellence,
while the careful ami observing farmet
may tipsjitka- a MttiaU which the com
mittee* are ootapell.-d to pass without a
premium, the special requirememente
for their use. The good farmer who at
tends the fail for the profit, will use his
own judgment hi all these roOters, and
he will ahreiy tiwi bm'jfioflt*.
We do not car# to can in am fee the ways
in which the fair may be made useful.
Such a work wonld require more time
and space than wo can give. And after
all it woold be of no use to those who
have not the spirit to enter into the aliow
with the purpose of extracting good
from it,.Or more liberal, with a further
design of adding to its excellence.
Welsh Evrr>itili(.
Few farmers know exactly what they
sell, and a platform scale is, we regret to
say, a rare piece of barn furniture. A
very important tiling, and one which
few farmers know exactly, is the quanti
ty they feed to their 'stock, and how
much a buah-i of grain, a ton of bay, a
quart of milk, a pound of butter, or a
pound ofnqxk costs them. A knowledge
if these things is necessary if the farmer
would makers bosfness profitable, and
nuless he weighs, measures aud keeps
account^!everything used upon or sold
from tliA fkrta,lie cannot tell whether he
is work&g at a profit or a loss.
• u
A. Carlou* Snake Story.
ThonJi)a Jndd, of South Hadley,
Mass., tube tho following : On my way
to the fUfc-i noticed two young men
in the road intently,
and up to them they point
ed to wlftt Scented to be a very small
snake, aba if two feet long and about
t iiree-eigfitfca, qI an inch in diameter.
The forxbak sad hail two branches some
six inchaetseg each, but there was noth
ing at thwwmt like a respectable head,
the ends haying tim apissirsuoe of hav
ing been pnt square off; the tail tapered
off as a tan ffliotild. The whole was in
motion, uoVing forward very slowly,
say a footy# fifteen minutes. * Upon a
closer ••jamiuntion I found tliat hi*
snakesliifi was made up of myriads of
very small worms, not more than one
quarter of, an inch long, and in diameter
about thewixe of a pin, but all so firmly
woven tcsjnUier that they might be mov
ed up or iaoyod sideways without dis
turbing the appearance of the snake or
separating it at all. Tlie snake was
round aiul muuttdiood ita4m until it
tapered off fyx the Uui; in detaching a
worm fr<'in the main body it was soamall
as to be just lirseernible with the naked
•>.. Think> T that sjioittd the little
worms grow to 38y ibpideiaUe size
they would make a pfmy large snake,
or that, shimlijl |h^ r eventually separate
and spread BiCßfiepts over the larmers'
fields, tbtyr Mlrry destruction be
fore themfT advised the young men to
get a flat stick, and smash the whole con
°eni, wkhsh they did. Can any of your
r< :i of worm his
in the north
west ofi: Canada have met with dis
ng failures. Their crops have
been fhan half destroyed by the
grasshoppers, and a good deal of des
titution iff fhe result.
Ttintlon IWrl It rime* II lirllril In ifcr
llinii AWnlr H kwr Bli ma 11 f
Fifty yeara ago tlw* VIH>U< country wan
exciteu over tlic disappearance of Wil
UAIU Morgan, an anode! e MUTUI, who
ha<l written a book divulging the Beorets
of the artier, After thone tlfty yeara,
Thurlow \Vssl, in n lengthy letter, gives
hi* views of the matter ami aaoert* Ins
belief that Morgan was taken in a Uat
by tlvt< men iva<flibody aunk iu Niagara
river. An interesting feature of the
affair is tints related by Mr. Weed :
lu Octobaq, more than A year
after the abduvtion of Morgan, a body
drifted on shore near a small creek which
entered into Lake Ontario. A coroner's
inquest was held, and a verdict rendered
that it was the Ualy of au unknown per
sou. The coroner wrote out a tniuute
description of the body, and published
it along witlt the llndmg of the jury tu
au Orleans county new*;wiper. That
description, attracting the attention of
|H>rsons well acquainted with Morgan,
excited considerable int<-reat. The
willow and several intimate friend* of
M- rgan termed at confident that it was
Ins body, tliut the committee appointed
to investigate the aKiuetion determined
to bold another inquest, of which public
notice was given. On the day a|if>oiutod
aouie sixty or seventy people assembled
at the mouth of t>ak t>rchard creek,
where the body of the uukuowu man
was interred. llefore owning tlic grave
Mrs. Morgan and Dr. Ktroug described
iviiaiu niarkt upon Morgan a badr, by
mean* of which it could lie identified.
When tlic rmle collin was opened the
Is sly it contained diacloard the peculi
arities described, and after delils>rateex
amination the jurors declared it unarni
tuoualy tin* body of WiUianr Morgan.
Fruui tills verdict uo one preaent dia
aeuksl, ami for a week or ten days the
question seemed to !*• settled,
latter in October there came a report
that the body declared to lie that of Wil
liam Morgan was claimed by his family
to lie that of Timothy Monroe, a Cana
dian, who was swept in a small boat
over Niagai a falls eleven days previous
to the time that the body was washed
ashore at the mouth of Oak Orchard
creek. The remains iu the meantime
had Usui taken by Mr*. Morgan to 11a
tavia. A third inquest was now to be
held for the purpose of establishing the
claim of Mrs. Mourvie. A largo eon
course of citizens was in attendance.
Mrs, Monroe appeared aud guve a de
scription of her huslvuid's persou and of
the clothes in which he left home on the
morning of the day he was drowned.
I'tenons to bar examination Bates
Cook*, chairman of the Morgau iuvesti
gating committee, examined the clothes
preserved bv the coroner with great mi
nuteness. l'lns enabled him to test the
m-caraey of Mia. Monroe's knowledge
and memory.
Neither Mis. Monroe nur any person
RvuquUliixing with her i>r interested iu
the identification of the body as that of
Monroe ha<l access to it or had seen any
of the wearing apparel of the deceased.
And yet Mr*. Monroe not only gave a
genual description of ua> h garment, but
underwent a rigid xauieatiou by
Mr. Cooke of more than an hour, in
which she described with singular ac
curacy every rent and patch found in
each garment. She indicated buttons
she kail sewed on the pantaloons to re
place those lost which did not match the
others. She also described one stocking
that had been darned with yarn of a dif
ferent color, lu a word, her description
of the clothing was so accurate in every
particular as to leave uo doubt that each
article had been under her special care.
But wonderfully accurate as she had
been on this point, she was most strangely
wrong iu her description of the Iwxly.
Monroe being at least three inches taller
tlian the corpse. She described her
husband's hair and whisker* as coarse
and black, adding that his hair had been
cut quite short a few lays before he was
drowned, while that upon the head of
the deceased was long, silky and of
a chestnut color, Monroe's sou oon
lirrned his mother's testimony relating
both to the clothes and the body. No
attempt was made to im]>each either,
nor was there any doutt that Monroe
had been drowned, as alleged. It was
difficult to reconcile these eonfiictiug
statements. Mrs. Monroe wus as clearly
right about the clothes as she was wrung
about the body found in thein.
The third inquest resulted in finding
that the body previously ad judge, I to be
Morgan's was that of Timothy Monroe.
There were other circumstances connect
ed with the disappearance of both Mar
gitti and Monroe, assuming that both had
been drowned in Isike Ontario, calcu
lated to complicate the question of iden
tity. The body was found at Oak Orch
ard creek a full year after Morgan's dis
apjiearance; of course it could not have
tieen drifting about that length of time.
It was known, however, that Morgan
was weighted heavily when thrown into
the lake ; and, two months before that
body was found, the mouth of the river
and that part of tho lake where Morgan
was supposed to have been thrown over
board bad been thoroughly rakish In
this way it was supposed that the body
had been released from its weight, risen
to the surface aud drifted to Oak Orch
ard creek. Monroe was drown ♦si on the
2oth or 27th of Septomlxw. The bcsly
j at (Nik Orchard creek WUH found on the
Bth dav of October, having but eleven
or twelve days to dnftadißtsnee of forty
miles, where ft was found. It is under
stood that drowned persons remain sev
eral days under water. It was ascer
i tained by meteorological records that,
during the interval Ivtween Monroe's
death aud the finding of the body at
; Oak Orchard creek, the wind blew most
,of the time up the lake. Now, as ther>-
| is no current in Lake Ontario, and fts ob
jects float with rather than against the
wind, it seemed improbable that the
i body found should be that of Monroe ;
I while on the other hand it seemed
equally improbable that a man drowned
j in the hitter part of September, 1826,
could hsro been found in a tolerable
I state of preservation in October, 1827.
; So that there were irreconcilable facts
and circumstances connected with this
strange history.
Mrs. Morgan and the intimate friends
of Morgan deecrilsxl marks upon his
person before seeing that body, which
left no doubt in the miuilsof all pn-sent
thut it was the remains of her husband.
