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Centre Hall, Pa., July 2 . 1574.
7KR.W."?.— $2 pre year, i* a,fr*nct, *2,50
rrVn not paid is adranff.
A dt*rti**m* t* StVeer has far three m*
erfion*. and /or 6 una 12 *V V ,r "
ml contract.
Congress adjourned on I ucsday,
23—-the beet thing it did during the
late session, and could have done bet
tcr had it agreed not to meet again
soon. One of its last acts of impor
tance was to patch up a financial
• ♦
Post Master General Cress well has
res'gued and the President has ap
pointed Eugene Hale, member of con
gross front Maine, to bo his successor.
Gov. llartrauft is reported to he
suffering frotu the hite ot a dog. If
the dog gets over it, it will bo a great
"For the spoils" and "agaiust the
nigger" appears ta be the two car
dinal principles of the Democratic
party, says Browu's Republican.
Well you rails have had all the spoils
and the niggers too. ami spoiled the
nigger and everything else. Aou
have spoiled the country by l-alary
grabs, creilit tuobilicM, Sanborn con
tracts. Evau's swindles, nigger bu
reaus, Mrs. William's laudaulet*. ami
by the Kemble principle of "addition
division and silence," practiced in eve
ry department of state and national
The Czar danced in a frock coat
while in England. Heretofore it
was only the swallow tails that could
dance, but the Russian has broken in
on that and now the frock coats will
get their rights and swallow tails must
go under. No one can be counted a
snob any longer if he dances in a swal
low tail. Forward the "frockies"
the "swallows" are danced out.
Brown still keeps a standing notice
under his inside head, boasting tftat
his "Republican has nearly double
the circulation of any other paper in
Centre county." Then what makes
you suspend so often. Colonel? Why
don't you add to the sentence, ami Are
times more suspensions than any other
paper. We never indulge in boasting,
but wp are not far from the mark iu
asserting that the Reporter has the
largest bona jide circulation in Centre
County, and we will further slate that
if we can not show that the Reporter
has added new names to iu list,
every week for the last three years,
•;e will donate SSO to the poor fund
of this county, a like sutn to be thus
forfeited by the party taking the wa
ger if we win.
Moses, the carpet bag governor of
poor, plundered South Carolina, who
has lately been guilty of big frauds,
for which he was arrested, but squees
ed through the law, is now taking care
of some of his friends as the despatch
below shows:
Charleston, S" C., June 25. —Gov-
ernor Moses has pardoned the three
County Commissioners of Barnwell,
lately convicted of corruption and
thieving, and sentenced respectively
to three, rice, and ten years in the
I'enitentiary. The couvicted officials
in their way to the Peuiteutiary boast
ed that Governor Moses would not
dare allow them to remain iu the Pen*
itentiary a mocth.
Congress having adjourned without
passing the civil rights bill, bv which
the negro was to be mixed up with
the whites in schools, churches and
everywhere, the colored negro states
man Fred Dougles has become furious,
aud u few- Jays ago came out in an
angry article against the Republicans,
especially those from the South, who
voted against the passage of the Civ
il Rights bill. In the course of this
article be says:
"By the treachery of Republican
members of Coogresa, elected in large
part by colored votes, the negro is
continued an outlaw. Fortunately
the negro has the ballot. He owes it
to himself to use that ballot in punish
ing the treachery of the men whose
treason to professed principles leaves
him a victim to negro hate. Every
ballot that shall be cast by colored
men for the so-called Republicans who
on Saturday night last voted against
the Civil Rights bill will be regarded as
ao many indorsements of their treason.
Our people are not the cowards to kiss
the hand that smites them. They
must not be led into the support of
pretended friends by sophistry nor by
intimidation. Defeat every pretend
ed Republican who voted against the
Civil Rights bill."
Congress passed an act, shortly be
fore the adjournment, by which week
]y papers are to circulate free of post*
age in the counties where published ;
daily papers and papers sent outside
the county, must have |ostage pre.
paid at 2 cents per pouu I, after Jan*
uary Ist, 1875.
Gen. Beaver is spoken of for Lieu
tenant Governor. The republicans
can find none more deserving in their
Joe. W. Fury, is spoken of for
Legislature 3 . Fit. May he sail as
well ou his own credit as others did
who have speculated on it altogether.
Blatherskite Harry White, was
beaten for the nomination for Con
gress in his district, by Laird.
Gold on Monday was 111.
Toronto June 22. —Henry Clever, a
young man, was instantly killed on
Friday last by falling across a saw in
Cooper's Mills at Bracebridge. The
saw cut through his body from tbe
shoulders to his legs.
London, June 22. —Tho Porte pro
hibits the circulation of copies of the
ittible in Turkey.
The Parly * Wash.
The cloving scent* of emigre** were
mailc rather lively, ly the tadical
leaders, Butler ami others lolling mi
each other of had things done hv radi
eal office holders. The Son says the
ilehate in the House last Friday night
was apparently designed for no pur
pose but to enable the Kepublieaa
party to wash a val aecuniulalioii of
dirty linen in public, and it was nil
verv iveil to gel rid ol the tilth : but
the wash was too big lor a single ee
easioil. It was indeed so large and so
utterly disgusting that the public,
which usually cticouragea sanitary
measures of this sort, was obliged to
turu away its nose ami lortity it' stom
ach. The geutlctueu wln> paitieipat
ed iu the exhibition w ill be largely
disappointed, for the iaol is, nobody
cares whose "coat tails are the foul
est, when ali are too loul to show ; and
the general desire is to have the nasty
sluice shut up aud the soiled ami (al
tered rags of the Republican household
taken in for good.
The tuba were originally brought
out at the request of Gen. Butler. who
it is understood, desired to change
clothes and live clcanlv. But when
everything was made ready Butlvt
vowed, to the amazement of llousc
aud gallery, that he wasn't dirty ; aud
forthwith tbiew his coat tails up as if
o invite inspection. The exposure
was tempting, we admit, ami we can
hardly censure the ambitious small
fry who improved it t< kick him
around the ring,and wreak uustinted
vengeuce upon the Administration's
favorite bully. AH baud, according
ly fell to, pretending to be quite un
conscious that they had only to peel
Butler iu order to tiud Grant; and
Butler, in order to bear the pun >h
tueiit alone, passed it vigorously on t>
i'hellps, Dodge A Co., who are little
more euiiueut in the tin trade than iu
the Young Mcu's Christian Associa
tion and the Jay Cooke Deacon Buck
ingham kind of Republican |oliiu*s.