Str..ngly ' enough, however she re
j pudiated every article of clothing found
upon the lssly. And yet Mrs. Monroe,
who came from Canaiia, readily described
every artiele, garment by garment, with
minnto and startling accuracy. While,
therefore, up to the time that Mrs.
I Monroe appeared there were no just
grounds for discrediting Lite correctness
! of the second inquest, yet ift*r the third
' inquest hud leeu held at Hatavia there
' was a strong reaction in public opinion.
I Although tin- gentlemen associated with
me in the investigation were still strongly
of the opinion that the lssly was that of
Wdliam Morgan, my own previously
clear and strong convictions were a gisul
deal disturbed. Nor can I now, after
fifty yearn' anxious inquiry and reflec
tion, say that I ain satisfied that it was
or was not the body of William
The discrepancies aliout hair aud bexrd
between Mrs. Morgan ami Mrs. Monroe,
after the conclusion of the third or
Hatavia inquest, induced those who
claimed the body to be that of Timothy
Monroe to say that the hair was pulled
ont and the whiskers shaven off to make
it resemble Morgan. That could only
have been done in the presence of be
tween sixty and seventy persons, some
ot' whom were democrats and others
Freemasons, and yet all must have seen
aud consented to the fraud. The last
inrfnest WAS held only a few days before
the election. No other question entered
into the canvass. The excitement was
greater than I had previously or have
since witnessed.
As the stream gradually wears the
channel deeper in which it runs, and
thus becomes more surely bonnd to its
accustomed course, so the currents of
the heart and mind grow more restricted
to the course in which habit has taught
them to flow. These intellectual and
moral habits form many peculiarities of
character, and chiefly distinguish one
individual from another. They are,
therefore, of the utmost importance.
Rules for luthcrit,
A writer in lb* Washington (YIIHOI/
lays down the law to mothers HO follows:
1. If a you tig gentleman (WMW to Mi>e
i hor daughter, who Blunt incontinently
! leave tin' room after exchanging civilities
alamt the weather. '2 If she happens
to enter tho rvxnu luildwly tutor
rupta a scene from " Romeo and Juliet,"
alio must retire without being seen, if
poaeibte; or, if recognised, imwt busy
itorself in ar rang tug tin curtains until
tho two young |Mopthi* rvtiroil to tho
respective extremithe of tho sofa, leav
in)? a virtuoun wants of green rep lw
twoon thorn. 3. If a young and com-
Iterative stranger calls in a hired carriage
to lake lior daughter to tho play, o|era
|or german, n)n< munt not lot nor fast nil I
i OUHIIOHH get tho better of hor good hr<ed
ug ami insult tho escort bv snggcattng
| cAnjieruiM for tho young hub', but on
tlio contrary munt confide, with lioouia
iug alacrity, hor child, tho proportion of
ltfo and, if mveaaary, tho night key to
tho magnanimity of the young man. 4.
If tho cbauilteruiaid toll* hor tho next
morning Uutt tho ahontdor of Mr. Fits
aimmous's ..wallow tail coat wait " all
over whito " when thov nuuo from tho
j party, and that it looked "awful ' spi
: cious,' " "ho must dittmian that *ervant
j without a " character;" alio munt not
i scold or upbraid hor daughter, but mild
1 ly suggest to hor the uultecomingneM*
of |aiwdcrod hair. 5. If a friend of the
family calls and condoles with hor ou
tho report tliat tho chauipaguo went to
hor (laughter's hoad at tho Jones' hall,
j and that eveivhodv know it; that
young Jones and hor daughtor were j
caught tlirtaig on tho stairway, alienor
they reirestod into the aviary, and there
might have stayed uutil tho last guest
ha.l gone if tho |>arrot had uot snapped
at hor diawoud earring and half swal ,
lowed it, which cus>d hor to givo a
scream that brought tho servants with
lights, and exhibited her bracelet iuex
tricahly fastouod to young Jones' collar
button, all of which lie explained very
unintelligibly andto nobody s satisfaction
—at this }H>int, when this din uteres ted
friend sto|>s to got breath, the mother
must explain that hor daughter was sit
ting on the stairway with young Jones
Uvause alio was aliout to ilrop with fa
tigue; that she wont into tho aviary with
youug Jones lavauaesho was passionate
lv fond of birds ami to got a " sbitf" of
fresh air; tliat it was Friday, ou which
day hor daughter always fasted; tliat
wuie abhors an empty stumiu-has much as
uature does a vacuum, so tho first glass
of champagne hor daughter took with
young Jones went straight to her head; I
that it might have gone to a minister's
head under similar eireutnstances, in fact
it frequently did. She must thou affee
tionately kiss tho friend of the family
good-bye, inwardly vowing never to
forgive Uor for a meddlesome busy bod v,
ami lot hor daughter go the next night
to the german with the identical Jones.
The Miip Worm.
This destructive little annual makes
its home in submerged wood, which it
{■erforates with tubular galleries, whore [
it spends its life alternately tunneling
and feeding ou the flue raspings of
chips is makes. It altounds in the seas,
and its ravages are so extensive and so
rapidly effected tliat all submarine strnc
turns of wood are liable to la* riddled by
it unless carefully protected against its
operations. Planks and timbers of
bridges, piers and ships, that appear t
outwarilly whole aud perfect, will often
on examination prove to be internally
furrowed in every direction aud ready to
crumble to pieces under the slightest
weight. A piece of deal has been found
completely riddled in forty days after its
immersion. M. Quarterages relates
that a boat raised four mouths after it
bad foundered on the coast near Port Si.
SeUistian was so wormeateu that it was
utterly us'les.
The curioos part of the tunneling is
that, although its galleries may perfor
ate every part of the wood ami destroy
its entire substance, they never commu
nicate. Some instinct informs the little
miner when it has reached a hollow fur
rowed by auuther individual, and it di
stantly changes its course, and literally
worms its way in a new direction. It
geuerallv moves with the graiu unless it
meets with some obstruction.
Karly in the eiglitoi nth century it at
tacked the dykes of Holland, and for a
time threatened to annihilate the coun
try by consuming the piles supporting
the sea walls, and thus letting the ocean
roll in upon the kuid. A vast sum of
money was expended before the immi
uent ilanger was arrested. But protec
tion against the worm has tteen found in
iron rust Timber exposed to its gnaw
ing* is rendered safe on* being impreg
nate,! with oxide of irou. Copper
sheathing is employed to protect ahijM,
or tiie timber is driven full of short,
brood-headed nails, the rust of which
covers it with a coating which is to the
worm like an armor of mail. Its little
tooth never attempts to penetrate a ma
terial so spoiled for its taste.
Infant Mortality.
A New York city paper not en the
gratifying decrease in the weekly mor
tality of that city, especially among in
fant•, of whom 4M died in the last week
of July, a decrease of 153 from the pre
ceding week, and of 164 from the second
week in July. The total infant mor
tality for July reached the high figure of
2,Uo'J, against 2,826 in July, 1872, and
2,131 in 1870. This is a high rate of in
fant mortality, inevitable in a city so
densely peopled. Humanity and science
may do much to reduce yearly totals ;
but squalor, want of food and pure nir,
the indifference and neglect of drunken
parents, are factors wliieh cannot be
eliminated from this frightful equation.
Hut the unhealthy conditions under
which these little ones habitually live in
the attics and cellars will surely tend to
swell the mortality bills.
This is true enough, and with a mnch
more rigid sanitary code the evil wonld
, still exist. The only hope of a remedy
is in a thinning out of the population
and a cheapening of rents which will
draw people out of the cellars and attics
to some extent, and we look to rapid
transit as an important factor in solving
the problem.
A War Sausage.
M. (iruvel has obtained the monopoly
of manufacture for France of a new kind
iof sausage—the sancisaon Grtivel. This
singular addition to the oouuniKsarat has
been adopted for the army by the min
istry of war, and 100,000 have I wen or
dered for toe occasiou of the autumn
maneuvers, when they will, for the first
time, come into use. Various experi
ments have been made with those sausa
ges; HjH-einieuK have boon exposed to the
iiiflueuoe of the weather for several
weeks, ami others have been sent to
Buenos Ayres and back without the
least injury iu either case. According
to the Cologne (Jazi tte, not only lias M.
Oruvel entered into oomniunication with
Madrid with a view to supplying the
•Spanish ariuy, but the English govern
ment has coneltiibd an arrangement with
hun for the East Indies. The sausages
are made of meut, benns, peas and len
tils. The liladdera or skins are pre
pared in •Stuttgart, but the secret of the
inventor lies in the manner of packing
j or closing the sausage.
A Touching Incident.
A touching incident is reported from
Vieuua, Austria, as having occurred at
Brnenn, where there is a strike of
weavers. It apjie&rs that the men on
strike met in a churchyard—perhaps
selecting this spot as affording conveni
ence for immediate sepulture. It was
almost immediately surrounded by a
battalion of infantry aud a squadron of
dragoons. The soldiers having loaded
their muskets, operations were about to
commence, when the wives of the
weavers stepped forward, and holding
up their children exclaimed : " Here,
shoot us down !" How far the soldiers
were affected by the sjiectacle is uncer
tain, for the telegram giving an account
of the affair merely says that they " then
dispersed the crowd with tbo bayonet."
It may, however, tie taken for granted
that if there was any slaughter the
Labies were stabbed first, then the wives
nd afterwards the weavers.
A North Carolina girl, sixteen years
old, lias given birth to triplets.
The Yellow Fever.
Burgeon George M. Htemborg, of the
Unite*! ariuy, gives the following
iu Ilia iuipreSNituis of yellow fever:
First -The yellow fever poison is not
nti emanation from the (lentous of those
sick w it It the disease.
Second—lt is not generated by atmos
phorie or telluric influeucoa. A tvwUiu
elevation of teuqierature ia, however,
necessary for it* multiplication, and it*
rapid increase ia promoted by a moist
atmosphere, and protiahly by the pros
euce of decom|Htmiig organic matter.
Thud The jiotsou is |sirtalile iu ship*,
goods, clothing, etc., and a minute
quantity is capable of giving rise to an
extensive epidemic.
Fourth-V.ijvosnre to a teni|eratnre
of thirtv two degreea Kalireuheit com
plctely Aeatroys it.
Fifth It uiay remain for au unknown
length of time tu a quiescent state when
uot subjected to a freezing tern |w rat ure
or eXjioacd to the uoudltion uiHtwaory to
it* multiplication, and may giu lie
come active and increase indefinitely
when these conditions prevail.
Hixth While liability to the disease
and ita severity w hen oont rocteddeja-nd,
to a iwtrtoiu exteut, upon age, aex, tem
perament, previous habits, acclimation,
they also drjiend to a great extent ujk>ii
the degrtHi of concentration of the tsii
soti ; that is to say, the larger the dufte
the greater the |HMsibihty of an attack
and the greater it* severity. (In coin
ciding with this statement, *avs i>r. John
M. Wood worth, of the marine corps, 1
wish it understood that I have only re
fereuce to tlie disease as it occurs iu the
Uuited States. I wn* uuder the luipres
aiou that it originated m New Orleans,
until the contrary was proved, during
the ooonpanry of that city by the United
States trtsips during the late war. There
ia, I think, indubitable evidence to
prove that yellow fever is a native of the
tropica, and that ita im|sirtatiou iuto
the United States could lie prevented by
a strict quarantine ; that is, total isola
tion. I consider the most reliable
wetlinl of disinfecting a alnp is to batten
down her hatches and red use the tem
perature of her hold to thirty degrees
Fahrenheit, and to keep her in that con
dition for four or five ilava, so tliat the
bilge water way remain frozen for that
length of time. No further danger need
after that tie apprehended, and any sub
sequent appearance of fever ou board
must arise from fresh exposure to ita in
fluences. ]
A Wail St rift Kiuaurirr.
I vlo not imagine, says a corrwapoini
cut, Uiat Jay Ciuuld in a pleasant theme
to any American, and yet the Wall
street strategist lias his strong (sunt*.
He ia a man of uncommon nerve, never
faltering, or, as tliev say,never "squeal
ng," wheu pursued by tiie most adverse
fate, it was thought that wheu Flak
died his dramatio eud would demoralize
tioiild, eventually drive htm from the
public gaze, and certainly ruiu him a* a
tlnancial jaiwer. There are those who
anaert that his subsnjumt inglorious de
feat iu Frie wa* a warning to him, that
he redoubled his efforts as a strategist,
and made up his mind to recover lost
ground. Others again my that his
operations are only another method of
keeping off the dreaded end foreshadow
ed bv the death uf Flak. 1 was down iu
Wall street the other day talking with
an old liabitue of the street. He was
saying that Gould had everything his
owu way ; that he could do just as he
might please iu any stock, and that all
other operators were jMiwerlvww to pre
vent him. "What, tin u, is there to
prevent him amassing unlimited
wealth 1"
"He is loaded down with Union IV
thfic," replied mv friend, "and nobody
wants it. Gould can never get rid of it
unless a dividend of teu tier cent, is de
clared, in which event he may unload
and retire from tlie street oue of the
richest uieu iu America."
Gould will probably uever quit Wall
street His tenijienunent is exactly
suited to the excitement of that kind of
life, for he is a cold, wary, dextrous
business man, without {tassiou, and ap
parently without ftwdinga of any kiud.
lie neither drinks nur uses tobooco in
anv form; nor is he addicted to nuy
I titbit that would prevent him from s
most perfect and absolute concentration
of the astouialiii<g faculties with which
ho is gifted. lam told that his chief
broker, "Charley" OsUirne, makes
over $300,0110 annually on commiMtions
alone, ami t . at Mills iiaa l>eu known to
realize SI°JS,OOO in a single mouth.
An Asiatic IVstilenee.
No great Asiatic pestilence lias ev< r
scourged the Eut or the Ix-vaut and al
lowed Duiuaecua to escape. At bast
two gnat caravans—the pilgrimage of
Hadjis from llaghdad and the great com
mercial caravan from the name region—
have yearly and for centurion made the
plain of Demeslik i Shem their termi
nus, and time caravtuiH carry jtestilenoe
l in their train under any and every
| quarantine which Etiro|>euu akill can de
vise and Turkish administration execute
'or attempt to execute. It was by thin
ready path that the plague entered
Palestine when the troops of the French
' directory occupied it, and entered it
again under sedulous imita
tor, Ibrahim Pasha, thirty yearn later.
The great commeriiid caravan thin year
would have reached Damascus, in the
unual course of events, shortly before
the breaking out of the cholera whose
devastation is just announced, ami it
j will not be surprising if fuller advices
: prove the caravan to liave been its source,
as preneut news places its tiegiuniug ou
the caravan route. Nir would it in auy
other Turkish city t>e surprising to learn
that the ravoges of the ]M-stilcnce were
felt llmt ami fiercest in the Christuui
quarter. In anv true Moslem citv this
quarter approaches more or less closely
to a Roman ghetto. It is the worst
drained, tin worst-built ami the worst
| cleaned part of the town. lint the
Cliristian quarter of Damascus lias lia.l a
i singular experience. In June of 18t>0 it
was sacked ami burned in as fearful an
outbreak of Moslem fanaticism as the
•vntiiry has seen. When under Mah
moud Pasha, Imoked l>y a Freneli
cantonment, this <piarter came to lie re
built, streets were widened ami drainage
improv<sl. It has since been tlie l>est
' part of Damascus, hygienically consider
ed, beoauae the most modern. The fset
that the present attack of cholera has
lieen most virulent there is only another
• singular illustration of the singular
' vagarn s of Asiatic cholera.—iWic JorJfc
A Spanish Execution.
Tlio Ojtinion* ffationalc has nn uc
count of u double execution that took
place recently at lioronloua. A maitl
servant named (leorgia Foix*aitltHl bj
her lover, Vietoriano Urcieta, murdered
her master, who had made a will iu hot
favor. The judicial investigation and
trinl lasted no less than three years, and
resulted iu the condemnation of lmth
the accused, who, according to the ens
torn, were taken on the evening which
preceded the execution to a clutpel to
remain there until the next morning.
Tliere the two convicts were only separa
ted by a curtain, and the woman uttered
<mch loud cries during the night that
her accomplice had several times to im
pose silence on lier. The most dis
tinguished Indies of the locality attended
the woman to offer their consolations.
The mnn was surrounded by monks.
During all that time tlio hoys of the
choir, clad in red, yellow, or blue from
head to foot, went through the strt ots, a
salver in one hand and a bell in the
other, asking for alms to meet the wants
of the condemned prisoners on qprth
and in heaven, that is to say, the cost of
their interment and the jierformance of
masses for their souls. The execution by
the gnrrote took place outside one of the
gntes of the city, in a plain, to which the
victims were conducted by a long pro
cession of penitents.
ANGRY Anotrr rr.—Woman's revenge
—if she dies for it. As the brine got
out of the carriage she caught her veil
and tore it, and the bridegroom was ill
natured about it. Then when the func
tionary aaid : "Will you have this man ?"
etc., she aaid " No," and tuat was the
end of the marriage.
Manga? m e gnat * The Aslsllc l.lea
an.l hla* |*su.leMiniNUi l.rl tu Inirraatlaa Greas ef Heskr*
A Halite Over a Itnhbti.
Near the hottf of two v. m. on any day
except Sunday the viaitor id Oeutrnl
I'ark BiMilogiiwl gardeiui, New Y'ork, may
witness the feeding of the animala.