Aud so it went around. Kichardsuu
was stripped naked, and his old
clothes spreaJ cut with revolting at
tent ion to details, but nobody remark
fit, "This is the savory until of an un
happy imbecile whom our Prrsideut
made Secretary of the Treasury, aod
afterward, with the advice and consent
of our Seuate, a Judge of the Court of
claims." carj>et-bag, Ban
field's trunk, and Sauborn's capacious
chest were impartially emptied to pub
lic view, and while every man iu the
House knew perfectly well that Pres
ident Grant was the genuine ultimate
proprietor of this whole mass of infect
ed stuff, aud that the condemned gar
ments had only been fitted to bis sub
ordinates byway of livery, there was
none bold enough to tell the truth,
aud fix the responsibility where it re
ally belonged.
When Gen. Butler finally eularged
upon the prevalence of bribery aud
corruption throughout the service, and
showed conclusively that one hundred
millions of revenue was annualtv fctol-
en, independent of either Richardson
or Sauborn, he affixed a lasting stig
ma upon the party which all the soap
suds in the universe will not wash
The bill passed by the Legislature
iu conformity with the Constitution
prescribing what are proper expenses
incident to our elections is as follows:
Section 1. That no person who
shall hen-after he a candidate for the
nomination or for election to the Sen
ate or House of Representatives, or to
anv State, municipal or county office,
in this Commonwealth, shall pay or
contribute, either directly or indirect
ly, auy money or other valuable
things, or knowingly allow it to be
done by others for him, either for the
nomination, election or appointment,
except necessary expenses as follows,
to wit:
First—For printing and traveling
Second —For dissemination of in
formation to the public.
Third —For political meetings, de
monatration and conventions.
The foregoing expenses may be in
curred either in person or through
other individuals, or committees of
organizations duly instituted for the
purpose, but nothing contained in this
act shall be so couslrued as to author
ize the payment of money or other
valuable things for the vote or influ
ence of any elector, either directly or
indirectly, at primary, township,
general or special elections, nomina
ting conventions, or for any corrupt
purpose whatever, incident to an elec
tion, and all judicial, .State, county
and municipal officers herealter elec
ted shall, before entering upon the
duties of their respective offices, take
aud subscribe the oath prescribed by
section 1, of article 7, of the Constitu
tion of this Commonwealth.
Section 2. Every person violating
either of the provisions of this act
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction shall be subject to H
tine not exceeding SI,OOO, and to im
prisoninent not exceeding one year or
troth, or either, at the discretion of tin
The actum of the senate patent
committee in reportingftgainrt the ex
tension of Wilson for a motion sewing
machine patent is very significant,
and of great interest to the whole
country. It is now certain that no
cxtention will be granted for the
Bachelor feed motion patent when this
patent is out, and no restrictions will
exist on the manufacture of sewing
machines, and the most expensive
machines will then be greatly reduced
in price. Sewing machine companies
exerted all their influence, but were
opposed by petitions signed by three
millions of people against u furthet
extension of the patent.
A Koutlj Carolina correspondent of
i the New York Times has compiler! a
; list of the officials of that Htute indic
i ted or couvicted of crime during the
i past few months. The total is thirty
j two, and includes the Governor,three
county treasurers, two county sheriffs,
twenty-four county commissioners, one
school commissioner, and ope police
justice. These were State officers j,
but one Congressman. R. H Cain,
has also been arraigned in the courts
for larceny. And there is no hope
whatever for South Carolina unless
Congress assumes the right to again
reconstruct its government.
The follow ing timely iiiMi u lions
are given in the Paint and t *l .lour
As the handling ami using ol dry
Paris green, especially by persons tin*
acctist 'ined to it* use, is attended with
cotisiderahle risk, and often follow id
bv serious coiisjuetic*. wo tunki the
following suggestions, foi mled on out
experience as mauiit.o lim f :
All packages, whether lurgo or
small shou'd he plainlx n arkeil poi-
There I' gn at dangei in lln-mixing
of this giecu for p'laivi hug and mi
ton worm poison, owing to the tine
dust which hums in the proei■•, wlnch
is inhaled and rapidly absorbed by
the ports tif the shin, specialty it the
person using it shouhl he in a state ot
perspiration. To guaid against this,
the hands am) lac > put licularly nos
trils'! sltoultl le protected as much as
possible, and should be carefully wash
etl after working in it. or iu any of
the preparations i t whicii it is an in
gredient A' it peuctratts and poi
s >ns wood, gets into the scams ami
crevices of articles made •>( metal, ami
even into earthenware that i at all
pomus, all household utensils, or any
thing in barn or stable winch cattle or
horses could have access to, in which
the article may have been mixed, or
from which it has bull usid, should
he oarefullv set aside, ami never again
used lor any other pur|n -e
.Malignant sores are not unfrcijutiU
ly caused by scratching the skin when
itching or irritated from handling the
green. It should he constantly borne
in miud that it is a tuore dangerous
and deadit poison than arsenic, luid
farmers, planters and others, when
purchasing should he duly cautioned
to exercise the utmost care in using it.
As a remedy for the poi* m, Ihr free
Use of milL ti* a beverage i iicmii
mended, but we have found hydrnled
per-oxide of iron a simple, hat'title**
remedy' tltt* best antidote. Sore*
caused Dv lite green should be well
covered with it, as with nu ordinary
salve, and a teaspoonful in a wine
glass of water should lie taken twici
a day inteinailv while woiking with
the giet n. This remedy can bo ob
tained from anv druggist or clumUt.
The coi.- ain pi lon < t Paris green has
largely itu eased within a tew years,
and the umole is now applied to such
a variety of putpo*e*, tliai caie!e.-*
ness in its use or ignorance of its
highly dangerous properties on the
part of those who use it, cannot fail to
produce the must deplorable r*ults.