Bnudaya llti oidtiiilil, lieoauae, any a
Mike, the keeper, Sunday is a " foating
| day with the critters." The earnivoroa
utw'il thin |ieriodiu interval for Uioif
health. Meet eating UMturm naturally
gorge themselves, if jKiaadile, and then
lie down to rent, whereaa gissl digentiou
; waita tm aiqietlte, and health oil laith.
So, naya Mike, we help them to an ob
1 aervanoa of their normal oondition once
a wmk. Kmpty stomachs for Btuiday.
The foetiiug time hringn a viaiun of
j paudemouiuiu; uo conception of it i*
I p.waitde until It U Wllueaaed. Ilrute
! nature, aa well a* huiiuui nature, ahriuka
! from responsibility, even iu the waller
lof eating and drinking. Anxious and
expect tut aa the brutes are, they all
seem to depend on the old Aaiatie lion
I to announce the eoming forage. They
i get their way, hut it ia quite
plain that thev look to lam for a dentate
| impulse. Tire king of tieoata, at this
interesting period, cotiehea with mueh
dignity ami liKika ateaility through the
j tug Window toward* the arsenal door.
Alleyea are Usedut him. At the first sign
from him all i* uproar, tumultuous
plunging and rearing ; the heavy and
quick atiidea of the lions ami tigera jar
their cagea fearfully ; the leopard* leap
and plunge over ami under each other,
and execute moat wonderful vaulting.
Kncli creature ha* it* characteristic
movement. Meantime the air ia rent
. by unearthly yell*, among them mum
more Mtrange than the voice of the
Itytmaa, which oauter in a moat ludi.Toua
atyle up ami down the oage ami laugh
hysterically. They laugh—that ia the
only word to express it- yet the sound
ia like the coutiuuoua aqneakmg of an
upright abeam uw, alightly iutellTUpted
at interval* aa if some hard kuot arrest
.<,l iu prog re *a. Ail thia time the little
elephant* have been pumping and stir
ring the air, ami looking aa if they were
trying on the hod new waltz. Of the
larger animala the Warn are the moat
deliberate ami demure ; they do not par
ticipate iu the general excitement,
which ia mostly coiitiued to tho atrictly
carnivorous animals.
The pumas are somewhat deliberate in
their actions, hut they compensate by an
occasional veil tluit breaks through all
other aountia ami fairly chills the blood
—an enlarged caterwaul, pitched on a
demoniac key. The magnificent jaguar
—the South American tiger—is also in his beimng. Guuecrou* of
great j low. r, he takes ins share of food
as his right, and cats deliberately, aa be
comes his rank.
All is quiet now, save the low auarl of
a Hellish brute, or the crushing sounds
of mastication. Some huugrv jaws are
grinding the very bt-itea. Not every
day oaui one ae m-rjients ftnl ; but we
are fortunate in l>etug presaut on oue of
the notable occasions when Mr. Conkhu
announced that he had a litter of new
born rabbits to " feed out." The snakes,
responsive to tlie late cheerful a. 1 vance in
temperature, bail petitioned for bus
teuauce. lu B large glass .ago, situated
on th# grass border near the sea buna,
are several raUletmaltes, Florida ser
pents, and blucksuakro from our north
ern J sutures. The genial warmth of the
suti, heightened by the glass cover, had
stimulated s-r|>eutiiie life iuto quite
hopeful activity. Mike produces the
deal red provender, ami the reptiles ac
knowledge his ktudncsa. There is a
very perceptible awakening, and im
mediately on the entrance of the rabbits
the black heads are seen lifted
above the rank growth of cloTer that
lines the cage. A marked difference is
noticed t sit ween the snakes. The rattle
snakes are inert, lying at length, ami
passively seizing their prey aa it ap
proaches them.
The black snakes, on the contrary, are
all attention ; their heads are raised as
f listening to the tread of the prey. At
sight of it tlmy stretch forward with
open mouth and strike. To take their
: nrey headforemost—which they invari
| ably .lo—they execute some maneuvers,
lieitig to coil around the victim if
need lie. liis coiling is cluxracteristic of
j the blacksnake, as wc had ou opportunity
to witness on thia occasion. Oue of the
blocksuakiw had swallowed a rubbit, and
pecml alrout for more; his eye fell upon
the bolfnws flowed prey of the rattle
snake, which was quietly enjoying the
alow but sure process of saliva coating
his (•veiling meal. Without oeremouy
the blacksnake seinil the rattlesnake by
the tliroat and demanded a disgorgement.
The rattlesnake, in his -stolid manner,
refused, but made no demonstration.
1 He lay at length and evidently trusted
to his iHiwcrs of endurance and bis
fearful fangs for protection. His an tag
ouist now released his hold and seized
the part of the nrey left oubbde, sensi
bly concluding tint now or never he had
a chance, for the inwardly inclined teeth
of the rattlesnake are surely sending the
morsel out of sight forever. A violent
jerking succeeds uo tatter, ami now he
' quickly Bends coil upon coil arotiml tho
rattlesnake, putting iu o|>eration his
i greater power. The rattlesnake keep*
liis hold with praiseworthy tenacity, hi*
le* as flaahe witu rage; his heed is swol
leu to the utmost. His assailant is
thoroughly in earnest; he is all action.
A great commotion is aroused among the
other Muaki-K. The moodier from Flori
da retires to the gallery; the necoud rat
tlesnake is awakened into activity by the
plaintive cries of tl-e half swallowed
rabbit; and the blackanakcs an* darting
through tlie green grass ami clover in
j search of more prey.
A crowil of interested sjMTtators had
now oolleoted. There was now a first
rate "snake fight" at hand, certainly,
' and there *<<omod to us no reason to
donbt that tlie blacksnake would win by
QRMbing the other to death. We were
doomed to disappointment; for the ten
der-hearted Mike could not wee his pets
endangered to gratify ns, ami he wisely
essayed to " part 'em." This was a task
of no little difficulty. He pushed a pule
j through the coils of the hlnckßiiakc and
ahiMik him vigorously for a whole. At
last the reptile released his hold.
It is urged by some naturalists that I
the blacksnake does not exert a crushing
power by the coil. On this occasion,
certainly, our specimen seemed ready to
i encircle his enemy to some purpose. He
; did succeed in wrapping coil ujHin coil j
around him, causing enormous disten
tion of his jaws, but not quite releasing
his prey from his teeth. What might
have occurred had the taittle lasted
I longer we cannot say. It seemed as if
the continuance of such crushing power
j would result disastrously for the victim, j
When the lilncksnake struck the rnbbit
1 it iustantly and adroitly used its coils to
arrest it, managing them as a man would
his hand to grasp a steady object.
It is a singular sight, that of a reptile
swallowing prey apparently so much
larger than itself. The devouring jaws
are flexible to the utmost, and the under
j.iw is so articulated in the middle that
it IS completely flattened in the act of
- deglutition. 'Hie whole region of the
< jawH and fauces is ro flexible as to admit
1 of enormous distention, while the teeth,
being inclined inward, easily ussist the
! slightest movement in driving the food :
■ down.— Evening /'<>*(.
Chinese Immigration.
Whilst immigration from Europe to
the United States continues to show a
marked decrease, that from Asia is in
creasing. In 1873 Mr. Young, chief of
the bnreun of statistics, jminteil to the
fact thut Asiatic immigration had fallen
far short of what had been represents],
having never in any single year reached
15,000, the then aggregate, 109,502, be
ing only about four per cent, of the total
immigration, whilst the small number
of female immigrants, not exceeding
seven per cent, of the whole number,
seemed to preclude a large increase of
the pure Mongolian race in America.
But immediately after Mr. Young's re
port a remarkable increase took place.
The immigration of Chinese in 1871-2
wan only 6,508, hut in 1872-8 it reached
19,368. In 1873 4it fell to 13,073, but
in the following (last) year reached 15,-
807. The numlier expected during the
ensuing year is far in excess of any that
has preceded it.
Ilasis ml Islarea* Irmm !■••• as A AhraaS.
Advices from I lung Kuiig tncnlvml st ||,
bill nan of aUltaUoa allow Hist diirui|| Uis Aral
fortnlgbl u' Uia usw (as ocmumhi Iks stjiorts
fiom ItMikaw wars 'Jt.OOO,OOO |iotuida
Tlia |s>atmsstar-Kiieral lis* nuala s eoutrset
mill lbs (Ks*deutaJ and Orlsnlal siesinlii|>
i-vtupsuy to carry tlia mails bstwsen Hsu Kran
olstvi, J|-ii suit (Alius st s oust of about
.(KM) pet Simula, wbtls (kaigrsas voted tbe
PselAu Mail o>au|suiy ASUU.UUO fur lbs ssois
ssrvti-s ..Two burg Ims situs ted lu Kt Ixmls
pievs la be aeavloU wlio eses|d from Hlug
Hi tig by stealing the locotnullve.... A com
miueo of tsreuty of lbs lasdlug uuuiufsctursrs
of tbe Ottawa vsltay, Osnsds. Itsva baea s|>-
IMiiiiUal to occurs s oollsollou of articles of
(lis various manufactures for tbs Philadelphia
centennial.,. tkr t'bsrloe Addsrley'a Mai. hsnl
Hbipptug bill hsa (Nuwad bulli bouses of Perils
tueul . Tbs funeral of llmis Cbnstiau
Audorseii took plsoo st t'opeubsgsn. 1 •eumaik,
and was si landed by the king end mysl fsunly
end s huge ooncoorse of |ieople ..It sp|iesrs
ss If s general esi lu Columbia, Htmth Aoiorl
cs, was imminent (Irsders M work an tbs
cottier of Miaalou and Hixleeuth streets, Han
PrsniTe. il unesrtbed s ksg ooutalulng gold, lu
aoeles sud uaggels, la value vsnouely Setl
lutted st front AAU.UOU to ♦so.nuo Conn
lelfett H.OUO bolide uf the ( allforms end
Oregon branch of lbs Ceutrsl i'SMDc railroad
he. a beeu delected lu Wall street. New York,
~.. Tbe army worm appeared in immense
uuml>era st Huases, Nee llruuseick, ou tbe
government railway line east of HL John, and
their ravages have create! Widespread alarm.
Fields of grain were attacked and devt.oyed Ui
a short time, llorse i oilers, run over tbe rued
whore they iTueaod. did nut |wt.epl.bly laesen
then numbers. A telegram from HL Andrea's
says army worms invaded tiist town a few days
since, covering tbe streets, holds and lanes in
every directiou, end devouring tbe greea and
grain, Iu spile of every opjiosiUou they are
still advancing.
Tbo llarxegovuilau rebellion la eaetunlug
formidable (wopurtiona. Tlie I'almouai.a and
Muutegnne MS aiding tbe insurgents with
money end pruviatuns. After e stubborn fight
near lUUetehle, lbs Turkish troops were
routed lu accordance with the notice
given (be Hpenbdi goverumenl bee ordered
e levy of 100,(0X1 men. Tbe minister of Ananct
Is to leeuo coueolldated interior scrip for XAU,-
1100,000 A peeaenger, said to be e HpanWi
colonel, waa taken from the Itriusb mail
incomer Eider, at Porto Eico, by (be H|ianisb
eutbuitUee and eouu afterward aboL Ail tbe
foreign consuls (woteated A aabor recently
arrived at Halifax, N. A. bae reported a terri
ble crime which waa consummated two yssm
ago. Tbe erbuooer Mary 1- Junes sailed Trues
Clyde river fur Buehm, bavtug two aistere ou
board ss passengers. Huon after sailing tbe
aaptain and crew, with tbs exception of tbe
ui fanner, outraged the women. Tliey were
Ibeu killed end the bodies thrown overboard.
The crew subsequently reported thai the vessel
sss caught la a gals and thrown on bar beam
enda, the two women being drowned tu the
cahtu ..... There are thirty-ail caaee of yellow
fever in the town uf l'ssnegonla. Mies., the
disease having beau brought from Havana ...
IHi neon, Hbsrtnan A Co.* statement shows
At sTi 125.6Y baUbUes and g2.U5.7t0.Cl as
sets .... The Hearsville Mase) reeervutr dsm
sas swept away by the heavy rams and did
much damage tu the low lauds, creating in
tense en!lament among the inlielelants, as
the flood followed lbs track of the deetructive
deluge of a few year* ego. The streets of
Williamsburg village wore badly washed, and
one abutment of a uew iron bridge waa seabed
away . The rams of tbo past few weeke
nosed the I vis wore river so ilia! the lumber
men wr# able to get their rafts duwrn to
tidewaler being tlie flrwt lime Una year.
Hpoiu is to send one hundred tbouaMid more
soldiers Cube.. ..Thebishop of tlnesen.Ger
many, who bee been acting to same extent far
ArrhUehop Lexlochowwky, has been expelled
from the province comprising Km diocese by
decree of the governor ... Hie English Par
liament bee been prorogued until October "Jtnh
Tlie (Jaeeu, in her speech, said that the rela
tione with fureign (iwer eoutinoe to be cor
dial. and she looked forward with hope and
ounAdt-ucw lo the uninterrupted maintenance
European peace. Hbs stated that the visit of
the Sultan uf ZaucibM will lead to the complete
suptrweHlou of the east African sieve trade ...
A freight engine exploded in the yard of tbe
Fitch burg railroad, at Chsrlcetnwn, Mass..
(bre being an engineer, firvmui and brake
tnsii ou board at the time Tbe two former
were blown out of the ceb aud landed on tbe
roof of a car lu the mar of the tender, creep
ing with slight Injury. The brakemeu wee
thrown to the ground, and although tembl/
rcalded. may recover. The cause of the ex
! ploatuu is unknown. The fragmanUi of the
I engine were ecattered about in all directions
and s few pwraoua received slight injaries.
i tins pleas of toiler weighing thirty-two pound*
waa blowu into the air aud fell through the
roof of St. John's church, a qcarver of a mile
distant ... J<we Woodeoa. the alleged mur
derer of Mia. Jarratt, wee taken from tbe
MurfroesborOtTenu.) jail by a mubof seventy
iivo men and banged to a tree ... The I'bilt
•lflpltia clncf-of jMlwe deiitee the story that
Cliailip Boss baa been found New York
Stele Superintendent Chapman has canceled
the authority of the Chicago Teutonic life
insurance company to do husuieee in his Stale.
Two children w ere burned to death by a
kerosene explosion at Foirpoitit, N. Y
Wright W. Win alley, one of the murderers of
France WMI. waa Uongetl M lit-lens, Montana
lie died neither confessing lus guilt nor plead
ing his uuioceuce John Webb, a mar
deter, was hanged st Knoxville, Tenn., in tlie
presence of fifteen thousand (vecqvle The
secretary of the treasury lias issued another
call for tbe redemption of #10,(J00,0J0 of five
twenty bonds of the issue of I*C'J.
Serine and Montenegro liave given the sublime
(xirle solemn assurances uf Uietr neutrality.
Tbe war in Herzegovina threat" ur to degener
ate into a religious struggle The Loudon
has enconnng article* ou the cundilloti
of the markets in Mark lane Mid Mincing lane.
Mid quieting Miy appiolieiunons of au extreme
nature Prexel, liayee A Co., of Taris,
beve paid letters of credit issued by IHincau.
Hlierman A Co. to the amount of 9100,000
The German imperial council is engaged iu
coueidnrtug the liegotatiou of a new extradi
tion treaty with tbe United Stales ... .Spanish
oonniripta have been ordered to r(>ort to
tlieir regisuonts tvefore October 1.. ..Tlie
I'elliolto clergy of IVsveti holdiug sUtei stipend*
have submitted to the OerraMi eoclesisstical
Uw* ... Ielegtes from fifty French com
mercial corporations Mid trsdes-uiiions will
visit the centeiiinsl ex|Hisitioii Dispatches
from the commando! of the Tlrmouth, United
States navy, st the mouth of Uie liio Grande,
ri-jxut Mexican raids across the river at mi end
for th* present Tho Fall Hiver ojierstlves
have decided to their strike
Tlie moil steamer lioyne. plying between
brazil end Southampton, lias been lost off
llreet. aud the t>ark Zurich has gone ashore on
t lio Nov* Rcot hi mul In the llocheetrr
(N. V ) race* Lain boat (loldsmith Maid in the
four fastest consecutive heat* on recotd, i lie
shortest being 3. 15\ and the last t.IT....The
balance* in thn I'mtod Slate* treaaury: Cnr
rencjr, B,'i'-'4.370 ; special de|>o*it of legal ten -
deni for the redemption of certificate* of
de)xmit, #£6,560,000; coin. #70.716*87, in
cluding coiu certificate*, 19,710.700 ; outstand
ing legaltender*, #074.756.108.
The body of Mine Ttuipott, drowned at the
Care of the Wind*, Niagara, recently, ha* been
recovered. Her form waa beyond recognition.