There is n negro Samson named
Nelson de Lisle, m New (ileans. He
is a horse dealer by profession, and
the trick of bis trade is to take pos
session of horses in nt> unauthorized
manner. JJe wu> denominated a
horse-thief before u Court ill New
Orleans i.i and sent to the itate
I'rison, where he stayed oniv si* days
of the five years aw arded Lint, He
broke jail by snapping iron bars us if
they bad beeu stiiks, and carrying the
outer gate, and tied ami hid. The pi*
lice have been on the lookout for him,
ttu.i afraid they would find him. l'be
other day two or three of them got
hold of liiiii j but lie broke loose ami
laid them out on (ho pavement with
one blow of his mighty arm. le
Lisle then ran, and the cry of "stop
thief* was raised, and a gathering
crowd surged in pursuit. A police*
man fired three shots at him without
any apparent effect, and he was at
length brought to a halt by running,
as it were, in a crowd of about a thou
sand men that bad collected alxut
him, both before and behind, in his
flight. The friction of such a ma*s
was too much, aud lie saw the living
wail close around him. It took
twelve muscular white Americans to
take him to the station-house, as be
kept up n skirmishing fight ail the
way. He was put in the stocks, and
it was found that a pistol ball bad
passed through in* thigh, and a club
had indented bis forehead over bis
eye. His vitals, which were covered
with a heavy coating of upper leather,
were unharmed. He is not of exag
gerated size, being a litter over medi
uiu size, but his mold is Herculean
and bis endurance is equal to that i f
a steam engine of twenty horse power.
L. W. Herrington, publisher of the
Lycoming Ranger, was arrested yes
terday and taken before the I'nited
States Commissioner, Hepburn Me
Clure. The charge against him was,
that he violated the postal laws of the
I'nited States by printing and publish
ing an obscene and lewd paper, and
that he did on the 20th dav of June,
1?74, and at divers times before that
deposit in the post-office at Williams
port said Ranger, for mailing and de
livering in the I'nited States mail,
knowing the same to bo an obscene
and lascivious publication, rontrarv
to the acts of Congress in such rase
made and provided.
The prisoner made a request to
have the ease continued until Satur
day, in order that he might have time
to prepare himself. To this Hon.
Win. 11. Armstong, counsel for the
prosecution, would not consent. " He
then waived a hearing, when hail in
the sum of $">.000 was demanded for
his appearance at Erie on the third
Monday of next month. The bail
not being at hand he was taken to
In the evening Herrington was ta
ken before Judge Strong with the
ex|x>ctali'>n of having his bail reduc
ed. but without avail, and he was re
turned to prison.— JtrgUter.
This dirty sheet, the Ranger, also
circulated in this county —persons
who patronize such literature are no
better than the publishers of it.
Politics are growing more and more
corrupt, ami, but for the increasing
vigilance and independence of the
newspaper press, the outlook for the
country would be far from encourag
ing. Put even the worst evils usual
ly work their own cure in the long
run. Just as the politicians of both
parties seemed to have reached the
lowest depths of venality and reck
lessness, and the peopL*, grown al
most hopelessly indifferent, seemed to
have resigned everything to their self
appointed masters, the newspapers
began rebelling against the tyranny
of parly and asserting their right and
duty to criticise freely obuoxious men
or measures. It is this growing fear
lessness and candor of formerly slavish
organs which promise to purify ouri
politics and rectify the innumerable
abuses which have taken root in lo
calities where either party lias long
been in undisturbed possession of
power Nor is this decline of corrupt
servility confined to the great city
dailies, the smallest pari of whose sup
port comes from party organizations,
out the country weeklies ure fast ris
ing to a higher appreciation of the'
dutiis and proprieties of journalism. I
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I'lmit the )i nfhi tt<f ton Star.
It nil.title a eiitl commentary upon
llu' eloquent appeal hi ls litalI ol n>p>
rciiciitiilivc Uoveinmeut sent up to
l'otijjti >* l>v the 1 >itiict Legislature
the only clc. live lualv under llie late
form of govet tin til i, that in uiijouin
ing fine i/ic oino o| the member*
-reined to have carricil nwnv aliu.-el
ev-Milling poilahlt-about llio chain
In i ilrtks, clisits, ('loots*, yvuUi cool
cm, toil rot*, ink-tiuo!-, w u-li-luinL
towc lt, ooiulie, lit liaho*, aoap, and cv li
*i ootid-hand tooth hrushc*. One
liu-mber in hi* *oln itudc t>> preserve
some memento of this last leplcscilia
tivc hody and hulwaik id the | roplr
ol the 1 Hatiid, look nnny a lutgo
Kathci duster, and not he ostentatious
atiout t, he concealed the same upon
In* pcisoil with considerable ingcuui
ly bv passing the handle down a trou.-
ci leg and buttlouing the feathered
end snugly under his vest. l u/r m -
b.'c icprc-cntativc hudy ! And thus
depart* the ust vrstugr ol the ge-hi
rious right (>t -ullrnge in the 11, of I*.
New York, June'2s.—Doe huudred
land forty two dogs woe asphyxiated
to-day at the dog pond. At aLuut u
quarter to twelve o'clock the doga
| were placed in (lie tank, mid
son a* tliev *vere iuthle tlie* gas was
tinned ou. Tin method ot' killing
was di tic rent to that Used heretofore.
The gas was the same as used hereto
fore—carbonic acid but it tut- gen
I era led on the spot, ami not carried
itroiu outside through a pipe. When
lliv* animals were liist placed inside,
-i-vcral groan* were heard, but the
noise, after a lew seconds, subsided
In otder to ascertain how iung life re
ma iled in the dog*, the superinteii*
i dent tied a chain to one of the largest
>logs, und passed it through an apar
! tore in the lank. Every < nee and
awhile the chain would move, as it
the unfortunate mature at the other
cud was writhing in agony, and it yens
thirty-two minuter, by the superinten
dent'* watch, la* to re tlu- tugging c< us
ed, s i it must have taken that time to
ki.l tlu dog. At that time, by p'ac
ing lHe ear to the lank, it could be as
t - rtaiurd that some of the dog* were
kicking yet. The new plan doe* not
seem to be an improvement on the
t one before ued in the ktlliug of the
Fri'.n the ) uroo limner.
A rtiau with a wife au.i several
children, who some time ago left In
diana for Texas, finding, after reach
ing New Orleans or some other point
in Loui-iana, that he cculJ not pro
ceed on acccuut of the overflow, turn
ed back and is retracing his step* to
Indiana. Hv and hi# family are all
walking, carrying a whceibovraw.
which cuntaiu# all his earthly goods.
He ha* stopped a few davs in tiio üb
url # of the ciiy # where he i* making
axe handles f > get means to pursue
In#journey. Hen a man in full vig-
i tir o| iimlli), iuteiiigrul, ami buoyant
| spirit*. He u determined still to go
to TeK&>.
1 lie Civil Kigh: bill is .lead—dead
at least for this ictijon let ua iiujie
forever. There are strong tn-uio lor
believing that if it bad |>a>ed the
Houtn- Ihe President would have veto
ed it. Hut the Republicans o! the
House being nearer their constituents
than the Senate, and having livlier
apprehension* of the consequence*,
concluded to let the tiling sadiy \et
severely alone. They hail the oppor
tunity to lake it up and pax it, hut
they had not the courage. When, a*
it lay on the Sjwaker'a desk, it was
reached in iu turu. there were Kepub
licau votes enough to have lifted the
bantling Irom its couch aud sent it
tenderly, duly labelled aud ticketed,
to the White House. Hut, alas! the
votes were not furthcoming, aud so,
there it lies, Peace be with it.—
Hultimore Gazrlte.
Opihi n of JuJ(c Orris up. ii tlio m
thorite- of the County Ctnimiiti nris to
equal i*e aoMinirnU.
Common w lh f I**
I' rf'-tii ,r rt :! S'o PI Au(. torn)
r / 1874
Bknj. F. Sii.xrrk* (
This watn writ of habeas corpus, |iurl
the potition of aurxir of
tow nship. Contra county, and and
asxiattt assessors of tho tamo township,
complaining that tho respondent, tho
thoriffof the county, had thotn in custody
without any lojra! warrant thcr..|\,.
I'pon the return ef the writ it appeared
that on the ISld day of May, 1874, one
made information before es<p,
charging the relators with a wilful vala
tioti of I he'd lit us pf their offices in refus
ing to asi<the real and personal proper
i ty of
township, at what they, the assessor
j ami assistant as-essorr, actually believed
and knew the property to bo worth I'pon
i tlx- hearing before the Justice, the defend
j ants, admitting the facts stated in the affi.
davit and refusing to giye bail, were com
mitted, where upon this writ was applied
for, the relators contending that they are
not liable to any criminal prosecution in
consequence of any thing alleged in the
information, warrant and commitment
The first question to be determined is,
what are the duties of the assessors in
making the valuation of property 1 By the
•id section of the Act approved Apriflfith
18-54 [p. *. pngo oil] it was made the duly
of the assessors of the several wards, town
shins and districts, previous to oa< h trien
nial assessment, to meet at the offlco of the
County Commissioner, and with the Com
missioners " to fix some uniform standard
to ascertain tho real value of all property
made taxable bylaw" Under this pro
vision the assessors wen' accustomed to
fix the standard at one-half, one third or
oiie-l<N>r:li the actual value and assass the
property accordingly. By the 4th section
of llie Act of May loth, 1811. the right of
the assessors to fix a standard of values
was taken away, and it was provided that
'from and after the passage of tnis act. it
shall be the duty of the several asscsor>
and as-istnnt assessors, toasess, rate and
value all objegts of taxation, whether forj
state, county, city district ward, township
or borough purposes according tc the ac
tual value thereof, and at such rates and
prices for which the same would trparutrly*
bona fide sellT" Not as is sometimes con-j
tended at tho prices fur which all tho pro
perty in the ward or township would sell,
if nil the property was put to a sale at the
same time hut at what each item of pro-j
perty would bring at a public sale, after,
full notice, if it was the only property s. Id.
That this is the proper construction of tlx 1
Act will he mauc manifest hereafter. Thi-!
fixes ih.'diity of the nssc-ors to value all!
property made taxable by inw at what;
they honwstly and conscientiously boliev
it to be really worth. Their oath preacri ;
bod by the 9th section of the Act of July j
"7th 1812, defines very plainly their dutie-;
in this respect.
The only other question involve 1 is, are
assessors who rvfuso to perform the duties
thus enjoined liable to a criminal pmseeu
Ition'' Die Hd section of the Act of May
lbth. 1811, provides; "If any assessor or
ussistaiil assessor shall knowingly ami in
tentionally omit, neglect or refuse to as
sess or return any property, person or
thing made taxable by law, or shall iin
knowingly ami intentionally assess, rate
or mine the same tit more or trim thou he
shall know mill believe the just cash rulne
or rate thereof, or neglect or refuse to as
sess any ti); required by law, lie shall he
guilty of a misdemeanor in ofjjc-e, and on
conviction thereof he subject to imprison
ment, not less tliun three nor more than
twelve month's and fined in a sum not less
than one hundred nor more than two hun
dred dollars." This settles their liability
to a criminal prosecution for a wilful re
fusal to a-sess property at wliul they know
or honestly believe its actual value is.
Mistakes or errors of judgment, where the
assessors are acting in good faith, cannot
be punished by any proceedings ; but a
refusal lo comply with the plain mandate
gftba law hm and should he.
It is true there is another retnedy. By
the 4th section of the Act of limy loth,
1841, the County Commissioners, after the
assessments are returned into the office,
are authorized, "iftboy believe any pru-
I.■ rt \ or thing made In table has been ns- '
M'M*tJ ttlltl TttlllUll \#|'l'MT it* Ml'tlill Vdlllll,
| i •!* I hi* •Hint* l* llir ncltiMl vtlue thru*-
(•I, or il llu* mint* lim* Imhiii Mtn*t<tJ miml
t uliirtl it* Mi I tul \itluti It* rrduct
ih* nctiiit* lht*fi|i. I ) ■ tlutjr ol llio CNmii*
. iiiioiutioi'i, Billing u* m l*oMttl it! r*vUitfi,
( in iiiMtlr iHuiuluti-r> iiitti im|ter(lYo l*v tin*
liUh • lioll of llu* Ai I of J illy 'JTtli,
1 "Tho honitl tif rr \ iaiuii ih t ut'li coiml v
* on ret tfiviittf llu* friurm of tho m*
m ..h, |rocrrl to i utttittit niul iti|iiir *
vt ht'lhi-r tin* *mino ha v c hrvit luutit* in t >n*
fy>linil> with lh* lttWt tf thu Common-
I hphlili, *1 tt if m Kfthrr ali pi'itffi fy f-* br ii/*
tin/ lot' ttlJ ttfion for jftifr tittd fi'Wfify f>u #*•
jt>tif* A.i* l-t'+H t d/wfi/ ii t i no ii* or jt/'trr not
,f* than (Kc mmf UMU'J A oftrr full
Mf4*r it/ ti yubt l** *i/r, rueh *rjb
i ftf.i/f tot of ftn'r or 11 art oftami k tct/A t#*
plot trntnt*, or the J'' ty oj
trtJitniottt, totttpi iity *• Coryofotioo
' UM/v *• Of to t'f At 4*4 (
\\ hil* this |ow rr i \ tt in tho County
, (\uiT|.!iiaiit'r l mitt it U ihrir dutt to r|*
rft if it wht ii \*r iho mc <r full t do
their duty, uil Uir nMneot* arc hahla to a
i criminal )*rt>t 4 ulion Jso 1! tin\i^
'lbe a.t. uiit of a burglary in a farm
house near Milton, I'a , which we
' <>l in our issue vf Julie IH(||, Wc see il
* ttnlrd (li.l not occur Hear Mil toll, Pa , but
- Milloll, N. Jersey Mv much tl.eie
t u somelimes in a name.