A boat containing three men waa drawn
over the l'asnsic Fall*. K J. The three were
drowned. They wero aoen etruggUug in
tlio water, making frantic etforta to save Uiem
eolvee, hut anon sank .... William llrang.
a U.y eight yoare old, waa caught in the act of
aelUng tire to a New llavon church The
H|vani*li government will aoen aend a royal
commission to the Philadelphia exhibition....
it is aencrtci! by the friends of Charlca Thomp
son, who ran for chief of the Cherokee* againat
W. P. ltoae in the late election, that he i
elected by fully Ave hundred majority
The United State* commissioner of |>enaiotui
baa declared that no agent in any caee will be
allowed to charge morn than #25 feea in secur
ing a pension The total expondituroa of
the United States for the mouth of 'June were
Army woraui have appeared on Navy island,
in St. John harbor, N. 11 The etcanicr
Hugh Martin exploded her holler at Washing
ton landing, on the Teunoaeee river, caiuiug a
complete wreck of the boat and killing live
persona Mrs. Kuima liens died in Chicago
f uwu mi overdoes of gel senium. Tbe reepon
nihility of her death lis* Iklvmu lier husband,
who prescribed the do m> for headache. Mid mi
|MithoM y • boy. who oouq>ouiided it
Join plots ofliatoJ returns of tho lata Hutu elee
tloti in Keutuakjr give MeCrwry, Democrat,
e majority of M, IS# over Hat lan, Republican,
'tlie vU for MoOresry la about 1,(100 laaa
Uiau that for Lesuo iu I*7l. The Hooes
will atMid uiuaiy iHmiixi au to Lmi IVopul
lioaoa The American squadron officer*
were entertained by the authofitlea M Huutb
auiptou. England .... A New lurk excursion
boat earned three thousand (wsaetigsre out
iuto Uia ooaou, wheu aha waa not allowed
by law to uarry Ave hundred Bp a collision
on the Pilot railroad lu Michigan two man
were hilled .... At etteu|>t waa made to out
a levee near Napoleou, Ark. The levee patrol
dlaooveied the villaiue and a tight ensued,
teaulting iu the death of one of the marauder*,
the wounding of two other* and the eoptura of
a fourth.
Ex-Treasurer Parker, convicted of MB bas
iling funds uf tbs Ktete of Moutb Carolina, bra
been teleaeed using to mi informality tu tbe
outturnUneut . t 'apt. Itobert C. UeUvilte
(rat bis invalid wife on board tbe steamer
ttrtetul at New Yurh Mid lb an wrni aabore.
Ho attempted to jump aa board after lb#
plank bad beeu hauls-1 in, fell overboard Mid
was ilrowued. lita sick wife. iteMly moons.
woe sent borne Tbe Carlisle made soother
unaueeeesful attempt to relieve Heo de I'rgsl.
Tbe cttedal baa been macb damaged
Jobu L Kates, a wealthy mam ad man. was
arrneted lu I'bllsdolpbia for pouring burning
ml over tbe body uf Ins niiatraa and trying to
barn her alive .... Tbe total amount received
under the new Maeaecbusetta license law In
110 towns is H(3 Tbs body of
N. H. Orltuwoad, who actum pooled Issialdaon
ou bis late bail ma Ulp from Chicago, ties
been found on tbe beech of Lake Michi
gan .... A man was airaated lu Jersey Utty
charged with bigamy tssnty-rtvs years ajtei
tbe alleged crime took place By a frightful
Occident on tbe It Una arid Hl Joseph rail
road oue pesesuger was lulled and over forty
seriously injured.
A Youthful Operator.
Hun Francisco stand* aghast at the
audacious stuck operations of oue Charles
Kuchcl, a youth of wurlwu, without
capital or available means of bis own.
The ('hrtmicU. my* : This gf venturous
nud enterprising youth, un-re broker's
clerk, with uo capital except his native
sutbwnty and exalt actually rivaled in the
magnitude of his stock transactions the
veteran millionaires who are popularly
NU]>|Hed to ooutrol the market, make
corners, and send stock up or down ac
curding to their pleasure. His opera
tions, thus far ascertained, during the
first two weeks of last Janus y amounted
to f157.000, while during the mouths of
May and June, they figured up to the
uicmlil of over $H40,000. His
transactions from the U-ginning of the
year to tlie twenty find of July amounted
to over fI.IOO.UUO. Hut these tig urea,
stunning aa they may see in, only cover
Ilia sale* and purchases through two
brokers, and the full exteut of hta stuck
dealings has not yet beeu aooertained.
While carrying ou business upon this
magnificent scale, he druve high-spirited
trotters ou the Cliff road, and is said to
have been the owner of no less than three
dashing double teams. He was gor
geous! v appareled, fared suni[tuoualy
every day, and had the beet of every
thing that could be obtained for money.
There was nothing niggardly about this
precocious prodigal. If he lavished his
money freely, it was not all ei]tended
upon himself and his individual pleas
ure*. Only a few weeks ago he tout bis
mother and Muter off upon a European
tour, and his main solicitude when ar
rested seemed to lie lest they should hear
of his disgrace. The fact that the boy
was able to continue such a career ao
long undetected, using the stocks and
the credit of his employers on such an
extensive scale, seems inexplicable. The
defrauded broker, when a friend applied
to him asking the situation made vacant
by Kuchel's detection for another youth,
made answer : "If you hare a boy that
you care aurthiug about, set him at
anything but the stock trade. Put him
into a gambling den if you like, net hint
to dealing faro, but don't make a broker's
clerk of him. The real gambling will be
less trying to his morals than the liaac
California street imitation."
Ituilng up tbe Wheat.
Say* tlie It" mUm Tranncript : The alj
manner in whicli Greek merchant* lit -
louging to New York Iwught up all the
avails!iir wheat they could obtain with
out exciting suspicions, strengthen* the
luilu-f aa to tbe damage the crops have
received in the granary of Kurojie. It
may trot 1m generally known to what
extent the import of wheat into England
from Itnasia has increased within a few
years. Itetweeu IH<X) and 1864 the sub
jects of Alexander acut to the British
people 47,376,809 bushels of wheat,
whereaa the Americans furnished dunng
the same time 127,047,1Jti hnsln-ls. The
gigantic struggle witii the rebellion did
not prevent us from shipping nearly
three times a* much wheat as Great
Britain received from the Huswium. An
entirely different complexion < f affairs is
shown by later statistics. From 1868 to
1 872, Kunsia found in the British em
pire a customer to the e.xtent of 117,-
997,02$ bushel*, while the United States
only exported for the same market 116,-
463,380 htiMliels, an actual
lrt,f00,000 hnshels from the preoaduig
jieriod mentioned.
JVlmd the farmer's wife has large
washing to do, she can save half her time
and htlior by using Dobbins' Electric
Soap (made by Cragiu A Co., l'hila.)
One pound of it is equal to three of any
other. Trv it.
At this season of the year cramps and
puu< iu tlio tmacii OIHI I>OWU. dv-rntrir
diarrhea. etc., ar quits common and should
be checked at ones. JiJasHi'i dsodym hi
mei.r is the host article that can tie used in all
> such casea, and should be kept in ever? family.
A OONKUMPTIVK IT RKII. - Wbea deal* was
hourly oipocMl (raw t snnmiillsß. all rsmsdlaa
hartng failed. aoetdsel Ml to a dtaeo*ory wbarotqr Dr.
It Jonu cured bla oatf child elth a proper*! 100 ol
na.MSc fndfM. ll* now at*** I*dp froe am r*c*4pt of
too aluop* U> par oimim Tbot* a not a atogl*
■rmptem of iVoiumtrUon that M dooa not dtnlpat*
Sih( Soli. lrrtt:o-n of th* Nerrea. Ptak-elt Itipac
u(ration. Sharp Tain* In Oie Luag*. Ntam at th*
.stomach. Inaction of th* Hc*.a. lad Wanting ef lb#
M *.(** Addnm CRAUtKK K A CO.. It38 Rao*
St mot. Philadelphia. IN., (long aim* of as paper
The Market*.
■gw roam.
flerf OotUe-rrtmr to Extrx Bollock* (*V|t> l*h
Common to QooA Texao* i'Tqa 0\
MIU-li Cow* M ' *#9o (OH
Hogs—l .Ire...*••.••••• DSN# O*N
Drmaod . 1-y ,# 10 .
Shosp 04 06
latere 1* d os
Cotton- Middling..... ltq .4 US
Flour—Fxirs Wcatnru...... 6 93 (A 6J)
Stat* Kxtrx AM fl IA)
attest—R*d Western 1 80 * 1 BJ
N.- 1 Spring ... IS <4 1 M
Ays—(Mate 1 ft a 1 07
Barley—HUto 1 30 <• 1 40
Bxrley Malt I M A I M
oat* . M t-d Western B*t| f 19*
Core- Mixed Werlerti 74 (4 7?