MadiiJ, Juno 27. (iftt. iml information
. bi-rn receive I at the \S ar Ufti. o of the
defeat ut L'helva. thirty-eight miles nortli
• r.lul X ateucia, alter two du-s lighting,
of 10.iw.1 t'arlists under command ol l'riiu e
' Alphotis.i, brother of Ron Carlos, by a
1 Tone of republican- numbering only- 6,u0
'' men.
*• ♦ •
, The cui. uicl is now visible lo the naked
. eye, aft.-r 10 o clock Look for it half way
< ! tic-twceii the North star and horizon.
I l ight Rclw.-rii an Elephant and a
' Khitioccros on u Steamboat.
' I he in.liana|Hi!i, Herald relates tlo- f.d
--f i _
, lowing ;
' Last week, as the maUißloUlh fleet of
slratiiets employ rd to trntlsport old Jolill
, K a : s.-h s great world eip sition nj>-
pr. achvd the landing at Wyandotte, -it
j uwled on the banks of the Ohio river, ill
W cwterii \ irgi'iia, an utiusuai cuuuno
lioti Hgi oterfed Hi bord llir
1 Etiv, No v M el*, worn*it attid children
° were wild y running to an J iro frantical
ly shouting to the other steamers, while at
the same tune there were,a -cries of shrieki,
' screeches, yci.s and how as if all tho m
malot ,>l I'sndrnionium were let
' 1 he good people on shore Were unable
t l • make out tho meaning and strange be
c has >r of those oft the steamers, hut sur-
C in.sing that everything wa. not right
among the animals in the menagerie they
very quickly concluded that the opett
levee was (.<■ | ,air far th.-m should the
fero- iom monster, make their w • y to land
| and quickly Had to their homes. In the
meantime C< nunodor. John L Kohn.ion
heist'.l signals of distress, which were
quick.- responded to by the slcamur
(. hampion, f'aptain tf N. Hobiuson, and
also ti.e steamer Aigosy. n James
K > bin son, w ho ranged alongside the Erie,
and is are ihfvru.rd that an awful battle
was raging between llie huge duh!c horn*
rd rhinocsr.-s and the monster war eie
phan:. Old Emperor. The ladirs and
(.Isiidrgtt were quickly transferred to the
steamers Chauipioa and Argosy, and then
the entire < rest of the three steamer*
armed themselves and went below to en*
Jea\ or to trparate the < ombatanU.
"A* they reached that port, .n of the
mam dee*. jut o!f the bc.;cr\ a horribly
sickening tight net their view Wound*
id, bleeding and horribly lacerated men
were Ling whera they had been stricken
down by the terrible brute* , dead, w mud*
cd and dying horse* and p* r.ict rtrewed
the deck in every direction ; cage* de
stroyed and literally n.ashed into frag
menu were Scattered among the dead,
wounded, dying, and the terrible din.
abrick*, giutil* and gruan* t. i-l
them that the battle wa* ttiil fiercely rag
'• a V |oUl dtrgcliv!i of almokt .very
ogeentbo boat iuia*o imminent AH
• tlurts unavailing to rp*rate the tavagr
denizen* of the forest At this juncture*
loud crash wa* heard at.d the two cage*
<onlaimng the monilrr ta ,liens and the
Labrador will w.-re driven overboard
"Ti c veteran showman wa* a* cool col
lected at it was possible for a man to be
under these circumtUrce*. when his prep,
erty wa* going to destruction cery mo-
01 eat by thousands of d<>! arv Not so,
however, with Manager John F. Robin
. son, jr., for when he saw bis favorites, lea
0 lions ani eal, being dashed overboard
without mercy, lie said 'Boys I can t
stand this any longer, aud w c might a well
1 try to kill one of these brutes befere they
ruin every cage on the boat." lie then
gave orders lo fire upon them, and a heavy
' volley was discharged, which had no more
j effect on the now thoroughly aroused and
. frightened inunnlers than to cause tlx m to
•* fight with more fury than before. The
situation *> getting each moment more
t dangerous for ail on board, and the pro
prietors were in despair of all hope, when
'•it occurred to Manager J F. Robinson to
_ open the steain jtpes and deluge them
- u illi steam.
"The engineer quickly turned on the
I steam, and as it suddenly escaped from
t the boilers with a tcrriffic roar, a shrill
- trum| eting screech was heard from the
' elephant, such at they always utter ir. cry-
I ing for niorcy when conquered in ti.eir
s native wiids. Whether the animal had
1 received its death blow from the rbinorer
* <s or was frightened into submission by
the steam, could not be ascertained until
i it cleared away, which it did in a few mo
" merits, disclosing to the astonished gar.o of
! the showmen a curious and at the same
. time gratifying sight. There lay the
huge elephant upon the deck, cowering
tremblingly down, uttcfing means of pain
| and fright, while a little beyond was the
■ rhinoceros snugly ensconced in his cage,
quaking and shivering with fear, where he
had refloated the instant the steam was
. upon him. The attendants sprang quick
i ly forward and closed and bolted the door
! of his cage, thus securing themselves from
further molestation from him
"Five horses were found killed, as also
w ere three ponies and four more wero so
badly maimed and wounded that they
fere killed in ujercy, to end thqir sqffer*
i ing."
The familiar text, "Judge not, that yc
b not judged,,' was clearly explained and
-turdily applied to common life by Mr.