Hay.perrwt (0 I to
Htrxw, por 0w1... 88 | 90
Hop* "!♦ J salt-olds OB # 10
Pork-Mam 21 46 *3l S
Lard • 13** 1*
Flah—Mackerel Ro. 1, now IS 00 *l9 OT*
'• No If. new. 11 00 sl3 Ou
Dry Ood. per t*l 00 * 8 on
n erring. Healed, per Sox SB AS 40
Wrolmm—Crude Roflned, 11 %
Wool—California Flreoa Ml 4* S3
Taxaa " *> # M
Auatrallaa •• 46 * 83
Bolter —State... MAM
Western Dairy...... * 1 id 13
Western Yellow IS SI 31
Western Ordinary..... IS t* II
Pennsylvania Flue 37 <4 3S
Ohaoo* BUto Factory 10 * ll*
•• HUmmed 03 * (5
Western 01 11
F.fga—State IS Ok 33
Wheat 1 <0 A 1 45
Rye— Stale 1 00 1 00
Corn—Mixed 66 * 87
Barley—State 1 IB * 1 30
Oats—Stats 83 st 67
Flonr #36 * 800
Wheat—No. 3 Spring in • 1 40
Torn—Mixed 7S * 73
Oats 76 m 78*
Rye I 15 (A 1 11
Barley 1 40 # 1 40
Cotton—Low Middlings 14*, A 14*
Flonr—Extra 9 00 * 9 00
Wheat—Red Western HI (A I 63
Rye 90 t us
.Norn—Ye! low 67 <4 St
Oats—Mixed 61 * 63
Petroleum 06',ti 06*
Flonr—Penneylranta Extra.'-..... • 7B 4k 7 3)
Wheal—Western Bod 1 38 g| 1 t<4
Rye US fA 93
Oorn—Yellow ...... 68 if) 68
Mixed HJ <4 63
t Oats—Mixed ft s* Bti
' ivtrtlenm—Crude 08\(fk08** lieflned 11X
Important to TriTfJon.
Parental tint ting Now York or iNttoi by tha
oara from Grand Central Dapot, wiU aa an
uoyatwa and eiprutaa of ownn * hire and bag-
Stga atpreeeage try etoMgOK rt Grand Union
otol. oppuaita Grand Ceutr.l Input oar
SAO elegant!* funnelled rootne and Attad opal
a ooat of #900,000. Knropaan plan. Oueate
etui lira nmrr luiurlooely for leaa nranay at lira
(Irand Union Uiat at any other flret riaaa bona*
in New York, KUgea and atraat oara paaa tba
doora fur all part* of tba ctty. Baa that tba
liotai yon outer ia tba Grand Union Dotal.
Thousands of promising youths, of
both aaxaa, go down to untimely graves, from
general debihtv and waaknaaa, uo might bo
aaved by fortifying their ayatama with Iron.
Tba Paru nan Hyrap ia an iron tool® praparad
i|Maaly to an|>i>ly Una vital Ming alamiut, and
ia lira only preparation of iron that will aaatnti
lato at once with tba blood. - Outn.
(frost harm and tlisoomfort ia OAUMK!
by tba iiaa of purgatives which grip# and rank
the system. f'artmu' I'uryaitce J'ilU ara fraa
from all impure mattar, and ara mtld and
haallb-glrtiig in that/ operation. Com*.
A MM a< mmm Wis sue* raa
<*i l* <•••• *mh with a
am lhaa Mleul. aaa It wtU edg
Si w lee lae em at taa shoe to lleb
weariaa .tit*
A leu 111 Wire t/eUfed Bella.
fee eeren. tad e—tial wear IWYTP^YTTt
Cable Screw Wire BuljM
•toots eed Sail, the heal u4 ■atdtoJUtilmAm
Alee try Woe tfutltod Hulaa HbAAIdNLmI
areihey .eir ete -- hjri agalaaiiltii i tiniir"
"he ewe the ie<ee el.e*i New Ihtreanw peegeasg by
UM tuepM* ead I anneaa (Am "ll ttl' far Ik
ITMW are ell *erlei mm at art No eaeaeaieewt thw
nanawe to bar wbea mlaalhel lanw i It iwuattee
be leltieg le eeU the plalarea, lh eaaaa tor laae*
MHTO {;n.MN. **•! IUM U4tm aaS gmUmmm
ma ml mmtOa, tweet will hug toW the bail a> aiua aeer
••Seiea to ahe u.uee> Per fell *rtlaetata, eeag ilana
4ia ...nnaieei el SUA EAD lne.erae (L.LETIWE*
"R. & M **7*KE/eto, ATLTEW YERT iui
UN Weal gut M , ■ iuunteeeU. U
ON MAI.IK V AWLR, Aaweut wealed MmU mU
■ Awl>. IMnw (. B ( aeieiiee. Merles. Obto
'TOM(Net ta I.ICT ail Haearwraw. N. V,
r aa HaOeue Ktrer Ywu lere tela* teatoMaa. niritl
i*ee|> three (tone, lit i .HI. etth esteaMew, oaa atery
NT Ah, eag three eturtot MUltl | elieeieal water
twwer la EEEM ; lerMae ead ewt eh. A wbaato ; —"
eeg .BUTEW waairltoM wtu> hew York Per
perUeeiere eitgreae J'LHK PBI!I TlE.eeetrew W JT
The " Beat All " Safety Lamp.
PoMotta tap* * *. I*7 4. Ilaa o ooiof f bate wtalcL
p'oaiak oao tool 1, ota lo ita wont. pan*!, ml. ooafil.
clooa oaad oalo Loot oow o-oda Apoora kowlad woori
arbaare Andrew P M UIWDKM/Pntaouao ata Moo
atwanr. OA Mora < hawboraOtiaat. kww Tor*
■ iv.
f"*tr. Oor aoloo af bio -
T i Y!S&,Y croaoo ouatlraoo'fr "
f l7fY/ flew. I- < Taßto A tta,
ISD i I /Vfsifow M J, •mm
. Li Yfifiri / . - Vonr taa Paoaa la ow.tak ctae
k Ww/y / me lo favor on ipatk oolTof k"
RVvnUfA It m Uae boot faioan' 01101 000
I Hi Donne SI , New Verb.
- por -
W. fldll oota 000 aaf aw new olyU Allrwrrile (Ueld
Molrbro awd fkaloo to nor ooa fork 11 .AO ttaa
! no Clone! I I.aaanl 111 \ orin tiata am on son bet o
J evador 000 ladl ita dtfiwooro Ttar rnoota tbntr Color
Areata dvocelMap Una tawiwo Wotcb.
tata Bwaf bp Moll or Kipao to
DUTP & oo. t
32 A 34 Vetey St., New York.
l" tare- two. Doadno Pee. fa. Ilotdao. pnooll Wo
Yard Meone. d a Paam. wt Jwontry itart. Pnctape.
ar 1 .meant Prtan iowa pntd. PA 'oa C&rcmUt tram.
RRIDb 1(1) . Tffiffißrjtaoor. HoeToak
law Mrrnlnre ota nor nalam t ro" to Aowaatu
Tbe Laesdutg American Newxpppw.
Daily. 810 a r*ar*. So aw ft. rati all I*. Bparlwoo Oapdao ota
Odawst.ior RniwKeaoi Wnohk. to riobaof 3U ,n oawo.
oaak ffil. i-iStpopntE llllip IMtMWE KY
snow A .MONTH Ijoao ooolof rooty
CIkA wbnre Htiuao bnoorotdo ota Brot
viOU TStaoMo A * 4nm
We tare worn ota eatwaey aw oil oao m wwoeee, tape w
flrta. arbnln <w apa re time Nend wlawe tort aloliapoo
Addrwaat FRANK tiI.CCK. Neo Bedford. Mono
H FOR THE c raiors." rM
fm L'tSMttr^sirs*
H tM WT k4 turiMwtikis#* Ififd BW is (Mbt+-
mmlbM* bunk It i imA 1 jwn mm ii
tra-.if!al. hntLaal 'Acnw* ?• ffiflk4 MS,
r* aWWTi iMpbimh 4rvnt, lk4 tW Ml was
Srrf ul (MS EA4 ftDfWIWpWB riTf k*m TVpjßfksf
- Airraito mb -If. a MIC II IT.* ■!
Qkor now ti rWfwi fc A"-" A"-" A"-"N m4mn
a vwl 1 If wallv "Mil- lip . n csIMT Mi thm tm mm far
v W|Mr#l(MMltf a W wast IA.MM SMt
Afrr.u ME-mn w wwaaa—a4 • *riH rrw
Id tHow btM *nW iwivai \+rr* wHh fII |W>
b"VI UKTUTNCTXIN itCoVllTTteooe. Cm-
Fort Edward Institute, N. Y.
BnanStni Nwainun far ladtM ffiJkd (ewat-lB mwm. T*
*rr for OtiSf* ft ItoaliHM. o fr IS* f<H fw
rail iwrm. (yia tMOiiiw Jf. JOS. R KWO, Pndp>L
taU UtTII HOKE ( (MIKfjK. Nwmnl>arri
P OrlHwarr < •., IVe*. Thi litffifittttsas. *of
tit* car* of trw*ed* f*wa a llinissgSl molWtaSa wdttaa
U to tarth mi*b. •bo btrv jrirwuwr tbo mm# amrffiw
attdy. and the mb dwerwaa For Citihtii.
flWni toil pßflkuUr* aa So r nar—ffi <•' Bffldl. til M.SS
ad4M KDWARD M MKFILIN, rausnitasorr.