! Beecher
This command, said Mr. Beecher, does
; not point t>> a formal regulating process
which is oflentimeapndispensiblc to the at*
j fairs <>f men. We are called to discrimi
nate between puh|jc good ant] evil, truth
and fal-ehood, not abstractly but as they
| appear in the conduct of men. It would
be a spurious charity which would con
found moral qualities in men. If a man
assails me with vituperation and the lan
guage of hitterneas it is uncharitable in
me to say that man is praising mo. Ifaman
is in my cherry tree stealing uiy cherries
it would he false charitv Jfor me to say
he is only borrowing. %\ e have a right
lo loot at things as they are,
and in dealing with men you must judge
of moral quality and lo a certain extent
also of antecedent disposition. The safety
of your own affairs and of those commit
ted to your charge demands a just and
Careful judgement of men. So, then, you
should not commit trusts to untrustworthy
men. It would not bo safe to put men
upon the bench fyr the impartial adminis
tration of justice who are partial and us
fair themselves. you must, of course,
discriminate. The disposition to upchur
ilable judgement springs, not from good
but fr<>m the malign elements in man.
Wc are all children of (lod, und all pos
sessed of a com men weakness, of a cum*
mon ,'temptableness," of a catniuon sin
fulness, and we all have a common de
pendence on the Divine forgiveness; for
life and liberty. It is not for us, united
by such common weakness, to occupy
ourselves in raking up on every hand ana
at every opportunity those things which
are common tc us and others.
If there should spring forth in any hos
pital a disposition of criticism, und men
with tercrs should gib men with dijppsies
innl mi ii * itli ilt hou!4 revenge
themselves by | mi) ill ii :i* Dfsf lo tlm iiimi
with uh-i fs nn.ip.rcs )| wnulj representllir
luift hof Christ. [Laughter] Men are
perpetually finding rult mi technical
grounds All ol tlu iii together urn in hos
pital, and all to ailment* This
whole tendency springs, not from the di
vine man, but from tin* rrinuants in man
of that which is animal. You will take
linln e that there are many qualities that
nr.* indispensable in the lower plant* ol
t-votrnce wlil.'ll, in the higher forms of
i ii.truce, beeoine positive vines. As men
ijevelo|i out of the animal conditions it
takes away that necessity, and it lakes
a Way more and more the tendency to
judge hastily. There aie men who crili
eisi without any partieular good in view
It way be tin.-, i.„t that te t jusiny u
f vu have no rtght'Ui speak of men at their
•old unless with a reason that will stand
tlo* tr-t o| tile judgement seat of Charity. !
it is not enough that a man hat a fault.
Everybody has tlo -e things, and why j
should they ba dragged out UllUss there
he some hope „f ~tidying the wrong '
You *m it Is your duty to fight weakness
wherever you ean find it; than slay at
home, for you will find trouble enough
th re to keen you occupied nit the rest of
J our life I Laughter. ]
l'hen there arc men who hate liypoc'isv,
.ml who are always looking about to de
ti lit. If you say a man did a generous
Hung they sneer and say "Oh ! he'll make
out of it They, liko leeches, suck the
blood of I Very loan they ci-uie in contact
wiih. We are all in the warfare, slrug-|
glibg in society The-e is one class of
men, tkank Oiml. that are at least working!
towards a high and holy end tint perfect j
but searching after perfectum. I think!
more of good nature than 1 do id many of]
the t hrt>tiaii praees, and in that 1 follow
my Master, i'lo-ro are many men that
ate seeking good so assidiousiy that they
do not ire men at all. but those men
the' just gel so i er to (sod at lo
walk on other men's heads ate full of un
charitahleness Honor all men. The
poorest it not w hat he seems. There it i
something in every nature even tha low
est that, whet, it is unfolded, shall shine
as a star Outward grandeur it not to be
i in pared with that which is in the reach
of the commonest nature, because <od is
behind him. The rich mines of Califor
nia are not to he judged by what has keen
taken out, hut by what their developments
promise lor the future, and it is precisely
so with men. Men are horn, and sent
llir. ugh the w orid as seeds are. The best
seeds do not always come out the best
\eu cannot measure their natures, and
you must not assume to judge them lj
have seldom seen a half dozen parsons
gathered together in whose hearing tale !
hearings aad scandal were not observed.
How far arc we from being ethically
taught < r trained in this matter, so that
these things shall lie as gravel in our
mouths- not only repugnant on principle,
but absolutely hateful to our natures
Hut men aie not qualified lo ioriujudg
menu of other men 1 suppose thsl the
judgment of parents in the cases of tbe.r
children i more neatly the tnrrcl judg
ment, a. cording p. the meaning of our
t< *t. A man may bo horn with a severe
at.d kindly nature, whose right actions,
ate as easy arid natural for him as walking ;
down bill, and a man may come into life;
with a temperament which is always lead
ing bun down, whose lite is a continual I
struggle againsi tha vices and evils of his j
disposition . and ho* shall you judge be-1
twecn tha two with any kind of fairness.,
Persons in perfect health are frequently
unjust in their treatment and judgment of!
sik'v persons There are .
men that never seetu to work, and the'
natural cry Is, "Ob, they are idlers' A
man who a blood making frame, and
stimulation In h. blood, cannot help
but rtliese him,. If by using his energies,
while another may have llie forces of lif
freble, and he cannot rush through life,
hardly walk. Hundreds of thousands of
men are born wek, and the worst place
lor such is among the Yankees, who are
all energy and "rush," and who think
such a tame sort of person as this ts the
worst kind of a "shack." I'pon my word.
I 1 had, rather be in an Italian dungeon than
lin a New England popr-house [Laugb
tcr . Men. as iher grow better, frequent
ly grow worse, and condemn those who
' have not the same qualities of goodness
l! at they have acquired. A man that has
envy or pride cannot judge others fairly ;
:hai is impossible.
'1 here o a good field for applying ihL
aubject in the churches. Tnere t* no de
nomination prrhap* that ha* not tome par
ticular doctrine or part of a doctrine that
ii better eipreoed than in anuther. and it
lead, to UM< harllakle Judgment on their
pari t'hurche* have gradually *rt.*r*n-d
It! this way until they look like a* hecker
board '1 he old ipiril I* not yet dead, and
the < burche* are even now arrogating to
theuoeivei the right to judge and to con
demn The-piril that rxou in organised
Christianity looking out into the world i*
not far different from the ipiril which ati*|
mated the Pharisee*. fer they are üb
*lant>ally un*rmtathitic with the great
ouUide claf,
founded oti pontivc eicellence, bu' on the
leme of being nearerthemselves, an 1 they
further from God Tin* u the mo*t dan
gerous position for men to take. A man
whoi* strictly honest and truthful doe*
n.t arrogate anvthing lohimsrlf when he
say* "I aui not dithoticil or untruthful,"
but it i> a dangcrou* thing for bodiei of
men like the denomination* throughout
our land and world, mingling a> they do
with men very low in the *cale of eihic*,
to pretend to criliciie the principle* hy
w In. h other* are not governed, hilled at
they #rh wilh pride, |and arrogance, p|u
up k* they are with intestine jealousies,
envy. juarrel*. and contentien*, at war
with anl among themselves, the whole
Church visible on earth being a camp
ground of insurrection, it i* the l ight of
madnrit for them to look wilh critical and
unit mpathetic cy i upon thoe who are
not of them. Hew much there i justified
he. aute wr are mrniber* of the Church.j
and they arc Ml I They are in the fall of
bitlernea* and the hoa.i o! ini.juity. They
don't believe in the Trinity it is better'
not. than to trample it under foot. We.
have no right to look upon tnen outside,
of organised churche* and *it in judge
ment upon them
In conclusion. Mr- Bvccbey tpoke of the,
spines* with which a community invc igh*
sgsinst a man who hat hrcn caught in hit
wickedness is due almost as much to the
condition of tint very community at to
; any inherent evil in him. whose way ef
wrong- loing wut prepared for him by his
1 predecessors and bv ttie laxity of hit verr
judges. Applying indirectly this proposi
tion l> Tweed and his romp anions, over
laid n in their vices, he remarked the great
out cry of virtuous indignation and hor
ror, wnich had followed the exposure of
great fraud', and the enmpla.ent tali-Me
llon with which they commented on the
iuttice of the chief robber't hanithment to
Blaekweir* Island N<4' no! brokeou! Mr.
Beecher, ifjuslice had had its course there
would have been siUU 000 men there in 1
-lead of one. A man goes to Coug'ess in
the lnte-est of public improvement*. He
finds how railroad management affiliates
with his tates. He finds ft thing already
created, already grown. K very hod r has
got his bucket and gels a dip ef the.ill-got
ten plunder, and by and by n man coiues'
..lung with a larger bucket and a larger
dipPhr, and he goes in a little deeper and;
makes a bigger splash and gels caught']
Then by the "artilleries of the committees!
he is shot to pieces, and people hold up ,
their hands in horror while they cry out,!
"Did you avortoe such a miscreant."
Now, you are the nlphahet and ho is the
word spelled! [Laughter.] The villain ,
that happens to he first struck by yourj,
lightning is considered the basest of men. (
Is this just judgement? 1 don't say ,
bad men are not bad because they are!
made so by men behind them, but this I:
say, that "except ye repent, ye Uiall all!
likewise perish " and if you are going
to condemn representative criminal;, re
member whom they represent. No stream
goes hsgiicr tliun its fountain' and in
u community no man is a deal bet-j 1
ler or worse than the community in which
ho lives. It it not for us in hold high our
heads and; say triumphantly, ''Lo 1 see |
how God hates si liners.'' It is for us to •
say, with bowed and submissive heads, ;
"Lord. I have laid this stumbling block |
in my brother's way."
,i.\ hereby given that tho Commission
er* of Centre county will hear appeal*
from assessment* of 1871 lor the dliferent
township* and borough* in raid county, on
the following dayi, at the place* for hold
ing election* ill township* and borough*,
to wit:
Fntton twp Tuesday, June lb.
Half Moon two Wednesday dune 17.
Ferguson two Thursday, June 18.
Harris twp Friday, June J9.
l'otter twp Saturday, June 20.
Gregg twp Monday. June 22
Penn twp Tuesday June 23
Haines twp Wednesday June 21.
Miles twp Thursday, June 25.
Walker twp Friday, June 20.
Marion twp Monday, June 29
Liberty twp Tuesday, June 30
Curtln twp Wednesday, July 1.
Howard two and boro' Thursday July 2
lloggs twp Friday. July 3
Milesburg bro' Monday, July fi.
UnionyMreiiniJiUnjon ityp Tiiesdny July
Huston twp Wednesday, July 8.
\\ orth twp Thursday, July 9.
Taylor twp Friday, July 10
Spiing twp Saturday, July 11
Snow Shoe two Tuesday, July 11
1$ urn side twp Wednesday, July 15
I'hilipsburg and Hush twp F'riday July
Ilelle'onte boro' Monday and Tuosday,
July 20 and 21st.
Banner twp Wednesday July 22.
By order of the Board of Comuiissioues.t
un4-Ut. K. H. FOKBTKK, Clark. 1
in his elegant New Hootus, Spring street,
Has on hand a splendid assortment of
HOUMK Kl It Mil UK from the com
monest to the most elegant.
and atiyliiing wanted in the line of hi*
business homemade and city work Al
so, lias made a speciality and keeps on
hand, the largest and finest stock of
< *di sold at reasonable rales, wholesale
and retail, tiive him a call before pur
chasing elsewhere. febC-ly
Miller & Son,
Ac ,&e Ac.
tor pur|soses.
Truascs J-Huppirler* in great variety.!
Also, choice
ckjars and tobacco.
and all other articles usually kept in a
trst class Drug -Spire,
i'reecripiious carefully Compounded.
2Wt tf M i LLKIt A SON ■
The uiidi-r.igiieU has lug taken posses
sion of (lie above establish meal, respect
fully inform the public that the same will
he carried on by Hiem in ail its branches
as heretofore.
They manufacture the CELEURATED
best now made.
Sli KARS A MI 1.1. OK AP. IN Gof eve
ry il(u.'ri)iUtn, in ihnit their Foundry is
complete in every particular.
Wr would call particular attention to
our EXCELSIOR PLOW, ark nowi~
edged u> be the beat Plow now in use.
shifting in the beam £ir two or three hor
W c also manufacture a new and improv
ER. which ha been used ritenaivelr in
the northern and western Slater, and kaa
taken precedence over all other*.
W'e are prepared to do a!! KIN US OP
i ASTI N U from the iarge-t to the small*
est. and have facilities for doing all kind*
of IRON WORK such a- i'LANING.
All k*ndt of repairing dune on hurt no*
jan2l-ly. Centre tlall.