Wit n 1 IFF * *pioo4fc! Sr* lUMttttad MOK *
" 'i U " r C U Mtbor'. own so rear.' ta aad
IX THR rn.i7.c t<tMitam Imttui
CAD U/TCT • t.rdr .f*. t-jotin* *t)d aaliaafc.
rMn ncal rit
I fit, bonk * ih* 1M F* Waar. *■• *
i -n, mu ST- U Wiuu. wTOK*
' 1 IUMHIW. Or
To Pewpte w >• Hf—. It to tow—
Tarrimt** ElTrri parent Srltwr ipiriril
tadoeea lb* keal of lb* blood I>> wmllh (w*t>4mUaa,
u nil m Ibnmcti lu piuttUn opwaUo*. ibn It or*
4m nek gumbo *#*c< Is Mrib db n in
SclceUd French BUT Mill Stoma*
* >kmit.b.f PwlaUr
jjalll 'r. <.rlnllai| Kill*, i. ri-"
•' ' S n> • ""** raaaer*. fr ram
a ■ i Herrhaal wnrk.
UrnHlnr ll*lrh %n
- ' win
' l*"* l '.m, Uoarln*. Kkaftin*.
4 M M >l\\ Faltm Il*nrt. r ; all
yOffyJ/Mn WV kind* or Mill Markiftxrr *n>j
tMf#QT# it t W brad *r
VWrlAl/i\ ' Mmnh Hill
' Mr €"omno HT . lint Ids*.
Bostoiii MA*.
Thrmr WoHifiird (HrfrMmrNfi
Sold by Music Dealers Everywhere.
Agents Wanted in Every Town.
Sold tbroachont UM lotted Slat** a* Ik*
I*hat to, on a Ryatein of Monthly Pay—at*.
Pnrvha— whouM a*k fur tto SMITH Am KMC A* Oma.
( •alAkMue mud full partkalan on aiHlloalk4L
r ?
)A 1 *?*•. iHit y**nd Uotvmi and f**ritw v (
u• wejMpr-r. with iHiAblcuuuki irrporl* * \ )
tod w valtubk Urptrt X y \ \
uiuit Wei.tu to Uiiiethe . >%\ V> C
\ Mr I k 1.1 tMKOAHLZ '#k\x %V/<k/
(thetocHi family ttrw-a- >'j&x s ft*er
op.. mth- mind , -S/ f\VC /'cop. to)
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.>*r, la <aX ■* vVO yadiclultfC
fef'i'y/ f vA ** mi of)
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lttW y(\. > formaline oH
) lAclFlc)
V'V? rV/f COAbT. rull)
Y/V \ / MIMM. BTOC*\
//lIVX N rrporto The DAILY t
U %j|TXCHRONICLE *l7o* ye— pcwtpaKi/
) Y% , ClAi ft TOUIO 4 CO. Sat Pr—otee. >
Tih bfcdt and rhraprit Palat fa thi
ffr-M for Iron. Tin or Wood. Tat sale
kv llfvuor* rvorrwhem PRINCES METALLIC
rAINT CO.. Mannfl'ron, M Cedar St. New Terk.
tSf-C ArTION.-rmcliMa* wUI ptaue
eoe that onr uarno atnl trade mark are on each and
•very package. Seud/or a Ctrealar.
TMi mm Tm kiM
3? H3rl2&
n* ••* Mrwadw**. n. T. an,
eag ml hy etell (Wl Ml| IH OtmlH, w4
.T N. U -Ma M_ _____________
I GEO- P. Rowell * Co. I
Military <%7*rr. Pi. y*sl®!ft
atw. ( I1L Mwm. MM MM4. Regltelt L
bi t, vswffi ~aw
Em i ivsrv^
m.M.# to ■ ti l> Ymtiti
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I wtU ni IN. M eSectog by Ise wnlir, KM. It) MM
mm vowed Mwl I* i.- eilee <M> piper
j. k. vSIM. Am*- • *■• Jfcs N-
PMMMI e( the KM Nactaag lAlllHj Ml JI Mil*. N
< rtium " TIM farm t erg l*e*> <A itheB"*fcr Tba
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I weetbi, pNUp ton TM* OM* rA
may a ill lb* Pmilm l rl poeeeereea
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J) U vsrpts*^
■>.**, ahem. MM imt— AddlWM.
* I < jitioi iiftee-Lto mm im. Mem
Water Wheel
c <s"Urrr2^
H Imwrne to* ear Mm AMI alma
wtaanki I tw
ii r jEmSuAii. TM.PA
oaoplo tnk. ..- I—o* lr I-ad. wwOoeeUr
•, 4 Jt'j • -T^Tfr w BOwStT
500,000 ACRES
Michigan Lands
p on S A Ii Elit
Tfce l,< ml Ik* Jnrkoeo. l.tooadov sad
Mote*w KaUnai r Haw
urriuuco ro KIU.
ijlSir<yr*2l wi*YKiTsn723*piY* u32" fcl ***
Tan pa all of ire- m-ot (errata
■ a*a Mslnlf vtHi Mmnl-4mm)lS sttt IMSSN TSSX
ittoo*. mod, law, ota rtiuli M of aaiaal
' MS9 UteMPA MMM of Uta IMMI tt*NMMI MM MMft
j gggawooAjidta la fkajflnbw ml WHliiw ini^o^^
l *r£ZTSmmTUStlm >w"' IBand w
lflnw4?MM** HAJt-NKM.
( ■■■lalMi r. iaaalw. MlrMni.
I'M Wonder* *f Mtdtni Ctwatstry.
ad IS Asstta.
U( mm Bmmm mm* Wrnm mm *W *y
Uwir altar CMep e Few Bmn f
rm w.rssfrs'.a
"i "V.r.ii ,aw non at aH kktataa. Italr: kikk
Madwal beniihy, ita arias kill 1 trow Ma toe-
MT aM 4 a tiiii ran M o Mow mill waw bar
|iiWMiM warn.
Ml i■ ■■■ rat fc> Mil
th^ooPreonpfaweowtlta akw UHiil M • tm.
tTbow aalaalM trow eoafc oral Nt
nohaiolo arUi iwHaa total M alooMtiaaa*
Mail Ita lota* talaww or 0..m Imtalaw Mr
onto taoaacbtar aiaaiw. Uawta orJmta nßwtaloblng
iMtea w aaaw. -a of no* Mat okOta. owoo J
aaf Mini t —**■ "~1 ■* oonnjoaaw or a nop* W
kit tawa w ortal.r to Ita wwojap All atao. dtaroao
■Y bfflßLu ** a
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Mood SfNM ta strata aml p .rtiy dw*w nll >
MMW. wwewu taSlo-nw? rSTrnoollr ilftatatlal
Ita I oatwta wodo jbod and jgwltaj^jatooav^oaw
fleeHieo etars lta|iaim tao two mltralta. and
Morvoar IfawltaUow, Ooaaootao tat lioaow Ota prior*,
oto a HI to Ita tanorWata baoapariiloa aaaoeui.
ato oowo 00000 out H|4 of Hilo. ao baa. oereweloi.
out tin io. din tail fo Ita 100, Pdota. oa.,
aooOta eotao of ita taoao, rtetaw. -rtirel owraaboiw
i iol nili oi oOMo oooUnairn. oorOxoo mere. o*r . lb.
04KMriKIU.UH ttal rwotoo a|af ttaoo ta
,aWa ooil aioowloolo ita rlrot rf If- flwm trow tta
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of OhrooM. taootalooo or tm iw,taw
TVa.U.on. U,a our.
BMmssttZ U tfcHM* iIMMMMt M piMwl ddilMr fHU
MwHiod thm dm**** Is M
If not oil Hot Ota dflooo trow Ita Moot. K orlU m la I
MtUaa* to •iMterstM Us SRtk. As soss
rtajMlMrittUJW oalaolha taol
• tool hwiw," oooar taw taoof roo tatar ota ta
"*Tta yJSI
lltooM doolA—OO la Oa-oaoioplKw of tbo l. i-r* a I
Wul..a PMMok. tab'iufo. SrrWl M IHiaoa .
SSM. ttavw.owWaO.ota ITIoWoMoo oi Ita Ktdwn. f i linora of WoMr UOOWIMOIM tolaof of.
I —io.'. oitow w lkoiow taw to ta oota .ikootaior ton
out ita potato] IMI.IIW ■Wtar ttaoo taorraaantat.
I u"lootori!uon<WL tata hwjaanit wphUakl iMI: la
taoror. ta aoaaoawai oow ltaoal. otcwo. ota ta tattarr oa
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