No t> Hrockerhofl Kuw, Hel!efonte,Pa
Ikeulerw In llrugs, Chemicals,
I'erfttiner), Fancy Gotxls Ac,,
l'uro Wiitc# nd Liquors for medical
purposes always kept. may 81. 72.
JT EW PC'. Mil' It hf STOKE.
Dealer in
OK ALL klXle,
Parlor and Chamber Sets,
Particular Attention to Ordered Work.
Iu All Iu Hranchea,
Always i n Hand, and Funerals Attended
Wit) an Elegant Hearse. *|K*lf.
at his establishment at Centre Hall, keeps
on hand, and tW sale, at the nio-l reaosna
j Isle rates.
A Spring Wagons,
and vehicles of every description made to
order, and warranted k> be made of the
best seasoned material, and by the most
skilled and competent workmen. Person
wanting anything in his line are requested
to call and examine his work, they will
find it not to be excelled for durability and
wear. may JUL j
11 1 I Ml 1(11(1,
Will attend to administering Oath*, Ac
knowle Igement of Deed*, Jsc, writing Ar
ticle* of Agreement, Deeds, Ac, may 15
r. H. WILMS. T. A- HICK*-
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Builders Hardware
whl :h will heat one or two rooms down
stairs, and same number above. Cost
very little more than single stoves. These
are the best parlor stoves made.
This stove ha* large ovens, will burn
hard or soft coal and wood, Every one
warranted to give perfect satisfaction. •
marls tf Dellefonte, Pa.
11MJu.t received ■ Urge Invoice uf
Summer Good H.
Consisting of the best assortment of
Boors A SHOES,
over brought to Poller twp
Coach Manufactory.
The undersigned hat opend s new **.
tsbluhmeril, at hit new shops for the
manufacture of
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of evrry description .
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Order* from a dUunoe promptly Attend
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ill (1)1 RATES It Vlilt EI) OUT
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Wheelbarrows, Lamps, Coal Oil Lamps,
Belting, Spokes, Felloes, and Hubs,
I lows. Cultivators, Corn Plows, Plow
1 oints. Shear Moid Boards and Cultiva
tor Teeth, table Cutlery, Shovels, Spades
and Forks, Locks, Hinges, Screws, Sash
Springs, Horse-Shoes, Nails, Norway
Rods, Oils, Lard, Lubricating Coal,
Linseed. Tanners, Anvils, Vices, Bellows.
Screw Plates, Blacksmiths Tools, Factory
Bells, Tea Bells, Grindstones, Carpenter,
Tools, Fruit Jars and Cans, Paint, Oils,
Varnishes received and for sale at
june6'6B-tf J. & J. HARRIS.
I. Guggenheimer.
purchased the entire stuck of the latt
firm of Sus.tman dc Guggenhrimar, ex
cept the leather aT Shoe-findings
has filled up his shelves with a lot ol
and is now prepared to accomodate si I
his old customers, aud to welcome all
new ones who may favor him with
their patronage, lie feels safe in sajr
iug that he cau /flense the moat fastidi
ous Call and see.
P. B.—Mr. Sussmau atili continues
to deal in
in tncoid room, where he mav ml way
be found."
r PHK undersigned, determined to meet
A tba popular demand for Lower
Prices, respectfully cslD the attealion ef
the public to his stock of
now offered'si the old stand. Designed
| especially for tbe people and tbe time*, lbs
largest snd mot varied snc "omplets ss
! sort in en t of
Saddles. Harnees, Cellars, Bridles,
iof every description snd quality ; Whips,
and in fart everything to complete a firsl
| class establishment, be new offers at prices
I which will suit the times
JACOB DINGKS, Centra 11.11
Shortlidge & Co.,
Beltefonte Lime Quarries,
The only Manufacturer* of Lime, burnt
exclusively with wood, in Centra!
Anthracite Coal,
While Lime,
Du Pout's Powder,
Sporting nod Blasting Powder on
Fuse for Blaeting,
Fire Brick,
Grouod Fire Clay,
.'J®" 1 ard.Vard i. oar South **d of the
Ba!d Eagle V alley Railroad D (l *>t. Belie-
P ianlti.TX
at the
NO. S. Ilt sirs ahcadku
Price* Lea* than at any OtWr Shoe
Mure is Centra County.
Call and See Us !
No. 5, Bush'* Arcade, Beliefonte.
July ltf
Woodring <fc Co.,
At the Grocery Store on Alletbeny
Street, Rcllefonte, Pa., opposite fl offer
Hrt>' inform the public generally, that
thev have now and keep at all times one
of the best and largest stock* of Groceries
such at 1
Ac., dre., Ac.,
consisting of canned peaches, cherries,
om aloes, plum*, green corn, dried apples,
peaches, cherries Ac.
In brief they have everything usually
kept >n a first class Grocery Store. Call in
ladies and gentlemen. Our price* ere
jcssunable. We aim tc please. octSßf
Stoves! Fire! Stov's!
At Andy Reesuian's, Centre Hull, are
latest and bust stoves out, he bus just
received a large lot of
Cook Stoves, the Pioneer Cook,
the Eclipse Cook,
the Reliance Cook.
PARLORS—The Radiant Light, self-fee
der, Gas Burner, National Egg
Jewell. Ac.
sell* stoves as LOW a* anywhere
ta Miiutn or ventre o®,
srove PIPE *
AH kinds of repairing done. H e ha*
[alwayson hand
Fruit Cans, of all Sizes,
ait u DISHES, AC.
All work warranted and charges reason
able A share of the public patronage so.
lic.ted AND. REESMAN,
*p.ot Centre £;
Gift 6c Flory's
New Shoe Store !
They have now opened, and will constant
y/?£&0?, *1 'P'endid stock of new
men, women and children, from the heat
manufactories in the country, and now of
fered at the
Lowest Prices.
| BOOTS and SHOES made to order, upon
short notice. They invite the peopliio.
this vicinity to give them a call, a. they
will strive to merit & share of their t
ronage. niyKhf
ANTED, Agents and Peddlers for
t'reases and strains jams, jellies, herbs
vegetables, lard, tallow, meats, cheese, Ac !
Over 00,000 sold in a few localities. Sells
quick. Every family wants it. Is one of
the pleasantest, most useful, successful and
profitable utensils ever sold by agents
Weighs six pounds. Price, $3.00. E*l
iIITTI I j£? rcal4 , frM
inSt S V 102
, icgtvn St-, Uui. 28 mtj Bt,